April 3, 2011: Restructuring and expanding the Universe to make room for God and to melt together all civilisations


Summary of the script today

31st March: It is a condition to receive a perfect new world that every single man will receive faith in me

  • I was woken up with my amplifier being switched off and on by the Council as a symbol saying that I have gone through a voluntary period, where I was “almost” killed because of the immense darkness of family and close “friends” realizing who I am, dreaming that it is “impossible” for my mother to overcome the “fear” to contact me again now that she knows who I am, I don’t expect to have “spin doctors” helping politicians with the media in the future, “just be yourself”, members of the Council and I would be dead and the Universe eliminated if the Source did not help me out going through the immense darkness recently, 28 years ago I dreamed about and searched for “the missing album” of ELO, which is the unreleased “second album” of “Secret messages”, which Jeff will release as my “reward” after I have received all “secret messages” to do all my writings :-), true happiness has been impossible to achieve for all members of the Council, I will be able to raise ahead my future child looking into the future (!) and it is a condition to receive a perfect new world that every single man will receive faith in me before the end of 2016, which is what will happen :-).
  • After waiting for 40 minutes from the morning at Falck because of poor planning (!!!), finally I got started and finished the work on the cash balance, the IT-system here is slower than anything else I have seen, which is an “efficiency-killer” and totally unacceptable for all companies (!), I did the first “local template” of the new keyhood system and this WRONG work of mine is a symbol of what is the case at “99” percent of all places all over the world, please do SYSTEMS OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY to be used by all within each business or by all businesses worldwide (!) and business receptions are a waste of time and have NOTHING to do with work, which I recommend you to do after normal working hours”
  • I sent 2,800 DKK to LTO Kenya helping some to start eating again leaving 1,200 DKK for myself this month meaning that I cannot afford to buy what the Falck employees receive for free without thinking of offering me anything!
  • I was EXTREMELY tired and forced to take a nap because my mother and Karen cannot stand the thought about who we are. I am still going through “mission impossible” not knowing if I will be helped or receive hell if I should give up, I was told that I will receive more help through “a coming star meeting, where we will all come closer together with you in the middle, which is what will bring you energy to continue”; this will be visible on the sky and is also about setting up a new star gate.
  • There are a million PRESSING matters with family, friends and poverty, war and economy of the world, which could interrupt my work and make me nervous, but I have decided NOT to be nervous and not to have anything interrupting me!
  • I received a déjà vue about the need one day to “take on me” (!) the biggest confidence of the world, when the souls inside of me – the spirits of my father and mother – will leave me and be replaced by my inner self opening up “his” eyes for the first time through me! It was really an A-ha experience :-).

1st April: “The world structure will change the day when oil does not have a value”

  • Dreaming that I am under so much pressure of extreme darkness – of family and friends who cannot control their feelings (!) – that I am almost losing my self and my confidence, which is what I need more than ever before.
  • Dennis from High Vibrations Center channelled a man from the 13th dimension out of 48 consciousnesses through the web-tv of Selvet. He spoke of the good which comes out of catastrophes, the darkness of light workers thinking of themselves (!), this man or “ET” is helping me through the darkness, which by nature is MUCH stronger than the light, which is therefore not only “killing” me but also him (!) and he spoke of interests of the oil industry as the reason why man go to war and “the world structure will change the day when oil does not have a value”, which is what now will come to an end! This evening was “the first part of the announced star meeting”

2nd April: The spirits of my mother and father have started saying goodbye to me – my inner self will soon wake up

  • Dreaming that people at the house of Lama Yönten criticize me wrongly behind my back and of old, warm feelings between Charlotte D. and me, but “there can be only one” to “be my wife”, which is basically the meaning of Karens’s life :-).
  • The spirits of my mother and father have started saying “goodbye to me” because they will no longer be “me” when my true inner self inside of me will open “his” eyes through me.
  • The sky was cloudless but completely dark this evening because the “star meeting” – the restructure of our Universe – is being set up now, which will give all of us extra strength.
  • The Council asked me in 2010 to continue all the way to the end without giving up making me understand that this would be until 2012 and despite of what seemed completely impossible at the time, I accepted because there was no better alternative. This is the most important support I have ever received and I have thought about this promise hundreds of times when I have needed to find strength inside of me: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

3rd April: Restructuring and expanding the Universe to make room for God and to melt together all civilisations 🙂

  • Dreaming that a rock band has received a guarantee that they will break through and that they take the chance now, which is about the Council and the Universe carrying out the “restructure of the Universe”, “CIA force-interrogate people using truth serum, which is the most disgusting we know of”, Karen is “under pressure” because of her feeling and knowledge of God inside of me and as other people, she is walking the road of the darkness when hiding instead of supporting me, there is still much darkness around me in family and friends.
  • David wrote me a nice email among others telling me that my support also keeps the LTO team “close as a family”. He has not been feeling well and the question is if David’s faith is strong enough not to take medicine when he receives the diagnosis of his sickness?
  • I was taken MUCH by surprise at the Cosmic Christ Service of Den Gyldne Cirkel today. It was part of the work these days to “restructure the Universe”, which includes an expansion of the Universe to make room for God to “move in” through me and to melt together all civilisations of the Universe into One Union and One People. During the work, one of the bearing constructions of the Universe was removed and replaced by a new, which put parts of God and the Universe shortly in risk to be eliminated, which I only discovered using my extreme senses and by doing this, I stopped the elimination making us all to come through :-).


31st March: It is a condition to receive a perfect new world that every single man will receive faith in me

Dreaming that it is a condition to receive a perfect new world that every single man will receive faith in me

Another night at the same level having problems to fall asleep again after being woken up and I wonder if this is given to me because of the so far wrong behaviour of my mother, who have not yet decided to contact me again – we will both feel better, mother, when you decide to contact me so there should really be nothing to hold you back other than fear that is and the truth is that there is NOTHING for you to fear; fear is the name of the Devil, which you should be too good to go into (!) – and we know already during the night I decided to exclude several “unimportant” dreams and we will see if I need to omit more dreams as I did yesterday because I mean business when I say a maximum of five dreams:

  • I woke up with a dream I decided not to write down, but I heard my amplifier switching off and on, which it has not done since I wrote about it the last time, and I was told that this is to tell me that I have gone through a voluntary period, where I was “almost” killed – this is what this symbol of the amplifier stands for – and yesterday I was given messages as if the “kill, kill, kill” command was dissolving – I heard the words as I have heard so often before but now they were followed by a question mark and smiles, this is really how it was, and I wonder if this is after my mother again yesterday decided to read a script, which she does from time to time as far as I can see, but I am not quite sure, because some IP-addresses visiting my website have been “disguised” (!) which is that information on city etc. has been omitted, so I am not absolutely sure, but yesterday at least she was back again after a break.
  • In an apartment block, my mother lives at the ground floor and I live further up, where it requires a special ladder and good physical form to enter, which is impossible for my mother to do. Later I see that my car is parked in a parking facility behind a fence, which is opened now but will be locked at night. I have the key to the fence, but I am thinking about trying to remove the lock permanently.
    • This looks like an old symbol of what I had to reach myself; the upper floor and I did the impossible so I cannot see why my mother should not do the same, when I support her and send my energy to her – and this is really about for her to overcome her “impossible fear” to contact me again and we know I will NOT contact you mother, but I will give you my strength and energy, so you eventually will be strong enough to contact me again one of these days?
  • Obama is visiting Denmark, I am going to be his adviser speaking in his earpiece while on live TV, and a star reporter in Denmark will be the adviser of the political opponent to Obama. We all meet on sledges in the snow at a side street of the Pedestrian street “Strøget”. The TV show is tonight and I feel very nervous about how it will go and if I am skilled enough to advise Obama.
    • This dream is inspired by the two Danish journalists Mogensen and Kristiansen – who used to be “spin doctors” of the two previous Prime Ministers of Denmark – whom I watched at a talk show on TV yesterday, where Kristiansen explained how he advised the Danish PM at the time when this was Anders Fogh Rasmussen and President Bush of USA – and this dream is also to say that I don’t like “politics” and “tactics” when it is about how to “twist” the truth, tell “what sounds right”, what is best to do to promote your own agenda or other “initiatives”, which are unnatural and often also unethical to do and my friends “JUST BE YOURSELF TONIGHT” is the best advice I can give – here with the help from an even more important band to me than what I believed recently, namely EURYTHMICS. I don’t see the need for spin doctors to help with media etc. in the future, people can do this themselves and use team work receiving good ideas from colleagues and my friend when Caroline Wozniacki, the 20 year old Danish world no. 1 tennis girl can handle the press, which follows her constantly, completely natural and do a very fine and NATURAL “job”, I am sure that everybody can do the same no matter what level you are on: JUST BE YOURSELF and tell the truth as you know directly, honestly and openly.
  • I woke up with my old favourite song “no fish today” by Kid Creole – this is what it was when I saw you play at RockPalast on TV many years ago and still today this song is special to me – and I saw what was more a vision than a feeling even though I also felt it somewhat, which was myself suffocating and I also felt a being from another civilization suffocating with me and this song could also be named “no Stig today” because the symbol of the fish is me and this is what would have become “reality” when going through this immense darkness recently if the Source or God if you wish did not help me out.
  • After this I received several songs – the symbol of “love” – and especially Mandalay by ELO, which was one song shamefully omitted by the record company in 1983 when the album “Secret Messages” was published as a single and not a double album and we know Stig this was the story about the “missing ELO album” you dreamt about – and consequently searched for in vain – back then and we know WE COULD NOT KEEP IT A SECRET ALL OF THESE YEARS – most of the missing songs have been published on different compilations since – but this was really meant as the “reward” for you after all of these years following the “secret messages” we have laid out for you – which has been all of my life and not only the last few years – and my friends “Mandalay” is one of the most beautiful vocal and back vocals performances of ELO of all time (!) – HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING OUT THIS AND OTHER BEAUTFUL SONGS including “hello my old friend” as one of several other TRUE GEMS and the STILL unreleased “Beatles forever” FROM THIS ALBUM (?) and I do hope – and here “feel with smiles” – that this is one of the five albums, which Jeff is working on now and Jeff will you this time please ask for the FULL album as it was originally intended to be published (?) and this is really because we are some fans out here who have been waiting MANY years for this to happen :-).
    • While hearing Mandalay, I was given the words “I feel so happy” and also “you can raise it ahead”, which gave me the feeling that I am able today to raise my future child when looking into the future (!), so this is probably the “sensation” the spirit of Karen is giving me at the same time as she is also giving me the feeling of “dying” because of what we have gone through recently and we know LOOKING FORWARD ALL OF US TO COME HOME :-).
  • Half awake I heard the spirit of Tobias saying “I think I am HAPPY”, which I felt was a double message because this is what his spirit is because “we made it”, and what his physical self believes he is too now with a steady girlfriend, Tobias (?), but the truth is that happiness has also been impossible for you to achieve as it has been for me and all members of the Council.
  • I have a special edition of the album “A new world record” by ELO, which I have done everything I can for years to make sure would not break. I am together with Martin I., my old friend, who to my horror tears apart one of the main pages of the cover and he does not understand my immensely deep feelings of this album and what he has done to it because he says something like “it was not a big deal” and I start telling him “you influence people and people influence you because of their actions” but he does not want to listen and therefore he interrupts me before I finish what I intend to say.
    • I wonder if Martin has knowledge about my writings and me today – I have not had contact with him for approx. 15-16 years – and if this is the case and he does not believe in me, this is the same as tearing apart our “new world” and really saying my friends that it is a condition that single person on Earth will receive faith in me in order to keep our new world perfect because if one or more persons theoretically should not believe in me (before the end of 2016), it would be the same as dissolving part of God and therefore part of our Universe and common world – and this is what we don’t want to happen and what WILL NOT HAPPEN :-).

And we know Stig, one or two dreams did not make it, this is how it is from here.

“99” percent of all systems and templates of the world should be replaced with ONE SYSTEM OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY!

Today I started writing the script at 7.55 before leaving home at 8.40 to go to Falck not having much energy but still more than the last time.

Today the officer on guard was Christoffer – and now the whole day – and as last week, he was not at the office at 9.00, and again he was having breakfast in the canteen with the others and I TELL YOU THAT THEY EAT HERE and that is both GOOD and PLENTIFUL, which really SHOCKED me (!) to see today when I finally was able to start and finish the last part of the work on the cash balance sheet going through all vouchers and I write “finally” because first at 9.38 I started doing this work because of the time it took Christoffer to come back to the office, to find all the vouchers and the right files on the computer for me to work on – he had to call Robert to find out where the vouchers were placed after we saw that they were not placed where he stored it two days ago and also because Lars was involved finalising some vouchers yesterday – and we know THOUGHT and PLANNING is all what is required to help you being efficient and we know WHAT A WASTE OF TIME THIS WAS, but you know I eventually started and finished the work including correcting some errors of Lars (wrong account numbers and VAT codes) and according to the sheet, the balance of the “big cash box” – the one I had access to last week – should be as much as 46,000 DKK (!) and I would also have counted and balanced this today if Christoffer was not in a meeting and if I had access to it, but I hope that the sheet and the money balance.

The IT-system here is SLOWER than anything else I have ever seen – because of a poor connection to the central server or simply because of poor systems (?) – and we know this is a “curse” at MANY work places all over the world and here it is as bad that it removes a large part of the working time of people when they simply sit, look at and wait for the system to stop “working” and we know IF I WAS WORKING AT FALCK PERMANENTLY, THIS WOULD BE THE ABSOLUTELY FIRST PRIORITY TO SOLVE and if the IT-DEPARTMENT IS NOT “ABLE” TO DO THIS THEMSELVES, I WOULD ASK THE TOP MANAGEMENT TO “HELP” THEM because this situation is totally unacceptable and a TRUE “EFFICIENCY-KILLER” here – and for how long have you “accepted” this situation (?) and is this only in Lyngby or all over the country?

Before the end of the day, I had also done the first draft of the “local template” of the customer database of the keyhood, and we know it does not take a long time to do this template compared to how long it takes to develop “a central system of exceptional quality”, but still a local template is a VERY WRONG decision and solution and this WRONG work of mine is a symbol of what is the case at “99” percent of all places all over the world! Please understand that this is how the world looks today and that I do mean business when I tell you to do SYSTEMS OF EXCEPTIONAL AND TODAY UNSEEN QUALITY (!) and to do this so you can use the same basic core system within each business and in some situations FOR ALL BUSINESSES WORLDWIDE!

Finally, Jesper – the station manager – celebrates his 25 year anniversary at the station tomorrow, probably with plenty of good food and drinks for many “important” guests (?), which I have decided that I will not attend, which also would be my answer if somebody had THOUGHT about “inviting” me, which none has done but which would have been polite of you to do now that you are doing this reception (!), and the reason is not because I don’t like Jesper or the others because this I do very much but because this is a waste of time to do during working hours (!) – receptions have NOTHING to do with work – and this is WRONG to do when you mix private and business interests and my dear friends THIS IS HOW IT IS, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WORK (!!!) but you are of course welcome to see people in private outside normal working hours if you would like to have a beer or a glass of wine together and if you would like to give each other gifts for working 25 years the same place, I recommend you to do this as private gifts from one individual to another – or to have “gift schemes”, which employees can attend and sponsor with their own private funds – because as old readers will remember, I don’t believe in gifts between companies and from companies to employees, customers and others. I am sure you will get used to this forgetting about your old culture and “bad habits”, which however may become “difficult” for some in the beginning :-).

I ended the working day after having had a pleasant time together with Christoffer – as I have had with the others too – making both of us say that we enjoyed the day in each others company :-).

I had received my cash help and managed to send money to LTO Kenya

While I was working I noticed all of the food the Falck employees eat at work on the expense of Falck – there is no holding back or nothing much apparently (!) – and I was almost slobbering just to see what they have – which I have not been able to afford buying myself since leaving for Kenya in 2009 – and at the same time I was wondering if I would receive my cash help today – it did not come yesterday – and we know when leaving Falck at 12.00 I went directly to the ATM and yes, the Commune had send the cash help and that is despite of the error of the Jobcentre that I am still not registered as “job seeking” (!) and from here I went directly to the post office and sent DKK 2,800 gross to my LTO friends in Kenya, so they can start eating again at least a part of April (!), leaving approx. 1,200 DKK for myself this month, which means that I will still not be able to afford eating what they have for free at Falck and do I hear someone asking if I received an offer to have breakfast there today (?), and what do you think (?), the answer was yet again no (!) and not because the people here are not nice, because they are, but because they don’t always “think” (however Lars was nice the first day to make and to offer me coffee, which he gave me “the power of attorney” to do myself hereafter, which I therefore have done, thank you for thinking and being considerate, Lars :-)).

On my way home, I did some quick shopping and when I came home, I finalised the script and the working day at 15.45 being VERY tired and hurting much because I had almost no patience to do the last part of the script and because of some negative speech and somewhat physical pain given to me too, but most of all: Tiredness.

Later in the evening David was kind to send his thank you as follows:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to thank you for your support. It came at a very important time. At least we start April with food and other rations. I shall write more later tomorrow or Saturday.


Being EXTREMELY tired at a new level

When I sat down in the sofa, I was surprised to find that I was so EXTREMELY tired that it was truly impossible to keep my eyes open and my dear friends we speak EXTREMELY here because believe me I have stayed awake MANY times where I was feeling what I thought was extremely tired, but today was just one level more and this made me come to a level where I simply had to close my eyes and the next time I opened them was at 18.30, and I thought that this “not very good” nap would destroy my night sleep later, which it however did not.

Later I was told that the reason why I am tired is not because of lack of faith in me from my mother but simply because she cannot stand the thought and prospect about who we are and also feeling Karen here because of the same feeling.

“Mission impossible” and what will happen if I should give up?

The rest of the evening I was kept on my extreme edge of endurance when I was given some information on the impossibility we are and will be going through and I just “felt” like listening to singles of U2 (you have the most fantastic b-sides of any band for example the brilliant songs on the single “even better than the real thing” :-)) and “by chance” this also included to listen to the theme from “Mission Impossible” by Adam and Larry and little did I know that later in the evening the movie “Mission Impossible” was on television and we know symbolising what we are going through once more and when Tom Cruise can come through impossible missions, I do hope that I will be able to do the same, but we talk about extremities here my ladies and gentlemen, which this evening shortly included the worst sexual chicane I have received so far, uncomfortable stomach pain, pain of my spinal column, which is a pain given when I am on the edge of life (!) and the riddle for me to guess: What will happen if I should decide to give up (?), which is easy to consider when I am “under attack”; will I be helped through giving more suffering to the world and also my family and friends (?) or will hell break lose giving me extreme physical pain and maybe even my old nightmare (?) and this is really what I still don’t know because as part of the game, for a long time I have received arguments from both sides and all I can do is to guess – and one very nice “green man” of another civilization, who I feel the presence and outline of when walking around my apartment also sometimes sitting next to me – who is equally as much a part of me as the Council is (!) – gave me one of these now more rare pains to my right angle and he let me know that should I give up now, I will be given “more” of this pain until it eventually will open up my true inner self, and I felt the surface of me being peeled off uncovering the brightest light imaginable underneath.

A coming star meeting visible on the sky and a new star gate

Today at Falck, Christoffer told me about their “Sirius” system, which is a surveillance system (!) tracking their wagons and this evening I was made to think about “Sirius” – the biggest star on the sky – which I have met all of my life disguised as many small and big things in my everyday for example when Mogens, my fantastic music teacher from my school in Albertslund played in the “Danish top” band called “Sirius” and this evening I was told that this is about “a coming star meeting, where we will all come closer together with you in the middle, which is what will bring you energy to continue” and later I was told that this star meeting, which I understand will be one of the next days, will also be visible on the sky and that it is also about setting up a new star gate for “us” to use in the future.

God did sent his angels, Bono 🙂

And this is really appropriate because I am continuing to listen to U2 singles when this is written and right now I am listening to the brilliant “If God will send his angels” – one of VERY MANY brilliant songs of “my band” as I hear someone close to the Council saying and here feeling the spirit of Bono and really the dark side of Bono who is suffering too (!) – and the reason why this is appropriate is because the Council from time to time has told me about angels being present too, and “all of us” are helping you too as I am told here and I feel a presence only centimetres in front of me almost crossing me from my right to the left and we know they are (becoming) part of me too and we know I really like to learn new things every day, so you are making me happy too, which is what we are telling each other both of us 🙂 – and listen to “slow dancing” as another example of a b-side on this single by U2 featuring Willie Nelson and this is truly world class hidden as a b-side my friends and I should also thank BRYAN ENO helping U2 to do some of their best work in my opinion and finally “Pop Muzik” as the b-side of “last night on Earth” – there will be no “last” night you know (?) – is one of my all time favourites by U2 because I like “experimentation” to discover new sides of yourself and this is also hidden as a b-side!!!

A déjà vue about the “worst experience” ever when the souls of me will leave me and I will be “captured” by my inner self

Later I was also given the deja vue – what I recall as the worst feelings and experience ever – and that is information I received as a “boy” and this was about the day when I will take “the jump” myself out into what may feel as “nothing” having the souls inside of me leaving me only to be captured by the other soul living inside of me, my true inner self, opening and wakening up to “real life” for the first time in this physical life of mine and I do remember from my déjà vue that taking the courage to do this requires the most confidence in the world and my dear friends, do I feel nervous about this and the extreme darkness at the moment (?), and that is a yes and really a no, because I have decided not to feel nervous and really to focus on my work no matter what because I will not allow anything to interrupt my concentration continuing and finalising my work and that includes the suffering of my friends in Kenya, family and friends here, the situations in Libya, Japan – also remembering Pakistan and Haiti and elsewhere, poor people of Dadaab and elsewhere still being “killed” daily, the poor economy of the world with Portugal as the next victim of negligence of a country almost bringing them and the world around them down and I could continue but if I should start to become too deeply involved and nervous about all of this, it would make me try to finish my work as quickly as possible losing my concentration, quality and probably important information, which would not be good to lose and therefore my friends, I have decided that Obama will take care of the world together with other leaders of the world – without the interference of my thoughts – and instead I will focus on my scripts, website and “important” work for Falck (!) and even though it is “mission impossible” for me under the circumstances to find the needle in the haystack when it comes to UFO’s and information about the outrageousness of the extreme darkness of the secret government, this is what I am doing and I still have some very difficult work and compiling to do, but you know what: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP so come on darkness, give me the best you got because you don’t stand a chance!

Barcelona: The “impossible” goal is to do 100 points and 100 goals

And we know Stig, you have set the goal a long time ago really, and that is for Barcelona to do the IMPOSSIBLE this season, which is to reach 100 points or more and to score more than 100 goals and so far they have 78 points and have scored 81 goals against 15 in 29 matches and they have 9 matches left to do 22 points out of 27 possible and 19 goals, which should not be “impossible” for you to do if you keep your average so far (?) and this is because last year you “only” did 99 points and “only” scored 98 goals (!) and we know which was an all time record by itself and you may understand the real reason why my friends :-). I really think we should reach the TOP 100 MARK this season setting a new “unbeatable” record, don’t you?


1st April: “The world structure will change the day when oil does not have a value”

Dreaming that I am under much pressure of extreme darkness

I went to bed at 01.30 and was surprised to find that I was “allowed” to sleep after my nap yesterday, and I slept until 08.50 this morning feeling exhausted but better than last night. And only these dreams my friends:

  • I am at the West Indies together with Camilla. She decides to take the plane home two hours before me. I believe I have lost my luggage and ask officials at the airport to help me locate it, but I am surprised to see that my bags are still at my room and now I only have very little time to pack my bags with all clothes before the plane leaves, which I do and I include ALL of my ties.
    • According to this dream I am leaving the West Indies as the land of joy and happiness – which is NOT possible my dear dream makers because we are inside of it and just to let you know of course 🙂 – and here I am under so much pressure of the darkness that I am almost losing my self, the luggage, and my confidence, the ties, which is what I need in this next fight against the darkness.
  • I had another dream where I received a new HD television with the best dissolution, which again is “extreme darkness” and this is what my close family and friends are giving me because they cannot control their feelings …!

Starting to do a new Signs IV page before completing my Signs III page!

I started working 09.30 this morning and we know ”difficult” is what it is when you have been beaten to pieces in a boxing ring, this is approximately how I feel, but you know I will have to do the scripts today and when and if some kind of rhythm will arrive, I might even decide to continue the work on my website and we know there is also the need to do more shopping and to attend the channelling at the web-tv of Selvet this evening and we will see how much I will be able to come through.

At 11.30 I had finished the script so far including the last 5½ chapters of yesterday and by 12.30 I had finished the PDF version of the book of March including the summary and published it to Facebook and to my library – and by now I was feeling more fresh than for a long time – a feeling, which I thought would be impossible to reach again so quickly but the darkness of my family and friends must have been strong yesterday evening.

After lunch I continued working until 16.25 on what started as a new chapter of the Jerusalem UFO, but which eventually became a decision to do a new Signs IV page including IMPORTANT MESSAGES, which I will come back to, and I had to do much research, reading and watching of different videos to make sure that I got all details right in order to publish “the best evidence ever on UFO’s”, which I hope some family and friends to start with will understand and that it will help improving their faith and that is of course if they will bother to read about their “new life” coming.

And we know Stig, this is another lesson to the world, because I very rarely start doing a new task before I am completely finished with another, which is how it is supposed to be, but here I have started doing a new Signs IV page before I am done with the Signs III page and we know, this is WRONG to do (!), but still important right now simply because I have prioritized doing the Signs IV even higher than Signs III, which does not mean that I will not complete Signs III – which is what so many people have a “bad habit” to forget – because I will continue working on this as soon as I have completed the Signs IV page, which is not as difficult and time consuming to do as Signs III.

“The world structure will change the day when oil does not have a value”

This evening I attended the first hour – this is what I had energy for after a long and “hard” shopping tour lifting and sweating much when I visited the closest Rema 1000 from here because of “good offers” – of the monthly live broadcast on the Web-tv of www.selvet.dk featuring Dennis Søndergaard from High Vibrations Center channelling messages from people of other civilizations.

Today it was a man from the 13th dimension out of 48 consciousnesses who came through and some of the messages he gave, as you may like to listen to in detail after reading this (?), was:

  • See catastrophes as something good in the meaning of what comes out of them, for example people have learned after the nuclear disaster of Japan that nuclear energy is dangerous and polluting – and the desire for freedom of people in the middle East.
  • He spoke of the darkness of light workers (!), which was also in relation to the man being used for this transmission and High Vibrations Center because did you receive my email one month ago and why did you decide not to answer it (?) – because you “believed” I was crazy, and this is the darkness when people “believe” in stead of “knowing”.
  • He addressed the Jantelov here – inspired by my scripts – and people who cannot release themselves from limitations, they can argue for days, they move away from where they don’t want to be but they cannot tell where they want to go and the main theme this evening was really: TELL US WHAT YOU WANT and this was a message to me as well because this was the start of my “interplanetary fleet”, who has now been “allowed” to work directly for me :-).
  • During the session, he told me directly that he is the man – “extraterrestrial” or “alien” as people here say – who the other day was walking around my apartment, sitting next to me and being inside of me because everyone is becoming me as I am becoming everyone.
  • Some times he spoke like the chef Bo Bech from the “dinner for four” TV show through this man, which was to say that “we are supporting the development of normal life too on Earth”.
  • He spoke to a lady of the audience about “receiving energy during the morning”, which I understood because this is what I often do after feeling “dead tired” when standing up and he gave me the message that he is/has also been on the edge of dying after helping me against the darkness and the reason why we are close to dying is because the darkness by nature is so disruptive and much stronger than the light, which my sister and mother is a good example of when my mother decided to listen to the strong and ignorant voice of my sister in the beginning and refusing what I said without knowing, which is often the name of the game also when strong and ignorant managers or temperamental people get their will often without knowing what they truly speak of!
  • He spoke of coffee and VARIATION, which was a tribute to life really.
  • He spoke of “free energy from free resources” and said “think if oil did not have a value”, “why are you at war” (?) and “the world structure will change the day when oil does not have a value” and all of this was to address the secret government and the energy sector standing behind much of this too because of their “interests” to make a lot of money on the expense of the world and life itself (!), which is what now will come to an end! Oil will lose its value and we will all get the free energy, which man already received as a gift of people of other civilizations more than 50 years ago, which however today is only used by the military (to fight UFO’s!) and not as a gift to mankind because it would destroy their own power and money bastions!
  • I was told that this evening was “the first part of the announced star meeting”.


2nd April: The spirits of my mother and father have started saying goodbye to me – my inner self will soon wake up

Dreaming that “there can be only one” to “be my wife”

I had a better sleep tonight – but still not normal – and I feel somewhat more fresh today and we know my mother also read my latest script yesterday so stronger she is becoming apparently :-). A few dreams:

  • I am at a Buddhist home, the man of the house is making food, the lady is in the rooms next to the kitchen, I am not allowed to receive any food. I have received a card from in which one of the attendants of the course has written something about that they don’t like me, and when we all sit at a table I tell them that I am not afraid to speak about this in open and I ask who has written this to me, which makes a middle aged lady say “what if it is right” and I tell her “first who, then what”.
    • This is about people not having the courage to stand forward addressing their viewpoints and here it is misunderstood criticism of me and this is the WORST I know of because it is the same as speaking behind your back and “anonymous sources” to the press is the same. PLEASE ALWAYS STAND BY YOUR STATEMENTS and NEVER HIDE!
    • This may be the impact at the house of Lama Yönten after I stopped coming there, have you been speaking about me negatively behind my back not understanding that I was right and you (the culture of Buddhism) were WRONG (?) – is this what the dream also says (?) – and you have guessed right: I never received an answer from Penpa on my email (!) and my dear friends, do you believe Buddhists are better communicators than others (?) and you are WRONG, they don’t have the courage to be direct, open and honest – and kind!
    • When I woke up from the dream I was giving the song “that don’t impress me much” by Shania Twain and this is exactly my feeling. I am NOT impressed by cowards and even more when they misunderstand as they often do! This should not be “rocket science” to understand?
  • I am at a Fitness Centre and I meet a person, who decides to buy the Fitness Centre with the aim to modernise and develop the centre. This person is first my father in law, who has been looking out for a person to overtake his business and he wants to create synergy by going into new businesses, and later the person is Lena B. but mostly this person is my old colleague Charlotte D. from DanskeBank-Pension (1988-91), and she wants me to lead the new Fitness Centre which I accept because I have not received an offer from anywhere else, and I see that she is rich and buys all the music she can manage including all CD’s with the Danish band Tøsedrengene, and she offers me to borrow albums by Rolling Stones.
    • Now I understand the old symbol of Rolling Stones better, and my dear friends, Charlotte was a beautiful and special lady to me, I cared very much for you as you also did for me according to this dream with all of the music – expressing warm feelings – as you are showing me, but because I was kept as a sissy (“tøsedreng”) most of my life because of a strict upbringing (!), I did not have the courage to ask you out Charlotte – by then I was not a “true man” in relation to women as the symbol of Rolling Stones means – and this was why you ended up with the nice “man” Jens-Christian founding family with him and we know you or others were NOT meant to be for me, because “there can be only one” to “be my wife”, which is basically the meaning of Karens’s life as I am here told :-.

Please be mine, share my life, stay with me, be my wife 🙂

Feeling fresh while working but almost fainting when shopping, but I have never been better here 🙂

Today I started working at 08.30 feeling more fresh, which happened after I saw that my mother again yesterday read my latest script – her faith in me is what is making me sleep, and what caused the nightmare of my life (!) when I was “not” sleeping for years because she did not believe in me, this is the simple connection, mother :-).

After writing the short script today I continued working on my new page on the Jerusalem UFO and after lunch I decided to do a new walk to buy the cheapest food around and this time to SuperBrugsen next to the motorway and we know Stig, it was an easier tour today but still I am given constant feelings of throwing up and fainting, so it is still not a very nice life, but it was better today and the “sun is shining” here, Bob!

Later I continued working on the new Signs IV page from 15.00 to 18.00, which is starting to take form, but which will take some days to finalise.

The spirits of my mother and father have started saying goodbye to me – my inner self will soon wake up

The last couple of days the spirits of my father and mother have started to “say goodbye” to me because they have been with me and been me all of my life, which is going to change when the original “very small light” of my inner self will wake up, which is what we are approaching and “a strange feeling” is what I can say it is, “to be someone” and we know in some time to be another but still feeling the same I guess and still for my surroundings to recognise “me” as the same as always.

And of course it will not really be a goodbye because in the future we will be connected through “my future self”, but still this is how it feels.

The sky was dark because the restructure of our Universe is being set up

This evening, the sky was cloudless and when I went out on my balcony, the sky was completely dark and stayed dark for a long time until I was shown 3-4 not very bright “lights” including the blinking light of one UFO, and this was repeated when I later looked out on the sky again and this tells me that the before mentioned “star meeting” is being set up at the moment, which is about restructuring our Universe, which consequently is also about “restructuring me”, which I was given a symbol of when my stomach was rumbling and I received prickly feelings inside of my skin at the same time as I was told that this will give all of us extra strength and when I noticed that my right heal was feeling tender again – a symbol of lack of faith of my father in me, which obviously changes – I was told that this new structure of the Universe will make the residence of my father without importance.

The best support I have ever received and the importance of “the promise you made” as the Council tells me 🙂

While I remember it, one of the most important reasons why I succeeded to come through without giving up to the Devil one single time was because the Council asked me in the summer of 2010 – or was it even before (?) – to continue all the way to the end without giving up making me understand that this would be until 2012 and despite of what seemed completely impossible at the time, I accepted because there was no better alternative (!) and when I have given a promise, I will remember this as I have done hundreds of times on my way and do everything possible to never let people down, which includes to “never let me down” myself and this is one of the absolutely best songs by Depeche Mode, which I just heard and I am listening to Depeche Mode almost constant these days to “help” me and all of us to restructure the (sound of the) Universe (!) and we know because “things must change, we must rearrange them” and that is really because “a game is not worth playing over and over again”, which fans will know are lyrics from their “a broken frame” album and we know, which is given yet another clue to the Jerusalem UFO, which you will understand when reading my Signs IV page and essentially this is to say that THIS ALBUM INCLUDES SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC BY DEPECHE MODE and the special sound of this album was “SOMETHING COMPLETELY SPECIAL” to me in 1982 as it still is today as a symbol of just how special the Jerusalem UFO event was and my dear DEPECHES you are still on my TOP 5 list and what you are doing is is nothing less than AMAZING 🙂 🙂 :-).

This support by the Council asking me to be strong and to never give up was exactly the support I needed at the time, which NO ONE in physical life was able to give me and that is NONE!

For days I have almost felt nothing to the “heartbeat” of my upper right arm, which I am HAPPY to experience because it was rather stressful when this was ongoing.


3rd April: Restructuring and expanding the Universe to make room for God and to melt together all civilisations 🙂

Dreaming that Karen is “under pressure” because God is inside of me and she wrongly walks the road of the darkness

I had a night like yesterday leaving out one unimportant dream and here are the others:

  • A rock band has received a guarantee that they will break through and when rehearsing, I am surprised to hear that they have decided to take the chance now, I see them removing a sleeping dog in the kitchen and something about someone being infected by another who does not want to infect but cannot help it.
    • I believe the rock band is the Council together with the Universe and that the guarantee to break through has to do with the “star meeting” these days, which I hope will work out fine. It looks like the time now is fine because of the sleeping dog, which is saying that the darkness around me right now is “not alert” and I wonder if the sickness will be suffering coming to us for eliminating darkness here?
    • I woke up from the dream hearing “waterline” by Dizzy Mizz Lizzy and is this to say that this is “really easy”?
  • I am paying big taxes and my salary net is less than Rikke’s even though it is bigger gross. I am in London running very fast through the train, at the end station I cannot afford a bus ticket and I walk through the snow on my way to school, where I see CIA doing interrogations. It is as early as 6.10 in the morning, long before others will meet at school.
    • I am in London as “my home” and still I am riding the train here to get to the other side (?), no bus is “no love”, snow is suffering and my “school”, which I have been going through all of my life really to learn in order to write my scripts, includes the CIA, which I am learning about at the moment when reading about their evil actions on the Internet in order to prepare my website on UFO’s, cover ups etc.
    • When I woke up I heard that “CIA force-interrogate people using truth serum, which is the most disgusting we know of”.
    • I heard the song “waterline” again and the words “I am going to lose my mind” sung on this, which was in connection with the interrogations above and I was told that “CIA does not care” (of this “side effect” of their WRONG doings) and also that “they fill people with drugs also to avoid the truth of U.S. presidents to get out”.
    • Later, half asleep, I heard that “free trade gives murderous thoughts and actions, for example the murderer of Alcatraz, who could not control himself” and I felt Obama here giving me the impression that he has been working against these people, which includes the MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR ENERGY INDUSTRY holding a large part of the world in “prison” and killing people in the millions because of their maintenance of the old world order and power structure – to keep their own power and make money (!) – and they are also connected with the secret government of USA including cover ups of UFO’s for more than 50 years, manipulations, mutilations, mind-controls etc. of their own population (!) and this chapter is with OUR BEST REGARDS TO PEOPLE OF CIA AND OTHERS MONITORING AND READING ME – your “reign” is soon over my gentlemen – and any sceptical readers reading this can read my Signs III page to understand more and that is of course if you “bother”.
  • Jeremy Clarkson has bought my best speakers and set them up at Karen’s home but when I see them, I noticed that he has turned them upside down and that only the right speaker plays – but I also notice that the quality of the music is so much better than before. I am with Karen in her apartment, I have now been allowed to be with her, she has a big and nice apartment and when I look into the yard I notice the most beautiful buildings in bright colours and one is having a Christmas exhibition. I ask her if she knows Jeremy and she says no, but she does know him by name and that he is humorous – something about him and his team receiving a sickness witnessing events in her apartment. I am happy to be together with her, we have no stress but I feel nervous about making love to her.
    • The speakers are my best messages being sent to Karen – a “feeling” of me you know – but still she is apparently not walking the road of God, which is to listen to the left speaker and as so many else, she should know what is RIGHT to do but when she hides and “does not know what to do”, she is walking the road of the darkness, which is the right speaker. We will see if my birthday card to her to come the 12th April will give her new thoughts and ideas of what to do. Jeremy is here a symbol of “my inner self”, who she knows but her wrong actions in relation to me have made me and “the team” sick.
    • When I woke up I heard the song “under pressure” by Queen and David Bowie, and we know she is under pressure because of the thought of God inside of me, hence the symbol of Bowie.
  • My old colleague Peter B. from Aon runs through a catalogue with me including MANY bottles of whisky with different classifications, and whisky is yet another old symbol of the darkness, which therefore basically tells me about all of the darkness around me in family and friends.

Fight, reach eternal life, confess to many witnesses and keep the faith

When working on the Signs IV page yesterday, I came across this very well-informed comment to the new Video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO – the closest and best UFO evidence ever – including a new allegory to be answered, which is what he gives a good answer to:


This is like an allegory or story. The craft and light represent a good message. The monk represents the church which delivers the message. The key represents salvation. The cross represents Jesus. The keychain holds the key, just as Jesus holds the key to salvation. The key on the ground is symbolic of free will. The key is available to all people. It is your choice to pick up the key or leave it. The choice is black and white, between salvation and something else. The numbers look like a date, either April 21 (112) of 2012 or November 2 of 2012.

It made me happy to read his comment and therefore I decided to send him this short message:

Thank you for your comment to Eligael. More is yet to be revealed, but you are on right track :-).

Kind regards

When sending my message with no other visible “clues”, I was wondering if this man would be “able” to follow yet another “lead”, which was to become “curious” about a “man like me” making him decide to look at my videos – the lights of my mother and father on the sky – leading to my website, which MOST people today would not (!), but this is what this man did :-), and he was kind to send me the following message after I saw that he had used “as much” as 45 minutes to read the front page of my website, the Doomsday Scenario and my page on Behaviour & Work – and to skim a couple of other pages:

You are welcome. I am sorry to hear of the suffering you have experienced. 1 Tim 6:12. 2 Tim 4:7.

Timothy 6:12 says:

“Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. “

And Timothy 4:7 says:

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

And I am always HAPPY when people read, understand and reflect as he did – at least partly – and it was very nice of him to find these quotes of the Bible about “fighting” to reach “eternal life”, to confess and to keep the faith, which is you know what this is all about :-).

So the question is now if he will return to read more of my website or if he had “enough” for this time? (later: he returned, which is also the growing feeling of him in relation to me :-))

My support also keeps the LTO team “close as a family” 🙂

Dear David,

Thank you very much again for sending me a nice and informative email :-).

I am sad to hear about your health situation but you know the darkness is “somewhat difficult” to come through at the moment, but with your help including this apparent “downfall” – as I am told, which was an English word I did not know before now – you will help us all come through at the same time as this is a question for you about the downfall of Kenya in terms of rain? Is it still raining and what is the general situation of the population about crops, livestocks and livelihood?

FAITH is what you require in times of sickness my friend, and if your faith is not 100 percent, you may decide to take medicine as you for example also decided to use a anti-virus program on the computer in 2009 when we were together, and maybe it will interest you to know that I never take medicine and still do not use an anti-virus program on my computer even though it is completely open to attacks from the Internet (!) and neither the computer nor I are “sick” and really because it has to do with FAITH and if this is what you decide to show 100 percent, you will receive PROTECTION from me through the support of God.

I am continuously VERY happy for you to meet the team regularly, which is both FANTASTIC and IMPORTANT for you to keep doing :-).

Please say hello to your family and friends when seeing and speaking to them again. This has been a TOUGH journey also for you David, but we are still on right track and every single day brings us one day closer to the goal of “normal life”, eternal peace and JOY and HAPPINESS without any wickedness to come on earth, and I do look forward to seeing and speaking with you again also to hear your bright and clever comments on topics like the Kenya and also the world situation, my friend.

Take care :-).

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to pass my greetings to you. Today has had been a long day for me. I’ve not been feeling well since yesterday.    I have not taken any medicine since I am yet to know what is wrong with me. Hopefully by tomorrow I shall know what is up. I met all the team members yesterday and all were fine. We were happy to receive your support, which apart from giving us food also keeps us close as a family.

On the national arena, all is well despite few counts of corruption and the story about the International Criminal Court were some of leaders are coming on 7th for appearance in relation to the post election violence of 2007/8.

My family members are fine although I have not been able to see any of them for some time. I however called my sisters today and she was fine. She performed well in her national exams and hopefully she might proceed to high school.

I am only able to write this far. I shall endeavor to write more often. Thanks and good day.


Almost a “normal working day”

I started working at 08.55 and by 11.40 I had finished the script so far today and the last two scripts of yesterday, which made me able to catch a bite before the Cosmic Christ Service started at 12.00, see below.

This service lasted until 13.15 from which time I did some more (cheap) shopping for the rest of the month and when returning at 14.30, I did the rest of the script today, set up the last four days of scripts and published these at 16.20.

Restructuring and expanding the Universe to make room for God and to melt together all civilisations 🙂

The Cosmic Christ Service at Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet was again today about inflow of the Cosmic Christ and the new world impulse through “divine co-operation” as the nice lady leading the service said.

I knew that this meditation would be part of the restructuring of the Universe but I had no idea what I went into today.

I sat down with my eyes clothes together with the others attending at the location of Den Gyldne Cirkel and throughout Denmark through the web-radio and this was the energy, which we used to do this “little act” my friends as someone here tells me smiling.

In the beginning I did not feel much tiredness or resistance from the darkness and I was told that this is because of the faith of my mother. I was shown myself dressed as a Roman warrior standing up at the inside of the Universe but I could not stand up entirely and I was told “give us 3-4 more days”, which made me think that this is also about expanding the Universe, so I will be able to fit inside and I was told that this is done together with the help of God and we know, which will have to be to make room for God as the Source to “move in” so to say?

Later I was told that this is about “one Union” and “to melt together”, which was to say that all people of the Universe are melting together as One People and I saw a giant layer cake surrounded by “very many” chairs and here the cake is simply “love of the Universe” and this was a vision showing the future Council of the entire Universe and I was given the feeling that this will also make us all more efficient and will improve the quality when we don’t need to invent the same solutions all over 🙂 – and I was told that this is the beginning we have looked forward to for millions of years and I felt immensely strong feelings of the spirit of my mother and really because this is a huge “dream” coming through.

Because there was not much darkness and I did not feel tired in the beginning, I was not much on “guard” against the darkness, which I normally still am around the clock and little did I know that I would be dragged into a very deep meditation where I did not notice much – almost like “half sleeping” – and with the absolute edge of my little finger so to say somehow I managed to “sense” a vision I was receiving about wine vanishing, which I suddenly understood was about “elimination” which I therefore had to stop by saying “no, nothing is to be eliminated” and this was followed by new visions of pictures of people vanishing and again I had to be alert repeating myself over and over again that nothing was going to be eliminated but everything should be converted into light and this was really not the easiest I have done, because I was so deep in the meditation and the “attack of the darkness” was so unexpected that it almost fooled me – the same “tactics” which was used during my marathon meditation in the autumn of 2010 where we were all balancing on the extreme edge of the “egg” – and that is only almost because WE ALL MADE IT THROUGH again and this includes my father because I was told and also shown that this was about further isolating the remaining part of the darkness, which the spirit of my father is the “keeper” of – my right heel was hurting much through this particular meditation symbolising the darkness, which was opened and eliminated here – and therefore I had to insist several times that my father also had to come through and not to stay behind with the darkness – and my dear friend I was told several times after the service that the meaning of the light of my father on the sky during recent weeks was a lie – which the others were not – and this was done to “isolate” my father with the darkness so much from me that this “surprise attack” of the light would be possible to do and by the way I have noticed that my dear aunt Inge has not yet read my last published script of the 30th March, which worries me somewhat because she is usually one of the first to read a new script and is this because she does not believe in me anymore because of the “deceptive light” (?), is it because she is sick (?) or is she visiting her son Jan on Madeira (?) and I really don’t know but now the story is told and I do hope she will soon come back to read.

At the end of the service I was told that we are able to do this because of my mother and her faith, and in periods during the session I almost became terrified about what we were doing, the difficulties I felt almost making me leave the meditation (!) and the very big responsibility that we could have lost “parts of the new world” on our way because of me (!), and afterwards I was told that the risk occurred because we had to remove one of the bearing constructions of the Universe and I was really the back anchor – together with the support of the entire Universe – holding “us up” until the new anchor was placed and this is how it is when skilled workmen work together (!) and we know “snip, snap snude, så var den historie ude”, which you may try to translate into English my friends :-). All in all, this ”work” took one hour and 10 minutes to do.

Later: The connection between my website and Windows Live, which brings a message when I publish a new script, has “broken down” even though everything is set up correctly and should work (!) and this may be the simple explanation as to why Inge has not read my latest script because she always uses Microsoft Live to see and click when I publish new scripts, and Inge – and everyone else – you can simply enter your email address on the front page of my website under “subscribe through email”, which will then send you an email every time I publish a new script – and you will probably find out soon, Inge, that I indeed have published new scripts.

Later again: Twenty minutes after publishing this script where I repeatedly tried to reconnect to Microsoft Live but “unsuccesfull”, I “managed” to recreate the connection and Microsoft Live is now again receiving and bringing updates on my new scripts, which really only tells me that “someone” of the Council had a finger in the play of this game :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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