July 28, 2011: The Danish Government is helping the process of publishing my arrival to the world


Summary of the script today

26th July: Elijah is desperately appealing to help children from dying, and I am desperately asking the world to help – AGAIN!

  • Dreaming of my sister and her husband suffering, which is leading them directly towards me, I am lacking resources against the darkness, rich people here live a good life not yet realising that they do so at the expense of others, Buddhism is unsuccessful “selling” their message of a better world to the world – BE SALES AND MARKETING EXPERTS and SPEAK OPEN, DIRECTLY AND HONEST TO PEOPLE (!!!), my road is coming to a complete halt and replaced by a vertical fall down, which may be the same for the world, but when there is more darkness to transform to light, the message to the world is to CONTINUE WORKING YOUR BEST until our task is COMPLETELY DONE (!), the darkness wants to shut down my light but I have decided that it is NOT allowed to do so when we still have more work to do, the remaining darkness of the world is “activated” through my closest family herewith activating the “MONSTER” of the “slaughter of Norway” and THIS IS TO HELP THE WORLD BECAUSE WHAT THE UNIVERSE GAINS FROM GOING THROUGH THIS PAIN IS IMMENSELY MUCH MORE WORTH ON LONG TERM COMPARED TO THE SUFFERINGS ON SHORT TERM (!), the world is changing into our New Universe and still the media continues to bring “news of the old world” – STOP TELLING LIES and START TELLING THE TRUTH STRAIGTH OUT TO THE WORLD!!!
  • At Falck I decided to do some of the final work on the invoice control, which I understood just how impossible it has been doing because of just how poorly I have been – this work is connected to bringing “kings of previous Universes” back to life. Symbols told me about happiness of the Trinity and that I am STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE. Jesper has been on national TV and radio and has also received a visit by the Employment Minister all being “impressed” by Jesper helping ex-soldiers to return to the labour market at a place with “good fellowship” and what they don’t understand is that Jesper is ALSO “teaching” them to a life of laziness and ignorance because of just how poorly he works as a manager, and instead he should have “promoted” me to the press and Minister, because I am truly the news here helping him and Falck to “get back on track”, which is to WORK AT WORK (!), but Jesper will become “too embarrassed” to promote me to the world when receiving my memo, and this is to show you the darkness of people around me and just how WRONG they are! A fire alarm sounded at the Eremitage Castle twice today – a “wire error” – which made me concerned because this is a symbol of my inner self of the Trinity, but the Source appeared to me visibly inside a customer (!) telling me that there is nothing to fear; we are turning the world as much these days that it is now becoming easier for people to understand than to misunderstand me when using “simple logic”.
  • The spirit of my mother gave “the slaughter of Norway” the impulse to carry out his actions because of darkness of mankind forcing her against her will because the world did not react to LTO’s and my outcry to the world in February 2010 to help the people suffering the most in the world – the people at Dadaab, Kenya. Your darkness brought darkness to you, which soon will be no more when all remaining darkness has transformed into our New Universe of light only.
  • Elijah wrote strongly and heartfelt to me asking me to ask the world for help URGENTLY to Kenya – and the region – NOW because children are dying and also for me to start as a fund raiser, and my answer is that I am doing my best to wake up the world ALSO to react to this disaster – this is the best way I can help – the world has heard me, but is still waiting to come forward publishing my arrival. When this happens, this region of Africa will start receiving much more help – until that the SLOW world will continue receiving more killings on their conscience when more children of Africa will continue dying every day because of your ignorance of the most suffering people of the world!

27th July: Part of the New Universe has blown up because my old friend Paul has decided not to believe in me

  • Dreaming of Paul changing from a believer to a non-believer because of the negative influence of the darkness through Søren F.-J., which to my extreme discomfort blew up part of what had been prepared of the New Universe, my rescue car is removed (because of Paul removing part of the New Universe) and I feared being thrown out of my apartment (would I survive this?), the darkness is working at this part of “the harbour” and the fine property of our New Universe is located at the other end of the harbour meaning that we are continuing our work and plan, I can choose three different roads and I have decided NEVER TO GIVE up so I will take the straight road there and more examples of friends leading Hell to me without understanding my messages of love.
  • At Falck it was IMPOSSIBLE to work today because of how I felt, but I started and found my rhythm with great difficulties again now finalising the first draft of my memo to Falck (84 pages per today), which I now have 1½ week to edit. The leaders “staring” in my coming memo telling you of how to work and NOT to work are placed highly in the Hierarchy being born with strong feelings of how to work rightly, but the culture has brought them down. Today I received praise from two firemen and from Jesper – on holiday – for doing good work, and Jesper ALSO gave me a bottle of wine to show just how much he appreciates what I do, which however may change when you will read my memo about the poor work you and your “leaders” do at this place?
  • Elijah wrote me a new email today even more desperate than his email of yesterday to “MAKE THE CRY OF HIS PEOPLE HEARD” to the world (!) – it is a DESPERATE SITUATION OF NOW OR NEVER (!) – and still a careless world is SLEEPING and truly not caring, which includes my own family, who are “entertaining” themselves while children are dying every single day in Africa! Again I ask the world to stand forward and publically declare your faith in me and to appeal to all individuals of the world to help Africa NOW if they can, please?

28th July: The Danish Government is helping the process of publishing my arrival to the world

  • Dreaming of my friend Paul releasing darkness, which is making my Jobcentre “consider” if I am crazy and should be hospitalised, the chairman Lars Barfoed and the previous chairman Lene Espersen from the Danish Conservative Party are helping on the process of the world, which will lead to the publish of my arrival, which together with friends of mine believing in me is bringing me energy from previous Universes, which are opening up because of this, the faith of man is bringing God to life and God is bringing life to man!
  • I received so much darkness and suffering today – still because of Paul becoming a non-believer – that I was almost breaking down several times and start accepting the darkness to make me think “to Hell with it” (!), which would make me the NAZI MONSTER myself (!) potentially killing millions to bring enough energy to finalise the impossible turn around of the world. The symbol of Lars hurting his foot yesterday was brought up through another symbol today of people having their “humming” feet, which means that my inner self is hurting because I am now living without the faith of Paul running in my veins.


26th July: Elijah is desperately appealing to help children from dying, and I am desperately asking the world to help!

Dreaming of Buddhism being unsuccessful “selling” their message of a better world to the world

Before falling asleep I was shown an old King – from a previous Universe – entering me, and the kind of suffering through the PRESSURE of the darkness including my old nightmare ALL OVER AND INSIDE OF ME surpassed what I believe was truly “impossible” to go through but I could only decide that I will not go down because of this, so this is what I did and I was told that “we told you that the last Universe would be the most difficult” and also that “we thought it would be impossible to do this” and when I “looked” to my left, I was shown a vision walking on a bridge and I received the feeling that this is darkness itself, which is closing down and I heard the Starwars Theme again as a confirmation of this.

Afterwards I had a night at the same or worse level with these dreams:

  • It is the birthday of my old friend Thomas H., I arrive without saying hello and his father wants to go again. I see Sanna and Hans gliding on their skies down a gravel road, which is leading into the forest.
    • Thomas H. may be thinking of me without understanding when you have decided to stop reading, Thomas (?) and the skies of my sister and her husband is to say that the suffering they feel now, i.e. the snow, is leading them directly into the forest, which you know is my home and origin.
  • I see badminton centres at one city after the next leading out of Copenhagen, and I see fiery souls at Lyngby, however they market themselves poorly and need players for he next day, and I see that they serve a “mountain of food”, which my old two dogs throw themselves over before they understand that the food is not theirs.
    • Sport is generally the old play or game against the darkness and here we need players on our side to match the darkness at the moment (?) and the food is all of the money of people here living a very good life until they will realise that they do so at the expense of others.
  • I am at a Thai restaurant at the inner Copenhagen, and I have decided for the lady working there to fill up their containers with six different kind of courses, which makes me feel bad because later I see that they have almost not sold anything. She tells me that she is a Buddhist too, and she talks about the largest centre in town, and asks me what I think about this and I tell her that I don’t know it.
    • Is this to say that Buddhists simply have “difficulties” to spread their messages of a better world to the world – almost no food is sold – and I gave you the reason why months ago with Erik from Lama Yöntens place and we know have you stopped teaching again, Erik, because people don’t encourage themselves for you to do so and are you wondering whether I was right when we “argued” and when you became “mad” at me because of my “rabid” attitude and we know SIMPLE LOGIC it was.
  • I am in New York at the “good old days”, where I see black people kill “all over”, and a Jazz musician is giving me four CD’s and sending me to a bar to talk to other Jazz musicians, and I am speaking to some of the stars of this music genre, and I understand that it is “custom” to be submissive because I am new and young myself, but I decide to be DIRECT and I see the reaction of the musicians, who much better like to be treated as equals instead of having people behaving far too humble.
    • New York is STRONG DARKNESS as the killing says, I am here coming in from this darkness to the bar of the Source inside of myself and I speak with highly placed “musicians”, which are spiritual people of the Universe placed highly in the Hierarchy, and it is to say CLEARLY to ALL BUDDHISTS that it is the Devil self who made you both “far too humble”, submissive and CRAWLING instead of telling people OPEN, DIRECT AND HONEST THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW TO BEHAVE and I mean this well: Please understand that you are a victim yourself of the Devil doing “anything” he could to stop you from being successful to change the world into the better and this is how he did it making you NOT BEHAVE NORMAL! Start learning from me, BE SALES AND MARKETING EXPERTS (IN A GOOD WAY!), SPEAK THE TRUTH TO PEOPLE LOUD AND DIRECTLY when it is needed to change people (!) and don’t be afraid of “conflicts”, this is NEEDED to change people and so it is AND THIS GOES WAY UP TO THE TOP and we know I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MEETING YOU TOO, DALAI LAMA and we don’t “spit” here because Lama’s don’t spit or do they if they cannot control their temper (?) and we know many good stories to be told and feeling you here too Obama with BIG SMILES and also suffering of DALAI LAMA too and THIS IS WHY, my friend, this is your road and we know NOT EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND TO CHANGE after having taught a world lessons, which at least to some degree are WRONG?
  • I am driving on a motorway and see a car at the other lane, which looks like mine having only one arm of an octopus left, which makes me wonder where the other arms are and when we drive, I suddenly see that the asphalt on the road right in front of us is stopping, which the whole road is because it is almost leading vertical downhill from here.
    • This is my road towards the other side and what happens when this road runs out (?) and I can only say that I have decided as the new Stig that the old Stig including the spirits of my father and mother are not to die, but I have absolutely no idea about how to get out of this and I can only say that when there is more darkness to convert into light including more information of our previous Universes to be transferred to the new, this is the task to do and FIRST when this task is COMPLETELY done, we can shut down the old Universe and open up the eyes of the New Universe and yes my ladies and gentlemen, this may be what we are waiting at too and yes Stig, I am NOT done with my work yet at Falck and my website, so I can only say KEEP ON MOVING and if there is NO ROAD in front of us, the message is: CREATE MORE ROAD because we are NOT done with the work and this goes to “you” my “friend” Obama too and we know you are “struggling” with the economy of USA and I don’t want to interfere other than saying that I have full confidence in you, and THERE IS ALWAYS A ROAD OF GOD AND WHEN YOU FIND IT, IT IS SIMPLY TO FOLLOW IT, this is what I do here – thinking that things also increasingly look darker and darker for my self with no income and “soon” no apartment and how will Falck and maybe the Commune react to my memo and we know DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY, I know there IS a road of God when we don’t give up, so the message is: CONTINUE and CONTINUE TO DOING YOUR BEST and yes this goes to Obama and the entire world!
    • And the reason why “Asphalt” is included in the dream is because I received a “small revelation” when I listened to – especially the early works including “The asphalt world” – of Suede yesterday because some of these songs are among the absolutely best in music history (!) and certainly the best band – in my taste – to appear in the last 25 years and we know I don’t believe any other tops them and that includes Oasis, Blur and later Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Editors, Franz F, Arcade Fire etc. and this is JUST how much I LOVE their music and we know “the true heirs to David Bowie” is my feeling and I am only sad that you lost your “inspiration” but hopefully will get it back (?) and when I woke up it was with a later but still VERY BEAUTIFUL (!) song of Suede, namely “Beautiful ones” and the lyrics “High on diesel and gasoline” and “here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones”, which just may be THE LIGHT OF ALL OF THE SPIRITUAL ONES – from our New Universe – after we have finished “killing” the world with all of the darkness forced upon us.
  • I have set up a projector at a German apartment, which makes everyone of the complex watch a good movie, but a dum-stubborn German at the apartment wants to remove the projector because he wants to turn on this television instead and I tell him something about having to give a notice.
    • The projector is my TRUE light shining out over the world, the movie is showing our future world and the TV is belonging to the darkness wanting to shut down the light, and all I can say is that the darkness is strong here, and I don’t want to stop fighting the darkness before we have done our absolutely best work and so it is.
  • I see Niklas and Tobias is a house, where three babies come down through the ceiling of the house, they are almost like dolls and for Niklas it is impossible to move them “correctly”, but I see that Tobias with some difficulties move one of the “dolls” to his cupboard. I hear Niklas playing the song “99” from Toto’s Hydra album, he is at the first floor at what feels like Sanna’s old room in Snekkersten, and I see that I have old LP’s including Billy Joel’s “the Stranger”, which I have played recently.
    • The three babies are the Trinity, which is “too much” for Niklas to handle after Sanna has given you a “lesson of the darkness” again Niklas and why don’t you do what I encouraged you to do, which is to OBJECTLY read and understand my website and we know IT HURTS YOU TOO MUCH and it is “simply impossible” for you to control your feelings (!) and this is what is making you a HYDRA/MONSTER too and do you see the connection, my friends, that the darkness of my closest family is what made the “slaughter of Norway” to commit what he was planning to do for years and because THIS IS TO HELP THE WORLD BECAUSE WHAT THE UNIVERSE GAINS FROM GOING THROUGH THIS PAIN IS IMMENSELY MUCH MORE WORTH ON LONG TERM COMPARED TO THE SUFFERINGS ON SHORT TERM (!), so this is therefore what we do, and also saying that Tobias is closer to his uncle than you can imagine and we know because he does not like to have a CONTROLLING mother …!
    • The old LP’s is to say that “my previous selves of previous Universes” are helping here too, and I have become a “stranger” again to my family because of their wrong actions, which is the TRUE explanation to why we are now apart again and while we are at it, let us here play what may be Billy’s finest song of all and of course it is “scenes from an Italian restaurant” and we know, which easily can be used as THE SYMBOL OF SHARING NORMAL LIFE with the world and we know I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU, BILLY, PLAYING THIS SONG FOR THE WORLD WITH EXACTLY THIS MEANING AND THAT IS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP BRINGING JOY AND HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE, which is what “Italian” means to me and “restaurant” being “normal life”.
  • I have received a new large and cheap television hanging at the top of the wall facing the floor, it shows Kim Larsen singing English songs in wide format, which is looking fantastic, and when the TV shows news programmes, it is in the old 4/3 format, which is not better than the old ordinary televisions.
    • Just saying that we are about to introduce our CINEMA – another symbol of our New Universe – to the world, which is what the WIDE FORMAT is showing here together with exceptional music of Kim Larsen to show our love to the world, and this is happening at the same time as the media is still working as they do/did in the old world and WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN (?) and that is to SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT ME TO THE WORLD and I have encouraged you to do so for some time, so this is what I continue doing and we know Stig there is NO reason to keep this story back at the same time as we are still converting darkness from the old to the New Universe so COME ON, how difficult can it be (?) and what will the Australian government decide to do about it (?) and we know “listen, do you want to know a secret” (?) and alright I will tell you: TELL THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD STRAIGHT OUT and STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELVES and “what if this and that” and “shouldn’t we do this instead …” and “let us talk, hold meetings, ask someone, and wait for others to think …” and we know TELL IT LIKE IT IS and this is ALL YOU NEED TO DO!

Media and a Minister wrongly being “impressed” by Falck “educating” people for laziness missing the TRUE news about me

At Falck I decided to do some of the last work on the invoice control, which was to send an email to the head office of Falck in Copenhagen to correct errors made, and I realised just how impossible this work was to do up to now when my “head” was almost disconnected feeling like a zombie, which I also did today, which was very difficult to go through even though today was not at its worst – and on top of this I continued receiving “sexual offers” and “negative pressure”, which is still as difficult to go through as always – and it made me tell Robert that “I am almost done with what has been the biggest hell of a work I have ever done in my professional career of more than 25 years”, which made him smile and almost laugh and we know “funny, funny” is what it was to you but it sure would be nice if you understood that I REALLY went through HELL because of your laziness and ignorance – and I understood that this work was connected to the “last king” showing before I went to bed last night and receiving here a déjà vue feeling of doing this work bringing previous “kings” back to life.

I also received more signatures on more key receipts and we are coming to the end of this list and “impossible” task too because of the “slow page” and poor work moral of people here.

I continued receiving positive symbols for example when I asked an employee to sign a key receipt with his best looking signature, which made him ask me if I wanted him to write down three signatures first for him to choose the best looking – the Trinity working again – and then he really gave me his finest signature with extra curves 🙂 – and Robert gave me a password starting with “Viccar” – a sign of confidence in me – and when he asked me what I thought it meant, I could only look at it and say that “vi” means “we” (in Danish), car is a car and the middle is “cc”, which is A LOT OF CUBIC CENTIMETERS (!), which of course was the symbol of my new self – the car is me with the Trinity and the whole world, and a large motor means STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE – and he told me that it is truly a contraction of the names of his two sons, Victor and OSCAR, and this was the ANSWER of this “small riddle”, because of course OSCAR is a Danish car from the 1980’s looking like a traditional English sport car and Robert looked at me and told me that “I am impressed that you know about this” and of course I do, Robert, because I saw it at a car exhibition at the Bella Center in the 1980’s, and we know “English” is MY HOME too, and EXHIBTION is really to MARKET MYSELF TO THE WORLD, which is what we are doing at the moment not least through these scripts and yes my friends THIS IS HOW THE LORD IS WORKING NOT ONLY THROUGH ME BUT ALL OF YOU TOO and the difference is that I see how it works directly as this is another example of and when I will grow with the faith of the world in me, I will come to feel what I already am and that is EVERYTHING.

Robert wanted me to help him doing the cash balance sheet and again I told him that I was busy with the memo, but this time he meant it (!), so I decided to agree with him to do a maximum of one hour of work to key in all vouchers if he promised to fill out the vouchers “perfectly”, which he did and of course he did not have “time” to also key in the vouchers, because he also needed “time” to speak maybe 30 to 60 minutes privately on the phone today (!) and when I told him that I believe you have to work when you are at work, and to speak in private in your spare time, he told me that he is also working in evenings and I can only say as I did that I like people to work when it fits them, but you really need to make sure that you work according to the time you have agreed and that you are considerate to your colleagues. So finally I did this work for Robert, and he told me that he wanted to do this work today to help Lars, so he will be “positively surprised” when he comes back to work tomorrow and that is to see that he does not have to do this work himself, and this is truly a behaviour I like to see – to help people – and that is really when needed because what will it mean to Lars (?) and will he just get more time to stand outside smoking as I told you, Robert, and we know we will have to see and also to see if Lars will respect my work finishing my memo, and Robert is also doing what you can to give a positive expression of yourself because you may wonder what I write about in my memo?

And when I did this work, I saw that one of the vouchers included costs for having the Minister of Employment Inger Støjberg on visit at your Gentofte Station, Jesper, and we know you must have been very proud to say YES MINISTER, when she asked to pay you a visit; to someone who really shows a “perfect example” of how to help people back on the job market (!) and we know this is about Danish ex-soldiers sent to Afghanistan who Jesper now “offers a chance to return to the work market” and here they can FIND THE SAME KIND OF “FELLOWSHIP” as they have in the army, which is REALLY a message of yours, which the press has understood making you appear on national television (TV news) and radio and now with the Minister visiting you and yes Jesper YOU MUST TRULY BE A BIG SUCCESS WHEN YOU ARE “HELPING” PEOPLE and what does this “fellowship” really mean (?) and we know it means to relax, be lazy and talk talk talk because WE SIMPLY LOVE doing this – this is what you are bringing people to do (!!!) – and when it comes to TRULY being a manager to change your SLEEPY organisation into “restaurant Noma quality”, you FAIL and should be dismissed because to this, Jesper (!) – as you can read MUCH more about in my coming memo …. – and instead of “selling” the story of my work for you and all employees to the media and the minister to help the world basically to understand about me and certainly about what is truly the NEWS here, you have become BLINDED by the darkness because of “fame and glory” waiting on you (!) and we know “I WANT MORE” is what you said “laughing” when I told you some time ago that “now it is two days ago you appeared in the media” and we know this is simply to say that you are WRONG, Jesper, the press is WRONG and the minister is WRONG and what you are so impressed about today is educating LAZY people (!), and when I will give you my memo, Jesper, you will not be “proud” of me, because I will exhibit to the world just how poorly a manager you are – thus not wanting to “promote” this to the press because of embarrassment (!) – and let me say that you are a “dog wagging its tail” being tempted by the darkness all of the time instead of working at work – it is as simple as that and we know Stig, despite of all, this is STILL what it is!!!

And we know today was a day FULL OF DARKNESS because of the many dreams and stories at ”work” and it continued when Robert left together with the firemen to go for an alarm, which made me “quite concerned” because it was an alarm at the Eremitage Castle in the Deer Haven – the symbol of my inner home – and we know “was it on fire” or would it be “a small thing” as most alarms are here and I really did not know, and when the fire alarm sounds, the officer rushes out the door and because he at least earlier could be the only one at the office, the alarm is set up to automatically close the door of the office, so when a customer arrived some minutes later, he was met by a closed door, which I quickly opened for him, and when he entered the office, I told him that the door was automatically closed because of a fire alarm, and he told me that he was a “security expert” himself and did not understand why this should be necessary and then I told him that “the fire alarm is not at the station but outside” and then he understood what it was about – firemen driving out for a fire alarm – and then he said “then I am not concerned” and when he said this, I was given the feeling of the Monk of the Jerusalem UFO inside of him, which was the Source telling “myself” that there is NOTHING to fear – in relation to the “fire” of the Castle and what this could mean in relation to my home with the Trinity – and this customer would like to hear about an “approved” first aid box before he would go on holiday with his wife to Austria in their SMART car (!), and when I showed him the box including a yellow security waist, he told me that they did not have room in the car for this box (!!!), and this made me tell him with a smile that “it may be SMART to have a SMART car as a city car, but maybe not that SMART to have a SMART car as a holiday car driving in Europe” and we know when people are totally “brainwashed” it is of course “impossible” to see the TRUTH and here I met a man who was not only a security expert but also the chairman of the Danish SMART CLUB (!), and I could see how the whites was almost turning out of his eyes when he clearly TOLD me that a SMART car is a fantastic holiday car because he and his wife has driven it in Europe before with great satisfaction (!) and WHAT DO I KNOW about that as I told him and we know also thinking that it is SIMPLE LOGIC that this car is not that SMART for this purpose because the car is SO SMALL that they could not find room for a “small” first aid box – which was impossible for him to understand (!) – and here I am told that this is to say that WE ARE NOW TURNING THE WORLD AROUND SO MUCH THAT IT IS BECOMING EASIER TO UNDERSTAND YOU THAN TO MISUNDERSTAND (!) and we know when people will start using “SIMPLE LOGIC” and this is what this is about and we know “difficult” it is, because after this customer left without the box (!), Robert returned and he told me that the alarm was only about a “wire error” – I don’t know what this means – but it was nothing really according to Robert, and later just before I left, a new alarm sounded and it was from the castle again, which made me a little concerned once again, but I was told that the message here is what the customer said while having the Source inside of him, which was that THERE IS NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT and just the Trinity doing what is impossible to do.

A customer became upset when he did not have room for a first aid
box in his SMALL car (!), and I told him that maybe it is not SMART
to use as SMART car as a holiday car. He was DEAF!

The spirit of my mother gave “the slaughter of Norway” the impulse for his actions because of darkness of mankind!

Today was truly a LONG day but “patience” kept me going all the way to the end at 20.50, and let me also here say that Virgin Mary – or the spirit of my mother – showed herself to me as the clean spirit she is telling me that she is the one who brought “the impulse” to “the slaughter of Norway” even though everyone will know that she is ALL FULL OF LOVE (!) and will you also understand that it is the WRONG behaviour of mankind, which forced her to do this action when she is doing the last part of the work cleaning up the old Universe of darkness, which are ingredients of our New Universe after being converted to light through my inner self, which is what all of these young people gave their PHYSICAL lives for – not their souls/spiritual selves – and this is accurately as disgusting as all of the murders, rapes, child misuse etc. which we have done for centuries because of the same: WRONG BEHAVIOUR OF MANKIND forcing us to use the old Universal rule because of the existence of darkness, which was that you will receive what you give! Will you please understand that God, the spirit of my mother and the spiritual world are not to blame and that the eyes of evil was belonging to mankind self because of your actions and that is what now is coming to an end when we will enter our new GOLDEN AGE OF ETERNITY WITH LIGHT ONLY and that is WITHOUT DARKNESS. This is what you are giving you sacrifices for, my people.

And even though I give all of my sympathy for the victims, families and population of Norway, I cannot help from feeling REPULSIVE about the “immense compassion” of people – all over the world really – which for most people are the same who are TOTALLY IGNORANT to the much worse CATASTROPHE at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya and all over East Africa now and here I am told the connection, which is that if you had helped me and LTO to help the poor victims of Somalis living a living Hell at Dadaab – read our newsletter from January 2010 – this “disaster” of Norway would NOT have happened, and do you see that your own CARELESSNESS – EVILNESS (!) – is what is bringing EVILNESS back to you (?) and that is “soon no more” because the Source of darkness has ceased to exist earlier this year stopping the “production” of more darkness.

Elijah is desperately appealing to help children from dying, and I am desperately asking the world to help – AGAIN!

Dear Elijah,

Thank you so much indeed for your very warm and heartfelt cry out to me, which is really a cry out to the world, and I can only say that I have done EVERYTHING I can to bring the attention of the world to the catastrophe of your country and region because I know what you are saying that children and people are suffering, screaming and dying, and you may have seen that I have written about this several times asking the world to act now (!) and also that I have made our LTO newsletter on Dadaab even easier to access here – so far 377 people have “read” it – and I have told the world that they are now mourning about the “catastrophe” of Norway not understanding or caring about the much worse catastrophe of the world, so what I am saying is that I HAVE GIVEN THESE MESSAGES TO THE WORLD, THE WORLD HAS RECEIVED THESE MESSAGES – governments and more – and all we can do is UNFORTUNATELY to continue to wait for the world to react not only on this catastrophe but to my arrival too by publishing this to the world and you may like to tell the world that I personally ask every single individual of the world, who can “afford” it to start helping the poor people of Dadaab, Kenya/Somalia and the whole region of East Africa, and while we are waiting for the SLOW world to react, Elijah, we can only see with disgrace people suffering and even more people and children dying. This is ALSO about the cruel world not understanding what is right to do, and today I can only say that they will come to understand, but this does not make it easier for you, your family, country and region here and now. This is SADLY how it is.

This is the best I can tell you now, my friend, and again I can only repeat that I am myself suffering myself being on my edge of dying constantly too, and the solution is not for me to contact the Commune, my family – they know I love them more than anyone, but they are the ones who have abandoned me not accepting the reached out hand I have offered them because of their WRONG misunderstandings – and others to ask for help for Africa – many NGO’s are doing that at the moment here sadly not with very much “luck” because of selfish people not caring (!!!) – the solution is for us to change the world, which is what is happening these days and months, and Elijah, PATIENCE is the name of the “game” as you said yourself and that is even when you are witnessing people dying – sadly!

We can only wait for the official world to stand forward expressing their faith in me, which is when the work to bring a normal and better life for everyone will start, and my question to the official world is HOW LONG WILL YOU WAIT TO PUBLISH MY ARRIVAL (?) and how many more killings do you want to have on your conscience (?) – and yes Elijah, this is how I – GOD INSIDE OF ME (!) – is writing because the ONLY way you can start making DEAF people hear is to make yourself HEARD cutting through their “defences”, and you do know who I am in person so you do know that this is NOT the way I normally talk – but I can do if necessary (!) – and SADLY this is also the case, because this is NOT how I am naturally because I only want to speak in a normal tone being polite, but this is not the way to approach the Devil. This is why, Elijah and I have written about this before, just for your information.

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

Having been following and reading your scripts continually, i believe it is the high time you changed your formula in trying to convince the world to help the poor. I believe in the power of influence and it is mostly said that if you what to change people,  influence them and don’t  push them.

Looking at what is currently happening in our country right now,  im deeply touched by the many suffering due to rampart drought experienced in the entire country the worst to be ever witnessed. My appeal to you for now is to soothe your stand and make it like an appeal, not necessary demanding people to read the scripts for now, but trying to make them understand how importance it is for them to help a dying child.

It is very simple dear stig, go the streets  and talk to the people on the plight of the Kenyan children. Start with the commune, if they turn a deaf ear, go the streets, approach organizations and churches, talk to them and you will be surprised the much help you will receive, if they turn a deaf ear too approach the government.

We are loosing lives here in Kenya. You have the capacity to bring the much needed help here in Kenya. This is my thought of the week! We cannot afford to see people dying in the name of help coming soon my friend! Soften your stand and appeal for urgent help, make your family understand your cause without putting restrictions and sanctions on them, charity begins at home, renew your relationship with your family and watch out as everything roles. You need all the blessings from your Mother. Try this new approach and you will see the results!

Stig , it is my very humble request that you will take my independent thoughts seriously. We need to act and act URGENTLY!

Warm Regards,

Ending the day with theis short story:

  • I looked up some minutes on the dark sky from my balcony and first saw my light alone afterwards followed by “light glimpses” on the sky followed by a whole row of “stars” switching on their lights including “stars” at an impossible low altitude on the horizon – no one noticing ? – and I was told that “we have now started the absolute last preparations to secure world piece”.


27th July: Part of the New Universe has blown up because my old friend Paul has decided not to believe in me

Dreaming of a part of the New Universe blowing up because Paul has changed to a non-believer in me

To my great surprise this night became both one of the most surprising and worst nights I have ever experienced as I am sure you will understand from the following dreams:

  • My old friend Paul H. has a striptease bar together with Søren F.-J. It includes three sofa arrangements, which have recently been restored. They have one sofa arrangement each and Paul receives the responsibility of the third group after agreement with Søren, and he decides to change the newly restored arrangement back to its original look, which he explains through a speaker when guests sit down in the sofa and he says that it is because of commercial interests and according to agreement with Søren F.-J., which sounds all wrong and gives the guests a poor impression, and Paul gives the owner another impression, who becomes surprised when he sees that Paul has now changed the arrangement, so it is now an ice cube cooler inside a restaurant, which is not often used by guests, and the arrangement is not prepared to be used for this purpose, which makes it blow up and when this happens I see Paul self being blown up in the form of many trees of a forest with very great power.
    • I received one of the worst “nightmares” of my life through this dream, which is not only a nightmare but connected symbolically to the events yesterday with the two fire alarms of the Eremitage Castle, which is to say that because Paul has decided to listen to the darkness of his colleague Søren F.-J. not understanding or believing in me, it removes some of what we would gladly have installed as part of the Universe initially and when this is not possible we have decided to wait building this part until later, which meant that the preparations we had already done had to “come undone” through this explosion and please remember that Paul is one of the Council of eight so “important” is what he is.
    • I was told when waking up that “I don’t feel the power of Paul running in my veins” and the dream and explosion was so POWERFUL that it gave me EXTREME feelings of discomfort and also fear because what did this mean now (?) and I was shown a piece of raw meat being eaten through an ice cube and I was told “does he keep the sausages himself” and given the answer “yes, he does”, which is about Paul deciding to keep his own good life without helping his old “best friend” Stig and I am the one who prepared where you are now sitting today, in a position at a business, which was first designed for me and we know the Devil has many faces, and Paul is wearing one of them, together with Søren F.-J. and many others as you will understand.
    • The dream gave me such a shock that I could almost not fall down again and fall a sleep again, but at one stage I forced myself to say that “I have done my absolutely best, I could not do it any better” and “I am still living” so this is from here we will have to continue and I was told that “We have now moved away from the part of the restaurant belonging to Paul, and we are still building the restaurant in Hamburg” and also “it was more like the cross hanging askew”, so we are still carrying on.
  • I have moved into an apartment of a mansion at the centre of Copenhagen, I notice that my rescue car, which has parked outside illegally for a few days is removed by the authorities, I don’t have the energy to put the apartment with all the furniture on place and because of this I also don’t have the energy to pay my bills, which makes me fear to be set out of the apartment.
    • This is connected to the previous dream – when my rescue car was removed because of Paul removing his faith in me, it meant that part of my new self/New Universe was removed too – and my reactions because of the fear I received about survival itself (!) after the previous dream is reflected in this dream, which the symbol of being thrown out of the apartment shows and by the way, I was thrown out of two apartments in Copenhagen in 1992 and 1994 I believe, which is ALSO to give symbols of where the world WAS heading: Towards destruction.
  • I am on holiday and walking with a dog, which a harbour worker pats and I am told that all the castles, beautiful properties and squares are located at the other end of the harbour.
    • I am out walking with the darkness, i.e. the dog, and the fine property of the New Universe is at the other end of the harbour saying that we are continuing our work and plan and I was told that we have now started a new sail where I see my container on top of a big ship with the container itself being a ship sending smoke out of the chimney, and this “combination” is sailing through pretty rough seas, and I was told “thank you, Stig, we went through the most difficult of all”.
  • One morning I am to pick up a lady friend of a lady friend at 08.45 and from there to go to Espergærde to work, but I first arrive at 09.00, and I see that there are three roads leading to work from there, and the country road to Espergærde is the easiest and easier than to use one of two motorways. At work I am unhappy, because Preben receives messages about me, which makes my life a hell. I have difficulties focusing on work and start writing a top 20 list of beautiful songs on the white board including fine colours, my colleague Lars D.C. hears nothing of what I am doing and I see a woman keeping an eye on me, but I decide to stop writing and to hide the wide board before Pernille will see it, which she will not like.
    • I am planning on using the direct road to Espergærde, I don’t know what this city is symbolising but it is part of Helsingør Commune so to me it is POSITIVE, and you see more examples of friends and people who are still leading Hell to me, which you know is quite good because it still helps us build more of the New Universe, the turn around of this and the attitude of people and we know WHEN IS OR WAS THE CREATION ENDING (?) and as so often before this is a part of the game designed by the darkness to try to make me “relax” before time but you know we are probably STILL not all through so we still carry on – and not many have discovered my message of love to the world as the “deaf” Lars is symbolising.

Coming to an end writing my memo for Falck, and receiving praise before they will turn around when reading!

Today at Falck, Lars was back from holiday but he has been so “unlucky” to receive sickness to his foot making it feel like bare bone to walk on, which made him lump today and I was thinking that this is darkness given to Lars for deflection.

I asked Lars about the fire alarm of the Eremitage Castle yesterday and he told me that it was an “automatic fire alarm” of the castle, which was “false alarm”, so glad about that one after all – still thinking of the dream of the night, and also still receiving pain to my right angle and we know I feared that this was about physical destruction of a part of our Universe far away from here but since I am still whole, this should not be the case.

I continued writing my memo today, and the first 1-2 hours it was “impossible” to do because all of my concentration was removed and instead I was given the sweating you get when you fear death, this is how it felt like – my mother bringing it to me (?) – and it was with great suffering that I started writing forcing myself into some kind of rhythm and I knew that I had a long chapter of maybe 10 pages on Action Plans to write, which was “mentally impossible” to do because of how I felt, but still we carried on and once again, it became better after one hour and after two I was working to my fullest and to my surprise I finalised not only this long chapter today but also the whole phase two of this work writing the first draft of the memo making me relieved – phase 1 was preparation with ideas and now I have almost 1½ week phase three to do the big work editing this memo, which I reduced to 84 pages today and we will see where it will end before the end of next week, which is the deadline I truly will do my best to reach.

When writing the memo I received the same feeling under my skin – it is quite a physical feeling – as I have also received with the others especially with Robert and also Jesper and it is that they are placed highly at the Hierarchy and are victims of a poor culture dragging them down to work poorly, which goes against their nature STRONGLY giving them feelings of the RIGHT way to work eeehhh according to my Basic Work Rules and my new memo, and we know placed they have been to become examples to the world of what not to do.

Today I received several declarations of faith for example when Lars asked me to “create” a ring binder for him (!!!) and we know I asked him “do you remember where I told you to find the template when writing the backs” (?) and no he did not because he was completely indifferent when I told him a few weeks ago (!) and once again I showed him where the file is located, and a fireman witnessing this told me “when you will not be here anymore, we will close down”, and I smiled and said that “hereafter it is not allowed to make fires in Lyngby” (when there is no fire department that is!) and the symbol is of course that my working period at Falck is where we are creating the new world and this is STILL the case and that is for 1½ more weeks, and afterwards there should come no fires (?) and this is truly what I hope is the case.

I told Lars that I am busy working on my memo, which he accepted also because there was probably not that much work to do, but later in the day, the darkness came to him when he was trying to find out how he could return a fire engine which Lyngby has borrowed from colleagues in Ikast, Jutland (maybe 300 kilometres from here), and he would very much have liked to send it back today because this is what Ikast asked for, but it was COMPLETELY impossible for him to find someone at Falck Lyngby or the “Operations Department” in Copenhagen to drive it, and it surely was difficult to do because the effective “coolie” sent out from the Commune, Carsten, could not help before on Friday, and it made Lars tell the Operations Department that maybe Lyngby should consider hiring a part time worker taking care of this job when they don’t have one on “activation” to do this (!!!) and yes Lars maybe it would be a good idea to do what you should do instead of misusing a very WRONG arrangement of the Danish state.

And he sure had “good ideas” (!) because he asked me to go to Jutland on Friday, which would take me all day (!) and I asked him why, and the he told me “to collect Carsten” (after having driven and returned the fire engine!), and I asked him “wouldn’t it be better for Carsten to take the train home” and “no” it would not (!) because this would take too long because Ikast is not a main station (!) – I just checked it and it takes 4½ hours by train from Ikast to Lyngby, which will take approx.3½ hours by car! – and we know then I asked him if it would be “wiser” to send another one over there (with car) thinking about the time it would take for him to go both ways, and yes “you may be right” as he said, and I had to tell him once again that I am busy doing the memo but if it truly was needed I would help him out, and we know NOT GOOD TO REFUSE TAKING WORK is the name of the game here (!) and this made Lars say “maybe I can send Søren instead of you” – the other “coolie” – and we know I did not hear any more so just saying that this is how the darkness is trying to prevent me from doing the last part of my work, which still may be about the turn around of the world, but still carrying on and yes almost automatically finding the right road “by chance” and this is really how it is here.

Later in the day, one of the fire men came to the office and asked me whom he had to ask to have me filling out what I heard as “lists” on the computer because as he said “I have heard that you are a shark doing this” (this is a complement in Denmark, but you know a SHARK is darkness too, which is what he represented) and I told him “don’t count on this, I am stopping next week and have much work to do”, which he understood and I asked him if what he said is what the employees are saying of me and he replied that it sure is and also that the saying is “just give the work to Stig and then he takes care of it straight away” and “it must be nice of you to know” and of course it is, “my friend”, but you may understand that this is the attitude of the Devil misusing people and their competences rudely.

I received less sneezing today and the colour, which followed them was white and light pink, so today is better than yesterday.

Finally, Jesper, who has started his holiday this week, had called Lars after having read the email I sent to the head office with a copy to him and Christoffer – despite of his holiday – to correct the errors of the invoices of 2010 and 2011, and apparently he became so happy with it that he had decided to give me a bottle of red wine as a present, and of course I was happy to receive a present because it showed that he was happy – but I was also thinking DON’T GIVE GIFTS FROM EMPLOYERS TO EMPLOYEES as I have written about before because it is WRONG to do, a smile and thank you is fine (!) – and this shows how happy Jesper is for me, which however may change after “reading” my memo, Jesper (?) and I told Lars that I do believe it is a good wine, which made him say that “I hate it” (!) and yes Lars, “hating me” is what you will have to go through for you to wake up and help Earth to develop as I am here told and we know this is what we will use this energy for – and other energy too – when converting more darkness to light and we know Lars will hate me for my memo in the beginning until the day when he as everyone else here will understand that it was indeed THE STIG, who they had on visit working for them – and finally I was told that the wine is also to say that we are still here all of us and I was told that it was necessary to give me a shock this night – as so often before – to generate enough energy.

Elijah is even more desperate in his appeal today, which I forward to the world: PLEASE HELP PEOPLE FROM DYING, NOW!

Today I received a new email from Elijah about the CRITICAL situation of Kenya/Somalia and I do hope that the world will understand even better when reading the STRONG words of Elijah and seeing his TRUE HEART OF COMPASSION AND DESPERATION to help people COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY FROM dying in this the worst catastrophe of the world – which NORWAY IS NOT (!) and when will the world wake up to understand that if you could mobilise the same commitment and compassion for Africa as you do for Norway, you would TRULY be able to help, but now most of the world is “accepting” people to die in Africa, because “this is what we are used to” but when “a few” (!) people are dying in Norway, there is NO limit to your sadness and compassion exhibiting your wrong doings and lack of exactly the same; commitment and compassion to help people dying everywhere in this region of Africa and yes Elijah I do have inner voices helping me to help the world and these are the voices writing these lines actively through me – do you feel the same, have you started receiving SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION (???) – and I can only say that the words I write and the way I write them is how God together with the Holy Spirit and the Council of eight including Virgin Mary – or the spirit of my mother – is giving the words to me directly as a physical person would tell them, and Elijah, I can only tell the same as yesterday: I AM NOT YOUR OPPONENT, I AM THE ONE HELPING THE WORLD against the darkness and one day “not long from now” the help will also come to Africa, but you may witness THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE dying before this will happen, and I can only say the same as yesterday: SADLY (!) because of the wrong doings of the world, and to the world including the Australian Government: WILL YOU PLEASE STAND FORWARD AND PRESENT THE WORLD OF MY ARRIVAL, ASK FOR HELP TO AFRICA AND OPEN UP ALL OF YOUR BOOKS TOO, it is time for a change, and this is what I ask you to help me with – to save as many lives as possible – please?

Elijah, please know – as I have written about before – that my family is part of the darkness of the world and I have sent out my outcry to them as well as the world, and they have decided NOT to react but to continue living a life in luxury compared to you, and I am as appalled as you are, but the truth is here that people can see maybe 1-2 minutes of superficial “news” about the drought of Africa and think “I wish the world would do something about it” and 10 minutes afterwards they have “forgotten” about it and continues to spend more money on themselves and their luxury including expensive food, drinks and holidays and Elijah, this is JUST HOW CRUEL THE WORLD IS TODAY at the same time as you are more desperate than ever before (!) – and they have given me a death sentence too, Elijah (!) – and that includes my own family, and this is what I am asking ALL GOVERNMENTS TO START CHANGING BY HELPING ME TO PUBLISH YOUR FAITH IN ME, please?

Please let me also say that I fully understand the desperation of Elijah to help people suffering the worst – beyond description and what people of the rich world are “capable” of understanding (it is “nothing” to be shot dead in Norway (!) compared to going through and dying from this TORTURE!) – and it is perfectly alright of him to use me to bring his message to the world, but a personal remark here is that I have climbed up a ladder of growing darkness for months, which is now making me go through COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE DARKNESS/SUFFERING helping the entire world to “turn around” so to say without potentially millions of people dying, which is “more than killing” me and without realising it, Elijah is “helping” in this “process” giving me more “work” than I really can handle these days, “attacks” on my personal standings and questioning of my priorities, which you may take into your considerations, Elijah. I still understand from where you come from and I am FULLY on your side, which you really should know from the previous scripts, where I have made my stand on Dadaab and your entire region clear to everyone. Please don’t oppose me wrongly, follow me!

And here is the email from Elijah:

Dear Stig,

It is this serious my friend.  We cannot afford to sit and watch as children, the sick and elderly die. It is the high time to act. God shared with me, ‘ THIS POWERFUL MESSAGE’ last night and revealed to me to take up my position and make the cry of his people heard.

LTO as an organization must act and do something to help the many suffering Kenyans and Somalis. Stig, i hope you are following the currents events of drought as been reported. Pangs of HUNGER! Who will HELP? 

“You and Me was the answer that God gave me”!

Stig, its the high  time to act, its time to listen to me now, not to listen to  your inner voice my friend! but to the cries of the dying people. I call upon you and the like minded people to join hands and see how best we  all can help.  I have woken up to take my roles and  trust me, we must do something to help.

Join me and together we can help a dying child. It is not about  of who takes the win, NO! It is a time of how can we help. Our ambitious plans and interests must be put  aside for us to score, its not even the time to focus on our past, but focus on how much we can help!

I need all of you to understand me clearly including you Stig! How many times have you listened to me? Will you  listen to me this time around? Have you ever thought whom i am for all that time and what powers i have? Are you ready in making renewed relationships, starting with your family, without asking them to believe in You but requesting them to see how best they can help!  It is the high time we  put our energies together my friend! Working together as a team all through, understanding each other well and the powers that most us carry!

A wake up call to all,” we can’t afford to sit and watch as thousands out there are crying for our help”. It is now or NEVER. It is now when people should recognize us by helping them. Stig , i put you on this challenge, to put more energy in fund raising now and sensitizing your people on the need to share what they have. I will stand up and use all my available energy to see how best i can help by mobilizing our dear Kenyans.

This is my message to all ! TIME TO ACT IS NOW!!!!


Arnaud from the Jobcentre is “watching” me!

Today I also noticed that my “dear friend” of the jobcentre of the Commune, Arnaud – that was the French manager, who decided to TELL me instead of LISTENING to me at the end of 2009 because he was a know-all (!) – visited my Linked-in profile as you can see below and I do believe it must have been the darkness telling me the other day that it was the mayor visiting my website when I believe it has to be Arnaud too – I could only see that it was the Commune visiting – and why did you decide to do this, Arnaud, is this because you are talking of me at the Commune not knowing about my status – am I belonging to group 1, 2 or prepared to receive disability pension (?) and is it that difficult for you to find out (?) and is it Tine/Jane showing you my comment on the “contract”, which I signed and wrote “illegal but :-)” and this is not “well-seen” by you and have you forgotten who you are meant to help (?) and just wondering we all are here.

I continued working until 20.45 today, which again seemed “more than impossible” to do this morning, but it is all about taking a decision ….!


28th July: The Danish Government is helping the process of publishing my arrival to the world

Dreaming of the Danish Government helping the process of publishing my arrival to the world

Again a night of poor sleep, which is what it is, with these dreams:

  • I am in the city watching the vehicles of the police, and I see the Vice Police Commissioner driving followed by a row of military vehicles driving around on icy roads. I have had my help taken from me and hospitalised and am now queuing at the welfare office to get my help back, but I am told to meet personally at the office of Helsingør to receive payment. At this office I am told that they will make deductions in my help, which I cannot afford them doing. I see that the last time I was wrongly hospitalised, I was wrongly given an injection, which was meant to be given to a Pole, which should do good, but now I have shrunk to nothing – I am the size of a fat baby – and I am going to be put under administration and will only be given a minimum pay.
    • The police is still the darkness and this is about my “dear friend” Arnaud at the Jobcentre, who according to the dream is estimating if I am CRAZY or not and the reason of this development is because of a POLE (!) and the Pole here is of course the late Pope John Paul II and who is the soul of the Pope and we know the same as my good old friend Paul, and because of Pauls decision to desert me and become an unbeliever, the darkness he is releasing, is working this way through the Commune and we know Arnaud, do you think that you are qualified to do this evaluation and we know DO YOUR BEST and I don’t really care because even if you should try and also succeed to lock me up, I know the law so well that I will be locked out again immediately and should this happen, I will promise you one thing and that is that I will write about it and your ignorance, so COME ON and get me 🙂 🙂 :-).
    • I woke up to the song “beautiful ones” by Suede and the line “High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine”, and diesel and gasoline is my engine, which I am “high on” – my will power really – and “psycho” is a reference to what Arnaud just may be thinking and difficult it is, Arnaud, to evaluate others when you don’t know people and are full of negative and wrongs thoughts?
    • Half asleep I received a “red voice” of my inner self telling me that “now I will come and save you from the Devil” and I was given the same Suede song again and now with these special lyrics: “And is you are crazy, somehow you made me”, which is to say that I am coming to life from out of “nothing”/darkness, which is what is also making people do what is wrong, where it should be easy to do what is right!
    • And “the game” continued when I was told that “we just have to drink our Carlsberg beer first, but then we will come for sure”, and this will have to be both darkness but also light because “our beer” is about COMMUNITY instead of selfishness, and I do look forward to the day when all darkness has been converted to darkness, because to tell you the truth, it is NOT funny to live a life where every single second is unbearable to come through because of the darkness constantly pressuring me, but still carrying on is what we DECIDE to do.
    • I also received one of Mauro Scocco’s many FINE songs, which is the song “blind” and the lyrics “man måste vara blind, för att inte se, vad som händer här” (“you have to be blind not to see what is happening here”) and BLIND, is that what you are Arnaud (?) and that goes out to many others too.
  • I am working for Kim S. company, and I see that many from the Conservative Party has not been working there for years, but I see that they are taking out clothes and Lars Barfoed and Lene Espersen are packing policy certificates in very fine packages also including a gold printing on the package, which I however would not have done myself. My old friend Lisbeth and colleague Michael P.N. are also there first laughing and then receiving a task, which makes them become serious and tell that they know about who I am, which I see is what lifts out a stone from a stone wall just outside a very fine building on a pedestrian street, and I see 1,750 DKK behind the stone and a world map, which is not 100% clear but it belongs to an old association of the UK, and when I see this, I notice an open door just to the right of me leading inside the fine building, from where I hear very nice live classical music playing and the noise of many people. Back at Kim’s company, I am told by colleagues that they chose me to do presentations together with them because I am serious and look people directly into their eyes, and they want to show this to Kim. Something about speaking seriously about others, which was not to speak behind the back and “they got me up driving”. I see a nice cake at the department, which I also take a piece of and something about a delicious cake including blackcurrant, which I would like to do for people.
    • Kim S., my old manager of DFM and Aon from 1991 to 1997 and friend since (also one of those who abandoned me in 2010!), has appeared in COUNTLESS dreams and first now I understand that he has to be a symbol of GOD SELF – now inside of me (!) – and his company is “everything which is”, and what is happening here is that the Conservative Party of Denmark is helping me forward, because my clothes – my “confidence”, which FAITH of people in me is helping much with – is being brought out and the chairman Lars and former chairman Lene of the party are packing policy certificates meant to be given to “many people”, which are APPROVALS GIVEN TO PEOPLE TO ENTER OUR NEW UNIVERSE when they will show a clean heart, and this is what their actions at the moment will help all people to do when you will help Australia to formulate a letter to me (?) and these are words given to me so this may be the truth according to the light or deception of the darkness, which I don’t know as usual, but I do believe in this dream and also that my stories on the Conservative politicians Lene and Henriette on my website helped the Conservative Party to open your eyes and receive faith in me – as I am told here – and we know they were PLANTED BY THE GARDENER inside of me you know and he is the one with the gold on the package, because gold is creation and this is to say that I bring life to you and you bring life to me and we know from both sides of “Hell” – the physical and the spiritual worlds, which were formed on both sides of “nothing/darkness” – and this is how it was meant to be and we know lifting all of us up step by step until the day when there will be no darkness left, and I don’t know precisely what you do but I will still THANK YOU for what you are doing 🙂 – and you are doing this as the dream in order to show Kim, i.e. God and this is to where you are also now returning home.
    • And what the Conservative Party is doing together with friends apparently having faith in me without my knowledge is what is opening up previous Universes too as the stonewall behind the present shows, and here the money is energy, which is released and given to me because of growing faith of people and the symbol of 1750 is also old but very beautiful music playing the same way as LP’s etc. have been symbols of previous Universes.

The most extreme darkness this month could have made me the NAZI MONSTER myself killing millions of people!

At Falck I received extreme darkness especially the first couple of hours but really most of the day – and also afterwards – which again was of the usual kind of negative and also sexual “offers” and talk going right to my ultimate edge almost breaking me down several times, which almost made me give up and to give in thinking “to Hell with it” etc., and if this is what I should decide to do, to give in for the darkness of the world pressuring me, it would make my self THE NAZI MONSTER – not only the Norwegian “slaughter” in small scale (!) – which would potentially kill “millions of people” to bring the energy required going through this last “impossible” phase of turning around the world, but because I decide to go through this TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE month too when working full time at Falck with everything else on top, this is what I am saving the world from going through, which may be what you will decide to focus on instead of believing that God – or the spirit of my mother – is a killer!

The “game” given to me was what would happen if I would break down to the darkness this month; would it open up the eyes of my inner self as I was told or would I become this NAZI MONSTER (again and here thinking of Hitler!), and all I could think of today is that no matter what happens and no matter how much EXTREME TORTURE I go through because of the sins and lack of faith of mankind, I will NEVER decide to be evil against man and that is you know on condition that my will power is strong enough because the darkness is/was so much stronger than I!

And I was told that the darkness was immensely strong today because of my knowledge (!) of Arnaud of the Commune watching me and also to do the final part of the redo because of what Pauls decision to become an unbeliever meant.

The day today became even more difficult to go through because my laptop had suddenly received the “idea” that it did not want to write the Danish special characters æ, ø and å, which is what my old keyboard in private did some months ago a few days before it stopped working because of darkness (!), and when I as a consequence restarted the laptop, it meant that it also re-installed the McAfee virus programme, which I have switched off before – including a VERY ANNOYING updating service running for hours, which COMPLETELY removes all energy of the laptop making it impossible to work on – a symbol of how I am feeling myself as a person still having to do my best work with only little energy, this is how impossible it is – and when the “services” of this programme started to run, it was testing my patience to some of the most extreme ever because I could only watch the laptop for maybe a total of 2 hours doing NOTHING while I was given more and more direct suffering of the darkness and doing my best to control my extreme feelings of irritation of this happening because I still have MUCH work to do on my memo (!) but after a couple of hours, I finally found a way to close down these “services” and from this moment on, the laptop became “normal again” when I could continue working and this also meant a decrease of MUCH of the negativity I was given, but not all you know!

From the morning I received a shock when I saw that one of the officers of Gentofte was sent to replace Christoffer today and why is that (?) and only because I had agreed to have a meeting with Christoffer this morning, which he did not even call me to re-schedule (!) and we know THIS IS THE WORST ATTITUDE THINKABLE IN MY BOOK and I thought “how can this be” and “how can Christoffer of all people do this” and “is this how low the culture of this place has made him” and also that maybe he just “FORGOT” (NEVER FORGET!) and no matter what, I react STRONGLY to these kind of failures as you will understand, and Johnny was certainly a nice man, but not very bright, Johnny (?) and they have “coolies” too at Gentofte so he knows that we are some kind of second rang citizens, whom he can misuse as he please and after doing NOTHING approx. 95% of the day “playing” on his computer and speaking in private with the colleagues around the station (!), he thought it would be SO NICE for him to update his fine HTC smart phone and therefore he asked me to drive to the head office in Copenhagen to do this because he was leaving for holiday today and could not leave the station himself, and NO was the answer I gave clearly (!) because I am doing an important memo for Jesper etc. and not his servant for private pleasures – and Jesper is his manager too at Gentofte (!) – and we know I explained shortly what the memo is about and this made him say “I am sorry, I did not realise” and we know Johnny, you are not alone!

And finally, I met three of the very nice firemen – because this is what they are as people, I like them very much ! – outside in the yard on my way to find an employee on work today so he could sign a key receipt (!) and I noticed how they were scratching their feet on some gravel on the ground, and I asked them “why are you doing this” and one of them told me that “it is because if hums so nicely on the feet”, and this made me think about the hurting foot of Lars and I received confirmation from “the voice” that these are symbols of my inner self hurting because of Paul becoming an unbeliever – and also here giving me another answer of one of these old symbols: Taking on a shoe is to take on my true inner self, which you know is ME and also ME and ME too as the other two here are saying and really that I am wearing the shoe now!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • A part of the requirements of me is to continue writing my scripts to make myself and my experiences understandable to the world, which is not always easy to do because of what I go through, and yes I have been encouraged many times to write this, so this is what I here decided to do and we know “not that important to tell”, therefore.
  • The darkness IS EXTREME these days and also in the U.S. when Obama is facing his worst opponent yet disguised as the Republicans playing a game on not only the U.S. but the world economy after the debt ceiling talks between Obama and Republican Congressional leaders broke down, throwing the US into economic uncertainty if an agreement is not reached before Tuesday next week, and we know when you face the Devil there is only one thing to do and that is to STAND TALL and NOT TO GIVE IN and this is what Obama is also facing through this crisis. And yes Obama, YES YOU CAN :-).
  • Finally at 19.40 I could call it a day – one of the VERY TOUGH ones – finalising the writing and publishing of the last three days of scripts and we know extremely difficult and easy at the same time is what it was :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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