April 17, 2011: The final part of the Source as “nothing” is being transformed into “everything” and I AM THE SOURCE


Summary of the script today

15th April: I have collected a dream team, which should be able to BRING ALL CHILDREN BACK HOME TO GOD

  • Dreaming of future servants of mine from UK being slow and cannot find the way to me, the game between the light and darkness is now primarily been played at lower levels than mine, I have collected a dream team, which should be able to go all the way BRINGING ALL CHILDREN BACK HOME TO GOD, the old top management of Aon, Lone H. and Niels d. B., are “not the best children on Earth” in respect of what they planned and carried out to remove me from the pension department but still I like both of you and preparing my love life together with Karen.
  • David wrote me a nice email telling that he is now almost healed from his sickness without going to the hospital – herewith showing the strength of having faith in me. Meshack wrote me a short email only because of lack of money, and this was the first time in a month I heard from him with the message that “we are doing well despite the challenges we are facing“.
  • After doing HARD work for days, I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED and at 14.00 so much that I met my ultimate limit: I could not continue working because of extreme overload. The darkness is at its WORST ever giving me two feelings: IMPOSSIBLE to come through and PIECE OF CAKE (!), which is about how my present and future self feel the IMMENSELY strong feelings of my mother, family and physical members of the Council when they are realizing who I am.
  • The Council is bringing darkness through the gate of Mount Zion to God, which I feel coming through me to God inside of me and despite of being offended the worst I have received and passed on the message from God that “you are welcome” and “bring it all to me at once”. This is how ALL MANKIND will come home to God, which is after having shown a clean heart to be followed by a member of the Council directly to God as the Source to be cleaned once and for all from all darkness to enter our new and much better world :-).

16th April: The SHOCK of my mother is so powerful that it is bringing my life at risk – but “don’t worry, be happy” 🙂

  • Dreaming of receiving a SHOCK when my mother powerfully is trying to break in at my car, which is about the SHOCK of my mother after having received contact to the Council and God, which is so powerful that it is bringing my life at risk (!), when people of today have casual sex without love it is wrong, which you will NOT see in the future, the recent opening between God and the Universe at Mount Zion is meaning that God has “started” sending healing energy to the entire Universe and my old cohabitant Camilla is searching for a “menu” in my scripts without finding it.
  • I have ONE pair of trousers I can still wear, which are worn-out, I am far too heavy, cannot afford to buy clothes, good food and now I need a haircut, which is almost impossible to find the money for, all of which making me feel sad – this is how POOR people feel at the same time as my family and friends are still living lives in luxury without REALLY helping or communicating with me.
  • I uploaded a video to YouTube, which I call “A magic show of (de-) materialisation and transformation using the power of God”, which is about how magicians act as actors using the power of God to do magic they have nothing to do with themselves and do not tell about because fame and fortune is more “important” to them than to tell the truth about this as another sign of my coming. It is also another example of selfishness and POOR BEHAVIOUR of people.
  • At the revival service of the Church of his Presence, Pastor Nathan Morris received a vision of a UK flag above the head of an attendee, which made him preach strongly about UK to wake up and return to Jesus Christ – which was to bring energy to my “servants” of UK. Energy was also transmitted to China and healing energy sent to the world including my sister, who needed it. I was too tired to stay awake to hear witnesses of miracle healings this evening, but very much was happening! I bring a video of an earlier event including a miracle of a man who could not walk because of unimaginable pain because of “severe nerve damages”, who danced of joy after being totally cured by the power of God.

17th April: The final part of the Source as “nothing” is being transformed into “everything” and I AM THE SOURCE 🙂

  • Dreaming that my ”special friends” will teach about the past and the future, Karen is “practising” to get a “great family” with me after her newly established connection with God, in the future elderly people will not feel lonely without a life when they don’t have a social life, Pia Althea is not able to understand me because of her own strong voice and ignorance and my former cohabitant Camilla’s strong reactions when feeling me are “destroying” me, which is how I feel today.
  • At the healing and meditation service of Den Gyldne Cirkel I learned that the space of the Source is now only small because this is what is left of the original “nothing” (or “darkness”) of the Source, which an expanding Universe as “another part of the Source” is absorbing and converting into “everything” (or “light”). This is the process of which the Source has transformed and divided itself from the original “nothing” into “everything” and everybody. I was told that I am myself the origin – the Source IS me (!) – this is why I feel how it is to be “nothing” (sleeping and waiting to wake up), and it was a decision of the Universe that I will (continue to) be the Source of “everything”, which is what has been prepared and what I will understand, feel and know myself as a physical being when the world will have faith in me. The “gate” of Mount Zion between the Source and the Universe is thus having the purpose to convert the rest of the original Source as “nothing” into “everything”, which is why the spiritual members of the Council and people of other civilizations are now “inside” of me carrying out this task, which at the same time is still requiring my strength and will power to do so as a human being.


15th April: I have collected a dream team, which should be able to BRING ALL CHILDREN BACK HOME TO GOD

Dreaming of having collected a dream team, which should be able to BRING ALL CHILDREN BACK HOME TO GOD

I had a somewhat better night with a few dreams:

  • I am at the World Cup in football where I notice that the English players when doing test runs as preparation for the games are too slow and cannot find the right way. I meet Michael Laudrup in a camp, where we pass what looks like several nesting boxes with one football game being played inside each of them, and Michael says that a small part of each game is played just outside the exits of the nesting boxes in the camp. I ask him of his opinion of the Danish national team and he says that it is a dream team, which should be able to go all the way now. Later I am with the Danish team, where I see some players shouting out loud, which 3-4 players are not that happy with, but still they say that they will not oppose the shouting players.
    • After United States and Denmark, United Kingdom is number three on my list of the most frequent countries visiting my website, but still it is difficult for you to find the right way and that is the truth of me – and for others simply to find me – as the dream says.
    • The game between the light and darkness is now primarily been played at levels below me – and sometimes a little bit on my home ground too, and it seems that I am about to have collected my dream team even though some are not entirely happy today.
  • After Denmark has played the first half of the first game, I ask Michael of his impression and he says that Denmark should be able to go all the way and he says that it is funny because behind the ground is a small box, where the players also play sometimes and he says that he tried to play himself and first he had to blow up the leather football, which took time. In the break, I have come home from Paraguay to Denmark and am visiting my old colleagues at Aon, where colleagues are being placed on chairs on the floor in front of the employees as some kind of test, I sit there and Lone H. (Niels’ wife) comes to sit next to me without noticing me, but I tell her that I am happy to see her and I ask about how her husband Niels is doing, and Nefer comes sitting next to us too. After the test Michael R. would like to say hello to me at the offices of the life & pension department, I am now about to iron my white trousers and I notice that there is a small bloody rip on them.
    • It looks like my dream team should be able to go all the way to win the World Cup and bring ALL CHILDREN BACK HOME TO GOD. At Aon I meet colleagues and coming “special friends” of mine and the former top management (of the 1990’) Niels d. B. and his wife Lone H. are “not the best children on Earth” also in respect of what they planned and carried out to remove me from the pension department in 1997, which you may like to tell the world about (?), but still I like both of you – of course :-). The trousers are about preparing my love life together with Karen, which is a “process” ongoing.

My website has approx. 15 visitors per day with most people not having g the “time” to read and understand

Inspired by the dream I bring you here an update on the statistical information on visitors to my website:

A total of 1,947 visits as the picture above shows in more than four months is approx. 15 per day, which I am sad to say is not “overwhelming”, so I wonder when the number will be “millions”.

The picture above shows search terms for visitors to my website coming from search engines.

Above is an overview of countries visiting my website lately.

The picture above shows you that still MOST people do not have the “patience” to read and understand and that is even for people, who ultimately are searching for me as the answer!

And finally the picture above shows you the total number of visits and unique visitors in April. This is from my “counter” and compared with the first picture of this chapter, which is from my website, there are some “variations” and we know no system of today is perfect, so this is why I bring two different and really three because here is information from Google about number of search hits of people “finding” my website – without finding the answer (!) – and what they search for to “find” me and as you can see, Jeanne D’arc is still more popular than I:

David decided to show his faith and is now almost healed without going to the hospital 🙂

Yesterday when sending my script to LTO Kenya I also wrote this message because I miss hearing from the team:

I hope you are all still with me;  “no news is good news as they say”, but this does not include me. I look forward to hearing from you when you can.

David was AGAIN the one having the energy to write to me and again I thank you for this David – COMMUNICATION is always what is needed to maintain friendships – and we have been going through ROUGH times lately and that does not only include me but also my friends supporting me and in this respect you are no exception, David, and I am HAPPY that you are almost healed now and that you decided to show your faith this way without using “traditional” medicine, which is NOT needed in your case with your relation to me.

Thank you also for your support 🙂 and for updating me on the situation on the DRY Kenya and I might suggest that all of you do everything you can to read and understand me to further gain your faith and also to spread my words among family and friends, which I am told is REQUIRED IN ORDER FOR YOU TO OVERCOME THE POWER OF THE DARKNESS and to help millions of people in Kenya from starving and that is simply for the rain to fall again.

Please say hi to all 🙂 – and I do hope Meshack and John also will be STRONG enough to send me an email? When I can, you can too my friends and that is if you TRULY want to?

And here is his email:

Dear stig,

I am most delighted for this opportunity to write to you. It has been a long month for me understanding that I was sick. I eventually did not go to the hospital but now am almost healed. Kenya is still dry and am afraid that there shall be crop failure leading to more food insecurity among our people.

I have been meeting the team members whenever I can. It was only Elijah I met yesterday and he was fine. I spoke with Mbugua (stig: this is John) yesterday by phone Meshack’s phone was not going through. Hopefully I will meet everybody later today.

Local politics are still getting root even with elections being still

more than a year away. The post election violence victims are still in camps and that is cause for worry. Truth, justice and reconciliation is being poorly implemented among those victims.

Thanks for your continued support and communication.

With support


I was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED meeting my ultimate limit, where I could not continue working

This morning I was EXHAUSTED after having done extremely hard work but not really tired BACK and I started the day by taking a LONG bath in the tub and first at 10.00 I decided to start writing the script and I did it in a slower pace, it is now 11.50 when writing this at the same time as I am also downloading the videos I bring on my Sign pages and really because I have seen far too often that videos, which websites link to, are removed by the ones who have uploaded them and it is never nice to visit a site where the videos are “empty” and we know when I have them stored myself, I will be able to replace the videos I link to in case other people should decide to remove them and we know AS EASY AS THAT – and here it is also something about REPLACING THINGS AND PEOPLE, WHICH HAVE BEEN LOST which are the words I receive and if this is the case I am sad that anything and anyone have been lost but happy to know that they will be replaced or recreated, which may be more accurate.

After lunch I was totally destroyed and I do mean TOTALLY and at 14.00 I met my extreme limit; I was not able to continue working because of IMMENSE EXHAUSTION – I was feeling like old and torn wallpaper, which only waited to be peeled off – and from here I took the rest of the day off again thinking that it would be completely impossible to continue working unless I would become better again but you know what (?) just maybe after sleeping I would feel better tomorrow allowing me to continue working (?) and this is EXACTLY how it is here you know.

Meshack and the team “are doing well despite the challenges we are facing

Hi Meshack,

Even though you only write a short message, it makes me VERY happy to hear from you and this is actually what I have encouraged you to do MANY times, because a short message is MUCH better than no message and do you also understand this, John (?) and even more you, Elijah (?) or don’t you care to communicate because you cannot imagine how it is to care for people, who you never hear from or only rarely hear from?

Thank you Meshack for taking two minutes to write this short email, and if this is what you can spare for me, this is what I will be happy to receive.

Take care my friend and all my best to all of your dear ones and LARGE family – and I am still thinking of all of your “children” as I hear the spirit of my mother here saying through me.

And here is his short email:

Hi, hope that you are okay and the same thing is with us here. We are doing well despite the challenges we are facing. We are all meeting right now as iam writting this to you and all are okay.

I cant continue writting because am running out of the coins but we still continue to communicate as we can.

Kind regards,

When you have shown a clean heart, you will be brought to God to be cleaned from all darkness once and for all

For several days I have been offended the worst by the darkness – negative speech together with sexual suffering and we know “indications” of the old nightmare you know – at the same time as I have over and over again received the question “are we allowed to come” (?) and when people (of today) are offended like this, they will normally lose their temper, swear and tell people off using a loud voice and we know also expel them – heard that somewhere before I believe 🙂 – but still I have continued saying “you are all welcome and that is ALL of you including the darkness” because I have NOTHING to fear and my friends this is simply to say that we are bringing the last part of the darkness directly to God to eliminate this and we know it is being moved through the Mount Zion into God as the Source of everything, which is what I am feeling and hearing because God is inside of me now 🙂 and I might add that this has NOT been the easiest challenge to go through – sometimes I have thought that I would not be strong enough to carry it out and I have been asked if I wanted to receive all darkness at once and I have received and given the answer “bring it all to me at once”, which is really communication between God and the Council through me 🙂 – which have required maximum focus on doing what I know is RIGHT to do, which is to welcome the members of the Council coming to God through me this way instead of being trapped to follow the temptation of refusing access and again this is EXACTLY how it is here.

And I was told that this is how all mankind will come home to God, which is to be followed by a member of the Council when people have shown a “clean heart” (as you can see the requirements of how to do on the front page of my website) – I don’t know if it is needed, if they will and can appoint other servants to carry out this task but “it’s all right …” (also thinking of Eurythmics and Karen here) with me – through the opening to God at the Mount Zion and when all people have gone through this tour, they should be cleaned entirely from darkness making it possible for all to survive and to enter our new and much better world.

The WORST darkness ever giving me two feelings: This is IMPOSSIBLE and VERY EASY to come through

The rest of the day and the evening I was given two equally as clear feelings with the first being that this is “piece of cake” to go through and the other that this is the worst I have ever received – it will have to be my new self underneath and my old and still present self having difficulties continuing – and I had to shake my head often today to shake off the negative speech coming from the darkness still trying to “invade” me, my amplifier was switched off again spiritually (and very physically you know) as the symbol of my life being at risk – but no problems here of course – I was given acid regurgitations and I constantly heard the “kill, kill, kill” command, but it did not have any confidence, and also that “I wish that the bomb of Nixon worked” (the Doomsday weapon) and everything to tell you that my mother, family and physical members of the Council realising who I am is NOT the easiest for me to go through but the most difficult of all, which may be what is required in order to do the last piece of work my friends and what you are discovering now is what my family could have “discovered” already in 2008 if Sanna had been THOROUGH reading and COMMUNICATING about my first book to UNDERSTAND, which was the secret but you know SHE DID NOT herewith saving us all and “that’s life” my friends.

During all of this I was also giving feelings of the best wine and Schloss Vollrads, which is a wine estate in the Rheingau wine-growing region in Germany – as I have been given on the close by Schloss Johannisberg many times too – which I visited together with my old friend Lars G. in 2002 I believe and I was told that “this is my origin of this life”, which may be connected to my mother’s father Rommel?

Eligael believes in the Mount Zion as a “sacred interdimensional gate” and that “WE ARE ONE”

Today Eligael – the key witness of the Jerusalem UFO – among others wrote this as a comment to his Jerusalem UFO Facebook group:

  • “Since the dwan of history of the bigest drama of humanhkind started in this sacred interdimentional gate, I believe we are standing in front of the bigest drama of all ,that will start again exactly in this “gate”, and
  • “Whay I can say now for sure is, I believe that WE ARE NOT ALONE, WE ARE ONE”.

As you know, Eligael is the ONLY subscriber to my YouTube channel (!) and this tells me that he watched the video of the full version of the 4th video of the Jerusalem UFO, which I uploaded the other day and also that he read and understand my accompanying presentation telling about this holy place of the Mount Zion indeed being the GATE between God and the Universe and that “WE ARE ONE” – “One God, One People” (including people of other civilizations) – and here I would like to thank Eurythmics again (and smiling at the Council for the inspiration once again) because of what is NOT your weakest album but among your best if not the best and that is of course “we two are one”, which is what I believe Eligael and I are in this respect, and just maybe Eligael is understanding and waiting patiently for me to finish my writings on the Jerusalem UFO since he is not telling even more than he is?

And as a passing remark; Eligael, you may want to edit your writings before publishing it, so it will include less spelling and typing errors (?) :-).


16th April: The SHOCK of my mother is so powerful that it is bringing my life at risk – but “don’t worry, be happy” 🙂

Dreaming that the SHOCK of my mother is so powerful that it is bringing my life at risk – but “don’t worry, be happy” 🙂

I had a night as the previous and even though I still feel somewhat exhausted, I do believe I should be able to come easier through today compared to yesterday and hopefully also to finish the map of witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO, which I have now worked on for a long time because of circumstances of others – also having had challenges when it comes to the appearance of the number icons I have decided to use in the map to help people quickly locate the witnesses – and this would really feel like having conquered the darkness after having had a trench warfare for a long time (I wonder if Barcelona will win this evening against Real Madrid or if it will be a draw because of this?) and so it is – and as usual some dreams:

  • I am outside a school which switches the light on and off, I am trying to sleep in the car and I get a SHOCK when someone repeatedly and very powerful pulls the door to the car, which is locked, trying to get access.
    • The dream was so powerful that I woke up as in a nightmare being very scared of what I just had experienced – it was NOT nice having someone trying to break into my car – and here it is to say that this is the SHOCK of my mother about herself and I, and her fickle between the light and darkness as the dreams says, which is so powerful that it is “almost” killing me and the car is of course the symbol of me.
    • Early in the night I had to stand up from bed to shut down my amplifier in the living room, which was switching on and off, which is the symbol of my life being at risk (!) – but “don’t worry, be happy” of course (!) – and this is how powerful this SHOCK of my mother is.
  • I am arriving in New York, I am going to be there for three months, Fuggi is there too but on his way home in four days from now and I see him phoning home. I ask if the living expenses are cheaper than in Denmark, which they are, I see a LARGE Shrovetide bun – a Danish pastry – and I wake up hearing “it’s a heartache by Bonnie Tyler”.
    • This is influenced by the TV show Ugly Betty, which I saw the other day and which I find quite entertaining showing the good side of Betty and the bad sides of many others, and it was about someone saying that in New York people do not have relations, they have sex, which of course is totally wrong – this is showing the Devil without feelings, which you will NOT see in the future, where sex and love relations will go together simply because people will fall in love and as it is today when people walk from one lover to the next without “breaking up” with the previous, it causes the heartache and sadness of many people.
  • I am going to work for Danske Bank in New York, I am happy and say “here I come”, my old friend René has been sent there for a few days before my arrival. I see the Queen of Denmark sitting on the floor together with Søren (John’s son-in-law); she is directing him, he is easily distracted and he loves the way she helps him; and I also see her visiting the chief and original people. John’s daughter Metter is also in New York working for Danske Bank, however she asked the manager of the bank if she could visit a sick friend of hers, which she could, and it is colder at this place than in New York. I am preparing mentally to meet at the bank, I am nervous because I have not worked with bank business for many years and I wonder if I will have the competences required (?), Bertel Haarder is working there too and he is sending me a text message, which I don’t understand, I hear Bee Gees playing music from Saturday Night Fever in the background, and when I start working for the bank, I notice that the office of the top manager is all the way at the back, where nobody comes, but we have received access to the office and healing power is being released from there.
    • Danske Bank is still normal life and here in the “cold city of sex without love” where several family members and friends are living, and the queen is the symbol of my mother and when she is in contact with original people and the chief, it is to say that she is now in spiritual contact with the Council and God, which is what is giving her a SHOCK (?), and the office of the manager at the bank is God and because of the opening recently created between God and the Universe at Mount Zion, God has “started” sending his healing energy to the entire Universe, which needs it and not only Earth.
    • “Here I come” is about what Sidsel would say when she is yet again going for a new holiday, which she is now and this time it is for Bali as she wrote on Facebook and I wonder just how many places you have gone to within the last 1-2 years (?) and just “how lucky” you have been, Sidsel (?) and the reason is simply because the Devil has led you into temptation, which you fell all along for without doing what is right in relation to me and my LTO friends in Kenya, which of course would have been to help us instead of thinking of your own “interests” and luxury needs.
    • I woke up with the song “Let’s hang on” by Frankie Valli with the feeling that this is what I am encouraged to do, to keep on working without giving up :-).
  • I am a trainee with a musician, and I am getting much responsibilities to polish a song and laying back voices on it, which makes me happy.
  • My old cohabitant Camilla has the menu of one day printed out but she is looking for the menu of another day on the computer, which she however cannot find; I can tell that it is important to her and therefore I try to search for all documents at the Internet domain where she is manually trying to guess the address of the menu, and when I do the search I only find two menus, one is the one she already has and the other is a 12 month old menu, so the menu she is looking for is not in the computer.
    • Menu and eating is about having a “good life” and often it is also about “normal life” and here Camilla is looking at the computer, which is the symbol of my scripts, to find a special “menu”, which however is not included in my scripts, and I wonder what this is really about?

I am poor only having one pair of work-out trousers to wear

Today I started working at 9.00 and at 10.25 after having come to here – after also doing the summary and the editing – I decided to go for a walk to the supermarket of Føtex having a good offer on bread – part of which was Danish pastry, which is the first time in two years buying this – and we know I have 125 DKK left for the rest of the month – however I have enough food – and I have one pair of trousers I can fit, and maybe two if I really pull my stomach in, and this pair of trousers have pockets on the back with broken seams and the pockets falling off and still this is the pair of trousers I have worn every single day for a long time now also when working at Falck, which is to say that I could really use some new clothes – or to lose weight so I can fit my clothes, which is now too small (!) – and it also means that yesterday I started to wear jogging trousers and also when going to town, which I have always DISLIKED very much to do when wearing jogging trousers because this is NOT nice clothes to wear when being with others and do I have to say that I don’t feel very comfortable being too heavy and not having clothes to wear at the same time as I now need a hair cut again where I really don’t have the money to pay (?) and this is how it feels to be POOR my friends out there – but of course my family and friends still have plenty of money to provide for themselves!

When I returned from the city, I continued working at 11.20 to do the last five chapters of the script yesterday including summaries and editing, which I had completed by 12.50 and after having had lunch and washed the floors, I continued working at 13.30 and first I decided to read through some of the script I published the 14th April and even though I worked under what may be the worst working conditions ever, I was “almost” satisfied with – and surprised of – what I had done and we know if I had done one or maybe two more edits, it would have been “perfect” according to my standards and potential and this is the compromise I have been “forced” to accept all along but we know despite of the fact that my scripts are NOT perfect – neither when it comes to all standpoints – we will still get a perfect new world because this is what I have decided we will have and as you know THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT, which is what mankind and the Universe will continue to do in the years to come :-).

Magicians act as actors using the power of God without telling the truth to the world because of selfishness

As part of my work to save the videos I link to from my Sign pages, I found that one had been removed by the uploader and therefore I decided to find it somewhere else on the Internet, which I did and to upload it myself to YouTube in order to link my Sign I page to the video – to keep a nice design you know – which I did and by the way I have renamed it into “a magic show of (de-) materialisation and transformation using the power of God” because this is what it is and also because I received the following email from YouTube about “copyrights”, which is the invention of the Devil you know and by renaming it, just maybe it will not be removed without my knowledge or approval:

“Your video, Magic Incredible Transformation Grand Prize Winner Act Video 5BFrom 20www metacafe com 5D 205768930 16770305 4, may have content that is owned or licensed by Magic TV.

No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.”

Here is the video:

While I was at it, I decided to write the following presentation to the video:

“A magic show of (de-) materialisation and transformation using the power of God”

This video is part of the page “Signs I: Weeping statues, crosses of light, “pure magic” etc.” included at my website at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/signs-i/, which also includes this as one of several stories:

As Stig, I have so far not received the power to do “great magic”. This power has been handed over to so called “magicians”, who perform true miracles as “actors” when they levitate, walk on water or up and down walls, make people, animals and even large objects vanish into and reappear from thin air, transform one object into something else and much more as you can see a few examples out of many thousands in this chapter.

The power of “pure magic” has been given to “magicians” as lessons to the world to see if they would tell the truth about the true nature of these miracles, which is that the “magicians” merely are “actors” performing miracles of God, which they have nothing to do with themselves, which therefore are signs of “something to come”, or if they would be “tempted” to keep their “gifts” as secrets giving mankind the impression that they are so skilled that they can carry out “magic of God” also giving them fame and fortune as a spinoff and this is exactly what they decided to do!

It was also a test to see if mankind would be able to understand the true nature of these miracles being performed right in front of them or if they would decide to listen to their own ignorant and very strong voices telling them that these miracles are “mere illusion tricks but very well performed” or even camera tricks, which most people did with some even being “clever enough” to “reveal” just how this was carried out as it can be seen from comments to the videos below and many others when watching these at the website of YouTube and others.

This is yet another example given to mankind to show your poor behaviour, communication skills and your inability to understand what should be easy to understand. For years, you have witnessed miracles of a nature, which the world has never seen the like of before, but still the nature of these was “undiscovered” by mankind because of your lies and distrust. Do you see that you have to improve?

Working the full day today breaking the “trench warfare” of my Signs IV page

After having done this, I continued working on the map of the Jerusalem UFO witnesses included at my Sign IV page, and I was happy to find a solution to my problems with number icons – I found new free icons on the Internet, reduced the solution of them and voila, they matched to the Google map when linking to them through my own website, which I of course had uploaded them to and we know I did the other changes I had planned and tomorrow I will probably include other witnesses than video witnesses and we know Barcelona, come on they can bring Real Madrid or all other teams – you can beat them too!

Finally at 17.30 I decided to stop working today and we know it has been a “medium day” also including one feeling of suffocation, which I still receive from time to time and also pain in my behind, but MUCH MUCH better than yesterday :-).

Barcelona played the best but had a draw with Real Madrid

This evening I also watched the football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, where Messi scored to 1-0 for Barcelona herewith setting a new record of the player scoring the most goals in one season – all matches included – which he is doing now every time he scores and we know still a symbol of me he is and I thought that Barcelona would win because they played the best and had the ball the most but as often before it is not always who deserves to win, who actually wins because Real Madrid equalised to 1-1, which became the final result and they were even close to win unjustly in the last minute, which is how it is and has been in my situation too, therefore – and we know Barcelona you now need to win 5 of the last 6 matches and to score 15 goals to make my goal for you of 100 points and 100 goals, will you be able to do it?

The revival service of the Church of his presence was used to wake up my “servants” of UK, for China and to heal the world

Later I decided to watch the first live webcast of a revival service of the Church of his Presence in the United States since I wrote about it the last time and they played music for a long time today first starting the revival service after 01.00 Danish time and the young pastor Nathan Morris was very INSPIRED when he received a spiritual vision of a UK flag above the head of one of the attendees, which made him continue to preach about this, for example by saying:

  • “I saw a UK flag on top of his head”
  • “UK, see the move of God shake the foundations!”
  • “UK, in the name of Jesus be awaken up!”
  • “I speak of UK tonight, you belong to Jesus Christ, turn back to him”
  • “Let the UK be shaken with the fire of revival”

All of this was to wake up my special friends of UK following my dream of yesterday saying that they are “too slow and cannot find the right way” leading to me and here the energy was directed at them helping them to continue their search for and to succeed finding me!

As usual I received quite strong and uncomfortable darkness before and during the first half hour of the service trying to prevent me from attending, and during the service I was told that by attending the service, it gave extra energy to China and healing to the world, which is still following my guidelines to first bring it to the Council, hereafter my special friends and the rest of the world in that order, which also will make the development go faster as I was told, and I received information that healing was sent to my sister being effected much by her brother being the one he has told her about all the time without her truly reading and understanding me – and still she is not reading my scripts but I sincerely hope for and pray that she will become well.

Today the pastor was TRULY inspired because he shouted “fire” directly in front of people – sometimes touching their foreheads too – which made people fall over, lay down on their backs on the floor with several starting to shake strongly all over their body, and today he may have started a healing process with 200 people, who were laid down (?) where it was only a handful or two when I watched the service the last time (?) and we know at 02.00 I was so tired that I decided to go to bed without coming to the point where people would start giving testimonies of the “miracle healings” they received this evening but I am sure that the evening was not “the worst” you have experienced?

You can watch this video of a previous event to see the kind of “miraculous healings”, which happens here and this is only ONE OUT OF THOUSANDS OF PERSONS being healed and it is about a man who had a severe nerve damages with the result that “I haven’t walked in 12 years because of the most severe pain man could imagine” – watch him before and after and see how he now dances in joy after being totally cured, but maybe you are so sceptical that you may believe this is merely an act to make money (?) – or do you truly believe in miracles and here the natural reactions of people when you see it happening directly in front of your eyes?

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • I felt the spirits of ETs or people of other civilizations entering me – they “feel” very different and very characteristic – which gave me severe physical pain in my behind (!) and still I said “you are welcome all of you” even though the pain was truly not nice. Later I was asked by the spirit of my mother if she – and the Council – were allowed to go longer in, which I accepted and I felt the spirit of my mother physically on the inside of my skin and I was told that this is how the Council is filling me up.
  • My day today was not destroyed because of my mother, who I saw reading my script again today after some days off.


17th April: The final part of the Source as “nothing” is being transformed into “everything” and I AM THE SOURCE 🙂

Dreaming that Karen is “practising” to get a “great family” with me after her newly established connection with God

I had the experience of “sleeping” without being awakened between 02.00 to 07.30 and hereafter to “sleep” in small blocks until I stood up at 09.30 but still I am TIRED this morning making me feel very uncomfortable and “down” – and I had these small “dreams”:

  • I see people practising presentations about the past and the future.
    • This is what will be included in my “special friends’” teachings.
  • It is about human performance, to be precise and to practise and this is connected to Karen “practising” to get a “great family” with me. I see her seeing a Bordeaux coloured wallpaper in a beautiful pattern.
    • The bourdeax coloured wallpaper is about Karen’s newly established connection with God – through me you know.
    • I hear another special song to me – from my Submarine days in the beginning of the 1990’s in Vedbæk – which is “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing” by Incognito with the message that “everybody needs a change”.
  • I see elderly people at a home, a very characteristic and strong woman stands at one corner of a small garden, she has nothing to do other than to walk forwards and back in the garden, but she hears that a new IT-system will come, which will make changes and she eagerly looks forward to this.
    • The way that many elderly people of today – especially in the rich world not focusing on family (but on themselves) as they generally do much more in the poor world – are left alone by family or friends or without relatives hurt me much to think about and I really mean that TO HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE IS TO HAVE A LIFE and if you don’t, you are left to rot at your own devices as many are today – also because they are NOT outgoing themselves but shy and prefer to watch television! This will become much better in the future with our new “IT-system”, which is really the basic rules and New World Order of my scripts.
  • I am with Pia Althea and can hardly hear what she says because she is playing very loud music, and later I am with my old cohabitant Camilla, who has bought very nice food but when I am to listen to a radio show late in the morning I am so tired that I don’t get around to do it and in the bathroom I notice that the power plug to the old refrigerator has been pulled out leaving the delicious food including scrimps in risk of rotting and when I take a shower I notice that the water hits the refrigerator.
    • Pia is not “able” to understand me because of her STRONG and ignorant voice and we know laziness too when she does not read my website/scripts and I wonder if Camilla is one of those starting to “feel” and therefore understand me, which is giving her so strong reactions that it is “destroying” me, which is how I feel today, and also making “normal life” with the food at danger – but you know “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing”, it will work out – and here also that the water is the symbol of suffering, the bathroom is about love life, which scrimps are too and we know showing that LOVE has been the suffering of both of our lives.

I started writing the script at 10.15 today feeling “destroyed”, which is still making it impossible to work and still making me wonder how I could work for months and years feeling like this.

The final part of the Source as “nothing” is being transformed into “everything” and I AM THE SOURCE 🙂

From the morning I was almost sure that it would be impossible to attend the healing and meditation service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet today – this is how destroyed I was feeling – and later I thought that maybe I could listen to some of it without meditating because I was in no condition to meditate today – I was far too tired – and when it became 12.00 I decided to put on the headphones (I did not receive the PC speakers back from John last year after “borrowing” my computer) and after a few minutes of listening, I decided to try to do some kind of meditation sitting on my “office” chair and not the sofa, and this is what happened:

It was Annette leading the service, which it may have been some of the other times too (?) and it was a feminine service – it really doesn’t matter – with the purpose to bring care for, healing and balance to Earth with Japan, the middle East and North Africa again being the focus points.

In the beginning I was shown a skylight window being opened and I was asked by people of other civilizations if they were allowed to enter (the Source that is), which I of course allowed them and I was told “there cannot be many inside”, which surprised me to hear because I thought the Source was much bigger – but I was to learn more during the service, which is brought later in this chapter – and I was told that this was also about to “expand the space” (of the Universe) and to “melt together God and the Universe”, which the energy of the service today was also used for.

It was followed by the message that ”we are the awake part of God” and I was shown a vision of God as the darkness opening and entering a door leading into the Universe as the light, which was to show me that the connection created at Mount Zion is to open up for the final part of the Source – the dark side – to convert this into light through the power of the Universe as another part of the Source and I was told

  • “You are about to install the light on yourself”.
  • “You ARE the rest of the darkness”.
  • “You are born here (in this Universe), you are here (spiritually) but still not there (physically inside of me except from a “small part)”.
  • “In other words, you are our energy centre. You are entering eternal light (as I was also shown) and the light is yourself”.
  • “You have divided the egg (the original Source) into everything of the Universe, but we have decided that you are still everything yourself”.
  • “There is only one way to remove darkness and that is to make all people behave properly, and if they do not ….”, which is where I could have finalised the sentence by saying “then they have to be eliminated”, but this was not the right answer because this would require darkness to do, which we would then have to store for this purpose, and the right answer was therefore what I gave which was “you will convert ALL darkness into light” – which consequently will make all people automatically behave properly 🙂 – and this process goes through me, which also requires that ALL HAVE TO RECEIVE INFORMATION to understand what “good behaviour” is, which is the reason why ALL ARE TO READ MY WEBSITE AND SCRIPTS CAREFULLY – and this decision also makes it possible to continue removing the last part of the darkness inside of me and therefore my friends, you are VERY welcome to “still carry on”.
  • “Thus, you are the plane itself transforming into everything you see (of the Universe)”.

For a LONG time – months at least – I have been very reluctant to write what I have been told, which is that I am the original Source myself but as you can tell from the information given to me at this service, this is what I was told. I am “the one”, who decided to create the Universe in order to “wake up and live” and to have the Universe as “another part of me” to eliminate the part of me still being “nothing” or rather to convert it into “everything”. “Everything” is part of God and here I was told – because I don’t know anything else than what I am told at the stage I am today – that it was a decision of the Universe that I will both be the Son of God as a normal human being at the same time as I will also (continue to) be the Source of everything – and we know, I will know MUCH more when people will have faith in me, and this was the real challenge for all of us because if the world with my mother in the lead would not be able to understand and start having faith in me, I would suffocate and return to my origin – together with the elimination of the Universe – as “nothing” from where the process could start again meaning that “I” would start to sleep again until the creation of life would automatically start all over again.

And I was told that the better we have become, the more darkness has been converted until the final battle where the question was if we would be able to convert the rest doing the impossible to change the actual foundation of life – “nothing” – into something completely different and I was told that this is also the reason why there has been so much darkness in my life and the lives of the Council and other highly placed living people of the Hierarchy and that is in order to remove darkness, which I was also told is only possible to do by people themselves without help from other parts of the Universe, and this is why it is needed for EVERYONE TO ACT AS “ONE” showing a right behaviour. And we know one thing depends on the other; we need to act properly before we will become the light, which will automatically make us act properly and we know “the step by step” principle you know.

Finally let me say that last week I believe the leader of the service asked us to send healing thoughts and energy to an employee of theirs, Gurli, who had become seriously ill and today she informed us that Gurli had now pasted away and even though it made me very sad to hear and I could have wished it differently, this is a result of the darkness working and here the darkness being sent to me from my family and friends and this is because I have decided for a long time that the darkness is not to kill me or any of my “special friends” but I will not protect the rest of the world the same way and my dear friends, this was the reason why Gurli died after only a short period of sickness and we know SHE IS NOT ELIMINATED AND HER LIFE WILL CONTINUE but right now she has been removed from physical life and we know EVERYBODY WILL LIVE FOREVER IN JOY AND HAPPINESS and this will also include Gurli as the example of MANY having received the same faith as her in this battle between the light and darkness.

This is what I decided to do and if I had decided otherwise (to protect the rest of the world as I decided to protect my “special friends” and I), we (I, my mother and others) would not have been able to make it through because it would have given us so much more darkness to eliminate, which we would not have been able to bear, which therefore would have eliminated us all, which I however did not understand at the time but which I now see. This is the connection, which I hope you will understand too?

Despite of how badly I felt also today, I decided to do my best writing the last part of the script of today and the last 2½ chapters of yesterday and we know I was actually feeling better when doing this starting from a true ZERO point and by 16.20 I had finished writing and also publishing the script – and we know meaning that I will first (hopefully) be able to continue writing on my Signs IV page tomorrow.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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