June 26, 2011: Communication with governments of Russia and USA and now also the UK government


Summary of the script today

24th June: “KA-CHING”: The most SUPERIOUR and HAPPY ending of a song – and also a journey 🙂

  • Dreaming of being at the home of God – today our New Universe – close to the centre of the Source and the Universe, my position as the third of the Trinity “should” be stable but does not yet feel entirely so, I am still “almost” taking “the fall” directly because of other people, which both Obama and I do “our/my” best to avoid, “everything is practised and without this, we would all die”, which is about every little thing of the Universe, bad habits of people because of wrong teachings/upbringing make people automatically do what is WRONG – you have to teach the world and Obama also the Talibans on ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE WITH ONE PHILOSOPHY to change their view about “us” and bring eternal peach – good luck, my “friend” :-).
  • At Falck I told Jesper and Thomas about the outcome of my meeting with the Commune yesterday; about their decision for me to work full time for four weeks at Falck if they will have me, which made Thomas suggest that I can start working at Falck as a manager (!) and Jesper to accept the four weeks and to offer me “intelligent” work. I told him why it was an illegal decision of the Commune, which he understood, which also removed a thorn planted by the Commune against me and herewith a part of my suffering. I was given very STRONG feelings of the darkness today to work on many things at the same time and to talk much, which gives POOR QUALITY AND EFFECIENCY, and I decided to stop this darkness by deciding to focus on one thing at a time and to talk less, which I normally do. Everybody at Falck is happy for the cleaning up I am doing, and the people who could not take the initiative to do this themselves, are helping me with commitment, because it makes them happy. People want to help, to make other people happy, to understand etc. and when they do not, it is because of the darkness working inside of them fighting the light! I received MUCH happiness because of our victory including a colleague acting as James Bond, the Trinity uniting with three SMILEYS at one paper included in a “formation” of THREE frames on the wall and “KA-CHING”, which is the most superior and happy ending to any song, I know of – “Grace Kelly” by MIKA – and also here to celebrate the ending of my “superiour” journey to defeat the darkness.

25th June: Confirmation of communication with governments of Russia and USA and now also the UK government 🙂

  • Dreaming of using all of my will power to avoid my “old nightmare” to come through and big difficulties to sign a new co-operation agreement, which is about getting me all the way to the centre of our New Universe together with the Source and the Universe.
  • I had new visits by the governments of first Russia and USA to confirm that they have read my previous script on them, to confirm our “communication” and the USA also confirming that they understand my information about the Trinity. Today I received official acknowledgement also from the United Kingdom showing that they did not like my decision to expose their cover up of crop circles to the world, that they could have decided to close down my website if they wanted to but they were encouraged and decided to READ and UNDERSTAND because they did not like the view to eliminate the world, they have advanced technology enabling them to control the world electronically and they confirm that they understand how “impossible” our journey is (was) to reach the other side, where a new world without darkness will bring a GOOD LIFE for all gentlemen and also “gentle women” for that matter :-).
  • At the Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff this evening include a “magic show”, which effectively set out the two Danes from winning while the Russian drove fantastically right until the final, when he was finally disqualified and the American won. This was a show to tell you that when Putin and Russia was acting in darkness, they effectively set me out of the game heading directly for destruction of the world until Obama talked them into sense winning Russia over to the light hereby also saving the world – thank you my friends on what was both “sides” :-).
  • I send a new encouragement to the World Community” NOT to destroy evidence of your disgusting actions of the past, but to do what is the only RIGHT thing to do: KEEP ALL INFORMATION INTACT AND START PUBLISHING ALL “SECRETS” OF THE PAST TO THE WORLD. Everything can and will be reconstructed by the “recorder of the Universe” when needed. DO WHAT IS RIGHT – STOP WHAT IS WRONG TO DO – DON’T TRY TO COVER UP, IT IS USELESS!
  • People all over the world are dreaming of me as another sign of my arrival, including Muslims to show them the right path, which is to “follow me”.

26th June: “We are introducing the original love of people, which no people have today”

  • Dreaming of and feeling the darkness leaving me physically but still the darkness has the strength to blow up “bombs” of the Universe if I should not be strong enough to take on the darkness myself to convert it into light.
  • At the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel, I was told that I am not totally secure yet from “certain people” in Russia, but also a message to Putin from the spirit of my mother that there is “nothing much left to do” because of his fine job. “We are introducing the original love of people, which no people have today”. I am coming closer to “Egypt” and the spirit of my mother is being built in gold right now. I was shown that almost everything of “nothing” has been transformed into light, but there is still more work to do and also that “not only is what has entered wonderful and unique, this is also what everything else is, which continues to pour in” (new light) – and a smiling Boris Yeltsin thanked me for turning the darkness of Russia into light.


24th June: “KA-CHING”: The most SUPERIOUR and HAPPY ending of a song – and also a journey 🙂

Dreaming of Obama’s quest to bring eternal peace to the world – here with the Talibans

I did not have the best night to tell you the truth because of darkness, see later – with these dreams:

  • I woke up with the song “Eldorado Overture” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “Journey to the dead of night. High on a hill in Eldorado”, which was the introduction to the night.
    • The next time I woke up it was with the well known song “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing” by Incognito to tell me you know “Don’t worry, be happy” despite of the dreams of the night :-).
  • I am in London, I have a total of 14 days of holidays but I don’t know for how long and also where I will stay in London. I walk towards the centre of town, and land in a crowd of people after a small flight, I brush a man and apologise, I meet a man who offers me to stay in an apartment, which we go to visit together, I notice that the neighbour is Lucy Lui and the apartment is not big, but it looks fine, there are now four people in he same uniform in the apartment sitting down including this man, I give them the expression that I will probably only stay for a few days, which I feel disappoints them, they would like me to stay longer. The man shows me on a map that the apartment is located 7-8 minutes from the centre of town with all of the sights, and he says that it has an iron anchor linking it all the way to the centre of town, which should make it stable, I look at the iron anchor sticking out from the floor and the man shakes it and says that this has been done MANY times before and it is completely stable, however I don’t feel it is as secure as the man tells me and fear that the connection may be broken. I look at the apartment block from the outside and I believe it is leaning a little bit forward and then I become very surprised and also concerned when I see the man hanging out of a window in such a way that he cannot climb back, he is on his way to fall out and there is nothing for him to grab to stop the fall (which has always been my favourite from Xanadu :-)) – all other windows are closed and the façade is made of glass with no holding points – and something about a man and I entering the room to get him out. And I see people who have started received very detailed weather/storm forecasts, which I believe are too detailed, but they are happy with this choice of forecast and believe they will soon get used to all of the information it gives, and half awake I am told that “everything is practised and without this, we would all die” and also “you need to do a detailed list to make sure that nothing will burn”.
    • London has for years been one of the clearest symbols of the home of God – now our New Universe – and this apartment will have to be my apartment as the human Stig as one part of the Trinity, which is saying that I am close to the centre and anchored with the centre. i.e. the Source and the Holy Spirit, which should be strong enough, but the dream also says that there is still danger to watch out for, the anchor may not yet be as strong and I am still falling – or almost falling to symbolise the pain I have gone through and still am going through, and the storm is again about “resistance” of people I meet – and I don’t know about the list, which needs to be made but I received the feeling that this is a list, which will be made when I will work full time for Falck. I was also told that the two men of the dream trying to “save” the man hanging out the window is Obama and I as “I” and I guess that I am the man hanging out the window just saying that Obama is bringing me energy and help too to make “the fall” of mine stop and we know it is tough but not tougher than what I have been going through up and down for years, which of course does not make it any better because every single second is still unbearable to come through but you can get used to much you know.
  • When I woke up I felt the immense pressure of an “invisible wall of negativity” meeting and covering me, which wants to give me the finger and negative speech wanting to take me over, which here was very strong – several times during the night – and it is the same “wall” as I am used to have around me during days too, but when you are “clean” and is met directly with this wall covering you, I tell you it is not nice.
    • Donald Duck has started wearing a wrong “robot hat”, which his uncle has given him, which makes him a good police man and I am met by people attacking me with machine guns, which I try to stop – with much discomfort – using a thin iron pipe.
  • When I woke up from the dream I felt that this was about “poor habits” of people; the dream is about good people, i.e. the duck, automatically, i.e. the robot, doing what is WRONG, i.e. the policeman, because they don’t think or because they have been taught what is wrong, which is now sticking to them as bad habits, and there is ONLY ONE WAY OUT and that is for all people all over the world to receive training in GOOD BEHAVIOUR, COMMUNICATION AND WORK MORAL and you can start with my basic rules and recommendations – and the machine guns of the dream belong to the Talibans and maybe Obama has received the same thought and idea as I – I now feel that this is what Obama thinks about much these days, which is making him suffer much because it is “impossible” to find a solution on – and Obama my “friend”, YOU HAVE TO TRAIN THE TALEBANS TO BRING THEM NEW “GOOD HABITS”, CHANGE THEIR VIEWS THROUGH OBJECTIVE TEACHINGS – USE “ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE AND MY FRIENDS: ONE PHILOSOPHY”, which is for ALL PEOPLE (!) no matter if you are Muslim, American, Chinese or something else – and this is my goal to you: HUMANS ARE NOT EACH OTHERS ENEMIES, THERE IS NO SUCH THING and GOD WILL NEVER ACCEPT HOSTILITY IN HIS/MY NAME (!) – DO THIS, PLEASE, AND CREATE ETERNAL PEACE, which is you know what Obama is sent to do :-).

I have NOW been moved to match group 1 – also in the IT-system of the Commune!

Until yesterday I had “other problems than unemployment” for months, but today I am declared fit again – after my meeting with the Commune yesterday – and not only through verbal and written confirmations but it is now ALSO registered in the “official” system of the Jobcenter – Jobnet – as you can see from the following picture, and have you by now understood just how crazy this system and the decisions of the people working in it are?

Finally, the Jobcenter system has now ALSO been changed
to show that I am part of match group 1: “Normal people”

In my quickly written minutes of the meeting with the Commune yesterday I did not include that I told them that I truly need an income because I am without a place to stay the 1st November – and the Commune has decided NOT to help me with a new place to stay – and how could you decide to give Falck my full labour for free for one month instead of asking them – or others – directly if they want to hire me and we know Tine was it difficult for you to “see” this option and really to help me instead of following your own immensely strong and wrong voice?

I was told yesterday after the meeting that if I had insisted that their decision to let me work full time for four weeks at Falck is illegal, which you know it is – and the only one who cannot see it is you Tine and a little bit you Jane (?) – it would have meant that Tine would have kept me at group 2 and we know did I hear BREDE PARK calling, which I have “heard” for weeks as an option too, but you know we did not need to take that long way round – and I am happy that I don’t have to do another three months of let us tell it PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE WORK TO DO CONSIDERING MY PHYSICAL CONDITION – and Tine, you may want to explain to the world how “objectively” you believe you worked with my “case” and just how much darkness went through you without you of course being “able” to “see” and understand it.

“KA-CHING”: The most SUPERIOUR and HAPPY ending of a song – and also a journey 🙂

I started working at 07.55 this morning and when I came to Falck, Jesper was there and I decided to tell him the truth about my meeting with the Commune yesterday, which Thomas also heard, and I told him that I have been a match group 1 all of the time and ONLY because of the misunderstanding of the Commune believing that “he must be crazy” because of my website, I was moved to group 2, that I was moved back to group 1 in December 2010 and without my knowledge the Commune – due to “IT-problems” or was it solely a decision by Tine’s manager (?) – moved me to group 2 again in March 2011, which made it “legal” in their eyes to send me three months to Falck later in March, which I accepted because I did not know the law back then – but nevertheless their decision was ALSO a VIOLATION of the law and I said that I have now been moved back to group 1 and the Commune will contact Lars or Jesper to ask if I can work for them (for free!) full time for 4 weeks and I told them CLEARLY that I like the people of the Commune much, which they know that I do, but that I have told them that I want them to work PROPERLY and to follow the law, which Jesper looked like he understood, and when they do not, I have decided anyhow to follow what they have decided in their “wisdom” and that is to continue working for Falck – and I told Jesper that I believe I have good relations with all here and if he will allow me to continue my work, I will continue doing my best and all I am asking is if he will use my true competences instead of also sending me to other stations to cut grass etc. and we know NO PROBLEMS with Jesper, this is what he said that he will do and Thomas suggested that I could become a “turn-out leader”, which is you know the same as himself and the other “officers of guard” (!) – and later, after Jesper had had time to think more, he came back to tell me “no problems, we will find “intelligent” work for you to do” – and I am here thinking if the outcome of this after four weeks will be that Jesper will decide to accept salary contribution from the Commune to have me working for Falck for a period of time receiving a “normal pay” and is this why I wanted – as so many other small boys – to become a fire fighter when I was small because this is what I am destined to become as part of my journey (?) and of course this is also a symbol to put out the fire of the darkness of the world, which all of you feeling this desire as a boy now know :-).

I had MUCH suffering this morning until my conversation with Jesper, and afterwards I noticed that my suffering decreased and I was told that because of my conversation with Jesper – and his faith in me – I have removed one of the thorns, which the Commune had placed! – and also about more and more people “gossiping” about Stig working at Falck and we know “who claims that he is Jesus” !

From the morning I noticed that much darkness was used in the effort to confuse me to do many different tasks at the same time – which so many people WRONGLY do when they are victims of the darkness instead of controlling the darkness (!) – and we know it was not easy, when I had to wait on keys to open the closet with office articles, where I needed tabs for ring binders and until I got the key, I could work on something else, and when I was about to print out labels for more ring binders, which I was about to set up, suddenly Jimmy was now blocking the printer for 10 minutes – which called for my patience and of course to accept that he would block it without becoming annoyed as so many do today, it is about PATIENCE you know, which gives me another déjà vue here because this is an IMPORTANT ingredient of our New Universe – and we know I could of course start another small task and we know this continued and before I knew of it, I had 10 different small tasks in connection with the cleaning up of the office waiting on me, and I quickly discovered the danger signals of working on all tasks at the same time and therefore I decided to remove everything from my desk except from the task I was currently working on, and to TAKE MY TIME to do what was right – my best – instead of what was quick and still I received VERY STRONG “inspiration” to “let us now do this” and “also that” – in co-operation with Thomas helping me to decide on what to keep and throw out of the last part of the office today – at the same time as I received VERY STRONG feelings to talk about this and that all of the time because it is truly so nice talking – and I received this today because this is how Thomas works (!) – and I could see the danger signals as mentioned because when you are working like this, you are NOT effective – things take much longer – and you do your job poorly and OF COURSE I COULD NOT ACCEPT THE DARKNESS WORKING WITH ME LIKE THIS, so I started concentrating more and kept my mouth more closed and as an example of this approach I had made a new ring binder including stamps, letter prices, and address labels and I knew that in order to get the best solution, I needed to have tabs for the ring binder of extra width, which the office did not have and therefore it would “cost” me extra work to do, to find the right tabs in the catalogue of the supplier and in my case to receive approval by Thomas to order these tabs, which he did, and then to order them and we know which is what MOST people of today would NOT “bother” doing because of laziness, but now they will come on Monday improving the quality of this work – and this is really how it continued all morning, and the other thing I knew I had to do was to write down the tasks I did not have time to do now in order not to forget them – for the action plan – and we know can you see that you can really do with a few short “reminders” of how to work and then you will manage (?), and even Thomas at one point saw the need of working at one task at a time, which he said and this is really what we did Thomas, because I had a full overview of all tasks, and we did take one thing at a time, if you remember?

I noticed today some of the “bad habits” of people of this office because now we are close to have cleaned up everywhere – however, the archives are still lacking – and despite of this, some order forms, which were put nicely in order days ago were now starting to look like a mess again and the old habit of “just place it on the floor” is still in use and we know when we have cleaned up, there should be no need to place this and that on the floor, it should be easy to put it at its right place immediately and we know to keep tidy everywhere – and this also goes when people go out shopping, look at clothes at a store having sale and how many times per day does the assistants put back the same shirts, trousers etc. in order, which “careless” people don’t mind doing after having made a box of clothes look like a mess and we know you can find many examples out there, but in general: KEEP TIDY and CLEAN UP AFTER YOU and that goes ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE – and that is also at home (!) and this is because I told Thomas that I had decided deliberately not to go into their personal drawers but it is my impression that they need to be cleaned up too as I also told Lars the other day, and we know Thomas gave the exact same answer as Lars, which with his words was that “I have my own mess in there, which is exactly as I want it” and my dear friends this is the attitude of Thomas and of Lars and when they are managers here, it is no surprise that their entire office had the need to be cleaned up (!) – and we know which truly makes everyone HAPPY and both Robert, Lars and now Thomas today have helped me with commitment because when you have first started this work, you will discover how HAPPY it makes you and we know everybody wants to keep tidy, everybody wants to make people happy, everybody wants to understand people etc., which is the foundation of everyone but when people don’t do what they essentially would like to do – when they are ignorant, lazy and don’t understand, you may understand the power of the darkness destroying what people would like to do without people seeing the power of the darkness themselves?

One of the things, I was working on, was to set up some “important information” in a frame on the wall, but I found out that I did not understand the instructions fully of how to gather the pieces of the frame and to put it up on the wall – I did not have screws and tools and not much experience in this type of work – and therefore I was happy that Thomas called a colleague, who had the know-how to do this, and when he came he carried a drilling machine, which he was inspired to carry as James Bond carries a gun – as you can see below – , which I told him with a smile and James Bond is the symbol given to me for years as the “good guy” chasing the “bad guy” or the Devil if you will and when the colleague did this, it was to SALUTE me for accomplishing our goal and here I was given a double feeling, which included a little bit of whisky – an old symbol of the darkness – and not just any whisky but the ROYAL SALUTE by Chivas and here as a SALUTE from the darkness of myself to myself as the reigning King and so it is here.

I received a ROYAL SALUTE as the
reigning King of our New Universe
symbolised by James Bond

Before hanging up the frame of the wall, this colleague, Thomas and I had a conversation about how to hang it because we wanted to hang it next to two other frames – one positioned vertically and one horizontally – and I could tell that Thomas was about to think “what would be the easiest to do” and I told him “don’t think about what is the easiest, but what will make you the happiest in the long term” and when I told him like this, there was no doubt in his and our mind because then we had to set up not only the new one but also to replace the horizontal frame with a new vertical making the wall now include THREE nicely looking vertical frames, which is what we did – and of course I had to write the information, which was included in the horizontal frame, on a new paper turned vertical and this paper included the VALUES of Falck – I wonder how much you follow these “fine” values in practise, my gentlemen (?) – and I decided to put THREE BROADLY SMILING SMILEYS at the end of the paper including a quote saying “smile – you are on”, which to you may mean “BE HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE AT WORK”, which it of course does, but the deeper meaning of these three smileys and three frames is to say that IT WAS HERE THAT THE TRINITY WAS RE-UNITED and “smile – you are on” is to say that EVERYBODY WILL GET A NEW PICTURE, which is to receive approval to enter our new kingdom and yes my boys also me :-).

A colleague was also inspired to speak about “Kongeporten” (“the King’s gate”) at Dyrehaven (“the Deer Haven”), which is the gate I am using these days to enter the castle.

And I could not either help smiling because the following song simply had to come one day or another and today was that day and we know Thomas was speaking to Jimmy and suddenly from out of nowhere Thomas said “KA-CHING” (!) and I instantly knew that it was about the song “Grace Kelly” by Mika because he ends the song by saying “KA-CHING”, which I have thought since it came out is THE MOST SUPERIOR AND HAPPY ENDING of any song I know always making me smile and in a good mood – and I have thought for a long time about ending my writings with this song, so we are coming to an end of the writings soon (?) – and a happy ending is what is coming to all of us my dear friend and that is because of a SUPERIOUR VICTORY OVER THE DARKNESS and we know if I was not able to stop smoking in 2009 to take just ONE of the obstacles on my way, we may still have been able to survive, but it could have cost the lives of maybe half of the world and a new Universe, if we would not be eliminated all of us, which would not be the last but requiring yet another New Universe to be built later in order to get rid of the darkness all together and we know THIS IS WHAT IS TRULY MAKING US HAPPY – and that is because EVERYBODY LOVES A HAPPY ENDING and Roland, how much Beatles did you listen to when writing this song too (?) and just saying that I LOVE THIS ONE TOO and also your SOURCE OF INSPIRATION :-).

Here is the song “Grace Kelly” by Mika – listen to “KA-CHING” after 3:14 minutes and let me also here say that I saw Grace Kelly in a movie for the first time the other day, which was HIGH SOCIETY from 1956 and I thought THIS LADY HAS CLASS MY FRIENDS (!) and also that maybe she was someone “special” too (?) and we will see if I will be right in this one too:

KA-CHING! – what a HAPPY ending to a song and a journey 🙂

So altogether, it was a nice day, Thomas was and is still nice to me, but when a colleague arrived, they first spoke in private for approx. 15 minutes and then went to the canteen to have cake, which he had brought for the “colleagues” and we know I was of course not invited because I am not one of them, you know – and it is all about ATTITUDE – and thinking much of IT IS ALL ABOUT SOUL, BILLY, these days and humming your song, which is also TRULY FANTASTIC 🙂 – and we know the Italian Restaurant with the STRANGER and so many others of yours are “yummy” here too.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Late yesterday evening I received the clearest and biggest shining light of my mother on the sky yet when it came flying towards me on the balcony as many times before and was shown it as a helicopter first – a vision given to me, which you cannot see – and later as a U2 spy plane and I was given the information from Obama that information was also withheld from him and he had to ask again to receive information about me.
  • For days the “game” on feeling my dark self in my hall has continued and the “fight” to change my habit from saying “you are welcome” to “this is also me”, which is what I now say hundreds of times each day when I receive the feelings of myself, the spirits of my mother, father and others and the darkness is strongly influencing me to say “you are welcome”, which was right to say recently but not anymore because when I say “I am everything” and “this is also me”, it draws the rest of the darkness towards me closing up “nothing” as everything – and this evening I started receiving the spirit of my father through the darkness of my inner self several times trying strongly to give me BAD feelings because of all of the injustice my father has done to me and we know I DON’T LIKE THE DARKNESS/DEVIL, which so strongly has worked through my father towards me, that is true, but I love the TRUE side of my father and that is it really but you know this sounds easier than it was. And this is also with the threat that if I should “lose it” now, the feeling is that the life of my father is at stake – and we know we have had a “general rehearsal” of this months ago (!) – and my attitude is still ALL OF MY SPECIAL FRIENDS ARE PROTECTED and will not die or receive permanent injuries from the attacks of the Devil and this is irreversible my friends: No people will die and with the light, this should be possible and you do remember that the spreading of the light is to be used to remove sicknesses and we know gradually also poverty and crime of the world and of course wars and thank you Obama for acting on Afghanistan too starting to withdraw troops :-).


25th June: Confirmation of communication with governments of Russia and USA and now also the UK government 🙂

Dreaming of big difficulties entering the centre of the New Universe

I had a somewhat better night, which is making me a little bit less tired today and the suffering from negative speech, which I have to defend me against, has decreased much (the Commune is “relieved” after our meeting too) but it is still there with these dreams:

  • I woke up feeling the darkness of the beast inside of me, which made me breath heavily – not nice.
  • I have a meeting already at 06.00 tomorrow morning and later in the day a lunch agreement, the Lord Chamberlain of the Danish Monarchy invites me for a lunch at the Royal Castle with the Queen tomorrow, which I decline because I already have another agreement, and later I stand in front of the queen and her husband, Prince Henrik, and I tell her that I cannot have lunch with her because I have another agreement and I ask her if it isn’t true that she always get her will also in relation to the Prince, which she laughing says is true and it is as if we are now in the “good old days” centuries ago where not many people have been to the village where the Danish and Swedish flag meet, where people of the two countries are singing in a competition where the Swedes are from Jutland (!) and the goal is to score goals!
    • The Queen is still a symbol of my mother and the dream is saying that I have to use all of my will power to avoid my “old nightmare” because the Queen always gets what she wants – with the power of the darkness – but NOT in my case, my friends.
  • I am working together with Søren H., I have made a proposal of co-operation between our Insurance company and a large prospective client in Stockholm, and Søren tells me that the prospective client does not want to co-operate with a company in Copenhagen – it is too far away – I see Søren having a fine bottle of Rhone wine and I am nervous about being dismissed because of the client rejecting us. But nevertheless, the client comes to a meeting, German’s are falling over Søren’s bag, a video of an annoyed Søren is filmed and something about calling the consumer ombudsman in Stockholm, where the client has lost a case and they consequently has to co-operate with us in Copenhagen, which Søren knew about and something about being “completely crazy to outsource this case”.
    • Somehow this co-operation agreement is important and Søren is a “key” for us and I guess the message is that when Søren has – and still is (?) – been so strongly opposing me without reading and understanding, it has been impossible for me to co-operate with the light, i.e. Stockholm, but through “an important man” – the ombudsman – somehow we have managed to come through this opposition too and we know WE MUST COME THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT and I have total faith in you my spiritual friends to do your absolutely best to find solutions even when they are “impossible” to find and we know so it is – but only connected with what I do in physical life and this is how “LIFE” is here as “someone” tells me through the darkness of my inner self from the spiritual world.
  • I have borrowed Peter A’s car, which I am driving together with my old “friends” Charlotte D. and Jens Christian (from DanskeBank-Pension), I am walking together with Charlotte on Kongens Nytorv (“the King’s Square”) in Copenhagen, while Jens Christian is parking the car but she walks so quickly that I lose her, I see a commercial on the street where PFA Pension has decided to decrease the interest rate given to the pension scheme of the association of accountants approved by the Government, which is harassment of PFA, and I decide to walk to Dronningens Tværgade (“The Queens crossing street”), where I believe Jens Christian has parked the car, but when it is not there, I walk back to Kongens Nytorv and see that the car is parked just outside a restaurant, which I enter, and I notice that I am only wearing a bathrobe, which I can hardly keep on me without it opening, inside the restaurant I see Søren having dinner with our new clients (from the previous dream) and two men are sitting at the table next to it and they suggest that I take a beer, which they will pay for and after having turned it down, I eventually accept – but I never come around to get the beer before I leave – and Søren speaks about Charlotte and Jens Christian, who work for the supermarket Super-Brugsen, and that they have taken the new co-operation agreement between our company and the new clients from Sweden, but somehow the agreement returns, and I don’t know if I will receive dinner too, but I see that only four plates are put on the table, and when there is no plate for me, I decide to rise and leave.
    • A car is a symbol of the person self, so when I am using Peter A’s car, it is because Peter is (made to) think of me (?), which my old “friends” Charlotte and Jens Christian are too (I have not seen you for approx. 20 years), the King’s Square is the “centre” of myself and our Universe, which will have to be what the co-operation agreement is about – for me to enter – the harassment of PFA Pension has a special importance, because there is a history of “episodes” of PFA harassing (an “upset“ Lublin calling Niels de Knald in 1997, where I answered the phone, the present CEO of PFA in connection to Karen making me lose “everything” for PFA when Karen told me in 2004 (!), PFA harassing Preben’s company as I wrote about in 2009) and here they are given less than what they could to “accountants” and this is because I developed this pension scheme in 1995 with PFA and also because yesterday at Falck, a visitor called me an “accountant”, which I have been called a several places – also at the hospital in Helsingør in 2008 (!) – and is this about the wealth of the world decreasing or (?) – and here it is saying that I am coming to the centre of the Source and the Universe, however the co-operation agreement is difficult to find all the way to the end – where I still have to pass the threat of my “old nightmare” and people opposing me on the way.
  • When I woke up from the dream I was told “alright, we will continue with the present quality and improve the quality gradually”.

Confirmation of communication with governments of Russia and USA and now also the UK government 🙂

Yesterday I had two more visits from my ”Russian friends” as you can see below, and I also had a special three-double visit apparently from three different locations in the United States but still the same ISP/Organization and almost the same IP-addresses of computer – symbolising the three identities of the Trinity, who are also ONE – and I was told that these visits were to say “we have read your script on us” (of the 23rd June).

A new visit by my ”important Russian friends” confirming our “communication”

Please notice that the Russian computer at this IP-address is now using Windows XP with a Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Internet browser, and the day before – the 23rd June – the exact same IP-address used the following different browsers: Chrome 6.0.475.1, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13, Chrome 12.0.742.100 and Opera 9.80 from Windows XP and Windows 7, and this IP-address/computer has to be a “slightly different” computer to what people normally have?

And from ONE but still three different places of USA symbolising that
“we have understood” about the Trinity

Yesterday I was told that I would also receive confirmation from the UK – and I received the feeling of the UK Government (the “unofficial” Government you know) covering up the phenomenon of crop circles, which I have included the story of on my Signs III page, which is called “indisputable proof of Crop Circles, UFO’s and cover-up” – and that was because I was wondering the day before yesterday why I did not receive an official acknowledgement from Europe through “public” visits by a Government to my website and this is what I indeed received today as you can see from the picture below when I first received a visit by “someone” in UK, who likes to TalkTalk or is it the band Talk Talk, which I also LOVE very much (?) and of course this visit was to my Signs III page to show the connection that they DID not like to be exposed to the world – but you can get used to a little bit of “everything”, my gentlemen (?) because it is after all better to be alive than to eliminate the whole Universe and being eliminated yourselves because of your WRONG actions (?) – and what you are showing is that you have indeed “advanced” technology making you capable of “controlling” the world electronically and that is because in the same minute as your first visit, you managed to get the computer of Facebook visit my website too as you can see from the picture, which it NEVER does like this but always automatically does, when I publish a new script on my Facebook profile and ONLY in this situation and I did not publish a new script yesterday (!) – and we know I was told that you “picked” me up first from my posts on Facebook, which is also what you show here – and from Facebook you got “access” to my website and not only my website, but you could have decided to close down my website, if this is what you wanted to but communication from “people of other civilizations” as I feel here helped you to take the right decision to READ and UNDERSTAND also because this is what OBAMA “helped” you to do as I also feel here (?) and instead you here show me something, which is really “impossible”, which is to say that you understand that what I and the world are going through at the moment is “impossible” to do – and that is to cross to the other side WITHOUT darkness of the world in the future – and this is through your second “visit” shown below, which is really not a visit because here you have “visited” an address, which is NOT visible to visitors on my website, which is the address of my individual TIP counter, which also is to say that if your “un-official” visits to my website had been included by this counter, it would have showed a much larger number of visits, and finally a visit to my individual TIP counter should not be shown by my TIP counter itself (!) because it has been set up to show the number of visits to my website at WordPress and we know thank you for showing yourself – you will all receive a GOOD LIFE too, which you know is a message from one gentleman to another 🙂 – and thank you for giving me the message that you have understood our “impossible” journey, but as you show, things are really only “impossible” if you decide that this is how it is and you know as well as I that we will all meet in a new and much better world than this :-).

The acknowledgement of the UK Government with “impossible” visits to say:
We understand your “impossible” journey

When clicking the top link above to a “secret” address at www.tracemyip.org you get this picture of my TIP counter, and this address is NOT visible to visitors on my web side (!):

Earlier today, I was told that my old best friend Jack – working for the Danish Navy – is the reason why the world community has started acknowledging me publically, thank you VERY much, Jack –
that’s what friends are for 🙂 – and I am missing you as my good old friend, which makes me ask “when will I see you again”, (?) and here it is really the Three Degrees asking if you catch my drift (?) – thus not only “me” but also “me” and “me”.

Later in the day, the same US computer in Dallas as above was visiting my page on New World Order and what this means to me is also a feeling of RELIEF my friends for you to stand forward supporting me and really what I have been waiting for years to receive when I have been fighting this battle alone because this is how it has felt like when I have received no or almost no support from people who have been busy prioritizing their own selfish needs and many abandoning and criticizing me. Thank you for standing forward also bringing relief and comfort to me 🙂 – and you are welcome to read my pages in disguise if this is what you want, but I can only encourage ALL GOVERNMENTS to come out and show the public that you are reading my website and scripts and what about the Danish government, will you show yourself too and really because HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE (?) – I don’t become angry, but only HAPPY when you will do so – and what about writing me a nice email, which I will give a nice reply to (?) and you are also always welcome for a cup of coffee where I am sure we will get a good conversation because as you know I am just a simple human being (!)– and when writing this, I receive the BEAUTIFUL song Gotta go home by Boney M.- this is where I and all of us are going – and also almost tears in my eyes as I have had for long periods of the day both because of this connection created to the world – and also for hearing the clairvoyant reading, which my good old friend Georgie did on me in 2006, which truly made me uncomfortable to listen to back then because it was my most inner soul being turned inside out, , which I was not ready for back then (!); it made me feel embarrassed – also because I had started receiving Hell 24/7, which made all of the good advice IMPOSSIBLE for me to carry out (!) – but the embarrassment is really not mine, but belonging to “controlling” people around me, who were responsible for my life turning out both dull and lonely totally against my nature and here it is referring to my mother when I was growing up (I am sorry, but it is the truth, mother) and also controlling and selfish managers keeping my natural self down (which may have had an even bigger impact) – and I can almost hear the spirits speaking through her and we know my tears are also for having lost Georgie as a friend too in 2006/07 and yes you are right because of HER MISUNDERSTANDING (!) when she decided to mistrust me, when I was telling her the truth.

And still later I received AGAIN a message I have received MANY times before without writing it before now, which is that it was also NOT easy for the Intelligence Services to find out who I am and we know THE SON OF GOD HAS TO BE OUT THERE (!) and we know for how long did you think I was a “lunatic” (?) and how much did Obama help in order for you eventually to “find” me – “FIND THE SON OF GOD” (!) – and we know it took READING in order to UNDERSTAND and do you now understand why it is important to COMMUNICATE WITH AN OPEN MIND and to TRULY LISTEN/READ in order to understand?

The following has nothing to do with “surveillance” and official acknowledgement, but just to let Fuggi know that apparently you have still moved to Fredensborg, which is what my computer has “decided” to show for all of your visits – I believe you are still in Copenhagen (?) – and that is “with a little help from my friends” of course to bring you all the way over to “my side” :-).

And this is both to Fuggi and Jack as my oldest friends: Because this song and this performance is TRULY REMARKABLE, I bring it here to show my appreciation of our old friendships – and when this is written also my sadness for your decisions not to see me at the moment – and here also to say that without the help of my friends of the Trinity, the world would not have made it to here. WATCH A SPECTACULAR SHOW, which is also a message about “what will come to the world”:

The darkness of Putin and Russia was about to destruct the world until Obama won them over 🙂

This evening I was witness to a little bit “magic show” at the speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff, where first the Danish riders Nicki Pedersen and Kenneth Bjerre were effectively stopped from winning this evening, when they both did the same “error”, which they could not control and we know ain’t it funny – still my favourite song of yours, Jennifer ((!), whom I also saw shortly on television this evening and I understand that the AMAZING Scotty won the American Idol show and we know who else (?), you were a FANTASTIC PERFORMER and therefore my friend (!) – that so experienced riders can do exactly the same error, which is to turn the gas handle and cross the start string disqualifying both drivers in different races (!) and while they were set out of the race, who was riding FANTASTICALLY (?) and none others than the Russian rider Emil Sayfutdinov, who did two fantastic over takings – the best of the year (!) – and then finally at the final, this Russian was together with one American – and two others not important in this “game”, which was set up – and what happened at this the final battle between Russia and USA (?) and we know the Russian was disqualified and the American won and my dear reader, this is of course to say that while the Russian, who in this “game” symbolises Putin, was riding fantastically for the darkness, as the Dane of this game I was set out of the race or in other words, Putin and the Russians were about to destroy the world because of their wrong actions (!) – do you remember my story from the spring of 2010 where I wrote that Russia was “planning” to kill me (?) – but at the absolute end, they were talked into sense by my dear friend, Obama, and we know making the light represented by the American driver Greg Hancock, i.e. Obama, win the final and also save the world :-).


Watch a replay of this Grand Prix and you will see these events – and this is also to say that EVERYTHING OF ALL TIMES IS RECORDED BY THE “RECORDER” OF THE UNIVERSE, so ALL of your decisions and actions can be shown to the world when needed and just saying that it is useless for you – Intelligence Service Agencies, military organizations, governments (“official” and “unofficial”), business managements etc. – to destroy evidence of your “disgusting” actions, because they will all be revealed to the world – this is the meaning of openness, you see (?) – and this also goes to the Swedish security police, Säpo, whom I was told about this evening as one example only (!) because they know who shot the Swedish Prime Minister Oluf Palme in 1986 and why he was shot but so far you have decided that the public has “no need to know” (?) – this is the most “comfortable” for you (?) – and this is where you are WRONG (!) so will you please understand all of you who are trying to cover up your actions: THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN COVER UP AND THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO BE AFRAID OF – WILL YOU PLEASE TEACH THIS TO PEOPLE IN YOUR SYSTEMS and to STOP DESTRUCTION OF “EVIDENCE” and you may have seen magic tricks of money notes, watches etc. being torn apart and then being reassembled right in front of your eyes (?) and you have guessed it; this is the “magic” of God or the Universe if you will and this is what will happen when “destructed” important historic documents and other evidence WILL be reconstructed.

Will you please do what is SIMPLE LOGIC and RIGHT to do (?) – KEEP INFORMATION INTACT and START PUBLISHING SECRET ACTIONS OF THE PAST TO THE WORLD and I mean EVERYTHING (!) – don’t do what you know is WRONG (!) and you do know that covering up and keeping information secret is WRONG – don’t you?

People are “dreaming of me” and the right path, which is to FOLLOW ME

Today I read the following dream from the Facebook page “Jesus in my dreams”, which is another sign to the world of my arrival – and from here you can see that it’s not unusual for people dreaming of me, and that is not for my family and friends and not either for Tom, Martin and Dave, who are other of these “gentlemen” you know 🙂 – and here you can read about a young Muslim woman praying to God to show her the right path, where after Jesus showed “himself” in a bright light asking her to “follow me”, which she then did and this is one of MANY Muslims who have received dreams and more about “me” to help them come out of the darkness.

4/17/10 my dream was like this:- It was in the middle of the day I had parked my car on a travelling road next to a cafeteria, and as I was falling asleep behind the steering wheel, I heard a man saying “should we tell her” I opened my eyes and looked at the man wondering what is it he’s talking about, he told me to look at the sky. I got out of the car, looked and there was in the sky 3 shinning Angels lining up vertically. I was praying so hard and calling God’s name over and over. One of the Angels flew so fast and transformed into a giant beautiful owl with red wings full of feathers covering it all over to the bottom. The Angel stopped above a table,  I looked down at the table and there was a naked man wearing only a small white cloth wrapped around his waist sitting on a chair with his elbow on the table and his head in his hands. He looked so unhappy and in real sorrow and pain, I felt so sad for him. And I realized it was Jesus.

Then I looked up again and there I saw a big grey cloud in the blue sky and behind the cloud a shadow of Jesus holding a stick in his hand, it looked like it had a ball on top of it, Jesus also had a huge crown on his head. He looked like he was rotating and looking at all directions..   I called my husband on his cell phone and I saw that he was in the Monastery of Saint Antonius the Great in the red sea In Egypt – in real life he was actually there that very minute- and I told him “go out and look at the sky, Jesus is there looking at the world” he said “should I really tell the priests here”  I said “hold on let me make sure” I looked up and Jesus was rotating around and around looking down at the world, walking here and there on top of the cloud. I dropped the phone on the ground and started calling out His holy name and praising Him and crying out of joy. Suddenly I saw myself somewhere indoors, and a person handed me a tiny baby and said that it was baby Jesus and I was over whelmed to be carrying the saviour in my arms. I was so happy and I was smiling at the baby and carefully holding Him. Then the baby disappeared but instead I found Jesus the king walking inside that room  wearing his gold crown and dressed in a white cloak and a blue scarf and another red one, He was holding a golden stick in his hand with a big ball on its top.   He came and sat next to me, he was smiling and said “I wanted to call you” and I looked and said with great happiness and a big smile on my face “call me?!! Who am I my Lord to call me?!!” Then he started saying things that I can’t remember.   I woke with great happiness.

Ending the day with these stories:

  • I worked today from 10.00 to 17.20 on the script and to expand my page on clairvoyant readings I have received – and the reason why your reading,, Pia, from 2006 is not included is because the recorder did not work properly leaving out most information of this reading, which I otherwise would have liked to include as well.
  • I went to the supermarket of Fakta Quick with the last 24 DKK on my pocket this month, and I found four articles I wanted to buy, which were exactly 24 DKK, and I calculated 3-4 times to be absolutely sure that I had calculated right, because today it is an embarrassment to stand in line not having enough money to pay with and to give back one article, and my dear friends I HAD FOUR ARTICLES and first one of them was read by the scanner to cost 12 DKK, where it clearly was stated 5 DKK directly on the article and yes HE KNEW ABOUT THAT – tried that one before he had – but had anyone taken the initiative to change the price in the system (?) and NO of course not (!), so therefore he experienced this error once again and NO he could not change the error himself because he was under 18 – crazy rules you know (!) – and therefore we – including the 4-5 standing in line after me – had to wait for a “superior” to come and we know he changed the price and left and I was now ready to pay the 24 DKK for the FOUR ARTICLES – no I still don’t know why you/we are four in dreams recently and not three and is it to say that Obama is my equal so we are not a Trinity any longer but a Quartet and if this is so, then this it is so and did he chose to become a sour of himself (?) and fine by me if this is the case and more will come later on this I am sure … – and back to the articles, which now were not 24 DKK but 25 DKK now making me embarrassed which I did not want to become (!!!) and my dear friends, I told the young assistant that I was sure that the articles would be 24 DKK so there had to be another error and when he did not show any initiative to check and correct, I decided that I did not want to be even more “difficult” asking him to do so – because of course the people in line was annoyed with me and not with the supermarket making the errors (?) – and therefore I asked him to take back the article he had just changed to 5 DKK and then we were only three again – and we know feeling that this is still also about the Trinity or the Quartet and yes Obama was on his way to take the decision to become part of a quartet but now we are a Trinity and my dear friends, I am being confused here by different messages and yes this is what Obama is too and we know will you please give me more information through dreams or in the following days and weeks about this so I will know and also my readers of course and that is both the official and “un-official” if this is what you will continue being – and when I HAD paid, I received the receipt and now it was easy to see that the system included a WRONG price of red cabbage to be 6.50 DKK where the RIGHT price on the shelf said 5.50 DKK and my friends, I told the assistant but what was he to do about it (?) so therefore he did NOTHING (!) and we know I meet errors like this ALL OF THE TIME at supermarkets – lazy and ignorant employees not doing what they should do even when they know what they should do when they are in the situation (!) – and every single time this WRONG behaviour makes me both sad and annoyed and I decided to include this one in the script because it was one of the worst I have experienced and we know FAKTA QUICK IN LYNGBY: DO YOU THINK THIS MAKES ME WANT TO COME BACK TO YOUR STORE (?) AND OF COUSE THE ANSWER IS NO IT DOES NOT (!), AND DO YOU CARE (?) AND OF COURSE YOU DON’T BECAUSE YOU ARE “SALARY SLAVES” AS SO MANY OTHERS NOT TRULY CARING ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF YOUR EMPLOYER, WHICH IS ALSO A VERY BIG ERROR OF THE ATTITUDE OF PEOPLE – “CARELESSNESS”!
  • During the evening I was “tested” when trying to decide if Obama should be one or the other, but I decided to go up against the pressure (!) and to stand by (me, which Obama always will as I am told here) my previous decision to give Obama the full freedom to decide if he wants to be part of me or his own individual soul as our “forth leg” and I do understand and respect his decision, which apparently is now carried out – this is what I am told so this is what I write – and that is for him to become an individual soul of his own and we know, which was now possible to carry out and this is what I am told, but I do also now remember that this is violating one of my old rules of my scripts, which is that I will (try to) NOT change the first information I have included in my scripts, and the first information I included on this question “months” ago was that Obama had decided to remain part of me and I wonder if this information given to me now is true or a game by the darkness (?) and I don’t really know but I have here given you an example of a type of story, which I many times have excluded from my scripts because of the same reason, which is that I WILL NOT START CHANGING THE FIRST INFORMATION I HAVE RECEIVED, otherwise I could start changing “all of the stories” of the book because of pressure of the darkness and once again, we will have to see what is right and wrong in this story – and I do know that one day I will only be able to tell the truth when there is no more darkness, which I hope will not be far away from now – and when I know for sure that I have reached this stage, I shall be happy to inform what are truths and deceptions of my scripts.
  • This evening I was witnessing a phenomenon I have never seen the like of on the sky right in front of me. It first started with finding my light at its fixed location on the sky and then down and to the right and we know yes there the light of my father at “his” fixed position became visible and then to the left of this and yes where was the light of my mother on “her” fixed location on the sky and we know finally there it was lit on too, and this is how it works here my friends, and I noticed that a vertical stripe of a light cloud of what may have been a few hundred metres was “hanging” at the location of the light of my father – there were almost no clouds on the sky, only a few of these very light clouds – and when I was looking at this stripe, I was shown a circle around it moving up and down and also how the circle became a half moon – I was thinking of Turkey and when writing this I just decided to search the Internet for “half moon Turkey” and now I better understand, this moon is of course part of the flag of Turkey and yes my friends, is there anything you would like to tell me and yes about how to treat ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE RIGHT and TO RESPECT THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS (?) and we know also the Kurdish people (?) and THANK YOU for reading and yes are you really understanding (?) – and this half moon changed shape too and it was led up and down of this stripe of clouds, which now started changing from a vertical to a horizontal stripe, which took maybe one minutes and while this was happening the other few light clouds on the sky did not change at all – I have never seen the like of this before – and I was told that this is the start of what soon will be shown to the world: A MAGIC SHOW ON THE SKY and we know connected to my arrival – and I wonder when the media will decide to write about me and my dear friends, the world community has decided to show their support of me, when will you at the media decide to do the same to inform the world (?) and just wondering I am of course – and you could start bringing stories of UFO’s, crop circles etc. too and to stop all manipulation and wrong stories to the world: STOP COVERING UP – START TELLING THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD!
  • My amplifier has “decided” to work all of the time now and it has been several days if not a few weeks (?) since it the last time demonstratively with the power of the spirit world switched off and on for “minutes”.


26th June: “We are introducing the original love of people, which no people have today”

Dreaming of and feeling the darkness leaving me physically

I had a night at the same level or maybe below really because I feel more tired already from the morning – with a few dreams:

  • I woke up with the feeling of the darkness leaving me and this world and I saw it squirming and turning inside of me and I was asked “do you really want the darkness to leave” and the answer was pretty obvious: YES – EVERYTHING IS TO BECOME LIGHT :-).
  • I am working at a large company in a large house, we receive a package, which I discover is a bomb and very shortly before it will blow up, someone throws it out of the window, where it blows in the air without hurting anyone, and then a new bomb is delivered, which will blow up in 1-2 minutes from now, and I speak to the manager and he decides to bring he bomb two floors up where he places it on a table without saying anything and I think this is very wrong to do, poor management and really that the manager is absent-minded and I notice how one elder employee stands closely to the bomb and I ask him to get away because I am afraid that he will blow up.
    • I will accept NO blow ups of the Universe anywhere and I was told 1-2 days ago that when building the “old” Universe, the darkness had forced “explosive devices” – this is the best way we can describe it – to be built inside of planets etc. and these are now starting to be removed, which may take some time and let us guess “approx. one month” and we know I WILL NEVER GIVE UP, so nothing should happen and that is even though every day and often every minute is still a pain to go through – often being on “the edge” – with darkness still trying to destroy me, which I fight all of the time (!) and should I lose it somehow one day not having the physical or mental strength – especially the last because this is what has kept me going so far and just saying that I am and have been for a long time mentally VERY EXHAUSTED having to keep on fighting all of the time – I do hope that “safety measures”, which I have asked to include all the way will work out and save us and the Universe from becoming hurt – and also to save me from receiving dreams like this, so one day everything will truly become without any NEGATIVITY.

And today I bring you a music video here simply because it is FANTASTIC SOUL MUSIC and a song, which means MUCH to me but still I have NEVER heard it before (!) and how can this be (?) and really because – as I have written somewhere – I simply LOVE and have always SINCE 1976 (!) loved “don’t leave me this way” by Thelma Houston and I have always thought that this was the original song, but today – on the radio of we7 on the Internet, a good idea but far too poor technical quality (!) – I heard the original, which I somehow have NEVER heard before – not played that much in Denmark maybe (?) – and the original is “of course” with Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes and we know I know the front singer of this band Teddy Pendergrass but I have never heard about the band before and just saying that there is much for me to discover of the world too even though everything is me 🙂 – and we know THIS VERSION IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE AMAZING VERSION BY THELMA HOUSTON AND HOW BIG IS THIS “NEW” VERSION THEN (?) AND WE KNOW RIGHT UP THERE AT THE TOP OF SOUL MUSIC AND THAT IS AMONG THE STARS, WHERE I AM TOO AS “SOMEONE” HERE TELLS ME WHEN GUIDING ME TO WRITE THESE WORDS – and we know for 35 years I have loved this song, and now I hear a version, which is even better and we know “impossible” is what it is BUT THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT, you know?

Starting to write a new standard application to fulfil the demands of the Commune

I started writing a template for a new standard application, which I will use when searching for jobs, which is part of becoming “normal” again according to the demands of the Commune, which today is that I have to send a minimum of two applications per week and we know there is no demand of the quality of the work and I know that I will become busy when I also will have to work full time for Falck for four weeks, so this is why I have decided for the solution to send “good applications”, which however is NOT as applications ought to be as I have written about in the past because it does not focus on the company and how my competences can help the company to improve but under the circumstances, this is what will have to do – and I will bring it to you when I start sending my first applications, which may be tomorrow or at least before the end of next week; the Jobnet system tells me that my deadline to confirm that I am actively job seeking is the 7th July by which date I will have had to have sent four applications.

And I was told after starting this work that this is why the darkness is stronger again today because this is darkness of the Commune forcing me against my will and it was VERY STRONG when it tried to convince me to start destroying parts of the Universe and even though it is truly STRONG being “close” to take me over and do what the darkness wants too, I managed to keep my promise to NEVER GIVE UP and do what is RIGHT to do so come on darkness, you are welcome, because the more that comes, the more beautiful our New Universe will become :-).

“We are introducing the original love of people, which no people have today”

Despite of my tiredness, the stronger darkness and lack of motivation to write – difficult to do today, but the discipline is carrying me through – I decided to attend the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel at the web-radio of Selvet because I thought that it could be important and that is even though it gave me more to write, and these are some of the visions and messages I was given for the next hour:

It started by the Source handing down a necklace to me with a golden cross with the message that “this is not how it is, but how I would like to show it”.

I was shown myself writing on the wall of a barn and then hiding behind one of the inner walls of it and I was told that it is because I am not totally secure from people of Russia resisting me and I was shown a very big gun pointing at me, and told that I have had this gun of mankind pointing at me, which now is moving away from me, as I was shown, with help from the spiritual world because of the energy, it has received, and also with the help of Obama.

And this is just so you know, Putin, that you still have to work to do on the ATTITUDE of some of your people and here I am told that THERE IS NOTHING MUCH LEFT TO DO BECAUSE YOU DO A FINE JOB and here it is with best regards from Virgin Mary – or the spirit of my mother as you have come to know here (?) – and that is because a new faith has started blossoming inside of you.

I was shown an old upright piano being moved to its place and told that “we are introducing the original love of people, which no people have today”.

The fine leader of today’s service of Den Gyldne Cirkel, Anette, spoke of the Grail becoming more and more alive and expanding to all Earth, and I was shown myself lying in a coffin on a table inside a store, where the dark shutters have started opening a little bit letting the light from outside come in to me.

I was shown an Egyptian museum and told that ”you are about to be called up on a completely different channel, which nobody else can hear” and it was followed by a vision of the spirit of my mother who is being built in gold right now.

I was told before the service that I would also receive a positive story today, which I received when I was shown SUN and the flower of a SUNFLOWER and told that “not only is what has entered wonderful and unique, this is also what everything else is, which continues to pour in” and this was after I again felt the “invisible pressure” of the darkness, which is part of the atmosphere and giving me a feeling of “physical pressure” when it approaches me to be converted to light, and I was shown by the Holy Spirit a GIANT yellow – of course – telephone book, where only a narrow stripe of it can potentially burn, which is the amount of potential damager to the Universe if I was to give up now, which I have NO intentions to do – we will make it all the way to the end to give everyone a 100 perfect Universe also in physical terms, which is what we TALK TALK about here :-).

The Holy Spirit also showed me a close pattern of many broad white rubber bands to show me that the structure of the Universe is becoming stronger and stronger by the minute, and I was shown one eye of the Holy Spirit – or the Universe if you will – and told that “I also feel human through you”. I was also shown only very few red files but A LOT OF BLUE files in the cupboard – the toolbox of the Trinity – which is to show you the strength of the darkness compared to the light of me returning to “everything”, which is you know where I am :-).

Finally I was shown a heart, which was drawn in my field of vision from both sides and it is almost complete, but still the last line connecting the two halves of it to a full heart needs to be done, and I was given the feeling of a SMILING Boris Yeltsin and I was told “Tak, du gamle” (“thank you, old man”) – he must have learned to speak Danish “up there” 🙂 – which is the nickname I have given myself, and this was to say that we are not quite done with the work in Russia turning people of darkness into light, but “we are almost there” and we know MORE OF BORIS and HIS LIFE HELPING RUSSIA THE RIGHT WAY will come.

Ending the day with these short stories

My old colleague Charlotte wrote that “you will always find the answer, when you look deeply into your heart”, which I hope is “inspiration” given to Charlotte to tell that this is what Robert’s wife finally did (?) – we will see.

And Jacob did remember when Denmark became European Champions in football this day 19 years ago, when we defeated a “cartoon team” – an “inspired” symbol of the darkness – and this is what we indeed did, which was followed by the greatest party since the liberation in 1945 – and LIBERATION is what this is about, not from Germany, who was our opponent back then, but from the darkness :-).

I started working at 08.00 and kept on until I published this script at 14.55 and afterwards I continued ….



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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