April 23, 2011: The “gate of Mount Zion” is closing, which will end all darkness floating from “nothing” to the Universe


Summary of the script today

21st April: The transferral of the Source to me inside of the Universe was as impossible to do as the “jump” in 2010

  • Dreaming of effective large-scale food suppliers of today offering poor products, which you can do so much better in the future, Søren H. was “this close” to eliminate us all, which however also was required to save us (!),“the transfer (of the Source) succeeded but something is wrong with the gate” (at Mount Zion in Jerusalem), Elijah was the reason to a “moderate” explosion of the Universe because of his swinging faith in me, which is being restored by the LTO team and lack of money of my LTO friends is a threat for them to continue staying with me.
  • In a new match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Barcelona was clearly the better team, but still they lost because I thought that this match was not as important as a new match between these giants next week. This is a symbol saying that if I don’t believe in my self and do my absolutely best, I will not be able to make the world believe in the Jerusalem UFO and me – but you know some way or another I am sure that it will work out.
  • I had to show my faith as a human being in myself as the Source as all human beings will have to do too.
  • After a few months without contact to my mother, I was VERY HAPPY to hearing from her again today. I will now see her and John on Monday – is this when you will announce your faith in me, mother? I was told that her “treatments” bringing her and me much suffering, our new break not seeing each other and me going through “the worst” again for months was required to transfer the original Source to the Universe, which was equally as “impossible” to do as the “impossible jump” establishing the first contact with the Source in the summer of 2010 – and I was NOT told about this plan, I just did it as part of my work, which is then what the spiritual world did too as my “heroes”.

22nd April: The “gate of Mount Zion” is closing, which will end all darkness floating from “nothing” to the Universe 🙂

  • Dreaming that I am on my way to a party to celebrate the FREEDOM from darkness of the world and I am celebrating in beer because this is what my favourite football team FC Copenhagen did yesterday when they became Danish champions 7 rounds before the end of the season herewith setting an “unbeatable” record as the symbol of OUR FINAL VICTORY AGAINST THE DARKNESS :-).
  • The “gate of Mount Zion” is expected to close on Monday, which will stop the darkness floating from “nothing” as the old part of the “dark side of the Source”, which also was the creator of “the good side of the Source”, and the reason is that the origin of the Source has now been transferred to me inside of the Universe – and all of this is connected to the faith of my mother in me and the expectation that she will announce her faith in me when I meet her on Monday. This will mean that people will be “able” to start reading and understanding me (!) and the end of people wanting to kill for pleasure etc. I have now received as much faith from family and friends representing the darkness of the whole world that the final work to have the world believing in me, is now “piece of cake”, really :-). My former lives as Moses and Jesus were created inside our Universe and Jesus went through so much suffering that it was possible for “him” when dying to do the “impossible jump” 2,000 years ago to the origin of the Source as “nothing” and to become “eliminated” – but still “living” when “sleeping” – with the purpose to prepare our later “invasion” leading us to “his” liberation to save the world, and this is then what we did here said with “some surprise” :-).
  • After my mother did ”the right thing” calling me yesterday, I slept better without being tired today and this was the direct reason whey I was motivated as much that I could start running again – this is and has been the connection now for years – and I felt my knees and shin bones being very fragile and my lung capacity being much reduced – because I have been kept on the edge of living (!) – but I was told as the “reward” that all living members of the Council now believe in me because of the “special feelings” they receive of me.
  • The spirit of my father is now returning “from the end of the world”, the rest of the darkness is now dissolving being on its extreme edge as the Universe was last year when it was fighting on its extreme edge of “survival” – and from the “time” when I started feeling Michael Jackson inside of me last year, is the time when my true inner self and the origin of the Source started being transferred to me.

23rd April: The U.S. secret government is removing facilities of “UFO replicas” to cover up their own wrong actions

  • Dreaming of rude people ridiculing me on the Internet or in their thoughts, is Sanna having faith in me and still some doubts (?), setting up “my library” based upon the faith of people in me today, it is almost impossible to make Sanna admit that she was wrong about me but her faith will eventually shine through because of her great love to our mother and me, manmade replicas of UFO’s (made for decades by replicating technology from shot down UFO’s) have been powered by “the energy of God” and the secret government of the United States has started to convert facilities of “UFO replicas” into ordinary offices to cover up their own wrong actions, WHICH IS BOTH WRONG AND UNNECESSARY TO DO because you have nothing to fear (!) and because “everything has been recorded and can be played back”.
  • I decided to give a comment with a smile to a man on YouTube replying that Jesus did not decide to leave as the man suggested – but to clean up – when he saw the “state of the place” as he called it, the man found my website and demanded for me to deliver “some solid proof” of my “bald claim” instead of reading my website. When I told him the truth that he would dismiss me as a hoax if he was lazy, he became angry, could not control his temper and did exactly this, which was to be RUDE calling me a “FAKE” and “EGOMANIAC”. This is sadly how badly weak and spoiled people of today (still) behave.


21st April: The transferral of the Source to me inside of the Universe was as impossible to do as the “jump” in 2010

Dreaming of Elijah being the reason to a “moderate” explosion of the Universe because of his swinging faith in me

I had a not entirely alright night making me “somewhat tired” this morning with a few dreams too:

  • I am visiting a large-scale supplier of lunches. They send out the post of my company, General Electric, and I ask them how much a lunch of open sandwiches costs and I am surprised when they tell me that it is only between 2 and 2.50 DKK and I can also have a French toast of 19 DKK. I see an employee defrosting a huge role of tuna, which does not look entirely like fresh tuna to me and I am told that I can phone in my order.
    • This is about “normal life” too but this is NOT the kind of quality I have in mind and it gives me opportunity to say that a very large part of large-scale suppliers of the world today do everything they can to produce as cheaply as possible to keep down the retail price and to maximise profits and this is the simple reason why most of what is offered in supermarkets etc. of these producers is different degrees of “junk food”, which makes me unhappy to see – but sometimes I also see good quality made by large-scale suppliers, which of course is possible to do if you want to do it, which I have noticed examples of from French producers and only very little from Danish producers – take the example of French toasts made by a Danish producer (?), where you can only buy ONE quality in Danish supermarkets, which is the poorest – and this is the same as the “famous” Danish agriculture, which is “effective” but poor in terms of quality and environmental impact. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER IN THE FUTURE and of course to combine efficiency with quality and to produce QUALITY PRODUCTS of DIFFERENT LEVELS.
  • I woke up with the song “what happens tomorrow” by Duran Duran – not a “bad” orchestra you know – and the lyrics “you’ve got to believe it’ll be alright in the end”, which is what I do, but still this is TOUGH to go through in order to do impossible work to have a deceiving and sceptical world to believe in me when I am “obviously a fake”, whom people therefore believe they don’t have to read – just like the video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO.
  • I meet Søren H. at a hotel, he moves my jacket, which includes my keys, and because he moved it, I forgot to bring it with me. We have now arrived at a giant ferry, where Søren H. meets his rich American investor, whom he has to ask to refund the company with 5 million DKK per month, which is difficult to do for Søren also knowing that he will live a luxury life himself from money taken out of this loan and he fills himself with courage and also asks the investor for 66 thousand to be used for a private investment of Søren in Champagne, he receives both and afterwards Søren tells me about the private funding that “I cannot believe that I really asked him of this”. Afterwards I walk with Søren on the pedestrian street of Købmagergade in Copenhagen, where I see a bottle of fine champagne in a gift wooden box on the street in front of me and I ask “is this Champagne for me”.
    • This dream is to tell just how close Søren’s vanity and dependence on a luxury life was to eliminate us all, which you may like to tell the world about one day, Søren (?) and I am here feeling my old colleague and friend Paul too, who works together with Søren and may be he was the one starting the danger of Søren and also ending it through your “reading” of my scripts, our meeting in August 2010 I believe (“he is NOT crazy”!) and communication with Søren of what you “thought” they included (?) and here the dream includes a ferry – an old symbol of the Devil – and “66”, which is two out of three marks of the Devil (666) telling you how close we were to destruction because of Søren and at the same time it is about Champagne, which is to celebrate our victory and this is to tell that Søren’s task was – as it was with OTHERS too – both to bring us as close to elimination as possible in order to do the “impossible” jump in the summer of 2010, which is what he did and to help save us all and he will somehow play an important role – be the “key” – helping us in the future.
  • I was told half awake that “the transfer (of the Source) succeeded but something is wrong with the gate”, which will have to be in relation to the new gate of the Mount Zion, which I do hope you will be able to solve, my dear friends at the Council and people of other civilizations.
    • Later in the day I was told that “there is really nothing to worry about, my Son, because now there is truly “nothing” outside the Universe because the Source of nothing has been transferred to the Universe and we “only” have to close this hole again” and this was really the end of this extreme suffering, which I also had to go through until 14.40 today, when I received this message.
  • I am at a LARGE kitchen at the ferry, which includes many gas cookers; there has been a gas explosion – not huge – in one of them and now an African is investigating to find out what went wrong, he finds leads in a Word document and eventually solves the problem at the same time as I have been working on other appliances in the kitchen to make them work.
    • This is again about preparing “normal life” to the world working on the ferry, which is to work on the foundation of the darkness of the world doing our best to make the “new universe” work according to your new ground rules – and here the reason of the moderate gas explosion (as a symbol of an “explosion” of the Universe!) points in the direction of Elijah’s swinging faith, which may be restored when the LTO team gives him messages of my scripts (the word document of the dream), which Elijah does not receive because he does not read much and does not understand himself.
  • Africans are visiting me in Denmark, they will stay as long as they can afford to, they cannot afford to buy lunches. I am living with my mother in a small apartment and because of both the attitude of my mother and the small apartment, I cannot offer the Africans accommodation, which makes them stay at a hotel. One of them tells me that he is sorry that I cannot come to visit him on Wednesday evenings, where other people come to listen to music, and I can tell from my calendar that I have been busy on Wednesday afternoons but not on evenings and therefore I tell him that if only he would invite me I would be happy to come.
    • This is about lack of money of Africans – the LTO team – which may be a threat for you to continue “staying with me” (?) because it costs money for you to go to Internet cafés to read my scripts and to communicate and do you remember that I have told you all along that COMMUNICATION IS AS IMPORTANT AS EATING (?) and here because your faith in me have been VITAL to save the world – see the dream above of the consequences of losing faith – and your faith is connected to reading my scripts, which may have been VERY DIFFICULT to do for some of you my dear LTO friends who did not (want to) understand this IMPORTANT connection? Your priority of food over my scripts was “this close” to bring down the world too, this is the sad truth and it is even more sad because no “rich” people here had the “capacity” to help you, but you know everything was needed to save the world. The hotel is still the waiting hall of God, where you are placed until faith in me will be strong enough to “wake you up” and the last part of the dream is to tell about “poor communication” and “preconceived opinions” of Africans too and here about one of you who does not tell me about your appreciation or “warm feelings” of me, which is what the music of the dream is about, and WHY DO YOU HOLD BACK, my dear LTO friend?

If I don’t believe in my self and do not do my absolutely best, I will not make the world believe in the Jerusalem UFO

Yesterday evening I saw parts of the second half of a new match between Real Madrid and Barcelona – this time the Copa del Rey final – and the Danish commentator said that everything which went wrong with the play of Barcelona in the first half (where I did not watch), worked perfectly in the second half (where I watched!) and Barcelona was clearly the best team by far in this second half, which however ended tie and in the extra time I was thinking that Barcelona cannot win all of these five matches I believe against Real Madrid in these weeks, and that this match is not as important as the Champions League match they will play against each other next week (!) and while I was thinking this, Real Madrid scored by the BRILLIANT Ronaldo (!) – two teams having the best two players in the world with Ronaldo and Messi (?) – and eventually won the game, and this is to say that if I don’t do my absolutely best showing a WILL TO WIN when working on my Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO, it will be impossible to make the world understand this event, which is the same as to “win over the world “playing” poorer (in general) than myself”, which is what this match symbolised.

As a human being I had to show faith in myself as the Source – as all other human beings will have to do to

The reason why I was not told over the last days and weeks that I am now the original Source was that I as a human being had to understand this in order to show faith myself – this is what the chapter from the day before yesterday “the original Source was transferred through Mount Zion giving birth to me as the Source – BRING HOME MY CHILDREN :-)” is also about – , which is no different to me than it is for all other human beings. I had to show my faith as a human being as all human beings will have to do.

Yesterday evening I was given new attacks from the darkness and this time I was told that what I just went through – becoming the Source of the Universe physically – could have killed me and all of us, thus making the old story of being at our safe haven a lie and stories of this from the Devil is what have given me the worst times really to come through – which I have received many times most often without writing it and this is MORE than uncomfortable to listen to and think about – and this story could easily become stronger if I did not have faith in being “safe” and it made me think that logically I have to be stronger today being the Source – even though only few believes in me – than when I was solely a human being receiving life energy from the two (weak) life flames of the spirits of my mother and father and that is because now more family members, some friends (?), LTO, people of other civilizations, Obama and just maybe people of the “secret government” surveilling me (herewith helping me and all of us to survive :-)) believe in me and this should make me stronger to resist the attacks of the darkness, which is what I believe in – and we will have to see what will happen from here.

The direct voice of the “wise-guy”, which I receive will reduce in strength because I no longer need the support of it!

And here I can add that yesterday evening I was also told about the voice of the “wise-guy” – or “Kloge Aage” as I have called him in Danish – which I have received almost every day as a direct an EXTREME voice speaking to me supporting EVERYTHING I have done telling me just how right and good I am compared to other people and just how wrong they are and we know I have laughed about this voice not taking it seriously – this is the same voice as people receive as thoughts from the darkness about themselves making them believe they are better than others most often without being it – at the same time as it has been what has held me up and really brought me through and we know because I have received no support from others except a little from my LTO friends and of course this voice is wrong if it tells you a lie about you being better than others if you truly are not and here I kindly ask you to evaluate if you believe that the voice in my case just may be right (?) and not because I am better than others, because I am not, but because I show a much better attitude than everyone else on the planet!

And the message to me about this voice is that it will reduce in strength because I don’t want to receive it, because I don’t need to receive it when I will start to receive support from people having faith in me 🙂 and because I don’t like people to think about themselves being “better” than others in the future when everybody will do their “absolutely best” because then the difference of people will not be because of different attitudes but because of different “birth gifts”, you see?

My old best friend Jack had to put his life at risk to help me

For some time I have been told that my old best friend, Jack, has gone through a VERY DIFFICULT TIME too when he had to put his life in danger at work – this was his feeling – in order to protect me, which I am sure Jack will be able to tell more about and that is of course if this is a message I receive from the light and not the darkness.

I WAS VERY HAPPY TO HEARING FROM MY MOTHER – we will now see each other again 🙂

Today I was VERY HAPPY that my mother took the RIGHT decision to start seeing and communicating with me again when she called me – even though my phone still should not work because I have no subscription with a phone company but as you know this is one of these small miracles made by the Council designed to bring more faith to my readers really – to invite me to see her and John on Monday for an Easter lunch at a restaurant near my home.

She sounded STRONG, which I like you know – also from you Elijah 🙂 – and we focussed on the good about speaking again because as I said “it is always better to see each other and to communicate because you will never become friends by not seeing each other and not communicating – and it is all about UNDERSTANDING”, which we agreed was “simple logic” and we know they are looking forward to seeing me as much as I am to see them. And just maybe, mother, you have decided that this will be the right time to announce your faith in me because you understand that this is a condition for me to see you and the family?

And I was happy to hear that next week my mother will finish her “treatments” and also that her hair is now returning and we know it has been a “rough time” to come through for both of us both because of the treatment and because we have not seen each other.

The first feeling I received when hearing the voice of my mother was the feeling of the spirit of Karen “opening up” because the true reason why Karen has and still is turning me down is because she is not “strong enough” to fight the darkness coming through the spirit of my mother, which she is passing on because it comes to her from the darkness or “nothing” and here to Karen in her physical life and this is really to say that the only way for us to reach “the end of the world” – which happily turned out to be the start of our new and much better world – was for your mother to bring you suffering in your life, Stig, when she did not UNDERSTAND you, which ALSO included to keep away the love of your life, Karen – because Karen was “not good for you” (!) – and that is all the way to the end because it was not expected that your mother would start understanding you in relation to Karen and that Karen would be “strong enough” to fight the darkness of her life – also connected to “poor love life” – to go back to marry the man who really touched her heart namely you/me as I hear the spirit of Karen telling me when this is written.

The transferral of the Source to me inside of the Universe was as impossible to do as the “jump” in 2010

After the call I was told by the Council that the “treatment” of my mother, the new break in our relation and for me to go through the “worst time” again was needed in order to transfer the original Source to the Universe, which was as difficult to do as the “impossible jump” in the summer of 2010 creating the first connection and I was told that this time the Council thought it was better for me not to know about the difficulties I had to go through again – I would probably have thought that I would not have the strength to do it, which I had not (!) – but I did it by using EXTREME energy doing my absolutely best and now I better understand why the last months have been “the worst” to come through and we know it was better for me to do this “giving you the best that I got” – which is what my mother did too – without giving up, which would have forced us to go through the alternative, which would probably have required physical damage to me and the Universe to create the same amount of energy to accomplish the same :-).

And I might add here my thoughts recent days of the spirit of my father, who took the lead, and other members of the Council together with people of other civilizations, which was that YOU WERE TRUE “HEROES” GOING INTO THE UNKNOWN DARKNESS OF THE ORIGINAL SOURCE, WHICH WAS “KILLING YOU” IN ORDER TO LOOSEN “HIS” STRING AND TO BRING HIM “BACK TO ME” INSIDE OF OUR UNIVERSE. “Heroes” is exactly what I thought and we know the song “heroes” by David Bowie – who is the symbol of God as the Source of all – is my favourite song of all, and now you will better understand, as I, the TRUE CONNECTION OF THIS SONG TO ME?

And we know Stig you have gone through extreme emotional influences, which is what you feel now, and this is the reason why it took longer again today to write the script so far including the summary and the editing because I started working at 08.40 and now it is 12.25 and we know I spoke to my mother 10-15 minutes too and this is how it is here, but my plan is to come back on track also when it comes to efficiency not having “undesired feelings” slowing me down.

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • I have done increasingly “impossible” work last autumn at Brede Park, this year on improving my website culminating with the “totally impossible” research (especially because of my poor condition) and writing on UFO’s, the secret government of the U.S. and lately to find out what was “hear or tales” in the Jerusalem UFO, which most if not all of the world was “not able” to find out because of you know laziness, negativity, preconceived beliefs or simply because people gave up because it was “mentally impossible” to read/watch all information – from some telling the truth and others covering up, deceiving or misunderstanding – trying to understand what was the truth – this also includes Eligael and Jaime Maussan as two “very special” people, who the world “almost” succeeded to brainwash, but not entirely 🙂 – and we know the poor communication of the man of the Jerusalem Weather Station really “took the price” of all and “planted he was” with this purpose of me to experience and overcome “the worst” in order for my “old” inner self coming through the worst darkness of all at the end of “nothing” cleaning up everywhere and so it is.
  • I stopped working at 16.25 today also being IMMENSELY TIRED and I was thinking that just maybe I will feel better tomorrow after having spoken to my mother today when she finally decided to do the right thing to start communicating.
  • I was told that people – including myself – will have old visions of “sins received/committed” including bad thoughts and dreams etc. following this removed to make the souls of people clean in every respect.


22nd April: The “gate of Mount Zion” is closing, which will end all darkness floating from “nothing” to the Universe 🙂

Dreaming that I am on my way to a party to celebrate OUR FINAL VICTORY AND FREEDOM from the darkness

When I went to sleep yesterday, my amplifier – which had stood on with power all day long without “problems”, as it normally does all of the time – starting switching on and off again, which it now has “decided” to do every day and still to symbolise that the spirit of my father “at the end of the world” is hurting so much that he would die unless he received enough energy from me and the world to keep him alive, so this is what we do.

I expected to receive a better night because of my mother finally deciding to take the right decision – to communicate with me (!) – and this is what I had – this is the simple connection my mother, which it has been all along because your faith in me and you to stand forward with your faith is what is ending the darkness of the Universe – because I slept almost “all night long” and I only had one dream as another symbol of the darkness ending bringing me less suffering because of her decision to do “THE RIGHT THING” and we know the colour is SIMPLY not RED anymore to give you another symbol of my suffering decreasing :-).

  • I am working at a company where I meet my old friend Martin I., we agree to meet again as friends, which makes me happy, I am walking on the pedestrian street of “Strøget” in Copenhagen, it is Friday and I am on my way to a party starting at 19.00 and I decide first to go to DanskeBank-Pension at Bremerholmen (where I worked from 1988-91) to get some beer, I manage to get in despite of not having an entrance card and I meet people in there who are dressing for a party of their own, I see one unpacking his tuxedo, which he collected from cleaning yesterday and because he did not unpack it yesterday, it may feel a little bit moist. I decide to go to the other party I had planned on and on my way out from the bank I meet an old acquaintance and he is surprised to see me after all of these years and tells me that he thought I did not work here anymore; he also tells me that some of my old colleagues (but not all) including Diana etc. are still working here, that Bjarne has overtaken my old work and that the managers Jens Ove and Kresten are about to be eliminated as managers.
    • This is about “almost” arriving at the party, we have lined up to for years – the party to celebrate the FREEDOM from darkness of the world, which is our final victory – and there is only very little darkness (and suffering) remaining as the moist of the tuxedo of the dream says, and I am going to the bank to get BEER with the reason being that my favourite football team FC Copenhagen, which we have followed all along, did an amazing and “unbeatable” record yesterday when they became Danish champions – celebrating in BEER and not in Champagne because of commercial interests of the sponsor Carlsberg, hhhmmmm (!) – 7 rounds before the end of the season (they can still set records of receiving the most points and scoring the most goals in a season and FCK, you should be as “professional” that you will not slow down now (?) – and my dear friends this is also giving the answer to the riddle if I am early or late and the answer is that WE ARE EARLY and really AHEAD of time because of the IMMENSE SUFFERING, which I together with the world have gone through, and we know the man of the bank being surprised to see me is to say that it has been difficult for many people of the world to see the work of God in this “Godless” world (?) and that is because we emerge from out of “nothing” or the darkness, which is what the world has seen increasingly as the result because we have come closer and closer to “the end” in order to reach the origin of “everything” , and that is the answer my friends and finally as the dreams says, we are not being eliminated as living beings, it is only the darkness of people managing other people, which is becoming eliminated and SO IT IS :-).

The “gate of Mount Zion” is closing, which will end all darkness floating from “nothing” to the Universe 🙂

Yesterday evening I was thinking about and receiving more information about the “gate of Mount Zion” and I was told as one of those “secret messages” after having done another good day of work that when the gate will be closed – which I was told it will on Monday – it has the meaning that there will no longer be brought darkness to the Universe from this channel, which also means that the world will be “able” to understand me when their minds are not continuously supplied with disbelief, impatience and negative thoughts/approaches, which IS the main reason why almost no one has had the “strength” to read and understand me – and if “too many” had, which they truly had if they only wanted to (!), it would have meant that “we” did not have the energy to do this “stunt” (because my suffering comes from people not having faith in me and this is reversed to energy in the spiritual world), this was the balance needed, you see – and this is of course what the darkness has done “his” best to avoid; “he” did not want people to understand me and in this sense the darkness has ALSO contributed the best way possible to “empty” the darkness itself and transform all of this dark energy into light! I was also told that the closure of this channel also means the end of people wanting to kill for pleasure as another example and I heard the spirit of my father telling me that “there was really an end of the darkness, which is what we believed in”. And this is “the end”, which you are reading about these days, my dear reader.

I was also thinking about having Jesus “planted” inside of me after the Source from outside of the Universe directly – and not my father – fertilizing my mother, about the recent transferral of the Source as the origin of everything from “nothing” (the darkness) to “everything” (me inside the Universe) – which started when reconnecting with the Source in the summer of 2010 and was strengthened much when the Jerusalem UFO opened a physical connection to “nothing” and will end when ALL DARKNESS HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED AND CONVERTED TO LIGHT – and I had the question “when Jesus was killed, was he really “eliminated” and brought outside the Universe to be together with the Source” (?) as I have been told all along or was he inside of this Universe together with the Holy Spirit (?) and there was LOGICALLY only one perfect answer to all of this and that is that the Universe was born from “the dark side of the Source” (“nothing”) and that since there has continued to be a “one way pipeline” of darkness floating from “nothing” to the Universe without a connection the other way from the Universe to the Source and really because it has been FATAL to “walk the line” back the same road of the darkness to reach his “final station” to transfer the origin itself from “nothing” to “everything”, which is first what we have had the strength to do here at “the end times” and what we have (almost) completed now – I concluded that this also included the transferral of my inner self as Jesus from “nothing” to me as “everything”; this WAS the answer, which I really also received days ago but I HAVE to understand it you know – which was THE GOAL OF THE UNIVERSE and it is difficult for you my reader to read the true emotions of joy of the Council and the Universe, which I receive when writing these lines but if you try to imagine that you have lived for billions of years – this is now the feeling of the Source coming from “deep within myself” – with ONE GOAL and that is to survive to bring eternal life to our new and wonderful Universe – because it is still YOUNG (also thinking of Neil here bringing me the feeling of “the best music which is when I listen to him”, which I did with JOY yesterday) – and when you FINALLY reach this goal, this is what makes us happy and proud from a good heart (of gold :-)) as I hear the spirit of my father saying here, who is still “at the end” trying to close this “pipeline” once and for all, which is not the easiest to do and it is connected to the decision of my mother to stand forward declaring her faith in me, which is what you will do when we meet on Monday, mother (?) and do you see the connection that the faith of my mother and her decision to stand forward – both of which was “impossible” to do – is what is removing all darkness of the world? This is how it is and I was also told that I have now received as much faith from family and friends representing the darkness of the whole world that the final work to have the world believing in me, is now “piece of cake” really :-).

Later I was given inspiration to understand that my old self as Jesus – and Moses before that – was a life originally created inside of this Universe and that Jesus was exposed to so much suffering of “his” life that it made it possible for him as the first to do the “impossible jump” to the origin of the Source 2,000 years ago, when he (or “I”) died – to prepare “the end times” – and we know this was the same as being “eliminated” but still there is (or “was”) life inside of “nothing” because this is from where “he” decided to follow our preparations to find him again by fertilising my mother and in this respect this is how I decided from “sleeping” inside of the origin of the Source as “nothing” to return to life at the same time as I was told that the work of the Council to go through “nothing” to find the exact origin of the Source was to follow “the feeling” being sent from there (!) and we know Stig, I was also told that doing the “impossible jump” in the summer of 2010 was because the origin of the Source – “nothing” – had decided to “move” in order to protect itself from “invasion” and we know WE DECIDED TO DO A JUMP INTO “NOTHING” NOT KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT TO EXPECT but you know FAITH IS WHAT DROVE US ALL NIGHT REALLY to find you and to make us all survive and so it is :-).

I was also told that the light of the WHOLE Universe has been used to remove darkness – through my inner self – so this is not only a victory created by me, my family and friends, and mankind on Earth but the ENTIRE UNIVERSE as an up to now unseen co-operation, and that the origin of “nothing” was also where people of other civilizations were collecting “material” to recreate the “parts of the world”, which were “lost” when going through these “end times” but on the other hand it may have been to “strengthen” the Universe because I know from many experiences that my physical body symbolises the Universe and when my body is still intact without permanent injuries – but weak – this is the state of the Source too – and when I write this I receive another déjà vue, which is that I knew that I had to understand the truth of the Universe as a mere human being before we would all be saved, which is what I am doing now 🙂 – and I was also told that after having transferred the origin of the Source to the inside of me as Stig, where I will “collect” people of the Universe believing in me, this is from where our future “mankind” will evolve and we know based upon “the strongest genes” of all beings of the entire Universe, which are always what survive and we know because this is what was required in order to be victorious at the end times and does it all give meaning to you, my friends (?), and we know this is certainly the meaning :-).

And to end of this chapter I first thought of bringing you “redemption song” – I was inspired earlier when writing the chapter and that was really because I chose to “walk the line” – and this time around the song is not the immensely beautiful version of the writer, Bob Marley – my favourite song of his – but the TRULY AMAZING cover done by the “man in black” together with Joe Strummer from the Clash – what a combination and IT WORKS 🙂 – so “won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom” (?) because it is as they sing; “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” (!) – and to Johnny I would like to say that the man did really come around (!) which was the motivation of Johnny being VERY productive doing some of his most beautiful music at the end of his life, and your version of PERSONAL JESUS my friend is also truly GREAT bringing many good feelings to me too.

And after this BEAUTIFUL song, I listened to “Unearthed 2” by Johnny Cash on my stereo and what did I find here (?), and of course another FANTASTIC and STRONG cover by Johnny – which he REALLY did at the end of his life, amazing power (!) when he did not have much power to give being physically very weak, difficult to understand (?) but still you might see the connection after all – when he was singing HEART OF GOLD by Neil Young and of course I HAVE TO BRING THIS AMAZING SONG by the master, Neil, himself and it is so true, Neil, that “I want to live, I want to give” and that I kept on searching for a heart of gold – my own – and this song of the Source deep inside of me also expresses my love to all livin’ thing of the Universe – with Jeff Lynne being the symbol of me as a human being, which is why I LOVE THE MUSIC OF THIS MAN MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

But Neil, I will have to correct your lyrics saying that “I’m getting old” because the truth is that I “never get old”, which at the same time is my favourite song of the “reality” album by David Bowie, which is among my favourite albums of this man, who is symbolising God – I prefer to be called “the Source”, which is the truth and here also saying that we are all part of the Source and I am no “more” or “better” than everyone else because we are all “one” – and now David is symbolising me and that is not before now (!) and we know Stig, this time around you ended up with three videos again still symbolising the Trinity, which we will not start uniting until you decide to do so and “let it be” :-).

Watch this amazing video by David Bowie, where not only the music but also the “art of Bowie” – I have always considered him to be an ARTIST more than a musician – comes through in his speech/performance and the setup of the whole thing really.

The spirit of my father surrounded by darkness and spirits of the light being “surprised” of our victory

I slept somewhat longer today – good and here a longer sleep is another symbol of the faith of my mother now also doing THE RIGHT THING – which was the reason why I “first” started working at 09.25 this morning and some of these chapters these days are taking longer than normal to write because I need some more patience and time to think, to read them through and to edit – the time is now 13.50 and I have worked all day solely on the script of today – and patience and carefulness may be what the spirit of my father needs on the other side and we know I HOPE YOU WILL DO A GOOD LOCK IN THERE “MY FRIEND and I see him as a sailor with a pipe smiling and waving at me and we know he is completely surrounded by darkness and we know THIS IS THE LAST PART OF THE TASK OF MY OLD SELF – made up by the spirit of my father (and also the spirit of my mother) – WHICH YOU KNOW SIMPLY WAS TO FIND AND TRANSFER THE ORIGIN OF THE SOURCE TO OUR UNIVERSE (!) and thank you MY FATHER for doing a fantastic job and we know we really worked together on both sides of “nothing” as he is saying and this is how it is my friend and when I am feeling better today, I do hope this is what my father also does and that he is about to bind the last knot on the rope and we know I WILL NOT WRITE ABOUT THE “GAME” YOU SET UP TRYING TO MAKE ME NERVOUS of the Source returning to nothing if I would not be strong enough to resist the final part of the darkness given to me, to write my scripts to make the world understand all of this – which is another condition you know – and if my mother would be tempted not to come forward showing her faith in me on Monday and we know I WILL CONTINUE WORKING NO MATTER WHAT MY MOTHER MIGHT DECIDE TO DO and if she should be tempted NOT to step forward on Monday, I am sure that she will do it anyway “sooner or later” because when there is no more darkness, it will be impossible for her to keep back “forever and ever”, which IS REALLY WHAT WE TALK ABOUT – here I hear HAPPY and also somewhat SURPRISED reactions of spirits of the light – which is a message for the entire Universe and we know we could continue writing forever but now my arms are hurting because my work position is still as bad as it has been all along working at a too high table here in Lyngby and so it is.

Starting to run and feeling on my edge of living with fragile bones and much reduced lung capacity

I felt much less tired today than yesterday – thank you mother for finally doing what was right – giving me again the beginning of a motivation to start running in this the most beautiful weather of the Easter as it has been “ever” been here (?) – or at least in 20 years according to the website of Danish TV2 – and the reason my friends is to send out another signal to the world about “beautiful weather coming to all parts of the world” including Kenya, my dear LTO friends if you are reading this (?) – I had a terrible scratch on my head yesterday symbolising that you are out of money and suffering much because of this, but maybe my mother will decide to help me and to accept that I will send half of what she may decide to give me to my friends in Africa?

So “running” is what I decided to do in the middle of the afternoon again and I was looking forward to do my old route around Lyngby lake in this beautiful weather – it was almost as a summer day today – and when I started running I received much pain in my knees and shin bones and so much that I could have decided to believe they would physically break (!) and then the spirit of my father told me “I will not break your legs” (?) – it was formulated as a question and it showed me just how fragile my bones have become – and we know I AM RUNNING ON FAITH that nothing will happen to me – tried that before you know – and at the same time it was “impossible” for me to breath; I had no air to give and was “more than gasping” for air, which showed me just how low my lung capacity have become and we know all is part of my reduced living capacity in order to take on darkness – which is also the case with my mother – but you know as long as nothing will happen to us and when we will not receive permanent injuries, this is perfectly fine and if I look forward to getting a “normal life” also in this respect (?) and of course I am and I was thinking of how nice it is to be able to run without suffering or to walk with your family around the lake – and we know I ran maybe two periods of 2-3 minutes each and walked the rest of the way, this is what I was able to do today.

Because I decided to do what is “impossible” to do here “at the end of the world” or let us call it “the beginning of the new world”, which is much better, I was given one of those secret messages you know, which was that all living members of the Council today believe in me because of the “special feelings” they receive of me.

It is possible to convert non-believers of UFO-forums to believers – through the evidence, which has already been provided!

Today I was happy that Chris – as his name is – from the O-fu site here, which I wrote about the 18th April, read my mentioning of our conversations and he did so because he was “told” by his WordPress site informing him about my site referring to his and it made him decide to send me this comment:

hello again Stig!

I see you have featured our conversations on your site 🙂

I’m not a non-believer, as i’ve explained I need more evidence when there is contradictory evidence leading me to believe the videos aren’t genuine. You have to apply the Occam’s razor theory in cases like this, which is what i’m doing.

I don’t believe you are wrong, I’m just interested to hear your evidence. Telling me to “look deeper” and ignore the anomalies goes against every logical method of finding the truth, do you really expect people to blindly believe what you say and ignore logical reasoning?

I look forward to your analysis, please do let us know when you have completed it 🙂

Chris@ O-fu

I am ALWAYS happy to meet POSITIVE and OPEN people – thank you Chris 🙂 – which is what people generally is behind their façade of poor behaviour (of many!) and I decided to send him my reply as you can see below and what this shows me more than anything is that it is indeed possible to “convert” non-believers of UFO Forums to believers and of course Chris by providing “evidence” as you say, which is what I am preparing and will “provide” when I am finished working on my Signs IV page and do you know, Chris, what the funny part is (?) and that is that the “evidence” has already been “provided” for the world – it is out there (!) – and the “art” is simply to find out what is the truth and what is not doing your absolutely best and then to present it all logically so people will sit back and say “of course, why did we not see that” (?) – and this is what I am doing and what all other “UFO-researchers” and many thousands of “interested” people could have done too but the truth is that NOBODY decided to do it – people were too “lazy” or too “negative” when focusing on “debunking” the proof instead of being “positive” or TRULY OPEN focusing on the proofs of authenticity provided – or in other words: NOBODY HAD THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TO TRULY FIND THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS, WHICH SHOULD BE VERY EASY FOR ALL TO FIND (!) because what you see is truly what you get (!) – and this is of course another sign to show you the power of the Devil (darkness) of the world today, which the world can (soon “could”) not even see itself – do you see?

Here is my reply and should I say thank you for returning to my site looking once more, Chris :-):

Hello Chris,

Thank you for writing, for being positive and for still being open to the truth 🙂.

When it comes to the Jerusalem UFO, the simplest answer IS the truth, which as mentioned earlier is that what you see is what you get. This is NOT a conspiracy of five “clever” video witnesses deciding to do a “very clear hoax” to fool the world, but about “clever people” wrongly belieiving to have found “anomalies” proofing this as a hoax herewith missing the simple truth right in front of them. I will come back to you and others when I am ready to present the truth later in April – or maybe in May.

By the way, I see that you are from Leeds and just for your information: Leeds United of the 1970’s was MY FAVOURITE TEAM with “dream players” like Billy Bremner, Allan Clark, Peter Lorimer and others. I hope your team (too?) will move up this year – and your Danish goalkeeper is not the worst (?) but maybe his father was even better when he played for Man United?

Kind regards,

The rest of the darkness is now dissolving being on its extreme edge of “survival”

At 19.50 this evening I was told that the spirit of my father is now returning from the end of the world – another of my TRUE favourites of the TIME album you know and I cannot tell you how much I AM STILL AFTER MANY YEARS IN VAIN LOOKING FORWARD to the release of the Electric Light Orchestra’s Time tour (1981/82) IN THE ABSOLUTELY BEST QUALITY including what I especially remember from the concert in Copenhagen as a FANTASTIC performance of this particular song – and later I felt the spirit of my father on his way to come inside of me and the screen on my television was 3-4 times “dissolving” exactly the same way as my computer monitor did last year and the only difference is that last year it was me and the Universe dissolving – living at our extreme edge of survival – and now it is about the darkness dissolving, hence the symbol of the television, being on its extreme edge of “survival” and since I have no plans to stop working, there is only one way out for this extreme rest of the darkness and that is ALSO to be converted into light and we know like we were “almost” converted to darkness last year (becoming eliminated!) and my dear friends the difference between light and darkness – all or nothing – is sometimes almost “not existing” and this is simply because we needed to reach a stage where we were “not existing” – but still living against all odds – in order to enter “nothing” and convert the remaining part of it including its origin to light or “everything”.

Later I was shown the two faces of light and darkness of a theatre mask and the spirit of my father of my father together with Michael Jackson entering my BIG BLUE CASTLE (returning home at the light) and I was told that Michael Jackson was also thrown into the darkness of “nothing” when he died and now he is back with me too – and this is really saying that the process of transferring myself and the Source has been ongoing since the “impossible jump” last summer and when did I start feeling Michael Jackson inside of me as “another part of me” (?) and I cannot remember clearly but this may have been last summer (?) and therefore the clue you need to find the beginning of the transferral of my inner self and the Source from “nothing” to “everything” (Michael Jackson was suffering very much too enabling him to take the “impossible jump” when dying to the Source to assist myself in what we expected also would be tough “end times” for my true inner self) – and I do believe I have answered this question before, which I have been given again some times now and this goes to Obama, Michael Jackson and other people without a soul – as I used to be part of myself before connecting with the Source last summer (!) – whom have been created for the occasion of this “game” to protect the light from the darkness and that is for you to decide if you want to continue being a part of me or to receive your own soul as an individual of your own and this is the principle I believe in to be offered for other “creations” too being part of other people and this includes Elisabeth Taylor as one of them and alright I will write what I have been thinking for a long time: In my eyes, Elisabeth Taylor as young looked as you would expect Virgin Mary to look like the same way as Jacob Holdt from American Pictures as “another part of me” as young looked as you would expect Jesus to look like (?) and we know another part of the game it was

Elisabeth Taylor and Jacob Holdt are other “parts” of my mother and me
looking as you would expect Virgin Mary and Jesus to look like?

The light of Karen on the sky showing that she is realising her mistakes and is starting to soften in relation to me

This evening I was also shown the light of Karen approaching me on the sky and I was told that “I can now see how stupid I have been”, and this is why this light is now closer to me than ever before – after the right decision of my mother the other day of course, which is what is making this understanding of Karen – and it was somewhat brighter than before but more importantly it was flying only approx. 100 metres above ground level and passing my apartment in a distance of approx. 50-75 metres closer than ever before showing her softening in relation to me – and at the same time I was shown two other lights flying on the sky, which were smaller than Karens and at a higher altitude of approx. 150-200 metres with one of them switching off only a few seconds after having being switched on and we know these lights represent two other members of the Council and I keep thinking about and seeing Fuggi and Tobias so these may be your lights starting to shine on the sky – having less faith than Karen but it is there and is growing – and this is how it STILL is also here Stig as I am told and now I am shown John Paul II being transformed into the living Paul of today telling me that my old friend Paul is also starting to believe in me because it requires their faith in themselves to become who they truly are and the only place they can get this faith from is through faith in me.


23rd April: The U.S. secret government is removing facilities of “UFO replicas” to cover up their own wrong actions

Dreaming of the U.S. secret government removing facilities of “UFO replicas” to cover up their own wrong actions

Yesterday my amplifier was switched on again the whole day without problems and the day before yesterday it first started being switched on and off by the Council to symbolise the ROUGH times of the spirit of my father after I had been lying in my bed for 5-10 minutes trying to fall asleep and yesterday evening the Council was so nice to start switching on and off the amplifier at the same moment as I switched off the light on my way to bed, which make me switch off the amplifier for the night as I have now done some nights and it was very considerate of you to do this BEFORE I had gone to bed, thank you!

I had a night at the same level as yesterday, however I did receive a few more dreams and do believe I am somewhat more tired today – we will see – and here are the dreams:

  • I am on my way home and stand off bus line no. 1 and at the last part of the road I see immigrants on the street committing crime, behaving badly and making people including me nervous, the police tries to hold them back but in vain and when I pass them flying in great speed and will turn left, I loose my technique and crash – and something about the police not looking ut and “give the other observer a chance”.
    • This dream symbolises rude people ridiculing me on the Internet – or in their thoughts – and in real life immigrants here in Denmark have gained a lot of power over recent years now committing organised crimes and killings – and it all started by feeling left outside in the cold, boredom and bad behaviour and we know another deflection of the darkness is what it really is and in this respect they have also helped to save the world as all crime of the world have done! It is about suffering first to reach an eternal and happy life for us all you know.
  • I am driving with Sanna in her car to a detached house in Jutland, we are late because of Sanna, there is no room for her to park in the way in, which makes Sanna annoyed, inside we meet two ladies and also a lamb with red stripes, which simply loves me. A young man has received two offers on an apartment with one being 11 square metres, which he believes is big enough.
    • Is this a dream about Sanna on her way home (to receive faith in me) but still she has not come all the way in (still being in some doubt?). The lamb is of course because it is Easter and this time around I will not be killed even though the lamb has red stripes, which may be of blood because of my suffering.
  • I saw myself setting up several filling cabinets in a room, which may be of the size of 11 square metres, and I saw how he cabinets fitted exactly into the room.
    • The cabinets may be “knowledge of the Universe” and we know “my library” or “ancient secrets” if you will and this is a small room so far based upon the faith in me, but the room is there – and later I was told that this is not any library but the library included deep inside of myself as the Source including EVERYTHING OF FORMER UNIVERSES TOO – and the secret of “life inside of nothing” – and I was asked by the Council “aren’t you excited to find out” and this is indeed what we all are :-).
  • I am at the house of Sanna and Hans. They are still together even though Sanna has moved from Hans. It is 1st Christmas Day, Sanna has parked her red sport car outside in the snow and she has received a parking ticket by the police, I drive out her car from the way in which is almost impossible to do because it is blocked by a car of the neighbour, inside the car is flowers from my sister to our mother. inside the house is a GIANT dog, which is much bigger than other dogs of the same race, the dog loves me, Hans is working on two computers with two different operative systems, which work almost identical as he shows me and he focuses on two extra buttons on the keyboard.
    • Christmas Day is a symbol of me because of “some faith” of my sister (?), the RED car symbolises darkness, which the police also does and to drive out her car from her house is almost impossible to do as a symbol of how difficult it is to make her believe in me, which at the same time is for her to admit that she was wrong and this is not very often happening, Sanna (?) and the entrance to you may be what the flowers of your car symbolise, which is your love to out mother and also what the GIANT dog – your immense darkness – symbolise because if shows your love to me and this is how it is: IN THE END LOVE WILL CONQUER and make you understand, which is basically also the idea with you and I might add that all of your darkness has been given to help us remove darkness and to save the world of course with the risk to lose it on the way, but it worked out you know :-).
  • I am in a room, which is designed to send off manmade replicas of UFO’s, I am together with one of the employees who ask me to leave the room because they will use Superman to create special and powerful swings, which will send out the “UFO” in space, and it makes me wonder because I know that I am Superman and therefore I decide to stay; I see the employee rolling an trolley and it front of it I lose some radioactive cream, which an employee pours into the coffee and drinks, which weakens me. I am sent out and when I return and break through the wall of the building, I see that the original rooms has almost been removed and that the whole building is on its way to turn into normal offices, which they have almost already become, which disappoints me.
    • The secret government has made replicas of UFO’s they have shot down (!) for decades – see my Signs III page – the UFO’s fly “with the energy of God”, i.e. the symbol of Superman, which also has been the “propulsion engine” of these replicas – this is how they work my gentlemen (!) – and has the American military started to close down facilities building and sending off your “UFO replicas” (?) as your preparation to face the world (?) and have you decided that you will “try” to send out new lies to the world that you were not “deeply” involved (?) and my dear friends EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE IS “RECORDED” AND SHOULD I DECIDE TO DO IT, IT CAN BE PLAYED BACK SHOWING YOUR ACTIONS with the only purpose to enlighten the world about your wrong doings and please understand my message when I AGAIN tell you: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR, WHICH MAKES YOUR NEW TYPE OF COVER UP BOTH UNNECESSARY AND WRONG TO DO. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL OF YOUR COVER UP ACTIVITIES – both to “cover yourself” and to cover up the Jerusalem UFO and other UFO events around the world. HELP THE WORLD BY INFORMING TRUTHFULLY IN EVERY RESPECT AND STOP ALL OF YOUR LIES! And to Obama – still feeling you inside of me – I have this message: GO AND GET THEM :-).

RUDE people on the Internet showing a very poor and wrong behaviour and language

I noticed a comment at YouTube to the original video 5 of the Jerusalem UFO as follows:

It was the return of Jesus, until he seen the state of the place and decided to get the fuck out
petarphyle 4 uger siden

Even though I do not like the F-word at all (!) – this goes to you Steefen too 🙂 – I decided to give this comment with a smile:

@petarphyle He is still here – search carefully and you shall find :-). Instead of leaving, he decided to do the necessary clean up, which is what is awaiting the world now.
StigDragholm1 dag siden

This “motivated” the man to “search” and find my website, which he may have looked at “a very short time only” and instead of deciding to read my website, where the “proof” is – when you read CAREFULLY that is (!) – he wanted me to provide “some solid proof” as you can see in his answer here:

@StigDragholm YOUR WORDS from your website “My name is Stig, I am 44 years old and from Denmark. I am the Son of God”
Provide some solid proof to back up your bold claim please
petarphyle 1 dag siden

I cannot and will not provide “some solid proof” in a few lines as a comment to a video on YouTube and therefore I decided to write the truth with a good heart to this man referring him to my website and not to be “lazy”.

@petarphyle The proof is in my scripts. It is for you as it is for the world: Please read and understand. This is what a deceiving and sceptical world needs, and by the way this also goes in relation to the Jerusalem UFO as you can also read about from my site. Many are today “convinced” that this event was a hoax; it was not – it brought us all eternal life! If you are lazy, you will dismiss me wrongly as a hoax too. I will not continue commenting here, the answers are on my website :-).
StigDragholm23 timer siden

But to tell a rude man that he is “lazy” is not easily accepted because then I am considered to be rude (!) and what do truly rude people do to people they (wrongly) dislike (the negative voice of the darkness coming to them, which they are too weak to control) when all they want to do is to tell the truth (?) and that is of course to make a pig of themselves, which this weak and impatient man also degraded himself to do (which is also the reason why I had the dream of “rude” people this night) as you can see in his answer here:

@StigDragholm your a 44 year old Danish snake oil sales man!
So im lazy if I wont check out your connection with the Jerusalem UFO ON YOUR SITE!
As you wont post here no more, i will
petarphyle 7 timer siden

And if you believe this is “bad”, then look at some of the comments to Eligaels YouTube channel here and you will understand just how RUDE people of today have become and we know do you remember the old story of the “opposite Golden Rule” and here you see it more directly than in most examples of my books – and do you believe a comment like this makes me happy or sad, and “you are perfectly right” (!) – which also here is a message to me about Sanna knowing that she has indeed behaved wrongly and badly as I have written about in the past at the same time as this is also what my mother knows she has – they know that I am “perfectly right”, which should help them understand (?) – and this is still how it is here :-).


Today is the birthday of my sister and in the morning I therefore decided to send her this well meant greeting and if I am sad not to see the family after they have now for months again abandoned me because of their own misunderstandings and feelings (?) and “you bet”, this is exactly what I am but now I do hope they have finally come to an understanding that I love them as much as I have always done and that the reason why I have written objectively about their poor behaviour is to teach the world (!) and of course to remove the darkness at the same time as I did it because of their own wrong reactions and how difficult is that really to understand (?) and we know if you only listen to your own voice without reading, it is VERY difficult but you may decide to start reading my website and scripts too, Sanna? And I know Sanna that your true feeling is “sadness” and “almost tears” when we don’t see each other and you are to blame yourself for taking so long to understand me – you could have started understanding me already in 2008 but “better late than never” as they say :-).

Today I started working at 09.00 and I was really not very tired but still feeling somewhat exhausted – physically and mentally – and I was hoping to finish working on the script early so I could continue working on my Signs IV page but besides from the script of today I also did the last four chapters of yesterday including new additions to the chapter “The “gate of Mount Zion” is closing, which will end all darkness floating from “nothing” to the Universe :-)”, which I received new information to as another reward when running yesterday and because I need patience and time to do some of the chapters these days, I did not finalise all of this work including summaries and editing before 14.45 and finally at 15.15 I had published the script of the last three days :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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