May 11, 2011: The birth of the new Holy Spirit consisting of layer upon layer of everything of the Universe


Summary of the script today

9th May: The spirit of my father hid with the Source as a future anti-Christ, but I forced him out when creating our perfect Universe

  • Dreaming of the spirit of my father leaving my head as the Source, the darkness will NOT become a champion anymore, which will also remove our sufferings making us all celebrate and my selfish friends did not discover the survival of the world because they were busier with themselves than to read my scripts.
  • I have started the process to normalise communication and relations with my aunt, my father/Kirsten and also Elijah as the first examples of people, who I care much for and like very much.
  • Everything you see is MAGIC; the entire Universe is a “code” of magic, which is based upon “nothing”, which is transformed into light and maintained by the faith, love and will power of all living beings as part of the Source inside of me.
  • Evander Holyfield’s victory over Brian Nielsen symbolises my victory over the darkness to create our perfect New Universe
  • The state of our Universe today is as a MP3 file almost without “code”, which is becoming the finest SACD file ever making the Universe flower as never before.
  • The spirit of my father approached me together with “the fire” and I welcomed him. Because of my previous decision to make the Universe more than 98% perfect – because of my insecurity to the meaning of “full faith” of my mother in me – he had “hidden” with the Source inside of me as the darkness, which in the future would mean a continuous inflow of darkness to the Universe, which could create a potential moral decline of man once again and a final showdown with me being born as the Christ once again with the spirit of my father being born as the anti-Christ claiming and believing to be the Christ, which potentially could be “convenient” for the future world to believe in, which could potentially destruct our world, but the spirit of my father now left the inside of me with GREAT difficulties returning to his previous status as a light being and member of the Council because at the end I was strong enough to decide and carry out the creation of our 100% perfect New Universe stopping ALL inflow of darkness herewith saving life forever and ever!

10th May: The birth of the new Holy Spirit consisting of layer upon layer of everything of the Universe

  • Dreaming of receiving approval to take the whole new world with me and that the work uniting the spiritual and physical worlds into one will continue.
  • At Falck, I did not have to do the final edit of Thomas’ exam paper in order to tell the world: DO NOT EXPECT ME TO DO YOUR WORK BUT DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST YOURSELF. I continue working on my key hood database, which I expect to finalise on Thursday and now I will wait to see what others are deciding on my behalf (!) – if they want me to update the database working from their head office. New equipment will help the station to refill composite bottles in less than 6 minutes, which takes more than one hour to do today, which is about the increase of light, which will take effect within the next two weeks after the present work of my spiritual friends creating the New Universe will complete.
  • I did “impossible” work writing my script of today feeling “dead beat” followed by a meditation to clean the spirit of my mother full of darkness, where I said: LET THERE BE LIGHT and that creation is a team work of the Universe.
  • During meditation I felt layer upon layer from the Council and people of other civilizations being laid upon me and my body starting to prick all over as a sign of activities of improvement all over the Universe. This was the birth of the new Holy Spirit as the third part of me.
  • The Universe started collecting light energy from the Source inside of me to improve their part of the Universe.


  • I was deliberately brought in a situation where I was broken to pieces and for the first time ever I gave in a few seconds to the negativity of the darkness when I was “forced” to do more meditation, which however did not have any impact since the Source of the darkness was switched off the 7th May: THE CLOSURE OF THE SOURCE OF DARKNESS IS THE SINGLE FACTOR MEANING THE MOST IN WORLD HISTORY.
  • Dreaming of not liking to be forced against my will to be a member of a union in order to work, receiving reassurance from the Source that there is no risk of elimination now but “a happy ending” and receiving a call from a happy Bo from dahlberg, who may have found out that “I’m only human”, which is truly what I am :-).
  • At Falck I had the “boring job” to deliver filled composite bottles to another Falck station, which was a symbol of the spirit of my father needing air when he is now returning back to life after having been placed inside of “nothing” as the Source of the new darkness of the world, which however now has ceased to exist because of my decision to create a perfect world.
  • I did one of the most difficult of all meditations being on my extreme edge of entering a “half-sleep” state, where I would “lose it” to the extreme darkness of the spirit of my father, which he brought with him from “nothing”. This was to bring EXTREME energy to get him all the way out of there and starting to live as his old self again at the same time as it was designed to be a no-dangerous showdown between the good and the bad Source, which is what the future world COULD have risked to see if I did not manage to shut down the Source of darkness the 7th May, which the return to life of the spirit of my father is a consequence of.
  • At a new meditation I felt again that I am something completely different than thoughts and this Universe – I don’t know what yet – and I was led to the piracy ship through the spirit of my father, which was the new side of me as the Source and now with the task to become ONE again and that is ONLY LIGHT :-).
  • At my last meditation today I received a new low for five years suffering of 0-2% (!) and the message that the Source inside of his Universe is only waiting for us to return home, that I will become the first to discover this Universe, which has NO barriers – no “nothing” and no “everything” – but where “we simply ARE” and I was given “unlimited access” to the house of the Source with the message that “now the eternal tour upwards will begin”.


9th May: The spirit of my father hid as a future anti-Christ, but I forced him out when creating our perfect Universe

Dreaming of the spirit of my father leaving my head as the Source

I do believe my sleep was somewhat better tonight but still I feel the after-effects after going through a ROUGH time and the happy part is that the “sickness” and “red colour” just underneath my skin has weakened if not totally gone, which really is a good sign also in connection with the Universe – and here are a couple of dreams as well:

  • Camilla has cleaned up nicely and washed the floor. In the hall I feel a pressure on my brain and for the first time I sink down to my knees. In the supermarket I am on my knees looking at goods at a low shelf, I see a good looking lady and then I feel my head very strongly and uncomfortably being pushed down from above.
    • This was equally as uncomfortable as the previous night because I had this dream and the feelings to my head in reality at the same time and I was told that this is how the spirit of my father was also removed from my head, so I am no “hybrid” of light/darkness in the future, and we know because I decided at the end that the New Universe is to be 100% perfect, hence the cleaning of the dream, and “there can only be one” you know.
  • I have moved to Nørrebro in Copenhagen and in my staircase I meet Putin, who is a badminton master and I tell him that “next year you will not become a champion”. He invites me to go out playing table tennis together with two others, which I accept and on our way I notice our bicycles lying on the ground, we play with a tennis ball and a football on our way with the risk for the balls to fly out on the road, however it is really not dangerous. On our way I also think that I have brought all of my sport clothes and also that I should have brought my new table tennis bat, which I however have forgotten at home, so I will use my old one by the name of “butterfly”.
    • Putin is another part of the spirit of my father, who was the one leaving me as the Source and now becoming the same as everyone else “a part of the Source” and this is the game I have been “playing” with him, who was led by the darkness and my previous “98% decision” and here it says that what we are doing from here is really not “dangerous”, that our suffering will be removed (the bicycles lying down) and the table tennis bat of “butterfly” is to say that we are really dressing up to party because butterfly is what you will normally use when wearing a tuxedo.
  • I also had a dream of friends of mine watching television and where the radio plays one of the new songs by Devo and when I asked them if they can hear who the band is, they really don’t care and I tell them that it is Devo, the same band which made “freedom of choice” in 1980 and IS the band making the most happy music of all, but they don’t listen, they are “busy” watching TV.
    • These are selfish friends of mine – hence the television – more busy with themselves than reading my scripts to discover that we just saved the world and their lives forever and ever, which is bringing us FREEDOM from the darkness and making us HAPPY as the dream says.

Keeping my old rules to help removing the last part of the remaining darkness of the world

Yesterday evening I was very surprised when I started receiving more suffering and darkness again including sexual temptations, the “kill, kill, kill” command etc. and I was tempted to remove my old rules – me being the best protected of all, sexual temptations and killing me is “forbidden” etc. – because I thought that now the light will save me no matter what but on the other hand I also thought that these are the rules, which brought me all the way and even though there cannot be much darkness left of the world, it may be the wisest to keep these rules and just continue playing the game and we know because when the game is played, I will continue to remove/transform darkness, which I will not if I decide for the light to automatically remove these “threats”, which it is strong enough to do, but it would delay the whole process of healing the Universe and this I do not want to do.

I will see my aunt again – and sending greetings to my father and his wife

Yesterday I received a delayed birthday greetings from my aunt, Inge, whom I actually heard from via Facebook Saturday and also replied asking her to send my warmest greetings to my father and Kirsten, which Inge however did not read and therefore did not do, and if she had passed on my greetings to my father this Saturday, just maybe this would have given my father negative thoughts about me, which we could not “afford” this particular Saturday evening, when there were no one thinking negatively about you and we know Inge, this is why it was so “difficult” for you to send your greetings to me (she also tried sending an electronic card and email, however to the wrong email address). But I was HAPPY to hear from you Inge and also for your invitation to see me again, which I accepted and I am sure we will find a day soon and really to say that I will now gradually normalise my relations with people and “my life” really.

Including Elijah on my email list and inviting him to start communicating again

Yesterday when sending my script to LTO in Kenya, I also decided to include Elijah on my email list again to “normalise” my relations with him and this is what I decided to write:

Dear all,

Please find my script below.

You are ALL still inside of my heart, and that includes you Elijah, whom I have decided to include on my email list again hoping that you will accept communicating with me again (?) – if I met you on the street, would you decide to shut your mouth (?), no I don’t think so :-). I will ALWAYS be happy to receive two lines from you, you don’t have to write much if you are in no position to do so.


I miss to take a beer with you at the African Bar. Did you see, David, that Barcelona and Manchester United will meet in the Champions League final again this year? We started giving a lesson to the Red Devils two years ago and now we have completed it. This is what the script is about today as you will see 🙂 – and more than ever I am looking forward to seeing you again in a new and better world without suffering coming to everyone – also at Dadaab and your rural villages.

Kind regards,

The entire Universe is a “code” of magic, which is maintained on basis of faith, love and will power

I was thinking that everything, which you see is MAGIC. The whole world is magic and really a “code” transforming “nothing” into “everything” and this is what I finally decided to believe because I cannot logically understand it differently. “Nothing” has not been removed, but has been transformed into “everything” – this is why we collected the Source inside of the darkness – it is still existing but transformed to light only by the Source inside of me (not by anyone else because there is only ONE Source) and this code of light is being kept on basis of the faith, love and will power to live of the united Source consisting of all living beings of the Universe and this is now what automatically maintains our lives forever and ever; this is the strength of the division of God as the Source of everything.

I was looking at the flowers, my sister gave me at my birthday, which now are hanging with their heads and I was thinking that this together with food going bad, people degenerating, becoming older and dying etc. are other examples of the darkness destroying life, which will be unnecessary in the future, where we will become “true magicians” and I was thinking that we will probably decide for a balance to keep when reaching this future, and we know which is my job really as the Source because each time we decide to lift to the next level, it will be based upon experience, logics and tests and this means that I will be the anchor of all life, but at the same time I will be an individual as everyone else enjoying the same pleasures because I don’t have to and will not “enter” other people (unless required) even though I am them and they are me.

This also still scares me because it will mean that I one day as a simple human being will be able to create our new planet as an example and only the imagination sets the borders.

My evening was very uncomfortable because I had to think through this and the events of yesterday at the same time as receiving much darkness, and I was told that this was precisely a test of my faith and the strength of our new higher level, where the darkness does its best to find weaknesses and here it did not find any really.

Sending my thank yous to Cæcilie Norby for a fantastic performance

Today I decided to start working at 08.30 and at 10.20 I had done the script so far and also written this email to Cæcilie Norby thanking her and her band for a UNIQUE performance at the concert two days ago:

Kære Cæcilie,

Tusinde tak for en FANTASTISK koncert i Helsingør i lørdags.

Jeg havde lyst til at skrive denne mail til dig, fordi koncerten var så SMUK, at det var næsten surrealistisk; næsten som at være  “midt i en drøm” :-).

Jeg har fulgt dig on og off siden OneTwo, og dette var min første koncert med dig i mere end 10 år, og det kom sig af – som du måske har hørt – at jeg mødte Mikkel Nymand i HiFi-Kklubben i Lyngby i april i år, hvor han gav mig “én af de stærkeste musikalske oplevelser i mit liv – både musikalsk og teknisk”, da han spillede optagelsen af din og dit bands fremføring af “Hallelujah” på det bedst tænkelige stereoanlæg. Jeg blev så begejstret – ligesom han selv – at han sagde, at han ville fortælle det til dig.

Det var derfor en STOR oplevelse i lørdags for min mor, som jeg var sammen med, og jeg at se jer spille live og TAK fordi du sluttede af med dette nummer. Sangen er meget speciel for mig med Leonard Cohen, jeg elsker den med Jeff Buckley, og det som du og dit FANTASTISKE band har gjort, er at tilføre den et stænk af magi, som løfter den over det meste. Tænk at Lars kan spille sådan på bas, og at du har gemt sådanne utrolige toner i dig – det havde jeg ikke troet muligt.

Hvis du ønsker at gå dybere i hvad denne sang i VIRKELIGHEDEN betyder for mig, er du velkommen til at læse min hjemmeside – se link nedenfor – og særligt mine scripts fra 13. april og 7. maj 2011. I starten vil du nok have svært ved at forstå, hvis ikke du vælger at læse omhyggeligt, men du vil aldrig glemme denne mail.

Tak Cæcilie – og også en stort tak til dit enestående band, som hver og en har en helt usædvanlig kvalitet. Jeg elsker dem alle og kan stadig se dem for mig spille lidenskabeligt på hvert deres instrument – det var med følelsen, at den ene var endnu bedre end den næste på det højest tænkelige niveau :-).

Venlige hilsener fra

LIFE IS MAGIC – “nothing IS everything” 🙂

Instead of continuing to work all day long today, I decided to include some “life” too, which was to enjoy the fabulous weather and to walk to the supermarket REMA 1000, which had very special offers on ham, mackerel salat and heerings, which I had to buy in order to make my money last all month and we know I have been told that several of these offers of supermarkets have been especially designed to help me “survive” or at least not to starve.

On my way I was thinking and looking at the road, houses, trees and “everything” thinking that this is essentially “nothing”, which I am looking at, which does not exist and that life is an illusion and I knew that this was the negative view and that the positive is that LIFE IS MAGIC – and we know because a nice steak tastes fantastic even though it does not exist (!) exactly as in the Matrix movies but still you know the steak is very physical and tasting very well, you see (?) and this led me to think that if you are a vegetarian you are still eating “other life” – everything IS life – and just maybe eating is also the darkness in disguise in order to “destroy life” and to degenerate living beings eating at the same time as “food” also contains energy of the light and we know maybe we will gradually develop into a new life form where we don’t need to eat anymore – we can change the “code of life” you know – and instead of all of the pleasure of eating, I am sure that other pleasures will come, which will surpass this many times, but please don’t touch my beloved wine 🙂 🙂 🙂 – and this is also to say that this has been my feelings for weeks: NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE LIFE, MUSIC, HAPPINESS, FLOWERS AND MEMORIES AWAY FROM ME, this was my attitude all the way through and because I am the Source, this is then what we did and had I decided not to live and to give up, we would all be dead today – isn’t life magnificent?

LIFE IS “MAGIC” and in the future everyone can look forward to
“a little more love” and that is quite “suddenly” :-).

Evander Holyfield’s victory over Brian Nielsen symbolises my victory over the darkness to create our perfect New Universe

On my walk I was also thinking about the reason why the world famous and former world champion in heavyweight boxing Evander Holyfield came to Denmark two days ago to fight the Danish former champion Brian Nielsen – which was to follow up on more and more clear feelings I have received about this special fight – and now I was told directly that it was because Evander Holyfield is no. 2 on my list of all time favourite boxers and since no. 1 don’t fight anymore – Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he still is to me – Evander is the best that I got as I am told here by the Source inside of me and we know Evander was fighting with the will power of the Source through me to win in convincing style late Saturday evening at the same time as I was watching the concert with Cæcilie Norby and finalising the creation of our New Universe. This is what this fight symbolises to the world: The final victory of the Source over the darkness to create our perfect New Universe.

Evander Holyfield’s victory over Brian Nielsen symbolises my victory
over the darkness to create our perfect New Universe

The state of our Universe today is as a MP3 file almost without “code”, which now is becoming the finest SACD file ever

On my walk I was also thinking about the “stock of light” created for the next five years until the end of 2016 and that this is kept as a reserve to be used in a worst case scenario, where I theoretically should decide to give up now and continue to do what is wrong and I decided that for every day, which goes, the reserved light of this day may be used to strengthen and develop our Universe and me really and this is what I feel running through my veins as blood right now and we know “life giving elixir” is what it is.

And I was thinking that the remaining part of the darkness of the Universe is included – as “nothing” without a code, which is simply “destruction” – inside of every single living being including ALL matter and everything you see, which made everything weak to a point where “everything was balancing on the knife edge” (“knivsÆG” in Danish or “knife’s EGG”) and it is almost if you have a MP3 file of a song, where you have removed almost all information of the original song but to most people the song still sounds fine and now we are in the process of restoring and improving the data of this MP3 file so to say so it eventually will become a “Flac” file (CD quality) and ending with the absolutely best quality of today, which is a SACD file, which is when you will see the Universe flowering as you have never seen before.

A few short stories:

  • I was told that the Hierarchy is to be understood as different levels of beings with the level below them as their children, which continues for an eternity and on Earth it means that my children are the Council of Eight and their children is a larger group of people etc. and I was also told that a Universal rule is for living beings not to make love to their own children, which originally was designed to strengthen life so the offspring will not degenerate based upon an “old” code – this is the principle of the Rosenborg Wine over again thinning the original Source all of the time at the same time as the Source will never vanish – and I do not see any reason why this should be changed for the future.
  • I was thinking that for each new level we will enter, we will become wiser, which means a further uniting of our physical and spiritual beings and the day when I can see everything without any boundaries will be the day when our two worlds have been totally united and we know will this take 2, 5 or 1,000 years (?) and we will have to wait and see.
  • I was told that my experiences in the summer of 2010 doing the impossible jump and really all the way until the 10th October 2010, when I was told that I reached my Safe Haven back then was a “game” of the darkness since the origin of the darkness had decided to move and the jump was because EXTREME necessary was needed by the light to relocated the Source, whom we have followed ever since using a new strategy and the second time was the happy time reaching “the end” in the Easter 2011 and the true Safe Haven the 7th May 2011.

The spirit of my father hid with the Source as a future anti-Christ, but I forced him out when creating our perfect Universe

My suffering today was 0 to 50 percent of the previous maximum level most of the day maybe averaging 10 to 15 percent – including the cease of liquid streaming from my eyes and coagulating, which it has done for days because of extreme exhaustion – which was a true blessing compared to before but suddenly I was surprised to hear that my amplifier completely shut down and I was told that “it is not easy to change life from “nothing” to “something”” and I felt the spirit of my father approaching me together with ALL colours making me think of the entire Council and I was shown matches and given the smell of sulphur telling me that he was coming from “extreme Hell”; I was told that “after destructing and absorbing energy, it is not easy to return as a light being”, that this is what he has been doing the last days and I was told that with the spirit of my father, the spirit of my mother will also follow to become “normalised” and I was thinking that I was proud of my father sacrificing his life to be with the darkness, which is what he was – and we know because of my previous “98% decision” and now he is “forced” to return because at the end I decided for “absolutely no darkness” and was strong enough to carry it out – and this is really what these days of suffering are a consequence of.

The spirit of my father is returning from his new “assignment” as the future darkness of the world, who would continue to send out darkness through the Source inside of me unless I did as I did when taking my “100% decision” and I was also given a déjà vue about an uncertain future of another version of our new Universe if I had “allowed” this scenario, which was that both I and the spirit of my father would be born at the same time as Christ vs. Anti-Christ both claiming and believing to be Christ and if the world would start to forget about my teachings once again and enter a new moral decline – because of the darkness shining out from me – there would be a risk that it would be “convenient” for “the future” to believe in the “comfortable” lies of the darkness, which would lead to a new situation facing final destruction, but my dear friends we will save 1-2 new versions of the Universe simply by eliminating all darkness now, which is what we are doing also eliminating this prophecy. THERE WILL COME NO DIRECT SHOWDOWN BETWEEN CHRIST (me) and ANTI-CHRIST (the spirit of my father) in the future, the entire clash has been settled now removing the darkness forever and ever.

Yesterday a new tile broke on my bathroom as a new sign/threat from the spirit of my father – not him really, but the darkness forcing him, which he voluntarily decided to enter – and when I wrote the story about the children of the Hierarchy and that it is a universal rule not to make love to your children, I was also receiving the message that Michella and Vivian are children of my mother and that it would have been alright for me to make love to these women, but I had to remind my self that they are not children of my mother but “other parts” of my mother and we know in order to prevent this effort of the spirit of my father to remain in the belief that he was the Source inside of me, where he had already started to prepare for his future battle with me trying to “hire” servants in the same wicked way and the servants are all of us at the Council as the first, whom he approached and we did our best to avoid his efforts thinking that you would make it to the end to rescue him and make him return as a light being together with us.

After 15 minutes my amplifier was switched on again and I was asked by a gentle and nice voice about how much of my own energy I would use to help my father survive and my first thought was 25%, which I decided to increase to 50% if needed and I was also asked if I would do a meditation and here it was also my own faith, which yet again was tested, because meditation recently was NOT easy to do and not what I was hoping to do again already so soon to say the least – just the thought of it gave me throw up feelings and potential negative thoughts, which I however decided to control once again – and I was thinking that I am and should be in my Safe Haven now with enough energy to help us come through the last part of the road but I was also thinking on the other hand that if I could help the process, it would be better for all and therefore I decided to do one hour of meditation after dinner thinking that this would probably be enough and during this meditation I was shown myself at a horserace and the speaker/judge was climbing down from his high chair to congratulate me as the winner of the race and handing over the trophy, however I could not see which colour my horse had – the dark of the darkness or the white of the light – which was the “game” here but I was taking the judge as a positive signal that he is supporting me through his location inside of me.

After the meditation I was hoping this would be enough but just maybe because I had allowed to use 50% of my energy, I received new diarrhoea – the old sign of “my worst nightmare” given by the darkness, when it is worst, which is what the spirit of my father brought with him on his return here – and I was told more clearly that new meditation was needed and we know by now I am so “flexible” that I can keep going through the worst torture of pain, which this was approaching again because of my tiredness and therefore I decided to do a new meditation this time from 22.30 to 24.00 and I kept on telling the spirit of my father resisting me because of his strong and insistent belief of being the Source now (!) that “Stig is the only Source”, “you are as everyone else, which is a part of me, but you are not me” and that “you have been placed with the darkness and I come for your rescue” and I remember that I thought that this is “tuff” to go through and it made me think of Bob Marley because his record label was “tuff gong records”, which really was a good symbol of LOVE from the entire Council and world planted for me to discover, which was also repeated when I afterwards looked out on the beautiful sky this evening where several UFO’s showed themselves with much light and “happy days” really supporting me and making me happy.

Hereafter I thought that I would be able to go to bed and if needed I could do some meditation later in the night, but I was told to my surprise that “half an hour more is needed” and still I did not know if this was really needed – there should be light enough after reaching my Safe Haven you know – or if it was the darkness “teasing” me, but I decided to overcome my extreme tiredness by now and told myself that half an hour should be possible to do even when “hanging with my head” so this is what I did and afterwards I was “pretty sure” that now it had to be over with, but I kept on receiving more encouragements to meditate when lying in my bed, which I however decided to test by trying to fall asleep and I was told that because I did not want to continue meditating, they would now try to do the work required with the amount of light I had generated but also that they could not guarantee that this was enough (!) and by 01.20 when I was half sleeping, I was given a vision or dream if you will with my old dog Don lying on my lap continuously trying to bite me, which I understood as the darkness of the spirit of my father still being too strong to handle and therefore I “gave up” once more (!) and decided to do even more meditation, which by now was “more than impossible” to do because of my awful condition and for the next hour until 02.20 this is what I did where I was told by the spirit of my father now recovering that “I was about to line up my soldiers” and I felt both the spirit of Paul (the former Pope you know) and the spirit of Caroline (Jeanne D’arc) with me also telling me that they had been approached and that different members of the Council had been chosen to follow either the spirit of my father or me, which also would mean that if I had not decided to create a 100% perfect new Universe, it would not be certain that the psychical part of Karen would follow me after all because of the darkness, which would continue to float to her and I would myself continue to receive “distortion” from the darkness in the form of wrong messages, which I however now expect will decrease in line with the decrease of the existing darkness of the world and especially since NO NEW DARKNESS IS WILL EVER BE CREATED and we know the light should be able to shine through pretty easily to the world after this “exercise” has completed when we will produce light without interference from the darkness destroying the light and absorbing energy.

During these meditations I also felt my right heal hurting and the wound of my right angle healing after transferral of more information from my right leg to the left – I did not know and had not accepted information to be returned from my left to my right leg, but this happened as part of my previous 98% decision – and I felt the information streaming all the way from the bottom to the top of my left leg and body and from here to be distributed to my right leg too. I was also shown two goods wagons connecting again after having been separated.


10th May: The birth of the new Holy Spirit consisting of layer upon layer of everything of the Universe

Dreaming of receiving approval to take the whole new world with me

Finally after 02.20 I was allowed to get some sleep – after all I HAD to work in the morning at Falck – where I received a short dream of lifting up material to Tobias standing on a lorry and from there filling up the lorry, which also included a new computer magazine from this summer – so the spirit of Tobias was/is on my side – and when I woke up from the dream I was told that “this is the whole new world, which you have received approval to take with you” and also that “we have decided to have one thing of all and not two”, which was the same message as the two goods wagons connecting above because both of them are referring to ONE FUTURE WORLD and that is when the uniting of the spiritual and physical worlds will CONTINUE as this says, which only became real after communicating with my mother three days ago, which helped me to take the RIGHT 100% decision, and you know these days and this night have been TUFF – so tuff that I was starting to wonder if I really had reached my Safe Haven – but not that TUFF after all because I had the Source inside of me on my side if needed and also not tuff when considering what could have become the alternative creating an “uncertain” future and potentially TREMENDOUS suffering of two continued separated worlds and potential destruction and we know depending on the discipline of all living beings in relation to my teachings.


This morning I was “dead beat” when I was on my way to Falck and I was told that my work at Falck today – I HAD to finalise the edit of the exam paper of Thomas to make it “perfect” – would only be “symbolic” because I had done my most important work yesterday evening and night and later I found out that “underacting” is really the name of the game now the same way as I “only” had to do half an hour of more meditation yesterday evening and this is the first time I experience this because normally messages of this kind has been trustworthy.

The other day I had agreed with Thomas, who was not on guard today – it was Christoffer – that he would give me a clear note of which version of his paper he wanted me to do the final edit on and I was frankly surprised to see when opening the laptop, that it had version 4 of the paper open, which was last saved on the 5th May, and that there also was a version 5, which was NOT open but saved the 9th May and this version also included an automatic table of contents, which Thomas had been inspired to do himself 🙂 and there was NO note telling me what to do and we know which ANNOYED me because was this a clear message (?) and instead of starting to edit one of these two versions, I decided to call Thomas to communicate and he told me that he had received new input for his paper during the weekend, which he would continue working on today and that he would do all of the remaining work himself before the end of the deadline this evening at 23.59 and frankly this confused me because I was thinking that this would make the paper not as perfect as if I edited it meaning that our New Universe would not be perfect after all (?) but no matter what this symbol meant, it was without meaning to me because once again I told myself that “everything MUST be 100% perfect” and again I was thinking that the New Universe was LOCKED with the information given the 7th May without an option to change and we know when this is written I receive another of those secret messages, which is that I encouraged Thomas the other day to do his absolutely best work editing himself primarily to help him self and also to ease my work and this is simply my message to the world, which this is about: DO NOT EXPECT ME TO DO YOUR WORK BUT DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST YOURSELF and this goes out to everyone on all levels.

Instead I continued working on my key hood database, which I will include a chapter on here in case it should include symbols of importance to my development and I could see that I will finalise this work probably on Thursday and therefore I asked Christoffer of his advice in relation to the customer database of Falck; if the officers on guard still want me to visit the head office using approx. 25 hours to receive updated information on all subscribers through the customer database there, which Lyngby does not have access to, or if it is possible for the head office to withdraw a list from the database including all relevant information on all present and potentially also previous key hood subscribers from Lyngby and Gentofte and he did not know, but he decided himself that he would follow up and come back to me – latest on Thursday, when he will be back – and we know this was really unnecessary of you to do Christoffer, because I could do it myself if you and the others simply gave me the responsibility and free hands to do what I think is the best to do myself (with an option to consult you if I do not have the skills myself) but it is NOT easy for you to do when you are USED to think that you are entitled to decide over others (?) and we know “appreciative management” – really COMMUNICATION and UNDERSTANDING – is what the exam paper of Thomas is about, but one thing is the paper, another thing is to “convert this to real life” my friends?

I noticed that Christoffer had received a “good idea” today when he was speaking to a supplier, who could deliver equipment to the station helping them to refill six composite bottles with air in less than six minutes where it takes the station 1:05 hour to do today (!) and Christoffer and his colleagues kept on talking about this and how “COMPLETELY CRAZY” it is as they said several times and my dear ladies and gentlemen, this is about the amount of energy, which we will get access to directly from the Source and we know a “dream scenario” is what it is about when we do not have to continue fighting the darkness and this example is to let you know what it will mean to the world and we know the supplier will come to visit Christoffer the 26th May, which is telling me that it will take a couple of weeks for my friends on the other side to set up our New Universe enabling it to run faster and better than ever before.

I was also told that today at 13.00 I would receive a visit by the “white lady”, which was a symbol used about the spirit of my mother and I was also told directly that the spare energy, which we have accumulated, could have been used to remove the darkness from the spirit of my father and what he managed to force upon members of the Council, but now I am creating new energy through meditation and hard work (making me suffer as the consequence) in order to help the world the best and most efficient way really without removing the energy reserve, which will continue to be used in our progress.

At the end of the working day, I received the BEAUTIFUL song “coming in from the cold” from the album “uprising” by Bob Marley and really because this is what “all of us are at the moment” and that “rising up” or in this respect receiving rehabilitation from my family, friends and ex-colleagues, who have treated me unjust, is what is on the “menu” when more and more people – as my mother is beginning to – will understand that I did not treat them unfairly but they were all killing me because of their misunderstood and unjust actions towards me.

Continuing to work still on the edge of dying

I was home after midday and continued working after lunch from 12.40 to do my script of today including the last chapter of yesterday and I did this being on my edge of dying – I know this border pretty well by now – but still I was able to do it without stress and I might add that I was asked today how much I will give – do you remember this question from some of my previous scripts (?) – to help remove darkness from the other members of the Council and we know if what I did yesterday evening, the night and today was 50%, I decided that 25% is what I will continue doing otherwise it will simply be too “tuff” to go through, which of course is also the feeling on the other side right now but this is how we come through all of us as you required – and when this is written now at 14.45 before doing the editing and summary of the scripts, I also feel some sickness underneath my skin, which I feel the spirit of my mother is giving me because of the darkness she received from the spirit of my father, however this is NOT as severe as what the spirit of my father gave me.

Finally by 16.00 I had also done the editing and the summary of the script so far – and it is NO lie to tell you that I should be dead and buried feeling as I do, but I decided that I wanted to do this and also – if possible at all – trying to meditate once in the afternoon, which I will try to see if I can now.

LET THERE BE LIGHT – creation is a team work of the Universe 🙂

And meditation is then what I did from 16.10 to 17.30, but first I received yet another diarrhoea also telling me that the spirit of my mother has received much darkness before the end of the pipeline of the darkness and I was told that I would meet temptations of my old nightmare in this meditation and this is indeed what I did in the disguise of beautiful ladies including Karen including speech trying to overtake me, which was “almost stronger than I”, which I had to resist by insisting to produce more light and resist all “offers” given and I was shown a guitar case and told “look what your mother is bringing” and later I was also shown the guitar as the symbol of creation and I can only say that creation is a team work of all of you including the Trinity, the spirit of my mother, the Council, people of other civilizations etc. and you will decide the distribution of roles and responsibilities yourself of the work to come because you are still so much more clever than I and really to say that it is not only a matter of my inner self or the spirit of my mother creating and so it is my friends. And I was shown a pyramid and told that this is where we are still heading – and again I received the words: LET THERE BE LIGHT, which have come to me several times the last couple of weeks but I do believe this is the first time I write it down.

The opening to Chinese leaders

Several months ago I received an invitation to become friends on Facebook by a Chinese lady, whom I did not know, but which I accepted. She lives in Denmark and we have four common friends on Facebook, and after a few months she also had enough of me and my postings and decided to leave me as a friend maybe 2-3 months ago, which I did not write about, and yesterday I noticed that she had returned as one of these “small miracles” but only as “half a friend” (!), which looked “peculiar” because she was now included on my friends-list, but only with her name without a link, and when I had a look today, her name is now also a link (!) – as everyone else – but when I click her name, I only receive little information on her page (which was IMPOSSIBLE for me to open yesterday!), which is not “normal” compared to all information, which I should receive and receive when clicking in on others (“the wall”), and what this tells me is the development of the view of the Chinese leaders in me and we know a lot of light has been sent for them to realise that I have indeed returned and progress is made every single day so now I hope you will also decide to lead an OPEN POLICY without censorship and suppressing of basic human rights and THANK YOU TO THE WORLD COMMUNITY FOR DOING YOUR BEST TO CUT THROUGH TO THE “THICK-HEADED” CHINESE LEADERS and we know much darkness in you and behind the façade love too :-).

The birth of the new Holy Spirit consisting of layer upon layer of everything of the Universe

I was encouraged to do more meditation after dinner, which I did from 19.05 and 50 minutes forward and this time around the strength of the darkness was much weaker and almost a “blessing” to come through and I was told that layer upon layer is laid upon me until I will be ready to open up my eyes and I felt first layers of the Council and then a layer from people of another civilization being put on me, and I was told that the keyword was for the Universe to co-operate on creation and further development, and I felt my body pricking all over as a sign of beginning activities of improvement all over the Universe and I was told that “there is a life, which consists of everything and speaks to me”, which I also felt as the sum of everything and this is the life, which was switched on today – the new Holy Spirit – and also the reason why my suffering decreased much (because of the help the Universe gives).

You are always welcome to invite the Source to visit you – or I might ask to visit you as my “friend”

During this meditation I thought about my previous decision not to enter people unless there is a need for me to do so and I thought that if people asks me to visit them, I will of course be happy to do so and at the end I decided that I will act as I do normally towards people I know, which is that if I would like to visit them as my “friends”, I will give them a call or send an email and really because this was what the Universe encouraged me to do and we know which is the only logical thing to do.

The Universe collecting light energy from the Source inside of me to improve their part of the Universe

During the evening I felt and heard CONSTANTLY people arriving asking to enter and I kept on saying “everyone is welcome” – this was people of other civilizations coming to receive energy to improve their part of the Universe and still it is difficult for them to enter me as the Source because of the resistance of the darkness of the spirit of my father surrounding me, which I felt all evening too, when I received his red colour and a constant strong urge to send everyone away, which I resisted, and he also gave me the feeling of my right angle being cut over and almost no energy at all at this part of the Universe, which made me decide that I wish for an equal spread of light (energy) to the Universe but if any place suffers more than others, I wish for the Universe to take this into consideration so you will lift all up to the same level and from there continue the development and this is about communication and sharing of knowledge, which you will know much better than I, who knows nothing.




At 23.25 I was broken to pieces and was really hoping to be able to sleep but still with the attitude that if I was not, I would do whatever was required of me, and at midnight I was told that there was truly a need to meditate more, and my dear friends even though my mind was willing to do this meditation, my body had now reached its final physical limit, which I am here told is “what we would like to show the world” and for a few seconds I could not help becoming so annoyed that I for the first time ever (!) entered the negative thoughts and the red colour of the darkness – after years with hundreds or thousands of the most wicked attacks every single day – thinking that “this is TOO much, I don’t want to do it” but I pulled myself together and as a non-living zombie I started meditating on my sofa for the next hour, but I do believe I was sleeping more than being awake and even though I did my best to “only produce light” and to instruct the spirit of my father that he is NOT the Source, I heard with the absolute back of my head with MUCH discomfort his voice giving instructions to the Universe “in the name of Hell, I command you to ….” and of course this had NO impact because I cannot send out any darkness anymore after the 7th May and also because this was not me speaking and my dear friends, this is to say that THE CLOSURE OF THE SOURCE OF DARKNESS IS THE SINGLE FACTOR MEANING THE MOST TO THE UNIVERSE IN WORLD HISTORY.

Dreaming of receiving reassurance from the Source that there is no risk of elimination now but “a happy ending”

Finally from 01.00 to 07.00 I received some uneven sleep and these dreams:

  • I am working at Kim S’ company. I have to mandatory be a member of two associations/unions, which I cannot because of my poor economy, and even though I feel understanding and safety coming from Kim, I still feel nervous about being dismissed. And I see a big apartment being cleaned.
    • I don’t know what the associations are about but I don’t like a concept of being forced against your will to be a member of a Union, which I remember denying when I worked for Danske Bank, Freeport Branch from 1986-88, where Benta “almost” dismissed me because as a spokesperson of the Union it was simply “unthinkable” for her to work together with a “anti-social person” as me, but you found out Benta that I was not really anti-social didn’t you (?) – and this was ONE of many tests given to me all of my life, which I had to pass to reach the final stage and we know without knowing it of course.
    • In this dream I receive reassurance from the Source that I am in no risk to become dismissed – i.e. to be eliminated – which is what still has been giving me some concerns recently because I thought I was in Safe Haven already the 10th October 2010 and later I received the art work “the gift of life” as I believe it was called and how can I be sure now (?) and my only answer is because of what I am told, all of my experiences and the development and everything because I have decided to ALWAYS do what is right and the development these days are only about what is RIGHT – I do believe that life has now been saved forever and ever.
  • I woke up with the song “a little more love” by Olivia and the lyrics “….a happy ending”, so this is also what this song says now :-).
  • Bo from Dahlberg calls me and in the beginning I cannot hear what he says, but then suddenly the signal comes through and I can tell that he is happy. He is now selling to private people and he tells me that this is impossible to do because of very great competition from others. I am far too heavy and long haired and Søren from Dahlberg starts giving me a haircut.
    • Here I will only say that I am happy to hear that Bo is happy and just maybe my “human face” shining through in my recent emails with Niels and also what Rikke H. could see from my comments on Facebook on my birthday is all that it takes for them to see that I am not “completely crazy” after all?

‘Allo ‘Allo! – is anybody home?

This morning I decided to take a long bath in the tub and to meditate instead of starting to write the script because I was still very tired, and during the bath I was feeling a golden key at the bottom of my right leg, which is what the spirit of my father believes he possesses and don’t want to hand over but my dear father, you are NOT the Source and we know it takes quite a few times of me telling him for him to understand and we know ‘Allo ‘Allo! – is anybody home (?) and we know “listen very carefully I shall say this only once” is what I could have hoped would be enough in general with my scripts but the truth is that I have repeated myself over and over again in the hope that some of the (few) key persons of my family and friends would start to read and understand maybe this time and no they did not and alright I will write it again a little bit differently and again and again and again and this was the only way to come through people who did not really want to understand but still we made it.

The spirit of my father returning back to life from his placement as the new Source of darkness after the cease of this

At Falck, Robert was on guard today meaning that I was given the “boring job” – “when will they ever learn” their mistakes? – to deliver filled composite bottles to Falck in Gladsaxe, which I did and I was told that this was about bringing “air” for the spirit of my father coming “back to life, back to reality” and we know, which was really a message given to me from “Soul II Soul” (!) and this fantastic song is in my view one of the best dance tracks ever recorded and the best is OF COURSE “what is love” by Haddaway and we know which I loved since hearing it the first time and yes Liselotte and Helle W. this was the time we were together as “friends” and “baby don’t hurt me no more” is what I can tell both of you because of your actions in relation to me and a certain man from Rungsted as you may remember?

I was asked to deliver the bottles by Robert to the “garden gnome” in Gladsaxe and after this, I also had to drive to Falck in Tårnby to collect used fireman clothes and at approx. 10.50 this morning on Danish P3 radio, a listener was calling in giving inspired speech about a “garden gnome”, which I decided that I was too tired to pay attention to and we know two symbols of Christmas, and we know the good and positive symbols are spread here and there for me to collect and I don’t write all of them but here was yet another one.

I found Falck in Tårnby too, received four large plastic bags of used fireman clothes – they smelled a lot of smoke almost as “smoked fish” as I told the officer on guard there – and from here I had been told to deliver the clothes to Falck Gentofte, where a nice fire manager received it also confirming to me that this clothes was to be washed and we know another sign of the spirit of my father returning from Hell or “nothing”, where I had placed him myself because of my previous 98% decision but since I ended up with a 100% decision, he is now to become cleaned, which is why I will do more meditation this afternoon helping him to recover more quickly and we know I had to go through further suffering this week to alter the design of the New Universe, which was not easy to do because it was not easy to first set up a new “nothing”/Hell and afterwards to remove it as I have been told and to give “birth” almost – this is how it feels – to the spirit of my father and here I feel his spirit with me as good and still some red and now inside of me, which is how the feeling is supposed to be of course except from the red part.

And by the way, the symbol of me starting to work for Falck could also seen from a negative point of view be about “FIRE ON HIGH” approaching – the last fire of the Universe eliminating all – but I am happy that we followed your secret advice, Jeff, to “turn back” from this road before the end of “time” :-).

Helping the spirit of my father back to life giving EXTREME energy – symbolising a battle between the good and bad Source

After returning home and after lunch, I continued writing the script being very tired and I was thinking that the last part of my journey as all of my journey was to accept the most difficult tests with much discomfort to do what I absolutely had no desire to do but still to do it because it was the right to do and to do it without fear, tiredness or other suffering holding me back, which was also the recipe today because I was told that I needed to do 3-4 hours of meditation to bring the final part of the spirit of my father to life, which could be right or wrong but instead of being tempted to take the easy choice, I decided to “test” the message by starting to meditate at 14.45 and sure enough the message was correct as you will understand from the following:

I was almost as tired as late yesterday evening, where I lost it a few seconds with no “defence system” against all of the negativity coming from the darkness of the spirit of my father other than my WILL POWER and again I was so tired that I was about to be transferred into the world of being “half-awake”, which was really what the spirit of my father misused yesterday evening and I found out that the solution to this was to DECIDE not to enter this stage – even though every cell of my body was screaming to receive sleep – and then to stay awake and more ALERT than ever before from attacks including visions of beautiful ladies (covers of the spirit of my mother), touch and feelings around my private parts (A VERY BIG PART OF THE GAME ALL ALONG AND THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME THIS WILL BE WRITTEN!), which I had to refuse and again – as so many times before – I could feel “areas of thoughts” around me and see the negativity of them including “words, which would be put on my mind and in my mouth” as easily as that if I accepted to enter them that is, which is really what would be the “only choice” to do because of the immense strength of these but again I decided to stay away and the game is really about staying awake and alert, because then this is “pretty easy” to do but because of my physical state, this is “almost impossible” to do, which I however have decided to continue trying to do and we know at one point I decided just “to be” without saying anything or “blocking off” the darkness – the first time doing this towards an “opponent” of this extreme strength – and just let it come to me inviting it by asking “what would you do if only you could”, where I was shown my self being cut open with a pair of pincers and I was constantly given the finger and these are really only small examples of how it has been all of the time for years, which I here decided to give you some more examples of and while I was just laying there with my defence totally open – as Ali did against Foreman in 1974 without being knocked out by a much stronger opponent because of faith, therefore (!) – I felt the red colour entering me, being part of me and my brain and I did not have to defend myself because I had decided that no matter what happened, what came to me was not me but it became more difficult to do because the darkness kept on changing its form – as sicknesses and bacteria do as other “tools of the darkness” when they are in danger of being “eliminated” – and here the darkness became “invisible” just trying to change my thoughts from the inside of me without feeling it but no my friends, this is not how I have decided it to be – and we know it was both easy to do and at times the most difficult of all challenges and really because the spirit of my father requires EXTREME energy to return to life and when I am on my extreme edge, this is what I give and this game has therefore been designed as the final showdown between “two sources” – between the good and the bad and we know there is no ugly here, so only two – and at times I am so much on the edge that I could lose this one also telling you what the future world COULD have included but here it is of course without importance because if I should lose, the darkness will not be send out to the world because the Source of the darkness was shut down the 7th May, you see? This is how “good game designers” design a game as I might add as Stig here.

At the end of the meditation I was shown a very large apartment with the first big part of it now being painted blue still lacking the last part of it and I was told that if I should stop meditate now, this is the amount of energy which would be used in a try to switch on the spirit of my father and if it was not enough, they would come back asking for more and you are welcome :-).

I am something completely different than this Universe – and collecting the piracy ship from the darkness

At 17.30 until 18.10 while waiting on my dinner to cook, I did another short meditation, which was MUCH easier to come through because by now I was not extremely tired anymore meaning that I did not have to fight to stay awake and alert and again I decided just “to be” and I was told that as the Source inside of the darkness, this is what I was and that the darkness could not harm me at all and again I had all of these thoughts in areas around me and I kept on thinking “I am not these thoughts” and really that I am something completely different, which may be because we are a part of a bigger and completely different Universe than ours – if this is true, which I am not certain about today but at least it matches fine – and the meditation ended with a vision where I was shown a big pirate ship inside a glass bowl at a museum and I was told that I walked through the spirit of my father to reach my new other self as the divided Source and that I am now healing to ONE again – and I was also told that all people had received two channels, one for the light and one for darkness, which is now also returning to ONE only and we know ONLY LIGHT and nothing else :-).

Receiving unlimited access to the house of the Source – “now the eternal tour upwards will begin”

And finally I had my dinner, spoke to my mother over Skype receiving new loving feelings, which is ALSO helping this process MUCH and from here I decided to do the last meditation of today from 19.10 to 20.25 where I did not feel the spirit of my father at all but the Source behind him and still inside of me and I was told with a smile that

  • “There is a whole Universe inside of nothing, which gives you energy and saves all information from this Universe and we are only waiting for you to return home to me”.
  • “The feeling you received of “nothing to be afraid of” was given by me”.
  • “We have no heads, we simply ARE”, “you will become the first of your Universe to discover our world” and “this is where your inner self is and where the spirit of your father was heading”.
  • “Why did we create a world including evilness to answer one of your first questions? Because we were created the same way ourselves.”
  • “It took unity of the Universe for life to continue, which was our rules and because you kept on saying “I don’t care, we simply have to come through no matter what”, you were given help from me and your inner self. If you had failed only once, you would have received less help afterwards making it impossible for you to come here”.
  • “We are approaching our ULTIMATE dream come through.”
  • “We have no barriers inside of here, there is no nothing and no everything, we simple ARE, which is the best way to put it. “
  • I was shown a big estate and marzipan as the door step, the symbol of me NEVER GIVING UP, which was what I used to enter this house and I saw a large stair leading upstairs and I was told “now the eternal tour upwards will begin with the goal of you to become part of our Universe and “you have received unlimited access to our house because you have given the Universe unrestricted access to the Source” and while I was doing this meditation, I was listening to what may be my favourite concert of all, which is David Bowie’s Reality tour and while receiving this specific message of great importance to me, I was listening to the BREATHTAKING song “Life of Mars”, which was the first David Bowie song – another of the approx. eight 100 points songs of his – I ever got to learn and it was my sister leading me to it as it was also through my sister, I found the entrance to this house of the Source and his Universe through “nothing”.

I was told that by being “nothing” – through my journey I was living even though I should be dead – I have made myself “something”, and my suffering at this meditation was between 0 to 2% of the previous maximum level and at periods it was really 0% (!), which I have (almost) not experienced since the spring of 2006 and I even enjoyed this meditation much; simply to be, the deepness of it and the nice feeling of my “humming” body, which I believed I could continue to be in forever and this led to the trap of this meditation, which was the final words “and therefore I wish to become nothing again” with the “logics” being to remain in this state and for me to enter the Universe of the Source inside of “nothing” but to this I could only say “no, we will remain everything no matter what” and also because “nothing IS everything” and “everything IS nothing” and we might say that now nothing has been converted to everything and this is really my understanding today, which I of course will correct later if some is wrong, which I will know when reaching a higher level and “that’s life” really.

I was listening to this  TRUE master piece by David Bowie – the symbol of the Source – while receiving unlimited access to the house of the Source 🙂

And finally at 21.40, I had done the last piece of writing today also hoping that I will now be able to receive sleep throughout the night without having to meditate even more, and we will simply have to wait and see – and what is my attitude if I am “encouraged/forced” to do so (?) and that is to be flexible of course in order to help because I should be able to do some more IF THIS IS TRULY NEEDED :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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