May 14, 2011: I am threading the halls of sanity, where darkness and light are one when becoming the new Trinity


Summary of the script today

12th May: My sister WAS the dark side of the Source; our mother had to choose between us to save or destruct us all

  • Dreaming of being somewhat nervous about the very difficult game – and also easy (!) – I am going through these days but I received the most beautiful music of the Source being present all over the world as a symbol of our new perfect Universe – I just need to continue bringing energy for the Universe to become “perfect” according to my decisions.
  • A great part of the work creating the new perfect Universe has now been done. I have given energy I did not have from the Source inside of me to help the IMMENSE need of the Universe to remove darkness and we are now improving.
  • The darkness has been STRONG recently, which I give some examples of through my old colleague “Frankie”, who was “furious” searching my website trying to find “negative” stories on him (!), which could have crucified me, FC Barcelona not making 100 points this season after all and a friend of Sidsel, who is deported from the misanthropic nation of Denmark not trying to understand him but negatively judging him beforehand because of selfishness exactly as my family, friends and ex-colleagues judged me before starting to understand me.
  • At Falck I had to do a new drive transporting a key, which symbolised the new “perfect key” of the Source being keyed into all living beings, and I discovered that the old “key service” of Falck has now been closed for new customers because the system did not work (!) and replaced by a new “key plate” service, which was a symbol of the Old Universe closing down because it did not work anymore because of poor behaviour of people (!) and replaced by our new perfect Universe with “100% light” now being encoded inside all living beings.
  • In a new meditation I accepted for the Universe to start evolving into a stage as the Source itself – the feeling of “being all over” – but always to keep our physical Universe as is (“everything”). A new spiritual system of the future world was being implemented. I received some of the same physical movements of my limbs as the darkness also gave me VERY MUCH in 2006-2008 and I received THE BIGGEST REVELATION when I was told that the Source of the darkness in this life or anti-Christ if you will ADOPTED FROM THE UNIVERSE BEFORE THIS ONE (because of an attempt to save me and all of us) was my sister (!!!) receiving the “birth gift” to destroy me in order to benefit the darkness itself (destruction!). My sister and I (our spiritual sides) have thus been fighting as the Christ and anti-Christ directly in this Universe – and I have always been stronger than my sister because it was the light, which created the darkness. My sister is NOT evil but a HERO (!) originating from the same original people as I, she was as much Christ as I – she was the other living side of the Source – but she is now returning to her old life and location when I will continue to be the Christ without a dark side. The destiny of my mother was to choose between her two children. If she ended up deciding to believe in my sister, it would mean the end of this Universe, but she ended up believing that I do have genuine spiritual experiences and merely tell the truth of what I experience – and this is what saved us all and was enough to create a perfect New Universe.

13th May: The dark coat of the Devil is lifting from me making me able to receive a happy life while being alive

  • Dreaming of my mother believing in me and my sister on her way doing the same and about to start the work to distribute “normal life” to the world even though the darkness is still “trying” to block me, which is really to release the darkness as the process to receive a 100% PERFECT and CLEAN world and we really talk about the sweetest perfection here :-).
  • The dark coat of the Devil is lifting from the inside of me, which is a SENSATIONAL feeling, making me start to live instead of being dead as a parrot! I will be able to receive a happy life while being alive as the last one because the criteria was for all other people to reach this first, which is what all other people will reach in our coming perfect world, which the foundation has now been laid for.
  • In a meditation I decided that in the future I will think and feel as an ordinary person and also as the Holy Spirit of the Universe and the Source inside of me at the same time as I will generate all thoughts and feelings of the world.
  • I started running today and receiving 5-10 times the energy I have had for years – but still less than normal, which makes work and life EASY my friends (!) – and after having released the world, the spirit of my father and my sister, I have now started becoming released myself as the last person of the Universe.

14th May: I am threading the halls of sanity, where darkness and light are one when becoming the new Trinity 🙂

  • I had a night of almost eight hours of sleep without disturbance and dreaming of bringing wine to my sister to liberate her spirit from the darkness.
  • I received the last piece of darkness from the previous Source of darkness through the spirit of my sister, which will now liberate her and me and switch on the Trinity. A GIANT LUCKY WHEEL with a GIANT CUP FORMED AS A HEART IN THE MIDDLE OF IT is what the world and I now have to look forward too :-).
  • This afternoon I started the end of the process to ”thread the halls of sanity” “where darkness & light are one”, which required a new very difficult meditation with hurting in order to produce a vast amount of energy to reach the two others and switch on the new Trinity according to the criteria of my scripts on “our” way to become united as ONE. I reached some of the way and was met by LOVE.


12th May: My sister WAS the dark side of the Source; our mother had to choose between us to save or destruct us all

Dreaming of being somewhat nervous of a “difficult” game but receiving FULL REASURRANCE of reaching our perfect Universe

I was happy to discover that I was given a full sleep until 07.00 this morning with the suffering this time being that I had clear dreams, which I could not remember when awakening but they felt “positive” and this is the one dream I did remember:

  • I am working on my computer being afraid that I do not have access to my hard disk drive, but a man shows me that I do and I feel a big picture of Kiri Te Kanawa present “all over”.
    • Again I have been somewhat nervous about this difficult game – but also “easy”, the difficult is really to bring energy (!) – I am going through these days removing MUCH darkness again and let us just say it to make the world “perfect”, but it has been with the prevailing feeling that everything was alright and that I have understood the essential parts of the story including the locking of the New Universe the 7th May as one corner stone from where the Universe will NEVER be able to deteriorate also matching with what I have written before in the case that we had received a new Big Bang – as the other and far more likely outcome (!) – where the “results” of the old Universe would be used as a new “layer” on top of the old making it easier and easier for each new Universe to reach the ultimate goal of a “perfect world” – which is what we have now reached.
    • And we know Stig KIRI TE KANAWA IS REALLY AS GOOD AS MARIA CALLAS, which I found out today when I decided to listen to my favourite opera aria of all song by a female artist, which of course is “O Mio Babbino Caro” by Puccini, in several different versions both by KIRI TE KANAWA and MARIA CALLAS, whom I believe are the greatest female opera singers the world has seen, and I found both to be 100 points on my scale (!) and here it is another symbol of our PERFECT New Universe and also to follow up on the KIWI, which I have been shown for days, because the Kiwi is the nick name of people from New Zealand from where Kiri Te Kanawa is originating, which is the MOST beautiful country of the world when evaluating on basis of the breathtaking scenes of the movie “the Lord of the rings” filmed in this country and what I remember my sister and her husband told me after their visit to the country years ago and really to say that this is the scenario we are now implementing in our New Universe inside of every single living being: 100% perfect light will shine through without any darkness at all – and I receive INCREDIBLE FEELINGS OF JOY FROM THE SPIRITUAL WORLD WHEN THIS IS WRITTEN. And the feeling of the dream of the picture of Kiri Te Kanawa being “present” all over is to say that the Source inside of me will be present all over the world :-).

Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro” by Kiri Te Kanawa is
1) the most beautiful opera aria I know of, 2) from the best opera singer of the world and 3) originating from the most beautiful country, New Zealand,
symbolising our new perfect Universe with kind regards from the Trinity 🙂

A great part of the work creating the new perfect Universe has now been done

I woke up with the lyrics “time is running out” from the song “Let’s roll” by Neil Young, which I understood that it is soon time for a change into something better – the darkness is decreasing and I was told that I have already done a great part of the 14 days plan – which I dreamed about some days ago I believe – because of the meditation and energy I have given to the Universe, and also that “we could have waited” but I decided to say that “everyone is welcome” and “keep on”, which was the reason why EXTREME amounts of energy, which I did not have (!) was withdrawn from me because of the immense need of the Universe – hence the degree of darkness the previous days – but as you will understand, I am becoming better each day receiving somewhat more energy myself at the same time as the Universe is improving but I know there is probably a lot more work to do and I was shown and also felt the spirit of my father sitting behind me being red and completely down/depressed but starting to learn that “then we are not to do this and that” according to the plans of the darkness and that is so TRUE my father, we are only becoming 100% light all of us including you creating JOY and HAPPINESS instead of destruction, which none of us likes, which you would also have been able to feel inside of your “new vicious self”, if this scenario would have been carried out, which would have been your Achilles’ heel in another version of our future Universe.

Examples of the strong darkness recently, which could have crucified me

The darkness has been VERY strong recently, which has also given me examples in real life, which has given me some nervousness but this is perfectly logical because this is how the darkness has worked all along – and here are some examples of recent experiences:

  • The 3rd May, my old colleague “Frankie” – as I called him -from Fair was searching my website on his own first name, sir name, “Facebook” and also “Poul” to find “negative” stories of me (?) and this was an ex-colleague, who previously simply HAD ENOUGH OF my postings on Facebook making him decide to leave me – without understanding me of course – as a friend and here he may had received a sign about what some my believe are my “negative” writings (?) – without understanding them – and is this the reason why you also searched for “Poul”, which should have been “Paul” (?) and is this you, Paul – my good old friend and colleague from Fair – who decided to speak negatively about me behind my back (?) or maybe it is more likely Poul-Erik, who is my “landlord”, which you also searched for (?) or am I misunderstanding these signs? “Frankie” went through 10 of my pages in 9 minutes the 3rd May – which you can see examples of from the picture below – without finding anything (?) and the 9th May he was still “furious” with me (?) when he decided to do another search on his own names and also “Fair” – selfishness you know – “reading” 12 of my pages in approx. 3 minutes but still you did not find anything to “upset” you even more, which could have led you to crucify me and potentially the world? As a matter of good sake I asked for light to be sent to him so he would not “lose it” really.

My old colleague “Frankie” from Fair was “furious” on my
“negative” writings (?), which could have crucified me!

  • I have not yet received the final approval from the housing association to stay in Poul-Erik’s apartment.
  • I was told yesterday that Barcelona would make exactly 100 points and score 100 goals this season, which however was the darkness because Barcelona only received a draw yesterday evening now making the highest number of points they can reach 98 – two matches of the season lack – but still my dear friends at Barcelona: CONGRATULATIONS with becoming champions once again and you may also feel “tired” as I after a long season with MANY matches (?) but still you could have won this match too if you really wanted too (!) but you decided that you did not want to set another unbeatable record reaching the “impossible” 100 points?
  • My old “friend”, Sidsel, posted these messages on Facebook yesterday because her friend Eloy has received the verdict of Denmark to be deported from our country, which is a POLITICAL judgement administered by people who do not want to understand Eloy as a person and the good things he has done while being in Denmark; they are ONLY focused on finding negative “proof” to send him out (as “Frankie” above is an example of too) because they have decided to be hostile towards other people because of their own selfishness – “don’t steal our richness from us” (!) – which is (soon “was”) Denmark in a nut shell – and here it is also a symbol given to Sidsel and others about me because when you understand that you have acted EXCATLY the same way towards me as the Foreign Department of Denmark has acted towards Eloy, you will understand that you have been just as selfish and “screaming to Heaven” ignorant and unjust to me as the Foreign Department – but today you believe that of course this is not who you are (?) – and this is a story for you to wake up to, to understand and for you to start helping the world on basis of my teachings.

And here is Eloy’s video for you to see how easy it should be to understand if you truly wanted to understand:

The old Universe closed down because of poor behaviour and all life has now been encoded with “100% light”

Today at Falck, I was met by Christoffer, who asked me to do a new drive to Falck Gentofte to collect a key, which had to be transported to Falck Gladsaxe – human exploitation you know – and I was told that this was simply a symbol of me receiving full access to the house of the Source and to key in a new “code” inside all living beings on basis of my “100% decision”.

Christoffer had on my request received a list from the head office on all subscribers or was it only key hood subscribers (?) and it was difficult to tell for Christoffer because there was more than 4,000 on this list but we only have 1,000+ keys (!) – he had made a telephone call to the head office without giving a CLEAR and PRECISE order for the recipient to understand correctly (?), which I will investigate next week – and instead of having other people doing my job poorly on basis of wrong decisions without preparing their work properly before doing it, I decided to do it myself, and here it was to step back one level, which was to go through all subscription plans of Falck to see which of them include “key service”, which quite a few did, but I also discovered that several of these plans have been closed recently (the 2nd May) and replaced by new plans with a new “key plate” arrangement, where Falck will not any longer keep the keys at Falck Stations but when keys are lost, the plate encourages the finder to post the keys, which automatically will be send to Falck’s head office, who will contact the owner and we know my friend, this was another symbol PLANTED for me to find out, which was that ALL KEYS OF ALL PEOPLE HAVE NOW BEEN REPLACED WITH A NEW SERVICE WHICH WE HERE CALL “100% LIGHT” (encoded in the genes of everyone) and we know I called the head office to receive confirmation that I had understood their website correctly, which I had and they told me that the old “key service” was stopped for new customers (but continued for existing) because it did not work at Falck Stations because of disorder, lack of a IT-system and updated information and also the risk of misuse and my dear friends, my thought was that this is a consequence of POOR WORK, COMMUNICATION AND DISCIPLINE and that it was truly not necessary for you to close down the old service for new customers, which here is the same as the world misbehaving, which meant that we had to close down the old Universe but I am happy that I was strong enough to continue life in our New Universe as this new “key plate” is symbolising.

Some time ago I discovered that Christoffer is “mad” about Bruce Springsteen, and the other day I lent him my concert DVD “Live in New York City” by Bruce – which was ALSO about a reunion and here between Bruce and his E-street band – and told him that I receive gooseflesh when seeing and listening to “American Skin (41 Shots)” from this concert, this is how beautiful it is and my dear friends, the totally positive reception of me at Falck including their “HUMAN TOUCH” and warmth really has also been included as an ingredient in our new perfect Universe, which this song and DVD by Bruce symbolises and we know if Jesper had had “time” to read my website again, it was not sure that they would have been positive to me (at all!), which would have made it “even more impossible” for me to create a perfect new world and of course Jesper believed in me when I told him at our first meeting that I would not reveal any secrets about Falck (!) and do you believe Jesper that I have revealed “secrets” about you or only told the truth to the world? – And yes, Bruce, we did take that ride, we did cross this bloody river and we did make it to the other side :-).

I spoke to Christoffer about just how fantastic this concert of Bruce is – the best I have seen – and Christoffer was inspired to recommend me a FANTASTIC guitar player by the name of Keb Mo, whom I did not know about but told him that I would check out on YouTube, which I did and I found “more than one way home” – this is INSPIRATION too – which is why I was inspired to drive new ways both today and yesterday thinking that all ways lead to Rome and we know I found my destinations without problems both today and yesterday and this was really to tell you that no matter what I did after the 7th May, we would have reached a perfect world one way or another but it could have given the world and me too very serious sufferings in order to get rid of the IMMENSE darkness we received up to the 7th May, which could also have made me – and others – believe that the end had come and this is Stig, what you saved us all from doing, just by writing, working and meditating beyond your limits and yes my friends, this is HOW STRONG THE POWER of this man is 🙂 – and the guitar play of Keb Mo is of course a symbol of CREATION, my friend, and this is how we separated today when Christoffer told me “it has been a pleasure as always”, which I fully agreed in – this is how it is here every day as it also was at Brede Park, A2B and ALL OF MY FORMER WORK PLACES, which however was difficult for many of you to see, when you did not understand but decided to listen to your own ignorant voices?

Have I written that the officers on guard are “eager” to shake my hand on a daily basis both when arriving and leaving (?) – which is not a “normal” action between colleagues meeting daily as you will agree in (?) – and this took my self by surprise but it continues to go on and what it is about is simply HAPPINESS of people being together and also an instinct given to these people from their spiritual inner selves as I am here told driven by a desire to return to the Source :-).

Encouraging David to use my physical symbol of the Source when giving my greetings to the team 🙂

This afternoon I was VERY HAPPY to hearing from David again because lack of communication always makes me unhappy and difficult it has been for my suffering LTO friends to communicate lately, but now David was back and my dear friend, David, you have just witnessed the clash of the Titans in reality so to say through the last couple of weeks of my scripts and what you will see when FC Barcelona will play against Manchester United will simply be a play for the gallery, but I will enjoy watching it but this time WITHOUT ANY SYMBOLS AT ALL hoping that the best team will win – and just maybe this will be you Barcelona (?) because you are still my favourite team – and again I am VERY HAPPY for you, David, to stick together with the LTO team, it means as much to me AND THE WORLD as it does to you (!) and I kindly ask you to give my best to the others and just maybe you will move your right hand to your heart and smile while you bring my greetings to all (?) and yes David, it was God – or the Source as I prefer to call the One now inside of me – speaking to you in Kenya and the one who is giving you and the team all of my smiles 🙂 🙂 :-). Your lives WILL improve and you have all been my most valued “friends” and “servants”, whom I miss very much and am eager to see again ASAP hopefully in 2011 and at least in 2012 almost as a “promise” my friends.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to thank you for your mails and continued advice to us. I am very grateful. I am still waiting for the clash of the Titans when the red Devils will be taught a lesson, hopefully.

It is fine here and all is moving forward with a lot of rainfall and cold weather.

I have not have had the opportunity of meeting the other team members except John this weak. All are fine and I have the possibility of meeting them by the end of the week.

I was just updating you and shall get back to you later.

Thank you,

My sister WAS the dark side of the Source; our mother had to choose between us to save or destruct us all

When I returned home, I expected to have less than one hour of writings to do – after lunch of course – also giving me the chance to start running again (I was told that 10 minutes of running for me is equal to 1 hour of meditation because of the energy it releases), this is how much the improvement these days have been, but I was taken by surprise of the instinct given to me requiring me to work because this is what I am used to and this was the reason why I today decided to follow up on a few stories, which I did not write earlier and we know it took me until 16.30 to write these until I FINALLY received time to start meditating and earlier at Falck I received the secret message of having to do 2-3 hours of meditation today and we know things are becoming easier now my friends and this is what I experienced in my meditation from 16.30 to 18.30:

First I was asked if I was willing to continue receiving suffering from the darkness or if I would prefer to shut off the negative speech/visions and lack of energy given to me, which I thought about doing earlier today, but at the end I decided that if this will make it easier and better for the Universe to come through the transit to the final destination, this is what I will do also asking that my suffering will NOT be as immense as it has been earlier this week – and really for quite some time you know – which is what I believe will be the case and we know PLEASE COME ON, SHOW ME THE BEST YOU GOT and I WILL TRANSFORM YOU INTO LIGHT or “GIVE YOU A CODE” as I have also started calling the process.

The meditation continued with receiving a very graphic vision of a beautiful and “ready” lady, which I had to refuse once more – no SPIRITUAL ladies for me, thank you – and afterwards I was told that this was the last great sexual temptation given to me by the darkness and that Sidsel – who was my main “attraction” since 2009 or was she really (?), because even though she is nice, she is really not my type as you know (!) – was yet again another part of the spirit of my mother, which I have really been waiting to hear for a long time and this was the time I received the message.

I started the meditation trying to finish as I did yesterday, which was just “to be” – with the feeling of floating all over – and to accept all attacks because no negative thoughts, desires and temptations had a chance to stick to me this way but I understood that because of my decision to accept suffering to remove the last part of the remaining darkness of the world, the Source inside of me removed this feeling from me now making me “almost” a normal human being again, where all of these thoughts and attempts of the darkness to take me over started to stick again, but I decided and insisted that I as Stig am also able to do this with my parades down and this is then what I tried my best to do but it was admittedly more difficult than when being the Source and this is the difference of me as a human being and me – the connection is VERY CLOSE as you will understand – as the Source.

And I started receiving physical suffering and movements of my limbs as I had ALL OF THE TIME from at least 2006-2007 and maybe also 2008 (?) – I cannot remember now – which included an INCREDIBLE desire to move my body and head uncontrollable, which however only happened little, and to shut and keep my eyes clothes very strongly and all of this was the same darkness giving it to me again and the feeling I received was that this was a symbol of extreme difficulties of the members of the Council trying to keep away the extreme darkness from the world – to save as many people from a violent death as possible – and their thoughts at the time was WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF WE GIVE AS MUCH SUFFERING TO STIG AS POSSIBLE TO SEE WHAT “HOT STUFF” – also a part of the game, Donna, here lately because I was alone on holiday with my mother on Lanzarote in 1980, when you were on top of my list with “bad girls” but still I don’t care because I LOVE THIS ALBUM VERY MUCH TOO – HE IS MADE OF and when he started responding and accepting the game, we continued ALL WE COULD because the darkness forced us as it did again today and later in this meditation, I understood from which Source of darkness this suffering originated from.

During the meditation I felt more difficulties trying to be as the Source but I insisted to continue working as such and then I was asked by the Source if I would accept for the Universe to gradually become as the Source itself – the feeling of “being all over” without a “nothing” or “everything” – and in the beginning I was “nervous” about this being another attack from the darkness because the entrance to the Source is through “nothing” and if I accepted, would this mean an acceptance for the Universe to become “nothing” (?) (again again really) and this I could not accept and then I wrote down this note on my CELL phone – I know it now my friends, not mobile but CELL phone but this is how it is when I am a Dane – the answer came logical to me because I will NEVER NEVER give up on being EVERYTHING and therefore I accepted for the Universe to start evolving into a stage where we will always be “everything” – physical – at the same time as we will gradually receive the feeling of “being all over” and we know Stig NOT THE WORST DECISION FOR YOU TO TAKE 🙂 and it was followed by a vision where I was shown a full grown-up tiger licking its paws because of what I have been going through as I was told.

I was shown a new sim card being installed in my CELL phone – I am learning – and told that while this was happening, a new spiritual system of the future world was being implemented.

And then came the revelation of the day and I might call it the BIGGEST REVELATION OF ALL OF MY SCRIPTS – except from whom I am myself – because of my 100% decision and that was when I was told that I have been the Source of light myself – under the negative influence of the darkness – and that the Source of the darkness in this life or anti-Christ if you will ADOPTED FROM THE UNIVERSE BEFORE THIS ONE was my sister (!!!) receiving the “birth gift” to destroy me in order to benefit the darkness itself (destruction!) and this was the same darkness coming to me in this mediation moving my limbs as it also did so strongly and violently in 2006-2008 (!) and to this I could only say that “there is now ONLY ONE SOURCE” because I decided for us to receive a perfect new Universe and because NOBODY WAS ABLE TO STOP ME (!) and really my sister for you to give up because you know as well as I from our past that I am STRONGER than you – as the only one you have ever met, I believe – and the only one who can reach your inner self behind your façade and my dear friends, this is because I am “the architect”, who is hidden inside of the light, and as the architect I designed the darkness and this is simply what I was told during this meditation and my dear sister, you became the Source of the darkness in our previous Universe because of your attempt to save me and all of us – and I was shown a male figure with a beard, so you were someone else back then but still the soul as you are today – and I was told that the darkness was MUCH stronger than the light when our previous Universe ended, which was the reason why this Universe had to come to the end reaching the same uneven status as the previous Universe in order for me to resume our battle hopefully this time winning a lot of ground before the final battle in 1-2 Universes from now (!) and we know but I decided that we might as well go all the way now while we are at it because I LOVE LIFE and WILL NEVER ACCEPT TO GIVE IT UP (!) and while this was happening I was thinking and trying to feel how much darkness remained around the spirit of my sister, and I was told that this was the force so strong that I received my victory symbol ahead of time (in the autumn 2010 when victory really first came the 7th May 2011 and you will understand from the scripts that the control of the darkness by the light was also needed in order for me to be able at all to come through the last part of my journey thinking that I had already won, otherwise I would never have been able to do it!) and I could almost not feel it but I was shown a tomahawk missile and told that if I strengthen this many times (by the darkness generated by the spirit of my sister), I get a mankind who is willing to shoot down UFO’s (!) and this was a double message really because the tomahawk is to say that my sister and I were at war – Christ and Anti-Christ fighting each other directly also in this Universe (!) – but also that the only reason was because of the existence of the darkness as “nothing”, which we started fighting both of us originally and that is because we are both ORIGINAL PEOPLE my sister and I – the spirits of us that is – and my dear friends, let me put this to you directly: MY SISTER IS ONE OF THE HEROES because of her decision to give up her spiritual life to fight the evil, which she then became herself and she was as much the Source as I, she was the “minus” (dark) side where I was the “plus” (light) but the Source needed both sides to live until the day when I and we would be strong enough to remove the minus side and only keep the plus and this is the side, which is included inside of me and we know MY SISTER WAS THE SOURCE OR CHRIST EQUALLY AS MUCH AS ME and my destiny was to be THE ONE at the end but all lives are part of the Source inside of me and that goes to you too my sister. I AM PROUD OF WHAT YOU DID (!) and I might add that in our physical lives, I am the one of us hurting the most where I do believe that my sister is the one hurting the most in our spiritual lives if I understand this correctly – we have been reversed seen from both sides of nothing and this is how it has to be.

And I did not discover much darkness with the spirit of my sister – but I had the feeling of “sickness” inside of me or “the coat of the Devil”, which has always been inside of me making my life a living Hell, which may be what will lift too now – and later I was told that I have been fighting this Source of darkness all of my life – who was the one bringing Morten as my direct opponent (and potential destruction) against my will at GEFI as ONE example – and I was told that every time I came through an impossible situation of my life, I gained strength and my sister weakened – the spiritual sides of us with the light vs. the darkness – and finally as the Easter this year when my mother and sister spoke of me, the last part of the darkness of the spirit of my sister was released almost killing me and also overtaking the spirit of my father as the “expected” anti-Christ of the next Universe overtaking the responsibility of my sister – and we know my hands are now in pain again because of writing my friends – and after this it seems that the power of the darkness of my sister is almost not existing anymore – I was shown the darkness on crutches with plaster all over and told that the darkness was truly weakening much in recent years as I wrote about for example when I was in Kenya and really because the darkness could not help telling me – and I was told that this is what we were expecting to “fight” next week and today it is Thursday and also that because the darkness is almost not existing anymore, just maybe my sister have started realising that the belief of my mother that I do receive spiritual experiences and simply tell the truth is correct and this was the next I was told, because my mother’s destiny of life was to choose between my sister as the anti-Christ (“Stig is destroying me because of his unfair writings”) and me as the Christ (“I am simply writing what I am told and this is about the light vs. darkness”) and if my mother had stick to my sister, it would have meant the end of this Universe, but at the end the love of my mother conquered when she decided to give me a chance and discovered that I am not “all crazy” and really to decide that she believes in me receiving spiritual messages and that I am simply telling and writing what I see, hear and feel and my dear friends: THIS WAS THE SECRET I NEEDED TO DISCOVER and to decide that this had to be enough to create a perfect New Universe for all and really because this was the truth and because I knew that I had done my absolutely best – there was NO chance for me to do better and this was the key my friends and while I was told this, I was shown a brush painting the walls white over and over again (my writings), which at the end also covered a dart board and the arrows thrown by the spirit of my sister at it.

So now the spirit of my sister is finally returning to life and her previous placement among the Council (?) and I am not told directly because this is a game about logics, and this is the only logical answer I have, so this is what I believe it is – and not what I have been told previously that she was “no one special being placed in a very special family” – and I was told that this was the reason why my sister had immensely strong feelings against my “unjust” writings – I was shown a skunk as a symbol of how she thought I smelled like – but maybe my mother understood that I really only wrote the truth, which she however did not feel was right to write, which made her feel “the end of the world” and my dear sister, this is what you felt but you did not know that your fightings against me was what could have brought us all the end of the world but you know THE CURE of all was that you fightings really brought us the survival of the world as long as I was strong enough to go through the immense suffering you brought me and we know I AM HERE BRINGING YOU MY FAVOURITE MUSIC BY THE CURE TO TELL YOU THAT “I COULDN’T LOVE YOU MORE” AS I KNOW YOU ALSO LOVE ME because this is what it took to dissolve the darkness around your inner self and my dear friends whenever I won a round, I was told that my loving feelings was given to my sister and her dark feelings given to me until we would meet in understanding at the final end and we know, my sister, do you believe that I am simply telling the truth of what I am told (?) and if this is the case, there is not a long way for you to start believing that I am indeed the ONE and we know who else should I be?

My mother told me that my sister had scored a new 12 (the highest grade of the new Danish scale) at her management education and she has received MANY of these top grades simply because she knows what it takes to do it, which is to DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and we know which I am proud of and even though I would have hoped she would have shown the same attitude doing her absolutely best trying to understand me, I know that if she had, we would not have been here today as I have explained for example on the front page of my website:

Afterwards I received the “kill, kill, kill” command from the remaining of this darkness and I also received the words “sunshine over Jamaica” at the same time from the same voice, which I was told is because of the influence of my mother over my sister :-), so gradually this the worst darkness of all is converting into light.

At 21.05 I was still not entirely finished with the script of today, which I will finalise in approx. one hour tomorrow, which also should give me a chance to start running and that is if I am “allowed” to sleep tonight and what do you think after the day today (?) and I do believe that I will but we know ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

The best Eurovision Song Contest ever (?) with many INSPIRED songs 🙂

AND NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE SECOND SEMI-FINAL OF THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST and tonight Denmark is on and we know “let’s make a new tomorrow today” and this is STILL the plan and not first in the next Universe in about 10 billions of years from now and this was THE DIFFERNCE my friends – and here are examples of INSPIRATIONAL songs from the contest about saving our planet, JOY and HAPINESS, “the wonder of life”, “I will become popular”, I can’t change the world without you, “I’m still alive” after reaching the sky “no matter what”, which is the reason why “the party of your life” is coming to all – this is really what this song contest is about 🙂 and only because WE MADE IT :

  • Finland with the lyrics “but look at the boy who went out in the world to save our planet. And he ain’t coming back until she’s saved. He walked his way to see the King and parliament. But they all turned their heads and walked away singin’ Da da dam, da da dam da da da da da da da Da da dam, da da dam da da da da da da da”. Does this sound familiar to my story, you think?
  • Norway with a female artist from KENYA (!) singing a song of JOY and HAPINESS. How could you NOT let Norway reach the final???
  • Austria with the lyrics “We all are dreamers on our way In a world where we are not meant to stay. Together we can make it all. The secret is love, I´m reaching out my hand to you, Soldiers let the light shine through, So we can realize the wonder of life” – and we know LOVE is a key ingredient of life, “where we are not meant to stay”, because life is “nothing”, you know?
  • UK with the lyrics “I can, I will, I know”, which is really the same as Obama saying “WE CAN” to tell you about the importance of WILL POWER, which is what I used to come through.
  • Sweden with the lyrics “Spread the news, I’m gonna take the fight, (for) the spotlight, day and night, I can take this to the number one” and “I will become popular” (!), which is a song full of LIFE and ENERGY and I LIKE the drums of ORIGINAL people of the song but sad that “Bobby” from Boney M. as the source of these died.
  • Denmark with the lyrics “Come on girls come on boys, It’s your future, it’s your choice, and your weapon is your voice, let’s make a new tomorrow, today” – told you about that one before and we DID really make a new tomorrow with help from “a friend in London” and you might remember that London is a symbol of “my home” so you may be able to guess who “the friend” is?
  • Romania with the lyrics “I can’t change, I can’t change the world alone, I need you all, everybody, Start dreamin’ of it, Take a step that’s gonna make a difference and change your world” and really to say that I need all of us to work together to change the world.
  • Moldava with a NEW WAVE song and instruments and a show here making me HAPPY :-).
  • Slovakia with the lyrics “I’ve walked through the fire, but I’m still alive“! – and this is pretty much what I did.
  • Bulgaria with the lyrics “They will not break me.”, “I will find strength in me, Even to reach the sky – No matter what, no matter what … Oh, I know the power will be with me, To do what I can do! To do what I can do!” and you might remember the “NO MATTER WHAT” quote from my writings?
  • Croatia celebrating with the lyrics “Put your hands up, Let the magic take over your heart, Join us you’ll have a good time, the party of your life” and you might understand what “the party of your life” is about (?) and we know “life it self” and a much better version of it coming to everyone :-).

Denmark and Sweden also made it today through to the final on Saturday and we know who will win (?) and I do hope for Denmark but France, UK, Ireland (with some of the best show I have EVER seen also because of the STUNNING light show and set up in this arena in Düsseldorff, Germany, which by the way is the city I went to in 2006 watching the World Cup in football and INSPIRATION comes in many ways you know) and Germany seem “impossible” to beat but we will have to see 🙂 – and HAS THERE EVER BEEN A BETTER SONG CONTEST WITH BETTER SONGS THAN THIS (?) – I have not seen it!

Thank you to all of participants and the organisers for creating a fantastic show – but have you thought about how many poor people you could have saved instead of enjoying yourself and entertaining the word?

The Source inside of me uniting as ONE as the last living being

Later I received an urge to have a drink of spirits, which I did not, more sexual temptations and STRONG darkness approaching me from the hall – I am feeling where it comes from almost like a map pointing from the inside of my head to the location of it – together with the visions of an elephant and as usual I was also given strong temptations to deny you access but as usual you are welcome and this is how the both sides of the Source is now as the last one being united inside of me as ONE – after all living beings of the world have been the same and this order was required.

As part of this darkness arriving I was shown a giant red children bicycle arriving all the way from the hall around the right side to the left of my head and I was told that the spirit of my sister took away my possibility to reproduce in my life so far – I have no children and could not get children with Camilla even when trying insemination – and that I have now received this human right again and we know I have been told that Karen and I will get a child someday and with the use of MAGIC, this is what I intend to have because I love children 🙂 – and who says only one (?) and we will have to see.


13th May: The dark coat of the Devil is lifting from me making me able to receive a happy life while being alive

Dreaming of my mother believing in me and my sister on her way doing the same

After the Eurovision Song Contest on the other side of 23.00, I was TIRED you know again wondering if I would be allowed to sleep or if I had to spend the half night meditating, and I was told that I could not go to sleep but had to continue meditating but this time I did not believe in it – I knew that I had done MUCH yesterday and I had also asked for the remaining darkness to be distributed over the next 1½ weeks giving me small portions of it at a time instead of all of it at once and I thought that the Source of this darkness should be strong enough to do this without having to release everything on me or alternatively the Universe – and I was right, I slept almost all night and the few times I was awaken I had a very uncomfortable anticipation of the negative voice returning to me, which is really the WORST you can imagine.

In the beginning of the night I felt extreme darkness when sleeping and I had night mares, which I however do not remember the content of but a short dream of my mother being with me, my sister on her way up to us (receiving understanding) and that I received a gift from John’s daughter Mette.

Furthermore I had this dream:

  • I meet my old colleague Lennart (from Aon) at the reception of PFA Pension, he is about to start working for PFA and then his face changes to my other old colleague Michael R. (from Aon), who asks me “what about you, will you work for PFA too” and I answer that it depends on what Søren H. will offer me because I am expecting for him to appoint me and make me a partner of the firm – I had a conversation with Søren H. recently and even though he was “dead beat”, he decided to do his best communicating with me to show me that he still wants me to work with him. Michael R. tells me that he has given an offer to a lorry of a pension plan including lower administration costs, which makes me decide to drive down to the harbour to check the lorry, it is now Friday evening after work, it is dark and when I arrive on my bicycle to the harbour, I don’t see the lorry, but I see Fuggi leaving from the harbour together with many others and my father and his wife Kirsten, who are waiting for me and I think that I have forgotten to include our agreement in my calendar and I notice how my father demonstratively looks at his watch telling me that I am later – but it is only two minutes – and even though I receive an invitation from my old GE colleague Maggan, who is in the city working at PFA Pension, to come to a party in Örebro, Sweden, which I would like to go to, I decide to keep my old agreement with my father and he tells me that Børge – my father’s mother’s late husband – has received a stroke and that we are going to visit him and on our way to his row house, we cross a tiny corner of a corn field, where I lose my right shoe, but I put it back on before we enter Børge’s house, where I had to remove my shoes again and Børge does not look ill.
    • Eeehhh, what is this dream about (?) and let us see my old colleagues Lennart and Michael R. will work for our pension company as the symbol of spreading “normal life” to the world. In the dream I hope to work for Søren H’s company (telemarketing sales of Income Protection insurance) and there is really no difference in the meaning of working for these two companies, in the dream Søren H. is in a terrible state – did something happen to him recently? When I cannot find the lorry at the harbour, it is to tell me that I am not in control of our world (!) and we know which must be the darkness trying to get a small victory here but you will NOT succeed, Fuggi is leaving the harbour and that is because he has been my most stabile reader, but I have NOT seen him opening my website the last 1-2 weeks and why is that, Fuggi (?) – have you lost patience with me or are you simply “busy” with other and more important things (?) – and is my father’s and Kirsten’s presence in the harbour saying that they have (some) faith in me (?) and the dream about losing a shoe is not a good sign, but it is only to show you the original purpose of the darkness, which will NOT succeed. The part about the stroke of Børge is “almost dying”, which is meaning “relations almost cancelled” but Børge was feeling fine in the dream after all, which is to say that my relations with my father almost “died” but they will become “normal” again.

The dark coat of the Devil is lifting from me making me able to receive a happy life while being alive

Today I was much fresher than for the last 5 years I believe and that is even though I did not sleep normally yet but because of the darkness reducing its VIOLENT GRASP on me, which it has had always, which has removed the energy and destroyed ALL of my life but the other day I was led somewhere on the Internet, which I could feel was INSPIRATION driving me and I saw a headline saying something like “receiving a happy life while being alive”, which is the REWARD I will receive my self, and this has really been my inner key driver because all I have wanted all of my life is to have a life without suffering and this is what I will reach as the last one because this is what ALL OTHER PEOPLE will reach too 🙂 – and I am starting to feel the lifting of the coat of the darkness surrounding the whole inside of my body and I cannot tell you just how SENSATIONAL this feeling is and we know TWO MESSAGES here with the other being what the world will discover when it will understand what we were able to pass on our journeys towards glory – and I do believe that I should be FRESH enough to be MOTIVATED to run today, which has been let us just admit it, a feeling I have not had in recent years and almost never had in my life when running ALSO has been a necessary suffering of mine instead of joy.

This morning I started at 08.30 doing the last part of the script yesterday and the script of today so far and we know Stig, 57 pages already and it is only the 13th in the month and I should soon be able to write some less in my scripts, which will also further relieve me but we know I just have to remove this last part of the darkness and better that I do it taking a couple of weeks of extra pain on me instead of releasing it on the Universe and so it is – and by the way the visit to the Picasso exhibition has been postponed to later in the month and maybe next week (?) and really because my mother will first have to meet and borrow the entrance card from my sister, which I would not do in her situation but that is a completely different story you know and “thank you very much” of course I would like to come and that goes for you too, Michael from Monty Python (?) because you are not quite dead yet as the parrot wasn’t too, which just might be the best of all of your sketches, which gives me the BIGGEST SMILE I CAN GIVE YOU AND THE WORLD, which is here the Source inside of me speaking to both me as the human Stig, Michael and the world – so here it is and I am now told that I had to use your attitude from the sketch, Michael, to stayin’ alive otherwise I would have been as dead as the parrot – taking the world with me – which is really the hidden message of this fantastic sketch:

I will think and feel as an ordinary person – and as the Holy Spirit and the Source 🙂

I did a new meditation from 12.10 to 14.05 and I received more thoughts about what I have been thinking of a couple of days, which is that in the future I decide that I will think and feel as an ordinary person and that I will also receive feelings and thoughts from the Holy Spirit of the Universe and from the Source inside of me – this is my definition of the highest being – and in this meditation I was told that I will generate all feelings and thoughts of the world – I TRULY wonder how this will feel like to be in the company with “myself” through “other” beings all over – which will only become good after the closure of the Source of darkness and I was told that I will also feel planets and that I have now received the right to create our new planet (“Niburu”).

I was shown and felt the spirit of my sister starting to be transferred from my right to my left side and I received a white rose when doing this and also the song “got to get you into my life” with an underline on “got” as in the Danish “godt” (“good”) meaning that it is “good to get you into my life”, which goes to the spirit of my sister, and this is a song, which I connect very closely with my sister because it was on the best of Earth, Wind & Fire, which I got to learn through her in the end of the 1970’s and what do you think I believe of this song and “you bet”: “GODT” (“good”) or should we say SUPER DUPER here :-).

I was given MANY visions I did not write down and one example is that I was shown the character of Donald Duck – duck has been another “favourite” symbol not written down much – trying to enter a railway tunnel, which is impossible for him to do, the whole picture was shaking and inside the tunnel old fighter was jets from 1st World War and ICE all over, which are now being removed.

I felt the spirit of my father’s mother and the words “we will take you out of there when Hell is no longer needed”.

I did this meditation without parades too with quite strong darkness doing as it normally does, trying to take me over by giving me its thoughts and visions, but I decided to look at it again with some trouble but this is what I did and I felt what came to me as a bubble in front of me connected primarily to my right ear, which I could not escape from even though I felt the presence of “being” around it, which I tried to come through too but in vain because I am fighting this darkness as a human with the help of my inner spirit – and let me say that it was both easy to do but also that I do feel the metal fatigue much because it is as disgusting as it gets to receive all of this negativity ACTIVELY all of the time having to fight it thousands of times when all you want to do is to receive quietness without suffering and so it still is.

I have now started becoming released as the last person of the Universe

And then in the afternoon I started running again, this is how I felt an I was excited to see how my legs and bones would react, if they would have become better and my dear friends, my bones feel as strong as ever – giving me the sign that the structure of the Universe now is strong – but I could hardly breath and I felt darkness all over the inside of me but you know what, this will improve too and when I was running I was told that I am now 100% GOLD and now becoming released as the last person of the Universe.

I was also told that my experiences in the summer to the autumn of 2010 where I was almost bleeding to death too was because I had reached the state of “nothing” too early – because of extreme resistance to me from the darkness.

I ran for maybe 12 minutes today in total, it takes time to recover and afterwards I felt for the first time in years a positive response of my body starting to get into shape. For at least 2-3 years I have NOT received this natural feeling when running telling me that all energy was given away from me and not stored inside of me – I was living without living.

I also received a déjà vue when running, which was “I have now started to come into shape in order to meet Karen again” and these déjà vues are SO CLEAR when I receive them and I do feel that they are given to me from the Source or maybe my inner self as the architects having designed this as one road a long time ago.

Later in the day I felt still more energy coming to me and in between some rough speech from the darkness I was given longer periods of almost ”normal life” with low negative speech and what seems like 5-10 times more energy than I have had for years – giving me a NATURAL positive view of life which was IMPOSSIBLE to have when I was so tired that I was bleeding inside – but still LESS than normal that is and this is the best I have felt for more than five and maybe seven years today and I received the feeling that the Universe is now generating energy to me – thank you my friends out there :-).

Feeling my inner self approaching with a much narrowing area of “nothing” between us

The whole evening I felt “someone”, which I thought was my inner self arriving from my behind with MUCH darkness giving me the most explicit sexual temptations yet but also the kindest and most loving feelings and sometimes words – when needed – and my attitude was the same as always: YOU ARE WELCOME and of course when you follow my rules (no sexual threats/nightmare, physical pain, I am the best protected etc.) and I decided at one stage that I did not want to be afraid – despite of being “tense“ all evening but less after my deliberate decision – because the feeling is EXACTLY as when someone sneaks up on you from behind and not very nice when this is the worst darkness (?) but nice when you know that it is only a game of course :-).

I have felt this presence coming closer and closer and this evening also that what is between us is a much narrowing area of “nothing” and that we now almost can touch “each other” – and during all of this, I still felt the “wound” or “opening” of my inner right angle and that this is connected to the right side of me, i.e. the darkness.

Just before going to sleep I was told by the spirit of my father that “I can now see from your inner self arriving that I am not the Source myself” and I was shown two keys and told that “one will first switch on the Trinity when one has deserved it” so let us see if this will be coming one of the next days and maybe already tomorrow?


14th May: I am threading the halls of sanity, where darkness and light are one when becoming the new Trinity 🙂

Dreaming of bringing wine to my sister to liberate her spirit from the darkness

Yesterday evening my question was: “Had I done enough to be allowed to sleep” (?) and “how much more meditation is really required now” and I was given the answer when I slept almost all night for 8 hours without being woken up but despite of this, I was feeling tired during the morning and even more later.

Before falling asleep I was shown a white suitcase opening and a lock at my neck being opened and I was told that this was about “love” and the removal of the curse of love, which I have been given all of my life. I had this one dream:

  • I woke up almost terrified from a nightmare where someone in the darkness in the dream pulled my arm at the same time as I was pulled physically in my arm, which was the reason why I woke up. Before this I was dreaming of bringing wine and beer to my sister.
    • This is simply the spirit of my sister coming back to me in her process of becoming liberated from the darkness, when I bring her “wine” and we know “light”.
  • I work for GE Insurance and have a status meeting with GE Capital Bank – Anne Mette is our contact and Lena (from TP) is the director there – I am surprised to see that they still produce as many loans and Payment Protection Insurances, there is no agenda and I write on the board my agenda for the meeting thinking that the meeting may become a waste of time because people are not prepared on the agenda, and I ask them to come up with an agenda for our next meeting, however they ask me to do it because they cannot agree on an agenda within themselves. Anne Mette has to leave the meeting to remove oil leaking from her car and I tell Lena, the director, that we can continue the meeting if she knows the details as well as Anne Mette, otherwise I suggest that we cancel the meeting.
    • Nothing much in this dream really to what I have written about many times before, so I believe I will just “let it be” as is.

Receiving the last piece of darkness from the previous Source of darkness through the spirit of my sister

I woke at 07.00 this morning also being HAPPY for not having much to write – my suffering is truly decreasing – and I decided to take a long bath in the tub, where I felt the last piece of darkness from the same Source as yesterday evening entering my head from the back of my neck and this gave me the instant feeling that it was brought by the spirit of my sister, which will liberate both her and me and I was told “now to the connection”, which may be the connection of the Trinity as I was told about yesterday evening (?), but I was not told anymore.

I was brought a message in connection with the Jerusalem UFO – it was an opening to the Source for the absolute end times and that I am only able to finish my Signs IV page about this because we survived the end times – as I also yesterday received a message of this when I was told that the monk of video 6 – see my Signs IV page – WAS the Source bringing both light and darkness to the Universe as the tools for my last battle.

And as I have felt before without writing it, I felt the Council behind this darkness with a SMILING pope – the spirit of Paul – on the other side, which gives sense since they are now only light.

I was shown a GIANT LUCKY WHEEL with a GIANT CUP FORMED AS A HEART IN THE MIDDLE OF IT – what the world and I have to look forward too – and also a theatre curtain being pulled to the side only to reveal a white wall behind it to say that the play is now coming to its absolute end as proclaimed in recent weeks and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward not only to get my sleep back and to start losing weight but primarily to have the EXTREME NEGATIVE voice and the darkness of destruction removed entirely from me also making it possible for me to start living again – and I am still thinking of my friends at LTO and also that if people will not start sending donations to me/them, which I truly hope you will start doing (?), I might accept a job offer – from Falck or other places (?) – in order to be able to send more money to my LTO friends helping them to get a better life too :-).

Right after the bath I was told what is true about all of my family, friends, ex-colleagues and the world: The world is created on basis of love, which is the foundation everywhere and on top of this is (soon “was”) the darkness, and it was LOVE saving us all. No one of my family, friends and ex-colleagues wanted to harm me – this is the foundation of love – but the darkness inside all of you (ignorance, selfishness, your strong voice of misunderstanding etc.) was what “killed” me – which was needed for us to survive you know – which I hope you have now understood all of you from reading my scripts?

The story of my wine glass not overturning as a symbol of saving the world

For years when I have visited my mother for dinner, she has almost always been very nervous for my body language – my moving hands when speaking – to overturn the glass on the table asking me to “be careful“, and almost every single time I have told her that “nothing will happen”, which she was never entirely sure about but as you can see now, mother, nothing truly happened 🙂 – and that is because I saved all of us – the light – which the wine is symbolising, and I might add that a couple of weeks ago I was made to “almost” overturn my glass of wine at home spilling a few drops, but I saved the glass as the symbol of saving the world with difficulties.

I am threading the halls of sanity, where darkness and light are one when becoming the new Trinity 🙂

This afternoon I was told that my right angle was the connection to me from the Source of the darkness and through me both light and darkness was send out to the world.

Later I was inspired to search for the video of the song “Twilight” by Electric Light Orchestra – and especially the prologue before this song because I am now about to ”thread the halls of sanity” “where darkness & light are one” and Jeff, this is now for REAL and not a dream anymore as you will understand from the text of this PROLOGUE:

“Just on the border of your waking mind, There lies… Another time, Where darkness & light are one, And as you tread the halls of sanity, You feel so glad to be, Unable to go beyond, I have a message, From another time…”

And here is the video of the song by Electric Light Orchestra, which is A TOTALLY FAVOURITE OF MINE BY MY FAVOURITE BAND:

I was encouraged to do 1-2 hours of meditation during the afternoon, which I did from 14.25 to 16.05 and I was surprised to find that I was equally as tired again as the meditations recently where I had to do my best staying both awake and alert to keep the darkness away – it was the same today – and I tried to do the same as before having my parades down, but the voice of this darkness was MUCH stronger than me therefore winning easily in our “fight on dialogue” several times but still there was no true negative consequences of the conclusions of the darkness because of this and if I was in doubt, I went back a few times to “keep it simple” and “I only want light all over – no matter what the darkness said” and I received many visions with these as some of them:

I was shown a blue baby carriage from the left and a red from the right uniting into ONE and I was told that there was no tomahawk inside the other Source, it was with me all the time – I was intended all along to be the only one – but the darkness could have made my life so miserable that I could do no other than to give up and decide myself to use the tomahawk to destroy the world.

I was given a feeling of my right angle with a line connecting it to my left wrist as if there was a watch there and told that what we are doing now is what was intended to be done before the end of time, which you know was before the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 and that we are still in good time.

I was shown a GIANT CONTAINER SHIP filling the whole picture arriving at harbour, which is the whole world arriving and later I was shown a small warship being moved on top of another ship being moved on top of another etc. and I was told that this was the principle we followed all along to step by step load more and more of the world bringing larger and larger ships to manoeuvre and I was shown an infinite small hole of light to the left, which was the target all along and we know to put the whole world through the smallest hole imaginable.

During the meditation I had to cut through my tiredness and again my eyes were coagulating – which took me much by surprise – and I went through such a difficult meditation here again that I could have “lost it” again but obviously immense energy was required to meet “the two others” and I was told that if I did not do this, one last sexual nightmare was saved for me to be carried out but instead I will now receive an Easter chicken because of the pain I went through here.

Later I felt light spreading all over me and also to my right side and I was thinking that this was why I earlier today was encouraged to let the video of my favourite song of ALL “Heroes” by David Bowie play automatically when people enter my YouTube channel because here he is completely surrounded by light as I am now too as you can see here:

David Bowie completely surrounded by light in “Heroes”
symbolising the light now surrounding me

Later I heard the spirit of my father say “welcome home” – when I listened to HOME by DEPECHE MODE :-), which is as beautiful that it almost make me “hurt”, which this immensely POWERFUL version by Johnny Cash also is and this is really the process I am going through here to be welcomed by the two others – and I heard the Council say “can we look at him” (?) and I heard the spirit of my father almost as if he was speaking to the spirit of my mother saying “yes, this was how we created him” and really because they were me and I was them as my regular readers will know from previous writings and that is until I have now returned as the ONLY SON to become the new Source of everything, which by the way is still a VERY HUGE burden of mine when all I want to be is simply a happy human being without suffering.

I was also shown an elephant making the finest cup of Cappuccino – love sent to me by the Source inside of me – and I was thinking if this pain of mine will ever stop and that I have accepted to take on me the pain of the world (until 2016 if needed) and I was also thinking that when the light becomes strong enough – which I am sure it will do (not long from now?) because of the factors I have written about recently – it will remove this curse of a negative voice making me bleed when trying to take me over.

I was shown what looked like a royal crown several times, but either it was not quite a crown, or it was laying down the wrong way, which is telling me that we took a part of the road today and I was shown the crown from the burger chain Burger King and told that the two others have taken a long way round.

At the end of the meditation, I heard the Swedish Eurovision song “I will be popular” but now the words were “I will be possible”, which is “TO BE SOMEONE” according to the criteria I have defined in my scripts in order to become the new Trinity on “our” way to become united as ONE – this is what is happening right now – which truly is a wonderful thing, Paul, and I might add that I am also (almost) thinking as highly of your music today as when you were part of the Jam 🙂 (to elaborate on what I wrote a long time ago) and I am going through all of this because “I promised you a miracle” – from the man upstairs you know – and in this chapter much of my absolute favourite music is included, which is LOVE from the two others I am approaching, which is not an easy thing to do but on the other hand also not impossible :-).

To end this, which is more difficult than anticipated – which was NOT what I was hoping after things have lightened up so to say – I was thinking what I thought about earlier today or yesterday, which is that no matter how strong the voice of the darkness tries to convince and overtake me – and be stronger than me verbally – I have my own agenda inside of me, which is that I will continue NO MATTER WHAT – and so it is.

Congratulations to the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Azerbaijan – and to me from the Council 🙂

Late this evening the Eurovision Song Contest ended as events like this often do, with a surprise when none of the favourites managed to “convince” the populations of Europe, which meant that Azerbaijan won – with Sweden as no. 3 and Denmark as no. 5 – and it was truly a very nice song. Congratulations 🙂

I decided to watch the event over Swedish television because I liked the speakers here better – which I have often done over the years – and when they introduced the Danish song, the female Swedish speaker was “inspired” to say “tillykke” (“congratulations”) in Danish, which may not have been “appropriate” to say here – why would she say this (?) – but here it was the Council congratulating me for arriving home after this “dreadful” journey of yours as I am here told and really with the feelings “so immensely much more than dreadful”. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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