June 29, 2011: France is also acknowledging me and the New World Order, which I encourage the whole world to do


Summary of the script today

27th June: Life and the Universe originate from the “darkness” of nothing, which was created by God as a being who simply “is”

  • Dreaming of meeting resistance from “misusers” – people with bad habits – on our way to reach “normal life, will I receive a “drawing right” on “normal life” – will I receive a better income (?) – the story of “21” with my sister and Jack who opposed me, please do what is SIMPLE LOGIC to do – and RICH PEOPLE who will oppose “normal life” because it is “impossible” for them to enter the kingdom of God, until their attitude will change, that is :-), and the reason is because of their “sympathy for the Devil”.
  • I received confirmation from the UK Government that they read my script of the 25th including their first “communication” with me and that they understand this was a final battle of SURVIVAL of the world – will you start communicating DIRECTLY with me?
  • Again I was given the thought and words that I AM EVERYTHING, which includes to be ”nothing” meaning that life was not only created through the darkness of “nothing”, but when “nothing” is part of me, life including “nothing” has to be created by “myself” as something different and I was given the answer as from the presence of “I am” – or “to be” – which I was told that I will get to know over the coming time. I have decided that I DON’T WANT TO BE DARKNESS, ONLY LIGHT, which is what my favourite song of Shu-bi-dua “Minus til plus” is all about: Turning darkness into light at Golghata in Jerusalem, which is what they sing and what we have (almost) done now – remember the Jerusalem UFO (?) :-).
  • I sent two job applications after Jane had confirmed that I can offer employers salary contribution, but I expect to receive refusals because who would be “stupid” enough to hire someone who is “better and cheaper” than other candidates?

28th June: France is also acknowledging me and the New World Order, which I encourage the whole world to do 🙂

  • Dreaming of Denis having overtaken my lady, which would not have happened in a “normal” world without darkness, people of other civilizations will help to spread “normal life” to the world, moving into my new home, i.e. my new self, waiting for my chosen lady to be released from the darkness, my “special friends” will help me when I will walk on Earth as the light without any darkness, the darkness was leading Karen into the arms of Denis instead of mine, the darkness led me accept Camilla moving in and I hurt her when I broke up with her seven years later, I encourage the world community to start communicating with me directly: “LET US LIFT UP MANKIND AND THE UNIVERSE”, the spell of the darkness on Karen and Denis and all of my children will be raised when the last piece of darkness has been removed.
  • At Falck I updated my action plan to keep Jesper and Thomas informed of my work – also PREPARING them mentally to start changing their attitude of how to work – and Thomas agreed that it would be a good idea to use for the whole station, which may be what we will do, Jesper, if you agree? The work moral of the employees here is so poor that in practise it has been “impossible” to “motivate” the employees to come to the office to sign the key receipts I have prepared for them – this is a situation where MOTIVATION BY MANAGERS OF SPOILED PEOPLE DOES NOT WORK (!) and therefore YOU HAVE TO BE DISCIPLINED AND RUN PEOPLE TIGHTLY UNTIL THEY WILL START BECOMING RESPONSIBLE/DISCIPLINED THEMSELVES! It is NOT a threat for me to be at Falck anymore, and Thomas confirmed through his actions that I am now “one of them”.
  • Yesterday I received “unusual” many visitors from France during an “unusual” short period of time, which was extra “unusual” because all of them “by chance” visited my script of the 29th May 2011, which is to say that FRANCE IS CELEBRATING OUR VICTORY TOO and here sending their official acknowledgement of me and acceptance of the NEW WORLD ORDER – merci beaucoup :-). In order to avoid misunderstandings because of “poor communication”, I encourage the world – also CHINA and all countries – to communicate directly with me, otherwise I might say: “Que” :-).
  • THROUGH THE CONFIRMATION OF THE WORLD, YOU ARE WAKENING UP THE LIGHT OF MY INNER SELF herewith helping the world to take the last step forward.

29th June: Doing my best job when asking the world to STAND FORWARD TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME

  • Dreaming of my sister on her way to meeting/understanding me, using natural materials for skin crèmes etc. is perfectly fine, Hugo Chávez thinking about stealing money of Venezuela and run, my stereo has never sounded better than now which is because of the messages of my scripts to all countries of the world: PLEASE STAND FORWARD TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and this is the end of the journey to the other side of my old friend Lars.
  • At Falck I received an idea of how I could improve the “post room”, which I could have decided was a bad idea, but I decided to listen and understand and also to carry out and thank you for the idea, which is to tell the world: LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND THE IDEAS OF OTHER PEOPLE in order for you to take the best decisions. Christoffer was in Italy on holiday also meeting the Italian fire-fighting service where he learned that some processes in Italy is better than in Denmark, but that education is better in Denmark: IN THE FUTURE YOU WILL HAVE ONE WORLD WITH ONE SYSTEM OF PERFECT QUALITY instead of many different systems none of them being perfect. I encourage all countries of the world to send me a “letter of good faith” simply writing the truth. I spoke to Jesper about my action plan and agreed that I will co-ordinate the work on the invoice process of fire guards, to include the people I decide for and give him a deadline when I know how long the work will take, he asked Christoffer and I for a proposal of what it requires to get a paperless office and I tell you why people in charge of a task are also the people who should be in charge of decisions instead of the manager not knowing about the work (!) – simple logic it is – and why Jesper is NOT a good manager based upon his knowledge from books compared to my knowledge of how to do the work the best way based upon my knowledge of WORK! I recommended Jesper to use ONE action plan in Lyngby instead of doing minutes of meetings, which is a WASTE OF TIME TO DO and for him to bring on the idea to other stations and the head office, which he just may do because it would “make you look good in the eyes of others”, Jesper (?) – and the truth is that Jesper should START to work and leave his job as a manager to people like me knowing about HOW to do the work with the best possible quality and efficiency.


27th June: Life originates from the “darkness” of nothing, which was created by God as a being who simply “is”

Dreaming of the “sympathy for the Devil” of rich people will make it (almost) “impossible” to enter my kingdom

Again a night of the same calibre making me tired again today and we know we will see if I will be able to run today, which I have built up to do the last couple of days and here are a few dreams first:

  • I am at a shopping centre standing on a rolling belt with two lines and I ask who will come for a concert. I come out, I am going to have an ice cream, I am driving on a small train (as in Tivoli) of knowledge and I meet an annoyed Tove Ditlevsen (a late Danish writer) and another misuser, who is sad because of dating contacts, they eat Treo pills and become dazed, and I also receive two, which makes me feel bad. Hereafter I am in Helsingør where my old friend Lars G. has done too much out of two city houses near Svingelport, which has made a flower shop in between go bankrupt and a small house totally disappear.
    • Going from the shopping centre to a concert is to go from “normal life” to “warm feelings” but here I meet two misusers, who makes me feel bad and this is probably resistance of people with bad habits on the way towards “normal life”. Svingelport in Helsingør is about a discotheque, which is the destiny of Lars’ life, to seek love without finding it – I know about that too you know – and it means that the flowers in terms of happiness have been removed from his life and we know another “special friend” of mine going through darkness of his life to help removing darkness.
  • I woke up with the lyrics “we rely on each other” and “islands in the stream” from the song by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.
  • I am at Danske Bank, Freeport, where Lars H. tells me how much the business activities have increased since 1991, they have increased he number of employees from 6 to 20, I receive a new debit card (“Dankort”) and I have the battery of this in my briefcase.
    • Is the debit card giving me “drawing rights” of “normal life”, which Danske Bank is about – will I receive a temp. job with what looks like a “normal salary” if I decide to use the battery, which may be to ask Jesper from Falck (?). The number 20 is to say that I for some time have received the number 21 in different situations, for example yesterday when I was given a small piece of “magic” with numbers on my screen ending up with the number 21 making me think of the game “blackjack” and the darkness of my old friend Jack and we know not anymore, Jack or … (?) – I am not told here – and also when I visited my sister where she by “random” picked CD no. 21 and here the message is really what I remember we said as small boys in the kindergarten, which is “hvad kommer efter 20” (“what comes after 20”) and the answer is of course “politi” (“police”) and that is because the number 20 is the same as “thieves” in Danish and everyone knows that the police comes after thieves (?) and as my readers will remember, “police” is an old symbol of the darkness so the story is really that my sister and old best friend were belonging to the darkness and we know my sister is not supporting me directly but may “realise” who I am and is that the same with you Jack (?), which is that it is “difficult” for you to support me and to contact me because of your work (?) and what will they say when you will start seeing me again and I will write about how happy this will make me (?) and Jack, there is only one answer: ALWAYS DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO (!) and you and everyone else should know what is right to do when using SIMPLE LOGIC and we know the world is “turning around” so I wonder if the “difficulties” of people to take the right decisions is starting to be replaced by people automatically taking right decisions when they will simply THINK CAREFULLY and then it is not very difficult – also for you, Jack :-).
  • I am together with another man – who may be a boy – in “our bank” in the middle of the night, we discover people breaking in when we use an infrared camera, they want to steal three CD’s one of which is with the Jam, we stop them and say “we don’t want to sound as holy, but we help you by stopping you” and I understand when they are leaving that they want to break in again, and I see them enter Hotel Amager.
    • “Our bank” is to provide normal life to the world and the people breaking in want to steal our “warm feelings” – i.e. the music of what still looks like the Trinity and not a quartet, thank you for the message – and what I am told here, Putin, is that for VERY RICH PEOPLE of your country not least it is “impossible to enter the kingdom of God” – have you heard about that one before in relation to a camel going through the eye of a needle (?) – and THIS IS WHERE YOU MAY CONCENTRATE YOUR EFFORT when you will turn around the attitude of “some people” – this is by the way my favourite song of Cliff, which is as beautiful music gets and you know symbolising my warm feelings 🙂 – of your country.
  • I am back at Danske Bank, Freeport, and I ask for a bill to be withdrawn from account no. 1026661.
    • When I woke up it was with the clear feeling that “666” from the account number is THE DEVIL and I received the song “Sympathy For The Devil” by Rolling Stones – which by the way is one of their best – and as they sing you may have guessed the name of the “man” giving some of your people an unquenchable thirst on money when you stole from what belonged to the people – and with money also a very WRONG behaviour (!) – and you are right the Devil and this is the man, whom rich people – as yourself, Putin (?) – has “sympathy for” and we know the Devil was “stuck in St. Petersburg” and all over your community. PLEASE TEAR DOWN THE WEALTH OF RICH PEOPLE AND SHARE IT WITH POOR PEOPLE and you might as well start now!

Receiving confirmation from the UK Government that they have read my script of the 25th including their first “communication”

Yesterday evening I received what looked like the UK “government” also confirming that they have read my script of the day before, the 25th June, and this is my reaction yesterday evening right after seeing this visit:

I guess this is you at the UK ”government” confirming that you have read my script of yesterday including the story of speedway in Cardiff , which is about SURVIVAL, since your visit below shows that you are “coming” from Cardiff, which is a city I don’t get many, if any, visitors from normally, and again you have visited my Signs III page to draw the attention to the chapter of this page called “The Official British Government’s Untrue Statement on Crop Circles Corrected” – and you know I WOULD BE HAPPY for you to “consider” communicating with me directly (?), do you have what it takes to do this or do you need “time” to consider doing what is COMMON SENSE to do (?) – thank you for showing yourself to the world and the next time you may want to send me a DIRECT message, so we can become friends 🙂 🙂 :-).

The UK confirming they read my script of yesterday including the
Speedway Grand Prix telling the story of our “survival”

Life and the Universe originate from the “darkness” of nothing, which was created by God as a being who simply “is”

Yesterday evening I was very strongly given the thoughts and words ”I am everything including ”nothing””, and therefore I could only re-affirm to myself that my origin is from “nothing” of this Universe, yes, and that is to grow out of “nothing”, which IS also a part of myself (!) and consequently I HAVE to be something completely different to “nothing” and “everything”, which is what I have been told from the “start” really and I was told that this is what I am going to experience too over the coming time – and I was thinking if God really is part of a higher Universe above us (?) as I have written about before as an “opportunity” without knowing it for sure – and this evening the “I am everything” thought came to me again and again and with it the conclusion that I DON’T WANT TO BE THE DARKNESS and that what it takes to get out of the grip of the darkness is an iron will and we know JEREMY IRONS is what I receive here because I am really an actor myself – and Jeremy is one of the GOOD actors (!) – as “someone” here tells me where I receive darkness in the front of the vision following it and the orange colour of the Source behind it and we know WHAT IS BEHIND THE DARKNESS (?) and I cannot see it but Stig IT IS ALSO AN ELEMENT OF YOUR UNIVERSE and we know “not to be measured” but it is JUST THERE and this is about the “I AM” feeling (or “to be”) – this is “where” you will find me or is it “us” (?) and yes we will have to see as usual – so from a presence of “just being”, “I” as the Source created this Universe starting with “nothing” with the task to convert this to a physical Universe of “everything” and my dear friends this is about the creation and ORIGIN OF LIFE.

And what I was going to say is that THIS IS ALL A MATTER OF TURNING MINUS TO PLUS and again I was thinking about my favourite song of my favourite album by Shu-bi-dua, which of course is MINUS TIL PLUS (“minus to plus”) from their 7th album and my dear friends, DO YOU BELIEVE IN HEAVENLY INSPIRATION (?) because this is what you received when writing the song, and “minus til plus” is really saying “convert darkness to light” so EVERYTHING WILL BE LIGHT and as they say “hvis det sorte ska’ af, skal du bruge Colgata” (“if the black is to be taken off, you need Colgata”) and we know you laughed when you “found” this rhyme of “Colgata” when you wrote the song (?), which you know on the surface is about removing “darkness” of your teeth using the toothpaste “Colgate”, but Michael, you are singing “Golghota” in the song (?) and you know this is where I was crucified (Golghota in Jerusalem) in my former life as Jesus and this is you know the centre of the world where we (almost) have removed all darkness now (not from the teeth but from the Universe you know …. ?) – do you remember the story of the Jerusalem UFO at the Temple Mountain or Mount Zion in Jerusalem in January 2011 bringing all energy of the Universe to the final battle of the end times against the darkness in order to use all of this energy to create our New Universe (?) – so do you understand that this song of yours – a TRUE gem of mine – is really a song about our victory, survival and entrance to our New Universe (?) and my dear friends, this is what the COMMERCIAL theme of your song is about – to “market” this story to the world – and by the way, I have smiled ever since the first time I heard your song when you sing “de andre og kester er sure, vi’ de eneste shubi der dua” and we know that was meant for you, Jarl JJJ.

Here is OF COURSE my favourite song by a band I value equally as much as Gasolin and we know, they are both “out of league”:

When starting to think more about this, I started wondering if my inner self is the “grain of life”, which originated through “nothing” including “the Universe of diamond”, which I was shown the first of some weeks ago (?), which will mean that this is NOT the Source as I thought it was but “me” and then the Source is this “being”, which simply “is” everywhere also inside of “nothing” and we know time will tell, but it could be this way you know.

And I feel the darkness is also potentially giving me the feelings that “it is unacceptable that the Source has created these life conditions with so much suffering”, which could take much will power to remove my thoughts from, but you know it really only takes this thought: The Source has a reason of this, and I do believe I wrote the reason you know “months” ago, which is that when we have overcome “nothing” and created “everything”, we will move up the stairs so to say to become a pillar of (the Universe of) the Source self and I cannot see it differently today with the help you give me :-).

The Commune approves ”salary contribution”, thus making it possible to sell myself as “the best and cheapest”!

Yesterday evening I decided to write the following email to Jane of the Commune to receive her ”approval” that I can ”market” myself towards potential employers that they can get salary contribution from the Commune, which will make me both the “best and cheapest” buy of all times (!) and how many potential employers do you think will be “able” to understand this (?) and of course it requires that they will do their job carefully to really understand that this is the truth and we know how many will be able to do this today (?) and is the answer approx. zero (?) – will they all “underestimate” me because I am on cash help, which will take away their “patience” and “reason” and how many “minutes” will you give to read and understand my CV (?) – and this is what I believe and what we will have to see in practise.

Here is my email:

Hej Jane,

Tak for sidst :-).

Jeg er ved at skrive job ansøgninger, og vil blot spørge dig, om jeg generelt kan tilbyde offentlige og private arbejdsgivere, at de kan modtage løntilskud efter gældende satser, hvis de vælger at ansætte mig?

PS: Jesper m.fl. hos Falck er positive for at beholde mig fuld tid i 4 uger, og hvem ved, måske også at ansætte mig for en periode med løntilskud?

And here is her answer this morning, and yes GOOD LUCK WITH THE JOB SEARCH, as she writes and we know there is NOTHING wrong with her good wishes for me, but WRONG is what it is when you don’t understand – or is it “fully” understand, Jane?

Hej Stig

Du er bedst tjent med at søge løntilskud i private virksomheder – hvor du så skal have overenskomstmæssig mindsteløn for 37 timer, hvis man søger løntilskud i det offentlige kan man kun i.f.g. lovgivning tjene 90 % af dagpengesatsen – så det får du økonomisk ikke noget ud af.

Det er godt at høre at Jesper han have dig 37 timer fra nu og 4 uger frem. Jeg sender nye papirer til Jer.

Held og lykke med jobsøgningen.

After receiving this “approval”, I decided to send two “applications” today to AP Pension and BRF Kredit (!), which is NOT my best work and not as applications should be done as I have written before, and if you should find it “amusing” to read these applications – as my dear spirit father here tells me – you can click the following links and of course I will let you know, when I receive refusals, because who would be “stupid” enough to hire someone who is “better and cheaper” than other candidates?

https://stigdragholm.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/ap-pension-270611.pdf and


I also noticed that the Merchant Bank Private of Danske Bank is searching for consultants, which is a job I was searching for in 2007 I believe (?) – where I was “not” qualified and was that because I was “over qualified” in your eyes (?) – and today I was encouraged to seek this job again in order to help “friends” at Danske Bank to “develop” and this may be true, but I don’t want to seek a job helping some of the richest people in Denmark to become even richer because this is the name of the game of the Devil and this is what I don’t want to become :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Already yesterday evening I was given scratching to my upper head, which is the old symbol of my LTO friends – and here Meshack – having no money and will receive no money before I will send more the 30th June, and my dear “rich” friends have you ever thought about how it would feel like to be in the same position and NOT NICE and awful is what you would think if you truly would think this thought and how happy would you be for some “rich” person to help you (?) and how sad would you be when you would see all rich people and governments of the world doing what is like a snowball in Hell while you see your country starving, thirsting and dying when nothing truly changes?
  • I started the day being “completely destroyed” making it take 2-3 times longer to write my script and “almost impossible” you know but “somehow” things became a little bit easier during the day and you know this is about the old thing called “coming into the rhythm”. I started writing at 09.25 and first finished at 12.30, and “difficult” and “on the edge” is what we call it here.
  • I continued working until approx. 15.00, when I decided to run and it is NOT very easy to run when tiredness and exhaustion makes it impossible for one week at a time – or longer – and to start running again feeling like this “old zombie” you know, but anyhow I did it, it was NOT easy but I knew that I would feel better afterwards and this is what I do – and by the way I was told that I gave as much energy to the spiritual world by running today as I took away energy when I was smoking as much as a chimney, and the only reason why I had “perfect” lungs when tested in the spring of 2009 was because I received the energy from the Universe to clean my lungs and we know gradually removing life from all of us because we had to become “nothing” before we could start a new “everything”, you see?
  • I saw through TIP – the website of my counter – that my mother this afternoon read my script published yesterday – she has NOT read the script of the 23rd June so this was the first time she read the news of my “communication” with different governments, and within 30 minutes I received a powerful diarrhoea and afterwards a strong but not long attack by the darkness with my “old nightmare” – NOT nice – and we know because of FEELINGS, which are difficult to control and nervousness of what will come, and my dear little mother, why don’t you tell me and the family that you do believe in me (?) and one day not long from now my life as well as yours will change and that is ONLY FOR THE BETTER so you see there is nothing to be afraid of, but when the darkness of “nothing” is giving you strong feelings of nervousness, it is of course difficult, and these are the feelings being passed on to me in order to convert darkness to light and have you figured out the system by now?
  • For some days the darkness has tried to “convince” me to believe that I am better and more worth than others, which is because I still say – however not needed as much anymore – that “I am everything” and this is then what the darkness tries to “use” by making me believe that I am then also better than “others”, which took “a little bit” of energy some times to resist, and let me say that WE ARE ALL EQUAL BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DESCENDING FROM THE SAME SOURCE – nobody is worth more or is better than others and that is no matter who you are and what you do.

To my “dear little mother” – the best song to the best mother imaginable 🙂


28th June: France is also acknowledging me and the New World Order, which I encourage the whole world to do 🙂

Dreaming of receiving the love of my life when the darkness will be raised from Karen – and Denis as it will from all my children

I still had not normal sleep potentially making me tired during the day – with these dreams:

  • I am driving into Hørsholm, a couple is now living in my old apartment where the man has overtaken my lady and something about “you can buy shelter”, which I however don’t feel like.
    • I woke up with the song “ikke noget sted at bo” (“no place to stay”) by Shu-bi-dua, and this is my situation from the 1st November, but now the Commune with their heads under their arms “believe” it is better that I work full time – and do my scripts on top of this – instead of earning a living and saving for a new place to stay (!) and this is also about Denis having taken my lady and we know if the world was “normal” without darkness when Karen and I met, Karen and I would have chosen each other, but because of the darkness destroying her life, she chose a new wrong partner of life, Denis and that was back in 2005/06 my friends.
  • Something about injection from the sea and “what is the name of the upper part of the triangle”. I see another company on the other side of the street, where they only speak English, which makes three Danes leave them because they only speak Danish. It is 08.15 and the company will open at 08.30, I see my friend using a telephone card connected to a cash register and when he calls, the displays shows “UFO” and he has 1½ minute left to speak on the phone.
    • The triangle is both to confirm the Trinity – not a quartet – and something about a crop circle. Is the cash register simply “money” to share to give all a material “normal life” (?) and if this is the case, it says that my spiritual communication, i.e. the telephone, with people of other civilizations will help to make this come through.
    • I was told half awake about people of other civilizations: “My legionaries, no one is sick, everyone is ready to support me” and I was given the taste of curry herrings.
  • I have now moved into my old apartment in Hørsholm, which includes modern furniture of very good quality and design, which makes me happy – however the dining table in the kitchen is so big that it is almost impossible to use the kitchen itself because of lack of room between the table and kitchen. I will now pay my bills also to David (Dahlberg’s English contact). I am about to do a heart reading and I am preparing by travelling to Copenhagen and Amsterdam by car, where I leave the car still wearing the safety belt, where after it is now the end for free readings of the heart.
    • In the first dream I was not living in my old apartment in Hørsholm, which I still miss – I liked living there from 1996 to 2009 – and here I am living in it again with new furniture being set up, which is my new home, my new self – still difficult to get to the kitchen to give me a “normal life” because of lack of income – and is the “heart reading” a spiritual reading of love and that is my future relation with Karen (?), and here I do believe Amsterdam has to do with “red light” – prostitution, which obviously still is a “temptation” given by the darkness – which I will take no part in, which is the reason why I leave the car, i.e. my self.
  • I am at a board meeting with maybe 20-30 people, I have been elected into this board in Hillerød, at 07.00 tomorrow morning they will show something about ancient time where a man sets his foot prints on Earth right after awakening – and I sleep alone.
    • I woke up to the song “when the saints go marching in”, so this meeting includes “saints” or let me say “special friends” of mine, who will help me when I as my new self without darkness blocking me will set my “marks” on Earth.
  • I see a TV recording about Karen walking on Rungstedvej in Rungsted, where she tells about how much she loves Denis and how she fell for him when meeting him at a night on the town. I am with Camilla where I have decided that I will have my last burger before I will start a slim, however she does not care to go on a slim even though she is overweight and when I tell her that I don’t want to see her again, she goes outside in the cold wind.
    • The TV is the darkness so the dream is saying that it was the darkness leading Karen in the arms of Denis and vice versa – instead of me, which she would have done if she had used the light at the inner side of her; I had the same “challenge” as her, but knew that she was the “one” for me, which made me decide to use the light at my inner side and not the darkness, which made her as repulsive to me as I to her (!) – and the darkness was what I used when living together with Camilla for seven years and it truly makes me sorry that I did not love her as she me, that I could not give her children (!) – and I should never have decided to be “comfortable” to move together with her, I am sorry, Camilla if I have not apologised to you before, but I do “love” you very much as a human being, but not “love” in that sense you know.
  • Denis has now changed form into John McEnroe, he is smoking and playing tennis, we have finished the work for today at Danica (the largest Life & Pension company of Denmark) but still he and the colleagues decide to continue for some time to make even more commission/money. I see that we have different stitches in our clothes but despite of this I also think that we could have worked together.
    • Denis is still playing tennis, which is to oppose me and we know to “protect” your “lady” from me, not truly realising that the roles are turned around, where you have “stolen” Karen from me when both you and Karen were so dominated by the darkness that none of you could see clear to understand that I did not want to hurt any of you but to become the best friends of life with both of you, my friends, despite of our different “clothes” (using the darkness of the light!) – and here it says that the darkness of Denis is really used up but as long as he does not understand what is RIGHT and WRONG he will continue fighting me and we know when the governments will decide to communicate with me directly and when the media will decide to write about, we should be able to make the world understand and is this what will happen so I will NOT start to market my website, which was one of the roads I was given some months ago (?) , but still if this is required when I am FINISHED with my web side, I will market it – but my dear governments I can only say that you have the key to start informing the world, which is perfectly alright with me whenever you are ready (?) and we know is the decision difficult to take and will it take long time, because you have to TALK TALK to the world and what if this …, what if that …. And my message to you is that THERE IS NO WHAT IF …. PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT, you should all be able to see if :-).
    • I woke up to the song “masser af succes” by Gasolin’ and the words “Men om natten, når lyset brænder ud, og alt bli’r stille, er du ene, åh så ene” (”but at night, when the light burns out, you are alone, oh so alone”), which essentially is what I still am because of the wrong doings of both Denis and Karen, and what a thrill it would be to be together with the love of my life, and what a support it would be too.
  • Half awake I was told that I will jump over the exam of the Business College.
    • This will have to be going directly from secondary school to University (?) and maybe it is because I have played my cards right that we have decided to let the world know that the world community has now accepted me and we know you have been “released” also by us meaning that when the world is ready, I am ready: LET US LIFT UP MANKIND AND THE UNIVERSE and this is whenever you are ready to take the next step my gentlemen of the “world community”, and Obama you are very welcome too and yes also to send me an email with your comments and this is to both Obama and other governments – official and unofficial – please know that I will publish your emails WHEN you will decide to communicate (?) and this is NOT to “frighten” you but you know to let the world know what happens behind normally “closed doors” and in here we don’t have to be very formal but you know write to me as you would speak to me, which is how you would speak to anyone else without being too formal or the opposite :-).
  • I see children of old London – as if in Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist” – and I see that the spell on them is raised and the children become good.
    • This is about the spell on Karen and Denis and all my children, because “I put a spell on you” is what I did – a TRULY remarkable version of a classic song, Bryan, which to me is one of several highlights of your career – and not because I wanted to hurt you but because I wanted to liberate us all, and when we will (or “are”, which is what we almost are) all liberated, the spell, which is the “game of the darkness”, will be removed from everyone and if you can feel the difference (?) and “you bet” :-).
      • I woke up receiving two songs at the same time, the first was “Once upon a time in the west” by Dire Straits with the feeling of darkness and the other was “Once upon a time” by Simple Minds because “hope” – and will – was what not only could but DID spin the whole world around.

The work moral of employees at Falck is so poor that instead of motivating them, you need to DISCIPLINE them!

Today I started working at 07.55 and when I arrived at Falck, I started by updating my action plan and it was really due in order to help Jesper to receive an overview (!) because he had decided that he had one hour before going to Gentofte, which he wanted to use by giving both Thomas and I more information about “fire guards” and I thought that this was connected with the task we spoke about last week – the invoice process of fire guards – and therefore I asked him if this was the case and we know it was indeed connected and this made me somewhat “annoyed” because this is NOT how to start up a task or a “small project” – IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO THINK AND PLAN CAREFULLY and to sit down when starting up a project or a task of some “weight” instead of doing “impulsive” work here and now without thinking carefully – and therefore I told him that I expected to finish the cleaning up of the office today or tomorrow, that I was about to update my action plan, which I would give him to give him a total overview – also to let him know that I am in control of the task, which we discussed last week and that is because I wrote down what we agreed, which he will read and this will give him “peace of mind” (!) – and this is how we agreed that we will talk about his additional task tomorrow instead of today.

I also told him – as I did to Jimmy the other day – that we have more white ring folders and the template to print out backs, which he can use to clean up the ring folders of the office too and we know he replied that “I might decide to do that” but both Thomas and I heard his misunderstanding through the tone of his voice (!) because my meaning was that he could do this work himself – MANAGERS ARE TO WORK TOO YOU KNOW, they are NOT “protected” because they are managers (!!!) – which is really what I told him, but from his tone we understood that he took it for granted that I would do the work for him (!) and JESPER THIS WAS NOT THE IDEA, which I then decided to include information on in the action plan for him to read and understand and we know he promised me to READ the plan “straight away”, and I wonder how carefully he has read it before meeting tomorrow and hopefully he will surprise me positively.

I also gave Thomas a copy of my action plan and told him that it would be a good idea for the whole station to have an action plan – as I have written in it to “warm up” Jesper on what is to come when we will start speaking about how to work with quality and efficiency – and Thomas agreed and he told me that for his “private business” he uses an action plan himself, which I was happy to hear.

Later I continued cleaning the office – setting up Dymo streamers on trays including different paper forms etc. and after Thomas had stood outside speaking in private with Brian Igen Igen for maybe 20 minutes, he came in and told me with the same look on his eyes as before that “I thought I would tell you that you do good work” and beside from thanking you, Thomas, my thought – which I did not tell you – was that I wish with all of my heart that I could tell you the same (!) and the reason why I cannot today is because of your laziness (!), which you demonstrated when I asked of your opinion on two trays, which you told me that you would like to join to one including two different forms and I told you “in that case you need two plastic folders”, which made you say “yeaaah”, which really meant “no, this is too difficult and I am too lazy to do it” (which made me do it when getting two folders from the cupboard in Julias office) and therefore I told you Thomas that this is a good example to show that you need to change attitude in order to improve: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS IN ORDER TO DO YOUR BEST WORK (!!!) – please understand this, decide to do what is RIGHT instead of EASY!

On a daily basis I wonder why it is so “difficult” to get the employees to come to the office to sign the key receipts – we received seven the other day when Robert was “inspired” and since then, nothing has happened (!) – and I asked Thomas of what is happening and he told me that he had asked the employees this morning to come and sign, but “we tell them about so much else too” and “they have decided to downgrade the priority of this and do their own tasks instead” and we know HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE (?) and how “busy” are the employees here really while being on guard (?) so therefore I asked Thomas if he would follow up again, which he did and it made Peer come to sign and I asked him “will you please make sure that a colleague comes after you to sign too” and from here we received three more signatures today and I was thinking “ALWAYS MAKE AGREEMENTS INCLUDING A DEADLINE” – instead of “forgetting” and doing “nothing” (!) – which was EASY to do here because it takes two minutes per employee to print out and sign which all could have done by now if only they “wanted” too (!) and we know this is another example of laziness and poor discipline of people and in this situation also of WRONG management, because in this situation there is only one thing to do and that is to CONTROL PEOPLE AND FOLLOW UP VERY CLOSELY UNTIL PEOPLE WILL START SHOWING RESPONSIBILITY THEMSELVES and really because otherwise you will NEVER finish your work and you will have to follow up constantly, which should not even be necessary to do with children in kindergarten because THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO START TEACHINGS IN ORDER TO MAKE PEOPLE “RESPONSIBLE” INSTEAD OF “LAZY” – and to continue all throughout life NEVER allowing laziness, ignorance and better-knowing people to take “charge” again!

Today I noticed that Thomas has changed the ringing signal on his telephone, which until now has been Elvis with “If you’re looking for trouble” and we know the song is FANTASTIC, but the message of the song of misery and being evil is WHAT could have been, but now this threat of mine when coming to Falck is over, which was also symbolised when Thomas was inspired to think of me too when he wanted to go to the canteen to get a cold drink and we know “do you want one too” (?) and YES THANK YOU VERY MUCH, THOMAS and you made me happy because this was the symbol saying that you have decided to accept me as one of your own 🙂 – and I was also thinking that the costs of cold drinks etc. on work is to be paid by employees and not employers and we know keep business and private matters apart and it is NOT a job for businesses to give people free food and drinks.

At the end of the morning, Thomas was in doubt of what to do because he needed to collect a paint sample from a store in Søborg a few kilometres from Lyngby, which is to be used to paint the whole “farm house” of Falck, which it has needed for how many years (?, and we know he did not ask me directly because he did not “feel” like it after starting to understand that I might have better competences than to run errands for them (!) and I told him that it would fit me the best if he could get someone else to do it – I was thinking maybe himself, and we know who should use the paint (?), which could have been the answer – but instead of just refusing I decided to ask him “can you get anyone to get it” and when he said “no”, I asked him “do you truly need it today or can it wait” and when he told me that he truly needed it today – or “yesterday” as he said – I decided to let this disturb my work and to go and collect it for him and we know because I wanted to help and this is why :-).

The Toyota was in use by a colleague so I had to use the Fiat pick-up and when I collected the keys at the dressing room of the employees, I met three of them in the kitchen on my way there, and I decided to “joke” with them when I told them that I was going to use the Fiat because “I am a Fiat fan” (!) and there was indeed a colleague, who remembered the old Danish slogan of Fiat – going back to at least the 1970’s – which made him ask me “hvad fan’ er du” (?) (“what Devil are you””) and this is what he said because the slogan uses that the words of “fan” and the Devil in Danish are almost the same (“fan” and “fanden”) and yes my dear friends this was also to say that I AM THE DEVIL OF THE WORLD TODAY BUT I HAVE DECIDED THAT I DON’T WANT TO BE THE DEVIL, so this is the “man” I am dismantling through the “minus to plus” process when converting darkness into light.

France is also acknowledging me and the New World Order, which I encourage the whole world to do 🙂

Yesterday I noticed “unusual” many visitors of France during an “unusual” short period of time, which was extra “unusual” because all of them visited my script of the 29th May 2011 as you can see here:

“Unusual” many visitors from France during an “unusual” short period of time
all of them quite “unusually” reading the same script!

Normally I don’t have many visitors from France, which may be because of the simple fact that most French people prefer to speak French and/or cannot speak English and I had really decided NOT to include this chapter until I on my way home from Falck today was told that this is indeed the French Government sending me their acknowledgement too as a state would accept a new state and in this situation a NEW WORLD WITH A NEW ORDER my friends – THANK YOU so much or merci beaucoup 🙂 – and we know WE WERE VICTORIOUS symbolised by the Champions League victory of FC Barcelona as I wrote about in the script, which all French people apparently are “CRAZY ABOUT” to read (!) and we know Stig this chapter is “somewhat” more difficult to write and that is because you did not receive a “voice” to “help” you when writing and we know YOU WILL TAKE THE DECISIONS and if you don’t want to include a story, we will not help you to write it, which I was VERY close NOT to do here and that is because I don’t know for sure if it was the light or darkness telling me that this is truly the acknowledgment by the French “government” but I have decided to write what I am told and that is if I agree a story is of importance to write, this is basically how this book came to the world (and I HAD to write a story if I thought it was right to bring – no matter how impossible it was, otherwise the darkness would become too strong!), and therefore I will say that this is FOOTBALL CRAZY FRENCH PEOPLE CELEBRATING WITH ME BECAUSE OF OUR “SURVIVAL” – is this how it is, monsieurs (?) – and I do hope this was the light giving me this message on my way home, which I believe it is also because it is truly UNUSUAL to see this many visits of France all visiting the same page within a short period of time, which continued with these visits:

The “unusual” French visits continued – and I decided to bring this story when I spiritually was told that this was indeed France acknowledging me

And you can compare these visits with these visits from USA, which shows you that Americans don’t have a “tendency” for everyone to visit the same page (!):

Apparantly Americans are not as “unusual” as the French when they visit
different of my webpages – or else it is as I say. THANK YOU, FRANCE 🙂

My doubts about whether or not to include this chapter is also to say that I will be HAPPY to receive DIRECT COMMUNICATION from governments/organizations/others in order to avoid misunderstandings and when I was writing this and thinking this thought, I received the thought of “Que” by Manuel from Fawlty Towers and who else than he can illustrate how difficult communication can be, when you simply cannot understand – as so many people cannot (!) – and we know “que” is the same in Spanish and French, so this may work for you too (?) and when I found this clip and watched it again – I have seen all episodes of this GENIUS TV show of people not knowing how to communicate and behave many times (!) – I SMILED ALL OVER and we know both because it is funny, and also because this is what the French “Government” now also have decided to make me do, to smile, through your action – and when watching the clip I understood that this was INSPIRATION given to me because as the clip says – which I did not think of before seeing it – MANUEL IS OF COURSE FROM BARCELONA (!) (playing next to Messi, maybe?) and it could not be different, so this is how it is. WATCH THIS CLIP AND SMILE MY FRENCH FRIENDS – and THE WORLD too – and you might as well open a bottle of Champagne and of course it has to be Champagne because this is the absolutely best quality of sparkling wine, which exists 🙂 (but far too expensive of course!) – and you may have found my preferred Champagne producer by now after having read ALL OF my old scripts or ….?

And what about you, my Chinese friends (?), have you started to come to your senses discovering that the world is indeed changing into the better (?) and we know did you forget what your old chairman told you when he said that “the people – only the people – are the driving force behind world history” (?) – thus not SELFISH LEADERS, who simple HATE contradiction and will do “everything” to destroy the voice of the people – or will you today (?) – and yes CAN YOU SEE JUST HOW WRONGLY YOU HAVE ALLOWED YOUR SYSTEM TO “DEVELOP” (?) and we know you decided to build a system to defend it from the kind of people you have become yourselves (!) – the power of the Devil is/was strong – so therefore, I do look forward also to hearing from you as I do with the entire world :-), Brazil, Japan and everyone else: PLEASE COME FORWARD :-).

The world is wakening up the light of my inner self helping the world to take the last step forward

To celebrate this development of the world starting to acknowledge me – a little bit quietly though – I received one of my favourite songs by another Danish band, which is also “out of league” and that was “Den dejligste morgen” by Gnags and the lyrics “Det er den dejligste morgen i hundrede år og jeg lever, verden åbner sig og jeg åbner mig” (“it is the most beautiful morning in one hundred years and I am alive, the world is opening and I am opening myself”) and yes my friends THROUGH THE CONFIRMATION OF THE WORLD, YOU ARE WAKENING UP THE LIGHT OF MY INNER SELF herewith helping the world to take the last step forward and yes and yes and yes THANK YOU OBAMA FOR ALSO HELPING and should we say “MOTIVATING” the world to do what is RIGHT, which is to start coming forward :-).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was SO TIRED OF WRITING that I “felt strongly” the urge to stop today or at least to decrease the length of the scripts and we know this is not only about tiredness, extreme mental exhaustion and a HEAVY head – I wonder when I TRULY will get a holiday and we know WITHOUT SUFFERING – but also about both of my hands and my right arm hurting constantly when writing and we know “the long term affects” have started showing and just so you know of course :-). And the work day today lasted until 18.00, which I thought would be impossible to do and we know I truly need to relax very soon and this is not the best way to start becoming even more busy because of the WRONG DOINGS of the Commune, but I will manage :-).
  • In shorter periods also today, I received strong darkness – I saw/felt the darkness as “dark” and not only “red” or “light red” – because of the reaction of my mother and we know it is truly not nice to be her when all you VERY STRONGLY want is to live a “quiet life” and is that the same with you my friends in Japan (?), or are you preparing not only to give me “strange” visits to my website but maybe also to WRITE to me (?) – preferably in English because I still don’t understand Japanese, but one day “soon” I will – and here the message is given to both my mother and the nation of Japan with some of my favourite music and this ALSO goes to the victims of the quake and tsunami of Japan together with my best wishes for all.


29th June: Doing my best job when asking the world to STAND FORWARD TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME

Dreaming of doing my best job when asking the world to STAND FORWARD TO ACKNOWLEDGE ME

Again a night at the same level with these dreams:

  • I have two tigers, which I feel is my old dogs Cas and Don, who have changed. I have run half way to the house of my sister and her husband. My sister has sent her husband away and is now on her way up to me. I understand that Grete and Allan (good friends of Hans’ later mother, and Hans’ godmother, I believe) have said that they were certain that I would die, and when I dream this, I feel physically a dog in my bed pushing me, and I wake up with a small shock and goose pimples.
    • Cats are the good and dogs the bad – an old symbol – and when you have the strongest cats around, it is a VERY good symbol. I am on my way in to my sister’s house – to finally make them understand about me – and apparently my sister will be the first meeting me, which comes after Grete and Allan apparently have said the same as I believe my father implied to me, which is that “Stig will die because of his insanity” because that would be the logical for you, but WRONG you were.
  • I am at a very nice Buddhist house in a city in the Orient, which also works as a hotel, I am spending the night together with my old friend Lisbeth, who wants to make love to me, but I refuse her, I am not interested at all, a traditional Eastern man at the house has all kinds of crèmes and smells available and he tells me that my skin could really use some of this, he also has all kinds of honey and flavourings for tea. I get the feeling that the man is homosexual and interested in me, and I love the feeling of the people here being so committed in all kind of tastes and smells and curious on life really.
    • I woke up thinking about NATURAL HEALING using natural materials, which is perfectly fine by me, and to have a natural salt balance. The hotel is still a waiting hall for my “special friends”, which I also have within Buddhist areas, the dream about Lisbeth is after the “shock” of my mother the day before yesterday – I also had another dream of the same nature, but this was nothing compared to dreams of the previous night, which I did not include – the crèmes may be a reference to “my friend”, Benjamin Crème.
  • I woke up to the song “Mathilda” by Harry Belafonte and besides from loving the song and performer, I don’t know what it is about, and just receiving the thought here that instead of the lyrics “she take me money and run Venezuela” if could be “Hugo Chávez takes the money of Venezuala and runs” or let us say “thinks about it” and my dear friends, is HUGO a “role model” or only a “BOSS” of the traditional kind, which dictators are made of and yes you will decide and Hugo, I do hope that common sense will come to you too.
  • I have been doing some quick shopping finding two singles by OMD on sale and the whole album even cheaper than the singles, which I buy. At home I am setting up a new CD player, which includes the feature of using the internal or an external digital to analogue converter, I push the volume button of my Holfi amplifier and to my surprise it opens and I see that it is also possible to include a transportable player directly inside the amplifier, I set up my whole stereo equipment including my Holfi speakers in a large living room (which they require to sound the best), and I go to the hall where I meet my sister and I tell her that my stereo has NEVER sounded better than now, and I get the feeling that she knows about me.
    • I also love this album by OMD and one of the songs is called “Sister Marie says” and what is she saying to the world according to OMD (?) and we know only this: “Turn your face to Jesus and prepare to let him in”, which really should be “Stig” and not “Jesus”, OMD :-).
    • My stereo is sounding better than ever and that is because of my scripts and the messages of these to the world and we know I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY OF THE WORLD TO RECEIVE YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ME AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER – please also use the United Nations to produce a declaration for all countries, if you believe this will help ALL countries to stand forward – which you know will make “life” somewhat easier not only for Obama in his continuous work but for the whole world and ALL PEOPLE so my friends, I look forward to hearing from you – and I do understand that it has not been easy for all countries to understand and accept me (?) and we know it really requires to READ me in order to UNDERSTAND me (!) – I have told you so how many times (?) – and when you acknowledge me and the New World Order, you also accept your country to become part of the new world (“to recommend this to your populations” – and “wouldn’t it be good” – one of my true favourites of the 1980’s – to start informing the world and your populations about me for example with the use of a truly FREE PRESS?) and a part of this is for you to give up your own personal power and money bastions, which will be closed down (!) and we know it sure is/was not easy for you to do (?) and wait a minute, was it the question of “to be or not to be” when “everybody’s waiting for Judgment Day”, which finally convinced you (?) and we know my description of the Doomsday Scenario was not “nice” to read (?) but SURVIVAL was after all better in the end than “nothing”?
  • I meet my old friend Lars G., he is arriving at the end station with the train and instead of using the normal exit, it has a special exit, which leads down a ramp, which makes it somewhat difficult for him to meet me with all of his luggage at the bottom of the ramp, where I stand ready with two shopping trolleys. He stands up at 04.00 in the mornings and goes to bed at 21.00, he tells me that the theatre every single day starts their work too late in the day making it a fight to reach the show in the evening and they often have to cancel some of the work to make it. I have gone shopping, and when I come out, I see Lars phoning in order to receive time tables of public transport, which he does not need now because I am now here to give him transport. Later I see Nikolaj from Fair on television using wrong forms, he is cheating, and I am asked by Janne (also from Fair) at my work where I will have lunch, which I will in the harbour, where I walk around together with Lars, where we pass one small restaurant, the furniture house Paustian, another small restaurant and finally a third restaurant, and we will have lunch one of these places.
    • This is the end of the journey to the other side for my old friend, Lars, but still he is not going through an easy period and I meet him with shopping trolleys as a symbol to say that we will now give “normal life” to the world – and one of the pains given to him in his life is that everything takes much longer for him than others and he can almost not finalise what he is doing often having to give up without completing – many examples of this going all the way back to DanskeBank-Pension in the end of the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s and we know you never came around to receive a refund for all of your receipts because you never had “time” to do these, which is what all other people have time for, Lars (?) – and as you can see some of my old colleagues from Fair are “special friends” of mine and Lars is a particular special friend whom I will show my “home” to including the restaurants, which we will use to “feed the world” – and Paustian is the most beautiful building you can imagine – designed by the architect Jørn Utzon, which you may remember from the Sydney Opera (?) – with beautiful furniture of the best quality and we know this future home of mine is made of the absolutely best quality.

“Sister Marie says”: “Turn your face to Jesus and prepare to let him in”,
which really should be “Stig”, OMD 🙂

Managers knowing how to manage people from books are to be replaced by managers knowing how to do the work!

I started working at 07.40 this morning – my hands are still hurting – and when I met at Falck this morning, I continued cleaning up the office now setting up Dymo labels on trays etc. and when I showed Julia our new “post room” at the cupboard, she was happy seeing it because “I love systems” as she said – she is still under the influence of the darkness trying to use her as the physical symbol of the spirit of my mother and my “old nightmare” and we know I do believe it is too much to ask for and really FAR OUT in the country (“two in one”, I also understood it :-)) my dear “friend”, which is to my inner self working to remove darkness – but the music and lyrics is fantastic and makes me SMILE VERY MUCH 🙂 – and she gave me the idea of setting up a special tray with the daily envelope of invoices to Falck in Aarhus (better with an “Å” if you ask me) and I could have decided as “most” managers do, which is to listen with a “closed” mind deciding that this was a bad idea without truly knowing what it was about, but I DECIDED to be open – fighting the darkness, which wanted me to skip the idea – and asked her questions of what the envelope and work was about and when I understood it, I said “thank you for the idea” and a few minutes afterwards it was carried out and we know do you think it makes people happy to have people listening to and understanding you or to simply say NO because your mind is preoccupied with your own ideas and thoughts, which leave no room for other ideas – and this is how many people/managers work and we know I have had my “fair” part of them “if you understand such a small one” as at least one person said in Denmark a few years ago, and when he started saying it, all Denmark said it and we know JA DAK, JA DAK and JA DAK was another example a few more years ago and three in a row is not the worst you can get because it gives you a “full house”, which is good when you are playing a “game” and we know this is how they are these three “gentlemen” as an almost converted “man of darkness” here tells me :-).

Today the officer on guard was Christoffer, who had returned from his holiday in Firenze, Italy – it must be nice for “hard-working” people having “deserved” a to relax in beautiful weather together with the delicious food and drinks of Italy (?) and we know I was thinking of LTO and myself not having this “luxury” as an option (!) – and he told me that he had also visited a fire station, where he had learned that they have better processes than in Denmark but much poorer education and we know you have different systems inside of a country and different systems from one country to the other BUT NOT IN THE FUTURE when we will become ONE WORLD – no countries (!) – with ONE PERFECT SYSTEM instead of many different systems with none of them being perfect, and Christoffer gave a clear example: After he had passed the driving test for a BIG drivers license in Denmark, two hours later he was driving a 32 tons fire engine on turn-out and do you truly think that he was experienced enough as a driver to carry on this responsibility or that he should follow the Italian example where you have four steps before you will be able to drive the big engines (?) and we know the answer is “blowing in the wind” (!) – PLEASE DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST WORK WHEN DESIGNING AND IMPROVING SYSTEMS IN THE FUTURE 🙂 – and the reason why I include one of Bob Dylan’s signature songs here is to say that when I told Christoffer that I will start working full time for four weeks when the Commune will forward an agreement and when this is signed, he said that we could listen to Bruce Springsteen together 🙂 and we know I showed him a Bob Dylan DVD, which I had to return two days late (!) to the library – I could not extend it anymore because another lender had ordered it (!) – and I told him that it took me 20 years to discover that Bob Dylan writes the best songs in the world (!), this is one of them, and this was really about the warm feelings, which also exist between Christoffer and me as it does with all of managers and employees here.

When I was working in the heat today, I was (almost) feeling as tired as when it has been at its worst including a very heavy head and all I wanted was really to relax and do nothing, which I of course could not, but I was thinking as so many times before “how will I be able to go through this” – and I thought to myself that I will have to go through this one too and when I have been able to do so in the past, I should also be able to do it now, but let me tell you that this is EXTREME once again – and I was told that Obama is helping me fighting darkness, which I was shown is “red” to him, because he knows what I am going through – thank you my “friend” 🙂 – and I was also told that he knows what it will say to receive both truths of the light and lies of the darkness as I write it because this is what he does himself and that is part of the game for us in a lying and mistrusting world!

Christoffer was very nice to tell me that the office is looking fine – it is almost done, but I am still not finished with all details, so I will have to continue 1-2 days more than expected (!) – and he said that “we could not have done this ourselves” to which I decided to tell him “yes, you could if your truly would” and again he said that he is also busy doing regional tasks so he really meant what he was saying (!) – so I wonder if you are more busy than the other officers, Christoffer, who has “plenty of time” (?) – and I told him that the firemen also easily could have done this task and the reason why I said this was because they were sitting out most of the morning doing nothing else than TALK TALK TALK, which was not helping my motivation to listen to through the open window and we know you do believe you have a “tuff” job, my friends (?) and is that to relax and do nothing (?) and Christoffer’s answer was that they could not do this job because this would break the collective agreement, which made me tell him that this is CRAZY (!) and do you know what he said (?) and we know “I TOTALLY AGREE” (!) but of course this is only an “unofficial” acknowledgement which he cannot say out loud (?), which is what “governments” may believe is the same for them but let me please tell all governments, that it is MUCH better to communicate CLEARLY and DIRECTLY and instead of “composing” a letter of what you may believe “looks” right, I kindly ask you SIMPLY TO TELL ME THE TRUTH, which could be something like this: “WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND WE ARE PREPARED TO HELP YOU IN ORDER TO HELP US SELF REACH A BETTER WORLD” and then I do understand that it is up to the people of the world to decide if you want to “accept” and “acknowledge” me in order to help you to help yourself and all I am saying is that you will do all of us a favour by starting to communicate with me directly and for all countries to send me this “letter of good faith” if this is what you want to call it :-).

I was wondering if Jesper would come to me today to speak about “fire guards” and my action plan and again I was thinking that IT IS TRULY A GOOD IDEA TO AGREE ON A MEETING DATE AND TIME and to keep this precisely, which makes it much easier for people to plan and to work, and at approx. 11.30 Jesper had decided that he now had the time to come out to talk not only to me but also to Christoffer (!) – which literally meant that I had to put away everything I had in my hands, which I was about to walk to the archive with – and we know STANDING UP, which is what they do a lot here and is the reason why Jesper is including the officers on guards when he speaks to me about a task that it does not look good for him to give me work directly herewith “overruling” the officers, which I am “referring” to (?) and also that I am given work, which is their “natural” work to do (?) and really also natural work of Jesper to do (!) – and he started by showing us that the figures of “sold” fire guards according to the information of Lyngby does not balance with the information of the head office – how in the world can that be (?) and we know POOR WORK (!) – and I was happy to see that he had decided to call the head office himself from where he had received information and pretty quickly I found out that the task was to control the figures of 2010 to make them balance and to set up a new process for the future to exclude the same error from happening, and I decided to ask him directly if I should co-ordinate the work, include the officers, himself and the head office when needed as I decide for and to give him a deadline when I know how long the work will take and we know it was fine by him (!) and really because as he said “we have been here so long so our view is coloured; you are new so you do not have a coloured view”, and what you said here Jesper was really that “we act as the Devil, which you do not”.

I was also happy to see that Jesper indeed had read my action plan of a little more than one page, and he had also underlined a few places, one of which was “paperless office”, which I had asked him if he wanted to “pursue” and when we spoke of this, I told him that all of the paper forms in trays etc. would have to be converted to electronic forms instead and also that the existing scanner according to Jimmy is of poor quality – which made Christoffer very committed, because he agreed that this is the case because it is only scanning in black and white and possibly without OCR (Optical Character Recognition) (?) as I asked them, which would be “good” to have if we are to do this work – and the end of this became a decision of Jesper (!) saying that he would like to receive a proposal of what it requires to do a paperless office and Christoffer was as mentioned committed so we agreed that he and I will be responsible for this task – and I was thinking that your interest gave you “time” to do this job, Christoffer, but you did not have enough “interest” to help me on the key system of subscribers three months ago (?) and also that the people who knows the best are the right people to take decisions and that it is WRONG for people like me and Christoffer to use a lot of time preparing internal proposals etc. – when we are the people in charge of the work, we should automatically also receive the charge of decision (!) – and I was thinking that a manager who does not know how to do the work, is not a manager – he is only speaking “empty words” – and the best mentor is the one who works the best in order teach others how to carry out the work and we know who do you think Jesper is the best manager – you or I (?) – based upon your background knowing about “management” from books or mine knowing about how to carry out the work the best way and to teach others how to do it (?) and we know you have also read my last point on the action plan suggesting one Action Plan of Falck Lyngby including all projects and task of a certain weight and when we spoke on this, I told you directly that it is a WASTE OF TIME to write minutes of meetings, which no one reads carefully or use at the next meeting (!) and that it is much better to have ONE action plan, which “you then can take with you to Gentofte, other stations and departments of the head office, which everyone can do and publish on stations and the Intranet for everyone to follow “what’s going on” and to see the true momentum of the business, which no one can see today (!) and this is how you can change the entire culture of the business” and we know Jesper did really understand the idea, but “it requires to be disciplined (when updating the action plan), which I am not” as he told me (!) and yes Jesper, this is indeed what it requires and I gave you the answer “this is what you simply can decide to be” and really because it is NOT difficult at all (!) and he gave me only one objection, which is that the works committee of Falck requires to receive minutes to keep updated and we know BAD HABITS is what this is about because how important is it to read a lot of TALK TALK TAK – “then he said this and she meant this, but we agreed to do this etc.” – compared to a precise work tool on what you have AGREED, which gives you the information you truly need in order to run a work place (?) and this is what I also said to Jesper, “how can you manage a company if you don’t know “what’s going on” (?) and maybe all of this – which I told Jesper was a brief introduction to our at least two hours talk on “quality and efficiency”, which we will have later – gave you a good idea of how you could emphasize yourself to the whole region and head office including your managers and the top management of Falck (?) and you are welcome, Jesper, but when you think about it, wouldn’t it be better for me to replace you and really for me to take over your job because I am better qualified than you (?) and is this the “idea” you also got (?) and not as the first one at Falck (!) – and Jesper told me that he would have time to talk to me after Monday next week when he has plenty of time, and I suggested for him (self!) to clean up his office including the ring binders instead of holding “meetings” (!), which he said that “I just may do that” so this is what we will have to see if “he will just do” when he will be “getting to the point” or if it is not important, which was your comment in relation to my suggestion to clean up the archives and we know you have plenty of time available at Falck especially here during the summer so when is there a better time to do it (?) and you could do it yourself, Jesper, but this may not be “suitable” work for an “important” manager to do (?) and you may even think that it would be to sink too low (?) and just wondering I am – and the firemen could of course do it instead of continuing to TALK TALK TALK but this would break their collective agreement (1), which they of course would NEVER dream to do when it would mean extra work – and dull work (!) – and we know then it is MUCH better to sit and do nothing because WE SIMPLY LOVE TO TALK TALK TAK (!) and do you remember that you did not mind having me doing your DULL work when I broke your “collective agreement” but on the contrary you were smiling because I did your work as the “dumb one” – HAVE YOU BY NOW UNDERSTOOD THAT I MEAN BUSINESS THIS TIME???

Finally, Julia was sitting in the next office overhearing my conversation with Jesper – and Christoffer – which she has done before making her hear that I am not “hopeless” but do know how to run a business and people and furthermore she has a “close” connection to the Jobcentre of Lyngby, which she works for as a contractor (!) and I was told that I WONDER WHAT THEY SPEAK ABOUT WHEN THEY MEET – THE JOBCENTRE AND JULIA – AND we know IS STIG CRAZY (?) and when you have not seen any signs of this, Julia, it may mean that you and people at the Jobcentre – together with Jane and you too, Tine (?) – are wondering that “just maybe he is the one that he says he is” and we know this is part of the game and here to help me spread some light to “dumb” people!

Receiving “nice music” from Den Gyldne Cirkel

A few days ago after the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel, I decided to write the email below to tell them about the importance of their work, my appreciation and to ask which beautiful music they play.

Kære Den Gyldne Cirkel,

Jeg har nu i nogle få måneder været fast tilhører og deltager i jeres søndagstjenester via web-radio, som jeg gerne vil sige jer MANGE TAK for 🙂

Jeres tjenester er ikke blot smukke, men har en uendelig dyb betydning i forhold til at forandre verdenen i forbindelse med overgangen til en ny orden, som sker nu og også med direkte hjælp fra jeres tjenester og arbejde. Betydningen heraf kan ikke undervurderes. Tak til alle, som deltager, ikke blot ledere men også deltagere.

Når jeg har valgt at skrive i dag til jer for første gang, er det fordi, at Anette i dagens tjeneste spillede det smukkeste stykke klassiske musik, som tænkes kan. I spiller det jævnligt, og jeg ville blive glad for at høre, hvilket stykke, der er tale om? Hun spillede det som det sidste stykke i dag.

Tusinde tak for det gode arbejde – jeg ønsker jer alle held og lykke med fortsættelsen :-).

Venlige hilsener fra

And yesterday evening I received this nice answer from Anette, who was the one leading the service and I was happy to receive her answer and apparently she decided NOT to click the link to my website because otherwise you would probably have decided to give me another type of answer or no answer at all because I will have to be “crazy” because of what I write?

Kære Stig,

Tak fordi du er med os i tjenesterne. Det betyder rigtig meget for at få sendt strømmen ud i verden.

Sidste stykke musik i søndags var Wagner: Prelude to Lohengrin. Det er korrekt, at det er en klassiker heroppe 🙂. Den specielle udgive er taget fra en Naxos-Cd, der hedder The Best of Wagner. Den kan bl.a. købes i vor bogbutik. Det er ikke lige meget hvilken indspilning, man vælger. Denne er rigtig god, og den, du hørte i søndags.

Kærlig hilsen


And here is the beautiful music by Wagner, which surprised me a bit because I had not expected that Wagner could be so “beautiful” but you know sometimes you are wrong if you believe without knowing and this is also how life is here:

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When publishing the script today at Facebook, I decided to include the following message to tell my “friends” that while they have been “busy” travelling, partying and using money thinking that I am crazy, governments have now start acknowledging me.
    • “Regeringerne i USA, Rusland, Canada, Storbritannien og Frankrig har nu som de første bekræftet deres tro på mig, mens de fleste af jer havde ”travlt” med at rejse, feste, gå på udsalg, spille golf og “nyde livet” – og tro, at ”Stig må være sindssyg”. Jeg ville have været glad for at have modtaget jeres forståelse frem for mistillid og vende ryggen til i kampen for vores alles overlevelse. I kan kun vide ved at LÆSE og FORSTÅ 🙂.”
  • Federer was defeated in the quarter final of Wimbledon, which I “saw” – or rather heard – on TV while writing the script of today and we know he won the first two sets and from here he has NEVER lost a grand slam game before as the Danish commentator said, but today was the day when this record was broken and we know MUCH DARKNESS is apparently remaining, which is given to me and because Federer is my favourite, this was your exit this year, my friend – this is what I was told – and I have noticed people on television the last days very clearly saying “FULDKOMMEN VANVITTIGT” and that is “COMPLETELY CRAZY” in English, thus also in this fight of Federer, and my dear friends this is FOR COMING ALL THE WAY TO HERE as I am told now – and I am wondering if the “injury” of Nadal is because of the darkness too and just maybe he will go all the way to win the tournament the same way as I will do symbolically because even though I am not “fit for fight”, I have NO intentions to give up, so come on Nadal, win this one for me :-).
  • Finally at 18.30, I managed to publish the three last days of scripts using my ultimate will power – this was one of the most difficult of all scripts to write and publish.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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