June 7, 2011: The Source of life has built a cathedral inside of me to where he has transferred all light and all of “himself”


Summary of the script today

5th June: The Source of life has built a cathedral inside of me to where he has transferred all light and all of “himself”

  • Dreaming of Rene’s cohabitant Dorte suffering because of me, detailed “rules” of the roll out of “normal life” – feeling Obama now – to the poor world is being prepared, working in our new company as a symbol of our New Universe, 2012 is about the creation of a New Universe, which will replace our old run-down world and for days I have been tempted by the darkness to surf the Internet instead of working.
  • At the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel I passed new strong darkness and I felt the Source everywhere inside of me and everywhere inside of the New Universe, the Source has build a cathedral inside of me to where he has transferred all light and all of “me”, i.e. “himself”. I looked with the eyes of “the Master” inside of his world, which has given the Source immensely deep feelings today because this is the first time ever he is sharing his home with “someone else”, who is “myself coming to get me out of here”. The big question for the Source of life was how to transform from his old state of eternity into something completely different, which the Universe is and I was told that what follows next is for me to understand who, what and where is hidden inside of the old life form of the Source. The Source of life is now awakening inside of me.
  • I received an email from two Swedish song writers/singer encouraging me to vote on their song “YOU (all I want is)” to remain at a music chart of Swedish radio, which I did because they wrote that it would be worth GOLD to them (!), which was symbolising that I have now become the GOLD myself when the creator – or the Source – has moved inside of me with all of his belongings where he will stay for good to bring JOY and HAPPINESS to the world.
  • I continued doing the last part of the work on the new page on the decoding of the Barbury Castle crop circle and the Jerusalem UFO, first level 3 details, then a level 2 summary before I could give this final message of the Jerusalem UFO to the world: “THE CREATION OF A NEW UNIVERSE BY THE TRINITY AND A NEW GOLDEN AGE OF AN ETERNAL NOW COMING AFTER THE RETURN OF THE MESSIAH AND THE MATERIALISATION OF GOD AS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING”
  • FINALLY, I received the answer from the housing association I am living in that it is perfectly alright for me to continue staying at the association if I can find another apartment to stay in (!), which is confirming that CRAZY PEOPLE AND RULES OF TODAY ARE MAKING LIFE A HELL FOR OTHERS, where she simply could have followed my recommendation to continue staying in Poul-Erik’s apartment to make me/us happy, but this was of course “impossible” for her, or was it?

6th June: The Danish Parliament is “cleaning” up and covering up their wrong doings of the past to prepare my arrival

  • Dreaming that I cannot leave my “waiting hall” yet, that the quality of my scripts lately have decreased somewhat, the Commune wants to give me a “special operation”, MP’s of the Danish Parliament is “cleaning” up and covering up their wrong doings of the past to prepare my arrival (!) and if the same pressure of the darkness of the last 5 months was to continue, if would break me down.
  • Meshack wrote that he is “crossing my fingers” hoping that I will get a new job, which will help the team to get a better life too – since no one else has decided to help (!) – and the team will of course be the first to know through my scripts.
  • I received the promised feedback from Jane from the Jobcentre but instead of keeping her promise to try to give me a paid job with BRF, she has now decided – helped by Tine (?) herewith breaking my agreement with Jane (!) – to send me out in work practise up to 37 hours per week (!!!) – this is the “special operation” of the dream – but they also decided to declare me “normal” again by accepting to move me to match group 1, so this was both good and bad news. I decided to send Jane an email encouraging her to speak to BRF about a PAID job without further delay – because I would like to help my LTO FRIENDS suffering ASAP – which I know will also delay the work on my website, but give the spiritual and physical world more time to prepare the best before meeting the world :-).

7th June: Inserting the big key for the New Universe to start shining the STRONG new light to the world 🙂

  • Dreaming of trimming the forest, i.e. the Source, which will NOT be with my approval because it would mean physical destruction of my physical self together with the Universe and my old friend Lars unhappy in love with an immigrant lady.
  • At Falck I finally started the job on the internal keys writing key receipts for all employees lacking (the most!) symbolising my inner self inserting the big key to make our Universe shine the full strength of light to the world. I went through new sufferings in order to save certain parts of the world from destruction in order to release the Source and me from the darkness. Robert has been and is “sick” because of his wife cheating on him for three months, which makes his world fall down by disabling him, which is what the Devil did to her as he did to me giving me the same strong sexual desires I had to refuse in relation to the Internet (!) and what the Devil did to Karen now almost eight years ago, when she cheated on me and has done so ever since and this is MY feeling because I have know for years that she is MEANT FOR ME and her decision led by the Devil to keep on having other lovers had tormented me as it does to Robert, but still this was only a minor part of my suffering, because life had do go on, which it only did when I continued doing my best for years without the darkness dragging me down. Lars arrived and I told him that it is the Commune and not me who needs “clarification” if I am “able” to work full time, that I still work up to 60-70 hours per week, that Falck should have used me to help them become better managers and this may have helped him to decide “only” to increase my working hours to 16 hours per week instead of given me “full hours” by sending me to other Falck stations far away to cut their grass (!!!) – and I wonder what the Commune will say to this?
  • I wrote a follow up email to Jane asking her to withdraw their NEW illegal decision to send me out in “work practise” and instead to contact BRF now as agreed and that is if she REALLY wants to help me. What will she and Tine now do?


5th June: The Source of life has built a cathedral inside of me to where he has transferred all light and all of “himself”

Dreaming that 2012 is about the creation of a New Universe, which will replace our old run-down world

Evaluated on the length of sleep – from 23.30 o 08.15 – I should be fresh today but still I am at least “somewhat tired” and here are some dreams which are becoming a little bit easier to remember:

  • I am bicycling in the snow together with Rene’s cohabitant Dorte on our way to the airport – and there are MANY people bicycling this way.
    • Still the same old symbols of suffering, which Dorte is because of me. Rene and Dorte simply vanished out of my life after I published my scripts and first website the 1st February 2010 and I miss them both!
  • I am having a conversation at the head office of Danske Bank with the manager of foreign affairs and we speak of poor areas and he says that they will make rules, which will be finished Friday.
    • Thank you for letting me know what will happen from here, which I have been thinking of for some days – and if you don’t remember the symbols, this is more about the roll out of “normal life” to the poor world here.
  • I am working in Kim S’ new company, where I notice that the others have new big and very smart computer screens, and I show Helle Aa. how she is to use tabulators. Kim S. is going to have a meeting of preparation under four eyes with Michael R., they have been preparing for some time a new concept, which they will present to the best commercial journalists – I am sad that they keep this a secret – and I can tell by the look of Kim that it is a very good concept and now I see that Michael is also Preben, who has been preparing for the meeting with the journalists and I discover that he is not very well prepared because I found two letters of relevance to the meeting on the Internet where he only found one himself. I meet the journalists too and they don’t believe in UFO’s and that something will happen in 2012 and from their supercilious attitude I can tell that they only have contempt for people believing in this.
    • This new company is simply the New Universe with new computer screens, which I don’t have myself in the dream because I am creating the new world from inside the old. The journalists may be about the coming marketing of my website. And when I lately have had dreams containing TWO items, it is about the new and old world, where the spirit of Preben as an example is only in the New Universe, where I am still at both places – and the journalists of the dream show the better-knowing attitude of people who eeehhh believe they know and ARE better than all of these “alternative” people “believing” – or knowing is a better word – that something will happen in 2012 and we know what about a NEW UNIVERSE replacing the old for all of you my friends :-).
  • I am at our old row house in Snekkersten, where I am – or should be – preparing for the meeting of Kim’s company with the press, however it is now 11.00 in the morning and I am really not motivated doing this work and instead I am surfing on the Internet looking at beautiful ladies, however I do my best not to find pages, which are crossing the limit (no porn or too challenging in sexual terms, but focusing on what is “natural”) and I am surprised when I hear a workman walking into the house from the small garden and up to me on the first floor and I ask him “what are you doing” to which he replies “nothing dangerous” and he believes I am thinking negatively because of my asking because as he says “this is how everyone thinks” and I tell him that “I am not like others”.
    • This is a dream about what the darkness during the last week has tempted me to do, which is to surf on the Internet looking at beautiful ladies instead of working, but as you can tell from my scripts, I have decided to continue working disciplined every single day even though these days are really not the easiest I have had and I do hope the man from the garden is right; that nothing “dangerous” can happen now. And let me say that I am keeping all of my own basic rules myself, but I don’t believe I would be looking at beautiful ladies on the Internet or the street if I had a normal life in terms of having a beautiful girlfriend.
  • Again I woke up with the words “What do you say when words are not enough” from “Hold me now” by Johnny Logan and what is this about – is it the words of the spirit of Karen?

Continuing to work despite of being worn out and finishing the page on the Barbury Castle crop circle

Today I started working at 09.00 even though I am completely worn out and need REST more than ever before, but I have decided to write the script of today and to finalise my web page on the Barbury Castle crop circle thinking that this was the goal of this weekend or at least before meeting at “work” at Falck on Tuesday, so this is how it is and I feel physically very bad because of exhaustion and the negative speech is now “creeping” almost invisible coming to me where I have nothing much to resist with and it is almost impossible to resist when it comes in this form but still I have decided that I will never give up and my old rules still apply no matter what and despite of what it does, I will NEVER do what is WRONG to do when it comes to actions.

After not having receiving pain or just feelings around my right angle for days, my right heel has begun to feel “annoyed” – and I have been shown the Unicorn for some days, which is an old an important symbol, which I however have not yet understood what symbolises, but I guess it will come to me later.

The Source of life has built a cathedral inside of me to where he has transferred all light and all of “himself”

Today at 12.00 I decided to attend the service of Asger from Den Gyldne Cirkel through the web radio of Selvet even though I knew it would give me extra work to write this chapter and I was told that it is intentional that Asger is participating in the creation through my participation in his services.

The first 30 minutes were again almost impossible to come through, this is how uncomfortable the remaining darkness was – negative speech, threats and also to be alert that my tiredness would not make me lose control to open up for the darkness – but I decided that I could do this once again so this is what I did and I was shown that I am just behind the curtain in the darkness and I see the curtain being pulled up where everything behind it is light.

The darkness tried this time to come through with a wish for everything to die including my late father’s mother, whom I felt, I was shown the Devil as a traditional red Devil and I had to keep saying much of the meditation that “everything will be light and everything will live” and I was shown a military helicopter (of the Devil) flying away with the wind blowing so strongly that people on the ground turned their backs to protect themselves.

Later I felt the Source everywhere inside of me and everywhere in the air of the New Universe and I was told “you can open your eyes yourself when you want to” and I was shown a vision where I was standing outside looking up at a what looked like a finished cathedral and I was told “this is what we are building now” and I understood that this was a reference to my first revelation of the 12th April 2004 where I was shown myself inside of a cathedral with the roof opening and the brightest light shining down upon me with the STRONG eyes of God inside of the light and this is simply what we have now transferred to you in physical life – all of the light and all of “me” as the grand old man here says.

To celebrate this, I bring you this VERY BEAUTIFUL song by Tanita Tikaram, “the Cathedral Song”, which I have enjoyed much since its release in 1989:

I was also shown the New Universe through a pink see through coat made of candy – the little remaining darkness – and later I was shown acrylic chairs and told that “you are looking with the eyes of the Master” and I was given the feeling that this is why I earlier today have received immensely deep feelings having difficulties to hold back my tears of joy when I was listening to beautiful music and here it goes because it is the first time ever I am sharing my home with “someone else” who is myself coming to get me out of here and I was told that the big question for the Source of life was how to transform from this eternal state into something completely different – as the Universe is – and for this purpose “he” was to use me and many others who first at the end should come back for “me” after having given “me” the gift of life, which he told me “this is almost how it feels for me too” and then I was told “what am I (?), this is the next, which follows; who, what and where is inside of the Source speaking to you right now after having changed life form from the old state into something completely different” and I was given the feeling of “dissolving the old condition” but I decided that I will not become tempted to take this decision because this is not a decision which is up to me to take but to the Source self and thinking that even though we are becoming ONE, intellectually I am still the good old Stig not knowing the consequences of such a decision.

After the service, a lady was speaking about a coming course including creative painting – which I wish I could do WHICH I however HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO SKILLS TO DO, I am hopeless (!) – and it INSPIRED Asger to say that his wife told about a young 13 year old underdeveloped girl, who was without hope, people had given up on her, but she was given paint brushes and after two years of painting, she woke up intellectually and has now taken the best exam of the 9th grade of all and Asger, this was to say that God as the Source of life is now awakening inside of me.

Voting on a Swedish song symbolising the Gold of the creator, which has been transferred to me

This afternoon I received an email from two Swedish song writers/singer through YouTube where they encourage me – and others, which you could find (?) – to vote on their song so it will remain at a music chart of the Swedish radio and my dear friends this is what I did after reading the text of the email below because as it says it is about their “song called YOU, which right now is up competing at the Skaraborg chart. YOUR voice would be gold” and we know “YOU” and “GOLD” is really a symbol that I have now become the gold, or the CREATOR, who is moved inside of me with all of his belongings and as Jeanette writes at the end “we would like to stay there”, which is what the Source has decided to do and this is coming from SWEDEN of course as the symbol of JOY and HAPPINESS :-).

Listen to this TIMELESS and beautiful song here:

And here is the email I received – INSPIRATION comes in many different ways as you see:

jerrysillahsongwrite has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Hej! Jag heter Jerry och är en låtskrivare på 27 år. Jag har tillsammans med min klasskamrat på Musik – och Ljudproduktion skrivit en låt som heter YOU, som just nu är uppe och tävlar i Skaraborgstoppen. DIN röst skulle vara guld. Du får gärna lyssna på låten, följ länken på videoklippet och när du har lyssnat, om du gillar den, rösta då genom att fylla i kontakta oss-formuläret till höger på sidan. Eller skicka mejl till skaraborgstoppen@sr.se och skriv ditt namn och adress och vilket bidrag du röstar på (lite konstig röstningsprocedur, jag vet ) Det står ganska tydligt hur man gör där.

Oavsett om du röstar eller inte, ha en bra dag!

Jerry Sillah, Jeanette Norlander – You (skaraborgstoppen )

Hej! Jag och Jeanette Norlander deltar just nu i skaraborgstoppen med låten “YOU”, och vi vill gärna stanna där!
Om du tycker låten är bra så ska du följa länken, lyssna på låten där, gå till “kontakta oss” formuläret och skriva att du röstar på våran låt, YOU, bidrag nr 4.


The final message of the Jerusalem UFO: The creation of a New Universe, a Golden Age, my arrival and materialisation of God

I continued working the rest of the afternoon until 18.00 today – which I thought would be impossible to do in the morning – and by 15.00, I was doing the last part of the work on the new page on the decoding of the Barbury Castle crop circle and the Jerusalem UFO and I was asked if anything is to be amended – where I was given the “motivation” to spread destruction of the darkness to the world and I said “no, nothing” and then I was told “because then we will close together with you closing this work” and by 16.30 I had finished the work, which however had to be edited, which I then started to do, which I will continue doing tomorrow – and it was first possible to create this level one conclusion of the Jerusalem UFO (and Barbury Castle crop circle) after having gone through the detailed level 3 information and made a summary of this as level 2, which is the ONLY way you can work with quality:


(The message of the Jerusalem UFO)

It is perfectly alright for me to continue staying at the housing association if I can find another apartment to stay in!

This evening, I FINALLY received an answer from the housing association I am living in – were you on holiday, Kate (?) – and even though she did not answer my question directly, she still gave me the answer that it is perfectly alright for me to continue staying at the association if I can find another apartment to stay in (!) and that is OF COURSE seen from her perspective today because they cannot do anything else when their rules tell them that I cannot continue staying at Poul-Erik’s apartment (!!!) and my dear friends DO YOU SEE HOW CRAZY PEOPLE AND RULES ARE MAKING LIFE A HELL FOR OTHERS simply because people don’t think and don’t do what is right to do, which is to HELP people and make them happy instead of sad, and of course Kate only wants to help and there was NOTHING at all you could do, Kate, to help me (and Poul-Erik) out (?) and ARE YOU TOTALLY SURE ABOUT THIS??? – or maybe it was simply “too much bother” to follow my recommendation?

Here is her answer:

Hej Stig.

Umiddelbart har jeg intet kendskab til lejligheder her i ejendommen, som der er mulighed for at fremleje – men det kan da være, at der dukker noget op.

Lejligheden i 18, 2-2 er fremlejet.


Ending the day with these short stories, which I often do this way when I have not much energy left to give it a separate headline and summary – or simply when it is only a short story:

  • I was given a vision of dead relatives of mine being filled up in a garage, which is what could have happened and I was told that no one died because I took on much suffering of the darkness myself – also thinking here of Obama and the distribution of darkness to all people of the world helping me – and the story is that if I could not take this “portion” given to me, the darkness would have tried its best to start killing my relatives, friends etc. and we know probably starting with my mother (and probably trying to kill me too) – and I may tell you that these recent weeks and months have NOT been easy to go through where the darkness many times have been much stronger than myself and I had to do my best defeating this stronger opponent because otherwise the darkness would have to be given to someone/somewhere else, which would be fatal to some, which I did my best to avoid because NO ONE IS TO KILL MY MOTHER//RELATIVES YOU KNOW – and still hoping and believing that “energy reserve”, the Source and the Universe would help me the best way possible if I should have “lost it” but I don’t know to what extent (!) – and we know I feel bad about the tragedy of the quake and tsunami of Japan and disasters elsewhere, but this was the only way to come through my friends.
  • I was feeling a previous version of my self from a previous version of the Universe and told that “we are sending light to you too because we cannot stand seeing you like that” (tormented by the darkness).


6th June: The Danish Parliament is “cleaning” up and covering up their wrong doings of the past to prepare my arrival

Dreaming that the Danish Parliament is “cleaning” up and covering up their wrong doings of the past to prepare my arrival

I felt I slept somewhat better tonight hopefully making me less tired all day but we will have to see and we know it is unusually warm today compared to the season (only the beginning of summer) with up to 28 degrees and a cloudburst is coming this way later today and we know there have been days here with a lot of rain and wind for a couple of weeks – suffering you know – and here are some dreams as well:

  • I cannot pay with credit card at a hotel and the telephone does not work.
    • The dream says that I cannot yet leave my waiting hall as the hotel is symbolising and the telephone is spiritual communication, which should be working?
  • I am at a concert with Jeff Lynne at the Falconer centre, he has received my book, his assistant tells me that he has my ring which I can get at anytime by contacting Jeff myself. At one song Jeff has decided to use a combined instrument when playing the bass, which is also used to play a violin, which decreases the sound quality. Kelly Groucutt is also there after having received a special 3 year assistant agreement. I meet two fans, one is a famous radio host and he does not remember the name of the band playing now, which is “touch”.
    • Jeff is here my inner self inside of the Source – because of the ring – and I don’t know why the sound quality is decreasing and maybe because I have discovered more typing errors in my scripts recently where I have not had the energy to do as good editing as I should. And I will have to finalise my work before I will ask for the ring!
  • I am working fine at an office, which I believe is a library, it is closing time, I am smoking and call the Commune, which wants to give me an operation, and something about complications of the operation which needs a special treatment but I decide to sign the operation paper to cover over pain.
    • I am smoking because of the Commune, i.e. the darkness of the Commune forcing me against my will and what are they up to now (?) and is the pain I decide to go through in the dream to cover the pain of my LTO friends?
  • I have now been hired as the new Tax Minister of the Danish government and have received a big and nice looking office, which my mother does not know about yet. I have received a report from the PM and Bertel Haarder – one of the other ministers – enters my office and asks me what the PM said and I tell him that he said that you can only withdraw expenses when you have a voucher and also that this is with retroactive effect, which will get him started. I walk the halls of the Parliament to the basement, where I find the internal kitchen/canteen of the MP’s and where I pour out my coffee into the sink and I don’t notice that it is about to be cleaned, which one of the employees tells me that it is and I tell her not to do it again and I feel that a new election is coming soon so I expect only to be a minister for a short time.
    • I am really open to interpretations on this one because what is the meaning of this (?), is it focus on money, TAX and economy and also your private economy, Bertel (?) – to be sure that you will not be “caught” doing something wrong (?) and coffee is love and warm feelings, so I am pouring out my warm feelings in the sink of the MP’s together with the water (suffering), which is to say that you are cleaning up because you know what is waiting when I will arrive and therefore you are covering up your own wrong doings (?), which may be what is taking warm feelings away from me and bringing me suffering (?) and we know PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE WORLD, THE COUNTRY AND THE POPULATION as long as you are in power and don’t worry too much about your own wrong doings of the past and cover up because this is really darkness, which is driving you!
  • It is Friday afternoon, the time is 16.10, the last day of the month and I am working at DanskeBank-Pension together with Bo (from Dahlberg) and when Kresten (my old manager from DanskeBank-Pension) enters, I tell them that now when they are together I might as well tell them that I have decided to quit – I have received new work somewhere else – which they are sad to hear, and Kresten says that he does understand because if the same pressure of the last five months was to continue, it would break me down and I tell them that I could not continue because the working conditions was the same as it the employees decided for the manager always to wear a red sweater, where he would like to wear another colour himself, which influences you and it has influenced me more than expected.
    • Here I am deciding to quit myself, which is better than being dismissed, which may be because I have done my work to create the foundation of a future normal life for the world, which Danske Bank is to me, and it also says that doing this work is like wearing a red sweater, to have the Devil inside and around you all of the time, which would break me down if the same pressure of the darkness as the last five months – or may I say 5 years – would continue – and when this is written, my vision is BLURRED to give you an example of how this pressure is influencing me.

The darkness tried to “motivate” me to try using the power of the darkness to destroy – just for fun!

This morning I took a new long bath thinking that I will not work as much today – I need some rest at least – and when laying in the tub, I had to resist pretty strong feelings of the darkness given to me trying to motivate me that it could be “funny” just to try using the power of the darkness to destroy something here and there and you know the darkness can be very convincing – try asking people committing crimes or putting down people and enjoying what they do (!) – and here I had to stick to “always do what is right to do” and “don’t be tempted even once to do something else”, which is easier said than done – and I was given the understanding that if I would not have been stronger than the darkness in this last phase of a couple of weeks (?) since I welcomed ALL DARKNESS to come to me, I would have found myself in a situation where I should have decided what to destruct of the world and also to hear the screaming of people dying etc. and this is what I was told and I don’t understand why I am not given this when people have died recently for example in tornados in the U.S. and we know it is “darkness out there” – but still part of me yousee?

Later I had “enough” of immense darkness given to me and thought “I want to receive less” and this made the darkness try to ask me who to kill of relatives, to bring forward my old nightmare again and that “everyone is not welcome”, but I decided to follow my old rule of “keeping it simple”, which was to say that I share the darkness with the Universe, that NO ONE is to be killed, I will NOT accept my old nightmare, that everyone and all darkness is still welcome BUT LESS AT A TIME and the rest will have to be divided by the Universe and we know IT IS I WHO SETS THE RULES AND NOT THE DARKNESS and this is really another example as you can read from this chapter – and now we will see if my wish will come through to receive less suffering.

I first started working at 10.15 today and by lunch I had finalised the script of today and the last 2½ chapters of yesterday – despite of a blurred vision – and after lunch I continued working on the editing of the new page on the decoding of the Jerusalem UFO and Barbury Castle crop circle.

Meshack is “crossing my fingers”

Hi Meshack,

Thank you for your email and your continuous patience, which I appreciate much. You will of course be the first to know what happens also in relation to getting a new job, which I expect to hear about in the coming week and let us see if this is the road of God and if it is, it will be temporarily until the world may find use for me to do something else, which the world may do some day not too long from now.

Take care, my friend.

Here is his email:

Crossing my fingers

Hope you are doing well and the same is with us here back in Kenya. Well as you had asked me i have been dreaming alot about the new changing world order and even to the lay man in the street he can attest that the world is trully channing.

I am just crossing my fingers and praying that you get that job so that the normal life we have been yearning for so long we can have it and at least be able to help some of our friends who have also been faithful to us and who i have always been telling them to be patient for a while and i always feel a burden off my shoulders when i see making a difference to some ones life

I remain praying that the lady and the world will grant your wish

     Kind regards

Finishing work, running and the housing association really do not mind at all for me to continue staying “if only I could”!

At 14.45 I finished editing my new page on the decoding of the Barbury crop circle and the Jerusalem UFO from which time I decided to rest and later in the afternoon to resume my running, which was not easy to do because I felt the after effects of the sickness and tiredness on my body, which physically was feeling “worn out” and even though I could not run very far – I am also still far too heavy – I did my best and after the run I started receiving the good feeling you normally get when your body is coming into shape, which I expect to carry on doing – and I was given the feeling when running of being God inside of the red coat of the darkness still surrounding me but “I’m coming out” really and that is because I want the world to know, Diana :-).

On my way home from the run, I met caretaker Jan, who lives in the apartment underneath me and my old friend Kirsten – who has now declined seeing me after three encouragements and am I really that dreadful, Kirsten or are you avoiding me because of a misunderstanding (?) – recommended me in a short email to ask him if I could rent his apartment because he a living with a lady in another apartment of the association and this is what I did and I understood from him that he knew about my situation from Kate but he told me that he could not rent me his apartment because he needed to sell it because he needs the money for a new apartment he will buy with his girlfriend and then he told me that Kate also had asked him if I could rent his apartment (!) and I told him that it was nice of her to do and isn’t life a wonderful thing (?) and that is because nobody of the association would like me to move but of course it is totally impossible to change their crazy rules (!) and we know this is the board of the association and the ones having the authority to change the rules my friends (!) but I have proven to you that even though your wrong actions sentenced all of us to destruction, we managed to survive and that is because of the basic foundation of love of people and so it is.

The Commune declared me ”normal” again (!), but they broke our agreement when ordering me to do more “work practise”!

Today I received the promised answer through email from Jane from the Commune as follows:

Hej Stig

Jeg har talt med Tine J., der er ingen problemer med at du bliver om matchet til en 1’er. D.v.s. at du nok skal regne med at blive indkaldt og ligeledes få brev om at du skal søge jobs.

Jeg har aftalt med Lars på Falck at du fortsætter så mange timer de nu overhovedet kan finde til dig, det kan godt være at de ærgerligt nok ikke kan komme op på 37 timer om ugen, men så må du lige afvente, at vi finder en anden praktiplads der har arbejde til 37 timer. Det kunne være BRF på et tidspunkt, men nu skal jeg lige tale med dem først.

Pas på dig selv i varmen 🙂

Venlig hilsen
Jane B.

As you can see, she has now decided to send me in ”work practise” against our agreement because you are still not convinced – after speaking to Tine – that I can work 37 hours per week “without problems” (?) and this is the “operation” from the dream this morning, which the Commune has decided to give me and you may understand it is NOT a nice message to receive when you have suffering friends in Kenya hoping that this will go through so I can help them better and that I need to save some money in order to get a new place to live by the 1st November (?) and really because as so much other in this book, this decision is based on ignorance and misunderstandings from people who work as dictators but of course only want to do their best to help (!) – the “work practise” should according to the law be for a maximum of four weeks where after Jane may decide to send me to BRF (?) and we know but on the other hand she may not because the main message of her email, which I was almost forgetting, was that I am now (again) declared “normal”, which should mean that Jane will not be helping me in the future (!) and together with the decision to send me in work practise – the decision of the darkness – the message of this is really that BOTH THE LIGHT AND THE DARKNESS IS NOW MUCH STRONGER THAN BEFORE meaning that the “new system of light” – the New Universe with the new “lamps” – is now OPERATIONAL and because of this, it can take on much more darkness encoding this into light and so it is.

I was thinking if I should follow up on this email of Jane, which I really did not LIKE to do, but I decided to send the email below (in the morning of the 7th June before going to Falck) even though it was uncomfortable to do and the main reason was to hopefully be able to help my LTO friends quicker than what else will be the case and simply by trying to motivate Jane to do what she promised to do (!) – because Tine changed your mind and herewith our agreement, Jane (?) – which was to contact BRF encouraging them to “hire” me, so I will be paid for working instead of being misused grossly.

And I was also thinking that by accepting a full time work, it will take even longer to finish the work on my website and we know receiving déjà vues of this I am when writing this giving me the knowledge that this is indeed THE ROAD OF GOD and again I am thinking that I will probably first finish my work in 2012 (?) giving the Trinity and many others (!) time to do their final preparations making us able to meet the world the best way possible – and my dear Obama, I understand if you are confused by my different messages of when I will end my work but you know as good as I that the Devil is a difficult opponent to be up against, but this is what I believe is the most realistic now and I can only encourage you to keep updated and listen to the Source as I do too :-).

Hej Jane,

Tak for din mail – og tak for at du sendte den til tiden.

For god ordens skyld beder jeg dig venligst læse denne mail omhyggeligt, så vigtige informationer ikke går tabt :-).

Min situation er, at jeg lever for et eksistens minimum, at jeg den 1. november står uden bolig, at jeg ikke har penge til indskud til ny bolig, at kommunen for nylig blankt har afvist at hjælpe mig med bolig, selvom det måtte betyde, at jeg sendes på gaden, og at jeg sender penge hver måned til venner i Kenya for at hjælpe deres næsten desperate kamp for overlevelse.

Jeg havde håbet, at du efter vores møde ville kontakte BRF – som du fortalte, at du ville – med henblik på et LØNNET job, som ville medføre, at jeg kunne spare op til indskud på bolig, få et lidt bedre liv og hjælpe mine desperate venner i Kenya bedre.

I stedet vil du nu sende mig i praktik hos Falck eller hos BRF ”på et tidspunkt” uden at fortælle mig om formålet hermed eller i hvor lang tid, som jeg derfor venligst beder dig informere mig om! Ved vores møde fortalte jeg dig, at jeg arbejder op til 70 timer om ugen, og du svarede, at ”både Tine og jeg tror på, at du arbejder hårdt”, men I tror åbenbart ikke nok til at sende mig direkte i job, og at det vil være ”meget rart” at se i praksis, at jeg virkelig kan arbejde 37 timer om ugen (?) – og derfor sende mig i “praktik” (ganske almindeligt arbejde!) også selv om jeg har været i jeres system i 1½ år, hvor jeg i perioder har arbejde HÅRDT (!) hos Brede Park – og på min hjemmeside ved siden af – som burde være tilstrækkeligt ”bevis” for jer.

Nu hvor I ønsker at disponere over min tid, håber jeg, at du vil prioritere LØNNET ARBEJDE – gerne hos BRF – frem for at sende mig i formålsløs praktik til ca. 66 kr. pr. time – lidt over halvdelen af mindstelønnen – hvor jeg udfører ganske almindeligt arbejde som de øvrige “ansatte”. Det skulle derfor glæde mig, om (du)/jeg kan tage et møde med BRF snarest med henblik på ansættelse, og at du vil følge op på dette uden unødvendig forsinkelse.

Tak for hjælpen, Jane!

Venlige hilsener fra

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The rest of the day I received contradictive messages with the light saying that I am “safe” no matter what happens and the darkness showing itself as the Big Hulk to tell me how strong it is and how much it wants to destroy, which will have to be because of the decision of the Commune both declaring me “normal” (again) and deciding to send me in work practise (!) telling me that the LIGHT is now MUCH stronger being able to convert MUCH more darkness into light and I was also thinking at some stage that the darkness should only be a “thin red coat” now, which I believe in, so I am wondering just how strong or just how long this remaining darkness will be – and hoping that my suffering will decrease as the dream of the night said – and as usual time will tell.
  • I was told “you have fought an impossible fight for weeks keeping the darkness away while we have created the new world, which is now sending out its full light” and also “if there is one time, you have defeated the Devil, it is now”.


7th June: Inserting the big key for the New Universe to start shining the STRONG new light to the world 🙂

Dreaming of trimming the forest, i.e. the Source, which will NOT be with my approval!!!

I felt I slept “almost alright”, but I am really still tired this morning – with these dreams:

  • Something about trimming the forest and cutting over a smaller trunk of the tree, something about an Italian, rock news on the radio and Ove Sprogøe acting as a pixy sitting in the tree.
    • I was NOT happy when receiving this dream and if it is from the darkness, I have only one reply, which is that it is the Source only – the spiritual one you know – taking this decision and there will be NO INROADS to the tree or the Source as it symbolises, which would be an inroad to me and the Universe too – this is about the worst pain of my right angle going to the next level, which it will NEVER do (!) and we know JUST FOR YOU TO KNOW!!!
  • I am at a discothèque with my old friend, Lars, and an immigrant lady comes to speak with him, she has decided that she will not be his girlfriend, which leaves him speechless because he loves that woman.

Inserting the big key for the New Universe to start shining the STRONG new light to the world 🙂

This morning at Falck I was surprised to see that the officer on guard, which today was Robert, did not return from the morning meeting at the canteen at the “normal” time at approx. 09.15 and I thought it was strange that he did not leave a message telling me where he was and when he would be back because this would be “normal” to do.

When he was not there to give me other work, I could FINALLY start doing the work on the internal keys, which you know is symbolising the FINAL arrival of my new inner self and we know he has been on his way for a long time and I can hardly remember all of the stories and explanations I have received over time, but here it is about INSERTING THE BIG KEY TO MAKE OUR NEW UNIVERSE SHINE THE FULL STRENGTH OF LIGHT TO THE WORLD and I had to prepare key receipts for approx. 50-60 employees, which I then did and after having done the first three I heard the Source saying “well, isn’t that my Son coming there” (?) – and I continued doing this work almost breaking down again because of tiredness, extreme heat (at least to me) with almost 100% humidity (which was the difficult part really) making me sweat just by doing office work and the usual negative voice, which was difficult to take not because it was at its strongest but because of my tiredness fighting it and I was told that by going through this suffering too, the world will not have to suffer physical harm and I was shown that no pus will be pressured out of a pimple, which is how it would feel for certain parts of the Universe if they would give the same amount of energy as I by going through destruction in order to release me and my Son!

Finally Robert returned to the office after 10.00 and he was looking very wrong both in his face expression and lack of visible energy and when I asked him if he was “sick”, he told me the truth, which was that his wife could not control “strong feelings” to another man given to her the 18th March – the day after I started with Falck (!) – which made her “fall in” (!) and even though Robert assured me that they are “happy together” and she should not feel tempted by another man, she has now been unfaithful almost for three months even though she loves her husband (!) and my dear friends this is to give you an example of the strength of the darkness, which his wife simply could not resist, which is the same sexual temptations given to me all of the time to do what is wrong in relation to the Internet (!) and the difference is that I have decided to be stronger than the darkness not falling in, which you know is impossible for other people which this example shows and I told Robert that he has two choices and that is for him either to decide being weak not working and living as normal or to be STRONG, NEVER GIVE UP, to continue living and fighting his BEST for his marriage – I was also thinking of their children and home – as he has never fought before and to COMMUNICATE with his wife, which he did the whole night as he told me, and for him and her to take a decision, which this is about because it is NOT an option for the lady to have two men at the same time as I told him, which is what she would like today as he told me (!) and we know Robert was COMPLETELY down and I only saw him for this five minutes, otherwise I don’t believe he was able to work at all – I send my wishes for THE LIGHT TO HELP ROBERT AND HIS WIFE restoring their relation and that is to reduce the strong feelings of his wife towards the other man and for her to choose the man she loves, Robert, together with their children – and this is to tell you that I have experienced exactly the same first in 2003/04 when Karen wanted to be together with me and Kim at the same time led by the same STRONG feelings of the Devil, which she could not control, which was UNACCEPTABLE giving me the worst feeling at the time (!) but I had to accept losing Karen to the Devil and still to keep working my best ever since even when knowing (for certain from 2005/06) that Karen is meant for me and the Devil making her continue to be lovers with other men hurting herself (!) and me even more and HOW DO YOU THINK THIS HAD MADE ME FEEL FOR YEARS (?) and my dear ladies and gentlemen, this is one of my SMALL (!) sufferings but as you can see from Robert, this is what potentially can totally destroy a man making him disabled when it is at its worst, which it has been you know for me ever since meeting Karen, but still life has to continue because I decided I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and this is how it still is here!

Lars decided to come approx. at 10.30 to take over a fire drill from Robert, because he was not “fit” to do it (?) and before leaving we had five minutes together where I told him that I understood he had spoken to Jane from the Commune yesterday, which he indeed had and he was told that I will move from match group 2 to 1 – as I had informed Lars that I asked the Commune to do the other day and we know good to communicate it is – and that she wanted to increase my working hours to “full time” if possible, which made me tell him the truth, which is that I have decided to be positive to what the Commune and Falck may decide on my behalf even though I may have another opinion myself, which I do hope you understood Lars and I do believe this is the case because I told him that it is not me but the Commune who needs “clarification” if I am really able to work full time (!) and for Lars, this made logic (!) because they of course would like to know if I can do this before they will send me out in a job with salary contribution (!!!) and I told him that it is NOT because of considerations to me because I still have my own work of up to 60-70 hours per week, and maybe because you understood this, Lars – how could you at the same time “understand” the Commune too (?) – you decided to find the “golden mean” by “satisfying” both Jane and me when you suggested me to work four days per week with four hours per day giving a total of 16 hours (instead of 9 hours as today) – but NOT 37 hours as Jane was “hoping” – and this was after Lars in the beginning of our conversation had thought about sending me to other Falck stations in Frederikssund and elsewhere to cut their grass (!), which made me tell him that if I was a “normal employee” you would have given me work matching my CV instead of any odd jobs and that what you really could have decided to do was to use my competences helping you to become better managers (!), which I am sure that you are realising, Lars, after our brief conversations of what it takes to improve your work (?) and as you said, this is up to Jesper to decide, and my dear friends, it was indeed Jesper who had “lots of ideas” of how to use my various competences when we had our first meeting together in March but as it goes with so many managers all over the world, you have MANY good ideas but how many of them do you implement and we know close to zero for some because of lack of discipline and hard work (!) – I have worked with some of these managers in my career (!) – and this is why Jesper, you did not “prioritize” to come back to me but instead you found it useful to do your own leader seminars in your summer house and other (social) activities such as receptions and other “important work”?

Lars also told me about Thomas – not the officer on guard but the other Thomas who I also worked together with at the park, who normally works outside here according to the agreement with the Commune – who has not been here for several weeks now to my surprise, and that is that Thomas had a couple of uncontrollable attacks of negativity, which he could not keep to himself, which colleagues from Falck experienced and this is the reason why he was sent home – and now Lars will contact him to help him out and that is really because Thomas is risking the agreement with the Commune to send him out in a “flexjob” as they call it here – and when I heard this, I was told that what this was about was to give you another example of how it is to receive a strong negative voice, which is IMPOSSIBLE for other people to resist, and this is the voice I have received CONSTANTLY for years not making it come through – not even in my own mind – and just to let you know how it is my friends and we know if I could not control this Devil when working for Falck before reaching our Safe Haven, we would all be dead by now!

At the end of the day, USMA – as her name is (!) – from Falck Jobservice came to me asking me to help her with the BIG PHOTOCOPIER, which did not take copies and when I entered the hall of where it is placed, I noticed that the hall was dark without light and therefore I switched on the light and put LOTS OF PAPER into the photocopier, which was all it needed to start working again, and we know a symbol of the STRONG NEW LIGHT being switched on, which will eventually spread my words all over the world, which the photocopier symbolises and this was at the time when I was finishing writing all of the key receipts including a written instruction to the leaders to call the employees to come to the office bringing their keys to sign the receipt, which I was told will symbolise “all the people of the world, who have “seen” me coming” and THERE ARE QUITE A FEW OF YOU OUT THERE but we know with voices drowning without reaching the big masses of the world.

After Falck I did a little shopping and on my way up the stairs to my apartment, I was shown and felt my spiritual self with darkness dragging the (old) Universe and following my physical self one metre behind me tempting me to “destroy” and I could only tell myself (!) to follow my rules because I don’t want ANY DESTRUCTION when going through this phase too and so it is my “friend” :-).

Asking the Commune to withdraw their NEW illegal decision and to give me PAID work with BRF!

When I returned home and after lunch, I was TIRED and not motivated to write the script of today, but you know it had to be done – I don’t want to come behind, and it does not take much relaxation to come behind – and I also decided to send a follow up email to Jane to inform her about my agreement with Falck and now writing to her directly that she is violating the law (not to mention COMMON LOGIC!), which does not allow her – or is it Tine (?) – to send me out in work practise for more than four weeks when belonging to match group 1, which I have done all of the time you know, and therefore I wrote DIRECTLY to her for her to understand that I expect they will withdraw this NEW illegal action and if she really wants to help me, it will be to accept that I will stop at Falck the 16th June as originally agreed (giving her and Tine some days to “consider”) and to give me a PAID job at BRF instead and we know I WILL NOT ACCEPT THEIR SPECIAL OPERATION from the dream (!) because they don’t understand what everyone else can see clearly (!) so now I will have to see if they truly will keep their ILLEGAL order or to do what we agreed on to contact BRF NOW!

Here is the email I decided to write her:

Hej Jane,

I forlængelse af min mail nedenfor har jeg i dag haft en god samtale med Lars hos Falck, og aftalt, at jeg fra næste uge arbejder tirsdag, onsdag, torsdag og fredag fra kl. 9.00 til 13.00, i alt 16 timer om ugen, som vil gælde ”et par uger”, hvorefter vi drøfter spørgsmålet igen.

Imidlertid beder jeg dig venligst være opmærksom på, at denne praktik OGSÅ er ulovlig (!), idet lov om en aktiv beskæftigelsesindsats påbyder en maksimal praktik periode på 4 uger for personer i match gruppe 1, som jeg jo har tilhørt hele tiden, jf. vores aftale fra december 2010, som nu er genbekræftet i din mail nedenfor.

Det var således ulovligt at sende mig til Falck i marts 2011 for en periode på tre måneder – som man kan gøre efter behov (!), som der altså ikke var for mig (!), for folk i gruppe 2 og i parentes bemærket er det heller ikke “opkvalificering” at give mig “kuli-arbejde” hos Falck langt under mine evner – og denne periode udløber nu den 16. juni, som jeg går ud fra står ved magt, fordi I ikke ønsker at overtræde loven?

Bemærk venligst, at de eneste, der har haft behov for en ”afklaring af mine beskæftigelsesmål” er jer, som ikke har arbejdet sammen med mig (!) og ikke Falck, Brede Park og A2B, som jeg har arbejdet for i perioder i 1½ år, som kender mig og som alle har set min fulde arbejdsevne og gode sociale kompetencer og slet ikke jeg selv, som har arbejdet mere end fuld tid hele tiden, som I tilsyneladende ikke helt har troet på, selvom I ved selvsyn kan konstatere omfanget af mit arbejde, hvis I bruger blot få minutter på min hjemmeside og ser ordentligt efter!

Jane, hvis du med andre ord VIRKELIG ønsker at hjælpe mig, så vil det være at frafalde jeres ulovlige krav om praktik og sende mig direkte i LØNNET arbejde hos BRF – gerne med løntilskud, hvis dette skulle være nødvendigt for at ”motivere” dem til at tage ”sådan en som mig”, som altså arbejder bedre end andre og med gode relationer med alle (!) – for hermed vil du hjælpe mig med at få en ny bolig og mine venner i Kenya til at overleve.

Jeg håber, at du kan se, at jeg stadig er positiv og at dette i virkeligheden blot er endnu et eksempel på, at dagens system ikke fungerer!

Tak for hjælpen og hils Tine m.fl. mange gange.

Take care :-).

I ended writing the script at 16.15 and by 16.35 I had published the last three days of scripts to my website, which was not the easiest to do but still it was truly easy to do (!) and we know when you decide to take the right attitude that is – and if I had not, it would have been 1,000 times easier to relax without reaching my goal for a perfect new both spiritual and physical world!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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