July 19, 2011: I am “waking up for deed”, almost receiving my last supper, suffering much, but still leading the world


Summary of the script today

17th July: I am “waking up for deed”, almost receiving my last supper, suffering much, but still leading the world

  • Dreaming of having to go through suffering and my “nightmare” to come all the way through, my mother thinking of her offspring with sadness because we don’t see each other because of her “inability” to understand and control her feelings, I will arrive late to school (?), resistance and lack of income may mean that I will not be able to finalise my website (NO – if you ask me!), family and others judging and “hating” me wrongly instead of understanding and loving me, I am communicating with UFO’s spiritually which my friends don’t believe, I received no joy in life when it comes to love but I am setting up a new system where this suffering will be excluded and the Source is seeing the future in a different light.
  • At Tour de France, the Danish commentators spoke inspired about me “waking up for deed” – as Holger Danske at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør – about me almost receiving my last supper because I am STILL on the edge of survival (!) and Jens Voigt fell twice but still he led the whole field later, which is what I do to the world despite of extreme suffering. This is ALSO how a bicycle race can be if you “read” it.
  • The waking up of me is prepared by the spirits of my father and mother, I have decided that I will NOT die no matter what and I was shown a king in a glasscase – my previous self from a previous Universe – who have only just started to “grow” in order to become part of my future ONE self.
  • I decided to send an email to my mother/John and sister/husband with the purpose once again trying to make them understand (!) by telling them the truth, asking them to READ and UNDERSTAND objectively without denials, negative and uncontrollable feelings (!) and to tell them that they may believe I have been WRONG to them, but the truth is that they have been unreasonable to me not “bothering” TRULY to read and understand, but instead their WRONG behaviour have been killing me and all life for years. Will they now understand???

18th July: The “old world” is fearing to stand forward, which I encourage you to do – and also to inform your media!

  • Dreaming that it is “impossible” to get the Chinese over to our side, the Commune may force me to attend a job search course I don’t need and cannot afford the transportation costs to attend, which may cost me my cash help (!), politicians deciding on matters they know nothing of will come to an end, bringing darkness attached to people to the light to be cleaned (both sides are inside of me – from one world to another), the Trinity is protecting me from my old nightmare, the old world is “protecting” itself from being revealed and again I ask you to do what is right: Please start communicating with me directly and publish this to your media for them to publish to the world, my mother is now taking on darkness from me, Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt is now making new music again because of the inspiration of my arrival and Stig is a “special friend” too.
  • At Falck I received very uncomfortable heart pain because of the darkness transferred to me by my mother//family after the email yesterday, Thomas is an impatient and in some respects also an intolerant man starting to lose his “patience” with me because I am still teaching them how to improve with the attitude “do you think you are perfect yourself”, which I am not because I made mistakes today to show you that I am not (!) – he does not understand how he terrorises me but believes that he and Falck are helping me (!!!) – and in the afternoon he was very “happy” when he had finished his work and could start relaxing and also working privately during working hours, which of course is totally “unacceptable” to do (thank you, Lars H., 3107 in 1987/88 – I still remember how your “sickness” haunted me telling me what was “unacceptable” to you all the time, which you know was a misunderstanding of yours!)
  • As the “last man” still standing at the old Universe I am still made up by the spirits of my father and mother, who are the only ones still remaining at the old Universe (!), and they continue bringing darkness to me to be transformed into light using the “washing machine” of the New Universe made up by my new and future self also inside of me – my true INNER self, the old Jesus – and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I WILL NEVE R ACCEPT ANY LOSS OF LIFE OF EVEN ONE SINGLE SPIRIT so the spirits of my father and mother will also come with us to our new “paradise” when your/our/my job is finished. GOOD WORK, MY “PARENTS”!

19th July: EXTREME darkness almost bringing me down was lifted – my mother has read and understood my email

  • Dreaming of my family arriving with growing faith from out of the darkness, Niklas supporting me and my mother is still being led by the darkness of John, the darkness of my family attacking me again with the most violent and disgusting means, the spirit of my mother is using Vivian and Karen as “covers” when approaching me as part of the nightmare, which is DISGUSTING (!) and “earn the trust of the Lord by looking him directly into his eyes” with the feeling “as I do now”.
  • This morning and at Falck I received so strong and negative darkness giving me negative thoughts and views on everything and everybody that I was almost breaking completely down, but suddenly it lifted making my work possible again. My mother had first read my email giving me the worst suffering up to and during her reading until she started understanding my suffering being close to dying.
  • This evening I received an email from my mother’s husband John doing exactly as the dream of the night predicted, which was “to lead my mother with his darkness” and to fight me using the “most violent and disgusting means”, because they are so SAD about me, my suffering, my “demons” without wanting to understand that they are the ones bringing me Hell! But better late than never, and this is one step to reach understanding by my family which the spirit of my father is telling me here in “comfort” – thank you.


17th July: I am “waking up for deed”, almost receiving my last supper, suffering much, but still leading the world

Dreaming of my mother thinking of her offspring with sadness because we don’t see each other

A sleep at the same level making me feel “somewhat better” this morning, which may develop into the same tiredness as yesterday later in the day, we will have to see and yes yes yes don’t think I like writing this but it is done with DISCIPLINE and this is the only fuel I am driving on:

  • Something about being in a holiday cottage next to a lake, the sofa has a special clothing and something about putting both legs on it and twist my right leg to the right to make sure that we come all around the lake.
    • The cottage is “my home” too, the lake is suffering, the sofa is a nightmare too and really another dream with other symbols saying the same that through my suffering and nightmare, I will come all around.
    • I woke up to the beautiful song Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac – one of your best and I wonder if I will become homeless too.
  • My mother has an apartment at a holiday resort in Spain of the absolutely best quality, I admire it. As part of the rent, you can get free coffee from cafes outside, which draws a crowd and LIFE all over. I see some apartments lying all the way down ON the beach where longer than usual waves of the ocean move all the way into the house and the carpet. I fly to the kiosk and see that tickets for national matches in football are sold as cigarettes. My mother did not pay the bills of the apartment and in 2002 the apartment was overtaken by a real estate broker who cheated my mother in order to benefit and take the apartment herself. We have not been there since and I get the feeling that I want to buy the absolutely best holiday resort of all in Spain.
    • I was reminded of a dream I had about my father in an also very nice holiday resort “months” ago and told that this dream is about me being a part of them, their child and the feeling of a parent not seeing its child, and as the dream says it is my mother’s own fault because she did not pay the bills to keep the apartment and instead it was overtaken by the darkness making our mother/son relation almost impossible, and here I want to buy the best resort because of my wish to have completely normal relations with both my mother and father, but difficult it is for them when they cannot understand and control their feelings!
  • I am on my way to school in Alberslund, I wear sailing shoes and glide on the snow all the way. I ask somewhere of direction and told that I have to pass four traffic lights and then a paint shop and when I look at the clock I see that I only have 50 minutes before it will be 8.00 where I am to meet and I think that I cannot make it on time. I have two whole joints of beef and a large portion of minced beef, which I have to sell and when an employee of the slaughterhouse finally is available, he tells me that I will first receive money on Monday, which means that I cannot afford to buy food and also not finish my website when I don’t receive any salary. Later I understand that the Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen does not want to lose a case about beef, which cannot be approved by politicians going against him.
    • My school is my life of suffering required to write these scripts, sailing shoes belong to the Devil, snow is suffering and I will arrive late maybe compared to 2012 as the expectation of millions of people out there (?) and the resistance I still meet from the system and family means that I have no income and here the dream says that I will not be able to finalise my website, which really was a message yesterday: “How much longer can I continue, when will I give up and can I really continue doing my website?” and my dear friends, I really “just” need three more weeks at Falck and then I will continue the work on my website unless the Commune has received other so called “brilliant” ideas, which they would like to force upon me instead of truly helping and we know how difficult should it have been for you to REALLY help me with a place to stay and an income if you really wanted to help me?
    • I woke up to another GEM of Bob Marley, “Could you be loved” and the lyrics “someone else is judging you” and “could you be loved” and my dear family and friends, when you decide NOT to listen and understand, you judge me wrongly (!) and yes I could be loved by all of you, but “hate” is “easier” to handle instead of “love” (?) and yes my friend this is how “difficult” it has been for “some family members” too.
  • I am at a fisherman’s house, where I rent out a boat for others who makes millions on this. A lot of flatfish has been caught, and the house is looked after by two ladies.
  • I am at Søndervig, Jutland, with Jack, who drags post into the pub for tomorrow. Camilla is sad that I am looking at another woman. I meet Jack and also Paul with his wife on the main street, Paul has been avoiding me because of his wife and I point at the sky telling them that what they see is a UFO and I show them my mobile phone where the UFO sends me text messages and now my old class friend Søren D.N. is present and when he sees the mobile phone he says “find another king to communicate with”.
    • I am communicating with UFO’s spiritually which my friends don’t believe in and nothing much to add here because you do know that Camilla is a cover of the spirit of my mother?
  • I am with Camilla on our last verse. Jacob (from Acta) has invited me for a party on Friday together with couples and one single lady. He says that when people find each other, they will win a pizza, but then he shows me that all of his pizzas for this purpose have been removed. I see that he is skilled when it comes to computers and also that he cleaned up too quickly after his father, who tried to show him his model cars. He now makes a new system, where two sets of numbers are put on a piece of paper, where the numbers have to match and I sit in his bedroom with a shoe box where water is running out of it at the same time as I try to solve this task, and I decide that there is no reason to have water inside the shoe box.
    • Is this the last of my “old nightmare” I am going through (?) and maybe for now (?), pizzas are joy and happiness and when there are no pizzas, there is no joy when it comes to true love at the house of Jacob (?) – the same curse as so many others of us – and is this truly about Jacob or is he a symbol of myself (?), and the reason being that he is skilled with computers, which you know is about the design/creation of the world, and the two sets of numbers may be a previous Universe which we are still working on to unite with our Universe (?) and saying that a part of this new system is to remove my suffering of love, i.e. the water in the bedroom, which may be how this dream is to be understood and it may also be – as I am told – that this dream is true for both Jacob and me.
  • I woke up to one of my favourites by Paul McCartney, which is “the world tonight” – also because it is almost as much a song by Jeff Lynne (!) and THANK YOU so much to this FORMIDDABLE site with FANTASTIC information on my favourite songs 🙂 – including the lyrics “I can see the world tonight, Look into the future, See it in a different light, I can see the world tonight”, which of course would be nice to be able to do and I do hope you are SEEING ALL OF US IN A BETTER LIGHT and THAT IS BOTH ELECTRIC AND ACOUSTIC and WITH AND WITHOUT AN ORCHESTRA and yes you will understand 🙂 – and I receive examples of this at the moment, where I am given names and information, which I later receive on the Internet or elsewhere and really just saying that my life is “controlled” without my conscious knowledge – just like when you see “magic” in front of your eyes, it is really the same – and also that the main difference of what I will be able to achieve is the amount of energy and quality I decide as a physical being to put into my work.

Tour de France spoke of my ”waking up for deed”, almost receiving my last supper and suffering but still leading the world

Yesterday afternoon, the Danish commentators of Tour de France on TV2 were INSPIRED again and I have decided to give you a few examples:

They spoke several times about a rider to “wake up for deed”, which gave me the vision of Holger Danske at Kronborg waking up for deed – he is said to dwell in the castle of Kronborg, his beard grown down to the floor, to sleep there until some date when Denmark is in mortal danger, at which time he will rise up and deliver the nation (!) – which was another symbol of my inner self waking up for deed through me.

Holger Danske is waiting to “wake up for deed” to deliver
the nation in times of “mortal danger” – which is about my
“wake up” to save the world and create a new 🙂

At 16.25 they said that ”Contador will receive the last supper as I was about to say” and my dear friends, this is how close I am to dying ALSO now – so who wants to stand forward to support me thus also helping me directly to feel better?

Did you see Jens Voigt falling twice – “almost impossible” to do (!) – and later he was still in front of the entire field, which at 16.38 made Rolf say “this is almost the best we have ever seen from him” followed directly by “off with the hat” twice and bicycling and falling is the symbol of my suffering but I still carry on – MLTR (!) – to lead the world safely towards our future GOLDEN AGE.

At 16.40 about the two Schleck brothers riding on both sides of Contador as a “sandwhich”, which “they use much energy on, but Contador is cool”, which is the DIRECT symbol of my mother and sister using MUCH energy to pack me into their sandwich of darkness – and Contador is riding this Tour de France with knee pains, which is a HELL for him to come through, but improving it is – and still we carry on, my friends!

My previous selves from previous Universes have only just started to “grow” in order to become part of my future ONE self

Also yesterday evening I felt the spirit of my father around me and he is also preparing the opening of me, which should be the “hardest” to do, and I was told by previous Universes that “you entered the gates of Hell to save all of us, which is impossible to do at full volume without dying” but what you don’t know of, does not limit you – and the game given to me at the moment is what will happen if I should give up, will I die or will I open my eyes as the One (?) and the other day I decided that I don’t want to die as Stig no matter what – I have to come through this, which is what I understood is the reason why the spirits of my father and mother are working on me to prepare my waking up, and I still receive much negative speech, which I normally block more or less “automatically” before it even reaches me – I understand what it is about before it is spoken and I feel it coming to me from my right (!) – and only sometimes, the words passes and are spoken – this is how it is – and when I “allowed” some words to come through because of tiredness, I was also shown a dead king lying in a glasscase – one of my previous selves from a previous Universe – and told that “we have first started to grow now”, which apparently is what I will risk or at least delay, if I should “decide” to or be weak enough to let the darkness take me – and we know it will apparently take some time to wake up, integrate and grow all of our previous selves into one, and the question is “how long” this “SAGA” will take to integrate really (?) and this is also a favourite of mine, and I have been wondering for some time, Fuggi, how life is when you can afford to go to all of those very nice concerts with Saga, OMD, Toto and others – WHAT DO I KNOW (?), which I do believe is my favourite of yours, Saga, also sending my warm and friendly thoughts to Fuggi AGAIN 🙂 and also that it makes me sad that you have become ill – and I am also wondering just how “sad” (!) and UNFAIR Michael G. was on Facebook because TAKE THAT cancelled their concert in Copenhagen yesterday and yes Robbie, there IS a connection with your “food poisoning” in order for you to understand the suffering I have gone through.

The TRUE attitude of the know-all Devil working inside of
people mistrusting and misunderstanding others without listening

Trying once again to make my family understand the truth – and CUTTING THROUGH their denials and negative feelings!

After lunch I decided to write the following email to my mother and John and Sanna/Hans, which I did not intend to write but this is yet again a NEW try to make them understand (!), and when I had written it, I received the song by Queen called “Don’t stop me now” and the Queen is a symbol of my mother and we know her feelings are indeed uncontrollable – but she will not stop me now either (!) – and it was with my absolute outmost that I saved her and me because of this once again and so it is and here is the email I sent hoping that they will now start to do what I have been hoping for years that they would: LISTEN/READ and UNDERSTAND objectively without negative feelings leading them.

And when I had edited and improved the email at least five times, the commentators on TV3 Puls sending the last day of the British Open in Golf was inspired to say at 17.00 “ground control to major Tom” and “life on Mars”, which you know are two of the biggest songs of David Bowie ever and do you know who is helping you/me to write this email and that is you/me and yes sir THE BIG MAN UPSTAIRS – whom David Bowie is a symbol of – and that is NOT “the Abominable Snowman” because this is one of the steps included in my plan leading to me on the other side :-).

So here is the email I decided to send again thinking that DIRECT language will some day WAKE THEM UP and when they wake up – the world – I will wake up too:

Kære mor/John og Sanna/Hans,

(Hans og John: Vil I udskrive denne mail til Sanna og mor, så de også kan læse den? Tak).

Jeg kunne vælge at vente på, at I ville ”komme til jer selv” og vende tilbage til mig, men jeg har i stedet valgt at skrive denne mail til jer af et åbent hjerte i de allerbedste bestræbelser på at normalisere samt forbedre vores relation, fordi jeg holder af jer mere end noget andet – og fordi, at jeg ved, at dette er gengældt!

Jeg håber, at I vil læse og forstå med samme positive INDSTILLING, som min mail er ment – og at reagere POSITIVT, fordi dette er den rette reaktion.



1.     Forståelse skaber glæde, og misforståelse skaber sorg

2.     Læs venligst min hjemmeside og forstå hvordan jeg modtager beskeder

3.     Clairvoyant readings on me: “You are the Grail and fond of knowledge”

4.     Udenlandske regeringer er begyndt at støtte mig!

5.     UFO’en i Jerusalem var VIRKELIG og den vigtigste begivenhed i historien!


Forståelse skaber glæde, og misforståelse skaber sorg

Jeg er UTROLIGT ked af, at vi endnu engang ikke ser hinanden – grundet mors “angreb” på mig (!) – som jeg ved, at I også er, og dette på grund af helt og aldeles unødvendige misforståelser, fornægtelser og bebrejdelser, som nok er dét, vi kan blive enige om, og vi kan nok også blive enige om, at det er ”helt umuligt” at gøre sig selv forståelig (?), hvilket fører til dette nye forsøg på at skabe en forståelse for, hvem der i virkeligheden har ret, hvem der misforstår og hvem der er blevet gjort uret i flere år.

Det er dét, som denne mail handler om for at få jer til at forstå, at åbne jer og vise jer vejen til selvindsigt og korrektion, fordi I har bebrejdet og ”nedbrudt” mig på grund af mine ”urimeligheder” uden at forstå, at det er den ”omvendte verden”, hvor I i den grad har misforstået og ”terroriseret” mig uden at forstå mit sande formål med at hjælpe alle til et både fortsat og bedre liv – inklusive jer!

Jeg beder jeg venligst starte med at LÆSE og FORSTÅ denne mail for, at vi kan starte med at se hinanden igen, som jeg håber på, at vi snart kan, fordi sandheden er, at under dette lag af misforståelser og bebrejdelser er der en stærk familierelation, som ingen af os vil undvære (?) og det er denne sande følelse, jeg ønsker at nå ind til ved at skabe forståelse, som altså forudsætter, at I læser og forstår!

Det handler om at lytte/læse omhyggeligt og at forstå objektivt rigtigt uden at farve sine holdninger med negative og ukontrollable følelser eller en fornægtelse af sandheden. En OBJEKTIV FORSTÅELSE er nøglen til at åbne vores relation for alvor, og det er blot dette, som jeg nu i flere år har bedt jer om, og det er ikke særligt svært, hvis I gør det, der er nødvendigt!

Jeg har opdateret min hjemmeside meget siden december 2010, som gør den endnu nemmere at forstå, men når I enten ikke læser (Sanna/Hans) – det troede jeg, at du ville, Sanna, for det fortalte mor, at du ville gøre for flere “måneder” siden (?) – eller ikke læser omhyggeligt/objektivt (mor/John), og fordi der er en vilje til IKKE at ville forstå i stedet for at forstå (!), er vi nu igen kommet i samme situation: Manglende forståelse, bedreviden og forkerte bebrejdelser i forhold til mig, som igen har brudt vores relation, som gør mig mindst lige så ked af det som jer og særligt fordi, at jeg har gjort ALT for at undgå dette i MEGET lang tid via mine skriverier og “forsøg” på kommunikation – faktisk siden jeg i 2008 fortalte jer om, hvor vigtig KOMMUNIKATION og ÆGTE FORSTÅELSE af mennesker er i stedet for den forkerte adfærd og holdning ”vi ved bedre selv”, som på trods af mine venlige ”advarsler” desværre er nøjagtig den forkerte indstilling, som I har vist mig lige siden (i forhold til mine skriverier)!

Jeg ved, at I har ønsket at hjælpe mig med et åbent hjerte, men når man ikke KAN eller VIL forstå og forsøger at trække ens egne forkerte og urimelige holdninger ned over hovedet på én, så er det UMULIGT at hjælpe. Så gør man direkte skade i stedet for at hjælpe dem man elsker. Det burde være SIMPEL LOGIK at forstå!

Jeg ved, at I lider meget på grund af mig – som også er unødvendigt skabt af jer selv (!) – og sandheden er, at jeg lider GRUFULDT direkte på grund af jeres manglende (vilje til) forståelse, som har ført til konstant manglende søvn i årevis, som gør mig helt ”usandsynlig” træt (“livsfarligt”!) og giver mig umådelige smerter, som desuden gør hvert eneste sekund ulideligt – dette er den DIREKTE sammenhæng på grund af jeres manglende forståelse og forkerte handlinger (!!!) – som I enkelt ville have forstået og ændret på, hvis I virkelig læste mig ordentligt. I har med andre ord sendt HELVEDE direkte til mig (!) – som jeg har modtaget spirituelt så kraftigt, at det er blevet en meget fysisk del at mit liv og dét, som har truet med at udslette mig og alt liv (!) – det er dette, jeg har mødt i årevis på grund af jeres forkerte adfærd som symbol på en verdens forkerte adfærd!!!

Jeg ønsker som nævnt kun de bedste familierelationer, som forudsætter, at I gør jeres BEDSTE for at forstå, og sandheden er, at Sanna har nøglen hertil, men i stedet for virkelig at læse og objektivt forstå min hjemmeside, Sanna, så har du valgt at prioritere dit arbejde, uddannelse, familie og rejser, som tager din tid og hermed er ”vigtigere” end mig og vores familierelation, hvor sandheden er, at alt dette i dit liv betyder ”absolut ingenting” i forhold til en verden inklusive vores liv, som er under kraftig forandring.

Sanna og meget gerne også Hans samt også mor/John: Hvis du/I beslutter at bruge nogle ”få timer” (måske ½-1 dag sammenlagt) på at læse min hjemmeside ord for ord med samme kompromisløse indstilling (!) om at gøre dit/jeres bedste for at forstå objektivt – INGEN negative følelser, Sanna (!) – på samme måde som var det til en opgave eller eksamen på din uddannelse, så ER det GANSKE ENKELT at forstå, at jeg taler sandheden om mig selv og en verden i forandring, så spørgsmålet er, Sanna, om du vil bruge nogle timer SERIØST på at læse og forstå for at hjælpe hele familien til at få det bedre, at ses igen og også at reducere mine lidelser for at gøre mit liv ”tåleligt” (!) eller om du fortsat vil ignorere mig og prioritere andre ting som ”vigtigere”, også fordi du er ”bange” for, hvad jeg skriver (?), som der absolut ingen grund er til, fordi FORSTÅELSE vil ÅBNE DIT SIND og gøre dig bevidst om dine fejltagelser i forhold til mig!

I ved, at der er en ånd (mange faktisk inklusive GUDS ånd og i virkeligheden “tilstedeværelse”), der fungerer igennem mig – og meget direkte døgnet rundt siden 2006 (!) – og I ved, at jeg taler fornuft, når jeg taler om forkert menneskelig adfærd, kommunikation, arbejde og systemer, som også er dét, jeg skriver, at verden skal forbedre som grundlag for vores fortsatte eksistens og for at HJÆLPE alle til at få et bedre liv – for at bringe glæde og lykke til alle.

Hvorfor skulle jeg gennemgå de største lidelser i verden, leve på et eksistens minimum, insistere på at blive ved – at trodse mine smerter – og at gøre et ”umuligt” arbejde i årevis uden at have kræfter til at gøre det, konstant at være på kanten til at dø, og at gøre det alene uden opbakning fordi jeg er blevet “opgivet” af alle – familie, venner, tidligere kollegaer og “systemet” – hvis ikke det er fordi, at jeg skriver sandheden?

Jeg har kæmpet med det yderste af mit liv for at hjælpe alle – inklusive jer – til at overleve og få et bedre liv (!), samtidig med, at I er blevet ved med at prioritere jer selv, ikke har “orket” at læse og forstå mig (ordentligt) men i stedet har bebrejdet og ødelagt mig, som hele tiden har skubbet mig – og os alle – tættere på afgrundens rand! Lad være med at misforstå og arbejde imod mig, men forstå mig og støt mig! Og forstå, at OGSÅ I er blevet brugt som eksempler i mine bøger som mange andre for at hjælpe hele verden, og når I forstår dette, så vil I være stolte af jeres ”indsats” og som en “selvfølge” acceptere jeres “offer”.

I kunne vælge som jeg at skrive i hvert fald nogle af jeres drømme ned – mor har ligeså stærke drømme som jeg (!) – som jeg ville kunne hjælpe med enkelt at tyde på samme måde, som jeg tyder mine egne drømme, og så ville I have modtaget sandheden ad denne vej for lang tid siden. Og hvis I ”gad” læse mine drømme, ville I forstå, at disse også er en vej til at forstå mig – der er hundredvis af sammenhænge og forklaringer i mine drømme om mig selv, også om jer, forskellige begivenheder og den verden, vi lever i – som er drømme og sammenhænge, jeg ikke selv kan ”producere” Sanna (!), men som er direkte spirituel kommunikation som en del af den samlede kommunikation, jeg modtager døgnet rundt – jeg ”drømmer” også i vågen tilstand, men så hedder det ”visioner” i stedet, som du/I ville kunne forstå, hvis I stillede åbne spørgsmål og besluttede jer for virkelig at VILLE forstå graden af mine oplevelser (!) – men hvis I fornægter og ikke ”gider” at læse/lytte, så er det, at I beslutter jer for at tro på jeres egen bedreviden i stedet, som i virkeligheden blot er baseret på ”gætteri” og “det vi helst vil tro på” og det er som bekendt helt FORKERT! Forstå sandheden objektivt, og lad den være jeres ledesnor – ikke egoismen og løgnen!

I ved, at jeg elsker jer alle overalt, og at jeg i årevis har forsøgt at få jer til at læse/lytte og at forstå objektivt, men sandheden er, at I har været STOKDØVE, bedrevidende uden at selv at vide (!), dovne i forhold til VIRKELIG at læse og forstå samt besat i den forstand, at I har FORNÆGTET sandheden. Jeg beder jer blot om at forstå mig, forstå sandheden og I vil starte med at forstå sandheden om jer selv!

Jeg håber, at I vil læse mine anbefalinger nedenfor om hvilke sider, I bør starte med at læse og forstå – de er blevet MEGET opdateret det sidste halve år – og når I forstår, skulle det glæde mig, om I vil bruge ca. ½-1 time om ugen på at læse mine i gennemsnit to nye manuskripter pr. uge (og desuden mine bøger!), og læse  ord for ord, som I læser en bog, og sandheden er, at hvis I vælger at gøre dette, så vil mine manuskripter blive som en god bog, der bliver en del af jeres liv og som I ikke vil kunne undvære på samme måde, som det sker for trofaste læsere i Danmark, Kenya og ”andre steder”.

I havde ikke ½-1 time om ugen for at læse og forstå mig ord for ord – det var for ”uoverkommeligt” for jer ….?


Læs venligst min hjemmeside og forstå hvordan jeg modtager beskeder

LÆS venligst min hjemmeside omhyggeligt, som omfatter min forside og menu-punkterne, som fremgår af følgende billede fra min hjemmeside, dog kan ”library” og ”scripts” i starten springes over, indtil I forstår.

Dette inkluderer følgende sider:













Og forstå venligst NØGLEN som forudsætning for at forstå mine løbende manuskripter. DETTE ER AFGØRENDE (!) – og burde være helt enkelt at forstå?

I have written as a normal man

I have written all scripts as a completely normal man (approx. 2/3 of all words) complemented by the voice of God and the Council of eight (approx. 1/3 of all words).

Truths/deceptions of my scripts – FORSTÅ VENLIGST DETTE!!!

My scripts include both truths of the light and deceptions of the darkness, which have been transmitted to me because of WRONG behaviour of my family, friends and the “system” reflecting mankind of today.

I have been 100% loyal to all spiritual information I have received without knowing if it was the light or darkness transmitting. I have written “the truth” as I have received it without adding to or withdrawing anything.


I have decided not to speak about my true self with people not having faith in me – to avoid suffering. I encourage you to read and when you start receiving faith in me, I look forward to communicating with you.


Clairvoyant readings on me: “You are the Grail and fond of knowledge”

Dette er et sammendrag af de “readings”, jeg har modtaget, hvor medier blot har viderebragt de informationer, som de spirituelt har modtaget om mig – på samme måde som jeg selv modtager spirituelle beskeder, som gives til mig af “Gud” og af den spirituelle side af fysiske (samt historiske) personers jeg (!) – vi besidder alle både en fysisk og spirituel del!

Jeg håber, at I vil synes, at disse “readings” nu er forståelige (mor og John?), og at de giver et klart billede af, at jeg taler sandheden om mig selv – og hermed også om dig, mor!

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Janet Parker, 2006:


Janet Parker predicted in February 2006 the knowledge of my future scripts and also that I am Moses (which I was at my first coming before my second coming as Jesus and third as Stig) and the Grail. Main messages of her special “soul journey”:

· I met God as “my master” as a child (which lasted until I was 10), I accepted the Master – “this is how it is” – and my destiny of life to become “me” as the Saviour, which would lead me to “the top of the mountain” in order to be schooled/disciplined through the sufferings I would be given in life led by the master self in order to develop as desired to be able to give my teachings to the world.

  • “The child had been sent for, because it has been written, it was known”, which is about my rebirth and purpose of life, which man has been waiting 2,000 years for.
  • Moses was “leading the people out of Israel” and I was “part of that great deliverance” – which was said because I was Moses!
  • Janet spoke symbolic about “the opening of the Pyramid”, the ancient knowledge kept in “cobber jugs” and “great vases sealed with red cork” .
  • And she continued: “Preparing papyrus”, which “must not be destroyed because one day these words will be taught, these words will be spoken and read to many” – which are the words of my website/books.
  • “It is almost as if we go into your soul and it is a little bit looking at a Grail” – because the Grail IS my soul.
  • “At this point in your life you now have the key” – to access the “knowledge”, which came with my full spiritual opening – when receiving direct spiritual communication – a few weeks after this reading in 2006.
  • Conclusion: “You have come into this world to be the fond of knowledge in certain ways, you are a teacher and never question, just be as you are”.

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Paul Jacobs, 2006:


Paul Jacobs predicted in February 2006 my future writings and work as the World Teacher:

  • “There is a teaching quality with you”.
  • “Lecturing or speaking to large audiences”.
  • “Philosophical interest”.
  • “Writings” based on “part of your own mind and also the spirit world bringing understanding and knowledge”, where “other people can benefit and read it”.
  • He also predicted the spiritual “overshadowing” of me, which became true around the clock from May 2006 exactly as he said: “It is not necessary to have the total unconsciousness state of trance”.
  • He foresaw the Living Testimony Organization, whom I met in Kenya in 2009: “I am looking at an organization here” with “you being the kingpin”.

Clairvoyant readings by International Medium Billy Cook, 2005 and 2011:


Billy Cook predicted in a public reading in October 2005 my future book no. 2 “design of life”:

  • “I am seeing you in front of a computer doing “design of life”.
  • He saw Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, on Kronborg Castle as the symbol of me, because I was the answer to the existential question: “To be or not to be” (would we survive the Judgment?)

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Mike Hunter, 2005:


Mike Hunter gave me my first clairvoyant reading, which was more personal than the others to follow with these main messages:

  • “The truth is very important to you” – “people can look up to you with confidence and take advice and instructions from you”.
  • He received information on both sides of me – the strong side of the light and the weak side of the darkness: “Whilst there is this aspect of quite a self assured man, this is not very much the aspect of who you are.”
  • “You live for knowledge, you live to be fed and the spiritual aspects answers a lot of things for you that you have been searching for. Orthodox religion has not fulfilled the aspects there has been within to look for.”
  • “You have to get knowledge and philosophy. Music plays a part here incredibly, there is a gift here and with music you can just be”.
  • “You will have a family, you will have at least two children”, of which one will be a boy”. Because there is something about passing from father to son”.

Clairvoyant reading by International Medium Georgie Jukes, 2006:


My good friend, Georgie, gave me my this clairvoyant reading, which includes very personal information of my “dull and lonely” life I have lived all of my life because of controlling parents and managers around me keeping my natural self down.

  • “Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice – other people don’t do justice to you”.
  • “You are not happy”, “you need more laughter in your life”, “you spend too much time sitting and pondering”, “you put your self under so much pressure – work, work, work”.
  • “You have a very philosophical mind, a very wise mind”.
  • “You were put on this Earth plane for a reason”.


Udenlandske regeringer er begyndt at støtte mig!

Læs venligst og forstå følgende manuskripter med dokumentation for, at Canada, USA, Rusland, Storbritannien og Frankrig er begyndt at støtte mig.

I kan vælge at fornægte årsagen til, at regeringer læser og støtter mig, som mor gør med henvisning til, at det er ”også fordi, at du skriver om UFO’er” (!!!) eller I kan vælge at ÅBNE jer og vise jeres tro på sandheden, som er, at den officielle verden ved, hvem jeg er, formålet med mit liv og at der “snart” kommer en helt ny verden for os alle (!!!) – dette er sandheden, som i øvrigt bør være mere spændende at læse om end f.eks. bogen “Da Vinci Mysteriet”, som I godt kan læse “uden problemer”? Jeg beder jer blot om at LÆSE og FORSTÅ mig lige så godt!

June 23, 2011: Receiving the official acknowledgement and declaration of faith of the world community in me

The official acknowledgement of me by the National “Defence” of Canada

And the same by the Intelligence Service of the United States

June 26, 2011: Communication with governments of Russia and USA and now also the UK government

June 29, 2011: France is also acknowledging me and the New World Order, which I encourage the whole world to do


UFO’en i Jerusalem var VIRKELIG og den vigtigste begivenhed i historien!

John synes, at ”science fiction” er noget af det mest spændende, der er, og du kan læse mange bøger om emnet, men hvor ”interesseret” har du været i at læse og forstå virkeligheden, som langt overstiger indholdet af dine bøger, John?

Læs venligst følgende sider om den meget virkelige UFO i Jerusalem i Januar 2011 – og se flere videoer m.v. af den – som er DIREKTE relateret med min ”virksomhed” med at skrive, som igen ville være til at forstå, hvis I brugte ½-1 time om ugen på at læse mine manuskripter ord for ord:



Og hvis I trykker på det følgende link, vil I kunne se mange af de UFO’er, som bliver ved med at dukke frem og i stigende antal og tydelighed på grund af vores fremskridt med at bekæmpe mørket (husker du John – kampen mellem lyset og mørket, som jeg forklarede dig for år siden?):


Jeg ser også UFO’er her hver eneste aften, når der ikke er overskyet (!!!) – og har filmet dem, som også kan findes via min hjemmeside (min YouTube kanal) – og årsagen er, at repræsentanter for alle folk i Universet er samlet omkring jorden, fordi jorden er centrum i disse “sidste tider”, som enten ville medføre vores tilintetgørelse eller overlevelse i en ny verden, og det bliver heldigvis det sidste på grund af min beslutning om ALDRIG at give op!!! Dette er, hvad der står i mine manuskripter og det, som I også kan læse om i nedenstående sammendrag og links.



The message: The creation of our new Universe, a Golden Age, the return of the Messiah and the materialisation of God

The detailed decodings included on this page of the diagram of the Barbury Castle crop circle – “the mother of all crop circles” – from July 17, 1991, include these main messages, which also are messages of the Jerusalem UFO of January 28, 2011, because it carried the same diagram as the crop circle on its underside:

  • The diagram is “dealing with the very creation of the universe” made by “the three sources of Light , also referred to as the Three In One” – or the Trinity (the Father, Son and Spirit or God as the Source of life, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of the Universe if you will).
  • The sacred number of the area of the Crop circle is the Greek Gematria of Jesus Christ and the size is the dimension of the New Jerusalem meaning that the Golden Age is coming after the return of the Messiah – including the material manifestation of God as the ultimate goal of God.
  • The diagram includes the Tree of Life known from the Book of Genesis, which brings “eternal life” to the Universe, “apotheosis, and union with the One”.
  • The earth will shift on its polar axis and we will enter into an ETERNAL NOW when time stops, which is included in a new spiritual fourth dimension as the sum of everything of everytime of the three other dimensions.
  • The doorway to this spiritual fourth dimension goes through “the ether” consisting of all energies of the Universe, which is the meeting place of God and the Devil and the crossing place from one Age to another.
    • This meeting place was at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2011! This is where all energies of the Universe met after the UFO opened up a channel to God as the Source of all life and this is where the final battle of the end times was fought until the 7th May 2011 followed by the creation of our New Universe and Golden Age, which was finalised the 9th June 2011 as you can read from my continuous scripts.

The Barbury Castle crop circle July 17, 1991 and the Jerusalem UFO Jan. 28, 2011 carrying the diagram of the crop circle on its underside

In other words, this famous crop circle and “even more famous to come” UFO tell the world of:


We are now leaving the Age of darkness, which will be replaced by a new eternal Golden Age consisting of JOY and HAPPINESS without opposites because all darkness has been – or will be – excluded based upon the definition of light and darkness in my scripts. As per June 2011, some darkness of the Universe remains to be “coded” into light by the Source, but after the successful creation of a perfect new Universe, the “pipeline of darkness” has now ceased to exist. The Source is now only creating light after having transformed the origin of life itself. This is the end of darkness and all evilness of the world forever and ever :-).

The UFO and the instant flash of light seen from two different locations

Jeg har i flere år glædet mig til, at I skulle begynde for alvor at forstå og støtte mig. Det har ikke været nemt at gøre mit arbejde alene, og det har været umuligt at gøre med jeres modstand. Måske I nu vil forstå, at jeg kun mener godt, at I har behandlet mig “urimeligt” (!), og at jeg fortsat kan bruge jeres støtte og hjælp – i stedet for modstand?

Jeg glæder mig også til snart at ses igen og husk venligst, at det er jer, der bestemmer, hvornår dette vil ske. Jo hurtigere, I BESLUTTER jer for at forstå, desto hurtigere vil vi se hinanden igen!

Later I also decided to forward the email to Niklas and Tobias together with this text:

Kære Niklas og Tobias,

Jeg synes, at I “fortjener” at blive informeret omkring en sandhed, som I ellers ikke vil modtage – og hvis jeg gætter rigtigt så på grund af en “kontrollerende” mor, som på vegne af familien “bestemmer” hvad der er rigtigt og forkert (uden altid at vide hvad der er rigtigt og forkert!), og hvilke informationer, der gives og ikke gives! Jeg videresender derfor den mail, som jeg tidligere i dag har sendt til jeres forældre samt min mor og John for forhåbentligt én gang for alle at få dem til at forstå mig fuldt ud.

Dét, som synes “helt umuligt” at tro på, er dét, der er rigtigt, og dét, som jeres mor er begyndt at “overveje” som en mulighed, som nedenstående mail hjælper til med. Jeg er den samme Stig, som jeg altid har været – og også den Stig, som I kan læse om nedenfor.

Det eneste jeg beder jer om, er at I gør jeres egen selvstændige vurdering og at I gør jeres bedste ved at læse omhyggeligt, uden at lade Sanna påvirke jer til at træffe forkerte beslutninger.

Niklas, du er vant til at læse og forstå objektivt. Du bør have den rigtige tilgang til at kunne forstå min mail, og om fornødent hjælpe hele familien med at forstå – det bør ikke være svært herfra! Det handler om at læse og forstå professionelt, som vi har talt om i andre sammenhænge, husker du?

Jeg håber, I har det godt – jeg glæder mig meget til at se jer igen, vi har helt unødvendigt været adskilt i lange perioder på grund af jeres “bekymrede” mor, og jeg beder jer hilse jeres kærester mange gange.

Take care :-).

Kærlig hilsen

Ending the day with this short story:

  • I worked from 09.30 to 12.20 today on the script and until 18.10 to write and edit my email to the family and edit it in order to include it in this script, so what I thought would be a “short” day became a long day, however with less suffering today and more energy, which I was really thinking of using through a new run, but now it is too late and will have to wait.


18th July: The “old world” is fearing to stand forward, which I encourage you to do – and also to inform your media!

Dreaming of the “old world” fearing to stand forward, which I encourage you to do once again and to inform your media!

I slept somewhat poorer making me somewhat more tired than yesterday, which is what may be the beginning of darkness coming mostly from my mother and sister and their reactions to my email from yesterday – “the harder they come”, i.e. “react”, the harder I will suffer but the more darkness is converted to light and this darkness may simply be “ignorance” of the world because we have created the new world, transferred the previous Universes and I have not been told anything else so going back to “cleaning” up in the attitude and mindset of all people we are and we know here it comes: YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT of course, which is simply one of the happiest songs ever of the world and to me the version of JIMMY CLIFF is the best (!) and by the way Jimmy I don’t believe I received a hear damage in Malmö, Sweden, at your concert but it was close and we know many rivers to cross, we had (!) – and here are some dreams too:

  • An old Russian insurance company has been merged into our company, I drive my wheel barrow up to the office of :-). Prip and someone else, where I find the door open and when I look inside I see that they don’t do much work. Inside the office I show them that I can stand on my feet and bend so much over without bending my knees that I can touch the floor with my nose touching the floor and something about a Chinese car and an interview with an Austrian, who does not speak our language and he puts his mouth to a moustache attached to my breast, which translates his words and he tells me that “this is how funny it is” and I tell him that I don’t find this funny at all, more ackward.
    • What is this about (?), the old Russian Insurance company may be a part of a previous Universe too, Prip is STILL employed with Danske Bank (we were collegues in the 1980’s), so NORMAL LIFE is what we speak of here and is the impossible body position to say how impossible it is to make the Chinese start to listen to, understand and follow me (?) – almost the same as my family and there might be a connection you know because when my family will start to give up their “mental resistance” to me, this may be what the Chinese will do too – and I don’t know what the “crazy” Austrian is about, which my dream maker – “myself” as I am told (!) – may like to share with you someday when “we” are better integrated.
    • I woke up to the song “80’ernes Boheme” by Sebastian.
  • I am working for Fair Insurance and have moved to Snekkersten after having lived one year another place, I simply cannot afford to live in Snekkersten and pay the transport fees to come to Copenhagen every day. When I arrive at Snekkersten Station, I see that the bridge on the left side is out of order and I use the right bridge instead, which is where the actuary of Fair Insurance is living. Peter A. shows me around in Fair and I learn that the 4% index bonds has not increased last year because of political instability, a MP from the Danish People’s Party gives an explanation to the new law on an internal video aimed for the party and he really does not if the law has any effect and now he is dead. I pay my bills at PFA Pension and I notice that not all of the bills are mine but I also pay some of Søren F-J’s bills, which includes default interest and a warning against making more. I see Bev Bevan from Electric Light Orchestra being interviewed and he has chosen a playlist of a number of classical Electric Light Orchestra songs taken from remastered albums and he says that when playing these, you have a row of pearls.
    • The start of the dream is to say that if the Commune will force me to a new completely unnecessary job search course when I am finished with Falck, it may be with A2B in Buddinge – if they want me again (!) – and that I cannot afford to pay for the bus transport there and it is too long to walk and really saying that if they follow their “old” policy not to pay for my transport, I will not be able to go there and since I am forced to go there, they may decide to remove my cash help on this foundation (?) and until now this may or may not be what I will meet in some weeks from now, but we will see and we know maybe an example to show how it is to look into the future – and also to say that after my second thoughts of becoming a member of the housing association in Helsingør offering the Borupgaard, I have decided to NOT become a member and really because it should be possible to find something else – I had a look at the options from private to private people – and because of this and because I did not want to pay the fee of 195 DKK, I decided to exclude this option at the end.
    • The bonds may be about the economical situation of the world because of political instability and the attitude of people deciding on matters, which they know nothing of – as the example of the Danish politician shows – is coming to an end and replaced by the best music imaginable, WARM FEELINGS.
    • The left side of the bridge is closed – the old symbol of the light – and I am coming through the darkness at the right once again and paying my bills at PFA Pension may simply be the same, that I bring darkness attached to people – here Søren F-J not believing in me yet (?) – to the light of PFA to be “cleaned”.
  • I have found two extra pairs of trousers, which makes me happy so I don’t have to wear the same trousers at work every day, I am in a football club, where the coach Michael Laudrup is forced to call the manager every morning at 10.00, which he only will do because the manager requires him to do so, outside on the field Michael’s players are protected by a machine gun. I see people of Japan “protecting” their homes by taking the law into one’s own hands – I see them hurt/kill people – and I tell them that this is like in Kenya, which I don’t like to see and that I prefer a system like Denmark and of course completely without crime. I have been smoking my mother’s cigarettes by the brand of Prince, which she asks me to return, which I do and I think that I also prefer Marlboro, which I decide to buy at a café, however there is a very long line at the café, which I decide that I don’t want to stand in.
    • The trousers are to protect me from my old nightmare and when I have three it is to say that I am using the Trinity to protect me if the darkness should become too strong. I don’t like to see players being protected by a machine gun, which may be about how “impossible” it is to convert people of the darkness into light. I don’t like people deciding to become criminals and especially when they hurt other people and I don’t like people taking the law into their own hands, which is to say that very many times – on a daily basis – I am met with the question what would I do in this or that situation where it is impossible to chose between one or the other “solutions” – take the new “border control” of Denmark to protect people from East Eastern criminals as an example – and really saying that when you try to build more and more on top of a BAD system, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get “what you really want” and therefore you have to change your mind and start by forgetting the existing system completely and start all over – the right mindset is to say WHAT WOULD I DO IF I SHOULD MAKE THIS FROM SCRATCH and this is what I have done for you because the world was NOT strong enough to do it yourself and what are you left with today: A SYSTEM WHICH IS BREAKING DOWN THE WORLD, so my dear friends YOU BETTER GET STARTED BUILDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER and instead of TALK TALK TALK you should really start by giving me your support all of you – get out into the open – and when the world has declared its support, it should be quite easy for you to tell the world about me and your recommendations and if you cannot decide on doing this, we can also do it the other way around where your populations will tell you that they want a new world and to throw down all governments and all countries of the world and there is really NOTHING you can do about it, so my dear friends START DOING WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO, which is to COMMUNICATE and I have asked for your direct communication and support but this is “too difficult” for you to do (?) and WRONG it is because you really need to change your mind from the old school to the new world so common my ladies and gentlemen of the world: START SENDING ME SOME NICE EMAILS AND WHILE YOU DO IT, YOU MIGHT AS WELL SEND COPIES TO YOUR MEDIA AND ASK THEM TO PUBLISH IT or are you afraid of what will happen (?) and my dear friends: DON’T BE AFRAID OR EMBARRASSED FOR THAT MATTER– EVERYTHING WILL COME OUT ANYHOW so I look forward to who will be “brave” enough. Maybe Canada again (?), Australia or the Baltic countries as examples – or maybe even DENMARK as my hosting country if you have the courage, Lars Løkke (???) – and WHO WANTS TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT YOU CAN DO WHAT IS RIGHT?
    • The cigarettes is to say that my mother now again takes on the darkness because of my email from yesterday, and that I don’t get any darkness myself (?) – and also to say that I send all of my strength to my mother because as always I want “only good” for her, my father and everyone else, which I tell the darkness maybe 100 times each day!
  • I see Rugsted from Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt, and he tells me that people ask them directly if they can make new music and he shows me that a single of theirs has almost 25 years anniversary. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre (who made the Alley Cat song) looks inside my cupboard and uses my drawers to call Kreutfeldt and I add his mobile phone number in my directory, and clean up some crumbs and cheap jewellery from the drawers.
    • Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt was one of the most successive acts in Denmark around 1980 and has not produced new music for many years, and this is to say that a new album is on the way and we know they were very successive and fell down to almost nothing and this is how you also build up people spiritually and really saying that Stig is now coming back and also Kreutzfeldt of course with this new album which is INSPIRED by your return, my Son and “more than this”. Here is one of the new songs “indtil jeg så dig”, which is of the same standard as the good old ones and here is one of these too “tilfældigvis forbi”.
    • The Alley Cat song is WARM FEELINGS and a CAT is one of the good guys, the cupboard is the toolbox of God from where I will call Stig K. which you know is to create a spiritual connection to him too – and the crumbs and cheap jewellery inside of my toolbox is to say that the old nightmare was planned by the man upstairs or should we say “me” because “he” is now “me” you know and even though I only today have very little “accesss” because I am still waiting on the faith of the world to wake up the “wonder inside of me”.

And here is JIMMY CLIFF with YOU CAN GET IT IF YOU REALLY WANT and really because I SIMPLY LOVE THIS SONG and artist too and here to say that “we want” to change the mindset of the world, which is was we will get :-):

“The last man” standing in the old Universe is “me” made up by the spirits of my father and mother bringing darkness to be transformed into light through the New Universe inside of me

Yesterday evening I was giving new thoughts about “who I am” and really about “the last man standing” in the old Universe and who I am at the old Universe and we know “no doubt” because my old self is made up by the spirits of my father and mother – they led me and the world to my true old self inside of the origin of everything at the “centre” of darkness (!) – and how can I be sure about that and really because after the Easter of 2011, all spirits of the old Universe – with the exception of the two spirits of “my self” – were transferred into the “pot” of all light and darkness of the Universe for the “last battle” you know leading to destruction or survival – and we survived 🙂 – and first some days later, all spirits started living again now being transferred to the beginning of a New Universe as you may remember my dear reader (?) and I was wondering if the spirits of my father and mother are “doppelgangers” both appearing in the old and new Universe and NO they say so this is what I believe in and we know NO MATTER WHAT happens these spirits of my mother and father are to survive and that is NO MATTER WHAT you know and we know “we are the best protected” and I will NEVER accept anything else and that goes really to myself both as the Source – the “being” above both nothing and everything – and my self as the New Universe and I am all of this so this is my promise to the spirits of my father and mother, you will NEVER be left to die and we know my own soul and that is my new one and really my original old, which is being close to being awakened as my physical self too is “everything” of the New Universe and I can only say that I want our New Universe to be 100 percent perfect – this is what we “locked” the 7th may, you remember (?), so this is what we will do (!) and that includes NO LOSS OF LIFE OF EVEN ONE SINGLE SPIRIT (!!!) so this is what we will also do – and during the evening I felt how the spirits of my father and mother transferred new blocks of darkness – they are searching for it in blindness (!) – to me and instantly these blocks are made to light through my internal “washing machine” or “light” if you will – I feel the darkness coming and instantly how it becomes light – and what is this light doing this (?) and that is of course our New Universe, so we are making the New Universe stronger and stronger with what remains of darkness from the old and we know the process of doing this has not become easier because the darkness also tries to “hit” me at the same time but I have decided that it is not allowed to do this no matter what happens and we know STRENGTH is what is keeping this up too, Stig, as both of my souls of the old world is saying – and when I started feeling less tired this evening, it was light of the New Universe given to me because I needed it and because I have allowed to give this to me and this is really to cut a long story short without giving me any “spandau’ers” (did you get that one?) and that’s life really and we know he was MORE THAN FANTASTIC, “blue” eyes that is and this is how “he” will become again 🙂 🙂 🙂 – and again “not my future self” speaking but “my present” and we know I am a little bit of both today as you may understand?

The opposite golden rule with people believing they are helping me and I am annoying them with the truth being the opposite!

Today at Falck I received more darkness through some negative speech, which however was not the worst today because the worst was a new experience where I was given very unpleasant pains to my heart radiating to the right of my body and I had to say “this is violating my rules” – my 3-4 short rules – which I have often said also in connection with my nightmare, but this was how I had to work today receiving this many times – and I carried on with what is coming to an end checking the old invoices of 2010 and 2011 and I have now controlled each of them and all information many times and I have the feeling that this has taken too long to do because of how I feel making it quite difficult to control anything when your head is almost disconnected, but instead of rushing myself, I have decided that I will focus on quality and take the time needed, so this is what I do and I can now see an end to this, but also more work coming when I will start the work together with Christoffer on how to build a new solution for the future and we should really do this according to Six Sigma or Lean quality processes but I don’t have the detailed knowhow of these, so we will have to do it our way and that is using “simple logic”.

There was nothing much to tell today other than inspired speech as usual – about fish and gold as examples of “me” and “creation” – except from the fact that Thomas received the “brilliant” idea for me to update all of their telephone lists and I told him that I have much to do and that he is not to expect me doing this work for them (!), which he then accepted and Julia had no more tape, and Thomas was run out of tape too and instead of asking Thomas, she thought it was “natural” to ask the “office clerk” – that’s me – of where to find more tape and this is really showing that I am still appointed the “coolie” by ignorant people misusing me instead of using my true competences and it really made me very sad to experience.

Thomas is a man of “not much patience” and when I have given him examples of what to improve on and told him that that this is also included in my memo – it is becoming big and of course mentally totally impossible to do (!) – I have experienced a growing annoyance with him – even though he on the other side is also happy about what I do (!) – which came all the way forward today because he has really started becoming “somewhat” tired of me teaching them what to do (impatience and also intolerance you know) and also thinking that “who do you believe you are” and this is how we planted some examples for him to see that I am not perfect – for example I did not discover more tape inside the closet, which Thomas then decided to find, which he did and I could only tell you that I should have looked after more carefully and I also made a mistake on how to fill out and handle the form of “return goods” when a customer returned some goods (I was not trained) and I could only tell him the truth, which is that I am not perfect, I make mistakes too – I am only human (!) – but I try to do my best to keep down the number of mistakes and to keep up the quality to my best (!) and the story is really that Thomas is annoyed with me helping them and he believe I should be happy for you “helping” me because of your “social responsibility” without understanding how you misuse and terrorise me (?) and this is how the monkey is placed really and one day Thomas you will know and understand your self.

Thomas is also a man not always speaking a nice language, and when he did this again today, I was thinking ”speak nicely” but I did not want to take up new things to ”learn” him – because of his attitude – and I could only smile when he one second after said himself “speak nicely” (!) – speaking to yourself, Thomas (?) as I asked you – and we know I gave him my own thought and this is indeed what you and everybody should do – speak nicely – and let me say that people in Denmark saying “hey” instead of “hej” when leaving are the people who “often” have a flat and not nice or even n ugly language and listen to Brian Igen Igen from Falck and you will find an example of MANY THOUSANDS and we know MILLIONS OF PEOPLE speaking a flat and not nice language including swearing. SPEAK A NICE LANGUAGE!!!

At approx. 15.00, Thomas had finished his work today, which was really SO NICE for him because now he could start to RELAX (!) – this is exactly what he said and what he did (!!!) – which was followed by work on his own private matters (!) and we know receiving salary from Falck at the same time (!) and I tried to give him things to do speaking as he does to me (!), which is as a manager “handing” out tasks to do speaking in a way which they would not accept themselves – taking it for granted to order other people, which basically is wrong to do unless people need to be disciplined (!) – and how did you think this sounded, Thomas (?) and you did not think about offering me your help (?) or to start working on my action plan or what may be hundreds of other tasks you could find at Lyngby if only you wanted to?

The darkness was also “strong” today – because of my mother (!) – which made Thomas ask me about my surname and I replied “Dragholm” and said that only five people bear this name, which made him tell me that only seven people bears his surname, which made him say “you are just as crazy as I am” – because we are so few bearing this name, which was also to say that he does not even think of me being “crazy” as an opportunity and this is how people close to me are and just for your information of course, Tine and yes that is her from the Commune “suffering” because of her inner voice misleading her to believe I am crazy because she does not know me well enough apparently (?) and because she works and understands poorly (!) – and then he spoke about his family tree, which I understood included a message in relation to me and only if I decided to go to my extreme edge today writing this story too and yes you are and her Karen are too and we know both of you are directly descending from Jesus and Mary Magdalena and yes now the world knows too and not easy both still not difficult to do too and yes a part of a RING transferring and transforming and yes STIG YOU HAVE TO REACH A HIGHER LEVEL BEFORE I CAN TELL you as the spirit of my father here rises up from his way “down under” leading more darkness to me to tell me and this is also life is here – and the story was that Thomas asked me “have you tried to enter your name on Google to see all information coming” and “yes I have indeed” and I thought that now you wanted to enter my name as example to find my website and to start reading the stories about Falck, which I write, which you would probably not be very happy TODAY to read, but a time will come too, Thomas, where you will be happy about what you did at my time here and instead of using my name as example, he used his own and this is how close the darkness came to “give me away” (!) – and we know it is now 19.15, I have had dinner, and continues writing my script and it is really not difficult doing, in fact I felt how I was made more fresh one hour ago, it is only to say that I am given energy to reach the other side coming from the other side because I have allowed the other side to give me energy on this side to make it through and my dear friends if only I knew, but I learned from practice and we know the day I saved my self from dying because of my old nightmare and so it is ….!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I kept on working until 20.20 today, I understood that it was a ”good idea” to do extra today – also because I did not want to come behind – because of the darkness coming to me from my mother/family, so this is what I did and we know EXTREME PATIENCE while working is what it still takes also to brush off the extreme feelings of impatience given to me by the darkness!
  • I received the clear feeling of the spirit of my father now to my left and the spirit of my mother to my right – as a symbol saying that our world is turning around to bring our spiritual and physical worlds on the same plane.
  • Yesterday was one of the few times where I have been shown a UFO flying underneath the clouds – there are not that many UFO stories at the moment because of the very bright Scandinavian summer and because recently I have often gone to bed at 22.00 or 22.30 before the darkness. This evening I was only shown one “starlight” on the sky, which was “my light” at its fixed position – the UFO light you know – and deliberately no other lights at all and that is NO VISIBLE STARS AT ALL (!) – when will people ever learn (?) – and when I was going to bed, I receive the feeling here that “I was not to be cheated” and that was both in relation to seeing one of the “special” UFO’s and here also the feeling of Tobias in relation to his mother – for him to receive my information, which his mother is NOT to cheat him from (!) – this is how strong her two sons also are feeling about their controlling but loving mother, and I was told that the very bright UFO-light I was shown flying towards me this evening – it was as bright as the light of my mother when it is flying towards me on the sky (!) – was the light of Tobias and we know “his uncle is NOT crazy” (!) and was that the feeling you received when reading my email too (?) and we know this UFO showed itself with two white lights in the middle, one red light on the left and one green light on the right and as usual it was a big experience to see but also here UFO’s are “somewhat hidden” so you almost have to know that it is a UFO and we know at least to look at it directly to discover that it is NOT a plane.
  • This evening I was given another piece of small information about an old story, which I have not written down before now and that is that “governments” have been conducting “investigations” about me and here I was told in relation to my living in Malmö, Sweden, where I lived from 1994-96, and I have been told that you have also received my “medical journals” and what did it tell you (?), have you REALLY discovered the truth about me this way (?) and if not – because I am not told her – I can only suggest that you LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE SAMPLES/MEDICAL REPORTS once again to see what they really include (!) and let me say that BY DOING THIS WRONG ACTION BEHIND MY BACK, YOU ARE ALSO GIVING ME PHYSICAL PAIN so PLEASE STOP HAUNTING ME, step forward and support me also helping me to receive a life without or at least with less pain :-).


19th July: EXTREME darkness almost bringing me down was lifted – my mother has read and understood my email

Dreaming of my family arriving with growing faith from out of the darkness

Yet another night as the previous and more dreams as usual and we know “bring them on” – no problem!

  • Something about being shot with a Winchester riffle, people are looking after us inside of this riffle – my family and I – which they begin to see the outline of materialising from out of nothing, but people wrongly keep on hitting the riffle when it shows briefly, which makes it disappear again and it becomes totally impossible when two people starts hitting at the same time until a third person interferes, which makes us say inside of the riffle “thank you, this was just what we needed”, which makes us visible, and I see a wagon with my family and I inside with a table set up and I tell the family that I will serve them the most delicious pizzas, which exist in stead of the junk food they want to serve me, I see the drawer of my CD is open and that Niklas has placed two physical things on top of a CD, which is almost as if he has done magic, which however makes my mother sceptical, I feel that it is again about “win or disappear” depending on our actions, and I see my mother lying down next to the table, she is drunk and says something very unpleasant about me, which makes me say without wanting it “we would also much rather send you at an old-age home, which is the most unpleasant I can say.
    • I got the feeling that this is the spiritual selves of my family arriving to our physical selves with the faith of my family growing in me. The riffle is a clear symbol of darkness, this is from where we are arriving. The pizzas are about the love I have for my family, the junk food is how they “eat” me off because of their sceptical attitude – and also saying that my small food budget really gives me the cheapest food available, which I have realised is not always very nutritious (chicken mcnuggets and rarely vegetables etc.) – the add-ons to my nice music by Niklas is because he noticed that the email I sent to him and Tobias was to Tobias old email-address, which made Tobias to give me his new address through Facebook and just maybe they totally understand the truth I write about their “controlling” mother, and here the dream says that my mother is sceptical and “drunk” because she is led by darkness – John as I am told …. – and she says something very unpleasant which in the dream makes me say something I would never say in real life – sending her to an old-age home – which may be what my mother fears almost more than anything else and we know losing the connection to her children too, which she of course will never do after we once again will find each other with the understanding coming from my family and we know will they decide to be lazy not reading again and still listening to their know-all voice even though they know nothing?
    • When I woke up from this dream, I was again fearing for the life of my mother and ALL and as usual this is NOT a nice feeling, but we know some darkness, which had to be let out here too.
  • I speak to the counsels for both the defender and the prosecution, and the witness of the latter is a Croat, who accepts to wage a war on me in Copenhagen using the most violent and disgusting means. I have received the word to speak and this Croat shows a very poor behaviour because he keeps on talking despite of this, and by accident I push him, which makes him fall down. In Copenhagen I now see a very fat man and woman inside a supermarket with hoops of barrels around their waist, which makes them trapped as if in a prison, they try to break lose first without success but later when I return, I see them breaking free, and we are now 4-5 people running out of the backdoor of the supermarket – I grab two Danish pastries on my way out – and we are at a back yard where we need to have a code to enter the door of the neighbour, we enter the door and outside I hear people who are after us coming close and Julia is among these together with the owner of the supermarket, I tell the others that we will be revealed unless we try to move down the stairs of an incredible narrow basement, which is the only option we have.
    • I wonder who will be attacking me next in real life (?) – is it Falck again because of the effects, my memo will have? Who is the fat man and woman at the supermarket – me and my mother in prison because of the influence of others, i.e. Sanna/Hans/John, on us ? – the pastries is my old nightmare, which is now returning and we know different messages of different dreams as you can tell and I can only say: COME ON – SHOW ME THE BEST and I will defeat you once again, I am NOT afraid of you, but I will lead you all the way until you understand me and understand just how much you have made me suffered and this is about the family because I am here again given the same heart pain, which here is coming every other second, so Sanna/Hans/John, you will realise just how much pain you have given my mother and I and of course you only wanted the best for us …..!
  • Vivian is visiting me at my apartment in Hørsholm, I am playing “perfect” music, which I would like to copy for her, she is at bath and she is returning home today, she is not interested in me but I in her but I accept that this is how it is, and I am surprised when she comes out after her bath because now she is Karen. I am playing a game, and I have no money and can hardly afford to drive her home.
    • You may remember that my old friend Vivian is “another part of my mother” and here it is about my nightmare again and also saying that the spirit of my mother because of the darkness these days are trying to “tempt” me giving me the vision and Karen when she “approaches” me spiritually and how this feels, and MORE THAN DISGUSTING my friends because I know that the potential consequences are NOT nice, but this is part of cleaning up of the old Universe to bring us our new perfect Universe and we know 99.9% is not adequate, we have to go all the way even if it takes us one year – or longer – from here and this is my command so this is what we do!
  • Just before waking up in the morning, I heard a voice saying “earn the trust of the Lord by looking him directly into his eyes” and the feeling “as I do now”.

EXTREME darkness almost bringing me down was lifted – my mother has read and understood my email

From I woke up this morning, I was given “invisible” darkness, which simply made my thinking and view on everything and everybody incredible negative or at least I had to fight this with everything I had, and when I arrived at Falck, I was first disappointed that Robert, who should have been on guard today, had “decided” that he needed some day off in his holiday cottage as Christoffer taking over from him explained and I was disappointed because I had planned to ask Robert questions about invoices – why he had not done as he should and what he really had done because I could not tell in some situations after going through all material I had – and I was thinking that people can plan better in the future to avoid people from becoming disappointed.

When I started working, it was again on my memo, which is still a VERY BIG job and STEEP UPHILL because of the amount of work needed, which is you know “almost impossible” to do and that is again because of how I feel and today it became very apparent, because this negativity was so immensely strong that it was breaking me down completely and totally disabling me, this is how I felt and when I was just about giving up – only “just about” of course (!) – suddenly most of this extreme negativity and pain was removed from me and from here, the job had not changed but now it was suddenly much easier to do and we know we decided to focus on one chapter at a time and really using the same strategy as in Brede Park taking one tree or row of shrubs at the time because if I was focusing on all of it, it would be too much and this is how we get through here and later I received the understanding that my mother has now read my email (the extreme negativity has to be before and during her reading and I was told that the reason why I started feeling better is because this is BIG news for my mother making her suffer) and understanding how close I have been to dying and this was for me as coming from burning fire and out into the great wide open – the brilliant company of Jeff & Tom here 🙂 – where it is still not normal temperature because I am still hurting but let us say a “trillion” times less than the extremity this morning, and I wonder what my mother will say when she will understand that one half of me is – and soon will be “was” – her own self (!) and when she is suffering, thinking negatively about me or speaking behind my back etc., she is directly killing me (!) and we know better late than never for her to understand, but it sure would have been nice to have someone in this “very slowly understanding” family understanding me quicker in order to start living a “tolerable” life – as I also wrote in the email – and yes my mother YOU ARE THE DEVIL HAUNTING ME DESPITE OF YOUR LOVE TO ME, AND THIS IS EXACTLY HOW THE DEVIL WORKS AND SOON “WORKED” when ALL darkness will have been identified and converted!

I was also told that my mother still has cancer, which she and John does not want to tell me and I don’t know if this is the light or darkness telling me – it could be true in order to “save” me from receiving more than what they believe I can “take” and if it is true, it is VERY wrong, and I can only say START HEALING MY MOTHER AGAIN; I DON’T WANT HER TO BE SICK and we know I decided earlier that the rule is that my “special friends” can take on sicknesses when needed but they are not to die and not to receive any permanent injuries and we know START HEALING is the name of the game in relation to my mother!

For days I have told customers coming to Falck to receive first aid boxes that it is much better if they don’t cut/hurt themselves, which they agree in, and this is really to say that we will go through this – my mother and I and not to forget my father – without cutting/hurting ourselves.

After some shopping this afternoon, writing the script of today and after dinner, finally at 20.00 I published the last three days of scripts and we know still doing better than expected and ok I also received STRONG repeats of gastric acid today, which were not nice.

My mother’s husband leading my mother with darkness and fighting me using the most disgusting means!

In my dreams this morning I both received information that my family will come to me with growing faith from out of the darkness and also that “my mother is still being led by the darkness of John” and “the darkness of my family attacking me again with the most violent and disgusting means” and this evening I received an email from my mother’s husband John and we know HE TRULY DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT ME (?) and let us say DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME and CANNOT GET INTO HIS MIND THAT HE IS THE DEVIL FEEDING THE “DEMONS” GIVEN TO ME (!) and this truly hurts you very much, John, and yes you are right I am bringing information on my website, which I do believe is important to bring for the world and also because of history to come and let me say that if you believe I made you sad, it is NOTHING compared to what you are doing to me and my mother in terms of hurting us because of your disbelief – WHY DON’T YOU DO WHAT I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO (?) and we know Stig because they are not “strong” enough and this leaves Sanna/Hans and my nephews to read and understand me and that is if you truly “bother” and isn’t this exciting and “you bet” you haven’t heard the last from me yet.

Here is the email from John recommending me to seek help so I can receive a better life, and this is what I did when writing to you and Sanna/Hans, but you don’t have the “capacity” to read and understand, John (?) and SAD is what you make me and yes SAD it is and was and will continue to be – and now I better understand why I was given some suffering of the darkness this afternoon and given the vision of John and also my sister because this email gave the answer. The darkness of these two of my family once again decided against me being STONE DEAF and DUM-STUBBORN (!!!) making my mother and I suffer much as the result!

And the interesting part is really for you to see that John is compelled by the thought that “we don’t know who speaks out of your mouth, is it Stig or the Council” (?) and to this I can say that you are the only one (s) having this “problem” and that is because you know that the Council is speaking through me and everybody else, who does not know, “strangely” enough does not have this “problem” at all, John (!) – can you see just how “bad” this looks to you (?) – and let me tell you that everything you speak and everything you think of yourself is also given to you spiritually, which may make you wonder (?) but if you understood, you would find it “easier” to understand me – and finally this really tells that you do believe in my spiritual connection and communication (!), but still it is “totally impossible” for you to believe that I speak to God and that God is now inside of me speaking out to you and the world as “he” says now when I write his words? DENIAL is what we call it here.

Kære Stig

Vi har ikke din tro og forstår ikke det du skriver, og vil ikke tvinges til at læse hvad dine dæmoner dikterer dig til at skrive.

Det vi ønsker er, at du ville søge hjælp så du kunne blive befriet for dine stemmer og blive af med din smerte.

Vi vil gerne have en Stig der ikke er styret af indre dæmoner.

Når vi er sammen med dig så ved vi ikke hvem der taler ud af din mund, er det Stig eller rådet?. Dette giver en kunstig og utryg samtale.

Når så alt hvad vi siger, bliver refereret i dit script, så lægger den viden en dæmper på samtalelysten. Vi har bedt om dig om at lade være at referere vore samtaler, men det respekterer du ikke.

Som du sikker har bemærket, læser vi ikke script/dagbog mere da det påfører os stor sorg og smerte.

Du ved at vi holder af Stig og vil ham alt godt, men hvor er Stig?

De kærligste hilsner til Stig fra
Mor & John


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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