April 26, 2011: My final installation at the location of the Source as my new home and “observatory” of the Universe


Summary of the script today

24th April: My final installation at the location of the Source as my new home and “observatory” of the Universe

  • Dreaming of the financial foundation of ”normal life” growing in size, my family is now ready to speak openly about “our experiences” (?) after having been tabooed for years, develop individual training programs of trainees according to the “birth gifts” of people instead of standard programs for all, the Source had stopped living (!) but was saved when transferred to our Universe and will now also help providing normal life to the world including to keep my basic rules, we still need “managers” of the future but not as “dictators” and “slave whippers” of today but as “mentors”, “facilitators” and “salesmen” empowering people working after the principle of “freedom and responsibility”.
  • In the beginning “nothing” created the Universe as “everything”, my inner self was created inside of the Universe, thus not being the origin of the Source but part of it together with all life and my task as the chosen one was to lead the way for the Universe to return to its origin inside of “nothing” in order to liberate itself from destruction at the “end times”, which we succeeded doing before the end, which was the end of the Mayan Calendar in December 2012 – and also to become the Source of everything which is, which is the Universe :-).
  • All of my life I have had EXTREME situations and “tests”, which could have led to our destruction if I had not passed them. I had to do the impossible of showing my absolutely best when I was suffering the worst in order for people to believe I did “fine”, which was truly about not to have the darkness “discovering” me when approaching the origin of the Source at the same time as I had to have faith of people with me; otherwise the origin of the Source would have expelled me.
  • Yesterday my amplifier INSTANTLY shut off without restarting, which I was told this morning was because of the death of Sai Baba. He was “another part of my father” with the purpose to “fool” the darkness to direct it attacks against him instead of on my father when the spirit of my father would lead the way all the way to the end of “nothing”, which is what he has done now and is what makes him re-enter the inside of me strongly again.
  • At the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel today I was told and shown the final installation of myself at the exact location of the origin of the Source inside of “nothing”, which is my new home and where I am overtaking the Source to “observe” the Universe. I received MUCH darkness trying its best to fool me by repeatedly saying that it is a condition to be able to start the New World that I remove my old rules of myself being protected against the darkness the most followed by the Council and my “special friends” and I only succeeded to resist this darkness by being strong and to decide that I will not take such important decisions without having more time and more information enabling me to THINK – and when I started thinking, I understood that it was wrong because our New World will start gradually in line with an increasing faith in me.

25th April: The final closure of the hole to the darkness and the love of my mother brought life giving energy

  • Dreaming of being at a ferry completely surrounded by the darkness of “luxury consumers”, being sad because my old best friend Jack not attending my birth, the support of the U.S. to me was founded when I was in Kenya in 2009, doing the final fastening of the origin of the Source to me instead of the darkness, Elijah’s family loves me as I them but we are suffering somewhat because of their unnecessary “swinging faith” in me and I am facing the risk to become disabled and to lose some of the Universe if my mother will not support me today – BUT I WILL NEVER GIVE UP FIGTHING THE DARKNESS!
  • I was VERY happy to see my mother and John again. We had a wonderful time at the Deer Haven with coffee next to “THE SOURCE” of Kirsten Piil (!) and lunch at the oldest amusement park of the world with AMUSED people symbolising mankind being liberated from the darkness. My extreme suffering today helped the spirit of my father to do the final closure of the hole to the darkness stopping the inflow of more darkness to the Universe and the love of my mother and her faith in me receiving spiritual messages brought so much healing energy that it helped the spirit of my father to survive :-).
  • I was VERY happy to receive an email from John in Kenya again, who is once again showing his deep level of warmth and kindness hereby showing a value, which people of the rich world (normally) do not. Escalating food prices is making people of Kenya desperate and directly killing people, which is a sign of the failure of the present economical system of the world and the need for my New World Order to be implemented.
  • Meshack was also very kind to write me and his email shows a desperate situation of a man with family suffering much almost giving up – and all I could do was to tell him NEVER GIVE UP, continue reading my scripts because his faith and strength is what is making this family come through. Don’t let your family and friends bring you down, but show your power to make your family and friends come through because this is the power you have through me!

26th April: Installing a new “operative system” of the Universe after having put the old source code at risk

  • Dreaming of downloading and installing a new “operative system” of the Universe after having put the old source code at risk, Fuggi and Jack are thinking of me with Fuggi speaking loudly not understanding much and Jack trying to understand, which however is difficult because of the darkness included in my scripts given to me because of wrong attitude of people not “able” to understand me, Camilla’s mother “preparing” Camilla for “Christmas”, the Source inside of me is not working perfectly but is still sending out love and light to the world and I am receiving energy from Michael Jackson as a part of my inner self.
  • At Falck today I agreed with Robert to start the working day by planning the work of the day – always good to have a working plan (!) – and again he shared his work with me but without sharing his pay cheque (!) and instead he used part of the working time on private matters including to report his stolen bicycle to his insurance company given to him as a symbol that I am overtaking part of his work (but not part of his pay cheque) because he could not resist the temptation for me to “help” him “ease” his day even though this is his work – not mine – and that he is without suffering (without a “bicycle” as the symbol) where I am “always crashing in the same car” as a symbol of living on my extreme edge. He left the office giving me the responsibility to service customers, which I had no idea of how to service. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE ARE TRAINED and have access to a mentor during training periods because situations as mine today without this are making both untrained employess and customers unhappy. Meeting nice and positive people today was NEEDED to bring healing energy to all beings inside of me as the Source to survive, thus including myself.


24th April: My final installation at the location of the Source as my new home and “observatory” of the Universe

Dreaming of the Source had stopped living (!) but was saved when transferred to our Universe

I had a night at approx. the same level as the previous days, which makes a big difference to how my days are feeling and even though I still don’t feel “normal” but wearing the coat of the Devil as a dark cover over me – this is exactly the feeling I get and the spirit of my father being inside of it as his task – and here are the dreams:

  • I am working at Danske Bank Espergærde (where I was a bank trainee from 1984-86), the branch is much bigger now with the twice as many cash desks and I am asked by Berit to open one of them and also to settle enclosures – she will settle the foreign cheques herself – and I am again surprised that my true competences are not used because I am given administrative work, which I can do but is not my true strength – I discover that I need a key from the head cashier but he is “busy” speaking to the manager of the branch and does not show any signs to accept a short interruption from me and all I can do is therefore to wait for him to finish speaking before I can start working. When I finally open the cash desk drawer, I count a big wad of 500 DKK notes and I discover that an employee has forgotten to remove 2,000 DKK in two notes from the drawer, which makes me ask Steen if he remembers and surely he does and now he is able to speak openly about him forgetting to remove the entire supply of cash from the drawer into the vault for the night, which I discovered the next morning (as it did happen in reality approx. 1985) and back then it was “hush hush” because he was afraid to be dismissed (!) but now he can speak openly about the experience.
    • The branch of the bank is growing in size, which is about the ”financial foundation” to bring ”normal life” to the world, the cash desks are to “share the resources of the world equally”, to wait on colleagues/managers upon whom you depend to do your daily work is a concept I don’t believe in – it steals away very much time unnecessary – the 500 DKK notes are brought in the dream because of an old Danish note, which included a picture of a “plough man”, which the notes by many are still known as today and this is to say that “finances will bring food to the world” and finally Steen is now open to speak about what has been “impossible to speak of” until now and is this is a symbol that my family are now ready to speak NATURALLY about my and our experiences (?) – including Karen too as I receive the feeling of here when writing – after this has been a taboo subject for years (?) and by the way mother, do you remember the letter from Ole to you a few years after you had broken in 1978 (?) where he wrote something about his feelings of a “déjà vue” and we know he used this word because of the déjà vues coming to all of us “in the future”, which is NOW, you understand?
    • My competences are not used in the dream because I follow a standard trainee program for all, which is what I did as a bank trainee, but would you make it mandatory for an opera singer to play football and for a football player to sing opera against their wills (?) and this is what you do when you design “standards” for people to follow; standards as “templates” are very good for systems, processes etc. but when it comes to people the idea is really to identify the unique skills and competences – “the birth gift” – of people at school and to design a unique training/education program for each individual on basis of this and we know the same company may get 1,000 different training programs if they have 1,000 trainees and this is basically how it is my friends.
  • I am going to start working for an old fashioned and dusty bank on Kgs. Nytorv (the King’s New Square) next to the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” of Copenhagen, the bank went bankrupt but was saved by the community overtaking it and I see a colleague having received a cash desk, which has been cleaned from porn.
    • The King is the Source, which had stopped living (!) but was saved by the community of the Universe as part of our journey to transfer it to the Universe – this is how I understand the dream and is it to say that if we had not made it all the way through, we would have eliminated not only the Universe this time but all life once and for all because we had removed the energy required of the origin of the Source (?), which was my old “worst fear” – and now it is reopened inside of me to help bringing normal life to the world, which includes to keep my basic rules also removing all porn of the world as you can read from my chapter of Behaviour & Work.
  • We have received a new top management and I am working hard to produce a detailed business plan, which I will present for the management including ideas from colleagues sending me these through email – and it also includes pictures from a party of Helene (Hans’ late mother), which however does not have many guests yet.
    • When I have written about “eliminating managers” in my scripts, it is about eliminating managers of today working as dictators and slave whippers controlling and bringing people down and to bring freedom with responsibility to the world and still to use the concepts of “mentors” and “facilitators” helping, motivating and empowering people as I have written about several times and this also includes to still have a top management showing the direction of the company, which all employees of course can bring forward their ideas to – it is a VERY good idea to have “perfect communication” running in three dimensions in the company so the top management will include and LISTEN to employees and departments of the company being involved when creating new strategies etc. and we know in this respect they will also work as “facilitators” and also “salesmen” advocating for their ideas and we know a LOT could be written about this but you will probably get the idea (?) – and here the dream says that you will get much better business plans when using ALL knowledge and ideas of employees including what they bring from former employers, which you know is also a taboo today many places and herewith a constrain to the development of the world. The party of celebration included in the business plan of the dream is to say that I DO MEAN BUSINESS THIS TIME, this is how SERIOUS the need to improve the work of the world is and when you follow my basic working rules, this should really be all it takes :-).

All life was part of the origin of the Source, my task was to lead the way to our rescue and to become the Source of everything

In continuation of my writings recently about the Source, my inner self and the transferral from “nothing” to me as “everything” I kept on thinking and “feeling” yesterday evening, which brought me to the conclusion that in the beginning “nothing” created “everything” as the Universe; that God as the Source of “everything” was “nothing”; that the Holy Spirit as another part of God was the sum of the Universe as “everything” and that my inner self as the final part of the Trinity was created inside of this Universe meaning that I was the “chosen one” with the task to lead the way for the Universe to return to its origin inside of “nothing” in order to liberate itself from destruction at the “end times” and in this respect I was not myself the origin of the Source – but part of it as all life is – and the meaning of being the “chosen one” also includes to become “everything” having the Source inside of me together with my true inner self and the Universe (!) and my true feeling is that I am simply doing my work as the saviour – as I would do all other work too – TOGETHER WITH THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE because this is TEAM WORK and this is exactly how it is – nothing more or less.

And I might add that we needed to save the world – to transferr the origin of the Source – before the end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012 otherwise we would have been doomed for destruction “at the end of times” and the reason why I could postpone this date first to 2014 and later to 2016 – which I have done within the last months and what my deadlines given to mankind to show a clean heart really is about – is because I had received the power inside of me through the transferral of the Source to do this and now I can say that EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE AND THAT THESE “DEADLINES” WILL BE WITHOUT PRACTICAL IMPORTANCE when the darkness will cease to exist.

We could have been terminated many times in the past if I had not passed extreme situations and people had not had faith

All of my life has included “impossible tests” to pass including life dangerous situations, “poor luck” to say the least when it comes to love with my heart bleeding EXTREMELY in 2004 because of Karen, and EXTREME stress and work overload situations starting somewhat at DanskeBank-Pension and continuing all the way with my work for Acta in 2007 being the worst of the worst (GE and in periods DFM were not “fun” too!), which was “this close” to bring me down, which my colleagues did not notice (?) and this is also to say that I have been given the worst suffering a man has ever had – especially when the Devil started speaking to and tormenting me directly from 2006 and forward until this day – at the same time as the art has been to show my family, friends and colleagues and surroundings the best way possible that I was doing alright – for example Brede Park and Falck as recent examples, who were/are “impressed” by me even though I was (am) suffering terrible – and we know this is how you “fool” the darkness because I was hurting the worst and (most) thought that I did fine and this is how to enter the darkness (almost) without being detected (remember the jump we had to do?) and this is ALSO the recipe to our rescue because if I had not come through one of the extreme situations earlier in my life or if my surroundings had “discovered” truly how terrible I was feeling, it would have made the darkness move away from us and we know starting a new Big Bang and maybe even terminating all life forever and ever – and at the same time I had to publish my scripts to the world to start having people believing in me because this was the only way I could approach the darkness; to have the faith of people with me with the final goal to “overtake” the origin of the Source, thus becoming the new Source myself. This was the importance of my LTO friends in Kenya and this is how it is my friends out there and yesterday I was also told by the Council, who sounded surprised when they said that “it was indeed possible to do the final part of the journey in full public on the Internet almost without being discovered by the world” (NOBODY started reading my website and scripts word by word and Inge, my aunt, and Meshack were the ones coming the closest) and we know 99.9999999% of the world did not discover me before this was over, which is showing the TRUE amount of darkness, which surrounded us and we know WE CUT DIRECTLY THROUGH ALL OF IT ALL THE WAY TO THE CENTRE and when reaching this, it stops all darkness and convert it to light of the Universe too :-).

Sai Baba was “another part of my father” and his death was an attack by the darkness instead of on my father

At 22.00 yesterday evening I felt the spirit of my father strongly inside of me stronger than for a long time and he told me that “we are about to arrive” and during the evening I was surprised when my amplifier for the first time ever was made to INSTANTLY shut off without restarting and I did not know what this was about before this morning when I heard in the news that Sai Baba had passed away after his heart had “given up“ after weeks of heart problems and exactly as I heard this I was told that he was “another part of my father”; do you remember my stories of my father who would receive a heart attack (?) (maybe this was in book 2) and this was the heart attack (!), which shows you the EXTREME difficulties my father in physical life must have gone through lately because of the EXTREME energy required by the spirit of my father doing the impossible to lead the way all the way to the end of “nothing” the same way as Michael Jackson died in 2009 because of my extreme situation back then and as Elisabeth Taylor died one month ago because of the extreme situation of my mother realising who I and she are and we know which is telling me that my father realises the same now understanding who I and he are (!) and again THIS IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER because it takes the absolutely worst suffering in physical life – which is what the first understanding of me being Christ does to a parent (!) – to bring the enormous amount of energy required for the spirit of my father to reach the end of the darkness doing everything it could to kill him on the way but instead of killing my father, it killed Sai Baba as another part of my father the same way as the darkness almost also killed me and my mother but instead of getting us THE ENERGY WAS DIRECTED WHERE THE DARKNESS BELIEVED WE WERE LOCATED (!) – and I receive déjà vues writing all of this chapter knowing from “deep feelings giving to me in the past” that this is the truth that I write – and this was the part of the “game” to confuse and “fool” the darkness to direct it attacks to where we hoped it would and this also worked out and of course only by doing out absolutely best all of the way :-).

My amplifier works fine again today because as you know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it – it has only been used as a symbol to tell you when our lives have been at danger.

My final installation at the location of the Source as my new home and “observatory” of the Universe

The service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet was today lead by Asger and it was about “the Sun reborn inside of planet Earth increasing golden radiation of out planet” and “the Sun Christ to merge with us, to become one with Earth” and today I had some difficulties in the beginning to be patient and to relax – after having worked up to the meditation in another rhythm – and to avoid negative speech etc. coming to me in order to come into a deep meditation but as usual I decided NOT to focus my thoughts on anything else than the beautiful music and through this wonderful “tool” I started receiving the following information:

  • “You are about to place yourself at the exact location of the origin of the Source, which will become your home and where you are overtaking the Source”.
  • “This is what is required before the pyramids will lift and before the new Sun will start shining”.
  • “Time” is in reality a count down to the destruction and will first end when we are all the way home – this is the secret” – this is about the fourth dimension without time, which will become part of our New World and as written before, we have now passed the judgment and there will come NO destruction.
  • I was shown a vision of seeing through a small opening of my left eye into the “school” of my mother and I was told that I am beginning to be able to see with my mother’s eyes – and maybe also “my father’s eyes”? (absolutely not your worst Clapton :-)) – if this is what I decide to do and this is how it is and will become increasingly when being the Source.
  • I saw myself being placed on a throne and the throne and myself being screwed the last part in and I was told that “here is nothing now but this is where we move in because this is how the feeling is”.
  • At one stage during the meditation where I still had my eyes closed I received EXTREMELY STRONG feelings for maybe 2-3 minutes of presences just around me coming closer and closer to me, which felt EXACTLY as if people were standing only a few centimetres from me giving me a very strong discomfort and a natural feeling to open my eyes to see what this was about but I thought that “I HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR”, which is what I have thought all along and therefore I kept my eyes closed, which was not the easiest thing to do here but I understood that this had to be right and at the same time I continued saying YOU ARE ALL WELCOME and I wonder if this was both the spirit of my father, other members of the Council and people of other civilizations returning to me (?) and just maybe this is the answer because my right speaker started to play weaker when I started writing this bullet point and here it became stronger again, which has to be about returning to the inside of me and we know I did not understand this fully, but if you have been away from me, I am happy for you to return.
  • I was shown and felt H. C. Andersen and the observatory of Rundetårn (the Round Tower) of Copenhagen and I was told that back then an observatory was about “observing God” and that “you have now become the observatory yourself” meaning that I will be able to observe the Universe.
  • Hereafter I was given a very STRONG pressure or “motivation” to give up “my old rules” (saying that I am the one being the best protected of all followed by the Council and my “special friends”) and the motivation was that this was “the jump” I needed to take in order to start our New World and all I could say was that I will only give up these rules when there is no more darkness and not before and I kept on receiving the “MOTIVATION” to accept this as a condition to start the New World and my thoughts were that first I need to have my mothers outspoken support and to finish my work – I AM NOT FINISHED WITH MY WORK YET (!) – and I will not take such an important decision as this as an impulse without having more time and information, which is what many leaders on all levels of the world wrongly do today because of their lack of patience and we know Stig – THIS WAS EXTREME and just maybe it was the last part of the darkness giving me STRONG resistance (?) because at the end of the meditation I was shown a police car next to a lighthouse completely surrounded by water and the light is me/us in the middle of the immense “nothing” with the police car being the darkness trying to enter us and the great water the potential suffering if we did not succeed to shut it out and for us to take the lead.
    • This information came as a complete surprise to me and because I did not have time to think, I was “this close” to believe in it and afterwards when thinking, I know that the right answer is that the New World will start gradually with the increasing faith of mankind in me followed by other civilisations and we know an example of the importance to THINK really and I am glad I did that fearing somewhat would could have been the result even though there is nothing to fear (!) and still hoping that you would have a plan B, which is what we have, isn’t it?
    • And the great water surrounding the light is the enormous darkness of the world which has NOT been activated because 99.99999% of the world did not discover me and this is also how to transform “nothing” into “everything” and good that I did not start marketing my website to the entire world before having transferred the Source to me but on the other hand, this is of course what I did the 1st February 2010!
  • I was also shown my self sitting on a director’s chair on the roofs of city buildings and afterwards on a train and I was told that “you have been the suffering of the world and when you will no longer suffer, the world will not suffer” and at the end of the meditation I was shown myself sitting on the front seat of a train closing a HUGE book and I was told “this was what it said and now I don’t know what to do”.

So all in all, it was not the easiest but on the other hand neither the most difficult “test” to come through – it was both uncomfortable and comfortable – and during the meditation, Asger played the finale of Mahler’s second symphony, which is known as the resurrection and Asger, this was both appropriate and appreciated because this is really the finale of my – and my father’s – resurrection and again when writing this the volume of my right speaker decreases because it is not easy living in an environment similar to the space for human beings before re-entering the space craft, which is what the spirit of my father is doing now and we know almost receiving artificial respiration to survive and to me this is as uncomfortable to go through as when I received the “heart beat of my upper left arm” 1-2 months ago when Elisabeth Taylor died instead of my mother and we know I am told that it is my love to my mother and father, who saves them both because my love was stronger than the darkness coming to them when they realised who I am and so it is my friends out there :-).

Sending an email to Theosophical Fellowship – without receiving a reply?

For a while I have prioritised the services of Den Gyldne Cirkel above the services of Theosophical Fellowship and the reason is simply that it saves me time because I can do the services of Den Gyldne Cirkel at home and because I go deeper in my meditation and am able to write down more notes and I thought about sending an email to Theosophical Fellowship a couple of weeks ago but it was really first the day before yesterday that I decided to do it and therefore I sent the following to Martin, who seems to be the “leader” of Theosophical Fellowship together with Jan – and so far I have not received a reply from him, which he may or may not decide to do and we know I know that they had a service today too and I only received “good feelings” coming from there.

Hej Martin,

Jeg syntes blot, at jeg ville informere dig om, at jeg bestemt ikke har glemt jer og at det ikke er på grund af manglende vilje, at jeg ikke er mødt til services nogle gange, men at årsagen udelukkende er travlhed i en periode, hvor energien samtidig har været lav.

Jeg er og har været rigtigt glad for at møde jer og deltage i jeres “endnu vigtigere end du kan forestille dig” tjenester for “denne verden og den næste”.

Jeg kommer heller ikke i morgen, men glæder mig til at se jer igen senere. Du må meget gerne sende mine bedste hilsener til de andre.

Venlige hilsener fra

Today I started working at 09.45 – it is Sunday – and I continued working including the meditation until 16.05 today from which time I decided to sit outside a little bit in the sun, which may be what my mother together with most other family members, old friends and colleagues decided to do too and we know TO LIVE YOUR LIFE – and I am glad that you still have it :-).

The miracle of my telephone working stopped working after my mother called the other day

The other day, my mother promised to call me this evening when I told her that my phone did not work when calling from it but that it was able to receive calls (!) and after this, I noticed that the screen of my phone changed and now was saying “limited service” – meaning that I can “only” do emergency calls to 112 from it – and I was wondering if my phone now was blocked after having spoken to my mother and in order to be sure that she would not call me without reaching me giving a risk for a new misunderstanding that it would be because I did not want to speak to her, I decided to send her an email together with three suggestions for restaurants (“Furesø Marina”, “Peter Lieps Hus” and “Jægerhuset”) where we could have lunch tomorrow and later my mother sent her reply that she could not come through on my telephone, which was “only beeping” (!) and that she decided for us to have lunch at “Peter Lieps Hus” at the Deer Haven a few kilometres from here and that is even though I wrote that the website of this restaurant says that it is closed on Mondays but maybe not at Easter monday (?) and if it is closed maybe the “KING SOURCE” restaurant some hundred metres away may be an alternative (?) and we know just thinking of course of the meaning of our meeting tomorrow to do the final fastening of the new Source – and also thinking that my telephone – the symbol of bringing spiritual communication to “special friends” – “decided” to stop working because spiritual communication from my new place will not work without the support of my mother.

My father is still on the edge of life – but as long as it is only the edge, it is alright 🙂

This evening my amplifier several times started switching on and off and it did it MANY times – and once it only played in my left speaker – at the same time as I felt the spirit of my father doing it because he is still fighting for his life and we know it is alright for you to go to your extreme edge hanging on to life in a very thin “lifeline”, but I cannot allow you to die because this is not part of my rules and this is as unpleasant for me to come through as when I had the “heartbeat of my upper right arm” because of the extreme feelings of my mother, but time will heal all wounds – also yours Karen’s – and until 19.30 I had to fight extreme negative speech including the “KILL, KILLL, KILL” with BIG LETTERS (!) given to me and I had to shake my head several times to remove what the darkness tried to fasten to me and after 19.30 it became less and it was somewhat easier to come through the rest of the evening.

UFO’s showing the mountains of suffering my family and “special friends” are climbing

In the beautiful evening I looked outside on my balcony, it was cloudless and I saw MANY STARS 🙂 and also two characteristic flying UFO’s at “some distance” (maybe half to one kilometre away), which were not any of the lights of me or the Council and both of them showed how they climbed one mountain after the other before going down and I was told that this is about the suffering of Inge (my aunt), Jan (her son) as examples of all who are starting to believe in me these days, which brings them suffering (!), which is what we have used as the extreme energy required to enter “the end” of the darkness – the origin you know – in order to fasten me there.

Ending the day with a few short stories:

  • For a long time I have been told that since I decided not to give up and because I did NOT give up, family and “special friends” including Obama and others did not give up to and this is the same as my spiritual friends and we know they receive the energy I give – together with others – and therefore we cannot give up too as I am told.
  • The remote control to my amplifier – only with one button, the volume (!) – has “decided” to start again for the first time in more than two years and now it can increase the volume with clear scratching sounds in the left speaker but without making the left speak turn up the volume to “party level” as it has done before and we know it is becoming easier for my mother.
  • I was shown the Bourdeax victory flag being put forward on the table as preparation to be hoisted up.
  • I have been told that the energy I have given for months and years also must have come from the origin of the Source because it did not come from the spirit of my father or mother.


25th April: The final closure of the hole to the darkness and the love of my mother brought life giving energy

Dreaming of being at risk to become disabled and to lose some of the Universe if my mother will not support me today

I was surprised to have a poor night of sleep making me tired again this morning making these writings difficult to do and the only explanation is that my mother is nervous about our meeting later today and will she be “strong enough” to tell me the truth that she believes in me and we know how difficult can it be to tell the truth (?) and maybe because of this I had these dreams of the night:

  • I meet Niels from my commercial school class (not Niels O. but the other Niels) at the shop on board a large ferry, he has bought three bottles of cognac, which is one to much and he would therefore like to sell one to me, which is of the brand “Raven”, which I know because I have had one in the past. I offer him to pay 300 DKK and he tells me that the normal retail price is 565 DKK. On my way out I ask him if he knows how Niels O. is doing and when I leave, it is almost impossible to pass people standing packed inside of this small shop.
    • The ferry is an old symbol of the Devil – a sinking boat is “elimination” – and the Cognac is called “Raven”, which is a black bird, which also will have to be the darkness and in the shop I am completely surrounded by darkness of people who can’t get enough (without thinking of people the same world suffering and dying because they have nothing).
  • I see my old class friend Allan, who has become a father and my old friend Jack visits him and carries his new baby in his arms, and it makes me sad that he did not attend my birth.
  • I was told half awake something about the U.S. tragically killing people who only wanted to help solving a crisis for example the U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya in 1998 and also the “assassination” of Princess Diana and I was told that this was to keep their world order of terror, to provide weapons etc. and I felt Obama inside of me when this was said. I was also told “you were not alone in Kenya, but no one dared to harm you and this is where the support to you was born”, which was about the U.S. and their agents and finally something about Obama informing that we are late with the disclosure of the U.S. secret government activities and something about finding the end and laying it in our car.
    • This may be a warning about the old world order continuing if my mother does not declare her faith in me today, which I hope she does and also that a plan B is ready in case she should decide to hold back – and putting “the end” in my “car”, which is “me”, is about the final piece of fastening “the origin of the Source” to me and not the darkness surrounding us and again about my mother.
  • I woke up with the song “Amsterdam” by David Bowie, which is about a drunken sailor in the port of Amsterdam, who wants to have more “fish” and the sailor is an old symbol of the darkness, the port is my “safe haven” and the fish is me and just maybe this is a symbol of my mother arriving at my safe haven as a symbol of the darkness surrounding me and if she decides to accept me, the darkness will leave me unharmed and if she decides not, what will the darkness do to harm me and the Universe?
  • I am on holiday in Africa and I am surprised that it is half cold. I have spent time and been living close together with a local family in their small hut and the child of the family is very fond of me. It is my last day in Africa, I am now in the big capital city, I am wearing a fine but old suit and a tie, which is a little short. I am happy to meet Thomas H. (my old friend from Danske Bank), who is also wearing a nice suit but without a tie. He is together with a large group of people, we talk a bit, the group tells me that my jacket has a hole in the collar of my neck and then Thomas decides to leave together with the group instead of talking to me and I tell him that we will be seeing each other at home. I am living at a small hotel and go there to check if my luggage is there, which most of it is but because I have changed hotel 10-14 days ago, I still have a little luggage at the big hotel Alexandra, where I stayed and when I arrive there, I am surprised to find this hotel empty because it has closed and I speak to a local about what happened to it and he recommends me to speak to the restaurant next to it because the restaurant is owned by the same as the hotel.
    • The family in Africa is Elijah’s family, they love me as I them but it is cold to show our suffering because of their unnecessary “swinging faith” in me, when they don’t read and understand (much). The tie is about my confidence today and yesterday, which is there but not fully because the truth is that THIS IS EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE TO GO THROUGH because of the constant feelings I am given being aware of the very big importance of my mother standing forward to support me and will she or will she not do this (?) and what kind of suffering will I and the Universe be given if she does not (?) and this is the name of the game now. The small hole in my fine but old suit is probably where the darkness can enter me and the Universe and Thomas H. is one who can bring this darkness because of his lack of faith in me and I have had difficulties to understand the precise meaning of the symbol of “luggage” for years, but here it seems to be “the Universe”, where I am in the risk of losing some of it risking to become disabled myself but if my mother does not give me her support today, I will do EVERYTHING to continue fighting the darkness and I know that she believes in me and if needed, this is what my friends at the Council and people of other civilizations may use to fasten my “seat” once and for all and if you believe it is better to wait a few days, this is up to you to decide. And when this is written, the Danish P4 radio was “inspired” (?) to play “don’t you worry ‘bout a thing” by Incognito and I really LOVE that song and do hope that this is true about my meeting with my mother and John later today.

I was receiving extreme suffering in the morning

I slept badly and felt badly when I started writing the script of today at 08.15 and so badly that I was given the feeling of blood in my mouth – this is the extreme fringe we have reached – and my feeling was so bad that I under “normal circumstances” would have cancelled the agreement with John and my mother today, which I of course would not do but only telling you that the dreams and my feeling this morning including negative speech was at its extreme level and I was thinking that it would be impossible to carry out this agreement but I also thought that I have done this so many times before so I would probably be able to do it once more.

The final closure of the hole to the darkness and the love of my mother brought life giving energy

Already at 10.35 my mother and John arrived here and my mother was very kind to give me different kind of food, wine and beer – still thinking of LTO I am here – and from here we went to the Deer Haven next to “Bakken”, which is the oldest amusement park in the world and my mother told me that she had read a bad review of “Peter Lieps Hus” on the Internet and instead she had found two alternative restaurants inside of the amusement park, which I accepted also because at earlier locations when we went to Copenhagen to have dinner last year, I felt that I decided too much and I did not want to take charge here but to let my mother decide.

And we know the weather was absolutely beautiful also today – as it has been throughout the whole Easter – feeling like a summer day with temperatures of approx. 20 degrees and when we arrived, there was almost no people because “Bakken” first opens at 12.00. We decided to go for a short walk in the beautiful Deer Haven and instead of taking a cup of coffee at Peter Lieps Hus next to bakken, which we spoke of, I recommended to walk a few hundred metres to my true favourite place in the Deer Haven, which is Restaurant Piil & Co. located next to THE SOURCE of Kirsten Piil :-), where we sat down at the terrace with a cup of coffee overlooking the beautiful lake with its birds – ducks, geese and swans – flying and playing in the water and the nature here is as beautiful as it gets and I was VERY happy to see my mother and John again even though I received extreme darkness all of this first hour, which tried to pressure me to bring forward a declaration of faith from my mother in me otherwise as I was told the darkness would be too strong, which gave me a strong feeling that I could break down physically – meaning that we would lose a part of the Universe – right here and now, but again I had to stand firm and say “in this case you HAVE to load the Universe even more because EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING MUST COME WITH ME INSIDE OF THE LIGHT – I WILL ACCEPT NO LOSSES TO THE DARKNESS” and really because I did not want to pressure my mother because this was the right answer no matter what and because of this, the deep relations between us was resurrected during this hour and I was told by the spirit of my father that the true love of my mother to her son was what he needed to survive (!) and we know this is the same situation as after completing the impossible jump in 2010 where we were also in desperate need of human contact to receive healing in order to survive, which my mother also back then gave “against all odds” – and this is how it is here, but I am not sure that my extreme suffering is what my mother and John felt on me today?

Afterwards we walked around the amusement park of Bakken, which had now opened and the first thought I received was that here is “life and happy days” and that all of these people AMUSING themselves here today were a symbol of mankind becoming liberated from the darkness, which mankind don’t understand today that it is a prisoner of, which will bring all people TRUE JOY AND HAPPINESS including a growing understanding through the light of the true impact of the darkness.

We decided to look at lunch offers of several restaurants at Bakken – also a symbol of bringing “normal life” to mankind – and finally we agreed to have lunch at the first one we looked at and I was still receiving darkness and extreme discomfort about having to talk to my mother about her faith in me and I decided to be patient and to eat most of the lunch until we would be so relaxed that I believed it would be the best time to bring up the subject – because I thought that my mother maybe would say nothing – and when I did, I again said this is about communication and understanding, that the reason why I have received both true and wrong spiritual messages is because of my family and friends acting and “guessing” wrong in relation to me and that I have been 100% loyal passing on the spiritual messages I have received – I feel very bad not telling the truth – and then I said to my mother that I know that all of my writings and experiences have brought suffering to the family and not least to myself (!) and finally I said that I do hope that my mother is coming to an understanding of maybe not all but some of what I have written and if this is the case, I would be happy for her to tell me and this is when my mother said that she do believe it is true that I receive spiritual experiences and this is really all that I needed because by now I understood the name of the game, which is that it is truly impossible for my mother to understand who I am – who in the world would believe that (?) and we know it requires that you read my website and scripts carefully and have a TRULY OPEN attitude as my LTO friends – but this is not about WHO I AM but about the love of my mother to me as the most important “supporter” of the Universe and that she believes in US and this was the answer Stig, which also made the spirit of my father survive as I am told and my ladies and gentlemen; this is the true nature of the faith of my mother in me today – and this makes me wonder how enormous “the light of my mother” on the sky will become when she truly will realise who she and I are – and we know as you can tell I still receive true and wrong spiritual messages because of the wrong reactions of my family but I also hope you will see how this is used by the Council and people of other civilizations to lead us all in the right direction – we know the darkness has become a tool of the light.

My mother also told me that the television at Sanna had switched on by itself (!) – as I have experienced with Sanna too (!) – and I could only tell her about small “spiritual miracles” or signs if you wish happening around me all of the time for example when my telephone was working even though it was closed, about my floor lamp, amplifier switching on/off, my telephone giving an alarm which was not on the phone for two hours at Christmas Day in 2005, which my mother now remembered again – 1-2 years ago she said to my surprise that she did not remember – and we know THE SPIRITUAL WORLD MAKES YOU REMEMBER AND FORGET and there is nothing you can do about it (!) – and this is what my mother remembers and what you believe in because it is the easiest to do – not easy to understand my full story of course – and as I told my mother: PLEASE NOTICE CREAKING SOUNDS COMING FROM PARKED CARS YOU PASS or for example at your cabin when you go on the cruise shortly and this is because “this is meant to be”.

I was told by the Council that I had to go through extreme suffering myself today, which is what brought the last energy required to do the final closured of the “hole” or “pipe” with an up until now “eternal” hole of darkness inflowing to the Universe – and we know the love of my mother brought the life giving healing required after doing this task.

My mother also told me that my sister was sad because as she said I had not fulfilled my promise not to write her name in my scripts and when I told my mother that I had given no such promise to my best recollection, she told me clearly that I had (!) and we know Sanna you are totally convinced that this what we have “agreed” (?) and so sure that you have convinced our mother about it but this is another example of poor communication and preconceived beliefs because this goes back more than one year where you asked me to replace your name with “sister” in my scripts on the Internet and I told you that this was “impossible” to do because I would have to replace it manually hundreds of places and again as I told mother, to the best of my recollection I have never given you a promise NOT to include your name in future writings but that I would be more discreet – read our emails from July 2010 and you will see – but this is what you THOUGHT we had agreed on and we know DO YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION IS (?) and as I told mother today, I have no problems to stop writing your name and to write “sister” instead in future writings – even though this is both unnatural and wrong to do (!) – but that I cannot omit your name in all of the scripts already published, which mother told me that she understood and my sister, there will come a day when you will realise that you have done the world a favour, which you will be proud and happy of instead of being embarrassed and feeling that your association with me destroys your image as you do today, which is making me very sad because this is a wrong and misunderstood feeling of yours and the reason is that you are still not even trying hard to read and understand. You should and would be HAPPY if you only understood :-).

The Source of Kirsten Piil where the closure of the hole to the darkness was completed and the love of my mother brought “us” life giving energy

After lunch I was inspired to tell my mother about my favourite movie “house of flying daggers” – together with Englegård – which stars a young woman and man falling in love and despite of these two people belonging to two opposite sides of warring parties with the task to kill each other, their love is so strong that they decide for love instead of war and when I told this, I received yet another déjà vue understanding that this was another sign of the love of my family – strongest between my mother and I but certainly also between my sister and I and this also goes to my father – being stronger than the negativity and destruction of the darkness and this is the love, which made the Universe survive and will make it become stronger and even more beautiful than I could ever imagine (“hidden” information included inside of me as the Source), which is what the spirit of my father tells me here and he is becoming stronger because my mother decided to see me again in two Saturdays from now, which was “not given”.

My mother will finally finish her “treatments” Thursday next week and the personal of the hospital has told her how much they have admired how well my mother has handled these treatments and we know she does not either have problems sleeping so someone may have decided to take on most of the physical pain required to bring the extreme energy to the spirit of my mother – and maybe my father too (?) – and who else than me (?) and I do understand that you and John are now looking forward to a nice new cruise to the Mediterranean leaving on Friday after having gone through a hard period of time – and I do look forward myself some day to receive a normal life with holiday too after coming through a “hard period”?

Finally my mother was also very kind to give me some money for a new pair of trousers because she did read that I only have one pair left to use and we will see if I can find a pair and maybe even on sale somewhere and we know I will use the money as the sender asked me to but my mother was also nice to say that I could decide on what I will use any surplus for, which I will find out during the coming week and we know also thinking that I am not the only one living on the edge, which you can see in the two chapters below including mails from my dear LTO friends suffering very much and we know without whom the world would not have survived!

We had a WONDERFUL day together and as I told them: “It is always very nice to meet in private at home, but it brings extra value to go out receiving good experiences together – and we should do this again with the entire family”. And I am thinking of variation also here: Sometimes at home and sometimes – more often than what most do today – to go out experiencing LIFE together :-).

I returned home at 15.00 now being EXTREMELY TIRED only thinking of taking a nap but instead of doing this, I decided to write the chapter above because my habit has become to write all or at least as much as possible of a script the same day – and I could decide to write the last two chapters of today too, but I have decided that I will be able to do this tomorrow and still be able to publish three days of scripts without delay and we know monsieur (feeling Denis here) this is how we work: “With feelings, love and emotions” because who in the world would believe that I am the Son of God and now also the Source itself and you got to be crazy to think that?

A WARM email from my friend John, who also explains of the desperation of Kenyan people of increasing food prices

Hi there Mbugua! (John),

Thank you once again for COMMUNICATING and for showing your inner level of warmth, kindness and friendship, which I value so much :-).

I am sad to read about the poor conditions of innocent people of Kenya suffering, being desperate and dying because of escalating food prices of the world, which is another example showing you that the poor economical – and political – system of the world today is directly killing the poorest at the same time as rich people – and corrupt bureaucrats – are making huge profits, which most of them so shamefully use on luxury without having/showing a care for people dying because they cannot afford to pay the increased prices.

The only thing I can tell you John is that this situation “soon” will become better and maybe you can find comfort to know that the extreme suffering of people from your country – and from many other poor countries of the world – has helped stopping the darkness floating into the Universe and only by going through IMMENSE suffering of mankind and the Universe, this was possible to achieve and once all of this is over, we will never come in a similar situation again so the key is still to be IMMENSELY STRONG TO COPE WITH IMMENSELY DIFFICULT TIMES and please rest assure that the day will be coming where you will all feel better but again, be patient, but it will not take five or 10 years to do, it will go much quicker than that :-).

Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging words of comfort, John, which makes me happy to receive also knowing that they are given by a man suffering much.


And here is his email:

Hi Dragholm,

Good afternoon my dear friend, i hope all has been well with you back in Denmark.

Am well too with my wife and children, God has been there for us although life in Kenya is very very hard due to escalating food prices.However much we try to make ends meet the more difficult is becoming.Off late some Kenyans have committed suicide while others are killing their own wives and children before turning on themselves.The situation is that serious my friend.

The uprisings in the Arab world might also finds its way to south of Sahara because our leaders do not seem to care at all and people are just tired of dirty politics.Can you imagine a country like ours with a cabinet of 40 ministers and equal number of assistant ministers.The salaries paid on monthly basis is enough to feed millions of hungry Kenyans and educate orphans etc.

Anyway at the end of the day we still say that Kenyan is our country and we cannot run away but only hope that change will eventually come where everybody will have enough.

Otherwise am sorry for the long silence its only that i traveled to Kisumu to do some small jobs to help us survive. Thank you so much for all what you have done to us and our families.As you say in your script, the darkeness will soon vanish from mount zion and light will shine on earth.  We are still hanging on with faith because we have total trust in you Stig. We are not afraid of tomorrow because we have seen today and we love yesterday.

Every word in your scripts is full of wisdom and inspiration and whenever i read them hope is restored in my heart.

The Easter holiday marks an important event in the christian calendar. May i wish you joy and happiness this Easter.

Thank you so mush indeed.

Meshack is almost desperate and giving up, but NEVER GIVE UP: BE STRONG to make your family and friends come through 🙂

Hi Meshack,

Thank you SO much for your kind email too, which clearly shows the desperation coming to people when they are living on the edge of their lives with no hope for improvement to come the rest of their lives (!) and this is exactly my message to you Meshack because what you are living on is your “hope” or let me rephrase that to FAITH and that is because it is your faith which has helped me to anchor as the new Source of the world, which is what now has stopped the inflow of more darkness to the world and my friend this is the darkness which has made it “impossible” for people of the rich world up until now to TRULY understand me – this is the suffering of rich people, do you remember (?) – but now when the source of the darkness has gone, there is ONLY one way and that is FORWARD, which means that people of the rich world will gradually start to understand me and this is what will spread gradually to the whole world also bringing a “normal life” to you, your family and LTO.

THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE READING THESE DAYS IN MY SCRIPTS MY FRIEND and WHY IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KEEP ON READING and also communicating about my scripts with your family because UNDERSTANDING and COMMUNICATON is what is bringing your faith making you come through so therefore I can only tell you the same as in my answer to John above:

NEVER EVER GIVE UP (!) – CONTINUE READING MY SCRIPTS and KEEP YOUR FAITH because this is what makes you survive.

Please understand that we have all gone through a critical and “life threatening” situation, which was the ONLY way forward to save the world and to bring a new and much better world for all of us, which is the next item on the plan. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE READING ABOUT, my friend.

When people will start understanding and donating money to me, I will share with you and on my website under “donations” I still have the text you can read below encouraging people to send money directly to you, but my friend, I don’t know if it will take 3, 6 or 12 months from now to get you out of your misery but when I don’t give up myself, you also have the power not to give up. Please use this power and please be strong to distribute it to your family and friends (Elijah etc.) so their darkness and give up attitude will not bring you down. This is your destiny and task, my friend – and you have got the power to do it :-). CAN YOU (?) – and let me give you the answer: OF COURSE YOU CAN and that is because I can!

This is from my website:

Will you also please consider helping the team members of Living Testimony Organization in Kenya and their families TO SURVIVE by contacting them directly:

Elijah Katama: katama73@yahoo.com

John Mbugua: John_wa_njoki@yahoo.com

Meshack Itumo: itumomitiso@yahoo.com

David Mutisya: nziovid@gmail.com


And here is Meshack’s email:

It is my sincere hope that you had a good Easter Holiday.On my part,there was nothing to celebrate because of difficult situation am going through with my family because sometimes we are forced to skip some meals and this has had a me to think of other possible ways to survive but those other ways are not forth coming and my question is”will we continue with this suffering all our lives?. As i had told you,you can do a great favour to LTO if you link the organization with donors who are willing to help us so that we can continue with our mission to help others because we have stagnated for a very long time and remember LTO is the one which holds us together and please try and consider my request because up to now we have been very faithfull to you and a solution has to be found for your servants to survive and help the rest because if we cannot help us,is it possible to help others? Please please consider this and once again please consider our plight and am just being open to you .

Kind regards

Ending the day with a few short stories again:

  • I was told that the Source now will be used to produce light and not darkness to the Universe and that we will also start becoming one life instead of being separated into a physical and spiritual side, which was necessary to do to surround the darkness on both sides.
  • Before anchoring as the new Source I was also told that it required the faith of all members of the Council in me and this is what I received – they believe in my “spiritual connection” but as you will understand, it is of course “very difficult” to believe in who I am when you are not TRULY open and do not read CAREFULLY.
  • I was EXTREMELY tired the rest of the day but started receiving somewhat less negative speech.


26th April: Installing a new “operative system” of the Universe after having put the old source code at risk

Dreaming of Installing a new “operative system” of the Universe after having put the old source code at risk

I slept somewhat better tonight but still not feeling normal this morning and after one hour of “sleep” I woke up with my amplifier – which I had not switched off – switching off and on and we know I expect that it will take some time as with the heartbeat of my right arm before this symbol and the reason behind it will stop and after this I had these dreams:

  • I am in our old row house in Snekkersten, my mother is sleeping loosely in the room next to me and after downloading a new version of an operative system to my computer, I could not get it to work and I see two IT-professionals downloading all versions of the operative system with me storing each version as a back up before going to the next version.
    • When I woke up I was told that “we were putting the source code of the Universe at risk” and I do hope that you will get the new operative system to work, because this would be an “advantage” to our all and while writing this I was given “vantage” as one model of the British supercar Aston Martin so just saying that we are on right track here.
    • The Snekkersten is still the darkness where I am staying with my mother and it is from this environment that we are changing the “operative system” of the Universe.
  • Fuggi is in my living room playing on my old “big” speakers and Jack is in my hall playing on my new and much better speakers and I put on “reach up for the sunrise” by Duran Duran for Jack to listen to, but to my surprise Fuggi is playing so loud in the living room that it is almost impossible to hear the speakers in the hall.
    • It seems that both Jack and Fuggi are with me because they think of me but Fuggi is talking loudly without listening and Jack has started to listen to me but difficult it is because of the darkness included in my scripts also because of Fuggi not listening and understanding much, Jack?
  • I had a short dream of fewer people now bicycling with me.
    • Fewer people are suffering because of me?
  • I woke up hearing “en lykkelig familie” (“a happy family”) by Anne Dorte Mikkelsen, which is the feeling of the Council and we know yesterday I was told that they have the same feeling as I had the 10.10.2010 at the new cultural yard of Helsingør – the day of arriving at the safe haven – where I was suffering so much that it was difficult to appreciate what we had accomplished back then and I have often wondered since how we would have come all the way home from there if I had started to give up back then.
  • I am with with Camilla’s parents, who are in the kitchen. I am trying to sleep in their living room using two stretched out wooden armchairs as lying foundation, but it is impossible to sleep and I am also nervous to be discovered if the parents should enter the living room, so I stand up. I only wear underpants and Camilla comes to me after having had rice pudding (a special Danish Christmas desert) made by her mother, and she tries to force a spoonful of this into my mouth and I tell her “nobody is doing that to me”.
    • Did Camilla’s mother really die (?) as I was told in a dream approx. one year ago, and is it the soul of Inger giving Camilla “information” on Christmas somehow (?) and I wonder why Camilla is forcing the desert on me and does this has to do with her need to have a love life, which I was not keen on having with her because it was not a pleasure to me (it had NOTHING to do with you Camilla but this was given to me as part of my suffering) and we know I forgot to write the other day that this is the background if Camilla at that company party was tempted to be unfaithful to me.
  • I am walking with my old class friend Henrik H. and I tell him that those who were hit by Furesøen (another lake close to me) are almost dead. We cross Kgs. Nytorv (the King’s New Square) in Copenhagen and I see my old speakers standing on top of an open shed in front of the department store Magasin, they are playing “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston and I tell Henrik that these speakers are indestructible and can handle all kind of weather and also that it is amazing that they are playing because they have only been connected to the “jacko” (the power outlet) of the building place.
    • I wonder if the ones who are almost dead are the members of the Council and also people of other civilizations having done the performances of their lives entering the end of “nothing” and fastening me there as the new Source, and to me the King’s New Square is the building site of our new world with the speakers playing a fantastic song by Whitney, which I have always enjoyed tremendously – sending out love and light to the world – and the speakers are the Source deep inside of me not playing its best yet, and I receive energy by my true inner self, which Michael Jackson is part of and here he is called by the evil nickname given to him, which may be because of the evil things some people are still saying of me?

Meeting positive people today was NEEDED to bring healing energy to myself including the beings inside of me to survive

Today I started writing the script at 07.45 and at 08.43 I left for Falck and nowadays I know my own way in there and started my work before the officer on guard, who today was Robert, arrived after his morning meeting at the canteen at 09.15.

After a few short questions and answers of how the Easter was, which I believe is fine to do during working hours, Robert told me not surprisingly that he had work for me to do and I was wondering why he did not start briefing me so I carried on working on keying in information to the key hood database and after more than one hour I asked Robert directly to start briefing me after he had finished what he was doing and also that I would very much like to have a 5 minutes planning meeting with him at 09.00 every day he is on guard because otherwise the day just goes by without any planning at all and this is what I am also a witness to here and he agreed so we will see how easily it will become for him to start changing his habits – and this type of planning meeting is only needed for people under education otherwise you will individually use this time to plan your working day and to keep to your plan of course.

He wanted me to count and check the balances of the cash supply and also to do the accounts (?) but first on Thursday and today he wanted me to key in information of 4-5 new part time firemen and their passed exams/courses into a public database and when he gave me the work I smiled at him and said “are you now lazy again”, which made him smile and later when he was (still) in a good mood – because we speak good together and both of us enjoy each others company – I asked him “are you in such good mood that you will invite for lunch” and my dear friends this is about a manager who is “too busy” to do (some of) his own work, which he hands over to me but still he is keeping all of his pay check without sharing this (!) and having me to work for free for him (when looking away from the few handouts I receive from the Commune) and we know he decided WRONGLY to use probably half an hour on a private matter – which he could not resist the temptation of doing because of “irresistible eagerness” – which was to report the steal of his expensive bicycle (DKK 15,000) to his insurance company, to order a new bicycle and at 10.15 he decided to leave the office to do “shopping” and to be back at 12.00 but at 11.50 he called and told me that he would not be back before I left at 12.00 and where was he then (?) and we know at Raadvad Kro (inn) as I heard a colleague of him saying in the background (!) – and we know just telling you that this man is not suffering – he is not bicycling (!) – on the contrary to what I am and this was the reason why his bicycle was stolen; for me to write this and of course for Robert to have something to wake up to – because most of my servants have now received stories being “implanted” inside of them waiting to be “delivered”.

And when Robert was away, the telephone started ringing as it has never done before while I have been here, which I had to answer since I was now the only one at the office and a few customers arrived in person too and it was annoying for me not to be able to answer several people because of my lack of training and knowledge and this is to tell you that this is happening all over the world. People are too lazy to train people and to be around as a mentor to help during a training period and instead untrained people are “thrown out to the lions”, which is an awkward situation for people to be in and for customers it is unsatisfying to be met by someone who is not able to handle their requests as I was not today when a lady arrived and we know she had scalded herself with coffee and she came to receive free first-aid materials, which she did, but when she asked to receive a foil blanket I had no idea what it was and where to look and in the situation I only thought of offering her to write down her name and telephone number for a colleague to call her up, which she however refused – she would come back – and just maybe you were sad to receive this message (?) – to give an example of how customers become sad when receiving poor and unqualified service of untrained people – but I do hope that your scald healed quicker than you could have hoped for (?) and this is how it is when you receive healing directly from the Source.

Ten minutes afterwards another customer arrived to receive 10 foil blankets and now I thought about asking a colleague outside where to find these – which I deliberately was not given the thought of before – and he was kind to show me the blankets in the basement so this customer received what he came for – and a part time fireman called from Hillerød Hospital at 11.15 saying that his replacement at 10.00 did not show up and I was sad that I could not help him other than agreeing with him that he would call back himself after 12.00 to receive help from Robert.

Besides “serving” these customers as good as possible and to have as good conversations with them as possible because their nice feelings of me because of this brought healing on the water inside of me – my spiritual beings now (!) – which today still was critically needed, I also worked on keying in the part time firemen in the system including “revival courses” etc. and we know Stig coming here today being met by a positive and smiling Robert, a few colleagues and customers was “revival” of the souls inside of me – I was told that this exact situation was why I in the first place was made to start working for Falck – and we know “almost dead” is the best you can call what both members of the Council and people of other civilizations were/still are inside of me, which my mother, sister and family was so “kind” to help me/us doing when speaking behind my back about me at my sister’s birthday dinner during the Easter Friday/Saturday at their cottage in Sweden where also Niklas/Tobias and their girlfriends attended and negatively it was because of my sister’s “hurt” feelings and we know, you were “this close” to kill all of us again but this is what was required to do this final rescue operation of the Universe and still you don’t understand the degree of my suffering because of your wrong actions but believe that I am the one having “offended” you and one day you will know just how extremely unfair and wrong you have been and also that your own great suffering was entirely unnecessary if only you had COMMUNICATED and UNDERSTOOD – and before arriving at Falck today I met Finn from Brede Park, whom I however only had one minute to speak to because I did not want to arrive late at Falck and he told me that his ostomy operation 7 months ago did not turn out as he could have hoped for and that tomorrow he will go through a new operation to “repair” the first operation and I was happy to see him as he was to see me, which brought healing to the inside of me too, and I do hope Finn that your situation improved after our meeting as I told you that I hoped it would?

And because of Robert’s decision to have me doing his work, I only keyed in one drawer of keys into the database instead of two today and do I have to tell you that I was also feeling EXHAUSTED including this feeling of being totally destroyed inside of me when working today and this is because this is how all of us feel inside of you – my amplifier is switching off and on again when this is written – but the love of the world is what will bring us more energy than ever before but of course we just have to meet and receive it first.

Buying a cheap pair of trousers

After work I went to the supermarket of Føtex, where I – despite of my tiredness – decided to try on trousers on sale of 50 and 75 DKK (most people in Denmark gladly pay 10-20 times this amount for a pair of trousers) but they did not fit me or I did not like to wear them, and therefore I decided to buy an “expensive” pair of 150 DKK and we know which will also give me the opportunity to send a little bit more money to Kenya to help their critical need to survive and my dear mother, I do hope you would understand me fully and would you be more happy to help the nicest people to survive than to know that your luxury shopping also could have killed these much nicer than Danish people – people who still have and show full faith in me and who were critical in this phase of the Easter too?

Finally I arrived at home, had lunch – Robert did not invite (!) – and started on the second part of my working day to finish the script of today, the two last chapters of yesterday and to publish my script at 16.35 from which time I decided to call it a day :-).

Ending the day by saying that I was HAPPY to receive the following very nice email from Martin from Theosophical Fellowship today, which made me happy and this is really the general idea of communication:

Kære Stig

Tak for din hilsen, det var dejligt at høre fra dig.

Jeg glæder mig til vi ses igen.

Hjertelig hilsen



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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