June 10, 2011: Ove singing MARIA ELENA out loud symbolising the end of creation and the survival of Virgin Mary


Summary of the script today

8th June: Receiving BLUE GRAPES as my symbol and a WARM WELCOME by everyone of the New Universe

  • Dreaming of arriving at a bar and receiving a drink of blue grapes, which is about my spiritual self arriving at the home of God receiving everything which is, spreading the love of God to a larger crowd, manoeuvring my inner self at place without harming anything or anyone and I like the attitude of people with skills at a high level being as interested in people with skills at a low level as the other way around.
  • Yesterday evening the darkness of my inner self tried to kill me (!) with a wish to kill (parts of) the Universe too, which is what darkness do to “people” (!) but “he” has to maintain my rules as long as I am strong enough, which is ALWAYS (!) so therefore there will be no killing of me or any part of the Universe (!) – and the Source told me that there is almost no more power of the darkness.
  • At Falck it seems impossible to get the IT-list from the IT-department symbolising that the old system, i.e. the old Universe, is no longer maintained, and it is because the IT-department is busy working to improve the efficiency of a new system, which is symbolising that our New Universe will now become more efficient with my arrival when I am transferred as the last man standing from the old to the New Universe – and the darkness I took on me as part of the “final battle” after the Easter 2011 was not strong enough to pass me to start destroying parts of the Universe even though it was stronger than me! I did much of the update on ALL internal keys of Falck today – both at the cabinet and the Excel sheet giving an overview – and when doing this work, I was told that I was receiving access to the New Universe myself! Julia of Falck Jobservice has started a new business with new offices, colleagues, employees, suppliers, customers, business concept, etc., which I know can be VERY STRESSFUL especially when people do not communicate properly, understand and help out but instead become annoyed because of their own selfishness, which is what the officers on guard have become because of her attitude (!) – not to mention their own (?) – and I tell you today about the importance to understand, help and be considerate, which was underlined when a officer substitute from Gentofte today totally ignored me when he invited the Falck colleagues for coffee and cake (!), but Julia was considerate bringing me fruit including BLUE GRAPES, which was because she was positive after speaking to me and inspiration given to her to symbolise “me as everything” and really A WARM WELCOME OF ME BY THE SOURCE AND EVERYONE OF THE NEW UNIVERSE.

9th June: Ove singing MARIA ELENA out loud symbolising the end of creation and the survival of Virgin Mary 🙂

  • Dreaming of being at “paradise” but still receiving threats from the darkness and three dreams about ending my old work of creating the New Universe.
  • The darkness gave me a couple of hours FREEDOM this evening, when it had “connection problems” as my cell phone showed when it sent out a “warning signal” hundreds of times by itself (!) – but later it still had power enough to make me suffer much again.
  • At Falck, Lars told me that Thomas – from the park – had not shown up for a meeting early this morning, and I offered to help out by calling Thomas, which I did, and despite of my offer to speak to, listen and help him with his life really, Thomas decided to come straight away to collect his things “in the closet” of the station, which was what was needed for him to come out of the closet of “negative thoughts” in order to return to the world 🙂 – he met with Lars and I hope things will now work out for him. I saw Lars working today, which shortly can be described as “slow and careless“, which disappointed me much. I presented Lars for my instructions on internal keys of the employees and he will now call in the employees to sign key receipts and finally I went “in the closet” of God – starting to clean closets of office supplies etc. – symbolising my return home and choosing my “weapons” from the toolbox of God to bring home my children.
  • I met two young ladies from “the church of Jesus Christ”, who wanted to hear if I have faith (!), which ended by me encouraging them to read my website with the true question being: DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN ME and will you help me bring home my children?
  • I received an answer from Jane from the Commune on my emails, which influenced her now to decide to keep the law (!) and to bring up “my case” with BRF already today instead of “at some time” as she decided the other day. It also seems that my “work practise” at Falck is coming to an end after all even though the Commune decided to extend my stay there “as many hours as possible” just the other day. What will happen now (?), does BRF want “somebody like me” because “it is not easy to do” (!), as Jane wrote and that is even though the Commune will pay some of my pay.
  • I was completely destroyed already before visiting my aunt Inge and her husband Ove again this evening with the goal to set up her computer enabling her to find and burn music on CD’s from the Internet and before dinner, I burned the first CD with Helmut Lotti and when Ove heard the first song playing – MARIA ELENA of course – he could not help to break out SINGING LOUD to this favourite song of his, which was the ultimate goal I set at my last visit the 15th May as the symbol of finalising the creation of the New Universe by the Trinity and to have Virgin Mary – the spirit of my mother – surviving too, which is what we did today also enabling me as the last part of the Trinity to write the “code of life”, and I felt the spirit of my mother through Ove again today still alive and kicking :-).

10th June: People of other civilizations are lifting up life on Earth while darkness of Earth is making them suffer

  • Dreaming of people of other civilizations lifting up life on Earth while darkness of Earth is making them suffer, and intact human values of original Asian people.
  • I was COMPLETELY destroyed after the work of CREATION making me take most of the day off.


8th June: Receiving BLUE GRAPES as my symbol and a WARM WELCOME by everyone of the New Universe

Dreaming of my spiritual self arriving at the home of God receiving everything which is

“Another day has gone, I’m still all alone” – and still carrying on even though you are not here with me (!) – after another night still alone with light sleep only still making me tired and another new day where I will have to suppress the tiredness yet again to do a new “normal” day – and a few dreams:

  • I am together with four people from Jutland, Denmark, a night in town, we reach a bar with all the drinks you can get and I decide for one made of blue grapes and apple and accept the suggestion of the waiter for it to be “strong” but am surprised when I hear it costs100 DKK. One of the others is a young man, who intends to party “all night long” and still he has to host a television show in the morning.
    • Let me say what has come to me more and more strongly over the last days and weeks and that is that I don’t agree with dreams saying than one beer, a glass of wine or even a drink is a dream of the darkness – they are dreams of the light and really to say that I am changing from the darkness to the light these days and that is the spiritual self of me and what he will hopefully bring to me, which may be a step up when it comes to “normal life” and improvement also when it comes to less suffering 🙂 – and that is because as long as you are moderate, it is a pleasure to have a “drink” for example as I had at the square of Helsingør the other day – and it also makes me think of the dream the other day of you Paul, which is that STRANDgade is suffering, and the drink we have together is because we like each other and I miss you as a friend as I also do with Fuggi, Jack, Lars, Rene and several others, my friends!
    • And here the bar is the symbol of the home of God, blue is my colour so here I am arriving, the grapes is “everything which is”, which is what I get through this drink and dream – what is happening in real life.
  • I am at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm at a “pretty large” hall at the inner city, I am wondering why they don’t hold the final at one of the largest arenas – like Globen – and here I see people eating at tables after having taken from a large buffet, my mother is there asking a lady about how the food is, and the lady says “fine” without even thinking of returning the question, which is she normally is, which makes me feel bad, on the stage musicians play some of the most popular songs of historic contests, and an old Danish song is VERY popular by the Swedish audience. The buffet including one cognac was 500 SEK, which I thought was expensive.
    • The venue of the people of God is growing as the number of visitors to my website is – many searching for “love symbol” and coming to my script of the 29th May, where I wrote about this symbol of Prince/God and also the story of “King Messi” when FC Barcelona won the Champions League Final, in fact this script has become the most popular so far – but is still not the largest, but the hall of the dream was a fine place, which I like much – quality and “good style” you know – the music is “love is God, God is love”, a Danish man can be popular in Stockholm, which is still the place of Joy and Hapiness, because many Swedes like Danes as I experienced when working in Stockholm in 2001. And here one cognac is still fine.
  • I have parked my small Peugeot 206 at the centre of Copenhagen, it is parked VERY close to the car both in front and back of it and I am now manoeuvring out the car, which is not easy but I manage to get it out without hitting the cars in front and back of me.
    • This will have to be manoeuvring my inner self at place, which seems to go fine not harming anything or anyone.
  • I have played a round of amateur golf and am now coming to one of the final holes of the professionals playing – I don’t know exactly where to park my car, but somehow I have now arrived to see them play the last part of the hole where after I walk with one of the professionals, who is interested in the amateur round I just did and ask me open questions before I do the same to him and what I like very much is his attitude and open interest to know as much about me as I about him and not to do what most people of today would do in his position, which is to think he is better than others and that he really does not care about the round of an amateur golfer as me – and is this also to say that I have stepped up a level?

The darkness of my inner self pressures “him” to try to kill “me” and part of the Universe – but no way!

Yesterday evening I had the “pleasure” to experience my inner self showing himself standing behind me with a knife in the hand wanting to stab me to kill me (!) – this is what darkness can make you do (!) – and asking me for permission doing this and all I could say was the truth that you have the freedom to do whatever you want, but it is impossible for “you” to kill “me” because you will have to get rid of the entire Universe first and this is how it is to be the best protected of all, which “he” knows as well as “I” – but still not very nice to experience this situation giving me some nervousness I tell you (!) – and for days I have received the “kill, kill, kill” command again, and shown my left foot as a stump with the foot hanging on to it loosely – showing me the risk of physically harming the Universe – and this evening I was shown the orange colour in direct connection with this command and told “we can hardly do this anymore, but it is not all over yet”.

I decided to take the risk of going directly at the throat of the darkness of the Commune

I was thinking this evening that I decided to go directly at the throat of the darkness of the system once more as I also did in 2010 and really with the risk that they may take up my case again and start looking into detail at my website and what will you decide to do if you should do this and discover what I have written about you and Falck, would this be enough for you to once again command me not to use my freedom of speech – and to remove my cash help if I don’t follow your orders (?) – as you also ILLEGALLY did last year and even more important when you violated my basic human rights (?) and just thinking I am of how much you have learned since and how much you are still willing to fight me?

Receiving BLUE GRAPES as my symbol and a WARM WELCOME by everyone of the New Universe

I started the day at Falck by calling ”my good friend”, Boy, at the IT-department to do the weekly follow up to hear if and when he will be able to produce the list from the IT-system of subscribers, which I ordered in May and somehow this man has now become so busy that it is simply “impossible” for him to produce this list and now because Falck has spent “many millions of DKK over the budget” on a new system, where the price is calculated according to the CPU-usage of the IT-system and this is why it is so important for him to work on this system to decrease the CPU usage, which is really the same as saying to make it more effective and my dear friends after this he has IT-operations to take care of before he can even think of spending 1-2 hours to produce my list and what is all this about (?) and really just a symbol of closing down the system of the old world, which is no longer maintained (!) and to make the New Universe more effective through the arrival of my inner self and we know transferring myself as the “last man standing” from the old to the New Universe and I wonder if this will happen gradually or instantly and so far it looks as if it will happen gradually and we will have to see of course.

Today I was really hoping that Robert would be here – I would be happy to see him strong at work again – but to my surprise it was Martin, one of the officers on guard of Gentofte, who comes once a month to Lyngby as part of a duty roaster and after a short introduction, he became very inspired when he received a thought which he simply could not help bringing to life, which was when he saw two colleagues outside, which made him grab the microphone – sending his voice out over the entire “farm” of Falck – to say that “blue bands are to work and the yellow bands can come up” and as people in Denmark will know, the band is the band you wear on your angle when visiting a public swimming bath and here the symbolism is that because of the work of the “blue” – that is me you know – the yellow bands – which is the Universe as you also know – can now exit the swimming bath and that is of course to smile with relief without suffering of what may come and that is because it means that the darkness of my inner self was not strong enough to destroy any part of our Universe because I would not allow it and we know as we were hoping and planning my friend (!) even though the darkness was stronger than me, thus also my inner self and so it is.

So instead of working on the ”old system” – the old key service for subscribers – I continued working on the internal keys of Falck and after having written the receipts to be signed for employees yesterday – where I by the way was told that when employees will come to sign these, I will receive gold (which is symbolising “creation/creator”) when I will be connected to people who have received visions of my arrival – I decided to go through ALL of the keys hanging in the key cabinet and before starting a job like this with 150-200 different keys, the job may seem impossible to overview, which it also was to me but again the old “secret” of “just do it” by starting from one end and then to take it step by step came into force because not long after starting the job, it became easier to oversee and when I did the work, I was told that you have created a new system of “board meetings” – shouldn’t it be “Council meetings” my friends (?) – for the entire Universe (uniting the Universe) and that by doing this work – my inner self is working with the energy I produce you know – I was receiving access to the New Universe.

I continued this work the rest of the day and I could tell that the cabinet and the Excel sheet containing the overview of it had not been updated for almost two years (!) and again it showed lack of discipline and by whom (?) and of course by the leaders having the responsibility and especially Robert having the responsibility of this particular task and we know it must be nice for you Robert to have me helping you so you don’t have to do this “dull” work yourself?

I did many updates, which also included to get an overview of the total number of ambulances, fire engines and other vehicles of the station to update the system with the actual vehicles and reserve keys – and remove information from vehicles no longer here – and by the end of the day I had done this – and now I really need to have one of the officers to come back – Lars will come tomorrow – to call in the employees to come to the office to sign the new key receipts, where I/we at the same time will control the exact keys, they have received and with this information I will update the last piece of the Excel system giving an overview of all of the internal keys and we know which is impossible to do, Robert (?) and that is only “in your mind” if you decide to block instead of opening up when you are tempted to do something “for your pleasure” instead of truly being disciplined and this is at the same time some of the best music ever made – by Roxy Music – to tell you about my feelings of you and your colleagues and it does not get any better than this (!) and the song is almost surprisingly fantastic in this version too and at least at the same level as Bryan and co., fantastic Jim and co. :-).

For some time I have noticed that Julia and Usma from Jobservice when sitting in the old meeting room – their new office – next to the officer and me in the front office, have decided to close the door when holding meetings – with “citizens” and colleagues/others coming on visit – and when you do not communicate properly in order to understand each other’s need, this can be annoying because it blocks us from the front office to the closets in their office and the “normal” passage way to the kitchen and bathroom and today was another small test because Julia came to me to say that she would close the door at 10.00 because of a meeting with a “citizen” – I don’t like to use that word about people as you know, Julia 🙂 – which she would hold at the office and I had really just agreed with Martin to get access to the key cabinet inside of their office and therefore I asked her if it would be possible for her to take the meeting at the new small office – the one with the new blue carpet – instead and I noticed that she did not like my request but she decided to accept it so this is what she did while I controlled all of they keys at the key cabinet and while I did this, I noticed that if I wanted to overhear what she spoke with the man – or “client” or “customer”, Julia 🙂 – about, I could have done it but as usual I decided not to pay attention to what did not concern me and after her meeting, I thanked her for holding the meeting at the small office making it possible for me to work too at the same time and I decided to tell her – if she did not know – that it was possible to hear what they spoke of and she truly did know and this was the reason why she wanted to hold the meeting at the big office instead with the door closed and when I asked her about the option to use the small office on the other side, which would not interfere with the employees of the station, she said that this was “too private” – having television and a bed in there too – which I understood and I thought about what I would do in her situation and therefore I gave her the idea to attend the next monthly co-ordination meeting with the officers of guard of the Falck station to COMMUNICATE in order to agree on the “living rules” of both parties, which includes to UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER and to FIND THE BEST SOLUTION FOR BOTH PARTIES of how to work together and to use the rooms without annoying each other, which should be simple logic for everyone to understand is the best to do but because people are “so busy” today, the place they cut down is often on IMPORTANT communication and what is then the result (?) and we know SELFISH PEOPLE BECOMING ANNOYED ON EACH OTHER WHEN THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE NEED OF THE OTHER PARTY AND ONLY THINK OF THEMSELVES (!) and we know Robert told me not that long ago that he simply “had had enough of them” (!) and my dear friends, how do you believe it is for one lady to start up an entirely new business in new surroundings with new employees (?) and at least new colleagues of the Falck station, new “suppliers” of two Communes bringing forward their “demands/orders” and new “customers” (the “citizens” you know) at the same time as having to figure out what to do with a new carpet, IT-system, furniture, business concept etc. and we know VERY MUCH STRESS where she wants to do her best making other people happy but how easy is it today, Julia, to make other people happy when they are SELFISH ONLY THINKING ON THEMSELVES and that includes these officers of guard of the Falck Station (!) – which you of course will not admit is the case (?) – and we know just another example to show you how ruthless the world has become with people not being “able” able to see this themselves, but maybe Julia will understand the truth of this (?) and maybe it was nice for you to have somebody understanding your troubles, Julia (?) – and maybe you will think positively about my suggestion instead of just telling the officers “I will now close the door”, which is NOT enough to make people understand. And this is also a story of showing CONSIDERATION by UNDERSTANDING and HELPING each other and not for people to come into an office laughing and speaking loudly as three Falck colleagues did when Julia had her meeting, which she heard and annoyed her, which I understand, Julia and just saying that there is no BIG BROTHER watching over you but some of my favourite music too 🙂 – but when will you start to REMASTER this masterpiece, my friends in the music “business”?

And the story was underlined by Martin, the substitute today who almost had nothing to do but he had time telling the colleagues that there would be coffee and cake later and when I asked him if they had something to celebrate, he told me that this was not the case, and at 11.20, his wife and small son of 10 months arrived, which made him use the microphone again calling the station to say that now there was coffee and cake and I looked at him in disbelief leaving the door without saying anything to me (!) and afterwards to see him sitting outside with the colleagues having coffee and cake – a not planned break vy the way – and because I am just a “coolie” coming from the Commune, I am of course not one of them so therefore I was NOT invited for the cake (!) and my dear friends do you believe this made me happy or sad (?) and DO YOU SEE HOW WRONG THIS IS (?) – and the POSITIVE underline was when Julia afterwards to my surprise brought me a plate with strawberries, a pear, banana and of all things of course also BLUE GRAPES – symbolising “ME AS EVERYTHING” – and this is how we welcome you my child with everyone standing behind me at ours/yours new Universe and here I am given extreme FEELINGS of warmth from everyone, who knows what I have been going through to save all of you/us and my dear friends THANK YOU and also THANK YOU, JULIA because as I told you, what you did is one of those small things making people HAPPY 🙂 – and do you believe I prefer to see Julia’s or Martin’s behaviour in the future (?) and I will let it up to decide :-). When I received the grapes I was told “you have stepped directly into the new world, where I have made everything ready for you”, which was the Source welcoming me.

Finally, a few words on the VERY NICE LIGHT BLUE MERCEDES COUPE standing in the garage, which one of the employees have imported from California and the same day when the lorry hit the roof of the viaduct in Lyngby some time ago, I was given this car as the symbol of our perfect new world – also physically (!) – and today when I left at 12.00, the employee was working on it and I decided to approach him and talk to him and he told me that it was a 1970 model, which I had guessed on, and that it is perfect because there is no snow, salt or humidity in California and therefore no rust on it and seen from the outside, it looks “BRAND NEW” but he is replacing old spare parts here and there and will later improve the engine of it and my dear friends this is ANOTHER SYMBOL OF OUR NEW WORLD, which is saying that our physical world will become PERFECT TOO after some work, which we will continue doing and also that there will be no “snow”, which is suffering in this place of JOY AND HAPPINES and so it is.

When I came home I felt the spirit of my mother as part of me coming to me from my right and she was welcoming me to the New Universe and I was told that if my mother had died physically had I not been able to keep the darkness away from taking her, she would still be part of the spiritual Universe to be resurrected after my arrival because “this is how far we have come”.

The darkness had “connections problems” to attach to me

During the evening I first experienced a couple of hours almost without suffering, which was truly a blessing where I could relax mentally without being on alert all of the time, without receiving negativity over and over again and without contracting my huddling into my self – contracting – as a defence, which I still fight every day and really trying my best to let the darkness enter me and flow inside of me without “breaking down” – and I was IMMENSELY TIRED AT THE MAXIMUM LEVEL ALL EVENING – and in this period my cell phone started giving a warning signal hundreds of times without me touching it, which was IMPOSSIBLE to stop even when pushing “cancel” and it said “connection problems” after trying by itself (!) to connect to Google talk (searching the Internet, which I had NOT “asked” it to do) and when this is written, I tried doing this manually where it said “connection problems” again because I don’t have access to the Internet but now when I pushed the “cancel” button, it really cancelled, which it did not this evening, when this button was “disabled”, which was in order to give you this story, and I really understood that this was the darkness having problems connecting to me and hopefully because this is a signal saying that the pump of darkness is drying up and there is NO MORE to fill it up.

Later I received the worst suffering again, when I was shown the dark side of me, who did not want to enter the light of the New world (!) – I was told that it will take until Christmas for me to return fully from the old to the new world – and a part of the suffering these days are also my heart being “grabbed” and “pressured” as by a hand, which is not the best feeling in the world to receive and also extreme provocations for example playing the same pieces of music for me over and over again just enough for me not to remember what it is, which is the kind of behaviour, which would make people “crazy” showing their full temper, which is what I still have decided that I don’t want to do not even once and so it is – and we know a TERRIBLE evening, but you are welcome because I am encoding more light to darkness every single minute.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 07.55 and kept on until 15.15 today being immensely tired but heard about that one, you have (?) – maybe in a moment in paradise (?), which we will “zoom” in on now 🙂 – and I was thinking about running too but I am really so tired that it crosses my border to being able to run and so it is.
  • I have received incredible appreciation from the Universe for being alive lately, which I have decided not to include in my scripts except from this bullet point and really because I wrote down the appreciation, when it was a game by the darkness, which we know was a general rehearsal of what we are going through now, so YOU ARE WELCOME, MY FRIENDS and I would like to thank you for helping out all of you in order to help us all.
  • A new cloudburst today over Denmark was to symbolise the actions of the Commune, which is making me SUFFER – and so far this is what they have done to me every single time despite of their “desire” to “help”.
  • An old thought, which comes to me often and here just shortly: NO WOMAN LOOKS PERFECT TO ME and I HAVE NEVER DONE “PERFECT” WORK, which is because of the feelings of the Source inside of me, who will build a “perfect woman” as my future wife – Karen you know, who will receive a new look – and a perfect new world.
  • Did you watch Kim S’ wife Pernille on Danish TV news this evening speaking about how annoying it would be for her if Cimber Sterling should stop flying domestic routes, which she uses often and we know just a symbol of a “plane” and all the darkness you have delivered through your influence on your husband, Pernille, and that is not only lately, but maybe some day you will tell the world just how “skilled” you are and that is not only as a lawyer but also in relation to misunderstanding and opposing me?
  • These days, clouds of ash from Chile’s Puyehue volcano have forced hundreds of flights to be cancelled as another symbol of landing the plane of the Devil.


9th June: Ove singing MARIA ELENA out loud symbolising the end of creation and the survival of Virgin Mary 🙂

Dreaming of ending my work creating the New Universe

After another poor night of sleep, I am STILL very tired this morning and thinking “how am I able to go through yet another day pretending it to be a normal day” and when will this life become easier to live – the day when the Commune will decide to help me so I can help Meshack and the team receive a better life before I can get it myself (?) and we know in this situation it is truly not nice to be stuck in bureaucracy of ignorant people and the feeling is exactly the same as in 2009 where I waited for days to receive feedback from my sister and she ran from her promise back then and is this what Jane will do too (?) – to run from her promise to ask BRF for a job for me – and as usual, some dreams:

  • I am together with two others in Tivoli, they own a stock of souvenirs, and they are criticized for having too high profits and they tell me that they sell a minimum of 3-4 items per hallway of stock per family but also that they are willing to do an exception for me, and he brings me a fantastic looking coat in red, which is a little bit too long on the sleeves, which I however roll up, the coat is of fantastic material and is 2.5 times cheaper than expected.
    • Tivoli is still “our paradise”, I don’t believe in giving one or some people “special treatment” not having to follow rules, which apply for others – and what is the coat about (?), which may be my inner self trying to deflect darkness to me by giving me threats of my old nightmare and really because I several times was woken up with old “love symbols” like a lobster and also because I had an uncomfortable dream telling more than what I like to write here.
  • I had three different dreams about saying goodbye, one was to say goodbye to Sparbank Vest and thank for our co-operation, which makes people receive a lump in the throat, another where I have three days left before leaving my work, where I decide to attend a course the last three days but where Søren H. calls me to say that he would like me to reserve three hours for a lunch on my last day (!), and finally a dream where I am going with Lisbeth and Søren H. to Sparbank Vest to mark the ending of our co-operation, where Lisbeth as usual is creative when finding a gift, which consists of a large portion of French fries, which she will pack into a long white fabric, which she tightens out on a small lawn and discover that it is one metre short, I see the three of us in a hallway of a company where very large piles of paper pictures lie on a cupboard, and I think of starting to look at the pictures, Sparbank Vest is going to take over the service of the insurance program themselves through their employee Rene and when we arrive, Lisbeth tells them that she will be moving her kitchen to Slagelse.
    • Is this my old job creating the New Universe, which is ending here – giving the Universe “free” so to say – and here shown to me three times symbolising the work of the Trinity. All of the pictures on the cupboard, i.e. the “toolbox of God” is a symbol of people who will be approved to enter our new kingdom and we are just waiting to start bringing out all of these pictures.

Looking “in the closet” symbolising my return home to the “toolbox” of God

I started working at 07.55 with the script today and when I arrived later at Falk, I had the pleasure of working together with Lars, who had his FIRST official working day at a day where I was also working, and before he left for a meeting shortly after 09.00, I asked him if he had work for me to do because I was not sure if I would have enough work for the whole day and he told me to order items for the ambulance “pipe” according to the order list received from Jimmy, the leader of the ambulances, and then he told me that Thomas – the one from the park – had NOT arrived this morning at 08.00 at a meeting, which they had agreed on and I offered to call Thomas because I have good relations with him as I explained Lars and I encouraged Lars to NEVER GIVE UP ON THOMAS, which I could see from his reaction that he was about too but just maybe my encouragement to you made a difference, Lars (?), and then Lars left for the meeting telling me that it would be fine for Thomas to come by after 15.00 instead today.

So I called Thomas and told offered him to meet for us to talk and for me to listen to and help him because it is his life we speak of, which he did not really react to and instead he was more focussed to come and get his belongings “in the closet” at the Station here and now and I could only repeat my offer to speak and that if he had an outbreak of anger, he should know that everyone as myself care much for him, that you will get a long way with an excuse and that I encouraged him to come by after 15.00 for him to speak to Lars – but what did he decide to do (?) and that was to come straight away to the Station (“what the heart is full of”) and I was hoping that just by listening to my voice, that healing would be sent to him bringing him down and helping him to come through too. Maybe one hour later, Lars called me from his meeting where he had been told that Thomas had now arrived to the station and I told shortly what I had told Thomas and that he had decided to come straight away, which motivated Lars to leave his meeting, to “catch” Thomas and to speak to him, and afterwards he said that Thomas would now speak to Jane from the Commune so I hope that everything will work out well for him – and Jesper was also here thanking me much for caring and calling Thomas and I was happy to see your “social heart”, Jesper and also that you have not given up on Thomas, because he is truly a very nice man and this is how it is and was my friend :-).

In the mean time, I had keyed in the about 15 different orders of ambulance items and the order list compared to the system is still some of the most illogical I have ever seen – how many items to order (?), when the order list says one and the system something else in relation to quantum, pieces or “boxes of” – and after being in much doubt I left a note for Lars asking him to CAREFULLY control what I had keyed in and encouraging him to IMPROVE the list, and when Lars returned, I was now in Julia’s office cleaning up the big cupboards with office articles (belonging to the station) and when I returned to the front office, I asked Lars if he had understood my note to him, which he had not because he had simply returned the order list to Jimmy without doing or understanding anything (!) and yes Lars as I told you “please read my notes carefully” (!), which you by now have seen some examples of that people often DO NOT DO (!), so what happened (?) and only that Lars now walked to Jimmy’s office to get the order list, to agree with me that it is very illogical and after going through a couple of examples to decide that “you can key in the orders and approve it too” – which meant that I had to key in all orders once again because the “time limit” of the first had run out – so this is what I did and even though I did my best, I am almost sure that I misunderstood some of the orders of Jimmy and what does this tell me (?) and only CARELESSNESS of people like Lars where it does not really matter for you if you have understood and work accurately (many of you out there today!) and that you could not dream of taking an initiative to improve what needs to be improved (?) and yes Lars, you DISAPPOINTED me much today because of your WRONG attitude and what did you prefer instead (?) and that was to go out smoking outside and speaking socially with your colleagues (!) and we know when you returned and I saw how you are working, it was clear for me to see that “slow” is the best way to describe it and yes Lars, isn’t this the truth because you really don’t like doing office work but prefer to put out fires?

I presented Lars for the written instruction on the internal keys, which I had prepared, asking him to call in all employees, which he promised to do and also to inform the other managers on the instructions – and when there was no more work to do, I decided to look “in the closet” to start the before mentioned cleaning up of the closets of Julia’s office, which I could not finish because she had a meeting behind closed doors at 11.00 🙂 – but instead I started cleaning up the smaller closets at the front office and my friends, even though they did not look that untidy, the first, which I did today, contained many old package receipts, order on clothes, diverse items etc., which could be thrown out or placed elsewhere, where people can find it (!) and that was after allying with Lars to be sure that I did not throw out something, which they needed and my dear friends, I am here looking at a office, where people are NOT busy, but still they have not had the “time” to do a key service system for customers for 40 years, to update their internal keys for 1½-2 years and to fulfil a basic requirement to have clean offices – would you like to work as a chef in an untidy kitchen (?), which this can be compared with – and what is the reason (?) and that is simply LAZINESS and CARELESSNESS of undisciplined people, who LOVES to talk, talk and talk and do I need to give you more examples (?) – and as you know THIS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME NOT LIKING THE PEOPLE HERE BECAUSE AS EVERYONE KNOWS, I LIKE THESE PEOPLE VERY MUCH TOO – but you have to do SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT YOU DO TODAY, which should NOT be necessary for me to tell you, but this is how it is – so therefore!

And the symbol of cleaning up the closets is to say that I have arrived and have decided to only pick out the tools of the toolbox of God as I need in real life to bring all children back to me.

Today was about me looking “in the closet” of God, so what is better than to bring forward the man, who did the “in the closet” at the high point of his career in 1991 – the man who is also “in the closet” of me to bring forward to the world again and that is if you want to see “him” (?) – and this music and video is as beautiful as it gets also showing you “good taste” of how to display “beautiful people” if this is what you want:

Meeting two young ladies from “the church of Jesus Christ”: DO YOU HAVE FAITH IN ME?

On my way home from Falck, I met two young ladies from “Jesu Kristi Kirke” (“the church of Jesus Christ” also known as “the mormons”), who stopped me to ask me if “I believe” and I could only tell that for me personally it is a question of “I am” and for everyone else “to believe”, which was a message I had to repeat a couple of times to start making them understand what I told them, which was that “the day of his return has now come”, there is ONE GOD and ONE PEOPLE, there will be one philosophy, which will replace all manmade religions (creating conflicts of the world) and their “textbooks” including the one they were carrying in their hands and I wrote down my name encouraging them to look me up at the internet to see the 3,000 pages I have written about this including good behaviour/communication/work and that the true question is not about my faith but whether or not they will have faith in me because you may ask yourself “can this really be true” when you open my website, and if you decide to read, you will understand that I am true, and if you decide not to read, the truth will first come to you later, so me dear young ladies and missionaries, your call to help people believe in this godforsaken community is truly important as I told you but will you decide to teach people on basis of your old book or my new gospel replacing your book (?) – and yes THIS IS TRULY WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN to answer your question 🙂 – and this meeting was also to tell you that I have returned home, the mission is now to bring home all of my children, which I hope you and everyone else will help me doing?

The Commune confirming that they will speak to BRF now, will keep the law and stop my work practise for Falck

When I returned home, I was happy to receive the email below from Jane from the Commune answering my emails from the day before yesterday and as you can see from the email, I was actually placed in match group 1 after my meeting with the Commune in December 2010 until the 10th March 2011, where I was replaced in group 2 and that is NOT after having had a new meeting with the Commune, Jane, as you write – because I had NO meeting with the Commune before the 10th March – but was it because this was the easiest for you to do, Tine (?), which was also the case when you “forgot” to inform me about this (?) and of course I understand your email Jane because this is to say that you did nothing illegal when sending me to Falck for three months from the 17th March (?) – because this was legal for you to do when I was placed in group 2 and then it does not matter that your decision was WRONG screaming to Heaven (!) and that I was NOT informed of being in group 2 (???) – and later in her email, Janes confirms that “work practise” according to the LAW – when will you start thinking logically instead of looking at the crazy law (?) – is “possible” to do for a maximum of four weeks when you belong to group 1 and here it comes “I will mention your case for BRF today”, which was really what I asked you to do – thank you – and from here we will see if they will offer me “practise work” for four weeks before they will “consider” giving me “ordinary work”, where Jane can help by paying part of my salary and my dear friends “it is not easy to do” as Jane writes and that is to find a job for “somebody like me” because “who in the world would like to have somebody like me working for them” (?) even when receiving salary contribution and we know THIS IS SADLY THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORLD YOU ARE LEAVING my friend in order to set up the new physical world SUPPORTED BY THE NEW SPIRITUAL WORLD and let us see if this will be POSSIBLE to carry out, which we believe it just may be (to say the least) :-).

And do I have to tell you that it now looks as if my “work practise” at Falck is coming to an end after all and that I will consequently not have to “continue working as many hours they (Falck) can find for me at all” as she wrote the other day putting me at a new “waiting shelf” until I may come to BRF “at some time” and we know, I am doing this in the efforts to receive an income to help out my LTO friends, but if anyone out there should think it is more important for me to finish my writings in order to help the WHOLE world sooner than later, I would of course be happy to receive donations from you but what are the chances for “somebody” to start doing this (?) and I am just wondering of course.

Here is her email to me:

Hej Stig

Jeg har fået 2 mails fra dig og jeg skal prøve at svare på begge to her:

Jeg kan godt forstå, at du rigtig gerne vil tjene penge og målet er altid for os at du kommer i selvforsørgelse.

Nedenunder er de match der er udført i systemet efter samtale med dig.

match 2 :        19.04.2010 til 17.12.2010
match 1:        17.12.2010 til 10.03.2011
match 2:        10.03.2011 til den dag Tine Jørgensen på foranledning af vores snak i jobcenteret ændrer din match 2 til match 1. (dette vil ske snarest en af dagene fra d.d.)

Når man er match 2 får man mulighed for at være i en længervarende praktik og kan arbejde under 37 timer. Når man er match 1 får man mulighed for praktik i 4 uger og typisk i 37 timer.

Jeg ville ønske at jeg havde ordinært job til dig p.t. , jeg leder naturligvis efter et til dig, dog er det ikke let hvilket du selv har erfaret. Jeg vil nævne din sag for BRF kredit d.d. men vil det højst sandsynligt være sådan, at de tilbyder dig en praktiplads først – og dernæst håber jeg for dig, at de tilbyder dig ordinært arbejde og jeg kan tilbyde dem f.eks. løntilskud og/eller mentortilskud.

Sandsynligheden for at de ansætter ordinært kan godt stige – hvis det er en person de har haft i længere tid, f.eks. 3 mdr. Det giver plads til at de lærer dig at kende og de kan evt. bedre se hvor en mand med dine gode evner kunne passe ind.

Med en praktik på 4 uger – nedsættes muligheden – men jeg respekterer dine ønsker om at være i match 1 – og jeg skal gøre mit bedste når jeg taler med dem i dag hos BRF kl. 11.

Venlig hilsen
Jane B.

After reading her email, I decided to send her this short reply:

Kære Jane,

Mange tak for din venlige mail og opfølgning.

Når du gør dit bedste, kan jeg ikke bede om mere 🙂 – jeg glæder mig til at høre fra dig igen efter din samtale med BRF, og jeg vil respektere, hvad I kommer frem til i.f.t. match gruppe 1.

Venlige hilsener fra

Ove singing MARIA ELENA out loud symbolising the end of creation and the survival of Virgin Mary 🙂

This afternoon I was thinking that it was impossible to carry on the rest of the day without taking a nap, but on the other hand I had quite some work to do and I also thought that going through another day like this was probably what it would take to generate enough energy to the other side to accomplish the goal of today so therefore I decided not to take a nap – I tell you all of my system was crying for rest – and the other day I had agreed with my aunt Inge to return to her and Ove today to set up her computer to be able to download music from the Internet, to burn CD’s and to play these over her stereo in he living room, which I used some time to prepare earlier this week where I decided to bring the free installation programs for VLC media player, Vuze, Switch sound file converter and CD burner XP, which were some of the best and easiest to use free programs I could find on the Internet, and I noticed that it is somewhat easier to set up this “factory” today than what it was approx. five years ago when I did it the first time for myself.

I was so tired that I thought about cancelling our agreement, but I knew this would also be the wrong decision so I decided to ignore my extreme tiredness and went there at 18.00. I started to install the programs with my aunt following what I was doing and I was happy to see that the VLC media player has most of the audio (and video) codecs built in so I did not have to install the separate flac and ape sound format programs too, which I had also prepared in case they were needed – and my aunt saw that I asked the VLC media player to be installed in Danish but which language to you believe it installed “by it self” (?) and yes my friends SWEDISH of course (!) to symbolise JOY and HAPINESS coming to the whole world after today – and after having installed some of the programs, I saw that it would be possible to burn the first CD with Helmut Lotti already before dinner and I was happy to see that everything worked out the first time without problems – not always like this when working with computers today (!) – and then we just had to see if the stereo could play homemade CD’s, which not all stereos can but this one could and what was the first song playing (?) – even though it is first no. 6 on the CD and yes Inge, this was why you deliberately “pushed” some buttons changing to the next number instead of starting to play (!) – and that was of course MARIA ELENA, which made both of you happy and Ove so much that he could not help SINGING all the way through the song and yes Ove, this was the goal I set up at my previous visit, which was that when you would sing to this your favourite song after I had set it up on your stereo, iit would mena that I had come all the way home AFTER creation and that is without killing VIRGIN MARIA, which this songs mean to me and this is also why I was giving the feeling of Virgin Mary – or the spirit of my mother – inside of you again today, Ove.

We had a very good and also cosy dinner together and after dinner, I sat down with my aunt the rest of the evening setting up the last programs and teaching her how to find music on the Internet through Vuze and Avaxhome as the prime sources and how to burn music CD’s, which we had to go through some times especially because Inge would like to find music with the VERY FINE German artists Semino Rossi and Hansi Hinterseer, whom both have become “world famous” in Denmark during recent years since the TV channel DK4 have focussed on German music – INSPIRATION you know – and we could only find music of these artists in MP3 sound format, which we then downloaded and had to transform to Flac before it would be possible to burn CD’s – as when we are transforming the code of life of the Universe from “a small part of everything” into “everything” – which the stereo could play and obviously we also needed to install a program to unpack “archives” when the sound files were packed inside an “archive” (“rar” or “zip” etc.), which we then also installed and after having done this some times with my aunt using the keyboard, we found a rhythm where step 1 was first to unpack archives, step 2 was to transform MP3 files to Flac files and step 3 was to burn the CD’s making beautiful music and even though it was difficult for my aunt to remember which programs to use and how to use them, I do believe she almost memorised how to do it, Inge, after having burned four CD’s of the evening – how many ladies in the end of their 70’s of today would take on the challenge to start finding and burning music CD’s from the Internet (?) and that is almost none, but my aunt is one of them (!) – and what was this really about (?) and only this: The three steps of the Trinity creating our new world with my human side as Stig being the last one coming home enabling me to write the code of life too and this should by now be the end of creation as I understand it and not always easy to understand but it is really with the attitude that as long as I carry on doing my best, things will eventually work out and this is what it did also today.

So here, Inge, is Semino Rossi with “1,000 Rosen für dich” to express my love for you, Ove and the entire world – with the flowers also symbolising the love of the spirit of my mother – and I do love this amazing artist too and not least because of your beautiful voice, fine stories on stage and especially your HUMOUR my friend and I loved that one with the chocolates and especially that the next time they will have to make the stage lower or the ladies taller for you to kiss them :-):

I left Inge and Ove at 23.40 and was first home after midnight COMPLETELY DESTROYED after having given everything I had and I was told “we have been all the way out on the lake to get you”. We did it :-).


This is an add-on written June 14:

I have decided to include these few stories too, which may interest the world – which I did not write to start with because I don’t want to hurt my aunt and her husband, but I am sure both of you will understand and not become hurt when you will “discover” these stories too later on (my aunt has read this script already some days ago and will probably not come back to it again, because she has not done so on previous scripts when a new has been published).

During dinner, I told my aunt why I was sending money to my LTO friends in Kenya and she also had the attitude – as my mother and probably many others here have too – of why I don’t keep more money for myself, and the reason is simply that WHEN YOU CAN SAVE YOUR BEST FRIENDS FROM DYING, IS THIS NOT SIMPLE LOGIC TO DO (?) and apparently not (!), which is how brain washed the world has become and my aunt could not understand “just how good friends have you really become with them” (?) and yes MORE THAN WITH ANYONE IN DENMARK EVER (!) – they are my friends of life because of WARMTH and CARE no Danes have ever shown – and when I said this, I was given the feeling that this is exactly the same as Obama has been going through trying to “convince” world leaders of what is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE of the world today when it accepts millions of poor people suffering and dying while rich people don’t care and we know HOW DIFFICULT WAS IT FOR YOU MY “BRAIN WASHED” LEADERS OF THE WORLD TO UNDERSTAND SIMPLE LOGIC AND TO START REALISING THAT WE MEANT BUSINESS THIS TIME and that your support was necessary for the survival of the world? – Thank you OBAMA for NEVER GIVING UP :-).

I have several times told my aunt and Ove about “selfish people only speaking about themselves without asking questions” and asking questions is truly what you need to be taught doing because Ove is such a man, who cannot ask questions but keeps on talking about himself and I discovered that this is his way of being nice to me and that is because he likes me, he likes to speak to me and this is how he shows it. A man destroyed by the Devil in this sense as so many other millions all over the world, and Ove you do know that I like you very much despite of this fault of yours today?

When we had burned four CD’s, my aunt’s reaction was: “Now I have saved much money”, which was far away from my thinking (there is too much focus on money in this community), which is why I told her: “I would rather prefer you to think that you have received much JOY”.


10th June: People of other civilizations are lifting up life on Earth while darkness of Earth is making them suffer

Dreaming of people of other civilizations lifting up life on Earth while darkness of Earth is making them suffer

I had a somewhat troubled night, where I felt a strong spiritual presence inside of me, which made me think “it is perfectly alright for you to carry on working on me” and despite of dreaming much, I was not “allowed” to remember most of the dreams except this one:

  • I am looking up the sky and see MANY UFO’s flying and when my old colleague Jesper B. from Acta looks up the sky, he does not see them and he drives to the city, which makes it even more difficult to see. I tell him to look at what seems as a convoy of 8-10 UFO’s, but later we see that they are helicopters and instead I see a giant gun on the sky. Later I have arrived to a very remote small Asian village of Russia, where the buildings are concrete “monsters” of extremely poor quality, which clearly does not fit with the life style of these beautiful and open people, I see how they eat far too fat and unappetizing donuts dripping from the oil they have been cooked in and I see that they levitate, which I am almost not able to do myself today because it requires immense mental control to do.
    • The helicopters will have to be people of other civilizations lifting up people on Earth after bringing energy and a code of life for example through crop circles, which you can see a documentary about here at the same time as the darkness of Earth is making these people suffer much! The continuation of the dream with Asian people is another example to show you intact human values of “original” people, who have not been destroyed by money and selfishness.

I woke up by 08.00 today still being completely destroyed by exhaustion and I decided to start the day by relaxing in the bath tub, where I really felt my tiredness and I still received some darkness there and I was thinking about what I don’t believe I have written about the previous days, which is that I saw pure and strong darkness connected to my inner self and that I received strong “feelings” and “marks” of my right angle symbolising the risk of physical destruction, which were really only threats when I decided to continue doing what was right to do and I was told that I still have to run etc. to keep breaking out from the Devil. I was also shown my right side being light and my left side being darkness telling me that the world has been turned around and I was shown the Source as orange asking “is it him we will give a gift for going the whole way home”, where I was expecting to hear “… to kill”, because this is what I am used to hearing most of the time, which you may understand is not what is helping to keep up a good humour.

First by 11.00 today, I was ”ready” to do some work and I was happy that I had not very much to write – the last chapter of yesterday including the short script of today – and I felt that it was alright for me to take a day resting to regain power, which is then what I did.

Before publishing the last three days of scripts at 17.00, I only received the message that “this was your last school leaving examination” – my whole life has been a school and especially since the spring of 2006 resulting in these scripts – and for days I have received this message that I was going through this last exam.

Today the spirit of my sister and several other spirits have now started speaking nicely to me from my right side – and I feel the spiritual world in three dimensions inside and outside of me, which is a very realistic experience of another world as part of our world, which we have now also started joining together to become ONE world in the future.

I met my old friend Kirsten downstairs at this housing association where she has bought a new apartment, which she has used much money on also now having workmen improving it before moving in the 1st September, and even though she was in good time before meeting the workmen, I have never seen a friend of mine being in such a rush to get away from me almost without stopping and Kirsten, you must truly feel bad about me – or is it yourself?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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