May 26, 2011: Barack Obama speaking with the words of God: “SPRINGTIME IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER”


Summary of the script today

24th May: Barack Obama speaking with the words of God: “SPRINGTIME IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER” 🙂

  • Dreaming of surviving fatal behaviour of beautiful women (threats of my old nightmare), “gotta go home” to my castle where the Source of light is waiting on me after having completed the task of converting darkness into light, I still do not have the “key” to my sister because she still does not read my scripts (!), I am more popular with family and friends than what I believe myself, my old colleagues at Dahlberg were “this close” to make the Universe go under because of their initial misunderstandings and “thirst of revenge”, their sufferings over me also helped remove the darkness, a new spiritual communication system has been created as part of our New Universe and now switched on in addition to the old system, which PHYSICAL people of the world soon will experience and on my way “home” to a music festival (also the castle) I am only met by the darkness in form of a “rubber shark” meaning that the New Universe now has been encoded fully leaving out “nothing”?
  • When arriving at Falck today, I was very SAD to be told as the first that a “fresh assignment” was waiting on me – I don’t like people unnecessary interfering with my plans (!) – which was to visit a carpet store to URGENTLY (!) buy new carpet tiles or a carpet for the old meeting room which was a requirement before Falck Healthcare could be allowed by the Commune to start doing visitations at the office. I was given the “monkey” to visit the carpet store and instead of doing the “quick” solution replacing the tiles Falck have “always had” (!), I received a full overview (prices and delivery times) of a solution with carpet tiles and one with a full carpet with and without mounting done by the store and I recommended the full carpet solution mounted by professionals to Thomas, which in my view is the best solution, but maybe he and Julie became tempted to take the wrong/quick solution because of unnecessary pressure of others after I had left (?) and that they may give me the “monkey” to do the mounting instead of professionals?
  • I could not receive a deadline by the IT-department of when they will send me the IT-list I ordered last week, which is NOT gratifying for any in a similar situation, which includes MILLIONS of people every single day because it makes it impossible to be disciplined to plan and carry out your work. This is NOT how to work in the future. Always use an action plan and give and keep deadlines.
  • Because the IT-network of Falck did not work this morning, I decided to change my recent decision now allowing everything from the darkness too to enter me – including talk about the killings etc. (!)– in order to enter “the castle of the Source” behind it, but there was almost no darkness to find other than the Source telling me that “now I can continue setting up the command central”, which is exactly what you can :-). And the work on mounting a new carpet is another symbol to say that this is the final preparation of my castle before I will be given the gold baton together with the Source and the Universe.
  • Barack Obama held a live speech in Ireland, which I watched from the beginning to the end – the first ever – which included messages from and to me and a visibly touched Obama via the Source; for example: “Go for it” (!), “never give up”, the “Irish Blood” is mine blood because of my suffering and Obama and I will “reaffirm” our “friendship” and “bonds of affection”. The words and feelings of Obama as “another part of me” are coming straight from God. He also spoke of his grand father’s grand father who left Ireland to “seek a new life in a new world” with “nothing to sustain their journey but faith, faith in the almighty”, which also was what brought me through my journey. SPRINGTIME IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER because YES, WE CAN (!) – and that is ETERNAL :-).

25th May: My old gold dream is coming through when my NEW GOLD DREAM is now realised inside of the New Universe

  • I had NO dreams tonight (!) and this morning I was feeling terrible because of the dictate I expected to receive by Lars from Falck – after having discussed and decided about me without my presence (!) – based upon their imagination that I am sick. I received so strong pain in my right angle that if it continued, I would be disabled as a symbol of what they believe I am?
  • My day at Falck was characterised by disturbances by other people making it impossible for me to plan and carry out my work starting and finishing one task at the time – I had to work a little on this and a little on that, which is VERY UNSATISFACTORY because it leads to errors, misunderstandings, poor quality and POOR WORKING CONDITIONS – so please remember to use an action plan and to follow my basic working rules. Lars was not working at the office today after all – thus not speaking to me about an extension of my working hours too – because Jesper had asked the four managers for a management meeting/teaching, which is a “religion” for him to do – but what you should have done Jesper, Lars and the others was to invite me to share my PHILOSOPHY; to teach you how to TRULY improve your work and to TREAT OTHER PEOPLE AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED YOURSELF instead of commanding with me as a coolie! Even though an IT-man was here yesterday to fix the network, the network is not working properly, so he will come back on Friday, which is a symbol about the final adjustments needed for the setup of my spiritual command central of the Universe. Thomas and Julia had NOT decided on a carpet yesterday afternoon, and I was surprised that Julia spoke of tiles, but when I explained her about the carpet solution – which Thomas did not (?) – she took the only right choice which was the BLUE carpet (my colour) and to have it mounted by professionals on Tuesday, which is the symbol of new inner self being installed!
  • I went to the Jobcentre again and was connected to Jane on the phone, who told me that she had not seen my question for her in my email – asking her to confirm that I have my full working capacity (!) – and she told me that the reason why she wants to extend my working hours is because she is new, does not know me well and need feedback on me (!!!) and I told her clearly that there are NO SPARE considerations to take in relation to me, that I have my FULL WORKING CAPACITY as I have ALWAYS had – also when working for 1½ years for the Commune – and she really concluded herself that I receive fine feedback from Falck and that there is no need to do what she has asked me to do but still she was not able to take this decision here and now, and therefore we will meet on Tuesday – the day of the arrival of my new self! – with the purpose to UNDERSTAND each other! In December 2010 we agreed for me to be placed in “match group 1” but another mistake by the Commune made it “impossible” to do leaving me in the “not able to work” group as a symbol of the darkness telling me in 2010 after my “jump” that we were saved when we were not because of lack of faith of people/the world in me, which I had to replace with WILL POWER going through more immense suffering thus first reaching our Safe Haven the 7th May 2011.
  • I was given the fantastic song NEW GOLD DREAMS from my favourite album of all made by Simple Minds to say that my old gold dream is coming through when my NEW GOLD DREAM is now realised inside of the New Universe.

26th May: Fitting the new Source inside of the Universe and setting up new lamps to shine our new light

  • Dreaming of receiving smiles from the Trinity and that I will not accept the temptations of my old nightmare.
  • After a TOUGH day yesterday, my defence preparedness was “destroyed” today making my mental and physical resistance to the darkness lower giving me strong feelings of wanting to give up and also influenza/heartburn. At Falck I had examples of how managers very often are the bottlenecks of companies, people stealing pens from each other and messing up without being considerate/disciplined – don’t do this in the future (!), I took measurements of a small room, key cassettes and new lamps as a symbol of using the right measurements to have the Source to fit into “my new nice room inside of the New Universe” and the new lamps symbolise our new setup to shine our new light to the world. Sickness and to continue working was the energy generator today to implement my self with “everything” – and it is better for me to suffer than the world!


24th May: Barack Obama speaking with the words of God: “SPRINGTIME IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER” 🙂

Dreaming that I “gotta go home” to my castle where the Source of light is waiting on me

I had a better night of sleeping, however I was woken up more times with several dreams and the suffering this night was the “fear” if the negative voice of the darkness would start to enter me when using 1-2 minutes writing down notes of each dream – this is how terrible this voice is – which it did not much and these are the dreams I decided to take notes of and to bring:

  • Something about water, the Amazon river and a man surviving fatal behaviour of beautiful women, visiting Leonardo DiCaprio bringing my finest suitcase and something about a bath and two women. I ask Leonardo what he reads, and he almost does not bother answering, but he manages to say that it is a cartoon of another Universe destructing.
    • The other day I was led to the beautiful (ex-) girlfriend of Leonardo, Bar Rafaeli, on the Internet, which was another sign of reaching the Source because a “bar” is an old symbol of the grand old man – this is how it works, you know – and “water” and “women” are symbols of the suffering, which has been with me all the way to the bar and Leonardo is here the darkness still wanting to destruct the Universe but you know I do believe we made it to the Safe Haven the 7th May, which was the day when the total light surpassed the strength of the darkness – I cannot understand it differently and of course for each day, which passes, the light continues to grow with the darkness weakening and how much is left (?) and we know it should be easier to look at the total Universe to see how much of it has been encoded with light and how much are still “blanks” of the darkness, but you know I don’t have the answer other than I don’t feel the same darkness inside of me – my body symbolises the Universe too – so maybe we have encoded most of the Universe with the new code by now?
  • I woke up with the still fantastic song “gotta go home” by Boney M. and I now finally understand that “home” is the castle after having removed all darkness around the monk and you know I decided that I did not want to see the effects of the darkness, so I am not seeing the gold of the castle yet as a result and is this to say that the castle will now open to me because the “blanks” have been encoded?
  • I am going to spend the night at my sister’s house, I cannot take the key of the house with me when leaving because my sisters asks me to put it through the sofa table (as if to leave it through the mail box), in my room I am “guarded” by two giant but friendly dogs, in the morning my sister asks me what time I normally meet at work and is impressed when I say between 07.45 and 08.15 but today it will be a little bit later and I will wear jeans, which I normally do not.
    • Apparently I am still on the mind of my sister, who does not allow me to get the key of her house and life – to understand and recognise me – the dogs are still darkness, which does not reach me anymore, and I might add that my sister has still NOT – since I started using WordPress in December 2010 – found it worthwhile to read my scripts but my mother has become a regular “reader” again.
    • Don’t be impressed and feel pressured about the meeting times or working hours of others – plan and decide to do what fits you and your colleagues the best, COMMUNICATE.
    • I wear jeans at the moment when working for Falck, which I have NEVER done before at any work (!) and I really do believe you should dress for the occasion, which in my opinion does not include jeans when working at a office and when you are in private always find the right balance between wearing casual and nice clothes – to keep a certain standard – and if you look at how people of Stockholm are dressed in their spare time compared to Copenhagen today, you might understand that I prefer the dressing standard of Swedes (?) – but as mentioned FIND THE RIGHT BALANCE :-).
  • I am at a camp school and decide to go from cabin to cabin – four people live in each – to say hello, and I am surprised to find how nice and welcoming people are to me. In one cabin, I see Jacob (from Acta) with many red steaks and the cabin is full of candy, my old beautiful class friend Tine arrives, she plays the music of Sneakers and she also adores Santana – and she is tempting me much and pushes me, which makes me grasp her and fly high up into the sky, which surprises her much because she does not understand how I manage to fly.
    • The dream is to say that I am and have been unsure how old family members and friends will treat me when I will contact them, if they will ignore or abandon me and here the dream says that I am more popular than what I think. Tine is a cover of the spirit of my mother, Sneakers are the shoes, which she brings me and Santana with the amazing guitar play symbolises the creation, which somehow goes through her too and because I have continued to do my best work in this “difficult” phase – but still very ANNOYED with the fact that I don’t have time to do at least 3-4 edits of my scripts but only 1-2 herewith not catching all of the writing and spelling errors – I am flying high in the sky.
  • I have arrived with a new Jumbo Jet to Dahlberg – it is not the first time I am flying their with a Jumbo – to say hello to Rikke, a model of the Jumbo Jet now hangs where it arrived, which is “extremely close” to the edge of a table and it would have collided if it continued flying just a fraction longer. Employees at Dahlberg are inside the plane saying how fine it looks with large windows also at the end where it did not have windows before. My sister has given me food from home, but now I am driving with Niels and Bo from Dahlberg in Copenhagen in Niels’ very fine Mercedes convertible and it drives directly from the road, flying and transforming into a boat in the air and continues to sail on the water, which makes me say that “this is the greatest event of the world” until it reaches the other side, where they impulsively invite me out on town because we still like each other much. Later Torben from Dahlberg sends me an email with a LONG correspondence also including my name, which is not supposed to be sent to me and he does it in despot of his colleagues.
    • The Jumbo is – or soon was – the darkness, which I brought to Dahlberg to be cleansed because of the suffering they have gone through because of their misunderstandings of my “craziness” – which almost crashed the Jet because of “thirst of revenge” making the Universe go under (!) – but now the light shines through the windows ALL over the Jet meaning that there is hardly any darkness left (?) and the reason why I receive this dream is because an old colleague from Dahlberg yesterday decided to “check” me out by opening 21 of my webpages and “reading” for a total of 21 minutes (!) and my dear “colleague” – because I don’t know who did this and I am not told – how much did you truly understand when only using 21 minutes to “read” me (?) and we know WHY DON’T YOU FOLLOW MY RECOMMENDATION TO READ CAREFULLY IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND and how many have done this (?) and probably only around a handful out of potentially billions of people on Earth and we know SAD but TRUTH!
    • The plane was very close to collide at Dahlberg because of your potential acts of revenge because of my “disgusting” writings on you (!) – that is at least what you thought when I wrote the truth about you not realising the other truth of how much I care for all of you – and “food” here is to tell you that both my sister and also Niels as a “rich man” could have helped me and my LTO friends out if you simply had decided to read and understand a long time ago (!), the sailing is the suffering of Niels and Bo because of me – but really because of their own misunderstanding you know.
  • One of the best actors – some believe the best – Tim Robbins is serving lunch for a company and the lunch is not very interesting because Tim is doing work not requiring his best and when he leaves the company, he offers to come back setting up “something extra” if they have 10-14 guests, but the company negatively believes that he only wants to sell and therefore decides to decline without asking what the offer includes. He comes to another place and gives the same offer, which is accepted and then he does a fantastic dinner-show where he creates a burger from a buffet in three stages, which impresses me and afterwards a lady, who is his mentor, does the impossible to crawl under the floor in big pain, which makes me feel uncomfortable.
    • Tim is probably a symbol of me and the feeling I get when working at Falck not motivating me because of the work they give me as a “coolie” – as so many people all over the world also experience – and the creation of the burger in three stages will have to be the final installation of the Trinity made by the Source, which may not be completely done before today and I wonder who the lady is and just maybe it is the spirit of my mother doing what is “impossible” to do for her in order to bring the Source as “close to me” for us to attach (?), which will become THE CURE to the world :-).
  • Alright, I will also bring this one: I am at Danske Bank, Espergærde, where Steen has decided to become all wired up inside of his body to create a new stereo after having listened to my old Denon tape deck. At the cash-desk, two customers ask a technical question about an IT-system and my female colleague sitting next to me asks me of this and I tell her that both options are indeed technical possibilities, which now makes her understand and when she passes on the answer to the customers, they look upon me.
    • The wires of Steen is about a new spiritual communication system, which has been created as part of our New Universe, which may be part of the IT-system of the dream now containing two “technical options”, which may simply be to use the old spiritual channels of communication or the new and IMPROVED one, which I have just decided to switch on immediately when I was given the question when writing and we know which some PHYSICAL people may become somewhat surprised of when they start listening to this channel?
  • I also had a dream about being on my way to a music festival where I sit with my legs in the water where a shark apparently is coming, but I see that it is made of rubber and therefore not truly a shark, and I see a man fishing, who catches a sausage (!) and I tell him that I would like a “hot dog”.
    • Music festivals are still about “love” and “our home” and it seems that I am very close now with the darkness now nothing more than a “rubber shark” and when fishing I am catching a “hot dog”, which may be the darkness converted into light to bring “normal life” to the world?

Barack Obama speaking with the words of God: “SPRINGTIME IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER” 🙂

Yesterday I happened to watch the live speech of Barack Obama in Dublin, Ireland, and this is the first speech ever, I believe, I have heard of Obama from the beginning to the end, and one of my first thoughts was to ask Obama to give me a sign by scratching his nose – and first of all it made me VERY HAPPY to see Obama smiling and laughing so much as he did in the beginning, which I have not seen this much from him in the relatively few speeches I have seen, and sure enough after 06:47 minutes, Obama gave me the sign when scratching his nose as you can see from the picture below, which was followed by this message both to Ireland and to me, which is an old trick of the grand old man giving double messages speaking both through Obama and me, which I have witnessed on a daily basis thousands of times and given many examples of in my scripts for example from Danish live TV of X-factor and “crazy about dance”:

“Now, of course an American doesn’t really require Irish Blood to understand that ours is as PROUD, enduring centuries old relationship, that we are bound by history and friendship and shared values and that’s why I have come here today as an American President to reaffirm those bonds of affection”.

A few seconds before scratching his nose and saying this, Obama receives what is an INSPIRED comment from a spectator, which Obama’s attention is drawn to when he says “go Bulls, I like that, we got some Bulls fans here”, which apparently is a reference to the Chicago Bulls – the basketball team of Chicago – but what this is truly about underneath the surface is my encouragement to Obama all along to “go for it, Obama” (!) encouraging him to never give up (not to lose the match, which the Bulls represent) and this is coming from the Bull himself – I am born in the Taurus – sent to Obama via the Source, which is how we have been communicating and encouraging each other not to give up (!) and when you continue watching the clip, you will see a change of attitude of Obama when he is first laughing much because of the comment of the Bulls of the spectator and when he reaches the sentence above including “Irish Blood”, you can see him becoming touched because the underlying message he receives when speaking is that this blood is mine because of my suffering – and here it is also referring to some of my favourite music by Morrissey singing “Irish Blood, English heart” expressing “love” of the Source – and when he continues speaking about “PROUD, enduring centuries old relationship” he also speaks about his and mine relation through the Source – notice the lump in his throat and how moved he is when he says the word “friendship”, which is about him and me – and that he has come to Europe to “reaffirm those bonds of affection”.

These words and feelings of Obama are coming straight from God because as “another part of me”, Obama is equally as much as I connected directly to God – or the Source – and when I saw this speech and heard his words, I received the feeling that this is how it is to welcome back your old best friend, to receive support when (almost) everything you have heard for years has been resistance, negativity and know-all comments from ignorant people and this really gave me a feeling of returning to life – THANK YOU OBAMA MY FRIEND AND SPIRITUAL SOULMATE – “WE TWO ARE ONE” :-).

The sign of Obama to me telling me about our “friendship” and
becoming touched because of the blood of my suffering

When hearing this and receiving the feelings and understanding of it as messages also to me, I decided to bring supportive words to Obama too thinking that it is not easy to be the World leader and I told him over and over again “you are not alone” and “we will share the gold”, which is the power of God.

Watch him also after 8 minutes speak about his Irish grandfather’s grandfather leaving Ireland on a ship to America to “seek a new life in a new world” often doing it “with no family, no friends, no money, nothing to sustain their journey but faith, faith in the almighty, faith in the idea of America, faith that it was a place where you could be prosperous, you could be free, you could think and talk and worship as you please, a place where you could make it if you tried …”, which was not only the case for Obama’s grandfather’s grandfather but also for the journey I went on to bring us to “our new world”, which was carried on my faith in the almighty and that it was possible to do.

When Obama after 12 minutes spoke of Irish signatures on the founding documents of America, Irish blood on the battle fields, Irish sweat building “our great cities”, the humour, heart and dedication of Irish people etc., I was given the feeling that this is to praise people without telling the full truth – as the Danish PM also does because it is not well seen today to speak the full truth to selfish people (!) – and that Obama at that exact moment ALSO was thinking about Irish people bringing Ku Klux Klan and HATE and I felt his thoughts go to the suffering of his grandparents and do you believe Obama would have liked to tell you the truth (?) and how would you have reacted if he did so (?) – would you have become furious on him telling the truth about some of you and would you have started to boo at him (?) or would you have thanked him for giving you a good teaching of what NOT to do in the future (?) and that was really the question of my scripts – to be or not to be – and the question if my readers would be strong enough to end me – being furious with me – and the world or if I would be stronger than them.

And yes Obama as you said in the end of the speech, SPRINGTIME IS INDEED JUST AROUND THE CORNER because “YES WE CAN” (!) and his final words was “MAY GOD BLESS THE ETERNAL FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN OUR TWO GREAT NATIONS”, which I was very happy to hear and really because of the world “ETERNAL”, which was confirmation from Obama to me to cut through the darkness here to say that we have indeed been saved and will live an ETERNAL life.

Here is his speech for those of you who may be interested:

This speech also gives me inspiration to say that the Irish people I have previously met in my life in London and especially in Portugal, where I met a VERY big group at a hotel, showed me WARMTH and JOY as I have never experienced before and here I am thinking of the catching spirits of Irish people playing the guitar and singing traditional songs with all of their hearts as they did in Portugal inviting me to sing with them and we know which together with a pint really makes one feeling at HOME – which was also what Obama was speaking about after four minutes :-).

Finally, let me say that I received the clear feeling when watching Obama speak that when Benjamin Crème for some time has continued to speak about Maitreya giving television interviews as you can read from his website Share International, he receives this information spiritually partly from the darkness and from the light and here it is about Obama quite often being on television, which you will come to understand too, Benjamin and when this is written, I feel the spirit of Benjamin and the words that “you will also come to understand me” and really to say that I have thought about MANY times to read Benjamin and his articles, but I have not had the ENERGY or TIME to do it, my friend.

Benjamin Crème says that Maitreya gives television interviews because
this is what Obama as “another part of me” is doing!

The final preparation setting up the command central before I will be given the gold baton together with the Trinity

Today I started writing at 07.50 before leaving for Falck and I was thinking of how uncomfortable it is not to know what I would start working on today because I did not know if the IT-department of Falck had sent me a new list, I could work on and if not, I would probably start other work written down on my action plan – which was not the worst – because the worst was what the officer on guard without my knowledge would decide to ask me to do (his own work), which could include any odd jobs including a “drive” – but only in your dreams as I was about to write, which by the way is beautiful music 🙂 – and what happened as the absolutely first thing this morning, when Robert – the officer on duty today – arrived (?) and nothing else than his first words – without a good morning – being “I have a fresh assignment for you”(!) which truly was NOT what I was hoping to hear and as usual with Robert, he had done absolutely NOTHING to prepare the work or instructions to me – he was acting impulsively on a lose thought deciding to pass on the monkey – and what was it about then (?) and it was about buying new carpet tiles to the old meeting room, which is the new office of Falck Healthcare, and as mentioned he had done absolutely NOTHING to prepare the work so I started asking him questions – which he normally runs from when his mind is travelling to other more exciting “projects” instead (!) – of where to buy them, if Falck had an account with an existing supplier etc. and this made him “motivated” to find a store himself, which he decided should be “Tæppeland” (“Carpet Land”) in Lyngby and he gave me a folding rules ASKING me to start measuring the meeting room and the small room next to it and that was even though Falck Healthcare was holding a meeting in there behind closed doors (!), which was a total disrespect in my eyes crossing all of my borders (!), but because I was ASKED to do it, I did it (!) but I decided to ask the meeting participants if it would be alright for me to start measuring at the same time as they held the meeting, which Julie told me that it was not – of course (!) – and therefore I returned to Robert with the message that I decided to ask and that I received the answer that they would like to be undisturbed, which again ignited the temper of Robert rushing up like a small troll – which is what you are, Robert (!) – telling me of how annoyed he by now had become with them (!) and therefore he decided to disturb the meeting himself now asking for how long they would take and when he received the answer, he decided to accept it – and I continued asking him questions now also about the option of buying a full carpet instead of carpet tiles because a full carpet is much better looking than tiles in my view and because this is what is laid on the floor of the front office (!) and when another colleague, Ole, arrived asking me to buy double sticking tape on the way – on the order of Robert (!) – and wrote down CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS with the specifications for me to understand, I told Robert directly that “this is how to give instruction for you to learn from”, by now Robert had lost his very short patience with me now deciding that “I will ask Thomas to visit Tæppeland instead , which was then his decision (!), which however only lacked one thing, which was for him to communicate this to Thomas, who had now arrived because Robert was to go for a drill on the sea next to the airport to put out fire at sea. Talk about lack of control of your temper and negative feelings making you take wrong decisions and do poor work!

Before continuing the story of the carpet, I decided to do some of my own work, when Robert was looking for the Tæppeland store on the Internet, which was to call Boy from the IT-department to hear if he had received my email from Thursday last week – sent through Thomas’ mail-address – and really to hear when he would expect to be able to do the work and send me the list, and the answer I received was that he had received the email, that it would be impossible for him to include the product codes (really?), that it would take “more than one hour” to do the work and that he had other more important priorities this week (IT-operations – a mix up of operations and development again) and I told him clearly that it was not because I wanted to pressure him because I accepted his priorities but I would like to hear when he thought it would be realistic for me to receive the list because it would make it possible for me to plan my work, but this is NOT how it works here – as most of the world – and therefore I was told “maybe next week, or the following week …” and how gratifying a message do you think this was to receive (?), which is the same message MILLIONS of people receive by MILLIONS of people every single day and when most people do not plan their work, do not give and keep deadlines but act on impulses and what they “feel” like doing today, how many do you think become unhappy waiting and waiting for work, which they need in order to finalise their own work (?) – or forget to follow up on, which is not very uncommon too when both parties “forget” to follow up and do the work (!) – and because I could not receive a deadline I asked if it would be alright to follow up on him in the middle of next week if I had not heard from him before, which it of course was (!) and this is how people sometimes can continue to follow up on more or less undisciplined people – as we did in DFM on Danica in the beginning of the 1990’s when sending reminders to them over and over again on the same tasks, and when people in the end don’t care about reminders too, you have a system of anarchy (!), which you know also is (soon was) a part of the Devil – and THIS IS NOT HOW TO WORK IN THE FUTURE, which you may understand by now because PLANNING YOUR WORK and KEEPING YOUR DEADLINES are a fundamental parts of work and as you know I have not always to say the least been the best to do this myself because of the immense pressure on me of the Devil, but at the same time you might understand that even though I have not followed my own deadlines for example on the work of my website, I have still followed the road of God and the “invisible” deadline included of this?

Furthermore I discovered that the IT-network did not work on my laptop this morning, and I was wondering that everything seemed to go against me this morning and that maybe this was a symbol telling me that there also was another “network”, which I was “disconnected” from, which made me think of my recent decision NOT to be told about the actions of the darkness when killing people etc. and that this may have been a wrong decision keeping me out of the “castle of God” behind this darkness and it did not take me long to decide that I wanted to change my decision and really for you to “bring it on” not realising what I would receive and if it would break me, but I had faith that the grand old man would not give me suffering, which I could not bear, and I was almost surprised when nothing really happened other than I shortly thereafter heard the Source tell me that “now I can continue setting up the command central”, which is exactly what you can 🙂 – and even later I felt him inside of me bringing his luggage, I told him that you have the freedom to place yourself exactly as you like, I saw him place the darkness to the right (hopefully not much), I felt Obama – and even later also Jacob Holdt – as part of the luggage and I started receiving the colour orange which to me is the colour of God together with the Bourdeaux and this continued the rest of the day, which also included less negative speech – which however was not entirely over – which also made it possible for me to stop the powerful shaking of my head, which I have been forced to do hundreds of times the last days and weeks as the “last option” to shake the darkness off me. I was also told that “when you are not the darkness, you will be able to see everything and you will be the code yourself”.

I told Robert that I would not be able to continue working on my key hood database because I needed to receive the list from the IT-department first – I decided that I did not want to start the tasks C and D of this job before completing B, which is about this list – and I accepted to start working on an internal key list, which Robert had mentioned to me earlier, which is about the system of all internal keys of Falck – which employees has which keys, which receipts have been given and which have been not etc. – which has NOT been updated and is a mess (!) and they have MANY keys at Falck (!) – and again I asked for 5-10 minutes for Robert to go through the system of today, but Robert is one of the most absent-minded people I have ever met, and after a few seconds only, his mind and soon also his physical body was now somewhere else leaving me without answers to most of my questions, and when I told him he simply said “you can ask Thomas of the rest” and my dear friends and Robert: THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO WORK – and of course Robert has a great potential and I like him very much as a person, but you do already know this, don’t you?

So later I went through the system with Thomas, who initially did not too have “time” or patience to answer all of my questions but I do believe Thomas realised that my questions were not that “crazy” (!) but an expression of good thoughts and ideas, which Thomas and especially Robert do not normally receive because of your decision to take the easy and not the right choices – but before we had finished, we were disturbed by Julie, who told us that it was really URGENT to get a new carpet for her office here and now because the Commune had decided that this was a MUST before she would be allowed to receive citizens for visitation (!) – because the old carpet tiles were worn – and that is even though nobody until now has commented on the carpet tiles as Julie said (!) so because of other people telling you that a job is URGENT, it becomes urgent to do here and now, and what does normally happen when you need to do work here and now (?) and that is of course to do the “easy” but WRONG solution without thinking and doing your best (!) and Thomas was already on his way into her office interrupting our meeting without asking me if this was alright (!) and I asked Julie if the carpet was so important that we could not finish our meeting, which would take five minutes, which I don’t believe I received an answer on and all I could conclude was that Thomas had now left our meeting STILL leaving me with unanswered questions – we had not finished, Thomas (!) – and we know THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD ALL OVER THE TIME when people are prisoners of their thoughts (often the Devil!) instead of letting their thoughts be a tool of their decisions – and my dear friends THIS WAS THE TOOL OF OUR SURVIVAL because I decided to control the Devil instead of him controlling me – and we will see how I will decide to start this work when I will start it probably tomorrow and that is unless I will be given other work instead and we know NOT GRATIFYING is what the work is but I keep receiving the message from the Source that GRATIFYING is the feeling of where we have now approached because of my decision to open up for everything including ALL darkness – symbolised by using an “internal key” of course, which is why I started doing this work today at Falck – and we know there is NOT much darkness in there because I did not receive much suffering today and this is what I believe will continue now until the realisation of our ultimate goal of a world without darkness!

So coming back to the task on the carpet because Thomas asked me to visit Tæppeland and when I told him that Robert had decided to ask him instead, Thomas told me that he could not leave the office because he had to be there – since when has this been mandatory for you, Thomas (?) because you have left before without problems (!) – and we know so I was stuck with this task after all and I had taken the measurements of the room including the small room next to it – approx. 30 square metres in total – and after I had bought the tape for the colleague at the store of Johannes Fog, I entered the store of Tæppeland, where I was met by a very service minded employee by the name of Rolf and I had decided to receive a total overview of the price and delivery time of a solution including carpet tiles and one including a full carpet either mounted by Tæppeland as the professionals or by Falck self, which I did and I found out that the solution of the carpet would be somewhat cheaper than the carpet tiles and that Tæppeland could mount it on Tuesday next week or alternatively to deliver on Friday if Falck decides to mount it themselves – and Thomas had asked me to call him from the store for him to take a decision based on my information (!!!) so I gave him the detailed information on both solutions with my recommendation to decide on the full carpet mounted by Tæppeland because this is what looks the best and what Falck will be the most happy with in the long run, but Thomas was not able to decide after all because he wanted to ask Julie, who was now out of the office, and therefore I could do no other to return to the office and also to accept the proposal of the nice employee Rolf to take samples of both carpets and carpet tiles with me to help Thomas and Julie to take the right solution – and now I wonder what they found out after I had gone and if they decided for the tiles WITHOUT Tæppeland to mount them and really because this is what they may have been tempted to do (!) because this is the quickest solution maybe saving them 1-2 days (!) and because “we have always had tiles in this room” (!) – and I will be surprised positively if they decide to follow my recommendation, which I do believe would be the natural choice of most people to do and I might also be met by a new unpleasant and not planned task, which will be for me to mount the tiles when they arrive (!) and we know it is better to be prepared for the worst and to hope for the best of course and this is really how much of the game has been played by me.

And I might add that IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO HELP YOUR COLLEAGUES WHEN THEY TRULY NEED YOUR HELP – but NOT for colleagues to take advantage of you, which some people in the future may understand is what Falck did with me, which they cannot see themselves today?

Finally I was told that mounting new carpets in this room, which was the room being painted as another symbolic act a few weeks ago, in order to receive visitation is the symbol of the final setup of the Source to welcome me at my final HOME.

When I left today, Thomas told me with his usual ”irony” that ”I was not as unhappy with you today as other days, when you are sending text messages”, which was his way to praise me for good work today – which however was not good enough, because if I had done it without your influence, I would have checked other stores too and not least to find out where you bought the “not than old” carpet of the front office to consider buying the same carpet in the other rooms too (which I did suggest Robert, but this was a TIRESOME extra task, which you did not bother to find out?) – and the text messages, Thomas, were really not text messages but notes for me to remember what to write in my scripts of course, which you will soon find out.

On my way home from Falck I had decided to visit the Jobcentre to speak to Jane because she has not yet had the “time” to answer my email and I really would like to get rid of her misunderstandings of me having to receive “clarification” if I can work 37 hours per week – which eeeehhh I have done all of the time when being in this system since 2009 when also including my own work, which she knows about – but I was told that she is a consultant, who only comes now and again at the Jobcentre, so now it seems that I will have to receive a dictate from her and Lars through Lars tomorrow as my ignorant dictators, and of course they only want to help me without understanding that they are making me suffer tremendously because of this.

People of the “old world” telling lies because they fear the reactions of people, which is NOT to be repeated in our new world

Yesterday I wrote a short message to my old friend Kirsten through Facebook congratulating her with the sale of her apartment (finally) – and despite of sending her two messages telling her that I would like to see her again, apparently she did not “feel” up to see me when she ignored this, which is you know still how many people feel when they don’t know how to behave towards me (!) – and she replied that she has bought an apartment in the housing association where I am still living and where she used to live until a few years ago, which was where she got to learn Poul-Erik and she was the one bringing him and me together and quite interestingly, Kirsten also wrote to me that “nu skal du vel også snart finde noget andet da Poul-Erik vil sælge sin” (“now you will probably find something else when Poul-Eriks wants to sell his”) and apparently they are still in contact and if this is what Poul-Erik has told Kirsten, it does not correspond with what he told me when he wrote to me the 3rd May that “an extension of the rental is alright with me” and when he the same day wrote to Kate from the housing association that an extension “for mig ville det betyde, at jeg ikke behøvede at sætte lejligheden til salg den 01.11.2011, hvilket ville være en fordel for mig ,boligmarkedet taget i betragtning” (“for me this would mean that I did not have to put the apartment for sale the 1st November 2011, which would be an advantage to me considering the housing market”) and what you see here is exactly the same as what I showed you recently with Jane from the Commune and Lars from Falck both “claiming” that it was the other person who wanted to increase my number of working hours and we know apparently it is not easy to tell what you truly think and feel to me because of your “fear” of my reaction (?), which is how the old world is running and my dear Poul-Erik, if I understand this correctly – which I am not sure about (!) – and you truly wanted to sell your apartment, you could have told me in the first place, which I would NEVER take negatively, and if you have told me a lie me because of fear of my reaction, I can only tell you that I am disappointed – and it gave me extra work too – and to the future: THIS IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF POOR COMMUNICATION OF THE OLD WORLD, which should be easy for you to see that you are not to repeat in the new world?

At 16.25 I decided to do a new run today and even though I was feeling a little tired this morning and all day – which is what would make other people feel “tired” – I felt amazingly fresh (therefore my Son) compared to how I have felt for years almost making writing “piece of cake” (therefore Kim S. and Jørgen at DFM when I started selling pension plans to Synoptik) to do today and today I was able to run approx. half of what I did when doing my best last year, so even though running seemed as an impossible thought because of how “low” – your best album, Bowie 🙂 – I was feeling, I do feel small improvements from day to day and this is how I have decided to carry on until the day when I may be able to run a marathon too!

The bridge to the new world was not strong enough last year but with will power, it was made strong enough this year

When I was running, I was told as the “reward”, that we tried to build a bridge to the new world last year but it was not strong enough because of lack of faith and much darkness, which was why we had to pack up and wait for a new Universe to come and develop for billions of years or to continue putting on more darkness on you to clear – instead of faith of the world – which is to say that the new world is created more on the will power of the Source through me than of faith of the world and that it was only done because I kept on saying “I will never give up NO MATTER WHAT”.

Ending the day with these stories:

  • I don’t feel the dark coat of the darkness, which surrounded me for so long time as an outline inside of my skull with everything underneath it as death – I am receiving more energy myself, which is what the Universe is too :-).
  • Previously my life flame consisted of both the spirit of my father and mother and I knew from before that the spirit of my father went all the way to the end to locate origin of the Source and now I understand that this is what the spirit of my mother also did and when I am now receiving “the monk”, I am also receiving both the spirit of my father and mother from there, who are now part of me again together with everyone else.


25th May: My old dream coming through when my NEW GOLD DREAM is now realised inside of the New Universe

No dreams (!) but I felt TERRIBLE before leaving for Falck because of the dictate I would receive by people making me sick

My night was not the best making me somewhat tired this morning – but I benefit from coming into a better shape – and I knew that I was dreaming much, but when I was woken up, I was not allowed to remember the dreams other than one which gave me the feeling that the Source was not as much with me as I would think, which I simply don’t believe in, which will have to be because of the day today when I will meet Lars from Falck telling me that I need to work more to become “clarified”.

I started working at 08.00 this morning after I had received the strongest sudden pain to my right angle several times, which as a symbolic act was making me feel so bad that it would remove my working capacity if it continued to tell you that I am apparently still “disabled” in the eyes of the Commune and therefore also Falck because of their imagination in continuation of their thoughts about me being “crazy” because of who I “claim” I am – and I cannot tell you just how disgusting it is to be misunderstood and made sick in the minds of people misunderstanding me and acting not only against human dignity but violating both human rights and the law of Denmark forcing me against my will without improving my qualifications as the law of today requires. My pain was so great this morning that I could hardly leave my apartment, but on the other hand, it is without problems (!) and I have prepared mentally for the worst case scenario and hoping for the best.

Falck took the right carpet decision following my recommendation – it will be installed on Tuesday as my inner self will too!

On my way to Falck this morning, I was shown a flag and told “congratulations” and I was also shown the last piece of the darkness from the right entering me.

What would the day today bring (?), when would I be speaking to Lars (?) – we had no meeting agreement, which I like to have instead of “lose agreements”, which people have a tendency to forget, would we be able to sit down and speak properly or would he as the others prefer to stand up in order to finish ASAP without doing his best to listen and understand me (?) – which was not GRATIFYING just to think about, should I start working on the internal Falck keys (?), what about the carpet – did they decide yesterday (?) or would I be given a new task again today – VERY UNSATISFACTORY WORKING CONDITIONS!!!

I met Lars and the first thing he told me was that he and the other three leaders had been called in to a meeting with Jesper – the Station manager – to talk about MANAGEMENT and we know Lars told me about Jesper that “it is a religion for him doing meetings like this”, which was the lead to me to say that you talk and talk about management and what do you show in practise (?) and when looking at yourselves in relation to me, are you proud of what you have done (?) or would you have liked to do it all over using just one sentence to start everything with, which is to “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” and we know Robert would you like to receive orders from yourself or would you be disgusted (?) to take one example, which goes to MANY managers of today – and this is still said with the biggest love, which I have for all of you, PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT and TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED YOURSELF!!! – When speaking to Lars, my thought was that MANMADE RELIGIONS WILL BE REPLACED BY ONE NEW PHILOSPHY and my dear friends at Falck, you could have read my CV and realised that you could all have learned from me about TRUE MANAGEMENT and the right choice for you would have been to ask me teaching you instead of being a slave for you but of course it would require another attitude from you to decide this and also to understand and ACCEPT my basic working rules, which I don’t believe you would be able to do today based upon the very WRONG attitude all of you show!

Before leaving, Lars told me that we might speak tomorrow or some time next week and we know he will not be working tomorrow or Tuesday-Thursday next week so what are the chances that he will come this or next week to take a meeting with me (?) where we will sit down (!) as I asked him for because as I said he might have something he would tell me and I have some things I would like to ask him and we know we will see what he will decide to do.

He also asked me to count the cash boxes again this month either today or tomorrow (!) and before leaving, he could not print out on any of the two printers – no network connection – and my laptop was still not on the Falck network and we had an IT-man yesterday at the office to fix this but apparently he did not quality test his work before leaving (!) – HOW MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE RECEIVING SERVICE FROM OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DISCOVERED EXACTLY THE SAME with disappointment as the result (?) and just asking I am – and therefore I received the telephone number to the man, whom I called after Lars had left – he was replaced by an officer “temp” (!) from Gentofte, who was not at the office most of the morning (!) and maybe it was appropriate that also Lars called me an “office manager” this morning to another man – and it was quite difficult to get through to this IT-man, Michael, because the telephone number Lars gave me did not work, and I only had his first name and believed he was working from the head-office at Falck and after calling another man of the same name, and found out that it was not him, I found out that “my Michael” was working at the Farum Station (!) and that he was on holiday, which he told me when I called his cell phone but we agreed that he would come back on Friday to setup the network once and for all (!) – and I was thinking that this is of course also a symbol about the final adjustment of the setup of my command central as THE ONE and we know, which is a little bit difficult to get to work and only by doing my best, I will be able to get it to work and you should by now know that when I am doing my best in physical life, this is what I am also doing as my spiritual self inside of the last piece of the darkness trying to set up everything carefully in order to be able to shine through to the entire Universe with my new light, Stig, and so it is.

This morning Julia – not Julie as I learned today – came to me to follow up on the carpet task and I was surprised that she and Thomas had not decided yesterday afternoon, but she started talking about carpet tiles, to replace 4-5 of the tiles laying in the big room, and to mount all of the small room next to her with new tiles because the old tiles in this room are very worn, and I took a new tile – which Robert gave me yesterday – and showed her the big shade variation (because of the wear and tear of the ones on the floor), which demonstrated that replacing 4-5 tiles in the big room was clearly an unsatisfying solution and therefore she decided not to do anything for this room, where the tiles are looking alright except from these 4-5 – which we may be able to wash (!) – but she would like to change all tiles of the small room, and when I told her about the carpet as an alternative, which was both cheaper and better looking, she looked surprised – did she not speak to Thomas about this yesterday or did Thomas not give her the exact information I gave him (?), which is really to say that when you don’t need intermediaries, there is no need to have intermediaries because you will only risk misunderstandings and/or increasing costs and this is IN GENERAL (!) – which made me decide to go through the handwritten paper I had done yesterday (not a satisfactory solution, but it worked) with her and this drew her attention to the carpet solution, and when I showed her the four different samples with different colours I had received from the store, she thought exactly the same as I, which was that the carpet with the BLUE NUANCE – MY COLOUR (!) – was the best looking and I told her that it would take a couple of days longer to get professionals to mount the carpet but I recommended her to focus on the right solution for the next 1, 5 and 10 years instead of saving 1-2 days here and now and we know when talking logics to people and when people THINK instead of acting irrational, they will take the right decision and this is simply what you did, Julia, when you decided to follow my recommendation – I am glad that Thomas was not to make the decision (!) – and I called the store to receive the precise prices and delivery times, which is on Tuesday, which is what Julia accepted, so Tuesday next week is the day when the new carpet – my new self – will be installed (!), and she accepted to have Falck Jobservice pay for this carpet and we know we left out the unnecessary managers of Falck, because the organizational setup of Falck today dictating people is NOT the setup I recommend you to follow in the future as you will understand from my scripts. Julia also decided that if the tiles of the big room are to be changed, it will be Jesper as the Station Manager who will decide this because this will be paid by the local Falck Station and not Falck Jobservice (!) and we know the solution we reached today was better than what the officers on guards would have reached (!) but it was NOT the best because of considerations to two different budgets of the same company.

Today I was thrown back and forwards between different tasks because of poor planning of other people (!) and first I followed up on the IT-network, then the carpet, then I wanted to start counting the cash boxes, which however was difficult to do because Lars’ keys – which he had given to the officer temp. from Gentofte – seemed not to work and when the temp believed that he had found out which keys worked, he told me that I could not sit in Jesper’s office to count the boxes, which I have done the previous two times (!) – he told me that he HAD to lock the door because of sensitive HR-files laying on the table, which he was working on (!) and we know this is WRONG too – so I really decided that I did not want to start the work under these conditions and therefore I told him that I would first start doing the work tomorrow when I could work without being disturbed and for some reason or another, he had now received so much confidence in me that he gave me Lars’ keys (!) and the telephone of Falck saying that I could sit in Jesper’s office after all and then he left and we know of course without informing me to where and for how long, which is what MANY people unfortunately do today. After having counted the first two boxes, I realised that I could not open the last two with Lars’ keys, so I was not able to finish this work after all today.

I started looking at the ring binder of the internal keys of Falck and at the special key cupboard, which they have hanging on the wall containing more than 200 keys and there are MANY different keys and different papers in the binder showing who has which keys and even different templates made by different people at different times – non of them perfect and none of them updated of course – and I was thinking about how unsatisfactory it is to receive poor instructions, which I did partly, and especially when people do not think about explaining the BASICS to people who has never seen a system like this before and we know when people have been working for a long time with a system, they have a tendency to forget that what is natural and basics to them, is not the same for a newcomer and therefore they don’t explain the basic and right connections and don’t give the introduction needed.

Because of disturbances of people, telephones and unexpected hindrances of other people really, I could not start and finish one task at a time, but had to do a little bit of this followed by a little bit of that, then speaking to a colleague, then answering the phone and then having to move from Jesper’s office back to the front office remembering everything and my dear friends when you start doing many things at a time as people forced me to do today because of their poor work behaviour (!), you will start becoming confused, forget what you were thinking about, do errors, forget your promises and where you laid this paper or your keys – which happened to me both today – and this is what the entire world is doing when people continuously disturb other people instead of PLANNING YOUR WORK and RESPECTING YOUR AGREEMENTS and THIS SHOULD BE SIMPLE LOGIC FOR EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND BUT WHY DOES ALMOST NO ONE WORK LIKE THIS TODAY (?) and we know because of the influence of the darkness giving people poor discipline, which you of course easily could have changed if only you wanted too!

I answered a lady from a kindergarten who called to hear if they could bring the children for a visit to the fire station in June – I had to tell her that the officer on guard will call her back, which was UNSATIFACTORY FOR BOTH HER AND ME and that is because I am not PROPERLY TRAINED to do this simple work (!!!) – and I was thinking that it is perfectly fine if you would like to receive private visitors at “exciting” work places in the future, but I recommend you to charge what it costs for example to show a fire station to children, which should be a sound principle for all to follow.

I also had a look at the dressing room with individual lockers – as part of the work on the internal keys – and I was surprised to see how untidy it was with clothes, boots, towels, keys etc. laying and hanging everywhere and I decided to write a note to the leaders asking them to follow up to tidy the room and to keep it tidy and what it takes today is a STRONG leader to help the employees be disciplined and this is really what my writings are about. PLEASE ALWAYS BE DISCIPLINED AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT instead of taking the “easy” choice.

Let me also tell that Julie is a very nice looking lady and that she is used as my “temptation” here at the end – as the cover of the spirit of my mother to carry out my old nightmare spiritually – which is what the darkness maybe would be strong enough to do if I did not continue doing my best work including writing my scripts and there were episodes and symbols today when the darkness was working directly through her but I have decided that I don’t want to write anymore about this because I am disgusted by this and because it is piece of cake – she offered me a cake as the symbol (!) – to come through this phase too. This chapter is only written in order for you to understand.

Meeting with the Jobcentre on Tuesday to make them understand AGAIN (!) that I do have my full working capacity

I had decided that after Falck, I would try to visit the Jobcentre again because I would like to know when it would be possible to speak to Jane and if this was impossible, I would ask to speak to Tine to see if she could help me, and today it was a young man at the reception, who was even more service minded than the lady of yesterday because he decided to look at Jane’s calendar – always a good idea (!) – and to call her and he managed to get through to her and I heard that they spoke about setting up an appointment for a meeting with me and I really would like to meet her before her wrong decision will be carried out through Lars at Falck and therefore I gave a signal to the man that I would like to speak to her on the phone and this is how I finally came through to her – and I asked her if she had received my email, which she had, and also if she had noticed the question included in it, which she had not (!) – DON’T YOU READ YOUR EMAILS PROPERLY, JANE (?) – and I asked her if it is her or Lars from Falck who wants me to extend my working hours and she told me that it is her (!) – WHY IN HEAVENS NAME DID YOU NOT TELL ME THIS CLEARLY JANE IN YOUR EMAIL OF THE 18th May (?), where you write “Jeg hører også at I i fællesskab er blevet enige om at hæve arbejdstiden” giving me the impression that the extension is because of the request of Lars when it is really you sitting behind taking this WRONG decision – and then I thought that maybe I could make her understand during this phone conversation that it is a simple misunderstanding of the Commune that she wants me to receive “clarification” if I can work full hours “stable” for a period of a couple of weeks in order for her to start finding me a full time work with salary contribution (!) and in order to be sure that I had understood her correctly, I first asked her what is the purpose of her decision to extend my working hours and then she told me that it is because she is new (!), that she does not know me well (!) and that she has to evaluate me also on basis of the feedback from Falck (you have not seen me working for the Commune for periods over 1½ years and do not have “feedback” enough for you to know that I have been working better than everyone else?) and as she told me she has received the feedback that I am working fine and then she concluded that “thus, there are no SPARE considerations to take in relation to me” but then she started “weaving”, which is what people sometimes do when they try to defend their own BAD actions and decisions and here she started saying that it is also to see how I will function in the case that there will be working breaks because it is not always to be expected that a company has work for someone like me to do but on the other hand she thought and also said that Falck has a lot of work for someone like me (!) thus concluding with her self that this argument really is not valid either and we know I told her that I have been in this system for 1½ years now, been working harder than anyone in the Park and at A2B, have had good relations with all, done my own work on top of this working a total of 50-60 hours per week all this time – thanks Sting for a brilliant song and a brilliant live concert – and that there are NO SPARE CONSIDERATIONS to take in relation to me, but still she was not ready to “give in” during this short telephone conversation (!) and I asked her to “TELL ME DIRECTLY if you think I am disable to work” – it is truly difficult to understand people not speaking directly, PLEASE DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE (!) – and therefore I told her that apparently we need more time and we therefore agreed for a personal and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY meeting on Tuesday next week with the goal as I told her for me to understand her and her to understand me (!) – and Tuesday is the same day as the arrival of the new carpet and my new self – and we know I told her to remember that I am perfectly able to work having good relations with all when preparing for our meeting and that the decision of the Commune is based entirely on their misunderstanding and we will see if it finally will be possible also to have Jane to understand me on Tuesday listening to SIMPLE LOGIC instead of continuing the mistakes of other people NONE of whom have been working with me and if they had, they would quickly had reached the right conclusion about my “working capacity” – THIS IS SCREAMING TO HEAVEN WHEN YOU CONSIDER THE WORK I HAVE DONE FOR THEM and really shows POOR COMMUNICATION of people in this system – instead of all of their wrong doings and TORTURE they have put me through and JANE YOU DO NOT REMEMBER OUR AGREEMENT FROM DECEMBER 2010 TO PLACE ME IN MATCH GROUP 1 (“normal working ability”) (?) and yes YOU DID NOT MANAGE TO CHANGE MY STATUS IN YOUR “DIFFICULT” IT-SYSTEM AS WE AGREED (?) and you did not even bother to tell me even though I told you CLEARLY of the importance to me (?) and because of this, you have continued this mistake all of the way and this is just to say that I thought all along that I was finally declared “normal” by the Commune, who did not tell me otherwise the same way as I thought that we had all been saved after my “jump” in 2010 but eventually this was a message from the darkness not telling me the truth that we had not and the time between the first try to reconnect with and remove the origin of the Source together with my inner self in 2010 until the second, which we completed with success the 7th May 2011 was the most difficult and dangerous time in history not only for me but for the entire Universe, which you eventually will understand when all messages and information will be released from the world.

My old gold dream coming through when my NEW GOLD DREAM is now realised inside of the New Universe

When I returned home, I was given the inspiration to play the amazing song NEW GOLD DREAM by Simple Minds, which is one of my favourites from my favourite album of all albums, which you know is ALSO called NEW GOLD DREAM and my friends this is MY OLD GOLD DREAM, which is now coming through when I transfer all of my treasures inside of this little place I call “my heaven” to my new heaven inside of you Stig inside of the new Universe, which is really what is my NEW GOLD DREAM – and this is happening right now when these lines are written and we know on basis of the energy I am producing because of the suffering I am also going through today.

This is the cover of the album, which you will understand is based upon FAITH and LOVE when looking at the symbols, which are important ingredients together with WILL POWER to bring the NEW GOLD DREAM alive – click the picture and you will hear my favourite music and GOLD DREAM :-).

My favourite album of all time symbolises my
NEW GOLD DREAM now coming through via our New Universe

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I continued working until 17.30 today with tiredness, impatience and much work as the suffering I had do gone through to produce energy.
  • I was given the old déjà vue that the world will start to understand me in the absence of other “candidates” being “me” (!) and we know THE LUNATIC, Stig – this is why Pink Floyd you did “the dark side of the moon” as another of the absolute best albums in history – is really the Son of God and we know GOD in this life, who should have thought that?
  • I was told that when the spirit of my mother followed the spirit of my father into the end of the darkness, it gave a better security for find and bring the origin of the Source with my inner self to me.
  • The 8th May I decided to include Elijah on my LTO email list when I forward my scripts to them telling him that he is still my friend and hoping to hearing from him again and the 20th May I wrote to him “Elijah, my old friend, whenever you got a few minutes you would make me HAPPY if you will write me a short email just telling me that you are alive and that we are still friends – you don’t have to write me a long story – do you want to make me happy or sad?” and this is part of the story, which could be bigger if I had decided to contact more family/friends – Fuggi, you also read my “opening” to you, didn’t you (?) – but for some way or another you have decided to continue your abandoning of me or let us say very “laid back” attitude and why is that, am I really that “disgusting” in your eyes (?) or do you have “bad” excuses all of you (?) with the truth being that you care as much for me as I for you but you cannot show it (?) and my family and friends: HAVE YOU ANY IDEA HOW SAD THIS MAKES ME (?) – to continue doing this work in practise without support from anyone because you have enough in yourself, which is really “more than I can bear”, but I decide to do it anyhow.
  • After a TOUGH day, this evening I was still in pain and the power of this darkness today – which I do hope and believe is the last because I feel my inner self as part of it and that we have now almost come as close that we have integrated or at least are in the process of integrating – is very strong with the threat of my old nightmare being VERY strong with constant “attacks” or “temptations” and I thought that only by working hard today, I escaped this threat from being carried out – but I do hope that you have followed my wish to have a reserve plan including light/energy to help me out if I should “fall in” – and this evening I was also given the worst physical pain ever in both of my lungs, which made me feel that I was being physically destructed and I am glad that I decided to include the rule that I am the best protected of all and will accept no sicknesses or physical pain because I thought this would potentially destroy my working capacity to write my scripts and this evening I received the feeling that very strong physical pain like this also could have meant that I would lose it mentally not being strong enough to keep the darkness and destruction away from me. I also had to continue the “everyone is welcome” order despite of the darkness strongly giving me the feeling to send everyone away, I felt both of my angles almost being cut over, negative thoughts coming from the outside trying to overtake me and the feeling of diarrhoea – and later my amplifier started switching on/off again and “by chance” I hit one of the small wall lamps hanging over my bed with my arm so it fell down – not much light in this darkness I am given – and we know this process is tough to come through also for the spirit of my father and mother but NO ONE IS TO DIE going through this.


26th May: Fitting the new Source inside of the Universe and setting up new lamps to shine our new light

Dreaming of receiving smiles from the Trinity and that I will not accept the temptations of my old nightmare

I had a little bit better night than the previous and it seems that I am gradually starting to remember bits from my dreams but still with dreams, which were impossible to remember, which is really also annoying because I was woken up some times knowing that I had just had a dream, which however was not given to me so I would remember it when being awake – and this is what I do remember:

  • I am together with the Danish comedian Lars Hjortshøj and another man, Lars wants us to sing a song to what I believe is the driver in a bus, but he makes a mistake when he sings another song than the one he has given us the lyrics to, he has paid for a lunch pizza, which I first think is nice of him until I realise that he did it in order to save money making me feel obliged later to pay for the more expensive evening pizza. We are thinking about going to the cinema but on Lars’ recommendation we will go to a live concert instead.
    • Lars will have to be about “smiles” from the Trinity because we are three together here, singing the wrong song to the bus driver is probably to say that I don’t accept the “temptations of love” – my old nightmare – because the bus has always been a symbol of “making love”. Pizza is joy and happiness when being from Italy and both cinema and concert are good symbols too about our New Universe and loving feelings.

Fitting the new Source inside of the Universe and setting up new lamps to shine our new light

This morning I felt the after-effects after a VERY HARD day yesterday and I felt – because I was given strong feelings (!) – careless, defeatist and that my whole defence preparedness had reduced much also making me feel a “strong influenza” just underneath my skin together with heartburn (also with the colour of purple coming through this telling me that the spirit of Karen is also still around me :-)) making it almost impossible to resist the guess what (?) “old nightmare”, which I was given threats/temptations of again this morning and I needed to take the attitude to go through this resistance taking the right decisions of the light no matter if the darkness would be stronger than I, which should make me give up under “normal” conditions – I had to ignore the darkness really – and because of this difficulties, almost to my surprise I found myself at Falck again at 09.00 this morning – after I had started working with my script at home at 08.00 – and again this morning it was the colleague from Gentofte, Henrik, who was a temporary officer on guard and what did he do from approx. 09.10 to 09.50 (?) and we know he stood outside TALKING with colleagues and that was for 40 minutes (!) and was this work related my gentlemen or a “very nice private talk” (?) and yes you know Henrik is a VERY NICE man indeed and it is TRULY very nice to speak to him but keep your discipline my ladies and gentlemen – DON’T SPEAK PRIVATELY LIKE THIS DURING WORKING HOURS (!) – and while he was speaking outside, I noticed that Julia’s colleague, whom I cannot remember the name of, held the first visitation with a citizen at the office, which the Commune had denied them to use for this purpose before the carpet – especially in the small room – was changed and we know a small symbol of the New World Order starting :-).

For days we have had a “show” here where it has been more than difficult to keep your own working pen because colleagues “steal” it without thinking of the consequences of their act and today when the “package man” from the Post Office arrived and I had to sign on his electronic device, I had to do it with a cheap pen of his – making me think of BIC pens and the EXTREME AND INHUMAN SUFFERING of people at the bus station in Kenya together with Elijah’s brother Mischeck – which I commented and he told me that his colleagues steal the especially designed pens of 85 DKK made for this purpose from their colleagues (!), which is what people do all over the world without showing consideration and we agreed that this is due to poor moral of people today, which is what I ask you to avoid doing in the future. Use the golden rule and don’t do what you wouldn’t like people to do to you.

Henrik told me that the leaders would return at 11.00 this morning and I really felt that it was difficult to do my work because I am in the dreadful position AS MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE that I am depending on them to do my job (!) – they are the bottleneck of companies you know – and I did not have the key to open and continue my work on the two last cash boxes, I needed an updated list on all employees before I could start producing key receipts for all to sign and I could not enter the internal key locker but I managed to keep me occupied after all when I decided to update my action plan, think about how I would carry out the task on internal keys, which was not that difficult as I thought, which you know is the case when you simply decide to think and take the right decisions, I found a list of employees myself and I also decided to search for a new fireproof cupboard for the station to decide on if they want to purchase this – it is about 20,000 DKK – in order to secure the more than 1,100 reserve keys of subscribers or if this is “too expensive” for them (reducing their profit) and not included in their budget (!), which they should have done as a perfectly natural thing from the beginning you know (!) – I will print out what I found when the printer will work again in order for the station to decide on and I should be happily surprised if they will follow my recommendation to buy this but not surprised if they decide to turn it down by taking a WRONG decision.

I noticed to my surprise that the first measurement I had done of the small room for the new carpet was different than the measurement I did again yesterday – after having mislaid the first measurement (!!!) – and therefore I decided to measure it again today to be sure that I had given the right measurement to the carpet store and I found that my measurement of yesterday and therefore also my order was correct, and I also measured all of the key cassettes including the reserve keys of subscribers in order to find the right size of a fireproofed cupboard, which could contain all of these and at the end of the morning, when the leaders had returned and Christoffer took over the guard, I was inspired to ask him if he had work for me to do for the last hour, which he had and that was for me to drive to IKEA to buy 15 rice lamps for the school room, which we went to look at together, where I saw that they had two types of rice lamps hanging there – new and old – and the idea was to replace the old lamps with new and yes we had to measure the new lamps to be sure that I would buy the right ones and what all of this measurement of today was about was to fit “myself” with “EVERYTHING” I bring into our New Universe and to set up all of the new lamps enabling me to switch on the new light.

I spoke shortly to Lars, who had also returned from the NICE COTTAGE HOUSE of Jesper, where they had their “management course” including a nice evening and where they stayed the night first returning late this morning and I told him about my meeting with Jane on Tuesday and it was fine by him to wait talking to me until after this meeting because I told him that it was a MISTAKE OF THE COMMUNE that I am placed in match group 2 and not 1, which you probably understood, Lars?

Today I also saw that “my” clothes had arrived – Henrik believed that it has been here for a while, which I don’t know – and I noticed that everything except from the trousers had arrived – you know what the trousers symbolise (?) and we know A NORMAL LOVE LIFE and this is why they have not arrived yet because where IS MY LOVE and we know she has also abandoned me (!) – and when I asked Lars if I should change clothes at home before arriving at the office or at the office – I know what is right to do, which is to do it at work, but I wanted to hear him to be sure of their “policy” and first he told me to do it at home but then he thought of sending me on a first aid course the 19th June as he believed because if I am wearing Falck clothes on the street, people will believe that I can help if people will suffer a indisposition, but he found out that this had to be a wrong day – it is a Sunday – and therefore we agreed for me to change the clothes at the Station and furthermore the 19th June is after my expiry date at Falck but maybe they have started to get used to me also liking me to continue working there as a “normal” but FREE to you employee.

Robert was also briefly at the office when returning from the “course” and I asked him “er I blevet klogere eller ledere” (“have you become wiser or meaner/leaders” – the word “ledere” in Danish both means meaner and leaders!) and this double meaning made him smile because this is irony he uses himself but Robert, you might understand that this was not only irony, but also the truth when you are commanding with me as your slave, but you cannot see today that you are “mean” because of your actions towards me?

After buying the rice lamps I had a few minutes before leaving, which I decided to use together with Christoffer, who accepted my “disturbance” (!) and I gave him the same information I had written on a piece of paper to the leaders about the IT-man coming tomorrow, the decision of the new carpet and then to say with all of my strength, positive energy and smile that “HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR DRESSING ROOM, IT IS A DISGRACE TO THE STATION, WHICH YOU MUST IMPROVE, YOU HAVE TO START BY THE TOP TO BRING DISCIPLINE TO YOUR EMPLOYEES” and we know he gave me a POOR EXCUSE as so many people do all of the time here because he told me that this station is now the 6th or 7th he is working on and the dressing room of all stations are a mess (!) – meaning that you will not follow up on my recommendation to you, Christoffer, herewith accepting “mess” as the “normal” condition (?), which should be apparent for everyone that this is VERY WRONG (!) – and I told him that this is NOT AN EXCUSE BECAUSE IF YOU ONLY WANT TO DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT (!) and it is as easy as that: DON’T GIVE POOR EXCUSES TO SOMETHING WHICH IS EASY TO IMPLEMENT (!) – and this is also about the implementation of my new self happening at the same time as this is written and we know with “sickness of my body” as the energy generator and better for me to suffer than the world I tell you!

And finally when I wanted to check the list of employees with Christoffer that it is up to date, he said that it was but he also gave me free access to the big and “confidential” HR database of Falck – normally reserved for leaders, which I understood from Henrik earlier in the morning, who would not give me access and we know another sign of the Devil to keep information like this from people (!) – including all updated information on employees including salaries etc. and when I found out that I did not need to use it because the list I had found was truly up to date, I told him so but to me it was a symbol to say that I am here getting full access to the database of the Source, which herewith is moving inside of me and as another symbol of setting up my “command central” I do believe that I am close to have a total overview of the internal keys of Falck, which I will continue working with on Tuesday also knowing that I will continue working with the cash balances and cash sheet and so it is.

By the way listen to the listener, which Danish P3 radio called this morning because his ”master” believed he needed to keep on (I cannot remember the precise word they used) even though he was TIRED after working for 26 hours (I believe) in a row (!) – this was INSPIRATION too – and the listener ended with wishing to hear “nothing else matters” and this was to say that I have decided to continue doing my work where “nothing else matters” and that is despite of the strength of the darkness.

Ending the day with this small story

  • This morning – as MANY times before – the darkness tried to tempt me into setting up RULES for what the spiritual world is allowed and not allowed to do on basis of what is comfortable to me and what I “think” without knowing (!), which is what MANAGERS of today keep on doing all of the time and yes THIS IS THE DEVIL WORKING INSIDE OF YOU, my ladies and gentlemen (!) – and I had to refuse these temptations again and to “keep it simple” by repeating that “I WANT LIGHT ONLY” and you will decide roles and responsibilities of the ones you will include to do this work because I have NO IDEA if this work can only be carried out by ONE (the Source) – which you told me – or if you can include “others” or “everyone” and if I had not taken this attitude but started a long time ago to be tempted to make many detailed rules, it would not have been possible to create the New Universe, which now Stig WILL BECOME EXACTLY AS I HAVE ALWAYS WISHED and yes you may tell me because YOU ARE THE ONE HAVING THE KNOWLEDGE, my “friend” as the big guy upstairs here calls me and we know better than saying “children” and so it is at least in my mind and it seems that “we two are one” as you may tell?
  • At 15.10 today I published the last three days of scripts – they are really not becoming shorter yet – and my friends I WAS COMPLETELY DESTROYED but could continue if needed, but from here I will take the rest of the day off.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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