May 17, 2011: The “break up” of darkness of our old world and I am becoming the “King of the Universe”


Summary of the script today

15th May: The final creation of ONE perfect new Source of light as part of the new Trinity

  • Dreaming of becoming the King’s Son and the earth being entirely white – with no darkness at all.
  • Yesterday evening the Source and Holy Spirit continued to approach me, the darkness was immense and I was told “this has to go through Hell, which you will understand later” and also that “you have born yourself a King’s Son” and “he is completely changed”.
  • I was given a “small miracle” including EXTRA information on the homepage of my TIP counter about visitors to my website, which was a symbol about information of old Universes, which now has been transferred to our new Universe perfectly too. For weeks, this website has also “changed” the city name of Fuggi’s old IP address from Copenhagen to Fredensborg (!) making me believe that Fuggi had stopped reading my scripts – which I could NOT understand – and that my old colleague Søren from Dahlberg had suddenly decided to start reading. Since I believe Fuggi is still living in Copenhagen and know that Søren is NOT a keen reader of my “long scripts”, I do believe it is still Fuggi reading (?) – despite of what the website says about “Fredensborg” (!) – with the message to Fuggi that YOU NEED TO BE TRULY OPEN MINDED TO UNDERSTAND MY SCRIPTS because Søren from Dahlberg is “another part of you” as I and the members of the Council all have other parts of our spirits alive as other human beings :-).
  • In the bath I received the strongest darkness breaking me down with its voice, strong persuasion, visions and the most impertinent behaviour yet trying to lure me into behaving the same, which I did not but I could not resist this pressure in the end – my limit was reached, I could not take it anymore – and instead of following the “logics” of the darkness to ask “the others” on their way to enter me to “wait”, I decided to stick to my belief saying that “everyone is welcome” believing that the two others would decrease the strength of the darkness when I could not take it anymore and this is precisely what happened. The strength of the darkness decreased making it bearable for me again.
  • At a new meditation the final part of the Trinity – the new perfect Source of light, the Holy Spirit and myself as a human – including the link connecting us all was created using an extreme amount of energy from inside of “nothing”. As part of my own creation I have handed over the authority to (theoretically) destruct the Universe to the Universe, which is the best life insurance imaginable because faith, love and will to live is so strong that it guarantees us eternal life. I received the new EGG symbolising all life/everything and told that the light is now “stronger than ever before”, which will be used in the continuous work to remove evilness (“darkness”) of the existing world. When will the world discover the creation of ONE NEW SOURCE including new physics of the world?
  • I was VERY HAPPY visiting my aunt and husband for dinner, which was as PLEASURE as always. My father has had “helvedesild” – “HELL FIRE” (“shingles”) – telling you about the EXTREME HELL we had to pass to reach the origin of the Source at the end of “nothing”. I set up my aunt’s computer so it automatically translates my web pages into Danish, which was a symbol to tell you that the energy of the love of Inge to me helped me so much that the new Source inside of me now “automatically” generates light and energy to the Universe and not “manually” through meditations etc. anymore.
  • I was told that the reason why I did not succeed removing the origin of the Source from the end of “nothing” after doing the “jump” in 2010 was because the Source turned me down when Obama had not yet received support from the world in relation to me, which was improved so much in 2011 that I succeed this time around. Obama has chosen to continue being a part of me, so we are now at least two Christ’s sharing one soul on Earth!

16th May: Receiving the spirits of former Universes, who will be united with us creating ONE perfect new Universe 🙂

  • Dreaming of Obama being in Copenhagen at Christmas to celebrate ”our birth” (my soul as Christ divided into now at least two persons), Obama bringing our “code” (converting darkness to light) to himself and the world and doing the last preparations before starting the company bringing “normal life” to the world.
  • I received the NOT for me expected answer from my landlord Poul-Erik that he was not allowed by the housing association to prolong the lease of his apartment because of a lease limit of 2 years included in the regulations. I decided to investigate in a greater detail and found out that the 2 years rule is a general misunderstanding because of an old law, which today does not include this limitation, and therefore I decided to fight authorities once again when explaining the right connection to Poul-Erik encouraging him to contact the housing association again to receive exemption from the rule, which clearly is based on a misunderstanding. THIS IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF “CRAZY RULES” of today, which is removing freedom from people who would like to agree differently between them. I believe it is possible to receive a final approval to stay in the apartment as a symbol showing you how difficult it was for me to be allowed to stay in this world to save us all :-).
  • I received the spirit of my former self from a previous version of the Universe, who entered me followed by a previous and very different version of the Source including the Council – and everyone else – and I decided that all previous spirits of ourselves, whom have now been released from their prisons, and former Universes will be united with our Universe meaning that our new and future perfect Universe will become the combination of all previous Universes, which will also guarantee us the best life insurance of the future when each individual will have a memory of their own “unbearable suffering” when being created.

17th May: The “break up” of darkness of our old world and I am becoming the “King of the Universe”

  • Dreaming of becoming the new king “in the crowd”, coming deeper into my self and stronger all of the time with the Universe and the spirit of my mother apologising for having performed as a “lady of the night” and my mother’s difficult feelings of Stig being the Son of God or “not normal”?
  • At Falck two ladies from Falck Healthcare have started working from the office next to mine after Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune has decided to outsource the service to disabled citizens helping them to receive treatment in order to return to the job market, which was a symbol of our New World Order without a public sector starting. Thomas “ordered” me to do his work cleaning up the hall, which was a symbol of the final clean up of the new Universe this week and the “break up” of darkness of our old world – which I was shown breaking up to the right of me – and “it’s all making me ready” for “the golden sunrise” of me becoming the “King of the Universe”. And a restart of the IT-network symbolised that our New Universe has now “restarted” including all spirits of our previous universes.


15th May: The final creation of ONE perfect new Source of light as part of the new Trinity

Dreaming of becoming the King’s Son and the earth being entirely white – with no darkness at all

Again this evening I was in doubt whether or not I would be allowed to sleep – the difficult meditation could indicate the need of more meditation – but I slept until 8.00 this morning but apparently light because I am still tired and I only had this short dream:

  • It is April, it has been the loveliest weather like a summer day, a frog is jumping and the earth is entirely white.
    • The frog is the King’s Son in disguise – still with a “threat” hanging over my head before finalising this journey as you will understand (?) – and the Earth is now completely made from light as I was also told recently that I am made of 100% pure gold, i.e. NO DARKNESS in the future.

This morning, the extreme PRESSURE of a negative voice came to me again; the pressure these days are immense and I almost fear it when waking up in the morning and it comes to me floating in the air like a coat embracing me, which I cannot resist.

Receiving the new Source and being born as the new King’s Son

Yesterday evening I was told that switching on the new Trinity is the most difficult task ever and again I was shown a vision of the elephant on its way towards me from the hall and it has shown me for some time that it is somewhat “shy”. I was also shown a yellow colour and told that this is the colour of the Holy Spirit, which is also approaching me and we know as Stig, my colour is blue, as the Source my colour is orange and as the Holy Spirit my colour is yellow – and the colour of the Council is blue, which I have also been shown much lately.

Again I had to tell all evening “you are welcome with all of my heart” at the same time as I constantly had to refuse negative voices wanting people to leave, which was again a constant temptation to get me annoyed and losing my temper, which I again overcame – and again hundreds of times I had to tell the darkness that “this is wrong”, when it postulated this and that – often using sex as a theme – and by 21.20 I felt the elephant inside of me and that will have to be the new elephant my friends and later I was told that “you have born yourself a King’s Son” and “he is completely changed”.

The evening was extremely difficult and I was also told that “this has to go through Hell, which you will understand later”.

A couple of weeks ago I was told that life will develop surprisingly even to me in the future, which I am thinking of now and again in the hope that I will experience life like everyone else even though I am and will be everyone else – try to think about how you would feel in my situation, my dear readers. Would you like to be the ONE having all life as your children and that is the best way we can tell you how it is going to feel like, Stig.

Transferral of information from old Universes and FUGGI, YOU NEED TO BE TRULY OPEN MINDED WHEN READING 🙂

Yesterday evening I was VERY surprised when I checked visitors to my website through the homepage of my TIP counter, because it gave me MORE information than it normally does – I could see the number of visits of each visitor on the “page loads” page (the page you can see from the pictures below), which normally is information NEVER appearing and I did think that this is a new “small miracle” given to me and I also noticed that the information given about a regular visitor from Fredensborg, coming for some weeks now, had “changed” so this IP-address now was “claiming” to come from Copenhagen instead, which confused me (!) and I am sad that I did not take a hard copy of the screen for you to see because when I later updated it, the page had changed back into its old and normal view, which at the same time changed back the city of this IP address to Fredensborg (!) and my dear ladies and gentlemen I am here told that this is a symbol of MORE INFORMATION COMING IN OUR NEW WORLD, which is about information of old Universes, which now has been transferred perfectly too 🙂 – but the “mystery” of this event does not end here because let me give you this information too:

From the picture above you can see IP address from Fredensborg, which has appeared like this for some weeks, which I though was my old colleague Søren from Dahlberg visiting, which I also connected with the dream the other day, that Søren is helping Bo from Dahlberg to understand that I am not “completely crazy” when he in the dream gave me a haircut (to “look” better in the eyes of Bo you know) but yesterday and especially today I started reflecting on this IP address it looked very much to my memory of Fuggi’s old IP-address and yes today I decided to go back to find one of Fuggi’s old visits, which I did as you can see here:

And what you can see from the picture above is the exact same IP address but now in Copenhagen (!), where it “originated” from appearing as it has appeared “always” when Fuggi has opened one of my website, which he has done hundreds of times and my dear ladies and gentlemen, you will remember from one of my dreams some days ago that I could not understand why Fuggi suddenly had stopped reading my scripts because I did not see this IP-address from Copenhagen returning anymore – I was thinking if he did not believe in me anymore or simply had lost interest (?) – but now this “small miracle” is telling me that either it is truly Fuggi still reading my scripts, but the name of the city has been changed to Fredensborg for me to think that it is Søren (!), or else it is truly Søren reading, who “magically” has received Fuggi’s old IP address and do you know what (?), Søren was NOT known to be a keen reader of my “long scripts” – I don’t believe he ever read the memos I produced while working for Dahlberg – so if I understand this correctly, it must be Fuggi still reading despite of the city information on Fredensborg (I don’t believe you have moved, Fuggi?) and I feel that the message here is that the spirit of Fuggi decided not only to manifest himself in physical life as Fuggi but also as Søren from Dahlberg (!) – whom I had to meet both through my journey as I have also met different beings of the spirit of my mother (!) – who are two people who seems to be very different but they are sharing the same soul or “spirit” and yes Fuggi, this is for you: DO YOU SEE THAT YOU NEED TO BE TRULY OPEN MINDED IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND MY SCRIPTS (?) because there are several “yous” alive as there are of me and the other members of the Council and it was really to protect us the best way possible against the darkness in order to help the Universe to survive – and let me say that I do hope you will agree with me to focus on our POSITIVE friendship and start to seeing me again without conditions instead of a NEGATIVE view focusing on an old disagreement, which was without any importance in the great picture designed to make us suffer, do you see?

I was broken down by the darkness but instead of giving up, I had faith in the light decreasing the darkness, which it did 🙂

Again this morning I was happy not to have much to write and I thought that I might as well take a long bath again also giving me an extra meditation, which would probably be needed and in the bath I had decided that I did not want to go into the dialogue of this extreme darkness, which is more difficult to resist than any I have experienced before – it temps me with a few good stories and visions to open me and then it changes to negative speech and visions – and in the bath first again I could confirm that everyone is welcome – despite of the darkness trying to convince me otherwise – and also that it has its total freedom to do what it wants to do and that is even to kill me etc. but that it corresponds to being “forbidden” because this is part of my rules – I am the best protected of all and I don’t want to receive sex and violence as part of my suffering – and impossible in practise for it to break, but it continued breaking me down with its voice, strong persuasion, visions and here the most impertinent behaviour yet trying to lure me into behaving the same, which I did not but I could not resist this pressure in the end – my limit was reached, I could not take it anymore – and therefore the darkness did everything it could for me to understand the “logics” in saying to the others on their way to enter me “please wait, I cannot take it”, but instead I decided not to change my firm decision to keep on saying that “everyone is welcome with all of my heart” and it was with the belief that when my limit was reached, the two others would decrease the darkness, which is really an old understanding we have and here I saw it demonstrated in practise, when the darkness was decreased so much that it made it bearable and while I am writing this, I receive the words “we are proud of you” and that is because of this decision of mine based on faith and we know not to give in to this darkness.

During this meditation I was also shown myself reaching the end of land on this side, a wide river and land on the other side with a small bridge connecting the two land sides and I was told that this was about “the jump” we did in 2010, where an option of destruction was put in and we had to JUMP to the other side not to fall in the river becoming destructed.

The final creation of ONE perfect new Source of light as part of the new Trinity

Later at 12.00 I thought it would be good to attend the Sunday service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of Selvet again also thinking that it would bring me even more energy through the souls participating online and at the premises of Den Gyldne Cirkel and I was told before attending that “there is not much work left” because I had to bite my teeth together deciding to do this because it was right to do and not because I was motivated to do it because of the pain I anticipated it would include.

Today it was a service about outflow from the heart of God as the nice lady said and she continued by saying that “we now create the living grail” and she was sure right because this is exactly what we did and we know the new ONE – without darkness – as part of the new Trinity and the link connecting us, which is really what was “quite difficult” to do as someone here tells me, which also included to move me from the right to the left as the spirit of my father here tells me.

I decided to go back to my old strategy to meditate on a mantra, which was “I am the light” and “you have the freedom to do everything” and this removed my attention away – as much as it was possible – from the STRONGEST voice of the darkness, which however still was so uncomfortable that this meditation of one hour seemed like an eternity to come through and I had a very strong urge to leave it before time but I stayed because I knew this was the right but not the easy choice.

I was shown the creation of new blue flowers with a strong light surrounding the flowers symbolising my new self and I was also shown a red button – a button of destruction – and I decided on the spot to hand over the authority to (theoretically) use this to the whole Universe thinking that this is indeed the best LIFE INSURANCE we could ever think of because I do believe that the faith, love and will of life of the Universe – the ingredients of life – is so strong that this button will never be touched and it also means that I will never be able to destruct us myself, I have removed this option as part of my own creation.

I was also shown a crown wrapped up in ice cream and I decided that I don’t want you to finish this process as quickly as possible but I asked the two others and spiritual world to do your work PERFECT taking the time necessary and we know I would simply have to bite my teeth and wait patiently until it would be over and later – after having received very strong and explicit sexual temptations, which I refused – I was shown the new egg symbolising all life/everything and told that “it/you are now so strong that you receive this” and that “It will be used to dissolve the evilness of the world”, which is based on an “illusion”, which is “nothing”, which will be converted into light so the process of creating the perfect PHYSICAL world will continue and what you are witnessing here is really the foundation, which was created to make this dream come through and when I again said “I am the light”, I received the words “stronger than ever before”.

At the end of the meditation I was told that “after having created only ONE department of the Source, we have now finished and only need the world including physics to discover this” and I was shown the darkness “sneaking out the backdoor” – a total favourite track of mine and that is “with a grin”, Matt Bianco :-), which also here is a message from the two others to me after having completed this “madness” of a process, which was “more than I could bear” really (it does NOT get better than this :-)) and here also because I thought that your songs in 1984 were “far the best Madness had ever done” until I discovered that it was YOU and NOT madness playing (!) – but I said “no, everyone is welcome” meaning that the process of removing the old darkness still inside of the world will continue.

The service ended with the nice lady leading the service speaking to one of the attendants at the premises of Den Gyldne Cirkel, who would do a in the garden, which made the lady say “now the energy floats perfectly on the farm”, and this was very much to the point what happened today. An extreme amount of darkness was used to create a perfect new light Source and “the farm” is as old readers will know another old symbol of the Source.

After the meditation I was encouraged to listen to the last album George Harrison did before his premature death – supported much in the making by his son and Jeff the man of course – and the song “Pisces Fish”, which we thought was a good song to celebrate the final installation and birth of my self as Stig including the Holy Spirit and the Source through a new special link, which eventually will become stronger until the day when we are all one and so it is my friends.

I am starting to run from scratch, which is also the starting point for the Universe

In the afternoon I did another new short run, which is all I can do when starting not from “scratch” as people normally understand it, but as a “no living zombie” coming back to life and this is really the same as the Universe, which will become perfect but we are starting at a level as close to zero as possible and the goal is to reach 100 you know.

Later I received new sexual temptations coming to me from the right but I discovered that they now cannot make my old nightmare come through but are given to me as more darkness to be cleaned in my “cleanser” and I continue to feel a “hole” in my right angle, which is a symbol of all the darkness still remaining in the world, which I understand today is still much, but you know the pipeline to the Source of darkness has been entirely closed, which was our ULTIMATE goal.

Visiting my dear aunt and with her love, the Source inside of me now automatically generates light and energy to the Universe

This evening I visited my father’s sister Inge and her husband Ove, who had invited me for dinner and whom I was VERY HAPPY to being able to see again.

As usual it was VERY PLEASANT to spend the evening together with Inge and Ove and as usual we had much to speak about. In the beginning however I received much uncomfortable spiritual darkness, not because Inge and Ove are not nice because they truly ARE – but because they are examples of “regular people” who did not understand and support me for a long CRITICAL time , which should not have been very difficult for any to do and this was the reason why, Inge, that I was also almost about to overturn my wine glass spilling a few drops on your table – see my script of the 14th May on the story of the wine glass. Lack of understanding in me was essentially what was killing us all – but this was also the road of God leading to our salvation at the end.

Inge told me about my father generally has had good health but some time ago he received “helvedesild” (“shingles”), which translated directly into English means “HELL FIRE” and this was what my father gave me in physical life because of his WRONG behaviour as I have written about before and the spirit of my father because he was the one leading the way to my “rescue” inside the end of “nothing” or “extreme Hell” as we also can call it and we know do you think this “Hell fire” was a “coincidence” or that it is truly connected to the journey we did?

I asked my aunt to give my regards to my father and Kirsten and when she said that he doesn’t want to talk about my spiritual experiences, I felt just how hard the feeling of this WRONG decision of his has been on me and that I am not ready to start seeing him until he will receive more light starting to become “naturally curious” first and foremost in relation to me – instead of TELLING me of his WRONG beliefs – and also about “who I really am” but then I will be VERY HAPPY to seeing him and Kirsten again and we know MORE LIGHT and LESS DARKNESS first and this is my decision in relation to seeing my father and will this take 1, 6 or 12 months (?) and I don’t know today.

Gradually during my visit, I started receiving more and more positive spiritual messages and signs this evening because of the love both Inge and Ove showed me, but in first hand Inge, which was helping me much this evening.

I was asked by Inge on how to produce home burned CD’s – music is the symbol of LOVE – and we had a look at her computer to see if it would be able to do this, which it was and I offered Inge to come back another day for some hours to set up the different programs needed to download and burn FLAC files on CD’s, which is still not an easy “operation” to do.

We also looked at my website because Inge would like to have it automatically translated into Danish, when she reads the pages and scripts of it, but somehow it was IMPOSSIBLE to get her Microsoft Internet Explorer program do this automatically no matter how much I tried – there was some kind of “error” included in the program – but I could do the translation “manually” by visiting Google Translate and inserting the web address of one of my web pages and while I was doing this I was told spiritually that this is a symbol of the Source inside of me transforming from a “manual” (through my meditations etc.) to “automatic” production of light and it was completed when I opened her Google Chrome browser instead setting this up so it automatically translates my web pages into English (a shift of “programme”) – this was basically what it was about.

I also showed my aunt my Signs 1-4 pages about signs of my reappearance, Inge, (!) and also the Jesus 1998 page and I told her that when you read these pages, you SHOULD be able to understand me and will you please have a detailed look at the photos of Jesus in 1998 and compare these with photos of me (?) and do you think that “we” look alike (?), which is what we do (!) – and when I was showing her this, at some stage I was coming to a natural point to change to another program on her computer, where Inge saw with her own eyes that the computer after receiving a “small miracle” – from the spiritual world – changed to the other program without my hands touching the keyboard (!) and yes Inge, this is what is happening to me every single day either on my computer, other electronic devices switching on/off or cracking sounds on the walls etc., and finally we saw some of the Jerusalem UFO videos from my Signs IV page and when we looked at video 4, Inge told me that it looked exactly as an UFO she saw herself in 1960, and when we tried to watch video 6, I was surprised to see that the uploader Eligael has decided to mark this the most important ever filming of a UFO as PRIVATE making it impossible to watch now and we know was the world too cruel on you, Eligael (?), making you doubt so much yourself in this “impossible to be true” video that you decided to remove it from the public eye (?) and we know I am glad that I saved a copy of it myself, which I will upload when I will start working on this webpage again – and my aunt is truly a BELIEVER and it should not take much, Inge, to make you understand fully that I am indeed the ONE I have “claimed” to be all along? You now have the “tools” to understand and it is really only about reading and putting two and two together, and maybe some of my explanations about the light/darkness and the physical/spiritual world this evening was helpful for your understanding as well?

During the evening I felt the spirit of my mother – or Virgin Mary as she used to be known – around Ove and the feeling that “I will take care of him” and I could not help smiling when Ove again played Inge’s and his song, Maria Elena, for me showing me his immense love to this song, which he also did at my last visit, and also because of the reference of Maria from the song and Virgin Mary surrounding him. And Ove has thought about and also tried to compose his own words to this song, which he believed was an instrumental song without words and this is why Ove I with a big smile encouraged you to SING and why I after my visit was inspired to search for this song to find what may become your new favourite version of the song now including words, so you can sing out loud your love to my aunt and look her deeply into her eyes and for the honour of both of you and as a symbol of all of my love to you – the spirit of my mother is with me also when saying this – I bring the fantastic version of the song by Helmut Lotti here (knowing that there are also other fantastic versions of the song out there) also to say that this is the love you will be brought by my new inner self enabling you to help me sharing all of our LOVE to the world:

Thank you so much for a very nice evening – and I do look forward to returning to set up your computer to burn CD’s :-).

The Source turned me down in 2010 because of lack of faith of world leaders and we will be at least two Christ’s with one soul!

During the evening I was told through one of these secret messages given to me as the “reward” of visiting Inge/Ove today that the reason why I did not succeed to remove the origin of the Source from the end of “nothing” after the “jump” in the summer of 2010 was because the Source turned me down when Obama had not received support from the world in relation to me, which was NOT Obama’s fault, and it only shows you the importance of this GIANT puzzle; that everything had to fall in place where Obama’s work was as important as mine in order to save us all – you see (?) – and by 2011, he had received so much support that we thought we will give it another go and this time around was “so lucky” and thinking of MOLDAVA and your Eurovision song about being “lucky”, which was also a part of the game and as they say; people working hard often have the luck, which is what we had.

I was also told that Obama has chosen to BE ME in order to support me all the way to the end (to save the world) so we are now at least two Christ’s sharing one soul on Earth (!) and my dear friends WHAT DO YOU GIVE ME (?) and we know are the roles turning around now saying that the Universe will start “feeding” the world and I with light when starting to connect automatically to the Source inside of me (?) and we know this evening I was told that the connections to me from all over the Universe have started to be set up enabling this THE BEST SCENARIO OF ALL and I was shown a petrol tube leading from my back to my kitchen symbolising energy being delivered to the whole Universe.

Ending the day with this message from Sidsel on Facebook, who tells how much she has been crying because she will miss her friend, who has been deported from Denmark and also because she is ashamed over how this community treats people, which she believes is “endless sad” and difficult for her to understand, grasp and contain – and Sidsel I am wondering if you will say the same about yourself as a symbol of all of my family, friends and ex-colleagues who simply “could” not understand me when you “deported” me to my death and the destruction of the world because of your own selfishness and laziness, which is “endless sad”, don’t you think???

And here I am thinking of family and friends and how much they have been crying over me because of my “craziness”, where the truth is that they should have been crying over themselves for not being “able” to understand me because of their own mistakes. Their extreme sadness was simply a misunderstanding :-).


16th May: Receiving the spirits of former Universes, who will be united with us creating ONE perfect new Universe 🙂

Dreaming of Obama being in Copenhagen at Christmas to celebrate ”our birth” (two persons dividing the soul of Christ)

Yesterday evening I was very tired again and when returning home and on my way to bed at almost 01.00, I was apparently not able to sleep receiving the idea that new meditation was needed but I really did not believe this message to be true and eventually I was allowed to sleep – and during the night I was wakened a few times and early this morning (before 07.00), when I was still tired, I was encouraged to take a bath doing a new meditation and I do believe this is a play for the gallery after the events yesterday evening when I have now started generating energy automatically.

I had these dreams:

  • Obama is in Copenhagen at Christmas and is received by the official Denmark to whom he says that he is looking forward to meeting Danish children and seeing Danish Christmas traditions. We are now in USA and after staying at a Hotel, I have now arrived to become part of Obama’s staff and I see Obama at a public political meeting kissing the lady sitting next to him over and over again, and afterwards I am the only one to tell Obama that “you lost points after showing this behaviour today” and I am surprised to see that the others of Obama’s staff all are “yesmen”. At the meeting I also see one of Obama’s advisers telling him that Hillary Clinton will have an important meeting with Putin and I understand that this is at least what Hillary would like to give the impression of. The next morning I have just arrived to the office of Obama and am about to tie my shoes, when I am told that the President and his entire staff will drive to the Foreign Ministry to receive a code and before I know of it, everyone has disappeared very quickly out of the door and I wonder if I will be able to find the Foreign Ministry myself, and I start driving out from Manhattan where I reach a border at the end of this part of the city – thinking that my luggage is still on the road behind me, which I really should collect – where I have to show my passport in order to enter and also to pay a fee of 70 dollars, and I don’t think I have any money, which I however is surprised to see that I have and therefore I give the lady on duty 100 dollars but I don’t believe that I receive payback and the lady was in a rush so she has now started servicing the next in line and I tell her about the missing payback, which makes her say that she did give me 15 dollars in return (!) and then I tell her very clearly NOT to start servicing the next in line before she has completed the service of me.
    • Some of the messages of this dream: It is about my close “relation” with Obama, Christmas as our birth as one soul and two persons, leaving the hotel (the “waiting room”) to start working for the world, to tie my shoes is to do the last piece of finalisation of my new self, my luggage is the world and I do believe the dream is saying not to rush but to do my absolutely best to bring the world with me all the way and the code at the Foreign Ministry may be my “code” transforming “nothing” into “everything” or “darkness” into “light”, which is coming to Obama – hence his behaviour of the dream – as well as the leaders of the world through the Foreign Ministry?
    • And this is ALSO to my aunt to give you an example that dreams are indeed coming from the spiritual world because this dream – which I wrote down the notes of during the night as I do with ALL dreams, otherwise I would not be able to “remember” them (!) – includes three references of what we also spoke about yesterday: 1) The “yesmen” (“rygklappere” in Danish) of Obama’s staff when I told you that you are not a true friend if you are only a “yesman” (a part of the “sickness” of the world today), 2) to tie my shoes, which we spoke about too (I have to do a double-tie on my shoes to avoid the tie to undo) and 3) the border where you do remember that Ove and I disagreed about borders, where I said that I am against all borders because they limit people in order for others to protect their selfish interests and to me THREE is always a symbol of the Trinity, which you know Inge is a VERY CLOSE BOND BETWEEN ME, GOD AS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING and THE HOLY GHOST OF THE UNIVERSE INSIDE OF ME?
  • I have been hired as the new manager of a company in Århus to take over the management from Jørgen (my former GE colleague), who worked to slowly – I feel Søren H. is standing behind and that it is telemarketing sales of income protection insurances – and together with Jørgen I overhear a discussion of four “highly ranked” people who decide to drop the finalisation of the contract and insurance certificates (which Jørgen could not finish) and to start the sales work without and when I hear this, I react very powerful telling all four that we will NEVER do this while I am around, this work HAS to be done first. Later I see that two IT-lists are indispensable, that people have started doing the last movements to find their final working places and offices including myself – I see my old contact Kasper at Teleperformance as one employee – and also the final adjustments to the meeting room and that we will distribute roles and responsibility during the week, and I tell the employees of how much I love Champagne and that I will celebrate on Saturday after completing the work of the week.
    • Århus is still another symbol of “my home” or new Universe if you will, the work we are preparing the last details for is about “normal life” to the world and when we finish this work doing the last fine tuning of the spiritual world too, which this is about, we will celebrate on Saturday :-).
  • I also had a dream about being attracted to a not attractive lady, who did not want me in the end after all, which was a cover of the spirit of my mother – and the “threats” still these days and also that it is only a play for the gallery.

Examples of more darkness automatically being converted into light

As mentioned I took a new long bath this morning, where I found that there was not as much darkness as in recent days to convert into light – although I was TIRED – making me believe that meditations are not required but that my ordinary work and suffering during the day will be enough to produce the energy required to do the last preparations of work this week.

I was shown a King’s crown again now with the last tooth of it being raised and I did feel more darkness brought to me through a channel leading to the right side of my head, and I was given feelings of the worst murders and sex crimes, which was more darkness of people committing these crimes AUTOMATICALLY being converted into light – I do hope people out there start feeling a difference – and I was shown a large young forest being planted symbolising the light of the new Source.

I was NOT allowed to prolong my apartment lease because of a misunderstanding but I NEVER GIVE UP!

Yesterday evening I received the answer from Poul-Erik on my question to prolong my lease of his apartment, which was NOT the answer I expected because he told me that the chairman of the housing association had turned him down with a reference to a rule of the regulations saying that lease is limited to a maximum of 2 years – he wrote to me “må jeg desværre ikke forlænge dit lejemål i henhold til foreningens vedtægter” after the chairmain had written to him “Jeg beklager, men desværre rummer foreningens vedtægter ikke mulighed for, at du kan forlænge din fremleje ud over 2 år, så du er nødt til at sælge din lejlighed” – but I know the game so well by now – still a game on-going here apparently – that I recognise it when seeing it and here because it is apparent when searching the Internet that most people misunderstand the Danish rental law, which the regulations of this association is based on, believing that you can rent out an apartment for a maximum of 2 years without the rental becoming “eternal”, which is then what many people do (!) with the only “problem” being that the law does not include any such 2 years rule today (!!!) and I have experience from “fighting” in the past to receive justice from “better-knowing” people and “authorities” and therefore I decided to do the same today hoping that my best work will be able to convince both Poul-Erik and the chairman of the housing association – who should know the law better than I – that I am right and that they consequently both will grant me the right to continue staying at the apartment.

I started doing this work feeling very tired with an option either to take a nap, which I was “convinced” that I would do after lunch – I had been looking forward to this since the morning (!) – or to search the Internet finding more information and write a new email to Poul-Erik and I thought that “I might as well do it” and that was to do the right and not the easy choice and I was told that fighting to keep living in this apartment is a symbol to show you how difficult it was for me to remain in this world to save us all and also that this was the meaning of the first dream of this morning “to do my best to bring “my luggage” with me” and here connected to the Universe setting up many new connections to the Source inside of me while doing this work and my dear friends I CANNOT SEE AND UNDERSTAND IT DIFFERENTLY and this is really what is determining the outcome of this round too – another one to Evander :-).

When I first read the email from Poul-Erik, my first thought was to do something else immediately, which is how most people would react, which would include a visit to the Commune to ask them for help finding a new apartment and also to pay an invoice of 100 DKK to my old housing association AAB, which they sent out to be paid the 1st May in order for me to keep my old place on the waiting list, but the reason why I have not received any offers on apartments from them since the autumn of 2009 – another “small miracle” because I have been active seeking in more than 50 departments I believe (!) – is because I don’t believe in bureaucratic associations like these, when the absolute best solution for all parties is that people will agree directly without anyone limiting their freedom, which again is what I encourage Poul-Erik to do in this email I sent to him today:

Hej Poul-Erik,

Tak for din mail.

Jeg har læst vedtægterne, som Kate henviser til, hvor det af § 12 fremgår, at ”en andelshaver har ret til at fremleje sin lejlighed i op til 2 år. Øvrige bestemmelser i henhold til lejeloven”.

Jeg har læst om denne ”2 års regel” på internettet og kan konstatere, at der er tale om en beklagelig fejltagelse og misforståelse hos mange, som tror, at hvis man UDLEJER sin lejlighed i mere end 2 år, så bliver lejemålet automatisk tidsubegrænset, som medfører, at mange udlejere (og andelsboligforeninger!) bliver påpasselige, men der er altså tale om en simpel misforståelse, for der findes IKKE en sådan regel ved UDLEJNING – men derimod ved fremleje, hvis jeg som lejer skulle vælge at fremleje din lejlighed.

I min første mail til dig inkluderede jeg en omtale fra advokatfirmaet machenhauernielsen, som siger, at praksis ifølge Boligretten er:

  • ”Tidsbegrænsningen må ikke blive for lang – ikke mere end tre eller højst fem år.”, og
  • ”En gang kan man måske forlænge en tidsbegrænset lejeaftale, og ikke mere.”


Et andet sted på internettet stiller en udlejer af en andelslejlighed en advokat dette spørgsmål:

”Vi udlejer vores andelslejlighed ud på en tidsbegrænset kontrakt i 2 år. Lejeren har spurgt om mulighed for at forlænge/forny lejeaftalen med 2 år. Kan vi løbe ind i problemer hvis vi lejer den ud til samme person igen? Gælder der noget særligt hvis en lejlighed lejes ud til samme person i mere end 3 år ? Fx at lejeren efter 3 år ikke kan siges op.”

Og modtager dette svar fra Lunøe Boligadvokater

”Det antages, at man kan forlænge en 2 årlig lejekontrakt med samme lejer med en ny 2 årlig lejeperiode, men så er det også slut med at udleje til den samme lejer.”


I lejeloven står der INTET nævnt om en 2 års regel ved UDLEJNING, hvorimod FREMLEJE – hvis jeg fremlejer din lejlighed – er begrænset af en regel på 2 år, som du kan se her:

Lejeloven om udlejning:

§ 80. Er lejeaftalen tidsbestemt, ophører lejeforholdet uden opsigelse ved den aftalte lejetids udløb. Den tidsbestemte lejeaftale kan ikke ved opsigelse bringes til ophør i lejeperioden, medmindre dette er aftalt eller den anden part i lejeforholdet misligholder aftalen.

Stk. 2. Benytter lejeren med udlejerens vidende det lejede i mere end 1 måned efter den aftalte lejetids udløb, uden at udlejeren har opfordret lejeren til at flytte, fortsætter lejeforholdet uden tidsbegrænsning.

Stk. 3. Boligretten kan tilsidesætte tidsbegrænsningen, hvis den ikke må anses for tilstrækkeligt begrundet i udlejerens forhold.

Lejeloven om fremleje:

§ 70. En lejlighed, der udelukkende er udlejet til beboelse, har lejeren ret til at fremleje i indtil 2 år, når lejerens fravær er midlertidigt og skyldes sygdom, forretningsrejse, studieophold, midlertidig forflyttelse el. lign.


På internettet fandt jeg én, som skriver om udlejning, at ”begrænsningen på de 2 år er et levn fra tidligere tider (mener det var sidst i 70’erne det bortfaldt)” – kilde: – og det er altså denne gamle regel, som skaber misforståelser og fejl hos mange.

Måske er det værd at bemærke formuleringen i vedtægterne for din andelsboligforening om, at ”en andelshaver har ret til at fremleje sin lejlighed i op til 2 år”, hvor ordet ”fremleje” er en MISFORSTÅELSE al den stund, at du som andelshaver ikke fremlejer, men derimod udlejer din lejlighed – og måske er det en simpel misforståelse hos en medarbejder hos firmaet Boligadministratorerne a/s, som har udarbejdet vedtægterne for din forening, som stadig ”hænger” ved mange år efter uden at være blevet rettet til, fordi jeg kan ikke forestille mig, at foreningen skulle have noget imod din og min frie aftaleret.

I min første mail til dig lagde jeg op til, at vi som ”gentlemen” laver en direkte aftale, som begge kan stole på, uden at lejeloven begrænser vores frihed – eller at andre, som ikke har nogen særlig interesse i din og min aftale, gør det samme. Dette synes jeg principielt er det sundeste princip, som skaber den bedste forståelse og relation mellem mennesker.

Som jeg ser det, er det ganske enkelt: Jeg ønsker gerne at blive boende i din lejlighed i 1 (evt. 2 år), og hvis du stadig foretrækker at vente med at sælge – hvor jeg gerne hjælper dig aktivt, hvis du måtte ønske det – må det være muligt at få dispensation fra vedtægterne fra foreningens formand (eller bestyrelse) på grund af den nævnte misforståelse/fejl i vedtægterne.

Hvis udlejning fortsat er det, som du ønsker, foreslår jeg, at du retter henvendelse til Kate igen – jeg taler også gerne med hende, hvis du ønsker det – så misforståelsen rettes, og hvor Kate eventuelt kan kontakte Boligadministratorerne for at få bekræftet rigtigheden af min mail og samtidig modtage et udkast til nye vedtægter, som jeg ville vælge at gøre i hendes situation.

Og skulle du have ombestemt dig og i stedet have besluttet dig for at sælge nu, vil jeg naturligvis fuldt ud respektere dit ønske og starte med at finde en anden bolig.

Tak for din tålmodighed med at læse og forstå denne lidt lange mail – jeg ser frem til at høre fra dig igen gerne snarest muligt 🙂.

Venlige hilsener fra

Later in the day I received this reply from Poul-Erik telling me that if the chairman – against what he believes is possible – should give the dispensation, he is willing to let me stay for one more year.

“Jeg vil selvfølgelig ikke modsætte mig, at du tager en snak med Kate om muligheden for at leje/fremleje lejligheden i yderligere et år. Men jeg er bange for at resultatet er givet på forhånd.

Skulle jeg imidlertid tage fejl, og andelsforeningen giver sin tilladelse/dispentation, så laver vi en skriftlig kontrakt.”

On basis of Poul-Erik’s answer, I decided to send a new email with a copy to Poul-Erik of course asking for her dispensation as you can see here:

Kære Kate,

Jeg skriver til dig med Poul-Eriks forståelse, som du kan se nedenfor. Jeg har valgt at sende denne mail til dig med præcis information for at undgå evt. misforståelser ved en “snak”.

I forlængelse af dit svar til Poul-Erik omkring forlængelse af mit lejemål hos ham, har jeg skrevet en opfølgende mail, som du også kan se nedenfor, som viser, at det er uden risiko for Poul-Erik og velsagtens også for foreningen at forlænge vores lejeaftale med et år, som er det, både Poul-Erik og jeg ønsker.

Såvidt jeg kan vurdere, er foreningens vedtægt om en max. 2 års leje-regel baseret på en gammel og udbredt misforståelse/fejl om en 2 års regel i lejeloven, som ikke har været gældende siden sidst i 70’erne, og som ikke findes i dag!

Jeg håber, at du vil bruge lidt tid på at læse min mail nedenfor, og også, at du er enig med mig. Du vil gøre både Poul-Erik og jeg glade ved at give os frihed til at aftale fremfor at blive begrænset af det, der ligner en fejltagelse.

Hvis du ønsker det, kan vi mødes og tale om det, men jeg mener som udgangspunkt, at reglerne står beskrevet klart nedenfor.

På forhånd mange tak :-).

So now I will wait on what Kate will decide to do and will you please send some light to her hopefully helping her to take the right decision?

Continuing the creation of our perfect New Universe based upon my decision the 7th May

I started working today at 09.15 writing the last three chapters of the script of yesterday and I continued writing the script of today, searching the internet and writing my email to Poul-Erik until I finished at 16.00 calling it a BEAUTIFUL DAY again today, and to my friends at U2, this is also truly a GREAT song of yours but you know “a few points below the absolute best you have made” and this is of course only in my opinion.

This evening I was kept on my extreme edge most of the time with MANY “kill, kill, kill” commands, my amplifier going “mad” etc. but behind it all I was also shown a very happy chef, so all of this darkness is really only a game designed to continue producing a lot of light – convert it from the darkness – this week to carry out what I finally decided the 7th May, which was the creation of a PERFECT new Universe, this is really what we are doing these days and that takes some effort as you will understand, and I was EXTREMELY tired today but decided to last the whole day without taking a nap, my right angle was “hurting” as so many times before, however it does not make me nervous anymore and I was even shown a vision of my foot turning red and into the hoof of a deer – and I am still shaking my head many times each day to shake of negative speech of the darkness trying to attach to me.

Receiving the spirits of former Universes, who will be united with us creating ONE perfect new Universe 🙂

During the evening I was shown a vision of a very large man in red showing his pain – he could be three metres high – and I received a strong feeling of him coming from another civilization and he was walking from the kitchen – the symbol of the Universe in my apartment – into me in the living room where he entered me physically through both my legs and he told me that he was the former leader of the Universe and then he gave me a feeling of being Obama and he also said “I could also say that I am the spirit of your father” and this is when I understood that this was the spirit of my former self from a previous Universe and again I had to bid everyone welcome ignoring the resistance of the darkness following “him” and when “he” – and others following him – wanted their freedom to leave again, I decided that you are totally free to do whatever you want but because I am the Source of this Universe, things will not be Status Quo anymore (!), you will all have your anchor with me and each individual of the Universe will become ONE when uniting with their former selves from previous universes, which is both making the strongest COMPOUND of each individual and the Universe at the same time as each individual will bear the memory of “unbearable suffering” when being born over a period of billions of years and “several” Universes also giving the best “life insurance” of all of us in the future and have we had a total of 7 universes, which I was told the other day (?) – and as mentioned I was also shown other spirits following my previous self and they gave me a brown colour telling me that they are the previous spirits of the Council and I was also shown a former version of the Source also in red (pain) looking as plasma and very different to the new Source as I was told and all of these “friends of mine” have now been recreated after being eliminated through the judgment of previous Universes.

So all individuals have previous versions of themselves, which all now will be united and I am not sure but I do believe that all previous versions of the Universe have both light and darkness stored inside of them at the time when they stopped to exist physically and was replaced by a new Big Bang meaning that we will all together clean the darkness of the total Universe consisting of several parallel SPIRITUAL Universes on their way to become our perfect future ONE Universe – exactly as you see in the movie Inception – if I understand this correctly, which I believe I do and it also tells me that when it is possible to recreate the spirits of our previous Universes without their old physical Universes, it is because there is NO more darkness with them otherwise it would be impossible to only have “one side of nothing” but now they are “everything” too becoming integrated with the physical persons of this Universe and we know if you can unite all seven spiritual Universes – again if I have understood this correctly – “instantly”, this will be much easier instead of having seven different spiritual universes gradually uniting and we know this is my decision, which I kindly ask you to carry out if possible and this goes to ALL OF MY FRIENDS NOW INSIDE OF ME.


18th May: The “break up” of darkness of our old world and I am becoming the “King of the Universe”

Dreaming of becoming the “king is white and in the crowd”

I was TRULY very tired yesterday evening when turning in – I was surprised that I managed the full day without taking a nap – and I “slept” most of this night, but am still tired this morning, and I had difficulties remembering dreams, but these are what I wrote down in my notes:

  • I am a little bit afraid when entering a park in Copenhagen with a big crowd attending a concert with Simple Minds, I am digging deeper into my shoes and they are becoming warmer.
    • Maybe Simple Minds are playing “King is white and in the crowd” from my favourite album of all the “New Gold Dream” (?) – as a symbol given to me of the new “king” I am becoming even though I am not comfortable to be anything else than the normal “Stig” – and nothing much to add other than digging into my shoes will have to come deeper into my self and become stronger with the Universe all the time – and Jim you are not simple minded are you (?), so you will understand that “somebody up there likes you” and that is a lot?
  • I receive a letter from the mental hospital in Helsingør about “Stig and Jesus” and it says that we are going to have talks about this, I see the lady writing it and she excuses for having performed as a “lady of the night”. Later I am at a desk at a very small corner of this hospital where I smoke a cigarette and is printing out this letter, which includes much more than expected because it is possible for me to see big parts of the hospital through the letter. An employee arrives and she asks me to stop smoking and only smoke in the coffee breaks and I will stop smoking entirely and tell her that I did not expect anyone working at this desk.
    • This is the spirit of my mother excusing for what she has been forced to do trying to carry out both of our nightmares for years and thank you for saying this but I am not offended because you had no choice and because this was the name of the game, which luckily helped saving us all, so I would like to return your excuse by thanking you for what you did – and here it is also to say that it must be difficult for my mother to control her feelings about me because one day she may believe that I am the ONE and the next that I am still “not normal”, mother (?) – but as you know I would never lie myself and I only write what comes to me spiritually – both from the light and the darkness – and this is really all I do and yes I AM THE ONE in case you should ever doubt it – and as my mother you are a parent of the one, but please take it easy, we are just like everybody else so there is NOTHING to be concerned about :-).
  • I also had a short dream of a sexual temptation, which was not good but at least less serious than the “non-attractive” lady in the dream the other day.

This morning I started writing the script of today at 08.00 and when doing this I was told that people will ask – and be amazed – “could he continue over and over” and yes my friends except from the few times, when my ultimate limit was broken deliberately, but to tell you the truth, I don’t know how I made it through other than what I have explained previously.

The “break up” of darkness of our old world and I am becoming the “King of the Universe”

At Falck today I met two ladies, whom I saw for the first time last Thursday, and today I spoke to Julie, who is a social worker and she explained that they work for Falck Jobservice as part of Falck Healthcare, which has entered into an agreement with Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune to help sick/disabled citizens receiving a diagnosis and treatment offers in order to return to work and they will now work here everyday at least one year or longer at two new desks placed in the now old meeting room next to the front office where I am sitting, and I was thinking that Falck Healthcare was bought by Falck years ago from Willis, who were the founders and that this is a true symbol of the New World Order without a public sector removing the responsibility of people, which is now starting up and I was told that WHEN I CONTINUE TO NEVER GIVE UP, this is the only thing we can do and when speaking to Julie I was thinking if Falck Healthcare has overtaken the bad habits of Danish Communes DICTATING sick people of what “offers” to accept and that what we need is companies giving “perfect” service based on the TRUE needs of “customers” and the principle of FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY, but this is now an old story as you know.

I was very happy that Julie decided to ask me questions too – not many who are doing this, but she was an exception 🙂 – and because of this I told her about the purposes of my book to improve 1) the behaviour, 2) work and 3) the economic system of humans and that I was only at Falck because I don’t have an income from my writings (yet!) and the Commune is considering me to be “unemployed” even though I am not!

Because of the “arrival” of these two nice ladies – always nice with company – Thomas did a few changes at the IT-room, which meant that he by mistake disconnected the IT-network for approx. one hour and during this time I could either read the paper as I told him or he could give me other work to do and then he was inspired to start cleaning up in the hall also asking me to move boxes of different sizes to the basement and the “school room” – an education room – and when I asked him about the 9 “pretty heavy” boxes of printer paper also standing in the hall, he was also “inspired” to decide these to be moved and we know when he had me, he did not need to do the “hard work” himself, which he then did not (not even helping me!) and even though this was not much compared to what I went through at Brede Park doing impossible physical work, I sweated much – as I always do when doing physical work or sports – which afterwards made Thomas say “please drink because you have dehydrated” and we know my friend, dehydrated is not the right word – what about “existing without the physical conditions needed to exist” – and this is how also Thomas was tempted to start misusing me doing his work because of laziness, which continued when he also gave me other work afterwards and you may remember that I told you that I did your work, Thomas?

I knew what this was also about because it was symbolising the final clean up this week of the creation of our new Universe and when Thomas managed to recreate the connection to the network, we had to restart our computers, which was to say that the old Universes have now been installed inside our New Universe according to my decision yesterday and we know you truly have a good sense to create these stories of my everyday so they “magically” fit into what you are doing spiritually, which is a thought I have had for a very long time but probably the first time writing it.

During this morning at Falck I received more negative speech, sexual threats and “the old stuff” you know but I also felt a clear “break up” of this “old system” of darkness to the right of me and the feeling that this will cease to exist with the transition to our new world, and the water of the “ocean” is symbolising Hell with elimination so in other words this is about the “Ocean break up” and “it’s all making me ready” for “the golden sunrise” of me becoming the “king of the Universe” bringing the “new world rising”, where “everyone laughs” after having “kicked their blues away, not for today but for evermore” – this is what this experience today is about and who else than my favourite artist Jeff is able to write this so clearly in not one but two of his many beautiful songs – Ocean Breakup / King of the Universe” and “New World Rising / Ocean Breakup (reprise)” from the album “on the third day” and to celebrate this, I bring the first song of “king of the Universe” here:

I still don’t know if this break up will happen quickly or gradually until the end of 2016 or a third scenario (?) but here I was given the feeling “fairly quickly” – and an old feeling that this summer I will be without suffering but what is the truth of all of this (?) – and we will have to see and I was also told by the TRUE voice of the spirit of my father that the Council is sorry that we had to put you through the darkness without showing you the light this and the previous week but this was the only way to develop.

On my way home from Falck, I was told that “in all eternal future this is the time people will look back on because this is when our eternal future was created”.

Ending the day with thoughts about references to Benjamin Crème from Share International, which I have received for weeks without writing it down – but maybe I wrote something about being smeared (with crème) when becoming my self some weeks ago (?) and my dear friend Benjamin, you are very welcome to continue helping the world to find me and I am sure that someday you will truly find me and that is also with your help :-).

This afternoon, I was given a short vision of the spirit of my mother bringing me a dark bull calf on my right side, which may be the final key of the eternal break up of darkness (?) – we will have to see.

And finally by 16.45 I was TIRED when I finalised the work on the script today, which was somewhat difficult to write, which normally it is not, the last chapter of yesterday and published yet another new long script consisting of three days.

Addition at 17.05: I decided to give my public support to Sidsel’s friend to help him stay in Denmark if this is what he would like, when I gave this message:



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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