August 1, 2011: The Source is the father and my mother is the mother of my new self and the entire New Universe


Summary of the script today

29th July: The Source is the father and my mother is the mother of my new self and the entire New Universe

  • I had one of the worst nights ever – which also was a blessing because I managed to come through it – when I was given EXTREME PRESSURE and instant nervousness of almost the worst kind again to solve a new riddle in order for me to continue and to bring enough energy for the spirit of my mother to start her transferral from the old to our New Universe. I was told STRONGLY that the Source is consisting of what I have been telling myself is the spirits of both my mother and father feeling both of them inside of me for years, which made me think about the Source being in a Universe above us, but eventually the logic answer stood clear to me. I AM THE SON OF GOD, my mother was fertilised by the Source self and the Source has played a game in recent years showing himself when giving me the feeling of the spirit of my father inside of me. This is the ONLY logical answer also saying that THIS IS IT – this Universe is our Universe and there is no Universe above us, the Source created life and the Universe from out of “nothing”. God as the Source is my father, I will feel the faith of the world coming to me as light spreading inside of me and as the Son I am part of the Trinity including the Source as my father and the Universe, and when we are uniting to One, I will become the Source myself with everything of the Universe and all life being part of “me”. This is the end of the CREATION of my inner self consisting of everything of our New Universe, which started “many Universes ago”. The father of our New Universe is the Source with my mother being not only the mother of me, but the mother of all life, which is now being part of me. The spirit of my mother brings me the keys to open up our New Universe, this is the GOLD itself.
  • The sooner the world will recognise me, the sooner the broken down old world will be replaced with the New World Order.
  • I thought it would be impossible to both do a full day working at Falck and to write the script – after such a night – but eventually I came through doing my best again helping the spirit of my mother on her road towards me on this side. After going through one of the “most difficult” nights making me nervous, I received symbols telling me that no matter what happens now, we will live forever – my suffering now is to take on the suffering of man – and that the spirit of my mother is on her way with the gold to switch on the New Universe inside of me.

30th July: Keeping both the old and the New Universe open for people before respectively after receiving faith in me

  • Dreaming of meeting my old friend Jan G. from Danske Bank, Obama working to uncover “a part of the debt first”, clairvoyants receiving spiritual communication from people of other civilizations making them interested in the “end times, my old class friend Christian starting to receive spiritual communication, waiting on politicians/media to publish my arrival, which will make us start market ourselves even more, waiting to bring freedom to all people of the world, turning the world around without help and cleaning my sister and Tobias from darkness.
  • I received the answer that it is both the spirit of my mother and the Source standing as the “last man” of the old Universe, and I thought that it is logic that people not having faith in me will still be at the old Universe including their “old self” and when they have shown a clean heart, they will enter our New Universe, where they will open up their eyes as their new self, which is telling me to keep both Universes open as long as it takes – up to 5 years – to receive the faith of all mankind, and to have “gold” inside both Universes with the “volume” necessary to keep life going SAFELY at both places.

31st July: I am waiting on politicians/media to publish my arrival, which will make us start market ourselves more

  • Dreaming that it is impossible to close down the old Universe and reach “Victory Island” because we first need to receive the faith of the whole world.
  • Working all day overcoming much darkness and tiredness – a Hell (!) – and ending the month with 132 pages of scripts and approx. 95-100 pages of my soon finished memo for Falck and we know I have NEVER written more and I have NEVER received more pressure by the darkness, which is CREATION at its “high”, but still carrying on we are and COME ON (and receiving a BIG smile from Obama here) and NEVER GIVE UP and this is what is making us come through :-).

1st August: Feeling the gold around Obama and I and waiting to open up the eyes of my TRUE self and new world

  • Dreaming of my dogs turning into a heifer and the heifer still having darkness inside of it, which is about the process of creation converting to darkness to light to “feed the world” and bring “normal life” to everyone, the old Universe is not working well because it is not updated, my old nightmare will not be carried out and will the end of this week TRULY mean the end of creation, thus also my sexual sufferings including the “old nightmare” – we will have to see!
  • I was disturbed much at Falck – when working concentrated on my memo – by lazy firemen having breakfast and laughing outside my window for one hour, afterwards speaking socially in my office and also being “influenced” by a new young nice looking female trainee speaking with her for a long time too. I received symbols saying that our New Universe with “normal life” for all are coming, I felt the gold around Obama and I, which is the key to open up our new world, that we all need to be “tanked up” with the light and energy of the new world and I do believe that I will “now” eventually present our new world and New World Order and open up the eyes of my TRUE self while doing this, which will have to mean that the creation will be finished before doing this and hopefully also meaning that it will not become difficult for the world to believe in me (only “old habits” and not “remaining darkness” making it “difficult” for people to believe) – this is my hope and belief, but we will have to see.


29th July: The Source is the father and my mother is the mother of my new self and the entire New Universe

The Source is the father and my mother is the mother of my new self and the entire New Universe

This night came as a surprise to me because it was yet another of these “impossible” milestones to reach and to pass, which as normal took me completely by surprise. First I had this dream:

  • We are being divided into pairs, I am now in 2027, which is an important year and my tail as another part of me is in 1945. Later I see that we are 10-12 people inside an apartment, which are put together in groups of 2 and 3, and when we walk it requires UNBELIEVABLE amounts of force not to fall because we represent giant masses of people, and I see that my old friend René is one of the people at the apartment.
    • I have nothing to add.

After this dream at approx. 00.30, I was first told that “it is becoming increasingly difficult not to lose lives, who oppose us when we move forward” – which is about the importance of faith of people, and I know nothing more than this, but I am thinking of having given all people 5 years to show a clean heart from 2011, so this has to be part of the plan and the goal is to save EVERYONE – and from here I was NOT allowed to sleep again before at 03.00 (!) because I had to solve another “riddle” urgently before I was allowed to continue, which already started yesterday really, and it was about the INSANELY STRONG sexual attacks on me in recent weeks, to explain this and also more on the Source, and when I am given riddles like this, it is ALWAYS at the absolutely WORST time with the absolutely WORST pressure put on me – here including “almost” diarrhoea – making me so nervous that I fear the worst, which you know is to get the maximum amount of energy out of me (!), and again I have learned to handle anything going up to my ultimate edge, so I had no problems handling my patience despite of knowing that I had to sleep because I had a full working day to do from the morning, and I was shown a baking sheet with SALT and EGGS all over with the salt symbolising EVERYTHING and EGGS is CREATION – and I have been told the last couple of days that when the PRESSURE WAS AT THE “MOST ENOURMOUS” EVER – the last couple of weeks – where I was “this close” to accept “some sexual torment” when being broken down by the immensely strong voice given to me and when I still decided to say NO, I DON’T CARE, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS AND THAT MEANS NO SEXUAL TORMENTS AT ALL – my old rules remain in force (!!!) – this was the absolutely BEST decision I could take (and also the most difficult to take, but this is ALWAYS how it is, also therefore!) and eventually I understood – after VERY nervous minutes believing that it would be impossible for me to reach an answer during the night fearing what would happen then, would anyone be killed, my mother (?) and would I become disabled myself or even worse (?), this is how it was – that if I had accepted “some sexual torments”, it was to accept the game of the Devil, which would NOT be good in relation to CREATION – it would have woken the NAZI MONSTER and killed MANY people (!) – and I have been told for some time that CREATION was finished and yes yes yes another part of the game because it was not but this is not different to the game all along, which therefore cannot surprise me.

And then I was told that I am now receiving the Source inside of me and that the Source is the spirits of my mother and father, and in order to understand my feelings these minutes, you have to IMAGINE the STRONGEST PRESSURE ever put on me with the feeling that if I did not accept this, a holocaust could break out (!), and I was shown the spirit of my mother squeeze her self through an entrance from the old to the New Universe – this is why EXTREME energy is needed – and I was thinking that this then also had to include the spirit of my father, and again when you receive ENORMOUS stress as I did here it can be difficult to think straight, but I decided to think about this and I thought about the Source of this Universe and the Source in another Universe above us creating everything including “nothing” – one of my two old alternatives to chose from – and that my “old” inner self is consisting of the spirits of my father and mother, who were on the journey to find the origin of the Source, which they did and this answer gave me some kind of satisfaction thinking that there is one Source above us and that my “parents” are the new Source, but somehow this was NOT good enough, and then I decided to use my SIMPLE LOGIC again thinking that I know and believe that God as the Source fertilized my mother – it was not my father as I have written about months ago – and I thought about recent weeks where I really only have felt the spirit of my mother and not the spirit of my father giving me darkness from the old Universe to convert to light, and suddenly I understood that the ONLY logical answer is that when I have felt the spirit of my father so many times inside of me for years, it has been a game by the Source acting as my “human father” and it also fitted well with CREATION because all of these extremely strong sexual attempts given to me the last weeks are simply because of an on-going fertilisation of my inner self and everything (or what I understand as the last part of it, which has lasted for years) and when this has been ongoing, the darkness, which brought the energy, has tried its STRONGEST to diverse this CREATION between God and the spirit of my mother to the completion of my old nightmare, which would be BAD for the world, and this is the ONLY way I can see it and this is also giving me the answer that the Source IS my father at the same time as the Source is part of the Trinity, which I am too as the Son – together with the spirit of the Universe – giving me access to “him” and everything and with my decision to unite the Trinity into one, I am becoming the Source myself together with all people of the Universe being part of me too. And it also gave me the answer that the Source is not a being at a Universe above us, but what was originally the “foreign body” inside of the “oyster” of nothing, which evolved into life, and what we are going through now is the finalisation of the creation process, which really started “many Universes” ago.

I was told that this is the reason why there is not yet gold on the package of the dream of yesterday – the gift of eternal life to mankind – with Lars and Lene from the Conservative Party because “gold” is the symbol of Creation, which first now is finishing. And I was told that this is how I am coming into life and that “when the light will spread, you will feel it inside all of your body, but now you only feel it on the surface of it”, which is because of the limited faith in me today, but a few minutes afterwards, I was feeling different people of other civilizations inside of me bringing up an orange colour – of the Source – at different places of my body (different places of the Universe), and they told me that “with this knowledge (of our faith) you have come pretty far”.

After this I was shown a now empty cake dish only having crumbs left on it hopefully meaning that all of this sexual torment will stop when my birth finally will be complete – and I could not help thinking for the first time that I have been the Son of God all of my life with God being a completely normal human being through me – however with plenty of suffering through all of my life – and that I will only become the Son and God self “in all glory” with the faith of the world coming to me, and how do you achieve this in a selfish and deaf world misunderstanding people and we know this is not very easy, but we are almost there (!) – and before I was allowed some more sleep, I was shown a completely ramshackle of a house consisting of a wooden frame, which could break down at any time, and I was shown the spirit of my mother handing over the keys to me from this place, which is the old Universe, which she is now leaving as the last woman standing (!) on her way over to the New Universe becoming a part of me – the creation of her and the Source – and this also means that my mother is the mother of all life of the Universe, which includes her best values (!) and that after this well carried out task, she will now continue her life as my mother, who is a part of me together will all other life. A few hours before this experience I was shown her standing in water to her waist saying that doing what she has done, is not EASY but making her suffer much, and WE know here because we are reflecting “each other” you know.

I received these few dreams during the rest of the night:

  • I am waking up inside of the house, my mother is leaving and I look out the window and see the forest to the right and a road to the left. My mother returns home, she did not do any shopping anyhow, and our old dog Cas comes over to sit on my lap, I feel just how much it loves me, that it is shaking all over and that it feels old and is afraid of dying.
    • This is about my inner self as the Son – including everything – waking up, my home of the forest is to the right and I have come from the road to the left, I strongly felt that the dog in this dream is a symbol of my mother, with the dog being the darkness she has brought herself because of my family negatively influencing her in relation to me, how much she loves me and that she is thinking of and is afraid of dying – and my tears are running down my cheeks writing down this dream because I LOVE MY MOTHER AND MISS HER VERY MUCH and also because this night too was also both emotionally and physically the WORST to go through all alone again and at the same time a BLESSING as I am told here because we know NOTHING IS GOING TO HURT MY MOTHER, and this is also why I take on so much suffering, to save my mother from dying!
  • I received also two short dreams, which I was far too tired, exhausted and touched to remember, but they both said something about just how impossible this experience was to go through and how impossible it was to keep the Devil away from giving me these “sexual attacks” to “disturb” creation.

The sooner the world will recognise me, the sooner the broken down old world will be replaced with the New World Order

In the night I was also given the thought – actively you know – that the sooner the world will recognise me, the sooner the world will receive faith in me, the sooner it will transform the thoughts of people – this is my power coming with faith – leading the way to our New World Order to replace the broken down economy of the world and stopping all poverty, hunger and crime, and the world will decide itself how soon you want this to happen.

Despite of a DIFFICULT night, I did a full day at Falck who wants to keep me “for an eternity”

When I stood up at 07.00 I was thinking of taking one more hour of “sleep”, but I thought that this would delay my day one hour and I would like to send money to Kenya ASAP after work, and I was NOT feeling “very good” from the morning with the view to work a full day feeling as I did, but I thought that I have had days like this before, which are the worst but still the absolutely best too for LIFE, which this music of Van the man here is about – UNIQUE is the word of my feelings of your music, George 🙂 – and therefore I decided to meet at Falck at 08.00 again this morning thinking “how will I be able to go through a whole day continuing the work to edit my memo” (?), but this is eventually what I did with a few crisis on the way, but when taking one hour after the next, I came through the full day and my suffering of extreme darkness decreased after 1-2 hours because this work is doing the spirit of my mother good on her journey towards me on the other side bringing the “gold” with her, which really is what the keys of the night are about: To start up the New Universe or in other words my/our “waking up”.

Today Lars was back at the office, and despite of what I write about his work, I like him very much as a person – this is how it is for all people – and he told me that his foot is not good, but better – he received ”Plantar fasciitis” – and he is also in pain because of pressured ribs.

When I reminded Lars that I am stopping work at Falck Friday next week, he told me ”you have to stay here for all eternity”, which you know is both to say that he is happy for me to be here – both as work power and as a person – and just maybe they would like me to continue working here if “some kind of arrangement can be established” – which you may look differently at IN THE BEGINNING after receiving my memo, and his saying was also a symbol given to me that no matter what will happen from here, we will live for an eternity and the suffering I am going through these days is still to save the world from receiving more suffering than necessary.

Lars also asked me to prepare a key receipt for a new female rescue trainee starting on Monday, and when I asked him if it isn’t rare to have females working as rescuers, he said that there are not that many, but “Princess Gold hair” is here today (!) and this was both a pet name for an employee by the name of Lea but also the symbol that the spirit of my mother is now bringing the gold to me to start the New Universe, and I was told that “what we do is to bring the last part of the old Universe and put it together with the New Universe so it will not be felt” and I was told that this is what will take approx. 1 week to do – fitting with the finalisation of my memo and my work period for Falck and I still have to do my absolute outmost to be able to do both (!), and I was given the understanding that my sexual suffering will now decrease, and this is what I do hope will be the case – logic with the end of Creation (!) – understanding what I am told and also thinking that I still have much work to do on my website, which may be about suffering coming from people of the world who will find it difficult to understand and believe in me in the beginning (?) and we will see.

Finally at 15.20 today – earlier on Fridays – I could leave the office to go to the post office, where I transferred the same amount as for month to my LTO friends in Kenya, DKK 2,800 gross or approx. 42,0000 Kenyan Shillings – and I did a little shopping and continue to work until 19.00 today, and I had really told my self that I would NOT be able to write the script of today already today but first tomorrow, but today is what I decided to do anyhow and we know still suffering much with the darkness surrounding the spirit of my mother, which I feel, see and is helping her to decrease on her way inside our New Universe as the last person of the old Universe.

Before the end of the day, David was very kind to send this email to me, thank you, David.

Dear Stig,

I am fine today. I feel stronger thanI was last week. I take this opportunity to thankyou for the cash support. Thanks a lot and may God bless you. I will write more over the weekend. Bye for now and have a good evening.



30th July: I am waiting on politicians/media to publish my arrival, which will make us start market ourselves more

Dreaming of waiting on politicians/media to publish my arrival, which will make us start market ourselves even more

I went to bed at 21.30 yesterday because I was immensely tired and I thought this would wake me up at maybe 05.00 or 06.00 to take a long bath, but with a few disturbances I was “allowed” to sleep until 08.00, which surprised me much – and a few dreams:

  • I have met my old friend Jan G. on the Internet, he tells me that he does not have time to see me, however I visit him at a local discothèque in Vedbæk where he plays as a DJ using two different turntables, and I tell him that I just wanted to say hallo after all of these years. I see young people having causal partners and I am told “it is about uncovering a part of the debt first”.
    • Already yesterday I was given the inspiration of Jan, who worked in Danske Bank, Nordhavn Branch, where I worked in Frihavn Branch from 1986-88, and I left the bank in 1991 and I remember Jan both leaving the bank and all of his friends from the bank, which surprised me much, to start a completely new life as a school teacher, and because of this dream, I decided to add Jan as a friend of mine on Facebook – this has to be the meaning – so he will see who his old “friend” truly is in order to develop himself into a “special friend” too.
    • The discothèque is with young people having partners in all directions, which is very wrong to sustain life itself – ONE PARTNER AT A TIME AND FIRST A NEW PARTNER WHEN YOU HAVE CLEARLY BROKEN WITH YOUR OLD – and in the dream I missed much to go on discothèque, to have a partner myself.
    • The last part about the debts gave me the feeling of Obama working to decrease the debts of the world.
  • I am attending a class of clairvoyants and I tell them that there are hundreds of UFO’s flying out every night and that they represent all civilisations of the Universe at the end times, which makes them very interested.
    • I am thinking of schools of clairvoyants under education who receive spiritual communication from people of other civilizations flying around Earth and that this has increased together with the interest of clairvoyants in the “end times”.
  • Together with my old class friend Christian and others, I have started working for a new company with the feeling that it is located at the pedestrian street of Copenhagen, and I see how we voluntarily prepare medical supplies, which we will have to pack and send the first of tomorrow, and I think we are doing an even better job than expected. I am driving in the car with Christian and he starts answering a question, which I did not ask, and he tells me “I thought you were asking”, which I tell him that I was not and I tell him that I receive a constant spiritual voice myself and also spiritual feelings, which are feelings of people, events etc. given to me in such a way that I can feel it underneath my skin, that I don’t do anything myself to cause thes because they are given to me from the spiritual world and also visions, which are like dreaming but being awake, and I tell him that soon our name will be visible to people when real estate brokers will start selling some of our estates – the preparations have be done, and the brokers just have to start – which will make us start market ourselves even more too.
    • I am here together with Christian in his car, i.e. “him”, with spiritual experiences now starting for Christian and I tell him how these work. Real Estate Brokers will sell “our home”, which is “us/me”, which is to tell people of the world of my arrival so let us say that Real Estate Brokers are politicians/media helping to do this, and when they take this step, I will be able to take the next step myself to market us even more.
  • I am walking in the forest, and I see birds sleeping and I think of bringing one with me back to the house. I smell grill smoke and fatty substance and see Mr. Bean moving around large outdoor tables, which I ask if I can help with but I don’t have to because to my surprise he is much stronger than what I expect and I see him lifting these tables without problems by himself. I come to Jack’s mother’s house in Espergærde, but it is Sanna and Tobias living there. Sanna and Tobias are having cake, and I tell Sanna that it is us – our telemarketing company – who sent the cake as an “appetizer” and I ask if she has not been called up – it is normal to follow up with a sales call – and she tells me that she has not such a call, and I tell her that it is possible to subscribe in order to receive a new cake every week, and afterwards I realize that I made a mistake because it was not a cake, but the newspaper of Politiken, which she could subscribe too. I am now home alone 🙂 – still in Jack’s mother’s house – and I decide to start washing up the dishes in the kitchen before Sanna will return home and I start by pulling the curtains aside to make the light shine in, a small boy is arriving on his cycle asking for Tobias and then Tobias arrives on his cycle himself and he says that “I will be going with Sanna and Hans to Tenerife and afterwards to Bakken”.
    • The forest is “my home”, the birds are freedom waiting to be given to the world and here to my sister and her family. Mr. Bean is myself turning the world around. Cake is “making love” and the love they receive is coming from the newspaper, which is darkness and of the kind, which was destroying our world, which is to say that what they do, do not keep my basic rule on being faithful to your partner. Washing up her kitchen – and I don’t know why we are at Evy’s house, but telling me that I am also on the mind of Jack’s mother – is to CLEAN my sister and Tobias so they will stop acting according to the darkness they receive, and Tobias will follow his parents until the day when they arrive to the amusement park of Bakken, which to me has the same meaning as Tivoli, which is our “new paradise”.

After writing the script so far after standing up, I decided to take my weekly – at the moment – long bath followed by writing two applications before lunch, today to Boutique Fisk (!) and Hvidovre Hospital, which you can also find at my library.

Plan to finish my memo to Falck on Friday

And I decided to think about how much more work I have to do on my memo to Falck – I have done approx. half of the first edit of the memo – and I decided to structure the rest of my work like this to make the deadline on Friday next week:

1st edit 2nd half: Finish Sunday evening.

Write a few additional paragraphs here and there: Monday

2nd edit, 1st half including summary: Wednesday

2nd edit, 2nd half including summary: Friday

And we know this plan may be quite ambitious, but I will do my best to make it realistic too, and if needed I might postpone the delivery to Sunday, but I prefer to finish on Friday.

Keeping both the old and the New Universe open for people before respectively after receiving faith in me

When I continued working today – impossible to do because it was “impossible” for me to concentrate today, the “ability” was removed/decreased the same way as my vision was blurred, but I did my plan and it took one hour to edit 5 pages (!) – I received the secret message – or “reward” – that it is not only the spirit of my mother standing as the last in the old Universe but also the Source, which really is logic because “I” – consisting of both – am the last man of the old world and throughout the evening I was pressured to answer a “riddle”, and what I came up with is that I have had sexual torments all of my life with the nightmare “this close” to be carried out since 2006, which I can only conclude by saying that when I was born, I was the shell of the New Universe and we know empty to start with and then to put over ALL OF THE GOOD I have experienced throughout my life together with all spirits of the world and previous Universes following here in 2011 with a growing faith in me, and the Source is still inside of me having the “gold” to switch on this New Universe and I do believe this will be a “balanced act” too because I have given people five years to show a clean heart to enter our New Universe and when they do they will wake up their new selves and yes Stig, I do believe that the spirit of my mother and the Source are on their way from the old to the New Universe with the speed of faith of people and that I am the light of the New Universe and just saying that we will keep life for all people not believing in me and we will open up their new selves when showing a clean heart and if this means that the Source inside of me partly will be in the old as well as in the New Universe, this is what it has to be and I don’t want you to take any chances risking the lives of any people, so what I am asking you to do is to share the “gold” to it can sustain life at both Universes for a period of time until the day when every single one is believing in me, and I do that before this happens, we will not be able to close down the old Universe and we know most of this “riddle” was answered when writing it the 29th July also after receiving the dreams of the night as you can read below.

The spirit of my mother showed me a short bridge leading over a small stream inside a beautiful park – this is the road from the old to the New Universe – and she gave me the biggest bouquet of beautiful flowers in all kind of colours enhancing the blue and we know as her off-spring.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today and yesterday I felt how parts of the spirit of my mother is coming inside of me and it is like a pipeline where she is transferred gradually to me and we know from my old to my new self, this is how it is.
  • I am not that tired and could have run today if I had the time, which I did not and this is how I have felt mostly the last 1-2 weeks.
  • I watched the singer Semino Rossi on Danish DK4 television yesterday where he was travelling in his home country Argentina, and I do like this man very much, his incredible beautiful voice and his behaviour, and I LOVED to see how much he embraced his mother inside the church with TRUE WARMTH AND LOVE without holding back, which unfortunately is what I have learned in this “cold” culture of Denmark, and just saying that today I am not as liberated from this cold “daring” to show my inner warmth the same way as Semino here does and THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG was one of many on the programme and it was so beautiful, that it almost made me cry also thinking of not seeing my own mother at the moment and I was thinking “what you are seeing in this video, is LIFE as I am thinking of it in the future”.



31st July: Keeping both the old and the New Universe open for people before respectively after receiving faith in me

Dreaming that it is impossible to close down the old Universe and reach “Victory Island”

Apparently I had a pretty good night of sleep but I am tired today and I don’t believe I wrote it, but lately I have really not been that tired – my pain has been as described but almost without tiredness, and tiredness is what is back today, which is NOT nice to have on top of the other suffering, and I feel so slack and exhausted on my physical edge of breaking down that work seems impossible to do today – but work is on the plan, so this is what I am trying to do from 08.40 today and let us see if I will make my plan also today:

  • I shortly saw that I am feeding my old two dogs – Cas and Don – and they are VERY hungry, and I got the feeling that this is darkness of people not believing in me, which is taking away energy of me, and I have been thinking that the reason why I have not been really tired for some time may be connected to the faith of my mother in me and at least below her surface.
    • I have a large television with four big screens, which I am looking at together with my two nephews, and we see Manchester United scoring the most fantastic goal on one of them, and it is impossible for me to close down the television the same way as I also have an open computer with four screens, which also is impossible to close down – and something about being at page 691 at an “insanely” large book.
    • This dream is telling me that it is impossible to close down the old world because of the darkness scoring – i.e. Manchester United, and the page 691 is to say that the strength of the darkness now is “completely crazy”.
    • I woke up to the beautiful song “you are the wind beneath my wings” by Bette Midler and the same lyrics.
  • Instead of relaxing as I feel like, I am out on a very long walk, which makes me feel good, I come to a bathing jetty where I take off my cap, it is after all too hot to have a cap on, and I put down my two plastic bags and understand from other people that the ferry to Sejerø (“victory island”) is not sailing at the moment making it impossible to get over there, and underneath the jetty, I see the actor Over Sprogøe standing in the water, and I start saying “it is genious” (“det er genialt”) and the two people standing next to me continue the sentence by saying “what you see” (det dér). I think that recently I dreamt about Poul Bundgaard of the Olsen Brothers, and here Over Sprogøe, and now I only need the third and last one, Morten Grunwald. On my walk back I think of buying a map, but I believe I don’t need it, I remember the road. At a museum I see Over sprogøe now dressed out, he is hanging up pictures on the wall with spectators watching him act what the pictures say, which is difficult to do because he is not accustomed to act like this, but he does a great job.
    • Again a dream saying that it is impossible to get to Victory Island before all people will have faith in me, but we know the road there!


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The service of Den Gyldne Cirkel did not start today after the summer holiday. I have now seen information given that it will start next Sunday.
  • I was COMPLETELY destroyed all day when working against what I could – and also shopping, washing and cleaning – until 18.00 (because of both negativity on my edge AND tiredness) and I decided to use a detailed table of contents in three levels as the “resume” of my memo, which is as good as a resume – or better (!) – because of good headlines all around the memo, which saves me time to do a resume later this week, and we know I became 10 pages behind the last part of the first editing of the memo today because it took longer than expected and only saying that I “almost” gave everything I had to do this work and “almost” is only because I did not want to break down myself when working.
  • For the record: 1-2 weeks ago I was told for days just how close my mother – the spirit of my mother – was to “bleed through”, which would not be good and we know the old nightmare but NO NO NO I will NOT allow it, that is why!
  • Ending the month with 132 pages of scripts and approx. 95-100 pages, which is the length of my soon finished memo for Falck and we know I have NEVER written more and I have NEVER received more pressure by the darkness, which is CREATION at its “high”, but still carrying on we are and COME ON (and receiving a BIG smile from Obama here) and NEVER GIVE UP and this is what is making us come through :-).


1st August: Feeling the gold around Obama and I and waiting to open up the eyes of my TRUE self and new world

Dreaming of the old Universe not working well because it is not updated

I did have a better night making me less tired today with these dreams:

  • I am in an apartment searching for my two old dogs and when I see an open terrace door, I think they may have run out, but suddenly I see them coming out from one of the rooms and shortly before the terrace door I have the dogs around me and from out of nothing suddenly a small cow has turned up, which I have to be careful not running into.
    • Dogs are still suffering and what is the cow about (?), plenty of food and “normal life” coming to the world?
  • I am in an Australian Zoo where I have looked after a heifer for several days, and it is now as accustomed to me that I can feed it, but I see how afraid it becomes of large animals inside a cage, which turns it into a wolf, which I manage to control and I can tell that it does not want to bite me, but this is still what it is doing “somewhat”, which at the end makes me decide that I don’t want to feed it and something about one of the other animals saying “boo, I could have become the employee of the month and won a big U.S. car” and when I hear this, I get the feeling that I have worked at too low a level always and when I get this feeling, I also feel Niklas representing my family.
    • The previous dream was about dogs of the darkness turning into a cow to feed the world, and here it is a wolf, which I have been shown MANY times as a vision the last weeks – this is the first time I write it – and you know such an aggressive wolf that it is impossible for a human to control but somehow this is still what I have done, and here saying that there is still darkness included in the cow to be given to our new world and we know we will have to see after this month, if there is more darkness to convert into light – this is really CREATION – which is really the game I am given these days, because I can only guess and I hope there is not, but I should not be surprised if my suffering will continue, which is the sacrifice I do to help us all.
    • Who normally becomes the employee of the month (?) – if you have such an event, which I don’t mind at all – and is that the employee doing the best work or the employee, which most people like best (?) and we know in Fair, my close colleague Charlotte won the “prize” several times and you know as well as I, Charlotte, that you did NOT win because you were the best if I am to put it politely (!), and how many times do you believe I won (?) and that is right 0 and we write ZERO and we know “the opposite world” of people not understanding and taking wrong decisions and so it is.
  • Apparently I have slept over, but when Kim S. calls me and asks if I can meet at the law firm of Kromann & Münter at 09.00, I can without problems and something about whether or not I have signed a contract. Kim, Preben and I hold meetings with lawyers advising them on pension schemes, and I see singing craftsmen expanding the firm with two new offices for lawyers, and one lawyer is sitting inside a VERY narrow but long office – I ask if he is a long jumper – and I see another lawyer having incredible disorder in his papers, which are stacked high and his pen is not working and I ask ironic if they are short on income. I hear Preben talking about the joint disability insurance cover of the lawyers, which is so cheap that he has spoken with the leading lawyer, who will do him a “friendly service” to get him access to become insured under this scheme.
    • The lawyers are the darkness and this may be about the old Universe not working well because the “IT-system” is not being updated.
  • I am visiting a prostitute, she is looking very well and I have decided to sleep with her, and when I later return with this purpose, I see that she is now not looking well in my eyes, and I meet Sten A. with a friend there and he tells me that he has stopped working with pensions for Kim S.’ company and now does something completely different. The prostitute leads me up to a very large room, where I tell her that I have never slept with a prostitute and that I have changed my mind so I don’t want to sleep with her.
    • This is to say that my old nightmare will not be carried out – despite of threats and visions, which I am still given quite strongly these days – and Sten is the collegue of Kim, whom I also know well and he has stopped working with “pensions”, which is “stopped working in favour of the new world”, which may be about not “defending” me anymore, Sten, when people speak of me with you (?) and how much did you decide to read of my website before you decided for or against me (?) and just wondering we are.And I am wondering if CREATION will truly end at the end of my work for Falck and my memo for Falck at the end of this week, which can only mean the end of my sexual sufferings and threats of the old nightmare, this is what I am hoping much – or if it will continue and we will have to see.

Feeling the gold around Obama and I and waiting to open up the eyes of my TRUE self to present our new world

This morning at Falck, Christoffer was back on work, and he was kind as usual and since I started working full time and meeting at 08.00, I have heard officers saying daily at 08.30 “now I will go and get some breakfast”; they are belonging to the “Breakfast Club” of the company, which I have not been because not one of them has even thought about offering me breakfast despite of telling me daily that now THEY will have breakfast, but today I saw how Christoffer was receiving exactly this thought on his way over to the canteen when he asked me if I wanted to have some too and just saying that this is because he likes me as I like him – and this came a few minutes after he told me that he had called the temp. officer the 28th July asking him to inform me that he could not take the meeting with me this day, which the officer then FORGOT to tell me (he did not write it down!), which made me understand and also tell Christoffer that he was NOT to blame, then, and the fault was therefore of the temp. officer and we know this helped to OPEN him up inviting me 🙂 – and by the way I declined the breakfast because I wanted to work and you do know that I don’t like the company to pay for food of the employees, and while I was working, I could hear the firemen sitting outside laughing and also having cake FOR THE NEXT HOUR (!) and we know, which DID NOT MOTIVATE OR INSPIRE ME and let me just say ON THE CONTRARY.

Christoffer was truly very nice also today and when he found out that his next guard on Wednesday will be our last day together, he told me that he will buy me lunch – or the company will – and really because “I think we have deserved it” as he said (!) and of course it is very nice of Christoffer, and the only problem is that he is letting the company pay for what is private consumption – the same as Jesper did when giving me a bottle of wine.

And for the next hours, there was almost constant social speech inside the office of firemen coming for a so called “brief visit”, which became longer than anticipated and today some of them were really “on their marks” because of the new young, female trainee Helle starting and we know she is good looking and there are really not that many females on a fire station, so I had a couple of these firemen speaking, speaking and speaking inside of the office together with Helle almost making me “crazy” because it took away my concentration from the work on my memo (!), and I was thinking that this is how beautiful ladies are DESTROYED by men trying to get some attention instead of acting the same towards them as everyone else.

Today I was also given the following symbols:

One of Julia’s employees – she has one full time employee and some social workers connected part time – asked me to help her put new paper inside the LARGE printer standing in the hall and when I pulled out the paper drawer, I was confused because there was already paper inside of it, but the control panel kept on saying that it needed paper (!) and it showed out that the paper inside of the printer was reserve paper lying to the left of the tray, where the right side of the tray was empty, which was where the printer was collecting paper from, whihc we then filled making it work again, and this was simply to say that we have indeed established reserve systems if you should “lose it” to the darkness, and I was told that I was using light of the reserve system the day when the spirit of my mother came in over me, where I decided NOT to have my nightmare carried out.

At lunch I was sitting outside with Christoffer and also Mark, who is from Brisbane, Australia, who had a visit by his wife and two small children – fine to do during your private lunch but not during working hours – and they said that they have now ordered plane tickets for Australia for “only” 20,000 DKK for all four of them (!!!) and we know Stig HOW MANY LIVES CAN YOU SAVE WITH THIS MONEY IN AFRICA (?) and just asking I am and we know these are probably people also “feeling much for the poor Africans” but how much does this make you give to Africa and is that nothing or practically nothing (?) and eeeehhhh you are NOT going to save on your own luxury to save humans from dying (?) and we know THIS IS STILL HOW IT IS ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR MILLIONS OF RICH PEOPLE (!!!) – wake up (!!!) – and here it was also a symbol to say that “NORMAL LIFE” for all (!) is coming – this is what Australia means to me – and when I understood this, I was told that it is first “lately” that the Australian Government has understood my request for them to announce my arrival to the world, and yes my dear Aussies, I am waiting on you, and I was also told that Obama has not told them (!) – and a little bit later I was feeling Obama with gold around him and I was told “also here”, so Obama is feeling the arrival of the key of the Source too and we know I am seeing Obama inside of my head right now as he is seeing me too and we know we are two sides of the same man and in the future, we will be ONE too and just saying that WE LOOK SO MUCH FORWARD TO TURN THE KEY OPENING UP THE NEW WORLD FOR ALL :-).

Obama and I are feeling the GOLD of the Source – the key to open our new world. Do you remember, Fuggi, that we simply LOVED this album (?) and it’s TRUE 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, Julia received and sent on my encouragement a manual on her old postage machine, which she has received and set up at the office, to Christoffer, and Christoffer has had “some difficulties” printing out this manual – not succeeding actually – and to store it with the other manuals of the office as I have shown Julia and encouraged him to do, and today the postage machine “could no more” because the display said that it needed to be “tanked up” and “of course” he had now deleted the email so we could not read how to do this – did not think of saving it electronically, Christoffer (?) – and because Julia is on holiday, we could not get access to the manual through her – I told them a couple of weeks ago of the need of a manual to avoid exactly such a situation as this (!) – and this was the symbol of saying that we all truly need to be TANKED UP and that is to open up the New Universe with faith of the world in me, so this is what is next on the agenda, which is also fitting with the gold arriving as the key to open up all of the light and energy – and my TRUE INNER self (the old Jesus) (!) – included inside of here.

This afternoon in the good summer weather, there was truly ”not much to do” for the firemen (!) – they have not IDENTIFIED and WRITTEN DOWN all of the OUSTANDING TASKS, which is what I recommend them to do in my forthcoming memo (!) – and Christoffer told me after lunch that now they would go out to get “some exercise” (!) and that always sounds good because firemen of course need to stay fit – and eeehhhh there are no requirements of this today and when you look at half of them, it is easy to see how unfit they are (!) – and what was this “exercise” then about (?) and we know TO PLAY FOOTBALL because of a desire to entertain themselves and we know Stig A FIGHT BETWEEN THE LIGHT AND DARKNESS COMING WHEN THE WORLD WILL DECIDE FOR OR AGAINST ME (?) and we know we will see just how much “fight” this will be because I do believe I have taken on most of the fight through my family representing the world making me remove so much darkness that it may not be that difficult to get the world believing in me (?) or is there still so much darkness that this will be a SERIOUS BATTLE TOO (?) and we know let us see.

The symbols continued when the were out and I now was “in charge” of an at least partly empty station – the “coolie” was in charge (!) – and an elderly lady called to hear if Falck could help her removing a hornets’ nest and I did not know, so I decided to offer her Christoffer to call back later, which she accepted and I understood the symbol that the risk of being “stung” is moving not only away from me but from the Universe and we know Stig, what will happen now (?), will we be on the safe side already before the world will know about me or will we play some more football (?) and we know still a game going on here with symbols given to me from both the light and the darkness and my best guess would be to say that you will NEVER introduce a new product if you don’t have IT-systems for administration on place – this is VERY wrong, and yes Jens Ove I still remember from DanskeBank-Pension (!) – which is what I do believe is the case here because I believe that we will now – eventually – present a new world and New World Order to the world, which is READY and when we do this, it means that we cannot be stung anymore and we know we will see.

An another elderly person, this time a man, received inspiration to call with also a somewhat odd request and it was because a few years ago a Falck rescuer had asked to buy his old car, which he refused back then, but now he is forced to sell the car – because of old age as I understood him – and to change to a new electric scooter instead and I did understand this symbol that this is for me to change from my old to my new self, and we know to close my eyes as my old self and open up the eyes of my new self, which is what I believe in as being the most realistic when I eventually will “face the music” of the world and this music is MY FAVOURTE MUSIC OF ALL you know and so special that it is kind of STRANGE MAGIC really, which is what the world will experience in a positive way 🙂 – and I was thinking that I am both the old and the new world today being awake as the old and in the next “few years with a maximum of five” (?) I will still be both the new and old world and now being awake as the new world and we know also promising that people still belonging to the old world – still waiting to show a clean heart to enter our new world – will NOT be killed and we know “DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST TO KEEP ALL PEOPLE ALIVE” is the message given to me and me and we know so this is what we will do :-).

“Strange magic” in a positive sense will happen when I will “face the music” of the world – MY FAVOURITE MUSIC 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • A few minutes before closing time FINALLY the American Congress agreed on a new plan for the economy and we know the Republicans were ready to use the world economy as “hostage” to show a message to the world and we know to the U.S. population – totally refusing to let the richest pay more but to let the poor suffer (!!!) – hoping to throw down Obama/me next year (!) and we know TRUE DARKNESS at its worst is what you see of these people and I was told that “I can make people do anything but only if I have energy enough to do it” and also that if I had decided to give up this IMPOSSIBLE (also “incredible” as I am told) month, my looseness would have been given to the world also making the world economy falling free and this is how it is. And TALK TALK TALK instead of being CONCRETE and FOCUSED is what I think and we know “it has taken far too long” and irresponsibility, my gentlemen!!
  • I still received much negativity going to my extreme edge when doing the script today after work and we know crossing pain barrier no. 1,000 maybe (?) but deciding that the last four days of scripts had to be published today, which I finally did at 20.35 and we know difficult is truly what it is – not so much because of the work but the negativity of the darkness holding me on the edge – but PATIENCE is still the name of the game, difficult but not impossible and so it is!
  • And listening to my old friend Dan Rachlin – “the voice” – on TV2 News this evening speaking of MTV’s 30th birthday and you know MUSIC IS THE SYMBOL OF MY LOVE OF MAN (!) and hearing him saying with inspiration “welcome to the real world”, which is the world we will “now” open and that is the NEW one you know :-).



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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