July 5, 2011: My mother has decided to be STONE-DEAF because of her SELF-DENIAL about who we truly are


Summary of the script today

3rd July: It is STILL “impossible” for my mother to LISTEN to and understand me, which once again broke us apart

  • Yesterday evening my mother called me and she decided WRONGLY to take the party of the Commune against me (!) and to criticize me for writing about our meetings – she does not want to be public (!) – which “developed” into a heated debate where it was “impossible” for my mother to understand my website and my purpose because “something has to be WRONG with you” (!) and NO MATTER WHAT I SAID it was “impossible” to cut through her negative side to make her understand, but I told her that I love her but she does NOT have the ability to understand my website, which gave her uncontrollable feelings when taking this the wrong way (!), and that the problem is the ATTITUDE of John and especially Sanna, who could understand my website if they decided to show the RIGHT attitude – but even though I am NOT crazy when we meet (!), you believe I am right in most/all cases (?), you believe that I have TRUE spiritual contacts, you believe in the UFOs I write about, governments have started acknowledging me and you receive more and more proof through my scripts, the family still believe I am crazy (!) and how CRAZY can you really be (???) and that is the TRUE question here! This misunderstanding and pain was darkness of the Holy Spirit given to me and my mother through her wrong thoughts and decisions, which eventually will make me “reach the heart of everyone” because just underneath this darkness, which is now converted to light, there is a world of light waiting to open up inside all people, which will happen when I will open up the eyes of my TRUE inner self and I wonder if this will be in 2012, which is my best guess you know.
  • This immense darkness was symbolised by HISTORY, when God opened up the sluice giving the worst cloudburst in Copenhagen for 30 years with 150 millimetres of rain in two hours, which is normally what we get in two months.
  • Dreaming of the Devil of my family killing me once again (!), Michael Jackson was “another part of me”, who misused children, which you may be able to forgive “him” (me!) for because of strong darkness and part of a necessary disgusting plan to save the world (!), is the Commune thinking of sending me to a new job application course making them self look like complete fools (?), people treating me wrongly is making me sad, the Source will leave the darkness too, hundreds of my “special friends” are still going through their train journey, which will end in 2012 when “time” will end and be replaced by a new “eternal now”.
  • What I did not receive from my own mother (!) – understanding and support – I received from my suffering “special friend” Meshack in Kenya, who “will walk all the journey with you till the end” because he is the only one (?) reading my scripts word for word as I have recommended ALL people to do, which no one seems to be able to “hear”, “understand” and make them self to do! Meshack shows that when you do what is EASY for all people to do if only you “bothered” (!), the scripts become a part of your everyday life, they bring you faith and understanding, which is “impossible” to receive if you do not read carefully! THANK YOU SO MUCH MESHACK FOR SHOWING THE WORLD THE RIGHT ATTITUDE AND AN IMMENSE WILL POWER and this is while he is suffering much, now with double food prizes in Kenya in only three months, which would have made an UPRISING in Denmark, but people here don’t seem to care about a “few” more million people screaming, crying and many dying as long as they can continue partying themselves!!!
  • I received the STRONGEST darkness this evening, which almost made me accept people close to me – my mother as an example – hurt, but using my outermost will power, I finally decided to use my old rules to fight this darkness of the Holy Spirit too herewith “saving” my mother once again as my answer to her unknowing and unwilling “desire” to kill me! The more darkness, which will be removed in this phase, the easier it will become for the world to understand me!
  • The new break between my mother and I was given to me as information in a dream already the 14th June.

4th July: My mother has decided to be STONE-DEAF because of her SELF-DENIAL about who we truly are

  • Dreaming of how Russia used to divide its population against the wishes of people, companies/lines of business working together with product development to share costs/benefits, the Trinity will save me if I should “lose it” while being on the edge again, I am still improving the it-system of the New Universe and I will be able to work for and receive an income for Falck if I give the manager a suggestion of how I can improve their business.
  • On “the evening show” on Danish National TV, an inspired Anna Thygesen – symbolising my mother – symbolically spoke about how she escaped her suffering (and me) through seeking the darkness (!), the host understood and decided to put her fingers into her ears saying “this does not happen”, which symbolised my stone-deaf mother deciding not to understand because of self-denial and fear. Four ladies of a satire show spoke about their show as “naughty” or “clean”, which was about the two roads I face from here: The road of the darkness going through my “old nightmare” – which would NOT be unpleasant to me, but potentially “killing” my mother – or the road of the light, and because I have chosen the latter, the ladies were INSPIRED to speak about “fish” (the symbol of me) and “shoes” (a hidden symbol of God, which first is revealed now) because this road is directly heading for the light of God :-). “The rings of the water is spreading” was mentioned, which was the strategy I told LTO about in 2009 – to have friends of my friends getting to know about my website until the world will get to know it – which is STILL the strategy now also helped by governments of the world, who have learned about me also because the world WAS going under but “miraculously” started to “recover”, which was the work of God in disguise through me. Two young twins of the show did what was IMPOSSIBLE to do to attract visitors to their website by playing the piano for four hands lying upside down, which is exactly the same as I do: Do what is impossible to draw the attention of the world to me: PLEASE STAND FORWARD SHOWING YOUR FAITH AND SUPPORT IN ME in order to help me, you and the entire world :-).

5th July: Putin will have to face the world and repent his decisions of killing journalists!

  • Dreaming of Putin killing journalists, which he will have to face and repent, my family of darkness led by my sister, who is not keeping her promise to read my website, I am moving into and controlling the darkness with great problems – but I do it (!) and I still receive suffering of my “old nightmare”, which however should soon decrease again.
  • After a few days away from Falck I saw how the mess has started “creeping” back to the office here there and everywhere because of “bad habits” of people not thinking and not leaving things after use the way they looked when they came! This is what you have to CHANGE in order to improve – be disciplined and clean up after you! Falck has been kept “busy” – because normally they are not (!) – pumping away water after the cloudburst the other day and also to put out a big fire on Lyngby Youth School, which was ignited by a “precise” lightning in order to deflect VERY STRONG darkness these days. DON’T BELIEVE PEOPLE WILL KNOW JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOURSELF – YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE (!!!). Today was also about people not doing BASIC things such as filling up when taking the last paper, not having a SYSTEM of where to find things at the archive, no processes for even simple tasks accepting without a care to give POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE as a consequence.
  • I will start working full time for Falck for four weeks from Monday next week, which seems more impossible to do today than anything else before because of my EXTREME tiredness and HEAVY head at the same time as I have to search for jobs, find a new apartment and also write my scripts, but this is what is needed to convert the immense power of darkness I am now met with into light.


3rd July: It is STILL “impossible” for my self-denial mother to LISTEN to and understand me, which again broke us apart

Before writing the chapter on dreams I will give you this update of events of yesterday evening after publishing the script:

I was told that we will drive right through the darkness if I don’t give up, which also includes to receive acknowledgement from China – and maybe Obama could tell the Chinese leaders that a Chinese movie is one of my true favourites as I have written about before (“House of flying daggers”).

I was first happy that my mother decided to call me this evening but when she started by saying that she and John will go on a “cheap” holiday to Mallorca tomorrow morning, I became sad because they still think of themselves – a “cheap” holiday of maybe 10,000-20,000 DKK in total when you include all costs (?) – instead of starting to share with somebody they know who is in need (!), which could be both in Denmark and Kenya, and when she started asking me about how things are, I became sad when I realised that I have no social nor love life, and I could only answer the question by telling about the Commune and Falck; that I have good relations with both and that the Commune has decided to take an illegal decision to force me working for full time at Falck for four weeks, which also made me unhappy just to talk about because this is as WRONG and humiliating as it gets – it goes against all of my principles – and when my mother started asking if I am sending job applications and also to take the party of the Commune, it made me as sad as you can imagine because it showed that my mother has read the recent script where I wrote about my meeting with the Commune but that she did not understand what it truly was about and I could only say that I have started sending two applications per week but that my purpose is still to show you the WRONG system and WRONG decisions of people, but you know my mother accepts authorities and of course they only want what is “good for my son” and this was really the start of this conversation – I became unhappy.

And it became worse when my mother decided to say that she does not like that “you write about everything we speak about”, which I really do not (!) – which has to be about our dinner at Sanna’s home 14 days ago and I have decided to write my sister’s name again in stead of “sister” and that is because I DON’T WRITE TO ANNOY YOU BUT TO HELP YOU AND THE ENTIRE WORLD (!) – and when I asked her if she feels that I have “exhibited” her and the family, to my big surprise she said “yes” (!) – this is NOT the truth, try reading my chapter on our dinner 14 days ago once again – and we know THE VOICE OF MY MOTHER CAN BE EXTREMELY STRONG AND UNJUST – she only wants to understand what she wants to understand and in a situation like this, it is with GUARENTEE a NEGATIVE POINT OF VIEW TOTALLY MISUNDERSTANDING THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH and this is the “gift” my mother has received because this is the “balance” of a WRONG world (!) but what she still does is to bring in ALL OF HER ENERGY trying to “convince” me about what is right and wrong and it is of course “incredible” that I am so DEAF and “impossible” to get to understand, isn’t it mother (?) and the difference is that I am right and you are wrong and that ALL OF YOUR ENERGY AND CONCERN is yet again “killing” me but only if I allowed it to of course (!)– and when I told her that this information is important to bring, she started asking WHY – this is about our old favourite, Annie (!) and this is really also a message to you, father (!) – and that was without an intention or ability to understand and NO MATTER WHAT I SAID, it would be misunderstood and taken up negatively, which was really the same I have experienced with the Commune mostly in 2010 but also much in 2011 and we know people who have such a strong voice and uncontrollable feelings that it is IMPOSSIBLE to cut through and then I tried by saying that the governments of Canada, USA, Russia, UK and France have now acknowledged me and that they had the “ability” to understand (!) and in the mind of my mother – thank you “my self” (!) – this was made up to “it is because of your stories of UFO’s” , which really told me that my mother apparently believes in the stories of UFO’s but apparently she STILL does not believe in me, which I thought had to be IMPOSSIBLE by now (!) but despite of all the “proof” coming forward, my mother is still led by a desire to live a “quiet life” because she really does not want to be public – this is what is driving her and I am not “allowed” to tell the truth about my sister, because it is “hurting” her (!) and we know “your sister is also concerned about you” as she said and we know this was where I had to start saying with my absolutely loudest voice – which I DO NOT like (!) – that Sanna has not read my scripts one single time since I started my new website in December 2010 (she may have visited my site a few times for short periods as I have written about), which I had to say maybe 4-5 times before my mother “maybe” understood that this was the truth, which she opposed to first (!) and when I told her that if Sanna shows the same ATTITUDE to read my website as she does when she PRIORITIZES herself and her “management exam”, she will be able to understand and we know my mother said “she is free to decide this herself” and of course you are right and this is when I told you the truth STRAIGHT OUT – after I first told you that I included the video “dear little mother” by Savage Rose in the script I published yesterday because YOU ARE THE PERSON I CARE MOSTLY FOR IN THE WORLD (!) – and then I said that “YOU DON’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND MY WEBSITE”, which is what Sanna can if she decides to UNDERSTAND her brother instead of being so “busy” with herself, her new work and family and we know this triggered instantly a totally uncontrollable reaction of denial of my mother, which was that “so this is what you think” and we know the feeling was the same as with Elijah in 2009 because there is nothing worse than to acknowledge what you have always known yourself, which is that you are “not among the brightest people” in some respects (?) and that is NOT to offend you but to say that this is how God has made you – an imitation of the world (!) – and this totally blocked the view of my mother and I told her – almost shouted to cut through – DON’T TAKE THIS NEGATIVELY, TAKE IT OBJECTIVELY and UNDERSTAND MY MESSAGE, WHICH IS THAT I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, but this was “impossible” for my mother to do, she kept on thinking and reacting NEGATIVELY that she “could” not understand – but maybe my messages got through to you after all when your temped cooled off (?) – and while we were having this very heated “debate” I thought about objectively “is this right to do” and also about the alternative, which would be to “slow down” and NOT “attack” my mother as directly as I did but I decided that this was right to do and the reason, mother, as you will “soon” find out was that you were given an ENOURMOUS amount of darkness by the Holy Spirit for me to “fight” and when I fight the darkness, I have yet to accept the completely UNJUST and UNREASONABLE behaviour, lies and accusations I meet and therefore I decided to do with you as I did with the Commune, which is NOT to accept your WRONG beliefs but to tell you straight out where the “pain” is and that pain is with you and not with me, so I decided to keep the discussion/fight as this level – this was the ONLY way to cut through, because otherwise my mother would be “totally deaf” and this is the gift I am born with, to CUT THROUGH when needed in very rare cases (!) – and I also tried to tell my mother that I am in severe pain these days and that she does me unjust and that of all people, she should be the one UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORTING me, but no, she simply could not because she was thinking of herself (!) and I also told her that this is truly NOT about her but about John and Sanna not reading and understanding me, and we know which made my mother say that she and John does not understand me even when reading and mother the answer with John is as simple as this: HE IS LAZY AND IGNORANT WHEN IT COMES TO TRULY READING AND UNDERSTANDING MY SCRIPTS AND THAT IS BECAUSE OF A WRONG ATTITUDE – remember that he told us that he does not want to read my dreams, where many of the important messages and CONNECTIONS are (!) – because of course I have to be crazy, John (?) or isn’t the truth that just about everything I write and TELL YOU when we meet shows you that I am RIGHT and NOT CRAZY (?) and we know these are SIMPLISTIC people, who COULD understand if they showed the right ATTITUDE and if they read in order to understand me instead of to misunderstand me and we know to read me OBJECTIVELY/POSITIVELY instead of NEGATIVELY and this is really the difference, which you can also see when you read the email from Meshack below, who simply shows the RIGHT attitude and when you do this, it is NOT difficult to understand my scripts!

And now I understood why people on television and radio the last days – also yesterday – have been inspired to say the same, which is “FULDKOMMEN VANDVITTIGT” – which you know is “completely crazy” and we know IS STIG NOW COMPLETELY CRAZY “CLAIMING” THAT THE GOVERNMENTS OF USA, RUSSIA ETC. HAVE NOW ACKNOWLEDGED HIM (?) and this is how it is when you have with SICK people to do (!) and the “funny” part here is that many of you oppose me, but the messages goes inside of you and you are transformed from the inside also with the help of my messages, you see (?)

So now my mother and John departed to Mallorca this morning and I know how sensible my mother is, so this fight will now ruin her holiday too and already a few minutes after our talk, I received the feeling that she “could not take it” and we know became as sad as you can imagine and it was also connected with the fact that I told my mother that I CANNOT SEE YOU BEFORE YOU WILL START TO UNDERSTAND (!) and how “difficult” can It be (?) – still after five years, you “cannot” understand (!) – and ALL OF THIS IS STILL BECAUSE OF THE DEVIL OF THE FAMILY INCLUDING JOHN, SANNA AND ALSO HANS, TOBIAS AND NIKLAS – ALL OF YOU COULD UNDERSTAND IF YOU WERE NOT “LAZY” AND NOT DRIVEN BY A STRONG NEGATIVE VOICE (!) – and of course my mother wants to see me as she said and will this make you encourage Sanna to read my website using “a few hours” to do this (?) and I told her maybe 20 times “HOW MANY HUNDREDS OF TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO TRULY READ AND UNDERSTAND ME” and we talk about COMPLETELY DEAF PEOPLE (!) and we know SANNA CAN UNDERSTAND IF YOU WANT TO and we know you can get TOP GRADES using “all your time” on your management education because there is NOTHING better than to receive “acknowledgement” from our mother, me, your family and work about just how “skilled” you are (?) but the truth Sanna is that you are still SELFISH and HAVE NOT PASSED when it comes to understanding me (!) and THIS IS ONLY THE TRUTH, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NOT LOVING YOU because you know that I do this all of you (!) and this is the difference this year compared to last year, when people thought that you “hated” them (!) and we know CAN YOU SEE JUST HOW ROTTEN THE STATE OF NOT ONLY DENMARK BUT THE WORLD IS, this is and soon was the Devil inside of all of you – mostly in the rich countries – and you could not defend yourself or understand that you were infected, because the Devil made you refuse this as an option together with a WRONG attitude of laziness, ignorance, lack of disciplne (except from what you personally “like”) etc. but you know this is as I have written about how many times before and on the “surface” nothing has changed, but just underneath the surface of all people –as I wrote about recently with my new self just underneath my physical shell – there is A NEW WORLD RECORD JJJ really with this music representing ALL OF MY LOVE TO THE WORLD, because this is what will come to all of us when your new and true selves will open the eyes to the world together with my first appearance, this is what is waiting on you and you and you and all of you, we just need to finish the work of removing the last darkness of the old world first.

This is where my “sacrifice” was hidden, my own mother who I thought by now HAD to understand me, again decided to take the party of the Devil and what does misunderstandings do (?) and you know make people break apart and very sad, and what do you believe I am now (?) and you are right: VERY SAD because of your WRONG behaviour, mother, and if you only decided to be STRONG to control your negative feelings as I have told you many times before, but no you did not, so the misery you are now in is because of your self and especially because of your “loved” husband and daughter. They are the ones truly to blame, but of course they will believe in you and think that now Stig has done it to us again (!) and do you see just how unreasonable the Devil is, when you cannot and will not understand (?) and you see this is exactly the same as with the Commune!

And while this is happening, Sanna and Hans had a “very nice” trip to Paris recently and now they are with their two sons in Vietnam, which may cost you approx. 20,000 DKK each (?) and when you include restaurants, shopping etc. for 17 days for four people, you may spend more than 100,000 DKK on this trip, which is you know approx. 1,700,000 Kenyan Shillings and I wonder for how long this could feed the four families of LTO in Kenya and what would truly make you the most happy, a selfish trip to Vietnam or helping four families to survive for many months (?) – and here you can see how ignorant and selfish people look like and this is ONLY because of what the ROTTEN STATE OF DENMARK and its people have done to (party-) Tobias, otherwise he would have helped poor people instead (!):

After this “conversation” I felt the darkness as “red” and not “black” and despite of the heat of the discussion, I did not receive the worst darkness imaginable afterwards and I was told that this is because the Holy Spirit builds on my inner self as foundation and as I understand I it, I am now “clean” myself – and the Holy Spirit told me that “it is through me you will reach the heart of everyone (I was shown the light) and to reach the opening of the Pyramid at the end” and afterwards I thought about the story now emerging that the football club of Lyngby- who only just avoided relegation as a symbol of saving lives of the Universe if I remember correctly – apparently have had two illegal contracts on players, which may mean that they will be judged (on Wednesday) for relegation instead of Randers, and we know this is the game of the Devil you see (?) and this heated debate with my mother, which was so UNJUST that it hurts, could have made me lose my temper and decide that “she will have to suffer because of this” (!) – this is how the Devil is (!) and this is what the Devil would like to – but only half heartedly tries to do now, it was MUCH stronger in the autumn of 2010 – but I can separate this and say that I wish the best for ALL people – I am the one deciding this you know and NOT the Devil – and that includes my own very selfish and stubborn family who have NO IDEA of just how much they have made me suffer – and I was also given the “understanding” that as “the good old Stig” – still my physical self – I am still made up by the spirits of my father and mother with my TRUE inner self inside of me and the spiritual world waiting to open up “his” eyes and you know it would truly be a bad idea if the Devil should have been strong enough to take me over and decide to “get rid of my unjust mother”, which would be to get rid of part of myself, you see?

So instead of having my mother as the most important of all – together with my “ignorant” father, who decided to abandon me now “a long time ago” – to understand and support me to help me come through the “worst suffering these days”, she has now laid the foundation to bring me even more suffering – and herself too – and we know my mother you did what was WRONG to do but what is NEEDED in order to “remove” this “giant dark man” of the hall and I guess that you were that even stronger person – and not Jesper from Falck – which the dream the other day said I would meet as “James Bond” and “that’s life” you know BUT NOT IN THE FUTURE!

I was also thinking about Robert at Falck doing the same MISTAKE as my mother and instead of helping me as the part needing your help, I am now helping both of you to come through your “misery” by sending you light/strength, which I don’t have and that is ONLY because you have DECIDED to be weak and do what is WRONG instead of listening to and following my recommendations (!) and we know UNJUST but necessary is what it is because I have decided that I DON’T WANT TO MAKE ANY OF YOU (TRULY) HURT, which you also will come to understand.

And I do now understand that this was what the cloudburst already yesterday morning was about – poor people at the Roskilde Festival (!) – and we know yesterday evening God decided to open up the sluice of Heaven to show my “disagreement” with my mother to the world when 150 millimetres of rain fell over Copenhagen within two hours, which is the normal amount of two months and you know this is “historic” and the worst in 30 years as the papers say – apparently even worse than the last time in August 2010 when we opened up the gates of not only RAIN but also SUN just behind it 🙂 – and my dear friends, this is how Denmark still reacts when a “disaster” hits the country and you know this is nothing compared to Japan, Pakistan and Haiti to name some of the worst true disasters of recent “history”: “Every day create your history” and my dear friends out there “don’t let no one get you down!”.

God opened up the sluice of Heaven to produce one of the worst cloudbursts in “History” in Copenhagen symbolising the new break up of my mother and I because of “darkness”

This chapter was “impossible” to write because of my feelings of sadness having lost my mother yet again – I told her that I don’t want to see her again before they will start to understand and will this make you start to encourage Sanna to read my website again (?), as I do believe you told me months ago that Sanna had promised that she would, but it is not easy to keep your promises Sanna to your “crazy” brother (?), or am I really crazy and yes this is the name of the game for you (!) – and injustice together with tiredness and “some“ attempts of the darkness to “control” me but NO THE DARKNESS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME THROUGH TAKING ME OVER NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE I HAVE DECIDED THAT THE LIGHT IS IN CHARGE!

The “worst” for a long period of time after writing a chapter like this has been to read it again, edit it and do a summary – which also “wakes” up the darkness when I start feeling like this making it even more difficult and disgusting even though the darkness is only “half-heartedly” today – but you know I will do this before lunch and we know I started writing at 09.30 and it took me FAR LONGER than what it should have and that is to show you how difficult it was to write this and finally by 12.50 I had also done this work and we know THIS WAS NOT PLEASANT TO COME THROUGH, but it had to be done!

Dreaming of the Devil of my family killing me once again (!)

Finally here are the dreams, which came during “not the best” night making me TIRED again today:

  • Something about a killing in New York during the night and I now see the US police car driving with full turn-out in Stockholm and something about hand wash and handcuffs of Tobias, which Sanna has made him to do.
    • This is a killing by the Devil and the criminal is my mother and family and the victim is me, which they “simply” cannot see or understand today (!), which is what the US police car as the Devil says when it is driving in Stockholm as my home – and my dear sister has brainwashed my nephew and then you don’t have to read and understand my scripts yourself, Tobias (?), and instead you use your time and money on your car and partying with eyour (girl-) friends (?) instead of understanding me and helping my LTO friends from starvation?
  • I am in a park, which includes an exhibition, and I ask people to go down to the lake, which includes children hidden inside of my sofa, and it surprises me to see not only 1-2 inside of the sofa coming out, but many, and they run down to a fire, I am smoking pipe and I hear Niklas asking if he may listen to the speech I am preparing.
    • When I woke up I felt Michael Jackson as “another part of me” and the dream confirms that Michael misused children sexually because of immense darkness given to him, and you may be able to forgive him – and me too, because we are STILL one – when you will understand that this was the only way to deflect darkness in order to even dream of reaching the other side at the light – and it is about a secret of Niklas being a victim too.
  • I am at a job course with both female and male attendants and an episode which is embarrassing. The Commune is calling me, they need my approval to spend 0.26 instead of 0.25 DKK (!) and I sense that they still have many questions for me to answer, which will make this a long call, I arrive at the holiday cottage, I still speak on the phone and I will call my old friend Martin from there – and I also feel the Danish singer Medina together with a “brown soul”.
    • Is the Commune thinking of sending me to a new job application course to learn me how to write a CV and applications since I receive this dream (?) and if this is the case I can only say that this is showing the stupidity off the Commune completely to the world! – And the dream is about BUREAUCRACY too.
    • Is Medina a part of one of the members of the Council (?) and this is what the dream says if I understood it correctly and we know she is the beginning SENSATION of the international music scene too and I wonder if she is part of the one of the Council who is “only for me” (?) and this is ALSO truly amazing music and it must be WONDERFUL to dance to a song like this with its fantastic rhythm and sound – and singing too :-).
  • I am working for Fair, I am exhausted and I am leaving out a door, which takes a long time. I am at a Union where only 6 people attend a seminar of car insurance. I am making a joke, which one out of four does not believe is funny. My old friend Lisbeth borrows a maxi single CD by OMD, which I think of as a new source.
    • Fair is still the darkness, which I am working for in order to convert even more of it to light, which is you know an exhausting task also because not that many people believe in me today – and I wonder whom of the four of the Trinity (!) is not in a good mood, and just maybe this is myself, which is what people treating you wrongly can do and we know in this country, I only meet people who treat me wrongly, which is really a very tiring experience (!) and what is the new Source about and we know I AM HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE and here is my hat and yes my boys I will leave the darkness too :-).
  • I am walking through a S-train of Copenhagen and notice MANY cell phones hanging at one wall, which all are charging and even though I should be standing off half ways, I decide to stay on the train until the end station and first to stand off when the train will return. I see a board including the schedule of hundreds of trains.
    • The train is still the journey to the other side – a tough one it is (!) – the cell phones charging are about my “special friends” being “charged” for future success – and spiritual communication – and the schedule is about the train journeys of “hundreds” of my special friends, which are on-going and we know my own train journey is longer than expected, which is a part of the game but let us see if 2012 isn’t the right answer and I know you told me the other day that I was a leader of the Mayans who “decided” to stop their calendar in 2012 and I wonder from where they received the knowledge that this would be the end of time (?) and you do remember that we will start a new world of an “eternal now” without time – and we know Stig HOW CAN YOU THEN DO AN ACTION PLAN WITH DEADLINES (???), which is one of “the good old ones” here but you will probably design a new system, which we will all be able to understand in order to be “on time” or whatever it will be called at that “time” :-).
    • I woke up to the brilliant song of yours, Thomas, which is called “break the silence” – I truly like this song at the moment and you WERE the right winner of X-factor in 2010 (!) – and part of the lyrics are “train is leaving, rain is falling down upon me now”, which is what it is you know and a LOT of it – and I also received the words “when I stand on the platform, I stand on the platform of sick people”.
  • I am working for a company and walk to the accounts department, where I meet Søren from Dahlberg and I ask him “is this amount the right amount of capacity expenses of this year so far”, which he cannot answer and he shows me to a colleague knowing everything of the accounts and he tells me that “this is it” and afterwards I meet two ladies who talk about receiving a discount on 100 kilos of meet.
    • Is this about my capacity in order to take on darkness (?) and we are giving you exactly what you can overcome (?) and “this is it” really or what I do believe it is.

It was “impossible” for my mother to understand and support me, which was EASY to do for a suffering Meshack from Kenya!

What can I say after reading the FANTASTIC email of Meshack below and we know the one man showing me the SUPPORT and UNDERSTANDING, which I asked for the other day was NOT my own mother, who is the “closest” person to me in the world, but “my best friend” in Kenya because this is the feeling you give me Meshack simply because you – as the only one in the world except from governments (?) – do what I have recommended all people to do and that is TO READ and UNDERSTAND ME and this is EXACTLY as I write on the front page of my website:


And a basic part of Meshack’s life is what my scripts truly have become and when you read my scripts as you will read a book – it is a book (!) – they are designed so ALL PEOPLE will be able to understand – and we know my mother should be able to do this too – but this requires that you do as Meshack and read the scripts WORD BY WORD instead of “browsing” or “skimming” and how many can I include in this category and does this also include Fuggi and even you David, Elijah and John in Kenya (?) – Meshack maybe you will be the one “teaching” David, Elijah and John about the visits of governments to my website because I don’t know if David has understood yet (?) – and we know this is ONE MAN ONLY doing what I have recommended people to do all along (!) and the INABILITY for people to understand me is due to one reason only as I have told you about again and again and again: YOUR WRONG ATTITUDE not doing what I have recommended you all to do and we know because of your LAZINESS, IGNORANCE AND A STRONG VOICE believing that I have to be “crazy” – HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU BEFORE YOU WILL START TO UNDERSTAND (!) – and my dear friend Meshack, you have yet again proven to be the most loyal and faithful of all of my “special friends” and this goes beyond a DEEP and WARM friendship because what you have done goes against everything which is logic because you are suffering much, cannot afford to read my scripts at the cybercafé but still this is what you prioritize to do and that is because of the RIGHT ATTITUDE, FAITH and IMMENSE WILL POWER and we know which I have never seen so much of in another man than myself (!) – THANK YOU SO MUCH MESHACK FOR DOING WHAT IS “IMPOSSIBLE” TO DO, which selfish and rich people “simply cannot” and that is even though “we have all the time in the world” and “what a wonderful world” it is because NO ONE and NO DARKNESS can defeat James Bond!

Thank you also for your very nice and informative email and it makes me SICK to see the rich world continuing to party like nothing has happened when you are now in Kenya struggling more than ever before because of the drought and doubled food prices – and if that had happened in Denmark, it would have been totally unacceptable for the whole country, but when it happens in a place like Kenya/Africa, the rich countries like Denmark/Europe/USA don’t mind because what is the difference of a few million people here and there suffering, screaming and dying as long as you get your daily “ration” of Champagne?

Please say that “everyone says hi” here to your family, children and friends and this is both from the Trinity, the spirit of my mother who mentioned the children again and you know “everyone else” too 🙂 – and here is the King self playing: David Bowie with “everyone says hi”, which you will see when you will get a “normal life” too, Meshack:

Here is Meshack’s email:

Hi there, hope that you have been okay and the same thing is with us here with my family. Have been reading all of your scripts and i always get worried when two days pass without getting your scripts. I have been seeing how the world has been visiting your site and sometime i tend to think its the big brother watching over you but my prayer has been that no one will harm you due to the good work you have been doing.

  Have told you i will walk all the journey with you till the end and am sure we gona make it and more so as currently the people at your work place have realised that you are the most efficient man and this shows competence in you although people have been misusing you by giving you the work which is below your competence but as have learned the mighty will one day go down the ladder and the down to earth will go up the ladder and lead the former and its always good to show patience as you have done.

  May the Almighty continue to bless you so that you can keep on helping the less fortunate in the world because for instance here in Kenya life has become so unberarable that the cost of living has gone by 100% within the last three months and the inflation is an headache to all kenyans depite the rich continuing with their lavish style.

    Just be assured that i have chosen to fight the battle with you and you should not worry very much when i do not write to you but if my situation changes i will make sure i communicate with you once per week as a sign of appriciation because communication has to be two way traffic.

   Hi to your work mate and tell them to learn the basic rules because have seen how they are slow to learn which we did within a few weeks but as the leader just change them from within

    Kind regards

Finally by 15.40 I finished writing the script of today so far, which was slower than what it would have been under “normal conditions” and I decided to skip the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel because I did not believe I would be strong enough to handle this also today – and instead I decided to use some time cleaning the apartment.

Going through the STRONGEST darkness once again “saving” my mother as my answer to her unknowingly “killing” me!

During the evening I was surprised that I received extreme suffering from the darkness again trying to take me over together with the almost impossible to resist “suggestion” to make people close to me – my mother as example – hurt and I was almost about to accept this in order to avoid this extreme hurting, but I decided that I will NEVER give up on my rules, which is that “everyone is to feel good”, which is what I have said “thousands” of times to the darkness not once “falling” into his trap, thus not this evening too even though this was the hardest pressure of all that I have received (!) and I was told afterwards that this saved my mother from receiving a “jumping” and “wrong beating” heart – my mother is “killing” me and I am “saving” her once again using my outermost will power, you see (?) – which I have had myself since 1997 in some periods more than others and not that much at the moment but I still receive this regularly which almost means that “I fall down” physically, but when I have U2 to help me, it is NO problem, my friends (!), and here from what in my mind still may be the best of all U2 albums, October (!), however “I will follow” – which is also AMAZING (!) – it closely up with The Joshua Tree and Actung Baby :-).

After this experience, this extreme darkness reduced and I was told that my decisions to follow my old rules to the point (!) and the work load I have decided for – I could have done a little more work to my Signs IV page these days but that would be “too much” – decides how the coming period will become, how the darkness will be divided between me and the Universe and how and when all of our new selves will emerge to the surface.

All evening I received strong darkness having to correct everything which was WRONG and I was given a negative view on everything, which I also had to fight and it came in waves, which would normally make me “fall down” or huddle but I have decided earlier that I don’t want to be afraid so therefore I deliberately let the attacks come removing the natural feeling to huddle and we know COME ON, DO YOUR BEST, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO (!) – this is apparently still the name of the game and we know not as easy as what must have been the darkness telling me weeks ago when the darkness was red or light red or maybe this was just the darkness for “one of us”.

Already between 17.00 and 18.00 I was EXTREMELY tired making it impossible to stay awake, I could not keep my eyes open, and even though I thought it would simply be impossible to stay awake, this is what I did until 22.30, where I went to bed, but before this, I received one of the worst ever attacks of my old nightmare – disgusting and more than that in fact – and apparently I am learning the rules to the darkness of the Holy Spirit, which have NO memory of the rules of the darkness of myself, which I fought, and therefore I could only repeat the same rule, which is that I WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ACCEPT ANY SEXUAL TORMENTS OF THIS NATURE AT ALL (!!!) – it is to be COMPLETELY removed (!) – and if you need other “tools” to deflect the darkness, you will have to use what I have told you for a long time, which is you know to make me tired, give me negative speech, making me physically feel as a zombie if needed but not give me physical pain or remove my true working capacity – I am the only ONE who can work receiving this suffering – and we know do what is needed to the Universe if needed but DON’T kill or give permanent injuries to my “special friends” and this is basically what I have told you for a very long time, so this is how it is for U2, my “dear” darkness of the Holy Spirit!

The new break between my mother and I was given to me as information in a dream already the 14th June.

Yesterday evening after speaking to my mother I instantly thought about writing an email to Sanna and Hans and also to John and my mother to appeal to them to read my pages on the Jerusalem UFO, the decoding of it and the clairvoyant readings on me as a START – this is at the TOP of the PYRAMID my friends and this evening I received the first déjà vue of being inside of pyramid myself 🙂 – to read my entire website carefully (the website excluding the scripts to START with) using “not that many hours” on this in order to make them UNDERSTAND, which you know should be EASY for you to do my sister if you only want to and this goes to Hans too, and I could decide to almost become “desperate” for them to do this now, but first I decided that I have to finish my Signs IV page first – it is NOT finished yet, however it is “ok” but not “perfect” as is now – and also that I am really not in a rush – thinking of Ian scoring here 🙂 – so I will simply continue my work for Falck/the Commune, my scripts and whenever time and energy allows me, I will continue the work on my website too and we know while this goes on, we will continue converting darkness into light, which is really the main goal here and this is the reason why I will not rush – and this goes to you Ian too :-).

I was also thinking that the more darkness we remove in this the final phase as I am told, hence the pyramid mentioned above as the goal, the “easier” it will become for my family and the world to understand me and my scripts – just like Meshack :-).

This evening I was again thinking of the story of the football club of Lyngby, who may be forced to relegation – the decision will come on Wednesday – and if they should be forced to relegation I can only say that this will be a symbol of what COULD be, but will NOT be (!) because I have decided that I am also STRONGER than this darkness and we know it is my confidence driving me because HOW STRONG CAN THIS DARKNESS REALLY BE (?) and it simply cannot be stronger than the strongest I have gone through before and we know because of this I should be able to take this too!

I also thought about the dream I had the 14th June, which I wrote like this at the time:

  • A lady is giving me healing, when she heals me I receive the message that she does not have long before she will pass away and that she has two children. And she says that I have two children too, which someone teaches her that I have not.
    • Passing away in dreams is “stop seeing me”, so I wonder who will stop seeing me now – or if this is just another threat.

And now I understand this dream better because my mother is giving me healing when she thinks positively about me and when we meet but she is ”killing” me when she does not, when she opposes me also “wrongly” trying to “save” my sister from my writings (!) and when we don’t see each other – when neither my mother nor my father want to see me, I am “practically” dead because then my souls bringing me my present life before I will truly “wake up” have “denied” me (!) – and I know that “passing away” in dreams is NOT about dying but about losing the connection with people so this is what I was told would be coming on the “road of God” and I know this is how it has to be because I could not do better than what I did (!) and by the way, this was “planned” before seeing or making the agreement to see my sister the 18th June, which was really what “triggered” my mother when she read – with her negative glasses – my chapter from that day and isn’t it clear that I also LOVE my sister and only write what is POSITIVE in order to help the world (?), which you know is not easy for my mother to understand WHEN YOU HAVE DECIDED THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND, which is really what your preconceived beliefs – supported much by the family (!) – and your negative feelings are bringing you. ALL I AM SAYING MOTHER IS TO READ CAREFULLY IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND OBJECTIVELY – THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE NOT “ABLE” TO DO TODAY (!) – AND BECAUSE OF THIS, I SUGGEST THAT SANNA USES “NOT THAT MANY HOURS” TO READ AND UNDERSTAND MY WEBSITE, which she can do in one day if she TRULY prioritizes to read and understand me, you see (?) – and until now she has NOT had “the time” – or will and right attitude (!) – for this but all the time in the world for everything else.

Here is the song “START” by the Jam, which was THE ONE New Wave song, which was above all other songs of this movement back then – nothing above it and nothing on its side, THIS WAS THE BEST* (!) and here it can be used to say that with out New Universe, the world will receive an entirely new START based on the Golden Rule, which here can be written as “WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET” and to Paul Weller I can say that all HATE will be transformed into LOVE :-).

The New Universe brings a new “START” to the world with the Golden Rule:

* Since I have come to love a few other songs by the Jam, Siouxsie and Simple Minds as much – but AT the time, this was it.

At the end of the evening I was shown myself at the shoreline of a beautiful beach sitting on the white horse, which starts to fly and I was told that “this is how it almost feels like here”, which you know is about my “future” self coming where I will be sitting on top of the world.

Congratulations to Djokovic defeating Nadal in the Wimbledon final – and I received NO inspired speech during the broadcast, so no messages from this final.


4th July: My mother has decided to be STONE-DEAF because of her SELF-DENIAL about who we truly are

Dreaming that the Trinity will save me if I should “lose it” while being on the edge again

Another night where I “slept” with disturbances but only “light” so TIRED again and a HEAVY head again and we know really not the best feeling you can imagine – some dreams:

  • Something about everyone leaving the country straight away. I am on holiday with my old friend Lars and something about a drunk and smoking Englishman not remembering me. I visit the Russian Prime Minister at a café and we secretly agree that 10 million Russians will stay in Russian and the rest will be transferred to Europe.
    • My old friend is so much into the darkness that he obviously still does not want to see me now approx. 6-8 years after our friendship stopped because of his selfishness, which he will probably not agree with me in. And I was told when waking up that “this is how they did in the cold period”, which may be about how “politicians” drew the map and “planned” which people to stay where often against their wishes.
  • I call my old colleague Jan M. (from DanskeBank-Pension) to arrange a lunch agreement and something about spiritual development group work. I am working for another company and have agreed with Jan M. and Lars to visit them in DanskeBank-Pension in order to brainstorm together with them on a project, but they disappoint me because they cannot concentrate while we work, they do many other things too and they don’t get anything done. I meet Michael P.N., who is the true “boss” there, he smiles and is very strong in his presence and I tell him with a smile that I am his manager.
    • This is truly about companies and line of businesses working together when developing new – often expensive – products and templates in order to share both costs and benefits instead of today where companies “protect” their interests, which is blocking development of the world and this dream is inspired from a story I read yesterday about Apple trying to stop Samsung because they believe they have “stolen” some of their product ideas.
  • I am in the basement of Danske Bank, where I also see a sign to the old Privatbanken, I am together with two others and I see a small pile of red envelopes and I ask if I can send my last of these envelopes, which I am told that I cannot. At DanskeBank-Pension I see a cheque, which I believe includes my signature, which surprises me because I am not employed there, but when I look at it I see that it includes Charlotte’s (from Fair) signature. Bjarne has stopped working, but his tray is still unmoved, I am working there voluntarily and I am thinking about the pension calculation system, which could be improved much if it include different scenarios of the needs of families in different life situations, which I will suggest Kresten – and I have prepared a presentation, which I show him through the light projector, and the next I see is that I am at the bath tub at DanskeBank-Pension and to my surprise it includes much money and much of it is old Danish 5 DKK coins from the 1960’s and 10 DKK notes, and I think that I will have some of this. I ask Helle Aa. of the origin of this money and she tells me that she does not know.
    • The red envelopes belong to the darkness and the question is if I should “lose it” while being on the edge – which I still am – would the darkness really overtake me making me send one of these envelopes including “death and destruction” to the world and “special friends” or would the Trinity stop “me”, and this dream says that this is what the Trinity will do and it can only be because of the “security systems”, we have established, which I have not used yet – except from a few times in the summer of 2010 as I recall, where I believe that I did make it to the Source but was not “strong” enough back then to make it all the way through, which is what we built together until now in fact.
    • I am improving the IT-system of not only DanskeBank-Pension but also the IT-system of the New Universe, I am working as a volunteer which tells me that this is about the work I do at the moment for Falck and only by giving the manager a suggestion to improve his business, I will be able to make an income myself and if so, this income will be made through the suffering I will still have to go through, hence the water of the bathtub with the money and do I really have the strength to carry on (?) and when writing this, I am feeling DOWN, but I will have to make my goal of today too, which is to do this script, the two last chapters to the script of yesterday (done at 11.00 after starting at 08.15), two applications and to do the “big” monthly shopping this afternoon and we know TIRED is what I am – so tired that I should not be able to work – and receiving new strong and in periods also uncomfortable “feelings” to my right angle.

Sending two “applications” – and an encouragement to remove bureaucracy of Copenhagen Commune (before close down)

Before lunch I also had time to write two new job applications – I do them always as quickly as many others do (!) because this is what I have energy and motivation to do at the moment (!) – and the two “lucky” companies were a head hunter looking for a Business Development Manager for an “anonymous” company – again the darkness because you don’t need this secrecy (!) – and then I could not “resist” the temptation to send another “quick” application to the BUREAUCRATIC Commune of Copenhagen looking for a manager of the secretariat of the Mayor of Copenhagen and I could have written much of how this Commune could be improved in my application, but I decided to write this only – besides the standard text, which you know is WRONG to do (?) to the managing director of the economy administration of the Commune, who by the way receives a total of more than 2 million DKK per year for this “trouble”:

”Jeg har læst jeres stillingsbeskrivelse, og bekræfter både at kunne bestride den ledige stilling samt at udvikle, effektivisere, kvalitetsforbedre og afbureaukratisere hele kommunen med samtlige medarbejdere (!), som du nok vil give mig ret i, at der er behov for (?), og som du vil kunne forstå ved en OBJEKTIV gennemlæsning af denne ansøgning og særligt mit vedlagte CV?”

Here are the ”exciting” applications, if you should like to read them:



Walking and shopping is the same as using all of my energy!

After lunch I went to take out some money from Jyske Bank and from there the other direction to the supermarket of REMA 1000 and back home – approx. 5.50 kilometres – and mentally and physically a walk like this today is a very great exertion to me and today it was 20 degrees and I had two bags of approx. 10 kilos in total to carry home, which made me exhausted and this is how I looked like half an hour after coming home, sweating all over, and from the picture – with a view from my balcony – you can also see the many kilos I have gained in weight and this is not because I eat more than what a man of my size is to eat but simply because of another attack of the darkness and here it is the opposite to what I experienced in Kenya when I kept losing weight and we know two things of the same kind.

Exhausted and sweating after a walk –
and “fattened” up by the darkness!

And by the way, I don’t have enough energy to run at the moment.

My mother has decided to be STONE-DEAF because of her SELF-DENIAL about who we truly are – but we are directly HEADING FOR THE LIGHT

This evening Aftenshowet (“the evening show”) on DR1 TV received MANY GIFTS from above, which started with the guest Anna Thygesen receiving the following INSPIRED speech, which you can see here, based upon her “feelings” after having received a flood of her home making her life “a Hell”, which was “impossible” for her to cope with:

”Der var et eller andet enormt ulækkert ved det, så man bare blev nødt til at gøre noget. Jeg overvejede simpelthen at gå op og lukke døren og lade som om – altså, at det er jeg ikke med i det her, altså jeg går op og lukker døren, det (vandet) kan jo aldrig nå derop, mig og hunden vi går op og vi vil faktisk se noget TV, og det her har jeg ikke overskud til …”

(”There was something repulsive about it, so you had to do something. I considered simply to walk up and close the door and pretend that – you know, that I am not a part of this, I will go up and close the door, it (the water) can never reach up there, me and the dog we go up and we really want to see something on TV, and I don’t have the energy for this ….”)

And what she said was that she wanted to escape from the water – the symbol of SUFFERING – to go upstairs together with her dog (!) to watch some TV (!!) – both some of the most well known and here inspired symbols of the darkness – because she did not have the energy to go through more “water” (suffering), which you know is exactly what my mother does, when she cannot bear to listen to me anymore because I am bringing her “immense” suffering because of my writings and “claims” about who we are and we know this is how my mother is escaping REALITY using the door of the darkness of course – and this is where the equally as inspired host Sisse Fisker fully understood Anna, which made her say “det her sker ikke” (“this does not happen”) followed by an action where she put her fingers into her ears and said out loud “la la la la”, which is what you do when you want to drown the speech of others and this was the symbol of my mother, who wants to drown my “UNPLEASANT” voice (!) because of her self-denial and that is because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE IN ME BECAUSE THE MERE THOUGHT ABOUT WHO I AM AND WHO SHE IS, IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAR (!) and this is how the decision of my mother to be STONE-DEAF is making both of our lives a COMPLETE HELL to come through once again and my dear friends THIS ONE IS ONE OF THE VERY TOUGH!

Anna Thygesen symbolically explaining how she wanted to “escape suffering using the door of darkness” and the host Sisse Fisker refused to listen because “this does not happen” (!) – both symbols of my mother doing exactly this: Escapes through the door of the darkness not wanting to listen to me because of her SELF-DENIAL of whom we are!

This interview was followed by an interview of four ladies promoting a coming satire show called “more naughty in the second” (show), which one of the ladies, Trine, was inspired to say also could have been called “more clean in the second”, which REALLY is about two possible roads I face from here, either the road of the darkness going through my “old nightmare” – remember the dream about James Bond recently (?) – making others hurt, or the road of the light cleaning this darkness (!), which of course is the right road and the road of my choice and because of this, it was followed by A VERY INSPIRED Trine who said “jeg har købt denne her lækre laks et sted, hvor man også kan købe sko, som jeg har på her” (“I have bought this delicious salmon a place where you also can buy shoes”) and maybe you can tell me just how “normal” it is for people preparing fish on television that they think and tell about where the fish is bought and that it is also possible to buy shoes there (???) – where do you do that (?) – and here the message is that through this road of light, I (symbolised by the fish, which is my symbol) am directly heading for the light – as I was also shown in a vision earlier today – and the light is symbolised by the SHOE, which has been a “secret” symbol of GOD all along – the shoe has been given to me many times in dreams – and we know this is why this symbol intentionally has been “difficult” for me to understand all along and we know better late than never to find out, which is not only about me but also what OBAMA is thinking about you, mother (!) as I am told here – and here you can see this interview and later they could not resist from speaking about shoes and fish once again as you can see here – buy salmon and shoe at the same place (!) but you know, ladies, I will skip “the naughty” part of your show and take the “clean” road, which was what James Bond not even could “resist”!

Four ladies of a satire show talking about the road of the darkness or light just ahead of me, and when choosing the road of the light, “the fish” – symbol of me – is directly heading for the light, which is “the shoe” as the symbol of God

The four ladies continued later in the show where Anne Louise Hassing was chosen to play the Devil using the spirit of my mother as the threat towards me (!), which she may be able to talk about one day (?) – “peeing” and “sausage” are key words of the show (!), which later was replaced by a “self-cleaning bag”, which you know is what the Universe is doing now more than ever before: Cleaning it self from darkness.

The show also included a young pair of twins, who would like to receive more traffic to their website – just like me and we know A VERY INSPIRED SHOW it was (!) – and an advisor was also inspired when he said that it is about “lade ringene I vandet spredes, starter med vennerne og så bør det kunne rulle af sig selv” (“let the rings of the water spread, start with your friends and then it should roll by itself from there”), which you can see here and this is what I – again with THE VOICE leading me – told LTO many times was the strategy back in 2009 (!) and this is what it was and IS, my dear LTO friends, but I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that it would be COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE (!) to make people starting to talk seriously about “is Stig Jesus” (?) as they do now not only one place but AT DIFFERENT PLACES and THIS IS WHILE WE ARE “SPEAKING” NOW MY FRIEND as I am told and we know and we know and we know my mother/John, at Willis and “other places too” but NO PEOPLE ARE STANDING FORWARD TO SUPPORT ME – except from governments, who have decided to start the show (!) – and that is due to “fear” and “denial” of people and my dear friends WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN that I am only human too needing your friendship, support and human contact? I am not some “alien” made of steel without feelings – they have the same need as we, Obama, will you please remember this too (?) as one of them gently asks me here – and this was when the climax of this TV-show came – just like you “Mortensen” who could not SINK (which was about “going under” and we know becoming eliminated!) in the FANTASTIC and also VERY INSPIRED sketch by Kjeld & Dirch about the raft as you can see here (the best sketch ever in world history by some of the most talented comedians and that is at least what I know of today) – when the young twins did what is IMPOSSIBLE to do in order to get people to react – they played the piano for four hands lying down facing the piano from underneath (!) as you can see from the video and the picture below and which song did they play (?) and only this: ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE JJJ – thank you pythons – which is really what we do because if we had not, the beast of the darkness would have “eaten” us many times a long time ago and we know “eaten” is what rich people of darkness do in a suffering world, which is you know going under as the world know it “is” (or “was”, my friends, which is you know also why they have started looking my way and HI HI HI to all of you and yes yes yes GOD THE MAN is here too and so far in disguise you know!) – and I am doing EXACTLY as these twins these days, which is what is impossible to do in order to draw your attention to me and this also when I am writing this chapter the 5th July at 21.10, which is what the time is now (!) – so this is what I will ask of my family, friends, ex-colleagues, the “official” system of Denmark and the entire world once again: WILL YOU PLEASE STAND FORWARD HELPING ME AND ALL OF US THROUGH YOUR FAITH, UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORT (?), please because I’m only human, you know (?), which is an old favourite of mine by this “human” band so “don’t you want me”, my friends of the world (?) and just thinking that this was a MAJOR BREAK THROUGH of a new wave of the world (!) and both from this human band and this side of me as “GOD” is telling through me as his human face :-).

Two young twins doing the IMPOSSIBLE to play “always look on the bright side of life” in order to draw attention to their website, which is exactly what I do to bring us safely to our New Universe 🙂

And let me finish this chapter by saying that I AM EXTREMELY SAD about the development between my mother and I and also for writing and publishing the last three days of scripts including my DIRECT stories about what TRUTHFULLY happened, but this is the ONLY way to come through this IMMENSE darkness, which I was told will bring us less suffering in the months to come, and this was hidden not in the middle but at the end of the road, and we know we cannot be “pretenders” all of us, and Chrissie this is another of your fantastic songs :-).

“The meaning of the scripts of Stig Dragholm” 🙂

Later in the evening I decided to use a couple of hours to include this new text to the right column of my website, which will be visible to all visitors to all of my pages and this is because many visitors never visit my front page. Through this new text ALL VISITORS will get an overview of what my site is all about and I also decided to include it because I could see that someone had decided to search for “meaning of the scripts of Stig Dragholm” and this is really what it is about my friends – and if people “care” to read this “short” text (?) and you may want to ask them yourself one day soon and rather for the people in question to tell the world why you did not want to read and why you did not believe in me – was it because it “sounded too crazy to be true” ???

This is the text I included:


The purpose of the Universe
This site includes information about the culmination of the end times and the purpose of all life and the Universe: To convert all darkness to light – “to be or not to be” – and to complete the transformation of God from the darkness of “nothing” into “everything” of all life and matter.

The victory of the light
All energies of the Universe were gathered at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem after the Easter of 2011 – prepared by the
Jerusalem UFO in January 2011 – at the final battle between the light and the darkness. The light was victorious, which means that the Universe will NOT end after the end of time in 2012.

The New Universe IS created
Life will continue forever and ever through our new Universe, which was created in May and June 2011 following the victory May 7 – as you can read from my scripts – on basis of all energies and new light created from darkness present at the final battle, which also could have been used for a new Big Bang if the darkness had been the strongest, which would have eliminated the Universe and all life once again!

Everyone will become truly HAPPY
The New Universe will commence before the end of 2012, which will become the end of all evil, bring unlimited HAPPINESS and a
“normal life” without poverty for everyone, a justNew World Order and World Government – without countries and kingdoms – led by Barack Obama, who is “another part of me” and equally as much the Son of God!

A new spiritual fourth dimension
Our New Kingdom – a Golden Age of an eternal now – will also include a new spiritual fourth dimension, which will be the sum of everything of the three other dimensions, which will be open for access to everyone. Consciousness will ascend, people will receive the feeling of God of “being” and a spiritual opening.

I will bring the gift as “my new self”
When I – and Obama – will open up the eyes of my new inner self INCLUDING the materialisation of God, I will bring you the gift of this New Universe and New Life 🙂 🙂 :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that the extremity of Gaddafi of Libya – believing that he is right and the world is wrong using his OUTERMOST to “defend” himself and what he believes in – basically is the same EXTREME degree of darkness I meet through people using everything they have to oppose me being totally convinced that they are right and I am wrong (!!!) – and this is not the easiest you know when this is the strength of darkness I am still given directly because of their wrong actions and once again it is my mother “leading” but it is of course only of the good as long as I can take it because “that’s what it takes” – one of the BEST you know – to remove it.
  • For some time I have thought of where I learned the “skill” to “accept” receiving wrong stories of my scripts and especially to decide on what to bring not knowing if a story is true or false and this comes from the laziness and ignorance of Kim S. (!) when I worked for you especially from 1991 to 1995 where you had me made “hundreds” of “overviews of pension and insurance”, which you very often gave me “in the last minute” before a meeting of yours – because you “forgot” again and again and again because of lack of discipline – where you should have given it to me weeks before (!) or even better have done it yourself (!) and this gave me very often “impossible” situations where I had to forecast an expected amount of what would be paid out in the future, which I had to “stipulate” on basis of LACK OF INFORMATION and this was as totally against my TRUE principles back then as it is now – but this is where I “learned” to compromise even though it is VERY wrong!
  • Thank you to the UK government confirming that you are still with me – and for understanding – through another “impossible” visit to the invisible address of my “counter” once again today 🙂 (see the script of the 27th June).
  • I did a few improvements to the right column of my website and ended my “working” day at 16.15 – also thinking that it is a long time since Paul has read my scripts, approx. 1 month I believe, so Paul are you just “busy” or have you decided with yourself that I have to be “crazy” after all – or are you still not quite sure – and not easy to know when people don’t tell me.


5th July: Putin will have to face the world and repent his decisions of killing journalists!

Another night where I slept alright on the surface but am tired again – with some dreams:

  • I see a new Prime Minister and an employee of the press. The PM says hat he will be open about and answer everything but instead I see him trying to kill the employee of the press, which he chases all the way to the exit. Outside I see a GIANT building with a commercial of a circus on top of it, and I see my old school friend Allan M.H. throwing paper up the building to hit the commercial, which means that he will enter the circus.
    • Ministers being secretive, who don’t like to have an OPEN PRESS and we know my dear PRIME MINISTERS and PRESIDENTS of the world – here thinking of PUTIN – please put away your BAD HABITS (!), I do mean business this time ALSO FOR YOU PUTIN (!) meaning that I ask you to accept a totally FREE press – killing journalists is not only a “bad habit”, this is DIRTY WORK (!) and Putin, you are going to take responsibility of your DISGUSTING actions too by facing and repenting them, not by running away from your responsibility like a “little spoiled boy”, is that what you are (?) – this is what the near future will bring and NOBODY can escape from it, so PLEASE WORK WITH ME, NOT AGAINST ME!
  • I am sailing in a small boat in a small lake inside the forest and sail through a connection into another small lake and to my surprise I see a boat sailing the other way with incredible speed and I think if it will come through the connection safely or if it will crash. At the new small lake I end up where Tobias has a lying underlay – on the lake (!) – where I stop, he is at a party and when he returns, he does not care that I am there. I see that Sanna and Hans has bought a new giant video camera, which Sanna is filming with, they have been away but have now returned and Sanna is afraid that her camera has been stolen and when she sees that it is not, she checks the recordings on it and sees them riding a horse wagon through the Deer Haven towards the amusement part of Bakken.
    • This is suffering inside my home at the New Universe – water inside the forest – where I once again meet people led by darkness one of them being Tobias who cannot get enough of partying because the darkness is playing a game with him, and Sanna is still the big instructor of this darkness – filming with the camera – and is this dream saying that my mother has been “gossiping” about our conversation the other day and how “unreasonable” I am (?) and we know these are your feelings mother – the same feelings I receive – and the only difference is that I am right and you are wrong, but this will of course take a much better effort of and we know SANNA to start reading and understanding as you have promised, Sanna, as long time ago (?), but still you are on the way to JOY and HAPINESS of my “amusement park”.
  • I am about to move into a row house at Borupgaard in Snekkersten – where I lived with my mother from 1978-1986 – because the rent is cheap, I have a laptop at the path outside, which has a special search function to find music stored at my library, which I show Hans but when he does a search, he does not notice my library but find music from outside of my library. I find three different albums of Bach for myself, and bring one with me. I am on my way into my new row house and when I enter, my old dogs Cat and Don want to run out and run away, but I order them firmly to stay and with great “problems”, they decide to stay, and when I enter the house, I see that the small garden in front of the house has almost been converted into light.
    • I am here moving into and that is not the “city of blinding lights” yet but the city of darkness – the light will come to U2 (!) – the laptop is containing my new system of the world, which you can read from these scripts and my website, and it is made with LOVE, which is what the music of the dream symbolises, but Hans is not “able” to find it – when he does not read! I bring the Trinity to the house of this darkness, where my old dogs are almost uncontrollable but instead of letting them go to spread the darkness to the Universe, I have – with problems – managed for them to stay with me at my home, where I am converting the darkness of them into light, which is what the light of the garden is showing – because this is what we are doing now.
    • And just maybe BORUPGAARD could be a place I could stay in reality from the 1st November, I just checked it briefly and the waiting list is only short there, so we will see – and I wonder why my mother did not have “time” 2-4 weeks ago to check a housing association in Helsingør for available apartments and not because I asked her but because she thought it was a good idea, which she promised to do herself (!) and yes my mother is this the way you truly want to “help” me: By not keeping your promises because you are “busy” and “lazy” – watching television (?) – and by arguing with me instead of understanding and supporting me!
  • I visit Camilla’s parents new holiday cottage; her father and brother receive me, I wear big boots with mud underneath, which I have big difficulties taking off before entering the house, which I have to pass in order to come to my special small department, where I place my luggage. I meet a woman who tells me that I asked her to write down her dreams and I see a nightmare of hers and I say “what darkness you possess”, which however is not what interests her because she would rather talk about ordering wine from a catalogue.
    • The holiday cottage is one of those old and good symbols of “my home”, which these days is “impossible” to enter without darkness on my shoes – when writing this I am as TIRED with as HEAVY head as ever before – and I wonder if the woman should be my mother of all, who may receive STRONG dreams at the moment (?) and I have been told for weeks that “your mother knows who you are” and I have understood that she has started receiving “messages” during the night, which however may be difficult to remember when you don’t write them down, and is this what you have decided to do now if you “bother” that is?
  • I am at a small ferry where I will order lunch at the cafeteria and sit together with two ladies, and when I order I also receive the last milk from a carton.
    • The milk is my “old nightmare”, which is starting to be over for this time (?) and that is the worst of it and we know if people had any idea of the STRENGHT of the darkness these days, they would “faint”.

Falck was unusually kept “busy” because of “floodings” after the cloudburst and a BIG fire on Lyngby Youth School

This morning I started working at 08.05 and when I arrived at Falck at 09.00 I almost did not believe what I saw with my eyes, which was that even though I have arranged the cupboard in such a way that it can include received packages and returned articles until they will be removed during the day – in order to make people happy by clearing the floor, which Falck used to use every day for “temporary storage”, which truly does NOT look nice, and they receive packages etc. every single day – the first thing I saw was five fire extinguishers and another return article STANDING ON THE FLOOR with the cupboard being EMPTY (!!!) and this is despite the fact that I have told three of four leaders about the new design of the office, which they have all agreed was a good idea to do (!), and therefore I decided to move these articles from the floor to the cupboard – to clean up again (!) – and also to introduce the new office design to Lars, who was back on work today, and when I told him about the temporary storage facility included at the cupboard, he told me to my very big surprise that “we are firemen, we like disorder” (!!!) and my dear friends THIS WAS TRULY HIS ANSWER (!!!), and when I showed him the new alphabetic order of approx. 15-20 plastic trays including paper forms, which is also stored in the cupboard, he told me “it is terrible” (!) and yes THIS WAS TRULY HIS ANSWER (!!!) and then I decided to ask him “is there anything at all that you like” (?) to which he replied – how almost also to my surprise – that “it looks good” (the office that is) and then I smiled, touched his shoulder and told him “you and changes, Lars” (!) and also that “when you have gotten used to the new system, you will believe it is much better than the old” (!) and we know Lars is a VERY TRADITIONAL man to say the least, who HATES people to change what he is “used” to and he said almost reproaching me that “I am responsible for administration here” and still Lars, you allowed and also ACCEPTED that I have done as I have (!) and that is because you can see the improvements despite of your NATURAL resistance to change (?) and we know he is “responsible for administration” and that is a man, which attitude is that he is employed because he wants to work as a fire man – not on the office (!) – and how do you think you are doing yourself, Lars (?), which is a saying with a smile, which we have in Denmark and let me give you the answer: TERRIBLE because of your WRONG attitude and laziness!

And the “funny” part is that when he first gets “started”, he likes to clean up too, which he also showed today when he was “inspired” to decide to throw out some old posters and to do 2-3 changes of trays, ,which he believed needed new DYMO labels – guess who “had” to do it, because otherwise you would not have had the “energy” to do it yourself, Lars (?) and guess who was feeling the absolutely WORST today with EXTREME tiredness and as extreme a HEAVY head, which made “concentration” and work “impossible” to do (!) and we know, while you were inspired, Lars, you also thought that it would be “very nice” to replace the content of an old ring binder, which includes print outs of old accounts guidelines, which are not in use anymore (!) and really because you would like to have the NEW guidelines PRINTED out and when I told you that the guidelines are kept electronically at Falck’s central IT-system meaning that it is NOT necessary to print out, he told me that it is “difficult” to switch between 3-4 programs on the computer and “much easier” to have the guidelines printed out in front of you (!!!) and my dear friend TALK ABOUT OLD HABITS here and how many of you working the right way with computers have learned to do what I do, which is to have several programs open at the same time and to switch between programs in a split of a second when needed (?) but Lars, you are still so OLD FASHIONED that DEVELOPMENT has not (truly) started to spread inside of your head (!) – also the darkness here threatening to give my mother a brain tumour if I should give up but NEVER! – and when I told you that I will look at a paperless office together with Christoffer, he told me that “this is an illusion of young people like Christoffer” (!) (who may be around 35-40?) and yes THIS IS REALLY WHAT HE SAID (!!!) and Lars (who may be around 55?) let me correct you, it is not an illusion of Christoffer and I, but an illusion – or “sickness” (!) – of yourself, who cannot get used to development and “modern times”!

And furthermore I was surprised to see that Robert had not printed out an email of his, which he PROMISED me very CLEARLY to do Friday last week – which I have ALSO written a note for him to do in order to HELP him – and Thomas has used one of the ring binders, which he after use simply has “pushed” back into “place” not being in line with the other ring binders and this is despite of what I have told “several people” at the office to do and despite of a DYMO label CLEARLY asking people to put back ring binders nicely in place, and this may seem like a small thing, but I kindly ask you to remember this: PUT THINGS BACK IN THE ORDER YOU FOUND IT, which should be simple logic for everyone to do, which they however do not today because it is too much “bother” to do and unfortunately the general belief today may be that I am “pedantic” but the truth is that everybody knows that I am right and that it does not take you (much) longer to do what is RIGHT to do and we know to do this as a general teaching in life wherever you come (!) – and we know office articles and paper placed the wrong places and people will start messing up very quickly when they are NOT disciplined and DISCIPLINE and A TRUE SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY is what they lack here as in most places all over the world – you see? And we know THIS IS BELOW KINDERGARTEN LEVEL what people do here, it is absolutely terrifying!!!

This morning Lars also told me that they had been very “busy” at Falck, who has been sent out in Copenhagen and also Lyngby because of floods of basements, viaducts etc. following the cloudburst the other day – in Copenhagen Falck still had approx. 900 places today on the list to visit to pump away water; they had 1,500 the other day – and he also told me that Falck in Lyngby had been sent out to put out a very LARGE fire on Lyngby Youth School two days ago, where the fire eventually burned down “several hundreds square metres” and we know no people were hurt and when we spoke of this, I was told spiritually that it was a lightning igniting this fire – “this is how precise we can aim” – and this is really to tell you that Falck has become VERY BUSY these days because of the “flooding” and this fire and the reason as I am told here is because normally they are NOT that busy (!) as I have told you and also to tell that there is a LOT of darkness, which we have now started removing and we know I almost heard “which we feared” but not anymore because I wonder for how long it can keep as strong as it is now – and can it really do this the whole next month and maybe even longer (?) and we will have to see – and we know I AM THROWING UP CONTINUING WRITING THESE SCRIPTS, but this is still our best weapon to fight this darkness so this is what we still are doing and let me say it again that I am on “my edge” doing this work and “my edge” is my extreme edge balancing if I am able to do this or not – but so far it works out.

The fire on Lyngby Youth School July 3 to keep the lazy firemen at Falck “busy” and to deflect very strong darkness these days!

I also had the “pleasure” of the new “coolie” sent out by the Commune in “work practise” to Falck, Camilla, and first in the basement today where she was cleaning up – washing the floors – and she told me word by word: “You truly have bone-lazy cleaning staff here” and when I asked her “haven’t they cleaned satisfactory” she said “no, that would be a shame to say” (!) and my dear people all over the world: HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU BEEN UNSATISFIED BY CLEANERS NOT DOING THEIR WORK SATISFACTORY (?) and how many times have you changed cleaning companies hoping for “better days” (?) and try to imagine the waste of time used for this “operation” alone all over the world and that is compared to a situation where people simply had done their work satisfactory as they should have (!) and we know THIS IS THE POOR STANDARD OF “MORALS” OF PEOPLE TODAY – totally destroyed it is because “LONG LIVE LAZYNESS” has sadly become the “standard”!

When I saw how Lars ordered her to do this work, I could not help thinking about how she is doing work, which paid and lazy people should have done the same way as I do work which the office managers should have done a long time ago and we know we don’t receive payment and do their job and they have started to get used to having “coolies” from the Commune working for them to do their DULL work making them even more lazy and “dictators” on a “cheap” background – totally free of charge we are (!) – and we know talk about a ROTTEN system here (!) – and did you notice just how many rats drowned at the “flood of Copenhagen” the other day as they showed in the media and we know hundreds of thousands (?) and how easy would it be to truly get rid of rats from the sewers (?) and “pretty easy” if you ask me but no one truly has an “interest” to do this because it is BIG business to continue “trying” to remove them and we know POOR MORALS is what you will find inside every single company of the world with lazy people, many of them lying without scruples, doing poor work and driven by a desire to receive MONEY MONEY MONEY no matter on which background, which does NOT make me funny, Abba – but the song is truly brilliant and one of the master pieces of the 1970’s :-).

During the morning, Lars went for one hour and Camilla came to me to say that she had forgotten something at home, which she would go to get at her break, which I did not think more of before I left myself at 13.00, where I met her again and this time she told me that “you should have given Lars the message” (!), which completely took me by surprise and the reason being that it apparently had taken her approx. one hour to get home and back again (!) and the she told me that she would go home during her break (!) and not that it would take her much longer than the break (!!!) and when I told her that she did not tell me and that I did not expect her to take that long, she told me that “of course it did because I had to go all the way to “x-road” and back” (!) and we know HOW SHOULD I KNOW (?) and do you believe that I am psychic (???) 🙂 – and this lesson is also easy: DON’T BELIEVE PEOPLE WILL KNOW JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOURSELF – YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE (!!!), which you may agree with me in, Camilla? And we know KINDERGARTEN level is what this also is and I am sorry my friends, but this is truly what it is, the level of today is far too “low” – but I still love all of these people :-).

Falck Lyngby was also kept “busy” pumping away water after the cloudburst July 2

Today I also rented out a breast pump, which was difficult to do because a person had removed the LAST paper form, which I needed, from the tray without getting new ones from the archive (!!), and this was when Lars was out driving and where in the world would they keep extra paper forms (?) – a “problem” you will not have when working electronically (!) – and I was much annoyed because I would NEVER myself do such a LAZY and IRRESPONSIBLE action taking the last paper “forgetting” to get new and now a customer was waiting on me making me give her POOR SERVICE (!) and when I called Lars, he told me that there would probably be more forms at the archive room no. 2 to the right in the basement (!) and also that he was now arriving at Falck so he would go there himself, which I also decided to do and this is how we met in the basement, where I saw that he found three blocks lying on a shelf underneath something else making them stealth to me – where did the US aeroplane manufacturers get the stealth technology from (?) and yes you know from UFO’s and people of other civilizations (!!!) and yes yes yes THE VOICE again again (!) – and I could only tell Lars that “I would NEVER have found them myself” (!) and I thought “WHAT A MESS they also have at the archive here” as they do most places (!) and what you truly need is a SYSTEM where you will know WHERE you keep things, HOW to do things and WHAT and WHEN to do these things and HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE (?) and DIFFICULT it is when people are LAZY and don’t really “bother” to make such a system and when the head office have decided to do “NOTHING” to produce a template – what do they care (?), it is not their “problem” (!) and thinking of you PER DUJARDIN from the head-office in Danske Bank in the 1980’s because you had the responsible to service the branches, which you and the head office failed to do on even SIMPLE REQUIREMENTS but VERY NICE is what you were (!) – And when I afterwards followed up on Lars to order more forms because we had now taken the last from the basement too, his attitude was that “these blocks will last for a long time, so it is really not needed” (!) and that may be my friends, but the problem will not become smaller the day when there will be no left and people in vain will search the basement without finding any, and we know this made him understand and decide to write it down in order to order more at the next monthly order.

It was the same when I had to go through paper reports from 2010 on fire guards – the task from Jesper – which were not in the ring binder at the office, which only included 2011 and when I asked Lars of where to find the reports of 2010, he told me to look at the same room in the basement and I had the same thought again of “NO SYSTEM” (!) and if I found it (?) and NO of course not (!) and when I looked in three other rooms at the basement, I did not find it either and we know people simply find an empty place somewhere at a shelf where they decide to “store” things – “quick and easy without a care” and also without a system, which often makes it “impossible” to find things again (!) and we know, we know, we know Stig THIS IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA! YOU HAVE TO DO SO MUCH BETTER and I SHOULD NOT NEED TO TELL YOU!

And how often do we experience here that customers ask for more of this or that type of plaster (?) – subscribers can come to the station and free of charge fill up their first aid boxes with new plaster etc. – and because subscribers take the last plaster without saying anything (wrong!) and because there is no (for example weekly) control procedure at place at Falck to control that old plasters are full, it is the name of the game here that customers tell when this or that plaster etc. is out, which makes people – and today me – to go down to the basement to bring up more and every single time it is VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE (!) but this is what has been accepted as the “standard” here and we know we know we know TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE is what it is my friends!!!

A few other short stories from today:

  • Jesper has as the only one shared morning bread with me for the second time today when he offered me what was left over.
  • Christoffer was here shortly today saying that tomorrow he will be on guard where we will listen to an only two year old concert with Bruce Springsteen and Christoffer told me that “he still has as much energy as the other concert” (the one I lend him, which now is 11 years old), which was also about the energy I still produce without having it to help us all and we know “surprising” is the right word here.
  • I asked Lars of something and could not help smiling when his answer was “fish” (!) and we know which is an amusement originally from Tivoli I believe and in this sentence it means “I don’t have a clue”, but the word is almost NOT in use today so it was also with quite some surprise that I said it as I feel the new spirit of Lars self (!) telling me through the darkness between him and me (!) and of course he told me because his spirit knows about who I am, but Lars does not yet but “a very good worker” is what I am (?) but NOT a leader yet, Lars (?), because you have not seen that “skill” of me and that is yet (?) and simply wondering we are here about LAZY people with preconceived beliefs based on ignorance and “nothing” else!
  • The contract from Jane had arrived and she had written 37 hours per week from the 24th June to the 22nd July on it (!!!) and where did you receive that idea from, Jane (?) and do you believe that this was what you agreed with me and also what you have agreed with Falck (???) and my dear friends laziness and “preconceived beliefs” once again because we did NOT agree on anything at our meeting at the Commune and you did not communicate with Falck to agree on this – which I did – and isn’t it normal practise for all three parties to agree before you will initiate something (?) and apparently not in your mind (!) and because of your bluntness and poor work I have now worked two extra weeks for free for Falck – both against the law and common sense – and Lars and I agreed today that I will start on full time from Monday next week and four weeks ahead – and to tell you the truth, I feel so bad that it feels simply impossible to both start working full time here, fight my extreme tiredness, the very strong darkness I am given, which has threatened me with giving my mother an embolus or a brain tumour if I do not do my work on my scripts, which is NOT the easiest in the world to do (!) – but YOU DON’T STAND A CHANCE is what I kept on saying and also I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THAT, NEVER (!) and we know being on my EXTREME EDGE is what I am (!) – to do two weekly applications on top of this, to continue writing my scripts, which may become once a week from Monday and also to find a new place to live from the 1st November and we know it is made this impossible to do because this is the darkness we are facing now, which requires a little extra, which is then what we give them.

I decided to write this email to Jane today to let her know of her new error with the purpose being that the Commune will NOT start to believe again that I have not followed their “orders” in relation to which PERIOD OF TIME I should work full time for Falck and we know which they just may believe we have agreed upon because this is what is “inside of their heads” HOWEVER without communicating it to me and to Falck (!) and I thought that this could be the explanation why Camilla communicated poorly with me today also to give me this message, and yes you never know how the darkness works, but POOR work and PRECONCEIVED AND WRONG BELIEFS is one of them, and this is what it takes to keep this down being on my edge you know coming this far today:

Hej Jane,

I dag var første dag siden din mail, hvor både Lars og jeg var tilstede.

Vi gennemgik dit “aftale-udkast” og var begge enige om at ændre det “umulige” tidsrum, som du havde sat til 24.6 – 22.7 uden at aftale dette endsige kommunikere det til os, og den aftale du får retur i underskrevet stand, indeholder derfor tidsrummet fra den 11.7 – 5.8, som er det Lars og jeg aftalte i dag. Hermed har jeg givet et par ekstra ugers ulovligt arbejde til Falck uden løn!
Take care :-).


FINALLY (!) I ended the working day – after dinner – at 23.25 (!) publishing the last three days of scripts, which should be the longest I have done so far (?) – I had some “more” to do especially to write what I thought would be an “easy” chapter on the TV-show yesterday, but it took longer than expected, you see (?) – and when I have decided to do this going through my worst suffering being at my extreme edge you may understand that these are “special times” requiring an extra effort from me and not because I “need” it myself but because I would become very unhappy to see the consequences on other people and to tell you the truth, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what would truly happen if I should decide “today and the next days too I will do NOTHING and I will report myself sick to Falck” and either I would feel fine letting the Universe and “maybe” special friends take my suffering or else I will first receive “pleasure” followed by extreme suffering myself and we know I DON’T KNOW AS USUAL and I ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO DO AND THAT IS TO DO MY BEST – but I sure hope that I will not need to continue like this, because this is what kills people and let us say a “fraction” of it is normally what is required for “many” people!

And I did not even mention that WordPress – the host of my website – around the time when the Canadian and US Government visited me at the end of June also decided to become very interested in me and we know to confirm that others are reading my website un-officially – because they can see (!) – and we know THEY ARE ALSO A PART OF THE SHADY GAME OF THE OLD WORLD acting on the orders of the “unofficial government” – I am given these words by the voice – and we know it was ALSO a part of SHOWING US SELF TO THE WORLD – I believe I received maybe 10-15 visits the same day clearly and intentionally identifying itself as WORDPRESS, which are visits I NEVER normally receive, which I however cannot show you now because my free subscription to my counter does not keep this information available for more than a few days only – and I decided to bring this story too as “an added bonus” (!) and we know Stig, I am on the other side of the other side of the other side of exhaustion – lift this up approx. 117 times and you will know about my life in recent years breaking first one, then the next and next border again etc. of what is human possible to bear – and just saying that if it was truly needed, I should be able to work all night long from here, but Lionel this is NOT what I would do if I was you a that is if you know such a small thing – and really because I have to get some “sleep” before going to work again tomorrow.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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