May 20, 2011: Reaching “MY HOME” of “Peace & Freedom” of our New Universe


Summary of the script today

18th May: Installing the most advanced instrument panel of the Universe inside of me

  • Dreaming of the negative influence of people leaving me as friends because of their misunderstandings in relation to the faith of my mother in me, watching the most beautiful and re-energised sun, installing the most advanced instrument panel of the Universe inside of me and “great sufferings” I will have to go through because of the WRONG decision of the housing association turning down my request to extend my apartment lease with Poul-Erik.
  • I was given MUCH suffering yesterday when I was bombarded with negativity after the WRONG decision of the housing association, which could have brought me down – but NO it is a matter of attitude you know – and I decided that spirits of this and previous Universes entering me for approx. 8-10 days now was a “real” game because everyone is part of me no matter what!
  • At Falck I spoke to the IT-department about the list of key hood subscribers of Lyngby, which they had sent us, which includes approx. 12,900 subscribers even though we only have approx. 1,200 keys so something had to be seriously wrong, which was easy to identify because the list from the central database included other cities than Lyngby and had NOT been updated with decentralized information on keys because of lack of decentralized access to the system, lack of written procedures and carelessness of employees. This is why the “key service” product has now been scraped as a symbol of why the old Universe has now been scraped too: BECAUSE OF IGNORANCE, LAZINESS AND CARELESSNESS of people, who buried themselves, when they easily could have shown the right attitude letting the light win. It took my return to build a new Universe replacing the one you destroyed in order to save you from your own carelessness!
  • I went to the Commune asking them to help me with a new place to stay, which they turned down without blinking because of their stiff and CRAZY rules. Denmark is considered to have one of the best “systems” of the world, but I have now showed you just how much this expensive and ineffective system has hurt me instead of helping me – and in the future you will receive ONE PERFECT HOUSING MEDIATION SYSTEM – as Job Mediation – as part of our New World Order in order to truly HELP and MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY.
  • I received a follow-up email from the Jobcentre asking me about how I am doing and what I do at Falck and saying that the purpose is still to get me up to do 37 hours of work per week (!) and in my reply I tell that I continue doing my best (slave-) work, have good relations with all, that I work 40-50 hours (at least) per week on top of the 9 hours work for Falck (!), that I continue to tell the truth about a system (of the Jobcentre) which does not work, which all by now should be able to understand (?) and also that I continue to be POSITIVE no matter what they feel OBLIGED to order me doing after my work for Falck ends in June.

19th May: Finishing the creation of the first version of our New Universe, which we will continue improving forever and ever

  • Dreaming of my sister being the key for my expansion to people of other civilizations, “normal life” will come at its “ultimate level”, the Jobcentre at my commune is entirely focussed on saving money, removing Christmas decoration from one Christmas tree to another, which is to remove “everything” from our old to our New Universe, my nephew Niklas finding the key to his future home and beautiful ladies as the cover of the spirit of my mother was an alternative to give others suffering to create energy to the New Universe, which is now ending.
  • At Falck I did three tasks: 1) Finish the keying in of the last keys in the NEW DATABASE, which is symbolising the finish of the creation of the first version of our New Universe, which we will continue improving forever and ever, 2) write an email to the IT-department asking for a list of information from the central database on the precise keys of the filling cabinet to improve my new system (and Universe) next week and 3) driving to Copenhagen to collect four model fire engines requested by Thomas, where the two others of the Trinity were with me telling that this was our goal all along, to become “physical” and not only “to be”.
  • I met Lars from Falck who told me that Jane from the Jobcentre would like to get me up in time for me to become “clarified” (!) – have you not discovered after 1½ years that I am continuously working more than full time, always do my best work and have good relations with all (?) – I am not the one needing clarification, you are the ones needing to UNDERSTAND (!) – and Lars is also thinking about extending my “agreement” working for them. WHAT DO YOU GIVE???
  • The first version of the New Universe was created without darkness destroying more and without killing my mother even though it was truly “impossible” to do – but then again, it was not – and I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP on my mother!
  • I feel the two others of the Trinity inside of me as three persons inside of one body.
  • In a meditation the first version of the new Universe was signed, sealed and delivered, the potential disasters to the world if I should “lose it” have now become less both in terms of numbers and strength, the new and stronger Source entered me, the Trinity will never become separated, I was shown and felt myself inside of a large egg (“everything”), “the gold will come next” and “uniting us three was the most difficult to do in the world”.

20th May: Reaching “MY HOME” of “Peace & Freedom” of our New Universe

  • Dreaming of meeting the Devil in person and his followers, my father was an easy victim of the Devil because of his selfishness and it is from inside of the Devil or “nothing” that old souls and Universes have been hidden, a risk of physical destruction of my teeth to conquer the darkness once again, having to make the right but difficult choice between two options and will the Jobcentre decide to be in the darkness removing my cash help once again or will they try to UNDERSTAND my positive email to them?
  • At bath I accepted to receive the Devil – what remains of him as “nothing” – as I have accepted to welcome all, this was the so called “difficult” choice, which was easy to take. All darkness have now been shared with the Universe and everyone will have to be STRONG in order to keep “encoding” darkness into light for all of us to become STRONGER day by day. “Somewhere over the rainbow” symbolises A NEW CREATION to me with GOLD at the end of the rainbow, which was “almost impossible” to find and what used to be the darkness between the physical and spiritual world has now been implemented as part of the creation of the new Universe, which will continue to be converted by all into light on basis of FAITH, LOVE and WILL POWER.
  • For the first time ever, this morning I had the feeling of VICTORY after defeating the “furious and unstoppable opponent” of the darkness to prevent our elimination as Muhammad Ali defeated the furious and unstoppable George Foreman in the historic boxing fight in Zaire in 1974 after first having fear in his eyes realising his nightmare come through but after “looking into the eyes of his maker” and deciding that “this is that hour”, Ali won as I also did many years later. This boxing fight was a prediction of my journey to come!
  • I went with my mother to the museum of modern art, Louisianna, to see the exhibition ”Peace & Freedom” by Picasso; in the garden we saw the artwork “MY HOME” and “MY HOUSE” by the artist Al Taylor, which is a physical symbol of the creation of our New Universe and I was breathtaken by the beauty of Picasso’s art focusing on life & death – or survival or destruction (!) – etc. and his picture “Cock of the Liberation” symbolises our liberation from the darkness. Today is where I reached my new home at the castle helped by the love of my mother.


18th May: Installing the most advanced instrument panel of the Universe inside of me

Dreaming of installing the most advanced instrument panel of the Universe inside of me

Again today I am tired after not the best night of sleep with these dreams:

  • I am in a big room with knives in London. Thomas B.-L. will run through the room for me and he has to pass a big man and a lady both with knives, both are sick and both want to stab him. He tries to fool the lady by giving her something to drink, which hurts her, which surprises me because Thomas’ action is against the rules – and the dream continued with my mother being in Snekkersten, where someone in secrecy has buried down something in her small garden, which she will now dig up.
    • When I woke up I had the feeling that this dream is about the behaviour of Thomas as an example when he decided to leave me as a friend on Facebook and the negative influence this had/has on my mother in relation to her belief in me, who in the dream is the lady suffering (receiving the drink) because of the thoughts she receives of others (the knife) – and what is it that she will dig up from the city of darkness (?) and to my mother and everybody else, I can only encourage you to do the same as I: ALWAYS WISH FOR THE BEST FOR ALL PEOPLE because this is also a game I have been going through with the Devil “screaming” constantly in my ear for years, laying his words on my tongue and mind trying to overtake me making me wish the worst for others HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES (!), which he however has not succeeded doing one single time and just to let you know my dear family, friends and close ex-colleagues – those of you who suffered because of your own imagination of me being “crazy” – that my positive thoughts and wishes for you – despite of your WRONG behaviour – was what kept you going and your negative and misunderstood feelings, thoughts and actions in relation to me is what was transferred to me as PAIN brining me the nightmare of the Devil bringing me to my knees and bleeding because of his constant attempts to overtake me, to remove most of my sleep and make me physically more dead than alive. THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE WERE THE PEOPLE “THIS CLOSE” TO KILL ME AND DESTRUCT THE UNIVERSE and we know because of misunderstandings ….
  • I was woken up at 04.00 not with a dream but to look out my bedroom window watching the most beautiful sun I can remember having seen in my life, which I was thinking about taking a picture of and we know may it last for a very long time after having received energy to survive “a few billion years” as I am told here.
  • The Danish Conservative MP Helge Adam Møller has a portable touch-screen computer, which is very advanced telling him about everything, which he plugs into his car and uses as his instrumental panel and I think that I want one of the same. The chairman receives a explanation thinking that it was the police bringing is but it was the military and it says that Helge has to drive more correct than everybody else and also that he has to get up to the top of the world’s highest skyscraper and from their cross a very short and heavily trafficked walking bridge (with what looks like 1-2 steps only) in order to reach the twin skyscraper and it is almost impossible to fall down from the bridge but it is still made difficult to cross because of the many people coming from the other tower wanting to use it.
    • I am Helge Adam Møller in this dream, whom I have always believed to be strong, disciplined, hard working and with a set of good values – why did you not make it to the top of your party with this background (?) – the advanced computer is my panel to control our future PERFECT Universe and the car is ME saying that it looks as if we are almost done setting up the New Universe and still the dream tells me that I have to be better than everybody else, which is what MP’s and the population today tell themselves that MP’s need to be which of course is WRONG because everybody has to do their “absolutely best” showing a good behaviour and work moral in the future and when I was writing down this dream I was told that entering the skyscraper – a symbol of suffering – is what the housing association will bring me after having turned down my request to extend the apartment lease – see below – because of the “pressure” my mother may DECIDE to put on me if she decides to be concerned on my behalf again instead of being strong (!) – but this time around it will not bring darkness to me itself because the Source of darkness has shut down – and not least potentially much extra work trying to find another place to stay, which may take MANY hours to do, which you know I could use for better purposes to finalise my work and meet a world waiting on my return!
    • I might add here about Apple’s “invention” of the IPAD that I LOVE YOUR DESIGN but what you have put inside of this device of yours is far too less ambitious being nothing more than a giant smart phone. You should be able to do so much better if you really wanted to!

The housing association turned down my request to approve my agreement with Poul-Erik to extend our apartment lease

Yesterday evening I received an answer from the chairman of the housing association and in my view it should be a matter of form for the chairman or board to accept what Poul-Erik and I had agreed on directly – it is his agreement, he is the letter and I am the tenant and our agreement does not harm anyone, but maybe some people I have met and spoke with been happy to have me staying (?) – but to my very big surprise the chairman did not have enough light to do what is logically the only right thing to approve our agreement – I don’t like to have other people “approving” what people agree on (!) – and therefore she decided to decline my request for the association to give us dispensation from the rules FOR ONE MORE YEAR because she wants to have owners and not letters living in the apartments (!!!) and we know it corresponds to a situation where she had to ask for permission to have a new boyfriend move in with her and we turned down her request because we only want to have owners living in the apartments (!) and my dear friend this is yet another example of people totally unnecessary making people unhappy instead of doing their best to make people happy and this is both misunderstood and a totally unnecessary restriction (but you would not mind me staying at this association for another two years if I can find and agree with another “owner” to rent his apartment? – and do you see just how CRAZY and THOUGHTLESS your decision is???), which truly made me unhappy now also having to use time to find a new place to stay – a time which I could use to finish my website (!) – and we know this is really also to say that even though the world did not want to have me “staying” – because of your actions – I am still alive against all odds and one hour before I received the email from Kate, I was told that Hitler – my former life you know – had no other choice than to become wicked because of the wickedness of the world the same way as I really did not have a chance to keep away the darkness, but still I have decided to stay good, to NEVER GIVE UP and now also to find a new apartment – and by the way Poul-Erik, I am very happy with how you have helped me in different situations, but I was sad to see that yesterday you found it “interesting” to read my script including our mail correspondence and that you have not found it interesting to be a regular reader really trying to understand me and so it is.

And here is her email, which I decided NOT to send a reply to even though I could have been motivated to tell her that this is a violation of basic human rights as it also is when for example Denmark in many situations prohibit refugees living in Denmark to bring their spouses to the country – there is no difference in principal – and we know THIS IS NOT A SYMBOL THAT I WILL NOW GIVE UP (even though many would probably do that receiving such a message in the situation I am in), AND THE WORLD WILL DESTRUCT because I did my best and when doing my best, I always follow the road of God – and when doing this “my best friend” has “NEVER let me down” 🙂 – but planted to give me resistance for me to overcome in order to create the last amount of energy required to finish the setup of the perfect New Universe, which should be obvious to see?

Kære Stig.

Tak for din redegørende mail.

Jeg vil gerne gøre opmærksom på, at 2 års bestemmelsen for så vidt intet har med lejeloven at gøre, da den er hjemledt af foreningens vedtægter.

Man kan da godt indlede en teoretisk diskussion om, hvorvidt der reelt er tale om fremleje eller udlejning, men det er for så vidt formålet underordnet. I parentes bemærket er dette forhold ikke noget, der er isoleret til vores andelsboligforening – bestemmelsen indgår fortsat i de almindelige standardvedtægter for andelsboligforeninger.

Bestemmelsen er ikke tænkt som beskyttelse mod andelshavernes risiko ved længere midlertidige lejemål, men er derimod medtaget i vedtægterne med det grundlæggende formål, at andelsboligforeningens boliger skal bebos af andelshavere og ikke af lejere.

Andelsboligforeningens bestyrelse har selvsagt ikke mulighed for at tilsidesætte foreningens vedtægter, hvorfor der ikke kan accepteres forlænget udlejning.

Jeg har sendt denne mailkorrespondance til Poul-Erik og foreningens øvrige bestyrelsesmedlemmer til orientering.


Waiting for the ghost train that never comes in our New Universe without darkness

Yesterday evening I received one of many favourite songs of mine of Madness – I still value you even higher than Matt Bianco my friends and YES that is possible if you take ALL parameters into account – and that was “the ghost train” and as they say they are “waiting for the train that never comes” and “It’s black and white don’t try to hide”, and when I was given the line of “black and white”, I was also feeling Michael Jackson and one of “his” absolute best if not the best of all songs by the same name and also that this means “darkness and light” and here that the darkness – or the ghost train – will never arrive because we will only have light in our New Universe and so it is.

Everyone is part of me no matter what – and receiving much suffering after the WRONG decision of the housing association

Yesterday I was also going through much suffering when I was shown a vision of and feeling the new Source on his way to enter me arriving from the hall – including all of our previous versions as well – but “only if you believe it is not dangerous” as I was told meaning that only if I believe that the old spirits will not bring more darkness with them, which I cannot bear and this is what I still believe is the case because when they don’t have a physical counterpart, there should be no “nothing” (darkness) with them and also because of the simple reason that all of this game I have gone through has been possible to do even though it was impossible (!) and you would never design a new game, which was truly impossible for me to do when doing my best (“most extreme”) so I could only say “bring them on” at the same time as I was now also starting to think deeper about this game for the last 8-10 days (?) about having to be open welcoming everyone and at the same time resisting strong darkness wanting me to do the opposite and I reached the conclusion that even though these events were very real, it was also a game because all of you are inside of me and it is inside of me that everything is changing and from here I decided to say that you can continue “trying” to enter me or be wherever you want to be because I know that you are all me and I am all of you – with an unbreakable connection – and from the time of this decision, this game more or less ended straight away and we know I should have thought about it before but I was kept in too much stress and believed in what I was told and the purpose of this game is easy to see because it was also about converting more darkness to energy required to produce our New Universe and therefore (!) – and I might add that the switching off and on of my amplifier at least for the last week or so has been accompanied by the feeling of the spirit doing it – the spirit of my father (!) – deliberately doing it now not as a sign of him dying but as a tool to give me more suffering, which it does when I am working and sometimes when he is teasing keep on hearing the amplifier switching on/off until I decide to switch it all off by myself – and thus energy to the New Universe and we know try to imagine seeing the one doing it almost with a smile because this is exactly how it has been, so a lot of pain has been given to me as a game with the most noble purpose, which should be easy for you to see, my reader?

This evening I was also BOMBARDED with negative thoughts and “wrong ideas” in relation to the WRONG decision of the housing association and this in itself could bring me down because using time to find a new place to stay, which notoriously is difficult in this community when you don’t have much money and “connections”, is truly not what I needed on top of everything else and this negativity kept me on my extreme edge most of the evening, which was not one of the best experiences of my life, but somebody has to do it – creating you know – and that was my destiny.

I was also shown myself being placed inside of a huge Christmas bell.

The old key service product at Falck was scraped because of unnecessary carelessness of people as the old Universe was too

This morning I started writing the script from 07.55 before leaving for Falck, and when I arrived, I had prepared myself to call the IT-department with my questions after having gone through the list of subscribers, which the IT-department sent to Christoffer on my request recently and I could have decided to call at 11.55 yesterday after I had finished my preparation but I thought that this would be under too much pressure because I was to leave at 12.00 and when I called this morning at 9.15, the nice man by the name of Boy said that he only had “little time”, which I could have decided to start using with the wrong attitude that “this does not take long” – as many people do today not respecting other people (!) – but instead I asked when he would have more time, which he would already at 09.30 and therefore we agreed on a telephone meeting at this time, where we both had time and this is what it takes to remove stress, my friends.

After going through the list, I knew that something had to be very wrong, because the list includes approx. 12,900 subscribers compared to our stock of only about 1,200 keys (!) – which most furthermore were NOT included on the list (!) – and my first task was therefore to identify the reason of this difference and consequently I asked Boy of the criteria he had used when withdrawing the list from the central customer database and he told me that the system had a “key service” field, which he had determined needed to be filled (reducing the number of subscribers of Lyngby from approx. 47,000 to these 12,900) and then I asked him if customers are allocated to a station and he told me that they were on basis of a division by postal number (including several other cities than Lyngby) and then I told him that I have produced my own customer database in a new Excel sheet but as far as I understood it should be possible to use the central customer database as a perfect system if we controlled each and every single physical key with the system making sure that they would match and to my surprise he told me that this was not the case (!) and then I was a big question when asking him “why”, and then he gave me the clue needed, which was that years ago someone had concluded that the system and the keys actually stored at stations did not match because the head office never received any updates from the stations (!) and therefore it was decided to remove this field or rather to change it into a field with a new meaning and we know I was almost speechless when hearing this and I also asked him if it was possible to install this system at the station in Lyngby if we asked for it making it possible for me to manually check and update all subscribers having keys at the station, which he confirmed that it was with the approval of the station manager and my dear friends and here to the officers on guard in Lyngby and this goes to 2 or 3 of you, who have told me that it is “impossible” to install this system at Lyngby (!) and why do you give me WRONG information when it indeed is possible (?) and we know AS PEOPLE DO ALL OVER THE WORLD ALL OF THE TIME telling people what they believe (or have misunderstood) and not what they know for a fact and very often there is a difference (!) and I was telling Boy that it truly is a shame that the system was not used correctly meaning that Falck has now decided to implement a new “key plate” product, which is really a poorer product than the old “key service” and this is simply because Falck did not implement and use this system as it should have been and we know all stations should have had access to the system and clear written procedures, education, know-how, discipline and to do your “absolutely best” should have made sure that this SIMPLE task was carried out everywhere correctly and here the decision to scrap the old product because of all of the ignorance and mistakes at Falck is a symbol of the need to “scrap” our old Universe because of the poor behaviour and work of people, and we know YOU BURIED YOURSELF FOR DESTRUCTION BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN WRONG ACTIONS and it would have been easy for you to do differently without my interference but because of your WRONG actions I had to return to resist all of your darkness and build a new Universe, which you may understand by now was not easy to do because of the extremities you went into?

I agreed with Boy to finish keying in the last keys, which I will do tomorrow after having had other unexpected work delaying me and then he will produce a list specifically on the subscribers, which have keys stored in Lyngby and not the subscribers, which the system “believes” on basis of postal codes have keys in Lyngby, which obviously is not how the keys have been divided in real life among the stations and I asked Boy if it is possible to include product cover codes of subscribers as part of the list, which should be a better option than the now deleted field because the product code clearly gives information on people having the key service or not (I have created a list of the approx. 10 products, which include the key service) and he told me that this would “take much longer to do” because of technical limitations, which I did not understand and am I the first having this need in Falck (?) or is the system not of better quality (?) and we know I will send him an email tomorrow or latest on Tuesday as I said – I don’t hope other unexpected work will come – asking him to do a list with or without product codes as it will be possible for him to do and we know we will have to see what he comes up with and as I told him on the phone, I was very happy for him to help me quickly and effectively but I might add that the telephone conversation took three times longer than needed because he was “inspired” to raise other questions and to find answers on these while we spoke, which was NOT needed after we had agreed for me to send my Excel sheet to him and this is to tell you KEEP TO THE SUBJECT AND BE FOCUSSED otherwise you will waste your time as so many people do today when they keep on TALKING AND TALKING when it is not necessary and I told him that “maybe you will think about creating ONE system for all stations instead of having 100 different solutions” and we will have to see what Boy may decide to do – if anything, Boy?

Other experiences of the day was four different companies bringing parcels to Falck with four different systems for me to sign as a receipt – two electronic and two on paper and one of the papers asked for my “signature” but despite of this the man told me to write my name with block letters (!) and you may understand that MANY SYSTEMS ARE OF POOR QUALITY and YOU WILL DO SO MUCH BETTER WITH ONE SYSTEM OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY instead of many different all of them not perfect!

Robert received one of the many ”Christmas gifts” – which is what I call all of the parcels arriving – which was a new and very nice track suit with the Falck logo on, which made him happy (to be used for work purposes only?) and when I asked him how long it took to deliver, he told me 10 days (!) and I was simply wondering why my clothes after nearly two months has not arrived yet – or has it been put on stock (?) – and I wonder if “carelessness” of people is the simple reason why?

I continued keying in keys to the key hood database, which again was “impossible” to do not because of the work but because of extreme suffering given to me with “impossible” negative speech to avoid, where I had to follow my own previous decision not to break down – which was “close” again today at least on the surface – and that no matter how strong this voice would become, I would dig underneath it and simply carry out my own RIGHT agenda and then it can talk to me as much as it want – it will NEVER get me (!) – and today the game was about whether or not I have understood correctly that we have indeed survived all of us and almost have created our perfect New Universe converting much of “nothing” into “everything” or if the signs these days of not being allowed to continue staying in my apartment and the scrap of the old key system of Falck truly are signs of our coming destruction and I made up my mind that you are so clever that you can create the game exactly as you “want” with the potentially possible meaning that what I have been going through the last weeks are simply a game where we are still on our way to destruction but my TRUE belief is that I am suffering much because herewith I bring all of the energy required to create this perfect new Universe without needing others to suffer – but I tell you the suffering was IMMENSE today – and I was smiling when this lifted and I was given several signs for example when Robert asked me if any keys were physically misplaced in the drawers, which had been his “worst fear” and I told him that I did find ONE key, which was placed in a wrong drawer, which I have now placed in the right drawer, which I instantly knew was a symbol to say that I DID find and remove the origin of the Source, which was NOT easy to do, so FOLLOWING THE ROAD TO PARADISE we are :-).

The “best” country could not HELP me with a new home – it has only HURT me (!) – which will be REPLACED with a NEW SYSTEM

After Falck, I went to the Commune because I had decided already today to start “looking” for a new place to stay and the asking the housing assignment of the Commune would be one option and first I went to the Jobcentre on the 2nd floor to print our my lease agreement and the rejection from the chairman of the housing association and afterwards I went to the “citizen service” at ground level and when I was called in, I presented my situation and showed her the printouts and after understanding that I was living in a private rented apartment, the lady simply declared “then I can not help you” and I asked her “even though this may mean that I will be homeless the 1st November” to which she said “yes” without blinking and my dear friends WHAT KIND OF “SAFETY SYSTEM” of this one of the wealthiest and “best” countries of the world – many say the best (!) – DO YOU THINK THIS IS (?) and how much do you TRULY think the MANY employees and VERY EXPENSIVE BUREAUCRACY OF PEOPLE NOT WORKING THEIR ABSOLUTELY BEST (!) here in this commune has HELPED me and how much it has HURT me (???) and yes you are right THEY HAVE THEIR STIFF AND CRAZY RULES, WHICH THEY THEN CARRY OUT WITH TOO LOW QUALITY AND OFTEN WITHOUT TRULY THINKING as I have written about so many times before and what I am truly thinking here is to have ONE PERFECT SYSTEM OF HOUSING MEDIATION IN THE FUTURE from one person to another, which of course will be included in our new Information System based on the exact same principles of JOB MEDIATION to truly HELP and MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY (!), which you can read about from my page including the New World Order.

And I have been thinking both yesterday and today that just maybe I will receive a new answer to my future need of a new home and we know my spiritual friends can see into the future, which I cannot (!) and just maybe things will look better in five months than today also in terms of where I will live???

A follow up from the Jobcentre, who thinks about sending me out with salary subsidies to “motivate” companies to hire me!

Today I received a follow-up email from Jane from the Jobcentre asking me about how I am doing at Falck, which tasks I do and for how long I am working there per week also giving me the answer to what Lars told me earlier that it was not Jane but Lars himself who wanted me to work for a longer time (!) and Jane also says that the purpose is still to get me up to do 37 hours of work per week (!) and in the following you can see her email and my reply where I answer her questions and tell her that I continue doing my best (slave-) work for the Commune, have good relations with all, that I work 40-50 hours (at least) per week on top of the 9 hours work for Falck (!), that I continue to tell the truth about a system (of the Jobcentre) which does not work, which all of your by now should be able to understand (?) and also that I continue to be POSITIVE no matter what they feel OBLIGED to order me doing with the law or local “interpretation” in the hand, which includes to send me out working for six months offering companies money as a “motivation” to “hire” me (!) because of course no one wants me to work for them when I send them my application and CV (!) and we know MANY SMILES TOO.

Here is Janes email to me:

Hej Stig

Hvordan går det, jeg har været på Falck 2-3 gange uden at træffe dig fordi jeg ikke lige havde tænkt på de ugedage du arbejder. Går det godt ? jeg hører fra Lars at du har kastet dig over mange opgaver og at du har mange gode løsningsforslag.

Hvilken opgaver laver du konkret nu ? Jeg hører også at I i fællesskab er blevet enige om at hæve arbejdstiden – hvor mange timer er du der så nu pr. uge. fordelt på hvilken dage.

En masse spørgsmål, hvis du hellere vil svare på dem personligt kan vi mødes i jobcenteret.

Du må endelig sige til hvis du har spørgsmål til din praktik eller andet. Formålet med, at du er på Falck er stadig at få dig op på 37 timer om ugen, når du har været det stabilt et par uger vil jeg kunne begynde at lede efter et almindeligt ordinært arbejde til dig evt. med  løntilskud i 6 mdr.

Venlig hilsen
Jane B.

And here is my reply to her:

Hej Jane,

Tak for din mail og for dine spørgsmål :-).

Jeg har været rigtigt glad for den venlige modtagelse, som ledelsen og medarbejderne hos Falck har givet mig. De er alle uden undtagelse venlige og rare, og vi har det både godt og sjovt sammen.

Vi har aftalt, at jeg er hos dem hver tirsdag, onsdag og torsdag fra 9.00–12.00, og indtil videre har jeg arbejdet sammen med Lars’ tre leder-kollegaer Robert, Thomas og Christoffer – men endnu ikke med Lars selv (!) – og disse tre er derfor de bedste til at give feedback på samarbejdet.

Jeg er ved at færdiggøre et nyt nøgleopbevaringssystem (database m.v) for ca. 1.200 kunder, som har reservenøgler opbevaret hos Falck – et arbejde, som ingen har udført her i 40 år – og jeg får desuden andre opgaver tildelt som “kontorchef”, som jeg er blevet kaldt, og som i virkeligheden er ledernes egne opgaver, hvilket “sparer” dem for selv at udføre det.

Jeg kunne have ønsket mig, at du og også Falck fuldt ud havde forstået og gjort brug af mine VIRKELIGE kompetencer i stedet for at give mig arbejde, som ingen andre ”gider” at lave, som jeg siger med et smil :-), som du ved, fordi jeg har som altid besluttet mig for at være positiv, og selvom du gør dit arbejde i den bedste mening, Jane, så har dette arbejde INTET at gøre med ”opkvalificering” i lovens forstand, men er alene kommunens krav om min modydelse for at tildele mig kontanthjælp, som i øvrigt er en ordning, som foreløbig kun er på tegningsbordet hos S og SF og ikke en del af loven i dag!

Som du ved, er ledighed ikke mit ”problem”, men derimod ”mangel på indkomst” al den stund, at jeg udover det tvungne arbejde hos Falck, arbejder 40-50 timer om ugen med mit eget arbejde (min arbejdsdag i dag var fra 8.00–18.15), som jeg desværre endnu ikke modtager indkomst for og som I kunne – hvis I virkelig ville – have anerkendt som mit ”aktiveringsarbejde”, så jeg er ikke og har på intet tidspunkt haft ”andre problemer end ledighed”, som får mig til at spørge dig, om du og Tine omplacerede mig til match gruppe 1, som vi aftalte i December 2010 (?) – og årsagen til, at jeg spørger, er, at det ikke ser sådan ud på min side på, hvor jeg stadig ikke skal bekræfte aktiv jobsøgning, fordi – som der står  – ”du er registreret i jobcentret men skal ikke være tilmeldt, og du skal ikke bekræfte jobsøgning. Har du spørgsmål til dette, kan du kontakte dit lokale jobcenter”. Du husker måske fra vores møde i december, at jeg af principielle årsager ønsker at være registreret korrekt som værende ”jobklar”? Jeg har til stadighed udført mit bedste arbejde for kommunen og haft gode sociale relationer med alle, og det er vel dette, der er kriterierne for at vurdere ”arbejdsevne” og INTET andet? Jeg vil være glad for at modtage dit svar på dette spørgsmål, tak :-).

Jeg vil som altid acceptere jeres beslutning – uanset hvad I beslutter – være positiv og fortsætte med at gøre mit bedste arbejde og have gode relationer med andre – som jeg tror, at alle efterhånden forstår – og også at fortælle min holdning om et system, der ikke fungerer, som jeg også tror, at alle kan eller bør kunne forstå og at dette ikke er negativt men POSITIVT ment – og du er derfor velkommen til at beslutte, hvad du føler dig forpligtet til i forbindelse med, at mit arbejde hos Falck ophører den 16. juni, men måske vil du huske, at LEDIGHED altså fortsat ikke et ”problem” for mig?

Jeg beder dig sende mine hilsener og et STORT smil til Tine og alle andre, som jeg kender i jobcentret :-). Take care.

Venlige hilsener fra

Doing “impossible” work again today

When I returned home, I was VERY tired and even though my extreme suffering because of negative speech had been reduced to maybe 25% of what it was when working at Falck, it was almost impossible to write the script of today – ending at 19.00 – because of tiredness but on the other hand, it was still easy to do and became easier and easier as time went by and this is how we still feel here.

The development of our New Universe will be based upon CO-OPERATION and TEAM-WORK

I was given the question about using ideas from the work of my “predecessors” – from previous Universes – if they are better than mine and even though this is the only right thing to do, I decided not to do it NOW because I don’t have the energy to do it but I promised that at a later stage these ideas and we know also from the Universe will be included in our future development and that is a promise my friends and really because you are so much more clever than I and we will see how this will be in the future but CO-OPERATION and TEAMWORK is a name of our future world and so it is.

A NEW SIGN OF “PARADISE” arriving with “please on the way”

I was also inspired to put on another favourite band of mine, SIMPLY RED – I was shown that Mick is MUCH more inspired than what you would believe – and their WONDERFUL song FAIRGROUND and what is this about (?) and we know THE TIVOLI GARDENS really – the symbol of PARADISE or let us say our PERFECT NEW UNIVERSE arriving – and it is as the song says that “pleasure at the fairground on the way” and we know “I love the thought of giving hope to you, just a little ray of light shining through” – so here it is:

All receive spiritual messages through dreams, and had you decided to understand these, you would have understood me

Ending the day by saying shortly that my aunt Inge wrote me that she and her husband Ove were happy to receive the links I sent them to wonderful versions of their “love song” (a TRUE favourite of mine :-)) “Maria Elena” and that Ove afterwards DREAMT OF THE SONG (!) and do you remember I told you about the LIGHT and the DARKNESS with both sides sending TRUE or FALSH spiritual messages to people including myself (?), that I (often) don’t know what are the deceptions of the darkness given to me (?) but that I 100% loyally write what I receive because I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH AS STIG (!) and also that ALL PEOPLE RECEIVE SPIRITUAL MESSAGES THROUGH DREAMS (and also through sleep talk and walk – who else than the spiritual world guides you when you are “unconscious” yourself when sleeping (?) – which they really also do when you are awake for example when sending ALL of your thoughts (!), but I have discovered that for many today this is TOO complicated to understand because of your strong voice resisting to understand) and maybe this was what was required for you to better understand me, Ove (?), and I might add that if you, Inge and Ove, other of my family members, friends and ex-collegues did the same as I, which is to write down (some of) your dreams for us to COMMUNICATE about, you would have UNDERSTOOD me and who I am a LONG TIME ago (!) through the messages given to yourself, which you did not discover because of your “omission” to do this (!) – and of course I understand that it may be “inconvenient” for you to write down some dreams and my dear family and friends: I HAVE WRITTEN DOWN THOUSANDS OF DREAMS IN ORDER TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND and do you believe this may have been inconvenient for me to do?


19th May: Finishing the creation of the first version of our New Universe, which we will continue improving forever

Dreaming of removing “everything” from our old to our New Universe

A little after 22.00 yesterday evening I was SO tired that I decided to go to bed knowing that I would be probably be woken up early because of this but to my surprise I was allowed to sleep – with disturbances – until 07.00 with these dreams:

  • My sister collects me in her old sport car, she does not want anyone to see that there are small boxes of people of other civilizations inside the car, which will be used to reproduce me, and she has some difficulties backing the car into its right place but I am impressed. I am working with others and something about an IPAD, which I have wanted since the comedian Simon J. J. arrived Friday.
    • My sisters car is “her” and the dream says that she is the key in relation to my expansion to people of other civilizations and this may be the spirit of her – and the IPAD may be a follow up on the dream of yesterday of receiving the instrument panel of the Universe.
  • I woke up hearing “uncle sam” by Madness and the lyrics “I’m sailing across the sea to see my Uncle Sam” and “I’ve got studies to examine”.
  • I am working for Willis and am going to a meeting to advice top managers of the commercial world, whom I know have given a reference to two top pension advisers, which we both have access to through Willis. I am almost coming late, but am still on time when I meet the group and I agree with the manager of Varde Shopping Centre to start going through his pension schemes at an individual meeting and through him I see his supermarket with the manager Jane and her employees, for whom everything is connected with money and greed, which makes me sick to see.
    • Again this is about “normal life” coming at its ultimate level – which “pensions” is always about – and the two others are the two others you know good old God and the holy one, the shopping centre is to provide normal life and here Jane is Jane from the Jobcentre, who is obliged to focus on money and the sooner she can get me out of cash help, the more the Commune can save on me and we know you do know what I believe of this system so I will not repeat it here once again.
  • I woke up to the song of the Danish Island Bornholm, which appropriately is named “Bornholm, Bornholm, Bornholm” – three times you know – and the lyrics “Du, min dejlige ferieø” (“you are my beautiful holiday island”), and we know Bornholm is another old symbol of “my home”, so yet another positive sign :-).
  • A short dream of being at a jazz house together with my mother listening to an exclusive concert with beautiful music of Billy Holiday and her band and also that my mother’s woman friends are also in the city.
  • I see Christmas decoration being removed from one tree with the feeling that it will be put on a new tree, and I am working as a temporary accounts assistance and I am asked to send an invoice to Kenya.
    • Removing the decoration from one tree to another is to remove everything from the old to our New Universe and it seems contradicted to send an invoice to Kenya and is this to say that we could have wished for better support from Kenya and here thinking of Elijah who decided to abandon me but still to accept my money?
  • I am following my nephew Niklas in a small village by the water, he has dug up holes and have found a new lead to a treasure, which also may be a key, and I follow him from here to a giant exhibition hall where he runs so quickly that I lose track of him behind a small house on exhibition, which annoys me. At the same exhibition hall I come to a place where a man is playing beautiful music and where people can lay down to do meditation for one hour, and I see beautiful ladies from this session going outside in the rain to exercise and they are almost not wearing clothes. The nice looking lady lying next to me tells me that my sweater is smelling bad and I tell her that it is because I have had it on the whole day – and that I have been sweating.
    • I wonder if this treasure or key is for Niklas arriving to his new home – his future self. The beautiful music is again a sign of love given to me from my spiritual friends and here with the message that the old threat of beautiful ladies – as the cover of the spirit of my mother – was my suffering, hence the rain, also during these 14 days – more than ever before – but that they are now not interested in me anymore because I don’t smell nice, you see?

Finishing the creation of the first version of our New Universe, which we will continue improving forever and ever

I started writing at 07.55 this morning still feeling ”somewhat tired” and met at Falck at 09.00 sharp – or really a couple of minutes before – starting a new day where I was hoping that I would not be disturbed by UNPLANNED tasks so that I could finish keying in the last keys in the key hood database and write an email to the IT-department asking for a list from the central database based upon our subscription numbers and when Thomas arrived, guess what happened (?) and we know “I have a task for you – to drive to the head office to collect four model fire engines”, of which he needed one as a gift for a colleague stopping at work today but we agreed that I would first key in the last keys before driving, which I did and I told Thomas as a symbol “you are watching history, I am now keying in the last drawer of keys, which nobody has done here in 40 years” and the symbol was that when finishing this first version of the new key hood system, we are at the same time finishing the first version of our New Universe and I know that I will update this system next week with the new list coming from the IT-department telling me that we will continue forever and ever to update and improve our Universe.

Later there was a fire alarm, which Thomas went on too and it is impressing to see how quickly people from everywhere manage to get out of the buildings and to start and leave with the fire engine in less than one minute and when Thomas was away – without having given me the final instructions of which model engines to collect – I had time also to write an email to the IT-department asking for the list based upon the precise subscription numbers of the customers in our filling cabinet and I also wrote that if possible we would like to have included all product codes of the products, customers have, which made me write that if all stations had had this system and had keyed in all changes to the cabinet on a running basis when they happened, Falck would still today offer the old “key service” product –symbolising the old Universe, which could have survived if people had done what is right instead of what is wrong – and a little before 11.00, Thomas was back from the alarm, where nothing much had happened except from burning rubber, which did not smell good, and this gave me time also to go to Copenhagen making all three tasks of today – and before leaving, Thomas was in fantastic humour giving comments on this and that apparently without a receiver and when I asked him “who are you speaking to”, he said “myself” and this is really what I am doing, all people are now part of me, so when I am speaking to Thomas, I am really speaking to myself (!) and I have decided that I will live as a normal person too meaning that I will get the same experiences as everyone else meaning that when I don’t enter other people, I will not know what they will think or speak to me about and this is how it is.

Finally I went to Copenhagen, where I was met by three nice and service minded ladies of the reception and after speaking of options and calling Thomas too to make sure that we chose the right model engines in the right sizes, we all agreed and I made it back to the station at exactly 12.00 – and in the car I had the two others of the Trinity with me showing me that one was placed in the seat to the right of me and one behind me and they told me that this was the goal “we” had all along, which was to become “physical” and not only “to be”.

Falck and the Commune would like me to work more per week to “become clarified” !!!

When I came back to the station, I met Lars, the fourth officer on guard and the one having the communication with Jane in the commune about me even though NONE of them have been working together with me (!), and Lars told me that he had spoken to Jane this morning and he said word-for-word that “Jane would terribly like to get you up in time so you can be clarified” and I was thinking is this really Jane or Lars or both of them “wanting” this (?) and what did he mean by me being “clarified” (?) and is it really so that after 1½ years inside of this terrible system, the Jobcentre – despite of what we agreed in December 2010 that I am fully able to work – don’t know if I am able to do a full working week of 37 hours, which they still would like to test me for (?) and if this is the case, I can only say “when will they ever learn” (?) and have they no eyes in their head and no mind to comprehend what they see and hear (?) – to trust that I work a total of 50-60 or even more hours per week – and what all other people except from themselves experience when they work together with me, which is that I have good relations with all and work my best always?

And when I told him that I am ending my “service” here the 16th June, he said that “extension can also be an option” and my ladies and gentlemen, what do you give me (?) and again this is probably also another message about what the Universe will give back to me after having been made – or is it still what I will still give to the Universe or both (?) – and we will see what comes “not long from now” – and these few words from Lars, which are probably meant positively, made me VERY SAD again – the same as the chairman of the housing association did the other day – which also could have made me “lose myself” because of immense disappointment and negative feelings given to me, which I again had to control – and it is about UNDERSTANDING and doing your best instead of being DICTATORS over others and Lars told me that he will now be on guard on Wednesday when we can discuss these things and we know I will try to understand what is his understanding after speaking to Jane about me without my presence and then to make him understand the truth (!) and this is not always an easy task as you will understand (?) and especially not in this SLOW UNDERSTANDING Commune but as they say “better late than never” and that is REALLY the motto here, which of course in the future will become “better on time than never”.

And this decision may mean that it will continue to be impossible to finish my website because of misunderstood goodness of other people, who are STILL making me HURT and is it really so that I will first become known to the world in 2012 and not 2011 (?) and this is what could be an indication.

The first version of the New Universe was created without darkness destroying more and without killing my mother

When I returned home from Falck, I was told that we are finishing the creation of the first version of the New Universe without darkness destroying parts of the world – I am still feeling the pressure and a few times only also pain to my right angle – and without more people suffering/dying and do you know who could be in risk as the first in line (?) and that would be my mother because of my old nightmare you know, which has been stronger than ever the last two weeks but I WILL NEVER EVER ACCEPT THE TEMPTATION OF THIS NIGHTMARE, WHICH POTENTIALLY WOULD KILL MY PHYSICAL MOTHER (!) – and I might add that when we started this process almost two weeks ago, I believe, I was given a very clear vision of the spiritual world, which was full of spirits of darkness everywhere in such a condensed atmosphere that I could see myself that it was “impossible” for me to pass through all of this darkness to reach the new “other side”, which we have now reached and we know “not easy, but possible it was”.

I feel the two others of the Trinity inside of me as three persons inside of one body

I was also given the feeling of the two others now arriving inside of my head and really a new feeling of being three persons inside of my body and I was told that it is because the Universe is now stronger and also because our previous selves from previous Universes make us stronger, otherwise this would not be possible.

The New Universe is now signed, sealed and delivered – and the Trinity will never become separated 🙂

I thought that because I had less work to do today and because of the dream about meditation of the night it would be a good idea to do a meditation, which I did for one hour – as the dream said – from 14.10 to 15.10 and it was VERY difficult to do with the same extremely strong voice as before trying to take me over and also receiving so much impatience that it was “impossible” to keep the meditation but I knew that the difficult choice as always was the right answer so I continued and I was told that this meditation was to seal the first version of the new Universe, and hereafter we will continuously seal new changes (improvements) instead of once in a while and that the darkness was to create more energy doing this – which I still had to reject from going into which was NOT easy this time – and I felt the Source with me – red and not dark as I have felt “him” before – telling me that we will never be separated again and I saw the previous list of potential disasters, which could happen to the Universe if I “lost it” and a new list, which is now including less potential disasters both in numbers and strength. I was shown Danish pastry symbolising my old nightmare stopping to come forward even though I also received STRONG pressure from the darkness at this meditation, and I was shown my new drivers license including two signatures – mine and the Source – and I was wondering what about the Holy Spirit, is he already with me (?) and this is what I believe he is as I also believed the Source was and I am not sure but I do believe that this is the improvement of the Source coming to me today and that I already had the Source inside of me as I know that I am the Universe and the Universe is me, thus also having the Holy Spirit with me (he was also with me in the car today) – and during this meditation as so many times before without writing it, I felt physical discomfort many times all over my body for example when my body tightened or when I received feelings which may resemble gooseflesh etc. and instead of accepting and going into these I decided again as SO MANY TIMES BEFORE to leave them, which actually corresponds to when I received a strong depression at Brede Park (in 2010?) knowing where it came from thus deciding that I did not want to enter it and this is the will power it also takes to remove these physical unpleasant feelings. Finally I was told that this meditation was about bringing the two twin towers together – from the recent dream – which has now been done, I was told “thank you Stig for welcoming me home” and shown and felt myself inside of a large egg, that “the gold will come next” and “uniting us three was the most difficult to do in the world”.

Running again feeling an improvement of the state of the Universe

After the meditation I did a new run, which I have not had the energy to do for days and I was running a little bit longer today around Lyngby Lake but I am really starting at the bottom and I felt the darkness inside of me turning red, which is the colour of the Universe at the moment – the pain of it but improving – and each time I run like means a big step forward. At some time the voice of the darkness was too strong so it showed me how it shot down four ducks and all I could do was to say that this is existing darkness of the world because I am all light and also that I don’t want to see this anymore – that it will automatically be removed without making me suffer this way – and also to gradually reduce my negative voice and improve my sleep and I will still accept being a generator having to push resistance in front of me, which is how all of my life has been – to continue converting darkness of the Universe to light, which will make my life more difficult than others but gradually improving until the day when all darkness has been converted.

A clear beam of light leading to my head reducing the darkness much

After the run, the darkness decreased this evening and I was shown a large beam of light coming from the hall leading to my head and I felt that this is the Universe looking after me when they are looking after themselves – as when bees look after their queen.

From this beam of light I received the spirits of Jack, my sister, Peter from Acta, Bo from Dahlberg, Søren H., whom all gave me strength and much less negative voices giving me the feeling of liberation and the feeling of my right angle dissolving. I also felt the spirit of Sidsel arriving from the same place – knowing that this is another part of the spirit of my mother – and consequently I felt the spirit of my mother very clearly and the spirit was primarily “clean”, but still gave me a test on our old nightmare, which was not nice.

Ending the say with these short stories:

  • The world famous Danish director Lars von Trier was thrown out of the Cannes film festival today after “joking” about understanding Hitler at a press conference yesterday – but not sympathising with him – and this was inspired speech to tell the world that you will all come to understand Hitler and why he did as he did – to help saving the world (extreme suffering of the world meant extreme energy to the spiritual world on its journey towards “nothing” to remove the origin of the Source from darkness to light, which we finally did the 7th May 2011) – and you might remember who was inside of Hitler (?) and I will too as I am here told and that is how it was to be Hitler and that is if I decide to do it because even though it was “me”, my inner self has now changed from a combination of the spirits of my father and mother – who also was Hitler – to MYSELF really, which is as you know Stig (my old self as Jesus) with two others from the Trinity and every single soul of the world.
  • I was “directed” to watch videos of the song “this fear of Gods” by Simple Minds, which is a beginning feeling of some of my close family and friends because of the Source being inside of me now (?) and to this I can only repeat: Despite of the changes inside of me, I AM THE SAME STIG AS ALWAYS, a simple human being and will you please NOT be afraid of me because you are made of the same gold dust as I am; being who I am is just my destiny but it does not mean that I am different than you.
  • Since the hit song of “self control” by Laura Branigan emerged in the beginning of the 1980’s, I have been “lost” to this song and first today I finally understood why and we know “self control” is a major theme of my scripts so there you have it and I have been sad many times for years of Laura’s far too premature death.


20th May: Reaching “MY HOME” of “Peace & Freedom” our our New Universe

Dreaming of meeting the Devil in person and his followers and having to make the right choice between two options

I had an “almost alright” sleep but still feeling “somewhat tired” this morning – and these dreams:

  • I am breaking in to save people but I know that the darkness will also come, who I see coming as the Devil in person, which makes MP’s of Fremskridtspartiet (“the progressive party”) and others to stand up as servants of him, and they turn into nasty dark animals, which are crawling in and out of the legs of people. Later I am afraid to be in my own house and to look outside the window in the darkness where I fear someone looking in. I see two people eating chocolate, which they hope will recreate people, but instead the Devil shows himself again; a young couple of big importance arrive, the man becomes an easy target of the Devil when he slips into the pot of chocolate, which delights the Devil because of his high rank and great importance and I feel that I am sleeping and have not yet arrived to save all.
    • This was a dream giving me NOT nice feelings, but it will have to be about the Source of darkness even though this has stopped sending out new darkness to the world because there is no Source of darkness anymore – the same feeling as when I received the new Source inside of me yesterday even though the Source was and should already be inside of me – and again we will have to see what happens and I will write it as it occurs. The man of great importance is my father and he was an easy target of the Devil because of his selfishness, which the chocolate symbolises and it is from here, from inside of “nothing” that old souls and Universes have been hidden.
    • Yesterday when running I was also shown the darkness as a “person” and I decided that to me the darkness is NOT a person but “nothing”, which is energy, which has not yet received a code of light to become “everything” – and that everything of the Universe of today consists of both a code and “nothing” (I don’t know if the code is 5%, 50% or 90%), which we are transforming into a “code” and this is what it still is to me.
  • I am having delicious food including fish in Sweden and ask people if they have a celebrity cook, which one says at the restaurant of the school of dentistry.
    • The food and restaurant is a good sign, but the school of dentistry is a threat about physical destruction of me because it is a reference to a time approx. 2005 where my teeth started to become destructed three different places and as I see it a risk I face at the end of this week in order to conquer the darkness once again?
  • Something about receiving a visit from two owners of castles, the first of which is in-going but whom I believe is the “right” castle and later the outgoing and the person I like very much and hope to be the right castle, but which may be the “fake” castle and this owner also shows me his people out partying to show you how to do this.
    • Is this about a choice I will receive, which may be difficult to choose from – and if I chose wrong, I (and the Universe) will be given physical pain in order to overcome the darkness?
  • I am fishing at Brede Lake one evening and catch a small barracuda with a large paper connected to it to explain what it is, I think about keeping the fish but decide to save it and throw it back into the lake, I hear loud music by Elvis scratching from a speaker, which annoys me and I see the light of the kiosk at the train halt going out. I am waiting for Maj from the telemarketing company next to the lake to have time to take a meeting with me, I see her and her family sailing on the lake, her dog is very happy and is waiting on her and then I see her small brother pushing a wrong button on her “lifebox” on the water, which makes it jump up and fall down hard, which gives pain but nothing happens and she tells her brother off. She now rushes into the office to take a meeting with Lena and her colleagues, they will soon finish and afterwards they will speak to me.
    • I was feeling the Jobcentre all over when writing down this dream, so has my positive (!) email to Jane made her decide to speak to colleagues about me once again in order to find out an appropriate reaction to me (?) and we know will you decide to be in the darkness taking me off my cash help once again (?) or will you try to understand that I am right and positive in what I wrote to you?

Implementing the remaining darkness as part of the creation of our New Universe

I started working at 07.45 this morning and by 08.50 I had finished the script of today and the last 1½ chapters of yesterday and from here I decided to take a bath also including a meditation to see what would be coming – and do I have to tell you that I was NOT happy with the dreams of the night making me somewhat nervous again and we know which was DARKNESS, which I also felt at the lake when running yesterday, which also came to me through the housing association and the Commune/Falck

At the bath I was shown the Devil in a vision as a very small man standing next to the bathtub and this was really the “difficult” choice mentioned in the dream, which was not difficult after all to decide on – would I accept or reject the Devil (?) – because I have decided to say that EVERYONE is welcome and that includes of course also you my dear Devil because without you we would not be alive (!) and right after this I was shown an aeroplane flying around me in the sign of infinity and I told “him” “you have been liberated”.

I was also shown a light red beam of light with the feeling of people of other civilizations sending it and they came to me showing that they opened the front of my body, removed my inner organs to find a drawing pin (an old symbol of the Devil) and then I understood this sign because it is to say that I have received ALL DARKNESS, which I have decided to share with the Universe and WE WILL ALL HAVE TO BE STRONG TO CONTINUE CONVERTING THE DARKNESS TO LIGHT – through the Source inside of me – instead of giving up as the example of people of other civilizations showed here – NICE TO HAVE YOU BACK BY THE WAY 🙂 – and also for everyone in the Universe INSTANTLY to help anyone who may be close to “lose it” and that includes myself for the Universe to draw on when necessary and for the Universe to come to my rescue in case I should need it and this is really what will help us to become stronger day by day and to remove the remaining darkness together and since I can only produce light, the result is given: EVERYTHING WILL BECOME “ENCODED” WITH LIGHT LEAVING OUT “BLANKS”, which is really what the darkness is.

At the bath I was thinking that I have held up and build a new Universe together with my spiritual friends with energy when not having energy and this new creation is what I have welcomed inside of me the last couple of weeks.

I was told that my mother likes the music of the beautiful movie “Australia”, which also made me think about the EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF THE NATURE OF THE MOVIE, which is what our new world is about when developing, and when I after the bath checked the Internet to find the music of the movie, I couldn’t help to smile because OF COURSE it was the fantastically beautiful SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW, which was a main theme and we know at the end of the rainbow is GOLD, which is MORE THAN DIFFICULT to find but in symbolic terms, this is what I have found at the end of my journey and what I am giving to the world: A NEW CREATION, which this music symbolises to me and whom other to perform it than the late Eva Cassidy giving the most BEAUTIFUL version of the song, I know and this is also to send all of my love to my mother and also to her friend Kate and her late husband Erling, who loved this song more than any else – a spirit who I now feel with me when writing this and yes “there is more between Heaven and Earth”, which is what I feel from him but on the other hand there is really not anymore because we have removed the part of “nothing” between the physical and spiritual world and implemented this as part of our creation – this is what this chapter with my welcome of “the small Devil” is about:

Feeling VICTORY over a “furious and unstoppable opponent” as Ali defeated the invincible Foreman in the best boxing fight ever

This morning the darkness was again not strong giving me the feeling of FREEDOM and also really for the first time ever the feeling of VICTORY over an opponent, who was INVINCIBLE to defeat but somehow we are still here and that is because I decided to “pull myself together” to defeat this unstoppable opponent by NEVER GIVING UP herewith using the exact same ATTITUDE as Muhammad Ali – or Cassius my friend 🙂 – showed in the best boxing fight in history if you ask me when he in Zaire in 1974 defeated an unbeatable world champion, George Foreman, who at the time had won 40 matches with 37 on knock-outs – this is how UNSTOPPABLE he was.

As you can see from the fight, Ali spoke to Foreman in a way he did not like, which made Foreman furious (!) and instead of “dancing” as everybody had expected, he humiliated Foreman by giving him a right hand jab – which is an insult to a professional boxer – and decided to stand in the ropes taking all of the strokes and punishment from Foreman, which looked like Foreman killing a very weak Ali, but Ali knew what he was doing believing in his own strength take all on until Foreman would become weak enough for Ali to win easily in the end – and this fight is all in all telling the exact story of my journey when my family, friends, ex-colleagues and the official system of Denmark became furious with my writings giving me the same punishment as Ali received, which was killing me until the end when the Devil was so weak that I could easily win and we know the name of the game was FAITH and WILL POWER and in this respect there is NO difference to Ali/Clay and me – and you do know what was the punches of my family, friends etc. (?) and yes, you guessed it: IGNORANCE, LAZINESS, MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND POOR BEHAVIOUR/WORK/DECISIONS and so it is and YOU WILL ALL COME TO UNDERSTAND THIS ONE DAY SOON and of course you would NEVER harm me, but your misunderstood goodness and temper was all it took to almost destroy the world, which you by now know is what was also necessary for me to enter the darkness at “the end of times” to remove the origin of the Source and to place it inside of me, build a new Universe and secure our survival and my dear ladies and gentlemen, this is what you have been reading about all along culminating the last few weeks :-).

The look of fear in Ali’s eyes realising his nightmare against an unstoppable opponent trying to “knock him out” – as I realised the end of the world coming to eliminate us (!) – but he looked “into the eyes of his maker” as I did too:
“This is that hour” – ALI BOMA YE!
(i.e. “kill the darkness”!)

Later, after the determined Ali had seen right through the superiour force; the elephant woke up with support of the whole crowd and trampled down the furious resistance – we did it 🙂

I recommend you to watch this BRILLIANT documentary of the “Rumble In the Jungle fight”, which is as amazing as the fight itself – one of the best movies in history (!) – giving you all of the run-up to, condense atmosphere and importance of this historic fight (part 1 of 8).

I have been BLEEDING because of extreme suffering given by the Devil – and looking directly into elimination of the Universe

In continuation of the story of Muhammad Ali’s impossible but planned victory, I bring you here a picture I have included on my Signs I page of the MIRACLE of bleeding Virgin Mary and Jesus statues or to give the right names, the bleeding of my mother and I, which in my case is because of the TORTURE of the darkness given to me all of my life and especially the last five years when I have been given so poor sleep that I have been living and working harder than most as a “Zombie” – more dead than alive – together with the extreme voice of the Devil making my life a living Hell every single second looking directly into the eyes of destruction of the Universe if I decided to give up – in principle only once – and the bleeding of my mother is because of the suffering given in her life and not least her suffering because of my suffering – and my dear mother please let me tell you so you will understand once and for all: NOBODY ON EARTH HAS EVER GONE THROUGH THE SAME DEGREE OF SUFFERING AS I HAVE and this is NOT to emphasize myself but ONLY to make you UNDERSTAND fully.

Virgin Mary and Jesus – my mother and I – bleeding because of
Hell tormenting and trying to eliminate me/us/the Universe for years

I recommend you to read my Signs I page – and also the other Signs pages – from where you also can watch this and more videos:

Reaching “MY HOME” of “Peace & Freedom” of our New Universe – visiting the Louisiana museum and a Picasso exhibition

Today was the day when my mother had invited me to see the Peace & Freedom exhibition of Picasso at the WONDERFUL museum of modern art, Louisiana, and on my way in the train to Humlebæk, where we would meet, I was shown an opening through a wall of cardboard into the light FULL OF WINE, where a glass only poured up with a “tiny” amount of wine was led out through the door into the darkness, which is what was used to create our New Universe and the rest of the wine is inside of the light, which will come to us when the entire world will show faith, love and will power and of course to follow my scripts.

When we arrived to the museum, the first I noticed was new “art” outside in the BEAUTIFUL garden of the museum and this was what led us outside to start with and what did we found there (?) and we know “MY HOME” and “MY HOUSE”, which was both an exhibition of an imaginary “Universe” of a home by the artist Al Taylor at the same time as it is a physical symbol of the creation of our New Universe and as you will understand when you see the artwork, “my home” is not finished yet but the foundation, which we have created is PERFECT meaning that this is where our New Universe is headed.

Afterwards we entered the exhibition of Picasso and I was breathtaking by the beauty of his art – both pictures and sculptures – his fantastic and deep colours, stroke of the brush, different styles and not least the motives including life & death (survival or destruction you know) as one theme symbolised by the chicken and cranium, cat and dog, people lying in heaps in a mess, and also other symbols via lobster (making love), the dove of peace etc. and there were maybe three pictures, which I found more beautiful than anything I have seen and then this one, which was my symbol of liberation arriving:

Picasso’s “Cock of the Liberation” from 1944
symbolising our liberation from the darkness

We had a very nice lunch at the museum of GOOD QUALITY with homemade products, which I LOVE, and I was happy to meet Kirsten – one of my mother’s best friends – her daughter and grand children, we had a good conversation and maybe I was not as crazy as what you might have believed?

During these meetings with my mother, I also use some time trying to explain about my scripts including my feeling of victory today over the darkness as Muhammad Ali defeated George Foreman, the importance of always working your best – otherwise you will get a cappuccino tasting of no more than whipped milk without coffee if you don’t care – as we did (!) – and the meaning of ATTITUDE, which this is always about: AN ATTITUDE TO DO YOUR BEST WORK – as my sister decides to do herewith scoring the best grades at her leadership education or as I do when working in general and this is NOT because I am more clever than others but ONLY because of my attitude, which is what I write TRUTHFULLY in my CV, which many people including my family misunderstood even though it is the TRUTH (!) – and my mother, there will come one day when you will understand all of this: MY SCRIPTS ARE ONLY POSITIVE WITH THE AIM TO IMPROVE LIFE QUALITY OF ALL and the most unlikely and “impossible” story about who I am and what I have done to save the Universe is what is the truth: IF I DID NOT DO THIS WORK GOING AGAINST ALL OF YOU, the Universe would have been eliminated by now. This is what I have been doing and why this work is of some importance as you will agree with me in?

Wrong behaviour forced me out of the apartment – the same people would probably welcome me in another apartment!

Today my landlord, Poul-Erik, was nice to send me the following email confirming that I have to leave the apartment before the 1st November and also that it may be possible for me to rent one of the other owner’s apartments instead:

Hej Stig,

Som du kan se af mailen fra Kate Lindahl, er der desværre ingen mulighed for at forlænge lejemålet af min lejlighed Vinkelvej 20, 2 tv.

Jeg må derfor desværre meddele dig, at vi må henholde os til det aftalte i lejekontrakten, og dit lejemål derfor udløber den 31.10.2011.

Jeg håber du snart finder en ny bolig. Måske er det muligt, at finde en anden lejlighed at fremleje i andelsboligforeningen? Hvem ved?

Venlig hilsen og god sommer

I decided to write this TRUTH to Poul-Erik about the contradiction that nobody in the association has anything against me but because of wrong behaviour and bureaucracy I am not “allowed” to stay even though the same people would probably welcome me if I should find another apartment to rent – IT SHOULD BE SIMPLE LOGIC FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT WHAT YOU DID IS WRONG?

Hej Poul-Erik,

Tak for din venlige opfølgning og positive indstilling.

Jeg er helt enig i dine betragtninger, og jeg er gået i gang med de første sonderinger vedr. ny bolig, så jeg er ude af lejligheden pr. 31.10.2011.

Jeg har gjort mig samme overvejelser som du vedrørende leje af anden lejlighed i boligforeningen – og min holdning er, at mig bekendt har ingen noget imod, at jeg bor i foreningen og at alle ville kunne acceptere, at jeg bor i en anden lejlighed, men sjovt nok er de samme mennesker så begrænsede i deres tankegang, at et sæt forældede og efter min vurdering forkerte vedtægter gør, at man mister sin sunde fornuft og beslutter, at jeg ikke længere må bo i din lejlighed – altså uden at jeg generer nogen ! – og i stedet hellere gør os kede af det i stedet for glade. Det er forkert menneskelig opførsel og bureaukrati for bureaukratiets skyld, som det burde være simpel logik for alle at se.

Jeg håber, du har det godt og ønsker også dig og din kæreste en dejlig sommer, og vi holder kontakten, når der er behov for det. Du er altid velkommen, når og hvis du har brug for adgang.

Venlige hilsener fra

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This week I have been encouraged to contact old friends, which I would like to do but I concluded that I don’t have the energy to contact all at once and therefore I will have to do it gradually in line with receiving more energy, which is really the same process our New Universe will go through.
  • I thought about Obama – and people in the same situation as him, who are people “part of other souls” – and his decision to remain with me to help me through and that if he should change his opinion later, he will always be welcome to change his decision and become an “individual soul” himself.
  • I was surprised that I received suffering at my maximum degree this afternoon at the museum and the whole evening, which was “truly impossible” and THE WORST to go through (!) and I know that the only reason is because of extreme energy required at this the end of this phase and I was shown myself entering the (new) castle as my new home of Peace & Freedom (!) with my mother providing the key, which is why I saw her today because this is also what her “big love” – a TOTAL FAVOURITE of mine not least in the live acoustic version of another FAVOURITE BAND of mine – to me and mine to her is bringing and the alternative to bring the same amount of energy would be to break me down “forcing” me to accept my old nightmare, which I will NEVER do but every man has a border and if I decided to be lazy in this period, I fear that this is what would have happened, which would include the death of my mother and there you have it again, my mother: I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING TO SAVE US ALL AND THAT GOES IN FIRST HAND TO SAVE YOU, which has been my driving factor for years and I am happy to have succeeded, which you may be too?
  • I worked until 20.30 this evening – the Ali story took quite some time to do when also watching the videos – and decided to postpone the publish of this script until tomorrow morning (at 10.30!) in order to be able to do it with the best quality.
  • For days I have received the FAMOUS expression by the former Danish PM Poul Schlütter, which is “der er intet fejet ind under gulvtæppet” (“nothing has been sweeped under the carpet” ), which there was indeed (!), which led to the resignation of the Danish Government in 1993 because of the “Tamil-case” and yes this is an expression about “concealing” something and here it was used because we had concealed the “remaining part of nothing” as the last part for you to find and decide on what to do and we know which was “easy” to do but only when doing your best and taking the RIGHT and LOGICAL decision, so this is now divided all throughout the Universe.
  • Fuggi, my system still “tells” me that you are living in Fredensborg, but I believe you are still in Copenhagen (?) and do you believe that something is wrong with the system or that this is a “small miracle” given to you to OPEN your mind?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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