April 14, 2011: God and the Universe was created through “an abnormality of the darkness” because “everything IS nothing”


Summary of the script today

11th April: God and the Universe was created through “an abnormality of the darkness” because “everything IS nothing”

  • Dreaming that my mother remains in the darkness because she does not stand forward declaring her faith in me, which made me enter EXTREME DARKNESS yesterday evening and giving me the start of influenza this morning, a man is demonstrating how he enters the water artistically, which is about my “hurting” because of the tears and FEAR of my mother (and sister).
  • The spirit of Karen went through the most difficult time of her life being the life flame of all physical members of the Council while the others where busy creating the new Earth, but still it was “easy” to come through because this is what it was for me going through the worst period ever the last 1-2 months.
  • The Source (God) was created through “an abnormality of the darkness”. The resistance of my family and friends was the darkness of all mankind working, which again was the defence of “nothing” doing its best to destroy me to return to the state of “nothing”. “Nothing is everything” and “everything is nothing” meaning that God, the Universe and life – “everything” – is created from out of “nothing” and the creation process of this was STEP BY STEP with one action depending on the other and to continuously adjust to the resistance of the darkness, which only is (was) possible to do going through immense suffering, which is what mankind and I have done. Therefore :-).
  • I will become the Son of God at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem meaning that this is where my true inner self will open up his eyes through me.
  • I sent my birthday card to Karen as usual with my absolutely best wishes, declaration of “endless love” and a hope to make her happy, to help her understand me even more and to tell her that she has a very special light on the sky about love to life and all people, which she will soon receive :-).

12th April: Many managers are dictators destroying the lives of people; give people FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY

  • Dreaming of my old Swedish colleague and friend Anna Karin, who did not “sing” about me and no Anna Karin, we never made it to a “Kiss”, neither after I have been “unmasked”.
  • At Falck today I knew EXACTLY what my work plan would be, which was to write my action plan and to keep on working on the key hood database, but UNSTRUCTURED officers on guard saw an opportunity to reduce their own “dull” work by laying it upon me, which is what they did making me feel degraded, humiliated, without freedom and unhappy, which is how managers (read: Dictators) WRONGLY make people all over the world feel. GIVE PEOPLE THE SKILLS AND RESPONSIBILITY TO CARRY OUT THE JOB and DIVIDE YOUR ORGANISATION into a part taking care of daily business and a part doing necessary development work – otherwise you will “drown” in daily work and never come around to development or only do this poorly as most businesses of the world do today.

13th April: The live performance of Cæcilie Norby playing “Hallelujah” is the symbol of victory and our survival

  • Dreaming of more and more people arriving to help bringing out the plans of normal life and still the resistance from people opposing me is stronger than I am, Thomas B. L. is one of the people resisting me because of his WRONG actions, Karen arrives in school to receive my teachings – she does not want me because she cannot see and understand yet because of the “pollution” of her life, my “special friends” will be as happy as I when we meet again and receiving support from my “musical friends” of the Council to make up for the lack of support from my family and friends, which I miss very much.
  • At HiFi-klubben I met Mikkel, the music producer/recorder I also met last year and he played acoustic music in the absolutely best quality on the best music system, which was a FANTASTIC experience to witness, but the true gem of the evening was the presentation of his recent and EXCELLENT recording of the Danish jazz singer Cæcilie Norby and her band playing the beautiful and to me VERY special song “Hallelujah” of Leonard Cohen, which turned out to be “ONE OF THE STRONGEST MUSICAL EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE” – this is how amazingly beautiful both the musical and technical quality of this piece of music is. It is INSPIRED music chosen as the symbol to celebrate victory, the survival of mankind and the Universe and our future life – and to show you the GREATEST LOVE OF GOD :-).


  • Dreaming of opening a door, which is impossible to open to hide from the darkness, the light is increasing and the darkness reducing but still it is almost impossible to keep out the darkness, family and friends disliking their train ride towards the light and the story of my father and Kirsten, who could not take hearing the truth about their poor behaviour – with the aim to improve our relation- which made them furious and enter the “red field” – another example of unfairness of simple minded people using “the opposite golden rule” treating me much poorer than I treat them! When will they ever learn?
  • At Falck I had agreed to go through my action plan with Robert, but his time slipped away when he was “busy” speaking in private and when he was interrupted by colleagues “needing” him and also because his lack of planning and discipline, I was only “granted” a two-minutes standing meeting where he – without thinking carefully – WRONGLY decided for me BOTH to do daily work and development work, which totally unnecessary makes my plan and development work impossible to carry out, but this is what gives the officers of guard the “opportunity” to use me as their slave doing their dull daily work as they please! This is about power-hungry managers working as dictators, who “kill” quality, efficiency and happiness of employees and they work under unacceptable conditions themselves often as the louse between the top management and employees pressing them from both sides. This is the DEVIL working all over the world today and the solution is as easy as this: DELEGATE WORK TOGETHER WITH THE POWER OF AUTHORITY TO EMPLOYEES, make managers unemployed (!) and have mentors with the best skills when required to develop and assist employees. This should be easy for all to understand (?) but still most of the world is NOT working like this today! As a result of his WRONG decision, Robert saw “magic” in front of his eyes when it was totally IMPOSSIBLE for me to save my work on the computer making me lose some of the work I had done as a symbol of the loss of development work all over the world because of the same reason as here.


11th April: God and the Universe was created through “an abnormality of the darkness” because “everything IS nothing”

Dreaming that my mother remains in the darkness because she does not stand forward declaring her faith in me

I had a night at the same level but I feel the beginning of influenza, which I hope I will be strong enough to resist – as before – and I only had these dreams:

  • I see my mother leaving our row house in Snekkersten and she does not know that I am looking out the window to see that she enters an apartment in the row house on the other side.
    • What did happen yesterday after I sent my email to Sanna (?) because I started receiving EXTREME DARKNESS, which was almost impossible to resist again and did you “report” my email to you back to our mother, Sanna (?), and what did you speak of behind my back instead of both of you communicating directly, honestly and openly with me (?) and my mother is in the darkness of Snekkersten leaving “our house” but entering another house of the darkness because of all of your secrecy and FEAR of me, which is “more than I can bear” really. BE STRONG, BRAVE AND DECLARE YOUR FAITH AND SUPPORT IN ME! And I might add that I was told yesterday to give my mother some time before she will come to me, but then she will come.
    • FEAR is the name of the game and this is why I received a strong urge to listen to Tears for fears this morning, which I do and I am MAD about “pale shelter” as an example and the whole album the “hurting”, which I am listening to now – FANTASTIC 🙂 and we know it is truly a “MAD WORLD”, you can almost “watch me bleed” because of the wrong decisions of my mother – and my sister – but still this MUSIC is breathtakingly beautiful and I am sure that they will eventually “change” :-).
  • A man is demonstrating in he water how he did a piece of art when he entered the water from the boat, lifted up one leg out of the water, artistically turned around and lifted up the other leg out of the water, which the audience liked to see, before he came back to the boat.
    • The boat is the darkness, it is driven by my sister and mother still doing what is wrong, which is still making me suffer terrible – do you realise or even read this (?) – which is why I enter the water as the symbol of suffering but the dream says no problem, I do it “artistically” to the satisfaction of the audience.
  • I saw my self cooking at the kitchen of a warship and I was told that this is where I will be as long as my mother acts wrongly.
  • I also had a dream I could not remember when opening up my eyes, but the message was something like “seven out of eight” and that it will be piece of cake to “convert” the attitude of my mother.

The worst time ever for the spirit of Karen, but still it was “easy” to go through

Yesterday evening I read the script I had published once more and I was happy with what I had done – even though it is not perfect (!) – and I watched the videos with Roy Orbison, Andrea Bocelli and David Bowie again, which again gave me the DEEPEST feelings, which exist and the spirit of Karen came to me saying that she has NEVER gone through such a difficult time as what she has done recently being the life energy for all physical members of the Council while the others were busy creating the new Earth, I felt on her just how difficult it is/was but there was nothing to worry about as I was told the other day because still it was “easy” to come through as she told me and this is because this was my attitude going through what may have been the worst period ever increasingly over the last 1-2 months culminating these days – and I wonder if all members of the Council have returned from the Source (?) and it may be part of the game that I am kept “in the dark” so to say and we know yesterday evening was another cloudless evening, the moon was up but the sky was totally dark without any stars – except from the UFO appearing as the light of Karen and this is still flying on the sky to the left of my apartment without approaching me because of the resistance of Karen to me – and we know not even the “stars” of my mother or father were at their normal places and no stars switched on their lights as they normally do so maybe you are doing some more work on the Universe (?) or else this is done to keep me in doubt and make me worry and just maybe because this is the feeling of my mother, which we are “trying” to give to you this way and this is of course the logical answer, my friends :-).

God, the Universe and life was created through “an abnormality of the darkness” because “everything IS nothing”

Yesterday evening I was given an idea of how God was created and I was told that it was because of “an abnormality of the darkness”, which I have been told now several times.

Later I was made to think about the resistance, lack of understanding and unfairness of my family and friends in relation to me through my journey, which was “this close” to bring me and the Universe down and these people symbolise and in this respect are the resistance of all mankind, which again is the darkness – or “nothing” – doing its absolutely best to keep the “balance” it knows of, which is to resist and to destroy me in order to return to “nothing”; this was the role of my family and friends and this is what I/we have conquered.

This process is not only the same process as when God was brought to life, this IS part of the creation process of God, this is to do the IMPOSSIBLE, which is “to be someone” made from out of “nothing” and I have many times for years now been told that “nothing is everything” and “everything is nothing”, which IS the answer to the creation of God meaning that “everything” is created from out of “nothing” or in other words “nothing has (almost) become transformed into everything” and this is because, as I am told, that I as Stig decided to transform all darkness to light – “light all over”, which is what I said inside of myself thousands of times when fighting the darkness 🙂 – and not to keep a part of it for possible later use “in my little right toe” as I believe was what I first decided in 2009/2010 if I remember correct, which I however was “influenced” to change into “light all over” and this is really how we came into “be” instead of “not to be”.

And we know GOD AND LIFE WAS CREATED STEP BY STEP with one action depending on the other and a continuous need to adjust to and to do our ABSOLUTELY best using power we did not knew we had to overcome the “defence actions” of the darkness carried out by my family and friends opposing me for example the original wish of my sister in February 2010 to remove my writings from the Internet, which would have been to follow the road of “nothing” defeating the Universe and returning to “nothing” herewith eliminating mankind!

Even later I was told that God is BOTH the light and the darkness – “everything” and “nothing” – and I was giving a déjà vue, which is a feeling given to me previously in my life and here the clear feeling of “sleeping with the knowledge of waking up to life some day”, which is how it feels like to be “nothing” – this is exactly how I remember it – and this brings forward the next question, which is “how do you create nothing” (?) and I am given the same thoughts over again about a loop with periods without life before waking up to bring periods of life and this is the loop we will now finish once and for all bringing eternal life forever and ever, which was the conclusion the 10th October 2010 when the light had become so strong that it would defeat the darkness once and for all – after going trough the last part of the darkness – and I have been afraid of writing what also has been told me for some months, which is that if we did not make it this time around, it would have been over and out for all eternity too and I can hardly think this thought because of just how uncomfortable it makes me feel and how insanely (!) close we were to reach this “stage” (!) and that is of course it this is the truth given to me because I have also been told previously that if we did not succeed this time, a new big bang would occur and God would then have to find a new solution and the question is truly: WHAT IS THE TRUTH (?) and this is what I will reveal later as God is here saying through me.

I will be told – and will know myself – more about the Story of Creation when faith in me will increase herewith giving me a clearer and deeper access to this part of “the big library”.

The Source is “a completely different world”

I was told by the Council about the experience of visiting the Source that

  • “It is a completely different world; there are no sounds in there”.
  • “There are no dimensions but a completely different room to what we have ever seen before”.
  • “One changes mind and is something else there”.

And when it comes to the experience of returning to the Universe I was told that “it corresponds to coming from space back into a space craft”.

I will become the Son of God at the Dome of the Rock

I was also given the feeling of my self being the dome itself of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the spirit of my father told me “you will be the last we will bring in here; this is where you will become the Son of God” meaning that this is where my true inner self will open up his eyes through me.

Rory McIlroy playing “disaster” strokes at the U.S. Masters is why I did not want to lose a single hole to the darkness

I watched some of the U.S. Masters in golf yesterday and I was happy to see Tiger Woods back on track almost winning again – he ended fourth – and what you saw with the brilliant player Rory McIlroy on his way to win this Major title – which most people believed he was about to – was that “many catastrophes await on this course if you are not constantly alert”, which I understood from the Danish commentators was the essence of what Rory had said before the round and a catastrophe was indeed what he found on the 10th hole – shortly after I had started watching hoping that Tiger would win – when he did “disaster“ strokes (!) giving him three over par on this hole alone and this was the beginning of more catastrophes to come ending up with a total of 8 over par for the day and a placement as number 15 instead of number 1 and the symbol here is that I did not want to make any mistakes myself on my journey because I feared that losing a set or as here a hole to the darkness could mean that my moral would be “broken” making it much easier for more “catastrophes” to come and as the Danish commentator said “this is one of the wildest days I have ever experienced on Augusta” and this was after Rory did his mistake on 10th – I know how it is to play disaster strokes in golf, Rory, this is when your swing and stroke changes just a few millimetres, which is done to you spiritually without knowing yourself, I have tried this MANY times myself (!) – and Tiger did his incredible stroke onto the 15th green, but how in the world could Tiger miss the following short put for an Eagle (?), and Tiger you might want to ask my mother because her resistance to declare her faith in me and come forward is what made it impossible for you to win even when doing your best and this is also what is keeping the world from its final breakthrough, so mother you may understand that your decisions have “some importance” (?) and that is of course if you read this and after you had achieved some strength to start reading (or “skimming” at least) my scripts again, your fear have now kept you away from the last couple(s) and this is not you Fred even though I also love to watch you play, this is NOT the Flintstones, you know :-).

Later: I do believe my mother returned today to read my script published yesterday; it is slightly difficult to see because somehow her computer – or John’s really – keeps changing IP-address.

My work day was to do the script, the card to Karen, some shopping and to relax

This morning I felt “half sick” and still exhausted with the need to relax, but still I started working a little after 9.00 and kept on until 10.45 when I had done the script so far, the summary and edit and it feels somewhat slow to me, is it slow (?) or do I keep the same pace?

Sending my birthday card to Karen with my absolutely best wishes and declaration of “endless love”

From here I decided to focus on the text to the card of Karen – it is her birthday tomorrow and I will have to send the card today and I should really have started doing the text 1-2 days ago at least to improve it in the process – and we know I write the text on computer based upon my “couple” of weeks old notes and I edit it several times before I write the card itself and we know I only do this to do the best quality of course – and that is NOT “off course”, Fred, because we are not out of bounds here :-).

By 12.05 I had done this process writing and editing several times on computer and when I was satisfied with the text, I did what is almost the worst I know of, which is to write in my hand, which I have NEVER been good at – I have a terrible hand writing – but I do it because to me I would be the most happy to receive a hand written card instead of a quick and superficial message as most people today do, and how many have you EVER met, Karen, who is sending you birthday and Christmas cards as I and to put your hand on your heart, what makes you the most happy to receive?

And here is my personal card based on my “template” to Sanna from yesterday as the foundation (!) and really because I have nothing to hide – or fear as I am told here – from the world:

Kære Karen,

Endnu engang hjerteligt tillykke med fødselsdagen med de allerbedste ønsker for dig og hele din familie 🙂.

FORSTÅELSE og KOMMUNIKATION er afgørende i menneskelige relationer, og når man ikke forstår og ikke kommunikerer direkte, åbent og ærligt – og venligt – så skaber det lidelser, som er årsagen til, at du, Denis og jeg har gennemgået store lidelser – og at jeg selv har gennemgået summen af alles lidelser!

Årsagen er IKKE mine skriverier men frygt, manglende interesse, FORSTÅELSE af og KOMMUNIKATION om mine skriverier, som på overfladen kan se ud som en ”fornærmelse”, men når man læser omhyggeligt, vil man forstå at de indeholder en uendelig kærlighed til alle – og helt særligt til dig.

Jeg har skrevet sandheden om det, der er sværest at forstå – om mig selv og den tid, vi nu lykkeligt er kommet igennem – og den ENESTE årsag til, at der også er kommet usandheder frem, er på grund af min families og venners manglende forståelse og forkerte opførsel i forhold til mig. Dette er sandheden.

Fornylig havde jeg en særlig følelse, hvor jeg mærkede dig føle mig, en begyndende forståelse og tanker om ”hvordan kan jeg elske ham”, og det kan du, Karen, ved at lytte til dit rene hjerte, glemme ”forureningen” i dit liv, være naturlig og blot leve et ”simpelt liv”, så kommer det alt sammen. Du har INTET at frygte – du går en god tid i møde.

Karen, du har et helt særligt lys på himlen. Et lys om kærlighed til livet og alle mennesker, som snart vil blive givet til dig 🙂. Jeg er din nøgle til LYKKE, hvis du kan og vil åbne dine øjne?

Quo Vadis? – Carpe diem!

Kærlige hilsener fra
Stig 🙂 🙂 🙂


As usual I don’t expect to receive an answer from her – not yet that is – but I do hope that the card will make her happy because this is the ONLY feeling I have wanted to give you, Karen, all of these years and what you may have had of other feelings are simply because of your own ignorant and sceptical voice together with a totally unnecessary fear, laziness and carelessness in relation to me and my writings.

I was EXHAUSTED – much more than what I thought

After writing the card, I walked to the city of Kgs. Lyngby (a few hundred metres from here) to mail the card – it is ALWAYS good to STOP AND THINK what to do and what to remember before doing it and that includes as example “what to bring when going out for shopping” before leaving the door (!) and in my case it includes to bring a cloth shopping bag to save money not having to buy plastic bags at the supermarket – and also to do a little bit of “cheap” shopping and when I came home I also washed my clothes and cleaned the apartment – which I did not make during the weekend – and by 14.30 I felt so exhausted, as I did not feel in the morning but you know I can often work the whole day sitting down in front of the computer without truly knowing or feeling just how terrible my condition is, and therefore I HAD to sit down and I was in fact so exhausted that it was impossible to keep my eyes open at 15.00 and therefore I closed them, got some sleep and by 16.30 I was back again still feeling exhausted but now less tired and from here I held the rest of the day off.

The lights of my mother and Karen closely together on the sky at the same time

During the evening I was HAPPY to see first the star of my mother returning to its fixed place on the sky and later in the evening “the Universe returned” (!) with all lights on the sky and I had an experience where the light of my mother first approached at the same time as the light of Karen and now coming from right close to the light of my mother. First the light of my mother flew slowly towards me in an altitude of 50-100 metres and it “only” came as close as 100 metres to my apartment – normally it comes even closer – which indicates “some distance of my mother” in me after my email to Sanna (will my mother be strong enough to declare her faith and support in me or will she decide not to see me because of weakness keeping her and me suffer?) and afterwards the light of Karen flew closer to me than ever before but still not as close as the light of my mother, and later in the evening the light of my father – it must be real – came as close as 25 metres from me flying above my apartment block and I was told by the spirit of my father “this is how close I am to you”.

I got the light of my mother on video and when I looked at it, it did not show the light of Karen, which apparently was not strong enough to be filmed by my poor equipment (the camera of the HTC Wildfire phone) and the light of my mother blinked many times on the sky and as before it took it almost six minutes to fly maybe 200 metres – but I have decided not to upload it to YouTube this time. I would like to have an even strong light showing a clear development before I will upload it.

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • I was HAPPY to see the outgoing, natural, warm and SUPER COMMUNICATOR and MOTIVATOR Jamie Oliver on TV again working to improve the school food for the children of Huntington, USA, which should be EASY for all to realise is the ONLY right thing to do but IGNORANCE is difficult to fight, which was why Jamie in the beginning of this series was crying because of the resistance and unfairness he met but I was SO HAPPY today see that Alice – the lady opposing him the most in the beginning – had changed and now was his biggest supporter and really showing how wonderful she also is as a person and we know KNOWLEDGE, UNDERTANDING AND A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY IS WHAT IT TAKES TO REMOVE THE DARKNESS OF PEOPLE and that is to “wake them up”, which Jamie did with her and a lot of other people too. GREAT JOB, my friend :-).
  • My dear sister Sanna has not yet found it “worthwhile” to start reading my scripts and website or to reply to my answer to her. Your fear of the truth must be immensely great, Sanna (?) and totally unnecessary of course.
  • I was told – as I have been before without writing it – that all programs, which have been initiated, have been continued and developed including as examples my visits to Arthur Findlay College in 2005/06, the spiritual church in London in 2006 and also that “patients of the mental hospitals of Hillerød and Helsingør are now “dramatically” better than in 2008”, when I met them when I was wrongly hospitalised by ignorant and better-knowing “doctors” not knowing that they brought me down because of their STRONG and WRONG voices based upon laziness and carelessness when all they wanted was to help me (!) – and has any “doctors” yet discovered the truth about me (?) because I “told you so”, i.e. that I would cure all patients, which you did not believe in and was part of what made you think I was crazy?


12th April: Many managers are dictators destroying the lives of people; give people FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY

Dreaming of Anna Karin and not even one “kiss” also after I have been “unmasked”

I was surprised to wake up this morning at 07.25 both because I was not waken up during the night – my mother receives more faith when reading and I receive more sleep (!) –, because my alarm at 07.00 did not work (!) and because of the sleep “all night long” – celebration too you know – I only had this dream with a good feeling, and by the way I don’t feel sick this morning:

  • I am in Stockholm together with Anna Karin (my old GE colleague from 1998-2002 and friend) and I tell her that there is something calm and fun over her, which I like. I see a quiet traffic cross in a living area and Anna Karin tells me that it was here she would have sung out loudly, but she decided not to. I see private importers of Champagne and wine in Stockholm are struggling with sales, there is still plenty to get. I visit a kiosk and think about buying a cheap beer and I notice what the locals do, which is to pour glasses from a very large bottle of San Miguel beer, which only costs 5 SEK. A delivery man brings new supplies, which include drinks and a bun wrapped up in a plastic bag; all of it has been under water and the bun looks pressed but the delivery man says that it is “alright”.
    • Stockholm is still the city of joy and happiness – our new world – Anna Karin was a dear colleague and friend of mine whom I still miss, singing can either be from “joy” and we know the same as “good music” symbolising “good feelings” or maybe it can be “to gossip” and either way, she did not. The difficulties to sell wine is because of decreasing faith of mankind in God over the years. And the bun under water will have to be that a part of the suffering of Anna Karin’s life is that she could have hoped that “I was made for lovin’ you” but I am sorry, Anna Karin, I was not, we did not even make it to a “Kiss” – you were not “my kind of type” – and I am sorry to say that after I have been “unmasked” my answer is still the same, and as “bright” readers will understand, these are references to one of my other favourite albums, which of course is “unmasked” by Kiss – I simply love it, but I did not make it to other albums of yours, Kiss – and this is also to tell you of my feelings for you Anna Karin as a human being including your parents and their beautiful summer house 🙂 – and I also think of Frederik from Luleå, Frida and other old colleagues from GE and GEFI in Sweden, whom I miss too.

Many managers are dictators destroying the lives of people; give people FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY

Because the alarm did not wake me up, I first started writing the script from 08.15 and at 08.42 today (!) I left for Falck and I found the officer on guard today, Robert, at the canteen in a morning meeting with other employees – I have STILL not been offered any morning bread here – and I knew exactly what my work plan was today, which was to write my action plan, to present it to Robert and to carry on with entering information into the new key hood database.

When Robert returned to the office, he was nice as usual and he told me about how important it is always to be positive (and I might add ALWAYS to be objective and honest of course) and also to be responsible, which I totally agreed with and I told him that when you meet the world with a smile, it is easier for the world to smile back at you – also a message to myself you know – and little did I know that Robert had planned “something for me to do” today (!), which completely took me by surprise because of all people he should know that I was working concentrated on the key hood database (?), and when he was on his way out of the office, he gave me very short instructions of four small tasks he wanted me to work on with one of them being to check if the natural gas burner of the place could handle a new reduced “sensibility” of the supply of natural gas based upon a letter from the supplier of natural gas giving this information and my dear friend WHAT DID YOU THINK OF ROBERT WHEN GIVING ME THESE TASKS (?), had you “forgotten” about the key hood (?) and did you want me to discover “by chance” who the supplier of the burner is, where the burner was located in the building if needed and also the telephone number to the supplier (?) and we know if I had not been firm holding him back and asking him the questions I needed to have answered to be able to do all tasks, he would had left me with VERY POOR instructions on all tasks, which would have put me in the same situation as employees all over the world, where strong managers order people to do this or that without thinking what is the best way to do the job and without giving the necessary instructions, which makes employees ALL OVER THE WORLD feel bad and also nervous because they know that they are expected to carry out these tasks “without problems” because “problems” will only make the manager unhappy (!) and my dear friends this is how A GREAT DEAL OF MANAGERS ALL OVER THE WORLD WORK, which is giving employees the same feeling as I received today, which is DEGRADING and the feeling of FREEDOM taken away from me, and we know Robert, you only meant well but I HAVE NOT BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS SINCE I WAS A BANK PUPIL IN 1984!

Besides, this disturbed my own plan and my concentration to carry on my work “my own way” and later in the day when the fax machine gave a message that a fax had not been received by the receiver, Robert ordered me unnecessary as most managers do and we know instead of letting me do the work “my own way” he asked me to “call them and ask if they have received the fax” – and we know the fax machine said that it was NOT delivered (!!!) – and another example was that he had an idea that instead of having ordinary paper and cardboard containers with covers on top, he would like me to check if it was possible to receive containers with “throw-in cracks”, which he believed would be a better solution for Falck, so without having any pre knowledge, without doing any preparations, without even knowing how the containers of today look, without having a deeper understanding of the “problem” of people mixing up these two containers, which I understood was the real reason why he wanted me to investigate and WITHOUT HAVING THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE TASK INCLUDING TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO – all of which felt IMMENSELY strong and wrong on me because THIS IS NOT HOW I WORK (!!!) – I did a phone call to the container supplier, where I only received partial information today and when I gave this to Robert, I knew that he would ask for more and that he would be the one taking the decision based upon the information I would give him and let me tell you Robert frankly how I felt: YOUR BEHAVIOUR WAS HUMILIATING ME AND THIS IS AN UNDIGNIFYING WAY TO TREAT PEOPLE, which again happens all of the time all over the world when LAZY managers don’t want to carry out “boring” work themselves but still they give out orders in all directions – often WRONGLY because they don’t know how to do the work because they don’t work with the details themselves any longer, which they therefore forget – and still they want to be IN CHARGE taking decisions without outsourcing this part of the work, which is making employees not only nervous but also removes their independence, confidence, joy, extroversion and QUALITY OF LIFE (!) – as I have been the victim of myself in “my life” – and we know also the ability for people to think themselves because when you ask the manager, he will think for you and tell you what to do making you feel and act “helpless” – instead of involving and developing you – and this is WRONG, WRONG and WRONG (!) to do my dear ladies and gentlemen and this WRONG BEHAVIOUR, laziness and selfishness is what you have received from the darkness, which you should have been strong enough to fight instead of tempt you, but this is what you allowed it to do when you were too weak.

So what I am seeing is people who ”only want to help me” – they are of course “social responsible” here you know (?) – but they do it wrongly because they obviously don’t know how (?) and they transfer their lack of structure to me, which is keeping me from doing the development work we have agreed for me to do (!), which continued when Lars – the fourth officer on guard and the man I met at the first meeting – had decided to use a part of his day off to come to work to ask me to help him with a “technical problem in Microsoft Word” because “I believe you have good skills with Microsoft Office programs” as he said also including that he is not very skilled himself (practise makes perfect as they say, Lars, and that is of course if you show a NOT LAZY ATTITUDE and do your ABSOLUTELY best) and I told him that I could do the work if he wanted me to do it but I also told him that by mixing daily work and development work, I would not be able to carry out the development work according to plan and that we therefore should talk about this and decide what to do, which made Lars say outspoken that I should really do both because “we are in no rush” and “there is no deadline on the key hood database” (!!!) and we know THIS IS SERIOUSLY WHAT HE SAID (!!!) and do I need to tell you that this did NOT motivate me and that I was unhappy to be told what to do because this is WRONG and a MISUNDERSTANDING – and he found the document he wanted me to look at, it was a Falck newsletter, which managers above him had decided to ask him to do herewith “nicely” reducing their own work (!) and then he tried to save to the hard disk three documents he had received on email, which needed to be included in the newsletter, which he also wanted me to do – all of this “dull” work would of course be “nice” for him to avoid doing himself, which is “to pass on the monkey“ from one level to the next as people say and very often wrongly do today (!) – which however made the system freeze and two people wasting approx. half an hour on “nothing” waiting for the computer to finish and here I told Lars that I had NEVER before seen such a slow and unacceptable IT-system before and also that it removed both quality and efficiency of the people working here and then he told me that the reason of the problem is a slow IT-connection to the head office, which Falck Lyngby are responsible for and that the officers including himself are the responsible people (!!!) – WHY HAVE YOU NOT FIXED THIS ALREADY MANY YEARS AGO (???) – and we know because only few need this here as I was told (!) and maybe because you would much rather use your time working as firemen instead of doing “dull” work at the office, Lars (?) and also you Robert (?) – and because of these totally unnecessary IT-problems, which I STILL cannot understand they have “accepted” for so many years, Lars was “forced” to call back this work task and “what do you do now”, Lars (?), which also is as beautiful a song or at least “very close to” as “where have all the flowers gone” by Savage Rose and this is of course to tell you Lars of how much I like you as a person and maybe you will remember that I told you that I did not fill out a competence card on your dog 🙂 – which you brought with you – and when I asked the dog “what do you do” (?) – nearly the same as the Savage Rose song you know – you were inspired to show me examples of just how well dressed your dog is, which impressed me, and this led me to say that “this shows the difference between trained and untrained dogs” and the essence Lars is to say that you yourself as a human being and employee to a very large degree is an UNTRAINED dog (!) and with REAL training (following my basic rules) you can improve as much as your dog to use this picture!

Lars also told me that he had a meeting with Jane from the Commune and he said that “she very much wants you to work three days per week” and my dear friends is that the full truth, Lars (?) and it had nothing to do with you asking her (?) and neither of you decided to involve me in this decision, which also has an impact on me (?) and we know IT MADE ME SICK to hear because it will make it even more difficult for me to finish my work for the world, but as usual I decided to be positive as long as I am required to be a slave of this system and therefore I asked him from when this will take effect, which it will after Easter and we know from which time I will then work three days per week on Falck/my scripts and four days per week on my website/scripts and this is sadly how it is here by “people who only want to help” but do what is WRONG to do.

By the way, Lars also told me that he used to be the PLANNING MANAGER for the entire region including to be in charge of the salary budget of almost half a billion DKK and we know but PLANNING is really not your strong side, Lars (?), when you are not strong enough to prioritise development work as you demonstrated today because of your “important” daily work tasks (?) and my dear friends the conclusion of the day is: DIVIDE YOUR ORGANISATION INTO A PART HANDLING DAILY WORK AND ANOTHER PART DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS and this will have to be the biggest mistake of most businesses today when people decide to do both, which really makes most people deal with daily business only never “finding” the time to develop and when they (rarely) do, they do it half-hearted giving poor results as the result and this is what it took to bring this message to the world. HOW MANY OF YOU, MY READERS, HAVE SEEN THIS “SICKNESS” AT YOUR WORKPLACES (?) AND HOW MANY HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO RESTRUCTURE YOUR ORGANISATION AND TRULY WORK PROFESSIONALLY WITH DEVELOPMENT TO SORT THIS OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL (?) and just wondering we are here of course.

Despite of these very unpleasant disturbances by these very NICE people Robert and Lars – do you understand me by now that I LOVE people but disapprove with their WRONG actions (?) – I did my action plan today and while Robert was in a meeting until 12.00, I printed out the plan together with the first page from the new key hood database in a short, longer and the longest version (different levels of details) and at 12.00 I asked him to READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE A MEETING ON THURSDAY as I asked for and received acceptance of – careful preparation saves meeting time and improve quality you know – and he was visibly impressed by the three versions of the database, which I had done, which truthfully is NOTHING compared to how TRUE experts of Microsoft Excel work and we know I have never had a need to become a TRUE expert in Excel myself, I have only used what I needed to and that was to work on the surface of it together with a few of the more “advanced” functions, which has made me a “super user” compared to most other people working in an office with many using it as a plain calculator (!) – I have only met two people in my career, who I know was working at a deeper level than I with this program and that is Søren from Dahlberg and Sidsel – and we will see if I will be able to influence Robert on Thursday giving me the freedom to work “my own way”, which by the way is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE song by Duran Duran, which is as GREAT that it completely took my breath away when I heard it the first time in 1982 – and maybe I will start influencing Robert and the others to start LISTENING to instead of TELLING me because I can teach you more than you can teach me, which will benefit you MUCH more (!) – and while writing this I also get a feeling about Karen and we know THIS IS WHAT YOUR GREETING CARDS ALSO DO TO HER – the best music giving “warm feelings” that is – because NO ONE ELSE send her cards as this and we know I felt Karen with me during the morning, so maybe you did receive and read my card this morning, Karen (?) and what was your verdict of me this time (?) – both positive and negative and maybe first positive and later negative (?), which is how you have felt about me many times before and POSITIVE was truly the only thing I wanted to bring you, the rest is what you and your surroundings made up yourselves.

We know Stig, yet again my “expectations” and my plan was changed against my wish but according to the road of God; I did not imagine doing other work at Falck than to carry on with the work we had agreed on (!), which also made me expect that my chapter on Falck would only become short today, but I was wrong and let me tell you: I DON’T ENJOY DOING THESE LONG SCRIPTS IF ANYONE OUT THERE SHOULD BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT I DO but the truth is that the scripts are my weapon, they are my sword defeating the wrong doings, ignorance and incompetence of the darkness and to do this, I need to go through SUFFERING, which is what the scripts represent themselves and that is every single page you read.

And because of this and also because I had some additions to do to my script of yesterday, I first finished writing and editing at 17.30 today and so it is :-).

Ending the day by telling that I was told that life developed differently around the Universe with one goal, which was to determine where life had developed optimal creating the greatest chances to defeat the darkness, which was on Earth and this was the true reason why darkness was gathered on and around Earth and why people of other civilizations have arrived for the entire Universe to stand together to fight with our lives – as we do / have done – to eliminate the darkness or let us say to “convert it to everything”.


13th April: The live performance of Cæcilie Norby playing “Hallelujah” is the symbol of victory and our survival

Dreaming of Karen arriving in school to receive my teachings

Not surprisingly after Karen received my card yesterday, my night was poorer with several dreams and wake ups again and we will see if I will leave out one or more dreams to keep the maximum number at 5:

  • I am in a department store looking at new clothes and new fine shoes from Yves Saint Laurent, I have no troubles even though people all around the store send me evil eyes and even though a part of the floor is almost removed.
    • This is the name of the game, to continue and almost “walk over” some of the biggest challenges ever and we know realizing who I am is not easy to take for several people and we still have those thinking I am “too much” and sending me “evil eyes” without understanding.
  • I am at Nørregade in Copenhagen, Kim Bodnia is there too, I see a GIANT man, he is a psychopath and he beats a small man to pieces and even though he is much bigger and stronger than I, I go to him without fear and I beat him to pieces the same way as he did to the small man and I feel that people are thinking of Robbie Williams and that “he is truly mad”. Afterwards I visit Remee together with Kim Bodnia and Kim is now friendly.
    • Nørregade is about the old slogan “more and more people go down Nørregade” (towards the old Department Store Daells Varehus) as a symbol of more and more people coming to help us roll out our plan, and still on this street I meet great resistance from people still believing that I am crazy – gathered inside the big man – and even though they are much stronger than I, we manage to continue our plan defeating this resistance and Robbie Williams is a symbol of me here with people thinking I am crazy as some people may believe of Robbie too when he is chasing UFO’s (?) and the nice music of Robbie is the music of love I send to all, and this is of course a game or a play set up by the “conductor”, i.e. the Universe with God standing behind us, here symbolised by my old school friend Kim as one of the best actors of Denmark and when the play is over, the actor who today is tormenting me/us will be friendly to all of us and “that’ll be the day” when all darkness is eliminated and so it is.
  • I am living in the same house as Thomas B. L., he has turned in late and I see a giant washing-up in the kitchen, which I decide not to do before I turn in. When I go to my room, I mix the bathroom with my room and I think that Thomas looks as bad as when he was at my mother’s home being sick.
    • It looks like that I am on Thomas’ mind after our recent “conversation” on Facebook and because of his resistance and wrong actions, he is one of the people inside of the big man on Nørregade or as here making the kitchen as the symbol of “normal life” a mess and we know Stig, you are still amazed and sad about the WRONG actions of people – why do most or all of you do what is WRONG instead of what is RIGHT?
    • When I woke up I heard “changes” by David Bowie, which was God telling me that this is about to change, and we know one of the few 100 point songs by Bowie it is.
  • I am at a school class where the door opens, a new student arrives, it is Karen, she does not know where I sit, but still she sits down next to me. I feel that she is not interested in me as a boy friend but still she gives me a kiss on the cheek. We are doing a math exam, I haven’t read the requirements and cannot answer the exercise, which Karen cannot either. I meet my father at a café and he offers to help me, and later I see him driving Karen’s shopping trolley with a raised fork on front of it towards me, which is almost impossible for him to do because it is heavy loaded, the wheels are blocking and because he is dying when doing it (!), which makes me run to him, when I see him, to offer my assistance, which I do and first of all I make sure to keep down the fork in front of it so nobody will be killed.
    • Here is the reason of my poorer sleep and that is Karen joining me at school, which is where I teach her to become “responsible” really and we know Karen overtook the practise of a doctor in skin and venereal diseases here in Lyngby last year, which may have given you “all the money you have ever dreamt for”, Karen (?), which should have brought you “happy days” too (?) but NO and the reason for your “unhappiness” Karen is exactly as I wrote to you, because I am the key to your happiness but still it is “impossible” for you to see because of the “pollution” in your life overtaking your “ability” to see and understand, and the shopping trolley is the symbol of your money and surely it is very difficult to share it with people in need (?) – for example my LTO friends and the man truly loving you (?) – and almost as difficult as it is for a camel to enter the eye of a needle (?) and we know Karen you are a doctor also in venereal diseases and “isn’t it funny” to advise people on how to behave responsibly to avoid these diseases (?) without doing it yourself, Karen, or should I say doing it “without” yourself, Karen (?) – and still have you ever had a venereal disease yourself (?) and do you know why?
    • Later in the day I was told that the exam of the dream is about my continuous work and after having received the final answer on the Jerusalem webcam – see further below – it is to say that I could not give an answer without having done (all of) the requirements. It is as easy as that!
  • I am in the harbour with the two holders collecting a harbour watch, which is a little bit expensive, from there I go to Helsingør where I pass busses and nice women reaching the traffic cross next to the customs house, where I meet Michael G. (from Fair), a woman and also – to my big and HAPPY surprise – Tina, my old class mate from EFG (1981/82), I tell her that I have missed her, she tells me the same and I ask her if she remembers where we saw each other the last time, which she did not, but when I tell her that it was at the train station in Helsingør where I was leaving with the train with her standing on the platform, she does remember.
    • To repeat the meaning of symbols: The two others are not from the bus line 3 but from the Trinity, the harbour is our “safe haven”, busses are about making love, the people I meet are coming “special friends”, who will become as happy as I when we meet again.
    • I woke up with the song “we can work it out” by the Beatles and the lyrics “life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend” and “try to see it my way”.
  • I deleted one dream, and I woke up with the special song to me “musikalske venner” (“musical friends”) by Allan Mortensen, which gave me very deep feelings when I watched and heard it on Danish TV in the show of the same name in the beginning of the 1970’s and here it was a symbol of my musical friends of the Council supporting me, when no one else is doing this, which is really difficult actually because one thing is to have my spiritual friends and UFO’s on the sky supporting me, another thing would be for family and friends to start confirming their faith in me and to give me the human support I have needed all of the time and NEVER received – despite from what LTO Kenya was kind and able to give – and we know this is what can break down people you know, but “oh no not me” because this isn’t about you Susan (!) but still thinking of you and your misunderstood resistance to me when we worked together in DANSKE BANK in 1984-86, and Danske Bank was really the message here to say that WE ARE ALL STILL ON RIGHT TRACK WITH NORMAL LIFE, STIG, and the resistance of people including Thomas is “as planned”, which is the process required to wake them up.

This morning I started working at 09.05 and my tiredness of doing this work is BEYOND ANY DESCRIPTION and the temptation to stop greater than ever, which it also was in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 but you know only worse today … but eventually some day I will finish this work and we know Stig, the negative speech which you have to fight constantly is really HARAZING you so much that I have NEVER harassed anybody before as the spirit of my father here tells me but please carry on the game my father because this is the only way to win.

Using MANY hours to receive the final answer on the Jerusalem Weather Webcam NOT to be included as evidence

And we know Stig FINALLY, after using MANY hours on the question of whether or not the Jerusalem Weather webcam caught the light of the UFO above the Dome of the Rock, I got the breakthrough today and even though I would have liked this “evidence” to be true, I will have to look away from it because I received information of what is to be seen on the picture of it – which I have been searching for and looking at MANY pictures to tell. The picture includes the Israel Museum in front and when I found this information and located in on the map too, it stood clear to me that the old city of Jerusalem – or the space above it – is NOT to be seen on the picture and we know this “heavy time consumer” stealing my time originally came from someone who wanted to find evidence apparently without doing his work thoroughly enough and decided to share his “findings” on forums and YouTube and we know one feather becoming ten chickens is what this is about together with the webcam owner writing one place that “the dome of the rock is not seen, but it is located at the right (east) part of the picture”, which I and others understood as the Dome is not to be seen in picture, but that it is indeed inside of the picture frame together with the old city (and that it had to be hidden behind other buildings, which someone DIRECTLY wrote that it was – behind the King David Hotel – and “almost” made me believe), and this was directly confirmed on the website of the webcam, which says “this is a look into the north horizon of Jerusalem. You can see Malcha at the left side and all the way to the old city at the right” but despite of this CLEAR evidence (!!!), the webcam owner later on YouTube wrote “the dome of the rock CANNOT be seen in the frame, because it is located easterly of the frame” and we know WHAT WAS TO BE TRUSTED and I thought for some time that the latter could be false – that someone had “convinced” him to say this – but the answer was truly that the old city and the Dome is NOT inside of the picture frame and we know this was a “killer” but at the end it shows how important it is to do your work right, to be neutral without prejudices and of course to communicate clearly, which I believe the information and comments of the webcam owner is a CLEAR example of (?) – and therefore my final decision is that I will not ask Eligael’s Jerusalem Facebook group about this and I will not include it on my website, but I do still wonder what these lights are on the webcam are, did someone create them as a hoax or did the UFO really come this way?

I can now continue doing my work being some days late, but better to be sure – or as sure as it gets – than to do your work superficial and to be guided by “what you would like”.

UFO 4th video Jerusalem, FULL VERSION incl. the reappearance of the Son of God 🙂

As part of this continuing work on my Sign IV page, I decided to upload the FULL video 4 of the Jerusalem UFO, which I “hope” that the Israeli teens filming this will understand and support (?) – I found it here and only in a short version on YouTube, and the reason why I decided to upload it to YouTube was basically to keep the same design of all videos on my Sign IV page (!) and while I was at it, I decided to write the following presentation to it:

UFO 4th video Jerusalem, FULL VERSION incl. the reappearance of the Son of God 🙂


Video 4 was filmed by a group of Israeli teens Yuli, Michael and Dor after a birthday party, where the driver “by chance” decided to stop the car for Michael to pee, which was at “the exact right moment” giving the group the “opportunity” to film this video helping the world to discover the truth of the event.

Do you believe that these first laughing then STUNNED teenagers simply are “good actors” or that it – thus also the UFO – can only be “the real thing” because you have NEVER seen “actors” performing as “natural” and “convincing” as these?

It was originally published February 1, 2011, and until the appearance of video 6
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QCPXXe4vNk) , it was the best shooting of the UFO. The original and shorter version of this video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RF87eEUXmM.


You can read the FULL story of this event at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/signs-iv (the page is currently under construction and will finish before the end of April 2011) including these and other messages:

  • This UFO is the “birth star” of Virgin Mary, who will become known in her new life by her new name, Lona.
  • The “star” is identical to the Star of Bethlehem, which led “wise men” to Jesus as the Son of God, and it will now lead “wise men” to the third (!) coming of the Son of God, who will become known by his new name, Stig, as you can read from my website at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com.
  • This UFO “star” is the same UFO, which is hovering the sky at its home place above my home in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark (when it is not visiting Jerusalem), which you can see from other videos at my channel, if you watch and read carefully, that is.


The messages of the Jerusalem UFO are:

  • To announce my reappearance to the world.
  • One God, One People and now One Philosophy, which is described in approx. 3,000 pages on my website, which will replace all existing manmade religions.
  • The salvation of mankind following that the Judgment (after 10.10.2010) is now a passed event, which mankind did not discover before it was over :-). There will be NO end times, mankind and the entire Universe will survive this greatest trial of all in history, which is described in scripts on my website as the events occurred.


The light of God will now continue to gradually spread all over the world and remove all evil to create our new world with JOY and HAPPINESS beyond any description for all mankind. The process HAS started and will increase with the faith of people increasing in me because – as you will understand from reading my website – today I am in spiritual contact with God and “the Council”, but I do not yet have access to the power of God, do not yet remember my previous life as Jesus and do not yet have perfect English skills just because this is what you may “expect” I have. This first requires the understanding and faith of the world in me.


This is also a test to a deceiving and sceptical world. Will you be “wise” enough to understand this simple truth by reading and understanding my website, or will your strong and WRONG voice dismiss me as a “hoax” based upon your own ignorance and laziness? This is to show mankind that you need to improve your UNDERSTANDING and COMMUNICATION skills as one important message because it is making people (and me) suffer very much!

Here is the video:

Finalising work today at “one of my lowest points yet”

And finally by 17.00 I finished the work of today, which was NOT easy to come through – one of my lowest points yet – and I wonder if I managed to solve and pass the “tied end” of the Jerusalem Weather Webcam today because I managed to communicate with both my sister and Karen, which frankly seemed impossible or at least “very difficult” to do the other day based upon how I was feeling – and we know I HAVE BEEN GIVEN SPIRITUAL TASTES OF DELICIOUS FOOD – AS NOW – VERY MANY TIMES FOR DAYS NOW (food I cannot afford to buy myself), so “normal life”, here we come :-).

The live performance of Cæcilie Norby playing “Hallelujah” is the symbol of victory and our survival 🙂

After this I was “quite tired” but looking forward to attending an event of the local branch of HiFi-klubben, who had invited customers to come for a presentation of the “sound equilibrist” – the professional music producer and recorder – Mikkel Nymand, who is the same man I first met at HiFi-klubben in Hørsholm in May 2010, which I wrote about the 25th June 2010 – and what would he present this time?

First of all I was VERY happy to see that HiFi-klubben Lyngby had set up their best system (what else?) – on the contrary to most other branches where Mikkel has held presentations as he said and why is that (?) – including the same “out of this world” B&W Diamond 802 speakers, which I heard here earlier this year almost losing my breath as the result – this is how GOOD they are – and again he did the presentation as a combination of speech and listening tests, which I liked and in the beginning he played mostly classical music and that was both layed in the absolutely best sound quality of today, which is the professional (!) DSD/DXD format and he let us hear and compare this with the poorer DVD-A, DTS and Dolby Digital formats with DTS being of approx. the same quality as CD’s and Dolby Digital a disgraceful quality, which is (almost) as bad as MP3, which Mikkel said he would NOT play under any circumstances – I liked that – and we know even CD quality sounds very bad compared to the best quality and once again I was thinking about Apple and their Ipods as an example of “laziness” and “poor quality” killing the world (!) and here because of the purpose to “store your entire music collection in this little device” and Mikkel, I PROMISE you, that MP3 music will die out and that “the best quality” will become extremely popular and in this sense I will be your ambassadour as you asked us to be in order to teach the world really :-).

And it continued when he gave examples of the same music played in stereo – two channels – compared to five channels with five speakers of the same high quality, which was SO MUCH BETTER THAN STEREO that I could not figure out why the world has not upgraded to a multi-channel system a long time ago and as I said as one of my comments this evening “it makes me wonder that I have listened to stereo only for 30 or 35 years” and I was thinking about the quadrofoni technology – four channel sound – which “bright” people developed around 1970 and could have given me/us much better musical experiences at home but because it was “too difficult” for people to comprehend and because of lack of a true sense of quality – for private people and thus the industry – it was given up (!), which is what the best sound quality standards of today would likely be too because as Mikkel explained, when he did a Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt CD, the record company did not want to publish it in SACD (a consumer sound format of the same high quality as the professional DSD/DXD format) and the reason was as they told him “we will not sell even one more copy because of this” and we know IF PEOPLE KNEW WHAT THEY MISSED (!!!) – you should listen to the angels singing when listening to the music system this evening – and IF THEY DID NOT ACCEPT FAR TOO LOW QUALITY, WE WOULD HAVE MUSIC OF THE BEST QUALITY ALL OVER THE WORLD TODAY and THIS IS HOW (most of) THE WORLD IS TODAY ALL OVER – so therefore, do not settle for anything else than “the absolutely best”!

And I knew that the theme of the Council this evening was about “quality” and “clapping” and that was because after each piece of music we heard, I was given a STRONG urge to clap – and some speech about this too – because the quality was so good that it was almost like being present – two messages here because I am given examples of a TRUE opening coming inside of me these days making “everything real” – and this was the Council “clapping” because of our victory.

After a break, I knew that Mikkel was going to present a recording he has done of the Danish Jazz singer Cæcilie Norby – whom I have followed most of the way since her early days of pop/rock in the 1980’s with the band OneTwo and also seen live in concert once in the 1990’s – and her band and he told us about a special production exclusively for HiFi-klubben, which he is preparing from a concert she and her band did of all places in “Trommen” (“the drum”) – which is a symbol of “original people” and therefore the Council you know – and really to show the potential of the absolutely best quality of reproduction today. The concert will be released this autumn.

He played different songs of the concert in different quality also showing how much better the DSD/DXD quality is compared to a poorer DVD-A quality – which in itself is much better than CD-quality (!) – and at the end of the evening at 21.00 when we really had to “finish on time” as he said, he “just” wanted to play the last piece of music of the evening, which still was with Cæcilie and her band and he introduced it by saying that “this is about a journey”, that it was a performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and about the performance he said that “it is completely unique and exceptional” and when he said this, I knew that it was a symbol of MY/OUR JOURNEY, and for the next approx. 10 minutes (?) I became more and more drawn into and totally AMAZED by the incredible beauty of this piece of music including the outstanding singing of Cæcilie and it was musically some of the best I have ever heard (!); how in the world could the band be so INSPIRED playing so extremely beautiful and “tight” and Cæcilie to sing notes as I have never heard her sing before or even had an idea that she would be able to sing and we know it was like listening to a jam session of musicians being carried away “into dream land” doing what they “felt” like going beyond any boundaries and limitations of the human mind and the result of it was as I said afterwards: “When you know the version of Leonard Cohen very well and when you know the, if possible, even more beautiful version of Jeff Buckley, it is unique to hear this piece of live music; THIS IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST MUSICAL EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE both in terms of the musical and technical quality”.

And even though I felt that I did not express all of my excitement of what I had just heard – which “almost” made me think “it is impossible to do music as beautiful as this” – I could tell that Mikkel became happy because he said that he pass on my comment to Cæcilie, and afterwards I told him “she sings truly unbelievable” and he said something about just how wonderful the bass player is playing, which I agreed in and he said that still he receives gooseflesh when listening to this piece of music and this is even after having worked with it intensively for a long time, which I was VERY happy hearing :-); I thanked him and he was kind to come and shake my hand also thanking me for my feedback and this is when the Council told me that this piece of music played by Cæcilie and her band at this particular place and recorded by this particular “sound equilibrist” was selected especially to celebrate victory, the survival of mankind and the Universe and our future life – this is why you were VERY INSPIRED MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO PERFORM YOUR BEST 🙂 – and I am told that this wonderful music is also to show you the GREATEST LOVE OF GOD and to give an example setting the quality standard for the world to follow not only when it comes to music but in EVERYTHING you do also including love and human relations.

Here is the BEAUTIFUL version of the GIFTED song writer and performer Leonard Cohen, who here will be the symbol of God.

Right after the presentation of Mikkel, a nice man of the audience approached me and I could tell that he loves this song as much as I do and also that it was as big an experience to him to listen to this new piece of music as it was to me and he asked me to repeat the name of Jeff Buckley, which I did, and I recommended him to listen to the song at YouTube first and here I am thinking about how happy the world would be if everything on YouTube would be of the same quality as the coming release of Cæcilie Nordby – or at least to be offered to people in this quality – and if the nice man did not find Jeff Buckley on YouTube, here it is and here Jeff will be the symbol of the holy spirit:

And finally: When the concert of Cæcilie will be released this autumn, there will be a third video here too, which will symbolise my coming as the third part of the Trinity and also to forecast the power I will receive later this year because of the coming faith of people in me.

PS: Mikkel is one of those “programs” (or people of course), I wrote about the other days, which have been continued and developed since I met him – and we know there are quite a few of those out there as the world will come to experience.

Addition the 6th May 2011: There WAS a version of this song uploaded to YouTube already the 4th March 2011 and the reason why I did not think of searching for it when this chapter was written the 13th April was that what I have written above was a prediction of future events very soon to happen, which I did not know at the time but as you can see from the coming weeks of events happening after the 13th April, it was first the 7th May – which is actually the day AFTER this addition is written (!) – that I arrived safely to the Safe Haven of the Universe meaning that first now I can bring you the video here with the message that this time around it is indeed the truth. This song is selected especially to celebrate our victory, the survival of mankind and the Universe and our future life, and the Source is also telling from the inside of me that “it goes straight to my heart too” – here it is:


People believe I am an “expert”, which I am NOT – solely because of their own lack of skills and poor working attitude

I asked several questions at HiFi-klubben, which clearly demonstrated to the others (approx. 30) that I am “an amateur interested in HiFi” not knowing much (!) and certainly NOT a “HIFI expert” as what several family members and friends believe I am, which is the same when it comes to my knowledge of music (artists and songs), where my family often have recommended me to attend music quizzes but the truth is that I do NOT have the knowledge required for this and this is the story I have “warmed” up to for some time because it is the same when it comes to wine – I am an “amateur with an interest” – and also when it comes to my know-how of Microsoft Excel (Office), where I to most people am a “super user”, which is why I use this word to describe my skills on my CV, but also here I am really only a “happy amateur” and the message is that I AM AN “ALL ROUNDER” AND NOT A SPECIALIST OR EXPERT in this or that subject as many believe I am and here you can also include working skills as written presentations/proposals, management, sales, marketing, administration etc. where SOME – but not all – see me as an “expert” within this or that field but where others believe that I am a “true amateur” compared to themselves!

And the true message is NOT about me, but about people and their lack of skills. Many of you believe I am an expert, which I am only because your level is (far) too low compared to what it should and would have been if your ATTITUDE to do your absolutely best and to develop had been in place. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE, WHICH YOU NEED TO IMPROVE, my ladies and gentlemen!

Ending the day by saying that I was SO TIRED and EXHAUSTED this evening that I was (almost) ready to give up because I thought it would be impossible to continue working feeling like this, but still I thought that I will probably get a little energy to continue working at least “some hours” tomorrow and we know IT IS NOT FORBIDDEN TO BE POSITIVE you know and that is combined with being realistic and doing your absolutely best of course.



Dreaming of opening a door, which is impossible to open to hide from the darkness,

I received somewhat better sleep tonight but after having “nice” dreams I lost the feeling to “reality” making me receive the feeling when being awakened from dreams “ohhh, that’s right, I am the one”, which is still you know a very heavy burden but as they say, somebody has to do it and that was my choice.

A few dreams:

  • I have broken into the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I am in the basement where I hear the police trying to enter one door and my only way out is to open the door next to it to enter and to hide but this door is so tight that it is “impossible” to open, but still I manage to open it to escape from the police.
    • A dream saying that I am still doing what is “impossible” to do – to avoid the much stronger darkness here symbolised by the police – and we know often it is “in your mind” deciding what you believe is possible or impossible to do and when you decide to never give up, impossible things often seem to be possible after all, yousee?
  • I am in Hørsholm where they have broken the agreement with Copenhagen to use their sewers, which have started good things from Sweden to run in the sewer but still I am shown that it is almost impossible to put an effective blockage to the omission of waste from Copenhagen, which is still coming but now it is less than before.
    • Another way to describe the light – here of Sweden – and the darkness – here of Copenhagen – and that the light is increasing and the darkness slowly decreasing, but still the darkness is present.
  • I have moved into an approx. 20 year old row-house complex surrounding a lake, the apartment is perfectly refurbished, which makes me happy, I go for a walk and also use the train driving around the complex to arrive at Marienlyst Station next to it, people living at the complex complain about the noise of the train, which I don’t understand, and to the right of the lake I see even newer and better row-houses than mine and I am happy to meet people who are “strangers when we meet” – another small gem it is – and still they are nice to invite me in to have a look at the apartment and I am amazed to see how beautiful it looks, he shows me the kitchen table, which is made from the absolutely best material and I meet their dog, which is a very nice dog. Outside I meet my father, Kirtsten and a lady I don’t know, my father talks about an account, which does not balance and I see that the difference is because of what looks like a rotten potato. The strange lady decides to rub the potato on my hand, which makes me say that I only wanted to help them pointing at the rotten potato as the answer to the imbalance and now they show a very poor behaviour, which upsets my father and makes him decide to walk very quickly away from me, to tell Kirsten that he would prefer to play tennis instead, which means that our agreement to spend some good time together is cancelled. I tell them that I am surprised of their negative behaviour, which makes my father even more furious and start to tell me off using a loud voice and Kirsten tells him “be proper to Stig because he was so sweet”.
    • People are here family and friends not happy about the train they are riding, because of me – to leave the darkness and enter the light, this is still what it is about if any of you should be in doubt – and this dream is about people being nice on the surface when their views and behaviour are accepted, but when they are told the truth of their poor behaviour with the aim to help them improve, they lose their temper and show their beast within, which is the story of my father and Kirsten in relation to me, and in the dream the strange lady is also Kirsten and it is because of the negative, temperamental influence of Kirsten – based on her misunderstandings of course – that my father decided to show his beast towards me (see his email from the 31st July 2010, which almost started the destruction of the world!) and really because of their STRONG and WRONG voices together with ignorance and laziness, which makes them misunderstand me and here it says that at least Kirsten still misunderstands me, because I was “so nice”, Kirsten (?), when I accepted your (sometimes) disgusting behaviour and only was “nice” without telling you the truth and we know another example of the opposite golden rule of simple minded people it is. And do I have to tell you that I of course love both my father and Kirsten very much (?), and if you think differently, it is another misunderstanding of yours not carefully reading and understanding my scripts.


I started working on my script at 07.35 this morning and left at 08.42 arriving a few minutes before 9.00 at Falck and today I was looking forward to sit down and have a cup of coffee together with Robert going through my action plan – which was exactly what we had agreed to do today – but he was busy finishing his morning meeting as usual at 09.00 and when he arrived at the office – I now enter the office through the back door without having to wait on the officer in charge finishing in the canteen – I was about to ask him about a fixed time to meet to avoid any misunderstandings and “forgetting” but he was “busy” from the morning with 3-5 colleagues coming to speak socially for maybe 20-30 minutes (!!!), where I of course was working at the same time on the NOT VERY EXCITING JOB keying in all information into the new key hood database (should NOT be done like this but on a running basis of course) and I was thinking that if Robert and his colleagues did not speak together socially during working hours, they could have done this job YEARS AGO (!!!).

And the time slipped away with one colleague after the other coming to Robert not giving him much time to get started on his own work (!) and even less to hold the agreed meeting with me and I was thinking about what Robert did here as an example of what managers all over the world do – as my managers also have done with Kim S. and Søren H. as the worst sinners (!) – and that is to give promises to the left and right not keeping track of the promises and therefore forgetting “the promise you made”, Robert (?) or just ignoring it because of “stress” and not knowing how to handle all work at the same time (?) and here – as with so many others – it included to TALK, TALK AND TALK, which is making managers feel important and we know with the result that the manager has “problems” doing his own work and does not keep promises, which is truly about POOR planning, organisation, self discipline and not least communication.

Robert was then interrupted by employees work wise, which is what employees not having authority themselves constantly do and also by the manager of the ambulance “pipe” who asked him if he would like to join watching a work related film and we know it was of course not planned and Robert was busy also to keep his promise to me, but what do you do when you are easily tempted (?) and that is of course to accept what is wrong to accept, so now he started watching this film with me still waiting on him – while working of course – and that was really for him to be alone so I could “interrupt” him too because I do not have the power of authority of my own work here as a perfectly “natural” thing (!) and we know this is the fate of managers; they believe they are better and more worth than others but the truth is that EVERYONE would be more effective, doing a better quality of work and not least be more HAPPY if everyone had clearly defined working tasks and responsibility areas and of course to work together in teams when this is both good and right to do.

At some stage at approx. 10.35, Robert was finally alone and now it was me to take away your time – and you to take away my time – by “interrupting” you and I reminded you of our agreement to sit down and talk about the action plan and that I needed at least 15 minutes concentrated of your time today and we know what was the answer (?) and not surprisingly now the time had slipped away for Robert and therefore he did not have the time to fulfil his promise and what about next week then, and eeeehhh no he would be at work Tuesday or Thursday next week and we know “what do you do now”, Robert, was my thought and of course that was to “fulfil” his promise and since we were “busy” – a totally unnecessary invention by mankind itself (!) – he took out my action plan and the print outs from the key hood database and first he said that he was happy with the database – so far so good – and then we took a standing meeting of two minutes where managers normally decide and employees do not get the room required to speak and be heard (!!!) – how many employees of the world today have experienced this kind of wrong behaviour of managers (?) – where I quickly ran through the action plan telling him about the deadlines of 1) keying in the information in the database, 2) visiting the head office to receive and key in updated information on subscribers 3) written procedures and 4) a new fireproof cupboard and still he thought it was a good idea for me to visit the head office as part of the work plan and then I told him the most important – which I also had written on the plan – which was that the action plan was made under the condition that I focus solely on this work without becoming involved in the daily work because if I did, the deadlines would not keep; I would not be able to finalise this work, and what do you think Robert did (?), did he start to think carefully about what was the RIGHT to do (?), or was he again impulsive taking a quick and wrong decision without truly thinking (?) as most managers do most of the time and we know of course he was impulsive, thus taking the WRONG decision OF COURSE (!) and that was that he wanted me to do both daily work and the key hood database and we know Robert, your answer was expected but still it was VERY WRONG because you did not THINK (!) which is the situation most managers are in, when they are bottlenecks of companies and departments working as magnets drawing everything to them because of course they believe they are the best and most qualified (!) and as a manager it is of course their job to make the decisions, isn’t it (?) and we know my friends THIS IS THE DEVIL AT WORK, which should be EASY and SIMPLE LOGIC for all to see and to understand that this of course is VERY WRONG to do because what are the consequences (?) and we know employees waiting on their manager to keep his promise (a meeting, give feedback etc.) and when the manager does not, it may mean that a task can wait for a (very) long time without being done; do you remember the written proposal I had done to Ikano, Søren H., which you never had the “time” to look at, which meant that we never sent it (?) and who had the best competences of you and me, Søren (?) and I can ask the same of Bo from Dahlberg and we know this time it is about a written presentation for the same company, Ikano, which I had done and who had the best competences of you and me, Bo (?) and do you see where this leads to (?) and that is that very often employees of today know the best of what to do, have the best skills to carry out the work simply because the manager does not do “manual work” himself (or only little) and take the decisions required but still they are subject to (often wrong) decisions, stress and temper of managers, who may take decisions of all 10, 25 or 100 employees of a department and we know having the main responsibility of poor performance of the department and not least work tiredness and even disgust of employees never being able to show their true value and to develop. Therefore do the only logical thing to do: DELEGATE WORK TOGETHER WITH THE POWER OF AUTHORITY TO EMPLOYEES and for managers to make themselves unemployed as managers and to start working again!

Today many managers themselves work under unacceptable conditions (!) with the risk of receiving stomach ulsers or nervous breakdowns – do you remember, Anna Karin (?) – when they cannot handle the stress of employees depending on them on one hand and not least superiors on the other delegating work they don’t like to do themselves – or the worst bureaucracy of all, which is to do manual reporting because nobody has had the “time” to develop or improve necessary IT-systems doing these tasks automatically (which the same managers are responsible of!) (!) – and we know the solution is very easy, which as mentioned is: DELEGATE WORK TOGETHER WITH POWERS OF AUTHORITY and we know instead of having managers working as incompetent dictators killing happiness of their employees and themselves (of course not all but you know THE MAJORITY OF MANAGERS!), you will have SKILLED mentors (people working with the best quality, efficiency and communication skills) who will help employees to develop and to be a manager whenever this is required (if an employee or team is not “responsible” or have the skills required to do the job) and IT SHOULD REALLY BE AS EASY AS THAT but how many companies of the world today work like this (?) and how many have been infected by the Devil having managers lusting for power (?) and we know YOU WILL FIND THE DEVIL EVERYWHERE and this is “him” we are about to remove and we know with these words of my scripts, which is not killing but converting the darkness into light and so it is my friends.

After this I continued keying in more information into the database before I had to do Robert’s task (!) to order goods and he also asked me really to work as his waiter opening up his laptop computer because he was busy himself (!); you don’t need to give me your trivial tasks, Robert, this is still to treat me as a slave, whom you can ask to do all kind of occurring work, which you dislike yourself, which of course is as disrespectful as it gets but you know this is the attitude of these people; treat the “monkey”, which the Commune has sent as you please (!) and Robert HAVE YOU READ MY CV AND NOTICED WHAT I TRULY CAN HELP YOU WITH (?), and I knew there was a meeting at 11.00 involving Robert as the officer on guard together with 5-6 employees, which seems to be a meeting they have every day here and I am wondering why it is needed for you to take out one full hour every single day to meet (?) and so far I have NEVER been in a company having this much meeting activity and we know, which of course is NOT needed if you do as I say: DELEGATE WORK TOGETHER WITH THE POWER OF AUTHORITY and then have one CO-ORDINATION (!) meeting per week, which should be adequate and will this be the case for all companies (?) and I cannot say for sure, but I should be surprised if this is not the case.

Before the meeting was to start, I wanted to save my work on the computer, which I do regularly but already at approx. 10.00 – before my standing meeting with Robert because “we knew what would be coming at you” – I was not “allowed” to save my work and therefore I tried a number of “workarounds”, which was to save it under a different name on the common drive, which did not work, then on the local drive, which did not work and then on my USB drive, which did not work either and every single time the progress bar showing that Excel was working did not finalise and it gave me the same error message over and over again, which was “document not saved” and I knew it was the Council working – I was giving the feeling and I saw how the computer did not behave “properly” because of active interference (!) – and this was the darkness working because of Robert’s wrong decision, and I also tried to open a Word document and to save it at another place, which worked fine without problems, so nothing was the matter with the computer, only with my particular work in Excel (!) – and at 11.00 when the meeting was to start, I had still not managed to save approx. one hour of work and I told Robert and the others in the meeting room, where I was working, not to switch off the computer because of its “problems” to save my work and I said to Robert that “maybe you have golden fingers, which will help it to save the work”, and we agreed to look at it afterwards.

And we know in the mean time at the front office – the normal workplace for the officer on guard – I was now to do Robert’s work instead of my own (!) as managers do you know destroying the plans, QUALITY work and happiness of employees (!) and that was to order goods but the order list did not match the order system: one example was that the order list included an order of “one box of forty pieces” of a battery but the system said that one box contained ten batteries and it was NOT possible to order four boxes, the minimum requirement was ten boxes and how many boxes or pieces was I then to order (?) and there were other similar examples and ALL OF IT BECAUSE OF LACK OF CONCENTRATION AND THINKING OF EMPLOYEES, which here gave a totally illogical and impossible to figure out system.

This work did not take me many minutes to do and that was really not to do but to WAIT ON ROBERT finishing his meeting, which was a symbol of what employees all over the world do when they wait often in vain on managers and when they keep on waiting, they get the habit just to wait, to talk in private or maybe to use the internet, which is to kill time and kill work (!) and this is then what I did too because I had no other tasks to do because I could not continue working on the key hood database from the computer at the front office when the document was not updated and therefore I used some time to look at Falck’s Intranet and Internet sites to be updated on their stock holders and also a HR survey of the job satisfaction of their thousands of employees (which could be MUCH better even though it is probably in the better end of companies (?) and that is because employees of today don’t know about the “dreamland” we are now entering) and to cut a long story short; Falck is primarily owned by private equity funds (pension funds and private investors) and the board and management of Falck (!) and we know EVERYONE HAS ONE GOAL ONLY AND THAT IS TO MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE and the private equity fund of Nordic Capital has recently sold a big share of Falck to the fund of Lundbeck – a medical factory – and I am wondering how much the owners of Nordic Capital “earned” (?) and how much Lundbeck believe Falck can be of “benefit” to their medical factory with big “earnings” as the result (?) and I am wondering how many (or few if any?) of these stockholders are primarily interested to do their absolutely best to help Falck providing the BEST QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY for the community (?) and we know Falck has a very important responsibility saving lives and doing other important tasks but the negligence when it comes to how people work and behave and the “profit hunters” of people having dollars signs in their eyes are costing the lives of MANY people when Falck as one example only is not doing its ABSOLUTELY BEST TO CARRY OUT ITS MAIN JOB and one example of from here in Lyngby 1-2 weeks ago was when it took 45 minutes to get an ambulance from Falck 600 metres to the centre of Lyngby and you will probably have many excuses of why this was not your fault (?), but the centralised control room of the Region (!) but what it really was, was to show you this truth including how COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS of today kill people.

While “killing” time, Jesper – the station manager – arrived and we know I don’t see him very much at work (!) so maybe you are “busy” doing everything else, Jesper, which also means to “represent” your fire station in important meetings etc. (?) and almost as usual he told me and it is word-for-word: “You receive so much praise, which you cannot dream about” and my dear friends, have you truly read and understood my CV (?), do you think this feedback by now is flattering or annoying me because of your undervaluing and exploitation of me (?) and of course I am happy to make you happy but are you sure you are making me happy because of the way you treat me and that is because of your way to behave, communicate and work?

And to Jesper and all of the nice people here – because they are very nice indeed – I would very much like to tell you in person what I write in my scripts but if I “told you so” directly “face to face” you would probably misunderstand me and think that I am very negative and insulting you (?), which just maybe would lead you to lose your temper, tell me off loudly about just how awful I am to you and to expel me (?), which you know is what Brede Park, the Commune and most if not all of my family and friends did (!) and we know all of you being infected by the Devil, which God here tells me that he is about to remove because this is the decision I have taken on his behalf in “my life” and that is you know for all of us to SURVIVE instead of starting a new sleep before coming to life again and so it is.

And finally the meeting between Robert and colleagues – or his subordinates as he may feel when telling them what to do instead of communicating as equals – finished and I showed Robert the illogic order list and system, which made him decide to order what he felt was right (not the quantities on the order list!) and I showed him the computer I was working on in the meeting room, where we sat down together, and step-by-step I showed him that Microsoft Excel would not save in this and that and this situation – as I have NEVER seen Excel do before as I told him – but that Word would (!) and then I also tried to copy the content of the workbook into a new workbook, however the new did not contain this information or rather did not show at all even though I had just copied the sheet into it (!); the ONLY way to close down Excel and the computer was NOT to save my last hour of work, and Robert what you saw was “magic” working right in front of your eyes – this is NOT how a computer normally works – and the reason was to show you in a way you and the world will remember that your WRONG decision to have me mix daily and development work makes this development work impossible for me to finish – and by the way I told you that “you will have to do this work yourself working overtime”, which made you smile and say “it will then be on the expensive tariff” and we know Robert you will probably make sure to get paid well according to the tariff when working overtime but is this really to work overtime when you have wasted working time earlier today speaking in private (?) and I did not hear you or any other say that you did not want to receive payment for the time you were “busy” doing “private matters” and can you see just how WRONG this is (?) and what do MOST people of the world today do (?) and we know WHAT IS WRONG AND OF COURSE THAT IS (!) because this is a matter of WRONG attitude of mankind!

And we know Stig, the computer said clearly that my work was not saved, the explorer of Microsoft Windows said the same but still Microsoft Excel showed the new name I had given the document at the top bar, which I believe it only does when the document is really saved (?) and we know you can never be certain of the plans and work of the Council – during this game that is – and this is exactly how it is here, so maybe the document is saved after all when I return next week, or maybe not?

This is the longest and most difficult to write script yet

During the morning I was feeling poorly thinking that it would be impossible for me just to complete the working day with Falck until 12.00, I was thinking of leaving before time as one option, which I however did not and I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA of the amount of work and suffering waiting for me today, when I had to continue working when coming home on the last two chapters of yesterday, a new paragraph to the Story of Creation, the chapter on Falck today, the summaries, editing and really because I decided that I HAD to publish my script today – it was four days since the previous – and this is even though I thought that even doing half of this work would be impossible to do and my ladies and gentlemen, I do believe this script takes the prize of the longest (!) and most difficult of ALL to do – because of how I feel including the darkness I still have to resist, which is always the worst when I am on the edge and when I continue being on the edge – it is almost making me scream in desperation at the same time as I am also totally calm (!) – this is how I remove the most darkness at the shortest time you know, which is what I do here and that is now also to HELP Karen and Denis coming through (they bring me darkness and I bring them energy!), who JUST MAY be nervous believing that I am the one “he claims to be” and we know not nice for Karen to stand forward apologising to me and admitting her very poor behaviour and wrong doings in relation to me to the world (including your ridicule of my efforts in bed to your lovers without understanding that your own WRONG sexual behaviour was the TRUE reason why) which is the same nervousness my mother is feeling as I am told – and Denis too because of the same as Karen my friend and also for him going to “lose” Karen to me, who was really not your cup of tea, Denis, when you are pressured to give the “right” answer (?), which this is (!) and we know Stig I KEPT ON WORKING AGAINST ALL ODDS UNTIL 20.30 where I finally published the script. PYYYHHHH as we say in Danish, this is truly what it is – the worst ever, and still it was really not very difficult!



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One Response to April 14, 2011: God and the Universe was created through “an abnormality of the darkness” because “everything IS nothing”

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