March 30, 2011: God will first enter my body physically when I and the entire world will be “clean” from darkness


Summary of the script today

27th March: Using extreme power and changing my physical self was needed to overcome the extreme darkness

  • After taking more control of my scripts not letting the darkness give me too much work on these, I received better dreams again including “normal life” coming back :-). Dreaming of the importance of preparing your business meetings without being lazy, steeling money from the rich to give to the poor and I decide not to buy from the baker meaning that my “old nightmare” is now gone again.
  • Instead of following the many strong encouragements to work as hard as possible, I decided to do the opposite to relax today. This was the answer to the game of the darkness given to me this time, and this removed the heartbeat of my left arm, which also may help on the suffering of my mother.
  • When attending a service of Den Gyldne Cirkel to “heal the world” – I was shown the STRONGEST Mercedes with a new front symbolising my own power and the change of my physical self with the spirits of my father and mother swopping place inside of me, which was the extreme power necessary to overcome the extreme darkness or my family etc. lately when realizing the truth of me. My sister told people of my craziness, but now she cannot tell about the truth about me?

28th March: God will first enter my body physically when I and the entire world will be “clean” from darkness

  • Dreaming of communicating with the press after they have understood who I am, 3 out of 4 MP’s will vote yes to an “integration package”, God will first enter my body physically when I and the entire world will be “clean” and my servants will need to develop their skills before they can to provide “normal life” at its highest level to the world.
  • I kept on working until 18.30 being reasonable fresh most of the day, which is a HUGE difference compared to before, which almost makes me feel motivated to do more clean up and to start running again.
  • The light of Karen is now as bright as the light of my mother showing her stronger faith in me – and also a wish to soon see me again?

29th March: My coming “servants” are now ready to start the work teaching the world, when I will finish my work

  • Dreaming of the Devil disguised as a snake biting me if I was to start showing poor behaviour, please always show a positive approach and be kind and still always direct, open and honest, has the press discovered who I am and will they write negatively about me (?), ALWAYS base short stories in the media on FULL stories where you give a TRUE and FAIR picture of the FULL story, the “office” of my coming servants has been cleaned and is ready together with my coming servants for the start-up to teach the world, my mother knows that I love her more than anyone in the world as she loves me – will you please start communicating instead of postponing unnecessary, which only creates immense SUFFERING?
  • At Falck I saw how “very nice” people – on the surface – like to talk but also how lazy, careless, disorganised and unskilled they are to carry out even simple tasks and projects. Instead of following my advice to initiate the work of ONE new system for all Falck stations of customer key storage facilities and systems, I was told to prepare a “local” system, which is the “quick and easy” solution most people wrongly are tempted to do. Today the keys of hundreds of people are kept completely exposed to risk of fire and theft as the fire station is NOT fire protected!!! I was “ordered” to receive working clothes including some “very nice” shoes and a jacket, even though this is unnecessary work wise. It was kind of a “gift”, which I can also use in private – this is the “tradition” of this wrong “take yourself culture”. At the second day here I was given the confidence to do the cash balance and cash balance sheet receiving the balance of 10-20,000 DKK in my hands and this is for a completely broke cash receiver like me (!). They do the same kind of mistakes here as I have seen everywhere, which is based on LAZINESS AND CARELESSNESS.

30th March: “When you tell the truth, you can say what you want to, because the truth will never offend people”

  • Dreaming that people wrongly believe I “praise” myself in my scripts but “when you tell the truth, you can say what you want to, because the truth will never offend people”, eliminate all small “white lies” (!), the two “most brutal murderers are dead” as a symbol of my father and mother are now believing in me – my suffering is now coming from other people not believing in me, will I receive “severe suffering” through sicknesses, physical pain and maybe even my old nightmare if I should give up finishing my work instead of going through the suffering it will be to do all of this work (?), the lacking faith of Elijah in me has also given me much suffering and almost killed me and he may hold grudges on me not understanding that his sacrifice was also needed to save the world, I don’t like “very primitive“ people on one hand who are negative and show a wrong demand-mentality and “very fine” people at the other hand, who are too “distinguished” to do ordinary work and have lost sense of how life really is – the goal is to find the right balance in the middle without going into extremities.


27th March: Using extreme power and changing my physical self was needed to overcome the extreme darkness

Dreaming of steeling money from the rich to give to the poor – “normal life” is back 🙂

I slept better tonight even though the memory of whom I am was removed from me while sleeping, which made me suffer much when waking up to “reality” realising who I am because it is still a burden to be the one without being the one yet (!) and I slept better after I have decided to take control over my scripts instead of “just accepting” what I am told which of course is an example to follow: When you are responsible, you will decide yourself otherwise others may let you forget your real goal of your work or entire life and for me it is to finalise my website and we know also to continue writing my scripts, but I will not use as much time on these as I have allowed the darkness to do sometimes.

The number of dreams also decreased maybe as a result of my decision:

  • Two young ladies are served beautiful and secret food at a restaurant. It is set up with beautiful flowers.
    • It looks like the postponement of “normal life” was not quite right after all, and I am happy to receive better dreams again confirming that I took the right decision to take even more control over my scripts.
  • I am preparing a pension meeting with Ikano, I don’t feel like reading all of the material from our last meeting to catch up, and I don’t feel like preparing a written presentation for the meeting – I tell my colleagues that I feel like having a “talking meeting” – and the next day we hold the meeting, where I during the meeting “catch up” reading the material at the same time as discussing it. We agree to initiate a bidding contest and I ask the manager of Ikano if they have any changes to the pension regulations, which he cannot answer because he is not prepared on this, but he promises to come back with an answer through email. We hold the meeting Friday afternoon at a meeting room, where Peter Mygind interrupts us by opening the door. He and other colleagues have a meeting with another client and they are all preparing to go out in the evening on the expense of the company, as we are too.
    • The meeting I had with Ikano when working for dahlberg is the absolutely worst meeting I have ever had and that is NOT because of Ikano or my own preparations, but because of two lazy “leaders” at dahlberg, who sabotaged the meeting, the business opportunities, me and my thorough preparations because of their own laziness and WRONG better-knowing, and maybe they will tell the world about their own embarrassing “performances” with this being one of them?
    • This morning I was told that this is how many people all over the world hold meetings. They don’t prepare themselves, they are lazy and they talk “empty air” without knowing, without an agenda and a meeting structure often going through the same as they also did at the previous meeting. And still people are eager to “do their best” when it comes to eating, drinking and partying on the expense account of the company even when they have really done no work at all! THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO CHANGE IN THE FUTURE MY FRIENDS OUT THERE :-).
    • “Pensions” and Peter Mygind – a very gifted Danish actor and presenter of the TV program “4 star dinner“ – are here signs that we are back on track with “normal life” :-).
  • I am together with two others standing in a street gate, we have stolen thousands of coins, which we are now packing into other bags, which takes some time and too long to my liking because I fear the people from whom we have stolen the coins from will find and attack us. We decide to leave the gate before lunch, which should be fine.
    • This is a new symbol, but just maybe this is saying that we are stealing from the rich to give to the poor, which is part of “normal life”, my friends.
  • I visit a baker where a sign says that there is a special offer on two pieces of Danish pastry but the baker claims that this is an error, there is no special offer and therefore I decide not to buy.
    • It looks like my “nightmare” – even if it may be an act only – has been cancelled again.

Instead of following the many strong encouragements to work as hard as possible, I decided to do the opposite to relax

And we know Stig, this morning I felt confident that this game was to go against the stream and do the opposite of what I have been “encouraged” to do by Robbie Williams too, which was to work as hard as possible – this is often how the game is you know – and therefore I started the day by taking a long bath in my bath tub to RELAX – it is Sunday you know – and first afterwards to write the script of today without having anything else on my agenda today. This is the answer and this is what is also removing negative speech and the “heart beat” of my left arm, and the stress of my work may also have been an important factor to the death of Elisabeth Taylor and the suffering of my mother, so this is going two ways and my family is not to blame entirely – I am also to blame myself when the darkness has succeeded to take control of me, and we know Stig I will continue working primarily Mondays to Fridays trying to reach a “normal life” in terms of working hours without becoming stressed and without anyone telling me what to do, when I am responsible, skilled and have the know-how myself!

Using extreme power and changing my physical self was needed to overcome the extreme darkness lately

At noon I decided to attend a service of Den Gyldne Cirkel at the web-radio of Selvet – Theosophical Fellowship did not have a service today according to their calendar and I had also decided not to visit them in order to save time – and this was a nice service to attend even though they said it was a “feminine” service and basically it was some of the same as before, which was a combination of meditation and speech from a nice lady and it was about sending out energy and healing to Earth, and these women strengthened the energy of the spirit of my mother to touch the hearts of people of the world.

Again I was VERY tired going through this, which was the weapon of the darkness given to me trying to prevent me from attending, and for approx. one hour – maybe more (?) – I was fighting to keep awake while meditating and also fighting to send out good thoughts only without the darkness sending out its negative energy and thoughts, which it tried to do very uncomfortably when I was not alert because of extreme tiredness.

During the service I was given many visions one of them being the biggest Mercedes in the tuned version of Brabus – the 800 iBusiness model (which I had read about on the website of Jyllands-Posten) – and I was shown a new front of the car being installed and what this told me was that this is the extreme power I needed – hence the STRONGEST Mercedes here – NOT to give up to the extreme darkness given to me lately from family etc. realizing the truth of who I am and also because I have decided to take control of my own work and that it was a condition to change my physical self in order to receive “more strength”, which is what the spirit of my father gives me, hence the new front of the car, and really to enable me to continue and finish my work.

My sister told people about my craziness, but now she cannot tell about the truth about me?

After the meditation, I was told that a reason for my suffering lately has been that my sister was eager to tell people about her brother being crazy when this is what she thought I was and now when she understands the truth about me, she has not yet told the same family and friends about this.

Obviously, the truth hurts even more than what you thought was the worst experience of your life when you thought that I was crazy?


28th March: God will first enter my body physically when I and the entire world will be “clean” from darkness

Dreaming that God will first enter my body physically when I and the entire world will be “clean” from darkness

Another night at the same level with these dreams after I have decided to leave one out because it tells the truth of one of my friends, which is not necessary to bring again, and also have decided to cancel two other unnecessary dreams:

  • I am at a house after having written that my coming will soon happen, which I know will make the press arrive. I promise Henriette that I will buy the best quality of kitchen equipment and share the invoice with her. I visit my own home before returning to the home of Henriette and the others. I see planes automatically landing at the path outside our old row house in Snekkersten. I play a friendly game with the others and when we have started I know that the press now knows who I am. I recommend the others to publish our game so the world will know that I am here, but that I don’t have the power of God yet and I do this because I know communication is important.
    • This will have to be the house of believers in me, Henriette is a symbol of my mother, the kitchen is preparing “normal life”, the planes symbolise the Devil landing – IT WAS NOT EASY OVERCOME THE LATEST HINDRANCES COMING HERE, maybe the worst of all in fact – and is this a forecast of the communication which will happen when the press will truly understand who I am?
  • I wake up hearing “Smithers-Jonesby the Jam – another favourite – and the lyrics I hope its the promotion you’ve been looking for”, and I wonder if the promotion is about the plans of God (truly) entering and living inside of me, which he apparently has not done already?
  • I have been writing with stones on a road, which is an opening ritual. I meet Helle Thorning Schmidt, the leader of the Danish Social Democratic Party, and a politician from the Socialist People’s Party, I tell them that I will vote in favour of an integration package, which Helle says that she also believes she will, however she will first think more about it before taking her final decision, and the Socialist People’s Party will vote against, which makes me say that it looks like we will have 3 out of 4 voting yes for this package.
    • This dream is somehow connected to me and is it about people around me “voting” if we should continue our “project” (?) – this is all I can tell of the dream.
  • Half awake I am told “his Royal Excellence asks of you to be clean before he will enter you” and this seems to say that first Jesus gave birth to me (himself), that his living flame has been inside of me all of my life without being lid (because of no faith in me as the Son of God), that my living flames are and have been the spirits of my father and mother and that God will first enter me, when I am clean and I also got the impression that it will first be when the entire world is clean.
    • What happened to the previous information that God decided to live a life as a normal human being through me (?) – was this the truth, was it what “Jesus” as the spirit of me decided to do or is this new information the truth?
  • I was told that a few days before my mother’s birthday the 2nd September, the spirit of my mother will give a special message at Medjugorje of her own appearance.
  • A master chef has held a dinner using professional servants, he says that he will not use my unskilled servants for this task, but if he freezes the food and afterwards thaw it up, it will be fine to use my servants, but it will give him a much less turnover.
    • A dream about the need for my servants to develop their skills before they will be able to provide “normal life” at its highest level to the world.

Continuing the work on UFO’s for my website

Today I started working at 9.10 – being tired and yet again without being tired (!) – but what I am REALLY TIRED OF is to continue receiving negative spiritual speech and comments now for the fifth year in succession without a “switch off button” making my life a living Hell 24/7, and even though it is at a lower level right now I still have to make an effort to avoid going into it. One old variation of the darkness is to try to make think negatively of people and to add the comment that “he really deserves that” (“det har han rigtigt godt af”), which is a “dangerous” comment of a kind I have avoided to go into and to start “believing in” thousands of times!

At 10.25 I had finished the script so far including the last two chapters of yesterday and editing giving me MUCH more time to continue the work on my website, which I did and I started to find more coherent information about “alien abductions”, which I needed – the answers are out there, you just have to find them (!) – and I continued to search, find and collect information on cases and stories of “alien abductees” and “alien implants”, which are both manmade hoaxes using “stolen” ET technology (!) as part of a scheme of the secret government to implant on mankind in order to control the thoughts and behaviour of people to receive “approval” of their “unethical” military and industrial agenda!!! My readers may not react on this when reading this the first time, but mankind will be SHOCKED to find out just how mean the secret government(s) have been, which will “soon” be revealed and still everybody involved in this will of course also enter our new and better world.

I am still working on the chapter of UFO’s for my website – at the moment “alien abductions” and “alien implants” both of which are manmade hoaxes to control the thoughts and behaviour of mankind (!) and to prepare a future war against people of other civilizations (!!!), which however has now been cancelled!

Tøger Seidenfaden was “another part of my father”

I was told today that “another part of my father” was Tøger Seidenfaden, who died two months ago, when the suffering of my father was at its highest, which I did not know of before today.

The light of Karen is now as bright as the light of my mother!

I was shown a new VERY BRIGHT light on the sky approaching me, which was as strong as the light of my mother therefore making me believe that this is what it had to be but I kept on receiving the message that it in fact was the light of Karen and I was told that “we are coming closer to her birthday”, which is the 12th April where she is used to hearing from me, so I will probably send her a new card.

The light was flying approx. 100 metres above the ground and slowly coming all the way forward towards me, which is you know as close as 25-50 metres from me at its closest, this is what we talk about! So this is basically saying that the faith of Karen in me is now even stronger and that she does not mind hearing from me and maybe also soon to see me?


29th March: My coming “servants” are now ready to start the work teaching the world, when I will finish my work

Dreaming that my coming “servants” are now ready to start the work teaching the world, when I will finish my work

Another night at the same level, which these days mean that I am somewhat tired in the mornings and after a few hours of working, most of the tiredness disappears and that is at least on the surface of me and when sitting down. Some dreams:

  • I behave poorly speaking behind the back of my brother and afterwards I speed on the motorway when driving 150 km/h before I come to small roads on the country side, where I try to overpower a snake, however the snake is stronger than I and is very close to biting me.
    • I wonder who “this brother” of mine should be and if my father can tell me about this?
    • This dream is inspired from a radio program on Danish P4 yesterday morning, where they had a lady interpreting dreams of listeners, where they also spoke of a snake, I did not hear her interpretation but the answer is PEOPLE ATTACKED BY THE DEVIL, which I am not but you see, I would be if I started to do what is wrong for instance showing a poor behaviour or speeding on the motorway if the traffic does not allow it. And here I am thinking of my old friend and “family member” Kirsten, who had dreams of snakes years ago and we know, “its so funny how we don’t talk anymore”, Kirsten (!) and the reason is simply because of the snake “biting” her making her decide not to read my scripts anymore and it is not easy to accept the “fact” that I am crazy, Kirsten, which has made you very sad?
  • I receive an email from the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, who quickly has written down questions for me. I ask the journalist to reduce his working pace and to ask me politely. I tell him “ask yourself how the dialogue could be different if you had a positive approach and were kind”. I see a theatre group playing on the upper floor of the building, where people cannot control their negative feelings and temper, which I don’t like to see.
    • This is essentially what it is about. You have to be PATIENT when working that is to reduce your working pace, don’t be in a hurry with the only goal to finish ASAP, but do your BEST to produce your FINEST at the same time as you also have to be efficient (!) and this also goes when communicating where you also have to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and BE POLITE at the same time as you will always tell the truth directly, openly and honestly (!) and I wonder if there is any press out there who have found out who I am since this is now the second day I receive “indications” of this in dreams and just maybe this is about media who cannot control their feelings, which means that they in the beginning may write negatively about me in order to sell newspapers?
  • I am locked up inside a small room without windows, I am singing one of three songs I have prepared about vegetables, and I see that I have been discovered because a person enters the small room I am in. I ask him “shouldn’t we be positive and understand each other instead of the opposite” and I start speaking, but I am interrupted by negative speech of this person, who tells me that “this is not how we are here, we do short and clear stories”, which makes me ask him “think about the impression you leave now and think about the impression if you listen and understand, which I do myself and even though nobody tells me, I see how people become happy because of this”.
    • The symbol of three is still the Trinity and again, has he press discovered me (?), it is fine to do short and clear stories but it is ALWAYS a good idea to give your readers and viewers information about where they can obtain (truthful) information in a greater detail and we know all of us Stig: ALWAYS BE SURE THAT YOU WRITE THE TRUTH and that your short story is based upon detailed information, which you fully understand and have narrowed down giving a true and fair picture of the story.
  • I am staying inside my car at a parking place in Copenhagen, it is 02.30 in the night; I know that people are cleaning the offices of Kim S’ company in the building surrounding the parking place, and when they are done, I will have to leave because the parking place will be closed down for the rest of the night. When they leave, I also leave my car and on the way out I see my mother’s car including a rare edition of a CD-single by ELO inside of it with a booklet, where one of the pages has been bent by my mother. The CD is visible and I think that it may be stolen, so therefore I put it into the glove department. I know that I will visit Kim S. at his work the following day and I wonder if I should sleep at the office but because I am not shaved, I decide to sleep at home and to shave before I will visit the work during the day, which is Friday. When I arrive, I see that Kim is speaking to Preben, Preben has a strange accent and has given Kim advice about a mature man as a potential employee, which Kim believes may be a potential leader, which surprises me because it should be obvious that this man only speaks “empty air” and I wonder why Kim has never seen leader potential in me. I notice VERY MANY working places, which have just been set up with new tables, chairs and computers, it is a modern looking office, and because of all of this expenditure, I tell Helle Aa. working there that “they have to make a good living here” and Helle says that they will visit the potential client Minolta, which is a HUGE business opportunity for the company, which she hopes very much that they will succeed winning as a new client.
    • Cleaning and preparing this office is important because this is the office of my coming “special friends” – or servants if you will – from where teachings will be given to the world, and the “office” is really a spiritual setup! The rare ELO CD in my mother’s car is to say that my mother knows that I love her more than anyone, which is also her feelings of me and still mother you have decided to let “circumstances” break our relation (?) and I wonder when you will feel “strong” enough to see me again, and please remember that I am the same Stig as I have always been and the only thing, which has changed is your impression of me (!) – please treat me as you have always done and we will continue seeing each other the same way as always because YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF (!), on the contrary because your wrong decisions so far have only given us MUCH WORSE SUFFERING than necessary (!) and really made it IMPOSSIBLE for both you and me to come this far (!), so will you please START doing what is right, which is as simple as this: DON’T HIDE, SUPPORT ME, START COMMUNICATING WITH ME and behave properly (!) and please do it now, it will not become better to “wait”. PLEASE DO THINGS NOW INSTEAD OF KEEP THINKING, WORRYING AND POSTPONING COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY!
    • The part about shaving is because I have not shaved since Thursday last week simply because I am almost out of shaving foam and completely out of money (and almost also food) and therefore cannot afford to by new foam before I will get the “handouts” from the Commune (!) tomorrow I believe – and this morning I shaved again because I had to before working for Falck again today.
    • Preben’s strange accent is to say that he speaks with two tongues, one when speaking to me and another when he speaks to others about me, where he says things he would never tell me directly and just maybe Preben you will be one of many, who will have to explain your wrong actions to the world and on which foundation, you decided to act wrongly in relation to a “friend”.
    • The potential Minolta client is symbolising me and my writings, which can be “copied” – this is what Minolta does you know – and further worked on, on the computers of my servants, who are waiting for me to finish my work before they can start working, and WE HAVE FINISHED ALL PREPARATIONS MY FRIEND including the development of all servants as the Council tells me here – also holding up the world etc. – and the remaining part is really for me to reach the goal line and start the next “race” of the world, which is to bring all “children” the final journey home to God.
    • When I woke up from this dream, I heard “we can work it out” by the Beatles and the lyrics “Try to see it my/your way” and “we can work it out”, where the words “my” and “your” kept changing to symbolise this important factor of communication: TO UNDERSTAND and I am sure that mankind will be able to “work it out” :-).

Receiving confidence at Falck from “nice” but also lazy, careless and disorganised employees!

Today I started working at 7.55 on the first part of my script until I had to stop at 8.40 when I had to leave for Falck.

When I arrived this morning at 9.00 at the office of Falck, for the second time out of two, there was NO ONE to welcome me (!) – I had to wait five minutes last week – and today the office was simply closed and we know ALL PEOPLE HERE ARE VERY NICE but this is what I call carelessness when you don’t think and act responsibly, which would make my old colleague Michael P. N. from DanskeBank-Pension (1988-91) say “det er noget sjask” (“it is slushy”), which I still clearly remember he said and still smile of, Michael 🙂 – and this is what I will give you more examples of from the day today.

I found the officer on guard, who this morning was Christoffer, sitting in the canteen together with colleagues having morning bread as I understand they do every day – on the expense account of Falck of course, which I believe is WRONG and again nobody thought of offering me anything including Robert, who I met later but who remembered to offer his sick boy, whom he had brought with him, some very nice bread (!) – and after having collected Christoffer, we could start working at the office and because he apparently did not have any other work for me, he was “inspired” to start talking about the key cabinet, where Falck stores hundreds and maybe more than one thousand keys of people in Lyngby and Gentofte, who have a “key subscription scheme”, where they can collect their spare key stored here if they should lose their own, and because of this, he opened one of the big cupboards in the meeting room, which really is a wardrobe, and inside of this was the key cabinet including 12-14 drawers each containing maybe 100 envelopes each containing the key(s) of a subscriber, and Christoffer told me that they for a long time have “considered” improving this system, but apparently none of you have had the “time” to do this (?) or is the true reason that you do not have the “desire” to do such “a big and boring work” and therefore you have never come around to do it (?) and he was really not very goal oriented this nice man, so therefore I suggested him to invite “relevant people” for a meeting to talk about the history of this system and ideas of how to improve it and when I asked him directly, he believed it would be a good idea to set up a meeting with the four officers on guard including himself and then I asked him if he would be in charge to make sure that it would be arranged, but no, I understood that this could prove difficult to do also because he has another big project to collect all smoke diving equipments of Zealand (500-600 pieces) to be stored at this station – people are lazy and have many poor excuses (!) – and I recognised his irresolute behaviour from many of my former colleagues, who really don’t want to get involved in too many tasks – “it only brings more work” as many say and even more don’t like – and therefore I said with a stitch of irony “you probably have an action plan where you can include it and when you give this a deadline, it will of course be done” and eeeehhh – as I knew was the case – he did not have an action plan and at this stage, this is very often where ideas of people will “die” because people are too lazy and unorganized to follow up, to prioritize what is truly important and simply to do the work, but they have plenty of time to talk and to have morning bread as an example!

The end of my conversation with Christoffer was therefore to say that when he would not take the lead, I would, in order to make sure that a meeting would be set up, but then another officer on guard, Robert, arrived (together with his boy with the nice bread!) and I was told that Robert really was the one who would be on guard today and therefore the one for me to work together with, and from here Christoffer decided to mention our conversation to Robert in another room and when Robert came out, we started speaking about the key cabinet and I told him that I would set up a meeting with all four officers on guard to receive the history of the cabinet and to collect ideas of what to do, but according to Robert, this was not necessary to do because I only needed to speak to him (!) – even though Christoffer had told me that no one had the responsibility of this task, which I told him was a good idea to follow up on and really to write down all tasks of the office and to distribute responsibilities, which made him say that they did have a paper at least on some tasks and responsibilities, which I asked him to print out because it would be a good introduction for me, which he agreed in, but he never “came around” to doing this, which therefore also “died” out and we know laziness and carelessness you know (!!!) – and this is then how an “informal” meeting without any preparation or thinking of the task started with one man, Robert, taking charge at the same time leaving out the ideas of the team and really because he thought “this is too difficult” to do, which is to take a team meeting starting up projects like this (!) thus not understanding how you work professionally to get results (!), and after a few minutes I suggested that instead of us standing up, it would be better to sit down and for me to take notes because otherwise I would probably not remember all of the things we talked about, but instead of doing this, he kept on speaking and we know DISORGANISATION OF PEOPLE is what this is called which you see EVERYWHERE and therefore also here.

What Robert told and showed me was that the key cabinet included the names of people and their subscription number on the envelope but there was no IT-system including all information and he said that it would be “very difficult” to find a key if someone would insert an envelope wrongly in the drawer, and what I quickly thought of was that the drawers were obviously not fireproof (!) and that everything would burn except from the keys themselves in case of fire (!) and you might expect that the absolutely best place of all when it comes to fire protection would be at the fire station of Falck (?) but this is NOT the case my friends and again because people are lazy and careless – and when I told Robert that in case of fire he would have hundreds of keys not knowing which keys belonged to whom because all information would be lost, he understood the need for me also to look for a fireproof cupboard, which therefore now also became a part of my task, which we could have identified together with other tasks and ideas too at a meeting including our best preparations in forehand if we really had worked professionally instead of just talking with only a “little bit of thinking” as most people do (!), and this was not the end because I asked him if there was not a central system developed for this purpose, which could be used but he told me that there was not – he has checked before with the head office so this is what has to be the case (? or !) – and this is even though this is a need all over the country and not at all stations but “many” stations of Falck and I wonder how people at all of these stations have developed their own local solutions to cover the exact same need – working the same way as here (?) – how much time has been used in total and if any of the solutions are PERFECT (?), and this is yet another example telling you how much better it is to DEVELOP ONE SYSTEM OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY instead of hundreds, thousands or even millions of poor or “nor perfect” systems many of which have been developed by “lazy and careless” people as here. And on basis of this, I told Robert that he had two opportunities, one was to be the initiator of a new system for all stations to be developed together with the head office and selected stations or to develop a local solution for Lyngby and even though I told him that I would decide to do the first in his situation, he wanted me – not surprisingly (!) – to do a local solution and we know Robert when I asked you, you thought that it would also be “nice” to include the addresses of people in a new IT-system – but not on the envelopes in case of a break-in as you said – and because you don’t have local access to the subscription database of your customers even though customers come to visit this station regarding their subscriptions, you agreed that it would be a good idea for me during the work, which will take a long time to do – I know how long after I have started it and done the first part of work – to visit the head office of Falck in Copenhagen to receive this information – and we know I also wonder how many of the keys here belong to diseased people and really if the key cabinet has ever been maintained?

I asked him if he also wanted to have written procedures, which he first turned down, but after a few minutes he said that he would like to receive a paper saying how to carry out the work and I could not help smiling when I told him ”this is what I mean by written procedures” but maybe you don’t have much experience with such (?) and maybe you would never dream about preparing written procedures yourself (?) but when you are given the offer by someone to do this “dull work of yours“, you can sing along on the song “I can see clearly now” – which is one of the happiest songs of all I know of not least in the version of Jimmy Cliff and here I receive the feeling of God sending me his smiles because ”I still carry on”, which is truly not the easiest thing to do when writing this chapter being IMMENSELY tired by writing, more physically tired today than yesterday and also having my arms hurting because of my poor working position – and this is really showing you that when people start to think, it should not be difficult for you to do what is right, but when you are to do the work yourself, it is very easy to do short-cuts and leave out what is important work, because you really don’t feel like doing all of this yourself and to do it doing your absolutely best!

So what you see here is TYPICAL human behaviour of today first of all when it comes to lazy and careless people taking wrong decisions without truly thinking – you did not have many good ideas of yourself, Robert, because of your attitude (!) – and without preparing their work before doing it because they don’t want to make things “too difficult” (!) and as Robert told me “you are very good to systemize things”, which apparently is what people have understood about me here, which just may be you, Lars, who has spread this “rumour” to others after our first meeting (?), and what you have not figured out is that instead of doing your “dull” work yourself, which none of you for years have bothered doing, you are doing what most people of the world do with people working carefully like me: YOU MISUSE ME AND DESTROY MY LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN LAZINESS AND CARELESSNESS! – But as long as you feel good yourself not regretting – or even understanding – your wrong decisions, everything goes?

And I do wonder what customers having their keys stored here would say to the negligent conditions under which they are stored, and even though the envelopes should not contain the addresses of people, several of them did and my dear friends, if a burglar in this crime-infected society got access to this key cabinet – if he knew of the “huge opportunities” inside of this house seen with the eyes of a burglar – he would be able to break in at MANY houses in Lyngby and Gentofte simply by using the key – a “dream scenario” of most burglars (!) – and we know it would take a burglar a few minutes to get access to this completely unprotected key cabinet at Falck in Lyngby! This is how it has been here for years and when will people ever learn?

After my “meeting” with Robert, another of these very nice Falck people approached me and this time it was Johnny who asked me if I wanted to receive some Falck clothes – which all of them wear – and I said that I am only here Tuesdays and Thursdays working at the office and that I would wear my own clothes unless they wanted me to wear Falck clothes and we know “old habits never die” as they say because here it is a “condition” to have the Falck logo on your clothes when serving customers (very few!) as I was told – because this is what they have been used to, not thinking that it might work out fine without as it does most other places – and because of this I was told that I needed to have a pair of trousers, I said one pair was enough even though he was willing to give me more, and one polo-shirt, one shirt with long sleeves and one sweater and when he asked me about which shoes I would wear, I told him that I would wear my own and it showed out that he was speaking of security shoes, which I told him that I really did not need because it looked as if I will only be working at the office without the need to work outside doing “dangerous” work but then he gave me this “special look”, which told me that this is a “staff good”, which I really should accept because it was really good shoes (meaning that I could also use these in private of course) as I also should do with a jacket he also offered me, even though I am probably not going to work outside and my dear friends, the “culture” and “tradition” I have met here is really “take everything you would like and take plenty of it even though you don’t need it work wise” and do you believe I think this is wrong (?) and this is exactly what I do and even though I could very well use this clothes in private because I don’t have much clothes fitting me anymore, I don’t believe you should ever mix private and business interests (!) – special work clothes when required is to be used at work and before leaving work, you will change into your own private clothes, which should be simple logic, which however is not a requirement here as long as I cover the Falck name on the clothes in public as I was told with the reason being that I don’t have a first aid course in case this should be needed if meeting people in the need of first aid.

I also tried pants to find the right size, which I found out is now 102 centimetres or a UK/US size 40 and my dear friends when I returned from Kenya less than two years ago I was a size 34 meaning that my waist has increased by approx. 15-17 centimetres since – because of the darkness you know – and this is what my mother and family at one stage was “concerned” about (“you eat too much pork roast” as my mother told me) not understanding that “for now I have accepted to take this on until I later will lose weight again ” as I have told the family and really that this is NOTHING compared to the true suffering I have gone through, which they of course did not understand when they were not willing and “able” to read my scripts or simply to communicate with me!

I also spoke to Johnny, who works as a fireman, about fire protection and the fact that these buildings to a non-professional as me look very fire dangerous (!), which he confirmed was the case (!) because as he said fire regulations of the Commune only apply for new buildings (the Falck buildings are more than 100 years old) and also because Falck wanted to save money, which they also have done with the roof and the walls of the entire building, which have not been maintained and badly needs to be replaced or EFFECTIVELY repaired and my dear friends, you have here a fire station, which you would expect to be the best fire protected buildings of all (?) but no because of bureaucracy and “profit hunting” (!) and this is also to tell you that you should not make different requirements for new and old buildings and really that it should be common sense also in this respect to have the same requirements and to do your absolutely best – as in all situations of life – which is to fire protect ALL buildings the best way possible.

After this, I could not start the work on the keys because the meeting room – where they key cabinet is placed – was going to be used for a meeting and therefore I asked Robert if he had other work I could do in the meantime and “maybe something which you are going to do yourself” as I asked him, and it took him one minute to get the thought and idea (!) that there was indeed something I could do and that was to balance the four cash boxes – one box of each officer on guard – and to start doing the cash balance sheet on the computer, and this is then what I did. I was given the four cash boxes and also the main cash box, which I suspect normally is under the “protection” of Jesper, the manager (?) and my dear friends, Robert had known me for approx. one hour and this was my second day working for Falck, but despite of everything, they now have so much confidence in me that I was given the total reserve of cash – which looked like approx. 10-20,000 DKK – so that I could fill up each box with up to 1,000 DKK for two of them and 500 DKK for the other two and my dear friends in this society of crime and disbelief this is what they trusted me to do and of course I was left alone doing this work and this is in a situation where I have NO MONEY and that is ZERO DKK myself and almost no food or clothes at home (!) and I was happy that all boxes balanced except yours, Robert, because you really do owe the difference of 65 øre as I told him and the others with a smile, which made them smile too :-).

Afterwards I started doing the cash balance sheet in Microsoft Excel using one of their standards and I was also introduced to their account plan because I asked for it so I could control the work of people (!), and this was made as a good system on their intranet, which all stations probably use (easier than creating your own local solutions maybe?) and as I told Robert – or “RAF” as his initials are and also here thinking of the ROYAL air force my friend, which is the “big man upstairs” speaking to me, who is “eagerly” waiting to “come down” and inside of my “very tiny” body too as he here tells me – many of the receipts and expense vouchers were not filled out or not filled out correctly, which I have seen in all companies I have worked for over the years, which is telling you that LAZINESS AND CARELESSNESS IS TO BE FOUND EVERYWHERE and that is with most people even though many are not willing to admit that this is the case!

I noticed that most of the receipts were for money spent for consumption of food during “working hours” – when they are on guard here, they work some of the time and are “free” most of the time and I have NEVER seen so much free food being eaten at any work places before and so clear a symbol of “take what you want mentality” – and my dear friends, please keep private and business interests separate, which also includes to pay for your private consumption when working, which is what EATING is (!), which should be simple logic for all (?) and I cannot see any exemptions from this general rule.

I also met Jesper briefly today and he was nice telling me that he has received positive feedback about me, which was truly nice of you to say, Jesper – many managers of today would not think about doing the same – and I do wonder what you would really say if you were to read my scripts including this story about yourself and your office (?), would it make you happy and joyful when understanding the purpose of this (?) or would you become very negative and angry because of my decision to share this ”deeply confidential” information with my readers (?) and we know with almost 100 percent probability the last and if this is the case, would you also believe that I am mean and vicious, unbearable to be together with and that my only aim is to hurt you (?) as most people before you wrongly have thought about me – even though all people know that I am a pleasant and positive man to be together with (!) – and if this is the case, would you complain about me to the Commune, then, and have me expelled right away from your premises (?) and would the Commune because of my ”serious crime” decide to remove my cash help again after illegally commanding me not to write about what I experience, which I of course would refuse to do because FREEDOM OF SPEECH is a basic human right (!) and my dear friends this is what happened to me in 2010 based upon negative, lazy and careless people not understanding the truth, which is still how people underneath their ”nice” surface are but maybe there will come a day when I don’t have to write anymore: ”When will they ever learn” ?

And as a final remark of today: I am happy to be back working and meeting people, but truly sad to see how poorly people also here work.

I stopped working today at 18.30 after having written the rest of the script including the editing, which took longer than normal because I had to overcome “a little bit more” of extreme darkness. This chapter on Falck was as difficult to do as the most difficult work of all I have done. This is how bad I felt when doing it – because of tiredness and you know DARKNESS OF OTHER PEOPLE NEGATIVELY INFLUENCING ME!

And ending the day with a few short stories:

  • I was told that the “impossible” UN decision recently to intervene in Libya was made possible as a result of me going through my “impossible” road.
  • For some time the Council have told me about how surprised they have been from time to time of what God has said through me – which is not the same as God being inside of me – and the will power beyond belief I have shown. I have also received a déjà vue about this, which I do remember being told of “half awake” when I was a boy.


30th March: When you tell the truth, you can say what you want to, because the truth will never offend people

Dreaming that “when you tell the truth, you can say what you want to, because the truth will never offend people”

Another night, which was really not very good being woken up several times – almost as usual – and having great problems falling asleep again, and here are the dreams:

  • A few people including my mother have read my book and they believe that it is wrong to “praise” yourself as they believe I have done, and I tell them to settle this and that “when you tell the truth, you can say what you want to, because the truth will never offend people”.
    • And I do mean the objective truth in situations where it is relevant to tell it and not to speak about your “fantastic skills or performances” because of vanity and a “need” to be confirmed, which just may be what some of my readers have misunderstood about me and my scripts – I don’t have this need (!) – and we know this is another effect of the Danish Jantelov, which says “don’t believe you are anything” meaning that you should not address your success and good results when speaking to other people, which will make people “envious” instead of being happy of others – because people are small-minded thinking of themselves instead of showing true empathy (!) – and this is of course WRONG!
    • This also includes to tell the truth when your wife ask you how you believe she looks in this or that clothes, which is the classical situation where most men of today believe it is best to tell a “white lie” because they fear of the reaction of the wife if they tell the truth (“your behind looks big in those trousers”) and to this I can only say: It is NEVER “better” to tell a white lie, never! Please eliminate all “white lies” and don’t feel afraid to only tell “part of the truth” or to “hide” information because it makes you feel comfortable. TELL THE TRUTH AS IT IS, be kind when telling it but tell it directly, honestly and openly. And be open when you receive what is said in this attitude and understand the true meaning of what is said instead of misunderstanding it and of course CONTROL ANY NEGATIVE FEELINGS, don’t let them take control of you but vice versa.
  • I am going to a dinner together with Gert H. (old Aon colleague) at “the sty” at Østergade in Copenhagen, I am late by 1½ hours, a couple of locomotives hold me back and I see that the two most brutal murderers now are dead. Later I am told by Lennart that my calendar and activities is visible to all of the life & pension business in Denmark and I think this has to be a mistake by our IT-department and I consider asking them to close this “hole” but then again I decide not to do so. At the company, Kim S. visits my new working place, where I am playing a music video by Michael Jackson on my computer and where I am setting up several electronic devises perfectly connected to the socket and with the wires nicely organised around it and I hear myself saying “I am not adapting to the shop, it will adapt to me”.
    • “A couple of locomotives” may be a couple of the living members of the Council not believing in me today – and the two most brutal murderers in relation to me is quite simply my mother and father (!) and the rest is really the openness of my writings and life to the world through my scripts, my final work of love to the world, i.e. Michael Jackson, and that I will not adapt to the world because the world will adapt to me as I have told you before.
  • I am together with a man at a skyscraper where there is a secret entrance, we arrive at one of the top floors and the man I am with has to find the right place to enter a code, which I know the location of, but the man does not, so he does not enter the code, and this means that we meet guards, who ask us to leave, and down on ground level we walk around the skyscraper and enter a shopping centre where there should be another entrance to the skyscraper, however we cannot find it.
    • I am both men and the unknowing man is myself in physical life (!), the skyscraper is “suffering” and I wonder if this dream is telling me about “potential suffering” if I should decide to give up before finalising all of my work and this is still the name of the game, will I receive “severe suffering” through sicknesses, physical pain and maybe even my old nightmare instead of the suffering it will be to finish the rest of my work?
  • I am in Helsingborg, Sweden, on my way to the music house in the harbour and just before reaching the music house I see a fishing boat with an African fisher on it, who is about to cut up very large fish including seals and sea lions, but to my surprise I see that the fish are not dead and almost as a miracle they succeed to escape from the boat into freedom in the water.
    • Here I am in Sweden as the country of joy and happiness – i.e. our new and better world – and the fish being caught by an African, who is about to kill them is really a symbol of what lacking faith of Elijah in me mean. Elijah, your own laziness and bad communication is removing your faith in me and I have told you many times that the key to faith is to read my scripts and my dear friend I do mean to read CAREFULLY (!) – and because of your ignorance and very high placement in the spiritual hierarchy, you have given me tremendous suffering, which has also almost killed me, which I only “escaped” from in the last moment as the dream says, and what you may believe is that I have caused you pain and destroyed your life not understanding that this was a needed sacrifice of yours and your family also to help saving the world. This is the true result of your suffering my friend, and I do wish that you would have the “ability” to read and regain all faith in me. I am still the same as always – the man you believed in – and the only thing which has changed, is your wrong thoughts, which have overtaken you!
  • At the harbour I see Swedish and Danish busses with the drivers on strike and I speak with the Danish IT-manager of the bus company who says that the busses will be driving again tomorrow, and I notice just how negative the Danish drivers are, how flat and ugly their language is and how wrong their demand-mentality is.
    • I don’t have much to add here except from the fact that I am very sad to see the poor behaviour of what some today call people of the working class – as some bus drivers are examples of – and I might add that I have the same feeling with people belonging to the so called “high class”, who believe they are too distinguished to do ordinary work, who patronize most people and really have lost sense of reality and how life is and this is to give you examples of extremities at both ends, which I believe you should remove and to find the right balance in the middle instead my friends, and what better society to find examples of this is in the British because here you have people, who are more primitive and demanding than anywhere else at one hand (including your “boulevard press”, which is the WORST in the world) and people, who are more “fine” and “aristocratic” at the other hand and we know BOTH ARE WRONG!

I started working at 9.10 today not feeling very motivated to say the least – my behind is still hurting, which is a “tool” often used as an alternative to reduce the negative speech given to me while working and this is connected to the wrong behaviour and decision of my father not to contact and support me (!) – but somehow when I start working and come into some kind of rhythm, I manage to do my best after all, which also was the case today.

Besides from writing the script so far, I also decided to do one more edit of the chapter of Falck yesterday because I was TRULY not feeling well when writing it, and even though I did maybe 20 small changes and improvements when doing this, the chapter was really not as bad as I thought it might have been.

This is what I did until lunch, and after lunch I continued working on my website and I am STILL in the process of finding more “right information” to bring on so called “alien abductions”, “alien implants”, “mind control” or brainwash programs of U.S. Intelligence etc., which you by now will understand are manmade hoaxes to “save” a 5 trillion dollar industry and the old power structure of the world – and really what “a few hundred” people (?) have decided to expose mankind to in order to satisfy their own Devil inside – and we know you will “soon” be able to read this story too on my website and there might go some days or even weeks before I will finish the whole chapter on UFO’s, which is and was really the “worst” chapter of all to do and we know Stig not because it is difficult to do, but because of how badly I feel when doing it because of other people sending their darkness to me making my work impossible to do!

I kept on working on this until 16.40 from which I prepared to publish the last four days of scripts at my website, which was done by 16.55.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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