July 22, 2011: People of other civilizations were refused to take over the management of Earth to save our old Universe


Summary of the script today

20th July: People of other civilizations were refused to take over the management of Earth to save our old Universe

  • Dreaming that the old Universe could have killed me, which it however did not and we are now all being overtaken by the New Universe, the Russian Government is on my side but their surroundings are still belonging to the darkness, I don’t have to wait being a part of the world scene, because this is what I have been for a long time, my inner self is speaking to my physical self through the darkness – I made the goal of my life finding, reconnecting and waking up my true self, people of other civilizations have repeatedly offered to take over the management of Earth to teach mankind how to improve to save our old Universe but “we were “dismissed”” both in ancient Egypt and in modern times, which was the reason why the old Universe unnecessary went under with the need for a New Universe, which was not very easy to create, you understand (?), the old Universe was eliminated also because of an unacceptable and uncontrollable sexual behaviour and because of unlimited speculation in securities, which are incomparable with life itself and despite of this, people of darkness are still “fighting” to keep this old world order, which they may like to rethink if they want to keep on living, that is?
  • At Falck I was very sad because of the new refusal of my family and denial even to try to understand me – what can you do with WILL DEAF people? I had the worst day ever in relation to extreme MINUSES as well as extreme PLUSSES given to me being closer than ever before to give up with the consequence of my nightmare and the killing of my mother to be carried out, and on the other hand I had two employees signing key receipts, one having locker no. 68 with key no. 21 and the other locker no. 21 with key no. 68 (!!!), which at the same time meant that I received the keys for “both worlds” – the physical and spiritual – which now COME TOGETHER, and an employee cleaned up a cupboard with MANY batteries symbolising the strength of the light as well as my access to God inside of me. My family on the surface say that they don’t believe in me, but underneath the surface, they have taken me in – they “only” have to combine information inside of them – otherwise we would never have made it to here.
  • At Tour de France, the INSPIRED commentators called Contador – the symbol of me – “a Spaniard with the desire for attack”, “there is NO dear mother (!) with the small Spaniard” (no nightmare will be carried out, I am only taken to the extreme edge, which is what I feel every time when hitting my ULTIMATE edge when I have no more to give), “he is a hard sneezer” (I have been sneezing for days as a warning of a potential sickness HITTING me and told that this is to say that my mother and I cannot be “killed” anymore). The NORWEGIANS have been very successful at this year’s Tour winning several stages including this one, and NORWAY is symbolising the darkness of my family.

21st July: The “automatic” voice makes it “impossible” to understand, but it is turning around together with the world

  • Dreaming that I will continue my journey alone without the support of my mother and that I have to go through more suffering until the day when all darkness has become light, more of the nightmare and the Devil in disguise, Obama suffering extremely because of his strong roots to Kenya and because the world is doing “nothing” to help the victims suffering and dying at the disaster, choosing my own clothes for the future i.e. how I want to be, my sister is not suffering much compared to me but she and her husband are living superficial lives with lack of deep feelings of joy, love and happiness.
  • I had a better day – but not good (!) – with Falck with sufferings but much less than yesterday. I told Christoffer that it is possible to hold meetings exactly on time without disturbances, which made his “automatic” voice tell me is “completely impossible with us” (!) because it was “impossible” for him to OPEN UP to understand that all it takes is to PLAN CAREFULLY, which was also a message about my family: It is “impossible” for them to understand that I am Jesus and “more than this” as the GOOD OLD MAN inside of me says, but “underneath the surface” they do understand and only have to connect the pieces of information they have received the same way as Christoffer has to do, and this is what I will bring them when completing the turning around of the world.
  • At the KING STAGE of Tour de France today, Andy Schleck, who symbolises my mother (!), was “allowed” to win because of her STRONG reactions to my email but it was also to say that we are reaching HEAVEN of our new paradise, everybody gave everything they had today including the commentators, which made this KING STAGE the most spectacular stage for years according to the GRAND OLD MAN. This “race” brought the gift of our New Universe, which is to turn around the world as the last piece of work of the creation of the New Universe, and this is bringing “tears of happiness” to all of us.
  • I was told that the “growing” faith of people at the U.S. Base Area 51 is bringing energy to “switch on” old UFO’s at the base, which have a propulsion system running on FAITH, and FAITH IN ME IS WHAT IS BRINGING ENERGY TO THE WORLD, so I do look forward to the world helping all of us to spread knowledge about and FAITH IN ME bringing ENERGY TO ALL OF THE WORLD :-).

22nd July: The ending of the old world order and the beginning of my New World Order

  • Dreaming of the potentially worst Hell surrounding me, the computer program called “Stig”, which is the Universe, is now being disturbed by darkness, I am returning to life from the old burial place of Kings and the ending of the old world order and the beginning of my New World Order, which the old world however still needs to accept.
  • After receiving “the refusal to understand” reply from my mother’s husband the other day showing you “demons”, “obsessions”, deafness, stubbornness and weakness from my “not very bright” family members, which I am sorry to say (!), I have received STRONG feelings to send a reply trying once more to get them to OPEN up to start understanding what should be easy for them (!), but to save my family, I have decided that I will not, and instead I bring you notes of ideas of what I could have included in my reply, which may help you to understand me even better?
  • At Falck I continued writing my memo, and I am surprised that I seem to be able to “restore” myself from day to day. I said goodbye to Jesper and Julia going on holiday today, and Jesper promised to call me after his holiday and after receiving my memo, and I wonder if you really will do that, Jesper, or if you will turn your back wrongly to me as the people of Farum Commune did to their previous “hero”, Mayor Brixtofte , when he was “revealed” years ago.
  • The riders at the Tour de France have emptied themselves completely and Contador as my symbol is driving only on his will power as I am too, which is about my mother/family and I being “completely empty”, which is needed in order to turn around the world. The immensely strong feelings of my mother has released a MONSTER, which is the darkness I am both fighting and using to create enough energy doing this “impossible” job.
  • Elijah made me VERY happy by saying that he has “learned to trust in you and wait patiently for normal life to come” and that he “once gave up and wouldn’t like any of us to go through what i went on”. This is about PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE as Elijah writes, and also FAITH in me, which was the name of the game for Elijah because with faith, you are much stronger, Elijah, which is exactly what your faith also means to me.
  • I was as APPALLED as the rest of the world to see what looks like the MAD WORK of one man in Oslo, Norway, when he blew up a bomb in the centre of town and decided to kill almost 100 young people at a political youth camp. People all over the world are in “shock” over this SUDDEN “disaster”, but you don’t understand and care about the much worse disaster of East Africa and Dadaab where people are living in Hell and dying all of the time with a WILL DEAF world not reacting!


20th July: People of other civilizations were refused to take over the management of Earth to save our old Universe

Dreaming that people of other civilizations were refused to take over the management of Earth to save our old Universe

I had a somewhat better sleep with somewhat less dreams, which is really a good message in relation to my mother’s thoughts about me.

  • Søren H. is coming to Copenhagen, his small company in Stockholm is being overtaken by the company in Copenhagen I am working for, he has three colleagues up there, I did now know if I would become dismissed myself in this process, but we are now being overtaken by a new company. I have taken out a list of 8,200 Russian customers – they are belonging to the darkness – and I go through the list with Søren, who says that the number has to decrease to half and he points at a large and wide Russian building and tells me that as an example only the middle of this building is belonging to us and the rest is a part of another association. Søren wants to send me to Switzerland on business, I think that I don’t have a credit card and cannot afford to pay for a hotel, which puts me in an awkward position, but I understand that I will arrive and leave the same day not needing to stay at and pay for a hotel room, which makes me relieved. I listen to a Dane working for a bank in Switzerland and one from Jyske Bank on the radio and I hear the words “Jesus to Stig radio transmission”. At lunch in Fair Insurance I receive a free Coca Cola, I am told that two UFO’s were willing to overtake the company, they were given what they wanted but still the company went down because of facts, which led to no turn-over, which was despite the fact that Søren H. and the management group wanted to travel to the Canary Islands.
    • Søren’s company is first being overtaken by Fair symbolising our old Universe, which could have killed me – i.e. “dismissed” me – but I survived and this is why we are now all being overtaken by a new company, which you know is our New Universe. The centre of the Russian building is the Russian government with Putin and Medvedev in the lead on my side, and all around them is the darkness of Russia – especially the new-rich and poorly behaved people. I am not going to a hotel from here meaning that I will not stay at a waiting hall before starting and that is because we have started a long time ago on the world scene! The two bankers are belonging to the darkness and my inner self is speaking to my physical self through the darkness, which is to say that I am me – I have fulfilled the goal of my life to find and become myself after having been “nothing” or “nobody” all of my life receiving my life flame through the spirits of my father and mother (!). And I understand the last part of the dream means as people of other civilisations received the authorisation of the Universe to overtake the management of Earth with the goal to teach the world to improve in order to save our old Universe, which was another way out of the darkness also leading to you, i.e. me, as I am told and we know the UFO’s have been here for MANY years but we have NEVER been allowed to HELP EARTH BACK ON TRACK and here I also receive feelings going all the way back to ancient Egypt (!!!) and I do understand that this offer was also given to mankind in modern times, but you did not “need” any interference and could “handle” yourself and by now I do believe you have understood that you could not (?) and we know we had to take the long way home instead, which means that you made the old Universe disrupt risking the survival of the entire Universe, which was totally unnecessary and also what you really did not want, i.e. going to the Canary Islands, and we therefore had to create a New Univers, but don’t worry, be happy and that goes to you too, Elijah :-).
  • Søren F.-J. (my old collegue from Fair) and Simon E. Ammitzbøll (a Danish MP for New Alliance) are working together at a small company. They visit a prospective client proposing the client to offer expensive consumer loan facilities for their private customers in order for these to invest in securities, which the company did not believe in before now, but before they accept this business proposition, they call Peter A. – the CEO of Fair Insurance – who tells them that he is closing Fair as a company today, which has the consequence that the young men are not supported by Fair, however they have started working from a rented apartment in Kolding, which they have received very cheaply by an optician renting out the apartment for a student not having an income, but they only have one month left before the rent will be increased, which will force them to move.
    • This will have to be people working for the darkness against me with the attitude of “let us keep the system of today, because this is what we believe in”, but let me tell both of you that the old world went under, i.e. the closure of Fair Insurance, also because the old world order was incomparable with life itself (!), so you may like to change your view on this if you would like to keep on living that is (?) and also saying that more darkness will still come my way.
  • I am a bus driver in Sweden without knowing the bus line and I ask passengers if they will show me the direction to drive, which they say they will, but I don’t feel confident that they will show the right direction, I turn the bus in a completely impossible way – there is no room, but I still turn it – and when I drive out, I am surprised to see that I drive directly into a very big elevator at an office building, and we are three who are pressured out of the bus at the 7th floor while the bus is at the 3rd floor and we try our best to connect with the bus again but it is impossible to do and the next I see is people driving out through a very large open hole of the wall of the building from where the bus was inside, people are as programmed robots and they drive directly into the sea and die.
    • The bus is the old symbol of “making love”, and as the creator, I am driving the bus of mankind – this is the gift I gave everyone (my inner self speaking) – but because people could not take care of this gift herewith violating the natural feelings given to all to be faithful, this is what also eliminated our old Universe. A poor sexual behaviour of lustful people who could not stop, and the “management of the old world” knew where this was headed but they did nothing to stop it, this is the kind of “responsibility” you have had at the “top management” of your UNCONTROLLABLE world, a shame it is!
    • I woke up with a song including the lyrics “ordinary people” and this dream is showing my mother’s John as an example of “programmed robots” where it apparently is “impossible” to understand what should be pretty easy to understand.
  • I also had a short dream where I was at my last day at Danske Bank, Freeport, saying goodbye to the employees – Henning W. and Lars H. – before closing time (one of my favourites, Leonard :-)).
    • This will have to be the end of my preparations for “normal life”?

Receiving EXTREME MINUSSES close to give up and EXTREME PLUSSES receiving keys for both worlds 🙂

This morning at Falck I felt just how sad I was over the new refusal of my family even to read my website carefully – none of them have yet opened the pages I recommended them to read, which they probably have not plans on doing either – and I could only conclude that they are completely STONE DEAF, I cannot shout them up to TRY HELPING ME (!), and instead of trying to understand, their stubbornness just make them close even more like an oyster (!) – and on top of this I started thinking that I cannot afford to pay the deposit myself to a new apartment because Falck will surely not offer me a project management job after receiving my memo even though this would be right of them to do (!), which may put me on the street the 1st November – unless the world will save me before that (?) – and I was more sad to see that people here at 08.30 have a breakfast meeting and that none – other than Jesper – has been kind enough to offer me breakfast (now that it is here, and you know I do believe it is a good idea to have breakfast together for example at a co-ordination meeting or in private once a week but I prefer people to pay for their own food you know!).

I received the feeling of being very sad and told that it was because of the feelings of my mother and that she is reacting on my email because I am living on a minimum and suffering much – she is thinking about neglect of care and “is it really true” about who I am.

The day developed into the most extreme MINUS and PLUS experience I have ever gone through because I thought I was in control, but then I received maybe 50 copies of invoices, which Falck’s other head office in Århus have send out on behalf of Lyngby and I thought that it would be a matter of routine to go through these as the last part of this job of controlling all invoices and BIG was my surprise when I saw that most of these invoices were not included in the specifications of Lyngby – but I concluded that they have to be sent out according to quarterly fees in client contracts – and that most of the invoices, which Lyngby had asked Århus to send, was either not included here or were on other amounts than requested and because of how I felt with much sadness inside of me and because of disappointment with these invoices giving me much extra work trying to figure it out – which by now is hanging out of my mouth (!) – I was “losing it” more and more receiving more and more darkness with my nightmare coming very close – at least the threat and indications STRONGER than ever – and almost as much that I was “this close” to accept the darkness to do with my mother as it pleased; to kill her, but we know I did not give my final accept and do believe I would keep saying no, but the darkness kept on putting words of acceptance in my mouth and I was “driven more down” than ever before almost losing the absolutely last of my resistance and will power almost accepting (as VICTIMS OF TORTURE can be forced to do when they are broken down) and it was a NIGHTMARE because again I was thinking, will this lead to both her and my death now (?) and at the same time – I did not have the dreams of the night in recollection, because I had only written the notes of them without writing the script and truly understanding them myself before after work – BUT I also received the most positive symbols of the light coming to me during the day, which I really first understood at the end of the day, which kept me inside this prison most of the day – as the dream with the hoop of the wine barrel said the other day – to convert as much darkness as possible into light and as the dream said, I was liberated, which my mother will be too, which I was shown through the fireman Lars (another Lars) – his surname is “white” in Danish – because he was “inspired” to come to the office to sign a new key receipt after Carsten the other day had had a store to make a new key cylinder and three new keys, and I knew that the keys had no. 68 and normally the number of the locker – this is where the key is fitting – is the same as the key, so I wrote on the receipt that Lars had received one key (the others are reserves) with the number of 68 and that it fitted with closet number 68, which I was to redo later in the day, see later.

But before this, Lars also had a look inside one of the big cupboards at the old meeting room – Julia’s new office – and I heard him say “what a mess” and “how can you live with this” and when I looked in, I saw that he was looking in the one cupboard I had not cleaned up, which included hundreds of batteries etc., and I had decided not to clean this up, because I don’t know much about technical equipment and he told me that it was very easy to sort the batteries according to volts and I could only tell him that I agreed and smile because I was taken myself in a situation where I showed a wrong attitude without thinking; I did not do what I should have done because I thought I would not be able to do it, and the truth is that this would have been easy for me to do too – I’m not perfect you know – and I encouraged him to clean up the cupboard himself or to have colleagues doing it, and because he was inspired, he decided to start cleaning up right away, and when he told Thomas (on guard) and me that there were more than 150 batteries of 9 volts alone in the cupboard – far too many compared to the need – I understood that this was a positive symbol of the power of the light, which we have built up inside of me.

When Lars was working, he started speaking in the same combined “Danish/English” language as the old and VERY INSPIRED “The Julekalender” on Danish television – which is how I write when I take notes for my scripts (!) and now I even use an English-Danish dictionary too when I have the right English words but “problems” finding the right Danish words (!) – and furthermore he was ALSO inspired to whistle the same CHRISTMAS CALENDAR SONG as Robert did the other day, which of course is “kan du få for en krone” and how often do you see two grown up men whistling the same many years old Christmas song for children within a few days and here you did (!) – and we know CHRISTMAS is birth so yet another “birth” of me these days.

Here are “De Nattergale” with the most brilliant Christmas Calendar song available – “Glem the trouble – and the bøvl”!

These days and also today we have had a visit from old vehicles from the Falck museum, which have been “decorated” for the yearly Santa Claus Congress at the amusement park of Bakken and we know even though it is summer, the “Christmas Man” as Santa is called in Denmark, is close :-).

Old vehicles of Falck participating in the yearly Santa Claus Congress meaning that the “Christman Man” is close 🙂

Thomas was working at his computer and speaking to him self when concentrating on what to do, and when I asked him “is it nice to speak to yourself” he told me “yes, I am my own best friend” and then I understood that this was a message from my own AWAKENED inner self speaking to my physical self – I HAVE BECOME MY TRUE SELF AND “ONE” REALLY – and I was given the old Danish song “snakker med mig selv, taler med mit bedre jeg” (“talking to my self, speaking to my better self”), which I have received the last 1-2 days really and just saying that WE ARE OPENING UP THE NEW WORLD and isn’t it apparent that the old world is collapsing – look at the economy almost breaking down also in the U.S. at the moment.

When I worked on my memo for Falck writing at my usual page, Thomas told me “you write very quickly” and he looked at me with his “old” expression and then he said “I think you are very skilled”, which was nice of you to say, Thomas, and my reply was that “I am not better than others, I have only decided many years ago to work my best” and I am truly not better, Thomas, because I also forget things and you have seen me borrowing your computer forgetting to close down programs after use etc., which truly is a MESS and that is because I don’t like more than you to become stressed with disturbances from many sources – colleagues, the phone and customers coming in person etc. – at the same time, which is also making me do errors, so this is really what you have to ORGANISE yourself to keep down!.

I was also told that my family and others say on the surface that they don’t believe in me, but underneath the surface, they have taken me in, otherwise we would never have made it to here, and I feel that my mother’s reaction to me these days after the email is what is “pushing” me the last step directly towards my inner self, so it did have a purpose and effect, my email.

Later in the afternoon when I was completely down, on the verge of tears and with an urge just to lie down on my table to give up, the ambulance man “tyssen” came to sign his key receipt – I have now decided myself to go out and bring people inside the office to sign the key receipt since people and the managers are not “capable” of doing this – and he told me that he had locker no. 68, which Lars still next to me – now helping Thomas on his private business with material for a festival he will work on as a private security guard (!) – told me could not be because locker no. 68 was his locker, and therefore I first had to “convince” tyssen to walk with me to the locker to look at his locker and the key, and he did indeed have locker room no. 68 but the key had no. 21 – which it should not have – and then we had to return to the office, where I asked Lars to walk back with us to the locker rooms because Lars could really not remember the number of his locker other than his new key had no. 68 (!) and Lars is a man of his own not liking people to command with him (!) but somehow he decided both to clean up the before mentioned cupboard and also to go with us to the lockers and we know it was directly opposite to what tyssen had, because the number of his locker room was no. 21, and when I had this knowledge, I now had both “opposite” worlds inside of me (!) – this is the symbol – and therefore I could write, print out and have these two “gentlemen” sign the correct key receipts, which was no. 68/21 for tyssen and 21/68 for Lars and when they had signed, it meant that I received the keys myself for both worlds and the cleaning up of the cupboard of Lars meant that I now have access to God inside of me, and from this moment on, my extreme suffering was released by a new sense of relief and again a world in difference and we know meaning that the physical and spiritual worlds now come together 🙂 (the best by the Beatles) on the same plane, which is “adequate” in order for my mother to believe enough in me in order for this event to happen and we know “not easy” is the best way to put it – and this is part of the dream of Superman riding down the almost vertical railways.

Lars signed the receipt twice today and together with one signature in 2010 too, he is the only one who has signed three times as a sign of the Trinity now communicating inside of me and his name “white” is to symbolise the strength of the light of course and just when he signed, he and Thomas was “invited” out by the very nice and friendly firemen, who had made pancakes and it was really so nice for both these gentlemen to walk out (on me) once again, which made me believe that I was still out in the cold, but to my surprise, the nice firemen outside – we are truly friends, you know – shouted through the window “also you, Stig” (!), which made me VERY HAPPY and this is how I came in from the cold to become part of the community of Falck and here I hear the voice of Obama telling me that THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG TOO and I CAN HARDLY WAIT to tell you that not only Russia but also China has accepted you and thank you my friends and we know EXTREME FEELINGS of happiness but still suppressed is what I receive here :-).

Together with Thomas and the firemen – also Søren, the other “coolie” – I then had pancakes with ice cream and we joked about the pancakes of Bornholm – everybody was now saying that they come from Bornholm (!), which they obviously do not, but the master chef of the pancakes today did, and when I told him with a big smile that I loved his pancakes because they truly tasted as exotic pancakes of Bornholm, he smiled and told me that I played up to him – which I did not (!) – but I recommended him to add Grand Marnier the next time – which includes ORANGE, which is the symbol of the Source inside of me you know – and then they told me that they don’t drink alcohol here – right, boys (!) – which made me tell them that they of course belong not to “AA” (anonymous alcoholics) but here I said “AAA”, which they understood the meaning of (the same), but the true meaning was to say that the Trinity is in TOP FORM (!) and also that the true “creditworthiness” of the world is in TOP FORM – somehow – and I don’t know how (new agreements of the future?), when and why because this is belonging to the department of Obama and I only write what I receive and you know some is from the light and some is from the darkness and so it was and is and probably less and less the darkness.

I decided to take this break of 15 minutes and instead I stayed working for 15 minutes longer, which you know is NOT how they do here, because after Thomas had worked most of the day on his private projects – must be “nice” for you, Thomas (!) – he decided to stay outside for 45 minutes speaking to the very nice firemen and when Thomas returned to work – or to Tour de France, because he decided to go to a room to switch on the TV when I continued working (!) – the firemen continued to sit down and talk outside for maybe 30 more minutes more and you may understand what I talk about when people here are sluggish – and we know customers have now some times said “I hope you will get a good day – with not too much work”, which Thomas today could only agree in when he said “especially the last part” – of course only as a “joke” or what, Thomas (?) – and when Lars was here with another colleague helping Thomas on his private projects, they started singing a song about doing as little work as possible, and this is when I told them that the song they should sing is LET’S WORK by Mick Jagger and when they did not know the song by the name of the title, I decided to play it for them through the Internet and I told them that the next time I meet them in the yard, I look forward to hearing them sing this song instead, so here it is my boys, and don’t you think it is a FANTASTIC song?

And just before I mentioned the title of this song, Lars came to think of a song he knows in the performance of Jimi Hendrix, which I know from the original by Bob Dylan, and it was “All Along the Watchtower” and I knew that this was inspired too with a message, which I am FAR TOO TIRED to go in detail with now but just maybe we have prepared a plan to reach the New World Order and we know to prepare for my entrance to the world scene too, which to be very honest with you is nothing I have neither the energy nor the nerve to do also because shyness and nervousness of the darkness has followed me always and eeeehhhh together with the opposite feelings too and we know my constant battle with the light and darkness inside of me – but Bob is Bob and a watchtower is a watchtower so we are still looking for you is what I hear John and my mother say in sadness here and just for your information of course:

At the end of the day, as often before, I was asked if I can forgive ”myself” pushing me all the way to my extreme edge and usual I reply “of course, I would do it myself if necessary” and this is how we/me and me agree – at the same time as the darkness as usual tries to convince me to answer this question by a no!

Tour de France said that I am taken to my ULTIMATE edge; my nightmare will not be carried out and my mother/I will not die

When I returned home from Falck, I switched on the Tour de France too at the same time as I started writing the script of today – writing these lines now at 21.05 is at my EXTREME EXTREME not feeling very “good” to say the least but “throwing up” because of exhaustion is the closest I get – and at 16.34 exactly when the favourites were to start the last climb of the mountain today, Contador – that’s me in this race you know – who felt “good legs” coming to him yesterday taking time on the other favourites (!) was so “unlucky” that he was caught at a crash putting him at the behind of the field, but ten minutes later at 16.44, he was now at the front of the field attacking, which made the inspired commentators say “a Spaniard with the desire for attack”, “his light thread has returned” and “he simply could not help himself, Contador” and all of it is true about me too and the reason why Contador is capable of attacking at all!

At 16.48 a French rider first crashed on his way down and shortly thereafter he went off the road by mistake into the entrance of a house, which made the “bright” commentator say “I don’t know if he thought they wanted to give coffee”, which you know was to say “warm feelings” of the French to me – this is what “coffee” as a symbol means – and I was given the feeling that this is about Sarkozy being outside of influence on the world scene herewith manifesting himself (through his message to me a few weeks ago) and it was confirmed when the next Frenchman not long after drove off the road exactly at the same place and we know I did not see anyone else doing the same, so two French driving off the road at the same house is what it took to tell you about this message.

And the commentators continued being inspired: ”No matter what, I will take my hat off for this” and ”it is uncomplicated from here to the goal”, which I was happy to hear after going through much pain.

At 16.55, Contador was still attacking and they said “ah, he is driving hot tempered”, “it is all wild, ALL wild” (!), “it is a mark of him, he WANTS to win” and also “there is NO dear mother (!) with the small Spaniard”, “he is a hard sneezer” (I have been sneezing for days as a warning of a potential sickness HITTING me and told that this is to say that my mother and I cannot be “killed” anymore) and “the HARDEST, which is” and you know symbols all the way.

At 16.58 they said ”the table is set for tomorrow”, which was the symbol of normal life coming in here too, and at 17.03 they spoke of Contador first being at the back of the field, then having to ride all the way up to the front and from here he was the first man attacking, which they said “it underlines his performance, put it in relief” and “it is rather wild”.

A Norwegian won the stage today and they sure have had a lot of success this year with Thor Hushovd as the most “prominent” and I understood that this was the old symbol of darkness too and here it was underlined by the fact that Thor had shingles (“hell fire” in Danish!) just before the Tour, which almost made him cancel the Tour but he decided o participate anyhow and he won and of course he is a symbol of my father, who also received “hell fire” some time ago, also have been in danger of dying and still winning this stage because of the darkness he has given me because of his total ignorance of me, which of course goes against his true wish and if only he knew ….!


In Eligael’s – the man filming video 1 of the Jerusalem UFO – Facebook group, a member the other day asked:

I have been thinking many times to communicating with this “forum” but I have decided to keep back until I would be ready with my Signs IV page including the decoding of the UFO, and yesterday I thought it would be alright to give this comment:

I also thought that the members of the forum could simply “check” me out and find my website, but NO they did not – or at least they did not write about it, but it is quite interesting to see how people here believe in me – for now at least – which you know is not always my experience with family, friends, the system etc.

Finally, I decided to call it a day at 21.30 without writing the last chapter of today and without doing the edit of the two previous chapters before this, but I have decided to take a short break before continuing tomorrow and really because I have to be careful that I don’t break down, which is the edge I am balancing on very much right now, but NOW I KNOW and that is that I will survive and thank you for this, which also goes to you Gloria.


21st July: The “automatic” voice makes it “impossible” to understand, but it is turning around together with the world

Dreaming that Obama is suffering much because the world is not helping the disaster in Kenya much

Another night at the same level with these dreams:

  • I am reading a Swedish newspaper, Camilla and I need a loan to get our economy in order, and it is possible to get a loan through the newspaper online, we have tried it before, and I send an application for both of us, but I am the only one to be approved for a loan of 12.000 DKK, Camilla is rejected because for the years she should have contacted her doctor for something which is “not important”, which she however has postponed without doing it again and again. After the approval of my application I know that I have to visit a clothes store in Malmö, Sweden, from where the loan will be paid out and I know it will take time to do and that I have to sail from Copenhagen on Saturday to do it, which I almost don’t feel like doing, but after doing this, I see that I will finally receive a ticket for the final concert tour of Electric Light Orchestra playing in London.
    • Sweden is still good, the newspaper bad, so the way to “good” is going through “bad” – not a news story really my dream maker(s) ! – and I cannot remember what money is about but here it says that my mother, who in the dream is Camilla, is not approved and therefore I will have to continue my journey alone without support from the one person having the greatest importance to me, and it will take more suffering, i.e. sailing, before I will reach the final goal with the best music of all playing inside of my home at “London” and that’ll be the day when the Devil will die and we know when everything of nothing has become everything of everything so to speak :-).
  • Karen and I are sweethearts and I tell her that I don’t want to play a game, which she says too, but I don’t feel sure that this is “exciting” enough for her or if she will cheat me.
    • More of the nightmare and the Devil in disguise.
  • I am at a meeting at a large table together with Obama and many country leaders of the world, Obama looks completely destroyed in his face and his left arm is shaking, which makes him look sick and because of this, he does not say anything. Something about sharing homemade chocolate of poor quality and rough people, who blows my face. The very kind Italian Prime Minister – here very different to Berlusconi – asks me a question and I tell him that “difficult times makes people feel difficult, I have not been with you for long, but I look forward to be with you from now” and I see the country leader sitting next to the Italian, who has bought a gift in Kenya for Obama, which is an extremely cheap boiler.
    • I am not the only one suffering going through this “impossible” time turning our world around as you can tell from Obama, but when you look at Obama at the television, you can probably not tell his extreme suffering the same way as no one at Falck can tell my extreme suffering (?) and that is except from Thomas, who has noticed a couple of my sighs when starting a new impossible day and also yesterday when I physically had to shake my head to shake off the darkness and just small examples shown for you Thomas as other people may have noticed small examples of the suffering of Obama? – And Obama has strong roots to Kenya and is clearly not happy about the world doing “nothing” to help the disaster unfolding right in front of the eyes of “helpers of NGO’s”, which many of them are closing their eyes in despair too about the careless world we live in and one day not long from now, Obama, the whole world will shake their heads not understanding the brainwash they received and that they were not “strong” enough to do what is simple logic to do – to help saving people from dying and to give everyone a decent life!
  • I am at a store of men’s clothes store in Hørsholm where I was first hospitalised at the back room of the store, but I left this room and went into the store to choose clothes and I end up choosing Bermuda short and T-shirts, and I see people almost “stealing” my place in the line to pay, but I decide to stand in line and I notice the beautiful weather.
    • Here I am thinking of my family “accidently” first hospitalising me in 2008, which I walked away from and here I am at the store again – still with the knowledge of my family and the world – and now I am choosing my clothes for the future, which you know is “my self” and the kind of person I chose to be.
  • I am at the home of Sanna and Hans, my sister asks me to feed the dog in the kitchen and I see porridge, which smells nasty, and she asks me to bath it, and I see a very modern shower placed directly in the hall next to their coats etc., and the shower is so well designed that it is not supposed to spray water on the clothes, but I notice that it is not completely close, because some water – not much – runs down on some of the clothes.
    • This is to say that my sister and her husband is thinking of me, but they are “misusing” me to do work for them, and they only receive little water, i.e. suffering, because of the situation we go through now, and that will have to be compared to the water I take in here.
  • Hans’ brother Lars and his wife Kirsten has the finest and most expensive bed at the back of a Volvo estate car, which has curtains on all windows, but still the bed is not good enough, they want to complain. I enter the car and now it is a Mercedes and it has two rows of seats in front besides the bed at the back. I take on the seat belt, which is almost impossible to get on. Later Sanna and Hans invite the family for dinner at Nørregade in Copenhagen, which has been transformed into a street of Restaurants, however almost all of them look very commercial with a “plastic” look, and finally we see a restaurant which looks somewhat more authentic, but we see that it includes boring food with no colours. I see Allan and Grete (Hans’ God mother and husband) shortly, I have not seen them for 12 years (in the dream, which may be approx. 3 years in real life).
    • I don’t know what the bed is about, this is a new symbol and we know Lars and Kirsten could not “reproduce” themselves and are driving around with this on the shoulders of their lives, and here the car is changed into “even better quality” and we know I cannot explain this dream really – but the last part is to say that my sister and husband are living a superficial life with lack of deep feelings of joy, love and happiness.
  • At work I see a man playing guitar and I see a bus in the distance and wonder if I can reach it and if people are on their way out of or into the bus, but I believe that it is too far away from me.
    • Guitar is still CREATING, so this process has apparently not finished yet so this is why things are quite tough at the moment.

The “automatic” voice makes it “impossible” to understand me, but it is turning around together with the world

This morning at Falck, I was tired but I was happy to have silence at the office and I continued writing my memo, which went “reasonable alright”. I received some heartburn, negativity, “direct indications” of my old nightmare, feelings of sadness of not only my mother but also my father, but I did not experience the same EXTREME variations as I did yesterday, which in this respect is the most extreme day I have ever had.

Christoffer was on guard today and we had agreed to have a meeting at 11.00 because I needed his help and knowledge of contracts with clients in order to decode the invoices, which almost “killed” me yesterday, and when he was out of the office first returning at 11.05 speaking on a telephone and first at 11.10 ready for the meeting, I told him that in my memo I write about the importance of keeping agreements exactly on time, which you can do when you plan carefully, but in the “automatic” mind of Christoffer, this was “completely impossible” to do because the officer on guard OF COURSE (!) has to answer the telephone when it rings, and service customers when they come and what if a client should ring with an “urgent” request “here and now” and we know MANY POOR EXCUSES because his mind is completely “locked” on the present system, and once again I had to tell you that you need to PLAN and to have people taking over this job while you hold the meeting – as I have told him about before – and we know, his reaction (?) and only that “this is completely impossible with us” (!) at the same time as I could see his beginning “turning out the whites of his eyes” because he was starting to “lose it” (!), and Christoffer WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY (?) instead of your own “automatic” voice telling you what is possible and what is not – you need to OPEN up and let me say it again, you need to OPEN UP, OPEN UP AND OPEN UP and that means we know to OPEN UP (!!!) and that is THINK OUT OF YOUR BOX AND “COMFORT ZONE“ AND THEN DO IT (!!!) and when I said this, I was told that underneath the surface, Christoffer knows that I am right and this was also the key in relation to my family because they “automatically” do the same as Christoffer because it is “completely impossible” that I am Jesus, but underneath the surface, they do know that I am right and this is how it is.

At our meeting, Christoffer saw how the head office of Århus in several instances did not follow the right amounts to collect from clients – according to his instructions and client contracts – which was the first time he saw this, which almost made him speechless and we know “TERRYFYING” is what he said it was and this is also the feeling of my sister in relation to me and yes TERRYFYING to have such a “crazy” brother and we know with the addition that I am really not crazy as you do know is the case, Sanna (!) and when this is the case, the TERRYFYING is really that I am right and all you have to do is to connect the “loose ends” inside of your head and yes Stig this is where we are headed and this is what will happen when we have completed the turn around of the world, which also will be the case for your mother :-).

My meeting with Christoffer ended up with him taking over this job with the invoices and Århus, which he will discuss with them at a meeting the 17th August, and this gave me much relief, so now I expect that he and I will take a new meeting next week to talk about options for him to carry on this project to build a new solution for the future, and this is really the basic idea, for me to help Falck understand the magnitude of poor work because of a wrong work attitude of Falck in general and for them to carry out the work themselves, and we know I told Jesper about this today with the recommendation for them to do a LEAN PROJECT and to put in the best resources and identify the right stake holders, so this is really what I was looking for. I cannot and will not do this work for them, but I can help motivate them doing it themselves.

Julia overheard some of my “teachings” of Christoffer and later she asked me “have you considered MANAGEMENT as a competence of yours” and I replied that I have and that it is included on my CV, and this made for her nicely give me some idea of what I could do to implement my memo – as I told her the key messages about (DECIDE FOR THE RIGTH ATTITUDE!) – for example holding seminars to introduce the memo this way, and I thanked her for her ideas and told her that this would probably be the “normal” way of working, but I like people to be PREPARED and to start meetings/seminars at a much higher level and they therefore has to read and understand my memo first (!) and we know if Falck would like me to come back to help implementing the memo, I should be happy to do so if I have the time and also the priority to do it at the time they may ask, and if I do not- which just may be the situation because I may have moved on, you know – I am sure that other people will help?

Afterwards I was happy that Julia had “identified” this competence of me, which was nice instead of being treated as a coolie, and we know which is an attitude which is changing with everyone here really :-).

At the end of the day, Christoffer was “invited” by a colleague to play table tennis and when I left, I saw them playing on my way and Christoffer holding the bat “upside down” as the Chinese do and I thought it was about China now accepting me, that was the feeling, but we know table tennis is the old symbol of the battle between the light and darkness where China was belonging to the darkness and we know and now I don’t know for sure what this is about – has China really “given in” or are we still playing “table tennis” with them and no voices here, and again I will have to use the first feeling coming to me, which is that China has “given in”.

Turning around the world is the last piece of the creation of our New Universe, which is bringing us “tears of happiness”

Today at Tour de France, Andy Schleck was ”allowed” to win to show you the effect my mother’s reactions has on me and it was as the commentator said at 16.45 because of her “despondency”; she is “paralysed” because “it is impossible to imagine” and you know that thing with me.

There was a beautiful picture of the last piece of the mountain stage, with the road leading up to the clouds, which made me feel my sister and the commentators said “this is completely wild picture” and “sport does not get any more beautiful than this” , which is where we are headed and that is directly towards HEAVEN, and that goes to U2, Bryan and here in one of your most beautiful songs :-).

Later they spoke about Evans that “he is all he way out on the border of what he can”, “they all are today” and “people are completely emptied today”, which is you know what my family and I are because “difficult times makes people feel difficult” – I am working on my extreme edge this month also in relation to me memo to Falck whether or not I will be strong enough to finish it on time at a high ambition level – and we know turning the world around requires quite some energy as you will understand?

The commentators also spoke about “this race give gifts every day” and about the MIRACLE of Voeckler – still driving in the yellow jersey – the commentators said “tears of happiness and happy pills at the same time, this is too overwhelming” and we know he has done what nobody thought he would be able to do and I could have written more about him yesterday and before that but I don’t have enough energy to write ALL OF THE STORIES I receive at the moment, so I have to find the right balance.

Rolf said ”who told you that the aggregate result would be turned around today”, which you know was about the turn around of the world, which is what the gift above also was about and he continued by saying that “I have no words for how great this is, this is one of the greatest stages, the commentators are as exhausted as the riders” to underline that WE HAVE GIVEN EVERYTHING WE HAVE to do this “not very easy” work turning around the world.

Later the GRAND OLD MAN, Jørgen Leth (!), said that “this is the best stage I have seen for years” – it was the KING STAGE after all 🙂 – and he repeated what he also said earlier: “THIS STAGE IS MAKING THE WHOLE RACE WORTH WHILE” and really saying that we are about to finish what we have dreamt about for many years, which is TO TURN THE WORLD AROUND AFTER THE CREATION OF A NEW UNIVERSE :-), which is making all of the “tears of your life” worthwhile and by now you will understand that this originally was part of the SECRET MESSAGES too (?) and do I have to say that this song is still sounding “new” to me and we know A HIT SONG it is if you ask me, which is what ALL OF THE SECRET MESSAGE album is and if you should be in doubt of what I speak of I can only say that this was my friend Jeff together with his friends of Electric Light Orchestra in 1983 (!)

The final part of the CREATION of the New Universe is to turn around the world, which is making all of the “tears of your life” worth while. HAPPINESS IS COMING TO ALL 🙂.

I continued working to approx. 19.30 today making sure that I did not cross my edge but coming pretty close to it :-).


Later in the evening I was told and also shown that the U.S. military base known as Area 51 is much bigger than what you should expect, and I was told that inside of this area, they have seen my coming to life through the “awakening” of old UFO’s, which they had given up to find out who worked and yes my friends THE PROPULSION SYSTEM IS FAITH and it is the “growing” faith of you in me, which is “switching on” these vehicles – and I was also told that people of other civilisations are helping to bring energy too for this difficult phase and the energy is called “FAITH IN ME”.


22nd July: The ending of the old world order and the beginning of my New World Order

Dreaming of the ending of the old world order and the beginning of my New World Order

Another night at the same level with these dreams:

  • I am sleeping together with polar bears at my home an even one in my bed with its mouth very close to mine, which makes me anxious, however nothing happens.
    • This is to say hello to EXTREME HELL times xx and that is of course only potentially, because I have decided to never give up, and extreme work is what this month is about.
  • I see a giant computer being created from scratch and the programmer has called it “Stig” and is now working to remove something, which is disturbing the Source code of the program. And I am shown this entire program as a physical “object”, which is moving when new life is entered. I see that some have put the secrets of the Universe inside a plastic box of cookies. My old school friend Allan arrives at a very big warehouse with big shelves full of large boxes on each side of the gangway and he throws a spear down the gangway, and when I see him, I tell him to “come an give me a hug”.
    • The computer program is simply the Universe, which is being disturbed by the remaining darkness. And my old friend Allan decided to read my previous published script, so this is really to welcome him back and maybe because of a “growing understanding”, Allan?
  • I am in Paris, France, with only half a tank of petrol left on my car and no money, which means that I will not be able to drive all the way home to Denmark without lending money from someone on the way or by calling home. On my way I see two decorated busses, which are more worth now as used compared to the price as new and I see a sign of DR (tv) on one of them.
    • France is apparently “close to me” 🙂 and the dream is saying that I don’t have the energy required to do my work on the memo for Falck, which is the same as saying that my inner self does not have the energy required to turn the world around – and the busses and television is still about my nightmare potentially stronger now than ever before – and I had more dreams and also more explicit dreams “tempting” me with my nightmare.
  • I am in Sweden driving back to Roskilde in Denmark, where a train will take me to Copenhagen, where my car is parked. On my way I meet a frivolous travel organizer, who wants to sell me a travel, which I turn down.
    • I received the feeling of Roskilde as “ros” and “kilde” (“praise” and “source), which was the Source inside of me “praising” me for my continuous work and we know I am going through suffering of “the bus”, i.e. my nightmare, to come to Roskilde, which is the old town of buried Kings in Denmark, and it is from here I am coming back to life, which you know is from “out of nothing”.
  • Søren H’s telemarketing company in Sweden has gone bankrupt, managers stole television from “the islands”, which has now been switched on revealing Søren’s company, which makes Søren drive away by train, and he is giving me 1,000 DKK when leaving because he knows that I don’t have any money. A new company replacing Søren’s company have now started selling insurance, but it lacks an approval of the insurance schemes, which it sells, which first one airport is to give, but this airport refers to another airport abroad, which really does not know about the schemes of the new company.
    • Søren’s company is here also “the old world order”, the television of “the islands” is the light, which has revealed the old world and the money of Søren gives me the understanding that “money” is also a symbol of ENERGY – so please keep on closing down the old world order to be replaced by the New World Order, which is what the new insurance company is about, and the dream here says that the airport, which is the darkness of the old world, has not yet “approved” my New World Order and if this is the case, I can only encourage you to communicate with me directly to give me your support and to spread the word of me to the media and to your people and if you are not “wise” enough as governments and country leaders to support a New World Order, the world will (!) and this is what the meaning of turning around the world is also about.
    • I woke up to the song “there’s a kind of hush” – all over the world, which is really what this is about when the world is not following my request to SPEAK OPENLY ABOUT ME (!)

Saying goodbye to Jesper and Julia at Falck, who will not turn their back to me, or will they when reading my memo?

Today at Falck I was ”almost happy” to realise that I was not as tired as before and even though I am pushing myself to the extreme at the moment – my memo for Falck is “killing” me (!) – I feel myself inside of me becoming stronger almost day by day and this is extreme minus and positive at the same time and yes I am killing myself and living up myself at the same time (!).

It was still requiring my extreme just to go to Falck and to keep on writing that memo, and I still received threats of my nightmare, and I still have to take in much air before starting each new chapter of the memo, but I did it again today.

Today Robert was on guard and we are “speaking the same language” and in some respects he is following me entirely learning “new habits” to do his best cleaning up the office, controlling his work etc. and in some respects I see Robert as my new best friend, I really like that man much and not least because of his strength, which is fully back, and his humour.

I went through some of my last questions with Robert on the invoice control, and he is now becoming more concentrated when we speak, but still he has a long way to go to focus on one thing at the time, and I am soon finished with what I have decided to do on this job.

I decided that I will also have to write on my memo to Falck during the weekend and we know I am surprised myself that I can “restore” myself from one day to the next, which is almost the same as what the riders of Tour de France do.

Today Jesper and Julia went on holiday, and this was therefore my last working day together with them – I have two weeks left at Falck – and Jesper was nice to buy cake for us, which however was paid by the company wasn’t it (?) and WRONG it is (!) – and I do believe Jesper is satisfied to have received confirmation that the invoice process of Falck is in “disorder” and I told him that he is welcome to contact me after receiving my memo, and he told me that he will call me (!) and we will see about that, Jesper (!), and I told him, Robert and Julia about the people of Farum Commune years ago supporting their mayor Brixtofte as their “hero” and when he was “revealed”, almost all people turned their back to him and both Jesper, Robert and Julia thought that this is the “worst” people can do, and of course you could not dream about doing the same to me, could you (?) and now I have given you a friendly warning of what NOT to do after receiving and “reading” my memo and that is if you “dare” to read all of my memo!

Notes of ideas of what I COULD have written to John/my family to TRY once again to make them LISTEN and UNDERSTAND!!!

This morning I received extreme feelings again about the answer of my mother’s husband John to my email, which I also did right after receiving it – I simply don’t understand how people can be so blind, deaf and stubborn refusing to do what it takes to understand (!) – and right after receiving the email, I was planning to send a reply back, which I however have decided that I will not do – to “save” my family from more “extreme pain” and please remember that what is extreme to them is what I bear the sum of my self – and instead of writing to John/the family, I have decided to bring notes I have taken, which are ideas about what I could write and really because this may have historical interest in the future and when reading the notes you can see different “roads” I could have chosen, but first of all it tells you about my sadness that people REFUSE to understand me:

Beder om jeres hjælp i princippet til at overleve. Beder jer blot forstå sandheden. Dum-stædig uvilje. Overlader mig i princippet til at dø på grund af misforstået uvilje og sorg uden at se klart.

Hvordan tror du det føles at blive stemplet forkert og sindssyg?

John, har du overvejet, hvad nu hvis du tager fejl. Har du overvejet, at du taler direkte imod Gud, hvor du tillader dine følelser ”jeg kan ikke holde det ud” at overdøve sandheden og enhver logisk tilgang til det, jeg fortæller jer.

Har du overvejet, hvordan man designer et skib, hvis ikke man laver en tegning først? Har du overvejet, at dette er det samme som stivnakket at fastholde at blå er rød, hvor du er farveblind uden at ane, hvad du taler om, hvor jeg er selve den blå farve?

JOHN: VÅGN OP (!) – jeg er ikke et uhyre eller et monster, men stadig den gode gamle Stig, som jeg altid har været. Det eneste monster, der er her, er inde i jeres hoved, der får jer til at reagere både voldsomt, forkert og negativt og alt dette har I kastet direkte i hovedet på mig uden at ane at dette er ”brændstof” for helvede selv eller med andre ord, I har ”elsket” mig, men jeres kraftige følelser har bedraget jer, og dette er hvad der har været ved at slå mig ihjel i årevis.

Jeg fortæller jer sandheden, men på grund af dum-stædig uvilje og en nagelfast forkert holdning har I hjernevasket jer selv til at bedrage jer selv. I har i princippet givet mig en ny dødsdom på grund af uvilje og negative følelser, der får jer til at føle så stor en sorg, at I ikke evner at bruge nogle få timer på objektivt at forstå sandheden. Det er beklageligt, men sandt. Jeg har blot skrevet sandheden til jer, og jeg kan ikke fortælle jer præcis hvor ondt, I gør mig – og dette helt unødvendigt på grund af jeres egne forkerte ”tvangstanker”. Er det bedre at give mig en dødsdom og stoppe al kontakt end at forstå, og gøre os alle glade?

I har vist, at dét, der er mere enkelt at forstå end Sannas lederopgaver, er umuligt for jer at forstå, fordi I ikke VIL gøre den beskedne indsats, der er nødvendig for at forstå.

I har slået hørelsen fra og betragter som givet, at jeg er blevet ”ført bag lyset” af mine ”stemmer” (”levende personer”!), uden at forstå, at det er jer selv, der fører jer bag lyset ved at nægte at forstå. Er det virkeligt umuligt at få min nærmeste familie til at bruge nogle timer objektivt på at læse og forstå, uden at I skal skabe jer ”tossede” og nægte med henvisning til alle jeres misforståelser? I burde vide, at det ganske enkelt er umuligt at ”søge hjælp så du kunne blive befriet for dine stemmer og blive af med din smerte” og jeg kan ikke fortælle, hvor ondt denne banale misforståelse/fornægtelse efter flere år stadig føles, og hvor ondt det gør, at I ikke er i “stand” til at forstå selv helt SIMPLE ting.



Jeg går til jer for at I kan hjælpe mig af med mine ulidelige smerter – det er jer, der bringer mig dette helvede og jer, der er løsningen til at fjerne det blot ved at læse og forstå (!!!) – men det har I ikke ”overskud” til, fordi I beslutter, at I er for svage til det! Jeg beder jer blot gøre det, der er rigtigt.

Tour de France: The riders are emptying themselves as never before as my family and I are too to turn around the world

This afternoon after returning home from Falck – I worked 15 minutes extra because of the break with cake – I switched on the famous Alpe d’Huez stage of Tour de France, and this is some of what was said with inspired voices:

When Contador drove away from Andy Schleck, the commentators said “he is doing great damage to him/them, he is also digging deep inside of himself” – which is about “the damage” of myself and my mother – and I felt the TRUE spirit of my mother when one commentator said “this is a fantastic race, I have said it many times before and I gladly say it again”, and this was simply the spirit of my mother telling me that we are on right track doing what is IMPOSSIBLE to do, and this is what I have been told all day long too, which is that I/we are doing what is TRULY IMPOSSIBLE to do and we know turning the world is NOT easy to do, and this is why these riders of Tour de France have simply given EVERYTHING they have as a symbol of us, which made the commentators say “they are completely emptied – they don’t drive up with the speech they normally ride up with at Alpe d’Huez”.

And Contador kept on driving making them say at 17.22 that “an inner fire is burning inside of this Spaniard” and about Andy Schleck they said that “he is marked by his 62 kilometres MONSTER eruption yesterday”, and you know MONSTER is a word I have been given too, and this is what my physical mother has released because of her EXTREME reaction to my email.

About Contador they said that “it is a big work he is doing”, which is true both about Contador and my work on the memo to Falck, and they continued saying that “this is too wild and incredible” (after Contador was written off yesterday) and “to defeat each other, they have emptied themselves completely” and they also said that “he was so far down inside a deep hole in the ground and now he is about do dig himself up” followed buy “he does not look like dying right now, he is very much alive”, which is about my inner self waking up using myself as Stig as my human shelf and that I am NOT dying right now, my friends 🙂 – and they said that “this is a master worthy”, “all honours worth” and “it is PURE will, he does not have the form to do what he does today”, which is the same as me you know and also an approval of what I do even though I may not win the aggregate Tour de France through my symbol of Contador the same way as I did not win the Wimbledon tournament through Nadal, but we did our absolutely best despite of “injuries”.

When driving up, the leader in yellow, Voeckler, was booed at by spectators and later the commentator said “I don’t understand the scene from before where Voeckler was booed at, and he does not understand it himself, he became VERY angry” and this was a symbol of my family “booing” at me, which made me “angry” or really sad more than anything else as you can see from my comments in the previous chapter of today.

At the end, the winner of the stage today was a FRENCH rider, Pierre Rolland, and the commentator said that “his name will become gilt-edged in this country”, and we know another symbol of the support I receive from the government of France, which will make my name well known :-).

Elijah “once gave up” but has now “learned to trust in you and wait patiently for normal life to come”

I cannot tell you just how happy you made me, Elijah, for sending me your FANTASTIC POSITIVE AND ENCOURAGING EMAIL – this is what UNDERSTANDING and FRIENDSHIPS do to people as I have said all along, it makes people HAPPY and misunderstandings make people sad and in my case misunderstandings of my family and friends – including you, Elijah – could have terminated the world with all life, but we are still here and better late than never. WELCOME BACK as a believer 🙂 – the dream about Elijah and his wife the other day may have been from the darkness – and you are perfectly right: PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE are key words – and I may include FAITH in me, which was the name of the game for you, my friend (!) – and when keeping these, one day the LIGHT will spread all over you, your family, village, country, region and the whole world, Elijah, and not least because you have decided to trust in me. Thank you very much and please give all my best to your entire family, and I am thinking here how your children must have grown since I saw them now two years ago. Tell them that I WILL BE BACK, which are the words I am given her and I don’t know when, but I still have a promise to fulfil and that goes to your rural village as the first including your family to receive NORMAL LIFE and this is what I will keep!

And here is his email:


Dear Stig,

Patience and Persistence are the key words to share with you today. I have not been able to write to you, i truly apologize stig. But alas, here i im today. Im fine and so is my family !.

It takes some time for me to be in a cyber, but i have constantly been reading your scripts and following each event as it happens. I would like to thank you for your continued support at this difficult times. I have learned to trust in you and wait patiently for normal life to come.

My very encouraging words is to ask you to keep your spirits up and not give up. I once gave up and wouldn’t like any of us to go through what i went on. Soon i will be up in my spirits and taking my leadership roles to move to the next level!

Trust in me and our support in general.

Warm Regards,

David is also passing through troubled waters

Today I received this short message from David in Kenya through Skype on the Internet:

“Hallo stig, i have been unwell and passing through troubled waters.”

And I was DEAD BEAT too – but also the contrary just underneath my “shelf” – and I decided to give him this short reply:

Hallo David, I am sad to hear this, and I can only tell you that it is difficult times also here but NEVER GIVE UP and that is NO MATTER WHAT!!! YOU WILL BE GIVEN A LIFE TOO; DAVID, IS WHAT I AM TOLD HERE. Please carry on, my good friend. We are defeating sickness and poverty, and you are a chosen servant of God, who will have to go through severe sufferings before you will experience HAPINESS too :-).

The importance of the symbol of the kitchen of the cultural yard in Helsingør

On TV2 Lorry I saw this evening that the politicians of Hesingør Commune now wants to do “what it takes” to get the kitchen of the Cultural Yard approved – even to build a new if needed – and this is the ultimate symbol of bringing “normal life” to the world and when I watched this clip, I received SEVERE PHYSICAL PAIN and told that the reason why this kitchen is not up and running is because of the risk of my mother and I dying and we know we “just” have to go through some “difficulties” here at the end before this kitchen will be set up and work and when it does, it is the symbol saying that “normal life” has now been “cleared”, which is to be implemented for the world.

People all of the world are in shock over the SUDDEN “disaster” of Norway, but are WILL DEAF and careless about East Africa!!!

Today I was as APPALLED as the rest of the world to see what looks like the MAD WORK of one man in Oslo, Norway, when he blew up a bomb in the centre of town and decided to kill almost 100 young people at a political youth camp, and I can only send my thoughts and goodwill to all victims and thinking that THINGS WILL IMPROVE FOR EVERYONE and that we will have to go through HELL to REACH THE SUNSHINE ON THE OTHER SIDE and this was part of the EXTREME HELL we once again are going through and we know which is released by the MONSTER reaction of my mother and you do remember the Norwegians winning in the Tour de France and the symbol of Norway as darkness, and this is where we directed the surplus of it this time, and I was told that “Norway was chosen as target in stead of Denmark because of a replacement of thoughts” and also that “this is also to save my mother”.

People all over the world are in “shock” over the SUDDEN “disaster” of Norway today, but you don’t understand and care about the much worse disaster of East Africa and Dadaab?

And as the text to the picture above says, this is yet again an example of the SMALL MINDS of people of the world NOT understanding that even though the “disaster” of Norway is terrible and “the worst”, it is still NOTHING compared to the situation of East Africa and the refugee camp of Dadaab, where children and people are buried every single day “all of the time” with the world almost not reacting – how many are supporting Dadaab on Facebook because of your “shock” and compassion (?) – and the reason is that they don’t want to understand (!) and we know because they are LAZY and IGNORANT and just look at the Danish TV hosts speaking about the situation, where their IGNORANE stink far away (!) for example believing that it would be much better for starving people of Somalia to come to “well-regulated” conditions at the refugee camps in Kenya (!) and “of course it has to be, because the camps are run by the world community” and we know READ OUR LTO MEMO about “Dadaab – A Living Hell on Earth” and also LISTEN TO MIMI JACOBSEN and others reporting about the conditions at the camp and UNDERSTAND AND REACT TO HELP PEOPLE FROM DYING, and we know they keep living in an even worse Hell with the WILL DEAF world not reacting exactly the same as my family in relation to me, and what can you do about that when people refuse and wrongly block up (?) and what about this: CREATING A NEW WORLD AND BRING NEW MINDS TO ALL PEOPLE – this is what we are doing and will wake all of you up and we know step by step you know.

When I posted my script on Facebook, I also wrote the following comment:

“Vi tænder naturligvis et lys for Norge, men samtidig er vi ligeglade med den langt større katastrofe i Øst Afrika, hvor verden tillader millioner at sulte, tørste og også at dø en grufuld død, fordi vi har mere ”travlt” med at feste, spise på SKØØØNNE restauranter, holde dyre ferier, gå på udsalg og spille mere golf! Kan du se det, og hvad gør du ved det? Ingenting …?”.

Ending the day with saying that I receive the expected rejections on the “applications” I have sent over the last weeks, and I will not mention every one but only if there should be a story worth telling.

Today I kept on working until 20.00 using EVERYTHING I HAD and I am not done with all of the last three days of scripts, but almost – I need maybe 1-2 hour more, which I will do tomorrow morning before publishing these three days of scripts and we know Stig, they should clearly be the most difficult of all to write and publish, which they were on one hand, but on the other, it was still piece of cake to do :-). And finally at 10.00 the 23rd July, I managed to publish the scripts, and we know MUCH WORK to do but not impossible.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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