June 23, 2011: Receiving the official acknowledgement and declaration of faith of the world community in me


Summary of the script today

21st June: The Universe has strengthened with my arrival at the Trinity – I will soon stop dragging the old Universe

  • Dreaming of Obama and I being the remaining darkness of the world, my friends in Africa struggling to survive, spiritual teachers are learning how the New Universe is working, an important Russian will help the world to understand whom I truly am, someone from the Commune has communication problems because her manager has given her a muzzle and apparently they do believe that I am becoming increasingly more crazy – which is the most CRAZY I have ever heard (!) if this is the truth – and the Commune is thinking about sending me out in “work practise” for 37 hours per week, where I will have to work on my scripts in the evenings/weekends – in order for me to take on as much darkness as possible, which will lead me to the fort of Egypt!
  • At Falck a temp. officer gave WRONG information to Robert about an “agreement” with me to collect his computer at the head office and I therefore had to correct him: BE CAREFUL TO TELL THE STORY EXACTLY AS IT IS without changing it, which gives you the risk of misunderstandings. I collected his computer – ordered by my two slave drivers, who did not care to listen to my voice (!) – and I also obeyed orders (!) when they asked me to go and buy a strengthened wheel barrow, which was a symbol that the Universe is now strengthened by the Trinity with my arrival. A lady subscriber of 81 on Sunday arrived to cancel the car cover of her subscription because she will now stop driving her old car – her middle name was PEARL symbolising CREATION OF LIFE (!) and here saying that I will stop driving this car as a symbol of stopping to drag the old Universe and its darkness with me because it is coming to an ending. I had decided to start cleaning up all of the ring binders at the office, which I did together with Robert, which gave us a good co-operation and after one hour we had thrown out half of all the ring binders, which were not used anymore today! This was the first cleaning up since 2003 (!), which made me tell Robert that you need to do this every year, to be disciplined and I also asked him to take action on the key receipts and cleaning up of the dressing room, where NOTHING has happened yet. Robert agreed fully with me, his old commitment and strength returned and he promised to take action also making me hope that this “injection” will wake you up to save your marriage.

22nd June: The Danish system brought down and killed Glistrup as it also tried to do with me, but I will defeat you all 🙂

  • Dreaming of people wrongly being publicly convicted because of groundless accusations, divine people reproducing and setting my team to bring “normal life” to the world.
  • In the 1970’s the founder of the Progress Party in Denmark, Mogens Glistrup, introduced new ideas on how to remove the public sector and all taxes – which is also included in my New World Order (!) – but instead of listening to and understand the ideas of Glistrup, the established system of Denmark decided to bring Glistrup down through an exhausting lawsuit for years, which ended by bringing him in discredit and killing him – which is what the established system of “labour market arrangements” of Denmark also did to me. Instead of listening to and understanding me, you did everything you could to silence and kill me (!) but it will go as I have told you: YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND I AM RIGHT (!), which you will understand from my New World Order. Was it so difficult for you to READ and UNDERSTAND me (?) and would you have liked to have done it differently?
  • At Falck I was HAPPY that Robert showed initiative making the first employees sign key receipts, but he had made ERRORS because he did not read and understand my instructions, which he yesterday desribed as “easy” – how “low” can you get, Robert? Jesper has now finally understood that I can “help” him to improve the work of Falck and his managers from “Restaurant Post-Pub to Restaurant Noma level” (!), which I will present to him – but I wonder if they truly “bother” doing what is necessary to do and if Jesper himself will show the right attitude when I will tell him what a “manager” is supposed to do! Jesper also asked me to do a new invoice process when invoicing companies hiring Falck as fire guards, which he WRONGLY wanted me to do here and now because of his own impatience and WRONG priority, which was because this has to do with the personal budgets of the managers themselves (!) – but eventually he accepted that I will clean up the office first and more than anything else he showed the WRONG attitude of managers using their employees as “monkeys” without a true respect! Lars showed himself through several examples to be a stiff-neck, who opposes changes and development, because things are good as they are – these kind of people will become “extinct” in our new world! Jane from the Commune met with Lars to speak about and control me – and justify herself and the Commune – without inviting me for the meeting (!) because it was much more “comfortable” for you to speak “freely” without me to “disturb” you (?), which of course is VERY WRONG, Jane!

23rd June: Receiving the official acknowledgement and declaration of faith of the world community in me

  • Dreaming of being sick (in the eyes of the Commune/others?) so I cannot carry out my OWN work, I am on my way to the gold crossing a large building site together with the beast making it almost impossible to progress and my inner self is becoming more in order with the darkness decreasing much around me.
  • I received STRONG darkness before meeting Tine and Jane from the Commune because of their anxiety. In my meeting I told them directly that it makes me sad and in a poor mood when they do poor work, misunderstand and make WRONG decisions including their violation of the law when extending my work practise with Falck, which is illegal when I am a part of match group 1, but which they can do if I am part of group 2 – and despite of our agreement from December 2010 and my new agreement with Jane three weeks ago to be in group 1 – which was also confirmed in writing – Tine “claimed” that I am still in match group 2 hereby making their decisions “legal” (!!!) – have you ever seen the like of this? The Commune now believes that I have to “proof” that I am able to work 37 hours per week to receive “clarification”, which is solely what it will give them when they don’t have faith in what I tell them that I work up to 70 hours per week (!) and they have therefore decided – as my dream said two days ago – that they want me to work full time for Falck for four weeks – THIS IS NOT A JOKE, IT IS SADLY THE TRUTH of people working poorly and not understanding. But they accepted for me to become a CLEAN GROUP NO. 1 TODAY – the symbol of becoming CLEAN of darkness as I am – followed by three months in group 1 and if I still don’t have a job (!), Tine will speak to me about receiving DISABILITY PENSION (!!!) because she was influenced by some negative and wrong “judgments” of my medical journal of 2008 instead of having faith in the conclusion of it: That I am perfectly normal without a diagnosis! THIS IS NOT A JOKE EITHER – IT IS THE WORLD’S GREATEST PARADOX/PARODY of the system misunderstanding me when they KNOW that I am working better than others, have good relations with everyone and am ready to work full time, when they still cannot accept my own work as my job. This is as TRAGI-COMIC as last year, they only mean well but POOR HABITS and the influence of some darkness made them take these wrong decisions even though I told them why they were WRONG, which they did not believe they were! When I told Tine that she could have decided to start reading my website to understand me, I received a very STRONG resistance because this was IMPOSSIBLE for her to do and I am not the one to tell her what to do (!) – even though this is RIGHT of me but it is fine for you be a dictator towards me despite of what you do is WRONG (?) – the opposite golden rule, you see? I AM NOW OUT OF GROUP 2 OF THE SYSTEM AS I AM OUT OF THE OLD UNIVERSE :-).
  • Three days ago, the National Defense of Canada visited my JESUS page, two days ago the Intelligence Service of USA visited my decoding of the Barbury Castle crop circle and Jerusalem UFO page and today the “official” Russia visited my Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO and my Jesus page all of which was to show the faith of declaration and acknowledgement of the world community in me. The world has come out of the closet :-).


21st June: The Universe has strengthened with my arrival at the Trinity – I will soon stop dragging the old Universe

Dreaming of Obama and I being the remaining darkness of the world

Apparently I had one of those nights believing that I am “almost alright” this morning – but I do feel my head is “heavy” already from the morning, which is not a good sign – but knowing that I will become very tired at the end of the afternoon – so let us use the energy we have from the morning my friend (!) – and here are the dreams:

  • I am flying to South Africa again, I am alone in the plane apart from the pilot, who is Obama. We land at a main road, I have my luggage with me and also my passport – and I visit Elijah together with a person who changes from his brother Mischek to Meshack from LTO and back, we are now suddenly in Snekkersten and they are happy to see me but they almost have no questions for me.
    • When I woke up from the dream it was with the song “elsk mig I nat” by Rocazino and the lyrics “Give me give me money money”, which tells you about the struggle of these friends of mine to survive and this is the Devil who has brought these conditions, i.e. Snekkersten – and just saying that Africans could learn to ask more questions, and that Obama and I are suffering when flying on the plane of the Devil and really saying that “we/I” are/am the Devil after having received all the darkness of the Universe, which is what we are converting to light.
  • I am at an entrance to a school, I have been here before. I walk in because we will receive visitors from abroad, I float above people and receive their clothes, I see music playing from room to room from teacher to teacher.
    • When I woke up it was with the feeling that this is about spiritual teachers of mine who are learning how the New Universe is working, these are teachers of my network and their physical counterparts on Earth are going in school where they will receive a new wardrobe (attitude/teachings) and the love of God, i.e. the music.
  • I am home with Camilla, we have received a new sofa and sofa table. A Russian will help so that I/we will look right in a marketing campaign. I am at Snekkersten Station seeing many people but no nice ladies.
    • The new sofa is to say that I am receiving a “normal love life”, the Russian may be Putin, who will help the world to receive the RIGHT picture and understanding of me and the station of the darkness is to say that this old “nightmare of mine” will probably vanish not that long from now?
  • I am at work as an Insurance Broker where we receive a visitor from a small life insurance company, who says that a customer wants to increase his disability cover from DKK 28,000 to DKK 43,000 per month and she leaves without giving more information, which makes me call the life insurance company to be sure that I know which kind of health information is required in order to increase the cover, I speak to Charlotte and I don’t receive a clear answer, first she says a “personal health declaration” and afterwards a “health declaration 2” (which includes a visit to a doctor) and before I receive a clear answer, she hangs up the telephone, which makes me annoyed. I decide to call the company once more, where Charlotte again picks up the telephone and I ask her if she was the one coming personally to our company, which she confirms and she says that she could not speak before because somebody was watching her but now she can speak freely, and I tell her that we will call the customer and serve him, which she agrees with – and the health declaration 2 was the right answer.
    • This can only be about the Commune and is the increase of the disability cover to say that the Commune increasingly believe – after my recent emails – that I am crazy (?) and I wonder if the lady with communication problems in the dream is Jane or maybe even Tine, and if it is Jane, she has somebody behind her taking the decisions and giving her a muzzle on, and if it is Tine, she will have to have involved her manager in my case, and the health declaration is that to say that they consider bringing in a doctor to find out if I am truly crazy (?) and if this is the case, it is the most CRAZY thing I have ever seen, then!
  • I have started working at a completely new company, which a “rich person” has started, and I think that it will at least give us an income for some months, I have had the first meetings on a Sunday, where I have introduced a new and proper structure of meetings at the company, and I think that I will have to work the whole Sunday including the evening to be able to do all of my work because I am going to become very busy, we are now at a long introduction meeting, which makes two people leave because they MUST have a cigarette, we are now going to play table tennis and we have received bats, which on the back side look very “strange” because they are different and only a part of the bats are filled with rubber. Furthermore they have become heated up, and I believe they will be ready after 20 minutes, but a female colleague tells me that these need to warm up for 30 minutes. I am now playing icehockey, I am a woman and I work very hard, which makes me score a goal, which leads me to a fort in Egypt.
    • When I woke up I was told that this hard work will lead me to Egypt, which is “impossible” for me to reach on my own hand – but let us give it a go anyway!
    • The company will have to be the Commune once again, and is it to say that they have decided to give me “work practise” for 37 hours per week – for four weeks – to test my “work capacity” (?) and that I will have to do my scripts in the evenings or in the weekends if I don’t have energy in the evenings (?), the cigarette is darkness, the table tennis and icehockey are old symbols of my fight against the darkness and in this respect this is darkness given by my inner self through other people in order for me to take on as much as possible of this myself because it is always better for me to do this work than to release it on other people who don’t have the strength as I do.

The Universe has strengthened with my arrival at the Trinity – I will soon stop dragging the old Universe

This morning I first had the pleasure of thinking that my sugar bowl was the salt bowl – and vice versa – and I cannot recommend anyone to eat flakes of oatmeal with milk and the amount of salt on top as you would use if it was sugar, it really does not taste well and it is quite surprising to eat this when you expect to receive the taste of sugar etc. and NOT very concentrated salt 🙂 – and after this, I started working at 07.45 and on my way to Falck I was thinking (again) of what to do today because I don’t know if I will be at Falck for a few days or four weeks and I thought that if this was my office, I would start cleaning up in all of the ring binders and I also thought again just how unpleasant it is that I did not know if others would have any “ideas” of what I should do today and with this knowledge I decided to go to Falck again – STILL WITHOUT AN AGREEMENT (!!!) – and when I arrived, I was met by Brian – one of the officers on guard at Gladsaxe, who had been called in from the morning to cover while Robert would take a bath etc. – and he started by saying to me “I don’t know which plans Robert has for you today, but I would be happy if it if possible for you to collect a computer and screen at the head office” (in Copenhagen), which we would then hear what Robert had to say (!) and my dear friends HOW DO YOU BELIEVE I REACTED TO what this man took for granted (?) and we know DOES ROBERT OWN ME AS HIS PRIVATE SLAVE HE CAN DO ANYTHING WITH (?) and again I had to accept this humiliation – the worse it is, the better when converting darkness to light – and when Robert came a few minutes later Brian told him that “I have agreed with Stig that he will collect my computer” and my dear friends – this is NOT how the piano is playing (!) – which made me tell him “NO – THIS IS NOT WHAT WE AGREED” and then I told Robert word for word what Brian (igen igen!) had told me and “of course” this was alright for me to do according to Robert (!) and my oh my again – pure AQUA here (!) – so this is what I did, and after a little more than one hour, I was back but now Robert had received an idea, which was for me to buy a “bricklayer’s barrow” – a strengthened wheel barrow – at Johnannes Fog in Lyngby and even though Brian offered to go, Robert believed I should go (!) and we know I don’t have a voice in this slave driver society so I was not asked (!) and away I was again to buy this barrow, where I was met by a typical “lazy” assistant, who tried to get the service done as quickly and easy for him as possible not caring much to show me ALL of the alternatives for me to choose from – and service like this always makes me SAD to see and it is everywhere today – and when I had seen what they had, I took the decision I thought was right, and when I returned, the people of Falck became VERY HAPPY for my choice, and this is a symbol saying that with my return, the whole Universe is now strengthened with the strength of the Trinity.

I also met the normally nice employee, who imported the Mercedes 1970 from California, who I also spoke to two days ago when he was working on his 2006 Mercedes CLS 350, where he was very nice again, and when I today shortly asked him with a smile “well, you are always here when you are free working on your cars” he decided to be negative – instead of understanding my positive attitude – and therefore he answered to my surprise “yes, is there anything wrong with this” and now that you ask: Yes, I don’t like people misusing services of your employer for free (here is equipment looking like a small repair shop) and this is truly a general principle, my friends.

When I returned to the office, Robert was busy with colleagues and he asked me to service a lady, who had arrived. She wanted to cancel the part of her subscription giving cover in relation to her car because she will become 81 on Sunday and even though she still can drive a car, she has decided that now is the time to get rid of the car and to try something new (public transport) and I was not sure how to handle this (no training!), and Robert asked me to call the subscription service at the head office, which I did and when asking questions to both the lady customer and the lady at the subscription service, I managed to service the customer hopefully to her satisfaction and I noticed that she had an English sounding middle and sir name, which I thought was beautiful, which I told her and we know she was indeed from England and what was her middle name (?) and we know Stig nothing else than PEARL and what did this make me think of (?) and yes that is true, the story about the foreign body inside an oyster creating a beautiful pearl as a symbol of how life was created and really that I am now the pearl symbolising ALL LIFE and when this is the case, there is no need to continue dragging the “old car” symbolising the old Universe including the darkness still given to me and we will see if this will stop entirely (?) on Sunday or first the 1st July, which was the date where it was possible for the part of her subscription to be cancelled – and does this really mean that I will have my suffering removed soon or is this a message by the darkness too (?) and we know I can never tell for sure as you know and the only thing I know for sure is that I WILL KEEP CARRYING ON AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN and so it is indeed. She also handed over her first aid box for the car, which Robert afterwards asked me to empty into a great container of cardboard, which Falck send to Africa, which was an initiative I like.

From the morning I noticed that Robert was still feeling down because of the “problems” with his wife, which was still destroying his mood and commitment – the things were “as usual” as he said – and I asked him if he would work together with me on the ring binders because I did not know what to keep and what to throw out, and when I asked him of this, I felt the first COMMITMENT coming from him – which he has much of NATURALLY – and a smile when he said “we really need to do this” – and he also showed a clear visible happiness because of the cleaned up cupboards as the first of the people here, where I have only received indifference from the others (!) – so this is what we started doing at approx. 11.30, where we took it shelf by shelf and within ONE HOUR, we had removed approx. half of all the ring binders after his decision of what to keep and throw out and “of course” there was no doubt who was going to do the “hard work” throwing everything out in the container – me of course (!) – and early on in the work I told him that it would be fantastic to get new ring binders and to print the information of what they contain on the backs of all of them using the computer/printer instead of writing with hand and when I asked him about buying new ring binders – many of what they have at this office are UGLY to give you the right word, which is a DISGRACE to any office (!) – he said that maybe there would be new ring binders at the archive in the basement, so this is where we went and what did I see the first (?) and we know two long shelves of what looked like new ring binders, which were all identical with machine written backs (!), which all included different kind of papers and journals, which now was more than five years old, which therefore could be thrown out all of it according to Robert making the ring binders FREE to be used at the office upstairs, so this is what we decided to do today and my dear friends we also spoke about the vision of creating a paperless office, which Robert thought was “too early” to do and I was thinking that this will then have to be a vision I will give to the world: THERE IS NO NEED TO HAVE ON PAPER WHAT YOU CAN HAVE KEEP ELECTRONICALLY and my dear friends YOU DON’T NEED TO PRINT OUT PAPER TO SIGN AGREEMENTS ETC. because you might as well sign electronically and we know when there is a will, there is a solution (!) and what is the hardest part here is people thinking that “we are used to” and “it is impossible to create a society without the use of paper” and are you sure (?) and my dear friends THIS IS THE GOAL I GIVE ALL OF YOU: CREATE A PAPERLESS SOCIETY and this goes for everybody everywhere with everything and it includes books, official “documents” etc. and the only thing I can think of, which you may use paper for in the future will be for art/culture and maybe you will tell me if this goal is achievable?

And when we did this work, I noticed that Robert was now his old self with MUCH commitment and jokes and when Julia looked at us with surprise thinking “what in the world are they doing” (?), Robert told her that “it is Stig treating me like a dog” (!), which made me say “no, it is me who is making you HAPPY” to which Robert replied “that is a fact really” and this is HOW YOU REMOVE THE DARKNESS MY FRIEND by showing people the light in action (!) and when I asked Robert when this work had been done the last time, he said that when he started at the station, he did the same because he could not take all of the old mess and people had not missed all of the ring binders etc., which he had thrown out back then and when I asked him “when did you start here”, he replied “in 2003” and the conclusion was then: “YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING SINCE 2003” (!) and I told him “IF YOU TRULY WORK WITH DISCIPLINE, YOU WILL KEY THIS INTO YOUR SYSTEM SO IT AUTOMATICALLY POPS UP ONCE A YEAR, AND THEN YOU WILL DO THE SAME EVERY YEAR” and then I told him: “ROBERT, IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO BECOME COMFORTABLE BECAUSE OF COMFORTABLE PEOPLE BRINGING YOU DOWN, IT IS FOR YOU TO BRING DISCIPLINE TO PEOPLE IN ORDER TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY” (!) and Robert agreed totally and then I thought, OK I might as well go all the way, which made me tell him that I have now told both Christoffer and Jesper about the need for the employees to clean up their dressing rooms and to keep them tidy, but nothing seems to happen and YOU HAVE THE INFLUENCE AS THE LEADER TO MOVE YOUR EMPLOYEES BY ORDERING THEM TO CLEAN UP 5 OR 10 TIMES UNTIL THEY WILL CONTINUE DOING THIS BY THEMSELVES VOLUNTARILY – an example of how to understand the FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY principle – and again he told me that “you are absolutely right” and finally I told him that NO employees have yet signed the key receipts I have prepared for them and that is even though Lars promised to initiate this more than one week ago and that Thomas later said he would bring it up at a morning briefing and my dear friends, Robert is indeed naturally a man who wants to take initiatives so this is what he did straight away promising that the first employees would come already this afternoon to start signing the receipts – and that is after he read and understood my written five-point instruction of what to do, which made him say “this is easy” and we know there is no room for misunderstanding when you give clear instructions, Robert and it is really “high five” here 🙂 (as CLIVE and some other people at GEFI may still remember too from your visit in Denmark approx. 2001?) and maybe Robert will be the man who will start a new CULTURE here with the employees being disciplined to clean up and keep tidy, which should be SIMPLE LOGIC for everyone to do instead of being careless and lazy (!) – and as I told him, I will ask the other leaders to clean up their personal drawer, which also need to be cleaned and we know when the leaders have the same poor working moral as the employees, no change will happen and it starts all the way from the top, which you may have figured out also in Washington when seeing how Obama works?

And now I will have quite some work to do the next days to establish a “new archive system” for the people here and we know, which you could have done years ago if you were not lazy and careless (!) – and I was told that this is how Robert is now helping me coming through the “absolutely” last part of the road – if it is the last part you know – and that is for him to find his strength, which my little test here was also about and I was also told that by being STRONG Robert, you have a chance to save your marriage, but if you are weak without commitment, you will send wrong signals to your wife, which could jeopardise your marriage, but I do hope that things will work out for you and just saying that Robert is a “special friend” of mine, which is the reason why he received “much” darkness himself and also that I was glad to see that we work fine together and that is when I “raise” Robert to do what is RIGHT to do and also when I tell him to LISTEN and ANSWER questions instead of sometimes pretending that he does not hear, which is an awful habit and there is only one thing to do and that is to let him know so he will start improving and this is what this man is now doing (!) – and we know I WILL NEVER ACCEPT SUCH A LAZY PLACE WITH NO DEVELOPMENT (!) and it is as I told Jesper the other day to be compared with the Post-Pub restaurant in Lyngby – with all respect – which probably is a “good” restaurant, but it is average and no development has taken place for years and that is a shame when you have the potential to become Restaurant Noma if you show the right attitude and do your best and always develop, and my dear Jesper, this is the influence you have as a leader, but if you are a weak leader it is impossible to do – and I am only sad that I have never been appointed to a position myself where I could be a STRONG leader as long as it is required until the team will be experienced enough to be self-managed.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday evening I was shown first MY OWN “STAR” at its fixed location on the sky followed by the fixed locations of the “stars” of my mother and father as I have now experienced for weeks without writing it – and we know my own light has returned on the sky visible from my balcony after it some months ago had vanished behind the apartment block.
  • Yesterday evening I did a couple of hours work when I decided to include information of clairvoyant readings I have received at ONE new page instead of three old pages, which is really why we gave you this strong impulse my “son” or “my self” and we know both the Orange of the Source is here and the yellow of the Universe has been here all day too saying that we are ONE – and today I also decided to include information of a fourth clairvoyant reading I received in 2005 at Arthur Findlay College by Mike Hunter – continuing to work until 18.35 – and I wonder why it is so difficult if not to say impossible to find information on you on the Internet, Mike (?), and as far as I can see you don’t have a website (?) – and let me tell that I was very impressed with what came through Mike to me in 2005 and his CALM way of working and I was sad to see that he was not there in 2006 when I returned with the purpose to attend his class, which had been cancelled!
  • By 19.15 I was again so tired – as so many times before recently – that it was simply impossible to keep my eyes open for half an hour, but somehow I stayed awake again.


22nd June: The Danish system brought down and killed Glistrup as it also tried to do with me, but I will defeat you all 🙂

Dreaming of angels reproducing themselves

I had a night of the same calibre (!) as the previous nights and this time with these dreams:

  • I have been out after midnight and I have received special weapons, which I hide in my dark workshop. The next day I am with my old school class from Espergærde, Sofie uses my computer and she says out loud that when you search for “homo”, a lot of results appear on the computer and she asks “do you use the computer to watch homophile related material on”, which I do not and I tell her “think about what you say because 20 people are now thinking that I am doing what you say even though I do not” and afterwards I see her play a football game of the poorest quality from an old game computer of the beginning of the 1980’s and I see that she changes to play the goalkeeper.
    • I don’t know what the weapon is about, if it is a weapon of the light to defend me against the darkness or if this is a game by the darkness. The dream also says that today you will be publicly convicted by ignorant people thinking the worst of you when hearing an “accusation”, which may be put forward by other ignorant people – as when the Commune last year thought I was crazy after receiving the journal from the mental hospital of Helsingør from 2008 without reading it and without understanding that the conclusion of it is the opposite when a “diagnosis” could not be set (!) – and I wonder if this dream comes to me because the family may believe that I am not for ladies because I have not had a girlfriend since 2005 and if this is the case, they may not understand the true nature of my suffering, which has made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to have a girlfriend in all this time.
  • I have been in town with my old friend Lars, but when he does not meet me a 20.42 as agreed, I decide to go home to Helsingør. I go to the baker where I order a “snail” – a Danish pastry – and right after me, a woman by he name of Sofia enters and order 795 metres of pastry including chocolate to be made in 55 minutes, which is for the Elves at the forest, which makes the baker very happy because – as he tells – he could not afford to make this pastry with chocolate but “Sofia saved us”, and he is so happy that he let the press know about it and the press brings it as a big story on the middle double side of the newspaper.
    • Bread and pastry is “normal volumes” is fine for a “normal life” – it is LOVE – and so is chocolate – to think about yourselves – and this does not exclude to think about and help others than yourselves, and here it is given to “divine” people of he Forest, i.e. my home, in order to reproduce, which is a good story for the newspaper, which is also fine when it brings good stories of course – and I am given the understanding that Elves here are about ANGELS reproducing.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, I am about to set my new team and I am holding employment conversations, where I notice young people with a modern philosophy, who I like instead of older people with a “philosophy” of profit optimizing represented by the Danish Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen, and I tell people that we also need to employ a baker making exceptional bread. I see a young Norwegian on my team, and an older football player of Barcelona coming for an employment conversation, who cannot control his temper when we test him under pressure in a tennis match, which makes him hit after the Norwegian and therefore he does not get hired.
    • This is the team to bring “normal life” to he world, which I am about to set, which must be what my spiritual self together with many others are working on – and just saying that this night some of the old symbols changed character, a Norwegian is here good and FC Barcelona not, which is the opposite as what it used to be but you know within a short period of time EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD :-).
  • I also had a short dream where I am the new manager for GE Insurance and as usual Morten J. is about to stop but this time it is within the next 4-5 months and we agree that we will work together with a team on one of his development projects, which makes me happy.
    • I like people very much who are as committed in the period before stopping a job as when they are starting a job and you know it is all about ATTITUDE :-).
  • I also had other dreams, which I could not remember, but they were just underneath my awakened memory and they included GREAT HAPPINESS.

The manager of Falck asked for my recommendations on how to improve the work of Falck and his “lazy” managers!

This morning I started working at 07.45 and when I arrived at Falck shortly before 09.00 I met Brian (igen igen), who was speaking with a colleague and I thought that the same would happen here as I have seen so many times in the past, which is also happening all over the world, which is that I say good morning and people notice me but cannot make themselves briefly say good morning to give a good impression – it would “interrupt” them (!) – and what do you think happened and we know they pretended that they did not see me, and when I entered the office I met a few from Jobservice, who were speaking together and again I said good morning and guess what happened (?) – this is also about what will happen with my meeting with the Commune tomorrow (!) – and of course they noticed me but could not make themselves say good morning and my dear friends, it is these small things, which makes a difference and just so you know YOU CAN SAY GOOD MORNING TO A COLLEAGUE EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE SPEAKING WITH SOMEONE ELSE because this will truly not interrupt you so therefore “good morning and a smile” :-).

Lars had the “soft job” today but Robert was also present at the morning, and I was HAPPY when I saw that he had encouraged 7 employees to come over to sign their key receipts – remember what this symbolises (?) and we know people all over the world seeing who I am – but then I saw that he had NOT done his job carefully because he had NOT followed my easy instructions (!) after signature to move the receipt from one library (“receipts to be signed”) to another (“receipts – present employees”) on the network and he had not either scanned the signed receipts to place in the same library – you can really manage the scanned file alone you know (!) – and he had not either been 100% careful with writing the exact information of key numbers etc. of employees on the receipts, which I had asked the leaders to control and correct before printing out and signing the receipts and my dear friends, do you believe I was disappointed (?) and YES is the word (!) and my thought was that THIS LEVEL IS BELOW THE LEVEL OF KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN (!) and how difficult it is to read and understand instructions of 5 lines (?) – which I could and should have narrowed down to 4 really – and when I told Robert – after having shown him all of my commitment and appreciation of taking an INITIAVE making the first people sign – that he had NOT done his job properly and showed him why, his reaction was “I did not read all of it” and Robert I thought it was “easy” for you to do as you told me yesterday (?), but you might understand that if you don’t show the right attitude to READ (or listen) and UNDERSTAND you will misunderstand and do what is WRONG (?) and we know THERE ARE NO SHORT-CUTS WHEN YOU ARE TO DO QUALITY WORK (!), the only “short-cut” is decide to do your work RIGHT with YOUR BEST QUALITY the first time and every single time – do what is RIGHT instead of easy (!) – and that is ALWAYS!

I started the day by collecting maybe 50 full ring binders from the basement, empty them and throw out the content in the container where after I produced a template in Microsoft Word to print out backs for the ring binders and hereafter I started moving all contents from the old ring binders to the new and as I said to Lars, we should open a museum with the old and torn to pieces ring binders of this office and we know to show the disgrace it is (!) and while I was doing this work, Jesper came to the office where I told him that I have decided to give them a nice looking office – as I have told several of them – to make them all happy, and Jesper has obviously started to think a little bit more about me after our conversation the other day, Jesper (?), which gave you a better understanding that just maybe Stig can benefit us/me, which you did not understand from my CV because wasn’t it the truth that you did not truly read and understand my CV (?) because if you had, Jesper, you should/would have reacted as a “responsible” leader to help all of you to do so much better than today (!) – but better late than never, so therefore Jesper asked me while Lars was overhearing us – I liked that Jesper decided to speak in open without making this is “secret” to Lars – if I would use some time at “work” to prepare myself so he and I could speak of how to make their work “simpler, easier and wiser” – this was word for word what he said (!) – and to be sure I understood him correctly, I asked him if this was in continuation of our talk the other day in order to transform this place from Restaurant Post-Pub to Restaurant Noma as the picture I gave him and yes this is exactly what it was (!) and I wonder what Lars was thinking when we spoke of this because this was essentially the “managing director” who asked for my help on how to improve the attitude of the managers and employees to make this a better work place (!) and as I told them “this is essentially about one thing and that is your attitude and the question for you to answer is “do we really bother” – and I have made ten working rules in another connection, which I will present for you” and yes my dear friend the communication will firstly be between Jesper and I and I wonder Jesper if you will have the right attitude yourself to change because it is NOT the job of the “managing director” to stroll around your employees – and others – to be as nice as possible in order to make everybody “feel good” as you might think it is and the question is therefore if you will “allow” me to speak to your leaders/employees about this or if you will decide to keep what you like and to exclude what does not “fit” you as what most selfish leaders do (!) – and he also asked me to follow up on the process of invoicing companies, who have hired fire guards from Falck, which is a process which today is laid in the hands of the head office, which does not inform the Falck stations about the total amount invoiced and if companies pay the invoices and when we spoke, I wrote down these two assignments in my action plan, which I will do “if you will stay with us” as Jesper said and when I asked him if these tasks are priority 1 (here and now tasks interrupting everything else that I do), 2 (important but can wait until I have finished what I am working on and also other more important priorities) or 3 (can wait), he told me that the invoice process was a priority 1 to be carried out here and now (!) and he would therefore like me to start working on this immediately because this was truly important for the whole region after the leaders had discussed this at a recent meeting (!) – and my dear Jesper and leaders, for how long have you “accepted” this situation (?) and suddenly this has become a priority 1 for you to be done and we know because of “what the heart is full of …” and what you see here is MISUSE of a manager terrorising his employees because this is what you and so many managers all over the world do because you don’t have patience and don’t respect the work and plans of “your” employees (!) and therefore I decided to tell you that I expect that it will take 1-2 days for me to finish the set up of the ring binders of the office and I asked if it is alright for me to do this first (?) – and we know do you think I was feeling like a monkey again because of the degrading treatment by Jesper (?) and yes you are right – and when I asked like this, Jesper could see what I was doing – he noticed all of the empty ring binders at the office – and therefore it was alright for me to ask – as he told Lars (!) – and also to finish the office first and my dear friends IT IS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE and even though you are truly a nice man, Jesper, can you see just how wrong your attitude is when you think that you are “more than me” making it alright for you to treat me so wrongly as a monkey of yours?

Afterwards, Lars told me about this invoice process and when I asked him “why is this just so important that it cannot wait” he told me that it is because “sales of fire guards” is a personal budget of the managers (!) and when this is the case, this is OF COURSE more important than everything else (!) because the managers has ONE priority and that it to reach their PERSONAL budgets and how much extra selfishness do you think this has created with managers – sales men etc. – all over the world (?) and I will tell you: VERY MUCH!

And Jesper is also a member of the Conservative Party of Lyngby running to become a member of the board of the Commune (!) – that is NOTHING to “aspire” for my friend (!) – and we know you may know the mayor of Lyngby – who may remember about me (?) – and find it interesting to share some views with him about what to do with “people like me” (?) – and Jesper is also a TV-star as I called him this morning with a smile because yesterday evening he was interviewed by the “holy” TV-news on DR1 TV where he spoke about receiving “the kick inside” really when people are at “work practise” at Falck (!!!) as you can see here.

Falck Lyngby with HAPPY kindergarten children running from
the water of the fire hose. I work at the building to the right

I had a few “experiences” with Lars today showing that it is not always “easy” to change things when you are stubborn thinking that things should not be changed – a stiff-neck! After I had told him that I am about to change the design of their ring binders so they will become identical – white – he decided that he wanted to remove the content of the ring binder called “breast pumps” himself (which are hired out for women in need) and “of course” he had to oppose me because he wanted to insert this content into a “newer” RED ring binder and this is really to show that Lars may not have given the full positive picture of me to the Commune and we know he has not seen my true work – maybe heard of some of it (?) – and is not as enthusiastic as others but I do hope that he has seen enough to know that I am no ordinary man, who has been sent on “work practise”.

When I told him that I have not cleaned up the personal drawers of the managers – they have one each – and encouraged him to clean up because they could use a clean up, he told me that he would not (!), because “these drawers are meant to be in a mess” (!!!) and my ladies and gentlemen these were his exact words and do you think this sounds CRAZY (?) and this is exactly what it is!

And when I told him that the clean up of the ring binders is a step towards a paperless office, he told me that a paperless office is IMPOSSIBLE to introduce and we know because he has seen it himself with a “new” system of Falck, which created more paper than before even though it should remove paper (!) – maybe the system and the use of it was not “perfect” (?) – and my dear friends, you see a race becoming extinct here and that is lazy and better-knowing people opposing changes and development because they believe things are good as they are (!) – and I went to the basement with Lars to collect three thick ring binders of the same design as the others, which I brought up, and these included “supplier invoices” of 2008, which Lars decided that they had to keep stored and he suggested that I could the content out of the ring binders and place in boxes of cardboard instead and when I asked him the natural question “where have you stored the invoices of 2009 and 2011” he said that they were probably in the “Queen’s room” as they call it with a smile and when we went there – a room at the first floor with a balcony where the Queen (theoretically) could stand out waving to her people 🙂 – there were a lot of boxes going back to 1990, which should have been thrown out up to 15 years ago (!) – but the “supplier invoices” of 2009 and 2010 was not to be found, but Lars believed “they are probably in another basement room or have been thrown out” and we know does this sound reassuring (?) – but this does not mean that they don’t clean up here as I suggested Lars to do EVERY YEAR (!) because “we really do that from time to time” (!) and Lars, if you do, let me say that you do your work WITH THE WRONG ATTITUDE AND FAR TOO POOR QUALITY, which your office, the archive rooms at the basement – which Lars found out also need to be cleaned up, which they truly do (my thought too) which I therefore will put on MY action plan (!) – witness, and I do wonder why this is the case, Lars, because in another situation today you said to someone that when you are not out on a fire alarm – as you are NOT most of the time – “then we have plenty of time” and what do you use this time for (?) and we know to read the papers, relax, eat and of course to TALK TALK TALK with the others but you don’t have the “time” to clean up your offices and archives (?), which is the foundation of your office in order to carry out quality work if you ask me.

I also told Lars that I was happy to attend the first aid course and that the teacher did a good job, and that my feedback was for the attendants to read the book before arriving and to have the course starting at a higher level, and I saw how Lars thought about sending out the books to all attendees before the course – what about an electronic book, Lars, which you did not think about (?) – and he came to the conclusion that this was “impossible” to do (!) and have you ever seen such a pessimist (?) and we know they are here, there and everywhere of the world today blocking development and yes, they are victims of the darkness.

And again today I was thinking and also telling Jimmy, the ambulance manager, who has also discovered that things at this office have started changing (!), that it is so much easier to find your documents electronically than on paper (which is the same with private music files instead of CD’s), which he agreed with me, but as “systems” are today at most work places, you have two overlapping systems, which changes from employee to employee (!) – which is always “impossible” to take over from others (!) – with one being on paper and one electronic and neither of the systems work perfect and in most companies both systems are of poor or even terrible quality and yes my friends this is the basic structure of work and this is how it is at “very many places” all over the world (!) and don’t you think you could do so much better if you decided to do ONE SYSTEM ONLY OF THE ABSOLUTELY BEST QUALITY (?) and we know what about including everything in the “WORLD SYSTEM” to come (?), which is a very good idea my friends so this is what we will do and this is of course “my system”, which you can read about at my page of the New World Order.

Early in the morning, Lars had told me that Jane from the Commune would come at 11.00 today and he said that I was welcome to speak to her and even though I did not think that I had much to speak to her about (today), I thought that this is what I would do and that I would tell her of what I am really working on at Falck and later in the morning, I received extra strong darkness coming to me; I felt the darkness itself and the dark colour of it inside of me and it was so strong that it gave me coughing – this was the discomfort of Jane, which was given to me as part of the remaining darkness and we know THANK YOU Jane for helping me to remove this too (!) – and when the clock was 12.45 I said to Lars that Jane apparently did not show up after all, which made him tell me that she had indeed been here and we know to talk to Lars in another building about me (?) and you did not think it was a good idea to invite me for your “meeting” (?) and I wonder if Lars was “able” to give Jane the true picture of what I am working on (?) – did you tell her that your manager has asked to receive my recommendations on how to improve your work as a manager, Lars (?), or was this too “embarrassing” for you to tell (?) – and I wonder if Jane was thinking about “the best for me” or “the best for herself” (?) when telling Lars the reason why it is “necessary” for me to continue my work for Falck and was this to justify your wrong decision so you would not lose “credibility” with Falck as one of your “important” partners (?) and we know did you also decide to ask Lars some “control questions” to check if I am really doing good work and have good relations with all (?) and Jane, this is to show the world that your function is completely superfluous and in our New World Order there will be NO people working like you controlling and terrorising people like me, whom you are supposed to help – and I wonder what you and Tine will tell me tomorrow and why I am still with you at group 2 because I thought that we had agreed that I was to move to group 1, which also includes employees from this group “helping” – or should I say “dictating” – me instead of you?

And how do you think it feels like to be monitored by “the system” and you have guessed it: “Awful” – and Jane did not find it “necessary” or “right” to come to my office just to say “hi” to me (?) and am I truly that terrible a person, Jane (?), or has it to do with a misunderstanding of yours and an embarrassment for not doing good work, when trying to “help” me (?) – and do you truly think you are helping me or are you more focused on “defending” yourself from somebody as “disgusting” as me?

I also wonder if Jane and the Commune believe they are helping the Commune the most to save money or me as a “customer” (?) and what influence an ignorant political decision of the Mayor and Commune Board may have to the “politics” of the Jobcentre sending out people against the law – because they HAVE to save money (!) – without using their heads in totally meaningless “work practise”.

At the end of the day I had more old ring binders and paper to throw out in the container and so much that I had my arms FULL of it, which I would take with me on my way out to throw into the container at the other side of the yard, and I asked Lars if he would be kind to (help me) by taking the three new cardboard boxes to the Queens room and I was MUCH surprised when he “could” not do this and asked me – with my arms FULL – to move the boxes from the desk down to the floor and to move them myself tomorrow (!) – thank you for “nothing”, Lars and you are right, he had “nothing” to do (!) – and when I did this with MUCH trouble, I lost some of the papers in my arms, which was almost impossible to pick up again and when this was happening, Lars was sitting in his chair making no move or attitude to help me (!) and when I now was on my way out, he asked me to bring the letters too to throw them in the mailbox – I still had my arms FULL (!) – and this made me tell him “now you are pushing it, Lars” (!) but I took the letters and can you see just how WRONG you were misusing and humiliating me the same way as everyone else?

The Danish system brought down and killed Mogens Glistrup as it also tried to do with me – but I will defeat you all 🙂

Today I was thinking of Mogens Glistup – “a controversial Danish politician, lawyer, and member of the Danish parliament (1973–1983 and 1987–1990) and founder of the Progress Party” – again or let me say TOLD ABOUT Mogens Glistrup again as an example of a pioneer in Denmark in the 1970’s going up against the “established” political system of Denmark and instead of trying to understand the messages and opportunities of Glistrups ideas – to remove the public sector and all taxes (!!!) – the system decided to bring him down through a many year long law-suit on taxes, which ended with the “killing” of Glistrup first as a political “power” of Denmark – which was “comfortable” for the system (?) – and later his life and this is in principle the same as I have done when going up against the “established” system of the “labour market arrangements” of Denmark to help unemployed people to come back in work and we know instead of trying to understand me, the system did everything it could to “kill” me and that was to remove my “uncomfortable“ voice and ultimately my life but the difference here my friends is that I have decided not to give up so therefore it will go exactly as I told you from the start: YOU ARE ALL WRONG AND I AM RIGHT (!), which is what you will all come to understand with my New World Order and we know the voice of the Devil – brainwashed, better-knowing but in reality ignorant and lazy people – is so strong that it killed Glistrup as it was very close doing to me too and we know THE SYSTEM was a formidable opponent of mine and you know “the Devil in disguise” – and here I give you the best music of the world too to show my love to the people of the system too (!) – as my family, friends etc. also were.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Every second is still unbearable to come through with the darkness coming in waves sometimes bringing me all the way up to my edge balancing on it to make me fear if I will be able to keep it away – again having to shake my head to get rid of the very sticking darkness – which according to experience is a very good way to remove darkness, and I also still receive feelings and occasionally pain to my right angle.
  • I am on the edge of feeling strong enough to run these days and as long as I have pretty much writing work to do too, I have decided to wait running – today I finished my work at 17.35, but decided to do a few improvements here and there on my website until 18.30 today.


23rd June: Receiving the official acknowledgement and declaration of faith of the world community in me

Dreaming of being on my way to the gold together with the beast making it almost impossible to progress

A night of the same “calibre” as recently with these dreams:

  • I am together with Kim S., I have a cold and cannot work and Kim therefore has to carry out two presentations about pension schemes. Some time ago Kim and the company had enough money, but he did not calculate with all bills coming and now we have difficulties coming through. I see my self first in my old apartment in Hørsholm, where the telephone does not work and afterwards in Snekkersten, where Kim arrives together with a Bachelor of Commerce from Hafnia Insurance, they are going to a meeting with a customer and Kim tells me that it requires special knowledge, which I don’t have – and I don’t mind because I am cold and not able to go anyway. Later Kim and I meet Sten A. at a parking place with building sites all over, Kim and Sten have a meeting in Danica, I walk with them and on our way we have to cross a very big building site with large apartment blocks to the right and when I decide to fly, I am surprised to see that I am flying quickly backwards and only by using my most powerful will, I am able to fly forwards. I have brought a dog with me from the car, which is named “beast” and in the car, it tried to reach Kim driving, but I held it back and here on our walk, when I was flying the dog jumped from me to one of the half finished apartment blocks high up, it is about to jump out and I only managed to grab it in the last second and we will now take public transport home.
    • What does it mean that I am sick (?), is this what the Commune is starting to believe about me again and is this why I cannot do my own work (?), my “old self” in Hørsholm (where I lived from 1996-2009) does not have spiritual communication and in the darkness of Snekkersten, I am sorted out because somebody else has a fine education and when I don’t, I am not able to do the same as this person even though I may be self taught – which is what I was in pension & insurance, I NEVER received formal education (!) – and we are on our way to the head office of the largest pension company in Denmark, Danica, which is where the “gold” is and we are still going through the building site with the beast following me and it is the beast making it almost impossible for me to progress from here as you can tell by the dream (?) but I have NO intentions to stop here, so I will bring the beast all the way to build the last and then to reach the gold at the end, because everything else would be WRONG, you see?
  • I am at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and I am thinking “is it really almost 30 years ago I worked here”, I am at the cash desk with Steen sitting at the desk next to me, it is morning and I ask Steen to revive my memory of how to count the coins in the drawer (just) before opening the bank, which he does and I see that the coins are starting to be placed correctly in piles, however there are a few rubber bands and two golf balls in between.
    • This will have to be in continuation of the Bob Dylan song “tangled up in blue” song some days ago, where the blue of my inner self was progressing but “tangled up” by the darkness and now I am becoming more in order with the help by the two other (golf balls) of the Trinity and with only a few rubber bands of the darkness left. Yesterday evening I was shown physically an angel of the darkness very briefly just in front of me – which was an experience in itself to see – and also that these angels are decreasing much in numbers compared to not that long ago where “everything” was thick of “nothing” and almost impossible to cross.
    • When working later today, I was told directly that this dream and spiritual development follows my physical development cleaning up the office, which I am not that long from finishing.

I received VERY STRONG darkness before my meeting with Tine and Jane from the Commune because of their anxiety

I started working at 07.55 this morning, and I was still thinking of the meeting with the Commune coming at 11.00 today, and instead of looking forward to seeing happy people doing their best to help me, I am NOT looking forward to it and I am thinking to “get over it” and that I will feel better on the other side – do you think this is how a “perfect system” should work (?) – and we know I will try to understand what they want and what they believe and really to take it from there and see what will happen – and I was thinking if my dream two days ago predicting the outcome of the meeting to work full time really will come through or it this was communication from the darkness again.

When I arrived at Falck, I was met by Lars again and I was surprised to see that the three boxes were not were I put them yesterday and for a moment I thought that the better side of Lars had taken over making him move them to the Queen’s room, but when I asked him, he told me – not surprisingly – that he asked one of the colleagues who “looked fresh” to move it (!) and we know Lars, is it nice to be your own small dictator in your own small Kingdom (?) and just wondering I am, because this is NOT how I am :-).

I knew that Lars would leave and Robert would arrive, but I was amazed when Robert called Lars to ask me to set up plates and coffee cups at the “school room” – the education room – where Robert and 7 others were going to have a meeting this morning, and we know I GET VERY STRONG FEELINGS, when people do what is wrong and misuse me, so again I had to control my temper – and let me repeat VERY STRONG FEELINGS – in order to just do it and later in the day I let Robert know that I don’t like people misusing my competences, see more later. And let me also say that I LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE WHO TREAT EACH OTHER AS EQUALS when they truly have a need of help and I wonder if this was simply something Robert could have decided to plan and do himself.

When the clock came closer to 11.00 I was told that I would meet “old habits” at the Commune, which is NOT how it truly looks like and this can only mean that there is not much darkness left (?) but “old and wrong habits” need to be changed to “new and right habits” if you understand (?) and I also started received stronger and stronger sexual language, which was as disgusting as it is imaginable and here in relation to my old nightmare you know, which could have brought me down unless I decided to ignore it with the same attitude as usual that “I MUST COME THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT” and this was both a message to my self and all of my spiritual helpers and finally I left Falck heading for the meeting with Tine and Jane from the Commune and we know a part of the “attack” of the darkness – which I welcomed (!) – was to make me feel nervous and bad on my way to this meeting and I was thinking that I have received this feeling of the darkness HUNDREDS of times before and I know that I am stronger than these feelings so for me it was easy to ignore (!) and at the same time I was told that these were the feelings of these “my dear ladies” at the Commune, who may not have the same experience as I to handle such feelings and my dear ladies, you have not found out yet that you have yourself to blame for having these poor feelings because of your POOR WORK and “inability” to understand (?) and we know if you had understood we would all feel fine but you know this would not help to convert more darkness and in this respect I thank you for what you have done and again because it is better that I – here with you – take on the darkness than to bring it to others and really because my “washing machine” – converting darkness to light – is the biggest of the Universe.

The Commune ordering me to work full time and considering giving me disability pension: The greatest paradox ever!

Finally the meeting with Tine and Jane from the Commune started with Tine saying that we have different opinions and it is therefore important to listen and understand (!!!), which I could only reply by saying YES, YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT (!) – you did remember from our last meeting and my emails, “my friend” – and hereafter she suggested that I spoke for five minutes about our “differences”, which I did and where I told them that I am happy that we like each other as persons as the foundation and that our differences and my direct language has nothing to do with not liking them but it is important to have direct and clear communication to understand – and when they do poor work, misunderstand and make wrong decisions, they make me sad and in a poor mood and from here I decided to tell them about what I do at Falck – new systems for keys, cleaning up the entire office (cupboards and ring binders) THAT I HAVE STARTED CHANGING FALCK (!), that they are “impressed” with my work and that we have very good relations all of us – which made Tine ask Jane if this is what she has heard too, and Jane said that this is indeed what she was told yesterday also by Jesper, who told her that he had given me two “challenging” tasks (!) and I told them that Jesper in fact asked me to help him improve the quality and efficiency for the managers/employees at Falck, which is NOT a challenge to me (!) and also to say that I started as a “coolie” there but if Jesper was to resign today, I could take over his job as I also could at the Jobcentre, if they should decide to have me there in “work practise” – have you considered doing this my friends to test me out and Arnauld are you part of the “choir” (?) – which is what I did to show an example to the world, when I was hired for two weeks as a temp. for GE Insurance in 1998 and two years after, I was made the manager of the company – and I told them that they did not keep the law because it is a violation to extend my “work practise” for Falck and that is if I am truly in match group 1 as we agreed in December 2010, which I agreed again (!) with Jane a few weeks ago?

And this is where I received my first surprise of the day because Tine first agreed with me that it is indeed a violation to extend work practise for people in group 1 – isn’t this what I have been all along, Tine, if you decide to recall and do your “best work” (?) – but then she told me seriously (!) that I am still in group 2 (!!!) – my oh my (!) – and she claimed that the reason was that after I had moved to group 1 in December, I did not send job applications as I should have (!!!) and to this I could only GAPE because this was absolutely WRONG and when I started telling her, it took some time before she started putting her “strong voice” aside and isn’t it the truth Tine that you could not remember what truly happened and therefore you “guessed” how it had to be, which is then what you believed was the truth (?) and my dear friends I had to report what actually happened at our meeting in December, which was that I told them just how important it was to me to be in group 1 because everything else is a misunderstanding and humiliation of me and that we first agreed at the meeting for me to be a “clean group 1” but Jane received the idea for me to become a group 1 serviced by group 2 (!), because this would make it “better and easier” for me, which I then accepted – and here Jane added that the true reason why I was moved back to group 2 in March 2011 (without my knowledge) was because Tine’s manager could not accept a group 1/2 combination (!) and therefore I told them at this meeting directly that the only reason why I was in group 2 today was because of this recommendation of theirs in December – otherwise I would have been in group 1 all along (!) – and later their wrong decision to move me to group 2 without informing me and really because when Tine was looking at her notes of what was agreed in December, they were very imprecise and I had to tell them that “I know the details about this, this is how I am, this is what you see in my emails and what you received feedback from Falck and others about, YOU MADE A MISTAKE” (!) and I wonder if this was what it took to change what Tine herself expected would be the outcome of the meeting, which was to keep me in match group no. 2 for at least a month, Tine, and that was at least what she first suggested today together with 37 hours of work per week for four weeks at Falck followed by a move to group 1 for three months – I had to “proof” my working capacity for you, do you remember (?) but you already forgot this at the meeting when you later decided to move me to group 1 already today (?) and I wonder Tine how you even could think about keeping me in group 2 after our agreements in December and my new agreement with Jane three weeks ago confirmed by you (?) – was that after reading my medical journal before the meeting today, which made you change your mind WRONGLY (?) – and we know once again this is how badly poor working managers of today do!

When we spoke about the law and I told them that this work for Falck – or others – has nothing to do with “up qualification”, and that I don’t need “clarification”, which should be obvious with the feedback they receive on me and if they have faith in me that I work 50-70 hours per week, and this is where the double tongue of Jane showed itself because Jane do you remember that you told me – to please me (?) – in our meeting the 31st may that “Tine and I do not doubt that you work hard as you say you do” but now you told me – supported by Tine – that I have to “proof” that I am “able” to work 37 hours per week and my oh my, you don’t have confidence in me after all or maybe “it is nice for you to see” that I can really can do this as I have done ever since 1984 (?) and just wondering I am about your ability to truly THINK (!) and this is how the “idea” came to you – I know the identify of the darkness bringing these “crazy” ideas to people who are not strong enough to “resist” them – and you started a sentence by “revealing” yourself when you said “I have read your medical journal from 2008” and when you were about to continue without telling more, I asked you directly to tell me your thoughts in relation to my “journal”, which you however did not and was that because it was not “nice” for you to speak about (?) and this was included in your “argument“ to have me working full time for 37 hours for four weeks – the dream of the other day was TRUE, you see ? – and after this to be in group 1 for three months and if I still don’t have a job after this period of time, you will “help” by talking to me about receiving a pension (that is for people who have permanently lost their working capacity and this is what she believes I have when I write “nut stories” about myself on the Internet and if I receive a pension, I am free to continue doing my writings as she said – this was her “rationale” or shall we say “lack of rationale” !!!) and I receive a STRONG déjà vue when writing this – I know this is the right road because I know about this outcome from “a long time ago” to teach the world about a CRAZY system crazy decisions (!) – and this is truly both the paradox and PARODY of people NOT UNDERSTANDING and MAKING THE WRONG DECISIONS (!) and my dear friends I told her when she finished that the journal is yet another example of the Commune misunderstanding me because it includes NO diagnosis from 2008 as the Commune believed it did (!) – it was IMPOSSIBLE for the “doctors” to give me a diagnosis (!) but a few misunderstandings from this system too, which are included in the journal – and when I said this, Tine was not quite sure that I was right (!), and the answer Tine is that you were looking for evidence of me being “crazy” with your coloured glasses because anyone can tell that of course I am crazy when “postulating” who I am (?) and this is the WRONG foundation, which you – and your predecessors – built their poor work and decisions on, and when you did not WANT to understand me, I could only tell you about the immense size of this paradox that I am working better than others, have good relations with all and still you want to give me a pension (!) and we know the answer is that you had your mind totally focussed on what you BELIEVED was the truth, which is that I am crazy (!) and also that I don’t seem that keen on getting a job and why is that (?) as you asked me to which I could only reply: I HAVE TOLD YOU AND YOUR COLLEAGUES ABOUT THIS BEFORE AND I HAVE WRITTEN IT TO YOU SEVERAL TIMES but let me repeat it once again: MY PROBLEM IS NOT LACK OF WORK BUT LACK OF INCOME, my own work is important to do, which is what I will prefer to do and what you should and would have approved for me to do if you understood what it was truly about, but I have decided to fulfil every single (crazy) demand you give me to the letter – better than others (!) – and have also accepted to work for you 37 hours per week if this is what you want me to do, so I am “available” for the labour market as the law requires and then I asked her to start thinking new thoughts because of the paradox that I have my full working capacity, work the best and have ALSO accepted to work and I told her that “it should be very easy for you to find an employer for me with the positive feedback you receive on me, when you can give my labour almost for free to an employer together with salary contribution” – which Jane then thought was true and therefore said that this is what group 1 will do – and we know Tine, why did you not think of this instead of a pension (?) and is it because your mind fooled you to think that he must be disabled because he is crazy (?) – despite of the VERY CLEAR evidence given to you of the contrary – and this is the true definition of craziness, which is what you suffer from when you cannot and will not understand and therefore take the WRONG decisions (!), which she of course did not believe is what she did because she is only following the law as both of them said (!) – are you indeed (?) – and she understood that I understood that she only wants to help me with a clean heart because I told her and then I said that “you could have decided to start reading my website in order to understand me” – and I thought about her to do this in private – which gave a very strong reaction with MUCH temper from her – do you remember, Tine (?) – when she started rebuking me telling me out loud that she has 65 “citizens” to look after, only little time for each (!) and that she would under no circumstances start to read my 2,000 pages (!) – it is now 3,000 you know – and of course this would be “insane” of you to do because there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that I must be crazy (?) – or is there after our meeting listening to me (?) – and then I told her that this is a good example of people misunderstanding each other because I did not ask you as a condition to start reading me (which it will become for the world to enter our future kingdom you know in order for you to READ and UNDERSTAND my teachings to “change the world”), I told you that “you could have decided to …”, which of course is entirely up to you – I just tell you of your choices – and if you sum all of the misunderstandings of people who believe that what people say is what they wrongly “hear” themselves, you will see a world in decline, which is what we are now improving all over – and this led to my conclusion, which I also told your predecessor: YOU CAN NOT HELP PEOPLE WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE (!) and that is in every single human relation – including your marriage, children, parents etc. – and I told her that the difference is that I understand them but they do not understand me and that is because you are used to think within the small frame of the law and the practise of the commune and we know IF YOU STARTED – as I suggested – TO LOOK AWAY FROM ALL OF YOUR EXISTING PAPERS AND USED YOUR SIMPLE LOGIC when meeting me and getting to know me, you will see a man working “better than others” with good relations with all – that is a man belonging to group 1, Tine, which you have not learned or understood yet (?) – and I told you that you could decide to use your eyes and ears instead of focusing on the wrong writings of me!

And during most of this meeting I had decided to take the attitude that this is only a game I am playing with myself as the actor and I could tell that it was totally impossible for me to make these two ladies understand me simply by using their COMMON SENSE – to look away from the “system” and “out of the box” – and I smiled inside of myself witnessing this game – as Neo did with the agents in the Matrix – and I was thinking of a similar episode when I spoke to my old colleague Bo from Dahlberg on the telephone in 2008 about a work proposition I had done for him, where he was totally and absolutely wrong going against me and when I gave him my suggestions, I knew that he would say NO and I was almost “enjoying” myself on what I knew was the expected and WRONG outcome – but it was truly a TRAGEDY – however the music is fantastic (!) – because I knew that he was “fooled” by the darkness working directly with him to “twist” his mind – and this was really the same which happened today or in other words: Let’s twist again – which is about the HAPPINESS of here the spirit of my father, thank you for being here (which is what I ALWAYS tell the “stars” when they start shining for me in the evenings) – and when Tine again spoke of me receiving three months after the first month with Falck at group 1 to find a job, I thought that we might as well take this also, which (again) made me tell her the story of my CV, which all employers misunderstand thinking that I am a show-off without truly reading and understanding that I speak the truth, which is what the Jobcentre receives feedback on but I don’t get a job because of the MISUNDERSTANDINGS OF ALL PEOPLE (!) and if she would decide to read my website, she would understand that this is not about me adapting to the system but the system adapting to me (!) and we know what was the expected outcome of this and what was really the outcome (?) and only this: THEY TOLD ME DIRECTLY TO CHANGE MY CV to adapt to how the world of today is looking (!) and we know one more lesson: I told you that I will listen to your suggestions as I did with A2B and Jens Erik too and that I will decide what to include and what to exclude and I will NOT follow what they wrongly “recommend” me to do the same way as a lady at A2B did, which was to remove “the most clever” part of my CV and as I told you Tine, you can consider to help people by telling them “you can consider doing this and that” instead of ordering people, but is the truth that you have become a dictator working for the rotten state of Denmark, which you were not able to see until now (?) and it took my best for you to start noticing (?) and we know this also goes to the Danish Government, so “you are not alone”, Tine :-).

At the end of the meeting, when Tine decided to recap what we had agreed – always good to do – she somehow came to say that I would now be transferred to group 1, then four weeks at Falck full time (when Jane has agreed this with Falck), three months at group 1 and then back to her if I have not found a job (!) and I asked if I should search for jobs while working full time at Falck and they were not sure about this to start with but eventually they decided that I have to send two applications per week, which made them consider to keep me in group 2 for these four weeks (!) – which you know was her expected outcome of the meeting today – but I told her to stick with what we just had agreed, which is what she did and she told me that “you are now out of our system”, which was a direct symbol of me being out of the old Universe – but I still feel darkness, so we will see how this is to be understood in the days and weeks to come. During the meeting I said several times that I did not want to be a group 1/2 combination but to become a CLEAN group 1, which is what I became and this was also to say that there is hardly any darkness left, I have converted this together with the world into light – one in a million is the odds a “broker” would have given for you/us/we to do this, and you know the difference is to be STRONG and to do the RIGHT thing, which you know is to BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF so this is what I did.

Tine could not help thinking about how to “help” me with her “clean heart” and how it would go for me when I will start speaking to her colleagues at group 1, and I told her several times that “it will go fine”, but she could not help herself (!) so she kept on thinking and believing that I am a difficult person (!) and maybe I am “too much” for her colleagues to take – and in case of “misunderstandings” she said that I can always ask for her support – be included in meetings etc. – because she understands me you know (!) and can “handle” me (!) and my oh my, Tine, you have not fully understood that the only reason why you believe I may be “difficult” to handle is because of your own WRONG ATTITUDE, preconceived beliefs, ignorance, laziness and MISUNDERSTANDINGS and how difficult is this to understand when you receive the feedback on me that everybody else has let me just say here “a very positive impression” of me (?) – and you may remember that it is not easy to change a system, which does not want to be changed and also that I don’t write this because I don’t like Tine and Jane, I LIKE THEM VERY MUCH, but this is what is required to CHANGE THE WORLD my friends.

When I close my eyes after writing this chapter, I see BLUE all over and also a bouquet of flowers on a table – and also something about a Russian sending me a message as you can see from later in the script of today.

Giving Falck the nicest office in Lyngby, becoming a mentor of a manager and to Robert: NEVER GIVE UP!

The meeting with the Commune lasted until 12.05 and was completely unnecessary of course if Tine and Jane had done their work properly (!) and instead of going home – as MANY people WRONGLY are tempted to do after a meeting but before the end of a working day – I decided to go back to Falck to continue working until 13.00, and I kept on writing backs on the computer for ring binders and to move the content of old ring binders to the “new” from the basement and I told Robert that “you will get the nicest looking office in Lyngby” and he said “I am not in doubt about that”.

Jimmy – the ambulance manager – came out to the front office and told me me that “I am very impressed by you” – people have noticed that I have started changing Falck (!) – and I told him with a smile that when I am done here, I will come to his office too and that is for him to IMPROVE the archive and ring binders of his office and my dear friends, he would have allowed me to do it if this is what I had my mind set up for, but I decided to tell him that now I have showed how to do it, there are more “new” ring binders and I encourage him to start doing what I have done, which may take a couple of days the first time but when keying it in as a returning yearly task to do, it will become easier to do each year and then I was very happy when he told me that – inspired by another conversation I had with him the other day – he has spoken to Jesper with an idea to use 14 days to make the entire office paperless and to get a good scanner for this purpose and I could only encourage him to do it instead of letting it be another of those “good ideas”, which don’t become real and also about the importance of having ORDER at your office and electronic file structure and for LYNGBY to take the initiative to contact the head office and do this very important work for the entire Falck of where and how to keep your INFORMATION DATA the best way and we know it should be SIMPLE LOGIC to do, but very few companies of the world have “bothered” doing this and we know the power of the dark side WAS strong, but not unbeatable as you can see 🙂 – and let me say that I received both the ORANGE colour of the Source strongly when writing this as I have done all day and that it is “distorted” by the darkness still surrounding me – so “nothing” it not quite yet converted fully, but “almost” – and this is just the Source telling me HOW MUCH HE “LOVES” ME and I should say I because I am now you and you are now me and so it is.

And Jimmy was truly inspired when we spoke and also feeling “uplifted”, which made him suggest to go and get from his office what he was working on right now, which he then did, and the work was to write down QUALTY STANDARDS within his professional area – as part of the work of a working group of the whole region of Falck – and I listened, asked questions and gave him my comments and recommendations of how to work the best with phase 1: preparation, 2: do the work and 3: edit your work – with most people “forgetting” phase 1 and 3 today – in order to do your absolutely best and more – and this is really to say that a manager of Lyngby has started to see me as a “mentor” making it natural for him to show me his work, which is the feeling people of the world receive today because this is how you have decided to arrange yourselves as one of these VERY NICE GREEN MEN as I now see from inside of his UFO as he shows me is now telling me and we know the information is becoming easier to come through to me in line with the reduction of the darkness and so it is.

At the end of the day I told Robert, that the Commune will now contact Lars – or maybe Jesper – asking them to have me working full time for them for four weeks – of course against the law, which is “impossible” for you to see Jane or Tine, or maybe Jane could see my point after all (?) – and I would be happy if he will recommend Lars NOT to send me to Frederikssund and other stations to cut the grass but for me to stay at the station using my TRUE competences and I told him about the tasks Jesper has given me and Robert said “of course I will, because you truly have better competences than this”, and let us see if it also will be necessary for me to ask Robert directly not to misuse my competences himself, which it may be – we will see.

And finally I told Robert with all of my strength what it means to NEVER GIVE UP, which is NOT to be weak and show how depressed you are with a giving up attitude, which I told him that he has showed, but for him once and for all to DECIDE TO BE STRONG and then to be STRONG, because this is what I am sure his wife loves much more than the weak side of him, and then to COMMUNICATE using the advice of Stephen Covey to understand before you make yourself understood and to AGREE before starting to communicate that you will now do the opposite of what you normally do – this is also about the world turning these days you know – which is to ask questions, listen and to CONTINUE doing this WITHOUT telling what you want yourself etc. so you will TRULY UNDERSTAND WHAT IS DEEP INSIDE OF THE HEART OF BOTH OF YOU and he told me that he could not stand seeing his wife knowing that she is with another man and he has therefore asked her to move, which she has (!) and Robert, I only tell this story because it is important to the world: LISTEN TO YOUR PARTNER, UNDERSTAND YOUR PARTNER AND THE TRUE CONTENT OF WHAT IS INSIDE OF THE HEART OF YOUR PARTNER and when doing this, Robert and being STRONG, which you can if you want, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE and that is if you truly NEVER GIVE UP and decide to do what is necessary to do!!!

Receiving the official acknowledgement and declaration of faith of the world community in me

The other day – the 20th June – I noticed an “official” visit by the Department of National Defence of Canada to my website and the day after – the 21st June – I had the “honour” of receiving an “official” visit by the “Big Brother” of United States both in terms of size and degree of infiltrations and my dear friends, I am HAPPY to see that you have decided to show the world your declaration of faith in me by unmasking your visits to my website in order for me to tell the world that you have now agreed to show your public support and acknowledgment of me.

The official acknowledgement of me by the National “Defence” of Canada

And the same by the Intelligence Service of the United States

And to my readers: Why do you think my pages on “Jesus in Nairobi 1988” and “Decoding of the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO” are important to the Intelligence Services of USA and Canada (?) – if you did not know better, you would probably believe that the military has “better things to do” than to monitor me – and will you please understand that it is because they do know that I am the ONE and that a New World Order is coming to tear down the DISGUSTING money and power structure of the “old world”?

These visits were not difficult to understand what they were about – also with the help of “the voice” you know – but today when I returned home, it was a little bit different because what were these “mysterious” visits from Russia to my Signs IV page (the Jerusalem UFO) about?

The first number of “mysterious” visits from Russia
– was this acknowledgement of the official Russia?

I thought that the name of the Organization “Vologda metallotorg“ could be a cover for an official military organization of Russia “following” me, but I could not find information about this on the Internet, and while I was doing this work being in doubt what it was about, the same computer at the same organization “decided” to click some times more on the same Signs IV page and now also my JESUS in Nairobi page as if to say that “we know who you are” – these are words I am given spiritually now when writing this – as you can see here:

When I was in doubt, the visits continued as if to answer me
– now also to my JESUS page

But still I was not entirely convinced that this was the official Russia sending me their support, so I started to write my chapter above about my meeting with the Commune today and I sent a wish to receive a signal of whether or not this was true or false, and the answer I received was the same computer being “inspired” to continue clicking on my Signs IV page – without clicking on ANY links during this time and how “normal” is it to click on the same page again and again without clicking on the links as the reason to return (?) – and I received the thought that “it seems that a Russian is welcoming me” and I thought about the dream two days ago about “an important Russian will help the world to understand whom I truly am” and I was told when writing the Commune chapter that the feeling of Putin is that I saved him from the darkness and I was told that the only way for me to do this was NOT to give up, and this is how I received the information that this is indeed the official declaration of faith and support of Russia and Putin in me – thank you or SPASIBA my friends over there :-).

Finally, the visits continued and I was told that this was
acknowledgement by “an important Russian”: Putin 🙂


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that as long as I am in control of the situation and darkness, we are in control with the world and this goes in relation to what was a “dark” political” situation in Greece – which is “lighting” up – in relation to the “very dark” economical situation and I wonder if the world isn’t strong enough to find a solution to the situation in Greece, so it will NOT go bankrupt and I have total faith in Obama and world leaders to find out – and I am wondering what the DEEP story and background – also in relation to Greece – is about the recent arrestment for sexual assault of the now former chief of IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, which I am sure will also come out some day not long from now.
  • The Source told me that “If you were not to live in this world, you would live a completely different life here NOT with me because we are not one even here” and we know A VERY LONELY AND DREADFUL LIFE waiting on a new world to come “maybe the next time” but this is of course only theory now.
  • I received very MUCH suffering – including red all over on my right angle – when writing the chapter on the Commune and especially when editing it afterwards, which I almost had no mental of physical power to do – I am TRULY more tired of writing than ever before. And I had hoped to be able to visit the official residence of the Prime Minister, Marienborg, to celebrate the Midsummer Eve as I also did last year, and this year to listen to – and maybe meet (?) – the Foreign Minister Lene Espersen, but you know it became too much for me to do because it took time to write the script and publish it today, which I first did at 22.20 this evening, and when I decided at approx. 19.30 that I would NOT go to the Midsummer Eve, the immense pressure of the darkness released much of its grip, so I ended the day at the second highest level really.
  • I was told 1-2 days ago that if I would not be able to come through this experience with the Commune, I would have received so much suffering that I would believe that my mother would die even though she would not – to “compensate” for the pain the Commune has given me.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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