Summary of the script today

3rd May: The REVIVAL of myself and the Universe on basis of continuing love of my family and friends

  • All beings of the Universe have received an injection by me, when my spirit WAS them, which will be used to create faith everywhere. On Saturday I will receive the last energy required from my mother to seal off and deliver “one piece of New Universe to all living beings”.
  • My “worst nightmare” in relation not to be able to sleep became true and I HAD to do more meditation to start filling content into the created golden frame of the New Universe before I was also “allowed” to sleep some hours.
  • At Falck I edited the leadership examination paper of Thomas, which he had done in a hurry without doing his best, which I could see on the paper because of its poor quality. I improved the quality of the paper so much that it became “perfect”, but I did not lift the level of the paper, which is what Thomas will have to develop himself following the feedback I gave him to be on Restaurant Kong Hans level and not a poorer restaurant much below his true potential. This was used as a symbol to say that this is how the New Universe will look like; a “perfect” but not improved version of the old and that from here we will all improve our level, so the entire Universe eventually will reach the level of Kong Hans.
  • I was VERY happy to receive positive birthday greetings also from FRIENDS I had not expected to hear from and not least from my sister, who offered me to visit me this evening, which made me VERY HAPPY :-).
  • Poul-Erik has accepted an extension of the apartment rental under condition that the housing association also will give their approval – because the Source has accepted to stay inside the Universe.
  • This afternoon I did two meditations of 2:45 hours with the wish of “everything without exception is to become light” resisting the STRONGEST DARKNESS ever but underneath this also the wish of the origin to become the light. During these meditations, substance from the old Universe was transferred to the New Universe including the ignition device to the bomb, which STILL (!) could destroy the Universe despite of everything I have gone through in the GAME leading forward to this final conclusion: THESE DAYS ARE THE MOST EXTREME I HAVE EVER GONE THROUGH BUT STILL THEY ARE ALSO EASY (!) – what you are seeing is the FINAL liberation creating eternal life of the Universe, and I will NEVER give up, so before or on Saturday all of the old Universe should be transferred to our New Universe without anyone becoming harmed as previously announced – by the darkness.
  • I was VERY HAPPY to see my sister and brother-in-law visiting me for my birthday also bringing gifts including shampoo of the brand “REVIVAL”, which I instantly knew was inspiration given to confirm the FINAL REVIVAL of me as a physical being together with the entire Universe and all living beings on basis of the love of my sister, family, friends on Facebook and not least also my mother from distance. My brother-in-law expects to start a new work project in Egypt this autumn, which symbolises “a coming event” in Egypt with the lifting of ONE of the large pyramids revealing my old inner self buried underneath to make the world once and for all understand my arrival. We will now continue to see each other; our love was stronger than the darkness trying to separate us, i.e. to destruct us.
  • Before the end of the day I did a final meditation, where the EXTREME and potentially ELIMINATING power of the darkness from earlier today had now reduced to 10% making me feel like Neo defeating the “unbeatable” agents of the Matrix movies. The meditation ended with my knowledge that this was the final part of our SURVIVAL.


  • Dreaming of “the spirit of God coming though” with “boundless power”, only by being STRONG and CHALLENGING I was able to defeat the strength of the two others being inside of “nothing”, the right side of me – the “nothing” part of me – was destructed and I will receive my “new self” of this side in a few weeks and until then I will have “another part of me” as a temporary solution.
  • At Falck I was ORDERED to drive to the head office to collect a piece of IT-equipment and to bring it to the station in Gentofte, which I did at the same time as I AGAIN received the WORST darkness and I was told that this piece of equipment – a printer “birth belt” – is the symbol of the birth of the New Universe, which was switched on today (the spiritual part) after all of the old Universe has now been transferred back from the origin of the Source.
  • The Source accumulated the strength of each Universe until it would become possible “sooner or later” to be strong enough to break lose from the darkness forever and the Source said through me that “I am now a man consisting of two Sources”, which is inside and outside the Universe until these two sides will become united as ONE.
  • I received the album “Transformer” by Lou Reed (and David Bowie) and the song “perfect day” as the symbol saying that THE TRANSFORMATION OF GOD AS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING IS NOW COMPLETE.

5th May: The physical and spiritual parts of our Universe will be united as one bringing TREMENDOUS joy to everyone 🙂

  • Dreaming of defeating my opponent in tennis and the creation of a new advanced system (Universe) with two lines of telephone numbers, which have to be united as one as a symbol of uniting the physical and spiritual parts of our Universe, which would create “tears in Heaven” if this would not be realised.
  • I started thinking about “everything” and “nothing” and when there is no more darkness it is because I decide as “the architect” that there is not (!) and when this is the case, there is no reason to have our Universe separated into a physical and spiritual Universe in the future but to unite it as one meaning that the spiritual and physical part of all living beings will be united into one giving tremendous joy of everyone – the pleasures of physical life uniting the power, knowledge and goodness of the spiritual world of today – and this will be included as part of my “examination paper” including the “wishes” for our new physical Universe, which will be switched on “very soon”.
  • The origin of the Source was planted inside of “nothing” in the beginning of our Universe, I know that “nothing is everything”, “everything is nothing” and “everything is life”, which means that “nothing is life” too, which “everything” decides to remove – as now – when the faith and strength is strong enough. The origin of the Source was planted inside of “nothing” and today I understood that our God – the one speaking through me – has his origin from a much bigger and stronger Universe than ours, which our Universe will be united with the day when we have become “perfect” and have reached Nirvana herewith becoming an important new pillar of this (the next in line) Universe. I understand our “Source” and Universe as one out of millions (?) to give you an idea of the immense magnitude of life.
  • At Falck I was “allowed” to work on my key hood database, which should be easy work, but was almost impossible to do because of an immense physical pressure on my chest and pain of my spinal column – the sign of dying – but I also overcame this, which made the Source inside of me show me the playing guitar as the symbol of CREATION, which these days are about. These days were the end of the old world and are now the beginning of our new world, which will become even better than what realistically was the best case scenario – but only if I was strong enough to come through. Thomas will deliver his examination paper on Tuesday where I will also bring my “paper” or “wishing list” to the Source inside of me asking him/me to PLEASE PRODUCE OUR NEW WORLD INCLUDING WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS “PAPER” (my writings) and my dear friend TO SWITCH ON OUR NEW PHYSICAL UNIVERSE :-).


3rd May: The REVIVAL of myself and the Universe on basis of continuing love of my family and friends

All beings of the Universe have received an injection of me, which will be used to create faith everywhere

Yesterday evening I received more messages about our New Universe etc.:

  • Every spirit of the Universe has received an injection of me after my spirit WAS them between the old and New Universe, which is what we will use when everything will be started up “for real”; this inner feeling of all people is what will create faith everywhere.
  • The spirit of my mother told me that they felt identical after being resurrected as before being killed by the pipeline of darkness in the Easter and that to them it seems as if they have only been away for some days.
  • I felt my inner self outside of me and was told that the largest part of me is still outside of me physically because of the immense darkness surrounding my inner self and that the rest gradually will enter me in line with darkness being removed/transformed and I was told that I/“we” will become the first being who will become one when “our” spiritual and physical selves will be united.
  • I decided to believe after listening to the signs given that the IMMENSE pressure given to me to receive a full declaration of faith from my mother – the worst I have ever received – had to be a hoax (!) created by the darkness with the motive for me to pressure my mother so much that she would decide not to see me thus removing the life giving healing when seeing me, which is helping us to create our New Universe and without it, I do believe it would be impossible to do because when seeing her on Saturday I will receive the last energy required to seal off and deliver “one piece of New Universe to all living beings”.
  • I was told that all of the darkness, which entered the Universe up until the Easter is what is now being transformed into the New Universe because this is what I decide to do and because I am strong enough to do it.

I HAD to do more meditation to transfer content to the golden frame of our New Universe before I was “allowed” to sleep

During yesterday evening I started receiving thoughts – another part of the game – about whether or not I would be allowed to sleep and I thought that now when the New Universe has been created I should be surprised if I was not allowed to sleep – by now I was feeling VERY tired – and the thoughts included immensely STRONG feelings of desperation given to me again because what if another night of torture and pain would be given to me, which was a nightmare almost given desperation just to think about.

By 22.00 I decided to go to bed and even though the darkness was not so strong when trying to sleep now that I could not overcome it, I was NOT allowed to sleep and yet again I just had to “accept” this situation – thank you Janet – and stand up and I was told I had to do more meditation because “the furniture store needs to be filled” – I was shown the furniture store as a symbol of the Universe and also what was only a golden frame of the New Universe without content – and the sooner I did this, the sooner I would be able to get some sleep here and there, and this experience should make me desperate, but I decided to be calm because desperation would be the worst to do.

Again I received diarrhoea as the symbol of “the threat of my old nightmare” – which it has been since coming home from Kenya in 2009 – and the song “blood on the dance floor” by Michael Jackson as another threat and from 22.10 I started a new meditation, which lasted until 23.05, where I was told that “as soon as we have received enough, we will let you know” and also the secret message that I had to do 4-5 hours of meditation every day – and when I did this meditation, the darkness was still with me, which is uncomfortable in itself but it was not as IMMENSELY strong as it was earlier in the day and the day before.

I did a new meditation right afterwards until 00.00 and now the right channel of my amplifier started switching on and off again as a sign that the spirit of my father was living on his edge and I was given a thought that this is because he and other spirits are helping to remove the darkness and I could have decided to say that I don’t want the spirit of my father going through this once more, but I saw what could be a warning and therefore I said to the light that you will decide yourself how to use the light because you know much better than I.

And finally at 00.00, I decided to see if I could get some sleep on my sofa, which I could – I slept until 03.00 – and I had this dream:

  • I am playing chess with Henning W. at his home, and he asks me to leave at 23.00 before the chess game is finished because he does not want to come late to work at Danske Bank, Freeport, tomorrow morning, which I believe I will. In the morning I have difficulties finding a pair of trousers, but I get on a nice pair of grey trousers, which however is not an exciting colour and they are not ironed – and later I see Karen trying a dress on from a raised position in the department store of Magasin, I feel the spirit of my father around me and Karen does not want me, other men are more exciting than I, but I continue to be around her because I know that she and I are created for each other.
    • I wonder if Henning W. is the darkness not wanting to finish the game before meeting at the bank in our “safe haven” of the Freeport, which I might come late to and when I was writing down this dream, I was told that the most important now is NOT to give in to the darkness and then “we will do everything we can to land this” – which was said with a nice voice.

At 03.00 I did one more hour of meditation and I was surprised to experience that the right channel of my amplifier was now switched off entirely. From 04.00 – 07.00 I was allowed to sleep some more and again this morning the right channel of my amplifier did not play until I noticed it “enough” for it to “demonstratively” start switching on and off the right channel until I decided to switch it off entirely myself and later I was told by the spirit of my father that “when your home is not build yet, it is easy to become hit by rays”.

Making the examination paper of Thomas “perfect” without improving its level symbolising the start of our New Universe

At 07.40 I decided to write the start of the script today and at 08.43 I was out of the door again heading for Falck – and with me I had a very severe throw up feeling and anti-desire to go back to do more dull work and it was so strong that it was “impossible” to go through but I did it because I had to.

Today the officer on guard was Thomas and he asked me to use “15 minutes” to edit his leadership examination paper, which he had prepared. When I asked him if he was satisfied with what he had done he told me that he was not because he was not motivated when doing the paper, and when I asked him if he had edited the paper, he told me eeeehhhh that he had really not done much editing.

So this was the starting point for me and again we agreed that I would correct it for spelling/typing mistakes, punctuation (which I can do in Danish but not in English!) and to improve formulations if needed, and when I opened the paper, what I saw was a quickly prepared paper by someone who does not have much experience writing and someone who had been in a hurry to finalise the paper without doing his absolutely best because it was full of all of the mistakes you only see from people working at a far too low level, which made me sad to see and this included inconsistencies of the set up (line and paragraph distance etc.) of the document, which I started by correcting and instead of using 15 minutes only to do the edit, I used all three hours of today – which was simply impossible work to do in the beginning when Thomas constantly disturbed me with his jokes and “good humour”, which was followed by him speaking socially and laughing loudly together with two colleagues for quite some time right next to me, which was ENHANCED many times by the darkness giving me all it had to “fight” me at the same time as it was being converted to light (!) – to edit these 12 pages, which became 13 in the end and I decided to do exactly as agreed making the document “perfect” without improving its general level because I wanted it to still be his paper after my improvement and at the end I gave him the feedback that it is all about attitude and if he truly wanted to, he could have done much better using more time to prepare and to write the paper, which potentially could lift him up to the level of the Restaurant Kong Hans – or Noma – instead of being on the level of the Postpub Restaurant in Lyngby – with all due respect to this place – and he agreed with me that what he had done did not reflect his true potential – and what this is saying is that what I did today was to have the old Universe as my model when creating the New Universe and really to make the old Universe “perfect” by correcting the mistakes of it and then for all of us together to continue the development until the day where the Universe and all of us will reach “perfection”.

By the way the report was about “understanding and communication” as the main topics and really on how to get the best working climate and understanding between the management and employees – and when I did this work, the darkness was in the beginning again at its absolutely worst ever truly making this task impossible to do but when I decided to do it without becoming over ambitious, I was able to do it with less suffering as time went by and this is how I have decided to come all the way home without breaking down before Saturday and that is not to be overambitious because the more ambitious I am, the stronger the darkness is working against me making it potentially impossible for me and all of us to come through so yet again it is about finding the right balance, which is what I believe I have found.

At the end of the day I thought that I truly like the people here and their human face as I do with all people – and you know it is only below the surface that the Devil has been hidden inside of people.

Receiving positive birthday greetings, which made me VERY HAPPY 🙂

I was home from Falck at 12.20, had lunch and continued writing the script of today, and I was VERY happy and also quite surprised to receive very positive birthday greetings through Facebook including from FRIENDS I had not believed would write me, which may be because people see the human face of me in some of my non-scripts related posts on Facebook and for others because you may feel pity for me (?), and it made me so happy that I decided to thank people – and from the following picture, you can see some of the greetings and my preliminary thank you, which also included a VERY POSITIVE and NICE message of my sister as you can see where she offered to visit me this evening, which made me VERY HAPPY and which I of course accepted – knowing now that the love of my family means more than anything else and that the faith of my sister eventually will come to her also when being awake (!) – and I was told that the love of my sister and her family will be included in the building of the New Universe making it even stronger after today.

Afterwards the greetings continued from several others and in the morning of the 4th May I wrote the following for my friends to read:

“Og hermed også et stort TAK for de sidste fødselsdagshilsener fra alle. Jeg læste og værdsatte hver eneste hilsen meget, og tænkte, hvor hyggeligt det ville være at se jer igen. TAKE CARE allesammen :-).”

Poul-Erik has accepted an extension of the apartment rental – because the Source has accepted to stay inside the Universe

Today I was happy to receive acceptance from Poul-Erik to extend our apartment rental under condition that the housing association also will give their approval, which I hope and believe they will now that Poul-Erik and I agree – and I was told that this has been accepted because of my belief that Poul-Erik would accept this because this is what I would do in his situation as I would now also accept as the housing organization and this is really the symbol to say that the Source HAS accepted to become the light and to stay inside the Universe doing EVERYTHING he (now “I”) can to stay to create eternal life for all.

Here is the email from Poul-Erik:

Hej Stig,

Tak for din mail – Og det glæder mig, at du trives i lejligheden. 

Med hensyn til en forlængelse af lejemålet, vil jeg tage kontakt med Kate Lindahl (formand for andelsboligforeningen) og høre om det er noget som andelsboligforeningen vil give tilladelse til. Så frem der ikke er nogen indsigelse herfra, vil en forlængelse af lejeaftalen være i orden med mig. Vi kan så herefter aftale nærmere om, hvorlænge forlængelsen skal vare.

Venlig hilsen

I sent an email and text message to my mother and John and hopefully this will make my mother so happy – as a symbol of the happiness which will break out when mankind will know and understand that we survived the impossible judgment with destruction as the purpose of the darkness – that she will send me all of her positive healing energy also helping me here at the end.

Transferral of substance to our New Universe including the ignition device to the bomb with OUR FINAL LIBERATION coming

This afternoon I cleaned the apartment before the family coming this evening and I did everything I could not to become stressed, which I really did not despite of immense pressure from the darkness giving me this feeling, I cut my self on the toilet (!) bringing blood to my right thumb as a “deliberate attack” and sign of the threat of the darkness today and afterwards I started doing meditation first from 14.50 to 16.10 where I continued to say that “everything without exception is to become light” and the spirit of my mother was very close to me giving me the understanding that it is indeed the clean heart of my mother in relation to me, which is of great importance to my development all the way to the end – and also the faith of the world in God/Jesus, which now is me – and when I started to truly enjoy the music (my classical favourites) despite of IMMENSE RESISTANCE from the darkness – the STRONGEST ever – I was told that “a new kingdom of angels was created right there” and during this meditation I started receiving a feeling of the substance of my right leg being transferred to my left leg – which really started this morning when working at Falck – which was the filling up of substance into our New Universe and I decided that what is transferred to the New Universe is IMPOSSIBLE to transfer the other way back – a one way channel you know – in order to create a new safety arrangement and after one hour I started feeling the Source as the origin itself transferring to my body giving me the feeling of a king arriving but also with the colours red and black showing the great amount of darkness he brought with him – the greatest of all, which I knew I had to fight as the human Stig to win – and I was told that “we are two sides of the same” and that “I will now become the light”.

I was also given the feeling of Neo in the Matrix Revolutions movie meeting the Architect, where the Architect tells Neo that all other “chosen ones” before him failed but eventually Neo was the “ultimate” chosen one, who had the power to once and for all “unplug all humans and create everlasting peace”, which was the goal of the movie and really also in “reality” – and I was told that I was created as a human being with this intention to once and for all eliminate the darkness without “the game” starting all over again and THE KEY for me was that I would NEVER accept destruction as a solution, which I as a living human being is the only one who can decide on and as part of the transferral from my right to my left leg, I was also shown a big block around my feet (the feet of the Universe too), which has been holding me down all along and this block was “destruction” or what used to be called “the bomb of Nixon” in 2010 (!) and my friends this is the secret we have kept from you all the way to the end and I was shown the ignition device of this bomb – the most important element of it – being transferred to my left leg and my dear friends, I do believe that this means that the bomb cannot explode now no matter what, so Safe Haven is approaching 🙂 – and after a break of 5 minutes I decided to continue meditating from 16.15 to 17.40 now listening to Van Morrison – the grand old man “still on top” – and this time I was inspired to repeatedly say “I am the Source, I am the light” – also meaning an even more effective transformation of the darkness – and I was told that it is my faith in who I am that makes me the Source – not always an easy task with the voice of the extreme darkness and my human network trying to make me believe otherwise but I know what I see, feel and hear constantly, thus also who I am (!) – and besides from the same EXTREME RESISTANCE of the darkness at the same time giving me “his” (now mine) true wish to become the light, I was also given strong feelings of suffocation – the darkness working to destruct me and the Universe as I also received the other day when buying PC speakers at the station together with the diarrhoea because I tried as an experiment to accept taking this on me to remove more darkness, which I quickly regretted because it was TOO much and VERY uncomfortable – and my whole stereo clicked off and off loudly a couple of times as a sign saying that this was an attempt on my life, but I survived and that is because I have decided to go all the way to the end on Saturday and NEVER to accept destruction: WE WILL COME THROUGH ALL OF US WITHOUT ANY HARM as previously announced that we already were – by the darkness (!) – which I felt here was also a message to the entire spiritual world as well as Obama for that matter. Afterwards the Source said “thank you” again and I was shown “myself” – the Source – almost as a small boy again because of his/mine feelings, but still in the colour of red because of suffering.

And to finalise these meditations: I received the absolutely worst brainwash and extreme persuasion efforts imaginable including constant efforts to start a dialogue and many tempting visions all of which were sent by the darkness with one purpose: To tempt me and confuse me so that I would set up so many rules that I would be caught in these making it impossible to bring the Source all the way home and I could only continue to repeat my self hundreds of times constantly during these meditations when saying “keep it simple”, “everything without exception is to become light” and “no comments” to the Devil – which may sound easy, but trust me, it was IMPOSSIBLE to do because he was so much stronger than I, ten times as I was told (!), but on the other hand, it was also easy you know 🙂 – and I know we have been there many times before, but this times is the FINAL one, my dear readers: THE FINAL LIBERATION AND ETERNAL LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE IS COMING NOW – which I hope you should be able to understand when reading carefully?

The REVIVAL of myself and the Universe on basis of continuing love of my family and friends

After having prepared and had dinner it was almost time for my sister and brother-in-law to arrive – making me “busy” all day but not stressed (!) – and when they arrived, I was VERY happy to see them but somewhat sad that the boys did not make it this time but I do look forward very much to see them again too and it was truly good to see my sister again, which I do believe she thought about me too, and she had her arms full of beautiful flowers, which I don’t receive every day you know :-), and she was also kind to bring other gifts even though I told her that I was happy for the gifts, but what truly mattered to me was to see them again and what were the gifts then (?) and we know a nice pair of socks, a birthday cake and buns, a fine wine (Amarone 2007) symbolising “everything” and we know a small “inspirational” thing too, which was shower gel and shampoo with the brand name “REVIVAL” and when I received this, I knew instantly that this was “inspiration” given to my sister confirming what I had been feeling coming earlier today, which was about the revival of me as a physical being together with the entire Universe and all living beings – “the cleaning of the Universe” – and this is what was brought to me/us already today because of the LOVE of my sister, family, friends on Facebook and not least the HAPPINESS of my mother after receiving the confirmation from Poul-Erik that I am allowed to stay in the apartment, so this is what we will do: “LET’S STAY TOGETHER”, which this beautiful song is also about :-).

We had a very pleasant evening, my brother-in-law informed me that he is expecting to start up a working project in Egypt of all places 🙂 after finishing an old project of South Africa and we know either ending the old world with a Big Bang or to create a New Universe on basis of the existing, which is what we did, which this symbol of Egypt coming and we know during the autumn is our expectation because this is when the project is expected to start and we know making my sister think that they will now visit Egypt (again) and we know, which just may be what you will do but the reason may be another and let me here say “connected to a new opening of ONE of the large pyramids to see what it hides underneath” and we know for the world to finally get its eyes open to my arrival and we know Stig as we have told you all of the time and of course this has to be done on the other side of the judgment, which the rescue of the Universe was the final part of.

When speaking to my sister, I was VERY PROUD AND HAPPY OF MY HER TO BE CHOSEN AS THE BEST CANDIDATE OF 63 for her new job, which we spoke about and also for her MAKING TOP SCORES in the management education, she still attends, showing the world what you can achieve when only you do your absolutely best living up to your full potential and competences – which you know is what I have wished her to do too all along with my scripts too to understand me but it does not take away my genuine feeling of being proud of what she has done including to come here tonight showing the world that our love as siblings is stronger than the darkness trying to separate us for good, i.e. the symbol of destruction.

I don’t believe my sister had any knowledge of the extreme difficulties of the days I have gone through including the day of today – I must have been seen as “unbeatable” by the darkness having no other option than to surrender at the end, which this is symbolising – and of course we agreed to start seeing each other regularly again :-).

Defeating the “unbeatable” and now much reduced darkness – this was the final part of our SURVIVAL

On the wish of my sister, I switched on the television to watch the return match in the Champions League semi-finals between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the background while we continued speaking and after they went before the end of the 1st half, I decided that it was even more important for me to continue meditating than to watch the live transmission of this IMPORTANT match as I have named it previously and I knew that I had 1:15 hours left of meditation to achieve my goal of a total of at least 4 hours today (!), which is then what I did – thinking that I could watch the highlights of the football match after the meditation when the match would have finished – between 21:34 and 22:54 listening to more classical favourites and first of all I was VERY HAPPY that the extreme suffering of the darkness had reduced to what felt as approx. 10 percent of the PAIN of the previous two “impossible” meditations of today – which however still was unpleasant but not more than I was able to resist it and also to open up for a dialogue with the darkness again because now I was strong enough to win this dialogue every single time and we know Stig I was told that the darkness now had the strength of Jesper, the station manager of Falck, and it did not make me scared at all to take on this one-on-one battle; on the contrary I was “relaxed” without the constant “potential” feeling of desperation and nervousness but with the feeling as the very confident Neo believing in himself when challenging the unbeatable agents in the hall in one of the Matrix movies to “come on” knowing that by now they could not defeat him because he was unbeatable as I was here too now knowing that I had received our final revival but you know I was also still thinking that some damage could happen to us if I did not continue doing my plan including this meditation, which is why I did it.

In the beginning of the meditation I was shown the transferral of the bomb itself from my right to my left leg and I was told by the Council that “we are watching ourselves being created” and later that the task is now to reduce my suffering. I was given the extra thought in continuation of what I have written before that all spiritual life of the Universe returned to the Source – the “eternal pipeline of darkness” – to fight and to convert the darkness using all of this energy in the faith that it would create our New Universe, which is what I am HAPPY – feeling the Source here speaking through me – that it did and I was shown the symbol of this when seeing first a shattered wine glass being recreated and afterwards receiving the first wine in the bottom of the glass with the full glass being my potential as the Source.

And the meditation ended with my knowledge that this was the final part of our SURVIVAL, which in fact is a better name than “the judgment” as I hear the Source saying through me, which is now a very clear voice speaking to me.

”Barcelona and Messi are in a class of themselves on this planet” – they defeated the Devil himself!

After the meditation I switched on the television again and would Barcelona have made it to defeat Real Madrid in aggregate over these two matches to reach the Champions League final while I was meditating (?) – probably to face Manchester United in the final depending on Manchester’s match tomorrow against Schalke 04 as they also did two years ago when I was in Kenya and we know when Barcelona back then gave “the red Devils a lesson” because I decided to stay in Kenya to fight instead of leaving back home for Denmark (which also would have eliminated us) after having been violently attacked – and I was told instantly when I heard from the Danish host Peter Schmeichel that the end result became 1 to 1 making Barcelona win with a total of 3 to 1 over two matches and Peter was impressed by Barcelona once again and Brian Laudrup said that “they play as on another planet and are simply becoming better and better” and we know because they are inspired by “the architects from outside our Universe now also inside of it” and Peter was inspired to say that “this is Barcelona in a nutshell, they were deadly pressured, scored and passed”, which is what I and all of us did when I faced our direct elimination – which would include my own human self inside of the Universe, whom I OF COURSE did not want to lose (!!!) – looking Hell directly into its eyes in our own first and final battle “Source vs. Source”, which the “good old God” inside of the Universe decided to be strong enough through me as his weapon to win :-).

Preben Elkjær – I LOVE your fantastic humour and that goes to all three of you, my favourite commentators and “friends” on TV 🙂 – said something about Real Madrid being “an insult” and that “they cannot continue living with Mourinho as their coach” and we know which was to symbolise the final defeat of the darkness.

And Brian concluded that ”Barcelona and Messi are in a class of themselves on this planet” and we know WHICH WE APPRECIATE FOR YOU TO TELL US :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For a couple of weeks my computer has given me an error message when shutting down telling me something about the operational system being “unstable”, which is was the operational system of the world was in the transition from the old to the New Universe.
  • A few days ago I was told that the physical Universe on the surface has continued “normally” apparently without any harm the same way as I as a physical being on the surface has continued living apparently without any physical harm to others even though I have been more dead than alive – as close to “nothing” as you will ever get, which is the same state the Universe has been in and survived – also with the wish of all of us now again that as few beings as possible should discover the extreme pain and danger we were in and first to know when everything would work out fine.
  • After having had the finest weather imaginable in he Easter, the weather the last days has become much colder with temperatures of approx. 10 degrees in the daytime and approx. or even below freezing point during nights and on the weather forecast on television, they showed that it had been snowing and they asked “how often do you see snow in Denmark in May” (?) with the answer normally being “never” (!), which is really about the extreme coldness I am going through these days – but you know the forecast also shows that it now will become warmer each day until it again in the coming weekend will become just as fine as it was in the Easter with temperatures of more than 20 degrees, which is VERY good for May here – and we know just another sign given of course.
  • When the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden spread yesterday, the absolutely first feeling I was given was (yet) “another part of the spirit of my father” dying and it made me sick to see Americans and the world celebrating because of his death but I understood their feelings because of what they may believe will make the world a safer place (!) as I told my sister and brother-in-law, which they agreed with me in and how can you become happy when a man has been killed (?) – no matter who he is and what he has done – and here I am told that Osama was a man with a “heart of gold” given the task to help “destroying” the world in order to be able to save the world (!) and we know this action of the U.S. military killing this man TRULY made me very sad – and I was also thinking about the TRUE feelings, which Obama must have felt when he took the decisions he did in relation to the attack on Osama bin Laden and when he announced his death to the world yesterday.



Dreaming of “the spirit of God coming though” with “boundless power”

Yesterday evening when going to bed, I was really excited to see if I would be allowed to sleep now or if I had to stay up parts of the night again – I decided to be flexible again with the feeling of “it is just to accept you see” – and I was actually surprised to find that I was indeed allowed to sleep and even though this will not go over in history as one of my best “sleeps”, I “slept” 6-7 hours lightly receiving these dreams:

  • I remember vaguely a dream of “the spirit of God coming though” which was “announced in the radio” and it was about “boundless power”.
  • I am at work looking out on the sky first seeing an UFO as big as a building of three storeys high and afterwards debris all over, which made my two in-experienced managers decide to write a press release as a superficial sales letter would look like – instead of using my expertise – trying to bring in new business using this event as their lever, which made me angry telling-off the two managers that the big UFO was only shown because of my development and that they should write a much better letter and when I was telling them off, I was also wondering if this would made them decide to fire me.
    • I believe the UFO is becoming debris as a sign of potential destruction and now I understand the meaning of having fear of being fired as I have had MANY times in dreams, which is the fear of being eliminated and we know only by being STRONG and CHALLENGING doing my best I was able to defeat the strength of the two others being inside of “nothing”, which this dream is saying and it may also be about “remaining darkness trying to keep up my fear”.
  • I am driving a Saab 9.3 in Copenhagen from the Marble Church to the left on Bredgade and right there a bomb is blowing off because of “wrong politics” destroying the right side of the front of the car, which annoys me because I received the car as new only a few works ago and now I will have to wait weeks before I will receive yet another new car and I don’t know if I can afford to pay a rental car in the meantime but I am being informed that the people responsible for the damaging of my car will pay for the rental car.
    • The car is “me”, and here it says that the right side of me – the “nothing” of me – was destructed and that I will receive my “new self” of this side in a few weeks and until then I will have “another part of me” as a temporary solution.
  • I also had a dream of sexual temptation to a certain lady working at Fair when I worked there too and we know “another part of the spirit of my mother” as she is and just saying with this that there is still darkness remaining.

The birth of our New Universe after the transferral of the old from the origin of the Source

This morning I started working at 07.45 on the remaining part of the script of yesterday, which I had not finished, and by 08.43 – or sometimes even 08.42 🙂 – I was on my way to Falck again and again I was receiving a throw up feeling and resistance of going there from the darkness also thinking about who would be on guard today and what kind of work I would be “allowed” to do – which is NOT nice when others are deciding for you – and I discovered that it was Robert, who was back on guard and as usual it was with smiles when we met and straight away he asked me to drive one of the pick-ups to collect a piece of IT-equipment at the Falck-house in Copenhagen – the head office – and to bring it to the station in Gentofte, who needed it urgently and “yes sir” is what a “slave” like me then does, so I was on my way and even though I was happy to receive some variation to my work, I received once again THE WORST DARKNESS trying to win me over making every second being at the new top level of suffering as I have had during this week and I did my best to CONSTANTLY refuse the attacks of the darkness – the same kinds as in the two first meditations yesterday really – and on my way to Copenhagen, I was told that “the big new system will be started already today” at the exact same time as I also received the song “we will rock you” by Queen because this switch on may “rock my world” you know (!), and again I was given the very STRONG feeling of desperation coming to me that this would only happen if I would be strong enough to defeat this darkness again and I was told that if I was not, the spirits of the Universe would fight until the last drop of blood to do this at the same time as I was also told that I am the only one who can switch it on (!) and just saying here that the immense pressure of the darkness also makes it difficult sometimes to think straight really, but I managed to come through once again without giving in, and when I had picked up the IT-package from the head office and was on my way to the Gentofte Station, I was given the next of all of these “secret messages”, which was that I am today transferring the last 10 percent of the Universe and that this is equal to the energy resource, which has been reserved to be used as my plan B, if I should not be able to defeat the darkness of today meaning that if I should give up, this energy would be used to switch on the New Universe at the same time as it would become eliminated and this really made me even more calm – which was the general idea from day to day during this week – thinking of the 90% secure first of all making the tour and my day now easier to come through but still difficult.

When I reached Gentofte Station, I looked at the package and noticed that it was a “transfer belt” for an OKI printer, and I was welcomed with big smiles by colleagues of the Station including the man who needed this urgently and he told me that he has waited for it for one month but today was apparently the day, when he HAD to have it and when I asked what it more precisely was, he told me that it was “the birth belt” for the printer, which made me smile because this is the symbol of the “birth” of the New Universe when it is being switched on today as I was told and really because the New Universe is now strong enough to automatically “keep the printer running”, which is both to keep the Universe going and to develop it when it feeds directly from the light of the Source inside of me.

When returning to the Lyngby Station, Thomas and two others were continuing what Thomas started yesterday, which was to paint the main house indoors as another symbol of the setup of the New Universe.

I was told by the Council also with the feeling of members of LTO inside of me “thank you Stig, we will never forget you for doing this” and also that “our most important task is now to help removing your suffering” – and when this is written I feel my constant feeling of suffocation becoming less and we know this feeling was NOT the nicest I have tried in my life.

Robert was happy that I had complied with his orders making Gentofte happy and I told Robert that I would like to follow up on the question of receiving a new container using a crack to throw in garbage, which he asked me to look at some time ago and to my surprise he now told me that this was not longer required because he had brought up the question with the employees at a morning meeting asking them to use the present containers correctly without “missing” and when I asked him “is this about self-discipline”, he confirmed that this is indeed what it is and at the same time I was told that this is another symbol of me not being “thrown out” or “destructed” and we know this order has now been cancelled by my own stronger side, the light side of me, which was myself as the human Stig – and the reference to people having to be self-disciplined is the need for the Universe to be disciplined to follow my scripts and basic rules.

I had a pot of coffee on my table and an extra cup and when Robert asked for coffee, it was natural for me to pour the cup for him, but when he tightened it also asking to receive milk (which was in the refrigerator in the kitchen), I told him with a smile to “help yourself” and that was because this was to cross the line of abuse of other people and we know Robert is the kind of man, who will go to the extreme limit of people and if people don’t set up borders, he will misuse them and we know, this was my border today – and I left him later in the day by telling him with irony and a smile that “when I will see you again on Thursday morning, I will ask you to prepare coffee for me” – but of course this is only small stories on the surface of the main story, which is that we like each other.

For the second time in a few days, this morning at the office I noticed that the plug to the laptop I am using, had been removed from the outlet (using one of MANY slots) and when I asked Robert if he had unplugged it, he said no, and this meant both times that the laptop had almost run out of battery power and we know another symbol of me running on the absolutely last power of my batteries this week after having been charged with the energy of all lives of the Universe to do the final battle “Source vs. Source”.

The postman arrived and he asked me if “vi gør noget” (“we do something”), which was included in the stamp of letters from Falck’s head office, is the slogan of Falck and I told him that I really do not know but I asked him if he had a better suggestion for a slogan and then he simply said what he was also thinking, which was that the sign on the door leading to this office says “we are always present” and he added, which is NOT always the case – sometimes the door is locked as I have also noticed previously when the officer on guard is having “meetings” at the canteen in another building – but I clearly understood and FELT what he was talking about because this was yet again another way of the Council, and here again feeling the spirit of my father strongly, to say thank you for being alive and you have said this to me before when it was not true (!) and we know you have truly been actors in a vicious game putting your own lives at risk. And to the postman I said that I do believe this is a much better slogan for Falck to use: “WE ARE ALWAYS PRESENT” because this is what people at Falck are 24/7 the same way as what all beings of the New Universe now are too :-).

Today I experienced the same problem with the laptop when working together with Robert as I did some time ago too when I was not allowed to save my work keying in information to the key hood database and when I tried to save it under a new name, it did NOT save the work but still the filename at the top bar of Microsoft Excel changed its name, so I wonder if this is a symbol to tell me that this information IS saved but I need to have the “key” to unlock it and I am thinking if this is the symbol of getting access to information from our previous Universes?

At the end of the day I spoke to Thomas, who told me that the damps of the painting made him so dizzy that he was swinging to both sides when walking and bicycling almost falling over but he also told me that his energy and balance quickly recovered and I understood this symbol given via Thomas that this is how I feel today almost tilting and also that energy will be brought to me “fairly quickly” and we know I am still looking forward to become strong enough to TRULY start running and this time for the only second (!) time of my life also to enjoy it.

The Source accumulated the strength of each Universe until it would be strong enough to break from the darkness forever

At the end of this short working day at Falck, I was given the very clear message that “we” – my inner self with the Source – are still outside the Universe and that the light of ourselves inside of the Universe is feeding both the Universe and ourselves outside the Universe (!) – based upon the faith of people and also their behaviour in accordance with my scripts meaning that the Universe is responsible for its own self justice and also for how long it will take to remove my suffering – without any risk of darkness leading the other way, and then I was told and felt inside of my right foot that it was now “empty” meaning that the entire Universe has been transferred from “nothing” – or the origin of the Source – into our New Universe and I was also told as promised that meditation is no longer required because of this and really that I decide myself if and when I will continue to meditate.

On my way home from Falck I was told that the Source has accumulated the strength of each Universe until it would become strong enough to defeat the darkness liberating the Source and now all of us and this is what it had become now “against all odds” and I heard the Source saying “I am now a man consisting of two Sources”, which is inside and outside the Universe until these two sides will become united as ONE and also that “I will bring more into the Universe on a running basis” and I was told that “hereafter the left leg is the Universe and the right leg is my liberated self in another world” (to give me a symbol of where I will receive information from in the time to come depending on the feelings I will be given) and later that this other world is a place where we simply “are”, which is “nothing”.



When I had returned back home, I first had lunch and then continued writing on my script of yesterday before starting the script of today and when I looked at my CD’s, there was ONE CD, which caught my eye giving me the feeling, that THIS is what I want to hear today – which is also the “clue” given to me of what I needed to do to reach all the way home today – and that CD was of course “TRANSFORMER” by Lou Reed and should I include David Bowie too because of his “fingerprints” of this fantastic album (?) and we know because this is also DIVINELY INSPIRED to use as the symbol saying that THE TRANSFORMATION OF GOD AS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING IS NOW COMPLETE, which is giving me a “PERFECT DAY” – which is why this song has continued to be recorded in new versions and to be popular – when I can bring you my “satellite of love” without having to be “vicious” anymore :-).

Finally at 17.30 today I had done the “impossible” work of today, which again included to do my best without becoming stressed – I am STILL receiving MANY good ideas of what to include in my scripts and normally I simply “have” to write what I agree is a “must” to be included and only very few times I have decided to cut down more than what I REALLY like to (!) – which I do believe I “almost” achieved today taking one thing at a time DECIDING not to be stressed herewith reducing my pain much and so much that by the end of the day I am receiving almost no negative speech anymore, which is a true LIBERATION I would not have imagined possible at the beginning of the week and we know I GOT HERE SOONER THAN EXPECTED – Saturday was the goal of Safe Haven – and we know a symbol of why Robert at Falck today also asked me to drive to Copenhagen and back in only 40 minutes and we know it took 1½ hours but we know “quick” is the keyword here in relation to what I decided to put on me, and my true feeling is that I deliberately decided to take it easy working “somewhat” slower than normal not to be stressed.

And as the FINAL today, when I left my work chair and looked at my CD’s there was ONE I wanted to hear, which was “the Danish collection” by Cliff Richard and of course starting with CD2 here and when I looked at the song titles seeing “congratulations” as the first on CD2 I was GIVEN THE INSTANT FEELING OF LOVE BY THE TWO OTHERS SITTING IN OUR “ARMCHAIR THEATER” ON THE OTHER SIDE SAYING “CONGRATULATIONS” FOR LIBERATING ME/US.

This evening I was HAPPY to see two UFO’s flying on the sky again and I was told by one of them spiritually that we decided not to show again before we would be sure to overcome this the final part of the judgment – and not only have I not seen them for a while but (almost) neither felt people of other civilizations inside of me.


5th May: The physical and spiritual parts of our Universe will be united bringing TREMENDOUS joy to everyone 🙂

Dreaming of having to unite the spiritual and physical parts of the Universe into ONE in our New Universe

Yesterday evening I was really exhausted and went to bed before 23.00, which meant that I woke up early and stood up at 05.40 and I had “important” dreams just behind my façade made up by my face but I was not allowed to remember these – only these:

  • I am playing double in tennis and even though my partner blocks my view wrongly standing on my half when I receive serves, it goes fine when our opponent keeps serving too long.
    • I wonder if my partner is myself not seeing the obvious truth, hence the following information in the scripts of today but it seems that we will come through no matter what now.
  • I am at a telemarketing company where an advanced IT system is being established merging information from two different systems but so far the line including telephone numbers is divided into two lines, which needs to be corrected.
    • This is also related to information following in the script today, which I thought about yesterday evening and really to unite “nothing” with “everything” because as a matter of logics, “nothing” does not exist anymore!
  • I woke up hearing “tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton – which is as unique as it gets, Eric, also realising the background of the song and you belong here too 🙂 – and I was told that this is what will happen if I don’t continue my work, which you will understand when reading my script of today – after having continued my work 🙂 – including the decision to unite the physical and spiritual parts of our Universe of today, which is what would make Heaven – the spiritual world – cry not to see realised when we are now this close to achieve what we have been so “hungry” to experience forever and we know try to imagine setting up the physical world without being a physical being yourself enjoying all of the good life of the physical world.

The physical and spiritual parts of our Universe will be united as one bringing TREMENDOUS joy to everyone 🙂

Some of my thoughts yesterday evening, which I was directly inspired to think and to find a logical explanation and solution to, was the removal of the source of darkness from the Universe and when people of the world will start to change their habits and follow my scripts, even more light will be produced.

I know by now that I can only produce light because the pipeline of darkness into the Universe has been removed and because I have decided that “everything without exception is to become light” meaning that the darkness or “nothing” will cease to exist and when I write down this information here it comes perfectly logical to me but yesterday evening when I was extremely tired and my chest and back was hurting, it was very difficult to think and get an overview of this – which again made me “almost desperate” because of the feelings given to me by the darkness – but it is always better when you are relaxed and write down things, and I was also thinking what will happen if I should decide to give up now to the often EXTREMELY CRAZY (!) darkness this week (?) and we know when I have said that the darkness is not there, it is really not there meaning that I only feel it as long as I believe it is there and my ladies and gentlemen, this is about “the architect” deciding that “there is no more darkness/nothing” and when this is the case, as the Source I am not divided into two – my line of telephone numbers as in the dream is not to be divided into two lines – but NOW I AM ONE Universe consisting of “everything” without “nothing” (!) and we know “NOTHING” IS NOT EXISTING ANYMORE, I ONLY HAVE TO UNDERSTAND AND BELIEVE IN IT fully myself, which is what I do by writing down this information and understanding how it fits together. And when uniting myself into One, I also bring with me ALL INFORMATION I HAVE EVER COLLECTED INCLUDING EVERYTHING OF PREVIOUS UNIVERSES TO BE INTEGRATED AND USED IN OUR FUTURE LIVES AND DEVELOPMENT – and the meaning of this is that in the future there will be NO separation of our Universe into a physical and spiritual Universe, which we had on both sides of “nothing” and we know when “nothing” is not existing anymore we will unite all being of the Universe into one being meaning that we will get the best from both worlds, which is the physical world and all of its pleasures for our spiritual sides and the goodness, power and intelligence of the spiritual world for our physical being into one new “super being” giving an incredible amount of joy for everyone when they will understand what happened to them and we know “just like that” because there is truly no reason to wait because as “magicians” this is what I having the Source inside of me am able to do and this is my final decision regardless of what I have written earlier – this is the knowledge I have reached today shortly before the expiry of the “wishing list” and this may save the Universe from “many” years of further development to reach this stage by itself, which may also include eternal life without physical death as well to give you another example.

I also decided that I wish to integrate this wishing list into physical life WHEN THERE IS ENOUGH LIGHT TO DO SO, which may require some more meditation from me, which I will do tomorrow and we know “we will let you know when you have reached enough, my friend” as I feel the Source in the colour of black saying here and we know because it takes more “nothing” to be converted into light to grant this wish too and I have decided to start this up as soon as possible, which I understand will take a few days only to prepare and when this is done, it is my wish for you/me as the Source to switch on our new physical Universe – and to do it before I have completed my work on my website, which I am sure that all physical beings will be able to understand without even having to read my writings because they will “feel it, sense it” using the power of the spiritual world of today, which they will receive and we know when this is the case, it does not give meaning for me to use weeks or months to finalise this work and for all physical beings to start working on a far too level when all of us can be lifted up to what we truly are as one being consisting of all our physical and spiritual qualities of the two worlds of our Universe today. And later I was told that the physical part of the Universe today – everything you see – was created on the minus side of nothing and “wait until you will see our New Universe created on the plus side”, which you know will be what remains after the exemption of “nothing”.

And I also decide that all beings are to have unrestricted access to the “library” of the origin of the Source and for the origin of the Source to decide on how to open up the library in parts in order to protect the Universe from “very strong experiences/shocks” of “too much information” at once and that is if and when this is needed.

The origin of the Source is descending from a Universe one level about ours, which we will reach when reaching “nirvana”

I was also given the thought again that ”nothing is everything” and “everything is nothing” and I know from previous experiences when meditating that the Source originally was a “feeling of BEING” as part of “nothing” without any physical matter – this is why many people when meditating try to reach this stage – and I know that when “nothing is everything” and “everything is life”, the only logical answer is that “nothing” is living and that the Source planted itself as part of “nothing” from which all life and physical matter had to originate from and to stay alive when the FAITH and WILL POWER would become strong enough – these are the KEY elements of all life and without these factors, life will not exist – for life to surpass the power of its origin as a destructive power in order to become eternal.

These thoughts made me start thinking about who or what created or “placed” the Source as part of “nothing” because logically the Source had to come from “somewhere” and I started thinking about the game “mastermind” – as I have done many times before and also received visions of for years without writing it – and I saw the face of the man on the cover of this game, who I in my mind looks like “the architect” from the Matrix movies – and as the cover of the game of mastermind says, as you can see from the picture below, it is “a game of cunning and logic” with the aim to “break the hidden code” and I was told that “everything is nothing disguised using a code as in the Matrix movies – we cannot explain it differently” and I was thinking “what exists, which we don’t know of and is a completely different power to what we know” and this is when I was shown the colour orange – as I have also seen in the critical meditations this week and the colour goes back a long way but I don’t believe I have written about it before – and I understood that this is the colour used as a symbol of another world or “Universe” outside of our own – which I have ALSO received “ideas” about during recent years, which confirmed me today – which is much bigger and stronger than the Universe we have created for what seems as “ages ago” to us, which however is nothing compared to what we will experience later, and I was told that “the day when you will finally decide to live, you have passed the test, which is when we will also reveal to you who we are” and the idea is really that when we will be strong enough – and having reached perfection or “nirvana” – our Universe will be united with the next big family after having been candidates for many years and the true purpose behind it all is that all life is built on FAITH and WILL POWER and when we are strong enough we will become a pillar of the constantly growing “big Universe”, which is so MUCH bigger than ours and I get the feeling “life inside of life” and “Universes inside of Universes” as an universal principle and the feeling is that there is not only one more Universe for us to reach and unite with but we will constantly grow and become stronger and when we reach the next stage we will “qualify” to move up in the Hierarchy, which is really what the creation and survival means to me as the Source through me here says and we know some day we will reach his position creating new Universes knowing that he will have reached the next stage above us.

I ended my thoughts thinking that it was the origin of the Source, who was the “invisible energy” helping me to come through when I had no more energy myself and that was what I needed to rescue us all using WILL POWER – and I was thinking that what we have created life out of “nothing”, which is what the true origin of the Source – which may be many levels above the Source inside of me – did himself “many” years ago and this origin has to be divided into “endless lives everywhere” to make sense herewith our “Source”, who may be one out of millions (?) and I don’t know because I am not allowed to tell you yet, but the full story will unfold one day not long from now.

And I am thinking of having the Source inside of me the same way as he has the Source above him inside of him etc., which is a connection going all the way up to the top and I was thinking about “the Rosenborg wine”, which is a one of its kind royal Danish wine originating from 1598, which on a running basis has been filled up with new wine, which means that there is still some of the first original wine included today and also that the new wine being added strengthens and makes sure that the old wine will never deteriorate or cease to exist, and my ladies and gentlemen this is basically the secret of the Universe, which for so many years have been “hidden” as a symbol inside of this Danish wine and we know my birth and birthplace was planned many years ago as you will understand? The wine is traditionally served at the Danish Queen’s New Year banquet to celebrate a new year coming or let us here say “a new beginning”, which this is really also symbolising – and while this paragraph is writing I was given the thought “I will always go straight to the top”, which was a message coming to me STRAIGHT FROM THE TOP and we know OF THE FEEDING CHAIN, which is what “I” (the TOP man upstairs :-)) would like to call it and we know you/we are all part of the same, which the first piece of a foreign body by “accident” entering an oyster symbolises because instead of being rejected, the oyster responds by producing the most spectacular and beautiful pearl around the foreign body to “protect” itself, which is another symbol given in the nature to symbolise THE ORIGIN OF LIFE with the oyster being “nothing” and the foreign body the “abnormality”, which created life.

While writing down this information I also received a VERY uncomfortable pressure on my breast and an even more uncomfortable pain in my spinal column as the sign of being close to dying, which I also had yesterday evening and it was given to me when drinking coffee making work difficult and especially very uncomfortable to do.

These days of the end of the old world are becoming the beginning of our new and much better world than anticipated

Today I started working at 06.10 – I woke up early and decided not to try sleeping more after having tried a couple of times already – and at 07.20 I decided to take a bath in my tub BEFORE leaving for Falck (!), which was 08.42 today and today Thomas was back as the officer on guard and he told me that he would work more on his examination paper today after having received feedback from his teacher yesterday and he asked me to do a final edit of it including an “automatic” table of contents on Tuesday – I told him I did not have time to do the table of content the other day, which he should know how to do himself really – and we know I accepted after having asked him to do his absolutely best on the new additions editing himself to make my work easier and really to help himself. I also asked him what mark he expected to receive and then he told me that he would not receive a mark and that he therefore “just had to get this paper over and done with” – remember what I told about ATTITUDE (?) – which made me ask him if he would do better if he would receive a mark, which he confirmed that he would and also that he had told this to his teacher yesterday and we know we concluded that this would truly be a better system also confirming that quality norms and measurements are important in the future in order to constantly do your best and further develop.

Therefore I “just” had to key in information to the key hood database, which should be piece of cake to do and that is if you are not hurting much with this physical pressure on the top of your chest and also the constant pain of the spinal column and this morning I decided to drink water instead of coffee thinking that this would remove the VERY uncomfortable pain, but no, even water created this “sensation” of today making my work “impossible” to do but I expect you have now heard this a few times before but still this was the case when I was fighting every minute to overcome the temptation to go home to be “sick” as most if not all people in my situation would do!

I was told that this pain is also to symbolise that the Commune is starting to believe in who I really am and we know this is what I was told and I don’t know how they should start understanding without reading and understanding my scripts – neither Falck nor the Commune have apparently read my scripts also including my experiences with Falck since nobody has reacted – but maybe you receive dreams and “feelings” about me making you guess that “just maybe he is truly the one”?

During the day I was shown a vision of myself playing guitar and turning from the colour of red towards orange and I was told that the guitar is symbolising CREATION, which I might have misunderstood earlier but now the record has been set straight (!), which also here may be a message to me here about having accomplished the next wish on my list just by doing my best work again today (?) or do I still have to meditate tomorrow (?) and we know which I will decide to start on just to be sure.

Thomas told me that he will deliver his paper on Tuesday, and later I was told that “we accept wishes until Monday next week” because when Thomas hands over his paper, I will do the same to the Source inside of me with the message: PLEASE PRODUCE OUR NEW WORLD INCLUDING WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THIS “PAPER” (my writings) and my dear friend TO SWITCH ON OUR NEW PHYSICAL UNIVERSE :-).

The whole day I was given “the worst symbols” of the threat of my old worst nightmare you know being carried out (if I was not strong enough to resist the darkness also today), which included three tiles on my bathroom falling down this morning when I pulled the towel – the bathroom is an old symbol of love or “poor love” and here it is breaking apart – and later there was a lot of inspired speech, symbols and events at Falck repeating this threat, which was uncomfortable to come through but I don’t know why you do it, because I have no intentions to start losing to the darkness by now and should this happen, I have safe guarded myself with safety precautions (to be saved by extra energy of the Source preserved for this purpose) – and it was confirmed when I was inspired to ask Thomas of his favourite interest, which he told me was to work with security planning at festivals making me think of Roskilde Festival – the old symbol of “my home” – and also as an extra security guard when the Tivoli Gardens (the symbol of my PARADISE) have “Friday Rock” on the programme and “what do you give me” (?) and we know saying that this is as clear a symbol as it gets that we are now approaching the absolutely best scenario of all, which you could give us, which the spirit of my father here tells me even though we are “not allowed” to speak here at the absolute end, and we know which is not only a new spiritual world but a new UNITED world and we know Stig I was told today that if I had decided to give even a single set to the Devil on my journey, my physical destruction (teeth, arms, legs etc.) would have started as a symbol of the physical destruction of the Universe starting too and this was another scenario, which we in the “best realistic case scenario” could have hoped to come all the way through my friend because my destruction could potentially make my mother understand that I was telling her the truth about who I am – this is the importance of the faith of my mother in me – but in this situation we would still be separated in a spiritual and physical world and the Universe would become less or much less and that is if we would even make it and now we will be brought “light years ahead of our time” and this is simply how it is when you have decided to NEVER GIVE UP :-).

I also spoke today to the nice leader of the ambulance services of Lyngby and Gentofte and also on the incident some weeks ago where it took 45 minutes – I believe – according to the local newspaper to get an ambulance 600 metres from the Falck Station to the centre of Lyngby and to cut a long story short – do you see the irony compared to the length of my scripts and also the message that this is about REFORMATION my friends on our journeys to glory (?) – I understood that there is nothing wrong with the IT-systems, which working groups have perfected (?) but that the reason of delay was simply a human error when the ambulance was sent to a road of the same name at another postal number (!) and he also said that the story of the newspaper was not “true” – I knew it my friends 🙂 – and that he was not allowed himself to communicate with the press telling the truth (!) and also that the press had not contacted him to receive it (!) and my dear friends this was really another “set up” of the Devil showing just how close I – and all of us – was not to become rescued because of MISUNDERSTANDINGS, HUMAN ERRORS and COMMUNICATION NOT ALLOWED and this was inside of my family in relation to me and we know it was NOT easy to have my mother starting to understand things from my perspective but finally at the end DOING EVERYTHING WE HAD TO COME THROUGH BOTH YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER we succeeded and we know “the cure” was your decision NEVER TO GIVE UP and without this we would not have had the strength to BUILD THIS NEW WORLD, which we will now START DOING STIG because YOU ARE BUILDING UP MUCH LIGHT HERE because when this is written, I am receiving “constant attacks” from “nothing” – whatever remains of it – and it is disguised as spirits coming from my backside, whom I don’t see because I don’t have eyes in my neck and because I have decided that I will NOT become afraid of them to start “looking over my shoulder”, which would be the NATURAL but here WRONG reaction, but I feel them coming, which is equally as clear as seeing them and we know they are coming in different colours but RED is the worst of them and as usual trying to tempt and overtake me as I have told you about so many times before, but the only answer I have for the Devil is a NO as ever (!) but please continue to come because I need your strength to bring energy to build this new Universe of ours – and I was also shown the tiger now becoming large meaning that this is and soon was the end of the world leading to the beginning of our new world – but only if I was strong enough, which is what I am and was doing this week – do you see?

I worked until 17.15 today by which time I succeed to upload yet another new script consisting of three days to my website and yes my boys we are still here – both me and the “originals” on Jarl’s TV show the other day – and my amplifier is doing better only having given one loud click from it last night and my diarrhoea is also better or much better depending on my actual strength when fighting the darkness all the way to the end and we know sometimes I am “thrown a lot of darkness into my head”, which removes some of my confidence for some hours, which is instantly shown in my defecation – symbolising the threat of my old nightmare with my mother as you will remember (?), which is leading to the end and not a new beginning (!) – and when I understand, have faith in myself and “the code” and simply decide to NEVER GIVE UP, I become stronger and stronger and this is the recipe of the creation of our New Universe :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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