June 16, 2011: Throwing out old furniture as a symbol of the end of the old world and my admission to the New Universe


Summary of the script today

14th June: Having cold sweat not knowing what the Commune will do: To “warn” Falck and remove my cash help?

  • Dreaming of MUCH suffering coming after my email to the Commune yesterday, someone will stop seeing me, I would like to visit Theosophical Fellowship again when I have time and energy and my inner self is connecting to our New Universe.
  • I receive/remove MUCH darkness these days while I am still working at Falck, which brings me even closer to the Council inside of the New Universe.
  • I decided to go directly at the throat of the Commune because of their poor work violating both the law and COMMON SENSE (!) and because I don’t want to say any longer than needed at Falck symbolising the place where I finally saved the world from the fire – it is time to move on!
  • At Falck, Jane decided to show up personally to ask for Lars (!) who was not there, and when I asked her to confirm that Thursday will be my last day at Falck, she had now a muzzle on making her say “you will receive a letter from Tine” (!) making me completely without communication and information. Had they decided to become angry with me at the Commune, had they read my stories on them and Falck on my website, would they take away my cash help again, would they warn Falck about me and would Falck decide to expel me for telling the truth (?) – THIS IS WHAT POOR WORK AND COMMUNICATION very often unnecessary do to people, which gave me cold sweat today, which really is a VERY good way to fight and remove darkness (!) – and also knowing that all living beings of the New Universe are welcoming me and I feel members of the Council STRONGLY, the orange colour of the Source and also the yellow of the Universe.

15th June: Throwing out old furniture as a symbol of the end of the old world and my admission to the New Universe

  • Dreaming of not having energy to create the Universe, my mother approving people to enter our new kingdom, the difference on superior and genuinely interested people, the suffering of my old nightmare given to me by the darkness almost not existing anymore, I choose my car which is to choose myself the car of JOY and HAPINESS and I am passing through the darkness of ignorant family members and friends not believing in me, which once again is almost impossible to pass.
  • I met Klaus from Brede Park, who was completely down with sadness after having lost his brother the other day due to heart failure – with the reason being STRONG darkness with the need to deflect. This is what you as example of many have experienced, Klaus.
  • At Falck I had been sent to their station in Taastrup by people deciding for me (!) to help them move heavy desks and other furniture to the recycling station, which was so heavy that I did not have the energy nor the power to do it, but instead of giving up, I decided to do it anyhow, which I then did using my last power, which is symbolising the end of the old world with my admission to the New Universe.
  • Jesper, the station manager, was sad because I will leave Falck tomorrow because it is a waste of my time working much below my skills – if this is truly what I will – and he told me that his four managers have been nervous about the risk of me “stealing” their jobs! We also spoke about management in general, about the RIGHT HUMAN ATTITUDE and FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY, which will make managers unemployed when people have learned these lessons of life, which is where the world will have to start in order to become better human beings: TEACH MY BASIC WORK RULES to improve your behaviour, communication and work and really your ATTITUDE OF LIFE :-).
  • Neither Falck nor I know for sure today if I will stop working at Falck tomorrow, and I did NOT receive a letter from Tine from the Commune today as I expected. What will they decide to do – to resist me or accept me – and when?
  • In 2005, I choose Henriette instead of Irina as my girlfriend, which was WRONG of my when I was under the influence of the darkness, which I knew at the time exactly as Karen did when she chose Denis over me. She knew in her heart that I was a better HUMAN match for her and LOVE is about listening to and choosing your partner with your heart, which you may want to start doing, Karen?

16th June: Would Falck have decided to misuse President Obama if he was working for them as they misused me?

  • Dreaming of being James Bond in control of everything.
  • At Falck I gave a status and handed over my work to Thomas expecting that this would be my last day at Falck, which made Thomas very impressed when he saw the content of my work and say “you do have a potential for more”, which is showing you new misunderstandings of people not understanding my true competences and here also a shameful misuse of me as you would never misuse President Obama (?) – there is NO difference between him and me – and therefore it is showing your poor work and WRONG attitude. Would you give President Obama the same work as you gave me (?) or would you have decided to LEARN from Obama if he was ordered by a dictator against his wish to work at your place? Maybe you will find out that what you did to me was VERY WRONG because of your own wrong doings?
  • My “agreement” to work for Falck ran out today, there is no agreement for me to continue, which would be both against the law and common sense, but still Thomas told me that Lars had told him that I was to continue (!!!) – POOR COMMUNICATION, WORK and NEGLIENCE of people, but despite of my feelings of this, I will come again tomorrow to find out more!
  • When there was no more office work to do, Thomas received “help” to think about asking me to remove all kind of garbage to the recycling station, which the station had collected in their garage – so this is what I did again today, and again it was physically hard work to do, which I did almost alone again. A new symbol of dismantling the old world – including the angels of Hell – in connection with my transferral to our New Universe :-).


14th June: Having cold sweat not knowing what the Commune will do: To “warn” Falck and remove my cash help?

Dreaming of MUCH suffering coming after my email to the Commune yesterday

A night with fewer disturbances but still I am pretty tired today and here are the dreams:

  • I am on skiing holiday in Norway, we look up a vertical mountain side and I think about jumping out from there, it is – 25 to 30 degrees cold but we are going to the top of the ski runs, where I bring and park my bicycle, I am together with a woman, we have forgotten our sticks, but the ski store borrows us two cheap pairs immediately, and I tell the lady, who is a new beginner that she will get much better standing on skies before the end of the week.
    • I wonder if the lady is Jane from the Commune not used to suffer this much as the symbols of the dream says, but she will become better coming through this too – and the symbols say MUCH SUFFERING for both of us.
  • A lady is giving me healing, when she heals me I receive the message that she does not have long before she will pass away and that she has two children. And she says that I have two children too, which someone teaches her that I have not.
    • Passing away in dreams is “stop seeing me”, so I wonder who will stop seeing me now – or if this is just another threat.
  • A lady asks me about a ceremonial article of mine about Ananda Tara Shan as a chef, which makes me think where she knows that I am going to write such an article because I have not told her, and it also gives me poor conscious because I have promised people to write this a long time ago, which I have not done yet, and I don’t know how they will react after such a long time where I have not done as agreed.
    • This is about Theosophical Fellowship – Ananda was the founder – which I have not visited for quite some time and I promised Jan that I would send a link to my website to him in the beginning of the year, and I can only apologise for not having done this yet and also hope that he will understand my reasons why – it takes longer to finish than expected – and I have been thinking about visiting Theosophical Fellowship again, which I will do when I feel I have the time and energy to do it and we know so far I have had other things, which I have prioritized even higher.
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension, a person from another department has arrived, he asks Bjarne to do a pension calculation for him and I ask him “can you ask him to do this”, which he says that he can and later I do a calculation myself on basis of a written order, where the order of the template of the paper does not match with the order of the system, which confuses me – and Bjarne has decided to leave DanskeBank-Pension.
    • This dream probably has a deeper meaning – as many others – than what I can see now, but it is about someone, which may be my inner self, is using (connecting to) our IT-system, which will have to be the new system, i.e. the New Universe – and in the physical world it will have to be that you cannot do everything your self and CO-OPERATION with others is of course still of the utmost importance for example here when someone asks Bjarne to help and when I receive a written order, which however is different to what the system says, so is this to say that the darkness is making the connection somewhat difficult?

After publishing my script yesterday I was asked “how can the darkness be so strong now (“tar”), when it was “see through pink” not very many days ago” (?) and the only answer I have is that the darkness is feeling stronger as Stig – as the last man standing – than as the Source and that I am taking on much darkness now in order to remove the last part of it not knowing how long it really will take – I still have more work on my website to do you know potentially removing more darkness when doing this work – and the “escalation” in my communication with the Commune telling them straight out the truth – because of their poor work (!) – with all of the “risks” this normally brings, is part of removing as much as possible and I am thinking that this will happen when I am still at Falck also to symbolise that it is “impossible” to break out of the prison of the darkness because it is “impossible” to break out of the system of the Commune!

I have received the spirits of my mother, father and “Polle” – or John Paul II or simply PAUL today – STRONGER than ever the last days, which is telling me that they are just on the other side of this the last “tar” sticking to me, which is what I am removing and why I feel them so strongly, I cannot see it differently – and I am given the feeling of darkness very clearly these days but also the orange colour of the Source shining through the darkness to me.

I decided to go directly at the Commune because of their poor work and because it is time for me to move on!

And let me say that the reason why I decided to go directly to the ”throat” of the darkness – i.e. the Commune – was because I thought that this had to be right to do in order to get away from Falck, where I have only been as a symbol to save us all from the fire and to create our New Universe and when this job now is done, there should be no reason for me to stay any longer than needed and this is NOT because I don’t like them because you know that I do (!) but also because it is a WASTE of time and MISUSE to keep me there both against the law and COMMON SENSE and so it is.

This evening AFTER sending my email to the Commune, I noticed that “someone” from the Commune decided to search on “Stig Dragsholm Jesus” leading this someone to my script of the 28th June 2010 and the reason is because of “poor quality of work” again, Jane, and I am sorry to say this to you but my sir name if spelled without a “s” and the only reason why you landed on my script this day was because this was when I was starving last year – also because of “poor work” of the Commune in practise giving me the order to die (!) – when YMCA send me a reply spelling my sir name with a “s” – and I don’t know why you don’t have “time” or “energy” to start reading my website from the beginning using a few hours only to understand who I am, but maybe you are beginning to realise that I am exactly the man I have told you all along that I am – through my website – because who else would decide to starve after your sentence of me last year (?) or to send most of his money to starving friends in Africa – and let me also say that when I saw this visit by Jane on my website, I was also thinking that she is feeling bad because of this and this morning, I noticed that she opened the same page as yesterday and this time from her home in Virum, which made me sent her a thought and a wish for the light to help her, so she will not break down because of this experience of hers.

Jane from the Commune searching for “stig dragsholm Jesus” on
my website after receiving my email yesterday evening

I started working at 08.15 this morning and I was excited about what would happen today at Falck after my email to the Commune yesterday.

Having cold sweat not knowing what the Commune will do: To “warn” Falck and remove my cash help?

Arriving at 09.00 as usual, I planned my day and today it was Thomas, who was the officer on guard and I decided to update him on my work on the internal keys, which also included to tell him that apparently NOTHING has happened since I agreed with Lars last week that he would inform the employees and leaders about this initiative to have the employees start coming to the office to sign the key receipts, which made him put this on the list of what to brief the employees about at the next MORNING MEETING so hopefully they will start moving on this too.

One of the Falck managers has retired and he had returned his Falck keys to Thomas, who asked me to produce a receipt, which I did, which Thomas then signed as the manager giving it to the retired manager and keeping a copy with Falck, which I understood as a symbol receiving the keys myself to our New Universe.

Thomas told me about the wrong but obvious decision, the managers HAD to make, which is then what they did (!) which was that they will NOT buy a fire proof safe for all of the keys of subscribers and we know it is apparently not in your budget my friends (?) and therefore it is “impossible” for you to do what is the only right thing to do (?) and just wondering I am about your “abilities” to take the RIGHT decisions and if you believe you took the “right” decision here (?), let me tell you clearly that YOU DID NOT (!) and I have already given you the reason why in the written proposal I gave to you: WHAT WILL YOU DO IF YOU STAND WITH MORE THAN 1,100 KEYS OF SUBSCRIBERS AFTER A FIRE NOT KNOWING WHO OWN WHICH KEYS (?) and we know this is a fire station who will not buy a fire proof safe (!) and have you ever heard such a “crazy” thing before?

At approx. 10.00 I was surprised to see that Jane decided to come personally to the station together with a young female colleague (?) and when I opened the door, the only thing she said was, “hi, is Lars here” (!) and I told her that “no, he is not here today, I suggest that you will call him instead”, which she said that she would do and when I asked her the obvious question if Thursday will be my last day here expecting her confirmation, I was SURPRISED when she gave me the reply “Tine will send you a letter” (!) and WHAT ANSWER IS THAT TO GIVE, JANE (?) – have you been given a muzzle on so you cannot COMMUNICATE (?) and there is truly nothing I dislike more than people not being “able” to communicate and tell things as they are (!) because what is the consequence (?) and that is for people to start becoming nervous, because why was it now so urgent that she decided to come personally to the station (?) and why would Tine send me a letter – and not an email (?) – and was it because they have become ANGRY with me telling them the truth (?) and so angry that they also have misunderstood me, so they will remove or threat to remove my cash help again (?) and have they started reading my stories about themselves and Falck on my website, which have made them “cross” too (?) – here thinking of the funny GERMAN officer from ‘Allo ‘Allo, which is the feeling of SMILES given to me from ALL of us, which is really why Falck was FULL of people today when both the station and Jobservice had many visitors symbolising ALL LIVING BEINGS welcoming me at our New Universe 🙂 – and if they had, had they decided to come urgently to inform Falck about this in person (?) and would this make Falck decide expel me instantly because I am “dangerous” to have hanging around (?) telling the truth about this place as I have told you the truth about the Commune, the Park and A2B, which is NOT flattering for any of you – and because of this POOR COMMUNICATION, Jane – maybe because you have become nervous about me too because of who I am (?) – I had to use all of my mental strength today to keep me going, and when Jesper called in and spoke to Thomas on the phone, it made Thomas decide to go into an office and close the door, which made me think “is this because Jesper will ask Thomas to expel me now” (?) and when Lars later arrived with his dog almost as usual (on his free day), I was thinking the same “has he come because of me” (?) and this is really to give you another lesson which is THIS IS WHAT POOR COMMUNCIATION AND LACK OF THOUGHTFULNESS OF PEOPLE DO TO PEOPLE OF TODAY who often become unnecessary afraid of what people may speak about them behind closed doors and what they may decide to do – dismiss them etc. – and I was feeling today as when DFM WRONGLY was about to dismiss me in 1994-95, when they had a meeting behind closed doors with “dismissing Stig” (?) on the agenda (!) – do you remember Kim S. and Jørgen (?) and here I was saved by Kim in the last minute – and also when I then WRONGLY was expelled by “Niels de Knald” from Aon in 1997 receiving 15 minutes to pack my things (!) and my dear friends, this is giving people “cold sweat” of fear and this is what I had to control again today, which is a VERY GOOD TOOL TO REMOVE MUCH DARKNESS WHEN NEEDED, so this is what we did – and when I decided to go out to say hello to Lars, who had not said hello to me – and we know “why had he not done that” (?), you see how people think (?) – I told him that Jane would call him probably to tell him that Thursday will be my last day and indeed she had called him already leaving a message so he could not tell me what it was about and when Jane “could” not either tell me directly, I am left without information today waiting on a letter from Tine, which first will come tomorrow after “work” at the earliest and NOT SATISFYING it is!

And all of this was intensified, when no less than three alarms sounded during the morning, which also made Julia react because when has the station received three alarms during a morning the last time (?) – I believe I have seen a total of three in total in three months (!) – which made me think of “an alarm at the Trinity” – this is how it is (!) – and when Thomas returned, he said that it was a dangerous acid, which had leaked at the Technical University of Denmark but they managed to clean it up and because they were wearing security uniforms, there was not truly a danger, which was then what I settled would also be the case in relation to the reaction of the Commune to my email not taking away my cash help, which I would not be happy with if this would occur and we know but if it did, I would have to KEEP ON FIGHTING even though I would really like to avoid this unpleasant situation once more to say the least and that is to avoid using energy I don’t have – once again.

Once in the morning, I received some comforting words by the spirit of my father, which passed right through to me without being filtered (!) and I felt the orange colour of the Source several times, which also told me that there was no true danger today, but what really kept me up was that I am doing this with FAITH and thinking that the Trinity, the Council and hopefully also you my friends of other civilizations will help me (and LTO) out if and when required also to come through this one.

I called Boy from the IT-department once again to remind him about the IT-list I ordered in May – a waste of time to work this way – but he was not picking up his phone three times, which made me give him the message on voice mail that I expect to stop at Falck this week asking him to come back to Thomas via the email I sent from Thomas’ email address and will this be one example of a task, which will never be done because neither Thomas nor Boy will follow up on this (?) and we will see, both of them were informed today.

I continued cleaning up the cupboards at the office making the rest of them today and if it is visible to see that I have been here (?) and we know I have done work, which the officers truly “hate” doing (!) and look at the cupboards now compared to how they looked before and can you tell the difference (?) and this will have to be the work I have started doing at the New Universe too, to clean the toolbox of the Source and I look forward to understand the relation between the Source and me as the human Stig in the future and that is are we still two or am I one and I don’t know for sure but I believe we are still two and that is really three individuals of the Trinity now starting to merge into one – we will see my friend 🙂 – and we know missing the others at the Council too, who just here spoke to me through the Holy Spirit of the Universe and we know many “roads” of communication my friend.

Finally, I told Thomas about my work for Falck; that it did not improve my qualifications, that it was below my competences and we agreed that I have been doing “office assistant” work (much of it that is) and I told him as I have told Lars that I could have helped them becoming better managers and to work better and more disciplined and here Thomas also told me that “office work” is not what they prefer doing because they are fire fighters more than office workers or leaders!

And when I gave Thomas instructions on the internal keys system etc., I was annoyed with the fact that he was so busy that he had no time or patience to truly listen because “we have to move on” as he said, which you know is part of the sickness of the darkness given to people not thinking or doing their work properly with the necessary attention to important details – and when I told him about my cleaning up of the cupboards, he did not show any care or appreciation, which I think would be normal to do!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was TIRED again today – not the worst, but still so much that it was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE (!!!) – and again I had MUCH discomfort writing the script fighting my resistance to write when being tired and also having some – but not that much – negativity of the darkness to fight. I kept on working until 17.25 feeling what may be similar to “severe hang overs”, this is how my head is feeling now and has felt for days: Heavier than for a very long time – and yes, yes, yes I will write it: Still “feelings” of my right angle too, and from time to time you are still harassing with my amplifier, and most of the time, you don’t bother switching it off and on anymore and then from time to time you do it, and now I am simply switching if entirely off myself when you do it because the feeling is that it is “harassment” in order to deflect the darkness, but I don’t want it this way anymore!
  • My friend Eligael from Israel – this is how I already think of you – who was the key witness to the Jerusalem UFO (filming video 1 and finding/receiving the VERY important video 6 of the event) saw my uploads to YouTube (he is a subscriber to my channel) on the decoding of the Barbury Castle crop circle and Jerusalem UFO and the day before yesterday he visited my website from Tel Aviv, where he lives, for the first time reading my page on the Jerusalem UFO and today he visited my special page on the decoding of the crop circle and the UFO, and is this starting to make you a believer once again, Eligael, after thousands of people have discouraged you and making you doubt?
  • I was told that the reason why the Freetown of Christiania inside of Copenhagen after 40 years FINALLY has been approved by the Danish state, which has has prepared an agreement to be signed – which the Freetown will vote on tomorrow – is to symbolise the official world having approved me as “the one” coming and we know being very tired now, yes, but not worse than it can be slept away through 1-2 good nights of sleep and then we should be working “normally” again (!) and here also including Obama, who has been tired too, my friend (?), which may come as a surprise to the world when you will find out and think of the work “he” has done at the same time compared to what Presidents “normally” do – who are not that tired too! The signature song of Christiania is by the way “I kan ikke slå os ihjel” (“you cannot kill us) from 1976 by the Danish band Bifrost together with the SUPERSTARS Annisette, Poul Dissing and Sebastian and we know you could not kill the freedom of Christiania despite of all of your tries and you could not kill me – despite of all of your tries – bringing freedom to the world – this is and was the symbol of Christiania and this AMAZING song :-).
  • This evening I was first given 1-2 hours, where the darkness literally lifted – it is not dark, but “only” red now – which made my life easier, and behind the darkness I was shown the clear yellow, the LIGHT and my true inner self without darkness, which was a very good experience. Later the darkness came back as a coat over me making my life a Hell again, which you know is what it still is most of the time, and again I have to be stronger than the negativity given to me, which is NOT easy and still making me feel uncomfortable because what if I am not strong enough (?) – but I was helped when I started slipping of the tongue, when the light saved me when finishing the sentence of what I was thinking (when correcting the darkness) so it ended good instead of the darkness finishing the words, which is what I have to be careful about often hundreds of times per day (!) – and I was shown my inner self moving all of the mountain towards me – a 3D view coming to me from the right – and later I received a CONSTANT pressure of the darkness but also the feeling of BLUE working inside of my head, which was also difficult to handle when thinking that I am changing from a normal man to become God and we know a great part of my pain as you may understand (?), which I however have decided to accept because it is the only RIGHT thing to do.


15th June: Throwing out old furniture as a symbol of the end of the old world and my admission to the New Universe

Dreaming of passing through the darkness of ignorant family members and friends not believing in me

When I woke up at 07.00 I was still so tired so even though I decided to stand up, I felt asleep again and did not stand up before 07.35 and I am still tired when these lines are written from 08.15 – and here are some dreams:

  • After some time all I need to do is now to bring energy to create the New Universe, which I however don’t have the energy to do making it impossible to create, which makes me desperate, and at the same time I listen to “dictatorial” songs by Jeff Lynne.
    • This will have to be the situation after the 7th May where I had no energy left to start creating the New Universe and when I woke up from this dream, I received the song “tangled up in blue” by Bob Dylan, which is one of his best songs and therefore one of the best songs of history (!) – and tangled up in Blue is what the darkness may “feel” like when my soul is “coming” through. A late happy 70th birthday to you, Bob :-).
  • I am at an exhibition in the shopping centre of Hørsholm, a lady takes pictures of people, and I see a beautiful half nude lady. When I leave I see a crowd of people from different political parties at candidature meetings. I arrive at lunch, which consists of Vienetta ice cream, and I see a table full of 7-8 consultants from DanskeBank-Pension and I consider if I want to sit with them because of their superior attitude looking down upon me, but I decide to sit down – they have written “Dansih consultants – will leave from here” on the board and “one calculator/actuary” (whihc is not flattering) about me – and Klaus makes me happy when he starts asking me questions showing his interest in me and he questions is about what I eat since I have grown big, and I tell him that I don’t eat more than what I normally do. The consultants talk about another department of Danske Bank, which they don’t want to work for, where Gert – our old colleague – is now working; it is the department of creators.
    • The shopping centre is to spread out “normal life”, the lady is the spirit of my mother and taking pictures is to approve people to enter our new kingdom, which helping other people to receive “normal life” is part of and the people at the candidature meetings are inside of the shopping centre and are these symbols of my future servants (?), ice cream is my suffering and meeting consultants from DanskeBank-Pension shows you how people react to other people depending on their attitude – if they feel superior as the consultants wrongly did or are genuinely interested in you and you might want to guess what I prefer?
  • I am packing my clothes in the dressing room with three others, only three pair of trousers and a little more need to be removed. There will be no teaching in school today. I am having lunch with others and we are given tasting samples of lunches of four restaurants, which have just gone through a competition, and when the winner lunch is to be served to me, there is almost nothing left of the “yellow”, which is pudding. And something about two from the party, who have decided that they will not interfere with the election camping of candidates.
    • Three pair of trousers fit with the number of the Trinity – al inside of me – and trousers are really “love life” and suffering when I don’t have them, and the yellow pudding are symbols saying that no suffering is given to me from the Universe in relation to my old nightmare, which the pudding is really also a symbol of. And the two not interfering with the election campaign may be the two others of the Trinity who will not interfere when people will start understanding and “electing” me.
  • Together with another man, I test four different cars, a Mazda, Toyota, Alfa Romeo and I don’t know what the fourth is, and when the man tests the Mazda, he complains about something which is very annoying to him, which he would have included in his written test, if I did not suggest him to adjust the factory setting, which did not please him, and when he did, he became both surprised and happy with the result making the outcome of all his test change from negative to positive. I am most happy with the Alfa myself, and something about watching a new version of a movie and that Paul is not against me.
    • The Italian car is about JOY and HAPINESS, which is what I stand for, the wrong doings of the other man is another example the influence of subjective people on others.
  • ABBA is visiting me and I walk arm in arm together with Agneta, whom I am very attached too, but finally we separate and we come to a ship, where I am walking up some extremely narrow stairs, which are almost impossible to come through and I meet my old class friend Jais and others there.
    • I do believe Agneta is a symbol of “wrong love” – I had dreams about her some years ago too – and she may be a symbol of the spirit of my mother in disguise too – here given by the darkness and not the spirit of my mother – and the dream is saying that my exit of the Devil, i.e. the ship, is going through the darkness of people not believing in me; they are the “tar” holding me back and we know it takes much energy to pass all of these ignorant family members and friends of mine once again.

One of the best songs of both Bob Dylan and history (!) with blue as
my symbol to tell about my progress

Klaus from the park is another example of a victim of the strong darkness recently

On my way to Falck this morning, I met my old friend, Klaus, from Brede Park – this is how I feel about him – and I only had a few minutes before I had to continue in order not to come late to Falck even though it would have been good to speak to him more, which he needed because he was completely down after the loss of his brother the other day due to a heart failure and we know his brother did not have a heart sickness, but he was drinking and my thought was that the darkness has been strong recently looking for ways to deflect, and this is what cost your brother his life, Klaus – and all I could tell you is the same as I have told Robert and others, when you experience the hardest experiences of life, and that is to be STRONG and to keep being social and doing your work instead of starting to give in to a depression or to become lazy – do the RIGHT thing instead of the easy (!!!) – and I could tell that this is easier said than done in his situation too and we know he was hurting much because of his sadness and I was sad because of his sadness – all the best of luck to you, Klaus :-).

Throwing out old furniture at Falck as a symbol of the end of the old world and my admission to the New Universe

This morning I was excited to see if I would still be welcome at Falck – or if they would send me away (!) – and when I met, I found out that Thomas was on duty again today (taking over from Robert, who is still “sick” and not STRONG as I encouraged you to be?) – and I knew that I had to go to the station at Taastrup, because this is what Lars had promised Taastrup on my behalf (!) and all I knew was that they had something they wanted to move to the recycle station, and I thought that it would be the best to take the big pick-up there instead of the Toyota car in case much luggage room was needed – no one had told me the details of the job (!) – and when I arrived, I was met by their officer on guard, Anders, whom I also spoke to on the phone the other day when I helped him COMMUNICATING – when he wanted both bottles and something to carry them with, which he could have told at once instead of over two times – and he showed me what they wanted me to move, which was three large writing desks, cupboards, single beds and a washing machine and he told me that “we don’t have men enough to do this” – I saw five firemen on alarm duty and a few others, but you did not have TIME enough to do it yourself at any time (?) – and this is how I started carrying HEAVY furniture loading them on to the car – happy to bring the big pick-up that I was – and later unload them at the recycling station, where I had to carry them up a few stairs and then lift these tables etc. more than one metre to throw them down into containers and my dear friends, this may sound easier than it was because the desks were HEAVY and LARGE and one of them also had drawers attached making this one especially heavy, which was “simply impossible” to fit into the pickup, but somehow I got it turned so it managed, and when I had to move it and lift it at the recycling station, I really thought that this was impossible to do because I had NOT the energy nor the power to lift it, and consequently I lost it twice making a loud sound, which nobody reacted on and nobody decided to come to give me a hand, but instead of giving up, I decided to keep on and somehow I also managed at the end to get the grip of this pushing it over the edge to the container – and when doing this work I was told to watch out for my back and just saying my dear Falck-friends that you put me in the risk of becoming physical hurt herewith jeopardising my work to finish my website (!), because this job was “impossible” for you to do or did you decide to be “nice”, Lars, herewith misusing me to help a colleague of yours (?) – and my dear friends, this is of course a symbol as so much else, and here it symbolises the end of the old world with my admission to the New Universe, where I feel Obama when this is written, and Obama is the one I have been feeling much of the day as another part of me and that is really because I am now at the Source where he is too receiving the same words as he, which is what we use to feed the world – and I noticed that a semi-professional team was filming an interview at the recycling station and maybe you can see me moving around this furniture and my difficulties doing this on this film?

When I was thinking of the lack of help from employees at the Falck Station when loading the furniture and from people at the recycling station, I was happily surprised to see at the next load – there was three loads in total – that two firemen decided to help me loading at the Falck Station and I was happy to see that they were more skilled than I on how to load the pick-up the best way and especially happy that they decided to help at all 🙂 – and when coming to the recycling station again I thought that now I had to lift more impossible for me to lift furniture and now also a washing machine but I became VERY HAPPY when first one man from Poland just gave me a hand lifting one desk without saying anything and afterwards his colleague gave me a hand moving the washing machine and as I told him with a big smile in English “very few Danes would do the same as what you did today” and I gave him my hand to thank him. I liked that :-). When I later left the Taastrup Station, Anders was nice saying that this was “quick service”.

When I returned to Lyngby at 12.15 – I am working to 13.00 this week – I really did not have work to do and Thomas was not at the office, but Jesper – the station manager – was and he was keen on speaking to me and first of all he said that he understand that I will leave tomorrow, which he said that he was sad to hear, which was nice of him to say but when I told him that I liked the people very much here but that it was a waste of my time working with “coolie” tasks as his managers gave to me, he understood me, and I told him about my CV, the “jantelov” and that he could have decided to use me helping him to improve the skills of his managers and his reaction was that he could have done so – because he did read my CV as he said – but he decided to let Lars take the responsibility of me without interfering himself (!) and he told me that his managers have been “nervous” about me because “you are intelligent” and we know would I steal their jobs from them (?) and when you were saying this Jesper, I was thinking if the reason why you decided yourself NOT to use my true competences was because you did not want me to run the “risk” of me taking over some of your work (???) – and just thinking we are here – and from here we had a good talk for maybe 20-25 minutes about management in general – I decided deliberately to “allow” this – and first of all I was happy to see a BIG COMMITMENT of Jesper when speaking, which makes the whole difference compared to people being lazy, ignorant, not caring and not listening – as you know – and I told him that he does have the potential to improve people and that “people here are exceptionally nice, but they need discipline, they work slow and don’t think properly” and I showed him my action plan as an example, which he could have decided to get copy of straight away in order to use, which he did not and I gave him my speech on the meaning of ATTITUDE – to do your best and be responsible instead of people being lazy and working much below their potential – which he totally agreed with me in and he told me that this is the attitude which most of his people do not show when they don’t take initiatives themselves to do what simply is required to do (!) and I also spoke of FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY telling him that you cannot have freedom if you are not responsible and that he as the leader – if he had the energy (!) – should make detailed day-/week plans for employees and first when they have learned to truly be responsible, they will regain their freedom, but this is what you may not have the energy to carry this out, Jesper (?), and instead you are thinking that your management will go through your four managers (?) but the problem is that when your four managers show a WRONG and selfish attitude themselves giving orders to people instead of developing people, you cannot truly change and improve people and I told him that it starts when people are children to learn discipline and good behaviour and if they have not taught this, they have a WRONG human attitude – as you said yourself, Jesper – and therefore the place to start is to TEACH ALL PEOPLE DISCIPLINE AND GOOD BEHAVIOUR – including communication and we know my basic working rules – just as you teach a dog, which Jesper agreed in and yes, when your employees are responsible, you don’t need managers because the team will then manage themselves and this is in relation to your four managers and indeed also yourself, but of course MENTORS are needed from time to time to help people when there will be a need in the future and so it is.

And I told him that this is for people to become HAPPY because if you decided to sit down watching television all weekend without doing anything, you will not live life where you could decide to play football with your children, do your garden, which needs it or to make some delicious food for your family all of which will make people happy and this is exactly the same at work: IF YOU ARE LAZY AND DON’T DO YOUR BEST, YOU WILL NOT MAKE PEOPLE/YOURSELF HAPPY – IT IS TRULY AS EASY AS THAT – OBAMA AS I WAS ABOUT TO SAY HERE and am I talking directly to Obama now (?) and this is the feeling I am getting today for the first time and we will have to see how this develops.

Before leaving today, I saw that Lars once again had come to work on his day off – this is WRONG you know – and when I asked him if he had spoken to Jane, he said that he had not – eeeehhh did she not leave a voice mail for you yesterday (?) – and I was wondering that the day before the agreement stops, the Commune has still not given Falck the message if I will stop or continue and all I know myself is the email from Jane to me of the 13th where she said that she would let the “practise” stop the 16th and then make a new four week practise at Falck or another place (!) and we know what has the Commune decided to do after receiving my email the other day (?) – Falck does not know and I don’t know either and later when I came home, I was expecting a letter from Tine, but NOTHING has come and I am excited to see when you will inform me and what your decision will be and I have really prepared myself mentally for the worst but hoping the best.

When I also told Lars to notice the cupboards I have cleaned up, I received exactly the same lack of care from him as from Thomas yesterday and we know NO THANK YOU OR APPRECIATION and WRONG HUMAN ATTITUDE is what this is, my friends, and after I let him and also Thomas know that I am expecting to stop at Falck tomorrow, I have felt that I am “air” to them where they don’t show an interest to speak to me but leave me or turn around quickly after answering me with one sentence and we know WRONG is that too, and that is because I am on my way out physically and therefore already out of their mind, which made me sad to see, but also here Jesper showed me the right human attitude. Thank you for giving me a good experience, today, Jesper :-), but you could truly do so much better RAISING your four managers to become better human beings (!), because what they need to learn is the right HUMAN ATTITUDE including responsibility.

So this was another day where I did work, I did not have energy to do, and I was exceptionally tired when coming home and writing the script of today, which I finished – including the edit of summary – at 16.20.

Listen to your heart when it comes to LOVE, which is what Karen also will decide to do some day 🙂

Ending the day by saying that in 2005 I had the option to choose between Henriette or Irina as my girlfriend, and I choose Henriette because she was more sexually attractive to me than Irina – who had sexual challenges in her life making it “difficult” for us to become sexual partners – and I knew at the time that Irina would be a better human match for me than Henriette, but still I choose Henriette and the reason why I am writing this is that I choose wrongly myself under the influence of the Devil as Karen choose another man, Denis, instead of me having the exact same thoughts of me and as I have been thinking about Irina since, is how Karen has been thinking about me and “of course” Karen it is totally impossible for you to get a good sexual relation with me, or is it really (?) and we know are you becoming in doubt again (?) and just saying that there are some pretty exciting stories out there waiting to be told when people will decide to OPEN UP and tell the truth about what they really thought and felt of me and here I am receiving the heart of Karen, because Karen this is what I told you that I would reach in 2004 (!), and do I still have your heart (?) and “what is love” (?) and this is what it about, Karen – CHOOSE WITH YOUR HEART – and all of my friends out there :-). And do I need to tell you that what I am writing in this chapter too is information given to me when writing and not anything I “make” up if this is what someone should think and I do believe this is information given to me by the light without becoming distorted by the darkness.

“Listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you can do” 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • In the live beach volley world cup match on Eurosport yesterday between Brazil and Denmark, spectators were inspired to throw in a lot of oranges on the course, and why was that (?) and really because the orange is an old symbol of the Source and here becoming visible to the world through me.
  • My suffering was “low” this evening – but not gone – and I was told that healing – nice feelings – of Jesper of Falck towards me was helping to bring me light – and my main suffering was EXTREME tiredness, which I tell you is impossible to come through but now I have some experience in how to handle it, so it becomes “easier”.
  • This evening I was happy to see one of the “big lights” on the sky flying towards me again – giving me the vision of a helicopter with pontoons on to land on snow (suffering) – and because I did not give it all of my attention, I was not told which light it was, and I was also shown a small light flying towards me together with the big light and after the big light had disappeared, and it did not look bigger than a star light but the difference was that it was flying towards me in an altitude of maybe 100 metres, and I was told that this was the light of my aunt, Inge, and when I looked at the sky, small lights switched on and off in splits of a second and that was all over the sky and my dear friends, all of these lights represent on living soul on Earth waiting to become “healed” with the light of me penetrating them which will happen when they will understand me and my arrival and so it is :-).
  • I was happy when I received the feeling of “one of another civilisation” today – which came through the darkness to me – and I was given the feeling that it was from “one of the people placed the highest in the Hierarchy” not knowing about who he/she is or from where – but HAPPY to hear from you again my friends because this goes out to all of you high as well as “low” and so it is :-).


16th June: Would Falck have decided to misuse President Obama if he was working for them as they misused me?

Dreaming of being James Bond in control of everything

I went late to bed yesterday because I had decided to see the first part of two of a documentary about Cassius Clay/Ali and I was thinking when I saw it “is he really another part of me” (?), who has given lessons to the world too during his life – resistance to the official system, be proud of being black etc. – and not least his inspired and strong speech including predictions of which rounds his boxing fights would end (!) and we know people put him in the same category as Mandela (who is whom???), as a “prophet”, and we will see when I will be told more about this – “nothing” is coming through right now if you understand, which really gives three answers, one of them in relation to Clay too – and this morning I am TIRED again – woke up at 07.00 and could not help falling asleep again until 07.35 (!) – which is still as uncomfortable as it gets because the tiredness is not just being “tired” as “normal people” but you know so tired that you are disabled and feel close to dying.

I had a few short dreams with one given to me as a “nightmare” making me feel bad when dreaming and it was something about Camilla and I living in Malmö, Sweden, with her mother telling me that she believes her daughter is at a certain place, that we have agreed to meet in Copenhagen, which however may be difficult because I have no telephone and I see myself using the “flying boats” on my way sailing from Malmö to Copenhagen – and this dream was from the darkness, you see – and later I remember only briefly a dream about being James Bond in control of everything, which is what we are.

Would Falck have decided to misuse President Obama if he was working for them as they misused me?

This morning I was tired and did not really have much motivation going to Falck because of the poor communication and work of the Commune and Falck but again I decided to do what I did not feel like doing, and on my way there, I noticed a fire engine holding outside the shopping centre of Lyngby – outside the entrance to the Jobcentre (!) – and I thought that there had to be symbolism connected to this and later Thomas, who was on duty again today, told me that the sprinkler of one of the shops had started, which they had to stop and of course this is showing you the suffering of a few people at the Commune not knowing what to do about me because “is he or is he not Jesus” (???) and difficult for you to decide when you don’t read and understand and therefore my friends (!!!) – and at Falck I only had a few minutes of “work”, which I could think of doing and hereafter I had no other choice than to wait for Thomas returning because I wanted to give him a status of my work for him and the other managers to follow up on, and because Thomas as so often before was busy with people wanting to speak to him, it was “impossible” to get his attention and I really would have liked half an hour to update him, but I decided to ask him for 10-15 minutes knowing that it is unfortunately difficult for him to focus such a “long time” – he may feel that I am too complicated because of my attention to details, where the truth is that he is too unfocused and need to dig deeper (!) – and finally this is what I got when the time was close to 10.00, and I gave him the update which I also had written down on my action plan – I was reading up what it said (!) – and I showed him the Excel sheet I had done with all the keys of subscribers and when he saw this, he gave me the look of a very surprised and impressed man and he said “fine work” (!) and when I smiled to him thinking that he had to be joking – because this is “nothing” you know (!) – he continued giving me the same look of impression, he really meant it (!) and he said “you do have a potential for more” and yes Thomas, this is indeed what I have (!) but what did Lars and all of you decide to use me for (?) and that was as your “coolie” doing the work you did not like to do yourself using the lowest denominator as the Commune also did and as so many people do with other people when they underestimate them – instead of using and developing the true competences of people – and believe they are “better” themselves (!) and of course I had to be “stupid” in your mind when I was sent out by the Commune (?) and also “crazy” because “he is the man saying that he is Jesus Christ” (!) – I was inspired to tell him in a certain connection that “you are not crazy”, which is what Thomas thought I was but now know that I am not (!) – and my dear, dear friend, Thomas this is yet another example of people misunderstanding and misusing me and if you had TRULY read and understood my CV, you would probably have decided to use me for something else (?) and it corresponds to asking President Obama to do “coolie” work you don’t care to do yourself and also to ask him to send your garbage to the recycling station – as he did later – because what else could you use President Obama to do (?) if he was ordered by the Commune against his wish because this is what the law and the system requires him to do (!) – and we know THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE 🙂 – and of course you would NEVER ask Obama to do the work you don’t care to do yourself and this is showing your POOR WORK, COMMUNICATION and WRONG ATTITUDE!!!

This morning I had received NO information from the Commune nor from Falck if they had decided for me to continue working for Falck (!), which was VERY UNSATISFYING and when I asked Thomas at 09.45 if he had heard anything, he told me that Lars had told him that I was to continue at Falck (!!!) and my dear friends, we have a written agreement which runs out today, the Commune has written in an email to me the 13th that they will stop my practise work the 16th at Falck and yes Jane did also write that “I will then make a four weeks practise to you up there”, where she meant Falck but she also wrote that it could be somewhere else (!) and we know JANE ‘halo ‘halo DON’T YOU LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND that you are acting against both the law and common sense of what is right to do (?) and is it really so that you have NOT read and understood my reply to you of the 13th and therefore carry on playing a DICTATOR on false grounds (???) and my oh my – because of the pirate of this video of Aqua, which are symbols of the darkness bringing suffering and really because I walked next to René from the Danish “super band” Aqua after “work” today and I might tell the Commune and Aqua that I would like to say goodbye “to have the kingdom” as they sing (!) – and HOW BAD CAN IT GET and all I can tell the Commune is that YOU HAVE NOT PASSED (!) – I cannot remember seeing such negligence and poor work and this is what you do now and what you did last year too and I AM ASHAMED OF YOU NOT DOING BETTER (!) – and this is how it is here my friends – and I heard Thomas speaking on the phone when he was inspired to say “this is a game and not always the game as it looks like” and I felt the spirit of my father when this was said and we know BUREAUCRACY OF DICTATORS is what this is about, but hopefully improving soon!

I also ordered new cartridges to the colour laser printer – which are still more expensive than the printer including the cartridges is when buying it from new, which is a “policy” that can upset me (!) – which to me was a symbol saying that we will continue writing scripts and that NO ONE is going to stop me NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS from here and that is because this still has my 1st priority of everything and therefore receives the best protection from the darkness and so it is.

When there was no more office work to do after this, I asked Thomas if I could help the employees and this “opened” up a thought for Thomas because of course I could “help” them to remove the garbage they had collected for quite some time (?) in the garage the same way as the station in Taastrup had and no problem (!), there was a lot a metal from old cars, compressed air bottles, tiles, chairs, tables, computer equipment, monitors/TV, washing machine, mattress, garden garbage etc., which had to be removed and I did almost 2½ loads today where I loaded the 1½ myself and received “help” by two firemen on duty with one load and since they could not leave the station while on duty, I had to unload all of this myself at the recycling station – where I was happy to receive help from a Dane when unloading the washing machine 🙂 and where I noticed that at least some people park their cars where they “feel” like without having a care if they block the road for others (!!!), which you don’t see from me my friends (!) – and again today this was HARD physical work to do, which made me sweat very much but I kept on working until shortly before 13.00 where I told Thomas that I will come back tomorrow doing the last of this work even though we have no agreement for me to come tomorrow (!!!) and he told me “you are welcome” and my dear friends “I am welcome” (???) and “thank you very much” is what I could tell you Thomas, but don’t you believe that a thank you for my hard work for you today was in place (?), which you however did not think about (?) and just wondering we are all here. And the symbol of this hard work today (?) and of course the same as yesterday, which was about the dismantling of the old Universe in connection with my removal to the new, and on my way home, I was told that the angels of Hell are being removed now, which is the same as removing tar from the Christmas Tree, which I am shown here, which gives us all an amazing feeling of joy – looking forward to get you home WHOLE too as a female member from the Council here tells me with much feelings, which are now starting to come through to me again :-).

I have received NO answer from the Commune yet and we have NO agreement for me to continue at Falck, but ….!

When I came home, I was expecting that I HAD to have received a letter from the Commune but NO, “nothing” had come (!) and I am wondering, don’t you worry about a thing when it comes to keeping the law (?) – not to mention to do what is right from a HUMAN from of view – and I am thinking about the COARSE MISUSE OF THE LAW OF COMMUNES ALL OVER DENMARK TREATING EVERYONE THE SAME and sending out people to do “coolie” work, which has NOTHING to do with improving the qualifications of people and you don’t believe today that this is a violation of the law (?) and I am wondering: CAN’T YOU READ (?) and even better DON’T YOU HAVE THE “ABILITY” TO THINK AND TO TAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS (?) instead of using the lowest denominator and the beast inside of you when underestimating your “citizens” because “we know what is the best for you”, but do you really (?) or do you understand that you have been brain washed by the old system and that the Devil has been playing with you, where you could have done so much better???

And when I have received no communication from the Commune since the 13th, when there is NO agreement for me to continue at Falck, common sense should tell that I will stay at home tomorrow, but would you decide to do withdrawals in my cash help if I did not show up tomorrow based on what you may believe is an “agreement” (?) – your email of the 13th – and my dear friends, I will try to get in contact with Lars tomorrow to hear what he has been told and then to think about what to do from here – even thought this is WRONG to do (!) – and we know life is not easy when other people makes it difficult for you apparently blocking your way, but just maybe SIMPLE LOGIC and COMMON SENSE will come to all of you one day not long from now?

Another example of the strong darkness recently when Tanwir lost his father

My old “friend”, Tanwir is one of the people going through the effects of the strong darkness recently, which took his father away from him. He wrote these beautiful words on Facebook about his miss and pain, which I however liked to see because it shows his genuine feelings as a human being – and I decided to give my reply as you can also see:

I ended my work today at 16.10 publishing the last three days of scripts and if I feel tired, punk (?), and “you bet” (!) – so tired that I cannot run – and yes this was my origin and now I am you and you are me 🙂 and this is the gift, which is waiting on me and only to say that I have been feeling the yellow colour of the Universe and the orange of the Source much today with continued speech about “the gift”, which is waiting on me.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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