July 16, 2011: The Source is waking up and integrating all previous Universes into ONE and also turning the world


Summary of the script today

13th July: The darkness of some LTO friends, the Commune and Falck is killing me without a chance to escape!

  • Dreaming of the darkness of some LTO friends, the Commune and Falck is killing me without a chance for me to escape (!) – which I of course will not accept, Elijah again losing faith in me because of the voice of his wife – you cannot have faith in me if you don’t read and understand me (!), the process of receiving previous Universes continues and they arrive with LOVE, Angie and Rikke H. on their road towards me on the other side, start writing off debts of the world on your way to the New World Order, my mother’s WRONG doings telling her close friends the WRONG story about me is what is directly bringing my “old nightmare” very “close to me” – one of my favourites you know – and the Cure, mother, is for you NOT to gossip wrongly about me but to succeed motivating Sanna to read and understand me – how often do I have to tell you before you will understand?
  • Falck are gradually starting to receive new and better habits for example learning to put back the ring binders on place after use! The extreme negative voices and tiredness decreased somewhat and I started receiving more positive and happy voices again because I am becoming BLUE all over – myself! – which includes the previous Universes coming back to life, back to reality through me. I am writing my memo – in BIG pain just writing it – to Falck on how to improve as direct as I write my scripts, which may mean that I will first deliver it at my last day there to avoid any negative actions from people potentially misunderstanding me before they will appreciate what I have done.

14th July: The Source is waking up and integrating all previous Universes into ONE and also turning the world 🙂

  • Dreaming that the Source is waking up all previous Universes to life and that I am not going to become eliminated myself while doing it – celebration in the FINEST Champagne and the best wine of history because we are gathering everything ever made, our world is turning into our future place bringing our spiritual and physical beings on the same instead of opposite positions, Karen is “believing” and this time the girls if going to stay”, the Source confirming to be the “being” creating the darkness from out of which our Universe was created meaning that I will have to be the “pearl of the oyster” of this Universe, the hosts of Top Gear symbolising the Trinity shows that my mother will pour the “juice” of the Source through me to the world and that I am now suffering “all over” because of my “old nightmare” being stronger than ever but still I continue doing impossible work, I am warned about “extreme extreme” suffering coming, people around me having plenty of money but still they feel it is “hard times”, I am sitting on the elephant because I am the Source.
  • I continued working on the NIGHTMARE of an invoice process of Falck checking many sources of information impossible to match together as a symbol of how difficult it is to match together all information of all Universes into ONE Universe as we do now, but I am coming through this work too as all Universes are. This is the same as when Luke Skywalker in Starwars put an end to the darkness of the Empire! I was HAPPY to see Robert STRONG, a true leader and energising him brining back his good values as he has now also started energising me :-).

15th July: The spirit of my mother, the master mind of our New Universe, confirms the merge of previous Universes

  • Dreaming of the U.S. holding back from communicating with me because they don’t want to be the first country – PLEASE PUT AWAY YOUR “OLD SCHOOL” AND CONTACT ME AS ANY HUMAN BEING NORMALLY WILL DO ALSO TO HELP REDUCING MY SUFFERING – please (?), the spirit of my mother was the master mind of New Universe and confirms that previous Universes have now been merged as part of us for an eternal future to come, my sister and her husband cannot remove the darkness of Tobias before they will read and understand me – she may now be the one of the family “responsible” to talk “sense” to me (!!!) – and more threats of my old nightmare but also the spirit of my mother thanking me for not using the language of the Devil when going through the darkest darkness of all, which would not have been “good”.
  • A building was hit by the lightning recently setting out its ABA alarm making them order fire guards from Falck instead, which is almost making Robert “mad” of stress because of the difficulties finding people for all of these guards, which made him shout out “CHRIST” and yesterday “JESUS CHRIST” just as I experienced with Dahlberg in 2008 and a lady at the 2nd floor of Magasin du Nord five years ago because this is where Shu-bi-dua says Jesus was born :-). This is another symbol of the extreme difficulties merging previous Universes without losing some of it to the darkness. The fire manager of Falck Lyngby spoke “confidentially” to Christoffer about the “poor management and effort” of Falck when trying to put out the fire of the Lyngby Youth School the 3rd July. They did not THINK, COMMUNICATE AND DECIDE PROPERLY, which was the reason why the fire unnecessary spread to and burned out class rooms at ground level, which is to symbolise that POOR behaviour and work moral of people made it a true HELL to merge previous Universes with ours.
  • The spirit of my mother has started cleaning the surface of me, which is making the darkness around me with extreme force trying to carry out the old nightmare to get rid of her, which was difficult to escape from today, but we did it once again. Will my mother truly become the leader of the entire world???

16th July: The Horseman in Cairo in February WAS the horseman of death, I will now arrive on my white horse

  • Dreaming of Obama receiving ideas and speech directly from the Source inside of me, I am receiving darkness from China, which Obama is working on to get over on our side, the horseman of the Apocalypse in Cairo in Egypt WAS the horseman of death – we were facing termination (!) – which now will be replaced by my arrival on the white horse symbolising victory of the world.


13th July: The darkness of some LTO friends, the Commune and Falck is killing me without a chance to escape!

Dreaming of the darkness of some LTO friends, the Commune and Falck is killing me without a chance to escape!

My sleep this night was as the previous still making me very tired today – and still too many dreams:

  • I am in Africa, where I am going to unload garbage at a garbage location belonging to a gangster. I have borrowed the entrance card of my friend John, which however does not give me access to unload garbage, which is the reason why a black man of the gang approaches me and he decides to bother me with a knife because he is in the mood and time to do this and I tell him that “you have done this before, I have to keep on moving and Jane’s gang will be here between 5 and 6”, but when I leave in my car, I discover that it does not drive quickly and the gang has not inserted a GIANT BLACK MAN, who is invincible and he catches my car every time I escape him and now he wants to kill me, and I don’t stand a chance against him.
    • I am unloading garbage of the darkness, which is both with you my friend John in Kenya – did you know that you are killing me because you suffer so much and don’t have the “time” to continuously support me to help me against the darkness (reading/communicating with me) and I have not heard from you for almost three months now I believe but still you have “time” to receive my money – and the darkness is also with the Commune as the dream says directly referring to Jane and also to Falck because I went with Carsten from Falck to “Jættevej” (“GIANTroad”) in Ringsted yesterday but despite of all of this resistance of people NOT THINKING AND DOING WHAT YOU SHOULD DO, I have NO plans to getting killed, but I sure would like to hearing from John again and for Falck and the Commune to do what is right instead of commanding with and misusing me.
  • I am together with a black man, who does not have faith in me because of the voice of his wife not believing in me, I go with the man to the church, where he receives a bible and I see that miraculous smoke is coming out of both the bible he holds and the bible, which the priest holds and I tell him “look at the bible coming out directly from the bible – it is a sign for you”.
    • When I woke up it was with the clear feeling that this is about Elijah again having “difficulties” to keep his faith in me because you don’t read as much as you should, Elijah (?) and because you don’t share my scripts with your wife as I recommended you to do while I was living with you in Kenya in 2009 and how many times have I told you that you NEED to read, to have faith in me – ask Meshack (!) – and if you do not, it is “too wild” to believe that I am indeed the one that “he claims” he is. This is the sickness of the rich world, which you have also been infected by. Please remember this lights at your hedge, which we saw together in 2009, this should really be all you need to understand that I am the miracle, which will help you out of your misery – this is what I am doing, trust me – but please BE PATIENT. Will you please continuously “help” Elijah and the team to understand, Meshack – in order for all to keep your faith, and to do what is SIMPLE LOGIC to do, which is to keep reading and communicating with me.
  • I enter a church a Sunday evening and I am told that prayer is the only thing I am “allowed” to do at this time, it is a big church and I see a few people sitting on chairs including a mother and a beautiful daughter, who I like to look at, but I decide to move up to the stage together with an egg, and I see Fuggi arriving, he has brought several cassette tapes, which he has recorded with music of OMD and several others, however only in MP3 quality.
    • Prayer and “faith” is important for me to come through this phase, the nice young lady is again my “old nightmare”, the egg is creation and Fuggi is here arriving as his old self from a previous Universe, which the “old technology” of the cassette tapes symbolises, which together with “poor MP3 quality” also may be to tell that these Universes were not as developed as the one we are living in now but also that our previous selves are arriving with love, i.e. the music, coming out of the darkness, which is where they were “hidden” after being terminated many years ago.
    • I woke up to “Lili Marlene” by Marlene Dietrich, which may be to give another link to my past as a “famous German”.
  • My old friend Angie meets an interested Fuggi on her way towards me, she will visit a Hi-Fi store on her way. At Helsingør Station, a small store is selling fillet of fish together with “ordinary” accompaniment, but Rikke H. asks if she can get rice instead, which a fish chef has recommended.
    • Angie and Rikke H. could have been “temptations” for me, but the truth is that I have not really been interested in any of them as a “girlfriend” and here the dream is therefore NOT about my “old nightmare” but about two of my “special friends” approaching me – the fish in Helsingør is me at my new home of the New Universe – on their road towards the other side.
  • My old colleague Anja from Aon is putting through a call from the Commune, who asks me many questions including the value of a home and I understand that they believe I am not crazy based upon their control questions but also that this decision was on “the edge” and I see a school teacher on his way back to class and I ask him if I can ask a question, which is alright and then I ask him if it is possible to take out insurance covering more than the outstanding balance, and it is apparently “impossible” to answer this but finally I am given the answer “Portugal” and that it is indeed possible even though the answer is given as sticky small balls on a game board, which are “not nice” but can be eaten and I feel that it was the insurance company and not me which misunderstood the answer to the question – it is possible to cover more than the outstanding balance.
    • So is this finally what the Commune has decided about me, that I am not crazy (?) and here the teacher may be my inner self giving the message to the world that you can take out insurance covering the outstanding balance of what you owe including future debts and we know I got the feeling that the world is going through an “impossible” task (as I am too at the moment, this is the connection) to recover the economy – look at Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy to take examples of CRAZY people running CRAZY economies (!) – and until you will decide to introduce my New World Order including to cancel all debts of the world, you can only do your best, but the answer is to be brave starting to change to a new world and that includes to WRITE OFF debts and do it in a responsible and controlled way as part of the road to build the New World Order.
  • In my school class my mother is handing out porn videos to keep up the turnover of small communities, and I see a few men and also Michella receiving videos but my answer is that I don’t want to see this anymore. Later I am told about a pub, which is not the pub of the Espergærde shopping centre but a pub, which my mother visited together with two of her friends, who have now made a fine review of the visit to the newspaper of Politikken.
    • This is the “old nightmare” as clear as I allow it to get in a dream I write down, and you may remember that Michella (from Fair) was my old temptation from real life and also that she is “another part of my mother” (?) and this is given to me because my mother cannot control her feelings and desire to tell her close friends about me (!) and the it does not matter if you speak the objective truth as I have told you or your WRONG and NEGATIVE story about me, which is what your head is full of (?) – which the friends then gossip about to their family and friends – and I have given you the solution now many times which is for you to succeed getting Sanna to start reading and understanding me and we know it is INCREDIBLE so “impossible” it is for you to understand me and just how much it takes also of your suffering to come through this phase.

I am writing my memo – in BIG pain – to Falck on how to improve as direct as I write my scripts

Again today I met at 08.00 at Falck, where I met three smiling and joking ”gentlemen” in Thomas, Robert and Jesper, and I was HAPPY to see that someone had put the ring binders nicely back on place after I NOW many times have told them to put back the binders on place after use – yesterday they looked a mess once again – which should be simple logic for all to do and I told Robert, who did it after understanding what I told yesterday, that “I am happy to tell you this instead of having to punk you”, which in due turn made Robert tell me that he was happy for me to notice a small detail as this.

So do what is right and you will make people happy and when you do what is wrong, you will make them sad – this is what I have told you all along and it is AS SIMPLE AS THIS, which should be EASY for the world to understand, don’t you believe “my friend” Obama (?) and we know with a little bit of magic, we are sure that the world will turn around and we know the VERY HEAVY AND SLOWLY COMPREHENDING WORLD of today.

Today I worked on the memo all day long, it was VERY difficult to work the first 1-2 hours but discipline helped me again and it was EXTREMELY difficult to keep writing the whole day because this is both mentally and physically impossible work to do because of how I feel and now also just to have the strength to keep writing with my hands physically hurting me more and more.

I still received some negative voices and they can still be extreme making me nervous even though I do my best to “overrule” this incredible strong feeling, but I have also started receiving more smiles and positive talk including “welcome home, you are the sum of everything”, which is including our previous Universes and I understood that I am working harder than expected/agreed some time ago, which is making me come through this phase somewhat quicker.

I have received MANY songs the last couple of days most of them about my ”old nightmare”, which I have decided not to include but today I received “summer breeze” by Isley Brothers, which “makes me feel fine” and I thought that this is a true SOUL song and at lunch I met Søren – a new man from the Commune – who has worked as a “blue man” (a handyman) for more than 30 years and he was completely dressed in blue today, which I then could not help smiling about because I AM ALL BLUE, which is you know my colour as Stig and the feeling of ALL OF ME RETURNING TO MYSELF ALIVE and I was given the symbol through Johnny when he said that the new Falck IT-system to order clothes should be working now but as a precaution he would like to keep the old order forms until he will return from holiday in some weeks where after he will throw them out, which you know was about our New Universe now together with all of the previous Universes, which should be working now, but as a matter of precaution we will still keep my old self for now so I wonder when I will truly open up the eyes of my new self unless this is what I am gradually doing already, which may be the answer you know and we know in line with people of the world receiving faith in me.

I have decided to write the memo to Falck as direct as I have written my scripts NOT to offend anyone but to help them understand the best way possible how to improve, but I start to realize that I may decide first to deliver this work when I will stop because their potential misunderstandings of it to start with may be so strong that they don’t want to have me around and that is until they will truly OPEN up and UNDERSTAND that this is the ONLY way not only to change Falck, but to change the world and so it is 🙂 – I receive much happiness here from ALL OF MY SPIRITUAL FRIENDS including those dressed in BLACK now, which you know is my mother first of all. And I knew, understood and felt today that I am “only a tool” writing the STRONGEST “feelings” of my inner self to help the world the best – this is how I write this memo and this is how I decided to write my scripts, but you know I could equally as well have decided to be a “mother’s darling” – because I am as weak as I am strong (!) – which would truly have made me my “mother’s darling” bringing the end of the world to everyone, so glad I am that I decided to go directly to the throat of the darkness and that is at least “most of the time”, because a few times I decided to hold a little bit back not to provoke the darkness to do what it should not do (remove my writings from the Internet!) and we know a “formula” given to me by a “magician” – MY TRUE INNER SELF also working all of the time through me, which is given here to me with both a question and punctuation mark because this is what I believe is the case and also saying that “a smile is the shortest distance between two people”, thank you Victor and we know YOU WERE BRILLIANT TOO as I am telling him as he now is blinking back to me in a vision :-).

And it also brings me in another difficult situation because I have told them and written on my action plan that I will deliver this memo “in good time before the end of July” but this was before I became aware as the HUMAN Stig of what I was about to do – to be as DIRECT as this – but you know this may be the only way out because if I deliver it before I leave the 5th August, they may want to ask me to leave before the end (!), which would not be well received by the Commune, who would also misunderstand me (!) and we know I don’t want my cash help to be taken from me and my LTO friends and we know THIS IS WRONG TO DO but I do believe this is what I will do because the WORLD BEHAVES WRONGLY and we know “the best to do under the circumstances” but I am NOT glad about it!

I ended writing today at 18.00 after having written the full day and I am still working well over my limit – because of how I feel – which is a level I cannot continue working at, which we will see how it will work out in the days and weeks to come.

During the evening one of the things I was told was that “we are impressed that you have decided to carry on and NOT to stop us, but to grant us FULL and UNLIMITED access” – I could have stopped this process also to save myself some time ago (!) – and I had really decided not to bring this quote, but some historians in a few thousand or millions of years or whatever you will call a “new time” in the “future” may think this is nice to receive too (?) and I am only sorry that I am TRULY not able to describe to you how my inner world and feelings around me is “most of the time” – the SPIRITS are REALLY creative WITHOUT limitations which is IMPOSSIBLE to describe – but my best is what I tried to give you and that is at least under the circumstances.


14th July: The Source is waking up and integrating all previous Universes into ONE and also turning the world 🙂

Dreaming of the Source waking up previous Universes and celebrating in the best wine ever made in history

My sleep was the same and my days as impossible as before and this is really a step up in general in suffering, which is not only on my extreme edge, but pass it, and when I don’t have more to give again, I will probably come in the situation as one of the dreams say below:

  • I am sitting on a lawn outside Svingelport in Helsingør together with my old colleague Steen P. (from GEFI). I invite him inside at the finest restaurant imaginable and we are now in France. We are sitting together with the CEO of the finest Champagne producer drinking a fine wine, and I tell him about a commercial in an American magazine claiming that they produce even finer “Champagne” than the house of the Champagne house of the CEO, which clearly is not true and the CEO says that he is aware of this. I look over at another table where I see four people drinking the most unique wine in history – nothing above it – which are lined up one after the other, and they start with a white wine from 1890, which is followed by a red wine of 1772 and they continue with vintages of the 15th century all the way back to the 12th century, but it is difficult to tell the exact vintage because in French the vintage which is shown on the bottle is the vintage of the cask when you turn the cask 90 degrees. I also notice that this table, which is as unique as it gets, is drawing attention from other tables too. I pay the bill after dinner and receive a cut off bird head, which is the finest possible delicacy, which I somehow return to the female waiter, which she hands over to the male head waiter and she says that this is the Source self, and I see him hanging my bird head in a closet together with other bird heads, which is changed into gold during the evening. After my payment I walk out of the restaurant and sit down on the lawn next to Steen and I notice that I have both my purse and bag.
    • This the finest restaurant in the world is located at the same place as the dream where my old friend Lars G. appeared in some weeks ago (?), where old houses vanished – a little bit to the left of where the discotheque is located – and as I understand the symbols, they are about “not being dismissed” because Steen was the only employee I dismissed when working for GEFI in 2001/02 and here I am back with him, the FINEST Champagne is about celebration, the US “competitor” may be about “resistance” to me from “somewhere”, the four others drinking the best wines of history is the Trinity with the Son divided into both Obama and I, the finest wine ever is to say that we are now gathering EVERYTHING WHICH HAS EVER BEEN MADE – “difficult to opn’ it”, it is/was – and bird head may be “termination of freedom”, which is to say that I am not going that way myself (!) but we are now transforming all life of all Universes into Gold (“creation”) and we know first we survived the 7th May, then we created “one” new Universe and now we are finalising the “wake up” and integration of all previous Universes and my ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT easy work to do and do you believe in me when I tell you that being over the edge does not cover how I feel when working, but then again I am becoming used to be at this “even more extreme level”, so maybe I can continue doing all of my work satisfactory, which you know is the best way to keep away the “bad guy” from trying to hurt me again.
    • The “difficult” to read vintages and the turn of the wine casks tells me that the whole world is turning back into place and that is our FUTURE and MUCH anticipated place where our spiritual and physical world will no longer be “opposite” worlds – happiness/energy etc. one place bringing sadness/lack of energy to the other and vice versa – but where we will all be “plusses” as the preparation to unite our worlds into ONE UNIVERSE in the future and we know because this is what I decided to do instead of following the evil agenda of the darkness, which is what almost all family, friends, ex-colleagues, the system tried to force me to do and we know I WILL TEACH YOU instead of you FORCING me!
    • I woke up to a SPECIAL song, which is “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond – which I am sure Karen’s daughter Caroline will agree in since I played and dedicated it to her in 2004 – and the lyrics “Oh, sweet Caroline, Good times never seem so good”, which just may be what her spirit is telling me because of the progress so far – and still when I wrote down this dream at 00.30 I also wrote that “it is difficult now” – because of the extreme PRESSURE of the darkness CONSTANTLY on me – and I was told “three days left” and also “one Universe left”.
  • I woke up to another beautiful song “I Just Cant Help Believing” by Elvis – we are at the TOP with these songs 🙂 – and I was given the feeling that the lyrics “This time the girl is going to stay” is about Karen “believing” with the view for us to get together and half awake I was told as “new” lyrics over this song “wont you tell this sweet child of mine that this Lord is nothing new”, which is because for weeks I have been thinking about the origin of the Source – if he indeed originated from the darkness of nothing of this “Universe” or from a previous Universe “levels” above us with the Source being something completely different, “to be”, and the Source “planting” the darkness of nothing from out of which this Universe has been created and I have NOT been able to tell myself with different “arguments” for both and here I was told that the Source is the “being” above us and this may be the same as saying that I was the “pearl inside of the oyster” of this Universe (?) – which I have been thinking about as an opportunity for a long time, which this says just may be the truth.
  • I am at a conference about cars held by the Top Gear hosts Jeremy, Richard and James, which will last until Friday. At a break I see all attendants putting forward their glasses on the table for Jeremy to pour Orange juice into, my mother is collecting the glasses and in one of the glasses I see what may be a bivalve at the bottom of it and my mother turns the glass, which means that Jeremy becomes wet all over, but despite of this, he continues his teaching at the conference. The next morning I see TV-journalists participating, but they are lazy and don’t “feel” like appearing on TV today. At a break I am together with the host James, I order coffee and James takes sugar, which makes me tell him that there are MANY opportunities to get different kind of sugar, which I order at the female waiter, which creates the biggest smile ever.
    • The three hosts symbolise the Trinity with Jeremy being me, they are speaking about “cars” – I will drive “ONE” of them soon, which you know is an old favourite of mine too 🙂 – the orange juice is still the Source, my mother will pour this Source of mine into the glasses of the world but right now she is also having darkness inside of her – coming from the Universe, my other friend you know – which is what the “bivalve” is about (my “old nightmare” and that is as direct as it gets) and this is truly what is making me “wet all over”, which you know is SUFFERING the worst for the longest time but to you Billy and all others, I cannot see how I should lose this one because NOTHING is going to be stronger than me forcing me to become evil against my wishes, and I am continuing my work as impossible as it is as Jeremy is showing here, and James who is “one of the two others” is giving me coffee, which still is “warm feelings” and sugar is a new symbol, which we have not places yet but “sweet” is and let us say “sweet child o’ mine”, which truly also is INCREDIBLE music :-).
  • I am flying as I please in the airport, where I see Leonard Cohen arriving, I ask him if I may shake his hand, which I do even though he is busy doing a show called “warmth to the world”. I am together with Kim S. and others, I do somersaults, and I see my self as Superman now driving down almost vertical train rails, which is the most difficult I have ever done, the rails are sparkling and it is almost impossible to bear despite of being Superman – I receive extreme pa – and I understand that this tour down is what I need to do in order to arrive on time.
    • I thought about the other day how sad I was that I did not get to see Leonard Cohen live in Copenhagen in 2008 I believe – this is why he is here too and we know a TRUE AMBASSADOUR and GENTLEMAN.
    • The dream tells about what may be extreme extreme suffering (?) coming to end this phase (?), which may be when my mother and sister – who returned home yesterday I believe from her holiday – will start speaking about me and thinking what to do about me?
    • When I wrote down this dream, I was shown yellow from the Universe all over me and asked with a kind voice if I will try to go through this suffering too, which may be the worst of everything coming – this was the feeling.
    • I was given the song “video video” by Brixx as another symbol of “previous Universes”.
  • I am at the head office of Danske Bank, I have almost no money on my account. Something about a chance to win tickets to Slangerup inn this evening, but I return to school and play football against my old class friend Christian G. and I tell him that “you know I will win” – even though I know he is one of the best players – and I see myself winning by 5 to 0.
    • I am saving again this month, don’t buy anything for myself at cafes etc., not a burger, pizza, coffee, ice cream etc. and no clothes etc. – and I have less than 200 DKK for the rest of the month.
  • A customer at Danske Bank asks me to check the balance of his loan account, which I do but I cannot find it but I ask him if the account is established in a constructed social security number, and again I see that I don’t have much money. My sister’s husband’s brother Lars receives 30,000 DKK in cash, which “just” makes it possible for him to “make it” – his business is not going well, and I see that my sister is happy to see me “below Finns” (this is what my notes say?) while I play a beautiful but short song of unknown Greatest hits no. 2 by Eurythmics.
    • This may be a reference to another part of me from a previous Universe – “constructed” number, people around me seems to have MUCH of money, but the times are not that great at the moment, Lars – wondering here we are – and I have ALWAYS thought about well known bands making HIT SONGS, which have never been published and this may be the cultural inheritance coming from our previous selves symbolised by these unknown but fantastic songs by Eurythmics.
  • I see what looks like dinosaurs of the sizes of rhinos running around the legs of big elephants, I grab the trunk of one elephant and is hoisted up to sit on the neck of it, and I feel that the elephant is female and it is trying to move its head and give me small “bites” in the fingers and then I see that the elephant has learned to turn around the front end making its head face towards me and when it does this, I stroke my hands around the head of it, which it likes much but it is only able to stay in this position for a short period of time and after returning to normal position, the stomach has pressured very much together making me think that this has to be potentially lethal to it.
    • I “almost” felt my mother in this elephant, which is one of the old and CLEAR symbols of the Trinity and it is probably to do with my mother being made in Gold these days, which is not easy and quite dangerous to do but we know the plan is to go through this phase too. I am sitting on the elephant because I am the elephant (!), the dinosaurs will have to be “previous versions” of us arriving through the Source too.
    • I woke up to the song “nothing compares 2U” by Sinead O’ Connor and the lyrics “where did I go wrong”, which I was told was about my mother believing and what she thinks, or may come to think (?), about her wrong actions in relation to me.

Leonard Cohen on his ““warmth to the world” tour.
“Ring the bells”, “there is light in everything”
– more than ever 🙂

It is a NIGHTMARE to match the invoices of many sources of Falck, because this is how difficult it is to merge all Universes

Today at Falck I worked all day going through more information of the invoices of 2010 – emails from Robert to the head office asking them to invoice customers etc. – and I thought this would become easy to do today but I had not expected that today also potentially could develop into a nightmare, and I received the worst negative speech and DIRTY talk about my nightmare when I STILL could not get what I believe is five different sources of information match, which was almost making me GIVE up and my situation desperate with the darkness waiting for this, but instead of giving up, I decided that I had to make my own detailed specification and go through all information of all sources – as “all Universes” you know, this is the symbol here (!) – once more and my friends when there are errors, carelessness and poor work of the people in Lyngby asking the head office to send out invoices and when you have the same attitude of the people at the head office, I tell you that it is a NIGHTMARE to do and also because doing ACCOUNTS is not what is written as my primary competences and field of interest (!) but I decided that this was necessary to do – and I like doing it when first starting and working in detail (!) – and the kind of errors I discovered during the day was SCREAMING TO HEAVEN (!) and we know another place of where the darkness tried to find a crack in order to eliminate the world and we know EVERYWHERE that is (!) – and after this, I still received dirty talk the rest of the day through “inspired” speech of others having double meanings – but less myself – but we know I did not care, I have decided to do this work, so this is what I am doing.

Today I was also HAPPY to see that I am recovering Robert’s old values of how to work, keep tidy etc. based on what is SIMPLE LOGIC and we know I am HAPPY to see when he is STRONG as today – he has what it takes to LIFT PEOPLE and more than Jesper (!) – and yes I asked him if he feels better and he told me that he is and I do understand that he decided to take a DECISION not to be sad and down and that was to LIVE instead of dying and we know this was also on the road for me to help this man doing – and I do believe he is beginning to SEE THE LIGHTS also in terms of work when I talk of what is RIGHT to do, what I write of and when I energise and lift him doing this – despite of being more dead than alive – which is also energising and helping me when he is agreeing with and supporting me strongly :-), and SEE THE LIGHTS is my favourite song of the album and one of my favourites of all of your songs, Jim & Co., and I am really only awakening what is on the inside of all people, this is my job and my destiny is to do it while suffering the most in the world because the darkness is not very keen to improve and we know to see the lights, but this is where we are all headed.

We will all SEE THE LIGHTS, which includes all SIMPLE MINDS of the world
– this is a BIG favourite of mine

There were a couple of symbols too today, for example when Carsten spoke of me being in the “fører trøje” (“leader jersey”), which was about my previous life as Hitler (the “Führer”) and also that I am really in the lead facing this “out of league” darkness these days.

During my lows today, when the darkness was at its strongest and I was the closest to giving up trying to make the numbers match, I was breaking down again wondering if this would be the end of the world – this is how STRONG the darkness makes me feel – and when I was on top and in control as I was between 99 to 100 percent of the time (!), I was also hearing the signature tone of the Star Wars movies and feeling myself as Luke bringing the final end to the Empire (of darkness), which was a melody I was also given during the night so this is what we are doing now – not easy, but good to do my friends :-).

So the day was a mixture of the darkness doing its “worst” – and the weather is very cold and MUCH rain this week, which I was told is another symbol of “impossible” times – but when Robert whistled the HAPPY song “kan du få for en krone” from the best CHRISTMAS CALENDARD ever “Jullerup Færgeby”, I could not help smiling because when going through the absolutely worst, you will find the absolutely best on the other side, so we are still on our way :-).

Conclusion of the day: Extreme patience and deciding to work slower instead of quicker – because of how I feel – going against all of the desire of the darkness to do the opposite was what also “saved” me today. This is THE name of the game.

Ending the day with this short story:

  • I was home at 16.15 – working until 20.10 today – where I started writing this script despite of wanting to relax you know and I switched on the Tour de France on TV, which first now is starting to become exiting when starting the mountain stages and as last year it is about Contador and now TWO Schleck brothers and – for days really – the Danish commentators have been speaking inspired, thus also today for example when they said “gold medal, cup and flowers to Jens Voigt”, which was from the spirit of my mother to me (!) and you have noticed Contador’s injury as Nadal at Wimbledon also had an injury – both are symbols of me – but despite of this, they are doing their absolutely best as I am too and when Frank Schleck drove from the field at the final stage today several times, the commentator said about Contador that he cannot drive after everything and that it is like “knives in the back on him” what the Schleck brothers do and this is what you see (not that much) these days when I simply have no more energy to keep on working, which gives me knives in my back as you saw the other day when I needed the power of the Source and EVERYTHING to keep away my old nightmare – and they said that the “summer party in France has now seriously started” – celebration – and more than this, really also to say to you Bryan that you are still at the top of my list too :-).


15th July: The spirit of my mother, the master mind of our New Universe, confirms the merge of previous Universes

Dreaming of the spirit of my mother as the master mind of our New Universe confirming the merge of previous Universes

Another night and feeling somewhat better but you know “good” is NOT the right word to use but “better” – and here are ALL of the dreams once more:

  • The U.S. Defence Minister Rumsfeld has arrived to Denmark and I ask him if he knows about who I am, which he confirms that he does. He puts his arm very uncomfortable on my neck and chest and the way he speaks to me has been prepared, which I tell him and also to remove his hurting arm from me, he understand Danish and both of our wives are working in the insurance business with a past in banking. Our conversation is broadcasted live on television, which Lars from Falck overhears, which makes him angry. His girlfriend tells Lars to send a fax for Rumsfeld to return to tell about his plans and something about reading law.
    • This will have to be about the official USA knowing about me but because you don’t have the courage to stand forward as the first country – who should be the first is a “discussion”, which is more important for you (?) – you are making me suffer much as you can tell from the dream and I ASK YOU TO DO WHAT IS THE RIGHT HUMAN THING TO DO AND TO FORGET ALL ABOUT YOUR RULES AND “OLD SCHOOL” EDUCATION. Send me an email saying that WE ARE HAPPY TO BE ALIVE for example and a smile and I will send you a smile back and THIS IS ALL WHAT IT TAKES, do you want to help me and the world (?) and if this is the case, please DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND PLEASE DO IT NOW and this is an encouragement not only to USA – Obama is waiting for you too (!) – but ALL COUNTRIES of the world and we know SHOW SOME GUTS and don’t be chickens my ladies and gentlemen!
  • I am walking in the forest in Norway together with Marianne K. (from GEFI, Norway), I am with a male friend and she is with a female (“doppelgangers”) and she is telling me about her work as an Insurance Broker, which impresses me, but when I ask what she tells private and business customers when it comes to how Brokers differ from Insurance Companies, she gives a poor answer and I advise her to say that the difference is that as Broker, she is responsible for the design of the Insurance program herself, and she tells me that the forest for an eternity is mine. We are walking towards the house of my old friend Lars G., which is a nice holiday cottage, and it is like visiting an actor.
    • Marianne is here the spirit of my mother in disguise, Norway is suffering, the forest is “my home and origin” and this dream is really saying that the spirit of my mother is responsible for setting up our new world (the new insurance program) – well done, my mother 🙂 – and here she is confirming that the forest is secure including our old doppelgangers and that is for an eternity. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED :-).
  • Hans wants to remove the illegal television programs from Tobias television and together with Sanna they are disconnecting TV stations at the plug behind the television, but Tobias tells them that he is using his private laptop to watch, which makes it impossible to remove the TV stations and Hans and Sanna there have to recreate the TV stations. Sanna calls me and tells me that dreams are not given spiritually and therefore I don’t receive any messages, which makes me think that it is fine for me to document this in my book, which she is not reading and she was she would easily have discovered the hundreds of connections between dreams and real life.
    • This dream will have to be about Tobias being in the darkness – the TV – because of my sister and as long as my sister does not understand me, she cannot disconnect the darkness from Tobias, so I wonder when she will get the “time” to start reading and understanding.
    • Will it be my sister’s “responsibility” to talk “sense” into me because my mother has tried in “vain” (?) and you are welcome, Sanna, but my recommendation will be for you to READ and UNDERSTAND the truth and LISTEN to the feelings “given” to you!
    • I woke up with the HAPPY song “break my stride” by Matthew Wilder and the lyrics “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride, Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no, I got to keep on movin’”, which is what I will do but I do hope that my sister, my family, friends, LTO in Kenya, governments and others will start to communicate and support me because it would really reduce my suffering.
  • I am playing cards and after three weeks my old friend René returns with the darkness to me, but I also see small trees being brought up from the basement.
  • The actor and singer Poul Bundgaard has given me two very delicious sausages to share with Camilla, whom I am driving with on my way to the beach road, and when we come close we see a cafeteria without delicacies, which at the same time is an old Eurovision Song Contest hit by Elton John (!), and Camilla says that she would have liked to receive one more sausage, and I hear Poul Bundgaard saying that he does not eat delicacies like this anymore – they are very expensive and he cannot stand it because of health reasons – but he still helps his friends receiving when he feels like doing it.
    • Poul Bundgaard – one of the best actors and singers ever of Denmark – is here a symbol of me and let us send this out to all of OUR FRIENDS EVERYWHERE and that is the song of Poul “TAK ER KUN ET FATTIGT ORD” (“thank you is only a poor word”), which is an OLD TIME FAVOURITE IN DENMARK known by everyone, and really FOR BEING HERE and for all the good of everyone and please watch this the most genius clip of Danish film history (!) including Poul and his two “friends”, which is not only an impossible break in to the most “holy” of Danish theatre (the Royal Theater of Copenhagen) but ANOTHER symbol of my/our impossible journey to the inside of the most holy, which is the origin of creation itself in order to liberate the world from the “bad guys” of the darkness – this is what this clip also shows and we know the CONDUCTOR is happy in the film and still happy in “reality”, he is :-).
    • Camilla and also Elton John (!) are symbols of my mother and the rest will be up to you to understand – also when I tell you that I received the song “calling sister midnight” by some Iggy guy and do you understand why I don’t like to write about songs like this?
    • I also received the CLEAN spirit of my mother telling me “thank you for the kind words” meaning that I did not use the language of the darkness when going through the darkest of all darkness, which would not have been “good” to do.

Olsen-Banden doing an “impossible” break in to the “holy” Royal Theatre of Copenhagen symbolising my “impossible” mission to the “holiest of all”:
The origin of creation 🙂

Poor work of Falck made a large fire spread as a symbol of the Hell we went through to merge previous Universes with ours

At Falck today, Christoffer took over an “impossible” task from Robert from yesterday, which was almost driving Robert “mad”, which was to find fire guards for a building in Copenhagen, which the lightning recently also “by chance” hit putting the ABA alarm out of function making them ask for fire guards until the system is up and running again and it was a true “act” of Robert yesterday – having difficulties controlling his temper because of the “stress” it gave him when it was difficult to find people to take the guards – and Christoffer today was much “cooler” in the sense of controlling his temper and early this morning before Robert was leaving, he told Christoffer that “these fire guards are true “hekserei” (“witchcraft”) and to underline it, he shouted out “CHRIST” (!) as he yesterday also SHOUTED out “JESUS CHRIST” (!) – which he does not normally do and exactly as I experienced it at the Dahlberg summer party in 2008 of my colleagues when they said the same over and over again with me smiling sitting next to them (as you can probably read from book 1) or when a female assistant at the department store of Magasin du Nord in Copenhagen at the 2nd floor maybe 5 years ago received so STRONGLY the name JESUS that she could not help saying it at the same time as she looked directly at me giving me money back from a purchase, which I believe made her think “where did this come from” (?) and “is this really JESUS standing right in front of me” (?) and yes my dear it was (!) and you only received this because I was in a good “spirit” you know and you may remember the song “Den himmelblå” by Shu-bi-dua singing “Jesus was born at the second floor of Magasin du Nord” so this is what you experienced JJJ – and coming back to Robert, THIS IS HOW MUCH HE IS “DRIVING” UP because of this “pressure” and we know the lightning and the need of fire guards were truly “hekserei” to symbolise the danger of being burned down when going through this IMPOSSIBLE phase of merging previous universes with ours – the darkness has been its worst ever doing this (!) – but eventually all fire guards were “possessed” 🙂 so no worries here, we are “just” going to the extreme extreme edge to do what is best for the Universe.

Carsten and the new man Søren – both “coolies” like me mainly working outdoors and both MISUSED by Falck (!) – will be going to Frederissund Station to “help” them clean their garden, which they have not had the “time” to do for 1½ years (!) and as Carsten told me, the firemen up there are just as sluggish as in Lyngby and I do believe Carsten is the most committed and hard working of all people outside the office and he is not even employed, but he “works” to become employed as “his friend” Jesper will do everything to help him with!

I told Jesper today that he will receive my REPORT about quality/efficiency – not a memo – at my last day at Falck and I told him examples of what it will include – I also told him about the “nightmare” of the invoices, which he was not surprised to hear (how have you been able to “allow” this happening Jesper for a very “long” time?) – and it was fine by him and we know I told Christoffer the same, so now I have corrected my “mistake” of the deadline before the end of July, and Julia could not help overhearing me teaching both Jesper and later Christoffer with the examples I gave and what do you think of me, Julia and we know “one of a kind”, maybe?

I was somewhat less tired today – but still tired – and received on both hands both much less suffering and speech about my nightmare at the same time as I received even more – I sense that this is darkness at the absolutely top of what is PURE MAGIC if you ask me as someone here is saying but let us call it PURE LIGHT – and to give you one example only of the kind of information I receive through inspired speech of others maybe 50 or 100 times per day at the moment, I can say that someone on the phone asked Christoffer “hvad så” (“what’s up”) to which he said that this means “wasser” in German and “peeing” in French and “wasser” is “water” or “suffering” in my language and “peeing” is another symbol of my “old nightmare” and this is how it continues with references to “dirty talk” all day long – with breaks – through inspired speech of others, direct speech to myself with “suggestions” and visions of which ladies for the spirit of my mother to be disguised as and much more – and here you have some ideas of how HELL also is, but every day which passes makes us come one day closer to the goal, do you remember John in Kenya (?) and we are CLOSE now (!) – also knowing that the darkness of the world is decreasing so who will be the first “officially” approving me by sending me an email (?) and I am waiting to hear from you DIRECTLY my dear governments.

This afternoon, Rasmus – the fire manager of Falck Lyngby – arrived at the office and obviously he had a need to talk to somebody “sensible” because he was “outraged” after having controlled what was a poor effort of Falck when trying to put out – and stop spreading – the fire of Lyngby Youth School the 3rd July and the “sensible” person was Christoffer, who is truly the “sensible” person at this station and besides from him was only me working at the office with the invoices and Julia working at the next office and as he told Christoffer over and again “this will remain between you and me” and of course it will and also between him and me and me and my readers and eventually the world because we LOVE open communication and don’t like to keep secret what people should communicate to the public because everyone has a right to know but do not because they are embarrassed over themselves (!) – just like the Atomic Bomb mentioned at the end of the script today, the journalists in the UK being revealed as the first to start with, the Swedish Intelligence service in relation to the murdered PM Palme, the secret governments/organisations of the world covering up MUCH and we know how embarrassed can you be when revealing yourselves (?) and my dear friends YOU BETTER GET STARTED because ALL OF YOUR SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED TO THE WORLD no matter what you will do so who wants to help me to help yourself by starting (?) – and coming back to the story, Rasmus had obviously full “confidence” in all of us not bringing this “confidential” story out to other than “a few people”, who “need” to know (!) and in the beginning he was very “diplomatic” when speaking to Christoffer about the “effort” of Falck Lyngby and the “effort manager” – but he decided eventually to give it tit for tat as he said – and here are some of the EXACT words he gave Christoffer, which is also included in a special “report of events” – there is also a film (!) – which you may like to share with the world, because this is why you were “ordered” to write it (!):

  • The fire started at the roof and broke through the roof down to ground level.
  • The management on the location was not “proper”, poor management, did not communicate or communicated poorly.
  • You sent out two “reduced” engines, there were problems with water supply (only one standpipe) and it took too long to order support.
  • The engines were wrongly placed to put out the fire.
  • The fire was not under control, which Rasmus said he saw on “pictures on the VIDEO” – which was inspired speech to say that this fire also was to show the difficulties of merging our Universe together with previous Universes.
  • The first floor would have been “sold under all circumstances” but the fire should not have been allowed to spread down to ground level burning out class rooms. “We will never do things like this ever again” as he said.
  • “Nobody take decisions in relation to the need of support/assistance”.
  • Because of the lack of water, the manager only ordered ONE tank wagon with water where the standard is a minimum of two, and because of the lack of water, firemen stood watching the fire without working to put it out!
  • Rasmus asked if his presence was necessary and told that it was not, but when he decided to go to the fire anyhow, he saw the results of the poor management and decided to take over the management himself!
  • He criticised that the “effort manager” after having set up the ladder, decided to move it, which took a long time making the fire spread more, and when assistance later arrived, they put up their ladder at the exact same place where Lyngby had removed theirs!
  • And the water was not hitting the fire itself but the roof making most of it come back!
  • He said that this was “the fireman’s ABC, which quite elementary was not used, which it has to be also in large fires of this size” (!) and that the “effort manager” would not have passed the “effort management exam” because of this poor “performance”!!!
  • “The police shares my opinion, they also believe it took far too long to get assistance, and they encouraged to get assistance many times without anything happening”.
  • When asked what should have been done, Rasmus said that the management should have asked for assistance and extra management straight away, have opened all access roads, used escape route drawings, received maps over the school etc. and as he said several times, he pushed the “red” button when he arrived.

So what you see here is when people have to do their best, communicate, lead people, think carefully and take the right decisions, they do not and what is the reason and can it be that fires like this only comes once a decade here, that people here on an everyday basis are used to be lazy and to act without thinking carefully (?) and yes this is indeed what it is about and what can you do to avoid this and eeehhh you can start using an action plan and follow my basic working rules and eeeehhhh how many of you are doing that in Kenya and Elijah are you keeping your agreements/appointments (?), are you on time or have you decided to go back to your POOR ATTITUDE to relax, take it easy and show a very poor behaviour because of this ALSO in relation to me and we know examples of what SLUGGISHNESS does to people!!!

And I wonder which message of poor communication, thinking and decisions of people are saying in relation to merging together with other Universes and we know WE ARE ALL DOING FINE BUT WE ARE HOPING THAT NO ONE GOT HURT WHEN ARRIVING AND YES YES YES AND STIG WE ARE NOT THAT BAD BUT SOME OF US ARE STILL HURTING MUCH – AND YES WE HAD TO GO THROUGH THIS FIRE OF HELL TO BE WITH YOU AGAIN and this is “previous” people speaking to me when I tried to understand the symbolism of this fire and this extreme Hell is made up by the world and my family, friends etc. representing mankind and just saying that if you had done even better, my friends (!), this “exercise” would have been easier to do for all of us, but you had your “important” reasons not to stand forward (?) – but also still thanking some governments of what you decided to do, so when will you go to the next level?

I also received the feelings that this fire and the day where I decided the Source to save me and the spirit of my mother was on the expense of information of previous Universes being lost in the fire or to the darkness, and I don’t know if this is the truth or a deception, all I can say is that I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY INFORMATION TO BE LOST, we are going to become 100% perfect and that includes every tiny piece of information of all times and universes, this is my attitude and I believe it should be simple logic that all information is gathered by the Source no matter what happens, so this is how I want it to be.

The spirit of my mother has started cleaning the surface of me, which is making the darkness around me trying to get rid of her

This evening I generally felt less suffering including the pain of my right foot/angle, which has been with me all along, also because the managers of Falck are “believing” in me for the work I do, but it is still there and especially the spirit of my mother being “close to me” to clean darkness around me, which I do believe is what is making the darkness trying to carry out the “old nightmare” to get “rid of her”, and this evening I was almost “fooled” by the darkness, which tried to convince me that since my mother and I are the same (!) – I was made up by the spirits of my mother and father as my souls without having one myself except from my future self waiting on me (!) – and if she should play an actor with a beautiful lady as the disguise, it would not harm any of us (“we are the same”) and this was with use of EXTREME darkness which is the same as EXTREME conviction, but eventually I decided again that NO MATTER WHAT I will NOT carry out this “nightmare” and when I took this decision, the spirit of my mother told me that it would have killed her if I did not (!) and the reason being that the true inner self of me is now filling the most of me and this is where she and I differ, because my mother will remain my mother and I am becoming my true self, which is another being than my mother, which however also includes my mother together with everyone else as part of me and this is what would kill my mother because she is not built to take this.

This could potentially be the most difficult “game” of all to go through and it required my ultimate to stand against this pressure and try to imagine having a spirit approaching you – feels more or less the same as a physical person approaching you – and you are given so much irritation because of the “pressure” which this person puts on you – the pressure of the old nightmare – that your normal way to react would be to think negative thoughts and for this person to “get away” or what is worse (!) but here all doors are STILL completely open, I only have very few rules including NO SEXUAL SUFFERING (!!!!) – which I sometimes have to say over and over again – and my mother is at the top of the Hierarchy one of the best protected of all against the darkness, which is what I carry and decide how to use myself and do you see how it all fits together (?) – and this experience made me wonder if my script of some months ago about my mother becoming the leader of the world – thus not only Earth – is true including for her to being built in Gold at the moment (gold is “creation”) or not and what was truly a difficult decision for me to confirm or reject this evening was AGAIN handled by saying “this is what the light will decide” and if this is the case, it is fine by me and if it was the darkness giving me this information about my mother, this is how it will be and we know just saying that I accepted my mother to become the leader of the entire world, which is what I believed would be my own role – or am I the “chairman” above her (?) – and just saying that I have to accept much to come through, but if this is what it takes, this is what it takes and I will gladly accept what is the best for all of us because “vores øl er Gud”, which is the old commercial together with Monrad :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • On my way home I went to the supermarket of Netto, which had SALMON on sale so cheap that I could by it (which I NEVER do otherwise) and also an extremely cheap chicken from the island of BORNHOLM and my dear friends more DIRECT SYMBOLS and receiving this FISH is to say that I am “as close as 100 percent” to “wake up” and BORNHOLM is you know my “island” or the same record label as Bob the man and when thinking of my favourite album of Bob, I am thinking of KAYA – one of the best albums in history if you ask me (!) – and what does he sing on this song (?) and only to “wake up and turn me loose” which is what I am doing coming through where “the rain is falling” and this is how we are here and could continue FOREVER, which is what we WILL do 🙂 – try to imagine receiving these words together with IMMENSE joy of “playful” spirits, this is how the feeling is and they COULD have continue forever if I did not stop writing.
  • I was told yesterday I believe the first time about an ATOMIC BOMB almost going off (?) and I received nothing more but only the name MILIBAND and “he knows about you too” and also the ATOMIC BOMB, which you would NOT like to tell the world (?) and WRONG you are (!!!) so what about telling this to the world: IT WAS GIVEN TO YOU AS ANOTHER “EXERCISE” FOR YOU TO SOLVE AND SADLY ANOTHER STORY NOT “GOOD” TO TELL THE WORLD, WE BETTER KEEP IT AS SECRET – WRONG YOU ARE (!) – and also here meaning that if I was not able to fight EXTREME EXTREME DARKNESS, THIS BOMB WOULD HAVE EXPLODED TAKING “SOME WITH ME” TO BRING ENERGY TO INCLUDE OUR PREVIOUS UNIVERSES INTO OURS, you see (?) and I am told that “one day the whole world will”.
  • I worked until 19.00 today not finishing the second part of the chapter of Falck of today (about the fire) – and neither the chapter of the spirit of my mother – which I will do tomorrow and publish four days of scripts too.


16th July: The Horseman in Cairo in February WAS the horseman of death, I will now arrive on my white horse

Dreaming that the Horseman in Cairo WAS the horseman of death, which will be replaced by my arrival on the white horse

Another night and not extremely tired but maybe fresh enough to run later today – we will see – and after a bath until 09.30, where the spirit of my mother was feeling the pressure from the darkness giving to her herewith “trying” to come close to start my nightmare again – which I still refuse and will use my power as being all if necessary – I decided to start my work of today:

  • I am together with Obama and 4-5 other heads of states, I understand that a part of the agenda is for us to watch a US basketball match, which I think is a poor idea considering the important work we have to do and my thought makes Obama say “we will not use time on this luxury when people are dying in the world” but eventually I see that he is forced to do it anyhow and when this match is played, I see him driving his Presidential car with “worn out” flags on the front sides of it, which is telling me that he is doing this without enthusiasm. I see him speaking “normally” without letting people understand the connection to me when he is speaking. Later I am flying with the procession of the President underneath me, I am smoking and flying over an area including three petrol stations, which makes one person of the procession say that “45,000 people die because of smoking” and I think that I have to be careful not blowing up.
    • The dream says how Obama receives the words of the Source inside of me as part of his speech the same way as I do myself and you know some words here and there, whenever we think it is a “good idea” and that is part of us all of the time.
    • I woke up to the song “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder again and this time the lyrics “I sailed away to China, in a little row boat to find ya”, which was to say that we are working to get China all the way over to our side and we know, which is what is making me smoke – receive darkness – and the reason of this “dangerous” situation of the dream.
  • I am in Copenhagen bicycling through much traffic, I enter a clothes shop having a sale only to discover it is for ladies, I leave a café and see that a clothes store for men looks wrong.
    • Bicycling is suffering and the rest is about …?
  • I am at a bar where I write on a large banner, which I attach to the underside of the bar “I will become the CEO of Danica and I will get the lady of my life” and when I see Henrik Ramlau, I decide to fold it, so he does not read it. I leave the bar and enter the bus holding outside, which is full of people. We are on our way home from camp school, I believe people are too tired to speak after these days but I am happy to see that this is not the case. My old friend Lis (from Stansted) is sitting in the bus, my old class friend Peter T. (from Espergærde) is not in the bus but he is collecting his sister and I see him doing magic with many small plastic pieces, which he is forming with his hands into the most beautiful figures, and Peter can read my mind so he knows what I am thinking of and instead of conjuring up a green horse, he will conjure up a white horse. And later I see that Danica is searching for a new CEO, and Henrik Ramlau is seaching to become the CEO of PFA.
    • The bar is the home of the Source, I will become the CEO of Danica (Danica and PFA are two large life and pension companies of Denmark), i.e. the world – thus not my mother as a previous script said (?) – and these are the horses of the apocalypse, where I in my script of the 19th February 2011 apparently was wrong when I wrote that the man riding the horse in Cairo was Christ riding the white horse because it was indeed the pale or green horseman of death because this is where we were headed less than six months ago (!) but I will “soon” arrive on the white horse symbolising the world and victory.
    • I woke up to the song “my destiny” which is one of many beautiful songs by Lionel Ritchie, and the lyrics “you came in” and “it’s alright”, which really is to say that I entered all the way in to the origin of creation and transformed our destiny from termination to eternal life and this is indeed what was “my destiny” – BEAUTIFUL SONG, LIONEL 🙂 🙂 :-).

The Horseman on the green horse in Cairo in February 2011 WAS the horseman of death, which will be replaced by my arrival on the white horse symbolising victory of the world 🙂

And here is the song “my destiny” by Lionel Ritchie saying that it was my destiny to change the verdict of termination to eternal survival to give JOY to all :-):

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I worked from 09.45 to 13.15 today on the final parts of the script of yesterday and the script of today so far. I am still receiving both less suffering on one hand and more on the other because the spirit of my mother is still “close to me” removing more darkness but after the incident this morning at the bath, I believe we are now better off because NO MATTER WHAT I don’t want this nightmare to be carried out.
  • I continued working until 14.25 producing two “applications” as I am forced to – one of them as a REGIONAL DIRECTOR to DANICA and as I write if the SALES DIRECTOR could not use me as a regional director, maybe Danica could use me as the new CEO, hence the connection to the dream of the night (Henrik Ramlau, the previous CEO, is now Financial Manager at Danske Bank), and the other for WingManager for a position of “department manager Solution Management”, and you can find both applications af my library.
  • I was hoping to run today, but I am STILL extremely tired having the greatest difficulties keeping my eyes open, so running will have to wait, and by 16.00 I managed to publish this script too, which was NOT easy to do too considering the full time work I do for Falck and how I feel – and I am watching Tour de France when this is written and told that the suffering I am going through now IS the way down as desribed in the dream of the train and Superman..



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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