Summary of the script today


  • Dreaming that my mother suffers because she does not financially help me – or LTO – while I/we are living on the edge, the darkness is so strong that the spirit of my mother is almost forced to carry out “our old nightmare” – which also removes even more of the remaining part of the darkness now making it almost invisible, it is almost impossible to bring confidence to my “servants” (to stand forward and help me), which is making the work “decorating” and recreating parts of the Universe “totally impossible” to do but still this is what is also done at the moment.
  • The lights of my mother and Karen came flying towards me now looking as TRIANGLES to symbolise the Trinity because since yesterday when I stronger than ever was told that I am the original source now being “everything” of the Universe, I have been in a state of “confusion” because this is what the Holy Spirit is/was, and I came to the understanding that the Holy Spirit used to be the only PART of God inside of the Universe with the original Source and the Son outside the Universe as “nothing” and now both the Source and the Son has come inside the Universe to unite God as “One”, which IS the Universe including all life.
  • The darkness of “nothing” could easily have eliminated us all starting a new process with a new Big Bang, but the love of my family and friends to me kept them back from “destroying” me, which is symbolising the “love” of “nothing” to “everything” because it wants to LIVE, which was the reason why it “kept back” making us able to bring eternal life to all using “will power” as the “key of life”.
  • The Source has “learned” from its previous attempts to bring eternal life, and “missing parts” of all of us from previous Universes will become integrated with us all, which is part of the work being carried out now.
  • I have received true information from the light and WRONG from the darkness and only when I have done my best, I have reached the right answers, and when I have concluded and taken wrong decisions, it has brought victories to the darkness destructing parts of the Universe as the result. This is what is now being rebuilt with the help of the original Source, which HURTS and is “impossible” to do because of lack of faith of mankind in me but still this is what we do.
  • The light of my father on the sky is barely visible and my amplifier was switched off and on several times giving scratching sounds to my right speaker symbolising both a weakening faith of my father in me and that he is “almost dying”, which I am too because of his lack of faith (!) – but don’t you worry ‘bout a thing :-).
  • The symbol of my CD player not working for years is to say that it has been IMPOSSIBLE for me to write my scripts because of the destructive power of the darkness giving me EXTREME SUFFERING for years, but still I continued writing using extreme WILL POWER, which IS the “key of life” making us all survive.
  • I had a dream about “giant deer with giant eyes”, which was as a symbol of ETs and this evening I read a link to an article on Facebook about a photographer capturing the image “Eye Deer” – a UFO photographed in Santa Fe – and instantly I understood the connection between my dream and this UFO. The article included this quote of NASA: “We come to the conclusion that we have a genuine photo of a UFO”. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL DECLARATION OF THE UNITED STATES CONFIRMING THE AUTHENTICITY OF UFO’S, which parts of the world is waiting for Barack Obama to bring but which I bring together with my thanks to Obama as “another part of me” for making this possible :-).

19th April: The transferral of the original Source gave birth to me as the Source – BRING HOME MY CHILDREN 🙂

  • Dreaming that my sister and brother-in-law has a growing faith in me and that Sanna’s is the strongest, people of today do not show much commitment when doing voluntary work and I ask man to help mankind by doing voluntary work to spread my teachings not only inside but also outside church, a client of mine is working on adjusting shoes individually for people, which is about preparing the salvation of ALL people, the true miracle of saving the world is the MANY people unconsciously having fulfilled their life assignments, I value the good characters of my old friends and I look forward to resume all old friendships, first the suffering and disbelief or family, friends and ex-colleagues and then a growing faith of these in me is what is ensuring the survival and development of the Universe and is my sister’s husband becoming willing to help reducing my suffering?
  • At Falck, Thomas – the officer on guard today – agreed that it is important to finish your tasks and he “allowed” me to continue doing my task on the key hood database also because he apparently likes to do his own work himself (!), which is also how Christoffer works, but not how Robert and Lars work when they have the chance to get a coolie like me to do their dull work! I now have two managers on “my side” and two “against”, which also shows you the necessity of the Basic Work Rules I have put forward for you. My job was “totally impossible” to do again today because of physical tiredness and constant darkness making every second a Hell to come through, but still the senior shop steward showed me the attitude of how “mentally impossible” this work is to do for others when he said that “you will never be able to finish this work” – but I will (!) and that is even though it IS easy for others and “totally impossible” for me to do.
  • I had EXTREME darkness coming to me this evening almost killing me because of extreme feelings and nervousness of family and people close to me – including my mother thinking “it would be better to be dead”! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT – be natural and communicate – instead of continuing to be nervous and “scared to death” destroying our lives? This is about HAPPINESS and SURVIVING and not about SADNESS and having all life eliminated, which could have been the situation now. Why are you sad when you should be happy?
  • After the Jerusalem UFO opened the physical connection to the original Source, I have recently been “entered” by people spiritually. This is about the transfer of the original Source to the Universe to be part of me, which is MY BIRTH AS THE SOURCE consisting of all life of the Universe. I am all life and all life is me and “to bring home my children” is to bring individual life as part of God back to me as the origin in order to further develop me and the world, and to make it stronger and more beautiful than ever before. The other part of me consisting of a human being as Stig (previously Jesus) is now a part of me as the Source too. My task is first to make mankind on Earth believing in me and afterwards I will visit other worlds to do the same – step by step :-).
  • Later in the evening I was shown a new UFO light on the sky approaching me, which this time was NOT the light of my mother, father nor Karen but MY LIGHT to confirm my understanding and faith in myself as the Source!

20th April: My spirit will help as an extra parent to educate children below the age of 15

  • Dreaming that people has to be careful not to be unfaithful especially when attending company parties also having “a few drinks”, my spirit will help as an extra parent to educate children below the age of 15 – who are exempted from reading my writings – to ensure that all will come with us to our new world without evil including “bad habits”, “weak” people around me taking wrong decisions and in “need of assistance” are helped by my spirit not to “break down” even though they bring me the same feeling – I receive the sum of all people – but I am the “last one” and therefore have to be strong and to help out when needed.



Dreaming that it is almost impossible to bring confidence to my “servants” to stand forward and help me

I had an ok night after the circumstances but still not feeling in “great form” this morning – rather run-down really – but the work does not do it self so back on track we are – with these dreams:

  • Henriette and I end our holidays in a foreign country, we are staying at the “2095 hotel” and are about to leave, she will take a plane to Dubai and from here to her final destination in Switzerland, which I think about taking too as part of my journey coming all the way home but I cannot afford the air ticket and hope she will pay for me but she does not care and tells me that I can also take the “pig” train home (“grisen”), which I then do. I clip one clip of my 10 tour clip card and in the train the conductor is nice to clip off an extra clip, which was needed. At the middle station we stand off, it is in the country side, I see an old ramshackle of a mill, which is about to be renovated and to the right is an enclosure including fabulous monsters, which are giant deer with giant eyes and I am told that they never harm anyone, but when I tell that they once killed people in the Tivoli gardens I am told that this is right. I am still with Henriette, I am going to take another train and she is leaving for another direction still without caring and I tell her “we will not end like this, we will talk again”. At the other train platform I see that my train has just left so I will wait for the next, I meet my mother there and I hear the band Danseorkestret play.
    • Henriette is my old girlfriend and in the dream a symbol of my mother, thus a “small” indication of my old nightmare but only very “little”. The “2095 hotel” is a reference to one of my favourite tracks of Electric Light Orchestra’s BRILLIANT “time” album, which is called “Yours truly, 2095” and with this again expressing my deep feelings to my mother and still the hotel is a symbol of the “waiting hall” of my “servants”. My mother will continue flying, which is “suffering” and here to two rich places saying that the reason of her suffering is that she would be able to help me – and just maybe also my LTO friends – living on the edge but she does not. The mill will be to prepare “food” giving “normal life” to the world, the deer with the big eyes are people of other civilizations and I don’t believe the dream is about them killing people, more a symbol of them “leaving people”, which “death” normally symbolises in my dreams, and this is supposedly what they have done once if I understand the dream correctly. And the band “Danseorkestret” is to say that underneath all of this “very difficult game”, the TRUE feelings of the spirit of my mother is that she could “dance of joy” – as in the video from the Church of his Presence of the other day.
  • From my bed I see that Sidsel has received an extra job, which is to open up 500 bottles of wine each day, which is giving her a good life in terms of money. I have not spoken to her for a long time, which is the reason why she has not spoken to me, but when I see her, I invite her over and I am happy to feel her nice body next to mine. I discover that she is totally devastated because it is extremely tough to open up the wine and she really could use a better wine drawer. She is a nice lady and a big temptation but I decide to turn her down. Later I see her change the design of a shop on ground level, which makes the offices of Fair insurance invisible, I tell her that it is no problem to me, but maybe Søren H. will not like it.
    • And just maybe Sidsel is also the “front cover” of the spirit of my mother showing you both “very difficult times” almost being forced to use the weapon of the darkness of “my old nightmare” and just how difficult it is to open the “wine of the Source” inside of me because of almost no people having faith in you my son as I here hear the spirit of my father saying because he is the one who is still forcing the spirit of my mother to carry out dreams like this and we know to deflect and that is to convert the darkness into light, which is still the process on-going and the more wine, which is poured, the more invisible the darkness (of Fair Insurance as a symbol) becomes.
    • The dream also tells about the difficulties of the true Sidsel about me and the truth about her feelings of me and we know a “potential” girl friend and wife she was – and “is” but only if I followed up of course but she is not “meant to be” for me.
    • I woke up with the song “Philadelphia freedom” by Elton John – one of MANY BEAUTIFUL by Elton – and the lyrics “I love you, yes I do” and “shine a light”, which is you know about true love and freedom as the foundation of shining the light.
  • I am working in a shop in Helsingør selling fruit and clothes. The manager has left the shop for a while making me unsure if we are able to do any sales because we don’t know how to enter it on the cash register, but then I see the junior salesman and think that he will be able to use the register. I am going to set up wall paper in the room next to the shop and I see that I need to use my common sense doing it because first I had set up wall paper on the sofa too, which I afterwards see and understand that I of course should not, and I don’t know how I will be able to come all the way up to the ceiling, which looks like a totally impossible and also dangerous task. I “play” with some codes and to my surprise I discover that by entering one code, it brings a corner box, which used to be there, physically back and I see Evy H. walking on her way out and I smile when I tell her to be careful that I will not materialise something else in front of her. It is now the end of the working day and I am told to clean up the tools etc. which I have used during the day and also to keep the pick up in order, and the dream ends with me believing that I will drive the car together with Lena B. but she drives away and I will therefore drive alone.
    • Helsingør is “our new world”, selling “clothes” will be “confidence of my servants”, which is truly not easy to do at the moment with scared living members of the Council and others “hiding” from me and unwilling to stand forward declaring their faith, I believe the wall paper is about “decorating” the Universe, which is “impossible” to do with little faith of mankind in me today and is the return of the corner box to say that a part of the Universe was destroyed, which is now being recreated?

All three parts of God are now inside of the Universe becoming united as “One” (i.e. the Universe)

Yesterday evening was a clear and beautiful evening this time with only few “stars” on the sky – the first one was the light of my mother as it has been for “months” now – and first the light of my mother came flying towards me looking different than before, the light was not as bright as before but the object was larger – approx. double size – and it was now a TRIANGLE with three lights shining on it, and it was followed by the light of Karen flying towards me – apparently she is coming closer to me also in her mind (?) and that is despite of what I have been told many times and also yesterday, which is that her negative slandering of me to “everybody who wanted to listen to her” ALSO makes it “impossible” for her to return to me (!) – which also was a TRIANGLE with three lights shining on it with two of them red to symbolise her sufferings and it was to say that after receiving the (even stronger than ever) information yesterday of being the Source and that the Source is everything of the Universe, it made me think of the Trinity because I was told a long time ago that the Holy Spirit as the spirit of God was the sum of all the Universe and how can the Source and the Holy Spirit be the same (?), which put me in a state of “confusion” – truly “not bad”, Electric Light Orchestra, with a typical and WRONG understatement (thinking of your reaction to me here, Meshack!) and we know my favourite song in 1979/80 until the Xanadu and Time albums arrived 🙂 – but still I was thinking that normally I receive the answer “sooner or later” and I do understand the definition of the Holy Spirit being the sum of the Universe as ONE PART of God as I am here told, and the Source as the origin of everything as another part and the Son – God living as a normal human being (assisted with the life flames of the spirits of my mother and father, not easy you know) being the third part and we know until recently the Universe only included the Holy Spirit with the original Source and the Son being outside of it as “nothing” and now it also – more and more – includes the original Source and the Son and the feeling I get here is that these three parts of God will melt together as “ONE” as the answer and really because a division into three will no longer be needed when all of the darkness is removed and we know this is about using simple logic and I cannot see this differently, so this is how it has to be.

Yesterday evening I was also told that the darkness could have killed me – and us – as easy as nothing (take the examples of my sister trying to remove my writings from the Internet in 2010, Bo from Dahlberg doing the same, the feelings of Karen wanting to do the same etc.) and I was told that the reason why they did not succeed or really carried it out, is because I am loved by my family and (most) friends, which was THE decisive factor keeping them back and what I was told is that this is also the feeling we “sense” of the darkness when we enter it, which is that it loves the light and truly wants to live and we know even though it did “its best” to destroy us all, it also kept back giving us “a chance” to succeed, which is you know WHAT WE DECIDED TO USE with the key word being “WILL POWER”, which is the recipe of life – and I was made to think that the Source has “learned” from its previous attempts to come to eternal life and that it “might” have a full record of previous Universes (before new Big Bangs) and here I am given the information that this may be the “missing parts” of all of us, which will become “integrated” as part of us, which is now also a “new process beginning for us, which we had not expected” (as much of my work is in my physical life symbolising the “surprising” work required spiritually) and so it is my friend :-).

And I was told that the condition of being “nothing” is that there is also “something”, which is “space”, which is the reason why that if we did not make it, I would return to my origin as “nothing” at the same time as “everything” would start all over through a new Big Bang and we know Stig it looks like I am getting this right and of course I would not be able to write this without getting information from you – which is not always to be trusted because of the darkness also giving me WRONG information – but you know I am still the one connecting the information, which requires that I still do my best – until I will become “one”, thinking of you U2 every single time, which will have to be one of the most beautiful of all songs and probably the best of the VERY many beautiful songs of U2 🙂 – and I am here told that when I have misunderstood information and taken wrong conclusions and decisions, this has been the victory of the darkness making us lose parts of the Universe (!) but you know “don’t worry, be happy”, which is also the influence of Elijah’s inner self here and just saying that this is what is still being rebuilt and if it hurts doing this “impossible” task (?) and “you bet” (!), which is making me think of the BRILLIANT live performance of Rebel Rebel by David Bowie at his Reality Tour when he says “you bet” as a thank you to the audience for singing along and we know this is to say that this work is done with the help of the “original Source” now being part of this Universe too and we know, which is “almost impossible to do” because of the lack of faith of mankind in me but still this is what we do.

My scripts were IMPOSSIBLE to write – WILL POWER made me do it as the “key of life”

I have been given a “special look” (this is how it is :-)) to my old CD Player – the Denon DCD-2000 AE, which I bought approx. 4-5 years ago – for days now and yesterday evening I was told that this CD player is NOT working as the symbol showing you that it has been IMPOSSIBLE to write my scripts because of the resistance of the darkness (giving me EXTREME tiredness, negative speech, sexual suffering etc.) and I might add that it started not to work in 2008 I believe becoming increasingly worse over time – because of my nearest family not believing in me in “more and more important times” – until it was ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to get to work most of 2009 (for me or Tobias when I was in Kenya) and TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE from the beginning of 2010, I believe, which is from where I HAD TO DO (almost or) “TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE” WORK SOLELY USING MY WILL POWER, which was required to keep away the destructive power of the darkness and to make all of us survive.

My father has lost faith in me and is on the edge of dying, which I am too SIMPLY because of his lack of faith

After seeing the lights of my mother and Karen on the sky, I also saw the light of my father, which however was barely visible and it has neither been visible at its fixed location underneath the three Orion stars lately (the Orion stars were only showed when I “asked” for them to show, i.e. when looking after them at the then dark place of the sky where they are located, this is how it is here at least sometimes), thus not today, which symbolises his now weakening faith in me (are you irresolute, my father? – All you need to do is to READ and UNDERSTAND, this will bring you faith and remove the “threats” of both of us being killed because of your lack of faith!) and I was told “you WILL come through”, which is also a message I have received twice the last few days from the Council briefly speaking to me as the light when they have said that these great difficulties these days will only last for a shorter period.

After coming in from the balcony and not that long after, I heard how my amplifier again was being switched off and on by the Council MANY times and it gave very clear scratching sounds to the right speaker as the symbol of my father being on the edge of dying (a “controlled” way to deal with as much darkness as possible), which is also making me being on the edge of dying – hence the symbol of the amplifier failing (as my father is failing me) – and for a long time I have been told that my father, his reactions to me and his health situation has been the unknown secret to me, which has a big impact of my life since the spirit of my father is and has been one of the two life flames of me – with the spirit of my mother being the other – (this is until my true inner self will wake up “his” eyes through me as you will remember?) and if my father, or mother for that sake, is “dying”, I am “dying” too and this is what this experience is telling me; that we are both “living on the edge” but we know there is nothing to worry about because this is what is required to convert the remaining part of the darkness into light and after I had taken notes of the amplifier I sent out the thought that “now you don’t have to continue doing this” and really because I did not want to switch off the amplifier physically and we know THEN IT STOPPED because this is what we do when we agree that is and SO IT IS MY FRIEND.

Working all day on the script and to finalise my map of witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO

I started working at 08.20 today and even though I was not very motivated to write all of the notes of yesterday evening, I decided that they were important to write and it may have taken me somewhat longer to write the script including the editing and summaries so far – the time is now 12.05 – because I needed more time to think and edit than normal but you know I am quite happy with what I have written and here I am also feeling the chef Thomas from the dinner show on TV5 BECAUSE WE LIKE HIS “PERFECT QUALITY”, which is still the guideline of the world my friend.

After lunch I continued working on the map of witnesses to my Signs IV page and I discovered that I needed more information and more accurate information on the locations of witnesses and we know I had to do quite some research to find what I was looking for at several different websites and really because no one has created a totally overview of the witnesses before the produce of this map – and the website, which I will continue working on Thursday if nothing else happens of course.

I ended working by 18.25 today FINALLY finishing the map “I had inside of my head”, which is the feeling people get when they want to do their absolutely best and this is what I did here again – and the “fun” part is that “all Jerusalem talking about it” as one withness says but almost no people of the world today believe in it because of the effective official cover-up and control of mainstream media sending lies to mankind together with “video amateurs” on the Internet finding what they believe is “technical proof” of the videos being hoaxes without focusing on WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – the truth (!) – and we know this is about LYING, SCEPTICAL and NEGATIVE PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF WHAT THEY SEE, which only is the message of my reappearance to the world, and I know that people out there are waiting for me to stand forward, which I have already done you know, but my comment to this event will be brought when I have done my absolutely best work in order to convince the world and NOT before :-).

A man very interested in UFO’s took the wrong conclusions on the Jerusalem UFO and me because of his TRUE lack of patience

Today I fell over the website of “O-fu online” here including good information of the Jerusalem UFO and even though he brings the wrong conclusion of it – he now believes it is a hoax not using his eyes to see what it truly is (!) – he had done a good job, so I thought that because of this I would send him a short comment, and just maybe he would have the PATIENCE and WILL POWER to find, read and understand my website.

This was the short comment I sent:

Thank you for a “great” effort, my friend, but unfortunately your conclusion is wrong as you will soon find out. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET – it is truly that simple :-). Seek and you shall find the right answer, but it requires patience and time.

But no, he did not search and therefore he replied as follows, which shows his true interest of the event and also the brainwash of “clever people” of UFO forums believing they have found “proofs” of this true event being a “hoax” despite of what they clearly can see on each recording done by five different people/cameras (!)

hi Stig. I did seek and I did find answers, most of which pointed to video editing software and bizarre anomalies which would not have occurred naturally. The problem with this case is it has too many problems!

Instead of speaking in riddles, why not show me the evidence? Please answer the following.

1. how did the video anomalies end up in the video?

2. why was an obvious fake released almost immediately?

3. Where were the other witnesses on day 1? it took weeks for them to appear and none of them could provide any further info other than what was already known

Now, call me a sceptic, but given the events depicted in the video, i’d expect CCTV in the area, taxi drivers, night security etc to have provided further evidence. There was none

Please… if you know more, do share.

And alright, I thought that I would give him more information now when he asked for it and also the links to my sites where he could read more even though I am not finished with the sites as I informed him:

Hi again,

I am working to finish a page to my website writing on the event and what it TRULY means to the world, which no one TRULY has found out yet – and this is going to be adequate to convince both you and everyone else.

I will finish the work before the first of May, and until then I recommend you to receive the first information – and lead – from this map, which I have produced: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=da&….
I will not go into your question no. 1 (read why in 1-2 weeks at my website), question 2 is answered somewhere else on my website (“Signs III” – even though this page is not finished either) and the answer to question 3 is included in the map and more because people are scared to stand forward because of the press, the government (!) and generally to be ridiculed by rude people and this is even though “all Jerusalem talking about it” as one witness wrote in a Hebrew forum. Can you imagine this situation (?) – the whole city is talking about it, but the world does not believe in it among others because of official cover up and “clever people” at UFO forums!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: USE YOUR EYES – WHAT YOU SEE ON THE VIDEOS – except no. 3 – IS THE TRUTH. Don’t focus on “technical details” and “clever” people believing they have found this or that “technical proof” of the videos being fake. USE YOUR EYES and try to figure out why a UFO was at this the most holy place on Earth and now the Universe.

When you understand the full truth, I kindly ask you to share it with the world.


Take care :-).

Kind regards,

But the power of people’s voice is immensely strong when they are totally convinced they are right as you can see from his reply below – as you have seen in other connections too for example my family not believing in who I am and this is not that different – and therefore, my recommendations at this point was not enough for him to TRULY OPEN and I do mean TRULY OPEN UP here as you can see, where he is also losing patience despite of my recommendation in my first comment to him – and the world – to use “patience and time” before you will conclude on basis of the right information.

thanks for the response. However, it’s no good telling people to “ignore the anomalies” in the videos as they are there, you cant ignore them.

I looked at your site. Video 6, you use as evidence. Forget all the other videos. Video 6 is a joke. You cannot be serious? Why are you wasting your time with this?

Like I said, stop talking in riddles, stop pointing me at your site with fake videos on and bring some real evidence…..

And my thought was what I did when sending this reply:

As I wrote in my first comment: it requires patience and time and you are the only one who decides if you want to find the truth or if you want to be deceived as most of the world. Sometimes the truth is not what you believe it is, which also includes video 6 – look at it with an OPEN MIND :-). I have given you the leads, and if you keep updated at my site in 1-2 weeks time, there should be a chance for you to be one of the first to discover the truth – but be careful about the strength of deception influencing your own voice. My comments to you are of course only meant kindly.

But the patience of this man was not as great as I could have hoped because of the careful work he had done on his website; he wanted evidence here and now as you can see from his reply below – unfortunately – and because of this, I was now lumped together with everyone else letting people down and that is not because of me but because of the attitude and behaviour of “everyone” else (!) – do you see the unjust of the world today (?) – and the sadness is also that the video 6 is the best evidence of a UFO the world has ever received but because thousands of people watching it could not “figure out” or “handle” the setup of the monk and the key ring in the beginning of the video, it was judged as an “obvious hoax” but the true problem is that people are SCEPTICAL without TRULY showing an OPEN MIND, which most cannot see today and TO BE OPEN was what I asked you do be, “my friend”, and what you said and believed yourself that you are, BUT YOU ARE NOT (!) when you – and “everyone” else – are totally convinced that video 6 is a stage up without even showing the attitude of the benefit of a doubt because of the proofs of its authenticity.

I have an open mind. In order to make a logical decision on anything, I need some fact. There is no fact in this case. You telling me that I need patience and that I need to wait for you to update your site basically tells me (from experience) that you will reveal nothing. If you have the facts now, bring them to the table.
My comments to you are based on experience. I’ve spent a lot of time looking into this issue and there is really no evidence to base any logical decision on. The 6th video appeared far too late and is obviously a staged hoax. Please, go and interview the robed man and the other people who must have seen an enormous craft flying just above the rooftops.

I won’t be checking your site over the next few weeks. Please feel free to pop back here and update us with your big story. I look forward to it. 🙂

This was the end of this story, I did not want to send a new reply and the TRUE lack of openness and patience of this man – and the brainwash made by UFO forums being focused on proofing a hoax instead of proofing the truth (!), thus taking the wrong decisions – gave him the WRONG conclusion in relation to me as it also did to the Jerusalem UFO and we know I AM ABLE TO FIND THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS MYSELF BY DOING MY BEST WORK AND SHOWING AN OPEN MIND and THIS IS WHAT ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD COULD DO TOO BUT HOW MANY OF YOU DID TRULY FIGURE OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS EVENT (?) and do I hear anyone out there or is it a BIG ZERO?

And even though I was thinking that this man could have found the truth by reading my website and watching my YouTube channel, I was also thinking that I will not do this again before I will finish my page on the Jerusalem UFO and hereafter I will post it to Eligael’s Facebook group and a few UFO researchers, whom I trust and that is even though I would also have preferred to have finished my Signs III page and all work on my website really, but this is how I have decided for it to be; to take it step-by-step and really because this is also what I can “bear” because of the influence of people making me suffer when they don’t believe in me.


This evening I was first taken by surprise when I read the following message from the Facebook group of the Jerusalem UFO about a photographer capturing the image “Eye Deer” – a UFO photographed in Santa Fe:

When I saw the message of the “Eye Deer” I instantly got the “idea” (!) that the message as you can see here was related to my dream of the night of “giant deer with giant eyes”, which was as a symbol of ETs or people of other civilizations as I call them and I could tell because the eyes of the deer in the dream were as big as the eyes of some people of other civilizations.

Also straight away when I saw the message and thought about the dream, I was told that THIS IS THE OFFICIAL DECLARATION OF THE UNITED STATES CONFIRMING THE AUTHENTICITY OF UFO’S (!): “We come to the conclusion that we have a genuine photo of a UFO” as NASA is cited for in the article as you can also see below and I was told that the United States have decided to follow the same “strategy” as I, which is to do the disclosure step-by-step growing in strength until the day when the FULL truth will be revealed to the world, which here is also a message to my gentlemen over there taking this brave step (!) and my dear friends of the world, it is not Barack Obama – as some people are waiting for – who is to give this official declaration to the world, it is me as Barack Obama’s alter ego (both belonging to the same glow of the eternal flame of Christ) giving the message. NASA sent the message to me, I received it and this is the official disclosure as I bring to the world, which many had been waiting to receive for a long time as you can see examples of here.

In other words: THE UNITED STATES HAS NOW OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED THE AUTHENTICITY OF THIS “WELL KEPT SECRET” OF UFO’s FOR MORE THAN 60 YEARS, which also includes the important message to the world that the United States recognise my existence and have decided to come clean and we know you had two choices to chose from; either to follow us to our new and better world or to be responsible for eliminating me together with the entire Universe and all life and THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE RIGHT AND BRAVE DECISION MY GENTLEMEN – and I do look forward to meeting you too as an answer to what some of you over there are thinking :-).

Here I would also like to THANK OBAMA FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS MAKING THIS POSSIBLE, which I can say because I feel Obama inside of me and because these are the words I receive when these lines are written. It took this “great miracle” of Obama to do the impossible also to give birth to myself as the Source of the Universe :-).

I was also told that after this decision people of other civilizations decided to resume communication with “mankind” and as you know COMMUNICATION IS ALWAYS OF THE GOOD BECAUSE IT CREATES UNDERSTANDING AND FRIENDS.

Here is the article:

UFO photographed in Santa Fe and NASA confirmed that the image is real

A photographer captured the image Eye Deer without realizing it while working. Then he saw something was wrong and sent for analysis to the United States.

This is how the UFO looked like when zooming the camera

A photojournalist in the town of Venado Santa Fe saw it. he took a picture of a unidentified flying object (UFO) and sent it to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States for evaluation. The agency confirmed that the image was genuine. Journalist and photographer Gaston Garnier, 26, who last December 10 was in the amphitheater of the Piazza Italia Venado Tuerto awaiting the start of a folk rock.

To cut the delay, Garnier decided to try his camera and took about five pictures to the moon appearing larger and brighter on the pines in front of the Plaza. “In December there was an eclipse and I was testing how far I would get the moon in my camera, I made five pictures and I was hoping to start a rock. Until that moment I saw nothing strange in the pictures, “he told the journalist and photographer working as a correspondent for the newspaper Southern Cross Rosario.Garnier said that when he got home, got the pictures “and among the five who had captured with my camera featured a rare object, a kind of Greek And with bright balls hooked at their tips and perspective.”

“Everyone who saw that image, including fellow journalists and photographers, agreed to describe it as very rare. I never realized that object when I drew the pictures, because I was focused on the moon, “he said.

In order to get the plot on what I had photographed last March 5, Garnier went to Internet and thus could give the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, the photographs for scientific evaluation, after filling out a form with your information.

Two days later, NASA replied that the image of the UFO “had been subjected to several filters, and had determined that it was original, authentic and there were no tricks of any kind,” said the journalist.

“Moreover, I also reported that the December 13, 2010, as another image was taken in Abrantes (Portugal) and at the same time I did the shots in Argentina,” said Gaston amazed.

He explained that the NASA report says that “after digital analysis, we come to the conclusion that we have a genuine photo of a UFO (UFO) that, compared with several samples of our database shows a 80.75 percent of similarity to one photographed on 13 December in Abrantes, Portugal. ”

Garnier said, finally, that in January a colleague and friend from Venado Tuerto, who was in a bar in that town, also released a photograph of an object similar to the Greek and photographed him.

Notice how this UFO-light – from a distance – is similar
to the UFO-lights flying at my home
(see my YouTube channel)

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • Today the Danish restaurant Noma for the second year in succession was elected as the best restaurant of the world and besides from being the ultimate symbol of my victory and the quality of “normal life”, which we will bring to the world, I was thinking that this also shows the importance of prioritising DEVELOPMENT as part of your organisation (!), to think “differently”, to be truly OPEN and UNIQUE and of course TO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and what do you believe brings the greatest joy to people – to visit Noma as a guest or to visit one of the restaurants “starring” in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares before Gordon starts helping them to improve (?) – and your answer is really the same as comparing the old and lazy world with the joy our new and much better world will bring :-).
  • This evening I noticed (as I have done more lately) that I am seeing much clearer with my eyes closed (my spiritual vision), which is coming closer and closer in “reality” to my vision of the physical world, and I saw this as a symbol of the cleaning of the darkness – but my amplifier was again today switched off and on spiritually showing that I am still living on the edge.
  • I continue to “feel” people – as I have done for years – but now I am giving more examples of feeling people feeling me (!), which is still a “new sensation” to me and today I received this feeling of my old friend and family relation (!) Kirsten, and sometimes I am told one or the other name of people starting to “feel” me like this and if they were not able to understand me “intellectually” because of laziness (!), they will probably be able to understand when they are given these new spiritual feelings connected to me and this is what some of the power of my mother (after receiving faith in me) is used for, with is also hurting much to do.
  • I was told that the feeling of “love” of “several” women in me over the years – with Eva at Stansted in 2006 as the strongest (“uncontrollable”) as a couple of witnesses may remember (?) – is NOT a feeling of love but “origin of life” as the force of attraction and because of the spiritual openness of Eva, this is what she sensed clearer than anyone else. And men did not feel their attraction as love – except from a few homosexuals (?) – but some of you may have had “special” feelings about me too?


19th April: The transferral of the original Source gave birth to me as the Source – BRING HOME MY CHILDREN 🙂

Dreaming of asking mankind to do voluntary work to spread my teachings not only inside but also outside church

I had a night, which I thought was at the same level as yesterday, but I was TIRED today, with these dreams:

  • Sanna has a stock of two qualities of red wine, one of 35 DKK and one of 60 DKK. She has not investigated the wines before but now she wants to know about them. We find that the cheap wine, which her husband Hans is used to give to people uncritically, is poor and that the more expensive wine, a Bourdeaux, which I have recommended, is very good quality compared to the price.
    • It looks like my sister wants to know about the wine, that is “me”, in a greater detail and I am here told that this is because of the influence of my mother on her, and the wine from Bourdeaux is coloured Bourdeax, which is the colour of God and “everything”, which Hans is part of too and the two degrees of quality of wine may be that Sanna has a stronger faith in me than Hans but that both have a growing faith.
    • I woke up with the fantastic song “eyes without a face” by Billy Idol and I truly love the music of this man too (some of the best New Wave music you know) – he got to be the man showing the most energy and enthusiasm of all in rock music (?) – and the lyrics “Say your prayers”, which was in connection with Hans and also “turnin Holy water into wine, Drinkin it down oh”.
  • I receive a phone call up by the liberal party “Venstre” of the quarter Østerbro in Copenhagen, and he asks me to start the work as chairman of this local party union consisting of “merely 20 sleepy members”. Since giving my promise a long time ago I have become very busy in the meantime writing my book and doing work for the Commune and I don’t believe that I also can handle doing this work on top, and I therefore ask if it is possible to be excused because of this, which it however is not so therefore I can do nothing else than to accept. When I arrive I discover to my surprise that I am actually going to work for a small company in an old and cheap office with three old computers, which are only installed with a reduced version of Microsoft Word. There are 1-2 other employees and one of them wants to do a mini-course in this program, which however is disturbing the preparations I have started to do, which is to go through all relevant papers to learn about the business and our clients; I am going to be responsible for the largest client of the company, which is almost covering the total budget of the company. I ask the manager if I can read the co-operation agreement with the client and I am surprised to find that the manager does not have it at the office but keeps it at home and he promises to bring it tomorrow. I visit the client, which is a specialised GE company only dealing with adjustment of shoes to fit people individually and I tell them that when you work hard voluntarily, it can be used in political connections too.
    • The liberal party is about “freedom under responsibility”, which is a principle I value not only in paid work but also in voluntary work, and here it is also to bring FREEDOM TO THE WORLD through my teachings, and how many of my readers know what the dream here tells of “sleepy local unions” – which can be of every kind –which only have few members because of careless people in the neighbourhood prioritising passive entertainment etc. higher (?) and where the members sit comfortably on their behinds, have coffee and cake, listen and talk without being interested in doing (much) work to create a TRUE difference (?) – which is another kind of “passive entertainment” of lazy people as I experienced for example in Venstre in Helsingør in the middle of the 1980’s (!) – and my dear friends I should be happy to see the same kind of enthusiasm and commitment of all people when you decide to be engaged in voluntary work a local union/society/club/association. It is fine to have a good time, but voluntary work is voluntary work, which MUCH more people should be part of and also here do their absolutely best.
    • The hidden message of this dream is really to ask mankind to help me – and all of us – by doing “voluntary work” to make sure that my teachings will be spread to every single corner and every single human being of the world and that is to meet over coffee/cake or outside over an open fire as I did in the rural village of Kenya and here the “work” is to talk (!) about my scripts and teachings with the purpose to make sure that everyone will understand instead of misunderstand as a help for all to receive faith and show a clean heart to gradually open up our new and better world in line with more and more people believing. This is what I hope mankind will decide to do; to speak about my scripts not only in church but also in your spare time when meeting people TO HELP ALL COME THROUGH THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE AND MUCH FASTER THAN IF NOBODY WILL DO THIS VOLUNTARILY “WORK”, which is to benefit all of us :-).
    • The company I work is to show the little “power” of the Source of today based of only VERY little faith of man in me, hence the symbols of old offices, a reduced computer program and no co-operation agreement, which is making the work for the Council to open up the Source very difficult but we will have to do our best as the spirit of my father here tells me and he also says that he is about to come out of the shadow of her wife Kirsten in relation to me (when it comes to “faith”) and the company here is to give shoes to all people of the world and the old symbol of shoes has been difficult for me to understand all along – was it about “confidence” as I believe I thought at one stage but no, I don’t believe it is now because here it seems to have the same meaning as scoring, which is to be “saved” and we know please prepare shoes for the entire Universe my friend :-).
  • The Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen has given away all the music of her house, which has provided new remastered albums of the band Sneakers, which she was a member of; I see the new release of their debut album, which includes three bonus songs with “draught” – their debut single – as the absolutely best, which includes the fantastic sound of the band at the time.
    • Sanne has given all of her music – i.e. all of her love – to the world, the Sneakers from the 1980’s was the best pop band of Denmark of all times (!) and “sneakers” is also “shoes” so this is saying that by giving all of her love to the world, Sanne has helped saving the world too and this is what Sanne has done as a “secret servant” of mine not knowing consciously about this life assignment of hers, which is what many others have done too and the sum of all of these people having fulfilled their life tasks is what saved the world and this is the true miracle.
  • I had short dreams of Fuggi being “uncomplicated” in a good sense where I called him to hear if he was home, which he was and right after we spent good time together as friends, and I sent my old friend Lars G. three copies of a letter I have written about being the Messiah, which he carefully reads and give me the absolutely best feedback on, which I could get from anyone.
    • This is a dream of how much I value some of the most important friends of my life and their good characters, and really how much I look forward to resume my friendships with both of them and really with all of my old friends.
  • I have bought a gentleman’s bicycle in normal size, which I believe is of the best quality, but I am taken by the superb quality of a bicycle with small wheels by the brand of “Nikon”, which belongs to Michael R. (my old colleague from Aon from 1995-97) and compared to this my own bicycle is not of very good quality, however I notice that Michael’s bicycle cycles slowly because of the small wheels. I enter a VERY large bicycle department store, where Lennart (also from Aon and later working for Kim S. instead of me because this was the job I was supposed to have, Kim!!!) is being served; I wait until he finishes sensing his negative view of me because of whom I am, which however does not influence me. While I wait, I stroke a dog, which it enjoys VERY much and I ask what some kind of equipment for my bicycle costs, which is 20 DKK and I decide to buy it even though I sense that my sister’s husband is willing to give this to me for free.
    • The bicycle is about “suffering”, which Michael R. apparently is also doing because of me but in comparison not that much because of the fine quality of his bike and the small wheels, the brand of his bicycle is “Nikon”, a well known camera producer and this is to say that first the suffering and disbelief of Michael R. as the symbol of my family, friends and ex-colleagues and afterwards their growing faith in me is what is developing “the picture” of me and that is to ensure the survival and future development of the Universe (!), and Lennart is one of my old colleagues suffering too because his ignorance is giving him a negative view on me – giving me the gift of direct suffering too – the dog loves me unconditionally because it does not know who I am and therefore do not react negatively, which is the attitude I could wish people would show instead of judging and abandoning me (!) – which may also be the reason why I am not invited for a Fair reunion coming up (?), which I can read from Facebook that other old colleagues are looking forward to – and I guess that the better the bicycle is, the easier it is to come through suffering and this tells me that the willingness of my sister’s husband Hans to help improving my bicycle to reduce my suffering is about a change of his opinion of me and are you becoming ready to stand forward and support me, Hans (?), which truly would be a great help for all of us.

At Falck two “working” managers are on my side and two “lazy” managers are “against” – showing the need for Basic Work Rules

Today I started writing my script at 07.45 and at 08.43 I left home to go to Falck, and today it was Thomas who was the officer on guard and we know my friend THERE ARE DIFFERENCES OF MANAGERS TODAY because of individual “whims” and characteristics of people, which I value much as human variations but when it comes to work I do believe in the value of people following the same set of basic working rules as you may understand, which will make it MUCH easier for all people to work together everywhere, and this morning I went through my action plan – as you can see here – with Thomas and the print outs of the key hood database and that was really “by chance” because Robert had left it on the table in the front office, which the officers share and we know I decided to do this because all officers are on my plan as “stakeholders” and I told him 100% precisely and loyally that I had given Robert two options either for me to work concentrated on development work, which will guarantee that I will finish the key hood task before leaving in June, or to do both development and daily work, which will mean that I will not finish the task before leaving and also that Robert and Lars too had decided that I should do both herewith ignoring my recommendation and again I said that I will do what they ask me to do but I also gave him the idea that maybe this is something the officers would like to discuss together and the reaction of Thomas was that “I see what you mean, it is good to get your tasks done but it is also nice to receive variation” and I agree with him that variation is nice, but here discipline is required to get the job done because this is the only way to ensure development as I told him, which are the same words I have also given Robert and Lars and we know WHAT A WASTE OF TIME to talk, talk and talk instead of doing the RIGHT thing from the beginning including a meeting to start the task properly and to co-ordinate as I suggested to do in the beginning, which Robert however wrongly overruled.

Thomas said that he did not have other work for me to do so I was able to continue working on the key hood database, and here he showed the same attitude as Christoffer, so it looks as if I have two managers on my side – because they decide to do their own work themselves, which is really the difference you know (!) – and two managers “against me”, because it is SO NICE for you to have a coolie doing your “dull work” making your day much easier?? We will have to see how this works out and if I will be able to finalise this work when having four managers with different views to decide on my working conditions!

DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU AGAIN THAT WHEN I WRITE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WRONG DOINGS OF PEOPLE – work, behaviour and/or communication – IT IS NOT THE SAME AS SAYING THAT I DONE LIKE PEOPLE (?) as what most/all people believed it was making them furious on me BECAUSE THE TRUTH AS I HAVE WRITTEN SO MANY TIMES IS THAT I LOVE ALL PEOPLE WHICH IS ALSO THE CASE WITH THE PEOPLE OF FALCK – hhhmmm you will all understand one day and that goes to Vivian in Australia too.

So Thomas did the right thing, which gave me three “nice” hours to do this VERY DULL work keying in the same information over and over again in the database, which is “mentally impossible” for people to do, which I received confirmation on today, when I spoke a few minutes with the senior shop steward about his work – I have never worked with such “employees” in the so called “private sector” before as I told him (even though Falck is or should be a “private company”!) – and I understood that he takes care of salary negotiations, dismisses and employments on behalf of a large group of employees in the region and my thought was that people of his function will be superfluous in the future – as I have written about in the past I believe – and when it came to my work on the database he told me that “you will never be able to finish this work”, which you know seems “impossible” for him to do as it does for all employees here and really only because of their WRONG attitude because the truth is that this job should be and IS easy for them to do and that it is “totally impossible” for me to do because of how I feel and this morning I was VERY TIRED making work in itself almost impossible to do at the same time as the darkness was very strong giving me constant negative speech trying to win me over, and to do this “dull” work with every single second being a nightmare to come through physically and mentally is what is making it impossible to do and also what is required to do because the laws of physics says that what I decide to do in physical life is also what I do spiritually and we know which is to do what is “totally impossible” to do, which is to remove the last part of the darkness, to make people gradually believing in me and to open up gradually for the Source – this is why I do it – and by the way the steward also told me with some degree of satisfaction (?) that I could “thank him” for being here because he is responsible for the agreement between Falck and the Commune and we know “happy days” are here (!) and there is only one problem and that is that you do believe you are helping me, but what you are doing is to torture me when ordering me to do slave work (!) but I have decided that also here I can handle this mentally and still show you a positive attitude.

At the end of the day I kept on working defeating the darkness yet again – it is still a nightmare of mine if I should become weak one day not being mentally and physically strong enough to resist the darkness and being tempted to speak negatively and this is what I have told you to have a plan B ready for and that is really for you to decrease the darkness so much for a period of time until I would “get over it”, which is truly what I wish and hope will happen if this should occur and we know it has not happened yet despite of hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of attacks by the darkness – and besides from waiting maybe 20 minutes on the computer “working” to start up today, I managed to key in approx. two of a total of 16 drawing cupboards today – following my original time plan – and today I experience NO problems saving my work and by the way, despite of the top bar of Microsoft Excel showing the new name I had “tried to give it” last week, it had not saved the last hour of the work I did, so this I had to do once more, which is NOT nice to do as people know.

I continued working until 18.20 today doing the script so far and the last two chapters of yesterday and if I was tired and exhausted feeling more dead than alive and “you bet” and I thought about continuing the work and to publish these two days of script already today, but I decided that I don’t want to be in a rush just because this is what the spirit world over and over again pressured me MUCH to do also talking about the importance to publicize the official declaration on UFO’s of the United States but no: I did “my best” under the circumstances today, I will finish writing the script of today and yesterday tomorrow morning when I may also publish it and if I don’t have much to write on the script of tomorrow, I may decide to wait publishing until tomorrow afternoon and then publish three days of scripts and this is final, my friends – my decision you know :-).

Receiving more EXTREME darkness almost killing me because of continuing WRONG DOINGS of family

This evening was an ”impossible evening” to come through. The negative speech of the darkness was as strong as I remember and “impossible” to resist from “overtaking” me and I received pain in my spinal column again – symbolising “close to death“ – making every single second a Hell to come through but somehow I managed to come through yet again and I also received the strong feeling that “it would be better to be dead” several times and this was the feelings of my mother being sent to me and really because she is scared of all of this and to stand forward – also not nice to show yourself to the world weighing too much (?), which is a feeling you share with me but you can simply decide to be STRONG to overcome this weakness and this is what I do not only to myself but also to my mother, my father (?) and my sister to mention some – and we know when all other options to make people understand are closed (because of their laziness and strong/wrong voices), we will have to use feelings of the senses to make people understand, which is what we are doing now and how long will it take before my mother and sister will be STRONG ENOUGH to “break out” from all of your very many wrong doings and to accept my “conditions” to start seeing each other again (express your faith in me)???

The EXTREME DARKNESS this evening was also caused by the simple fact that my sister’s and my birthdays are coming up – the 23rd April and 3rd May – giving even more nervousness and what will my sister and especially my NERVOUS mother decide to do in this respect (?) and it is not very nice, mother, to speculate about how to communicate with your own son – if this is what you will decide to do – knowing about who he is and that he may decide to publish your words to the world (?) and again ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO BE NATURAL AND TO COMMUNICATE NORMALLY without being afraid, which is not only “killing” you but me very much too – and we know when will they ever learn (?) – it should not be THAT difficult simply to do what is right removing our suffering at the same time instead of continuing to speculate, be nervous and “scared to death”?

Yesterday was the birthday of my sister’s youngest son Tobias – one of the members of the Council you know, which he will “soon” discover too – and I sent my greetings this morning after having discovered his birthday of yesterday and we know I will be glad to see him “hopefully” soon as I wrote in the message below and yes “sad that I did not see you at my birthday” as he replied and why is this (?) – making us both unhappy – and we know because of THE WRONG FEELINGS AND DECISIONS OF MY MOTHER AND SANNA NOT SPEAKING TO ME and how many times do I have to tell you not to be SAD but to be HAPPY (?), because if we had not managed to come through the judgment, all life would have been eliminated now and would you have preferred such a situation (?) and we know IT IS TRULY ABOUT UNDERSTANDING and ACCEPTANCE, you see?

The original Source was transferred through Mount Zion giving birth to me as the Source – BRING HOME MY CHILDREN 🙂

For days I have received contradictive messages about the whereabouts of the spirits of my father and mother – including the Council and people of other civilizations; were they still inside of me as the Source or were they on their way out (?) and I could not tell clearly because of the messages I received, but what I could tell is that the presence of the spirits of my father and mother have been feeling different than before, where the feeling was that they “were me” and now the feeling is that they are “part of me” and there is truly a difference (!) and this is when I discovered that I have now become myself as the living Source and as the Source I am the sum of all people believing in me.

This is the answer and this is why I have been feeling differently about myself, this is what the Jerusalem UFO was part of when it established the physical connection to the original Source and this is why I was asked and accepted for people to enter me spiritually over the last days and weeks. This is the creation of the living Source, this is what my mother also gave birth to, this IS my birth as the living Source inside of the Universe. This is “once in a lifetime” experience as part of removing all darkness and creating eternal life :-).

In other words, the Source is today a shell made up by all “individual parts of God”, which is ALL LIFE of the Universe and I was told that “we are now inside of you to prepare mankind to come home to God”, this is what we are waiting for and the key is FAITH OF PEOPLE in me as Stig and for people to show a clean heart. This is the true meaning of “bringing home my children” because as the Source I am all life and all life is me, and only by “my children” returning to me, I will receive power to create “new forests” (I was given the smell of a fresh forest), which is to further develop the world and to make it stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

While I was thinking about and feeling this, I was also thinking about my own inner self as a human being – my old self as Jesus – and how “I” am connected as both a human and the Source and the only logical answer is that I am both and that my human part is now part of me as the Source too and also that it will take “patience and time” to unite my beings as one and this is if I will decide to do this because is it a given fact that I will not come to life as a human being again (?) and today I will not rule out this opportunity despite of what I have been made to write earlier that my life as Stig is my last coming and we know if it can bring “joy to the world” – I am listening to Whitney on the radio now 🙂 – and myself, I don’t see why I should not return.

I received the feeling of the spirit of a being of another civilisation one metre behind me and to the right of me and the feeling that he is connected physically to me too – thank you for “believing” in me 🙂 – and he told me that first I will make mankind on Earth believing in me and afterwards I will visit other worlds to do the same and until this people of other civilizations will not become part of me as the Source and that is except from the representatives of these other worlds who are on Earth and surrounding Earth, who of course are very welcome :-).

So all of this is the result so far of the transformation process of the Source being “nothing” to become “everything”, which at the same time requires to change the law of physics because the “minus of nothing” is becoming removed from the Universe and hereafter we will have a plus scale only reaching from 0 to 100 as some may remember I wrote about in 2010 (?) and this is what it was about.

My light approaching me on the sky to confirm my understanding and faith in my self – i.e. to confirm my birth

At 22.50 I was inspired to look out my window, where I saw a new light on the sky approaching and I was told this time that “it is not the light of your mother nor Karen, this is your light” and this was because I have received understanding and faith in myself as the Source (!) – this UFO light was to confirm my birth – and in the beginning the light had a red glow, which was to express my suffering these days and as the light came closer, it became brighter and white and it also shone light 10-20 times the size of the UFO craft in front of it – which the lights of my mother, father and Karen have never done – but unfortunately this is not visible on the video recording because of the poor quality of the camera of my HTC Wildfire phone and so poor in fact that I have decided not to upload this clip to YouTube but to keep it at the “Internet Archive”, which you can watch if you click here – and I must say that I LIKE THE “INTERNET ARCHIVE” VERY MUCH as an example of a non-profit organisation providing ONE great platform to the people.

Please notice that the camera was not able to record the light in the beginning of the clip and that it was neither able to film the craft, which I saw visibly when it was passing my apartment in an altitude of maybe 50-100 metres and maybe 25-50 metres in front of me – sounding as an aeroplane! This is what we talk about and we know when the light will become clearer, which it will with more people believing in me – and maybe when I will get a better video camera – I will publish new recordings to my YouTube channel where you so far can see two examples of the light of my mother.

I was also told that the light of my mother and my light were the two lights hovering above the Citta del Mare holiday resort on Sicily in July 1978, when my mother, sister and I were on holiday there.


20th April: My spirit will help as an extra parent to educate children below the age of 15

Dreaming that my spirit will help as an extra parent to educate children below the age of 15

The night was maybe somewhat better than yesterday making me feel somewhat better today but the prospect of a new day filled with new writings is not very motivating to say the least, on the contrary, but it has to be done, so here we start with some dreams:

  • I am at a giant dinner party of fine quality in connection with the yearly sport meeting of the employees of Danske Bank, I have invited Karen to attend, which she does, but she is not interested in me, she shows her carelessness when ignoring me, she does not believe I am not as exciting as other men, which makes me sad but I keep following up on her because I know that she is meant for me and I for her. Round no. 2 of desert is served, which several accepts and something about the waiter giving me more on the under plate for a coffee cup, which however is difficult to bring me and this makes my sister Sanna cross. I believe it is Ulrik Wilbek – the coach of the Danish national team in handball for men – saying to all attendants that next year the bank will control the registering for the sport meeting centrally in order to avoid cancellations. The next morning after having returned and when meeting at school again, I bring some clothes to be hand washed, which Camilla (my old cohabitant) does too and I am standing close to another class than my own, which makes the teacher almost give me a punishment when she arrives, she gives Camilla an assignment for next week, and in the dream I am still together with Camilla because she tells me that she would like to accept receiving her brother Christian’s old bed and bed lamps instead of my old bed, which we use and I tell her that the lamps are fine but I will only accept the bed if it is better than the one we use and that she therefore has to test it first.
    • This is about MANY people working to bring normal life to the world – hence Danske Bank as the symbol – and about Karen apparently still being careless about me? The second round of desert is a symbol of being unfaithful, which the dream tells MANY people are or have been as here often at company parties, which I have never been myself – but I got close once in Finland in year 2000 I believe when I was still together with Camilla – and this is why people will go to school to learn that I do mean business when I ask you to be faithful to your partner (!), which this dream just may confirm to me that Camilla was not to me as I have suspected for years but only once where she was at a company party having too much to drink (?), which therefore is the message of this dream: BE CAREFUL NOT TO BE UNFAITHFUL TO YOUR PARTNER WHEN ATTENDING COMPANY PARTIES also having “a few drinks”, which is where many people of today are tempted.
  • I heard the BRILLIANT song “momma” by Electric Light Orchestra – somehow I have never listened much to the first two albums of Electric Light Orchestra but there are TRUE gems here too and “momma” is one of them, which I enjoyed much listening to the other day – and when receiving the song tonight I was of course thinking of my mother – the song expresses my deep feelings to my mother – and also because the song is about “a sad and lonely life”, which is our feeling when my mother and family have decided STILL not to see or speak to me, but the song is also about “a smile for everyone under God’s grace”, which is what is coming to both my mother, family and the world :-).
  • I have had a dream that I am going to take care of Michael R’s (my old Aon colleague) children – besides himself – and at work Michael comes to me at the end of the day to tell me that there is a parents meeting of his children at school tomorrow and I tell him that I have only just dreamed that I am going to become an extra parent of his children and that I did not know 12 hours ago.
    • This will have to be about children below the age of 15, which I have exempted from reading my writings and from individually to show a clean heart to enter our new world, which means that their parents – together with school, church and others (?) – will be responsible to teach their children of “good behaviour” etc. and in this respect my spirit will also work as an “extra parent” helping to remove the darkness of children by “educating” them in order to bring all with us – and of course all children are welcome to read my scripts and show a clean heart voluntary if they can, which will only make me HAPPY :-).
  • I am working as a temp for Danske Bank, where the HR department sends me out to different branches needing additional staff temporarily because of sicknesses etc. and I meet very early one morning at a branch, where I tell a male employee, who needs assistance, that I can stay for one or several days or weeks according to the need, my cigarette is burning in the ash tray and I don’t really like to smoke it because it may not be allowed to smoke indoors, and later we are driving and passing the old building of Danske Bank at the Freeport of Copenhagen, and I tell him that there used to be a branch of the bank in this building and I used to work there.
    • I believe this will be about the spirit of me, which is sent to people needing my assistance and here not to break down because of an “immense pressure” after discovering who I truly am and these are the people who at the same time is bringing me darkness, hence the cigarette, because their weakness (!) and wrong actions are transferred to me giving me the same “need of assistance” as themselves (!) – and I receive the sum of all – but still I am the “last one”, there is nobody behind me and therefore I have to be the strong part helping people even though I feel worse than them. This will have to be what it is about and also because this has been my feeling for days, which I have not written down and therefore this dream helps me to tell the story and this is how it is here :-).

Today I started working at 08.50 and deliberately I decided to have PATIENCE AND TIME to do my best quality when writing not only the script of today but especially the last three chapters of yesterday and details of the script the day before yesterday, which gave me much better information than if I had decided to write this yesterday evening feeling exhausted (!) – and I also used some time to upload the video of my light of yesterday to the Internet Archive, which I needed some time to understand the functions of – and I was able to do this without stress and to my surprise also without very much suffering today – is my mother feeling better (?) – and also because I had deliberately decided that working on my website would not be a goal today; it will have to wait until tomorrow.

And this is how it this script and myself as the Source inside of the Universe was born :-). I finished working at 14.45 today after having published the last three days of scripts.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. o-fu ceetee says:

    hello again Stig!
    I see you have featured our conversations on your site 🙂

    I’m not a non-believer, as i’ve explained I need more evidence when there is contradictory evidence leading me to believe the videos aren’t genuine. You have to apply the Occam’s razor theory in cases like this, which is what i’m doing.

    I don’t believe you are wrong, I’m just interested to hear your evidence. Telling me to “look deeper” and ignore the anomalies goes against every logical method of finding the truth, do you really expect people to blindly believe what you say and ignore logical reasoning?

    I look forward to your analysis, please do let us know when you have completed it 🙂

    Chris@ O-fu

    • Hello Chris,

      Thank you for writing, for being positive and for still being open to the truth :-).

      When it comes to the Jerusalem UFO, the simplest answer IS the truth, which as mentioned earlier is that what you see is what you get. This is NOT a conspiracy of five “clever” video witnesses deciding to do a “very clear hoax” to fool the world, but about “clever people” wrongly belieiving to have found “anomalies” proofing this as a hoax herewith missing the simple truth right in front of them. I will come back to you and others when I am ready to present the truth later in April – or maybe in May.

      By the way, I see that you are from Leeds and just for your information: Leeds United of the 1970’s was MY FAVOURITE TEAM with “dream players” like Billy Bremner, Allan Clark, Peter Lorimer and others. I hope your team (too?) will move up this year – and your Danish goalkeeper is not the worst (?) but maybe his father was even better when he played for Man United?

      Kind regards,

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