April 6, 2011: The “birth star” of Virgin Mary (my mother) on the sky is leading to me as the Son of God


Summary of the script today

4th April: The “birth star” of Virgin Mary (my mother) on the sky is leading to me as the Son of God

  • Dreaming that my mother is thinking about both her ex-man Ole and me and that the true reason of Ole’s death was his unconditional but unhappy love to my mother, I am in the train (to help people reaching the other side) together with my mother, Vivian and Fuggi, which is about asking my mother to understand that a soul can decide to live several physical lives, because Vivian is another part of the soul of my mother (!) and Erwin Rommel was another part of the soul of Fuggi, who in physical life was the true father of my mother (!), I am driving upwards a very steep mountain (of suffering) in the fastest car ever and now I am going downhill without using the brakes and almost flying out over the edge, but I make it all the way :-), the view towards “normal life” is breathtaking and the road leading there is still covered with suffering.
  • One of the Ten Commandments says “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife”, but still this is what I have truly done for years when sending birthday and Christmas cards to Karen, when she has been with another man. The rule is to communicate OPENLY, DIRECTLY AND HONESTLY also in matters of love and this includes declaring your TRUE feelings of love to the one you feel for even if she or he is engaged in another relation, but you will NOT start a sexual relation before the old sexual relation is brought to an end for both parties to understand.
  • My website did not display the blue background correct even though everything was setup correctly. The reason was difficulties for my mother to believe in “some information” of my previous script – but after a couple of hours, she had received “new thoughts” and the background colour now worked again :-).
  • Some months ago, my old friend Britt left me as a friend on Facebook, she was reconnected by the Council without her or my active assistance before she left me for the second time. This has now happened again, when Thomas B.L. left me as a friend in March and now is reconnected only with the help of the Council. Will you understand this small miracle, Thomas (?) and will you decide to read and understand me or will you also leave me for the second time?
  • The light of my mother was flying twice on the sky this evening and I caught a video of it for almost six minutes in an altitude of only 10-20 metres and flying only a few hundred metres. This was ALSO the light creating the Jerusalem UFO the 28th January.

5th April: Removing the darkness from Sanna and healing her, which will make her help spreading “normal life”

  • Dreaming of playing the most football games and scoring the most goals against the darkness, removing the darkness from Sanna and healing her, which will make her help spreading “normal life”, the recruitment of “servants” is not going well, but it will improve next year and a man killing four people including an attempt to kill a woman, which is about the darkness we are removing at the moment, which is making the spirit of my father “dangerous” including an attempt to kill my mother, which however will not succeed.
  • At Falck, the officer on guard, Thomas, was turned out with the fire engines this morning and I could not work during the waiting time, which is to tell people on “guard”: Do other work when waiting instead of “killing” time. It is a COMPLETE AND UNNECESSARY WASTE OF TIME AND RESSOURCES to store information on paper instead of electronically. Keep your office CLEAN and TIDY, which will make you HAPPY. Jesper, the station manager, was happy with the SOCIAL contact of people attending his reception last week, a reception is SOCIAL AND THEREFORE NOT WORK BUT A PRIVATE EVENT. I have good relations with ALL people here as I normally have with all people, and I received more praise today.
  • My father, mother and I are “living on the edge” these days to remove the last part of the darkness to prepare the world for my TRUE COMING :-).

6th April: Continuing to reduce the darkness of my sister making her realize what I and this is about

  • Dreaming of continuing to reduce the darkness of my sister making her open up her eyes realizing what I and this is about, Fuggi and other “band members” leaving me, Jack now understands me and apologises, “he is the King of who we are a replica of”, which is about God being inside of me or on his way inside of me, thousands of people will “change” their “shoes” and start supporting me and very clear symbols of “normal life” coming :-).


4th April: The “birth star” of Virgin Mary (my mother) on the sky is leading to me as the Son of God

Dreaming that the true reason of my mother’s ex-man Ole’s death was his unconditional but unhappy love to my mother

Another night of the same or maybe a slightly poorer “quality” making me “somewhat tired” today. The dreams:

  • I have been in the country site where I have visited my mother and her ex-man Ole. I am now on my way to the train, I have a picture of myself, which I think of tearing apart because I will get a new one, but I decide not to do so because I notice that my mother and Ole are following me towards the train. The train is the “pig” as it is called towards Marienlyst (in Helsingør), it is completely full of people, one passenger claims that I entered the train already in Næstved, which is not true, another decided to hang himself in Slagelse, which catches the interest of my mother, who is also in the train. In the train I also meet Vivian, who to my surprise is sitting in a wheelchair but when she sees me, she stands up without problems. Today, the length of her trousers is fine but when we were friends in the 1980’s, her trousers were too short. She is on her way to visit me at Ndr. Strandvej – where I lived from 1986-88 – she sees my mother in the train, who she says that she knows and when she wants to shake hands, she falls because of the high heels on her shoes, which she cannot stand on. Fuggi is also there, I have agreed with him also to come to the dinner with Vivian and I, which she does not know about yet and because she does not know him, she does not say hello to him.
    • It looks like my mother is thinking of both me and her ex-man Ole, who is also a reason why my mother is suffering. She – and we – loved that man and of course his death is making you sad, mother, as it also still makes me sad. And I wonder if the man who hanged himself in the dream is Ole as a metaphor saying that the true reason of his death was his immense love to my mother, which he could not bring out in life because of the “mental” sickness he was given as part of our “journey”. My mother and also my sister and I lived together with Ole from 1972-1978, which was the best time of at least mine and probably also “our” life :-). Ole passed away 7-8 years ago as I remember it, which we learned about 1-2 years ago. And when this is written, I receive DEEP feelings and “almost tears” from the spirit of Ole, which would start running down my cheeks if I did not stop the feeling from doing this, otherwise this is what it would have done as the expression of his love to my mother.
    • I was told some months ago that my old friend Vivian is “another part of my mother” or in other words the same soul as my mother, who has decided to incarnate as several physical persons alive as a protection against the darkness the same way as I have been divided into several living beings, and the reason why Vivian is in a wheel chair is because I feared 1-3 weeks ago that the “heartbeat” of my left upper arm as a symbol of EXTREME darkness, which killed Elisabeth Taylor as yet another part of my mother, also would kill Vivian, which I again and again said that it was NOT allowed to (!) and here Fuggi is also in the train because of his suffering on his journey to reach the other side and really to tell my mother that Fuggi in his previous life was Field Marshal Erwin Rommel of the German World War II army, who in due course was the true father of my mother (!) – and this is to tell my mother that you need to have an OPEN mind to understand that one soul “at a certain level” can decide to live as several physical persons. In this dream, you are on your way to my home for dinner as a symbol or receiving a “normal life” in the future, when you get all the way there – and my mother IT IS ALL ABOUT ACCEPTANCE YOU KNOW, there is no reason to fight against what is right and meant to be :-).
  • I have sent a Canadian to Canada and the same day when arriving, he is to reach the top of the mountain. I see Jeremy Clarkson (from TopGear) driving upwards a snow and ice covered very steep mountain side using the best motorcycle ever, but he is still unable to reach the car in front of him, which is going even faster. I now see both of them driving down the very steep mountain side without using the brakes, and I see that in front of them the mountain slope turns sharply to the right in a T-cross and if they cannot make the turn, they will fly out over the mountain edge, and I hear Richard Hammond (from TopGear) asking “how do you avoid driving out over the edge”, which Jeremy answers by saying “it is also difficult” and then I see him using his foot in the snow at the last moment making him take the right turn just before he would fly out over the edge.
    • I am probably both Jeremy on the motorbike and the “anonymous” man ahead here, who will have to be “the Stig” 🙂 and this is a dream about the difficulties and suffering, hence the symbol of the snow and the mountain top, we are going through these days but I don’t expect any problems really.
  • I am together with my old friend Lisbeth in a bus, we are smoking and we stand off at different places. Afterwards I cannot fly, which surprises me.
    • This is about the love Lisbeth felt/feels for me and smoking is the Devil so just saying that this is what the darkness brought you Lisbeth. It was not meant to be.
    • When I woke up I was given the song “uptown girl” by Billy Joel – this was from my FIRST CD in 1984, which I therefore listened to hundreds of times and I still love it – but I don’t connect this song with Lisbeth but with the curse of Karen always wanting to be an uptown girl and still you also just wanted to live a “simple life”, Karen? Here it is: “Uptown girl, You know I can’t afford to buy her pearls, But maybe someday when my ship comes in, She’ll understand what kind of guy I’ve been, And then I’ll win”.
  • I am at Danske Bank, Hørsholm, which here is located close to the sea and when looking out over the park lawn and sea in front of the building, I say “what a beautiful view” and I also look up the boulevard and I see that it is wet. I receive a pension handbook by a pension adviser of the bank.
    • Another way of saying that the view of “normal life” – i.e. “Danske Bank” and “pensions” – is “breathtaking from where we sit” as I am told here and that the road towards it is still covered with suffering, hence the wet road.

Communicate your love openly, directly and honestly when you feel it, but do not be unfaithful

For some days I have “warmed up” for this story, which was really not the easiest to find the right answer on, because one of the Ten Commandments of today say “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” and what have I been doing as part of “the game” for years (?) following my meeting with Karen in 2003/04, her break with me in 2004 and her decision to choose Denis and later also to marry Denis and that is really to tell her repeatedly that I love her and that I am here, if and when she should decide to leave Denis in favour of me and my dear friends THIS IS PERFECTLY ALRIGHT TO DO as long as you communicate your wishes and intentions openly, directly and honestly (!) and as long as you do not have a sexual relation with someone, who still has another sexual relation, which has not been ended for both parties to understand, and we know this is both about TRUE FEELINGS and COMMUNICATION because the rule is that Karen will have to communicate to Denis that she does not want to be with him but with me instead and you know I will only accept Karen when she will do this and when she will “NEVER LET ME DOWN” again – this time by Bowie 🙂 – by being together with other men!

This also reminds me of how my mother met John in 1983 or 1984, when she was at a nightclub in Helsingør with a previous boy friend, when John approached the table of both my mother and the boy friend and where he told the boy friend that “I am interested in your girl friend”, which has always “impressed” me that he had the courage to do – this was DIRECT, HONEST and OPEN communication 🙂 – and after this evening, my mother decided to chose John because he was the better man for her, and my dear friends, this is PERFECTLY ALRIGHT to do and it is really to make sure that you will get the best partner of life and to avoid being hooked up with a partner, who you truly don’t love or in a relation, which does not work.


I ask mankind to follow in my footsteps and consequently to cancel the commandment of “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife” but to keep the commandment of “You shall not commit adultery”.

A “small miracle” made Thomas B. L. reconnect with me as friend on Facebook without our active assistance

Some months ago, my old friend Britt made me sad when she decided to leave me as a friend on Facebook and she may have become surprised when she suddenly saw that she was reconnected with me as a “friend” again without her or my active assistance to send a new invitation to become “friends”, which is really required to become friends you know, but still Britt decided to leave me for the second time and did you really think about this small “miracle”, Britt (?) or did you decide to unwind without thinking and understanding?

And today the same has happened because I was equally as sad when Thomas B. L. decided to leave me as a friend on Facebook the 16th March, and now he is “just like that” back as a “friend” without him or me actively asking to become friends again (!) – and does this bring your any thoughts of the reason why, Thomas (?) and that this is “impossible” to do because you know as well as I that this cannot be done without you or me sending an invitation, and we know WHAT WILL YOU DECIDE TO DO NOW, THOMAS (?) – will you do the same as Britt leaving me for the second time or will you now decide to READ AND UNDERSTAND MY SCRIPTS, which this is really a request of and the reason why the Council reconnected us bypassing the “normal” procedure.

I took a hardcopy of my list of Facebook friends the 16th March after Thomas B.L. had left me as you can see from this picture, where he no longer appears as friend.

And today I took a new hardcopy of the same part of the list and now you can see “the magically return of Thomas” as my friend:

I was “almost” fooled by UFO “evidence”, which was a hoax

Today I started working at 08.40 and by lunch I had done the script of today so far including the summary and editing.

Hereafter I continued working on my Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO until 18.10 and I was very fascinated by what I thought was a “very good evidence” of the UFO coming from the webcam of the Jerusalem Weather Station as you can see here, which apparently had captured the UFO light on their automatic pictures taken every tenth minute and we know it was very CONVINCING PROOF to me (!) and I watched this video over and over again, looked at one single frame after the next (!) to be completely sure that I understood this correctly and after having done this and written a “very good” chapter on my website using maybe three hours in total, “by chance” I received inspiration to read the comments underneath the video at YouTube and I was amazed and most of all very SAD when I read a comment from the “cam owner” that this webcam does not even include the Dome of the Rock, where the incident happened, in the picture (!) and that it therefore was a hoax and the maker of video simply replied that “this video is done because the same material was used in youtube to say that this was proof of UFO Jerusalem. This video only shows that can not be used as evidence” and my dear friends THIS IS A COMPLETELY WRONG WAY TO COMMUNICATE because when you don’t include this the most important message in the video, you fool people to believe of its authenticity as I noticed many people doing besides me and it is not justifiable to “get a laugh of all of the stupid people out there” as you may think. YOU WERE ABOUT TO FOOL ME TOO bringing WRONG information on my website, which would have made it more difficult for the world to believe in me and that is even though I did my BEST work! How should I know from the distance of the webcam that it was NOT showing the Dome of the Rock but that this was a “setup” by people not telling the truth? – And “how will I know” that these comments at YouTube are the truth (?) because I have NO CHANCE to control it myself, but this is what I ended up believing in.

A “funny” phenomenon on my website carried out by a “troll”

During the afternoon a new “funny” phenomenon occurred when the blue background colour of my website was only shown with a length of maybe two screen sizes making the background of the rest of the pages white, which first made me believe that somehow the setup of the background picture had “changed by itself” from “tile” to “no repeat” but when I controlled this, everything was as it should be and therefore the background should be shown throughout the whole webpage – as the link between my website and Microsoft Live also “should” have worked without problems the other day – but you know it is never easy to tell when a “spiritual troll” is working because of the darkness – I had nightmares of trolls as a boy and this is therefore (!) – and this time I was told that the darkness came from my mother having “some difficulties” to believe in some of the information included in my previous script, which she had just read – and we know this phenomenon lasted a couple of hours until it “healed itself” really and this was because I was told that my mother would receive “other thoughts” about me confirming her faith in me again. This is what it was about.

The light of my mother partly hidden by rooftops in an altitude of 10-20 metres!

In the twilight this evening at 20.25 – “it’s summertime and the living is easy” and we know this is “how easy” it is to come through this “little darkness” these days (!) and also what is approaching when it comes to LIFE – where it was more light than dark, I was happy to see the light of my mother approaching again and really that it was almost in daylight and when I looked at it I was shown a vision of a big helicopter around it and not a rescue helicopter because my mother has accepted who I am.

Later I was HAPPY to see that the FULL star heaven had returned – is the restructuring of the Universe ready (?) – which also included several “blinking” UFO’s on the sky from both sides of my apartment and also the light of my father now back on its place below the Orion constellation.

At 23.10 “the light of my mother” approached me again for almost six minutes this time, which by far is the longest so far and it was partly hidden by the roof tops of the buildings to the right of me as it very slowly came flying towards me as you can see in the following video and this is because it was flying in the same altitude as these 2-3 storeys houses, which you know is nothing more than 10-20 metres above ground level (!) and it took it almost six minutes to fly a distance of what may be only 200-300 metres. THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN SEE FROM THIS VIDEO AND NOTHING ELSE and will you please remember that this is the same “light of my mother”, which in another form was what you saw as the Jerusalem UFO over the Rock of the Dome the 28th January.

The “birth star” of Virgin Mary (my mother) on the sky is leading to me as the Son of God

I have decided to include this introduction to the video above on YouTube:

The “birth star” of Virgin Mary on the sky leading to the Son of God, April 4, 2011
his is the second video of the “star” light of my mother on the sky over Kgs. Lyngby north of Copenhagen, Denmark, April 4, 2011. My mother used to be known as Virgin Mary and in her new life, she will become known by her new name, Lona.

The light is an UFO appearing as a “birth star” on the sky, which – as it also did in my previous life as Jesus – is showing the direction to me as the Son of God as you can read from my website at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com.

The light started flying towards me the first time Jan. 7, 2011, and it started appearing after my mother started receiving faith in me as the Son of God after reading my website. This is the birth of me as Christ in this life, this is why the light started appearing and this is the “birth light” leading the world to me.

I do not yet have access to the power of God, do not yet remember my previous life as Jesus and do not yet have perfect English skills just because this is what you may “expect”. This first requires the understanding and faith of the world in me.

This is also a test to a deceiving and sceptical world. Will you be “able” to understand this simple truth by watching the video, reading and understanding my website, or will you dismiss me as a “hoax” based upon your own ignorance and laziness? This is to show you that you need to improve your COMMUNICATION skills.


5th April: Removing the darkness from Sanna and healing her, which will make her help spreading “normal life”

Dreaming of removing the darkness from Sanna and healing her, which will make her help spreading “normal life”

I did not have a very good night and I did not like the character of 1-2 of the dreams, which is part of the final showdown to remove darkness and VERY uncomfortable to go through, as you may understand from this:

  • I have just finished as a football player in Premier League in England. I have set records as the player playing most games and scoring most goals, which was also about watching and writing about the sky. I see myself receiving a diploma on station and afterwards I arrive at a train station, I am only going one station and a train is already at the station when I arrive and even though I don’t know if this train drives in the right direction, I decide to get on and that is even though I don’t have a ticket. Inside the train, the ticket inspector arrives, I have a few coins and to my surprise when I put together all coins, I have more money than expected and when I look into my wallet, I am surprised to see that I also have a 10 tour clipping card, which I think will only include a clip left, but again to my surprise I see that it includes three clips. I am about to pay for a ticket – or ask the inspector to clip my card if possible inside the train – when a traveller recognizes me and asks me about football to which I answer “the record is of course not made by me, but by my stand-in”.
    • This will have to be a good dream telling me about the result of my game against the darkness, a new (last?) train drive towards the other side, is it good or bad that I can afford the train ticket and does it mean that there will be more rides (?), and I have played football “not being myself” – but the spirits of my mother and father as my living flames – as my TRUE inner self here says.
    • I heard a familiar song when waking up, which I cannot remember the name of the singer and title, but it includes the words “change into something new”, which is what I will do when my true inner self will open up his eyes through me.
  • Later I was told that “Jesus unleashed enough energy in the universe to remove all darkness, however we have not found it, so this is what we are searching for”.
  • I am together with my family, it is my mothers birthday tomorrow. I sleep with Sanna’s dog on the bathroom, which is closed from the outside, it has not had anything to eat and has far too long hair and would very much like to receive a haircut by Sanna, and the next morning the door is first opened at 9.30, I ask Sanna to feed the dog, which she however decides not to do. Sanna shows me the present for my mother, which she and Hans has bought, which I will also be part of and I am surprised to see that she has bought big quantities of groceries. Sanna does not feel well because she has to look after our mother every second year. She asks me to sing three lines of an opera song when we will have breakfast; I tell her about healing – that some will give relief to people and that others will be able to cure even serious illnesses – and I ask her if she would like to receive healing by me, which she would like.
    • Even though the dog is nice to be together with in this dream, the dog is a symbol of the darkness and here I have removed the dog from Sanna and when I have it at the bathroom it is to say that “love” was the curse of Sanna’s life too. The groceries says that she will help my mother and all of us to provide a “normal life” and I wonder if her wish to be healed is because she is ill and if this is the moment, Sanna, then you do not have to take any medicine, then I will of course ask the Council to use part of my energy – and others when I am doing healing/meditation sessions with others – to totally cure you as I did with my mother too :-).
  • In school a teacher is teaching the subject to recruit employees, which however is not at the best level and I speak to teachers of what to do in order to improve the quality and I receive advise to take this up with the management so the quality of the subject can be improved to the benefit of the students next year.
    • Is the recruitment of “servants” not going well (?) and is it because family around me knowing about me are hiding and keeping quiet (?), which will improve next year?
  • I am working at a company, where I see a man murdering what I believe is four people. I am at the back storage where I see a woman lying; she has received a stroke by a hammer in her head but she is still breathing, the man if coming into the storage, which makes me move from the woman and I hope that the man will not hit her again, but this is what he does and I fear that he may kill her, but I do hear her still breathing. Later I receive three pictures from a video surveillance camera at the storage, which has taken pictures of the man doing other crime, these are pictures taken before his murdering and before confronting the man, I try to make sure that all employees will leave the office, but there is one lady who does not make it out before I confront the man. I am surprised to see that he has received one picture from the surveillance camera himself and therefore he knows that he has been discovered. I confront him and try to convince him to give up, but he leaves and I cannot keep him back. I decide to follow him because I am nervous that he may harm the female employee who did not make it to leave the office, and I follow him, who follows her into the rollercoaster of an American amusement park, which looks much like the Tivoli garden in Copenhagen, and I see that just when the man is about to kill the woman, she sees him and manage to run into security.
    • When I wrote down this dream I was told that the man was my father – the “keeper” of darkness but please remember that this is his “task” only because he is of course a man of the light too – and the woman my mother and it seems like going through and removing this darkness from Earth is what again is almost killing my mother, but we know I MEAN IT SERIOUSLY, NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY MOTHER and if you should come in a situation where you cannot control this, you will simply have to abort and to do even better the next time, but I do hope that you can manage and that we will all be able to remove this darkness too.
    • Again I was told that “ancient knowledge will come after passing through Hell” and I heard an old Danish song with the lyrics “Ah, disse minder, den tid kommer aldrig igen” (“oh, these memories, this time will never come again”), which was the spirit of my father saying that he/we will never become encapsulated by the darkness again.

Continuing my work on the key hood database at Falck – and more teachings

This morning I started writing the script at 07.40 and at 08.43 I left to go to Falck, and on my way I noticed the smell of pollution here in Lyngby, which is AWFUL compared to how it must feel like when there is NO POLUTION at all (!) – this is ALSO the responsibility of the secret government of USA (!) – and a few minutes from Falck, I saw two of the big fire engines turning out and they were polluting so much that it was decidedly unpleasant.

When I arrived at 08.58 – giving me two minutes to take off my jacket and to start working at 09.00 – there was no one at the office and the door was closed again, so I had to go the canteen, where I was told that Thomas – who was the officer on duty today – had turned out together with the engines, but one employee from the ambulance pipe was kind to let me in at the office and we had a good talk about his work including the revival of people inside the ambulance and I wonder why people having been rescued by this man, do not want to contact him to say thank you (?) because he said on my question (another “nice” man answering my questions without asking any himself!) that he has NEVER experienced this and we know if it was me and I knew that he had saved my life, it would be the first thing I would think of doing.

At the office I could not open any of the two computers with what I was earlier was the password (!) so I decided to wait for Thomas and while waiting, I saw some television at the office next to the meeting room (!) and it made me think about people having this kind of job where they are on duty just “waiting” for something to happen – which was also what this paramedical ambulance driver told me that he would do – and we know instead of “killing” time, they should really do other work so “waiting time” of today will be turned into “working time”.

At 09.40, Thomas was back, it was ”only” a excavator burning and we started talking about other work tasks; he mentioned that he would like me to do an Excel database of all employees including all of their data, which today is spread at different systems (!) and we also spoke about the office where they have MANY ring binders stored in several shelves and he said that he would like to keep data at the IT-system instead of on paper, which I agree with and we know THERE IS NO NEED TO HAVE (MOST) INFORMATION ON PAPER, it will be easier to work with, store and find when you store data electronic and I would like to tell people having the same habit as Bo from Dahlberg that it is MUCH better to change your habit and to store information electronically instead of printing out EVERYTHING (or “many” things) on paper, which Bo did and laid everywhere where he could find room, which was all over the floor (!), in packing cases, shelves and drawing cupboards with the result that he often could not find what he needed and we know A COMPLETE AND UNNECESSARY WASTE OF TIME AND RESSOURCES is what it is!

I told Thomas that they could prioritize what is most important for them for me to work on, but that I will not start new tasks as long as I am not finished with an ongoing task and we agreed that I will continue working on the key hood database and I have written down the other tasks to follow up on later – and he also asked me if I would be able to edit his leadership education paper, which he said that he will finish within 2-3 weeks from now and which he believes will fill 15-16 pages and we know no problem, you will decide what is most important for me to work on and he said that he would like me to go through his paper editing and correcting any spelling mistakes, grammar and comma mistakes (which I am good at in Danish but certainly not in English!) and also to give him suggestions of improved formulations and my dear friend this is what these nice people would like me to do and as I told him, it may be difficult to find time to develop and improve when you are “busy” doing routine tasks (!) – which of course is only the situation when you are disorganised and careless (!) – and as an example I told him that the office did not look tidy when the ring binders stand disarranged in the shelves, are of different colour and have different labels on the back, which mostly are done by hand as you will see in offices all over the world – look at the police station in Nairobi, where it is even WORSE (!) – made by lazy employees instead of doing a label template once and for all on computer and to always write labels on computer and print them out with the same design for example including the logo of the company and we know when you do this, your ring binders – if you need them that is – and the whole office will look clean and nice and NOT disorderly and it really does not take (much) longer than writing the backs in hand and this is yet another example of how laziness of the world has conquered until now. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER and this includes to keep your office TIDY and CLEAN, which will make you MUCH HAPPIER THAN DISORDER!

Thomas was kind to tell me that his “lost” telephone some time ago was taken accidently by a customer, who thought it was his and who was “honest” to return it and we know herewith sparing both Thomas and I for an uncomfortable situation if the customer did not return it because would he have believed me when I would tell him again that I did not take the telephone (?) – and this is really a symptom of the society of today because people lie and are sceptical and we know BAD COMMUNICATION is the name of the game and you will probably know by now that this is what I intend for all of us to improve.

I continued working on the key hood database today finalising the design of the database and I have now started keying in the first data of customers, and I expect to be able to give an estimate of working hours needed – based on how long it takes in average to key in information – and a deadline after Thursday.

I wondered today for how long they will keep me at “only” 2 times three hours per week and how soon they will start to ask me coming 20 hours per week because there is MUCH work that I can do thinking about their own needs instead of remembering that they officially are “helping me” because of their “social responsibility” (!) and that I have “more than a full time work” already preparing my scripts and website.

Just before leaving, Jesper – the station manager – arrived and I congratulated him with his 25 years anniversary Friday last week and told him that I read an article in the local paper about him and his career and Jesper was happy because it was indeed a well-visited reception with the mayor leading the pigwig’s and most of all Jesper was happy for former employees coming to visit him and as I told him of course it is nice to keep a SOCIAL contact with former employees because this is what this reception as all other receptions are: A SOCIAL EVENT which you misuse working hours to attend (!) and that is because you simply LOVE to talk, be entertained and have “free” drinks and food and we know at the meeting room today I saw all of the surplus red wine (I don’t like people drinking alcohol during working hours!) and I do hope that all attendants at this reception as example enjoyed themselves (?) and how much TRUE WORK did any of you do this Friday afternoon knowing that you were going to this reception during the afternoon followed by the weekend (?) – did any of you leave “early” giving you a “fantastic” start on the weekend (?) – and if you calculate the number of people attending this reception, the total number of MISSED working hours and if you think about the number of receptions all over the world, you will be surprised of the degree of lost work and production. RECEPTIONS ARE A SOCIAL EVENT and NOT WORK!

As people by now REALLY should have figured out, despite of my comments on what can be improved when it comes to work and behaviour, I like these people at Falck very much – as I also did with all people at Brede Park, at A2B, (in Kenya) and before that at Dahlberg, Acta, Fair, GE etc. – and this is what people also do in relation to me, which today was exemplified by Jesper telling me that “you receive plenty of praise” and my dear friends at Brede Park, A2B, Dahlberg, Acta, Fair, GE etc. HOW MANY OF YOU DO STILL MISUNDERSTAND ME BELIEVING THAT I WAS EXTREMELY NEGATIVE AND WRITING IMPUDENTLY AND UNACCEPTABLE ABOUT YOU WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING MY LOVE FOR ALL OF YOU AND THAT I MERELY WRITE THE TRUTH (?), which is what you “simply” could not handle seeing on paper and really because you are embarrassed about your own WRONG behaviour and work and the answer is as you know: DON’T BLAME ME FOR TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU BUT IMPROVE SO I CAN BE HAPPY ABOUT WRITING THE TRUTH OF YOU AS I HAVE OFTEN BEEN WHEN WRITING THE TRUTH OF MY LTO FRIENDS IN KENYA. If you had behaved and worked well, I would have written this is my scripts, which would have made both of happy instead of the opposite. When will they ever learn?

The other half of the working day was spent on my scripts and YouTube

After leaving at 12.00, coming home and having a short lunch, I continued working until 16.40 on the script of today, the last three chapters of yesterday including to upload the new video of the light of my mother from yesterday and we know I also “had” to update my YouTube channel – where videos of the lights of my mother and father etc. are kept – giving details about myself and to personalise the design of course and we know this is another entrance for people to “find” me and so far 56 people have “bothered” to visit my channel and 115 have watched my videos, which may include 10-20 of my own views!

My father, mother and I are “living on the edge” to remove the last part of the darkness to prepare my TRUE COMING 🙂

This evening for the second consecutive day my amplifier was switched off and on once by the Council giving a loud “bang” in the right speaker, which made me say “father, you are coming with us no matter what” and I also received pain in my right lung, which is to say that my father and I are on the edge of survival these days (!), which is the same situation of my mother because today I also received new “heartbeats” of my upper left arm, however not as strong as before, and this is for going through what may be the worst darkness of all through my entire journey, but as long as we are “only” at the edge without falling down and without receiving any injuries, it is fine by me because this is how to remove the last part of the darkness to prepare the world for my TRUE COMING :-).

Ending the day with a few “short” stories:

  • I was told that the way to remove the darkness – or “nothing” as it is – is to be on both sides of it as we are and have been through the “concept” of a physical and a spiritual world.
  • For 1-2 weeks I have been told that the level underneath the Council has started receiving “special feelings” of me, and I have been given Jack’s mother Evy, Kjetil from Acta in Norway (!) and Roar as examples and I do remember that Roar was a colleague of mine, it is not Roar from Acta Norway, but I cannot remember where and how we worked together, but I believe it was “rather close” (?) and we know a missing memory of some of my past is part of my suffering.
  • I have influenced people with my writings on both level 1 (which is Facebook updates on new scripts) including my sister, level 2 (the summary of my scripts) including some family and friends and level 3 (the details of my scripts) including VERY few so far and just to say that when writing the truth (as I receive it!) and doing your best, you will be able to “get the attention of people”, which is ALSO what has helped people to “believe” in you as I am told and here thinking of my sister.
  • I have been told for a long time that my mother and other family and friends KNOW that they are behaving WRONGLY in relation to me but they will continue doing so until I have taught you once and for all to practise new habits, which is what we are doing everywhere and here it is also in the respect of “receiving the right thoughts and feelings”, which is what my spiritual friends are helping me with in relation to people.


6th April: Continuing to reduce the darkness of my sister making her realize what I and this is about

Dreaming of continuing to reduce the darkness of my sister making her open up her eyes realizing what I and this is about

A night where I “almost” forgot who I am and we know not a good feeling when I remembered it and again realized who I am – this is still the feeling of this “burden” of mine – and by 8.10 I stood up even though I would very much have liked to sleep more, but I had to stand up to do a “normal working day” again even though this is NOT what motivates me much because of how I feel but it HAS to be done – so here are the dreams to begin with:

  • It is “late in the evening”, I am trying to sleep in the entrance of Sanna and Hans, however I do not have a sleeping bag and a car is driving close by, which makes me decide to enter their house and inside of it I find their dog in the living room.
    • The dream says that I am still on the mind of Sanna, I am in the entrance “controlling” her “drive” without getting much sleep or “REM” sleep myself – “drive” is one of their absolutely best songs you know and incredible BEAUTIFUL also herewith telling you of my feelings of my sister 🙂 – and I am inside the house “working” on the dog, which is to reduce the darkness of my sister and for her to fully open up her eyes realizing what I and this is all about.
    • I woke up with the lyrics “I can begin to change the world” from a well known song without remembering the name of the artist or the title of the song – so with the support of Sanna, this is what I will do.
  • I am playing a concert together with a rock band but the band including Fuggi leave me to attend concerts another place in the park. I meet Jack and tell him that I knew that he would let me down as his best friend, which makes him give hand and say that now he understands and that he is sorry.
    • The band members are “important servants” of mine, who decides to leave me, which is because you do NOT help me by supporting me – NONE of you have yet given your public support of me for example by sending me a supportive email (!) – and this dream says that Jack now also understands who I am, which may be through your “work”, Jack?
  • I was told the following while being half a sleep:
    • “He is the King of who we are a replica of”, which is a reference to God already inside of me or on his way inside of me?
    • “Development of that album will take a long time because it is covered with blood” – what is this about???
    • “You have created the most beautiful part yet from the pieces that were shown to you”, which may be that through the last weeks culminating these days we have gone through what may be the WORST darkness of all throughout my entire journey and we have done it without very big problems really even though it has been both very tough and uncomfortable going through.
    • When I was told this, I felt my left heel hurting, which is now a symbol of my mother hurting again in relation to me and us.
  • I see a GIANT shoe store, which is about to sell thousands of shoes.
    • This is about people who will start believing in me and start supporting me – to “change” their shoes and do what they really are supposed to do.
  • I see shops at Nørrebro, Copenhagen, which have never been closed. At a kitchen I order 14 of some kind of delicious food, which I name “pm”, which makes people smile because “pm” stands for “pølsemester” (“sausage master”) and the food is the most delicious, which is.
    • A clear and positive symbol of “normal life” coming because of the work I have delivered as the “sausage master” :-).
  • I woke up this morning with the beautiful song “please” by U2 and the lyrics “Get up off your knees”.

I started working at 9.15 today doing a few changes to the introduction of my YouTube videos followed by writing the script today and the last part of yesterday, which I finished by 11.10 from which time I continued working on my Signs IV page about the Jerusalem UFO and again I used most of the time today to search for more information until I became happy with ALL answers I received and of course this gave MUCH information, which for most people today would simply be “impossible” to overview but this is where you need to divide all information into logical chapters and hereafter to work on one chapter after the next and this is what I will continue doing the next days and we know Stig, you received more information than anticipated so this may lead into next week before finishing and so it is.

My video of the latest light of my mother on the sky has now on the second day reached the “astronomical” viewing number of 80 and I have reached the first subscriber on my YouTube channel and who else than Eligael, who took the first video of the Jerusalem UFO the 28th January and has become a KEY WITNESS of this event and we know when you read my Signs IV page you will understand that this man will become world famous too and Eligael YOU MADE ME VERY HAPPY TO BE THE FIRST SUBSCRIBER and it was “good work” for you to find me even though it may not have been “too difficult” after I had suscribed to both your YouTube channel and your Facebook group?

At 20.45 I decided to spend some time to finalise, prepare and publish my script of today and it is almost as every third day is too often and every forth day too rare with the amount of information I write down at the moment, but here it is after three days again :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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