Summary of the script today


  • Dreaming of my old friend Thomas H. being “unable” to see who I am, going through extreme suffering passing an almost not existing entrance to the New Universe and my “best regards” to Pia Kjærsgaard using her inner beast to close the borders of Denmark!
  • I was at Falck again today – even though our AGREEMENT expired yesterday (!) – and I received confirmation from Lars, that Jane had told him (but not me!) that I will continue at Falck (!), which made me tell Lars, Thomas and Jesper that the Commune is VIOLATING the law but I will continue at Falck having positive relations with all if this is what the Commune will decide to do, which Falck told me “is a matter between you and the Commune”. I sent a new email to the Commune as you can see in the next chapter, and I did the last part of the “dull” work to remove and clean up the garbage in the garage, which the employees noticed with a smile because then they would be free from doing it themselves!
  • WHEN YOU SPEAK TO OBAMA YOU SPEAK DIRECTLY TO “ME” AND GOD AS THE SOURCE OF LIFE! This is if anyone should be in “doubt” :-).
  • The new email I sent to the Commune tells them about their violation of the law when deciding to extend my “work practise” at Falck, that I was not informed myself of their decision (!) and that this is an example of the DICTATOR-STATE OF DENMARK – there is something rotten in the state of Denmark! (this is the meaning of this famous expression and did you believe that Denmark was a FREE country as the politicians claims it is?). I have informed Falck about the wrong-doings of the Commune and also told them that if the Commune decides to stick to their wrong decision, I will continue my work at Falck doing my best and having positive relations with all. “The letter” I have been expecting for days from the Commune was not a letter but an invitation for a new TALK TALK TALK meeting next week (!), which made it almost impossible for me to control my temper and feelings of disappointment because of ignorant and controlling people of a bureaucracy dictating me WRONGLY of what to do apparently without hearing and understanding at all???

18th June: It is always RIGHT to bring the objective truth and WRONG to bring lies and misunderstandings

  • Dreaming of being corrected with a ”bang bang” on my way into the New Universe, stubborn people at the Commune meeting me with authority instead of recognizing their mistakes, SELLING is a communication art form, don’t give promises you are not able to meet!, finishing my work for the darkness, which has both brought me suffering including “indications” of my old nightmare and closer to my future home.
  • For a period of weeks I have noticed a beginning deeper understanding of my mother in the purpose of the work I am doing when she has started to support me and she has also brought some “normal life” to me when inviting me for different events knowing about the sufferings I am going through, which I am thankful of – but her limit today was my “confronting” (!) email to the Commune of the 13th because my mother of course is “concerned” that the Commune may do the same mistake as last year: To remove my cash help once again giving me a death sentence – but my friends: I WILL NEVER ACCEPT WRONG DOINGS AND HUMILIATING BEHAVIOUR OF SLAVE DRIVERS and I am ready to do the same again this year: COME ON, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT – YOU DON’T STAND A CHANCE! – However, I don’t believe it will be “so serious” this year :-).
  • Here in the middle of 2011 – shortly before 2012 – STILL nobody has started to write about me as the reappearance of Jesus on the Internet even though I have been public since February 2010, have published approx. 3,000 pages of information and the world is waiting for my reappearance. Do you see just how strong the power of the dark side has been? I HAVE BEEN DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU FOR A LONG TIME BUT YOU CANNOT “FIND” ME!
  • I was HAPPY to visit my sister and brother in law together with my mother and John this evening, but the first 2-3 hours I was suffering MUCH because of darkness given to me and because of the behaviour of “rich people” thinking of their own “needs” and material goods without helping the poor people of the world. My sister may start to get a better understanding of why I write about the system, “crazy rules” etc. because I told her clearly this evening that I don’t want to be treated wrongly! We spoke about the new book of the now late Tøger Seidenfaden, which people may not like even though it is the truth and again I say: It is right to bring the objective truth about people as Tøger does, but it is WRONG to bring lies and misunderstandings about people as the former Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller and the press did about the present Foreign Minister Lene Espersen, who has now regained her credibility after the press has stopped persecuting her – as people has stopped persecuting me too.

19th June: (First) now the creation of the New Universe has finalised without a fire spreading to the world

  • Dreaming of being on the extreme edge fighting darkness, which could easily bring me down because of uncontrollable feelings of people if I was not able to “control” them, “do I dream or is this really the truth” (?) for bringing the world through the judgment and new creation without losses, nobody will die now if I should “lose it”, the fight of the light and darkness in the White House, where Obama has promoted “the light of Denmark”
  • I went to a first aid course of Falck, which I encourage all people to do in the future to help people with first aid when needed and I received information that (first) now I receive the diploma of my final exam for completing the creation of the New Universe without any “accidents” spreading to the world. All “gasolin’” was used for the creation without spreading as a fire to the world.

20th June: I AM EVERYTHING but still able to live a “normal life” with everybody else as individuals descending from me

  • Dreaming of Elijah’s brother Mischeck being elected as one of my servants, receiving warm feelings from “friends” and also still darkness because they don’t understand me, and lawyers of the Commune evaluating if I have a case about my “claim” that they are misusing me when it comes to “work practise”.
  • I have arrived at the centre of the light, which is making me say: I AM EVERYTHING. I have decided that other parts of me -(spiritual) individuals – may decide the reactions of people to me, which I don’t have a consciousness about – without going into it – which is how I will be able to continue living a “normal life” together with everybody else as individuals but all descending from me.



Dreaming of going through extreme suffering passing an almost not existing entrance to the New Universe

This morning I did not have the alarm on but I woke up at 07.35 again (!), I am still somewhat tired and here are some dreams:

  • I am driving my car and I meet my old friend Thomas H. sitting at the back of a small pickup with no windows, whihc is driving in the opposite direction – both cars are temporarily standing – he opens the door and says “hi Stig”, which makes me ask him “are we going to see each other soon”, which he does not like to hear (because of who I am, which he resists) and therefore he closes the door, which makes me sad and I say “I don’t want anything bad for you”.
    • Thomas H. was a returning visitor to my website until a couple of months ago, I believe, but your final decision was that I had to be crazy, Thomas, making it impossible for you to look out the windows of your car, which are not there?
  • I am in a giant house, where someone sits at the top singing – this has been practised. I enter the house through a small crack of a window, which is almost impossible to enter and I fall down. I walk on the roof of the house in snow, a man walks by, he has a small handheld computer, which is showing the fall speed of people jumping out in parachutes, and before I know it, the manager has shown us out and we are the people jumping out – shown on the computer – falling very quickly towards the water without opening our parachutes until we are very close to the water where we open them – we are two who are landing in the Atlantic Ocean, which we know contains sharks, which potentially can find and eat us, but we are quickly collected up from the water and I see different vintages of Rolls-Royces waiting on us.
    • This is telling how difficult this “exercise” is to enter the New Universe and leave the old as the last man standing and you may understand that it includes suffering because of the symbols of the dream, but as we normally say here: I DON’T CARE – I HAVE TO COME THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT so this is what we are doing once again and “two” means Obama and I!
  • I am sailing towards an Italian island and drive on my bicycle the last short road to the border control – I have to cross a bar, which is smaller than my bicycle – and I meet three Italian custom controllers, who keep on talking about a small detail, which is that I landed a little bit to the side on the island compared to the “officially approved” place to land and they question if I am therefore allowed to enter, which makes them ask me impossible questions to answer but finally I receive my stamp to enter.
    • This is again saying that I am crossing the ocean with water and bicycling – symbols of suffering – to enter our New Universe, which is almost impossible to enter because of the darkness resisting all the way to the end – and this is also with best regards to Pia Kjærsgaard and co. from the Danish People’s Party after deciding to introduce new custom control at the Danish borders after they were opened years ago – and your earlier decision to ask immigrants “impossible” to answer questions on Denmark before they are allowed entrance – and we know symbolising the resistance of the darkness for me to enter here at the end – and also SELFISH PEOPLE of Denmark with a POOR SYSTEM (!) – but Pia, you and many of your colleagues decided to go to a “political festival” at the island of Bornholm earlier this week and do you know why (?) and the answer is to symbolise my arrival to the New Universe despite of the resistance of you and your like-minded prioritising yourselves because of the inner beast working inside of you!


This morning I was not happy “having” to go to Falck again, which you may understand (?), and I had decided that I wanted to call Lars and hear what he would tell me and on basis of this, I would send a new email to the Commune – and first I was met by Thomas, who was finishing his 24 hour duty – filling in for Robert, who had given a “sick declaration” and isn’t the truth, Robert, that you are not sick but not mentally strong enough (?) – and he was replaced by Henrik from Gentofte, who would take the duty today and when I told Henrik that I expected to have extra time to do some work if he had any for me, he told me that “I don’t know the routines here, so I don’t have any work for you” and the truth is that he had no work to do himself and this was a “free” day for him where he could TALK TALK TALK with Jesper and the employees and wasn’t it nice that I could answer the telephone for you now when you were so “busy”, my friend (?) and this is because he was very quick to give me the task answering the phone.

So I called Lars and he told me that Jane indeed had sent him an email telling him – but not me (!) – that I was going to continue at Falck (!!!) and also that I would receive a letter myself today (!) and this is when I decided to play with open cards telling Lars again that I like them much as people but that they are not “up qualifying” me with the tasks they give me and I told him that the Commune has taken this decision in violation with the law, which says that people of match group 1 cannot be extended at the same place in work practise and also that it is a condition for “work practise” that it will improve the qualifications of people and help to bring “clarification”, which it does not in my situation and then I told him that if the Commune despite of this should decide to break the law, I would accept and continue having positive relations with the people at Falck and yes Lars did understand because “this is a matter between you and the Commune” as he told me and this is what it is Lars – you are a hostage of them too – and I decided to give the same story to Thomas before he left and also to Jesper, who I already had said goodbye to the other day, so now they know – and the both understood clearly what I told them!

I decided to use WORKING TIME to write my NEW email to the Commune – which is really wrong to do, but I had finished my work yesterday and had nothing to do except from the last part of the cleaning up in the garage, which I did afterwards – and you can see my email in the next chapter.

After sending the email to Jane and Tine, I decided to do the last part of the cleaning up at the garage driving the last two desks and garden garbage to the recycling station, and I met Henrik sitting outside TALKING to colleagues – you had “nothing” to do (?) – and I gave him the telephone saying that “I have a big responsibility for you, THIS” (the telephone) and I told him that I would now start doing the last part of the cleaning up, and when I left, I heard one of the colleagues saying with a smile that “he is breaking the collective agreement” (!) and the smile was because then you did not have to bother doing your “dull” work yourself (?) and my dear friends I am doing work against the “collective agreement” when I do “normal work” here (!) but what do people do here much of the time (?) and that is to sit on your behinds using your mouth to TALK TALK TALK instead of WORKING and NONE OF YOU decided to help me remove the last part from the garage and to sweep it even though it took me more than one hour to do (!) – long live LAZINESS (!) – and I am thinking here how many times you could have painted and maintained the walls of the farm, which truly needs maintenance (!) instead of doing nothing but that may not be part of your work according to the collective agreement (?) and let me tell you that collective agreements are made by the Devil also to make people like you refuse to do work, which needs to be done, which simple logic tells you to “just do it” (!) – and in the “old days” you were both trained for ambulances and fire fighting but today you are divided in two “pipes” and how much has this “helped” the efficiency of your station (?) and just wondering I am if you wouldn’t be able to be educated in and do both better than each of you do today if you simply show the right ATTITUDE to work?

When I started doing this work, the underside of my left leg was in pain and almost breaking down and I was told that this is the pain, Jane of the Commune is feeling because of me and all I can tell you Jane is to do your work properly, that I don’t mean to harm you – my emails are objectively the truth (!) – and also that I have decided to bring you – and also Tine if required – light to help you to come through and you might understand one day that you are the ones bringing me suffering and not vice versa?

When I was doing this work, I really felt MISUSED by the Commune and also somewhat by the lazy people at Falck not helping and the darkness tried to use this by putting on an extra pressure on me saying that “your biggest test was to accept that Obama is as much Jesus (Stig) as you” – with the darkness trying to “convince” me to say “there can be only one” (!) to leave out Obama – and really because the reason is that “we would not come through without Obama” and when I heard this – which was supposed to be a big test in itself because of the pressure of the darkness – I decided to say that it doesn’t mean much to me, this is about “our” and not “mine” – remembering the “our beer” commercial of Carlsberg (!) – and that everyone is welcome at the Source/me, it is not difficult to take the right decisions, the difficult part has been to generate enough energy to keep the darkness away from me and the more energy I have created, the “easier” it has been (but never “easy”!) and if I had not worked that hard, the darkness would simply have taken me and all of us (!) – and the only reason why I decided to write down this experience was because it might be a help for Obama to make some people out there understand that Obama is as much me as I am: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN YOU SPEAK TO OBAMA, YOU SPEAK DIRECTLY TO “ME” AS THE NEW JESUS AND GOD AS THE SOURCE OF LIFE :-).

When I arrived at the recycling station, I saw that the container of metal, where I had to unload the two desks, was almost full and instead of walking into the container at the open end as I did yesterday, I had to do the same as in Taastrup, which was to walk up a few stairs and then to throw the furniture over an edge down into the container, and I managed to bring the first desk up the stairs and then I was happy to see that a Dane (!) coming to the container decided to give me a hand lifting up the table and down into the container – thank you 🙂 – and when I had to do the same with the next table, which also had drawers included and therefore was heavier, I decided that this would simply be impossible for me to do – or on the edge, maybe (?) – and then I thought that it is fine to ask for advice/help of others, when you truly need help and I found one employee asking him of his advice saying that it would be impossible for me to lift the desk alone, and then he said that I could leave it next to the container, which they would then remove themselves, so this is what I did and again THANK YOU FOR HELPING, which really always makes me happy when I meet such an attitude :-).

Today was yet another day, where I may have said “bliv ved” (“keep on”) to myself inside of my head again and again and again for what may be thousands of times – this is the attitude I need to have and show without being tempted to slow down, and this is what I still do – more or less – every single day.

I finished this work and was back at the office at 12.25 where Henrik still had nothing for me to do and then he decided to give me the rest of the day off, which I decided to accept because there really was nothing more I could do today – and if the Commune has not called back their decision for me to continue at Falck before Tuesday next week, I will return and I take the initiative to find more work to do.

THE DICTATOR-STATE OF DENMARK – there is something rotten in the state of Denmark!

This is the email I decided to write and to send Jane and Tine from the Commune, when I was at Falck this morning:

Kære Jane og Tine,

Efter Janes mail af den 13. ds. og mit svar af samme dag, har jeg ikke hørt fra jer endnu.

I går udløb den (også ulovlige) aftale mellem Kommunen, Falck og jeg. Der er IKKE indgået ny aftale, og jeg har ikke modtaget besked fra jer om at fortsætte hos Falck, hvorfor jeg burde gå hjem, men jeg har valgt at komme hos Falck igen i dag for at afslutte ”kuli” arbejde fra i går.

Jeg fik fortalt af en af Lars’ leder kolleger i går, at I har meddelt ham, at jeg skal fortsætte hos Falck, og i dag valgte jeg så at ringe til Lars – som har/havde fri i dag og i går – for at høre, hvad I har fortalt ham, som I (endnu) ikke har fortalt mig (!!!), og han bekræfter, at Jane har skrevet til ham og meddelt, at jeg skal fortsætte hos Falck.

Jeg har valgt at spille med helt åbne kort – jeg har intet at skjule – og jeg har derfor meddelt Lars og Falck, at jeg har meddelt jer, at jeres beslutning er i direkte modstrid med lovgivningen på to områder – det er ulovligt at forlænge arbejdspraktik for gruppe 1 borgere (læs loven!) og mit arbejde hos Falck (og tilsvarende steder) har INTET med ”afklaring/opkvalificering” af mig at gøre, det er ren og skær ”straf” fra kommunen! – og så har jeg sagt, at hvis kommunen på trods af dette, skulle fastholde, at jeg skal fortsætte hos Falck, så vil jeg gøre dette og så vil jeg fortsætte mine positive relationer med alle og fortsat gøre mit bedste arbejde! Jeg kan godt holde jeres fejl-beslutninger med de lidelser, det medfører for mig, adskilt fra at gøre det rigtige, som altid er at gøre sit bedste og have gode relationer med mennesker.

Sandheden er, at jeg ikke i min vildeste fantasi kunne forestille mig, at I ville gå direkte imod loven på to områder og også imod dét, som Jane skriver i sin mail til mig af den 13. ds., om at hun vil stoppe min praktik hos Falck – og godt nok at hun vil lave en ny fire ugers aftale hos Falck eller et andet sted (jeg har nu været 3 MÅNEDER hos Falck!!!), som vi skulle aftale først, Jane (?) og som jeg svarede på i min mail af den 13. ds., men i stedet for at kommunikere, så valgte I altså at vise diktaturet for ”fuld musik”, som hermed er det rene udtryk for diktatur-staten Danmark, som ikke kommunikerer med sine borgere, men dikterer! Synes I, at I har truffet den rigtige beslutning eller kan I godt se, at der er noget galt ”in the rotten state of Denmark”?

Hvis I fastholder, at jeg skal forlænges hos Falck, så gør I det velvidende, at I overtræder loven på to områder (som nævnt ovenfor) – og UDEN at hjælpe mig, men fortsat arbejde direkte imod mig (!) – og skulle I vælge at sende mig ud til et andet sted end Falck eller Brede Park, hvor jeg allerede har været (!), så vil I kun overtræde loven på ét område (giver ikke”afklaring/opkvalificering”, fordi det ikke er nødvendigt!). Og I ved, at det rigtige svar er, at give mig FRIHED til at udføre mit eget arbejde med jeres godkendelse, som er dét, der giver mening i modsætning til et for mig fuldstændigt meningsløst slavearbejde (!), men det vil naturligvis kræve, at I forstår først!

Mit ærinde med denne mail er (igen), at opfordre jer til at gøre jeres arbejde ordentligt og træffe de rigtige beslutninger, uden at der opstår faglige eller menneskelige fejl og misforståelser, for det er dette, som skaber lidelser og potentielt konflikter mellem mennesker, og ønsker I virkelig at bidrage med endnu et eksempel herpå (?) eller vil I vælge gøre det eneste menneskelige rigtige, som er at erkende jeres fejl og give mig jeres undskyldning?

Venlige hilsener

When I arrived home, I was of course “excited” to see the letter from the Commune, which both Jane and Lars had told me about and I had indeed received a letter from the Jobcentre, and what would it say – would they go against me (?), would they decide to keep me in match group 2 after all (?) – and we know before opening it I was told “we will now remove the last darkness” and we know IT WAS NOT A LETTER IN THAT SENSE BUT A STANDARD LETTER “INVITING” ME FOR A NEW TALK TALK TALK AT THE COMMUNE the 23rd June – was this really “the letter” you had in mind, Tine (?) and I tell you that this is NOT a “letter from Spain”, if you understand the symbolism (!) – and the main part of the letter said:

“Ved jobsamtalen skal vi tale om din jobsøgning, dine evt. uddannelsesplaner og hvilke muligheder, du har for hurtigt at komme i job. Vi skal drøfte det videre kontaktforløb samt andre aktiviteter, som du eller jobcentret forventes at gennemføre inden næste jobsamtale”.

And how do you believe this made me feel (?) and you are right TOTALLY OVERWHELMED WITH FEELINGS OF DISAPPOINTMENT of people doing POOR WORK and STILL NOT UNDERSTANDING (!?) and these are the people DICTATING me of what to do (!) and make the whole world wait longer than necessary on me and IGNORANCE and CONTROL of people is really strong weapons of the darkness, which is removing my good humour and draining my energy – but as you know, this is how the game has to be, this is the darkness you have received from my inner self (!) – because I am to suffer taking on darkness the most darkness myself in order to spare the world – and this is what you decided to do, to show yourself from your worst side, and why do I have to speak to you Tine, when I agreed with Jane to be transferred from group 2 to 1 “one of the next days” as she confirmed in an email of the 9th June to me and the reason being that you “take care of” people of group 2 (?) and is the text about “job searching” in your standard letter an indication that you will keep your promise now to transfer me to group 1 (?), but have you decided something else than I agreed with Jane, which is to continue to be my “caseworker” (?) or will this be the last meeting between us (?) and we know many completely unnecessary questions in this BIG BUREAUCRACY where things go VERY SLOWLY – pushing my feelings and temper to the extreme having to speak AGAIN about what should have been ended with my dialogue with Jane, but will Tine as the “manager” decide to overrule what we agreed because she believes she knows better or will I become positively surprised (?) – and were TRUE understanding is difficult to find (!) and I wonder am I or am I not now part of group 1 again, because my “status” at Jobnet still shows me as part of group 2 as you can see here:

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday evening after publishing my script I had an average evening of suffering of the Devil and I was shown the crown of a tree, where the last milk is being held out, and the other day the darkness asked me if it was allowed to build a house of its own and by all means, this is a free country (!) – I only have very few rules defending my self and all of us against the darkness – and I was asked by the darkness yesterday evening to have all people enter this house to kill them and all I could say was “you don’t have the power to do that” and “there will be light all over, which will dissolve your house”, which is really what is happening now. We have reached the most inner of my inner self removing the house of darkness attached directly on me and so it is :-).
  • At ”Aftenshowet” on Danish DR1 televison this evening, the old actor Holger Juul Hansen (his middle name is very close to ”christmas” in Danish :-)) told an INSPIRED story as you can see here, where he had to defend his actions as an actor in Matador – the best TV series ever (?) – towards ladies he met at the bakery, which made him say that “jeg bryder mig slet ikke om ham Varnæs dér, han er en rigtig grim Karl, fy for fanden, og så slap jeg ud af det” (“I really don’t like the character Varnæs, he is truly an ugly Charles, oh hell!, and then I got out of it”), which was a symbol of an actor “close to Christmas” performing as the Devil – my inner self – and that I will get out of the claws of the Devil, and it was a shame for Holger who did not get a chance to talk about the background of his book, which made the other host, Puk – who I like very much because of her HUMAN face – tell him with inspiration “vi skal nok læse den allesammen, det lover vi” (“we will read it all of us, we promise you”), which was a promise that all living beings will read my books of scripts.
  • I don’t believe I have written about what I have thought about – and been told – for a VERY long time, which is that how many of my family, “friends” and ex-colleagues in real life or on Facebook are in doubts about me because on one hand I publish what you believe are CRAZY scripts (most of you without reading!) and at the same time you see that I am completely “normal” in “real life” and some of my comments on Facebook make you think “he is not that crazy, because what he says is totally right” – see my comment on Facebook yesterday as one example – which makes some of you think that “just maybe he is really the one” (?) and this is the same I can tell about people at the Commune, Falck, Brede Park, A2B, the church, who see that I am not “stupid” – but the opposite – and about Karen when receiving my two “normal” cards per year (!), and visitors to my website, video uploads etc. because on one hand you do believe that “he must be crazy” (?) but on the other hand “it makes sense what he writes” (?) and my dear friends, this is to say that it takes my best work to make myself heard above your extremely powerful and ignorant voice believing that it is impossible for me to be Jesus reappearing and that is because of your imagination of how Jesus would look and be like – bringing all of my glory and miracles from the first day because “of course this is how he is” (!) – and who has told you that your “imagination” of Jesus is also the right answer in “real life” (?) and we know a whole world has a “clear” belief of me without knowing (!) and when I don’t live up to your imagination, I have to be an impostor (!) and one day you will know who was wrong!
  • Ending my working day at 16.40 being quite tired after an emotionally upsetting day – completely unnecessary because of other people (!) – and also receiving one of these very strong pains to my right angle, which is MORE UNPLEASANT than everything else, which are the same type I received regularly when working at the park in 2010.
  • Later in the evening I received 100 percent of the maximum level of suffering again including all of the “good old stuff” you know, which is telling me that my email to the Commune had quite some effect today – and my dear friends at the Commune, you may you believe you are suffering, but I am sending light to help you come through …. :-).
  • I was HAPPY to see three flying UFO’s on the sky this evening, one showing itself as a waterplane with a streamer saying both “hello” – beautiful music – and ‘allo ‘allo to give me BIG SMILES in the middle of the suffering – and I was told that one of the ways “the official world” discovered that I am really “the one” was because of the high degree of UFO activities right in front of my apartment exactly as I have desribed it in my scripts my gentlemen following me (?) :-).


18th June: It is always RIGHT to bring the objective truth and WRONG to bring lies and misunderstandings

Dreaming of being corrected with a ”bang bang” on my way into the New Universe

I went early to bed last evening at 22.30 and except from some disturbances I slept all the way to 09.00 this morning – the longest for years I believe – and my tiredness is much less today saying that the Commune has helped me recently receiving much of the remaining darkness making me very tired as one clear indicator – and here are the dreams:

  • My old friend and class friend Allan is on visit, the light is switched off, I am using his handheld computer and he keeps on saying again and again “you are much quicker than I” and something about throwing the computer on the floor with a bang.
    • I woke up with a chock because what I was dreaming was what I was feeling – a bang – which could be some kind of correction my friends when entering the New Universe (?) and because I somehow landed a little bit off the landing ground (?) and glad that you never give up but help me to come all the way in 🙂 – and the resistance of my old friend Allan may be a reason why it is “immensely” difficult to do this last (?) part of the journey.
  • I was told yesterday that my transferral from the old to the New Universe is done with the usage of the “toolbox” of God, that it is not possible to do (!) and the technique of my transferral is similar to being “beamed up”.
    • Something about a radio store, which has repaired a radio, which however still does not work and now they will not repair the error for free but wants to have the same price to do the work they should have done in the first place, something about I cannot work for this … and receiving an oil filter from my mother’ husband John. I arrive at Danske Bank Freeport with a very fine attaché case, which I open and Lars H. and a lady asks who will look after the cash desk which at the same time is a halt for small trains, and I tell Lars H. that I am happy to see him in a good mood.
    • Is the stubborn radio store a reference to stubborn people at the Commune meeting my request with “authority” as their “defence reaction” instead of opening up and doing what is right to do (?), the bank and cash desk are still about “normal life” approaching.
  • I am together with Kresten (my old manager from DanskeBank-Pension) at a meeting with Eurocard to propose a co-operation and I am surprised to see that Kresten is no salesman and therefore I decide to open up the dialogue by asking the open question “which opportunities do you see in this co-operation” and it makes me surprised when Eurocard starts to talk about “too small margins” as the reason why they don’t want to enter into an agreement, and it gives us a problem because Kresten has already promised Sparbank Vest as a client to provide a credit card facility for them.
    • Nothing much to say other than SELLLING IS AN ART (!) and really to do your best communication advocating, listening, asking and you know making two needs fit together so both parties will win – and also to say to the two credit card providers I had meetings with in 2005/06 when working for Fair Insurance that I was not the reason why we did not enter into an agreement, which was due to “lack of ambitions and will power” of the managing director of Fair (!) and so it is. – And the dream also says: Don’t give promises you are not able to meet!
  • I am working at the service department of Fair Insurance MUCH below my skills, I expect to finish the rest of my work today, I think that I am in lack of trousers, but I noticed that all my trousers hang in my locker, which only is untidy, and I am thinking of getting the long promised salary increase by Søren H., who is my manager. At 08.50 I don’t understand where all other employees are and when I look I see that they have just ended a meeting at the meeting room without me and on their way back I meet Alex who is eating an berliner pfannkuchen, which he has taken from a plate of mixed cookies, and we agree that they are the best, which exist.
    • Fair Insurance was one place where I worked much below my skills – because of you, my friend Søren (!) – and this may be another symbol of Falck and just saying that Fair was a symbol of the darkness as Falck together with the Commune is, and this is the darkness speaking together without me, which is also bringing me the berliner, which is a donut and here symbolising both threats of my old nightmare – I had some dreams of this not included here and this is included in the suffering I receive too these days – and also my way to the capital of GERMANY, which you know is my future home?
    • And I wonder if this dream says that I will finish my work at Falck – will Tine decide to do this Thursday next week?

This morning I was not that tired and had very little suffering compared to yesterday and the days before, and I decided to take a long bath before starting the work as late as 11.30 only with the goal to do the script today – and tomorrow to resume the work on my website.

My mother shows a deeper understanding in my work and helps bringing some “normal life” to me 🙂

For a period of weeks I have noticed a beginning deeper understanding of my mother in the purpose of the work I am doing when she has started to support me and showed understanding in relation to for example the stories on AAB, the housing association in Lyngby and more and more also on my fight against the terrible system of the Commune, which has made me happy – when nobody else has supported me at all (!) – and I have also been happy that she has decided to bring some happiness in my life by inviting me for different events knowing about the suffering I am going through when most people still have decided to abandon me in practise and when my “opportunities” to live a “normal life” are limited because of my situation and this is what I would like to thank my mother for; for showing this change of attitude, which I know has not been easy for her.

It is a gradual process, however, where the trees don’t grow into heaven already so to say because after having read my latest published script including my email to the Commune of the 13th June where I tell the truth OBJECTIVELY – and do you understand that I have absolutely no desire to hurt people (?) – my mother tried to “calm” me down in a telephone call today in order for me to accept the Communes decisions and I could have decided to be a yesman to make the phone call “easy” but I decided that NOBODY is going to make me “accept” this “policy” and wrong doings of the Commune (but still I will do what they decide to do if you understand?) and my mother can – if she wants to – be VERY persistent, and therefore I decided to CUT THROUGH immediately, which I do VERY rarely – I don’t like to do this at all, but it was needed today, my mother – and therefore I told her with my clearest and loudest voice so she would not be in doubt or start to question me again, that I WILL NEVER ACCEPT SUCH HUMILIATING AND DEGRADING BEHAVIOUR OF THE COMMUNE and that is NEVER NEVER NEVER (!) but I do understand the “concern” of my mother, which of course is that the Commune again should come to the WRONG conclusion that they will take away my cash help and let me starve and my dear friends, IF YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND LAST YEAR, I DO MEAN BUSINESS THIS TIME, WHICH IS THAT I WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR MISANTHROPIC TREATMENT OF ME (!) – and should it take to do the same as I did last year to go through THE WORST HELL (!) after having people trying first to remove my freedom of speech and afterwards to be given a death sentence and let to starve/die (together with the Universe, my friends, if I did not come through!) by the same CARELESS people (!) – also thinking of LTO again here – this is what I will do, then, also knowing that NO ONE in this society will save me (?), however the situation today may be different than last year because both the system and my family know that this is what I will be prepared to do and WILL YOU ALLOW ME TO DIE ONCE AGAIN OR WILL YOU DECIDE TO HELP ME THIS TIME (?) – and my dear friends NOBODY DECIDED TO SAVE ME LAST YEAR – I HAD TO SAVE YOU and we know Stig nothing much here to tell because this was this story I believe and we know we will have to see how it turns out this time and that is if I will live on a stone again and you might say it I will “turn to stone” and just saying that WE LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS AGAIN my friend and this song is you know ONE OF THE GREATEST BY MY FAVOURITE BAND OF ALL the Electric Light Orchestra – and STONE, I miss you too, my old school friend and this is indeed how it is here :-).

And I was told that the concern of my mother is also helping to remove or convert darkness into light, which is the true purpose of what we are doing here.

This afternoon I was not motivated at all to run, but I felt that I was able to run, so this is what I decided to do but I really felt the effect of the last days of tiredness and suffering in my running, which was MUCH more difficult to do today than the last time and my dear friends, it really takes away motivation to run when I am not able to run – but you know I will never give up, so when I can, I will run and some day the tiredness will leave me and then I should be able to start running both quicker and longer than ever, and did I hear a marathon waiting for me (?) and so it is!

Shortly before 2012, still NOBODY has written about me as the reappearance of Jesus – what are you thinking of???

Today I started thinking if everyone has written about me as Jesus – or even as a ”possible Jesus” as people have done on other ”candidates” (!) – and what better to search for than on “Stig Dragholm Jesus” and as you can see from below, the result is that there is NOT (!) – nobody but myself has written about me on the Internet as the “new Jesus” and my dear friends we are writing June 2011 – very close to 2012, and people are waiting for me (!) – I have been public since February 2010 and have published approx. 3,000 pages on the Internet at different places including videos and also on the forum of www.selvet.dk, and still it has been “impossible” for you to discover my reappearance (?) and we know just wondering I am – as I also am when it comes to some of the information on my website, there are many “good stories” to find (!) for example on the Jerusalem UFO and the decoding of this, which NO ONE has “duplicated” to bring on other pages, which you know otherwise is what MANY do – but in my “case” it is impossible to “believe” in (?) and that is even though you can find no better information on the Jerusalem UFO anywhere than on my pages and we know THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE is strong (!) – also when NOBODY has decided to follow my request to use a “few hours” to read my website (all of it before starting to read the scripts!) “to learn that I am the truth” (!!!) – do you see?

As per June 2011 nobody but me has written about me as the
reappearance of Jesus – “difficult” for you to find out?

And while we are at it, I can give you some statistics – first the total number of visitors per week approaching an average of 50 per day and my dear friends if it had been 50,000 per day increasing to 50 million per day now, I would better have understood the development!

Here you can see the most ”popular” pages, where ”welcome” is my front page and ”homepage” is the same, when you click “home” after having visited another page – and the only reason why the script of the 29th May is the most popular is because people find this after searching for “love symbol” – this script includes a story of Prince and his/our love symbol – and this is what I am: The symbol of love – but not many of you have understood the TRUE meaning of this love symbol; you are searching without finding what you search for even though it is placed directly in front of you and you are looking directly at it (me)!

I was HAPPY visiting my sister: It is always RIGHT to bring the objective truth and WRONG to bring lies and misunderstandings

Today my sister and her husband had decided to invite me and my mother/John for dinner, which I was happy about because all I want is to have good and ”normal” relations with my family.

Shortly after coming to their home, I was shown a BIG HEART in my field of vision, which was given to me by the spirit of Hans (!) and really for coming as far as this continuing to normalise our relations after all we have gone through.

Despite of my happiness of seeing them again, I was given GREAT suffering the first 2-3 hours because I was now tired again, because I was kept on “the edge” because of suffering/negative speech given by the darkness, which I often am – this is the best “cure” (not U2 right here :-)) to convert darkness to light – and also to re-experience the life of “rich people” or what people of Denmark will simply call a “normal life” and we know without thinking of it, people think and speak of material goods: We bought this and that, we would like to get this and that, we have been on holiday here, where we bought this and went out to dinner at very nice restaurants, our son (Tobias) has been so “unlucky” with reparation costs on his car making it VERY expensive for him to keep (its now being sold because he cannot “afford” to keep it any longer) and now we will go on holiday there, however the hotel costs are really expensive for just “one more night” – this is MARVELOUS music for you my sister and brother-in-law showing my love to you 🙂 – and I am only saying that most people of Denmark do what you do and can you imagine how the feeling is to listen to this when you have become accustomed to be a poor “citizen” of Denmark living for approx. 1,200 DKK per month in practise not being able to go to a restaurant or to buy new clothes etc. – to save on all – and then see all of the CONSUMPTION of people “here there and everywhere” where they will use my monthly budget in a split of a second if this is what they decide to do and that is without a care for me and I am really thinking of my LTO friends here, because I AM NOT STARVING and in this respect I am not suffering as they are and we know IT GAVE ME TERRIBLE SUFFERING to see and listen to this “behaviour” and that is STILL because of the SCREAM of poor people of the world suffering terrible while “rich people” continue to spend more money on their never ending quest for luxury – I WISH THEY WOULD WISH FOR HUMAN VALUES, PEACE and the SURVIVAL of people in the world before thinking of themselves and material goods (!) and my dear family and friends, one day not long from now, you will get the same feeling as I: A FEELING OF THROWING UP OVER THE BEHAVIOUR OF RICH PEOPLE having “given up” because “what can we do to help” (?) and we know for example the same as I have done and how many millions of lives do you think you could have saved for example in the last two years, when I have done my best to save the lives of my friends and we know JUST WONDERING I AM!!!

And it still makes me suffer much when my family asks me about my work for Falck and my “superficial life” instead of understanding and asking about my true work and true self – and also when they speak of the reason of sicknesses including the reason why people receive cancer as an example and of course my mother believes that the reason why she became sick was because of hormone therapy as so many women receive in this society and I could only listen to this suffering without saying anything because she still does not understand that the reason was the darkness trying to kill her (!) and that the only reason why she – and the Universe – survived was because I decided to be stronger than the darkness, and my dear mother this is the understanding you will be given yourself including the understanding of how hurtful your misunderstandings of me have been, which you of course have had absolutely no intentions of, but never the less …

Besides this, I was happy to have a good dinner and good conversation also feeling that my sister – and husband – were as happy to see me as I them. And I was happy to see something which “I have never seen anything like before”, which was the most fantastic gift my sister had received from the employees of her previous employer, when she stopped working there. They had pasted the most fantastic personal cards into a very nice looking album and the cards included beautiful and positive words about my sister, flower seeds etc., which told me that my sister truly was appreciated much by these people – and you know if she had understood me and my story too she would also have made me happy (!) and just maybe my sister, you started to understand this evening the reason why I wrote my CV as I did, why I am fighting the system of the Commune as I do, why I write about “crazy” rules of AAB, the housing association of where I live etc. – to help people improve – is because I decided to tell you and the family when you asked me and that was with commitment even though I really did not have energy to do it.

We also spoke about the now later editor-in-chief Tøger Seidenfaden and the book of him by Stig Andersen, which reveals “secrets” about the The Bilderberg Group (120-140 “powerful” leaders of the world meeting for “unofficial” talks), the previous Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller and the “leak” of Hans Gammeltoft Hansen, which brought the Danish Government to a fall in 1993 and I could only tell my mother – who did not like these stories by a dead man to be told (!) – and my family that it is always RIGHT to tell the objective truth when it is indeed the objective truth and also that it is of course wrong to tell lies (including misunderstandings, if you can avoid it!) and here I do believe that Tøger is telling the truth and my dear friends you do know what I believe of the press, which is that it is fine to bring the OBJECTIVE TRUTH when you do it without an agenda to bring people down and this is then what led us to the story of the present Foreign Minister Lene Espersen and we know last year it was “impossible” for my family to accept the so called “wrong doings” of Lene and that was at the time when the press was persecuting her but after she was “forced” to step down as the chairman of the Conservative Party and the press had succeeded defeating their “victim”, the press decided to hold back and as I told my family today: Before the persecution by the press, Lene had higher credibility as a potential Prime Minister among the population than the leaders of the two wings of Danish politics; when the persecution was ongoing, her credibility decreased to almost nothing because of “brainwashed” people deciding to believe the smear campaign of the press not understanding what was RIGHT and WRONG – do you see the resemblance of this story to me (?) – and when the press “released” her from their grip, her credibility has now improved much again and yes WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU (?) and we know WHO IS WRONG, Lene or everybody else (?) and the answer is of course: EVERYONE ELSE (as in my case too!) and what started this hunt on Lene (?) and was that you, Per Stig (?) and now you don’t like what a dead man has written about you (?) and the difference is that the press with the support of a majority of people persecuted Lene believing that her “attitude” was wrong when it was right (!) and they continued chasing her until she decided to give up (the same as in my “case”, but I decided NOT to give up to the same attitude of people!) and the press is now bringing an objective true story about you, Per Stig, which people don’t like to be published even though it is RIGHT and the truth (!) and my dear friends DO YOU SEE A PARALLEL OF THESE STORIES and that is simply that we are starting to turn the world around Stig as you have asked us to do and that is to bring the OBJECTIVE TRUTH on people, which is what we inspired Tøger and Stig Andersen to do and ONE DAY SOON THE PUBLIC WILL UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE OF BEFORE AND NOW and also that it is FINE to bring the “OBJECTIVE TRUTH” about me and that goes both in relation to what people of today of the official government know about me and my presence – IT IS NOT A SECRET my ladies and gentlemen (!) – and of my past – and we know to end this story, I told my family that it was WRONG for the press to pressure Lene so much that she “had” to excuse her behaviour when she prioritized a private holiday, which was planned for a long time, over a “work meeting” (with the American Foreign Minister and other “very important” people) and that was because SHE DID WHAT WAS RIGHT TO DO, which is to bring balance between your private and work life and to keep your first agreement, which makes it right to send the person responsible in your absence – this is to be included in yours and your team’s distribution of responsibilities – and we know “the trees don’t grow into heaven yet” (!) because this was of course “totally impossible” for my family to agree with me on, which made all react strongly and emotionally and we know OF COURSE SHE HAS TO BREAK HER HOLIDAY IN SUCH A SITUATION because it goes with the job as a top politician (!) and what if a “crisis” should occur as my brother in law asked (?) and my dear family and friends: YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED – fine music don’t you think ? – BY THE EXISTING SYSTEM AND PRESS because of course it is simple logic as I have told you that NO MATTER WHICH LEVEL YOU WORK ON, IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE RIGHT BALANCE BETWEEN YOUR PRIVATE LIFE AND WORK and when you have promised your family to go on holiday, you will go on holiday and then it is simply up to the world to PLAN AND WORK MUCH BETTER THAN TODAY and to keep your first agreement and send a replacement if needed and my dear friends: THIS IS WHAT I WILL DO MYSELF IN THE FUTURE and I kindly ask you to follow my example and that is to understand what is SIMPLE LOGIC to understand instead of being brainwashed by the darkness and what “you are used to” – do what is RIGHT to do!!!

We also spoke shortly about you Pia Kjærsgaard and “poor work” at a high level because you truly don’t like east European criminals to cross the Danish border and you do believe that a new custom control will stop them (?) and have you thought deeply about how you will do this or is the truth that you have absolutely no knowledge and that your decision bringing discredit to Denmark all over Europe is simply based on a “feeling” or yours and nothing else (???) – and let me say that your and Søren Pind’s attempts to stop the freedom of a speech of a so called “expert” – Marlene Wind – is making me very sad to see, do you believe you are the only ones entitled to express your personal beliefs and that “experts” are not (?) and the answer is MISUNDERSTOOD (!) and let me say that instead of fighting each other in public making people unhappy, why don’t you meet and decide to understand each other and agree on basis of what is the truth instead of tearing each other in pieces deciding to listen to yourselves only without trying to understand the other party?

John told me about the progress of the Cultural Yard of Helsingør, that the library etc. is looking fine now and as I understand it, the last big outstanding is to receive an official approval of the kitchen, which 7 months after the opening has still not been approved, and I understood the story as you told me, John, and also the symbol, which is that when everything else is in place – the New Universe – we will make sure to “open up the kitchen” to bring “normal life” to the world too.

And finally after a long but good evening – because the love of the family is what matters the most – it was “time” to go and I was very sad/tired of the suffering I still receive hoping that it would be over with for me to start living too but also accepting that it will continue as long as it is needed to save the Universe and people from more suffering than strictly necessary – and this is when I was given another of my favourite songs by Electric Light Orchestra – almost all of them are favourites really – which was “last train to London” and the symbolism is to continue my last journey of suffering towards London, which is my future “paradise” or “Tivoli Gardens” and while I think of it, my sister’s husband was inspired to print out the register of the many “soft CD’s” I have recorded and given them over the years, which made me say with a smile when looking at the register that “no. 39 is also good”, which then inspired my sister to say that she liked no. 21 and of course without reading or knowing what is on no. 21 but she told me with a smile that she particularly likes the no. 1 and 3 songs on this CD and we know I knew that this would include a little bit of “magic” and which songs are no. 1 and 3 (?) and the answer is that no. 3 is “secret garden” by Bruce Springsteen and no. 1 is “I belong to you” by Eros Ramazotti & Anastacia and what is this about (?) and only this: My sister is part of me in our New Universe – or “secret garden” – and this is how “inspiration” also comes to people.

Ending the day with bringing you “last train to London” by Electric Light Orchestra here and as they sing “I should have been away, but I knew I’d have to stay” so this is what I did!


19th June: (First) now the creation of the New Universe has finalised without a fire spreading to the world

Dreaming of the fight of the light and darkness in the White House, where Obama has promoted “the light of Denmark”

I had a somewhat better night making me less tired – at least in the beginning of the day – with these dreams:

  • I am walking on the extreme edge of a football field covered in snow but I make sure to stay inside of the lines, and they do fitness gymnastics on the field, which makes me happy.
    • I am still playing the “game”, i.e. the football, with the darkness bringing me suffering, i.e. the snow, and again I am going all the way to the edge.
  • I am at a bar standing together with two VERY BIG men of more than 400 and 500 kilos of muscles and it takes nothing especially for the “small” one to lose his temper and start fighting, but I keep both of them down and have fried herrings.
    • The bar is the New Universe where I have brought a couple of “bad guys” who could knock me down easily because they cannot control their feelings but only if I was not able to control them.
  • I received a very nice song and huge hit in Denmark a few years ago “drømmer jeg” (“do I dream”) by Johnny Deluxe and this is to say that I have received the word “dreaming” many times for days now in different connections and the reason is “do I dream or is this really the truth” (?), which is the reaction of the Source for having brought the world all the way through the judgment without losses and we know including the creation of a New Universe too and this is how this is to be understood.
  • Something about my old girlfriend Henriette having landed at one airport and she will now continue to the next, the baker has spilled bread etc.
    • This is a dream of symbols about “my old nightmare”, which is part of the suffering given to me not only in dreams you know.
  • My sister is a manager, old employees clip articles from newspapers for her, and we are three clipping articles from “the insolvent newspaper” (which was Jyllands-Posten’s business section), from a ladies magazine and I choose another one and I ask my sister to consider having new agencies doing this work for her.
    • Newspaper was the old symbol of destruction, so this is a threat of the darkness again but no one is going to be destructed (!) and I might add here that I was told that if I should “lose it” now, nobody will die because of the need of the darkness to be deflected elsewhere than on me and the “only” consequence would be that “some people will hurt”, but this is not included in my plan.
  • I am at the White House together with Obama, editors and Morten J. Obama and I agree that we know each other as well that we know exactly where we have each other, which is not like what people believe. I am somewhat nervous being with these people for the first time. The microphones are checked because some have been switched meaning that it is not the own voice of people coming out. The White House is HUGE, I have been there for two days without seeing anything of the house, and I am told that tomorrow I will receive a tour around the house. I see light projectors from Denmark being sold, one floor include a crowd of people, which the other floors do not and I see airliners all over one of the floors.
    • While writing down this dream, I now remember dreams of the past being at the White House – because this is where I ALSO am today through Obama – and what this dream says is that this house is full of people, who speak with the microphone of the darkness distorting their own true voice – which will come out “later” – and it says that “the light of Denmark” – I wonder who that may be about 🙂 – is being “sold” at the house by no other than Obama self 🙂 and also that airliners of the darkness are all over the house and we know the light and darkness have fought a fight directly at the White House and we know not easy to come through IGNORANT PEOPLE NOT LISTENING AND UNDERSTANDING SIMPLE LOGIC, “my friend” Obama (?) and that is to say that the darkness has been operating on all levels everywhere and that it takes a strong leader to cut through the nonsense of “infected” people!

A first aid course leading the message: (First) now the creation of the New Universe has finalised without a fire spreading to the world

This morning when I woke up, I had forgotten that Lars from Falck had been so nice to invite me for a first aid course at Falck from 09.00 to 15.00 today and to tell you the truth, I had “planned” to do more writings on my scripts and also to continue the work on my website, if I had time and energy to do so, but when I received a reminder from my calendar, I thought it would be WRONG to cancel the agreement just because I did not “feel like” going, which is what many WRONGLY do today.

When I came to the station, I first entered the office, where I met Robert, who was back on work and I only had one minute before having to leave for the course, but I understood from him that “things have not improved, they have deteriorated” and I felt again that it was right to tell him “NEVER GIVE UP, ROBERT” so this is what I did and I am hoping that he will not give up in order to “save” his family from breaking apart – and just telling you Robert that if you truly had decided to be STRONG as I encouraged you to be, you would have helped me going through these difficult days bringing me energy but instead I brought you energy for you not to break down and who do you think had the “easy” road of us to pass (?) and yes you contributed to drain me for energy making me “extremely tired” with a risk to break down and “hurt” the Universe and people and just so you know of course.

The course started up with the teacher, who did a fine job, teaching us about the anatomy of the body, where a few participants were chosen to draw organs on a drawing of the body on the whiteboard and I was chosen to draw the lungs and as I told the people, I have no knowledge or training in this and this is how I “revealed” that I don’t even know where the lungs are placed (!) because I drew them on the right and left side of the stomach where they “of course” are placed higher in the body and my dear friends this is where I was given the understanding that all of the pain I have received in my lungs have been phantom pains given to my left and right sides of the stomach because this is where I thought the lungs were placed but the origin of the pain came from the lungs itself!

I was very happy to see the lady sitting to the left of me because she was very committed and asked many good questions, which were very good because it gave an even better understanding for everybody else – where some people don’t “like” to ask questions – and because this was my attitude of her, the class asked “many questions” and Henrik, as I believe the name of the teacher is, you said you had never received so many questions before and later you told a test person when doing an exercise that she was the first you have ever experienced doing what was right to “stop the accident” first by pulling out a wire from the power plug and my dear friend this was because of “inspiration” coming to people from me and the test was to say that I have now stopped any potential accident to spread to the world and we know in case I should “lose it” now and so it is :-).

And the purpose for me to attend this course is to say that this is what I encourage all people to do in the future in order to help stopping an accident and giving first aid to people when necessary and my dear friends I was APPALLED when the teacher told about a test, which Falck had done together with TV2, where an actor was lying on the street looking as if he was in need of help, where 116 people had passed him with only 8 stopping and only 2 actually trying to help and they had all kind of “poor excuses” afterwards when they were asked why they did not do anything – “I don’t know him”, “I thought he was drunk” etc. (!) – and I would like to think that in the future, the picture will have turned so it will be 116 people who will stop, help and also to do what is right to do in the situation – and my dear friends, this brings me back to the outcome of this course and we know IT WAS GOOD BUT AT A MUCH LOWER LEVEL THAN NECESSARY and that was because of one thing only: PEOPLE CAME WITHOUT HAVING DONE ANY PREPARATION AT ALL and even though the teacher did a fine job, and the text book looks very fine, we started at a far too low lever and the only right thing to do is to start by having people to read the text book CAREFULLY (!) and then to do teaching and practical exercises at a MUCH higher level and I wonder if the reason why this is not done today is because this would take away a lot of unnecessary teaching and profits from Falck and others?

A participant told a lesson about their company having received heart starters, which they don’t know how to use (!) because they have received no training and no text book to learn from (?) and my dear friends it should go without saying that YOU NEED TO DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN TODAY and that is for people to know how to operate such a device when they have it – and thinking that they will probably not be needed in the future or maybe “much less” (?) and we know we will have to see.

During the course, I decided to fill coffee from the coffee machine to the coffee pot, which made one of the others say “this is something you can get a diploma in” – I have received speech about a “diploma” of my final exam for quite some time now – and when I heard him say this, I was given the feeling of Franz Beckerlee – the guitarist of the renowned Danish rock band Gasolin – and it was followed directly by someone else speaking in the other room, which I overheard, where one said “gør det noget” (“does it matter”) and my dear friends this was to say that with coffee – “warm feelings of love” – we have now completed the creation – which I thought we had done earlier but you know this is what the guitar means – and this is what I have achieved my diploma in and we know this course is to say that nobody got hurt because we “stopped the accident” before it happened and that was to take on the “gasoline” myself converting it to light – the process of creation – without setting the world on fire and “gør det noget” (“does it matter”) was to ask “do you mind the outcome of this” (?) and also that this is the final album by the band Gasolin, which is going all the way in to the deepest of my soul because this is how great these guys and their music are.

After six hours together with these approx. 15 people where we had done exercises together, I felt that I had started to receive new friends, and I was sad that people left the course in practise without saying goodbye, and when I tried to say goodbye out loud, I received no reaction and you can do so much better than this!

Gasolin with “det bedste til mig og mine venner” (“the best for me and my friends”) because THE CREATION IS THE BEST FOR “ME AND MY FRIENDS” :-).

Crossing deep rivers and high mountains of pain and suffering

Let me also here say that I watched a portrait and interview of Phil Spector on Swedish television the other day and I AM ONE LOVING HIS MUSIC AS MOST OF THE WORLD TOO also thinking that he is among the GREATESTS OF THE GREAT in music industry – making so many fantastic songs and “River deep, mountain high” sung by Tine Turner may be my favourite and SPECIAL INSPIRATION to you my friend 🙂 – and I was thinking that most highly placed spirits of the Hierarchy will have taken on darkness in physical life in solidarity with man both as perpetrators and victims – and I have NOT been told anything about you my friend, but these were my thoughts, and we know the man was convicted for murder at an actress in his own home in 2003.

And here is the magnificent song by this remarkable song writer and producer – from my birth year 1966 – and here by one of the most talented female singers and performers of all time, Tina Turner:

Is Karen starting to think of me as a potential future partner again?

Also here just saying that for days I have received the word “klam” (“gross”), which is what Karen thought I was at one point, where she was convinced that “I would do anything for love” but Karen, I wont do that (!) and that is you know trying everything to get you to bed and that is simply because, Karen, I was not “hooked” on you because I wanted to sleep with you but because of my heart feeling the true spirit of you – not the darkness of you – and do you see your misunderstanding by now (?) and the reason why I am receiving these feelings of Karen is because you have started thinking about me again as a potential “partner” of the future and we know life isn’t supposed to be easy Karen, when you don’t do what it takes to read and understand me!

I was told that the reason why I receive the word “klam” is because of the darkness around me distorting the true feelings of love brought to me by the spirit of Karen.

And because this song by Meat Loaf is simply UNIQUE, I bring it to you here and to Karen: Yes, I will raise you up, make you some magic and bring you to places you have never known because I still love you as I know you love me underneath all of the darkness :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received a new feeling of being at the centre of myself – at the light – after having been transferred through a tiny crack from the old Universe, which I now see as the remaining darkness leading to me on its way to being converted into light too. I am now inside the light instead of the darkness – and the darkness “outside” tried this evening to demand me by saying “you” referring for me to “get back” where I continued to say “everyone is welcome” and this remaining darkness made my life a living Hell again so strongly that I was almost made to believe that we had not made it through – more than uncomfortable it was.
  • I felt Tibetans inside of me as I have done for days with the feeling of “leading Tibetans” meditating and knowing about who I am – but not communicating much about me yet?
  • I kept on working until 18.10 today without completing my script of yesterday and without starting to write the script of today – I started to become EXTREMELY again – and I thought that I will publish my script tomorrow instead of today.


20th June: I AM EVERYTHING but still able to live a “normal life” with everybody else as individuals descending from me

Dreaming of receiving warm feelings of “friends” and still having some darkness to go through

I had a night as last night with these dreams:

  • I am in Africa, where people don’t want to tell me where Mischeck is, I believe he had disappeared but they tell me that he has been elected as a MP and I see that people are looking for food while being on their limits of survival but they are still singing with happiness and joy.
    • This is to say that Mischeck – Elijah’s brother – is one of my “special friends” or “servants” too and when he has been elected, does it mean that he is starting to “see me” in a new way as the one I am (?) – you may want to ask him and tell me (?) – and from this dream you will understand that God is with the poor people as the darkness is (and soon “has been”) with the rich and Elijah and the LTO team, please give my best to Mischeck, his wife and small child too.
  • Two women – one is Lene, my old class friend – have a fine job doing some shopping and they tell me that they have recorded videos of U2 in Copenhagen, which they have written down and copied in three copies and they tell me that there is some oatmeal and milk left, which I will use.
    • Is this about old “friends” shopping in for themselves, who send me nice music because of warm feelings of me (?), which are sent through the Trinity who also say that there is still some milk – suffering and maybe even sexual suffering (?) – left for me to overcome because the same people don’t understand me yet?
  • I am visiting a lawyer firm and see that the partners have a freezer full of fish and when I take out two tuna heads, I am thinking that this may be from illegal fishing, but then I notice one of the lawyers eating directly from a frozen and salt salmon.
    • The lawyers are about the darkness and here I was directly told that it is about “lawyers” of the Commune trying to figure out if I have a case or not – is it illegal for the Commune to misuse the law on “work practise” as I have told them (?) – and the illegal fishing is about “killings” of me by the lawyers as the darkness and here one lawyer has started “eating” from my recipe really so I wonder if the Commune will understand the law and me when I will meet Tine on Thursday (?) and just having to wait on this meeting with Tine makes me feel uncomfortable the same way as it did in 2010 and that is because of the ATTITUDE, WRONG DOINGS and SLOW-ACTING of these people, which is making me hurt instead of truly helping me, which would make me happy – and Tine and Jane, you may be annoyed with me because I make your work and life a “living hell” and my dear friends to this I can only ask if you have been hired to help me or to “freeze me out” (?) and just wondering I am.

I AM EVERYTHING but still able to live a “normal life” with everybody else as individuals descending from me

Today I carried out my plan again (!), which was to take a long bath and from 09.45 to continue writing my script of the day before yesterday, yesterday and today until I would be finished because I had decided to publish my script today “no matter what” and really because I don’t like to be behind, which was simply what this little test – the inlaid first aid course at Falck, which delayed me – was about but now we are up to date again.

At the bath I started thinking about what I was told the other day – did I write this down (?) – which was to say that “I am everything” – I have arrived at the centre of the light – so this is what I did and while doing so, I started smiling because it was also a confirmation that I am also the darkness still coming to me – or “nothing” – where all life has originated from and the only reason why we are not darkness today is because I decided that I don’t like the darkness and therefore took on the “impossible” task to convert “nothing” into “everything” and we know we are still “nothing” but after the “architect” of my inner self has designed our new Universe, “nothing” has become “everything” and I am still wondering if the Source originated only from this “nothing” or if the Source is at a higher Universe having planted “nothing” from us to originate and develop from and I don’t really know you know but I may believe mostly in the first today but then I don’t know who or what invented “nothing” if there is such a thing to “invent nothing” – and only time will tell!

For a very long time I have become used to say “you are welcome” and “everyone is welcome” to fight the darkness, which I may have said hundreds of times each day for weeks and now I know that I have to get out of this and say “I am everything” instead and when I have received negative words of the darkness, I have also said “this is not me”, which has become such a habit that it is almost impossible to change but now I am starting to say that “this is also me, but it is WRONG” – and I was asked in the bath of how I would like people to think and react to me and I came to the conclusion that this is something I don’t have to know about as my conscious self meaning that other parts of me – (spiritual) individuals – which I don’t have a consciousness about – without going into it – may decide about this and we know this is how I will be able to continue living a “normal life” together with everybody else, who are individuals but all descending from me.

And finally – this is the feeling – at 15.20 I had finished the work of today and published the last four days of scripts :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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