April 29, 2011: The Trinity will be united as ONE and my mother will develop to become the leader of the world


Summary of the script today

27th April: The Universe, the Source and my human part all survived the judgment intact, which is “completely crazy”

  • Dreaming of myself as Neil Young and my mother as his assistant, who does not understand the songs I give them to be used for clairvoyance, which the assistant will reject – because my mother does not understand my full story and ONLY because of this she is still negative to much of what I have written where she would be ENTHUSIASTIC IF ONLY SHE KNEW, in the future people will be happy to speak to all people without snobbery as many have today and calendars/action plans of people of the darkness are being removed because the inflow of darkness to the Universe has stopped.
  • At Falck I kept on working on my key hood database and I am now working all of the time at the front office next to the table of the officer on guard, which today was Christoffer, who was kind to say that I am not considered as the “vice office manager” as I told him with a smile, but an “office manager”. I was feeling “completely destroyed” and “more dead than alive” doubting that I would be able to work all day without breaking down physically but again somehow I came through and I received healing energy of colleagues and customers who had nice thoughts of me, which is what is bringing the healing :-).
  • At the supermarket today I met a lady speaking to “everyone”, who did not like the Satan of Putin – the Russian Prime Minister – but when she received the light from the Source inside of me, she became positive and started thinking of Putin that “maybe he is both” (evil and good that is), which was inspired speech informing me that Putin used to be Satan – helping to almost destroy the world to pass the judgment – before he was returned to his origin as another part of the spirit of my father, and he visited Denmark yesterday ALSO to bring energy through the Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen to me (Lars and I have had an open channel since our “meeting” in 2010) to help the spirit of my father survive.
  • The supermarket of Netto offered today “completely crazy” prices on three goods – small chocolate Easter Eggs, chopped tomatoes and herrings – which I could afford buying on my small budget. They were part of the plan to tell you that after I have been finally installed as the Source in the Easter, there is now eternal life all over the Universe (symbolised by the eggs), which is equal to the Holy Spirit and part of my new self as the Source (symbolised by the tomatoes) and the herrings symbolise the human being part of me, which is to say that all three parts of me survived the judgment intact and this is what truly is “completely crazy”, because this is what none of us would have expected :-).
  • A large number of inhabitants inside of me brought the Universe the final part to the end of “nothing” as a team effort, my mother HAD to believe in both my sister and I to make our survival happen, I HAD to publish my writings and to receive unanimous support by all Councils of the Universe to bring the whole Universe together with me to our new world.

28th April: I will see Cæcilie Norby in concert with my mother to celebrate the arrival of the Universe to our safe haven 🙂

  • Dreaming of teaching my coming “special friends” through my scripts, the spirit of Karen was “killed” so much that she (and others) is not conscious of living after the meeting with the end of the old Source in the Easter but she will soon wake up again, the strength of the darkness these days after the meeting with the worst of all – the end of the old Source – is of such immense power that it is extremely close to score a goal against me, which would give the world an unpleasant surprise, it is fine to speak about business during a private dinner, but it is NEVER fine to have a company paying for dinner where you will speak about private matters (!) and Elijah’s faith in me is what brought me to live and his following “swinging” faith in me brought the darkness a chance to break in via him to kill me and the entire Universe with all life.
  • At Falck, Robert’s temper was boiling over because he “hated” to be dependent on others, but he did not understand that I have the same feeling being depending on him (to do his work!). I counted the cash boxes and discovered a positive difference of 10 DKK in Lars’ box, which was simply impossible because the box was untouched since I counted it the last time. It showed out that the positive difference had been made at Gentofte Station, who had sent their receipts together with a keyed in balance sheet to Lyngby, when they had keyed in an amount with 10 DKK too much giving them this positive difference of 10 DKK, which was then physically transferred by the “pure magic of God” to Lars’ cash box as another example of the growing power of the Source inside of me. Robert confirmed with a smile that I am “office manager”, he knows that I am working with more efficiency and better quality than he, but still he is misusing me for example when ordering me to prepare coffee for a meeting. Robert is a very talented man, but unfortunately he does not use all of his talent when he is not planning or being patient to do his absolutely best when working.
  • I spoke to my mother today over SKYPE also receiving more healing energy from the best source of all. My mother was kind to invite me to see Cæcilie Norby playing live at the Cultural Yard in Helsingør the 7th May, where she might play Hallelujah also to celebrate the arrival of the Universe inside of our safe haven as this place is our symbol of :-).

29th April: The Trinity will be united as ONE and my mother will develop to become the leader of the world

  • Dreaming that Søren H. would have been eliminated by the darkness because of his lack of faith in me if I did not do my best to save every single soul of the world including him and that Søren H. “paid at the absolutely last minute” which may mean that he received “physical suffering” as his “payment” before our final stage in the Easter?
  • I had to be identified by the origin of the Source as the “right person” to overtake the throne by answering a “riddle” of the Universe, the Source and myself, which is what I did on a daily basis up to the Easter at the same time as I also had to be “almost nothing” – i.e “almost not living” – to avoid being destructed by the darkness surrounding the origin of the Source, who IS life.
  • I was asked to decide for the Trinity either to continue living as three individuals or to be united as “one” and I answered this emotionally difficult question with the right answer, which was for the three of us to be united as ONE with the option also in the future to give birth to myself as a human being (!) and this decision was also a condition for my mother’s further development to become the new leader of the world (!) as I was told.
  • “That’s a wrap” as Michael Jackson says in the video of Liberian Girl after being the unknown director as my inner self with the Source was in “reality” too: This is the end of the “play” – or “game” – after bringing us all safely “home”.


27th April: The Universe, the Source and my human part all survived the judgment intact, which is “completely crazy”

Dreaming that my mother would be enthusiastic of my writings if only she understood them fully

I do believe I had a better sleep this night, which as you may understand I first discover during the morning when I feel how tired I am, but I do believe that I am becoming better and we know starting from “as close to a zero point as you can imagine” and building layer upon layer from there – and a few dreams:

  • I am in a meeting of clairvoyants where Neil Young is also attending and he says that he has been told that he is his own father in law because great masters will arrive, and I am the one answering the most questions because I am the one having the knowledge to answer and I tell him to read my article about him in my scripts. I walk together with Neil, his assistant and my mother to the library, there is a big line to the photocopier and finally I copy three pages, which I give to Neil and also a picture of him self in colour, which IS himself. I also give him two songs to be used for clairvoyance but his assistant is negative not understanding the true value of the songs they have received and she says that they might decide to use other songs instead, which makes me wonder. I recommend the DVD of Neil Young from 2005, which I believe is fantastic and finally I see Neil Young as a great ship, which become sacrificed.
    • While writing the dream I was given the feeling that Neil is me and his assistant is my mother, and the songs of love I bring to my mother, which is the symbol of my full story, is not appreciated by my mother (yet) because I have still been negative to people, my mother (?) and have you not understood yet the simple truth that I have written about poor behaviour to teach the world to become better, that I have done nothing else than writing the truth and that I love all my family – and others – which I have written about – and also that all my family and others will be proud to be part of my scripts when they READ and UNDERSTAND, so maybe my mother, if you try to see things my way and look away from the WRONG voice of my sister, you will understand that my scripts are nothing else than love and warm feelings to all people. And the more you will believe in me being the one I am, the more you will understand this truth and the more you will become surprised of yourself that you were so negative to me when the only right attitude would be to be positive IF YOU HAD UNDERSTOOD THE FULL STORY that is :-).
  • I am together with Peter A. (from Fair) and Lars D.C. (from Willis) and I notice that Peter A. would rather speak to Lars than I because Lars have CEO’s of companies as customers, which makes him more “interesting” in the eyes of Peter than I because I am not a salesman since the company has decided to use other of my skills instead. At Peter’s office I notice that he has created an advanced calendar, which he now has to remove once and for all and I ask him “was this your best result, Peter” (to create this calendar), which he is not happy to hear but which I believe is the truth.
    • This is about snobbery of people, who LOVES to be together with V.I.P.’s or people knowing V.I.P.’s and my dear friend the idea is to be equally as happy to be together with all people no matter what they do and I might add that even in the future there will be some people you are “even happier” to be together with than others and this is because of the new 0-100 scale where people you love ideally will be at 100 on the scale but you know the general idea is that you will be happy to be together with all people no matter what they do, how old they are, how they look etc. And I wonder what the calendar means and maybe that Peter was part of the darkness and that the calendar included his action plan and we know as a sign of course that the inflow of darkness to the Universe has now stopped, which will end the action plans of all people belonging to the darkness.

At Falck I am now considered to be one of the “office managers” and I received more healing energy for me/us to survive

I started working today at 08.05 and at 08.43 I had to go to Falck again and today the officer of guard was Christoffer – I wonder when the fourth officer, Lars, will be on guard for the first time working together with me (?) – and I was happy to see him as he was to see me also because I knew that he would not hand over his tasks to me so therefore I could continue doing the “amazingly exciting” work to key in data to the key hood database today and yesterday I had moved working place from the meeting room, which was uncomfortable to work in, to a small table at the front office next to the big table of the officer on guard, which Christoffer was only happy of because this would give us company when working – which is always nice even though you of course don’t have to speak in private while working, which we did not except from a few “short” comments here and there but just the feeling of being together with people is nice – and I told Christoffer and another nice colleague that I had now been promoted to vice office manager, which made them smile and at 10.15 Christoffer had to leave for a drill, which made me tell him that I would take over as the office manager while he was away to which he replied that I am an office manager not only when he is out of the office and my dear friends this may be how the nice officers here are starting to see me.

I was surprised to find that I after all was not feeling better today after all because I was completely destroyed physically when working, which gave me the constant feeling of breaking down physically and the worst was the feeling inside of my head, which felt like it was covered all the way around with a dark shield just inside of the skull and inside of it I was feeling more dead than alive, which is really how I have felt for “quite some time” and I was wondering if I would be able to continue working – three hours seemed like a marathon to do without being able to do it – and somehow I continued to working as I do normally and today I did “almost” two drawers of keys – and it was “almost” because I had to act as the office manager while Christoffer was away answering the phone calling maybe 8-10 times and also sending a fax, which was somewhat difficult to do because the small copier/fax/scanner was jammed at the copy function without being able to switch into fax mode and therefore I had to use the big copier/fax at the hall, which was easy to use but as most fax machines, it was not set to print out a receipt to tell me if the transmission went successfully and we know so I really did not know and how many have tried to stand in front of one of these big office machines without knowledge of how to use it and then “trying to do my best” to send a fax and we know without bothering afterwards to follow up if the fax really was sent – showing the giving up attitude of careless people – and when Christoffer returned at 12.00 I asked him if I could be sure that it worked and he told me reassuringly that “it always works” and on basis of this and because I was sure that I had turned the paper right – how many control this and how many do mistakes in the beginning (?) – I decided that I needed no receipt. The fax had gone through.

Working today was as yesterday; I felt the “hunger” inside of me to receive human contact to bring us – thus me – healing energy to survive (!) and this is what I received from several people calling including a few people coming personally to collect first aid materials including a small kindergarten of 9-10 children – with all children telling me their names and I am sorry that I forgot to tell you my name – and the happier people were with what I did, the more healing energy I/we received – this is basically how it works you know :-).

Putin used to be a Satan before he was returned to his origin as another part of the spirit of my father

On my way home from Falck, I had decided to do a little shopping after having noticed some cheap offers, which first led me to the supermarket of Føtex and afterwards Netto, where I met a lady some years older than me suffering from the “disease” that she could not help speaking to strangers that she met, which also included me and I could tell that her speech would be negative and for people normally “unbearable” to listen to but still I decided to be open and listen to her and she had an idea of empty shelves of supermarkets – which was not the case at this supermarket – and she said that this would almost be like “Russian conditions”, which made me think of the empty shelves of supermarkets etc. in Russia under the old Communist regime, which is not the case anymore, which is then what I told her and she continued by saying that “I don’t like Putin, he is a Satan”– the Russian Prime Minister – and then she was MADE to think and we know an example of a person directly receiving LIGHT from the Source inside of me and instead of continuing to be negative, she now added that “or maybe he is both” (both evil and good), which made me smile knowing what this was truly about and then I told her that “he may become better”.

And what this truly was about was what I said in the beginning – which the Council repeated for me again and again afterwards – which was that “this is not how it is anymore” meaning that Putin is not the Satan anymore as he used to be – helping us “as controlled as possible” to destroy the world because of WRONG actions in order to pass the judgment as “nothing” – but living – before becoming “everything” – but now he has been converted into one of the “good guys” and it was in continuation of another inspired dialogue on the radio yesterday morning I believe where one of the hosts said something about Putin looking like a director of Danske Bank, which is meaning that he is now helping the world actively to receive me – as I am told (!) – and to provide “normal life” to all – i.e. the symbol of Danske Bank – and we know Putin was yesterday in Denmark visiting the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen – playing the game of “business as usual” until my arrival has become known to the world, which you are free to reveal whenever you feel ready AFTER I have finalised my work on the website, which still will take at least weeks and maybe even months to do – and we know Lars is neither “just anybody” because how often do you see a Prime Minister of such a small country as Denmark enjoying the privileges to be the chairman of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in 2009 – far the most important of them – and to be inside the warmth of both Obama and now also Putin (?) and this is how it is when members of the Council are working together because I was told and received the feeling that Putin is “another part” of one of the members of the Council and I was not told whom so this I don’t know yet but I was given the understanding that it was not easy for you nor for Obama to know that you are alive as individuals without knowing if you will “survive” as individual souls when you die or if you will “merely” become a part of “one of us” and we know what have you decided my gentlemen (?), which you may want to inform the world about and YOU ARE TOTALLY FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU PREFER and this is also how life is and we know I have still not been told about who you are, Lars, so this I cannot tell today but maybe you will eventually tell this to the world yourself (?) and we know also how it feels like to be together with the “big guys” on the world stage still feeling “small” as the local “farmer” of Græsted – a small city of Denmark, where Lars lives and all of this was also to develop the members of the Council, whom you are part of, even more and so it is my friends :-).

Later in my writing of the script of today I deleted an old note of Putin because I had included my chapter on him – this one – and at exactly the same time as deleting this note, the right channel of my amplifier was re-connected (after having been disconnected a few minutes) making my right speaker playing again – still Neil the Young playing here 🙂 – which was as clear a sign that I could get that Putin is another part of my father and here I am told that the reason why he came to Denmark yesterday ALSO was to help the spirit of my father survive (hence the symbol of the right speaker reconnecting) and that was really to bring energy through Lars Løkke Rasmussen to me because Lars is also and STILL bringing me energy as ALL PEOPLE I HAVE MET IN MY LIFE ARE STILL DOING (the inside of me which was used to cut through “nothing”!) which is what I am told here and now better understand because this fits well together with what I have been told “part of” months and maybe 1-2 years ago – “all people I meet will bring me energy” really 🙂 – and we know I met Lars Løkke Rasmussen at the Midsummer Eve of 2010 when he for the first time in history opened the official residence of Marienborg to the public and we know it was here the channel between him and me was established when we stood next to each other and this is the channel, which brought energy from Putin through Lars to me and the spirit of my father, and Lars has also brought this channel to me forwards to Obama and Putin to name a few and my dear ladies and gentlemen, this is how we are tied together and many stories could be written here – I am feeling Lars inside of me when this is written too – but we will all “live to tell” and so it is :-).

The Universe, the Source and my human part all survived the judgment intact, which is “completely crazy”

This “nice lady” of the supermarket, who is the kind of “weirdo’s” in the minds of people, who therefore often will do their best to avoid these, came back to me later to tell me that there was a very cheap offer on remaining Easter eggs (small chocolate eggs) only costing 2 DKK for a package of three, which is truly a “completely crazy” price, and we know when you are nice to people, people are often nice to you and this is how I both gave healing to this lady and received healing from her “inner soul” too and the EGGS were also a part of the plan to say that after my experiences of the Easter finalising my installation as the Source and shutting off the darkness forever and ever, THERE ARE NOW PLENTY OF EGGS ALL OVER THE WORLD and we know as the symbol of ETERNAL LIFE all over the Universe.

There were also two other “completely crazy” offers of a kind which you simply never see (!) and here it was a carton of chopped tomatoes of only 2 DKK symbolising that I have now become the Source – this was the meaning of this “good” symbol of tomatoes given to me for years without knowing what it precisely meant before I was told just now – and also a glass of OLD-FASHIONED matured herrings (a Danish speciality and the OLD-FASHIONED are MUCH better than the standard quality!) of only 10 DKK per glass or 50 DKK per kilo, which is MUCH cheaper than the normal price and all these three goods were so cheap that it allowed me to buy all on my small budget and of course the eggs are LIFE ALL OVER symbolising the Holy Spirit as part of me, the tomatoes symbolise my new self as the Source of everything and the herrings symbolise my old inner self as Jesus/Stig, the human being part of me and really to say that WE MADE IT THROUGH ALL THREE OF US and we know Stig UNHARMED, which is the last symbol of this story because this was “COMPLETELY CRAZY” to do, which NONE of us had believed YOU would be able to do – and here I decided to write down these words of the Council from inside of me because I know and feel that they are true and that is instead of wrongly being “too modest” or shy to speak out such words. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS 🙂 – and I might add that I feel no different today now being the Source and not “only” consisting of the two life flames of what will always be my AS SPECIAL FRIENDS AS THEY GET, which of course are the spirits of my mother and father and we know giving all of us tears in our eyes when thinking and writing this, but only shortly because LIFE MUST CONTINUE and this is why we are still working and also feeling Meshack as part of me now, who is thinking the same – thank you Meshack for not giving up :-).

A large number of inhabitants inside of me brought the Universe the final part to the end of “nothing” as a team effort

I was home at 13.00 where I received the feeling of my right foot as you receive when your foot has been “frozen” and it is thawing up, which was the spirit of my father coming back to life and I might add that he is the most severely disabled following the events up to and including the Easter – and the spirit of my father was taking the lead all the way through “nothing”, which has made me think WELL FOUGHT MY FATHER for days, which is also why he was the one also having the task to “delegate“ the darkness to the spirit of my mother and the whole world to deflect and survive the increasingly un-survivable darkness – but that he is closely followed by A LARGE NUMBER OF NEW INHABITANTS inside of me – other members of the Council and here also people of other civilizations – because this was a TEAM EFFORT OF THE UNIVERSE ALL BRINGING ME THE LAST WAY INTO THE END OF NOTHING TO BE INSTALLED AS THE SOURCE AT THIS THE MOST AWESOME PLACE IMAGINABLE, WHERE NO ONE SURVIVES (!) but if you have plenty of faith, there would be a chance, which is what all of us thought and we know Stig you decided on behalf of us to survive so this is what we will do and that is even though it is against all odds and I am happy for you to do so my friends because it means that I will survive too as the Source having all of you inside of me – and when writing this paragraph the right channel of my amplifier switched off again to symbolise that the spirit of my father is still more dead than alive, but I am sure that you will “soon” be in full form again and so it is :-).

My mother HAD to believe in both my sister and I, I HAD to publish my writings and I HAD to receive support by the Universe

I was also told that

  • It was a NECESSITY to have my mother sharing her faith in both me and my sister in order to make our survival happen – to bring me light and through my sister to help destroying me, thus the Universe bringing us as close to not existing as possible to enter and overtake the end of “nothing”. And I have had this feeling for a long time also when seeing my mother and John again the other day that “both my mother and sister DO know the truth about me inside of them, but their awake consciousnesses have DECIDED not to believe in what they THINK is impossible”.
  • I had to publish my writings to enable the entire world to read and understand as a condition to “potentially” bring the whole Universe together with me into our new and better world with the risk to be made a “laughing stock” of a better-knowing mankind tempted to “talk talk” about a “fool” like me, which would have been our destruction and the reason really that this is what others before me have become taking the “new value” out of me!
  • My continuous writings kept on opening doors; this was the light, which made the darkness give up.
  • It required an unanimous decision of all Councils of all civilisations of the entire Universe to “stand by me” in order for all of us to enter our new world, which was “not the easiest to achieve too” and we know Stig “I am not perfect” to say the least but we were convinced when you told us that this is the starting point and this is from where we will continue to develop and improve in the future with the aim to become better than ever before – and that is also “better than anywhere today” my ladies and gentlemen.

After unpacking my goods and having had lunch, I continued working at 13.30 to do the rest of the script today and we know I could have wished – to say the least – to relax the rest of the day, which would have been the “easy” choice but the best is of course to keep the promise I have given myself, which is to do a “normal working day”, so this is basically what I continue doing and we know when I sit down at home just writing, I don’t feel as bad as I really feel.

Since yesterday evening I have started receiving more calm and less negative speech including less powerful “kill, kill, kill” commands, which is giving me “a world in difference” feeling and we know the more love I receive from people, the easier I will be able to remove the remaining part of the darkness inside of the world and the easier I will be able to produce LIGHT and LOVE to the Universe.

My sister suffered from an occupational hazard focusing on mental diseases making it impossible for her to understand me

And I might add here that my sister has received a new job as a manager in Copenhagen co-ordinating the efforts all over the country to help people with mental illnesses – if I understood my mother and John correctly – and we know the irony is something you can touch because my sister, how easy was it for you to “discover” that your own brother does not suffer from a mental disease (?) and “almost impossible” that was – as it was for the whole system when I was WRONGLY hospitalised in 2008 – and we know because what the heart is full of has a tendency to flow over and yes to flow over with darkness disguised as “love” and this is (was) the true DEVIL IN DISGUISE not only as part of my sister but all over the world and you did not really recognise him and just to say that this is how he had planned to eliminate the world to return to nothing and that was of course unless we would “eliminate” him first and we had the advantage of being the CLEVER and SETTING THE RULES, which is also what helped us coming through and we know WE COULD CONTINUE WRITING FOR AN ETERNITY but just to let you know that all people do (or “did”) run the risk to receive occupational hazards focusing on the “negative” and not the “positive” as my sister did making it impossible for them to see the simple truth which is that I WAS AND AM PERFECTLY NORMAL, which all people could simply see by being together with me and understanding that I had and have perfectly normal relations with people and we know another example was today at Falck where I noticed two firemen watching a movie of a big fire and to my surprise they were “obsessed” with this fire, which made me ask them if firemen becomes fascinated by fires, which made them say that “this is indeed an occupational hazard for all firemen”, which was also the clue given to me of where I had to work until today, which is what I did and again my dear ladies and gentlemen, I have received quite a number of these “clues”, which I only discover when working my absolutely best and this is how it still is – and by the way it is no 16.50 and the spirit of my father has now started testing the right channel of my amplifier when writing this switching only the right channel on and off and we know returning to life he is as this is symbolising and also that now the whole amplifier – including the left channel of the spirit of my mother – does not have to be switched on and off, only the right channel.

It is impossible to the train to continue driving after having reached the other side converting the Source to LIGHT 🙂

And finally ending the day with what has now for weeks been a HUGE story of this small country with the subsidiary of DSB – the Danish Railways – “DSB First” almost going bankrupt because of fiddling with the accounts, which first cost the CEO and now also the chairman of the board of DSB their jobs and we know this subsidiary was given the job a few years ago to run trains at the COAST DISTANCES of the combined route of Northern Zealand in Denmark and the Southern part of Sweden – which they did with BIG PROBLEMS annoying THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE because of their difficulties to drive on time – and they got the task in the first place by being “too optimistic” when bidding in competition with others giving an UNREALISTIC OFFER being DISHONEST and TOO OPTIMISTIC as another lesson to the world to learn from (!) – and here it is also a symbol to say that NOW THE TRAIN CANNOT CONTINUE DRIVING BECAUSE WE HAVE NOW REACHED THE OTHER SIDE – or crossed the bridge in other words – after the elimination of the Source of the darkness or let us say after the CONVERSION of this into the Source of the light :-).

Barcelona “fooled” Real Madrid in the cave of the lion itself as I did with the darkness too 🙂

This evening I watched the IMPORTANT Champions League semifinal match (!) between Real Madrid and Barcelona and again Barcelona played the best and now they were also “allowed” to win and we know Messi scored twice setting new records every time – the symbol of me he is – showing once and for all that Barcelona is the best team, which made the Danish commentator say after his second goal: “It is world class when he decides to fool the opponent in the cave of the lion itself, it is a wonderful goal; this is totally surrealistic” and we know “completely crazy” is what it is to “fool” the darkness at the centre of its origin, which this is about 🙂 – and I am also here told that this is why I wrote “cc” instead of “cv”, Kim S. in my “perfect” application to you at DFM in 1991, which was not entirely perfect after all but still not “completely crazy” (?), do you remember?.

Real Madrid had a player sent off for the third time in three matches – people not being able to control their temper – and today Coach Mourinho was sent off as well and we know symbolising the removal of the darkness of the Universe and at the end of the match the Danish commentator noticed that Real Madrid was now “close to dissolving tendencies” as he said and we know YOU ARE NOW WATCHING THE DISSOLVING OF THE DARKNESS OF THE WORLD, which is what this inspired speech was about.

According to the Danish commentator, this was “the most dramatic Champion League match” he had witnessed – symbolising our dramatic journey coming here – and he mentioned the fine effort of the JUDGE and that it would be exciting to see how the players of Real Madrid would react to the judge afterwards, which is now what we are awaiting for and here the symbol of how mankind will react to me and all of us that is.

Barcelona deserved to win over the tactless tricks of Real Madrid as a symbol of the light deserving to defeat the tactless tricks of the darkness given through my family, friends and ex-colleagues!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I experienced EXTREMELY negative speech until 21.00 today, which was “this close” to overtake me and this is the darkness, which was absorbed by the spirit of my father and others when meeting the end of the old Source in the Easter, which is now gradually being given to me and the world, which is the reason why it is so immense – and so immense that it has also tried to be deflected by giving me my old nightmare, suffocation and physical pain too, which would deflect much of it at once, but as you know this is part of my rules for you NOT to do and as long as I stay strong and firm, the darkness has to obey this and as simple as that.
  • After Monday I have also received MUCH FEAR as another deflection of the darkness (!) because of what would happen if I would not be strong enough to handle all of this darkness and that it might had to open the “pipe” to the darkness again if I broke down, and it has taken all I have to convince myself that there is nothing to fear – and I have even given an irreversible power of attorney to my spiritual friends to NEVER open this “pipe” again NO MATTER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN and we know the PRESSURE WAS ENOURMOUS on me Monday/Tuesday and has decreased since but is still “somewhat” here.
  • I started receiving pain of the type people of other civilizations send me – “high frequent” you know – and I was told that this is because they are now also starting to be deflected from the immense darkness they received.
  • I was shown the light of the spirit of Karen on the sky as a snow plough having difficulties to find the light in front of it – this was the vision I was given around the light or this is what it shows me you know – and the light is still flying close to me, not shining very much but the spacecraft itself is becoming larger and is still a triangle, and I saw it throwing a red light from it as a symbol of the process of reducing the darkness of Karen and the world, which has started since the closure of the pipe to the darkness.
  • I felt Karen and also my sister inside of me, and I have felt my sister now several times inside of me and I don’t believe that this is what the darkness would be able to do so if I am right, it shows that my sister is indeed starting to believe in me but she does not tell my mother or me because that would of course be to admit your wrong doing, which is not nice to do, my sister?
  • I was told that the final installation of the Universe at the origin of the Source was “hearable” for the world as the “jump” was too in 2010 – and that “patience and good time” as I gave the last critical days overhearing the call for “quick action” was exactly what was needed to fit in the entire Universe.
  • And the last sentence of today is to say that the right channel of my amplifier is now working fine again with music playing fine in both speakers – we are all here SULTANS OF SWING right now 🙂 – but I would be surprised if my amplifier will work without “problems” also the next days and maybe weeks and we know “only time will tell”.


28th April: I will see Cæcilie Norby in concert to celebrate the arrival of the Universe to our safe haven

Dreaming of the spirit of Karen being “killed” after the meeting with the end of the old Source in the Easter

I believe I had a night of sleep at the similar level as yesterday and when starting to write I feel “almost alright” but I also feel my heavy head so maybe in 1-2 hours time at Falck I will go through the same difficulties as yesterday, we will see – and a few dreams:

  • I am at a course in the U.K. with Jeff Lynne as the teacher. Most participants are from the UK and a few from the European mainland. Jeff is playing his beautiful song “Heaven only knows” through an older model of the biggest B&W speakers, and it sounds fine but the production may be a little “thin”. Jeff is going to hand over the gold to me as the Source. I am doing some calculation and have some difficulties balancing; in the local paper I read about “killing a royal”, who is a female model I believe.
    • When I woke up I heard the lyrics “Oh I know it’s strange, but I think that it’s about to change” from the beautiful song of Electric Light Orchestra above and just how happy do you think I was and still am for Jeff to release an alternative and fantastic version of this song – bringing new lengths to its quality – on the remastered version of the album “Balance of power”.
    • Jeff Lynne is a symbol of me and here he is teaching coming “special friends” of mine, which is and has been happening “underneath the level of consciousness” of family and friends – and the B&W speakers is to say that I am doing a fine quality under the circumstances in my scripts but also that these days I receive so many ideas of what to include – I reject more ideas than I accept – that they could be even better but that is only if I had the energy to write more and I do believe I have found the best balance between content/quality of my scripts and the energy I give without breaking down and we know being on the edge is what I still am.
    • I had the feeling that the “royal model” of the dream was the spirit of Karen being “killed” so much that she (and others too) is not conscious of living and that was after the meeting with the end of the old Source in the Easter and we know YOU DID WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE TOO – which is what I did you know – and that was SIMPLY EVERYTHING TO SAVE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and we know the spirit of Karen will wake up soon again too.
  • I have started playing a football match without wearing boots, and by mistake I catch the ball with my hands just outside our penalty area and I am very close to let the opponents score a goal.
    • This is about the strength of the darkness these days almost overcrossing my limits with the risk to start speaking and thinking negatively – and what may come as unpleasant surprises to the world because of this – and again I am balancing on my edge without the remaining darkness of the Universe “scores a goal”.
  • I am at a place where I can chose all music I would like for free, and I see a very great number of CD’s with Anne Linnet in different musical directions, which I believe is very exciting and I am truly surprised to see all of this music of hers.
    • Is this the music, which Anne Linnet could have produced if she had decided to be as productive as she could have been and to experiment more – as she did in the 1980’s – instead of almost always playing the “safe card” in order to sell records (?) and we know this is another example of how quality and efficiency of the world will improve in the future.
  • Søren H. has invited me for dinner on the expense account of Fair Insurance. I don’t know exactly what he wants to speak to me about; if it is because he will offer me a new job when he will start up a new business of his own outside of Fair. One of the accountants of Fair calls Søren while we are having dinner, and Søren tells him that this is indeed a business related dinner because we are talking about business related matters and he says that I am wearing a suit to underline that this is business, but he is lying because I am wearing casual clothes. Søren offers me a job for his new insurance business in Sweden with a monthly salary of SEK 60,000. I am tempted to accept because I don’t know when I will be discovered by the world, but eventually I decide to reject his offer. Afterwards I see a big black fish coming out through the lawn, it does not look nice, and later I am surprised to see that I have actually started working for Søren’s business in Sweden, and my responsibility is to produce a new sales manuscript, where I in the beginning think about whom to involve and I find that Klaus M. (the old sales manager of Excellent, today Teleperformance) is to be involved and I also think about including the new market manager, whom Søren has appointed, whom nobody else I speak to thinks about involving.
    • In my point of view BUSINNES IS NEVER RELATED TO A SOCIAL EVENT OF HAVING DINNER and that is in the respect that the business will pay for your dinner, where you will use much time speaking in private, but if you would like to speak about business during a private dinner – and a privately paid dinner – you are of course welcome. The first approach is to misuse a company when you mix business and private matters, but the second approach is perfectly fine if this is what you decide to do but I believe business talk during private dinners should only occur because of your desire and NOT a necessity to speak about business.
    • The black fish is to say that it would not be good for me to become greedy and focus on money.
    • This is also about what Falck may decide to do with me, would they like to offer me a job after these three months helping me to get a better income and life (?) or will they try to prolong their agreement with the Commune – which I am forced to follow – in order to keep my “pleasant company and working efforts” entirely for free and we know the old world of the Devil would do the last and what will Falck decide to do here at the beginning of our New World?
  • Something about not being able to read and I am at Elijah’s house, which has lose door hinges, which could have been discovered by criminals and made them break in to kill us all.
    • Elijah, this is the importance of you. Your faith is what eventually brought me to live and your following “swinging” faith in me because of your own laziness to read is what brought the darkness a chance to break in via you to kill me and the entire Universe with all life. Do you understand now why I tried my best to make you understand (?), which should not have been difficult for you if you had only followed my repeatedly encouragements to READ and UNDERSTAND me carefully and not just to skim some scripts thinking of yourself much of the time, my friend. You made us and you could have eliminated all of us without even knowing it!
    • When I woke up from this short dream, I looked into the spiritual world with an ease as never before and (almost) as clear as the physical world through a light beaming from the inner eye of my forehead.

A positive cash difference of Falck, Gentofte, was transferred physically to Falck, Lyngby, using “pure magic of God”

This morning I started working at 08.15 and at 08.43 I went out the door heading for Falck once again and today Robert was back as the officer on guard and I managed to grab hold of him in the morning before the others (!) and we agreed that I would start counting the cash balance of the four cash boxes and he would bring out the boxes “straight away” as he said but Robert is really an impulsive man so before he and I knew of it, he had started doing other tasks, which included a phone conversation with the head office because he needed to receive a new and better cash balance template to do the accounts on and when the head office did not send the template “immediately” as promised his temper boiled over making him say with INSPIRATION that “I hate to be dependent on other people” and we know I asked him to calm down, to keep a cool overview – which he understood was the right to do – and then I told him that I feel exactly like him which is that “I hate to be dependent on other people” – with the only difference that I would not use the word “hate” but “annoyed” – and that I was waiting for him to bring forward the cash boxes as agreed and we know which he then did, so I could start counting them – so Robert, it was easy for you to see how annoying it is to be dependent on others when you are the depending part but when others are dependent on you, it is “impossible” for you to see?

Since I counted the boxes the last time I have “accused” Robert some times with the use of irony and a smile to have “stolen” 0,65 DKK from the box and on the other hand he has told me several times that he discovered a positive cash difference of his box after my counting of 30 DKK, which he told me to be funny and also to test my self-confidence of having counted right and all along I have told him that the boxes balanced perfectly – eeehhh except from the 0,65 DKK of course – when I counted them so if there is a difference of 30 DKK, he is to blame himself and today when I counted the boxes again there now was a positive difference of 1 DKK in Robert’s box – making me tell him that I thought it was funny for him to deliberately put this small amount from his private pocket into the box (!) – and to my great surprise, Lars’ box had a positive difference of 10 DKK and we know I counted it twice to be sure and there was no doubt and I was surprised even more because he had not used the box since I counted it the last time, where I was absolutely sure that I had counted all boxes correctly – but still there was this difference of 10 DKK today (!) – and later when I started keying in the receipts of buying’s to the cash balance sheet, I also received a stack of receipts including the balance sheet with the information entered from the Gentofte Station, which is included in the accounts of Lyngby, and as I told Robert, I discovered the positive difference (of Lars’ box) because Gentofte had entered an amount of one receipt of 352 DKK – I believe – in the balance sheet, but the receipt was only of 342 DKK and we know the 10 DKK therefore HAD to be a positive difference in the cash box of Gentofte, which simply was TRANSFERRED physically to the cash box of Lars in Lyngby and we know my friends THIS IS HOW “PURE MAGIC OF GOD” WORKS, which is what “magicians” experience all of the time making many good living of (!) and of course they don’t like to speak of how they do it and we know to give you another example of how the “magic” of the Source has started to work around me when being the Source – which is increasingly becoming at my/our disposal but of course “very little” in the beginning and growing in line with faith growing in me.

Robert and I like each other much – as I like the others too – and so much that the jokes and irony today was “fun” but at a point they also became disturbing to the work, which is what VERY MANY people all over the world experience too and the difference is that they often prioritise the jokes and the fun – because it is SO NICE – on the expense of the work and we know YOU HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE WHEN WORKING not being tempted to do poorer than your absolutely best just because you want to be entertained, which you can be in your spare time.

Robert joked with me some times today of “just how long” I am to key information into the key hood database etc., which made me tell him that “I have a task for you”, which surprised him to hear because as he said “no, I am the one giving you tasks” – do you see just how wrong this is (?) – and I continued by saying that “I ask you to key in one full drawer of keys into the database and I will do the same and afterwards we will compare how long it took and the quality of what we entered”, which made Robert to my surprise say that he wanted to challenge me in some kind of special fire, which I have no knowledge of and consequently I told him “you will of course win this” and this was really the conclusion of his thoughts too in relation to me and the key hood database because he knows that I am working more efficient and with better quality than him (!) – but still he is the “manager” telling me what to do, but keeping his pay check to himself, and to underline this, when Jesper called to ask for coffee to be prepared for a meeting he would come to hold, Robert told him “I can ask Stig to do this” and we know do you understand the comparison of me to the newest coolie of a company being misused to “dull work” (?) but on the other hand the people here may be surprised of how I am working because Johnny – the man who took my order on clothes, which I asked about today where he told me that he does not believe that the clothes has even been ordered (!!!) but he would check up and we know I did not hear from him today so will he check up after all (?) and do you see a pattern of inefficiency here which often is connected with carelessness (?) – was in the front office when the mail arrived and a letter was addressed “to the responsible” of Falck Lyngby, which he said with a smile was me, which made me tell him and Robert that yesterday I was “appointed” as “office manager”, which Robert confirmed that this is indeed what I am (!) and we know Robert are you beginning to feel the influence of me on both sides of you when you are treating me poorly and misusing me at one side at the same time as you are realising the quality of my work, which I may be able to teach all of you something about?

Robert also brought his dog today – his wife is in Spain and he did not want to leave the dog for MANY hours “home alone” – and even though this dog is one of the finest and nicest I have ever seen, I don’t believe that a dog has anything to do on a workplace – it is very nice for people including me, no doubt about that, I simply LOVE DOGS (as a symbol of my love to mankind tormented by the darkness), which my family can confirm, but it removes concentration from the work – and this dog is VERY WELL-MANNERED and a true joy to be together with – great job, Robert 🙂 – it is named “Tornado” as the cleanser of Ajax is too but on everyday basis the dog is only called “nado”, which made me say that “it is not clean like a tornado then, only half-cleaned” to use the slogan of Ajax Tornado and we know the pipeline of the darkness is now removed making the world “half-cleaned” and the rest will be done by the world itself following my basic rules and teaching of my “servants”.

Besides the misuse of Robert of me, my preliminary conclusion of my co-operation with him is that he is a very nice man, whom I enjoy to be together with as he does with me, that he is talented but does not use all of his talent, that he cannot always control his temper and feelings, that he does not plan his work (much), is impulsive rather than disciplined and that he is confused when trying to work on several tasks at the same time with the goal to finish all of them as quickly as possible and we know which is really what describes a great number of the work force of the world today and to all of you I can only say: DO THE RIGHT THING WHICH IS TO FOLLOW MY BASIC WORKING RULES and we know take one thing at a time, be patient, plan, do your absolutely best and we know be focused without private interruptions etc. and all of this is as you will know by now SIMPLE LOGIC to do, which should have been understood by the whole world but the reason why a great number of you did not was because of the immense power of the darkness and when this is now decreasing (without new darkness being brought to the Universe), everyone will gradually start to understand and “wake up” and we know feeling “hang overs” when you start to realise: WAS THIS REALLY THE DEVIL WORKING INSIDE OF ME WITH THE GOAL TO ELIMINATE US ALL (?) and yes it was, it was the Devil, who was the same making you careless, selfish, negative and rude to give you other examples.

Because of the work I did for Robert today, I only keyed in a little more than one drawer of keys into the database and now I have done a little more than half of all of the keys – and later I still have to go to the head office too, if Robert and the others believe they can “do without me” for the maybe 25 hours this will take.

And I was feeling “somewhat” better today, but the truth is that I am DISABLED and not fit to work because of how bad I am still feeling and we know only using will power to come through another impossible day.

After work at Falck, I did a few cheap purchases at two supermarkets again today before I was home at 13.10, had lunch and continued doing my work finalising the script of both today and yesterday, which was first done by 17.30 today and we know it was both impossible and very easy to do at the same time and I decided to use the last feeling when working even though I was tempted by the first several times because it was truly impossible yet again.

I will see Cæcilie Norby in concert with my mother to celebrate the arrival of the Universe to our safe haven 🙂

Because my telephone is now NOT working – neither receiving calls now – I had agreed with my mother and John to use SKYPE when communicating using this service of free “telephone” calls over the Internet, and therefore I called and was surprised to hear that the quality of this system is like being in the same room and we know it is FREE and the QUALITY is “perfect”, so why do people still use the old NOT free telephone system and also mobile system (?), when all people of the world today could have FREE communication using the Internet and we know simply because of the power of the greedy old world order (!) and this is also about to change you know, and when I spoke to my mother, I instantly knew that this was also about bringing more healing energy to me/us because she is the one WITHOUT COMPARISON bringing us the most energy as she is also the one removing the most energy and that is depending on her actions in relation to me and today when she once more was positive, it is “almost” the same as recharging your batteries and I was told by the Council that “next week more of us will be resurrected” and we know I am sad that you had to experience to be “killed” but on the other hand I am sure that this is what ALL OF US FOREVER AND EVER WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR and I am also feeling the spirits of some of my LTO friends here also now being part of me and this is how it is.

My mother and John are leaving for their cruise holiday tomorrow and when we met the other day, I told my mother and John about one of my greatest musical experiences when listening to “Hallelujah” by Cæcilie Norby at HiFi-Klubben and today my mother told me that an extra small birthday present will be Saturday the 7th May – where John is not at home – where she has bought two tickets for her and me to see Cæcilie Norby playing live at the Cultural Yard in Helsingør and we know Stig, this was the place where I came to my safe haven the 10th October 2010, where the yard was “not quite finished” as you may remember that I wrote back then and it was the safe haven of the Source and me as a human being, but what was lacking was the Universe, which has now also arrived at its safe haven the other day – the 25th April – and therefore we thought all of us that we would celebrate by going back to this place to see how it looks today and of course to listen to Cæcilie Norby playing Hallelujah live, which may be an even bigger experience than listening to it over “the best stereo system” :-).

So now I am looking even more forward to seeing my mother again because we will experience “life” together.

Ending the day with these few stories:

  • The right channel of my amplifier again today did not work part of the time, was switched on/off at other parts and also worked perfectly some of the time. The spirit of my father is still returning to life – and I am told and I also feel them that this is what people of other civilizations are doing and really when the spirit of my father was approaching the end of the old Source, I was told that there was a line behind him to back him up as security and we know WE ARE NOW BRINGING HIM BACK TO LIFE and I also hear that “they” – whomever you are because you have (almost) not told me yet, hmmm – are close to dying themselves and this is how it is when we are pushed to our MOST EXTREME LIMIT of our lives, which is what we were the other day.
  • I was happy to receive a short email from Niels at Dahlberg today asking me a simple work related question, which made me answer this and also to write that “I hope all of you are well, I miss our good conversations, Niels, and I kindly ask you to give my regards to all”, which made Niels kindly invite me for a cup of coffee and talk when I will be around his office, and the truth is that I have missed a good job VERY MUCH since leaving Dahlberg 1st January 2009 bringing good work experiences and to have as nice colleagues as the ones working for Dahlberg. This has been part of my suffering too and I do look forward to restoring normal relations with Niels and everyone else, which this is also symbolising and we know as part of the removal of the “pipe of darkness” from the Universe.
  • This evening I had less negative speech than yesterday and I might add here that I have had the feeling of a radiation and pain of my inner right angle, which I have had to be “careful” about, all of the time and we know the feeling of the Universe my friends.
  • And finally I was told and felt how the life energy of the spirit of my father was distributed to people of other civilizations and that this is now being gathered again as the spirit of my father!


29th April: The Trinity will be united as ONE and my mother will develop to become the leader of the world

Dreaming that Søren H. would have been eliminated by the darkness because of his lack of faith in me

I had a night at the same level as yesterday – with these dreams:

  • I see my family and “secret dreams” being installed inside of me.
  • Søren H. starts a new pension scheme with Tryg Insurance. I am drinking beer with him in Stockholm and he thanks me because I solved the situation so he was able to pay in time after being dismissed by the board of Fair Insurance.
    • The pension scheme is still to provide normal life to the world, and Søren H. thanks me for rescuing him because otherwise he would have been eliminated by the darkness, i.e. the board of Fair, and this because of his strong resistance and lack of faith in me – because people placed highly in the Hierarchy were saved automatically when having faith in me and some faith would be better than no faith, but still we were able to get Søren through too because you told us that EVERYONE HAD TO COME THROUGH, Stig and this is how you were saved, Søren.
  • A young man has been thrown out from a restaurant after giving it a bad review based upon on a lie and something about me sitting on volcanoes.
    • What is this about (?) – is it about people not believing in “normal life” – i.e. the restaurant – which is making me sit on top of volcanoes as the darkness, which hopefully cannot evolve after having closed the pipeline to it.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport Branch, I met early and have decided to call the last customers of a total of 80,000 customers in one of Søren H.’s telemarketing campaigns. I am tired and only do the work because of discipline, and I receive an envelope including the receipt of Søren H.’s payment at Greve Post Office.
    • I am doing the last part of my work feeling very tired and exhausted – this morning I feel just how tough the last days and weeks have been – and again a dream of Søren “paying in time”, which was at the “last minute” and I wonder if this means that Søren received “special feelings” of me or maybe “physical suffering“ as his “payment” before the final stage at Easter, which gave him “some” belief in me in order for him to survive inside of the light (?) and as you will understand from this dream too, Søren is an important person in relation to bringing normal life to the world. Greve Posthus is Søren “paying to me” because the city of Greve is here a symbol of “fedtegreve” (crackling) as I felt/was told when waking up, which is what my old colleague and friend, Prip, called me because there is no “s” in my sir name :-).
  • I am waiting at a bus stop together with two ladies, where I have a good look to one of the ladies who also has a good look to me, these ladies are also working at Danske Bank, Freeport, but I have to go back to collect a “strange bonus card”, which belongs to Søren H. but I also have access to it and it gives information about Søren’s payment and when I come back to the bus stop, the ladies are leaving with the bus arriving and instead I find them at the bank where one lady after seeing the “strange bonus card” says “this means that he has a lot of money” and from here I see the ladies walking down to an underground train station where I see the trains drive from my position standing above.
    • The dream is repeating the message of Søren’s payment now for the third time and we know a sign of the Trinity and also that I have access to the same information as Søren because he is now part of me too – and I have been offered several times now to see through the eyes of another person to receive more information, which I so far have rejected and really because if there is no need for me to do it, I don’t want to intervene and this is really how I have always felt in relation to people – and the idea of having special credit cards as of today to show the world that you have more money than others, is of course an invention of the Devil, which will not survive in the future.

The Trinity will be united as ONE and my mother will develop to become the leader of the world

Yesterday evening I received more information about the Source when I was told that

  • The information I received recently about the risk of all life ending for an eternity if I gave up was not true but was used to give me fear, which brought more energy to the other side to defeat the worst darkness of all.
  • I had to be identified by the origin of the Source to be the right person taking over the throne, which was the reason why I was inspired to write down my thoughts about the Universe, the Source and myself up to the Easter, which was the riddle I had to answer correctly to be accepted, which is what I did using logics at the same time as I had to be “as close to nothing as possible” meaning “not living” in order for the darkness surrounding the origin not truly to “discover” and destruct me/us – and it was only possible for us to come through if I thought that we already had come through, which I thought we had the 10th October 2010, which however was “only” the Source without the Universe, because otherwise I would have thought that it was “completely impossible” to do and when I did not know, I “just did it” not realizing that it was impossible to do.
  • I could only go for “all or nothing” of the Universe because this is what the origin of the Source had encoded inside of me as the true purpose when coming to life.
  • I received the words “I am now the Source without darkness”, “I am life – not what was surrounding me – which I could not say before now” and something about choosing the “beautiful” over “destruction” and I am now the original Source without being it originally except from being part of it as all other life. This was the first time the Source spoke to me gentle without the darkness, which was truly a very special and emotional moment to me.
  • I was also told that “you will now have to decide if the Trinity will be one or three individuals in the future”, which was a very difficult question to receive – also emotionally – and to answer and this is at least what I thought for some minutes when I told myself that I cannot decide on this without receiving more information and also that I wanted to give the Source and the Holy Spirit the decision right because they are so much clever than I but after a few minutes I thought that we are now ONE Universe and I could not see the Source as a separate individual next to the Universe as another individual and while we were at it, I decided for all three of us to be united as one individual with the condition that I will still be able to give birth to myself as a human being as part of the same being – because I like to be a human (!) – and also that I did not want to take this decision alone without receiving input from the Source and the Holy Spirit, which is what I did after five minutes when I was told by the two others that “we have no objections, this is what we have been waiting for; to be united as one” and later from the Source that “it would be a shame not to be able to show you what I see” and that if we were not to be united as one, we would only receive this information as spiritual experiences, which is not the same.
  • This “impossible decision” was taken quite easily after all and afterwards I received the same feeling as I also received up to the Easter, when “beings” full of darkness asked to enter me and this time around I was told and felt my inner self and the Source as the ones bringing the most darkness of all and we know I was also given the very realistic and lively feeling of them being people of other civilizations standing just behind me ready to start doing “nasty operations” on me, which is what the secret government of the U.S. has done when they have forced “hybrids” to do this on abducted humans trying to bring forward a violent reaction of people against ETs as a preparation for a future war in space, which however now is over (!), and even though this experience was extremely unpleasant, I knew what it was about and therefore I could only continue saying that “everyone without exception are welcome inside of me”, and this is now also a process, which has started: To unite the Source, the Holy Spirit and me as ONE BEING, who will be the Universe and we know also to “stayin’ alive” as a human being as part of the same being and this song by Bee Gees is giving me IMMENSELY DEEP feelings when writing these lines because of what it was about: A NEW BEGINNING, when it started a new movement being a part of the movie Saturday Night Fever from 1977, and the music of Bee Gees was what I, my mother and sister remember from our holiday on Sicily in 1978 and we know which is now where my mother is returning as part of the cruise she left on today, and we know I was told that my decision for the Trinity to unite as one being is also a condition for my mother’s further development to become the new leader of the world (!) – which I was frankly surprised to hear but it makes good sense to me because of my mother’s many appearances to the world as Virgin Mary as you can read from my Signs II page – and this was the secret I had inside of me, which we just wanted you to deliver and of course with the greatest love, which is what this music of Bee Gees means and has always meant to me.

This morning I started to work a 07.45 and for the first time this week, I feel “freedom” coming to me not being “forced” to do impossible work at Falck and afterwards on my writings and we know my mother received her last injection of POISON yesterday (they call it “treatment”) and here I am given the feeling that this is what has given me the feeling of having a dark shield inside of my skull and the feeling of being “dead” and we know in this sense, this is what was required to reach and to cheat the darkness at the end of the origin and now when this is over, I do look forward to start receiving a life again.

By 10.10 – “good times” here you know – I had written the script of today so far including the summary and edit, and from here I decided to go to the post office to transfer money to Kenya – today a little bit more, which was DKK 3,000 including this message in my following email to David “I have transferred approx. 43,000 sh to you this month including some of the money of my mother’s too because you need it” – and also to go for a walk to the supermarket of REMA 1000 – meeting “Chic” on the way 🙂 – to get other good offers making it possible for me to come through the month without starving even though it will be on the edge this time.

I was home again at 12.00 after a “difficult walk” without energy and quite some darkness to cut through and I have decided that I really do need to rest the rest of the day, which is what I will do and I will leave you with this:

That’s a wrap: This is the end of the play after bringing us home

On my walk I was told by the Source that he and my inner self were the actors giving me the voice of the wise guy all along (!) – “kloge Åge” as I call him – which was the same voice which the spirit of my father in the lead of the Universe was following all along to the end to reach us there (!) and here I receive the feeling and the vision of the same laugh of Michael Jackson as when he was the director of the video “Liberian Girl” without anyone knowing it even though people were searching for him and we know as my inner self and the Source also were in reality, and “that’s a wrap” really as Michael Jackson says because this was the end of the movie – “play” or “game” – as I have followed all along on my journey to bring us all safely home.

“That’s a wrap” as Michael Jackson says in Liberian Girl:
This is the end of the “play” after bringing us all safely home



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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