May 2, 2011: My return as The Lost Son, sharing the fatted calf and celebrating my birth after having saved the Universe


Summary of the script today

30th April: My return as The Lost Son, sharing the fatted calf and celebrating my birth after having saved the Universe

  • Dreaming that I will be the one announcing my appearance, my sport bag is stolen because I have not continued running, keep your promises at work so people making plans because of your agreement are not let down, I like both vertical and horizontal communication and initiatives in an organisation, be sure to carry out meetings with your best quality, prepare your meetings in GOOD time doing it yourself and doing your best quality and asking Michael Laudrup and Allan Simonsen to leave the “holy grass” of FC Barcelona because of the darkness of their wrong lifestyle.
  • Meshack sent me a new email, where I again could see his smile shining through the words even though he is much looking forward to a permanent solution to end their suffering, which is the EXACT same feeling as I have. We will all sing Hallelujah one day not long from now with the end of the cruel old world coming closer every single day!
  • At the talkshow of Anders Lund Madsen yesterday evening on Danish DR1 television, Anders welcomed home “The Lost Son” after his guest Thomas had been sent out on a long journey and in order to celebrate “we will now kill the fatted calf” as he said, which was about my return “home” after having completed my journey and mission to save mankind and the Universe and to start sharing the wealth of the world (the fatted calf) to bring “normal life” to all. Other INSPIRED SPEECH of Anders gave the messages that mankind “mean you no harm”, i.e. that I will be received kindly by mankind, that selfishness and attraction to money will be removed from people together with the darkness, which will bring me my freedom, my mother will start sharing what she has to show a clean heart in order to enter our new world as mankind will do after her too and finally it was the birthday of Anders’ guest, Thomas, which was celebrated in pomp and circumstances with birthday layer cake, a girls choir, drum majorettes, dancers and the big crowd singing a birthday song all of which was to say that I am now finally born as Stig – the Son of God and part of and soon to be the Source as the first individual of all followed by everyone else – after having completed my mission (the transformation of the Source), which was ONLY possible to do after receiving faith of my mother believing but not saying out loud that I am the Son of God – as all human beings are children of God as the Source of everything :-).

1st May: I chose my new self as Christ, which is the only way to help the Universe survive “enormous darkness”

  • Dreaming of the spirit of my father trying to bring forward my old nightmare because of the immense darkness he was subjected to during the Easter, I am holding a cat – a person without darkness – which tries to escape, sailing and driving in train outside Oslo, Norway, as an old symbol of “much darkness and suffering” and yet another dream of the spirit of my father his best to do his worst, which is really the light working to remove the darkness.
  • At my meditation today to the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel I was told that this is about for me to choose side either as Christ as my new self who can bring us safely through this phase after an ENORMOUS amount of darkness was released to the Universe in the Easter before we succeeded to close the pipeline of darkness or to be my old self, who does not have this power. It was about FAITH in myself, confidence and to stay calm at the same time as the darkness tried to give me DESPERATION, negative speech and visions, which could have made me desperate too, which would NOT have been good for the Universe in order to survive (!) but I know what is the right answer and when choosing this and when staying calm, I have now started producing light/energy to let the Universe survive and “soon” further to develop.
  • When meeting my mother and John at Easter, I “knew” that my mother was nervous about the expiring lease of my apartment the 1st November. This concern of hers is what is bringing me this strong feeling of “desperation” and the risk of destruction unless I will simply do what I have decided to do: To be even STRONGER. I wrote an email to Poul-Erik asking for extension.
  • Today I was to buy used PC speakers as a symbol of connecting myself spiritually with my mother. I overcame BIG difficulties having to run to the bank first to collect the money, which I thought I had on me, which I did NOT have the energy to do, the train was late and I also had to overcome strong feelings of diarrhoea, but I made it exactly on time as agreed with the seller and against all odds, I made it through to buy the speakers without cancelling my journey – the same was as I have decided that I will not cancel the last part of my impossible journey to save the Universe in order to reach our safe haven on Saturday. I thought we were safe, but we were not – that was part of the game of the darkness, hence the dancing ladies of “the new talk show” yesterday!
  • David sent me a nice email informing me about receiving good heath again and his difficulties paying school fees and communicating as he would like to. I understand your difficulties, David, and kindly ask you to continue reading and having faith in me until the day when the world will change, which will bring you and all of us a better life. The process is ongoing and coming closer every day as you can read from my scripts :-).

2nd May: The opening of our New Universe of light based upon my scripts and the resurrection of all livings spirits

  • I did a new meditation yesterday evening of 2½ hours, where I was told that the only way to stop the pipeline of the darkness in the Easter was for all spiritual beings to enter it, which killed all (!), and since then my inner self has been the spiritual counterpart of all living beings. The mediation was VERY difficult but the result was that members of the Council was brought back to life together with galaxies of the Universe including a new “operational system” according to my scripts, the new sun was switched on and my “discovery” was that today the engine of our new Universe was switched on by the resurrected spirit of my mother using energy of my inner self connected with the Source.
  • I was not able to sleep because of immense darkness, which would have overtaken me if I continued trying to sleep and therefore I had to stand up doing one more of these extreme days/nights of torture and pain with continuous working and meditating, which I did the whole night and morning, which was both “totally impossible” to do because of the torture and pain of the darkness, which it included at the same time as it was “piece of cake” to do (!) and it all ended happily when I had “opened three hotels” as the last of all – the Trinity – and when the spirit of my mother told me that I have now brought myself and “ALL of us back”. This was the opening of our New Universe of light and the resurrection of all living spirits based upon the basic rules of my writings. The light was stronger than the darkness in the end.


30th April: My return as The Lost Son, sharing the fatted calf and celebrating my birth after having saved the Universe

Dreaming of vertical and horizontal communication and initiatives, which I like inside of an organisation

I had another night at the same level still not feeling perceptible better – with these dreams:

  • David Bowie is at a big fan event in Denmark, a big sign shows the number of spectators for each of his previous appearances in Denmark, but now he is holding a break to be able to think. All band members are interviewed if they will wait on Bowie to continue playing with him when he is ready, which everyone confirms that they will. Gail Ann Dorsey asks the band members including me to start playing and even though I have no musical experience, I am the one who has to start playing the first keystrokes on my keyboard, which I do which makes the other band members start playing too.
    • David Bowie is still the symbol of the Source and now me too because of our connection and this will have to be “playing to the world”, which is what I will start when I will announce my own appearance – which will not be done by others – and that is by finishing and marketing my website/scripts, which is then what I will do.
  • I am in a shopping centre together with a friend, where I have put my big sport bag on the floor to take a bath inside a store, and when I am done, I discover that my sport bag has been stolen and this is the last I have, and I will now have to go back to the hotel together with my friend and something about hitting in the window in order to come in.
    • I have NOT been able to continue running, my friends, which will come when I FEEL ready to run and that is no matter what you say – and I know that running is what brings energy to the other side, but I will ONLY run when I feel better than a certain level, which I don’t do these days, and this is how it has been (almost) all the way.
  • I have stopped smoking, I speak to Charlotte V.-H. (my old colleague from Accent/Fair) about one of my clients, which is also served in the other Scandinavian countries and Italy, and we agree for her to coordinate the effort to share “best practise” between the colleagues in these countries and Charlotte says that she will inform everyone involved through email. A colleague of mine has to my surprise gone for the day, which makes it impossible for me to leave at 15.03 as I had planned. I decide to go out to take a cigarette, which my colleagues notice making some say that they thought that I had stopped smoking, and on my way I meet Jens H. (my old DFM/Aon colleague) who asks me when we will leave and I say that I was planning on 15.03 but now I will stay until 16.00 otherwise the employess may think that something is wrong.
    • Smoking is darkness, which I have stopped, and when I start smoking again in this dream it is because I am let down by a colleague not keeping his promise, which is destroying my plan to leave, which is DARKNESS and what you easily should be able to avoid in the future, and it is also DARKNESS to “depend” on others in relation to your own departure and to have “fear” towards other employees, which far too many do and have today (!) and we know WHEN YOU WILL BEHAVE CORRECTLY IN THE FUTURE, YOU WILL BE INDEPENDENT AND HAPPY :-).
    • The best practise event is to say that I like both vertical and horizontal communication and initiatives in an organisation and also the idea of sharing best practise, but it has to be PREPARED and carried out with MUCH better quality than what we did Anna Karin, when we met with one of our Norwegian GEFI colleagues in Göteborg, Sweden, in 2000 or 2001 because we really did not get anything out of this meeting other than having a good time, expenses for the company and a far too expensive dinner (even though we saved the other days!) and we know this event was PLANNED to say that this is what the world does all of the time with many not being able to see that it is wrong (!) and I am sad that we did not do any better, Anna Karin, which we would truly have done if it was up to me.
  • Kim. S. has previously given me some material about a client, which I have saved in a ring binder. He now has a new meeting with the client and I have told him in good time that I will do no preparation for him for the meeting, and he is almost desperate because he cannot find the material of the client in the last minute before the meeting, which I then find for him – and something about different kind of turtles with some of them wanting to bite me.
    • As a general rule, I do believe that people should do their own preparations for a meeting and follow ups – and to involve the team if they need competences, which they do not have themselves – and to do it in good time doing your absolutely best and not in “the last minute” as far too many people of the world do today and do you know just how much this bad behaviour deteriorates the quality and benefit of meetings today?
    • Are the turtles here old colleagues of mine believing they know that I am “crazy” without having discovered the truth because of their own incompetences, strong voices and laziness?
  • I am at FC Barcelona where Michael Laudrup has received a Flying Dutchman – he has been sent away – and I see Frank Arnesen showing Allan Simonsen the way out by gliding down a small hill and I ask Frank what he does here on holy grass, Rikke H. is around me and I meet the club manager, who wants me to stay to attend a telephone meeting with two others tomorrow.
    • The Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship – a clear sign of the Devil – which is what you are about Michael because of your wrong lifestyle in this unequal world, which would have eliminated everyone if the light did not show to be stronger than the darkness, which you may not realize yourself, which may be what the two other old star players of Denmark, Frank and Allan, are also about and here Michael and Allan are asked to leave “holy grass” because of their wrong life style – we don’t want “darkness” in the future – and I wonder if they in reality were asked to leave FC Barcelona as players years ago because of new talents “produced” at the football school of FC Barcelona – which is the symbol of Frank being in the dream because he is known to scout many football talents – who were ready to take over from these two “star” players and we know Messi is one of many star players of today, who was developed in this school, which has developed the famous style of FC Barcelona and the best team of the world (!) and this is also to tell you that when you do a QUALITY job from early on you will get QUALITY results and I like this approach much better than what many big clubs do today with Real Madrid as the most famous club using an incredible amount of money (!!!) to buy instead of developing their own “star players”, who often have big problems to work as a team because of their big egos and different styles – as Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not “fit” with the special style of Barcelona when he was “bought” to the club – and we know BARCELONA IS A TEAM MORE THAN THEY ARE STAR PLAYERS and again it is about QUALITY, ATTITUDE and DEVELOPMENT my friend :-).

It was “impossible” find calmness and patience working today – in the beginning!

I started working at 08.30 today and it was “impossible” to find mental calmness, patience and concentration to work also having the darkness right over me – again I had to FOCUS on PATIENCE and TIME instead of impatience and giving up, which I have done all of my life really also when doing my difficult runnings focusing on time instead of distance as a symbol – but again I decided not to give up but to continue working – and I was thinking that it is truly impossible to do both the work on my scripts, Falck three days a week and ALSO to complete my website with the work I still have for my Signs IV and III pages and a steadily growing work of additions and amendments to other pages because of the development since writing these pages and not least to do summaries of all pages but you know I will have to do it because this work has been designed for me to do in order to remove the remaining darkness inside of the Universe.

And I have been thinking for a while that my scripts and websites describing the wrong doings and the Devil of the world today may be without true importance when (most) people will read them because by then most if not all darkness of the world will have disappeared but on the other hand, it gives people the recipe of good behaviour, communication and work of the future and a document of what not to return to in the future and it will remove the last piece of darkness of the Universe because of the “suffering” people will go through reading all of these pages, which people may believe are “simply impossible” to read – in the beginning that is until they will see that it is not very difficult to do and some might even enjoy reading (?) – and in this respect, the writings will keep.

I felt somewhat better today with the “dark shield inside of my head lifting” giving me here the feeling and the thought of “tågen letter” (“the fog is lifting”) by Carl Nielsen, which I remember being the favourite piece of music by Ole – my mother’s ex-husband and my stepfather – and beautiful it is :-).

All people will keep living as individuals originating from the same Source

Also on my walk yesterday to the REMA 1000 supermarket, I was given temptations from the darkness “not to share” – see the old TV commercial of Carlsberg with “vores øl” (“our beer”), which a man did NOT want to share and you will understand the degree of the temptations given to me – and it was about not to share “my life” with others and here with Obama, Michael Jackson, Jacob Holdt and Martinus being other parts of me and I knew instantly what was the darkness and the light so I could only decide that I want to share my life with all and this was really about the Source saying that everyone is welcome meaning that all individuals eventually will become part of the Source and that I was simply the “chosen one” to become the first – and because of my decision to keep living myself as a human being, all people will continue to live as individuals originating from the same Source.

Meshack: “The saints sing hallelujah”

Hi there Meshack too (!), thanks very much again for letting your smile shine through the words of your email and first of all for not giving up, and my friend you are going through the exact same feelings as I am, which is that both of us are looking VERY much forward to reach a better life than today, which is what we are both fighting for and it may still seem impossible for both you and me and at the same time, it is also VERY EASY to see and this is the feeling you also have Meshack and the feeling I ask you always to choose over the other feeling of desperation and losing hope and really because it is always the best to do the RIGHT thing and you may agree with me that being strong and not giving up is better than being weak and giving up (?) and this is the attitude I ask you to continue showing and really because when I can see the end of our suffering coming, you can too, and the end is coming with the growing faith of my family, friends and the world in me and this is what will save us all, Meshack, and I cannot tell you for sure if help will reach you in 2011 or first in 2012, but “let’s stay together” – also here a feeling and message from the spirit of Karen returning to life giving me what really is “our special song” because Al was the man I got to know and the music and feelings of him to LOVE through Karen and I will always connect Al and this song especially with her (!) and I am told that she is returning to life now because of the work I do here bringing energy to her and others too – and to fight this all the way to the end. The worst part is over and that was really to save the world because without the world, it is difficult to get a “normal life” :-).

Thank you for continuing to read and for keeping the faith, Meshack, and for your comments. We will all sing Hallelujah together again one day together, and I have also enjoyed this song by Dr. Alban much since it was released in 1994.

GIVE ALL MY BEST TO YOUR FAMILY AND DEAR ONES – and I do hope that things are working out where you are living now?

And here is his email:

Hi, it is my hope that you are doing well. The same is with us back here and thanks for the support you have send to us and i can hear drum beats from the saints saying hallelujah because the servants of God will have something to eat and share with the rest as we have been doing with Elijah as you had asked and although is a temporary measure,it means alot to us. I look for a day when we shall get a permanent solution to our suffering.

Kind regards.

And I might add here that I got the feeling that my decision to continue sending money also to Elijah – despite of his laziness and bad communication – is what also helped us through the darkness without eliminating the Universe and really because money was WRONGLY the way to the heart of Elijah but it helped to keep him close enough to me and my writings to keep his swinging faith “high enough” for the Universe to come through.

My return as The Lost Son, sharing the fatted calf and celebrating my birth after having saved the Universe

In “the new talkshow with Anders Lund Madsen” – another “special friend” of mine – sent live on Danish DR1 television yesterday evening, Anders started receiving INSPIRATION when he was finishing one interview by saying “han har vundet!” (“he has won”) which was about my victory, and this was followed directly by his introduction of the next guest: “Og så skal vi tage vel imod den Fortabte Søn, nu skal vi slagte fedekalven, mine damer og herrer, han er kommet hjem, Thomas …” (“and then we will welcome the Lost Son, we will now kill the fatted calf, he has returned home, Thomas …”) as you can see here and what this was about was my return home as the Lost Son after having completed my mission to bring home the Universe, about the joy of the Source (or God) of the liberation and salvation of a lost mankind as this means and to have a feast and celebrate by killing and sharing the fattened calf, which is to share the wealth of the world equally – to bring “normal life” in other words – and the reference here is to “The Parable of the Lost Son” from the Bible, Luke 15, 11-32 – and when this is written, I am also given tastes of fish in my mouth and we know BRINGING HOME MY SON TO BRING HOME ALL OF MY CHILDREN :-).

Anders continued to speak and to be inspired when he asked his guest, Thomas, “hvad har du lært af alle disse uger I fangenskab” (”what have you learnt from all of these weeks in captivity”) – a symbol of my imprisonment because of the wrong doings of the darkness of the Commune, my family and friends – and then you can see the inspiration directly coming over Anders, when he received an idea, rises up, looks out over the big crowd and says ”se, det er alle mennesker, de vil dig ikke noget ondt” (“look, these are all humans, they mean you no harm”) – I am feeling my sister when writing these words and this is about how mankind will receive me – and he continued by saying “og ved du hvad der også er rigtigt med dem (?), de vil ikke hen og have dine penge mere, du har fri nu” (“and do you know what is also right about them (?), they don’t want to come and have your money anymore”), which is about the attraction of selfish people of the darkness to money, which will be removed together with the darkness and create my FREEDOM, to which Thomas replied ”hvor er det dejligt, det har været en lang rejse” (“this is wonderful, it has been a long journey”) and all of this is because of the end of my long journey.

This show was truly inspirational because Anders continued by saying “så er det også blevet forbudt at tage et billede af dronningen, når hun spiser mad, det har det faktisk været længe viser det sig, men det betyder at du er blevet snydt for et billede af hende majestæt Dronning Margrethe, der spiser en pølse, og det vil jeg ikke snyde dig for, men det jeg gerne vil bede jer om, hvis I bare vil lukke øjnene et øjeblik, for vi må helst ikke vise det her billede, så viser vi det lige umaskeret til Thomas og så skal du bare kigge derhenne – ja tak, der har vi henne, det må du ikke …, det er sidste gang man ser det” (”then it has also been prohibited to take a picture of the Queen when eating, which it really has been for a long time, but it means that you have been cheated for a picture of her the majesty Queen Margrethe eating a sausage, and I don’t want to cheat you from this, but I would like you to close your eyes for a moment while we show it unmasked to Thomas, and then you have to look over there – yes thank you, there she is, you are not allowed …., this is this last time you will see this”) and as everybody by now will understand, the Queen is a symbol of my mother and some may remember that a “picture” is the same as being approved to enter our new world after having shown a clean heart, and what is more appropriate than for my mother to stop thinking about her own selfish needs – despite of the “help” you have (been allowed) to give me, mother – which will be “prohibited” in the future and we know my mother will share what she has in order to receive approval to enter our new world as the world will do after her too.

After this Anders told his guest, Thomas, that ”this is also a little bit special day for you – it is your birthday” and Anders had a surprise for Thomas, which he said “you will no believe”, which was that he had arranged for Thomas’ mother to arrive at the show bringing a birthday layer cake to celebrate her son, which she did and this was followed by the whole audience singing a birthday song including a girls choir, drum majorettes and dancers (whom I liked but I did not like them to show their behinds to the audience as they did even though I did not see a violation of good sexual behaviour, in my mind it was simply not “tasteful”) to truly celebrate his birthday with pomp and circumstances, and we know Stig, this was/is your true birth, which we have lined up to for years and we know “when will the big day arrive” (?) was the name of the game and that day was when your mother TRULY believed in who you are (!), which was the criteria to liberate the world bringing the Universe and all of our/mine children back home and we know which is what I may believe is a lie, but my mother, this is truly your feeling, which you don’t have the “courage” to tell me yet because of “considerations” to the family (?) and we know I was told a few minutes ago that you have started receiving voices too – during the night (?) – but that you may not be as conscious about this as I am, and also that “strange creaking sounds” of walls etc. and other small “miracles” was what brought you faith with my telephone calling for two hours as I remember it did Christmas Day 2005 (or maybe only one hour, the story is included in my book 1), in the Fitness Centre in 2008 I believe when the phone rang up my mother without my interference when I was at bath and not least the last experience during recent months of my phone working when receiving incoming calls despite of it being closed by the telephone company and we know the television automatically switching on at my sisters house – the symbol of darkness you know – as examples.

The symbol of the celebration of my birth as The Lost Son
returning home after my journey to bring home God’s children

Thank you to Lars Løkke, Obama and everyone else preparing my reappearance 🙂

After this, Anders also had the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen as a guest and all I will write here is that I received the information that Lars is about throwing up because of the superficiality of and having to praise the selfish Danish population as he is “forced” to do today because of the communication and understanding of the Danish population and the world not working and I felt Obama inside of me when watching Lars and I was told that they have spoken recently and that this brought energy from Obama through Lars to me – thank you both of you and that goes to all who you are succeeding to “bring over” to understand and to start helping my reappearance to the world :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My amplifier is having reduced “problems” with the right channel and with switching on/off, but the problems are not quite over, it is more like a feeling of the spirit of my father “testing” his own life – if he is strong enough to live, I was shown a vision of him on crutches – when switching the amplifier on and off and this is the exact feeling I received when I just look and listen to my amplifier being exposed to this spiritual control. – And later the amplifier took a long break not playing in the right speaker and “teasing” it is because when writing this it started playing shortly again and the spirit of my father giving me a feeling of being at my right side and we know “on my way back home – inside of you”.
  • For days or maybe even weeks I have noticed that the light of my mother on the sky has still been the first one to be switched on – now more and more to the right on the sky from my balcony because of the changing season (!) – and also that a new CLEAR light has been switched on as no. 2 to the left on the sky and I have been thinking about what is this light (?) and I have not been told before today, when I entered the balcony again and this time, this light to the left was the first which was switched on and instantly it started flying towards me – this is the first time I have seen a light starting to fly from their “fixed” position in the sky, I have not seen their starting points before – and it flew for maybe thirty seconds before it completely switched off all light, which made me understand that this is the light of my father as another sign of his suffering and attempt to return to life! After maybe two minutes, this light started flying again and now it was a combination of red and white to show the great darkness, which it bears and it flew for maybe two minutes in an altitude of maybe 150-200 metres and again, it switched off its life and vanished completely.
  • For weeks I have been told that my mother, sister and other family members and friends increasingly are receiving bad conscience of their consumption and luxury life when they know about my suffering – and hopefully they will think of my LTO friends too – and when will you decide to start TRULY to help us instead of continuing to being selfish?
  • The infinite sufferings of the souls in Hell knowing that they are about to become eliminated, animals eating animals, fear of death are examples of other suffering, which has created the IMMENSE energy required to get into the end of the darkness to liberate ourselves – and I have felt the spirit of my father’s mother MANY times recent weeks and today also the spirit of my mother’s mother and something about “souls receiving special tasks in Hell” and I don’t know more today about this but I am looking forward to liberating and bringing all of you out of there.
  • I have asked the Council all along to have a plan B ready if I should decide to give up, which we have reserved energy for and since I have not needed to use this plan, the energy of this has been used to help developing my mother and other “special friends”, which is now also meaning that I am about to become strong enough to receive the smiles and appreciation of my inner self and the Source because of what I/we have accomplished and this is really what I have not received much of so far and the game these days are if I have truly reached the safe haven of the Universe or if I will first reach it when coming to the cultural yard of Helsingør the 7th May (?) and I really don’t know because I receive signals and symbols of both having reached and not having reached the safe haven yet and no matter what is the truth, this “fear” given to me helps to remove the darkness.
  • I was told that my inner self and the Source have been inside of me all of the time – and physically “somewhere else” if I understand correctly being difficult for the Council and the Universe to reach – and the déjà vues I have received are flashbacks to what I have been told as a boy and also what I feel directly from the Source having been part of this/him all of the time since arriving there after my previous life as Jesus ended.

The chapter on ”The Lost Son” took much longer to write than anticipated and this was the reason why I did not finalise the script today before 14.50 and I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to continue and finalise my work on my website – and as it is now, it is also a suffering knowing that this work is waiting on me but that I am not able to do it in practise but I will show PATIENCE because these scripts have to be written and when I will have less to write, I know that it is because I am then “allowed” to continue and also finalise my work and so it is my friends.


1st May: I chose my new self as Christ, which was the only way to help the Universe survive “enormous darkness”

Dreaming of the spirit of my father trying to bring forward my old nightmare, which really is to remove the darkness

I was hoping to get a better sleep enabling me to start running today, but the sleep was poorer again, which I only can connect with the spirit of my father re-entering me yesterday evening as a living being FULL of the darkness he was submitted to in the Easter, which the dreams reflect:

  • I am in a small apartment furnished like the 1970’s. A lady doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend, but he decides to leave out through a secret exit. Something about a large room, does not sleep, decides to follow me and then I am together with a small boy in an open train and the boy blows pain onto my trousers, which annoys me.
    • I was told that to stay awake lifts the control of the darkness, which is why I have slept so little for years and also probably only slept lightly during this night. This dream is about the immense darkness of the spirit of my father trying to push through the old nightmare with my mother which the lady of the dream is a cover of, which I have allowed him clearly not to do – but I do miss love and this is what is “exploited” in these dreams when I am not awake to refuse it with my awakened mind and I still censor other dreams, which however is not as explicit as they were months and years ago, and these dreams also serve the purpose to release the spirit of my father from darkness. The paint on my trousers is a try to make a mess of my love life.
  • I arrive on bicycle to a large building site, there is a risk of the bicycle puncturing, I meet Anne-Mette K. (my old client working for GE Capital Bank and “another place” I cannot remember the name of) and a man inside an open house under construction only with the base and walls built, I am holding her small and very young cat, which tries to jump away several times, however I manage to hold it.
    • Anne-Mette is a coming “special friend”, the bicycle is my suffering with a risk “not to make it” – but I believe the Source will probably back me up if this should be the case – the cat is a person without darkness.
  • Camilla has received the doctor’s advice to receive consultations from a psychologist, which she turns down after a few visits only. Later I meet the beautiful lady Karina and afterwards Anker T. (from the magazine “Bo Bedre”, “Live Better”), who tells me that she has asked questions about me.
    • Camilla, my old co-habitant, may suffer from the “mental disease” as so many else that “I don’t understand Stig, he must be crazy” and what does she do about it (?) – absolutely nothing! The lady is again the spirit of my mother in disguise led by the spirit of my father and we are looking forward to live better without all of this darkness.
  • I am with Marianne K. (from GEFI, Norway) and another on a tour outside Oslo. We take a small boat to an island, we sail on a fiord looking up at a very high mountain range and at night at a very small place, we sit at a small dock bridge and I feel my attraction to Marianne. Somehow I am back in Oslo after having brought my luggage from a café near Fair Insurance in Copenhagen, and will now do the same tour with new people and I am together with a man and my old colleagues Charlotte (from GEFI), the man gets away from me, which Charlotte does too and I don’t believe I will be able to find the train outside Oslo heading for the small boat to the island, but I find it and inside of it I only find Charlotte. Later I tell people how “strange” people are just outside of Oslo.
    • Marianne is the kind of lady, I could fall in love with but here she is another disguise of the spirit of my mother and going to Norway and sailing have always been symbols of the darkness with mountains and water as suffering.
    • My luggage is the Universe, which I collect from a café – a place full of love – close to Fair, which is the darkness and the rest shows how difficult it is to keep doing the same tour to the darkness really – and the first is another dream trying to bring me fear by saying just how close we still are to the Source of darkness (!) and yesterday I decided that I DON’T WANT TO BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING and whatever negativity you say or threats you give, which normally will make me think and become afraid, I will simply refuse and not be afraid of, and this dream together with dream 2 are examples of fear given to me but probably it is only an expression of the light doing its best to remove the darkness surrounding it.
  • I am at a music festival watching Rolling Stones play from the first row. I have a pair of white overall trousers, which have just been cleaned and still are somewhat wet, which I put on and I notice that they have cracked on the behind. The day after I am invited to a small private apartment in Copenhagen, where Mick and his Rolling Stones will play a private concert, it is storming so much that the whole apartment block is shaking and I wonder if it will keep upright and when I look out the window, I see a view to the sea. I meet Mick, I know that he will recognise me from the concert yesterday and he says that “this may become wild”. The press is also there and I meet someone who asks me if the U.S. flag, which was included in one of the albums of Rolling Stones – I think of Tattoo you – was also included in a compilation album, which it was not.
    • Mick Jagger is the symbol of “sexual masculinity” and the cracked trousers is yet another symbol of the darkness trying to carry out my old nightmare, but NO you are not allowed to do so and it is as I told you yesterday evening, you are allowed to come inside of me again only if you keep my old rules of no such nightmares (which was tried very directly on me yesterday making me give this instruction clearly), no physical pain and sicknesses and then you can give me poor sleep, reduce my living capacity (weakened bones, lungs etc.) and give me negative speech and threats until the darkness has been removed from you and as long as you keep these rules, you are welcome and apparently the darkness of the spirit of my father has now reduced so much that he has now been able to come inside of me again as an individual living – even though I still have problems with my amplifier telling me that he is on the edge – and I was told that this will last until Thursday or Friday, which is not nice for any of us.
    • During the night I also had to go to the toilet twice, which I never normally do but you know another sign of a threat it is – and just writing down these dreams gives me discomfort, which in itself removes darkness.

I chose my new self as Christ over my old self, which was the only way to help the Universe survive “enormous darkness”

The service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet was about inflow from the heart of the Sun to Earth and I was told – what I have received indications of for some time – that this is about for me to choose side either as Christ as my new self who can bring us safely through this phase after an ENORMOUS amount of darkness was released to the Universe in the Easter before we succeeded to close the pipeline of darkness or to be my old self, who does not have this power – and basically this is about my own faith in my self and faith that I am able to do what is impossible for everyone else including all of my spiritual friends and I was shown Christ bleeding violently as one scenario together with receiving VERY strong feelings of being desperate, and if I had decided to go into this desperation becoming desperate myself, things would NOT look good for the Universe, and another where I saw my self in a suit wearing a gold medal and this was quite difficult because of the negative speech, desperation and discomfort I was given from the darkness including clear indications of my old nightmare, which was EXTREMELY uncomfortable and giving me the old throw up feeling, and to all of this I could only stay calm and say that I chose Stig as myself, as Christ, I am the light and I ask my inner self and the Source to remove the darkness from the spirit of my father, other members of the Council, the Hierarchy, people of other civilizations and the Universe and still when I did this I had to fight the darkness which per definition wants me to support it but the truth is that I can only produce light now, so light is what it is, and I was told that everyone believing in God and Jesus of the world today now believes in me and because of this, I was shown Sean Connery – the old James Bond actor – followed by a large wine cellar with a golden string around it, which was broken and most holes of the wine cellar full of wine bottles, and it is with the wine – the faith of the world – that I will fight the darkness, which was released to the world as another James Bond.

During the meditation I was shown THOUSANDS of glasses, which have been emptied during the Easter when cutting off the connection to the darkness, which will have to be refilled and I was told that today one of them was refilled, and this is the reason why I have not yet TRULY received happiness and appreciation from the Source for what we achieved in the Easter, because we are only living because I say that we are to live (!) and we know I will do more meditation hereafter hoping that this will give even more energy and that is even though I ask the light to PRODUCE AS MUCH LIGHT AS POSSIBLE ALL OF THE TIME – also when I am not meditating – to help the world in this “energy crisis”, which it really is and why should I not believe in myself (?) – but of course it would be easier if I could see the light being produced and distributed myself, which I cannot today other than what I am told – but I told myself that this is how I am created, I could decide to become desperate and feeling nervousness in my stomach as my mother is now, but I will not, I am as I am and cannot do any better than I do and this will have to be the answer – and I was told that the light, which is produced, is distributed to my spiritual servants and to light workers all over the world, who will distribute it to the Universe.

I was also told that this is my “confirmation”, where I confirm the faith in my self and essentially “confirmation” of faith of young people has the same meaning – to produce light to the world, which I therefore support.

And I was told that it is faith, which makes UFO’s fly and also faith of the people under the secret government of USA building and flying UFO replicas, which makes them “work”.

My mother’s nervousness of my expiring apartment lease is bringing me “desperation” when saving the Universe

Before meeting with my mother and John the 25th April, I had received information that my mother was “anxious” about the expire of my apartment rental agreement with Poul-Erik the 31st October 2011 – I live in his apartment – and that was true because my mother brought up the question when we met, and I could only tell her that I would ask Poul-Erik for a postponement and if this is not possible, I will have to look for other opportunities through the housing association AAB – I have NOT received an offer from them since the autumn of 2009 (!) but in the autumn 2009 when I needed an apartment I received maybe 5-10 offers (!) – through the Commune or to find a room to rent and I told my mother that I would send an email to Poul-Erik the 1st May, which is what I have done today as you can see below – and when I wrote this email I was told that the reason why I am feeling “desperate” now is because of the concern of my mother if I can stay or not in my apartment symbolising if I can stay in the Universe or not and OF COURSE I WILL and my dear mother, I do hope that this action of mine and the following answer from Poul-Erik will help keeping you calm and hopefully also that you will declare your true faith in who I am when we meet alone on Saturday, because just maybe my sister and John are the true reasons why you believe you “can not” tell me about your true feelings and we know this may also mean that I will first reach my safe haven when it comes to the survival of the Universe on Saturday (!) when meeting my mother and we know until then I will continue to do my best trying to find the best balance between working at Falck, doing my writings and everything else that I do including meditation and so it is.

Here is the email I sent to Poul-Erik and I will give you his answer, when I receive it:

Kære Poul-Erik,

Tiden går hurtigt. Jeg har nu siden 1.11.2009 været glad for at bo i din lejlighed i Lyngby, og ifølge vores aftale, så udløber lejemålet den 31.10.2011, medmindre andet aftales.

Jeg har ingen planer om at bo “for evigt” i din lejlighed, men det ville passe mig godt, hvis det kan aftales, at jeg kan bo yderligere 1 – evt. 2 år – i lejligheden til endelig fraflytning pr. den dag, som kan aftales? Et scenarie kan være at forlænge fraflytningsdatoen til den 31.10.2012, hvor du er velkommen til at sætte boligen til salg forinden udløb og hvor jeg gerne påtager mig at vise lejligheden frem til interesserede købere, hvis du måtte ønske det. eller i hvert fald at der altid er adgang til lejligheden for interesserede købere, hvis du selv ønsker at vise frem.

Jeg har fundet følgende afsnit på internettet, som giver klart svar på spørgsmålet i relation til Lejeloven, hvor du kan se, at du ikke binder dig, så længe, at der kun er tale om én forlængelse samtidig med, at en aftale mellem dig og mig uden om loven naturligvis altid vil blive prioriteret som være afgørende for mig – fra en gentleman til en anden.

Tidsbegrænsningen kan falde bort

Tidsbegrænsningen må ikke blive for lang – ikke mere end tre eller højst fem år. Bliver den længere, vil retten sige, at det er det samme som ubegrænset varighed, og give lejeren lov til at blive boende så længe, han vil.

Det hjælper ikke at gøre tidsbegrænsningen for kort og så regne med, at man kan forlænge den. En gang kan man måske forlænge en tidsbegrænset lejeaftale, og ikke mere.

Gør man det en gang til, skal man regne med, at retten vil opfatte det som et forsøg på at omgå det princip, at en lejeaftale har ubegrænset varighed. Den vil ophæve tidsbegrænsningen og lade lejeren blive boende.


Det skulle glæde mig meget, om vi kan mødes og også gerne snarest, idet jeg ellers skal iværksætte planer for at finde anden midlertidig bolig i op til 1 år, som er det jeg regner med.

Venlige hilsener fra

An “impossible” but still easy journey buying PC speakers symbolising my last journey to bring the Universe to our safe haven

Today I had also planned to buy used PC speakers, so I can hear when my mother will call me through Skype, and already earlier today I was asked to run during the afternoon, which I answered that I would not feeling as I do today, but when I was about to leave at approx. 15.10 to catch the train to Hellerup and further on to Grøndal, where the seller lives close by, I understood that I was indeed going to run if I should make it on time as I had promised the seller to do because he would come down from his apartment block exactly on time (!) and the reason for me needing to run was that I thought I had 50 DKK on me, which was the asking price, but I only had 30 DKK and therefore first had to run to Jyske Bank to collect more money, which I did not have the energy to do but I decided to do it anyhow also knowing that this – including to write this extra story – brings extra energy to the other side removing more darkness and even though I thought I would not be able to catch the train on time at 15.23 because of the long way round I had to do, I made it anyhow – and what I did not know either was that this journey would be very difficult indeed to do as a symbol of what awaits me the following week in order to do the last part bringing the Universe all the way into our safe haven because when I had to change train at Hellerup, I was now given the very strong urge to go to the toilet, which was not on the platform, because of diarrhoea and furthermore, the train which should have left a few minutes after my train arrived did not come (!) and therefore I had to wait 10 minutes for the next to come balancing on whether or not I should complete this journey – the urge to go to the toilet was STRONG as the nervousness my mother is bringing me is too – to show you the exact same difficulties as I am truly feeling because of the immense pressure of the darkness on me including the feelings of being scared and nervous to meditate and to communicate with my mother on Saturday hoping she will bring forward her declaration of faith and I am given this diarrhoea to say that it is the feelings of my mother, which almost killed us bringing all of this darkness inside of the Universe at Easter and it will be the feelings of my mother, which will destroy the Universe if I am not strong enough to resist it once again – this is how it is and it is both difficult and very easy to do at the same time because you know I have both feelings very strongly – but I will do as I also decided to do here today, which is that I will ignore the weak side of me (!) and “just do it” and this is how I ignored the strong feeling to go to the toilet and finally I arrived at 15.55 to Grøndal Station only having a few minutes first to change 100 DKK into 2 times 50 DKK – the seller would maybe not be able to give back on 100 DKK – and to find the place close by, which I did and we know at exactly 16.00 I was standing at the head door to his apartment block now waiting for him to come down PRECISELY on time as agreed and when he did not, I walked up to the 4th floor, knocked on the door at 16.03 and here I found the seller, a teenager, who was on his way down and he was kind to have packed the speakers in a plastic bag.

This is how I got the speakers – and I was happy a few minutes later to use the toilet at Grøndal Station, which was NOT the first time today on the toilet but the third I believe – and the speakers were connected to my computer when I came home to symbolise SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION with first of all my mother and my dear “self” and Source, WE HAVE PLENTY OF FAITH OF THE WORLD IN US TO REMOVE THE DARKNESS, which is what I kindly ask you to continue doing ALL OF THE TIME and also to prioritise that my mother receives the following message through a spiritual voice speaking to her so she will be able to remember the message and more easily give me her full declaration of faith:

“Mother, I am Stig Christ, you are Maria. I need your help to save the Universe from your declaration of faith to me”.

So this is what I am asking and we know I was meditating in the train on the way, which was not easy to do because of “stress”, which I did my best to control and because of a crowd in all trains both ways and I was told that this switched on yet another light and that there are still MANY to go.

I was also given the understanding that we managed to close the pipeline to the darkness once and for all in the Easter without the outspoken faith of my mother in me, which brought much more darkness inside of the Universe than what would have been received if she had given me her full faith but this is what we had expected her to do (!) and this is important because my mother is intended to become the leader of the world and as such it is a condition that she will stand forward to declare her faith in me – and I might add that if she will not do it on Saturday, as I hope she will, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP but keep on removing the darkness until my mother becomes so “clean” that she can do nothing else than to give me her full faith and this is how I am and what I am allowed to do because I am the one setting the rules :-).

And the symbol of my mother and John now again on a cruise holiday is tangible because it symbolises the risk of destruction – for the ship, i.e. the Universe, to go under – but that requires that the darkness will have to talk me and me and me into it and even though it does its absolutely best to remove my will power and to put the words of destruction into my mouth – this is how it is – I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! I will bring the entire Universe into safe haven according to plan and even if I should give in to the darkness, I ask the Holy Spirit, my inner self and the Source to continue saving the Universe “disconnecting me” temporarily – without killing me of course – based upon the faith of the millions of people of Earth and many billions of the Universe and we know PLEASE KEEP ON PRODUCING LIGHT TO REMOVE THE DARKNESS, THIS IS MY WISH AND IT IS IRREVERSIBLE no matter what I may be “brainwashed” to say later in the absolutely worst case scenario and we know only as a plan B of course :-).

Davis is with good health but have difficulties paying school fees and communicating as he would like

Dear David,

Thank you so much once again for sending me a very nice email showing who you are and informing me about your life :-).

I am happy to hear that you have been with good health, I understand your continuous difficulties with school fees etc. and difficulties communicating as you would like to – but I am happy for you to do your best in relation both to your family and the LTO team because COMMUNICATION is the key, my friend. DON’T EVER HOLD BACK ONTHIS TO UNDERSTAND YOUR DEAR ONES, FRIENDS and my scripts and I can only encourage you to speak of my teachings and help bringing each other understanding and faith, which always is a continuous process.

I have decided to publish my scripts through the Internet because this is what I have been able to do and what I believe is the best media in order to share my writings with all beings all over through new technology brought to everyone as you will remember I have asked Obama to provide to the world? This was and is still my standpoint, but if people will decide to print out my scripts and share it this way with family and friends, David (?), you are of course welcome, which is the same all people of course have the freedom to do including to publish my writings in books and translate them into different languages.

At the moment I cannot bring you more capital than I do – but you may remember and still have faith in “normal life” coming to you. Please keep your faith and please have some more patience, but we are coming closer every single day as you will understand from my scripts :-).

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to write to you. I was not able to write yesterday as I had promised due to some circumstances. I have been fine and I thank the Lord for it. I have had a good second half of the month since I enjoyed good health. This year we had a dry Easter which was not ordinary. It is a bit wet now in Nairobi and one has to don on a sweater.

This week is school opening and so I have to content with school fees for my younger brother and my sister who is taking some studies in a college here in Nairobi. I believe that the Lord will take me through.

I receive your scripts through my phone but I am often unable to respond as I ought to due to constraints. My family as been understanding and though we do not live to the level. This appertains to the other team mates. We often meet and such meetings give us an opportunity to exchange ideas and strengthen one another.

On another note, I have been wondering if you could publish your scripts through other media and not the internet only, which appeals to the elite only and may not reach people divided by the digital divide.

To strengthen our financial base, If we had some capital we could start some Income generating activities (IGA) as LTO which can help us have supplementary income.


Ending the day with some other short stories:

  • In continuation of previous thoughts, I reached the conclusion that my mother, father and other family members and “close friends” decided with their awakened selves not to believe in me, which was the darkness “shining” through them, which made us through the darkness because the darkness did not believe in me and was doing fine because of its selfishness, carelessness and deafness of these people as its “servants”, but what the darkness did not know was that these people unconsciously had “decided” to believe in me with their heart and subconsciousness, which was our access to the light – my inner self and the Source – and we know another example of how to separate the darkness and the light.
  • By taking on most of the suffering from my mother – her “treatments” and NOT to let my worst nightmare happen, which however was disguised as a temptation using nice ladies as the cover of the spirit of my mother – we came through the darkness also saying that if I had allowed this nightmare to start, my mother would start to receive the sufferings I went through, and if there is anything the darkness hates, it is to suffer directly, which would have made it do its best to eliminate the Source of its suffering – me and the Universe (!) – and you may start to understand how this “game” was designed? My mother and others did not have my kind of suffering, but they suffered because of their misunderstandings of me leading to concern and fear.
  • Until one month ago, it made me very sad to see how many people would enter my website without even one single to start reading it from the beginning to the end, and with “almost all” just skimming it and leaving without returning – and the last weeks I have thought “this is mankind today” and also that I have nothing to fear because all of you are going to read it eventually anyhow – in other words, it does not “concern” me anymore!

I started working at 07.15 today because I could not sleep any longer and I continued until 10.15, where I took a long bath in the tub followed by lunch and the one hour service of Den Gyldne Cirkel by 12.00, wrote the chapter of this and finally after my purchase of the speakers and writing the last chapters, by 19.00 I had written the script of today including the summary and the edit. And we know not what I physically but spiritually had planned on today and I made it!


2nd May: The opening of our New Universe of light based upon my scripts and the resurrection of all livings spirits

All spiritual beings were killed when stopping the pipeline of the darkness (!) and the engine of our new Universe started today

After dinner yesterday evening at 19.30 I decided to do one hour meditation – I was thinking of the marathon meditation, which was needed in the autumn of 2010 too – which was very difficult to do in the beginning because it was impossible to relax but somehow I got into it and I was told that it was not only the spirit of my father who died according to plan in the Easter but also the spirit of my mother and I was given the feeling of just how important it was to wake them up, which is what I did during this meditation, where also the spirit of Karen, Tobias and Paul was awakened again and I told them that it is your task to bring all alive again using the energy of the Source because every single spiritual being of the Universe died during Easter when the pipeline of the Source was closed simply by all spirits to walk directly into it, which was needed to stop it once and for all also meaning that my inner self has carried the weight to be the spiritual counterpart of all living beings in the Universe since the Easter.

I was also told that this was the message some time ago; that all people had to pass the Source to become cleaned, which is what is happening through all spirits offering their lives – on basis of their faith in whom I am through my scripts – and to be resurrected including the new “operational system” or “world order” without darkness according to the rules of my scripts – and after the return of the spirit of my mother, I saw and felt how she started the engine of the new world from inside of me

In the meditation I kept on saying “(produce) light, all are to live, no darkness” and the darkness constantly tried to overtake me by saying the opposite and this was not easy to go through because of my tiredness having to be alert for what did not become one but 2½ hours.

The last part of the meditation became easier, I came much deeper and I was told that we are now starting the whole Universe up again, that our new sun now has started to shine and I heard from whole galaxies that they had now been switched on again and when this happened I felt energy coming to the inside of me.

I listened to Michael Jackson during the whole meditation, which was the music my computer would let me play (!) – I did not use my stereo in case it would have problems with the right channel/speaker – and I was told that the connection is that all energy is coming from my inner self connected with the Source.

During the meditation I was told many times that the end of the Universe if I should not be strong enough – this requires everything I have – also would mean the end of the Source and my inner self and I decided not to believe in this because we arrived at our safe haven 10.10.2010, but it was an IMMENSE pressure put on me – and I do notice the difference in the message the other day that the spirit of my father was absorbed by spirits of people of other civilizations and the message of today that all spiritual beings of the Universe died during the Easter and I simply write what I am told without any changes, and I do believe in what I was told today.

During the meditation – and also the meditation earlier in the day – I was shown the man from the cover of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Discovery” album and I was told that the content of this meditation was my “discovery” and that the new Universe is about “shine a little love”.

My “Discovery” today was the start of the engine of our
new Universe, which is about
“shine a little love”

Dreaming of my mother almost “running me down” and that I have ONE ball left myself

Approx. one hour after the meditation I went to bed thinking that this would be the “answer” of what to do today because I know that from Tuesday morning I will have to work for Falck again and therefore need a normal day/night rhythm and I “slept” for approx. one hour before I was woken up with this dream:

  • My mother is throwing long balls from the park out into a big traffic cross and I tell her that Kim B. (my old school friend and actor today) also threw nice balls to this traffic cross, and I know that I have ONE ball left to throw my self and I walk back to the park to throw from there.
    • I wonder if this is because of the reactions of my mother after I sent John an email and text message with birthday greetings earlier today and a message that I have now contacted Poul-Erik. Is her concern sending me out in “traffic” with the risk to be run over (?) and I am also thinking that my mothers reactions may be the only way which the darkness can be directed to me in order for me to remove it.
    • I have only one ball myself, which you may understand is a big pressure and responsibility to know during these days of little physical energy, impossible tests to go through and an immense pressure from the darkness knowing that failure may mean the elimination of the Universe with all life.

The opening of our New Universe of light and the resurrection of all livings spirits

After this dream I was told that it would be a good idea to stand up and do a new meditation, which I did from approx. 00.30 for three hours listening to Electric Light Orchestra all the way as the obvious choice, and I was told that after doing the meditations so far, the Universe will first be eliminated on Thursday if I should decide to give it all up now and we know I will have to make it through until Saturday and I was also told that in order to reach this goal, I will have to open up only three more “hotels”.

Hereafter I thought that it would be alright to go back to bed trying to get some sleep – which was not either easy to do because of the very damp weather today and tonight – but when I was laying in bed, the darkness was so strong that it was impossible to escape from and I was shown fire inside “particles of the air” making me “this close” to become desperate and then I understood that I had to do one of these marathon days and nights again with continuous meditations and also writings on my scripts, which I am told is impossible to do for everyone else, who would be in the same situation – this is the strength I have been given as a physical person because of who I am and who is supporting me (my inner self with the Source) but I tell you that it is immensely difficult at the same time as it is not very difficult to do depending on my attitude really and here it requires my total openness and acceptance to go through “extreme torture and pain” once again so this is more a mental thing than anything else.

So I had to stand up again and I thought that now was a good time to start writing my latest experiences, which I did until 05.15 and because I was told that I had to be awake until 10.30 – which may or may not be right (!) – I decided to do a new meditation from here, which lasted until 07.15 where I was told that I received all energy of the Universe in order to come alive and that it would not be good if I would not be able to give back all lives of the Universe. At 06.15 I was told that I had now opened the “hotel” of Dahlberg and later the spirit of my mother told me that “we can now see what you do to bring us back, thank you”.

At 07.15 I felt that I had used all of my power and concentration to meditate and I tried to get some sleep again, which was impossible and instead I decided to take a long bath in the tub thinking that I could also meditate here, where I was shown a white horse entering me and told that “hereafter you are the Universe”, the spirit of my father came to me still with the colour red expressing suffering and he told me “I am proud of you”, I was also told that doing what I do was the only way to switch on the new Universe and finally at 08.20 I was told that I had now opened the second “hotel” of Falck – and while doing most of these meditations, the darkness has been as its strongest ever constantly giving me visions which it tried to disguise of something nice – “temptations” – for me to accept and to start dialogues trying to fool me to say something wrong and negative, which I had to resist every single time often being at my extreme edge with one example where I was “almost” fooled, which made the Source tell me “be careful, it does not take much and we can help you only a little”, I was also given different degrees of feelings, pain and darkness/light to the inner angle of my right foot symbolising in which direction the Universe was going – destruction or rescue – depending on the actual strength of the fight between the light and darkness and I felt strong tries to remove my faith in my self to give up all of what I hear and see and just give all of it up, all of which was VERY uncomfortable to experience making me realise just how impossible this was to do, but when I came deeper into the meditations, it was easier to “automatically” answer or ignore these questions and overcome the darkness in general without having to be at the highest level of constant alert.

At 09.00 I left the meditation in the bath tub – the water was becoming cold – I wrote the update to my script and hereafter I decided to do yet another new meditation because I knew that I had to reach the point of opening three hotels – the symbol of the Trinity and we know “our self as the last” my friend – and it was immensely difficult to continue meditating trying to be patient when I had reached my limit of meditation already earlier and I also had a growing throw up feeling and the darkness gave me strong feelings against all music, which I use as an important tool when meditating because everything sounded awful before I overcome its threshold, at the same time as I knew that I simply had to reach a result and after having fought with the STRONGER than ever I believe darkness, finally at one point I was told that “the light overtakes everything because it is stronger” and I was shown a young tiger with “blue eyes” and that was not you Elton – even though I have loved this songs of yours for MANY years 🙂 – but it was me as the symbol of the new Universe of light. At 09.55 I was shown the pick-up of Brede Park and told by the spirit of my mother that the hotel of Brede Park has also now opened “because you have brought yourself and ALL of us back”, which I understood as every spirit of the Universe having returned to life and I was shown a vision where everything is light with my writings in the middle to say that the new Universe has now been created on basis of the basic rules of my writings and it ended when I received a strong and gentle “thank you for doing this” coming from the Source, which was “perfect” as my comment to him for understanding the right tone of voice to give me and also him as a comment to what I and all of us achieved here.

And I cannot tell you the feeling of relief to come through yesterday, this night and morning, but it feels as if the Universe has now been saved once again and hopefully it will become a matter of form to come through the rest of the week, my meeting with my mother on Saturday not knowing if she will give me her full support or not and hopefully to reach our Safe Haven on Saturday at the Cultural Yard unless what I have just gone through was another game to give me extreme fear, which I had to control, in order to give “extreme” power to the other side to switch on our New Universe and this is what I suspect you did and if this is true, I understand the reason why but it does truly not make it any more comfortable. This is hopefully the last time I will have to go through such an incredible hard mental load as this the most unpleasant experience of my life was – as I have had quite a few similar experience of during recent years not understanding how I was able to come through and we know how easy was this to accomplish (?) and we know totally impossible and really simple and both answers are true!

By now when this is written at 10.50, I am not tired anymore. My meditations gave me the same “rest” as sleeping does, so I will now go through the rest of the day without sleeping.

And by the way: I started using my amplifier during the night/morning and it now works perfectly again – welcome back my father.

After lunch and after having taking a walk – instead of running – I prepared the last three days of scripts to be published, which I did at 13.25 today and we know this should have been impossible but was not really. But I do feel as exhausted as ever, and the darkness is still giving me the worst time ever and I am also told that I am not in Safe Haven yet and have to reject the darkness all week.

Postscript at 14:25: I was told by the spirit of my father that all spirits are now witnessing my suffering without suffering themselves meaning that I am now given my sufferings from my inner self with the Source and if I had REALLY thought and used my best logics, I would have concluded that after the removal of the pipeline of the darkness in the Easter, no more darkness can be produced meaning that my mother and everyone else are NOT bringing me anymore suffering also meaning that my mother’s concerns of my apartment rental does not have a negative effect on my well-being. My extreme sufferings these days are because of the immense darkness, which enterered the Universe in the Easter, which my innerself and the Source have taken on them now distributing to me and I am told that if I do not get tempted by this strong darkness before the weekend, I should arrive at my Safe Haven with the Universe on Saturday. This is also how it is here – THINK and “I’m not perfect” myself :-).

Ending the day with this short story:

  • For weeks I have on a daily basis received abbreviations of many words – “PF” for Pink Floyd yesterday and “HW” today for Helle Wagner, a dear old friend, as examples – and I have no idea if there is a meaning of this and we know you would like ALL OF US 🙂 – you cannot see or feel how it is to be back but this is going to become FINE, my friend, as the spirit of Fuggi here tells me where I FEEL the spirit of him at the same time as he speaks – and we know abbreviations and let us see does any one have the BS (?) – the béarnaise sauce – no because it is on the ship of my mother still and yes yes yes we would so much like your mother to give you her full and public support but you have decided that you don’t want to pressure her but to communicate with her and if she is not ready to stand forward now, we will have to wait until her spiritual feelings and experiences become even stronger and the light becomes so strong that it will remove the darkness of her so she will feel STRONG and can do no other than to talk to me and support me as I will support her too and this is how it is my friend and we know the abbreviations was “nothing” really and we know a part of the game of the darkness and so it is.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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