August 9, 2011: Putting on my skeleton of the New Universe, being resurrected and told: “Your name is now God”


Summary of the script today

6th August: The Source is recreating lost data of the Universe and I continue working after a HARD month

  • I had a BAD night with EXTREME pain given to me because of the feelings of Lars from Falck and I had dreams of returning to life from “nothing” together with the pain coming from creating life itself, the Source is recreating data from a laptop, i.e. the New Universe, not working anymore and I am on my way to have my suffering decrease after some INSANE weeks working and suffering above my limit.
  • I was EXHAUSTED today after a month of very HARD work, but continued to work today even though I was again given darkness on my extreme edge, which is energy given to me helping all of us to implement the New Universe and for me to wake up as my new self.

7th August: Putting on my skeleton of the New Universe and I was told that “your name is now God”

  • Dreaming of aeroplanes (mankind) landing safely in the Jungle of God, which was almost impossible to do, the spirit of my father was Osama Bin Laden and the spirit of my father is God (!), embracing a giant dog, i.e. the Universe, as “my best friend”, people of other civilizations knew the Universe would go under because of the wrong doings of Earth, but Earth would not accept help and the only way to survive was therefore to send me as a normal man doing the impossible to obtain faith of mankind in me as the Son of God, when I will wake up as my new self, I will speak spiritually to my “special friends”, waiting on my new car (my new self) to pick me up, I will receive more energy as my new self and the world is ready to send out information on me (?), which will make it possible to start doing something about the CRAZY debt crisis of the world!
  • I worked part of the day on my script, website and new applications to satisfy the Commune and from 16.00 I stopped working. I am EXHAUSTED and needed to relax more than ever.

8th August: Continuing the process of CREATION because it will make the world a better place and because I can 🙂

  • Dreaming of Paul bringing me suffering but I have not “lost him” entirely, continuing the creation process of improving the world and recreating what was lost in the explosion recently based upon the warm feelings of friendship of Paul and what remains of faith of him in me.
  • These days a new game has been going on between the light and what remains of darkness with the darkness trying to reduce the darkness sent to me (!) and the light deciding to still carry on because darkness is the “gasoline”, which is running creation and we still have data from the recent explosion to recreate and therefore I decided to market my memo on Falck on both Facebook and Linkedin and to invite the mayor and Arnaud of the Commune to link with me for them potentially to read my memo, which may make the Commune decide to build a new fire department instead of using Falck (?), which are elements potentially generating remaining darkness to make the world a better place for you and me :-).
  • An old colleague from Fair was “inspired” to search for “dragholm finkenstein” with the first name being my sir name and the last my old nickname of my old colleague Søren F.-J. from Fair, and this led the searcher, an old Fair colleague, to a script of 2010 including the name “finkenstein”. Is this old colleague for or against me (?), which may be important in order to restore data lost at the recent explosion of the New Universe, which I was told in a dream that “finkenstein” was responsible of when influencing Paul to become a non-believer in me.

9th August: Barack Obama and I are being RESURRECTED these days when “clothed” with our New Universe

  • Dreaming of the Universe being ”almost perfect” but I have decided to continue working/suffering with the goal of reaching a “perfect” Universe, Obama has my “mandate” to negotiate our New World Order where good ideas may be included, but it is VITAL that you keep the spirit of the New Order, so we will make sure that the “State of the Nation” will become as good as possible “touched by the hand of God” without becoming “ruined in a day”, which could create maybe not a new black Tuesday, but a “Blue Monday” and when doing this, it does not get any better :-). Also dreaming of improving the old Universe to make it as EASY as possible for people to stayin’ alive as part of the old Universe before they will enter our New Universe, the darkness is still working inside of my old inner self sending out “evil” to the world, my new skeleton is now so strong that I can say that we succeeded turning around the world without a catastrophe happening – and I also received happiness of the prospect of beginning again at our new Golden Age.
  • From Linkedin, I could see that the mayor started his day by reading my memo, and I felt the strong darkness of fearful people of Falck, who don’t have anything to fear (!), which is helping the world at this prolonged phase of CREATION.
  • I witnessed a small miracle when the spirit of my mother replaced the video “heal the world” by Michael Jackson, which I placed at the right column of my website yesterday, with Mahler’s RESURRECTION symphony, which I also had placed at another location of the right column yesterday, which today made two of these videos appear on the front of my website and when I looked at the HTML-code of where the Michael Jackson video was supposed to be, the code was still leading to Michael Jackson (!), but another “power” decided to show the second resurrection video instead as a symbol of TWO PARTS OF ME BEING RESURRECTED THESE DAYS when we are being “clothed” with our New Universe – or skelletted – and these two parts are: BARACK OBAMA AND I :-).
  • Falck decided to visit my website for the first time after receiving my memo and did you see the memo published to the world on my behaviour/work page during your brief 5 seconds visit to the page in question?


6th August: The Source is recreating lost data of the Universe and I continue working after a HARD month

Dreaming of the Source recreating data from a laptop, i.e. the New Universe, not working anymore

First I had a VERY BAD night, when I was woken up with so much pain in my right foot and so much darkness that I could not stay in bed, it was unbearable, over my edge (!) and I had to stand up and I was given the name of Lars from Falck all of the time, so this may be Lars sending the first feelings to me, and I was bothered much by much sneezing.

Later I slept better and I had these short dreams:

  • Something about returning to life together with the pain from life itself, which is developed in the process.
    • This is my TRUE self returning to life from termination 2,000 years ago, and again I have been told about “how much we have missed you” – and alright “Per Røntved”, brain haemorrhage and the feeling of almost receiving one 2-3 weeks ago is what I will write and NO MORE!
    • I woke up to the song “nothing gonna change my love for you” by Glenn Medeiros.
  • I am working for an employer selling incredibly advanced electronic hand devices, and the owner is thinking about doing a completely new solution for a customer, which is smaller and better and it should work in theory, and he starts transferring data from his laptop to the smaller device, and the laptop stops, but he re-establishes the connection through an external access to the laptop and I offer the manager, the company owner, to do the work for him, which he however refuses.
    • This is part of the New Universe made by the Source with the spirit of my mother and something about exporting data from a laptop, which is not working – the laptop IS our New Universe – which it seems that you have received access to anyhow (I wonder if this is connected to the explosion coming after the loss of faith of Paul in me) and if this means that you will be able to do a 100% perfect solution for the New Universe without losing data I will become VERY HAPPY and this is the reason why I decided my memo for Falck to be exactly 100 pages long; to say that I gave everything I had with the aim to create a 100% perfect solution – so we will see.
  • I am watching TV in my old row house in Snekkersten, and I have to leave now in order to reach the train in 20 minutes from the station.
    • This is the train AWAY from suffering, and it would truly be nice for a change to have my suffering decreasing in general instead of the opposite and we know I have ended working for Falck, which should be the end of CREATION, shouldn’t it (?) and we will see once again.

Continuing to work being EXHAUSTED after HARD work the last month – and more darkness on my edge to help waking me up

Today I decided to take a long bath and I FELT JUST HOW EXHAUSTED I WAS after doing work above my limit for a long time, which ended with another tough effort yesterday evening, and I therefore decided not to do so much work today – the script, a few amendments to my published script of yesterday, to the Basic Work Rules on my website so it reflects a few changes I did when doing my memo for Falck and then I decided to include new paragraphs on “Who is the Stig. Stig!”, “I am Obama and he is me” and also “I write DIRECTLY to WAKE you up” at the right column of my website and we know making MANY edits before I got it right and this is how I working from 10.20 to 17.00 today and I was DESTROYED both because of exhaustion, tiredness today and my eyes running in water and hardening, and also because of the voice of darkness going to my extreme limit again but just underneath it, I see all of the Orange so it has to hurt before it becomes good, and I still have to do my absolutely best not to “accept” starting to speak as the darkness when it attacks me hundreds of times every day and I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands times in total I have defeated the darkness without losing once and we know just as King Arthur defeated the Black Knight from the movie “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” and that was even though the Black Knight said “none shall pass” and kept on fighting with SIMPLY ALL HE HAD – as I have experienced in real life too – and we know this was one fault of the darkness of last year (?) corrected.

Yesterday evening and today I have been asked if I thought my suffering would now increase or decrease and it really depends on how much darkness is left, because Falck will make my suffering increase but maybe they are generating the last darkness – energy source (!) – needed in order to wake me up, and this was really the game MANY times today!

I started feeling people of other civilizations again today, I felt how I am again “flowing” easily in the spiritual world feeling and seeing it right around my head – this is the best way to describe it – which I took as signs of becoming my new self because I have really not had these feelings for a long time and I felt Robert from Falck coming to me as a very good friend, which gave me the feeling that this is how he is also thinking of me and later I felt him coming as much darkness, which is given to the spirit of my mother because of what he will now go through – necessary you know – and also that he was one of the leaders of the German Nazi party in his former life.

And during the evening I was again driven on my EXTREME edge now including some sexual suffering again, and when receiving so much darkness it should normally be impossible not to become scared of what would happen if I should lose it, but I decided that I don’t want to be scared and also because I know that I am intentionally driven on this HIGH ROAD in order for everyone to benefit so I had to tell myself BE PATIENT (!), take all the time you need to do this and it really felt as having “spiritual helpers” all around me implementing me as the New Universe – an old feeling but the first time written down – and we know which is truly not easy to feel but again it is all about acceptance and co-operation, so this is what I try to do my best.


7th August: Putting on my skeleton of the New Universe and I was told that “your name is now God”

Dreaming of bringing mankind safely through the end of Creation and “almost” waking up as my new self

I had a better night than the previous but it would be a shame to call it a normal, good night, which I have not had for years and we know I have had very few of these in my life, and I still remember 2-3 times of my life where I have been truly FRESH so I know the difference and looking forward to a day when we ALL will get good life and not only some or me for that matter, which is part of what the darkness has tried to talk me into for months really – and yesterday “someone” started putting the words “det er stavet forkert” (“it is wrongly spelled” when I tried to say “det er stadig forkert” (“it is still wrong”), which I still do HUNDREDS of times each day, which is very TIRING – and here are some dreams:

  • I see many aeroplanes landing unharmed on slippery terraces in a very large jungle, it was almost impossible to find the terraces and if the pilots did not, the aeroplanes would be destroyed. Later I am at a very large conference for country leaders and foreign ministers, where Anders Fogh is congratulated with his achievement and he says that it was a condition to kill Osama Bin Laden.
    • The aeroplanes carry passengers of mankind, who all survived because I found a way through a truly impossible month and they are now landing also with the help of the officers of Falck when reading my memo and we know including the suffering of many “special friends” and suffering of the world too not least Africa and I still cannot get into my mind that millions of people can continue eating out in restaurants in New York and all over the world at the same time as people in Africa are dying because of starvation, yesterday I saw a mother from Somalia who had lost four children, but I do hope your fantastic meals all over the world taste very good!
    • I believe I am Anders in this dream receiving thanks from the spiritual world for deciding to continue working, and just saying that Osama was “another part of me” as Hitler was too (!) and we know Osama was another part of the spirit of my father and who is my father (?) and yes you know God as the Source (!) and why (?) – please read my website, but in short extreme suffering on earth gave extreme energy to the other side to find the origin of life inside of the Source (!), to remove the Source of darkness and to create a new world and that’s why!
    • In this “break” I was told that the New World Order is now on place with governments of the world, so looking forward to hearing from you one day not long from now (?) and just saying that thee 1st November I may become homeless, which may likely stop my work and that is unless you step forward or if I am shown another road to follow, and so far I am not so in less than three months, this may be for real.
  • I see a new giant dog in Helsingør, which I don’t know and yet again I know it very well, and I embrace it and say “there is none like you, my best friend” and I see that it is bleeding from one of its front paws, and I see my old dogs Cas and Don too.
    • I got the impression that the dog is myself (?) and maybe the whole Universe is the feeling here, but we came through and I was given the very beautiful song “one moment in time” by Whitney Houston, and yes Whitney in my book you are still the best female pop singer of all and I was told that if there is one moment of time to treasure, it is this because of the MANY people who survived going through this the final part of Creation, which was not the easiest.
  • I am at another planet with intelligent life in the Universe. I see a special star on their heaven, which can also be seen from Earth, and I see that they only want to help and can help if Earth accepts, which Earth do not. They have only love for Earth, but they know that the wrong actions of Earth are the going to destruct us all. There is only one way out, which is to send me and my sword to “midtgård” to destroy the invincible monster, and I am told that “I don’t know if you are ready to do this” and I say “this is what we will do”. Back on Earth I feel very bad because I know of the danger of the Universe going under because of Earth at the same time as I see the unconcerned people of Earth, and I tell my old school friend Allan M.H. – Søren D.J. is also there – that we have to make it, and he tells me that we should also consider telling it to Russia if we don’t succeed, and I felt that Earth self should have solved this situation.
    • How do you think the feeling of people of other civilizations must have been when they have been looking at the development of darkness on Earth knowing that it was leading to the destruction of the Universe – offering their help to Earth but received the welcome of War at Space (?) and because Earth refused “interference” to survive (!), we had to send you – that’s me (!) – to do what it is impossible with the sword (which is communication only!), NOBODY will be able as a “completely normal man” to get the faith of the deceiving and sceptical world in him as the Son of God but this is what we did (!) but it sure would be nice of the world to publish it soon and how are you doing, Australia?
    • Just receiving a dream like this, still makes me feel bad.
  • I am in the train with my old school class, we are reaching the end station and I just have to lace up my shoes and when I am done, my class friends have disappeared and outside on the station, I see my old colleague Nicolaj S. W. who works as an employer of the railway company and he sees many school classes arriving, we leave outside the station and at a ditch I see an older mobile phone lying in the grass, which I pick up and I start speaking German in it for fun to Nikolaj but he cannot speak German and therefore speaks English to me.
    • We are coming to the end of the train journey for MANY SCHOOL CLASSES, the shoes are “my new self” and from here I am going to speak German to people through mobile phones and we know being “GERMAN” is to speak as my NEW TRUE SELF – the man we will open up for – and speaking on mobile phones is still “spiritual communication” so this is what is coming and we will see when.
  • I am looking down the motorway from Lyngby towards Copenhagen and I see “endless traffic” and later I see myself standing at an exit of the motorway in the other direction, which includes just as much traffic, I see the cars driving very slowly forward and I expect my car to be one of the next cars after a Volvo estate car, and I am walking towards it trying to see it.
    • The motorway is as the train, people of the world on their journey towards the other side – to reach our New Universe by showing a clean heart – and I am waiting on my car, my new self, to come and pick me up and we know another symbol of waking up as my new self, which will come in days or weeks from now (?) and we know we will see and maybe “our lips are sealed” and thinking of my “parents” inside of me here and we know the only reason to write this is because I LOVE “FUN BOY THREE” playing this song and we know the Trinity can be very funny (!) and this song is playing right now when writing this.
  • I am at a small apartment where my mother and John will visit me. I see my wallet lying on a desk with people standing in front of it, which could be at a hotel and I take the wallet and also my attaché case from the reception with me.
    • The wallet is ENERGY, which I will get when I will wake up as my new self and the case may include my papers, which is my scripts, thus my messages to the world.
  • For days I have been told that Kim Larsen – the Danish “national singer” – receive spiritual experiences during nights, which he does not know what is about other than he knows that “something’s going on”, and I had a short dream of Kim confirming this, which I however don’t remember – and I saw Obama picking up a book and a lit candle from a bucket of water.
  • Something about “meetings over the world with people knowing that they are the problem themselves” and “when I took it out of the board and installed it, nobody wanted to knew about it”, which is to say that “nobody” wanted to knew about me as the Son of God coming to save you from destruction. This wasn’t “suitable” for you!
  • Finally I was shown myself coming through a line of soldiers on each side of me lifting their riffles over the path I am walking and then I reach the door of a big castle and I am told “the team is ready”.
  • I am standing with my racer cycle at a walking path, where I accidently meet a man from a trade association and a man representing “stakeholders” and I can tell that the man of the trade association is a man of bureaucracy and that it normally will take him “weeks” to proof read new brochures, and I tell him that I can help doing the work so we can send out brochures, which makes the other man say that “we can then do something about mortgage deeds”.
    • The brochures are about sending out information on me to the world, which you will do “now” (?) and when the world will know about me, we can do something about the INSANE debt crisis of the world!

Continuing to work and thinking of how Falck will deal with my memo internally and in relation to the Commune

Today I worked on the script from 08.25 to 10.35, afterwards I took a long bath followed by lunch and from 13.00 to 16.00 I edited my right column of my website with small but important details from approx. 15.00 I did two new “mandatory” applications to satisfy the Commune (!) and for some time I have wondered why I have heard NOTHING from AP Pension on my application of the 27th June and nothing either from Danica Pension on my application of the 16th July and I wonder if this business, which I know well from my past, has started talking about me once again and are you so afraid of me that you cannot even send me a reply on my applications (?) or is it simply BUREAUCRAZY keeping you and we know a wrong attitude maybe thinking that I am crazy, and you have not found out yet that I am the one cheating all of you and not vice versa?

By 16.00 I was feeling so devastated that I decided to call it a day. The darkness is still all around me, and I meet it physically (!) wherever I go and this is really on old one, because I have walked through the spirit of my mother acting as the darkness MANY times when walking forth and backwards in my apartment and we know it is now time to RELAX and this is because I need it more than ever!

This weekend, the game has been if I should decide to keep on working or to relax and I have done some relaxation today and yesterday when bathing simply because I needed to “come down” from my exhaustion, but I also decided to keep on working because this is “normally good” and when I work on my extreme edge, it has a tendency to bring the best results on the other side and I was working with throwing up feelings so been there again today, and late in the afternoon I became as tired as when I have been the most tired of all making it completely impossible to stay awake – strong feelings of Falck coming to me (!) – but still I decided to stay awake and to dry the liquid off my eyes showing this and I was thinking about how the fire men and Julia will continue to work together after reading the truth of the selfish firemen in my memo (?) and we know the solution is to sit down, communicate and agree on “life rules” for the co-operation, but will they read the memo (?) and will they decide to act as most spoiled and selfish people do today when hearing the truth, which is to become afraid, negative and maybe even cry “because of what I have done to them” (?) not understanding that I am only showing them the truth about their own poor behaviour and teaching them of what to do to avoid this and we know will they be OPEN, UNDERSTAND and do what I recommend (?) or will they not be able to control their negative feelings and instead decide to do what is WRONG – as my family and friends did and still do – and we know WHAT A WORLD IT IS (!) but it is in safe hands because we cannot continue like this (?) and my dear friends this is also a message to me continuing to write my scripts – YES WE CAN and Obama CAN too (!) – and I was thinking of my chapter on the very poor fire effort of the fire department not passing the fire man’s ABC when trying to put out the fire of the Lyngby Youth School in July – herewith spreading UNNECESSARY and burning out class rooms at ground level (!) – and this in connection with the on-going “negotiations” between Falck and the Commune of a new fire contract for the next five years and really that this chapter is my “life insurance” because what will Jesper decide to do about this when having “negative feelings” about me telling him the truth (?) and we know will he try to fight me actively or will he be afraid of what this will mean in relation to Falck’s negotiations IF the Commune should receive the information of my memo putting Falck in an “awkward and embarrassing” situation (?) and yes, Jesper, no matter what you do, you are checkmate and let me say “a very good MATE of mine” and we know AUSTRALIA, here we come and just to say that this darkness/energy is also opening up this plan, and this and this …. :-).

I continued working also today despite of darkness and exhaustion, and I was thinking of how Falck will decide to work together after I have told them the truth of their poor behaviour, communication and speaking behind the backs of people – will they predictable become “afraid” and “run away” instead of being responsible and decide to communicate in order to work out the “troubles” (?) – and will Jesper decide to fight me or hold back because he is afraid of what my information on their “awkward and embarrassing” effort to put out the fire of the Lyngby Youth school belonging to the Commune will mean in relation to their ongoing negotiations with the Commune to prolong their fire contract for the next five years and herewith “their existence”?

Putting on my skeleton of the New Universe and I was told that “your name is now God”

I was again told “your name is still spelled wrong” and now it was followed by “your name is now God” and this may be, but I kindly ask you to call me by my name Stig, which is what I feel most comfortable about and this is at least today until I will understand who I truly am (not easy for a normal man to be God!).

I was also told that the light will now be used to help man understanding who I am, that people of other civilizations were helping “the aeroplanes” of the dream – i.e. mankind – to land and I am experiencing these days that whenever I am almost losing it almost speaking with the voice of darkness, the voice of the light is helping me to “recover”.

During the rest of the day, I was given the taste of fried eggs – the result of creation – and told and shown the following, which was really only part of what I received but this is what made it to my notes:

  • “It is now safer, it is not as slippery in the jungle anymore”, “nothing will crack now, which you could imagine after landing”, “two halves are now being put together” and “we will remove some smaller planes around our house during next week, it will not be that dangerous”.
  • I was shown the periscope of a submarine transforming into a GIANT bird (darkness turning into FREEDOM).
  • I was told that I have been taken up from the “royal deep” of the water and I saw the spirit of my mother walking on my spinal column towards my head (the New Universe) and I understand that she is putting on my skeleton.

Ending the day by saying that my amplifier the last couple of days have switched off and on again and I have been told that this is because of the risk of losing lives of the Universe, I have continued to sneeze as if I had an allergy – and the web radio of Selvet/Den Gyldne Cirkel is still not working and we know I understand that “technical problems” of Den Gyldne Cirkel is causing this.


8th August: Continuing the process of CREATION because it will make the world a better place and because I can 🙂

Dreaming of continuing the creation process recreating what was lost in the explosion recently

I had a night at the same level starting the day – now working at home, a new change (!) – starting the day as somewhat tired and we will see just how tired I will become during the day – some dreams:

  • I am lying outside on the ground together with “very many” people trying to get some sleep, it is biting cold and I see people next to me lying inside big hollowed out white bread. During the night I feel somebody has arrived to lie next to me and next to him are many other people. Early in the morning when we wake up I see that it is Paul who has returned and he is now speaking to a young student of his company and apparently he does not like to speak to me, and I think if I am really left outside and also that not long from now I will come inside of the warmth again – in a wider sense. Paul speaks about badminton and that the most difficult is how to put the ball in a special way. I see someone playing CD’s and he chooses the first CD by TV2 in a remastered version.
    • The cold is the suffering Paul is bringing to me, but apparently I have not lost him entirely. The first CD by TV2 is called “fantastic Toyota”, which is a symbol of warm feelings and “himself” and we know the warm feelings of my old friend Paul to me is what is making this situation.
  • I am with Camilla, we have entered giant supermarket – Super Best – she has my bag, which I will take over from here, I meet Frank K. (from Fair) together with two friends, he is going to buy a white bread, and I am going to buy a large homemade rye bread, which is only 21 DKK, and we buy two steaks and one sausage.
    • Camilla is the symbol of the spirit of my mother and Frank the symbol of the Source and the bread is “making love”, which means that I have accepted for the process of creation to continue not because it is easy but because I can and feeling Obama here too so he is part of it also.
    • I woke up to a true classic, the very beautiful “more than I can say” by Leo Sayer and the lyrics “I love you more than I can say” and we know coming from my parents to bring us more energy to continue the process of improving the world.
  • I am running a new insurance company together with Paul, he is doing administration and I have not yet had the time to look into products, we are walking outside and a truck is parked on the walking path, and Paul walks up on the truck body telling me that he has started selling an alarm product, and I follow him up on the truck and hear “we are proud of you, this co-operation is a strain on you but you manage to keep your friendship”. I tell him that I like a sport centre at Frederiksberg where you can throw tennis balls your hardest against the wall and Paul says “there is nothing better than this”. Later at the insurance company, Paul has put up a bottle of whisky on the wall, which continues to turn around making the neck of the bottle turn downwards. Paul speaks about two men and he does not know who to hire, and he puts up three magnetic pieces on a drawing on a small white board and he tries to give a meaning to me, which I don’t understand because he does not explain the meaning of the drawer, and still he tells me “you do know what this means” and he asks “what would you do” and I follow that this is to explain about the competences of the two men but I tell him that he takes for granted that I understand the meaning of the drawer and I am annoyed that he does not explain it to me. And something about having chosen the best and seeing Paul sitting on the grass at the exact middle of a football field.
    • The new insurance company with Paul is “a part of the new world”, which are trying to recreate based upon the “warm feelings of friendship” of Paul to me – and I to him – and Paul is now coming back to the truck, i.e. the world, so friendship and “some faith” in me maybe deep inside is what we are using trying to recreate what was lost as the explosion recently. The whisky is the darkness of Paul and the darkness is that he is not doing his best at work – seen that before, Paul (!) – and also that he is not doing his best trying to read and understand me.
    • When I woke up I heard “I wouldn’t change a single day” from “turn back the clock” by Johnny & Co., and I was shown my self entering with piece of shrapnel at the underside of my foot and told that “we will continue building on basis of the faith, which remains”. Later I was given the feeling of my old colleague Peter N. from Aon, who now works for PFA and a song by Pink Floyd and I was then given the letters PF (from Pink Floyd) and told this is how we are working to recreate the lost information and here missing the A, which is how to collect the puzzle – you know Peter is working at PFA and the puzzle matching is having PF attached to it so therefore it has to be PFA.

I have decided to continue the process of CREATION because it will make the world a better place and because I can 🙂

This morning I started working at 08.25 still feeling badly because of exhaustion and the consequences of the feelings of Falck bringing me down, but still carrying on we are – and behind the tiredness I still feel freshness – and I am trying to write without using my left little finger, which has been hurting for many months now because of writing but this is not very easy to do so we will see how it will evolve from here, and these days I am asked many questions – “can we continue creation”, “can we continue potentially being Nazi Monster”, “can we continue bringing you hurtings” etc. and YES YES YES, please do your ABSOLUTELY best for the world and the goal is still to do the creation 100% perfect including ALL HISTORIC INFORMATION (!) – I will do my best to take the hurting myself – and yesterday and today I received so many “tricks” by the darkness trying to make me set up rules to avoid this or that, or to reduce the amount of darkness given to me to make my life easier – herewith reducing creation too – and it was a STRONG power but I decided to continue saying YOU HAVE FULL FREEDOM AND ACCESS TO DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST – I only have 3-4 rules for you to follow, I know that the number of rules are EVIL in this connection – and we know bring it on, give me more “lovely” darkness to make our future world the absolutely best we can do and this is how it is when we decide to NEVER GIVE UP, and I was told that if I should “lose it”, we will still open you up and we know I received the déjà vue again that the longer I can take on this pain, the better it will be for our future world and I have NO plans to give up, so come on darkness wherever you are because you are the “gasoline” required for us to continue the process of improving the world – and now recreate the data which was lost in the recent explosion – and this is why I decided today to MARKET my memo on Falck on both Facebook and Linkedin and also to invite Arnaud and the mayor of my commune to link with me on Linkedin and we know to continue the game with Falck potentially bringing it up on a higher level because what will happen if the mayor should decide to read my memo, which I link to from Linkedin, seeing how negligent “his” fire department is working – will he and the Commune decide to build their own instead of using Falck (?) – and how will Jesper from Falck react if he should decide to open my Facebook and Linkedin profiles seeing that what he may think is “private” information for Falck is published to the world with the risk of making him look like a fool and for him to lose the fire contract of the Commune and we know it would destroy his “career” but what you don’t know Jesper is that I am building “A New Career in a New Town” for you , my friend, and we know these negative feelings is what is bringing gasoline to the world and we know “igniting” remaining darkness to heal the world, make it a better place for you and me.

These days I am receiving the old sign of my website only showing part of my blue background colour, which is the sign of people not liking my scripts.

Here are my posts on Linkedin and Facebook publishing my memo to friends and ex-colleagues:

I published my memo on my Basic Work Rules in
a greater detail first on LinkedIn

And afterwards on Facebook hoping that people will start
reading and understanding the POSITIVENESS of it

And when thinking of it, this may lead Arnaud to remove my cash help because of all of the rules I have violated (!), or what do you say, Arnaud (?) and we know I AM ATTACKING THE DEVIL DIRECTLY as I have done before and better to do this knowing that the light will protect me all the way instead of being a sissy (!) – and while thinking of it, I also invited the top manager of the Commune to link with me on Linked-in and this is the message I sent to him, the mayor and Arnaud:

Hej Søren/Tim/Arnaud,

Min profil indeholder et link til mit 100 siders notat om Falck, som viser, hvordan man opnår ”SUPER kvalitet, effektivitet og glæde på sit arbejde og i sit liv” bl.a. ved at fjerne chef-tyranni og indføre FRIHED og ANSVAR for alle, som I også kan lære meget af i kommunen.

Vh Stig

After publishing my memo, I was thinking of all the people who now will see it and maybe read it (!), which will bring me even more credibility also about who I truly am – seeing you for example Preben, which may lead to Kim S. and so on – and I was told that we will use this increase in faith to search for the not lost, but BROKEN information still “out here” after the explosion and the more searching, the better!

Later in the day the mayor confirmed my invitation and looked at my profile, so he is now the first of the Commune to have access to my memo, and the question is Søren, if you will decide to read it?

An old colleague searching for “dragholm finkenstein” may be important to restore data lost at the recent explosion

Today I noticed what I thought was a “curious” search string for “someone” to use, which was “dragholm finkenstein” – as I could see from my WordPress site below – with the first name being my sir name and the last, my old nickname of my old colleague Søren F.-J. from Fair, and I thought who could remember me saying this or maybe even writing this in a few scripts last year (?) and normally I would think this would be the man self, which I am not sure about and don’t think it is and here I am on “herrens mark” (the field of the Lord) as I am told with a smile because I am not told who stood behind this and if I was, I would not know if it was the light or darkness telling me.

On my WordPress site I found it “strange” that “someone” was
searching on “dragholm finkenstein” – i.e. me and Søren F.J.

But what I could do was to do the same Google search myself, which revealed two search results – my scripts of the 30th and 19th June 2010:

When I did the same search, it led me to two of my old scripts
including the nickname of “finkenstein”

I found out that this was the reader, an old Fair colleague now working for
“Hilton Foods”: Are you for or against me (?), which may be important
in order to restore data lost after the recent explosion

And with this knowledge, I could look at the visitor information from my counter as you can see above, where I saw that a regular visitor started visiting my website today by clicking on the Facebook link to my behaviour/work page as I included in my Facebook post, see above, and from here this person obviously received the idea to do a Google search on “dragholm finkenstein” because the next page he visited was the 19th June 2010, but only for 21 seconds before you were “tempted” to read my script of the 28th July 2011 before returning to the script of the 19th June 2010 after five minutes, and we know I suspect that this “anonymous” person is an old Fair colleague of mine, but who is working today at the organisation of “Hilton Foods Danmark” in Copenhagen (?) and I really don’t know, but if you would like to help me, my old friend/colleague (?), you may like to send me an email and you may like to say if you are for or against me also in relation to Søren (?) and just saying that I received the information in a dream recently that it was Søren F.-J. who turned around Paul from a believer to a non-believer in me (or “primarily”), which made the explosion of our New Universe losing valuable data, which the Source is now doing his best to relocate and recreate – like a puzzle, and I ask my inner self to find every single piece (!) – and this is what is also giving me more suffering to do, so it may be valuable if this “anonymous person” is for or against me and if you will decide to help or work against me and our New Universe for example by telling your faith in me to Søren and Paul and that is if this is what you have? And again I am writing this while doing my best on basis on the information I have.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Friends on Facebook – Sidsel (!) – were enthusiastic about the concert of Prince yesterday posting I don’t know how many videos on Facebook and we know also a symbol of my old nightmare as you will understand some day – when doves cry etc. (!) – and here just showing about selfish side of you Sidsel together with half of the world not caring about people dying in Africa or to help me for the matter to get a normal life, but it is truly fantastic for you to receive all of these fantastic experiences of life (?) and that is without getting a “bad taste” in your mouth (?) and this is by the way the meaning of the bar “the bad taste company” in the 1990’s located in the same block I lived.
  • I continued working until 18.30 today – first I was given EXTREME impatience – but deciding to overcome it and to continue working on the right column of my website, which I was happy doing because the information I included will help the world to believe in me, this is basically the purpose of what I am doing.
  • After dinner I received a very STRONG IMPULSE to go back to my computer to work despite of being worked out – I feel this impulse inside of me very directly moving me – and these days I am either receiving strong confirmation that total relaxation is fine or that working until I break down is fine, and what this is about is for me to take charge and decide what I will do instead of my surroundings – people thinking of me because this is what I am told here that it is – taking charge of me and we know this is really why these feelings are so strong, but it is only about a DECISION and nothing else!
  • This evening I was HAPPY for the first time to see one of these UFO’s giving very quick and “irregular” blinks of light – several times per second – and here from two light sources of it, and there was a small “light show” of other UFO’s around it switching their lights on and off and it was quite funny to see one totally switching it off as if it had disappeared but it was still there (!), and this evening was the first time when a UFO with these special lights was flying all the way in front of my window – normally these kinds of light have stayed maybe 500 metres or further away from me – and I was thinking that if people should look up in the sky, it should be very apparent for everyone that this is indeed a UFO and not a plane – it would be IMPOSSIBLE to believe it to be a plane (!) – and exactly when it was flying in front of my window and we still talk about maybe 100-150 metres above the ground and maybe 100 metres away (!), it was changing the very rapid blinking to one of these “normal” constant lights, which is what I normally associate with the light of my mother – or one of the others – and I was thinking previously this evening that it was a long time ago that I saw the light of my mother flying on the sky, and this is then what I was shown in a disguise all the way to the end (!) to say that my mother says she does not believe in me, but you can’t fool me mother, because this UFO tells something else and here I am told about THIS IS THE UFO THEY ARE ALSO THINKING ABOUT IN HAIFA, ISRAEL and still, I don’t know more than this about Haifa.


9th August: It is important for the world to keep the spirit of the New World Order without rigidity

Dreaming of the importance of keeping the spirit of the New World Order without rigidity

I had a night at the same level still making me somewhat tired – I did not became as totally extreme tired later yesterday as the day before – with these dreams:

  • I am at my old home in Hørsholm and I am about to come late to my fathers party because I first have to get a haircut and also to pack in my present, and I take on one of my fine Kenzo suits – a brown one – which I also had on the last time I visited my father, and first I go to the hairdresser, where there is a party going on and I see a lady who on one side says that she does not speak behind the back of people but then again this is exactly what she does again and again.
    • My father is the Source, I have a fine suit on, which “almost” is perfect but the last details need to come in order and this is why I have decided to continue my work and suffering – we are going for 100% as the goal! The hairdresser is to say that I have also saved on getting a haircut this month and my hair is too long (!), and the lady speaking behind the back of people is none other than my mother, but of course you would “never” do that mother, would you (?) – and never about me (?) – because you know that it is WRONG to do.
  • The wine reviewer Søren Frank has prepared a new tax system where everyone is ordered to work exactly from 08.00 – 16.00 and this system is presented in the newspaper of BT. I meet him at a nice country house and he knows that I have prepared a new system and he would like to know what it includes. I tell him that I am going to have a meeting with the minister or maybe with his civil servants, and that he is welcome to bring ideas forward, which still can be included. He tells me that he is leaving for California tomorrow and that we might meet there.
    • BT is the symbol of darkness and I don’t like a system based upon rigidity – you will only use DISCIPLINE to help people becoming responsible and then the idea is to build a quality system, which helps motivating people to do their absolutely best – and in other words: Don’t establish a new set a rules limiting the freedom of people and other than that I can only say that I am Obama and he is me and Obama has my “mandate” to negotiate the New World Order with the world, and he might consider good ideas to include but it is VITAL that you will keep the spirit of the system as I have designed it.
    • Søren Frank is by the way the absolutely best food and wine reviewer I know of – his sense of quality and his ability to write is OUTSTANDING – and he is easily the best in the world on this area and we know according to the ones I know, which includes all of the international “wine reviewer stars”. And this is also a symbol of our New Universe, because wine is everything and here it is the best that I got.
  • I am working at Fair Insurance, Søren H. has asked me to do some work there, which is underpaid, and I have made a written proposal on how to improve the system, which I know is the best quality they can get. I am at a board meeting where a female member would like to get more employees like me and she would therefore like to offer the employees a higher salary not realising that I am underpaid and receive even less than what they normally pay today, which makes me say that my net salary ought to be three times as high.
    • This is fine, this is work done on our old Universe, i.e. Fair Insurance, to make sure that ALL PEOPLE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH EASILIY until they have shown a cleaned heart, which will open up the gates for them to our New Universe.
    • Please understand that in our New Universe all people will receive the same salary because all talents are given by God and valued equally as high – and you will instead motivate people to do their best by making sure that your company is run the absolutely best giving the best working conditions for everyone. The joy of work is NOT to receive a salary, but to CREATE; this is what “satisfies” the inner desire of people.
  • I had a weak and short dream about ship yards meeting and that all yards have to be located out to the sea, which I see that my own yard in Germany is and I am walking in sand to get back.
    • This is about the darkness, which is still coming to us and I felt that this is still inside of my old self – the Source and the spirit of my mother – making “us” do things to the world, which I am not aware of as my physical self, and several times each day, this darkness tries to “motivate” me to kill people etc., and I can only repeat myself that as my physical Stig I don’t participate in these decisions and that I know just how EXTREMELY HURTFUL it is for our creators to commit sins of the evil – against ourselves (!) – but this is the only way we can make it through to our new and perfect world without darkness and evil.
  • I was shown myself eating cherries with strong stones inside of them – a symbol of “making it”, which you know is to turn around the world without a “catastrophe” happening and yesterday I was shown my skull very strong and almost 100% unshakeable.
  • I woke up to one of my old favourites of U2, which is New Years Day – I was “mad” about it in 1983 (!) – and the lyrics “I will begin again”, which is what we all will and in my dictionary, the NEW YEAR is about partying – as another dream of the night was also about – and the party is as I remember it the symbol of arriving at our New World and as the lyrics of the song say “we’re told this is the golden age”, which it is :-).

The mayor started his day by reading my memo, and I felt STRONG darkness of fearful people of Falck

This morning I was happy to see this status update from my new “relation” on Linkedin, the mayor of Lyngby, who decided that he wanted to start the day by reading my memo on Falck, and we know I hope you will find it exciting to read word by word, Søren, without giving up on your way (?), and when this is written, I am sneezing and shown very DARK firemen of Falck – now feeling Thomas and also the shop steward Henrik – so we know which is making me suffer but please remember to do what is best in the long run instead of being lazy and finish work as quickly as possible to start relaxing and we know is this simply the answer, that Falck/Jesper may fear what I will do with this memo (?) and we know you have NOTHING to fear, because you have been chosen by God to do this task and one day you will become proud of what you did as all other “servants” appearing in my scripts.

Barack Obama and I are being RESURRECTED when “clothed” with our New Universe

The last days I have updated and included new text at the right column of my website and yesterday I was also inspired to include videos directly at this column, and I thought that the finale of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony – the resurrection symphony 🙂 – was “appropriate” to bring, as you can see to your left, because it is written with me as inspiration – and look at the TREMENDOUS JOY and PLEASURE OF THE MASTER CONDUCTOR BERNSTEIN 🙂 – and really the moment we are experiencing these days when we are forming your “skeleton”, which is the inside of the new world to make it belong to you as my/our gift, and I also included Michael Jackson’s video of “heal the world” to the column, but this morning I thought that “something” had happened to this video, which worked fine yesterday, because now it had been “overtaken” by the resurrection symphony as you can see from the picture to the right, and the “funny” part here is that when I was going to “correct” this error – I KNEW it was no error yesterday (!) – I discovered that the website still includes the code of Michael Jacksons video, but despite of this it is showing the resurrection for the second time and we know one for Obama and one for me 🙂 and here is part of the HTML-code for you to see that it is really leading to the video of Michael (I have changed two brackets to other brackets, otherwise the code would show the video instead of the code!):

in other words: TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM TERMINATION and bring our eternal future of a Golden Age.</font></font></p><p align=”center”>(youtube=;ob=av2e<code>&amp;w=200&amp;h=150</code>)<font color=”#ff0000″ size=”1″ face=”Corbel”><strong><em>Heal the world, make it a better place<br>for you and for me, and the entire human race</em></strong></font></p>

So you might want to try the link –;ob=av2e – to see if it brings you to Michael Jackson or Mahler, and just saying that there is nothing wrong with the link or Michael (!), but again this was a small MIRACLE to show you RESURRECTION happening these days.

And here is the BELOVED RESURRECTION SYMPHONY BY MAHLER and look at the INCREDIBLE Bernstein (!) and I still remember, Hans, with great pleasure that we saw this symphony at DR’s new BLUE concert hall in Copenhagen two years ago.

From my new to my old self: THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT 🙂 🙂 :-).

Note: AFTER I published the script of today, the video with Michael Jackson was RETURNED to its place as you can see from the picture below and just adding that I did NOT change  the HTML-code and this first happened after having updated and viewed my website maybe 20 times today – where it kept on showing the resurrection symphony at the place where Michael’s video should be – in relation with continuous work to improve the right column, which have now finalised for now.

Michael’s video returned after a small miracle had taken place
when the RESURRECTION video had replaced it to show you the
resurrection of Obama and I as two human beings sharing one life

Falck decided to visit my website for the first time after receiving my memo

During the afternoon I had the first visit by Falck to my website after giving them my memo as you can see from the picture below, so you might have become “curious” about what I write – negativity because of uncontrollable feelings or positively because you may start to believing in me (?) – and I wonder if your brief 5 seconds visit to my behaviour/work page made you see my memo for you published to the world at the end of this VERY LONG page (?) or if your “impatience” made you overlook this too (?) and I don’t know as a physical person what is going on now, who are communicating with whom, if Jesper is communicating with the mayor etc., all I can say is that it makes me incredible sad to see people working as you do at Falck including your WRONG actions afterwards in relation to me because of having told you the truth as I also did with my family and friends giving the same reaction – it is making me SUFFER very much because of anxiety and throw up feelings (the feelings of CREATION) I have to overcome with FAITH that nothing will happen to me, which is what is making me do this (!) – and we know it’s all coming back to me now so to say also in this respect, but if that’s what it takes to come back, this is what I will do and so be it :-).

Falck visiting my website – did you see my memo on you published
on my behaviour/work page during your brief visit?

Here is Celine Dion playing “it’s all coming back to me now” – also thinking of you Meat Loaf – and this is because this is what RESURRECTION means to me :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 08.55 and these days I am again meeting much resistance and strong discomfort including impatience working, which would make most people stop, but I know that my rhythm will come after 1-2 hours, and this is what happened again today, so I continued working all day until 16.30.
  • My TIP-counter tells me that since the 7th December 2010, my website have received a total of 5.983 visits, and my WordPress page gives the number 6,415, and I don’t know why you cannot get to the same number. At the moment I receive a total of 230 to 380 visits per week with some people returning (!) and just saying that it is NOT easy to get the attention of the world in me and we know it does not take more than a few seconds for most visitors to conclude that “he is TRULY crazy when claiming to be the Son of God” and the funny part here is really that you have DECIDED to be crazy yourself when not reading and understanding me and this is how I am still almost undetected by the mainstream of the world today, but not long from now you will all come to understand what you were not able to understand because of the craziness of your strong and sceptical voices leading you to misunderstandings!
  • In less than three months I have no place to stay and I cannot afford to pay for the deposit of a new apartment if such is to be found (!) and to move my furniture – will anyone help me at all (?) – and all I can say is that I may save one month of rent, which I paid in advance but this will not be enough to get me into another place, where I will also have to pay in advance (!), and just saying that the prospect of becoming homeless is starting to stress me and really not giving me the best foundation to complete my website maybe in 1-2 months from now with …, but I am continuing my work thinking that I will find and follow the road of God all the way to the end and is the road that the world will “save me” before this will happen ….?
  • For days I have felt Lama Yönten with me, so you may start understanding who REALLY visited you earlier mainly on Tuesdays (?), and we know this man is the KINDEST and WARMEST man I have ever met, but as I have much to improve on, he has too :-).
  • Have you noticed just how much it has started raining again here yesterday and today, and we know strong feelings at Falck and did I tell you that I have an incredible “heavy feeling” of my right foot/angle today and we know potentially damaging the Universe but only if I should give up, which I will not because I WONT BACK DOWN …. :-).
  • Also thinking these days about how close I really am to people of the Danish government with the mayor now reading my memo – he knows the government – and also my old colleague Jacob sitting together on the head board with the top of the Liberal Party of Denmark and the latter because of the following comment I gave on Facebook today, and Jacob is “looking” for LEADERS to interview for his work, and sometimes it is impossible to see the wood because of all the trees standing just in front of you, Jacob (?), but I saw that he did open my Linkedin profile and maybe also saw my memo, but maybe not worthwhile reading, Jacob?

  • And finally when I sent my script to my LTO friends in Kenya, I also sent this short message: “I am thinking of you, your families and country going through extreme pain and all I can do is to send you all my loving – still waiting on the world to react, to open up for me, which is also to open up for MUCH MORE help to be sent to you. HOLD ON TIGHT and keep doing your best for everyone :-). And here I might add that HOLD ON TIGHT is one of my absolute favourite songs of Electric Light Orchestra and let me here give you words of comfort from this song, which is what you need to get through: “When you need a shoulder to cry on, when you get so sick of trying, hold on tight to your dream” – so please HOLD ON TIGHT, my friends.”

So here is this music video giving all of my WARMEST FEELINGS AND SYMPATHY for the starving, suffering and dying people of East Africa – I wish things could be different – and also thinking of the lyrics of the song “when you’re so downhearted and misunderstood, just over and over and over you could”, which is EXACTLY how I have felt for years. This is what MISUNDERSTANDINGS are doing to people, and now I can also include “almost everyone” at Falck on this list.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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