May 29, 2011: FC Barcelona was victorious when “King Messi” played as a MAGICIAN scoring from “out of nothing”


Summary of the script today

27th May: I will not relate to the Bible but to the “Sign ‘O’ the Times” included in my scripts as the new Bible

  • Dreaming that I will not relate to the Bible, which is out of date but to the “Sign ‘O’ the Times”, which is what is included in my scripts as the new Bible, “everything” of the Source is now fitting much better with my body, i.e. the Universe, I will understand “what kind of guy” the Source is and “then I will win” (!), I will only follow the road of God by continuing to work – instead of being tempted to relax today and the next days because of sickness – in order to reach the party afterwards.
  • After almost 8 months without COMMUNICATION, I finally received a short email from Elijah confirming that we are still BEST FRIENDS 🙂 despite of everything, which is a symbol of how my relations will remain intact with people I have written about because love and affection is stronger than the negativity of people, which is also included as building stones of our New Universe.
  • I also received a nice email from David, who is fine considering the circumstances, which the LTO team is too, however the month has been “long” to him, which is the same feeling I have, and he would like to communicate even better, which is again the same feeling I have – which will come to all of the world including us, David, when GLORY DAYS will come JUST AROUND THE CORNER :-).
  • An intestine bacteria from Spanish cucumbers have given hundreds of people in Germany and also Denmark bloody diarrhoea – including “stomach problems” to my mother – symbolising the threat of my old nightmare, which is still hanging over me as an “alternative” to create energy to open to the gold of the Source if I should not be able to finish my work taking as much of the suffering on myself.
  • Finally, I continued the work to finalise my Signs IV page about the Jerusalem UFO, which may take 1-2 weeks to do and I was told by the Source how small his original cage inside of the darkness is and that the darkness cannot get him out from there again.
  • During the evening the spirits of Denis, my father, Jack and Meat Loaf (!) were transferred to me from the Source and I was told that “you will see how you are everyone” – and the spirit of my mother was also transferred liberating her from the goal of the darkness to kill me!

28th May: FC Barcelona was victorious when “King Messi” played as a MAGICIAN scoring from “out of nothing”

  • Dreaming of the show of the Devil coming to an end, wearing blues shoes – becoming myself, the spiritual world is busy setting up a new organization (?) and money is the source bringing the most suffering to the world.
  • I will NOT start marketing my website when I am done with the Signs IV page, but will wait until the day when I am finished with all of the website, which may be in 2-3 months from now.
  • The Source showed him self even more friendly as the Monk after my decision to wait marketing my website, which will give us additional time to gain more strength in order to carry out our “planned show” for the world in relation to my official reappearance.
  • Today was the day when FC Barcelona was to make RIGHT what was WRONG last year when they were sent out of the Champions League tournament by the Devil negatively destructing their play. In the final today they met the “Red Devils” of Manchester United. Barcelona was “kept alive” because of will power to reach this final, where they played so beautifully as “Angels are singing”, which was “too crazy” to look at symbolising all of the “impossible obstacles” I/we had to overcome for us to survive. Messi played as a MAGICIAN scoring an “impossible” goal from “out of NOTHING” symbolising the origin of life (coming from “out of nothing”) and that it needed a MAGICIAN doing the “impossible” to save the world, which was God working through me. Barcelona did a “technical play of a completely different world” – our new world (!) – where nobody (the darkness) could follow. This team of FC Barcelona is the best football team of history – which is what my “dream team” of “special friends” are too – and Messi was proclaimed as the best football player ever. The “Red Devils” of Manchester United was again taught a “lesson” because they had no control over Messi, who played “divinely”. The “ERA” of Barcelona’s playing “style” can keep on “forever”, which is what our New Universe will do based upon my basic rules for all to do your best. This match was “simply the best” because God was actively playing on the team of Barcelona. The way Messi dribbles is “DEAD” in modern football of today until Messi came that is, which was about our “sentence” of elimination last year, which however could not be carried out because I refused to let it happen. “King Messi” and his brilliant team was victorious receiving the crown and gold at the end 🙂

29th May: The Source placing the Source of everything at the back of my mind for the benefit of the Universe

  • Dreaming of eliminating darkness and more to come, my sister’s husband and his brother used to speak about me behind my back, planning spiritual journeys with my mother’s husband and to visit China together with the Trinity in the presence of Obama to make Chinese leaders LISTEN and UNDERSTAND, my “special friends” will be led out of the darkness, receive their “golden jacket” and “all my loving” when the gold of the Source has opened to me, I will receive a passionate love life in my future “normal life” and the shops to provide “normal life” to the world will open after a new Christmas arriving – even though I still consider Christmas to be on my birthday the 3rd May.
  • At my meditation to the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel I was given the feeling of being “floating darkness”, which is how it is (“was”) to be the Source inside of nothing and I was told that this Source, which is filling “nothing” and containing “every little thing” ever created is now being placed “at the back of your mind” for “your disposal for the benefit of the Universe” and “you are this Source now”.


27th May: I will not relate to the Bible but to the “Sign ‘O’ the Times” included in my scripts as the new Bible

Dreaming that I will not relate to the Bible but to the “Sign ‘O’ the Times” included in my scripts as the new Bible

I had a very poor night with light sleep, many disturbances and my sickness, which I hoped would disappear during the night, but I am still effected by it this morning reducing my physical strength much – also making it impossible to run – but the work has to be done and I am starting to remember more dreams again but still not all of them:

  • I am in a church where the Pastor asks me how I am reacting to a chapter in the bible telling about the selfishness of people, and I tell him that I don’t want to take a position in relation to the Bible. A video of me has been recorded by an older couple, if it is released, people will declare me insane. I sit at a corner in a church close to the exit, a pastor sees me and then I am surprised to see “another part of me” sitting next to me and speaking like me starting to speak about traditional religion, which I deliberately will not do because of my wish to live a “normal life” as I wish everyone to live a “normal live”, and I see the “traditional” me being led away by Central American police.
    • I will not relate to the old Bible because my scripts are the new Bible and it is better to relate to the “Sign ‘O’ the Times” instead of a book, which is out of date. I don’t know what the video is about but the police are an old sign of darkness.
  • I woke up to “Precious little angel” by Ann Lennox – a beautiful song by a beautiful artist.
  • While I was half-sleeping I felt the darkness floating naturally around my body, which now was a much better feeling and I was given a positive vision, which I cannot remember, but this was about fitting the size of the Source bringing “everything” to me inside of the Universe.
  • I was given the lyrics “You will understand what kind of guy I am and then I will win”, which was a small change to the original lyrics from “uptown girl” by Billy Joel, but the message was that this is the understanding of the Source, which will come to me behind this last part of the darkness and yes my Son and (soon) my self (!) – everything of this is true – this is what the Gold will bring you.
  • Fuggi is sleeping in a room at our old row house in Snekkersten; when he wakes up I see a HUGE plastic bag containing thousands of Danish 5 DKK coins and he asks me if these are his and I suggest him to ask my mother, because the coins could also belong to her. It is Friday, I will be going to work before we will party this evening. When I leave I cannot find my fine leather jacket, but somehow I manage to buy a new straight away and I think that it is always nice to have many jackets, and besides the jacket, I bring my bag to the bus, where I also see my old school friend Lone Merete. I am following a man towards “Assensvej” in Helsingør but suddenly he gets away from me and I meet striking guards on Fredericiavej instead and cannot find the party.
    • Snekkersten is the old symbol of darkness, the money will have to be attachment to luxury (?), the man I am following to Helsingør is the Source and if I decide to relax now – to go on “strike” – I will lose him before reaching the party and after “thinking”, this is about the need to finish my Signs IV website on the Jerusalem UFO instead of relaxing today and this weekend – to overcome my sickness and tiredness – and we know, which gives me a few days to do this and to send it to a few chosen ones giving them the task to understand and market me to the world.

I woke up to the BEAUTIFUL song ANNA STESIA by Prince – one of his best and we know from a very big catalogue of beautiful songs – and “of course” the lyrics of the song “Love is God, God is love, Girls and boys love God above”, which is what will come to the world with the “SPRINGTIME JUST AROUND THE CORNER”, which may also include to “liberate my mind” from the Devil destructing me:

And here I found it appropriate to bring the LOVE SYMBOL of Prince, which is the symbol of “Love is God, God is love”, which I wrote about in August 2009 saying that LOVE will replace suffering of the world.

“Love is God, God is love”

The last darkness surrounding the gold core of the Source is as strong that it is able to convince me that we face destruction!

Yesterday evening I felt the gold of the Source for the first time through the darkness, which I was happy to feel, and I was thinking that the true essence of the Source “always” has been kept as a “prisoner” inside of the worst darkness – “nothing” – which was “impossible” to come through, but life itself proved strong enough to fight and overcome this “unstoppable” opponent in order to change the building stones of life itself – and for some time I have been thinking about the symbol that Tobias – my sister’s youngest son and member of the Council too – first wanted to be a police officer and now has passed the test to become a PRISON GUARD (!) – this is how the darkness has been working – and another example is my old colleague Even from Acta, who has recently become an “airport manager” at American Express, which you may also understand the symbolism of?

Yesterday may have been the worst day ever when it comes to TIREDNESS because I was as tired as I cannot remember having been before making it “completely impossible” to stay awake late in the afternoon, but I decided that it would probably generate more energy if I did, so this is what I did – and this darkness surrounding the inner core of the Source is so strong that it has the capacity to make me believe that this is still a game, where the end will be destruction and not the new beginning of the world – and that is even though THE GOLD IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

Elijah confirming that we are still BEST FRIENDS 🙂

Sometimes small messages is all it takes to receive a ”warm and happy heart”, which is what I received yesterday when I received the first sign of life in almost 8 months from Elijah, when he decided to send me this short email – I had told him that a SHORT email would be fine thinking of his situation – and this is to say that Elijah is still my best friend and I am still his best friend, which is how I feel about everyone when focusing on your good sides, which is what I do normally and really to say that despite of all of my writings, the love and affection between people are stronger than negativity and bad feelings and we know which is also what is included as part of the building stones of our New Universe:

THANK YOU SO MUCH ELIJAH FOR SHOWING ME YOUR TRUE FACE OF POSITIVITY ONCE AGAIN – THIS IS THE LIGHT INSIDE OF YOU hoping that you will be released from the darkness of your life as all of my family, friends and people of the world will be together with my self.

GIVE MY ABSOLUTELY BEST TO ALL OF YOUR FAMILY – mother, sisters, brothers etc. – and of course your wife and children :-).

Here is his short email:

Dear Stig,

Thank you for your continued support. You are and still remain my best friend! Im alive and kicking.  It has been a tough journey indeed, but now i join you to finish all that we started.


It has been a LONG month for David, who would like to communicate even better than he is able to do now

Jambo David 🙂 – I had always forgotten this fine expression of yours and just saying that I would like to meet all of you again in person to refresh our friendship, which is really the best way to do it, but until this will happen again WITHOU A DOUBT as I am here told, I am very happy for you to update me on what is happening in your life – which I would be happy for all of you to do maybe 1-2 times a month if this is possible to you also thinking that I have not heard from Meshack and John for quite some time (?) – and I do hope that your foot will get better David, and it goes with cutting nails as with everything else that you have to be FOCUSSED to do your best 🙂 and I agree with you, it has indeed been a LONG month also here, this is the same feeling I have but I am happy that all team members and hopefully also all of your family members are coming through the difficulties (?), which is what lack of money and food/drinks are still giving you because of the carelessness of the rich world in practise only thinking of themselves – which you know will improve with “normal life” and KNOWLEDGE, SMILES and the feeling of “did we really survive all of this darkness ALL of us” coming to everyone – and David, I understand your ambitions to communicate even better than you do, which is exactly the same I feel, but you are still the best communicator of the team – because of the circumstances of the others (?) – and it makes me happy to hearing from you 1-2 times per month at the moment, if this is what you can and then I will look forward to GLORY DAYS coming to all, where we will be able to communicate and be friends at a much higher level – and Bruce you are also invited and maybe you will play this HAPPY song of yours to the world as a symbol of the JOY and HAPPINESS, which will come to everyone?

Take care, my friend and give my best to all of your loved ones – and let us see if Barcelona is able to give the Red Devils the last lesson tomorrow? – I will think of you watching the match in Kenya while I watch it here with the feeling that I would much rather want to be in yours company with happy people surrounding you and we know in a country without poor people going through INHUMAN sufferings and without violence, crime and corruption destroying life quality and life itself, which is what is coming to you too.

Here is his email:

Jambo Stig,

I take this opportunity to pass a line to you. I have been fine in a dusty and rather cold Nairobi. The last ten days have been tough for me since I injured my right toe whilst cutting my nails. I have had to stay indoors part of last week but this week I went out in open shoes.

The month has been long. Team members are okay and I have been able to meet all of them this week.

Kenya is fine. We lost one of our renowned athletes, Wanjiru, a gold mentalist, who jumped from the first floor of his house and died.
On a better note, my family members are okay and I met my two sisters over the weekend here in Nairobi and I was very happy. I was able to share a glass of water with them since I stopped taking tea, soda and many other beverages.

I am sorry for not writing as often as I would want to or responding to your scripts as accordingly as I ought to. I hope that one of these days I will be able to do so.

I look forward to the Champions finals over the weekend. I hope the best team shall win.

I wish you a good evening.

Thank you,

An intestine bacteria giving hundreds of people bloody diarrhoea symbolising the threat of my old nightmare

Hundreds of people in North Germany have been infected by a e-coli bacteria, which is said to come from Spanish cucumbers giving people bloody diarrhoea – also killing people as a symbol of the darkness I am going through right now, which would kill me if I did not decide to go through it without being killed – and people from Denmark staying in North Germany have been infected too – and when I spoke to my mother this morning on the phone, she told me that she has “stomach problems” too, which you know is a physical symbol of my “old nightmare”, which I am told is the only other way as an alternative to open up the entrance to the gold to me but my dear Source and ladies and gentlemen, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS THREAT – and to bring even more suffering to my mother, which WAS a threat on her life – and if I should not be able to finalise my work doing my best, I would ask you to find OTHER options instead but you know I do believe that I should also be able to finish the Jerusalem UFO site, but it is truly not nice to come back to a work, which I was hoping to finish several weeks ago where I still have many notes and potentially much work to do and we know I have today and the weekend to do it and IF I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH WHAT I HAVE DONE, I WILL NOT MARKET IT YET (!) and this is how it still is here.

And I am just thinking that GERMANY IS CALLING (!) and we know, this outbreak of the darkness was in Germany – spreading to Denmark – and behind the darkness is Gold and let us see what you have prepared for all of us as our future “home” and when Germany in practise will call upon us :-).

Continuing my work on the Jerusalem UFO and the Source opening the door to the very small room of his cage

Today I worked from 09.30 to 17.15 (and 1-2 hours later) on the script and afterwards to start the finish of my Signs IV page about the Jerusalem UFO, which was almost impossible to get started on because it was almost impossible to focus because of my sickness exactly removing my ability to concentrate and I had 55 pages of notes and it required my best work to do and as usual the most difficult was really to get started, where I received MUCH darkness including SEVERE threats with my “alternative” standing provokingly to my right ready to take over if I should lose it, which really was difficult for the first 15-30 minutes and hereafter it was “no problem” really because the job had to be done.

I did much work and additions to the page today, but it will not be finished on Monday or Tuesday I believe, I better be safe and say that it will take longer time and because this is development work where I don’t know the exact content, it may take one-two weeks to do and I will update you later.

During the work I was shown the door to a very small cage of a tiger, which was opened – the Source – and I was told that “you will be surprised of how small this place is; it is only maintained because of my own faith, the darkness cannot figure out how I have entered and it cannot get me out again”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After speaking to Jane the other day, I noticed today that the Commune opened the front page of my website, but Jane – if this was you – you did not “bother” to look at my scripts to discover what I have written about you and Falck (?) and do you seriously believe that my website has anything to say about my working capacity (?) and just wondering I am.
  • After finishing the work of today, I received 1-2 hours with the darkness being over my limit, which is unbearable to go through, when I am constantly “losing it”, but somehow I managed to go through it again without “losing it” so it looks like someone is watching over me (!) – and in the evening I had the same feeling as I have had MOST DAYS WITHOUT WRITING IT, which is that just being is unbearable and I cannot explain it other than the pressure and “other things” floating in the air influencing me, because this is how the feeling is.
  • During the evening I was filled with energy by the spirits of Denis, my father, Jack and Meat Loaf and I was shown and felt how they were transferred to me from the Source and I was told that “you will see how you are everyone”.
  • I was told that if I did not continue working – and suffering – we would have started the stories of the bomb of Nixon and the destruction of the Universe again with the same purpose, to make you feel bad, which is what it is about to get energy out of you – this is the “old” last step up the stairs.
  • I felt the spirit of my mother who told me that her most important goal – because of the immense power of the darkness – was to kill me, which I was told at the same time as I felt the darkness of the Source entering me, which was really about liberating the spirit of my mother when transferring her to my new home.


28th May: FC Barcelona was victorious when “King Messi” played as a MAGICIAN scoring from “out of nothing”

Dreaming of the show of the Devil coming to an end

I had a somewhat better sleep and my sickness – influenza – is somewhat better too (it was the last piece of darkness entering me, which gave me and the Universe this sickness), the script is only short today and we know giving time to continue the work on the Signs IV page – and here are the few dreams I could remember:

  • A show and dance on the street has come to an end, Forstædernes Bank says goodbye and shakes its employees and Janne L. in the hands. Television shows a documentary of Svend Auken – the late chairman of the Danish Social Democratic Party – first when he lost the contested chairman election in 1992 and that he was supposed to die in 1995.
    • This will have to be the show and dance of the Devil coming to an end – WHICH I DO LOOK FORWARD TO YOU KNOW – which Forstædernes Bank is an old example of from 2009, when they denied me to be a customer of the bank when returning from Kenya, and I wonder if Svend Auken was a “special friend” of mine, who died before I implemented the rule that I and my “special friends” are to be protected the best and we know Stig he first died in 2009 – many years after the strike of the Devil in 1992, which was meant to kill him a few years later, so he was made of something special.
  • I saw myself wearing blue shoes, which is a symbol about me and coming all the way home – becoming my new self.
  • I am one out of five managers of a company, two of us are holding employment meetings with many candidates, I ask the others which salary they would like to give and a man says that he would like to give 30 percent more than what I expect – also more than I earn myself making me feel envious and treated unjustly – because of a special tax incentive, and we have to have double meetings with candidates for some reason, which gives us MUCH work to do. I arrive with my bicycle for one of the meetings, I am two minutes late, my lady colleague has already started the meeting with one of the candidates, she invites me in, and we ask him if he earns 700,000 DKK per year, which he does not, only DKK 300,000 but somehow he still receives a payment of 43,000 DKK per month.
    • This is probably a double meaning too of the spiritual world being busy with much work setting up a new organization (?) and in physical life of today where everything goes up in money costing very much time and gives much frustration for people all over the world, which is both a waste of time and the source bringing the most suffering of all to people.

I will not market my website until I am done with it making the the Source showing him self even more friendly as the Monk

I decided to work from 08.55 to 16.10 today and was happy with the progress of my Signs IV page. During the day I decided that I will NOT start marketing my website when I am done with the Signs IV page, but will wait until the day when I am finished with all of the website and really thinking that when people will start opening and understanding my Signs IV page, I should really have done all updates and not least summaries of all pages helping people to understand these the best way possible too, which therefore will mean that I will give the world maybe 2-3 months extra before I will start my marketing and this is of course only approximately because I have no idea how the Commune may decide to EXPLOIT me and the number of work hours required but my estimate is that we talk about “several hundreds of hours” and so it is my friends – and I send my apologies to my “website-friend” in Leeds, whom I told in April that I would be finished in May and we know, this decision should have been easy for me to take a long time ago but I was “tempted” to market my Signs IV page ASAP as long as it was in “fresh memory” of people, but let us say that there is probably a chance that people will still remember this UFO and the impact of it when they will know later in 2011 or maybe even in 2012.

During the whole day I was effected by my sickness, which was not the difficult part – it only took away energy – because the difficult part was as usual the negative voice, which I again had to fight hundreds of times and for 1-2 hours after completing work, it was IMPOSSIBLE to come through again at the absolutely highest level and my dear friends it is still the most uncomfortable feeling imaginable, when I am kept on the edge having to fight with what feels as my life – today trying to give me fear of killing me very directly when I receive physical feelings of embolus in my right leg etc. and visions of Danish “cinnamon bars” etc., which is the most delicious cake from the baker, trying to lure me into my old nightmare – and I have decided that I will not be tempted even once to relax mentally and to accept the temptations of the negative voice thinking that the Source – or the Universe – will save me and also that I don’t want to test this, which I do believe is there, and because this is the RIGHT decision and that’s why really – and in between all of this WORK to convert darkness, I was given a few encouraging comments too for example through the commentator at TV3+ when warming up for the final in Champions League named Ryan Giggs “gode gamle Giggs” (“good old Giggs”) and we know using my old nickname of God as “gode gamle Gud” and by now I was giving the feeling of being Orange inside of me with a thin dark crust around the Orange colour and later the colour yellow – which is the Universe mixed with the colour Orange of the Source in my right arm (!), which is how it works here.

After taking this decision and while I was working, I was shown the Monk behind me becoming more and more friendly showing him self with an Orange colour, which is to say that we are still converting darkness to light and also as he tells me “not least because of my decision to finish my work before marketing it”, which will give us additional time to gain more strength in order to carry out our “planned show” for the world in relation to my official reappearance.

FC Barcelona was victorious when “King Messi” played as a MAGICIAN scoring a goal from “out of nothing”

Today was the long waited day when FC Barcelona would try to make right the WRONG act last year when they were kicked out of the Champions League tournament by Internazionale of Italy in the Semifinals, when Internazionale deliberately “destructed” the play of Barcelona (!) and today at the final of the tournament this year, Barcelona met Manchester United as they also did two years ago, when I watched them give the “Red Devils” a lesson shortly after I was brutally attacked and robbed on the streets of Nairobi, which could have cost me my life – all of us really – but I stood up deciding to “never give up”, which gave the strength to Barcelona through the Source to win this evening (!) – and today I decided during the long but VERY GOOD warm-up to the match on Danish Tv3+ – I ALWAYS LIKE YOU TO DO YOUR BEST GOING INTO DETAILS, which is fantastic when you are passionate, and I might ask you “are you passionate” (?) also thinking of Neil the Young here, the beautiful music and also the RED ROSE on this album cover symbolising LOVE AND WARM FEELINGS – that this match was not without meaning to me because I wanted this match to be the final symbol of our VICTORY, which was how it became as you can read from this chapter, which you of course can use FREELY because I have attached no restrictions or “copyrights” to it, which is only an (old) game of the darkness you know.

”King Messi ensures Barcelona the crown of Europe” was the INSPIRED headline
of HUNDREDS of newspapers/websites of Germany after the VICTORY
of FC Barcelona led by Messi as the symbol of me ensuring our SURVIVAL

In the beginning of the match I was given the word “MAGICIAN“, which I did not understand by the time and I was surprised when I during most of the first half did not receive any inspired speech at all (!) not even when Barcelona scored to 1-0 – I thought about you here, David (!) – and when Manchester United equalised to 1-1 and it was first late in the half when Pedro from FC Barcelona caught a ball that the inspired speech began when the Danish commentator said “he keeps it alive”, which was really to say that because I decided not to give up, I managed to keep all of us alive.

And from here the inspired speech continued the rest of the match, afterwards in the Danish studio and also in newspaper articles, which I give you these examples of:

In the 41st minute, Messi did “magic” when he was close to score, which made the Danish commentators – the good old Carsten & Per – say “this is so beautiful an attempt that the angels are singing over Wembley”, which is really what the angels are and not only over Wembley (!) and later “this is too CRAZY”, which you know is what I really am (!) and not because I am crazy – as some of you out there still believes – but because this will become the reaction of the world when it will understand what I/we went through to overcome all “impossible obstacles” in order to survive.

Bild Zeitung: “Barca, you are CRAZY!” – about how “beautiful”
and “impossible” our survival was. Germany: We are coming!

In the 53rd minute, Carsten was speaking about “written himself into the history books” and when speaking and to his big surprise, Messi did more magic scoring to 2-1, where he was not supposed to score (!) which made Carsten continue saying “the goal comes out of NOTHING” (!) – and what this truly was about was of course that life has come out of “nothing” – as you will know by now (?) – and that it was impossible for me to score in order for all of us to survive , and he continued being INSPIRED when he said “this is like catching a fish with your bare hands, which is almost impossible” and we know the fish is my symbol so he was really saying what he saw, which was that it was impossible for Messi to score this goal as it was for me to overcome the darkness to save the world and later I believe it was Per who said that Messi is “a wizard and MAGICIAN; you expect this from this man and he also delivers. This is CRAZY” (!) – and this is where the prediction I was given without knowing what it was about at the beginning of the match came through. Messi scored the goal to win this match as a symbol of what I did in order for God being able through me to produce the MAGIC of saving the world.

Messi “the MAGICIAN” scoring an “impossible” goal, which “is
CRAZY” (!) symbolising what was required to save the Universe

They also spoke about a “plan A and B”, which I have now heard about the last couple of days from several “live commentators” on TV/radio and here it is about the plan A I am going through taking on suffering myself in order to open up to the gold inside of the Source and if I was not strong enough doing this going through some of the worst darkness ever – if the darkness would convince me to refuse welcoming the elephant so to say and not give the Source FULL FREEDOM – it would be impossible to carry out plan A, which could create a new plan made “inside of the Devil”, who would try to control me making me decide on who and what to destruct of the Universe also including the carry through of my old nightmare and I say again IF POSSIBLE – which we are not sure that it would be (!) – and this would then be the energy required to open up the door and I also felt a previous version of myself inside of me and I was shown the skin of “myself” burning up only leaving the skull, which was our destiny in a previous Universe, and I was told that without “us” and our energy, this road to the gold would be impossible to carry out.

The commentators continued being inspired when they spoke about “technical play of a completely different world” – our new world you know! – and “nobody can follow when they have first started”, which was about my opponent of the darkness made up by the darkness inside of my family, friends, ex-colleagues and “the system” representing the world, who could not stop me with several “giving up on me” when they could not follow.

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet ALSO received INSPIRATION when
they wrote of the (crazy) MAGIC of our VICTORY

They said that this was Messi’s first goal scored in England and something about “an evening where quite a lot is struck” and when I heard this, I was given the smell of sulphur as when a match is struck, which was to say that much darkness was “struck” or converted into light this evening too.

In the 61st minute, Michael Carrick from Manchester United was far too fierce when he cut down an elegantly playing Iniesta from this Barcelona team FULL OF THE MOST FANTASTIC PLAYERS ON EVERY SINGLE POSITION – not only Messi my friends but all of you also to say that I could not have won alone 🙂 – and it was really a symbol showing you how fierce the “Red Devil” has been trying to kill me and all of us. Michael, what you did was unacceptable and you could easily have avoided it if only you decided to spare Iniesta the same way as all of my family etc. could have saved me from suffering, but on the other hand, this was required to bring energy to save us all!

In the 64th minute Carsten said that “Messi has taken the whole field making it his own”, which was telling you that I have taken all of “nothing” to make it “everything” of our New Universe.

Watch the highlights of the match here:

In the 69th minute he said that “this is a unique display; what Messi did was completely genius”, and before this they had spoken about this match maybe being the best Champions League match ever – and certainly the best final – and they spoke several times of this team of Barcelona being the best football team in history and Messi the best player of all times – as they also did in the studio afterwards – and I was told that the true players on my “dream team” were the same family etc. who played against me as the “Red Devils” – for example the spirit of my father, who told me this.

They also gave references to “partying”, which I did not take a note of, but I do believe they were inspired to say “what a party” (?) and I did not think I would bring this, which I however have decided to do anyway because I received the feeling of the King of “Danish top” music, Johnny Reimar, when I heard the comment and later I saw Reimar playing “sikke’n fest” (“what a party”) at another channel at the national stadium of Copenhagen with thousands of HAPPY spectators dancing, singing and smiling in front of him – making him smile much too – and I thought that this song represents JOY to me as almost no other song does – it makes me smile and get me into a GOOD MOOD – and we know this is why Reimar is the “party king” as he is called here and you may understand why (?), which of course is to celebrate our victory :-).

Barcelona scored another brilliant goal by Villa and won by 3 to 1, where I did not receive any inspired speech. They had come back from the defeat to the Devil last year once again teaching the “Red Devils” a lesson (!) as they also did two years ago, which therefore appropriately what was the author of the TOP story on the website of FC Barcelona decided to write this evening – and David and of course also you Elijah, this is to you in remembrance of your company two years ago at the “African Bar” in Nairobi when we watched the previous match of these two teams together:

TO DAVID: FC Barcelona’s website today saying that “Barca gave a
footballing lesson” (!) to the “Red Devils” “at the HOME of football”
– supported by God from the HOME of creation 🙂

After the match, the players of Barcelona walked up the traditional steps to the presentation of the TROPHY and the GOLD MEDALS and when the first player received the trophy, the commentator said something like this: “It is a MIRACLE of dimensions that he is able to lift the trophy because of the sufferings he has gone through” continued by “glitter paper from the sky of our Lord” and he and Per smiled when they spoke something about “working too hard”, which I did not write down a note of but it was another reference to me, and they ended by saying “TIKI-TAKA” as they had also said during the match as their humorous way of saying THANK YOU (which is “tak” in Danish coming close to “taka”) – here with the feeling of the Council – using the same word, which describes the style of football Barcelona is playing, and I am wondering, Carsten, if it is normal for you to include “angels” and “our Lord” in your everyday speaking or do you believe me when I tell you that you were ALSO inspired when commenting this match?

HAPPY players from the best football team ever led by Messi celebrating
VICTORY symbolising the team of God led by me 🙂

And the inspired speech continued afterwards in the studio with my favourite three – here meaning Peter, Preben and Brian (!) – speaking for example when Preben said about Messi that “they had no control of him at all” and that “he played divinely” and this is exactly what Messi – and also I – did and we know actively helped by the grand old man inside of the Source together with all of my “special friends” of the Council and all of my friends of other civilisations, whom I by the way still miss because it is NOT much that I see or hear from you at the moment other than some UFO’s from time to time, which I have not written about for some “time” my friends, which a dark spirit here tells me and we know I am sad to hear if you are all covered by darkness but on the other hand I would know because this would also mean that I would feel darkness all over my body, which I do not, so I do hope you are alright and able to make it through too and looking forward to the day when you are “allowed” (?) to communicate more clearly.

During the match, Carsten and Per spoke about how easy the play style of Barcelona looks like – where it is “impossible” for the opponent to get the ball when they in vain run in the triangles of Barcelona – but that it is not, and if it was easy, all teams would probably play at the same level and Preben continued in the studio speaking about this also saying that “it looks easy, but it is not because it requires an enormous amount of running” and this is both about Barcelona and my work, which looks easy to do – my scripts, work for Falck, the Park etc. – but I tell you that it is not, it is and was the most difficult of all work to do in the world.

Also during the match and in the studio afterwards, they spoke about Johan Cruyff – my old favourite player, who is still among the top players on my list – starting the “movement” for Barcelona when playing for the club in the 1970’s and being a manager in the 1980’s and 1990’s and in the studio they spoke about this movement – or play style – and whether or not this “ERA” as they called it could continue “forever“ and they concluded that this is part of the club and will continue no matter who will manage the team and this was of course a symbol of the new Era, which we are all entering, which will last for an eternity based upon the “style” of “doing your absolutely best” – as FC Barcelona does – and we know which you will do when you KEEP MY BASIC RULES and ALWAYS DEVELOP and then it does not matter who will be the “manager” and so it is my friends :-).

The Sun: This match was simply “the best” ever because God was playing actively on the “dream team” of Barcelona:
“Bar” has been my old symbol of the home of God for years!

The headline of the Sun leads to this AMAZING song (simply) “the best” by Tina Turner, which I dedicated to God in the beginning of 2006 with a BIG smile because this is what I thought he was now realising that he was and is working from inside of me :-):

Peter Schmeichel interviewed another of the old Danish ”star players” Jan Mølby at Wembley – amazing what this TV channel does bringing THE BEST to people when we speak about football at the highest level 🙂 – and I really like Jan much and he said about Messi that “they know what he will do, but still they cannot stop him” and at the studio Preben spoke about a Manchester United player arguing with the manager and that “it hurts when they cannot perform” and this was about the darkness inside of my family etc., who knew about me and what I would do from my scripts – where I did not know what they would do – and still they could not stop me, but argued and were hurt because of me and I am sad of this as mentioned before but you know, it was based on your misunderstandings because you did not have the “capacity” to understand nor to stop me.

Preben continued being inspired when he spoke of Messi dribbling and he said something like this: “You simply don’t see this in modern football of today – as Pele, Maradona and Cruyff – it is DEAD, or at least we thought it was until Messi came” and Brian was also inspired when he said “we should be happy to see a player like him in our lifetime”, which was about our situation last year, where we were sentenced to elimination when our foundation to create a New Universe was not strong enough and when we survived because I continued playing my best symbolised by “King Messi” you know.

After the VICTORY, “King Messi” was inspired to wear the trophy on his head
as the crown of God I am wearing on my head

And my old class friend, Lene, was inspired too when watching the match because she likes Messi so much that she decided to share her warm emotions of him on Facebook saying that “MESSI is god”, which also may be your feelings about me, Lene (?), when you will discover who I am – herewith sharing the warm feelings I have about you too – and as her friend Lars says “almost”, because I do not feel as God yet when he has not opened the door to the gold, but “almost” God, you see ….?


29th May: The Source placing the Source of everything at the back of my mind for the benefit of the Universe

Dreaming of my “special friends” leaving the darkness when the gold of the Source will be opened to me

I had a somewhat better night again, still not normal but also not making me so tired that I am “destroyed” today, but my “sickness” still carries on taking away energy and these are notes from dreams with some of them “difficult” to remember:

  • Something about “there is very quiet” and “TV hosts are queuing to kill me”, a rebellion at sea is challenging me, which I eliminate and now I am waiting on the next rebellion to come.
    • This will have to be about the CRAZY darkness surrounding the inner core of the Source (!) these days trying to “kill me”, where I eliminate it or should we say convert it to darkness and will there be a new rebellion before Tuesday next week (?) and we will see.
  • A German shepherd dog jumps high; it is crazy about open sandwiches. My sister’s husband’s brother removes old equipment from his computer, which makes it impossible for my sister’s husband to continue using it for a specific purpose but when they speak of buying new and larger televisions, both are eager to buy.
    • The dog is the darkness “loving” food and we know cannot get enough of it even though it may surpass “normal life” and despite of the suffering of millions of people of the world. Is this dream to say that when my sister’s husband and his brother has been speaking, I have been on the agenda (?) and what does ignorant people often do when they don’t know and we know conclude on what is WRONG to conclude and is this to say that something has happened to Lars so he does not longer speak about me to his brother (?) – and still both of them like television much as another symbol of the darkness.
  • I am planning spiritual journeys with one being together with my mother’s husband John, where we together with his spiritual adviser Pia Althea, after Christmas, will visit a Greek, whom John knows, and I will go on travels abroad together with the Trinity to Beijing – to have the best duck, which is – and also two other exciting travel destinations.
    • This looks like a spiritual development of John and I wonder if he was a famous Greek in his previous life (?) and what the connection to Pia Althea may be (?) – and I will travel myself – and just maybe this will be what our SPIRITUAL SELVES will do – when I will visit China and two other places helping them to see things as they are and to make the right decisions and to the leaders over there I can only encourage you to do the same as your badminton and table tennis players do as examples , whom I admire much, and that is TO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and really to follow the advice ALWAYS TO DO YOUR BEST TO UNDERSTAND BEFORE MAKING YOURSELF UNDERSTOOD, which includes is TO OPEN UP YOUR EARS AND MINDS my gentlemen 🙂 – and when writing this, I am feeling Obama, so maybe this journey will be my inner self accompanying Obama on these travels bringing my “favourite food” as the duck is to the world.
  • At the centre of Copenhagen my old class friends Allan, Henrik, Kim and Stone go for a walk towards the pedestrian street of Strøget to get a drink before I am ready to leave but we decide to keep contact, which I do through telephone calls to Allan and Henrik – and I don’t even have money to buy a drink for. My old friend Karin from the Netherlands is on Strøget to get a drink too, which she gets together with a golden jacket of mine and a mixture of different genres of beautiful music including Jazz and other genres.
    • Strøget is the symbolic place of where “normal life” will be distributed to the world and as I understand the symbols, a drink is connected to the darkness – which is what Whisky as an example always has stood for – and when I think of it, the old symbol of the Source being a bartender will have to mean that his home at the bar is surrounded by drinks – or “darkness”, which is what I have learned it is – so maybe you would like to continue your work as a wine cellarman through me, my grand old man (?) and just thinking I am of course and one day these “special friends” of mine, which have now been placed at the right location, will stop drinking as the symbol and put on their golden jacket instead, which I am sure you will get when the gold of the Source has been opened to me also bringing you “all my loving”.
  • Half asleep I was told that “the Italian union and the rest of the European Union will receive new spiritual opportunities already this year”.
  • I am walking on the pedestrian street of Strøget in Copenhagen, half of my old class from Espergærde are on their way to get a beer, which I cannot afford, I have brought a couple of red trousers, which I will change into, it is Friday after 17.00 and I am surprised to see that all shops are closed between 17.00 and 19.00 at this time up to Christmas. I find an empty and nice looking arcade to change trousers, I am a little afraid of meeting “dangerous” people inside and I am surprised to see Annisette from the Savage Rose standing in the window of another empty store inside the arcade on the other side of me looking at me while I change.
    • Continuing the symbol from the previous dream of “special friends” belonging to the darkness when “drinking” but all of them are located at the right location. The trousers still symbolise my “love life” and in this respect the red colour does not symbolise darkness to me but “passion”, which is what will come to me in my future “normal life”, and in this sense the same colour can have different meanings depending on the situation – and Annisette is truly a remarkable and wonderful singer here symbolising my mother and showing the warm feelings between her and me and here also to say that the “old nightmare” is coming to an end – this time or forever (?) – and really because she is not disguised as a young beautiful lady in this dream.
    • It seems as if Christmas is coming yet again and we know even though there should be no game or “play” anymore –remember Michael Jackson as the director ending the “play” some weeks ago (?) – there IS still a “play” and it includes whether or not I have been born as the new King and my dear friends as I understand it, I have had the Source of God inside of me always, I am just coming closer and closer to it removing darkness of the Universe and after this “new” Christmas – I do consider my birthday to be Christmas you know – the shops will open to start spreading “normal life” to the world.

The Source placing the Source of everything at the back of my mind for the benefit of the Universe

I started working at 09.30 today and even though I had much to write – with the chapter of the football match yesterday filling the most – I decided to take a “break” at 12.00 to listen and meditate to the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web-radio of and I thought that it could be a good idea to get in contact with all spirits of people attending – and it was really not easy to start meditating when I was only able to breath through my nose – because of the sickness – and also when I started received some coughing, which was really to say that this was included as one source of suffering yesterday evening when I could not stop coughing for a while with the same annoying feeling returning to me all of the time – this is how the spiritual world sadly also is forced to work today because of darkness.

Eventually I came somewhat deeper in the meditation and I was shown the traditional Danish “pancake balls” as you receive up to Christmas and told that the darkness I am removing is the corn seed for a whole new world and once again, which I am not sure I have written about before, I received a very strong desire of being “only God and me” for example with the words “I love only ONE God” and “God is only ONE” – meaning without all living souls of the world (!) – which I had to meet by continuing to say that “I love all” and “all are welcome”.

I received a very strong a NEW feeling all over my body being plasma of darkness or “floating darkness”, which is an expression covering the feeling too, and it was very LIVELY and really to give me the feeling of how it is to be the Source trapped inside of the darkness and I was told that “there is a light source, which fills nothing and is strong enough to create and light up a whole Universe, what can be the secret behind” (?) and I was thinking that I have already given the answer to this in my scripts and that is that an abnormality inside of “nothing” created the Source – today I am just not sure if this abnormality was created from “truly nothing” or placed inside the living thing of “nothing” by a “completely different force of a creator from another Universe” – and I was told that “when you are only light and cannot be killed, you are the possessor of an eternal source, which is what I am placing at the back of your mind, Stig”, and it continued when I was told that “the process, which started with darkness being converted to light, has kept “every little thing” inside of here, which I place at your disposal for the benefit of the Universe. You are “nothing” and “everything”, you are this Source now”.

Later I received a very strong feeling of wanting to contract myself into “nothing” or a “tiny space of immense energy inside of nothing”, which was the feeling and to this I had to repeat myself saying that “we will be one large Universe with light for everyone”.

At the end of the meditation when I continued saying “everything will become light and good”, I was shown myself walking and running in corridors and I was given an old and very memorable déjà vue, which really FRIGTENED me much, which was that I was desperately seeking the centre of the Source without being able to find it and it gave me a TRUE feeling of being scared again with the question “have we really been saved after all” (?) and “do I need to start meditating much again” and after a few minutes feeling this fear again, I told myself that it is exactly overcoming my worst fear, which removes the most darkness and that I do believe in all I have gone through because I have done my best, we are still living with a short time only to 2012 (!), the Jerusalem UFO event, my fight against extreme desperation given to me from the darkness after the Easter reaching my Safe Haven the 7th May and the creation of the foundation of our new perfect Universe thereafter etc. and from here I ended the meditation without suffering but with the feeling of light surrounding me making me shiver and I was thinking “am I now the Source” (?) and I told myself “yes, I am the Source, this is the best answer I have”.

To the Source with my favourite man here playing one of my all time favourites: “Tell me every little thing that makes you happy, Oh oh oh Every little thing that makes you glad, All of the secrets that you hide I got to know”.

After this meditation I received less suffering the rest of the day now below my pain limit (!) and I continued working on my script of yesterday – it took some time to find what I wanted to find on the Internet – and today before I after also having had dinner finally was able to publish the last three days of scripts at 20.00, which was really not what I was planning to do today but decided to do because “I might as well do it while I am at it” and so it is.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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