July 12, 2011: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and NASA are examples of “organizations” surveilling me


Summary of the script today

9th July: Other previous Universes have started being merged too using the same door as the first Universe

  • Dreaming of Karen and Denis thinking of me also going through difficulties, cleaning a company of darkness and merging other previous Universes with ours was almost impossible to do because of the darkness of family and friends still opposing and working directly against me.
  • The darkness decreased much today and the other previous Universes have now started being merged too, which is easier to do than the first because they will follow through the door, which was opened with the first Universe.
  • I had reached my ultimate limit of work, I could not continue, so I had to take a break and try to take a nap even though I was told that the spirit of my mother would come to carry out my old nightmare, which is what she did stronger than ever before crossing every limit (!), and the only way I could avoid this from happening to save her once again was to decide to use the power of the Source “manually” for the first time ever to decide that “I am everything, I am all of you, I don’t want this to be carried out” and that is NO MATTER WHAT (!), and this is when this “old nightmare” lifted. This was among the worst I have ever experienced and I WILL NEVER SEE THIS HAPPENING AGAIN not even when my closest family will not understand and will oppose me with everything they have!!!

10th July: The spirit of my mother thanked me after becoming “intentionally” wounded

  • Dreaming of driving the most fantastic and strong car as the Source, the spirit of my mother thanking me after becoming “intentionally” wounded, my mother and John fighting over me and sudden, strong and negative feelings of my mother as the reason whey the “nightmare” of yesterday afternoon happened.
  • John F. Kennedy was a member of the Council, who was murdered by the secret government of USA because he wanted to publish the UFO-secret to the public. He was sent to Earth to prepare for the coming of “me” through Obama because we did not expect this organization to also murder Obama having the same goal.
  • The world economy would have collapsed leaving the world in a “sad state” of “extreme poverty” fighting over a decreasing amount of food if it was not for the faith and will power of Obama and I, which made the spiritual world keep up the “spirit” of the “hysteric cows” trading on the stock exchanges of the world.
  • If I should do my best finding a new apartment, I should use time and money, which I don’t have, because of the large number of small housing associations and the lack of ONE system only to help me.
  • This evening I reflected over what I am going through now realising that this phase is potentially lethal not only to my mother but also to my self. I the darkness should overtake me, I could be killed myself as the physical Stig of today, but still living as my new inner self – and Obama would overtake my role until I would return myself too (?), which I don’t know but could hope for. This made me NERVOUS and feeling BAD not least because the darkness continued giving me sexual approaches and tried “its best” to take me over.

11th July: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and NASA are examples of “organizations” surveilling me

  • I went through one of my worst nights ever being kept awake because of the sultry weather and “no sleep for you, my Son” while I could think of my life being at danger and having to start writing a memo at Falck in the FULL work day following at its most critical phase, which could potentially make me “lose it” including the lives of my mother and I. NOT NICE but we did it :-).
  • Dreaming of working for the company of darkness (Falck) exhibiting its poor work, which may be more than the manager of this darkness can bear, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and NASA are examples of “organizations” surveilling me and agreeing with “normal life” to be given to the world, Obama is willing to take over from me if I should not survive this phase and I am going through sufferings given to me by a “poor actor” – my own inner self – in order to receive previous Universes, which on the other side of suffering will lead to the reception of the gift of all of us.
  • I have NEVER been so tired and feeling more Zombie having to go through an IMPOSSIBLE full working day to do the most critical phase of a long memo, which seem IMPOSSIBLE to do, and the first hour at Falck was the THE LONGEST TIME – not bad eiher, Billy (!) – I have ever gone through (!) making me believe that a full day was simply impossible to do, but I did it including the structuring of ideas of my memo and also being “forced” to drive twice to Falck in Greve.

12th July: I am in “charge” of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service still bugging but also supporting me

  • Dreaming of being in charge of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service BUGGING me, employees of the world will tell me to “do things gently” not “thrilled” about changing as much as I ask you but you will come to the conclusion to FOLLOW ME, the plane of the darkness crashing into the harbour of my safe haven giving me the worst suffering removing all of my energy and trying to give me my “old nightmare”, which I however succeed to escape from, I am also suffering because of Karen deciding to be with other men despite of wanting to receive my flowers, the economy of Greece will be saved, more thoughts and warm feelings of me are given to the world but still the darkness is brought out directly to the world in order to remove the last part of it.
  • At Falck I continued the work on my increasing memo on how to improve quality and efficiency at Falck, which is DIFFICULT to do fighting extreme darkness/tiredness, Robert is witnessing some of my sufferings through poor sleep, his wife choosing another man and a wrong heart beat making him conclude that he has no life (!) and the wrong doings of the Commune and Falck “stealing” my energy and a normal salary is sending me directly to the Men’s Home when I will be without an apartment in a few months!


9th July: Other previous Universes have started being merged too using the same door as the first Universe

Dreaming that merging previous Universes was almost impossible to do because of darkness of family/friends opposing me

My sleep has really not improved – and here are the dreams:

  • I am at my old apartment in Hørsholm alone with a beautiful woman at the sofa, but when she opens her mouth, I understand that I am not attracted to her. Karen and Denis are visiting me, he is studying psychology, which is almost impossible for him to come through. I tell them that they can now relax when you are here, and I offer them coffee and milk.
    • Something about physical attraction compared to human attraction and I do believe in both with an overweight on the human part. Karen and Denis are with me in the dream because I am on their mind, which is making life difficult for Denis here and I offer them coffee symbolising my warm feelings and the milk may be because they have problems in bed too. For a while again I have been told about Karen thinking of me, “is he really Jesus” (?), “he felt me feel him” (?) – you see? By the way I woke up to the song “waiting on a sunny day” by Bruce so this is what Karen and I are still doing.
    • I have also been told about my sister thinking “what if I have done my brother wrong and he truly has been fighting the Judgment” and my mother who will give me the BIGGEST APOLOGY in the world for her misunderstandings and mistakes, and also that she is dreaming about me and who I am but that it is almost impossible to break through the armour to make her understand.
  • I have started working for an investment company in Copenhagen, there is also a company in Hørsholm only with Danish speaking people but in Copenhagen I am the only Danish speaking. Something about cleaning the work offices and machines, I am in the big room of consultants – it feels like the old DFM – which however only includes three desks, which stand next to the inner wall instead of next to the windows, where three high café tables have been placed instead. Preben asks me something about Jesus and a mountain and I tell him that I only know “this much” today – I show him “one centimetre with two of my fingers – and that everything is now being built up inside of me. He tells me that he cannot both be a salesman and speak about me to politicians and this is why he has dropped me. I receive 3,000 DKK in cash and first it makes me happy, but then again I think that I will also send this money to Africa to help them survive. A colleague tells me that he believes we are running on an illegal IT-system because it is one big system containing all information where he believes it should be separated into different sectors, and when we asks Pernille S., she tells us that originally we were allowed to have one big system but last year we were told to divide the system into these different sectors. I am trying to find motivation to start my sales work with telemarketing as the first approach and something about having to prepare myself carefully first and that Kim S. is waiting.
    • This investment company is a company of the darkness, which I am cleaning, I am with people speaking “another language” than I – we don’t understand each other. And the dream says why Preben has dropped me but I don’t understand the dream so Preben may tell it himself one day – is it because it has been “impossible” to support me when speaking to colleagues of the Insurance sector NOT believing in me? The money which I send to Africa makes me think that these days are the biggest days for people of Western Europe going on holiday blocking the airports, motorways of Germany etc. and people spend BILLIONS of DKK/USD/EURO’s on their own entertainment this summer at the same time as millions of people at the Horn of Africa go through the worst drought and suffering imaginable and we know if the western people think about this (?) and the answer is NO for most people, because the news here may include this story a few times and a few seconds only on the TV news and this is where people may “feel” with the suffering Africans but “what can we do about it” (?) – and a few minutes afterwards, their tragedy has “disappeared” from the mind of people (!) – and one option my millions of “friends” could be for you to cancel your 1-2-3 weeks of holiday and send the money to people in Africa directly instead – or alternatively to an NGO if you cannot find people to receive the money! – to help saving them for weeks or months on what you instead “blow” off on your self!
    • The IT system may be different systems of different Universes, which we now are merging and that is despite of the darkness of the people of this dream and many others, who make up the extreme darkness I had to pass once again before this dream of ours could become the truth, and I heard the Council yesterday tell me about “the wonders” of what they now are receiving, and I felt version no. 3 and 4 of different spirits of the Council arriving and my dear friends this is truly how it is and one day you will understand what this is about (?) and how many people believe in this when this story is written and shall we say “hardly anyone” and we know “officially” my script published yesterday the 8th July has not been read by one single person yet, but eventually the whole world will come to read and understand it.

Other previous Universes have started being merged too using the same door as the first Universe 🙂

Yesterday evening after publishing my script, the darkness was not strong – but still there – and I thought that God wanted me to go to my extreme limit to give everything I had but also that this was a “game” too, where I was protected, which I did not feel sure about when going through it as you may understand.

I was also told that Universe no. 2, 3, 4 etc. have now started to be merged too – which is strengthening me and the entire Universe (!) – and this will not be as difficult as the first because they will follow through the door, which has now been opened. I was told that I could also have decided to stop or reduce this access when going through extreme suffering, which would have delayed the start of the New Universe for all, but I decided that the access should be widely open. And I was told that all places of previous Universes have been saved, which you can “travel” to as if they were existing today.

For days – and also yesterday evening – I have seen my left hand being hold out and I have received a vision of my self standing as a boy under this hand of mine to symbolise that this is my Universe, that we are still young and have come through our worst crisis.

I started writing at 10.15 today after having been at a long bath where I again was given the word “FÅRkert” (“wrong” with a sheep in front of it really as a symbol of my sacrifice), which I have every day since receiving it the first time, but now it has started changing back to the right word “forkert” (“wrong”) and we know TUFF is not the word, Bob (!), but we had to go through it so this is what we did :-).

My “old nightmare” closer than ever to be carried out potentially killing my mother, who was saved by the Source

Early this afternoon I did some shopping and also washed my clothes and I started feeling as tired as I have felt like for several days at the same time as I had reached my ultimate limit of work – I simply could not work anymore – and I decided that I had to take the rest of the day off even though I also could have searched for two more jobs and started looking more carefully after a place to live in Helsingør, which I received STRONG urges to do – they come automatically all of the time – but no, I had to have a break, and I was asked if this meant that I would stop all darkness from coming to me, which my answer to was no – I only needed a break because we have more work to do thinking of the process of merging with the previous Universes and I was shown large blue bricks symbolising me continuing to be laid in an airport as the answer.

When I sat at the sofa in the afternoon I simply had NO energy to go back to the basement to dry my clothes and even later to collect it and it was as impossible to stay awake as it has been typically between 19 to 20 for some days, and 17 to 18 other days, but now it was between 14 and 15 and I could not see me awake the rest of the day feeling like this, so I decided to take a nap and that was even though I was told that the spirit of my mother would come to me in relation to my old nightmare – I was at my ultimate limit physically unable to take anymore, so I decided that I did not believe in this to be carried out – and I was allowed to receive maybe 10-15 minutes of relaxation without sleep before my amplifier started “coincidently” switching off and on again (!!!), which is very annoying listening to especially when you want to sleep (!) so after some time, I had to switch off the amplifier entirely and when I laid back on the sofa, this is when I felt the spirit of my mother as her clean self coming in over me – I also felt the spirit of my father with me together with the words “no one is to die” and Karen too, but first of all the spirit of my mother – and this was as extreme an experience as “some years ago” – as I believe you can find in book 1 – where I had to work the whole night and run 15 minutes in the morning without having slept at all to avoid this nightmare from be carried out, and the difference this time was that I had NO MORE ENERGY to bring and still this nightmare had “decided” to be carried out, and when nothing seemed to change, I took the decision again that NO MATTER WHAT (!), I don’t want this nightmare to be carried out and this is when I said “I am everything, I am all of you, I am the darkness too, I don’t want this to happen, this is my strength, thoughts and “influence” I give to everyone, I have taken the decision that I don’t want this to be carried out and if needed I ask you to use the Universe as deflection” and this is when this nightmare “decided” to lift and the reason why the feeling of Karen was with me too was because Karen is still the only one I think of intimately so she had been “appointed” to be the cover of the spirit of my mother (!) – but nothing happened – and it is impossible for me to tell you just how disgusting this feeling was – I also thought that this EXTREMITY is still inside of a “game in control” after my experiences during the week – but I also thought that if this indeed would be carried out, I would not be able to control my self negatively, which would NOT be good for the world – which was the reason why the spirit of my father was present, to try avoiding this from happening if possible – and I can only say that this was even more disgusting than the feeling I had during the week, which was among Top 5 of the all time worst and this was almost as terrible as in the summer of 2010 where the spirit of my mother appeared visibly in front of me crying because it was “this close” that she would be eliminated – which may be the worst I have ever experienced together with the marathon meditations thinking that the world would go under and still the Easter 2009 …. – and killing her is really what was “almost” happening again today, but it was avoided and not because the Source automatically interfered but because I as Stig decided to use the power of the Source “manually” for the first time ever – this is what I had to discover this way (!) – so this is what “saved” us from what may be the worst darkness ever given to me and we know my mother/John has returned from their holiday, which Sanna/Hans will in a few days too and their feelings may be more extreme than ever before in relation to me and I was also told that this is also part of what is necessary in order to turn around the world, which I have also received a déjà vue about with the message that this is “impossible” to do.

Shortly thereafter the spirit of my mother told me that “this will also be written into history” and I was shown her walk inside of the area of Egyptian pyramids in ancient times, so this is where we are still headed.

Later I was again shown my left hand reaching out with the Universe and myself below it, and now growing and I was told that the Universe has not yet developed into its final goal, which is for all living beings to become God.

And by the way: There was a new earth quake a few hours later in the North Eastern Japan and earlier I had simply been told “wait to see what will happen”, but I am glad that it was not worse than this and this is what I had to go through in order for the “FÅRkert” to change into “forkert” giving me less suffering.

Mother: If you read this, then let me tell you that because of your “misunderstandings” and “deafness” – still listening more to Sanna than me you are (?) – you have continuously “killed me” (without knowing and wanting if of course, but nevertheless ….) and I have continuously saved your life using my extreme energy and will power, which is the only reason why you are still alive. This was another of those exercises, I just saved you again, mother :-).


10th July: The spirit of my mother thanked me after becoming “intentionally” wounded

Dreaming of the spirit of my mother thanking me after becoming “intentionally” wounded

My sleep tonight was not better, so tired is what I expect to be again today and we know I will take a nap if this is what I decide to do (!) – but still I also receive a “stronger” feeling of being “fresh with much energy” just below the surface – with these dreams:

  • I am driving a small Mercedes and meet my old friend Angela (from Fair) who drives a Mercedes 650 (!) which is only two years old. She has imported it directly from Köln in Germany and tells me that this is the best bargain ever because the car is really not expensive. I try the car, which is nothing less than FANTASTIC to drive.
    • When I woke up the spirit of my mother was with me saying “thank you” 🙂 and this is because of my decision to use the power of the Source to save her again (my physical mother, because my spiritual is save) and this power is stronger than the strongest (!), which the model number of the car shows, because normally a Mercedes 600 is the largest “engine” you can reach, but already now the power of the Source is as “strong” as you can only imagine.
  • I am in a church, where I decide to blow up everything including everything of our past, and something about a man in a car who on time drives through entire Hell. I have wounded the spirit of my mother – I felt ACTING here – who is bleeding on the street, I collect her and her gun is pointing at myself and I think that there is nothing to do because I have hurt her intentionally.
    • A dream I don’t like and I will only say this: I have decided for us to live, I have decided for my mother to live and I have decided to live myself with everything being light, and I don’t want my mother to be hurt, so if she needs attention, this is what I will ask the spiritual world to prioritise.
  • From the morning, I had had a glass of a very good Amarone wine, I have been fighting with Camilla, we are watching television and see my mother and John fighting with John saying that “we cannot afford to give gifts to children”, which is what my mother wants to give me to help me, and suddenly Camilla jumps up, cannot control her temper, she is unjust, negative and misunderstands me and it is as if I have wounded Camilla intentionally.
    • The wine is “everything of me”, Camilla is also a symbol of my mother and again saying that EXTREME FEELINGS of my mother is what caused the extreme suffering yesterday, which “intentionally” wounded my mother and if this is part of the “game” of the spiritual world to find “extreme” energy, this is what it is but please remember my rules: NONE OF MY SPECIAL FRIENDS ARE TO DIE OR RECEIVE PERMANENT INJURIES, which may just be what we are doing (?) also feeling the spirit of Fuggi here with me, who really also was present yesterday afternoon to help out if needed.
  • Something about beautiful young ladies in a concert hall, which are not for me, they are discovered and showed out – and later playboy chefs cook the best meals, but they went bankrupt.
    • This may be what the power of the Source has helped me to stop.

President Kennedy was murdered because he wanted to publish the UFO-secret – to prepare for Obama with the same goal

I felt the spirit of my mother in relation to John F. Kennedy and received the understanding that “he was one of the Council” and I was told that he was murdered because of his “interest” in letting the public know about UFO’s – this is my “missing” story of my Signs III page my gentlemen (for many weeks, the page has included an empty chapter called “Examples of assassinations” – by the secret government – and Kennedy was one of them) and I was told that the reason for bringing Kennedy to Earth was for him to “prepare” the coming of “me” through Obama because we anticipated that this secret organisation could not “bear” having the murder of two presidents on its conscience and are we right, my gentlemen (?) and does the word “escape” ring a bell to some of you (?) and also that it is impossible to escape the eye of God (?) and so it is my friends but we know “TAKE CARE” also goes to you because without you and your wrong doings the world would not have survived!

The world economy would have collapsed if it was not for the faith and will power of Obama and I

I was told that the price of stocks would have rattled down because of the state of the world economy with the prospect of “no end” to the free falling of the world economy, which would have let to “bankruptcies” of not only financial institutions and businesses but to whole industries followed by the breakdown of the whole world (!) – leading to poverty, fightings over rats etc. as food, sicknesses and people dying in the millions (!) – and my ladies and gentlemen, there was ONE FACTOR, which you did not include in your “calculations”, which are out there to be found too (!), which was the faith and will power of Obama and I deciding that we did not want this scenario to happen – because of our FEELINGS OF LOVE to the world as the music also here says and we know by artists of the company, which we may call “Jeff and co.” 🙂 – and the way the “economy” was kept up was for us to keep up the “spirit” of the “hysteric cows” trading on the stock exchanges of the world and we know “feelings” is a good word to describe these “people” or should we call them “money beggars” or is THE DEVIL a too big word to use for all of you who were “tricked” by all of us (?) and we know do you remember the collapses of Lehman Brothers Holdings, Washington Mutual and “almost AIG” and many others a few years ago (?), which was about to tear down the world economy (?) and we know this is how the world also was saved, which you also can ask Obama about :-).

Difficulties finding a new apartment – I should use time and money I don’t have if I should do my best

I used some time on the website of “Boligkontoret Danmark” to search for an apartment – they are the ones having our old row houses in Snekkersten called “Borupgaard” – and even though they represent many small housing associations, I thought that they had probably figured out a way to let my name be included on ONE waiting list to cover all of these many associations and this is how I spent quite some time choosing 18 different associations with even more apartments and we know and we know and we know yet again I was disappointed because when I was finalising this “test”, the website informed me that I had to pay a “note” charge of 195 DKK of EACH association (!) and to repeat this every single year, which I cannot afford (!!!) and my dear friends, this was for North Zealand alone and if you would like to cover yourself for the whole country it would take you AGES to find and do this through hundreds of small or very small associations and you would have to pay a charge for each of these very small associations and we know what does this charge cover (?) and is that “practically nothing” and “only to confirm your true interest” (?) and if this is the case, why do you LIMIT my chances to find a new place to live very much because of this POOR SYSTEM of yours (?) and I told you so … but ending with a :-).

BUREAUCRAZY of many small housing associations each
requiring an unnecessary charge, which I cannot afford

Some short stories at the middle of the day for a change:

  • I wrote two more “applications” to Skjold Burne WINE and STIHL as you can read from my library here.
  • I decided to work on the script, some cleaning, the applications and the housing website from 09.10 until 15.15 today feeling somewhat better with a somewhat lighter feeling to my head and somewhat less negative speech – but still not normal because all of this is still hurting me – which almost made me happy (“nærmest lykkelig”) – one of your best, Steffen 🙂 – because the voices herewith did not “violate the traffic rules inside of my head” (“overtræder færdselsloven inde i mit hoved”) as much as they normally do and my dear friends it takes IMAGINATION for you to understand the EXTREME TORTURE, which the negative voices are and have been when trying to overtake me every single second since the spring of 2006 and we know which is completely impossible to switch off and we know there is/was only one way to remove it – as Obama agrees with me in (!) – which is/was with the removal of all darkness of the world!
    • This is also to say that my father has NO idea of this – he was given physical suffering through cancer etc. without understanding that this was “nothing compares 2U” (“me”) – and also to say that THE MENTAL SUFFERING OF THE PEOPLE OF DADAAB ARE TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY (!) – READ AND UNDERSTAND OUR DADAAB MEMO AND HERE ESPECICALLY POINT 16 AT PAGE 16!!!
  • I decided that I was fresh enough to run today, which I then did maybe with 2-3 kilometres running and the last part walking around Lyngby Lake and first I felt the two different sides of me – the right and left – out of synch really also to say LOTS OF SMILES here under the surface of the suffering and I was told that because I am made up originally of two spirits – my mother and father – it was almost impossible for the darkness to “find” me (!) and the energy of this run is given to my mother including the spirit of my mother for her to recover after her “difficult” days :-). I was also told that if I should “give” up now, there would be enough energy of the Universe to bring us all the way home but of course it will be better for me to continue and so it is.
  • The last couple of days, my Firefox browser has started giving me this “message” about FIRE and a BUG (!) – which it has NEVER done before and I have not installed any new programs, add-ons or new versions of Firefox giving a “normal” explanation to this “message” – so my dear friends of darkness, i.e. “fire”, BUGGING me (as I have been told spiritually also lately is STILL occurring), I have already TOLD YOU SO, which is that I really prefer you to stop doing this and to COME OUT and tell the world who you are – including what you have done – and you can start by sending me a friendly introductory email!

The “fire”, i.e. darkness, is bugging me!

As I feel right now at 18.30 when this is written, I feel fine before having to work full time for Falck, but you never know when my energy will be tapped from my family and others so hoping for the best not knowing what kind of challenges I will now enter.

This extreme phase is potentially lethal to both my mother and myself, which makes me nervous

Later in the evening I started receiving thoughts about what I am going through at the moment and I was told that Obama was waiting for an “accident”, which did not became as bad as it could have (the new “smaller” earth quake of Japan). I also still received strong sexual approaches, which was BEYOND disgusting making me feel “more than bad” and I started thinking of some of the dreams I have received recently including the darkness killing me if I spoke to it as it speaks to me and the “game” with FÅRkert and FORkert which is about a sacrifice of mine to take on the sins of mankind – at the moment the first, which is about the sacrifice, is still the strongest – and then I understood that this phase I am going through is not only potentially lethal to my mother but also to my self (!) and the more I thought of this, the stronger the darkness came to me through the “pipeline” (still remaining darkness, nothing new) I was shown to my hall, which gave me new strong sexual approaches, negative speech trying to overtake me (by continuing to PROVOKE me the worst) in order for me to become just as negative and again I had to decide that I don’t want any sexual suffering NO MATTER WHAT and if and when necessary I will ask the Source to save me once again taking the decision on behalf of everyone/everything because I am everything, which I however ONLY will do in extreme cases like this. The feeling was NERVOUS and MORE THAN BAD and I was told that this phase will last for eight days.


11th July: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and NASA are examples of “organizations” surveilling me

One of my worst nights ever waking up as a “Zombie”

I became very nervous again after yesterday evening because I realised that this phase is just as bad or even worse as what followed after the Easter 2011 – but now “only” with the physical lives of me and my mother as the “sacrifice”, hence not the world – to take one of the other experiences on my top 5, which is now becoming a top 10 really, and I was told that if I should give the sacrifice of my own life (to find myself as my own spiritual self still waiting to come alive), Obama would take over from me giving “all of his energy”, but you know I still like who I am as Stig today so I will continue fighting with everything I have (!) and this is how last night ended – however only to be followed by one of my worst nights ever making it completely impossible to start a new FULL working day at Falck, because the weather was so heavy and sultry that it was simply impossible to fall asleep and even though I only slept with a small part of my duvet on me, it stuck to my body you know making it impossible to sleep and while I was KEPT AWAKE lying there, I could continue thinking about risking my own life together with having to work full time at Falck from the morning and to start writing an “impossible” memo of “more than 20 pages” at its most “critical” phase, which to me has always been when I have to get started structuring my many pages of lose ideas and notes and I tell you, this was NOT the funniest experience of my life and we know would I be able to go through it or would the darkness succeed to overtake me because I could not bear tiredness together with “impossible” work without letting the negative come through (?) and I decided to think that I have been in similar situations before and I will probably be kept on my extreme edge and when I have gone through these phases before, I will probably do the same with this one and also thinking that no matter what happens, my old rules still apply meaning that my special friends and I are still the best protected of all – they apply unless the darkness should “dig” me down so much that I could not maintain them – and I have the power to decide who will take on the burdens of this negativity and I decided that it will be the Universe beyond what I will be able to take on myself and we know this gave me some comfort because I believed that I should be able to do this no matter what happens from here. Finally I received what may be a few hours where my eyes were closed and I was not awake, but this is not the same as saying that I was “asleep” too because in the morning, I was the “worst Zombie” having to do my best for a full day.

Dreaming of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and NASA as examples of “organizations” surveilling me

When I had my eyes clothes and momentarily was without a woken conscience, I received these dreams:

  • I have accepted a job for the Investment company, I see my plastic folder including my CV and a picture of Shu-bi-dua in front of this, and I said that we will now get professional conditions and lift the mood, and I was told that the manager will appear on “Kontant” (a critical programme exhibiting the poor work of companies) on TV this evening and that he has received a summons.
    • I felt that this company of darkness is Falck, which may thinking of hiring me (?) and despite of the STRONG symbols of darkness of this company – I am going to exhibit them with my memo to the world, which Jesper may not become “happy” with, hence the symbol of darkness through the TV (!) – it is still with a SMILE because of what I do, hence the picture of Shu-bi-dua.
  • In my old apartment in Hørsholm I receive a short visit by a beautiful lady, who has moved in on the floor above and she says that we will be seeing each other in the morning, a man has borrowed a screw for my disc washer, which he is now installing again. There is painted white stripes randomly on the floor. I see people ringing a door with access from my apartment and they ask “where do you receive food from East Africa from” and I tell them try the restaurant located next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark and they can also always try NASA, where I see food being handed out from a window.
    • The lady is still the old nightmare, the disc washer screw may be about my “machine” cleaning darkness to light having been in “disorder” with the arrival of EXTREME amounts of darkness but now it is working again (?), and the dream is speaking about food FROM East Africa, which should be TO East Africa and when I woke up I felt that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NASA are examples of “organizations” surveilling me agreeing with and waiting for “normal life” of the world to come, hence the symbol of the restaurant bringing food and we know the dream could also be otherwise, but this is what I believe it is saying, so this is how it has to be today and we know I would much rather be absolutely sure but this is how life is at the moment.
  • Something about being willing to move rocks all over again, where the favourite colour of Obama is white where the favourite colour of two of us is light red.
    • This is about the accept of Obama to take over from me if I should not be able to come through this phase alive – and I wrote down in my notes that the time is now 02.43, “impossible to come through tomorrow without sleep and with sticking sweat all over”. From here I changed my duvet with first one and later two blankets, which did not stick to me, which gave me at least some “sleep”.
  • I am on a train in London, I am going to visit a singer and I ask someone to say that I love his music. We have three CD’s with us and visit an actor, who decides to give all of his presents away including books of the author Graham Greene and other. Something about not being allowed to make a phone call and that I will now receive a demonstration of a video and the actor tells me that we now have a competitor and that it is the most important to buy cheap and something about baker, buying and presents.
    • This is the train of suffering inside of our home, music is still “warm feelings” and here from a “poor” actor, which may be the feeling of my inner self putting this extreme suffering on me because the true message is coming through the symbol of Graham Greene, which is that he writes about “ambivalent moral and political issues of the modern world”, which is really what I am doing too – so an encouragement it is – and the video was yet again “old technology” (not a DVD/blue ray) referring to “old Universes” being transferred, which is where this “competitor” of darkness is coming from and we know but now the disc washer is working again, so just saying that “I can help” all of “us” to become LIGHT and HAPPY meaning that after the suffering of the baker – my “old nightmare” – I will receive the gift of all of us :-).

I have NEVER been so tired and feeling more Zombie going through an IMPOSSIBLE full working day, but I did it

This morning when I stood up at 07.00 as I normally do when going to Falck, I was you know feeling like an “extra” ZOMBIE and instead of starting to write the script today, I thought that I might as well meet at Falck at 08.00 – I have agreed for flexible meeting times – if I should have a “chance” to come through a full day, which you know seemed as impossible as it gets, and when I arrived at Falck it was with the feeling that I cannot handle this extra extreme tiredness, which it was, and still being able to go through the most difficult phase of producing a LONG memo, which for “other” people easily could have produced a “negative” word or thought but this is what I STILL have to avoid and really to fight what is still given to me trying to give me just these negative thoughts and feelings very actively, directly and strongly and let me put it like this: The first hour of work was the longest hour of all work I have ever done (!) making me think that seven more hours like this is TRULY impossible to do, but even though the next hour also was terrible to go through, I started feeling that the tiredness was “feeling” somewhat less and you know the old story about coming into some kind of rhythm (?), which is what I did and we know I was so tired that I hardly said a word but focussed on my work and I could hardly take any noise at all because of how I felt but Thomas was as usual speaking and joking, which I also heard people doing outside through the window – but after these two hours I started thinking that just maybe I would be able to come through this day too, so this is what I did.

I told Thomas from the morning what I was working on, that it required my concentration and that I would be happy if I could work on this without being disturbed by other tasks to which he said that he did not believe he had any “daily work” for me – do they depend on free work power to do their daily work here (?) – except from a potential drive this afternoon to which I again said that if he could not get any other, I would do it but I would be happy for him to do his best “trying” to find someone and we know the day went on, and I succeeded structuring ALL of my information of this +20 pages memo – almost to my surprise – and in the afternoon Thomas had “decided” to send me and Carsten – who is also in “work practise” from the Commune and he is doing a fine job as a “normal” employee at Falck working outside the office but also not receiving any salary (!) and for Falck he is free work power too, which also looks good on your budget, Jesper (?) – not one time but TWICE to Falck in Greve and we needed to be two people in one car, because Carsten was going to drive home a fire engine and tank wagon and we did not know why Lyngby needed this, which Thomas did not “think” about telling us, which he of course should have.

This is how I ended my first full working day at Falck also helping to “convince” Julia that I could work full time without any problems (!) and I worked for 7½ hours with 15 minutes of lunch break on top and we know no other breaks than this because you don’t need it (!) – and Thomas was inspired to say about a man polishing cars in the yard that “he polishes the cars himself, which means that we don’t need to help”, which was one example only of inspired speech today meaning that I take on so much of the darkness myself that “others” don’t need to help!

All day I received much darkness and discomfort, and with it also much orange, which is to say that this is the last part of the Source being transferred to me as the new Source.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Finally today the decision of the Danish Football Association came in the case against the football club of Lyngby and we know with the “expected” result that Lyngby was allowed to stay in the best division. They were NOT forced to relegation as a symbol saying that NO ONE of my special friends or myself is to be killed going through what I easily can call “impossible to come through” – I have NEVER been stretched so much before above what I thought was my ULTIMATE LIMIT.
  • Yesterday I received a “positive” answer from the “professional” head hunter Carsten H.G. from Target Headhunting, who had “browsed” through my application and CV; he sent me an email asking me to call him today – “Tak for tilsendte … ring gerne  efter kl. 930 i morgen !” as he wrote – to which I decided send an email asking him if he still wanted to speak to me after seeing my website – “Må jeg foreslå, at du kaster et blik på min hjemmeside først, som indeholder mit forfatterskab – https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com – og herefter meddeler mig, om du fortsat ønsker at tale med mig?” as I wrote – but somehow I did not receive an answer on this, so “bad luck” (?) and we know “just maybe” he did not believe in who I am not feeling it “worthwhile” to write to me again?
  • I also called the housing association of Borupgaard in Snekkersten in my lunch break at Falck (a private matter it was, where Thomas was using some of his Falck working time to do his own private work!) and I was told that the waiting time is up to one year for one of the small 1-room apartments there, but just maybe I will be “lucky” to receive an apartment before the 1st November, so I decided to write myself up at the waiting list at this association at 18.40 today also realising that this may take money away from LTO the next time (it costs 195 DKK) and that I prefer direct contact from people to people, but you never know and just maybe this is HELP coming to me from a dream some weeks ago by now?
  • Against all odds I decided to write this script when I returned home from Falck at 16.00 ending this “impossible” work day at 18.40 and I might add “one of the absolutely worst ever” because it was Zombie times three!
  • This evening again my strong feeling was that darkness was about to BREAK ME DOWN because it was working constantly against me also giving me the STRONGEST feeling of nervousness/dissolving together with high frequencies – other people of other civilizations of previous Universes and we know “far out in the country” is the feeling, Shubber, but you do know that it’s really the truth – and this feeling under my skin is as disgusting as it gets, and the darkness came so strongly to me again directly asking me to lift my rules not to protect my special friends and even though this was stronger than ever – again (!) – with the “feeling” that this could be the only thing helping me to be relieved from this desperate situation, which the darkness brought me – I was breaking down (!) – I decided that I WILL NOT CHANGE MY RULES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and after some time I was told that “you have just met the darkest being of all” and I was shown the creature of the movies “Alien” walking back from my living room to the hall (!) symbolising this the worst darkness ever, and this symbol is really an old “secret” I have hidden for a long time because I did not want to write about it because I don’t like to think of the darkness killing people as this creature does.


12th July: I am in “charge” of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service still bugging but also supporting me

Dreaming of being in charge of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service BUGGING me

Yesterday was certainly one of the absolutely worst of all days because of my sleep and built up exhaustion – extra extreme it was – and this night was “only poor sleep” making my day “only extreme” as you can see from the following, but first the dreams and still too many of them but let us see:

  • I have been hired as what is either the new Vice Admiral or Admiral– in the dream I am not quite certain which – at “Kastellet” (“the Citadel”), which is an old military facility in Copenhagen, and the man hiring me is the same man who previously has hired Kim S. (my good old “friend”, is that what you are, Kim?) and Torben S. (from Aon) in new high positions. It is the second time I have applied for this job with the first time being two years ago. I asked him how he recognized the connection between Kim S. and I (because of our many years working together) and he said that he noticed it through the same silver buckle on both of our shoes. He shows me around the fantastically beautiful premises – an old building with a high ceiling full of classical paintings etc. – and he tells me that he had no doubts that I could modernise and improve customer service everywhere. I am presented to all employees in a big meeting, where I feel the academic environment of people – “intelligence” (!) but also reluctance to change – and I tell them that I experience many traditions and chancellery at this place, and I receive the advise of the employees to “do things gently”, which is going against my desire. The meeting goes fine, and my manager has hired two female employees who gives me GIANT FRUIT BURGERS and also two leaflets of “manager conferences”, which they recommend me to attend and I think that I may be able to receive some professional knowledge from these but I also sense the danger of becoming “trapped” by a system of inefficient managers using their time on “everything and nothing” without really doing anything but still thinking that they are “important”. The first conference is on Thursday, where I need to wear a suit, which makes me feel uncomfortable because I am still too big to fit my suits. I see three politicians – one of them is the actor Peter Mygind – and I am surprised that they believe they know me and that I am one of them just because I have been hired for this job. Before I leave, I receive a very fine bottle of PORT by the employees, which I understand is of both very fine quality and also that it is not more than 128 DKK but still I believe this is WRONG to receive at work. The manager continues to show me around and we arrive at a big sports and fitness area and while we are inside of this modern facility, we look outside the window where we see a plane crashing into the harbour next to us, which generates a blast with so much water that it floods our building and we discover that our only way out is through a toilet at the basement, where I see a window from which I pull off the hinges to create an exit, which makes the other employee very satisfied.
    • I have been hired at one of the top positions of the Danish Navy at the premises of Kastellet, which also houses the Danish Defence Intelligence Service – “hello, how are you”? – which both is telling me that I am now in “charge” meaning that you have decided to SURRENDER to me :-), which is also the reason why I here give you some of the best music around by the best performer/singer of all to show you my gratitude for your UNDERSTANDING :-). The resistance of the employees to change may not only be about Falck where I am at the moment working to improve their discipline and work moral, but really how the world may react to me and to this I only have one comment: DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO and you will soon discover that THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER and that is to FOLLOW ME.
    • The dream introduces a new symbol through FRUIT, which may be the same as “fruit syrup”, which I don’t believe I have written about before (?), but this is a saying of the Devil also about ladies and my “old nightmare”, so this may be what it is about but also ANANAS’er (“pineapples”) if you remember this (?) and just saying that this is how all of us are on our way to Egypt to liberate the inside of me to become my new self when I will TRULY open up my eyes, and we know this is why Monrad & Rislund were talking about “jeg kan ikke åbn’ den” (“I cannot opn’ it”) in what is some of the most humorous people you can find out there and we know “Øl er Gud og Fad er vor”, which requires INSPIRATION and a SMILE to do :-).
    • The three politicians is course the Trinity – including Obama – and just saying that ALL OF US are with you and with a good sense of humour because of the game we are going through now, which may be that my life after all is not in danger (?) – I received PORT (!) and am at the harbour, which is my safe haven, which is part of the game and what was on my mind yesterday and just saying that I really don’t know (!) – but I do know that when I am given this nervousness of surviving or not it is generating the most energy helping the Universe the most, so this may be what it is about.
    • And finally the crashing of the plane is darkness “crashing” into me with so much water, i.e. suffering, that it “should have” drowned me – here taking away ALL OF MY ENERGY, which the sport centre is symbolising – but I am escaping because of my decision as the human being Stig to use the power of the Source, which was the only way out of my “old nightmare”, which you know is what the toilet is symbolising too – and so do you my “friends” at Kastellet (?) or “haven’t I been good to you” for you to find, read and understand this symbol somewhere else in my how many pages (?) – 3,000 or maybe 3,500 (?) and we know I don’t keep track, but you do (?) and who do you share it with (?) and the world you say and eeeehhhmmm very interesting but what I would like to ask you is for you as PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS to send money to my LTO friends to help them survive – do you think you have the “energy” to do this (?) and we know many questions you have about me also in this respect and yes the answer is that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and that is NO MATTER WHAT (!) because this is how Obama and I are born :-).
    • I woke up with the song “Natsværmer” by Lars HUG and the lyrics “Da du kom til mig Lille natsværmer, startede din vej væk Lille natsværmer, kun et kort sekund Lille natsværmer, hvor kærligheden brænder gør det altid ondt” – and this is from my favourite album of yours Lars as a solo artist and I LOVE YOUR PERFECTIONSM and brilliant music.
  • I am at Rungstedvej and something about blue flowers, which I will not promise for Karen because she makes me suffer incredibly when she is together with other men in weekends – I see her reading “Weekendavisen” (the weekend newspaper) and that is even though she would like to receive flowers from me, which makes me wonder if we will ever find together.
    • This is about the suffering of a man waiting on the love of his life – when you decide to focus on the good side of you and it really takes two in order doing the same in order to find each other and that is instead of continuing to be tempted and led by the darkness.
  • Something about “special Greek music” and later I see Richard Tandy playing the piano at a concert with Electric Light Orchestra and something about only every sixth note is made of a blue script, which only will be printed on special paper costing 1 DKK each, which we then decide to buy in order to read what will be printed. And later about a new and much better signal coming from the TV and temporary closing down for the blue signal.
    • The Greek music may be about “saving” the world from a Greek bankruptcy because this is still what I want, the blue script through Electric Light Orchestra may be about my thoughts and warm feelings generated to the world but you know still only 1/6 of all that is given and the TV of the darkness is changing but temporarily the blue signal of me has been closed down to bring out – and reduce more – darkness to the world.
    • When waking up I was given SEVERE feelings of “throw up” to continue writing a LONG memo at Falck, which I don’t have the energy or motivation to do feeling as bad as I feel and also because WRITING is worse than ever to do and also because I have really written everything of this memo before – in my scripts.

My “friends” at the Danish Defence Intelligence Service is
“preparing” to send me a message too (?), as “the Voice” tells me

And when I was finding the picture above of Katellet on the Internet, I received the FIRE BUG “message” again, which you know is about DARKNESS BUGGING me, so will you please stop doing this and start COMMUNICATING with me directly so I will “officially” know that you are with me, have faith in me and will support me, which you know would help my EXTRA EXTREME SUFFERING much – but this may be “too difficult” for you to do even though you could help me and the world?

When downloading a picture of the premises of the Danish Intelligence Service,
I received the picture of “FIRE BUG” again:

The Commune and Falck are “stealing” my energy and a normal salary herewith sending me directly to the Men’s Home!

I met at Falck at 08.00 again this morning continuing my work on the memo; I tell you it is NOT NICE to do but I have decided to do it despite of my suffering and I don’t know how long it will become but 30-40 pages is not unrealistic at the moment, so it may take some time to do.

Robert was on duty today – he has given up on his wife, they have now completely separated and he shakes his head saying that “I don’t know why” and we know COMMUNICATION Robert (?) – and he told me that he did not sleep before 04.40 this morning and when he woke up, his heart was giving a wrong beat, and we know you are receiving a little of the suffering I am given making you say that “I don’t have a life”, which you know Robert is what I could say but still you are so much better off than me!

I told Robert the same as Thomas that I would like to concentrate on my work doing this memo, which he also knows what is about and knows that he will receive a copy of, and DESPITE OF THIS at 12.00 I had to go to Greve to pick up Carsten there returning one of the engines of yesterday – Prip: I am not a “fedtegreve” anymore (my name is “Dragholm” and not “Dragsholm” as you told me in the 1980’s) but a “greve” after having been to Greve now three times, as I also told Robert and Christoffer also here shortly today giving big smiles all over 🙂 – to follow him to Ringsted for him to collect another engine and finally for me to go to Amager to collect the boat of Falck after repair because a colleague had punctured it “accidently” using a motor saw – showing you how close the ship of the Devil was to sink (termination you know) – so this is what I did and we know I told Robert that it is surprising that Falck has to rely on a “coolie like me” to do a part of their normal work, but their “central” is truly very busy as he told me (!) and what would you do if Carsten and I would not be there (?), would you have found other solutions instead or would you have given up doing your normal work (?) and just wondering I am.

And we know I had to answer the phone, listen to private talk of people in the office etc. and MANY THINGS trying to make this work of mine “impossible” to do, and Julia had to visit a “customer” of hers – thank you for listening, Julia – at the Men’s Home in Copenhagen, which is a hostel for homeless people and we know she noticed just how dirty people of this place are, and I was told that this is where the Commune (ordering me against my wishes) and Falck (misusing me without giving me a salary) are sending me and yes yes yes how do you believe I should be able to get somewhere to live having to work for both of you taking away energy and not giving me a salary to find a place to live?

When working, I still had the darkness to fight and very much tiredness making it a PAIN – but lower than yesterday – and in periods it is still the most TUFF ever (!) for example when I was with Carsten in the car, where the darkness gave me a throw up feeling and did everything possible to get me from speaking to him and NOT easy to fight this without being trapped by it.

BRF Kredit could not use a “coolie like me”

As expected I received a rejection from BRF Kredit when applying the job with them a couple of weeks ago – and as they said they have chosen other applicants to continue with and you did not understand that I told you the truth that I would be the best of all candidates (?) and we know another example of people NOT reading and understanding but doing POOR work!

Finally at 19.30 today I published the last four days of scripts, which I TRULY had NOT expected to be able to do before the weekend and we know my head is feeling extremely heavy but I am feeling light, the yellow of the Universe, Gold and Orange inside of it and yes WE ARE SETTLING DOWN :-).

And finally, finally: Thank you Gordon Brown for telling your story of the Sunday Times using illegal surveillance trying to incriminate you. MAY THE WORLD LISTEN AND LEARN “HOPING THAT THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR BETTER” to stop this MADNESS.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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