July 25, 2011: The Trinity: We have reached the end of creation bringing eternal life as a wonderful gift to my children


Summary of the script today

23rd July: The victory of “normal life”, transforming into my TRUE self and I ask Australia to publish my arrival

  • Dreaming of Elijah carrying my bag – “keeping me alive” (!) – because of his faith when going through new “troubles”, Pia and Peter as examples of people who simply cannot “take” understanding me, which is removing my energy and “killing me”, a GIANT Nazi, whom I could not keep out of my house on his way to a school class to kill them, which is what killed the Norwegians yesterday – uncontrollable darkness and four identical men – and four identical men with three of them being the Trinity including me and the fourth is Obama as my “mirror image”, who proves to the world that even though the physical world was turned around, it is still possible to do what is simple logic to do!
  • Yesterday evening I received a call through Skype from whom I thought was David from Kenya, but it was from a “bad guy”, who apparently still tries to steal David’s identity to steal money from me as they also did yesterday – MORE EXTREME DARKNESS.
  • I was happy receiving an email the other day from my old colleague and friend Pedro in Portugal. He is now out of a job, is making money on “investments” without working (!), and I wrote that this is an unsustainable “system” of the world and gave him an appetizer of my scripts including some of the same information as to my family the other day – clairvoyant readings on me and the Jerusalem UFO – which I hope will start waking him up too :-).
  • The individual time trial of Tour de France was the decisive battle to win the entire race between no. 1 and 2 of the race, Andy Schleck and Cadel Evans – symbolising my mother and my new self – and the question was if the darkness sent out from my mother should “defeat” me/us or if Cadel Evans from Australia, symbolising our New Universe, should be victorious, and the answer was given because I continued doing my work all along: Evans won, which is to say that “this is the proof that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you have not been born on a country road cycle, but first changes over later”, which is what Evans did when changing from a mountain to a road bike and what I am doing when changing from a life of being “no one” (!) to a life of being my re-awakened and TRUE inner self, do you see? An Australian won the race, and I said half a year ago that I would market my self in Australia. I therefore kindly ask the Australian PM and Government to inform the media and world about my arrival, will you please? I have gone through a fairytale transforming “into a swan” :-).

This is page 99 of this month still including a HYDRA: , On our way to “party like it’s 1999” – “out of time” :-):

24th July: The tragedy of Norway: God is NOT killing people, but saving millions of people from the same tragedy!

  • Dreaming of using a secret entrance to exit the darkness, the attacks of the nightmare on me is destroying information of my previous self of a previous Universe, making love to a beautiful woman as part of my nightmare, a micro SD card costing less than 1 DKK to manufacture (?) is sold for 300 DKK, which is an example of the old world order, which is coming to an end, South Korea is an example of a “free” nation censoring its media to exclude stories of UFO’s and me – STOP this immediately (!), I am busy doing much work in a short time feeling that I don’t have enough energy to do this – but I do, receiving a bigger car because of growing faith of the world in me and “this is Genesis” followed by “an impossible new beginning”.
  • In continuation of the tragedy of the killings of Norway, I ask the world to understand that God is NOT killing people; this is deflection of the darkness – generated by the darkness/evilness of mankind self (!) – to help all reaching eternal life at our New Universe of light only, and the road leading there could have meant the deaths of many millions of people and sufferings of even more – or what could be even worse (!) – if God had NOT taken on as much darkness as possible on “himself” inside of “me”.
  • The tragic death of the MEGA-STAR Amy Winehouse because of her addiction to drugs, makes me tell you once again: Stop all use of drugs including cigarettes (!), remove the freedom of people temporarily if needed (!) and STOP ALL PRODUCTION OF DRUGS EFFECTIVELY!
  • The “inspired” commentators of Tour de France gave me the stories of faith of people is awakening my true self, which will change all people alive to bring normal life for all, they spoke of starting this tour, the symbol of my entire journey, at “a completely different world”, which is TRUE because we have now created a New Universe replacing the old (!), the song “quiet before storm” (“stille før storm”) is about the reactions of the world, which will occur when the world will understand about my return, my worst nightmare was to fight the Devil all of the time having to be stronger than it knowing that if I was not – which I truly was not (!) – the world would cease to exist (!), in case I could not continue fighting the darkness as my old self, I would be awakened as my new self, which however would mean that we would lose information of previous Universes, which is the reason why I continue working as my old self to finalise this work “doing my absolutely best” despite of being COMPLETELY SMASHED today as one of the worst days.
  • “The slaughter of Norway” has written in a diary that “I will be labelled as the biggest (Nazi-) monster ever witnessed since WW2”, which are the EXACT same words I received in my dream of the unstoppable Nazi on his way to kill people and the MONSTER, which the darkness generated because of the wrong feelings of my mother. This was part of the plan as World War II was too in order to deflect darkness and to save the world (!), which is what we expect will cause the biggest storm of the world when they will be told. How will you receive me when you will understand that I was Adolf Hitler in my previous life (?) – will you understand and be happy to be alive or accuse God as a killer (?), this is your test.

25th July: The Trinity: We have reached the end of creation bringing eternal life as a wonderful gift to my children

  • Dreaming of going through an impossible obstacle course of the darkness, which requires all of my discipline to go through (continuing to doing my work), we are still receiving more information of previous Universes through the darkness, Kenyans slandering of me, sending light to the spirits of my mother and father working at the old Universe when needed, a previous version of myself is now part of me helping to convert more darkness to light, I did wrong in the 1990’s when I used a WRONG system of Denmark/Sweden to move to Sweden to save on taxes, Jack has helped bringing faith of the world in me, but he and military organizations do not have the attitude “to give up” means of power and destruction, which may lead to a war for or against me, which will destruct parts of the Universe as the consequence, and “do you really want to hurt me” and the Universe because of the BAD HABITS of your “culture” or do you want to join the “club” to help me bring a new beginning to the world?
  • This morning, a small wonder took place when my computer by it self opened up the website of Google books, which had chosen three books for me: 1) Frankenstein, 2) Pride and prejudice (an IMMORAL love story), and 3) “Wonderful Stories for Children” by the world famous Danish author of fairytales H.C. Andersen. This was the Trinity saying that we have reached the end of re-creation with life created from out of nothing (book 1), based upon the greatest love in the world which will bring us ETERNAL life (book 2), which is a WONDERFUL GIFT for all of my children – just as in the best fairytales 🙂 🙂 :-).
  • At Falck my sneezes of the last couple of weeks continued and I was told that these are the characteristic sneezes of my mother, which she has always had, which have always shaken the world and which I have taken on as much as possible myself to spare the world from destruction! I continued WRITING WRITING and WRITING my memo, which is now 84 pages and growing, and together with my script of July, so far I have written approx. 200 pages this month – the longest ever showing you the strongest darkness ever.


23rd July: The victory of “normal life”, transforming into my TRUE self and I ask Australia to publish my arrival

Dreaming that Elijah’s faith is keeping me alive when I am going through new troubles, which otherwise could kill me

I had a night at the same level with these dreams:

  • Unfortunately I had poor notes of this one: Something about not walking around in mud, Elijah carrying my bag, we are going and new troubles at land where people wants to kill me and Elijah receives my heavy bag. I tell people “to know me is to love me”.
    • This is the importance of Elijah, he is carrying my bag, i.e. creating the road for my return to life and when Elijah did not believe in me, he was killing me and the entire Universe, so we are all happy to have you back, Elijah :-).
  • My “friends” Pia and Peter from Hørsholm have invited me for dinner with the most delicious smoked ham. When I explain about myself, Pia simply refuse to listen and she tells me “it is not true what you say”, which hurts me incredible to hear and she continues “it is the same as your neighbours not believing in you, whom you owe money” and I know that there is nothing to do, she has decided not to listen.
    • This dream is about another example of friends I lost because of their “inability” to listen/read and understand convinced that their guessing is the truth as so many others, which is what is removing my energy and we know “killing me”. People don’t “like” to read, they feel “disgusted” and become “weak”, which is “preventing” them.
    • I woke up to one of the most beautiful Danish songs of all time, which is “Stille før storm” (“quiet before storm”) sung by Lis Sørensen and the lyrics “Så vidt vi ved, Er himlen blå, Og kursen kap det gode håb” (“as far as we know, the heaven is BLUE, and the course is the Cape of Good Hope”), which is saying that we are still sailing on the water, which may become ROUGH when a new storm is coming (?) but still the heaven is BLUE, which is to say that this is still the road of ME/GOD on our way to “GOOD HOPE” for everyone.
  • Inside of my house I am using a cutting torch to keep all attacking German soldiers of World War II from entering my house through the ceiling, but suddenly I see a giant Nazi coming through the wall, he is unstoppable and now on his way to the class room full of people, whom he wants to kill.
    • These soldiers are killing people to deflect the darkness, which I am not able to deflect myself – which is what World War II ALSO was all about – and here the giant NAZI is the MONSTER who was sent to Norway to kill all of these people yesterday – I was also briefly given the strong thoughts this murderer received, which he could not control and now I cannot remember it precisely but it was THE STRONGEST DARKNESS OF HATE where people simply had to pay – this is what led him (!) – and the reason why they were killed was because I have decided to protect my self, my mother (and father) and special friends the most (before the Universe), and if I had not, my mother would have been killed in stead (!), and it is also connected to my scripts and work, because the more and the better I do my “impossible” work, the less of this GIANT MONSTER will be released to the world, and this morning I had quite strong darkness to fight myself, which became easier after I published the last three days of scripts because of “governments/organizations” reading my script “in disguise” (!) and the relief (because “he is still here”) and support of these is what made the darkness reduce noticeable not long thereafter.
  • I had a short dream I don’t remember much of other than seeing four men in a living room, they were all brothers and said that they were identical, but when looking at them, they all had the same slim shape of the face and three had the same type of beard, but the fourth man had the complete opposite beard of the three others.
    • I don’t believe I have written it, but for a long time, I have thought about and felt that I was made “opposite” compared to people of the world, which is the simple reason why I could see things “straight” when writing my teachings in a physical world turned opposite to the spiritual world. The tree identical men are the Trinity including me, and the fourth man with the opposite beard has to be Obama as my mirror image, who was put on Earth with the view of the “opposite world” and still it should be possible to see things “straight”, which is what Obama is proving to the world and we know we are now all turning around, so we will be on the same plane making it “easy” to understand me and “impossible” to understand why it was so impossible to understand what is simple logic (my teachings) and we know because we had turned the world around to come through the impossible judgment :-).
  • I also had quite strong sexual dreams – still part of the old nightmare.

More darkness of the MONSTER coming through “bad guys” misusing David’s identity

Yesterday evening I received a call through Skype from whom I thought was David from Kenya, because it was his account, which was used to call me, but when I could not recognise his voice, I stopped speaking – I was tired (!) – which made the man hang up after saying “hello” several times and it made me write this to David thinking that it could have been him if he was VERY cold maybe:

Hi David. I could not hear if it was you calling yesterday evening, it did not sound as you, and because I was very tired, I simply became speechless, but you are very welcome to call back, and let us hope everything works out fine this time.

This morning, David wrote this:

Hallo. It was not me calling. I just sent a line yesterday. Am weak and stressed up. But I thank the Lord I have managed to see another day.

And I send this reply:

Thank you, David – then I don’t know who called me before he hung up. But Skype clearly said that he called using your Skype account, so you may still be “monitored” by some “bad guys” as you also did last year, so please take your precautions.

David wrote back:

I have changed my password. I hope that no one shall be able to log into account now.

And I ended by saying:

Thanks, and have a good day, I am sure you will be CURED soon, my friend.

Which made David write:

Thanks. I have not been able to see most of the team. I saw Elijah yesterday and hope to see John today and Meshack early next week. Good day too and bye.

So it looks like David is still monitored by some “bad guys”, who are trying to “steal” his “identity” to steal money from me as they also tried last year, which is more darkness from this MONSTER you know.

Pedro in Portugal is now without a job and “surviving” on unsustainable investments. It is time to wake up, Pedro 🙂

The other day I was happy to receive an email from my old colleague and friend Pedro from Portugal after he saw that I had visited his linked-in page, and among others he wrote this to me:

As you should know from the news the economy in Portugal is very fragile at the moment. There are a lot of companies closing doors and a lot of young people with qualifications but without jobs moving to others countries. The official unemployment rate is around 12%, but the real should be around 14%. And the expectations are to be worse. We should be in recession this year until 2013 at least. We begin to talk in restructure public debt (defaulting) and in leaving Euro zone. The future from the West coast of Europe is sunny and dark!!

I spend a lot of time trading and thanks god, at least I make some money on that.  But it is a very stressful and solitaire life. Spending to much time on the computer…… I would like to do others things, but not sure if that will be possible in a near future.

When reading his email, I received the thought that it is now time to start waking up Pedro too, so I sent him an email based on what I also sent to the family recently – a combination of clairvoyant readings on me and the Jerusalem UFO – also including the following introduction, so we will see how he will react to this and hopefully he will start reading more carefully compared to what he did after my previous email months ago, where I noticed that he only “read” a few of my pages and only for one day, and I don’t believe he has visited my site since – but I am not totally sure about this because I do receive some visits from Portugal from time to time.

Hi Pedro,

I am always happy to hearing from you, but sad to hear that you are now out of a job as so many others are too, which simply is because of a WRONG order of the world, and you may like to read the New World Order included on my website at https://stigdragholm.wordpress.com/new-world-order/, which should be simple logic for people to understand is much better and sustainable for the world. When millions of people today do like you trying to make profits on “investments”, which is totally without production, it should be easy to understand that this cannot continue keeping up the world, some day the “bubble” had to crack, and this is what you are seeing, Pedro.

I am continuing my work, which is to write about how to improve as human beings – behaviour, communication and work moral – together with this New system of the world, how to share all wealth to remove poverty – give everyone a “normal life”, to improve the moral of the media (take News of the World in UK as example) and I do hope you some day will find it “interesting” enough to become one of my loyal readers, which is what it takes to understand that our world is now changing for the better. This is what is happening, Pedro, and most people – like you (?) – are totally unaware of it.

I include some information below as an “appetizer” for you, which I hope will OPEN UP YOUR MIND?

Take care and say hello to your family. I hope everyone is doing fine.

The victory of “normal life”, transforming into my TRUE self and I ask Australia to publish my arrival

Today an individual time trial made up the decisive stage of Tour de France – the second last – which included the following stories about the final fight of the victory of the entire race between no. 1 before the stage today, Andy Schleck, and no. 2, Cadel Evans, given through comments of the “inspired” Danish commentators:

16.12: ”The time has stopped in Australia, people are following”, which was not only about Australians following the Australian rider Cadel Evans but I received the feeling that it was also about the Australian government following me, and you know I would be happy receiving an email from you – for you to send to your media too – which could make my old friends Vivian and Søren in Australia – as symbols of the world – starting to believe in me.

Later at 16.40 they spoke about Andy Schleck ”freezing time” – our New Universe is “out of time” – these comments came after I wrote my reference to Prince’s 1999 and the lyrics “out of time” earlier in the beginning of the script of today and this is really a song to also be used as CELEBRATON OF ETERNAL LIFE COMING 🙂 – and “it has become worse since”, which was about my mother “freezing”, which is “suffering” because of me and when he was losing time to Cadel Evans, they said that “it must be like knives in the back to receive these reports”, which again was about my mother feeling very bad because of me.

About Evans, they said among other things that “it looks fantastic, the work is connecting”, which was both about his and my work really, and it became clear that it would only be a matter of time before Cadel Evans would take over the aggregate lead from Andy Schleck, which is then what he did – you could see the seconds counting down on TV – and when it happened, the commentator said “what madness (!) – after 3,300 kilometres it is now equal and here the lead changed” and at 17.00 they said about Evans “now he is flying out over”, which is what he literally did, and “flying” is the symbol of my work and because I continued working without being stopped all the way to the end, I succeeded to overtake the lead and yes I now write that Cadel Evans is the symbol of me, which became clear to me during this stage, when I received the feeling and understanding that Contador is the symbol of my old self – my life including the spirits of my mother and father inside of me being “no one” really (!) – and that of course it had to be a rider from AUSTRALIA, who was to be my new self because I wrote maybe half a year ago that Australia to me is the best symbol of “normal life” combining the human face of the poor world and the material life of the rich world – our New Universe – and this was why Dennis, I believe, said at 17.06 that “this is the proof that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you have not been born on a country road cycle, but first changes over later” and this is because Evans used to ride a mountain bike and as you can tell what he really said was that I have now “changed over” from my old life as “no one” to become my own self; I am now Stig both as my TRUE inner self and my physical self and the spirits of my mother and father will of course always continue to be part of me, but “now I am myself” and we know THANK YOU TO THE WORLD TO COME AND GET ME and IF IT WAS NOT FOR YOU, I would not be alive and that goes to the world too :-).

Later they spoke of Andy Schelck again after he did so well during previous days and I felt my sister when they said “I have to say again that it is merciless and brutal”, which is you know telling you about the “feelings” of my sister including my mother’s husband John and that is because they believe I am so “merciless and brutal” being responsible to make my mother “almost bleed” again and since this is the name of the game of the Devil, I have to say that they are wrongly blaming me for how my mother is feeling without “understanding” that they are the ones making both my mother and I “almost bleed”, but some day “soon” they will know.

They spoke of Contador leaving the race “in a beautiful way” – he did a fantastic race today and that is because he NEVER GIVES UP and that is NO MATTER WHAT and in their words it became “he did not win but he fought much resistance” and “he shows great humanity and character to fight like this” and this is really what I ask the world to show too.

And they concluded that “it is Evans self winning this, through an individual time trial”, which is to say that I completed my journey as an INDIVIDUAL abandoned by the world (except from LTO!) – the journey to reach the other side going through Hell bringing the Universe with me – and on the other side, I am connected with my “true self”, my re-awakened old self meaning that the man I used to be – the man giving us this victory – is not anymore, I have become my old self but I am still the man I have always been because I take with me “all of myself”, which includes “my” past.

So Contator was my old self, Evans is my new self symbolising the New Universe and what could be more appropriate than Australia sending out “information about my arrival to the world” (?) and yes I am asking Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister, and her government if you would be so kind to do this (?) and I am feeling Obama much here so is this in coherence with what Obama may have told you already (?) and we know I SAID HALF A YEAR AGO THAT I WOULD MARKET MY SELF IN AUSTRALIA, SO THIS IS WHAT I DID 🙂 🙂 :-).

And I know now why I was encouraged to listen to the radio station of Siouxsie & the Banshees at We7.com when writing this chapter and that is because the BRILLIANT song “into a swan” by Siouxsie was played and ISN’T THIS A STRONG AND POWERFULL SONG and we know I cannot think of any STRONGER (!) – this is how I feel at the inside of me underneath my shell – and this is where the fairytale comes through, this is where I transformed from “the ugly duckling” and we know “into a swan” as the Danish author H.C. Andersen writes so beautifully about.

Here is the amazing song “into a swan” by Siouxsie:

“Today’s a jubilee, don’t be surprised this change is my design: I feel a force I’ve never felt before, I burst out, I’m transformed”: FROM THE UGLY DUCKLING OF “NO ONE” “INTO A SWAN” AS MY OLD AND TRUE SELF 🙂

Today I worked from 07.35 to 10.00 to finish writing and publishing the three days of scripts before this one, and I continued after a long bath and lunch until 16.00 to write the script of today, to write two new job “applications” and also to send my email to Pedro above, and later I also wrote the chapter on Tour de France until 18.30.

I was still much less tired today so I am feeling people believing in me, but I am still receiving more negative speech and “a little nightmare” too, which I would like to be without, but better is what I am feeling.


24th July: The tragedy of Norway: God is NOT killing people, but saving millions of people from the same tragedy!

Dreaming of South Korea as an example of a “free” nation censoring its media to exclude stories of UFO’s and me

Another night at the same level – and “surprisingly” some more dreams:

  • I am standing at the stairs at the train platform level at Copenhagen central station. There are two pairs of stairs, people use those in front and I am standing at the back stairs, which are my secret entrance to the ground level of the central station. Something about who will arrive first, I see my previous girlfriend’s son from Århus coming, turning into a gun, which flies over my head, I bend down and seek shelter behind a half-wall, he shoots at me and I throw a stapler at him, which knocks him down and makes him fall. We are now at a record company and I see the Son who should have brought a CD with three rare recordings, which however were not of the best audio quality.
    • This may be a dream – one of many – which I and the world will first fully discover the meaning of later, but today it is to say that after my journey I use a secret entrance to come out of the darkness, and as far as I understand the previous Son is here my old self from a previous Universe inside the darkness, who is attacking me and the dream says that I shoot him down using a stapler, which is a reference to Julia at Falck because she used to come to me to borrow a stapler often until I gave her a stapler of her own one day and therefore to the nightmare of my mother, so in other words, the attacks of the darkness seems to destroy information, but I can only repeat that my goal is to become 100% perfect, so when the Source is above “nothing” and “everything”, you may be able to recreate this information later through me as part of you. – And I do fear that the death of Amy WINEHOUSE – see the chapter later today – is a symbol of loss of life and information from “THE HOUSE OF WINE”, which is the symbol of “everything”, as the prize we are paying going through the impossible turn around of the world.
    • A couple of hours later I was told by this other part of me from a previous Universe coming to me from my right – the same place as the spirit of my mother – that HE IS ALIVE AND KICKING now through me so the message is about loss of information and NOT life!
  • I am at a party where I see a young couple finding each other. I find a young beautiful lady, but she is not interested in me, but I am an expert in telephones and when I explain her about her telephone, she becomes very interested in me and we make love.
    • My old nightmare, which I have NOT accepted for you to do!
  • I am driving in the southern part of Sweden, where I would like to buy a new house, but I cannot find a site to build on. I am going home to Denmark, where I would like to buy a television by the brand of Samsung, there is a sale at Tape Connection and I have seen an advertisement with a ’21 TV at a good price of 4,500 DKK, and when I arrive at the store, first of all I see that it is not tidy, which gives me a very poor impression, and the sales man tells me that Friday last week they had a special offer for a Samsung TV below 3,000 DKK, which he now can offer to me to a new “special price” of 3,300 DKK, but this model is not the model I would like and when I see the model from the add, the sales man tells me that it automatically adjust the picture, so it does not include the lines/names, which for example the news brings, which I might find annoying, and when I ask of the option to have the TV delivered, they tell me that all of their delivery cars are stuck but I can of course bring one of my own, and they tell me that such a delivery car will cost 1,300 DKK and the total price including the TV will be 5,500 DKK, which surprises me because it is more than my budget and expectation of 4,500 DKK as the add said.
    • Sweden is still my land of – not confusion, Phil & Co. (!) – but joy and happiness, so just saying that we are not home yet, and this dream is “inspired” by Robert the other day asking me to check a price for a 8 GB SD-micro card with the supplier Lyreco, which I was going to call anyhow, and it was 300 DKK, which made me tell Robert and a colleague that the production price may be below 1 DKK, so what you see here is EXPLOITATION of the worst kind, and these cards are normally made in nations such as Japan, China or Korea and here the dream includes one of the larges electronic manufacturers of the world, Samsung from South Korea, and the television is to say that this is DARKNESS of profit hunting Devils (!) and the “special prices” changing from day to day will also become history – a part of the old world – because in our New Universe, prices will be based upon the true production price without profits as you can read from my page of the New World Order, and I received the feeling that the “strange” picture of the news on this TV was to say that the FREE nation of South Korea is CENSORING the media of the country and we know DON’T BRING NEWS OF WHAT MAY “DISGRACE” THE GOVERNMENT including UFO’s and a man called Stig … – so my dear people STOP CENSORING OF THE WORLD IMMEDIATELY (!), do what is right to do!!!
    • The delivery cars of this store are stuck meaning that the old world order is coming to an end.
  • I am at a business travel lasting for days at the island of Funen in Denmark, where I am holding pension seminars, Kim S. calls me and tells me that FC Copenhagen won by 2 to 0 against Aalborg in a close match, and he asks me if I am ready to do a seminar for self employed tomorrow evening in Copenhagen, which I accept to do also knowing that I will have to prepare the presentation first tomorrow morning and after this I will have to drive back to Funen. I believe I cannot afford to pay for the ferry from Funen back to Zealand, but I am surprised to see that my debit card is working.
    • The work I am doing is to teach people about our New Universe and how to enter it – I am still winning in this on-going football match against the darkness – and the dream also says that I have much work to do in a short time with the feeling that I don’t have enough energy to do it but to my surprise I have now “filled” my tank of energy enabling me to go all the way.
  • I am driving a fine Toyota Avensis to the car dealer, I have received a new job and am now entitled to get the largest model of Opel or Toyota, and I decide to look at the latter, which is a model called Atlanta, and at the dealer I also notice an Alfa Romeo 156, which has a dashboard completely made by wood, I notice another visitor backing the car into a wall, and on my way to see the Toyota car, I think that I may settle for a smaller car, and just before waking up I hear “this is Genesis” followed by “an impossible new beginning”.
    • A bigger car is to say that more people are believing in me, I am becoming stronger. The Alfa Romeo is also about “joy and happiness” coming and the dashboard entirely made of wood is to say that this is how far we have come creating the New Universe, which is now WOOD ALL OVER as a symbol of LIGHT ALL OVER, the other car backing into the wall is the car of my mother – and the car is called Atlanta, which may be to fight the darkness represented by Coca Cola, which headquarter is in Atlanta.

So inspired of the dream, here is Genesis with a HAPPY song called “Jesus he knows me” – and yes Phil & Co., I do know you as I know every single soul of the world :-).

“If you promise to be good, try to be nice, God will take good care of you” and then “everything’s gonna be alright” (please don’t misuse my name/works as in the song).

The tragedy of Norway: God is NOT killing people, but saving millions of people from the same tragedy!

My old school friend Søren – looking like a nurse in his “disguise” on the picture below – decided to write the following comment on Facebook, and Søren I remember you as a very likeable person, but here I have to say that the answer to your question is right in front of your nose because you could simply have decided to READ my previous script to understand WHY God allowed these people of Norway to be killed and instead of focusing on “negativity”, I kindly ask you to understand that “millions of people” – and even worse scenarios – could have been killed and “suffering the worst” unless “God” decided to HELP the world by taking as much pain on him as “he” could endure – through me as his living human being (!) – and this is to tell you how much I love all human beings, so please UNDERSTAND instead of MISUNDERSTANDING, this is really what will make the world feel much better.

And will you please remember that when you look at “the eyes of evil”, which you saw through this massacre, you look directly into the eyes of mankind self because this tragedy together with World War II and many others are created by the evilness of mankind who freely chose the road of the Devil because of your wrong behaviour, so when you “judge” God, will you please remember that mankind IS God and your actions forced me to carry out actions against my wish with the absolutely worst distaste doing everything I could to protect you by taking on myself as much of the darkness generated by you to protect and save you.

And here I can tell you that yesterday, the sexual torments of my nightmare were almost as explicit as it gets through visions given to me, and I was asked how much I will accept of this in order to save the Universe from suffering, and my dear friends I WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE, BUT I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS (!) and this is how this “trade of the Devil” was handled and we know I have learned that I will NEVER give up on my 3-4 old rules including that I will NOT accept this nightmare to be carried out under NO CIRCUMSTANCES (!) – and if it is carried out partly, it will have to be because this is the only thing the spiritual world is able to do – but my message is clear: I DON’T WANT THIS NIGHTMARE TO BE CARRIED OUT and you will have to seek deflection of the darkness through the Universe first (!) and we know I am protecting the Universe through all of the pain I take on myself, but it is my TRUE understanding that by doing what I do here, it is the best/only way to come through this TURN AROUND OF THE WORLD (!), so this is really why I do it, and again another story for you to “understand” and not misunderstand.


From the picture above you can also see my “sympathy” given and that is almost “for the Devil” being responsible for the FAR TOO PREVIOUS death of potentially one of the brightest shining stars on the MUSIC HEAVEN, Amy Winehose, who “decided” to die yesterday because of her addiction to drugs, which she was not “strong” enough to handle and we know this makes me sad too and let me say that instead of the attitude “they tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no’”, the right attitude is to say YES YES YES until you will become clean, and if you cannot become clean yourself, a part of the transition to the New World Order is to have people helping drug addicts by imposing disciplinary actions on them and remove their freedom for a period of time until they become TRULY CLEAN – and how difficult can it be (?) – because I did it myself in 2009, where I became clean after being an “addict” of the same magnitude most of my life (!), which is another story for you to “understand” and NOT misunderstand. – And we know: STOP ALL PRODUCTION OF DRUGS EFFECTIVELY!!

Instead of choosing one of the fantastic songs of Amy – with “questionable” lyrics, however – I have decided to bring her BEAUTIFUL cover of “Will you still love me tomorrow?” – listen to her AMAZING talent when singing this beautiful song – as my memory of Amy and when writing this, I feel Amy inside of me and the tears coming from her, which I cannot stop falling down from my eyes because of “my difficult life”, which are the words spoken to me:

Yes Amy: I will still love you tomorrow and this IS a lasting treasure. The GUITAR of the video means CREATION and the ROSE is ETERNAL LOVE, which is what I give to you too 🙂.

If I was not strong enough fighting the darkness, I would be “killed” as my old self and opening up the eyes of my new self

The final stage of Tour de France was a parade with a spurt at the end at the centre of Paris with Evans as the given aggregate winner after the stage yesterday, and the commentators referred to Australians when they cheer “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi”, and they spoke of Contador and Evans as “two who really have sacrificed themselves this year” – symbols of my old and new self – and they mentioned again (I have not written it before) that Contador has won the last six previous cycling tours, which he has attended and again a symbol of me having to continuously WIN, and they said that “in the Schleck camp there is also recognition of Evans behind their disappointment”, which is about my mother recognising the work I have done behind the façade.

And the commentator at the studio in Copenhagen said that “Evans put money in the bank at the team trial”, which for the first time (!) fully made me understand the now several years old symbol of “Danske Bank” in dreams, which I have known for a long time is about “building up normal life” and when you put money in the bank, you are truly building up energy, because I learned the other day that he symbol of money means ENERGY, and I receive energy from the faith of people in me, and with faith I will wake up and bring energy to the world for everyone to change, which will bring “normal life” to all, so this is how it is :-).

The three Danish commentators here symbolising the Trinity received Champagne by “someone who wants us to feel good” as they said, which was our celebration for coming through my journey from our old to our New Universe, which is what Tour de France itself is a symbol of also when the commentators said “we began three weeks ago, it feels like years, as in a completely different world” and this is exactly what it did. I started my mission in another Universe and I am ending in a New Universe, which we had to create during the journey.

They spoke of “piece and quiet, quiet before storm” (“stilhed før storm”), which was to use the title of the same song I received the other night, and here I was given the feeling that “the storm” – this is not about you this time, Pernille, and I hope you don’t mind 🙂 – is about the publication of my arrival to the world, and I have been thinking for days that this is how my family finally will understand the truth about me! First when the newspapers will write about me/us, they will understand themselves about their “misunderstandings” of me, because it was “simply impossible” for John and especially my sister to show the right attitude to read and understand!

Dennis told the story about “what is the worst nightmare in Tour de France” and gave the answer that “it is to be alone on your way towards goal with Thor Hushovd chasing you from behind – as the God of Thunder” and “I don’t mind” about you at all, Thor, you have done a truly memorable race, but as a Norwegian you are another symbol of the darkness sent out from my mother – fed by my family – and this is the darkness I have had chasing me all of the time during my race, or journey, and I knew that if I did not “drive” even faster, if the darkness caught me, it would mean the termination of all of us, and this is really what was one of my worst sufferings of all; it was another nightmare to go through and especially to fight it alone with no one really understanding – and TRULY supporting – that this is what I was fighting, or did you my dear LTO friends TRULY believe in me that we were immensely close to be terminated all of us (?) and if you had, you would probably have given me even more support instead of finding it difficult to write to me much of the time?

At the final stage of the race today, it was ”planned” that the Danish rider Lars Bak should feel good and have strong legs to prepare for this story – thank you, voice for writing this (!) – which is that he was alone in front on Champs Elysees until 2 kilometres before the final goal line, and he is riding on the HTC team including the rider Cavendish, who is the best sprinter of all, who at this stage was approx. 10 seconds behind Lars Bak together with the main field, which made the commentators say “HTC has two agendas”, which was to say that we will win both ways – both when using “the old Stig” all the way to the end or when using the other option of my new self, which we have NOT told you about before now, which is that we COULD have opened up your eyes of your new self, which would include enough energy to carry us all through but the reason why we have not is because we TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU STIG THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET “ALL” INFORMATION FROM ALL OUR PREVIOUS UNIVERSES WITH US and this is what we will continue doing after this Tour too and we know the next goal is of course the WORLD CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS in Denmark – just around the corner from here, really – in September (unless the world has “revealed” me beforehand), so we will see what happens until then :-), and finally at the end Lars Bak was caught and what happened (?) and only that Cavendish “of course” won and he did the HISTORIC result to be the first ever winning this final stage for THREE SUCCESSIVE YEARS and we know just to say the Trinity is not only alive and kicking, but the “master chef” of this plan and we know not only this edition of the Tour de France but the plan of the world – which was put well by a commentator just after Cavendish won when he said “it is smiles, which can spread the sunshine all over France” – and “all over the world” really – and when he said this, I was receiving the yellow colour of the Holy Spirit, who was the one speaking through the commentator 🙂 🙂 🙂 – and the speech about the “poisonous Norwegian” coming second – chasing me all the way to the end – was also “inspired”.

Afterwards at the victory celebration with Evans on top of the Podium, the “grand old man” – this is “easy” really, isn’t it Leth (?) – said about Evans that “he is a perfect example of a complete rider” (as they also did during the race) and this was you know the one who is waiting to wake up inside of me :-).

Later I was told that the stories recently of “killing me” would be to kill “my old self”, which would mean that my new self would wake up, and this gave me much extra confidence this evening, which the darkness however tried to disturb by saying that my “nightmare” will become worse and worse the longer we continue, which will put the life of my mother at risk, and I felt for a short moment that this could be “very difficult indeed” – and you should FEEL how I feel when I am practically not living as today with NO ENERGY, “warm all over” and the darkness putting an enormous pressure on me and you would understand my “feeling” better – but I decided that I don’t believe in this because I have set up reserve plans if I should “lose” it and really saying that my mother – and father – together with me are the ones being protected the most in the Universe, which I have seen examples of, and this took away any anxiety from me, but I know the potential strength of the darkness, which “easily” can make me feel concerned again if the darkness is strong enough – it cannot be stronger than today (!) – and if I don’t play this “game of chess” to my best, and I do believe I made “the move” this evening almost making it the best music ever of Electric Light Orchestra and yes you will understand this one too and not only you, Jeff, but LET THE VIOLINS PLAY, PLEASE including MIK too :-).

“The slaughter of Norway”: “I will be labelled as the biggest (Nazi-) monster ever since WW2”, the EXACT words I received!

Today I heard the news that “the slaughter of Norway”, Anders Behring Breivik, has published a 1,500-page diary in which he details his Islamophobia, attacks on Marxism and his initiation as a Knight Templar and then he writes that “I will be labelled as the biggest (Nazi-) monster ever witnessed since WW2” and you may remember my dream of the unstoppable Nazi on his way to kill people (?) and also the MONSTER, which the darkness generated because of the wrong feelings of my mother (?) and this is what you saw and here what you received confirmation of through the use of the exact same words of this “slaughter” himself, and slaughtering of people is what we did at the World War II and slaughtering of people is what we did again here and you know because we were forced to deflect the darkness and with the purpose to save the world, and this is what we expect will cause the loudest “STORM” of the world because will you be able to understand that we planned and carried out World War II including the killings of millions of people (?) – because of the pressure of the darkness of nothing caused by THE EVIL ACTIONS OF MAN SELF (!) – and that we did it in order to save the world to create eternal life for all, including all of these victims.

I don’t know what “the slaughter” has written about the same way as I don’t know what “Mein Kampf” by my previous self, Adolf Hitler (!), contains, but I do believe that behind the “madness” and “evil” you will find at least some “interesting” stories too, which probably will be labelled “simple logic” with time and as a matter of good sake: Please understand that I am all about love, that I received the warm feelings of the victims of Norway after being WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS AT HEAVEN together with an explanation of “what’s going on” and the ONLY reason why darkness exists is because this is from where all life originated, and the last remaining part of this darkness is what we are now converting to LIGHT only, which will result in a future where ALL IS FULL OF LOVE, which by the way is one of my absolute favourite songs by one of my favourites, who of course is BJÖRK, but this you already know, Camilla?

So here is ALL IS FULL OF LOVE – in a very good and special recording – which our New Universe will bring to the entire world:

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 08.10 today with great difficulties because of extreme mental tiredness of doing this work and NO motivation at all and I kept on working on my memo to Falck even though this is truly IMPOSSIBLE to continue working on and that is mentally – and physically giving me new throw up feelings – but when I first got started, it was not as “bad” after all, which I have experienced quite some times and this is how I know it is, so this is why I decide to break this barrier every time. I had decided that I had to focus doing this work in order to finish on time in two weeks and I would do this even over the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel, which I thought would start again today through the web-radio of Selvet, but when I checked, I saw that it first starts next week, where I may decide to do the same, we will have to see.
    • I continued working until 13.25 where I decided to stop because of “tiredness” on the “surface” and my hands hurting me – I also need to work tomorrow and the rest of the week (!) and later I became so INCREDIBLE TIRED again as recently, which made it “completely impossible” to keep my eyes open and stay awake, but I decided to stay awake (!) – not easy – and I received the absolutely worst pressure of the darkness coming through the spirit of my mother – fed by my mother – which for hours was THE WORST almost overtaking me again and we know still with the nightmare very close – AWFUL is what it is, but thank you for the message about my inner self, who is “ready”, which motivates me to continue using the “energy” of my old self, which is “not much” to say the least.
  • A few “obstacles” of the darkness given to me at Falck the last couple of weeks as a “bonus” I had not intended to write: I use my USB stick to keep the memo on to be sure that no Falck employees will be “tempted” to open and read my memo before it is finished. My USB stick is connected to my key ring so I always have it on me, but one day when coming home, I only had the “shell” of the USB stick with the stick itself missing – I thought I had lost it on the street and I decided that I would NOT restart writing the memo, if I could not find the USB, but “luckily” it was still connected to the laptop at Falck the next morning; “somehow” it had “stuck” to the laptop and NO ONE at Falck decided to “see” and “remove” it, if they had, this memo would NOT have been done. Another day the back of my office chair suddenly became “flexible” making me move backwards when I leaned backwards to receive support from the back, and this in itself was almost also “killing” me because it was “impossible” to find a good writing position – or another chair – for what I believe was 1-2 days and it was apparently “impossible” to get the “stiff” back working again, but “suddenly” I found the right handle and how to use it, which made the back come back in order – and just examples given on how the darkness during this phase has tried to “stop” me.


25th July: The Trinity: We have reached the end of creation bringing eternal life as a wonderful gift to my children

Dreaming that military organisations don’t want to give up the old world order, which may result in war and destruction!

Once again a night at the same level, which is the feeling in the morning, but you know I was cheated yesterday when I became EXREMELY tired again during the day, and here are the dreams:

  • I see that “completely impossible” training courts have been laid out by military people, where they show you a title on a board and then you have to guess the precise content of what the board says below the title, I see Kasper (from Excellent) receiving two errors and one without any errors. I see a man eating ecological next to a cow, and I have to remove the stools of the cow using newspaper, and it smells so I am getting throw up feeling.
    • Military people may simply here mean that I have to work very disciplined these days going through an obstacle course, which is “impossible” to go through, and I know that human stools are about my nightmare, but I don’t know what it is when coming from cow, but I am using the darkness of the newspaper to remove darkness and we know “my old self” is still in the old Universe doing what we can easily call “nasty but necessary” work, so this is what we do.
  • Something about guests and watching TV3 and a daughter inviting her parents to watch. They are smoking and I am smoking too but would like to stop. They bring a cat, which does not pee. I look out the window, and I see the changes compared to old days and I see an old-fashioned family by the name of “Borg” (“castle”), which is the finest of 60 families called Borg.
    • The TV and smoking are still symbols of the darkness, which I am fighting, but they bring a cat through this darkness, which is to say that hidden inside this darkness, is the information we are looking for, and the old family by the name of Borg is to say that we are still receiving more information from our previous Universes.
  • I see Kenyans working for Reuters, and they are standing at Snekkersten Station. Kim S. has prepared food for them.
    • Some Kenyans are “gossiping” about me without understanding who I am, and Evans and the Pastors of Elijah’s church may be some of them, and maybe Elijah could be STRONG enough to convince them that they are wrong?
  • I am at Kim S’ apartment in Copenhagen, I receive a VERY SMALL key, which is one of three keys, which can open the door. The two other keys are of normal size. A boy is coming home late at 22.30 every evening, and he turns down the volume of the TV and walk the same tour with the two dogs belonging to the man watching the TV in the living room, and he sees people speaking about the insurance cover criticizing it to be a poor cover, but the boy explains to an older man that it is a “good all insurance cover”, and the old man is almost falling, and I see the boy pointing at the sky to show the people there lights of flying UFO’s, which they however don’t see, and I see myself walking back together with Preben.
    • This apartment looks like it is the apartment of the Trinity – and I have received some “weak” symbols for weeks saying that I am not connected to the Trinity when working in the old Universe, but I have decided to be able to transfer light from the New Universe to the old when there is a need and of course without the darkness to be able to enter the New Universe and the idea is really that darkness is converted to light before more of “everything” becomes part of the New Universe and the reason for having light transferred to the old Universe is to “save” the spirits of my mother and father from the darkness when they are working and when there is a need of course and also because I don’t want to experience my nightmare being carried out under any circumstances and we know a security system it is, and I wonder if the boy is one of my old selves from previous Universes helping as part of my new self to transfer darkness to light, and yes my boys the future will show if I was right about this one and I am not totally sure, and we know the criticism of the insurance cover may be to say that in the beginning with only little faith of me, the New Universe may not look that “advanced” and when everyone will have faith it will develop into something spectacular and this is what I believe is the case without knowing for sure!
  • I have agreed with Camilla to move to Malmö, Sweden, in order to save on taxes, but I would much rather live at a small and inexpensive apartment for example in Espergærde and also because I don’t like to take the ferry to Denmark again.
    • I don’t know why I am not “allowed” to live in Sweden at the moment, which may be the force of the darkness but of course it was wrong of me to do as I did in 1994-96 to move to Malmö to save on taxes but I did it because the wrong system of two countries made it possible for me to do (!).
  • My old friend Jack has imported clothes for many thousands of DKK, but he has not taken out insurance, which he believes is too expensive. We have been on the beach together with his small child and something about tennis balls, which we now throw up against the wall of his apartment, and they hit the carport and jump back in a wrong direction, which makes us laugh and say that we are like the people of pubs. Inside he says that he has a “war game”, and I see the old favourite game of mine, Stragego, on his shelf, and I tell him that “it is alright to play if you want to lose again”.
    • The clothes Jack has imported is about FAITH in me, but when he has NOT taken out insurance, it means that the system has not given up the idea of the old world order and in other words have not accepted my New World Order, and the beach is SUFFERING, the tennis balls is the fight between Jack and I and when the balls hit the carport jumping wrongly back, it is to say that he has not accepted that the world is changing and the game of Stratego is to say to Jack and MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS OF THE WORLD AND THE LIKE THAT YOUR POWER STATUS IS COMING TO AN END and there is NOTHING you can do about it, and if you want to fight me on this, you are bound to lose as the Stratego game of the dream shows and we know I was always “good” when playing this as a boy!
    • When I woke up I was told directly that “He takes away my energy because of this” (his resistance to the New World Order), “it is not enough to know who I am, you are also to give up the old world”, “this is why the world is still at risk to go to war between those for and against me” and the three outer fingers of my left hand was sleeping when I received these words and wrote down the notes, which gave me a feeling that they could curl and fall off, which is the Trinity saying that if you do have plans for war and will fight me and my supporters, you will risk the destruction of parts of the Universe and is this truly what you want (???), so my best advice for you is to CALM DOWN and do your best to READ and UNDERSTAND and when you understand, you will know that I mean nothing bad to any of you, that all of us and that includes all of you will get a much better life than today and also that IT INCLUDES A FUTURE WORLD WITHOUT MILITARY ORGANISATIONS AND OPERATIONS, which some of you have become used to being part of your life, and REHAB is what you have to go on to. DO WHAT IS SIMPLE LOGIC TO DO, PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND HELP ME BUILD A MUCH BETTER WORLD!!!
    • I woke up to the song “when will I see you again” by The Three Degrees and the lyrics “is this my beginning or is this the end?” and the question is really if you want to kill me through the means of war taking part of the Universe with you, which could include yourself too (!) or if you will help “my beginning” to bring a better world for everyone?

The Trinity: We have reached the end of creation bringing eternal life as a wonderful gift to my children

This morning when opening my computer and Firefox Internet browser, the browser as usual opened the two tabs, which I left open when I shut down the browser yesterday evening (my WordPress and TIP websites), but this morning the browser had apparently “by chance” also decided to open up a third tab, which included the website of Google books as you can see from the picture below, and it had been “so kind” to choose three books for me (!) – and let me say that I have not visited the website of Google books for a long time and CERTAINLY NOT yesterday evening, that I only rarely visit this site and that I have NOT selected these three books, which have been saved “for me” as “My Google eBooks” – and which books were then “chosen” for me (?), and as you can see, the first one is Frankenstein, which you know is about “creating life from out of nothing”, the next is a book I did not know of, which is a book called “Pride and prejudice”, which a user “by chance” described this way: “There wont be a love story greater than this one. Its immortal, surpasses the boundaries of time and age” , which you know is to say that we managed to recreate life from out of nothing based on “the greatest love”, which brings immortality surpassing the boundaries of time and age, which appropriately is to say that we are entering a new Golden Age of an “eternal now” (without time) as you can read from my website and the last book of three – because this is a message from the Trinity symbolising the end of Creation (!) – is a book called “Wonderful Stories for Children” by the world famous Danish author of fairytales, H.C. Andersen, which is to say that LIFE and CREATION is a wonderful gift for all of my children, which is bringing JOY and HAPPINESS for everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Trinity giving me a small miracle with Three Books, I have never “ordered” or “saved”, which symbolise CREATION FROM OUT OF NOTHING FOR AN ETERNITY OF LOVE AS OUR WONDERFUL PRESENT TO MANKIND AND ALL CIVILISATIONS

My sneezes – of my mother (!) – symbolise “shaking the world”, which vanished today after weeks of EXTREME darkness/work

This morning at Falck – I am still meeting at 08.00 – I sneezed again and again and again, which I have done for days in a way that I normally do not, and today I was told that the reason why my mother ALWAYS has had a “peculiar” sneeze sneezing 7-8 times in a row, is because this is a symbol of her feelings making the world shaking (!) – for me to take on “as much” darkness as possible to spare the world (!) – and my sneezes at the moment are given to me to say that we are facing this situation again and here VERY MUCH, but a few hours later, the sneezing completely vanished for the first time since our “quarrel” on the phone a few weeks ago – a good sign – and this gave me the understanding that I have saved the world for “MEGA LOSSES” by taking on as much darkness as possible myself.

I kept on working at my memo today, and it was a FIGHT on whether or not I would DECIDE to have the energy and perseverance to continue writing the script and we know I have so far written approx. 200 pages in July when gathering my script of July and this memo, which by today is on 84 pages and growing, and it feels like having to continue running a marathon after just having completed 100, but you know when you decided to take one chapter after the other instead of looking at all at once, you will just keep on writing and we know turning on the autopilot and this is unfortunately the only way I can finish this memo in time, and even though you will probably think it looks fine when you will see it, the truth is that it is “inferior work” compared to how I would have liked to work with much better planning and structure, but this is UNFORTUNATELY how I have to work in this phase too, which is to do my best under the circumstances.

My first hour today was difficult with some of the same negativity as yesterday, which was unbearable to come through and I was given the feeling of John in this connection and do you think that my scripts are as crazy as the diary of “the slaughter of Norway” (?) and just maybe you don’t know what I could be up to (?) and we know John this is how far out you can come when you totally block up to read and understand what should be easy to do and that is even for you because the truth John is that you simply LOVE to read, but you cannot overcome your strong and wrong inner voice keeping you away from UNDERSTANDING, and when you “force” yourself to believe that my scripts are uncomfortable, it becomes uncomfortable and a suffering instead of seeing it as it is – teachings to the world and JOY and HAPPINESS coming. And after this hour the darkness decreased making my day only “difficult” instead of totally unbearable to come through.

It was an extreme load to continue writing the whole day also because some times during the day, my inspiration was completely removed making me “blank” inside of my head, where I had to “force” myself to come back to my flowing inspiration, and I was told that this is the spirit of lazy Lars “hanging” over this place and yes this is how it works and because Lars has been here for a long time and is a strong character, this is the invisible “influence” he has on people here including me (!) and we know especially at the office, but NOT me, Lars, I have decided to be even stronger than you and all of your colleagues also saying that you are NOT to bring me down, but MY SPIRIT will bring all of you up and have you noticed how everyone has started to focus more and improve because of my influence and yes I like seeing that but YOU STILL HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO MY FRIENDS.

Receiving a visit from the Mayor to my website, and STILL the Commune and Falck have not discovered my stories on Falck!

When I was working at Falck I was told that “it was good that you decided not to include Falck in the headlines of your scripts” and also not in pictures when I publish scripts through my Facebook profile, and I understood the reason why I received this message because when I came home, I was on my TIP-counter that I had a “visitor” from the Commune “looking” at my website as you can see here:

When I saw this “visit”, I once again thought about what would happen if only one single person from Falck or the Commune should have started reading my chapters on Falck inside one of my scripts and would Falck dismiss me immediately, the Commune warn me and if I again refused for them to remove my freedom of speech, would they remove my cash help once again (?) and the darkness just may be as strong now as last year making this the result, but so far not even one single has apparently thought it worth while to have a look inside of my scripts but here you can see the Commune “checking” the my front page together with the headlines and a short introduction to all of my scripts, which you get when you click the link “scripts” on my website – which is what the man, I was told is the MAYOR of the Commune after Jesper of Falck the other day said he would meet him, and just maybe you had a good story to tell the Mayor that I am doing a memo on leadership etc. for you, Jesper (and this is what I am told and again not knowing if this is light or darkness speaking through me) and because none of the headlines of my scripts include the name “Falck”, I am still free (!) and by the way at my last meeting with the Commune, they told me that they have also “seen” my Facebook profile – it is OPEN for anyone – and also my YouTube channel.

Finally at 20.10 I had ALSO finished writing the script of today and published the last three days of scripts and we know I am only able to do this because I am used to go to extreme – and that is compared to how I feel because if I did not suffer, this would be piece of cake to do, which is eeeehhhh almost what it is anyhow :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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