April 10, 2011: A new connection between the Universe and God and a new Earth has been created through Mount Zion


Summary of the script today

7th April: God is finishing the restructuring of the Universe and is now improving the appearance of it

  • Dreaming of God finishing the restructuring of the Universe and now improving the appearance of it, Sanna is becoming less selfish but still she is not changing her lifestyle and supporting me, my father “can impossibly be the one making the sun go down; there is not enough darkness”, preparing many working places in the bank as a symbol of all people who will help me bring out “normal life” to the world, God is close by now and my mother and father are suffering also because of their faith now taking on suffering from other people not believing in me yet.
  • At Falck I continued working on the key hood customer database keying in approx. 1,100 customers, which will take me approx. 25 hours to do – and an extra 25 hours to visit their head office to key in more information. The officers on guard could have done this work many years ago, if they had simply planned it and carried it out. Yet again I am doing “mentally impossible” work much below my TRUE skills because of ignorant people NOT understanding, which could help Falck DOUBLE both their quality and efficiency if they would show the right ATTITUDE and FOLLOW ME! DON’T LET IMPATIENT MANAGERS/CUSTOMERS MAKE YOU PRODUCE POORER THAN YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST, which is seen everywhere today. ALWAYS DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST. The Commune and Falck believe they are “social responsible” and that they “help” me (!) but they use me as a slave doing forced labour – there is NO difference!
  • Yesterday I posted a comment on Thomas’ Facebook wall asking him to understand and be positive instead of being lazy and negative, which made him read the small miracle in my script of how he with the help of the Council was recreated as my Facebook friend after leaving me in March. Is he– and others – starting to think that they have misunderstood me disgracefully?

8th April: God has faith that I will be able to finish my work, which I do and have done without support

  • Dreaming of meeting Bryan Ferry, who is a servant of God also deflecting darkness, the spirits of Lisbeth and Lena helped to hold back the flood, which the physical beings of Lisbeth and Lena were “almost” about to bring too (!), they are also developing, feeling me and becoming “servants” of mine, being natural and humoristic is the “opener” of people, God now has faith that I will be able to finish my work, which I do and have done without support from anyone – except from my LTO friends in Kenya through emails, and my mother is “crying” over me, where she should be HAPPY and supportive.
  • After one of my worst days yesterday because of NEGATIVE reactions to my comment to Thomas B. L. on Facebook, I had a better day today, where I kept on working on my Signs IV page, dividing new information into logical chapters giving me back the overview of the work. I was not quite finished with the “hoax” of the Jerusalem weather webcam – it seems that the pictures of the webcam is TRUE and that the “official” comments saying it was a hoax was untrue (!) – and this work includes lessons to the world to do your best without “time pressure” and laziness making you cut corners, developing skills when required and really to BE PATIENT TO DO YOUR WORK RIGHT.
  • The darkness tried to convince me that secret agents of Russia were on their way to kill me in order to “disable” me but I kept on working not minding this potential “pressure”. Later I was told that secret agents have indeed tried to kill me and also Obama but they were stopped by the power of God. The true “secret” is that Obama is in control of UFO’s and is fighting the secret government without the secret government knowing about this “counter strike” of his.

9th April: The members of the Council are “under pressure” when the picture of me and themselves becomes clearer

  • Dreaming that I will become freed from the prison and forced work of the Commune, the “love habits” of Karen are not allowed to win, the Council will run solely on the energy of Karen for a while, I am doing my work “fast” considering the amount of research and writing I do, there should NEVER come a situation in the future where you “need” to hush up people and Karen and other members of the Council are “under pressure” when the picture of me and themselves becomes more and more clear.
  • After working for MANY hours to determine whether or not the “light”, which the webcam of the Jerusalem Weather Station filmed at the time of the UFO over the Temple Mount of Jerusalem the 28th January, my conclusion is that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL with the present information available. I will ask Eligael’s Facebook group for help and if it is true as it looks like, it will reveal that the UFO was present SEVERAL times this night and at other times too.

10th April: A new connection between the Universe and God and a new Earth has been created through Mount Zion 🙂

  • Dreaming that my sister does not believe in me and brings me suffering – is this the truth or does she believe in me as I have been told before (?), I am not supposed to see Sanna yet and a new dreams says that she believes “somewhat” in me but that her vanity is the problem because it is difficult to break, servants of mine in Jutland and Funen are becoming “educated” through my scripts.
  • Thomas B. L. eventually decided to leave me on Facebook without communicating (!) – his behaviour and the behaviour of my friends still partying, having expensive dinners, drinks, holidays, concerts, visits to the theatre etc. without realizing that they could all have been terminated if we did not pass the judgment is truly the top essence of HUMAN IGNORANCE.
  • At the mother Maria service of Den Gyldne Cirkel I was told when meditating that “we are about to create – not to recreate – the new globe”, which is what 7 of 8 members of the Council have done with the help of God after going through the remaining darkness to enter the Source through the grail inside of my soul. Mankind is not only living on and physically from Earth but are part of Earth self (!), and it is the light of God shining through the new Earth, which will create a new mankind coming home to God – and also bring God to me and the whole Universe. I was told that the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is THE PHYSICAL PLACE ON EARTH CONNECTING THE UNIVERSE WITH GOD and this is why the visit of the UFO to this mount the 28th January was both important and necessary, which also was to TRANSFER MY INNER SELF FROM THE SOURCE TO MY PHYSICAL SELF JJJ.
  • Yesterday I was HAPPY to receive a nice email from my sister asking me how I am, and my first instinct was to start seeing the family again – if they want to see me of course – but I decided that it would be better both for the family and I that the family first will “come out of the closet” and declare their faith in me, and this was the reason why I wrote as I did to you, Sanna.


7th April: God is finishing the restructuring of the Universe and is now improving the appearance of it

Dreaming of God finishing the restructuring of the Universe and now improving the appearance of it

I had a bad night and sleep making me tired this morning, which is really still as uncomfortable as ever and disabling me from working but you know when there is a will, there is a way, thus also today – and several dreams were “strange” this night because I dreamed me most of the night but they were either unimportant or difficult to remember even though I received them in pieces and “had” the dream with me until I opened up my eyes, where parts of several of them disappeared immediately.

  • I see David Bowie doing art in the harbour of San Francisco Bay – I had never heard of this place before the dream – and I tell a man that I previously have had dinner with Bowie, I see Bowie opening a power safe with two switches to the power of the buildings on the harbour he is working on, he switches the two switches off, he is going to paint the buildings of the harbour and will not risk receiving an electrical shock. Later I see Bowie driving around singing in the streets of the empty small city, and I see him drive by from where I am waiting in one of the streets and I do not understand why I don’t start driving the same way as Bowie.
    • Bowie is the symbol of God and when God is painting the buildings of the harbour, which is our “safe haven” or you know “our new world” too, it will have to be that he is doing the final part of the work restructuring the Universe and that the new structure itself is on place – and somehow he is protecting himself against the darkness (of electricity in the dream) and is that by working outside the Universe or is he (partly) already with us (?) – I don’t really know because I have been told both.
  • Something about a counterfeiter living very cheap and more cheap than others – which made me hear “I’m sailing” by Rod Stewart as a sign of darkness – and washing powders competing, where the commercial of mine says that it is both better and cheaper, I have bought ready to make chocolate cake mix for my sister, but she did not do it yesterday and did not take part of the dishwashing today.
    • A combination of a few “one-liner dreams”, which says that my sister was not selfish yesterday when not having chocolate symbolizing this – is she starting to learn (?) – but still she is not CHANGING her lifestyle and is not offering to support me because she does not help dishwashing, which I would be HAPPY if you would decide to do, Sanna? How difficult can it be to admit you were wrong and to offer your support by contacting me?
    • I woke up hearing the song “American Pie” by Don McLean and the lyrics “So bye-bye, miss american pie. Drove my chevy to the levee”.
  • My father is a young model and I heard someone saying “German football won”, “drive us into position of the light” and about the spirit of my father I was told that “he can impossibly be the one making the sun go down; there is not enough darkness” and more, which I did not catch.
    • And we know Stig “I WONT LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME” and to my father I could also say “DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME”, which is also to say thank you to Nik and Elton for very good songs, which I have ENJOYED for many years.
    • I heard “American Pie” by Don McLean again and the lyrics “this’ll be the day that I die”, which is about the elimination of darkness both in relation to Sanna and my father. My washing powder was the best! And again the spirits of my father and mother were with me because this was also a symbol of my “death” in terms of their spirits leaving me when my own true inner self will wake up and be my new and only life flame.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport Branch (where I worked from 1986-88), the branch has opened, I am the only cashier having my till open, however I have lost my employee card and as a consequence I cannot open the IT-system, which makes me ask the others if they can open a till until I get a new card, which Henning W. confirms that he will. To my surprise I see that the first floor has been redecorated and that it now includes MANY working places, which however still are empty. I am only wearing a robe, which also makes Henning W. start to wear a robe and I tell him not to do so because I will change into normal clothes. At midnight to my surprise I see our manager Lars H. still working and also smoking, we will all sleep at the bank and I am the first to turn in.
    • Danske Bank is still about “financing” “normal life” to the world, which seems to go better than ever with all of the working places being prepared for people who will help me lead out this plan, the dream says that I don’t have access to the IT-system and that is really my scripts and I wonder why that is because I have (!) even though today is another day where it feels “impossible” to work on my scripts because of tiredness, which may be what the dream says, I don’t wear clothes in the dream which may be in connection with “loss of confidence”, which however is NOT the case and I do remember that not wearing trousers means no love life and this is indeed still the case, which is probably the meaning of it then.
  • Half asleep I heard the following words coming from a newspaper (!): “God is lowered down behind Earth”, which gave me the feeling that “God is close by now” and the newspaper is darkness/destruction, so God is “eating” up darkness, which is truly the process of eliminating it.
  • I was shown the plane of the spirits of my father and mother shaking strongly because of turbulence coming from a plane just below it with people not having faith in me, which is to say that when people believe in me – as BOTH my father and mother does as this says (meaning that the light of my father on the sky was not a “hoax”?) – they will also feel the suffering of other people not believing in me yet.

Doing slave work much below my true skills at Falck instead of helping them to DOUBLE their quality and efficiency

After starting the work on the script at 07.50 today and leaving for Falck at 08.43 precisely, I met Thomas on guard at Falck again today and he was in a very good mood and made me laugh because of his humour and irony when saying “you don’t have to stand up” when he entered the meeting room, where I was sitting down (!) and working.

It “only” took the computer 15 minutes to start up from scratch today (!) – a waste of time – and I continued my work on entering information from the key hood into the new database I have created and we know I have “created” this database by copying the design of the cash balance sheet I worked on including the Falck logo, the colours etc. and from here to change the number of columns, rows and of course the content and I thought this would be much better to do than to do something completely new deviating from the “company design” – I believe much in “company design standards and that is of course if it is done with EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY – but I found out that the old macros from this Microsoft Excel document “teased” me and therefore I had to copy what I had done into a new workbook and to edit this, which took me half an hour to do and we know based upon the speed of work I did afterwards to key in information and the total number of keys, which seems to be around 1,100 I have calculated that it will take me approx. 25 hours to do all of this one-sided and MENTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do work (!) and if they still want me to visit the head-office afterwards also to find and key in the addresses of all of these customers, it will probably take me 25 hours more to do and that is a total of 50 hours – and on top of this will come some time, which I have not estimated yet to do written procedures and to find and maybe also setup a new fireproofed cupboard.

I told Thomas this at the end of the day and I also told him that on Tuesday I will give them my action plan, and I was wondering it calculating the expected working time for a task and working with action plans may be new to you here (?) and that is maybe not after all because I noticed that the officers on guard use a “reminder” page with tasks included so maybe we will be able to understand each other on this – and it is really to improve what you have and to change your attitude and mentality in relation to work.

I was also wondering today why these four officers on guard have not planned and carried out this key hood task many years ago (?) – if they preferred a local solution – and we know if each of you worked one day per month on this, it would have taken you less than two months to do and I do wonder how you PLAN your work at this place?

I am also thinking why they have decided to let me do this job, which is NOT to use my skills in the best way because if you had heard what I told you at the first meeting – Lars and the manager Jesper – and TRULY read and understood (!) my CV, you would TRULY have started to ask me questions about how I can help you improve your quality and efficiency and you would have put me in charge doing this for all of your employees (!), which could have helped you doubling both your efficiency and quality if you truly would LISTEN to and “FOLLOW ME” (!) and again we have a case of people here TRULY not listening/reading and understanding and this is what you do believe you do but you have to dig MUCH DEEPER to understand your TRUE potential.

I was also thinking of this work in relation to the work I do on my website at the moment not knowing what will be included in my work because I need to do much more research to know what will be included in the work and first when I have done this THOROUGLY I will get a better idea of how long it is expected to take and we know this is to tell you that it is “quite easy” to calculate a deadline for “routine work” and when doing development work, you cannot get a deadline from people before they have done the define and research phases thoroughly first and we know the world has seen far too many cases where demands of quick delivery by “impatient” people/managers/ customers have created a (much) poorer quality and solution than the potential and it is really to say BE PATIENT and DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST WORK instead of delivering below your best standard because of people, who could have waited, which would give them much better solutions. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR THE FUTURE WORLD, don’t let demands for page “kill” quality as you see everywhere.

I was also thinking that both the Commune and Falck believe they are helping me – this is their aim when they show “social responsibility” as they believe they do – but my friends BECAUSE OF YOUR MISUNDERSTANDINGS, YOU USE ME AS FORCED LABOUR THE SAME WAY AS SLAVES WERE USED IN THE PAST – thank you Prince 🙂 – THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE and I do feel like I believe slaves must have felt when their freedom was taken away from them!

You believe you help me but you are forcing me to do SLAVE WORK (!) – can you see this when you TRULY start to understand (?) and we know THIS LITTLE “JOKE” OF YOURS HAS THE CONSEQUENCE THAT MANKIND AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR ME A LITTLE BIT LONGER.

Is Thomas – and others – starting to think that they have misunderstood me disgracefully?

Yesterday when publishing my script I also posted the following comment on Thomas’ wall of Facebook – which is what gave me one of the worst days today – and I did it deliberately for all of my – and his – family and friends to see that I am not “overwhelmed” by the effort of most people often thinking of doing the same as what Thomas did in March, when he decided to leave me as a friend on Facebook because of his own ignorance and negativity instead of knowledge and positivity and we know I do believe it was him reading my script during the night and today he is still my friend but he has not given me an answer and we know how much does it takes to make you wonder (?) and this is the question, Thomas (?) – do you believe that just maybe you have misunderstood me disgracefully?

Here is the comment:

Hej Thomas,

Jeg kan anbefale dig at læse mit skrift fra i dag på https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/, som indeholder et lille “mirakel” i forhold til dig. Budskabet til dig og andre er: LÆS, FORSTÅ og fokuser på det positive i stedet for at være doven, skeptisk og negativ. Dette budskab er naturligvis kun positivt og ment venligt :-). …Hvad vil du vælge at gøre?

Take care, Stig

Why have UFO sightings skyrocketed worldwide?

I have become a subscriber to All News Web on Facebook, which is run by the UFO researcher Michael Cohen, who is not just anybody, because he is from Australia and one morning he heard the voice of “UFO JERUSALEM”, which made him decide to publish/distribute the story of the Jerusalem UFO to the world and we know HE IS MY AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION – where I will market my website as you will remember 🙂 – and Michael asked in the article below “Why have UFO sightings skyrocketed worldwide?” and there is only ONE ANSWER, Michael, and that is because my mother found faith in me, which was the start signal to help bringing faith of the world in me and this is basically what the UFO sightings are about.

Here is Michael’s article with wise words on humanity of today if anyone should be interested:

The year 2011 has been like no other previous year in terms of UFO sightings. The sheer volume of witness accounts and footage regarding alien craft has been staggering. The visiting aliens themselves are becoming more daring and more willing to reveal there presence. From China to Indonesia, Brazil to Mexico, mass sightings of undoubtedly unworldly craft continue to both frighten and inspire onlookers. Through all this the Western media has done its utmost to misrepresent the UFO phenomena as unverified, unimportant and most likely a figment of a peoples imaginations.

Tell that that to the hundreds of thousands of locals of the Shandong district, who saw giant spaceships cross the skies above their homes in 2009, or the Brazilian military personnel who came face to face with extraterrestrials deep in the Amazon during “Operacion Prado”.

So why is this happening now? It seems at least one race of aliens might be preparing to openly interact with Earthlings in the near future. They might realise our survival depends on them and perhaps they have decided not to stand by and watch us self-destruct…..perhaps. Le us hope so.

In 2011 Western Civilisation is little more than an orgy of greed, violence and materialism. An obsession with power has seen the love of warfare and lust for blood spiralling out of control. We are also on the brink of complete destruction of our environment. Any cultures that stand in the way of this stream-train of self-interest are obliterated mercilessly. Like gamblers, its only a matter of time before our leaders push their luck and the whole edifice implodes in a deadly haze of nuclear destruction.

Perhaps Aliens see something in us, a chance we might change and become beings possible of contributing to the harmony of the universe. By showing up now, at what might be a minute to midnight, they are trying to get us to see the bigger picture. Let us hope we get their message so as not to turn Earth into another planet littered with the ruins of a failed, extinct civilisation.


Ending the day by saying that after work yesterday I was both given less suffering after weeks of extreme suffering and then again not (!) and still I also received the feeling of suffocating twice, which is really not very nice as you may be able to “imagine”?

And as a matter of good sake, my bones have for month been more fragile than ever before making me feel weak and this may also be what my joints have been too because sometimes when moving an arm, a leg I have received much physical pain, which I normally don’t experience.

I was thinking of going to a combined musical experience – an inspired guitar concert – and meditation at Theosophical Fellowship this evening, but I decided to stay at home instead because of what to others would be extreme tiredness, which to me – because of my experience – is categorised as “tiredness”.


After coming home and after having had lunch, I did the rest of the script today including the summary and editing as usual and by 15.00 I had finished this work, and from here I decided to take the rest of the day off, because I was tired and in “good conscience” because I work more than a normal working hour when you add the work I do throughout all seven days a week.


8th April: God has faith that I will be able to finish my work, which I do and have done without support

Dreaming of God has faith that I will be able to finish my work, which I do and have done without support

I had a better night making me feel better today – the negative feelings of Thomas and his friends are now weakened and we know “no answer” from Thomas (!) – but you know still not normal and a few dreams:

  • I have a good apartment on Amager, at a club in Copenhagen I meet Bryan Ferry again because every time he is here, I visit him and I tell him that I am glad that he feels better.
    • I woke up with the BRILLIANT song “sign of the times” by Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music – there are dozens of these – and the lyrics “Here is another sign of the times”, which is what it is.
    • Bryan Ferry is really “almost” as great as the ROCK GOD DAVID BOWIE and this is how I used to feel and for some time I have started listening more and more to his recent album “Olympia”, which I had some difficulties getting to know in the beginning but you know I get exactly the same feeling – the fog and the old lamp posts in the streets of London – when listening and getting to know this new FANTASTIC album too and I really just wanted to say that I am HAPPY that Bryan is now out of hospital and we know without receiving permanent injuries and we know “something about the darkness” as the spirit of my father asks me smiling and yes my father, this is what it indeed is. God has many servants taking on and deflecting the darkness you know.
  • I am on the pedestrian street of Strøget in Copenhagen. I meet a lady who asks about Listbeth, which I was together with but not now, and the lady says that it is about whether or not Lisbeth will get a new house. Later Lisbeth and Lena visits me at my summer house and when they are there, new visitors arrive and that is also Lisbeth and Lena (!), whom I ask to enter another room without looking at themselves sitting at the living room, which can kill them! In the living room Lisbeth speaks about customers, which are not her own but old customers of Fair, Lena is not with Teleperformance anymore but she thinks about giving an offer on telemarketing from her new company, the editor-in-chief Falbert of the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet is also there, he has been the manager of telemarketing work, which his company previously has carried out for Lisbeth, he speaks as if he knows what he speaks about but he does not know the details of the work, which his company carried out and therefore he is disqualified from getting this work. Later I meet Lena in the train, she is singing the Danish “folk song” (!) “kender du det” and instead of singing “Mona, Mona, Mona” the song is about me. Afterwards I see her car, which used to be on border plates but which now is “almost” on normal number plates.
    • I woke up with the song “the flood” by Take That and the lyrics “we were holding back the flood”, which may be what the spirits of Lena and Lisbeth also have helped us with and we know balancing the sceptical attitude and negativity of their physical beings in relation to me as the dream says, where the spirits and the physical beings of these two ladies (almost) meet. “Strøget” is where we will shop for “normal life”, the house of Lisbeth is her future home where she is headed and I get the feeling that these two ladies are receiving “new feelings” about me (?), which almost “kills” you (?). The summerhouse is another symbol of the home of God and we know our new world and it is from here that these two ladies will help me to “call customers” to sell Income Protection insurance, which you know is to spread “normal life” to the world and we know the newspaper Lisbeth is about “your big mouth” speaking negatively and wrongly behind my back based upon your own negligence, and you would of course never speak like that if I was present and “if only you knew” (?) and the newspaper is the symbol of destruction, which your thoughtless and evil actions were helping us “almost” to become.
  • I have been to a meeting with clients, which went exceptionally well. When coming back to the office, Kim is sceptical about the result of the meeting and my good human skills and I tell him that it went good because I was natural and humoristic, which was the “opener” of the meeting. I am now on my way to a new meeting where I will advise people on their pension plan and I have to remember my insurance tariff to be able to quote prices. Now Kim has full confidence that I will be able to do the work alone.
    • The part about “natural” and “humoristic” is coming from the “dinner at” show on Danish TV3 this week, where I have been HAPPY to see Robert Hansen being both “natural” and “humoristic” making me think that I wish all would feel and be the same but of course people will still be different because variation is a gift of God you know.
    • Kim is here a symbol of God too (?) – this was the vague feeling I got after the dream – and that this is to say that God now has faith that I will be able to finalise all of my work alone and that is without receiving support from any family or friends here, which have made me wonder because this is also going to the “secret world” (!) surveilling and knowing about me and most of you if not all would like to receive a better life and a better world, but still you are reluctant and afraid to support me and some of you even think that my arrival is the “worst”, which could happen – because of your own wrong doings, which will be revealed BUT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR (!) – and my dear friends this is still what IGNORANCE, POOR COMMUNICATION AND FEAR BRINGS WITH IT. READ, UNDERSTAND AND BE POSITIVE/HAPPY and “that’s all folks!”.
    • I woke up with A TRULY BEAUTIFUL SONG with lyrics something like “I don’t know why”, “it makes me cry” and unfortunately I don’t remember the artist or song title but this was about my mother CRYING over me, which there is NO REASON TO mother cf. above, you should be HAPPY and NOT SAD (!), and when I just wrote “crying” I was given the IMMENSELY BEAUTIFUL SONG “CRYING” by Roy Orbison and here it is in the amazing version also including K.D. Lang, and I am sure that my mother would say this is also a true favourite song of hers (?) and this is from the man with the most beautiful voice ever in popular music:

Don’t let “time pressure” or laziness make you cut corners – BE PATIENT TO DO YOUR WORK RIGHT

This morning I woke up before 07.00 without being “able” to sleep anymore – I would have liked to sleep for eight hours if possible (gross and not net!) – and therefore I stood up and decided to take a long bath in my tub for the first time in almost two weeks I believe and I was “happy” because I almost did not receive any negative speech or pain this morning, which was a BIG contrast to yesterday where I was given so much darkness from the sceptical and negative friends of Thomas – and mine – seeing my post on Facebook that it gave me one of my worst days.

I started working on the script at 9.10 today and I felt that it took more time than usual (?) and here at 10.40 I am done with it so far including the summary and editing, and from here I decided to continue my work on the Signs IV website, which first was about sorting all of the “confusing” information I gathered the day before yesterday into logical chapters, which made it logical and now suddenly possible to work with!

Since I dismissed the “evidence” from the webcam of the Jerusalem Weather Station the other day because of “important” comments given on YouTube, I have been thinking that just maybe these comments are the true hoax after pressure being put on by the military intelligence of Israel and that the video TRULY is evidence and today I had the question “where is the webcam located” and “can the Dome of the Rock been seen from the webcam” (?) and this took me out on a new and unexpected journey finding MUCH information including the exact location of the webcam from where the old city of Jerusalem can been seen from a distance but it seems that the Dome of the Rock cannot been seen because of the old wall of Jerusalem and a hotel blocking the view to it but my “feeling” is that just maybe the light ABOVE the dome was visible and this is indeed what was caught on the webcam also because WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE (???) and this is what I will look deeper into tomorrow and we know today I was also “inspired” to do a Google map with the locations of the witnesses and “hidden information” 🙂 and I decided to do this because nobody has yet done it with the quality required! I am not quite finished with it and it will also be included on my Signs IV page and we know I did not know how to do it when starting and I could have decided to skip it because of “time pressure” (!) but I did not because this is also important to do (!), so giving you an extra example of this at the same time as it is also an example of developing the skills required when you need it, which I did today.

I kept on working until 17.20 today and it really takes time going through cover ups, debunking, forums of people discussing this with many writing before knowing (!), hoaxes and hoaxes which are not hoaxes. The work is not that difficult to do, but “it’s gonna take patience and time to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right child” and this is really the name of the game when you are fighting and winning for the light and we know also another lesson to the world of being PATIENT and TO DO IT RIGHT.

Secret agents have tried to kill me and Obama but they were stopped by the power of God

In the morning I just wanted to have a brief look at the Disclosure Project website (the best disclosure of UFO’s and the DEVIL of the U.S. secret government, which the world has been to lazy and careless to find out!) and I became “somewhat” nervous when it did not work – including the subpages of it – and this continued later in the morning and it could either be because the Council was blocking my access as another game of the darkness or that the US military intelligence had closed it down and on top of this I started receiving spiritual speech about secret agents of mainly Russia was on their way to kill me but you know, I know the patterns of this game too well and I was almost certain that this was the darkness trying to fool me again – disabling me from working (!) – but when I kept on working without minding this, I was later told that this was a new “hoax” given to me and also that Russia indeed has tried to kill me before (!) – as I wrote something about in an old script of 2010 – but when I am protected by God, there is NOTHING you can do – have you heard about “heart attacks” of agents (?) – and I was told that “secret governments” also have tried to assassinate Obama – as you did with Kennedy because he wanted to bring the UFO truth to the world (!) – but the true “secret” is that Obama is in control of UFO’s and is fighting the secret government without the secret government knowing about this “counter strike” of his! MORE IS TO BE REVEALED MY FRIENDS!

In the afternoon, the Disclosure Project website worked fine again and I was given a déjà vue during the day that I have to produce the evidence myself in order to make the world understand, which is what I am doing these days finding and writing the truth about the Jerusalem UFO, which everybody could do but still this was SIMPLY impossible for the world to do including the media and even “serious” UFO researchers (?) and this is either because of COVER UP including debunking or POOR WORK and the strong voice of people “guessing” and my friends almost no one on Earth – other than the witnesses seeing the UFO close by – was able to understand this “not unimportant” truth given to you. This is SADLY how the world of today works.

How many people watching my videos on YouTube have started believing in me?

Today 120 people have “watched” my YouTube video “The “birth star” of Virgin Mary on the sky leading to the Son of God, April 4, 2011” on the Internet, which includes a link to my website and from the statistical information from my website I can see that THREE people (3!) – below 3% (!) – have been “able” to find my website and how many of you have now been “converted” into believers in me (?) and is the number between 0-1 (?) showing you that in reality it is “impossible” for people to start believing in me and that is NOT because of me but because of their own ignorance, laziness and negativity and we know THIS IS THE GENERAL PICTURE OF MANKIND TODAY, MY FRIENDS – even though you personally may believe otherwise in relation to yourself!

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • For months I have been given the understanding that other family members and friends also were leading German Nazi’s (with the goal to save the world, you remember (?) – otherwise read the front page of my website) and I have especially been given the name Himmler – the Reichsführer of the SS – many times knowing that one day I would be told who he is today and today I was told that this was the previous life of Kim S. – my old manager of DFM and Aon (1991-97) and “friend” since – and we know Kim how many times have you “bothered” to open my website and how many “words” of it have you read (?) and tell me, how crazy is it that you still think I am? YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND AND HAVE FAITH IN ME IF YOU ARE LAZY AND DO NOT READ ME.
  • It was a beautiful cloudless evening and at 20.40 where it was still more light than dark, I was shown one of these special lights flying to the left of my apartment and we know it was not coming towards me and I was told that this was the light of Karen and “no, I don’t want to go all the way”, so she is still reluctant even though she knows who I am and has never loved anyone with your TRUE heart as much as me, Karen?


9th April: The members of the Council are “under pressure” when the picture of me and themselves becomes clearer

Dreaming that the members of the Council are “under pressure” when the picture of me and themselves becomes clearer

I had a better night where I was “feeling” like sleeping deeper but still this is not entirely how I feel this morning – “a new sensation” is what this is really – and we know the mandatory dreams:

  • This is a dream I only remember vaguely but let us see the notes: I am in prison, we are becoming freed from the outside, however it is not certain that all will get out. Something about receiving an injection, the prison inspector tries to hold me back in the park after I have done forced labour, he calls others to help, I throw out the needle as a proof to my girlfriend, but the inspector sees it and wants to retain me, however I run and that is too fast for anyone to catch me. Karen, my girlfriend, is “forced” to singing for me because I am nice to her.
    • The prison is about being forced against my will, which I am when I am doing forced – or slave – labour for the Commune, and this dream is saying that I will become freed from the Commune and Falck from the outside taking others with me and we know “that’ll be the day” when enough people will receive faith in me and will start to help me receive a “normal life” in financial terms.
  • Denmark is playing handball against Poland, it is a tie shortly before the end when Poland scores to win the match, which is due to a poor trainer of the Danish team. In the bus I am told that the reason why Denmark lost is because Karen is not allowed to win.
    • Somehow I believe “Polle” – or the spirit of Paul – is connected with this dream since Denmark is playing against Poland. The bus is about “making love”, where the “habits” of Karen are not allowed to win. When I woke up I was told that the Council for a period only will be running on the energy of Karen and “take it easy, nothing will happen”.
  • I have rebuilt a Porsche, which is running on ecological fuel and I hear the car talking about how special Electric Light Orchestra are.
    • This will have to be the car of me, which is “rebuilt” according to how I continue working and we know a Porsche is fast so this is how my work is progressing and we know some may believe it takes too long, but when you consider the amount of research, writings and attention to details I do, I have done it “fast” – and it is of course done with my biggest love to man, hence the symbol of Electric Light Orchestra, which is a clear number one on my list, and you cannot go any higher than this.
  • I am in DanskeBank-Pension working closely together with two others. We have been speaking about the lack of quality of Kresten’s work and afterwards we speak together with other colleagues around us, which I “somehow” forget when I say that “we are not satisfied with Kresten”, which makes the others say “schhh” to me to hush me up. We have received vertical computer monitors without a power cord but I tell them that they come both as vertical and horizontal and also with power cords. I start working together with one colleague sitting so close to me that our two monitors are made to stand on top of each other and I laugh by saying that he will start working on the top monitor and I will continue on the bottom monitor.
    • The two others are not those from Linie 3 you know 🙂 but the ones from the Trinity and here it is to say again that it is very poor behaviour speaking behind the back of others – you should go directly to the person in question if needed – and there should NEVER come a situation where you believe it is necessary to hush up others because of what they say, and it is also to say that today when so many people show a poor behaviour, they will get negative speech as a habit also making them “say too much” in front of others herewith revealing themselves. The work with my colleague is to say that this is how I will work together with the Trinity – we are both individuals and connected as one at the same time.
  • I woke up hearing the song “under pressure” by Queen & Bowie again and again and I was shown a picture, which becomes clearer and clearer and this was about Karen and the other members of the Council, who are bound to go through a period of “throw up” feelings and for my mother even to fear for her life when reading my scripts as I did myself and this is for them to come “home”.

Working MANY hours on the Jerusalem Weather webcam question: Did it film the UFO and if it did, it proves SEVERAL visits

This morning I started working at 9.00 doing the script of today so far, I continued doing some more Jerusalem UFO research before I wrote the last 2½ chapters of the script of yesterday.

The rest of the day and most evening I searched EVERYWHERE to find evidence of the truth of the webcam of the Jerusalem Weather Station filming the UFO and the question is still if the space above the Dome of the Rock is visible from the webcam location because the Dome itself is not but the old city – where the Dome is located – should be in the right side of the picture of the cam and we know NO ONE ON THE INTERNET HAS ANSWERED THIS OBVIOUS QUESTION as far as I can see and there are thousands of people very interested in this subject and millions have watched the videos of the UFO and we know the worst part is that 33,000 people have watched this video of the webcam filming the UFO and all have agreed for or against what they see without truly understanding that this is “more than difficult” to determine and so far the owner of the cam has not really given a clear answer about this other than the old city is inside the picture but the Dome is not visible – but what about the space above it (?) and we know the UFO descended from a “high” altitude down to approx. 5 to 9 metres above the Dome, so is this what the cam filmed (?) and my final answer after doing my ABSOLUTELY best working on this for MANY hours is that I cannot say yes or no and therefore I will ask Eligael’s Facebook forum on the subject for help and really because this might be important to the story because if this is truly what it looks to be – what else should it be ? – it also says that the UFO has arrived not only once but SEVERAL TIMES over a period of days, which I will come back to and that is of course if the evidence is REAL.


10th April: A new connection between the Universe and God and a new Earth has been created through Mount Zion

Dreaming that I am not supposed to see Sanna yet, that she believes “somewhat” in me but her vanity is difficult to break

I had a night like the previous and we will go straight to the dreams:

  • I have forgotten to feed and give water to the dog for a long time – and something about my mother I cannot read. It is said that I am mentally sick, cannot sleep and cannot be the chairman. The house of the nurses will be shut off again, I am to be locked up. At night I am out with the hospital and my sister, the television comes to film and I also see a helicopter on its way and a blinking “UFO star” on the sky.
    • When I woke up from the dream, I was freezing and is this and the dream to say that sister still does not believe in me, which is making me “cold”/suffer (?) or does she believe in me and I don’t know because I have been given both answers and there is only one way to know and that is for her to tell me and we know I received an email from her yesterday, which I will answer today – and we know the television is the darkness and the helicopter and UFO are “the good guys” helping me.
  • Something about a cat being unhappy with cut flowers, Sanna is not allowed to be here, the organization will be effected, it is not to degrade Sanna “but I have”. I see Johnny Cash playing a song called “redemption” but it is a 1981 remake, which I don’t like as much as the original.
    • Is this to say that I am not supposed to see Sanna yet because her lack of faith – if this is the truth – will make redemption more difficult, but still a poorer version of the song is played so just maybe she believes “somewhat” in me but not enough yet (?) and the reason being that I have “offended” her by telling the truth, which is to be degraded in her point of view (?) – and I have decided that I will see her again the day when she will believe in me and will communicate this openly, honestly and directly also to reduce the suffering of all of us. This is what I will write to her.
  • I am in a department store where I see an employee holding a sign and when passing him I enter the radio department where I see and hear some very good JBL speakers in different qualities from 6,000 – 15,000 DKK playing (this is “very good” but not “ultimate” quality) and I see someone playing a high end gramophone however the tone arm and pickup have difficulties playing the records without errors and I think that this is very good quality but that a gramophone today does not give the same high resolution as the best digital media. On my way back I meet the employee with the sign again, which leads me to a presentation of Toyota’s in Jutland and on Funen, and I am very happy to see a good quality presentation and I think about finding it on the Internet but it is not there.
    • The department store is also about “normal life”, the speakers and gramophone are about the messages of my scripts and the “power” of my future “special friends” or servants from Jutland and Funen of Denmark, who are becoming “educated” through the presentation, which is “my scripts”, which is making them develop into their new selves, which the Toyota symbolises.

Thomas B. L. decided to leave me as “friend” again and my friends are still living the “good life” in IGNORANCE!

Yesterday evening I noticed that my old ”friend” Thomas B. L. eventually decided to leave me for the second time as a friend and even though he now had the knowledge that I write about him, he decided to leave without giving me an answer and without telling me of his intentions and do you see a pattern of just how poorly the understanding and communication of people are today (?) and this is Thomas, what you yourself will help to make the world understand through your actions.

And still I see just how happy and for some how “party crazy” they are through their messages on Facebook and we know including Champagne, expensive dinners, cafes, theatre and all of what gives people a “good life” but my friends are you completely STONE-DEAF (???) still not reading and understanding and still ignorant and careless about my LTO friends in Kenya starving and myself “living on the edge” also because of you – and I might add that if you had read and understood me, you would know that you would not be alive today if we had not succeeded coming through the Judgment. This is IGNORANCE my friends!

Receiving the first negative comment to a YouTube video of mine: “u gotta b kidding me”!

When this is written, my video The “birth star” of Virgin Mary on the sky leading to the Son of God, April 4, 2011 has received the “amazing” viewing number of 132 and I have received the first negative comment from a lazy and ignorant man doing exactly what I warned about in my introduction to the video, which he probably did not have “time” to read?

Here it is:

@stigdragholm ur saying u were JESUS in ur previous life?u gotta b kidding me,u didn’t leave GOD the FATHER’s throne to die for sinful man,u didnt shed ur blood for the sinner to b clean,ur fake as can be,the virgin mary is not ur mom.

I have decided a long time ago that I will not communicate with people not having faith in me, thus I will not give a reply to his comment other than give a reference to this updated part of my introduction to the video, which he may be “able” to understand one day?


This is also a test to a deceiving and sceptical world. Will you be “able” to understand this simple truth by watching the video, reading and understanding my website, or will your strong and WRONG voice dismiss me as a “hoax” based upon your own ignorance and laziness? This is to show mankind that you need to improve your UNDERSTANDING and COMMUNICATION skills, which is making people (and me) suffer very much!

And I might add that for months I have received the feeling that all people visiting my website and now also my videos and reacting with disbelief in me based upon their own ignorance and laziness will become teachers of mine – or at least receive the offer – to teach the world of the need to improve.

A new connection between the Universe and God and a new Earth has been created through Mount Zion 🙂

At the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet at 12.00 today I had NO IDEA what would happen but I thought that it would not be as difficult coming through as last week, which it was not – we know “somewhat difficult” but much easier in fact.

The service was a divine service for mother Maria and appropriately they started playing the IMMENSELY BEAUTIFUL song Ave Maria and as far as I could hear it was Andrea Bocelli singing (?) – and I wonder if you will start singing Ave Lona instead (?) and just wondering we are here and I receive a smile from one of the Council members having his head bent at the moment and that is the spirit of Denis/Nostradamus because he knows that I will send a card to Karen and that I will win this one too but that is a completely different story and now back to this one.

This was a service for mother Maria with my mother’s FAVOURITE song of all 🙂

The service was a combined meditation and healing service for Earth where the same nice lady – Yvonne ? – spoke in between the very beautiful music, which mostly was “soft opera”, and she prayed to mother Mary to spread her divine presence, gentleness, love and peace to Japan, the Middle East and other focus centres on Earth, which I attended and I was also thinking of the situation in the Ivory Coast, which I have for weeks without writing it :-).

In the beginning of the service I was shown chains of blood surrounding Earth and I was told that “we have to go through chains of blood to come back to Earth because we are really not here” and that was the first surprise of the day and it continued when I was shown a blue globe coming up through a hole and told that “we are about to create – not to recreate – the new globe” and it made me think that the other day I was told that the spirit of Karen/Mary Magdalena would be the only soul present for a period of time giving us all life energy and also that I heard the voice of Earth speaking to me a few days ago for the first time ever without writing it down and my dear friends EVERYTHING YOU SEE AND FEEL IS LIFE and this includes “planet Earth” – and also “the air that you breathe” – and that is in case you did not know of course.

After this surprising beginning, I felt an old female soul entering me and she showed me a green colour – which I associate with hope – and a “champagnebrus” which is a Danish ice lolly and she said “without the ice” and that is of course because then you will only have Champagne left as the symbol of celebration. I did not know who this soul was until told later in the meditation when I was told.

Afterwards I was shown the continent of Africa on the globe and the light breaking through Earth’s crust and I was told “this is how we develop people with the help of God; through the creation of a new globe” and I was giving the feeling that mankind is not only living on Earth, which is feeding mankind but that mankind is also feeding spiritually and mentally through Earth and we know this is the “life in life” principle where mankind is part of Earth, which is part of something bigger ending with the Universe and we know ultimately God behind it. I was told that (the beauty of the movie) “Avatar will seem like nothing compared to the new Earth” and I was shown a yellow colour with a beautiful pattern and told that we will receive new colours and materials too.

A new Earth has been created, which will become so beautiful that
Avatar will seem like nothing compared to the new Earth” 🙂

I was also told that the new earth will reduce my suffering and then I was shown an oyster – the symbol of making love – and then the spirit of Karen/Mary Magdalena came forward telling me “it is I who transmits all of this to you and the soul, who entered you”.

I was shown an oblong table with eight people drinking Champagne and at the end of the room a white door, which is the entrance to God, which I was told is what the Council uses together with and THROUGH me – and still there is some darkness going through the “passage”.

During the meditation I was shown the colour Bordeaux in different connections for example as the colour of cloths on several oblong tables in a church together with a bell ringing; this is the colour of God and I was told that this was the reason why I loved this colour so much as younger for example on ties and the Saab 9-3 car I had and we know the tie symbolises confidence and the car symbolises me, so the Council is using my confidence and soul to create the new Earth and this is also what is making them return safely to Earth without becoming hurt going through the chains of blood – and I was told that the reason why I decided to wear different colours later in life was because of the influence of Karen not least and here I am thinking of the brand Kenzo, which she led me to without knowing it.

I was shown the broken bridge of mankind and a new bridge going down, which is what mankind will use to reach God on the other side and as a symbol of this I was shown the outline of David Bowie performing “heroes” – which is my favourite song of all songs – and I was told “this is also me” and we know there might be another reason why David decided to retreat from the limelight more or less at the same time as I was opened up spiritually in 2004. And what could be more appropriate than to bring my favourite song of all here as the symbol of God’s love to mankind and that all of you are welcome back after a long journey 🙂

My FAVOURITE song of all; by David Bowie – the symbol of God  – showing the greatest love of God welcoming mankind and the Universe back home 🙂

I was shown my self receiving a crown on my head and a sceptre and told that this is how God will come to me; through Earth, which also is how the whole Universe will receive access to God.

At the end of the meditation I was shown a steam train returning to Earth in great speed, I was told that the Council had to go through the remaining part of the darkness to “collect material” of God and I felt the spirit of my father returning and told that he had to be collected too and that he is not entirely with us yet because we are not quite finished yet.

I was told that ”it is not everyday we get a new world; this is how we feel”, which was followed by a vision I was given of one of my favourite Kenzo ties in red/white – which is now in Kenya 🙂 – and later the feeling of the spirit of my mother returning and the red of the tie was the “blood” or suffering she had to go through and the white was returning safely.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem – or Mount Zion – with the Dome of the Rock is the physical connection on Earth now connecting the Universe with God

Finally I was told that the place where all of this physically is happening is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and my ladies and gentlemen: THIS IS THE PHYSICAL PLACE ON EARTH CONNECTING THE UNIVERSE WITH GOD, who is still “outside” the Universe as a kind and a little bit tired too spirit of my father here is telling me and I wonder if this mount is the biblical Mount Zion as Wikipedia says that some people identify it with and really because I was told through physical speech coming out of my mouth – which I had no influence on and therefore was NOT me speaking (this happened from 2006 to 2007 or 2008 where I was overtaken physically dozens or hundreds of times daily!) – in a clairvoyant reading I had with Pia A. H. in the beginning of 2006 that I am connected with Mount Zion – as I remember it – and the message was that this was God speaking and connected to me and we know Stig THIS WAS ME AS THE ALMIGTHY FATHER SPEAKING and while saying this, God is also giving me the feeling of the spirit of my father and this is because I still receive some “confusion” but you know this was the reason of the visit of the UFO to this mount the 28th January, which was to “prepare and to install” as I am told what was necessary to create the new Earth and subsequently to do the necessary “changes” to mankind :-).

And I might add that during the meditation I received more ”threats” of the darkness with stories of Russian agents on their way to kill me, whom had to be “stopped” and I also received acid regurgitations during the whole event, which I have had most of the day and still have when this chapter is written, which may be “that’s what it takes” to come through and we know which clearly is a Jeff Lynne (influenced) song – my favourite on that album, George – and this is MY OWN INNER SELF, WHO HELPED ME TO COME THROUGH PHYSICALLY TO MYSELF TOO as I am told here and we know a part of the UFO visit was in other words to TRANSFER MY INNER SELF FROM THE SOURCE TO MY PHYSICAL SELF and my dear friends this is how it goes when we all have a good day :-).

Receiving a nice email from Sanna and replying that I will LOVE to see the family when they will declare their faith in me

As mentioned, I received an email from my sister yesterday, which I was VERY HAPPY to receive and my first instinct was to start seeing the family again – if they want to see me of course – but I decided that it would be better both for the family and I when the family will “come out of the closet” and declare their faith in me, and this was the reason why I wrote as I did to you Sanna and I have decided to include your email and mine in this script because my scripts are ONLY about positive messages, which this is an example of.

Here is Sannas email:

Hej Stig

Langt tid siden sidst, hvordan går det med dig? Er du startet på et job? I givet fald hvor henne? Håber alt ok. kunne være rart at høre fra dig. Her er alt ok. Niklas og Isabelle skal på en kort tur til Paris i morgen, Tobias arbejder og har søgt ind på forskelllige studier. Jeg har skiftet job og Hans rejser som altid, han har lige været i Paris.


And here is my (longer) reply – I could not ”help” it:

Hej Sanna,

Tak for din mail, som jeg blev glad for at modtage – og stort tillykke med dit nye job, som jeg glæder mig til at høre mere om 🙂. Er det samme stilling i en anden kommune eller overrasker du mig ved at prøve helt nye ”udfordringer”?

Jeg arbejder stadig (mere end) fuld tid med at skrive og opfylder samtidig kommunens krav, som nu i al deres ”klogskab” er at beordre mig til 6 timers ugentligt (udviklings-) arbejde hos Falck i Lyngby, men de er nu rare mennesker, som jeg også godt kan lide at være sammen med.

Jeg glæder mig meget til at se jer igen. Jeg håber, I forstår, at jeg elsker familien/jer højere end noget andet ganske enkelt, fordi det er sandheden.

I 2008 før ”alt dette” startede fortalte jeg familien at FORSTÅELSE og KOMMUNIKATION er afgørende i menneskelige relationer, og at når man ikke forstår og ikke kommunikerer direkte, åbent og ærligt, så skaber det lidelser, og dette er i al sin enkelhed årsagen til, at vi alle har gennemgået store lidelser – og at jeg selv har gennemgået summen af alle jeres (og andres) lidelser, som ikke er det nemmeste, jeg har prøvet!

Årsagen er således IKKE mine skriverier men manglende interesse, FORSTÅELSE af og KOMMUNIKATION om mine skriverier, som på overfladen kan se ud som en ”fornærmelse”, men når man læser omhyggeligt, vil man forstå at de indeholder en uendelig kærlighed til min familie, venner, kolleger og til livet selv.

Når jeg skriver dette, Sanna, så er det fordi, at jeg har skrevet sandheden om det, der er sværest for alle at forstå – om mig selv og den tid vi nu er kommet lykkeligt igennem – og at den eneste årsag til, at der også er kommet usandheder frem, er på grund af min families og venners manglende tillid, forståelse, forkerte opførsel og misforståede godhed i forhold til mig. Dette er den ENESTE årsag til, at jeg også har modtaget forkerte spirituelle beskeder.

Jeg har således gengivet ALT, som jeg har modtaget 100 procent korrekt uden at tilføje eller fratrække noget, som er den måde jeg ALTID har arbejdet på – sådan er jeg og det kan jeg ikke lave om på – og hvis alle havde forstået og handlet korrekt, havde jeg udelukkende modtaget sande beskeder og altså ikke kun som af del af det hele. Nu kender du årsagen til ”spirituelle usandheder”, som skyldes mine omgivelsers forkerte reaktioner.

Det vil hjælpe ALLE i familien meget, når I – for eksempel du og mor i første omgang – åbent, direkte og ærligt vil erklære mig jeres forståelse og tillid til “mit andet jeg”, så dette emne også kan indgå i en helt NATURLIG samtale som et hvilket som helst andet, uden at det på nogen måde behøver at ”tage over”. I Kenya, hvor dette var et naturligt emne, indgik det kun en smule i vores samlede dialog, så der er ikke noget at ”frygte” for nogen; der vil ikke være noget ”hokus pokus”, blot almindelig snak som alt muligt andet.

Den dag, du/I mener at være parate til at erklære mig jeres tillid, vil være en glædens dag ikke alene for mig men for os alle og herefter vil jeg glæde mig MEGET til at se jer igen. Det vil skabe for stor lidelse at ses før dette.

Indtil da vil du måske læse mit nyeste skrift, som der heller ikke er nogen grund til at ”frygte? Det indeholder kun positive og VIGTIGE beskeder, som jeg er sikker på, at du vil forstå – hvis du altså vil læse?

Hils Hans, drengene og deres kærester mange gange – jeg savner alle, og jeg læste om Tobias nye kæreste på Facebook, som jeg håber, at han er glad for og som jeg også glæder mig til at se.



NB: Jeg beklager den lidt lange tekst, men sådan er det, når man er vant til at skrive. Take care.

And we know Stig, I thought that I would take most of the day off because I really needed it but after waking up at 7.15 and taking another long bath in the tub, I started working at 9.15, which I continued doing all day long until 17.55 when this script is published and we know I was hoping to relax and to go for a walk outside in the beautiful weather, but this will have to wait to another good opportunity.

And did I mention that it is not very easy to write when your eyes “stick together” (?) and your vision is blurred (?) as it has been all afternoon and we know “let’s stick together” is probably the best for God, mankind and the Universe :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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