June 1, 2011: The Source showed me his world as a big and bright diamond and he said “this is a brand new start”


Summary of the script today

30th May: The Source showed me his world as an incredible big and bright diamond and he said “this is a brand new start”

  • Yesterday evening I was told that “we have now gradually started turning everything around and the implementation of the new era without time”
  • I was led inside of the Source and showed the GIANT hall of the potential darkness of the world, which easily could have destructed us if the world had made a laughing fool out of me. I was shown an incredible big and bright diamond, which is the world of the Source containing “everything”, which is “hidden” from the world and I was told that to the Source “this is a brand new start and new feeling” and also that “tremendous grateful, we are”.
  • Dreaming of receiving admission to the Source through faith of a few people in me and a lot of personal WILL POWER.
  • I did an update to my Jesus in 1998 page including photos of me for visitors to START comparing these with the photos of Jesus in 1988 and notice the “striking resemblance” of “us” – and I do believe it should not be that difficult for you to see that we look alike?

31st May: The world under the leadership of Obama is preparing the implementation of the New World Order

  • Dreaming of the world under the leadership of Obama preparing the implementation of the New World Order and Lars D.C. and Kim S. leaving me because they have decided not to believe in me.
  • I was told “let the party begin”, which REALLY means to implement our new world and my scripts including “normal life” and the New World Order.
  • At Falck a new technical IT-cabinet was installed in the basement to symbolise the beginning of our new Era with “normal life” and the New World Order coming, I removed the furniture and OLD carpet tiles of the small room, which today will be replaced by the new BLUE carpet symbolising my arrival to the world. I am happy with Christoffer being NICE and HELPFUL, which I encourage everyone to be always, I did the final counting of cash and the cash balance sheet and I received the feeling of a SMILING OBAMA telling me through the Source that “we are about to be in control of the cash balance of the world”, which is about the official world accepting the New World Order and “normal life” of my scripts and me really :-). Falck was called out to a lorry, which only made it under a viaduct with difficulties when it collided with a part of the ceiling, which fell down and as a “wonder”, no people got hurt, which was a symbol about the difficulties of implementing the Universe inside of the Source, which is what we have done the last couple of weeks and are now finalising.
  • At my meeting with Jane from the Jobcentre, she told me that Tine’s manager after our meeting in December did not accept my placement in match group 1 (“normal working capacity”) when receiving help from employees of match group 2 (“not ready for work”!) – I therefore remained in group 2, which they “forgot” to tell me the same way as the Devil “forgot” to tell me of the sentence last year for the Universe to be destructed (!), which I however did not accept in practise when I decided to continue fighting for our survival. Jane decided today that she does believe that I work hard/good and have good relations with people and she will on my request ask Tine (!) to move me to match group 1 and to inform me of the outcome not later than in the beginning of next week. She was also INSPIRED to think about getting me to work for BRF Kredit with NORMAL salary in their credit department (hence the dream of the night!) symbolising the survival of the homes of all people of the Universe and I ended the meeting with thinking that I was ONLY placed at Falck by mistake as a symbol of my fight of survival of the Universe and that after our survival and creation of a new world, I will start to get a “normal life” with “normal income” too and we know that is if I will get this “temporary” job after the expiry of my work at Falck the 16th June.
  • Meshack is “facing one of the greatest challenge due to economic constraiins because food in our markets has become too expensive for the common man like me” and therefore his thoughts for months have been “on how to survive” and all I could tell is that life WILL improve also for him and his family hopefully already in 2011 – and still the rich world continues living a “carefree life”!

1st June 2011: My old self created the New Universe and I am now “the last man standing” of the Old Universe

  • Dreaming of two “poor” actors apparently shooting at each other – am I coming to the TRUE end of the play now (?) – people will start to understand the lies, which have been spread about me, people of the Universe reaching Safe Haven, a better life is coming while I still will go through some suffering and Obama and I will meet AGAIN!
  • My new inner self was approaching me yesterday evening and I was given the understanding that my old self created the New Universe and I am now “the last man standing” fighting the last piece of darkness where everyone else has been transferred to the New Universe.
  • My new self is inside of my old self STRONGER than ever before as the New Universe has been created inside the old Universe TOGETHER WITH THE SOURCE NOW PART OF THE UNIVERSE without anyone really noticing (!)
  • David was very nice again thanking for the money I forwarded yesterday and also that “immense increases in the prices of oil, food prices” makes people ”afford less and less”, which makes people ”protesting against it” and in my reply I tell David that this is due to SPECULATORS of the world making exorbitant profits when trading the same food etc. over again without adding any value at all to the products but making millions of new people suffer and struggle to survive because of the higher international food and energy prices and so far the world has done NOTHING about it – but with Obama in the lead of the new world, Governments have decided to bring normal life and a New World Order to the world :-).
  • At Falck, the new BLUE carpet has now been mounted, I moved the furniture back to the room, which now looks as a very nice office, which I would like to use if I was to work here – it symbolises my new office from where my new self will use the new command central of the New Universe – which my laptop also does, when it as the last one was connected to the new network today as a symbol of myself as the last man of the old Universe now being connected to the New Universe too. I had expected to work on the internal keys today, but Lars arrived asking Christoffer and I to help him find a cash difference – symbolising the new Trinity here working together for the first time – which we eventually did find most of, but Lars had to book the remaining difference of DKK 134, which was to say that the old world is “out of balance” before I as the last one will be transferred to the new Universe too.
  • The smear campaign against the Swedish King these days – which the press would not do to thousands/millions of people doing the same as what the King is accused of – may CUT him down as King and it symbolises the sentence of destruction, which was given to the Universe because of the WRONG behaviour of people towards me. The beast inside of people was the hunter and the King the hunted, which is still what it took for us to reach our “new gold dream” :-).


30th May: The Source showed me his world as a big and bright diamond and he said “this is a brand new start”

“We have now gradually started turning everything around and the implementation of the new era without time”

Yesterday evening before going to bed I decided to write down a note of what I have experienced for days, which is that the spirits of the spiritual world stand much clearer in the physical room than I have seen before and the way I am shown them at the moment is not directly visible with my eye but an equally as clear feeling given to me of where they are, which is what has STRENGTHENED much and the outline of them and I was shown a knight with a sword coming to me from the hall – my self you know – and this would not happen if I was not at the centre of the Source.

I was also shown that “objects” and people to the right and left of me were turned around and especially that the Source is now inside of my head and the darkness in the hall and I was told that “we have now gradually started turning everything around and the implementation of the new era without time”.

After this I was thinking that I went right through the worst darkness of all to come to the (new?) centre of the Source but I was disappointed to learn that the darkness I went through is still there, which you know could have brought me down mentally – I was given diarrhoea straight away because of my “brief disappointment” because the way to handle darkness is to be STRONG you know which is then what I decided to remain – and I was given the test question if everybody are still welcome where I first was thinking that now I am in the small room of the Source where the darkness cannot harm me, so the temptation was to say no, but again I could do no other than to decide on what I thought was right to do, which was to say that it is an irreversible principle that everyone is always welcome, the Source is for everyone and the light of the Source is to be distributed to the entire Universe – and later one of my previous selves came to me reminding me that the light is to be shared with all old Universes, which have been resurrected and also are in the process of reuniting with all of us to in this Universe to become ONE.

The Source showed me his world as an incredible big and bright diamond and he said “this is a brand new start”

Yesterday was a TOUGH day and when I went to bed I was TIRED but it was one of those days where my patience again was drawn to the extreme because I could not find any rest with my heart made to beat loud and I started receiving visions and messages, which I knew that the right thing would be to write them down and here is what came to me:

First I was shown a GIANT hall incredibly real – much clearer than normal spiritual visions and almost as in reality – and inside of this hall was modern fighter planes and large empty tribunes for spectators and I was shown a dark scarf being led over the planes and told that “these are the planes, I never got use for”, which was the potential darkness of the world, which never discovered me and therefore was not activated or in other words, these were the weapons, which easily could have destructed the world, if the world had started making a laughing fool out of me. I was also shown a garage with pick-ups carrying icehockey sticks and table tennis bats, which are symbols of other weapons of the Devil.

I was show and told at the same time that “you have gone through an atomic bomb to come to a giant diamond; to a world of incredible complexity” and I was shown myself coming through the atomic bomb – this was “the bomb of Nixon” or “button of the judgment day” – and I was shown an incredible big and bright diamond, which is another world “hidden” from all of us and also told “we are the small diamond, which now has grown to GIANT size because it is inside of your consciousness” and also that “billions of lives have not been born yet”.

The Source continued telling me that “you are made of the onion of the Universe”, “without knowing it, you have fought a fight, which no one knew if you could win”, “this is a completely new studio and the London studio is new” (which is about this channel of spiritual communication and I really thought that this studio was the London studio – one and not two studios – symbolising the home of God, but we will see you know), “this is a brand new start and new feeling” (to the Source) and “tremendous grateful, we are” (still speaking like Yoda from the movie Starwars, he is :-)).

And what is more appropriate here than to give you BEAUTIFUL music from another of the best artists of the world, STING, who is telling you to “turn the clock to zero” and that “we’re starting up a brand new day”, which is what we are my friends and we know this music and ALSO the VIDEO is very beautiful with a symbol planted here and there:

Later I was shown a “film” of the US Government “spying” on me first using few resources only and since with “more”, where I was shown a female military teacher giving teachings about me.

I was also told that “we are designers of the Universe, which is why we are the Universe”, which is to say that the Source is the Universe and we know the Universe is me and I am the Source and we have now integrated the Trinity with three layers on top of each other, which are becoming ONE, and I was told “I have made a New Universe, which will take some time for everyone to get to know”, which is about the creation of our New Universe, which I am sure my readers have understood is what was created during the last weeks herewith replacing the old Universe, which “could no more”?

By now I was so tired that I had big difficulties abstracting from my tiredness and when I had this feeling, I felt the wind blowing inside of the Source so powerful that it made communication between us impossible, which is to tell you how difficult it has been for the Source all along to bring communication to me, which required my best concentration and focus.

I was also shown a vision of my old class friend Henrik H. from Espergærde thinking negatively about me, which directly gave me physical pain and I saw my self almost begging him to stop – this is how the old Universe worked with the darkness transferring negative energy and “attacks” from one person to another, which has now been stopped with the New Universe where only light will be produced – and I was told that “the force of the thought is great because without faith, we would not be here”.

Dreaming of receiving admission to the Source through faith of a few people in me and a lot of personal WILL POWER.

Finally I was “allowed” to sleep and I did not have the best nor the worst night so I am reasonable “fresh” today however with the first hours of the day feeling the after effects of a very tough day yesterday and I still have my sickness, which now has gone to my throat but I do hope and believe that it will go over in a few days and it will not keep me from working at home today or at Falck tomorrow – and I had a couple of dreams too:

  • I am solving five exam papers, which give admission and which usually are carried out by other people, where I would rather do it myself – and it seems that I have received key no. 25, where I need key no. 26.
    • This may be about some faith of some “family and friends” in me giving access to the Source and the “play” of the key is really carried out by the darkness still surrounding me – and also to tell you about my work tomorrow at Falck, where I symbolic will get the distribution of keys to employees into order.
  • After having worked for the post office, I have started working for Danske Bank, Espergærde, again (I worked there from 1984-86), my old colleagues are there and I tell them that there is something “safe” to return after so many years. I go down the cellar to smoke a cigarette and I find my keys at the computer table there.
    • When I woke up, I heard the song “video killed the radio star”, which together with the smoking of the dream is the darkness surrounding me, but the important here is the key at my computer table, which is really saying that it is my scripts, which has brought me all the way to the centre of the Source and we know a symbol of my WILL POWER, so a little bit of faith of a few people including LOVE and a lot of personal WILL POWER are the ingredients to come all the way through.

Today I started working at 10.00 after having taken a long bath in the tub and I cannot tell you just how liberating the feeling is after the EXTREME PAIN now has decreased much again – considerably below my upper pain limit – and we know the pain has really kept on increasing for years culminating with the Easter 2011, the two weeks following until the 7th May to save us all during the “final battle” and then the to me surprising weeks creating the New Universe, which required equally as much energy, which was energy I did not have but decided to give because it was needed and I do hope that this EXTREME PAIN once and for all will be over, but if more is required you have FULL FREEDOM to do whatever is needed and of course I only have a few rules for you to keep, which you know is no sexual suffering, sicknesses and death and that is because I am the best protected of all and I wonder how many times I would have been dead just within the last couple of weeks if I did not have these few rules.

Compare the photos of Jesus and me to see the “striking resemblance”!

By lunch I had finished the script so far and after lunch I decided to update my Jesus in 1988 webpage to include a few pictures of me directly on the page for visitors to START noticing the “striking resemblance” of Jesus and me instead of comparing Jesus from my site for example to Obama or to Raj Patel, which this site is an example of – without noticing that my old self as Jesus and new self as Stig look the same, which should not be that difficult for you to see (?) – as quite a few people out there have “received” the idea is Maitreya, but I can tell you that he is NOT.

Here you can see the preliminary first new chapter to the page, which I added today:

More work, apartments and the sickness reaching my lungs, which “take my breath away”

I also did another “important” update to my website saying that the Judgment did not end in 2010 but first in May 2011, and ALL other updates, amendments and a new edit will have to wait until I am finished with the Signs IV and III pages also including a new page about my sufferings – which in total will take “weeks” and more realistic “months” – and yes my friends this is exactly how it is here.

Afterwards I used a little time to look at some rental apartments on the Internet – in Helsingør – but I decided to postpone this work until later (maybe 2-3 months) thinking that I would prefer to find a place to stay from person to person without the use of one of these large and bureaucratic housing associations and instead I continued working on the Signs IV Jerusalem UFO page where I found very interesting decodings of the “mother of all crop circles” – the famous crop circle of Barbury Castle in England, 1991 – which is marked on the underside of the UFO, which is simply telling the world about my coming, the creation of a new Era and a new dimension without time. This is what this UFO is about, which the world was not “able” to understand (?) and of course it required that the light of the Universe through me did not lose the battle at the end times to the darkness (the two weeks following the Easter 2011), which we did not and my ladies and gentlemen, this is what we have created: The foundation for our perfect new world, which is now gradually being implemented.

I also washed my clothes today and just walking down the stairs – and back up (to the 2nd floor) – to the washing and drying machines in the basement three times was difficult to do because my sickness has now reached my lungs, which “take my breath away” – another great favourite of mine from the 1980’s – and by 17.20 I stopped working being utterly exhausted and tired, much more than what I thought I would be, and again it was impossible not to take a nap, but I decided not to.

Ending the day by saying that I asked for light to be sent to the spirit of my mother or the one(s) controlling her actions and constant “temptations” given to me in order to avoid this because I WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ACCEPT THIS and that is NOT EVEN ONCE and then you are free to do whatever you want to in order to generate energy from me as long as you keep my rules and we know also including not to remove my ability to work but a “small” sickness, tiredness, “break-down” of my skeleton etc. is of course alright for a period of time BUT I DON’T WANT TO RECEIVE ANY SEXUAL TEMPTATIONS (!!!) – with the feeling of the spirit of my mother hurting extremely when this is given and THEREFORE (!!!) – and of course I give you the final decision because the most important is for you to generate enough energy required for this phase and this is how it is.


31st May: The world under the leadership of Obama is preparing the implementation of the New World Order

Dreaming of the world under the leadership of Obama preparing the implementation of the New World Order

I went to bed before 22.30 yesterday and was allowed to sleep all the way to 06.00 without being woken up and without dreams – but still I feel tired today, which may be the combination of only light sleep together with my sickness, which is still annoyingly now on my lungs – and these dreams came to me from 06.00 to 07.00:

  • I have received a new work for the credit department of Danske Bank – the department controlling lendings of the bank on a high level – and much of the concepts are being changed and renewed by a new manager, who really gets something done. My old colleague Helle Aa. also works there and she shows me a “funny” business card, where someone in handwriting has written on both sides of the card “can also be turned here”, which she says she has also sent me as a text message on my phone, which I however have not seen.
    • What are lendings of Danske Bank about (?), is it implementation of “normal life” and the New World Order (?), which the world is preparing for and maybe it is because I was given the feeling under my skin of Obama when I wrote the sentence of the new manager – and is the business card Helle shows me to say that she does not know what to think of me?
  • I am holding in an old large Volvo Estate car in Copenhagen waiting for my old colleague Lars D.C. and when he arrives, he quickly gets into his car and drives away, and because it takes some time for me to drive my car out, I see that Kim S. – in a newer Volvo – decides to drive out quickly when he sees that I will not be able to follow Lars, and when I drive out, I believe I have Kim in front of me but I find out that it is not him. On my work to work in the morning – I am somewhat late – I have arrived at Kim’s home, where I will change my trousers from a grey pair to blue, which however are not ironed, I meet Pernille and two of her teenage children one of them with an unnatural large head and I say “they have grown much, do you give them growth hormones”, I see that she has a bottle including plants and several spiders in the room where I will change my trousers and she tells me with great pride that one of her TV programmes will be broadcast on TV this Saturday.
    • The Volvo is Swedish and is therefore “joy and happiness” and the Estate is really also to say “our home”, and it seems that this dream merely tells me that Lars D.C. and Kim S. have decided to not to believe in me, the new trousers in my own colour is a good symbol in relation to getting a normal love life and I don’t want to go into the dream about Pernille and I would rather prefer not to receive dreams of this nature anymore, my ladies and gentlemen!
  • I received the song “if I could turn back time” by Cher with these modified lyrics “If I change time, I can find a way”, which is about our new dimension coming you know without time but a feeling of “eternal presence” based upon “everything which is” and we know listening to “time after time” by Electric Light Orchestra on the Danish P4 radio right now – the FIRST time ever listening to this BRILLIANT song on the radio my friends 🙂 – and we know there truly comes a “time after time” eeehhh with eternity without time.

“Let the party begin” – implement the New World of my scripts!

This morning I was told “let the party begin” and this was the first time where I really understood the deeper meaning of “party” – or “celebrating” – and that is to implement our new world including “normal life” and the New World Order, this was the clear feeling given to me too :-).

Obama through the Source: “We are about to be in control of the cash balance of the world” – the world has accepted me 🙂

This morning, I started working at 07.45 and later on my way to Falck I was shown my self as the night watchman of the insurance company Gjensidige, which bought Fair Insurance when I was there, and I only had little dark plasma around my legs and really the symbol of switching on the new light.

When I arrived at Falck, I was still sick but working, and Robert was also sick but decided to take a day home because of sickness, Robert (?), and instead I was in the company of Christoffer, whom I like very much because he shows the attitude I prefer of people, which is to be nice and helpful, which is a quality which will be “modern” at all times (!) and to my surprise the IT-department of Falck has delivered a new IT-cabinet to be installed at the technical room in the basement, which electricians were working on the whole morning, which may be the symbol of the final delivery and switch-on of our New Universe (?) – not always easy to know when this has happened or will happen when speaking both to the light and darkness, but this symbol is pretty clear because my writings have been referred to as an “IT-system” so maybe this can also be in relation to our new SYSTEM when it comes to “normal life” and the New World Order, which in this case fits with “partying” as mentioned in the script earlier today – and before the end of the morning, I believe they had installed it, and I also saw that the IT-colleague I mentioned last week had been here making the printers work again and also to setup my laptop through a connection in the front office instead of having a long wire leading to a connection in the old meeting room, however the new connection does not work yet, so I will have to check that tomorrow, when I have time.

This morning when arriving, I thought that I might as well start removing the furniture from the small room, where the new BLUE carpet symbolising my arrival (!) will be mounted this afternoon, so this is what I did and afterwards I also removed the old carpet tiles – and later vacuumed – which made me SWEAT ALL over both because it was BEAUTIFUL weather today with up to 25 degrees and also because it takes very little before I start sweating, and I believe this was the reason why Christoffer was nice to offer me help from a colleague to remove the old tiles to the container and I wonder if this is again what I am given the feeling of so here it is “removal of our old Universe” and we know “mounting of our new Universe” when these lines are written – and I also asked Christoffer it the new rice lamps have been installed and indeed they have, so the new light of the Source may be switched on at anytime to share with the Universe – I do believe this is much MORE light because the new light is already shining, isn’t it (?) – and yes sharing is my wish so this is how it will be.

Besides doing this work, I was hoping that I would get time to do the internal keys of Falck, but my main priority today was to do the final count of cash and to key in the vouchers at the cash balance system, because this is what I had promised Lars to do today, and I was happy to see that Lars had prepared ALL of the vouchers, so my work was really only to key in the vouchers without needing to find the correct account numbers, VAT code etc. trusting that my colleagues have done their work correct also after I have helped them the last two months mentioning the same error they did when using a wrong VAT code.

And when I was doing this work I was told if I wanted to hear what this symbol was about – just when Jeremy from Top Gear always asks the audience if they want to see the racing drive of the celebrity being interviewed in the studio – and yes I did and then I received the clear feeling of Obama with a SMILE and I was told that “we are about to be in control of the cash balance of the world”, which was in relation to “normal life” and the acceptance of the official world of the New World Order and “normal life” of my scripts and website – and me really – as mentioned earlier in the day.

I discovered that this work took the most of the rest of the day, and I was about to make 5-10 simple mistakes, which I only discovered because I decided to control what I had keyed in and always a good thing to control yourself you know – and I also decided that I did not want to pressure myself trying to finish this work as quickly as possible to give it a go also on the internal keys today and we know last week I was told Tuesday as the deadline of my arrival where I need the system of internal keys to be finalised first (!), but you know when I could not do the keys today, I will do them tomorrow instead – I also first need the new carpet, yousee (?) – unless I am told to do other work instead, which I cannot refuse (!) and so it is.

While I was doing this work for Lars, I thought that he could have done it himself instead of me, but then I thought that instead of “misusing” me – which is what I am being – it is also his way of HELPING ME WITH A GOOD HEART (!) because he has deliberately found work for me to do and if I was not here, and we know he would simply do it himself so it is also for me to UNDERSTAND, which is not always easy as you understand because of “the voice” given to me – and that is not from you, Dan, my DJ-friend, and I do like you MUCH better when communicating with people on radio/tv instead of being alone speaking to the television camera (!) – and the easiness to do misunderstandings in this community, but what is true is that Lars and Falck could have given me other work reflecting the competences mentioned in my CV but instead they decided “automatically” to give me work of the lowest denominator!

This morning the alarm went and yet again the corps including Christoffer were on their way within one minute – still IMPRESSING it is, thank you Source 🙂 – and when Christoffer returned, he told me that it was a big lorry, which was too small to drive under the viaduct on Buddingevej, which notoriously is a “problem” for high vehicles to pass, and he told me that it managed to get all the way through but that a part of the ceiling of the viaduct fell down and that it was a “wonder” that no one got hurt because a group of mothers were walking on the path 1½ metres away and we know, Stig, another symbol planted because the lorry is the old symbol of the Universe which only made it through to the new world inside of the Source with “difficulties” but because of a “wonder” all of it “managed” to come through without anyone becoming hurt – this is what it was about and this is what we have done the last days and weeks when I was measuring the Universe and the Source to fit together, to welcome everyone to the Source without sending anyone away and to ask the Source to include everyone instead of following the old feeling of contracting and being only one. And this is why the local football club of Lyngby in the last round of the Danish “Super League” two days ago – where FC Copenhagen set I don’t know how many records through their results this season – managed to SURVIVE from relegation, and relegation you know is “not good”. NO ONE OF THE UNIVERSE WERE “RELEGATED” WHEN WE WENT THROUGH THIS “IMPOSSIBLE” PERIOD OF CREATION.

Agreeing with the Jobcentre to move me to match group 1 – and will they get me a new job with “normal salary” at BRF?

On my way home from Falck, I went to the Jobcentre to meet Jane as agreed the other day and first I thanked her for accepting the meeting and asked her some questions to better understand her job as a “consultant” and we know she IS employed by the Commune but works most of the time in companies helping “weak” citizens, who have been sent out here in some kind of “activation work” and I started by saying that I was surprised of what happened after our meeting in December when we agreed – and where Tine accepted – that I was to move from “match group” 2 back to 1 – from people having “other problems than unemployment” to people being “ready for a job” – which she said that she remembered and then I told her about the “strange” letters I received from the Jobcentre telling me of being “excluded” but without being excluded in practice (!) – symbolising the sentence of elimination of the Universe but where ONE person of the Universe decided to fight to keep us alive (!) – and then she told me that she believed it was because Tine’s manager had given a counterorder saying that it was impossible to receive help from employees of match group 2 for people belonging to match group 1, which is PRECISLY what we AGREED my status should be, but you know it is IMPOSSIBLE to make agreements with the Devil, so they decided that it was alright for me to stay in the “dark group 2” destined for “elimination” – only symbols my friends 🙂 – without telling me despite of how important it was to me as I told them at the meeting, and after telling Jane again today that I have worked hard always (since 1984), that I work a total of 50-60 hours or even 70 hours per week at the moment, that I have worked harder than anyone for the Commune at Brede Park, A2B and Falck, that everyone has been (more than) happy with me and that I have had good relations with all (!), she told me that “Tine and I do not doubt that you work hard as you say you do” and therefore I asked her to be moved to also serviced from group 1 – not because I don’t like you at group 2 because I like everyone of the Commune and the places I have worked – and when she asked me why I did not want to be placed in group two “where normal people are also placed” as she said (the definition of the group is “a person who is not ready to take an ordinary work within three months, but a person who is ready to be activated”, so is this what you believe Jane or was what you believed before our meeting today (?) where I could tell you about the MISUNDERSTANDINGS of other people in me and not wrong doings or “sickness” of myself!), I asked her how she would feel if I told her that “you do look sick, Jane”, when she feels fine and giving her the answer myself that IT IS A HUMAN HUMILIATION to be told by others that you are “sick” when you feel fine and I told her that my “relegation” to group 2 was ONLY because of a misunderstanding of the Commune after they received knowledge about my website and we know “we don’t believe in him, something must be wrong with him and therefore we believe that he has other problems than unemployment” and that is even though I have worked harder and better than anyone in this system before with good relations to all (!) – and we know the end of this was that Jane would go to Tine – she could not take the decision herself (!) – asking me to be moved to group 1, which should NOT be difficult for you to do anymore (???) and to send me an email not later than in the beginning of next week.

We also talked about why I am not working as she said and again I had to tell her that I am working and that I am only here because I STILL don’t have an income and also that the reason why I did not get a work when I sent applications was because of the Danish Jantelov and people thinking “he is too much” when reading my CV and then I told her that what I write in my CV is the truth, which is what the Commune can see yourselves from the work I have done for you over and over again and what the feedback (at least to me) also says and that it is truly a paradox that people don’t want to hire me because of their own misunderstandings – which you are beginning to understand, Jane (?) – and we know she spoke about me moving to match group 1 and the possibility that the employees of this group may decide that I need to work full time for Falck – even though they normally do not use Falck in match group 1 (!) – and again I told her that I WILL ALWAYS ACCEPT YOUR DECISIONS, BE POSITIVE AND DO MY ABSOLUTELY BEST and that is even though the system requires me to do what is illegal when ordering me to work without improving my qualifications (!) as a requirement to receive benefit and that the system generally is not working, which you should understand by now (?), and also that I am doing completely normal work for Falck and if Falck should want me to work for them full time, they should pay me full salary and this was the key word really for her to think about getting me to receive a “normal income” and then she asked me if I could work for BRF Kredit – a housing credit institution located in Lyngby – to grant loans and I told her that “of course I can” (!) and straight away I was thinking of the dream from the previous night of working at the credit department of Danske Bank (you knew that this would be coming today :-)) and I received the feeling of Obama again when speaking of this (providing finances or “normal life” to future homes of all people all over the world – not missing one single my friends!) and I told her that it is about going through the budgets of people as I did in the bank too and that BRF Kredit probably has some kind of credit scoring system to use when doing the work – where a SMILING Obama gave me the feeling of “scoring high” because the world is with us, thank you OBAMA 🙂 – and this convinced her because she said that she will ask them to hire me in a meeting she has with them in some days from now – maybe with salary contribution, Jane (?) to “motivate” them because of course no one is “stupid” enough to hire “somebody like me” you know (!) – and I told her that I have had two meetings with the top management of BRF Kredit approx. 10 years ago (when I worked for GE Insurance), where I recommended them to offer the PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE of GE to their customers helping them to repay their loans and to remain at their house in periods of sickness and unemployment and I told her with a smile that she could send them my regards telling them that they did a mistake back then when they turned down my offer (!) but that I am willing to suggest them doing the same again (!) and once again Obama was with me when telling this.

I also told her that handling loan applications was really not the right job for me because I should be working with TOP MANAGEMENT and DEVELOPMENT and that this is NOT because I have “fine feelings” – because I have now accepted to be misused by the Commune for a long time as I have in fact all of my working life by people not using my true competences (!) – but she said that “you can always here and then receive more responsibility later” and I accepted not because this is right to do but because I have decided to be positive and because if BRF accepts, I will be able to help my LTO friends receive a better life and also to put some money aside for the deposit of a new apartment – and we know we will also have to see if BRF “discovers” that I did not repay my housing loan to them in 1991 (I do not approve of a system like this you know) when my apartment was put on compulsory sale and how this may impact their decision.

During our meeting I was also thinking that I would not have been sent to work for Falck if the Commune had kept me in match group 1, which is really to say that my work for Falck was my fight for survival of the world (!) and that “normal life” with a normal income may be right ahead and who knows (?), I certainly do not and that is not until the day when the knowledge of the spiritual world and we know the man upstairs or should we say on this floor, Stig (?), will be given to me to help the world and not me and yes this is how we feel and we know for everyone to get good and happy lives :-).

Meshack is “facing one of the greatest challenge due to economic constrains” making him think of “how to survive”

This afternoon I was both happy and also sad to receive an email from Meshack and first HAPPY to hear from another of my best friends of LTO for the first time in a month, which is telling you that he is struggling because this is NOT what he would do normally and sad because of his continuous struggle to keep himself and the family alive my friends and all I can say, Meshack is that I have faith that better lives are coming to all of us and I do hope you understand that what we have gone through the last year has been nothing less than a miracle and that is for all of us even to be alive today, when we were sentenced to elimination and this has included IMMENSE suffering of not only you, your family and friends, my friend but also me and the only way to survive was to be STRONGER than the Devil and this is what we were combined and therefore THANK YOU for what you did and today I can only say that your life WILL improve and I do hope this will be in 2011 – see my previous chapter of a potential new (temporary) work for me but DO NOT become disappointed if it first will become in 2012.

Thank you for communicating, Meshack, and for your nice and wise words “to communicate as a family” I know life is difficult but NO MATTER WHAT: KEEP STRONG and be supportive of each other and UNDERSTAND each other my LTO friends by asking open questions.

And by the way: Did you THINK about using the words “in this changing world” or did they just “come” to you (?) and the reason why I am asking is because this is INSPIRATION or the spirit inside of you speaking to tell you, the LTO and the world that the world is truly CHANGING and that is from an old Universe to a new and my dear friends the new is built inside of the old Universe and how many noticed the CHANGE (?) – and CHANGE is what will come your way too Meschack. We are coming closer, hang on in there and one day you will see.

Thank you for the regards from your family 🙂 – please say hi to them too and also your twin brother.

And here is his email:

Hi there,

Am okay and doing well but facing one of the greatest challenge due to economic constraiins because food in our markets has become too expensive for the common man like me. My family is okay and when coming to write to you they did send an hi for you.

I feel much better now since Elijah is back to the fold having been out for so long and its good to communicate as a family because this gives us strength if we are down. My twin brother has been hospitalised since monday but he is doing much better now. My thoughts for the last few months have been on how to survive in this changing world but with faith its my hope we shall get through.

   Hi to your workmates

And I might add that I decided to send a gross of DKK 2,800 to LTO today, which gave me “poor conscience” leaving DKK 1,200 for myself, which almost is my minimum budget, knowing that they will have to struggle yet another month when still NONE of my readers have decided to send them even ONE DKK to help – but I do look forward to hopefully be able to help them more and with me TO BRING THE WORLD FORWARD HELPING THE ENTIRE WORLD MY FRIENDS and I feel OBAMA strongly here when writing this because this is what he has prepared :-).

Ending the day by saying that I have STILL not received an answer from Kate from this housing association on my “difficult” question to rent another apartment – despite of having reminded her once, but maybe she is on holiday not answering her emails (?) and if this is the case, you have an auto reply function to inform about this (!) and what does this create (?) and you have guessed right: Disappointment and what don’t we want in the future and that is the same answer and we know I am really here teaching a the small remaining Devil, and we know seeing a small boy with balloons in the Zoo when this is written and so it is.

My sickness has now decreased making me feel better – the feeling of phlegm from the lungs has removed – as expected especially TODAY and we know it was not only “talk talk” but “reality” my friends – and a total of 136 pages this month (!), which was not one of those “normal” months you know but maybe you will learn that it was also of “some importance” to our future – TAKE CARE all of you FOREVER AND EVER :-).

And I kept on working until 18.00, when I had finally finalised the script of today and the script of the month uploading the PDF file to my library and posted it on Facebook.


1st June: My old self created the New Universe and I am now “the last man standing” of the Old Universe

Dreaming of Obama and I will meet AGAIN!

After an evening yesterday where I was “more than tired” again, I had an “almost alright” sleep – at least on the surface and I may come tired later – together with these dreams:

  • I have an agreement to go to Fitness on Sunday at 18.30 together with Tim from Fair – but the man of the dream looks very different than Tim almost as Martin of Dahlberg – and somehow I am prevented from keeping the agreement and don’t believe I can call him, so therefore I go Sunday afternoon instead and I collect points on my way at a colleague, where I see two appearing to be shooting at each other instead of me, which to me looks as a bad play, and at the Fitness Centre I see many old colleagues from Fair sitting in the motion hall talking about the deliberate efforts from the management to degrade me including information about me, which obviously is wrong. I found a telephone and call Tim to tell him that Sunday is still fine with me and that I have two or three other colleagues who might join us.
    • I don’t know what the meaning of not being able to keep an agreement is about, it goes against my principles, Fitness will have to come into a “better shape”, which may also mean that the view on me from people of the darkness – hence the symbol of Fair – will improve when they discover that people have been spreading lies about me. And I do believe it is great to do Fitness together with colleagues – or friends or people who are both you know – after work and we know just thinking of an old “dream” of mine to have kindergartens connected to big companies, which also could include Fitness Centres etc. but KEEP PRIVATE AND COMMERCIAL INTERESTS APART (!) and this is of course ONLY an option, which some may and some may not use.
  • I am driving together with Jack at Kalkbrænderihavnsgade in the Freeport, I tell him that we have to be MUCH better to work professionally and do MARKETING, Jack tells me that very small cars driving in the other direction do not need a drivers license and when we reach Pakhusvej on the left side I drive sharply to the left herewith surprising Jack, he tells me that my mother’s husband has won a competition making a short musical tone to what I believe is for the owners of a ferry.
    • Freeport is my SAFE HAVEN so when I drive Jack there, it will have to mean that he and the population of the Universe are safe – which I was thinking of yesterday if I had received and concluded that this was what the symbol of the lorry underneath the viaduct showed me but this is another symbol – are the small cars people with faith in me (but not much), who don’t need to be “protected” somehow (?) and what does the nice music tone of John mean?
  • I am analysing two 500 grams packages of liver pate in Helsingør to find out which is the most secure, one is cheaper than the other and after doing my best work I conclude that both are secure and I leave one of them, which is now in a GIANT size, at Strandgade (“beach road”) and I understand that the security truly depends on the declaration printed on the lid, which I therefore leave on.
    • What are the two liver pate’s representing (?) – I don’t know – but we are in Helsingør, which is “our New Universe” and both liver pates are safe even though I was a little bit anxious about the cheap one of them in the dream, which I leave at the BEACH road, where beach has always been a symbol of darkness and suffering, so maybe this liver pate is me – also symbolising a better life to come, which food is about (?) – to say that I am at my New Universe now facing the last piece of darkness, which I should be safe to avoid, but a little bit of “nervousness” is part of the game.
  • I woke up with Abba’s “Hasta manana” and the lyrics “Hasta Manana ’til we meet again” – and I was given the feeling of meeting Obama AGAIN together with the feeling that we met in 1988 when I was sent briefly to Earth as Jesus as you can read from my Jesus in Nairobi page.
  • I am working at Danske Bank Freeport together with my old manager Lars H. He has gone to the archive at the 1st floor to look for a letter, while I continue working at the ground floor concentrated and detailed to do my best, I am the only one at the bank office, and I show him the notes I have taken on a piece of paper, and then he discovers that the paper I have written on is the paper he is looking for, which makes him furious.
    • Again in the Safe Haven preparing “normal life” doing my best work and what is Lars H. about here (?) – is he symbolising the final piece of the darkness working against me?

My old self created the New Universe and I am now “the last man standing” of the Old Universe removing the last darkness

Yesterday evening I was told and felt my inner self coming to me with the last piece of darkness and I was thinking “now again” (?) but you know the process I am going through is not always easy to understand when the darkness did much of this process as a “play only” in 2010 – where I went through this darkness/play where we should have been terminated – so I have to be OPEN MINDED to say the least to go through this again – now for real – so “welcome myself” (!) instead of sending “me” away because of the darkness resisting this approach once again, and I felt a brown colour coming to me under my skin – the colour of the Council and earlier I had the colour of blue coming, my colour – and behind the brown colour, I felt a touch of gold at the same time as I was given much suffering – more of the old kind with negative speech DIFFICULT to resist etc., which really is so difficult that the natural feeling is to huddle and become desperate and HUNDREDS of times – also today – I had to look this “fear” into the eyes and say “you are not me” and then to decide taking a normal position because huddling and being desperate is really too silly to do (!) – and I was given the feeling that my old self created the new world as “the last man standing” and here comes my new self through what I sincerely hope is the final piece of darkness and I was told “I bring a whole new world with me, you are the last man to leave the old, welcome to the new world my Son” and I was shown that I will start receiving a small diamond ring (a small part of the knowledge and experience of the world of the Source) and also that the Source will connect me to himself as his own offspring gradually.

My new self is inside of my old self as the New Universe has been created inside of the old – together with the Source

I also received another test, which was DIFFICULT to come through for some minutes making me hurt much, when I was asked “am I now whole alone” (?), “is this why I don’t hear much to the Council and people of other civilizations” (?), “where is everyone” (?) etc. and I had to think logically also remembering some of the experiences I have been going through knowing that I am the Universe and the Universe is me, that the Universe was completely dark when I started running again and now I don’t feel this dark nor a red feeling inside of me anymore telling me that MUCH darkness of the Universe (and me) has been encoded into light if you will, the feeling for months that my awakened I is my weak self and just underneath the surface of me, is my new self STRONGER than ever before and therefore I concluded that my new self is simply within my old self or in other words, the New Universe has been created within the old Universe TOGETHER WITH THE SOURCE NOW PART OF THIS UNIVERSE and THE UNIVERSE PART OF THE SOURCE IF YOU WISH where nobody really has noticed that we have changed the world, Eric (!) and this helped me coming through these feelings of being alone (!) and eventually I also concluded that even though my present and soon to be old self is alone in the old world, I receive communication from the new world because I was told in a dream as I remember it – and yes I do remember the time, Michael because it is playing on my stereo right now 🙂 – some time ago that a new spiritual communication system was developed with the old still working and so it is here, when looking in the back mirror it is clear to see but the few minutes it took me to reach this conclusion was not very easy to come through my friends and we know “this is the best part” coming when first playing the guitar at maximum volume and you know followed by some black guy – or was he white (?) – singing it don’t matter if you’re black or white and feeling Obama here too when writing this and hearing it also on the stereo :-).

And if I should be in doubt, someone at “Aftenshowet” (“the evening show”) on DR1 television just before 20.00 was inspired to speak about garlic mustard growing all over Denmark as a symbol of God/me being “everywhere of the Universe” – including Bornholm as he remembered to remember (!) as another symbol of the home of God/me – and then he said that there is only one place where it cannot grow and that is in Western Jutland because of all of the sand over there and we know “sand” is an old symbol of darkness and suffering and you know there is no light inside of the darkness before I have encoded it to become light so this is where I am now encoding the last piece of darkness with light – and all around me is light of the New Universe, this was really what he said :-).

David: Immense increases in oil and food prices makes people afford less and protest – a New World Order is coming 🙂

Dear David,

Thank you so much again for COMMUNICATING and for updating me about your life in Kenya, and you may understand that it makes me sad to hear about your increasing oil and food prices as Meshack and John also have told me about earlier and you are especially hurt if and when you cannot feed your own population with home grown crops and meat because of drought and that you consequently have to import food, which has both become more expensive at the same time as your currency has devaluated by approx. 20 percent to the Euro in only six months (!), which makes imported food even more expensive in your currency – and when you have the same or even less money there is only one answer and that is for you to suffer even more struggling to survive at the same time as speculators on the RICH international markets make exorbitant profits ALSO when they trade the same food over and over again – buying and selling to each other – adding new margins on the price, which is really what is causing much of this misery and what have they added of value to the products (?) and you are right ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (!) and do they believe they do a good job (?) and YES “of course” they do (!) and do they believe they are the best when they live a life in abundance (?) and yes sir so it is (!) and what are the costs (?) and we know MILLIONS OF NEW PEOPLE SUFFERING AND DYING IN THE POOR WORLD because of higher food and energy prices and do they think about that (?) and no of course not, that is what you have Governments for (!) and what do the Governments do about it (?) and nothing much so far BUT HERE IT COMES DAVID: WHAT HAVE THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD DECIDED TO DO ABOUT IT (?) and yes you guessed it: WITH OBAMA IN THE LEAD, THEY WILL BRING NORMAL LIFE AND A NEW WORLD ORDER TO THE WORLD and where are they inspired from (?) and you might have two guesses here BUT THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE and that Source is the same Source working through both Obama and me and this is why my friends and dear readers!

David, we will have both a bear, a glass of wine – I remember from the Hotel that you like wine much too – and also a cup of the best KENYAN coffee again and maybe we can encourage John to make it once in a while too if he should forget (?) and do you still take sugar or would you like to have the true taste of coffee without “pollution” (?) – only in my mind you know – and the reason why I am asking is because COFFEE is the symbol of LOVE of God/me – we are ONE you know – and that was why we had coffee every day at your old office together, TO SHARE THE LOVE OF GOD TO ALL OF YOU :-).

Dear Stig,

Thank you for the cash support. I was able to receive and share with the team. May the Almighty God bless you. I am fine and have had enough to eat today.

Our neighborhood is quiet and so is the country. Only a few pockets of insecurity in the northern frontier, between Kenya and Ethiopia over cattle rustling.

With immense increases in the prices of oil, food prices are very high and one can afford less and less. Indeed, as we wait for the new National Budget reading, people are protesting against it. They would like it to be post phoned until the government addresses the issue of increased cost of living.

I was very delighted on Saturday when the Red Devils were being taught a lesson, I wish you had been here. We could have watched it together. Indeed we miss you a lot. A coffee together, a bear together and much more…… Hopefully we shall do so together in future.

I look forward to reading your next script to see the possible opportunity. I will write more then.

Regards  and good evening.

In my mail yesterday to David when sending money I wrote: “This time it is approx. 40,000 Shillings – I am looking forward to the day where I hopefully can send you more money. See my next script for what might be an opportunity – but don’t get disappointed if it does not work out!” – and the opportunity is a new (temporary) job at BRF as I wrote about yesterday and if it does not work out, David, it is because it is meant to!

The BLUE carpet is mounted and I was connected as the last to the new network: My arrival to the new world as the last man

Today I started working at 07.45 and when I met at Falck a few minutes BEFORE – always before instead of after (!) – 09.00, I was excited to see if the new carpet really had been mounted and YES MY FRIENDS, it had (!) and had anyone yesterday afternoon or evening, when I was not there, decided to move the furniture etc. back to the room (?) and we know NO, they had not, and I was thinking about talking to Christoffer about this when he would come after maybe 10-15 minutes but then again I thought that it is quicker just doing it instead of talking and being lazy and we know it took me 10 minutes to do making it look VERY nice and it made me happy when the colleague of Julia – I still cannot remember your name – was HAPPY when she noticed it a little bit later, which Christoffer and others did too and we know Julia has not seen it yet since she was not here today and yesterday.

I was thinking and saying that this small room now with a desk, shelves, plants etc. inside of it, looks so good that I would love to work inside of it and it was really to say that this is the symbol of my new self being set up to use the new command central of the New Universe and there you have it – and I was happy to see the employee with the difficult name to remember deciding to use the office straight away for a visitation meeting with a “citizen” as she called her, which the “citizen” overheard (“borger” in Danish, which made the “borger” grumpy because who likes to be called a “citizen” when you are a human?).

Yesterday I was the only one not being on the new network of Falck even though I restarted the computer twice and this morning I restarted it again and just like MAGIC, there was now nothing wrong with laptop when connecting to the network and we know Christoffer had not looked at it and that is how life is here too so connecting to the network I am, and “from this moment on” the work should really not be rocket science to do (!) when I was first to call the IT-department of Falck to follow up on the list I ordered recently and thereafter to do the work on the Internal keys but Lars had other plans (!) because he showed up together with his nice dog too saying that the cash balance did not match the cash sheet – there was DKK 1,600 too much in cash – and therefore he asked for Christoffer and me to help him – three people to work together to say that we are now the Trinity working together from today Stig – which is then what we did when Lars read out loud the vouchers, Christoffer controlled the input I had keyed in yesterday (they matched) and I controlled the vouchers after Lars including calculating/controlling the receipts attached to the vouchers and besides from 1,50 DKK there and 0,50 DKK there, we only found one voucher with a major difference of the amount written on the voucher and the total of the receipts, which was a buy of Jesper, the station manager, of FOOD (!) where the receipt said that he had paid part of the amount of a total of approx. 2,000 DKK with a bonus cheque of 400 DKK meaning that he only had given approx. 1,600 DKK in cash, which is also what the voucher included but Lars said that he believed it was wrong with a difference of this 400 DKK which he believed was Jesper’s private cheque issued by the supermarket, which he used here to convert into cash and to keep himself, which to me was simply unthinkable to do but (never mix private and business matters) but Lars was motivated to call Jesper on my encouragement and he was totally right, Jesper had indeed mixed his private and business matters, so 400 DKK of the cash difference was found here – and we know Lars made me understand that he does not like either that Jesper buys private shoes of DKK 899 on the expense account of the company (which he does now and again as an example) calling them for “uniform” (!!!) and we know EXPLOITATION is what I call it and that is NOT only the shoes, my gentlemen but EVERYTHING YOU CONSUME AS PRIVATE PEOPLE ON THE EXPENSE ACCOUNT OF FALCK!

Afterwards, Christoffer was ”busy” for the next hour or so giving the ”big demonstration” of Falck and the fire engines to the children of his child’s kindergarten on visit – therefore you know – and Lars and I started counting the main till and the four cash coxes of the managers too to find the rest of the difference and finally we found most of the difference when it showed out that Lars had counted the stock of 10 DKK’s wrong, which reduced the cash difference to 134 DKK and when there is no other differences to be found, the last resort is to book the value of the difference, which here symbolises the old world “out of balance” before I will be transferred too to the new world my friend – feeling hiccoughs of the drunken Devil and “I am sorry” for having to do this” but we know THERE IS NOTHING TO EXCUSE.

Earlier I had spoken to Boy from the IT-department of Falck and he knew I would call him today, but we know IT HAD SIMPLY BEEN IMPOSSIBLE for him to produce the list I ordered because TDC – the Danish provider of telecommunication – is on strike and because Falck these days are implementing a new DIALOGUE system and first in the head office, which later will be spread as he said and many symbols around here and then I decided to tell him again that I respect his priorities but also that I expect to have my last day at Falck the 16th June and then I asked him if he has any FREE TIME, he can give me so I can finalise this work before leaving – if this is what I will do – and my dear friends, this was also IMPOSSIBLE to receive an answer on (!) and this is really to say that of course you can ask people WHEN they will be able to finalise work and the key is to RESPECT people and their priorities and then it is up to people to give you a deadline and for people to deliver on time as the general rule you know – and once again because he could not overview his work not familiar with my way of working, he accepted that I will follow up on Wednesday next week and yes you are right THIS IS STILL A WASTE OF TIME TO DO!

Jesper also arrived at the office briefly today introducing what seemed as three new part time firemen (?), which you really should have communicated to me, Jesper, when coming to me at the front office while I was shaking their hands and I told them that I am the substitute of the officer on guard and Jesper added with a smile that I am “the office manager of it all”, which you are absolutely right in, Jesper, and what you really said was that my responsibility is the entire world 🙂 – and if he had not decided to leave with the new people straight away, I would have used a couple of minutes speaking to them to hear who they are and to tell them what I do, which I believe is good to do when showing new people around as a first introduction.

I decided today that I will not start wearing the clothes of Falck, which arrived the other day, which I told Johnny, who became glad when I told him that they could use it for someone new at my size – the Commune paid for this clothes (!) – and I was thinking that I will not wear the dress of Falck to “officially” be a fire fighter because there is no fire to fight!

My tiredness came creeping to me during the morning – but I received no sexual torments, thank you for following my wish (!) – making me feel knackered and when I informed Lars and also Christoffer about my meeting with Jane from the Jobcentre yesterday saying that she will try to move me to group 1 – because I have NEVER been disabled (!) – and to find me a job with BRF, which may mean that my last day for Falck will be the 16th June, they reacted by saying “what a shame” and we know which is because we like each other, which I told them that I do much and also that the work they had given me really was not the most exciting (!) – and encouraging Lars and the managers to use an action plan and to be disciplined, “which will help you much, Lars” as I said, which he nodded too because this is “simple logic” yousee? – and we know when Lars found out the answer to Jesper’s bonus cheque I was inspired to tell him “you are not crazy” (!), which was really to say that after working together with me too today, Lars might not believe after all that I am crazy (?) – because of my website – and yes Stig you never know what people say about you behind your back and so it is – and maybe a preparation if and when Lars and Jane will speak together about me again?

Finally I did some preparation when organizing the ring binder as well as the network drive of the internal keys, which I may be “allowed” to continue working on Tuesday next week – tomorrow is a holiday because of the old Christ ascending many years ago – and it makes perfect logic because this should symbolic match with hopefully a confirmation from the Commune in the beginning of next week that I am moving back up to group 1 – the final confirmation to our survival really – and that I will receive the new keys to my inner self and the “command central”, which is how I understand this.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When arriving home I continued working until approx. 16.30, and again today the work was “impossible” to do because of tiredness and it required will power again – easier said than done – and afterwards I decided to defy my tiredness in order to walk to the supermarket of REMA 1000 to shop for some good offers.
  • In the evening I felt the spirit of Lars of Falck coming to me to tell me that “I was the one you had to pass here at the end and it was good for you to accept working together with “me” today” and this is because when Lars arrived I thought that THREE people was one and maybe two too many to find a cash difference and really because when I was working at the till of Danske Bank in the 1980’s, I found my cash differences myself in 9 out of 10 coincidences and also because I had a plan to work on the internal keys today (!) but you know I decided to be positive even though what he did was against my belief – but on the other hand IF YOU TRULY NEED HELP, I WILL ALWAYS HELP (!) but Lars, did you truly need help after all on this and that is really the question?
  • The feeling and sometimes pain to my right angle has turned on and off for days as a part of the play – is the Universe save or is it not (?) – and today I was given as one example of what is on-going MUCH of the time a feeling of a red stripe of pain going in a vertical line at my lower right leg – and this evening I was happy that the spirit of Denis was very clearly with me and I was thinking that we could have had a wonderful friendship if Karen and the darkness did not come in between us.

The Swedish Press and the King: “Hunter and the hunted”

Ending the day by saying that the Swedish press is really out with the Grim Reaper in their smear campaign against the Swedish King because of what today are claims of him visiting strip clubs, being involved with the criminal world etc. and we know saw that coming years ago when I dreamt of the Swedish King being drunk – infected by strong darkness as I and so many others also were – and “life threatening” it is and that is for him to be able to continue surviving as the King of Sweden after the press have decided to bring pictures, which will cut him down (?) and we know my friends this is the symbol saying that the world cut me down because of your wrong attitude giving us the sentence of destruction – which we still survived you know because I decided not to “push the button” – and would the press start doing the same campaigns towards the thousands and millions of people in the same situation as the King living a “normal life” on the surface but terrorised by the Devil giving them so strong sexual desires, which they cannot defy (?) and no they would not (!) so the only reason why they hunt the King is really because the King is famous, because people believe “special rules” apply for him – WRONG (!) – and because it is truly a VERY good story selling many newspapers (!) – and furthermore this is help given to me by the Swedish King as an example of what HUMANS ALL OVER THE WORLD have done: Bringing me energy through their sufferings for us to come through the new creation too without harm and it is also for the King and people to take on some of my suffering to understand what I have gone through.

And in this respect the Swedish King – Sweden is “joy and happiness” you know – symbolises “the hunted” and the hunter is the WRONG attitude of “bloodthirsty” people and this is the story, which brings you my favourite song of my favourite album of all time, which of course is “HUNTER AND THE HUNTED” by Simple Minds from the New Gold Dream album and “you bet”, if people did not hunt me down, we would never have survived :-):

And I might add that stories like this with all its symbolism and also the “risk” of Tine or her manager of the Commune turning down my request to return to group 1 with all of what this symbolises too can still momentarily scare me when it gives me the thought and fear “have we really made it after all” and yes we have because the Source would never start to show me his world if we had not – then I would be meeting the Devil directly when he would start destroying us, which is what I did in the autumn holiday from the park in 2010 you know – and what I am thinking is that when I still meet darkness transforming this into light, I will also meet symbols of darkness in the physical world, which I have to overcome and I am thinking so “let it be” because “it don’t mean a thing” because the Devil does not have the swing!

Addition: My old “friend”, Nønne, from Selvet and all the way back to the clairvoyant school of Jill in 2005, was also INSPIRED when she late today decided to share this FAVOURITE music of mine by A-ha with the readers of Selvet – this is about HUNTING, yousee? – and Nønne, you had it in your power to read and understand me and to make the readers of Selvet understand that I am the truth, but you really never came around to it (?), thus making you one of the hunters too but we know if you had succeeded all of this, it would of course have killed us because it would have been too soon!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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