Summary of the script today


  • Dreaming of NOT receiving a love life including my old nightmare, Falck thinking of chasing/threatening me, but I will escape receiving my freedom from being their slave as black people of the world also will be released from their slave-like relation to white people, and Falck DO see the advantage of using an Action Plan, which they will do in the future.
  • I continue receiving darkness also from “secret governments” and I have decided to soak up ALL remaining darkness including ALL remaining information of all times, which I will do while continuing and finalising my work on my website, which will also bring me all information of Buddha instead of having to figure it out myself – because I will start showing my self as Buddha to the world :-).
  • The picture of Obama’s Facebook profile at the right column of my website was this morning replaced by the music video “Hold on tight” by Electric Light Orchestra as a symbol saying that Obama shares my thoughts of ““giving all of my WARMEST FEELINGS AND SYMPATHY for the starving, suffering and dying people of East Africa”.
  • The videos of my script published yesterday “decided” for a short period to move locations – Celine Dion overtook the original place of ELO, Mahler overtook the original place of Celine Dion and Michael Jackson overtook the original place of Mahler (!) – and the blue background colour of my website switched on and off as symbols saying that Falck is hurt and would like to “change” my website if only they could, which they cannot!
  • Meshack decided to write me being glad to inform me about his wife and he expecting their second baby next month and also the anxiety coming with it, where “air” may be the next being sold because of everything becoming so expensive that people cannot afford to buy. I send all of my congratulations also informing him that he is helping me to bring mankind safely to harbour, including the “sick” rich people thinking of themselves instead of helping poor Africans to survive.
  • Late in the afternoon “the Commune” suddenly found it “interesting” to “read” a number of my webpages, and I noticed that a man by the name of Torben had visited my LinkedIn profile and that he had to be told by the system that the Mayor was reading my memo on Falck, which he found “very interesting” to read too because he is BOTH working for the Commune and for Falck (!!!), so now you will tell both the Commune and Falck (?) and will you tell that I am crazy or “he just may be the One”?
  • I felt an old deja vue feeling strongly: IT IS NOT FOR MAN TO JUDGE GOD, BUT FOR GOD TO JUDGE MAN! – And the darkness of today brought more of BUDDHA coming to me too :-).

11th August: My freedom is being threatened by people of poor habits

  • Dreaming of becoming able to cure handicapped people in the future, the darkness of the space industry is “not happy” about me (!), North Korean monks are visited by my spiritual self, a free community is trying to remove my freedom because of “poor habits” (the Commune/Falck), which I manage to escape (!), the spirit of my mother is recovering historical information through the prolonged creation phase, Falck is giving me much suffering but this brings them faith, which will make them enter our New Universe, I don’t receive nice music (warm feelings) from my family/sister, which will cost me more energy when a new game will start, politicians ALSO need to improve their behaviour (!), the darkness (of Falck/the Commune) makes me suddently interupt my plans (a tour to Stockholm) and forces off my shoes, which is to “lose” connection to “my new self” and the New Universe (!), which at the same is continuing CREATION on “FC Barcelona level”, creation continues and I continue declining to receive my “nightmare” also because this would NOT be good for Earth, more darkness (“craftsmen”) is giving me some scratches, receiving thank yous from people having given each other “eternal faith”, I would do everything I have done over and over again (to save and help man), “it might be thunder and lightning” but I am “never alone”, my family will continue doing the same misunderstanding about me “again and again”, coming back to Stockholm where the Source is receiving my luggage, i.e. the world, on behalf of me and finally, the spirit of my mother is telling “auf wiedersehen” to Lili Marlene, the “Nazi Monster”.
  • The Commune continued “reading” my website this morning now focusing their attention on one of my scripts, which they “accidently” found (!), which gives headlines as “having cold sweat not knowing what the Commune will do: To “warn” Falck and remove my cash help?”and “Would Falck have decided to misuse President Obama if he was working for them as they misused me?” and the question is if you will WARN FALCK AGAINST ME and REMOVE MY CASH HELP (?) or if you will “fear” that I just may be the same man as Obama – (the Son of) God – and decide to “let me be”? They have also noticed the story of Rasmus in my memo – telling the truth about the WRONG doings of Falck and here also wrong cover up in relation to the big school fire in July, and will you WRONGLY try to “protect” Rasmus from “viscious Stig” or will you understand that the roles are opposite? You are mistreating me and I am teaching you all to get a better life!
  • My computer system continued acting “weird” this morning when it changed all meaurrements of page setup etc. in Word from centrimetres to “points”, the speeling check was switched off and all bullet points in Word had changed form, which symbolised a “language I don’t understand” and “too poor quality”, which is about the work of the Commune. You can do MUCH better than that – for example to READ and UNDERSTAND ME, which is to understand the POSITIVENESS OF MY SCRIPTS HELPING ALL TO BETTER LIFE. Don’t fight me, support me!
  • One of my favourite Danish musicians Michael Falck was on live TV saying that it is not hard to be a Falck-rescuer and the meaning is that I WROTE THE MEMO TO FALCK WITH THE GREATEST LOVE IN THE WORLD because this is what the music of Michael Falck means to me. He also invited his daughter to play with him in Tivoli, which she finally accepted, which is to open up our New World for everyone :-).

12th August: Top politicians of U.S. do not understand who Obama is and the LOVE he brings

  • Dreaming of top politicians of U.S. not understanding who Obama is and the LOVE he brings, “the skeleton of the King” – the New Universe – has been put on me/Obama, we are still on our way to celebration inside our new world, I did my best work to attract the attention of more people to me but their lack of faith makes my continious work “impossible” to do because of the darkness they send me, which I however have decided to ignore, buying a new camera, which is to prepare people into our new world after showing a clean heart.
  • The pressure of the darkness was somewhat less than the previous days, which were mentally very stressful to come through because of the power of darkness.



Dreaming of Falck thinking of chasing/threatening me, which I will escape from

Again a night at the same level making me “somewhat tired” again today – on my limit of being able to run, which I look forward to starting again, when I believe I can – with these dreams:

  • The butcher Gordon Ramsey is handing out giant pieces of cakes, I ask if I can get a piece but it is too late, however he gives me a small piece which I decide to share with two of my colleagues standing behind the desk of the butcher store and before I know of it they have shared the cake between them without giving me anything. I see Gordon’s car, which is an old but fine looking very low Saab sport car, and people want me to attack the car again from behind to get more cake, which I believe is very wrong behaviour and I also see that it is impossible to do because the back window of the car has been scratched deliberately making it impossible to hang on to.
    • I do believe a butcher is delivering normal life – where the bank was to “finance” it, which is “building it up with the energy required” – and here I would like some cake – a love life – but I receive none also saying that I receive none of my old nightmare, which is what poor behaviour of people have pressured upon me, which at the same time was given to me because this is also what fuelled CREATION itself and so it is.
  • One evening I am going through all meeting rooms – one after the other – of a business together with my old friend Lars G. and I tell him that they look like the meeting rooms of General Electric – old and boring – where I have just come from after leading a meeting and opened an orange soda. Suddenly I hear a guard coming, we switch off the lights and run separate ways, and the guard is almost catching me, he threatens me, but I jump over a fence and something about getting black people with us – they are painted with white on their hands and feet – and the guard is shouting after us.
    • I wonder if this is the reaction of Falck – the guard is as a policeman belonging to the darkness – and if they want to threaten me because of my writings on the truth about them but it seems that I will escape, and I wonder if the white on the black people is simply saying SLAVE of course and we know this is what I was at Falck – this is the connection – and also saying that this is what many black people still are today in relation to white people for example in the South of the United States and herewith it is also saying that FREEDOM will come to these people too and we know in this respect this is also a reference to another part of me, Jacob Holdt from American Pictures documenting the slave-like conditions for black people of the U.S. for decades and we know what happened despite of millions of people being “shocked” of the conditions of these poor black people (?) and as usual: “NOTHING”!
  • I have gone through an Action Plan with a business and its oracle, and now a new Swedish lady – who has just lost her mother – has started working for the company, and the oracle is drawing on a flip-over and he only needs to put his pen to the paper and then it automatically draws the most perfect triangle with content, which impresses me and afterwards he asks me if I would like him or myself to start introducing ourselves to the lady and I ask to do it because it will only take me a few seconds, where I believe it will take longer for the oracle, and I ask for their acceptance to use an Action Plan, which they accept and the Swedish lady is made responsible for producing it for the department in which we will both work.
    • The oracle is a “magician” who can see into the future and what he sees here is Falck using an Action Plan and this is the “funny” part because Falck do see the advantages of using an Action Plan as I am told here, and from where do I know that this is about Falck, and really because I noticed that the new Open Office program I started using – this is still written in Word and that is for the time being until I will switch over when I believe the other program may be better – is sponsored by the ORACLE corporation and “open office” is what the office of Falck, Lyngby, is to the world, which I wrote a note about the other day, so this was the connection in this dream, and I wonder if the Swedish lady is the spirit of my mother who I will work together with in the future and we know still fine by me to have my mother becoming the leader of the world and we will see how we will share the responsibilities and that is on all levels of course, and the logical answer is that she will become the leader producing the Action Plan and I will become the one creating the “tools” to the world and we know a change from the role I have played all of my life with employers misusing my competences because of their own selfishness making this thought today “difficult” – not to be part of “operations” – but I will get used to it and like it as I am told.

Obama also gives his “WARMEST FEELINGS AND SYMPATHY for the starving, suffering and dying people of East Africa”

This morning I noticed several ”strange phenomenons” to my website and I will start showing you my new right column to my website again, where I included the chapter “I am Obama and he is me” followed by a “Facebook badge” showing Obama’s Facebook profile, which has worked fine since installing it a couple of days ago – as you can see from the picture below to your right, but this morning the picture of Obama’s Facebook profile was replaced by the music video “Hold on tight” by Electric Light Orchestra (making me sneeze very much when seeing it!) – as you can see from the picture to the left – which I included at the end of my script yesterday 2011 together with my thoughts of “giving all of my WARMEST FEELINGS AND SYMPATHY for the starving, suffering and dying people of East Africa” as I wrote and this replacement of Obama with Jeff is a symbol given to you that Obama shares these exact same thoughts with the very poor people dying while the rich world continues to party and spend money they don’t have (!) and we know, which would lead them directly to Hell and termination if we had not arrived to save you all!

And here I might add that the other day I was told that Jeff is me too (!) as I have been told Sai Baba also was – but I have decided that I will not for now give more information about whom I have been until later – I will give information in pieces making it possible for the world to follow me.

Not that long afterwards, the picture of Jeff Lynne replacing Obama was removed and my website “decided” to show the right picture of Obama’s Facebook profile again!

Videos included in my script yesterday “decided” to change locations as a symbol of Falck wanting to “change” my website

It was kind of a “strange” morning with my website living its “own life” when it “decided” to change the places of the videos I had included and switching on and off the blue background colour and we know of course without me doing anything to make it, and the reason for these “small miracles”, which is what they are, is to tell you about TREMENDOUS HURT FEELINGS with “some people” of Falck – a favourite song of mine here to express my WARM feeling for all of you – which is also making them think of “how can they stop me” or at least to REMOVE what I have written, and this is what this phenomenon is symbolising, but they will probably “fall down” again and we know just like when a dog is jumping on you; it cannot continue standing there for a long time and that is because “life will have to continue” and these feelings are not different to the feelings of my sister and we know instead of doing what is right to READ and UNDERSTAND, it BLOCKS people from understanding and communicating and we know WRONG is what it is and this is simply what I wanted to show the world for you to learn from.

Here are examples I have decided to show you so you can see some of the “strange phenomenons” going on here:

Celine Dion moved to ELO’s place:

My script of Aug. 9 first ”decided” to replace the video by ELO with Celine Dion and removed the BLUE background colour

A few seconds later it ”decided” to recover the BLUE back ground colour, but still showing Celine instead of ELO
And finally it “decided” to bring ELO back at its right place, but now without the BLUE background colour again!

Mahler moved to Celine’s place!

When Celine had ”moved” to the place of ELO, Mahler “decided” to move to the original place of Celine! When ELO had moved back to its place, Celine moved back to her place, but here temporarily without the BLUE colour

Michael moved to Mahler’s place!

When Mahler had moved to Celine’s place, Michael was now showing twice replacing Mahler at his original place! When Celine had moved back on place, Mahler did the same (!) and here I caught it with the BLUE background on, which switched on and off this morning as I watched it happening

I will SOAK up all remaining darkness including all information of all times – also on Buddha 🙂

Yesterday evening I received a few messages, which I have decided to include here:

  • Darkness is still coming to me for example from places such as Area 51, where I was told that Obama and I are not allowed inside of your “deepest secrets” (!), but when this is the case, how do we still enter and yes the reason is YOUR FAITH as written about before.
  • I am soaking up ALL darkness – this is the word I have received for days – and inside of this darkness is ALL INFORMATION without exception and I was told when looking through the darkest darkness that “now Buddha will be installed giving you everything, otherwise you should have figured it out yourself” – and have you forgot that as my new self I will start showing myself as Buddha to the world?
  • I was also told “we will never forget what you are doing”, which is you know not to stop working before I am all the way through and my goal is really to COMPLETE my website doing my absolutely best, which is when we will complete the soaking up of darkness – and again I was thinking that on the long run, this will be MUCH better to do compared to the suffering I am going through now while doing it including the suffering of the world and here thinking of Africa mainly but also the economy of the world almost melting down, and I have really told the world that you are welcome to open up at any minute, but “difficult” it is for you to do despite of the prospect of saving thousands of people from dying and to start the TRUE recovery of the economy of the world and what is keeping you?

Meshack and his wife is expecting their second baby bringing them happiness – and sadly also anxiety

Hi there to you too, Meshack, and despite of your great troubles, I GIVE YOU AND YOUR WIFE ALL OF MY CONGRATULATIONS with the new baby coming and with it also the BEST OF LUCK and here especially because of the situation where it is NOT easy to feed a child these days in Kenya as some of my readers may have noticed (?) – and thank you for continuing to read and also to understand some of my anxiety, Meshack, and in this respect we are both in the same boat, but it is us controlling the boat bringing it – mankind (!) – safely to harbour and not vice versa. I understand your irony about selling air, and I can only say that if prices on basic commodities were doubled in Denmark, it would make an outcry of people, but when it is happening in Kenya and your region, most people may think it is “sad” but really doing nothing about it, and this is how you are helping me Meshack to bring all people including all the rich and selfish people in harbour, and in this respect you may like to call them “sick” because this is what they are, sick because of the darkness they have allowed to take place inside of their hearts. Take care and all my best for everyone – and I am still thinking of your whole community of children, which is what I am also told here.

And here is his email:

Hi there, my sincere hope that you are doing well and the same thing is with us here and the rest of my family. Am glad to inform you that my wife and i are expecting to get our second baby in the next one month and you can guess the anxiety which comes with it. Well i have been going through your scripts and congrats for completing your work at Falck and it is my prayer that you will find a job in due time. Sorry for the headche of not knowing how you will live in the next coming months due to house rent problem but lets hope a miracle will happen soon.

Here in Kenya we are just living by the grace of God due to the scarcity of basic needs the next time you will hear that air is being sold to Kenyans because every thing in this country has become so expensive.

May the Almighty continue guiding you in your ways.

    Kind regards,

The Commune found it INTERESTING to “read” my memo and website – have you decided if I am crazy or REALLY the one???

Late in the afternoon I noticed that “suddenly” the Commune had started receiving an almost “overwhelming” interest in my website when they from 04:48 PM to 06:14 visited the pages you can see below and my first thought was whether or not this was the mayor starting to read my website and I thought that it could not be a “salary slave” working at this hour after normal office hours (!), so it had to be someone “flexible” and someone with a “special interest” maybe (?) – and I was thinking if you are reading me because you would positively like to understand me or if you are drivin by “fear” and negative feelings thinking that what I do is EXTREMELY UNPLEASANT (?) not understanding that I am only doing this to help you and the world.

The Commune started to ”read” my website at 04:48 PM

And continued until 06:14 PM – who was this person?

From here I decided to look at my LinkedIn profile where I could see a man by the name of Torben having opened my profile – and this is why I was inspired to work on putting my CV on my website today (!), which I did most of the day (!), and that is simply because of his thought “what has Stig been doing in his career”, which led him to open my profile answering you and also sending your thoughts to me (!) – and as you can see from the picture below, Torben shares the mayor with me as a connection and I wonder if you simply was “told” directly by the LinkedIn system that the mayor was reading my memo on Falck – as I was too – which you could not “help” find interesting as the picture further below shows, because it says that you are both working for the Commune (in “Intern Service”, which I don’t know what is about because the website of the Commune gives several “answers” on “Intern Service” both as part of the HR-department, economical department and telephone/reception system, so what is it?) AND as a fireman for Falck in Lyngby (!!!) and I am sorry to say but I don’t remember seeing you when I was at Falck and maybe you are working mostly at the Commune and as a part time fireman (?) – I really don’t know – and there was also an anonymous person from the Commune opening my profile as you can see, so are you starting to spread the word on me, Torben (?) and maybe not only to your colleagues at the Commune but also to your colleagues at the Falck Station (?) – the firemen – and we know this is how a FIRE is spreading quickly and a fireman is what you are, isn’t it – and will you tell them that I am crazy or “he might be the one” and how long does that take you to “decide” on?

On LinkedIn I could see that “Torben” had opened my profile and that we
share the mayor as a connection, which is from where the system told
Torben that he was reading my memo

Torben was “especially interested” because he works BOTH for the
Commune AND for Falck, which will make the “fire” of me start spreading
quickly at the Commune and Falck?

And what might be ”negative feelings” of people are still making me feel very unpleasant giving me thoughts of “what will they decide to do” – fight me, remove my cash help and TRY to remove my freedom of speech again, maybe thinking of closing my site down (which you CANNOT!) etc. (?) – and the first half an hour I felt ANXIETY about this, but instead of letting the darkness run away with me giving me “scared” feelings, which could bring me “down”, I told myself that this is the game I have decided to start myself and I will do the necessary sacrifice to help the last piece of creation and we will simply see what happens from here and I will continue to do my best – and I was also thinking about what the Mayor will do, if he will act responsible in relation to Falck as “his” fire department, if he will be a “mate” with Falck speaking behind my back or if he will take the “easy choice”, which is NOT to read my memo and to do NOTHING about it?


I have “for months” and very much today received the deja vue – “hidden“ infomation given to me as a boy, which now breaks through the surface of the water (!) – that man has a desire to judge me using manmade rules, where my answer is: WILL YOU JUDGE GOD WRONGLY BASED ON MANMADE “RULES” instead of understanding that you are all part of me? IT IS NOT FOR MAN TO JUDGE GOD BUT FOR GOD TO JUDGE MAN!

While all of this was happening I also felt how BUDDHA was coming to me through a RED colour, which is to say that we still have more information inside of the darkness to hand over to you and we know the goal is still 100% and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and so it is!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • MANY times during recent years including today, I have received the feeling of “fear” trying to prevent me from starting my work because of the extra darkness I knew this would give me – the feeling is “maybe better to stay away to spare me from suffering”, but if I had decided to do this, we would never have made it to here and instead we could have become a new “egg under development” after the world had gone under!
  • For days I have been told about people who will not believe in me before my story will be brought by the newspapers/media because this is the power of the media today – what the papers say, is of course the truth (!), isn’t it (?) – and also thinking that the story of Jesus in Nairobi in 1988 is ”credible” to people because it was brought in a Kenyan paper – therefore (!) – and isn’t it amazing that this is how people “think” (?), so when will the first paper start to write my story and are you afraid of being the first (?) and I can only say that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU :-).
  • When writing today (until the afternoon before discovering the activity of the Commune) I received less negativity/darkness, which may indicate that I have received the worst darkness brought to me by the first “shock” of Falck. The last couple of days I also received immensely STRONG feelings of not to do my best when working on my website – to make it as easy as possible to finish as soon as possible – and this is because of the STRONG feelings of Falck thinking of me and what does it bring too (?) and of course their POOR HABITS of working too quickly and poorly, and despite of this feeling being IMMENSELY STRONG I could only smile and think “do what you want, I can only do my best when working” and just saying that my willpower is stronger than theirs combined and that I cannot start working with a poor quality just because of the feeling they give me.
  • For days I have been told “you can receive an Oscar for this”, which is the play I decided for and we know I could have decided NOT to market my memo on Falck, which I was close to do but then again I thought that it would be the best to wake up more darkness for our final creation and this is how it came about.
  • For days I have been recommended to do yoga again because I am not all alone again receiving much darkness and ”no healing”, but I have decided to say that I have too little energy to do Yoga and to keep my old rule which is that I have to survive and I am the best protected and therefore I ask my old self to send me the energy required to survive and we know it shouldn’t be longer than this – and I know that people are thinking good thoughts of me too and so it is.
  • I started working at 08.25 today, finalised the script before lunch, and I was inspired to update my CV – actually before Torben visited my LinkedIn profile (!) – which should be EASY to do, which it was, but now it includes text-hyperlinks and I could NOT accept how Open Office “decided” to import the design of it from Word not covering the page fully full background colour – but only to the page margins – and it cost me several hours trying to make Open Office do this, but it NEVER became as good as I wanted it to be – and yes I read and watched advises on how to “solve” this on the Internet and YES I could make the colour fill the whole page but I could not keep a table border at page margin at the same time and I did not like that it was impossible to have text flowering and to be able to continue writing on top of background pictures (!) – and from there I continued using hours trying to find another solution – and we know I tried the PDF creator in combination with the German PDF-T Maker, which should work perfectly but after using hours TRYING to set this up PERFECTLY, it STILL did not work (!) and from here I downloaded and tried other programs, which did not work either – does this sound familiar (?) and we know in the future you will get ONE FLEXIBLE SYSTEM OF PERFECT QUALITY (!) – and I ended the day by finding a solution, which may work when I will look at this again tomorrow and all of my troubles is really because I don’t have Microsoft Office in a newer version than 2003, and we know I want to have my CV in perfect quality, to upload it to Scribd and to put a link to this next to my personal information on my website and this is how I have ALWAYS worked, which is NOT to compromise on what I want and then to keep on working until I find the right solution giving me what I see inside of my head – this is how musicans, chefs and many others work too when they do their absolutely best and if you are several “creators” in a team, you will have to compromise on what all can agree on or give “turns “to each other making you come through 100% (!) – and I knew that this was also INSPIRATION to get me to work as detailed, good and patient as possible because this is good for creation and this is what I continued doing until 20.00 today, despite of how I felt :-).

Many short stories and also “for days” …. :-).


11th August: My freedom is being threatened by people of poor habits

Dreaming of my freedom being threatened by people of poor habits

I had let me just say it “a special night” because of the activity, which my memo has created – so far it has been “read” 59 times on Scribd (herewith surpassing my monthly books here, which have been read between 23-58 times here and all is surpassed by our Dadaab memo, which has been “read” 524 times) – and that is so poor sleep that I belived when standing up that it would be a must to take a nap after lunch today and that the goal today is ONLY to write my script including what lacks from yesterday; I also had negativity on my edge and MANY dreams symbolising the activity of darkness, which I have succeeded to “create” (!):

  • I am visiting the “girls roads” in Espergærde and I visit Mads’ old father (Mads from Fair!) living in my old house (on Karenvej where I lived from 1976-78) and something about being able to lift up handicapped after some telephone calls – both here and in Africa – so they will be able to walk again.
    • This is a nice house – the nicest I have lived in – and this is where the Source inside of me is living, and when we will do spiritual communication, i.e. through the telephone, we will also have the power (from people having faith in me), which will cure handicapped.
  • I see TinTin’s space racket flying off and Captain Haddock becoming crazy, which is really to say that I am lifting up, which makes the darkness of the space industry “furious” with me because what will happen to your lucrative business and we know it will probably not be the same in the future – but try to ask Obama about this one (!) – and here also saying that I am looking forward to seeing the new movie with TinTin, which looks well made from the trailer I saw of it, and we know do you remember the symbols of TinTin and the Captain from my book 1 and therefore!
  • I see North Korean monks, who are controlled much limiting their freedom, and when they turn in early for the night, I sneak with them spending the night with them, I see how they are monitored heavily and south of the border I see freedom but also that they at their border are influenced by the north, I see their soldier cars driving during nights and when I cross land on foot, I am seeing guards and caught in their fences, but I come through. I eat the last food of a supermarket and a few small pieces of chicken mcnuggets to show the monks that I understand your sacrifice and to say that you will get your freedom.
    • It seems that my inner self is giving these monks spiritual information, which may include information about me, and it is to say that they have lost their freedom in a dictator state and that I am close to lose my freedom in a so called free country, which to me is Denmark and we know which may be related to some of the thoughts of the Commune about me? And the chicken mcnuggests is also to say that I have bought them a few times because sometimes they are the cheapest you can get, but I don’t like them much and I see in front of me what Jamie Oliver did in his TV-show when producing mcnuggets in a blender, which was so disgusting that it should make everyone turn them down but still the American children in his programme would like to eat them afterwards (!), which is really to say that when your culture has completely destroyed you – this is what they normally eat (!) – it is almost impossible to start thinking and doing what is right to do, and this is the same at Falck and in the Commune and do you want to take out all of your faults on me because I have told you the truth of what to do (?), which this symbol is saying: Don’t eat chicken mcnuggets – at least when you do them industrially as disgusting as Jamie showed and we know no difference really.
  • I see a Swedish lady in Japan decoding an antic code, which she has now read twice by leading her hands through a long rope and she has received the same result again, and she reads up a message, which Jesus said in the year of 22.
    • This is the spirit of my mother recovering historical data and I like that you are controlling yourself to make sure that it will become 100% accurate, and this is an example of what this continuous suffering and creation is doing.
  • I woke up to “who is it” by Michael Jackson and “all of it” as I was told and that is the verse, so here it is: “(who is it?) it is a friend of mine, (who is it?), is it my brother!, (who is it?) somebody hurt my soul, now (who is it?), I can’t take this stuff no more” and we know when I woke up the first times this night, the negativtiy was strong and I was fearing when it would overtake me from my “freedom” of the night and I cannot tell you strongly enough just how disgusting and unbearable this darkness is to me constantly – being negative and forcing a coat over me – but this is what it takes to create, so this is what we continue doing as long as I can and I have no plans to stop now!
    • When I tried to sleep after this, I was shown a Falck man, I receive his supscription number and I hear “who is it, my brother” and get the feeling off him thinking “the Son of God” and I let him pass, which is what faith – and showing a clean heart, which includes to follow my Basic Working Rules – will do to people, and it is also to say that this is the unbearable suffering Falck is giving me and if they knew, they would of course not do it!
  • At the harbour squarre of Helsingør I meet a man who I belive is Kim Larsen and he speak about walking towards the train and spending 200 DKK on a taxi to reach the train on time, and I knew that my old class friend Allan was with me, but I have now lost him, and I discover that this man is not Kim Larsen. I am on my way towards my mother walking along the harbour edge, we are going to play bowling with the family, and it costs 150 DKK, which I don’t believe I have but to my surprise I found out that I have enough money. At the bowling hall I see Poul Schlüter (Danish PM until the beginning of the 1990’s) with his son, he has received a “special arrangement”, where he only had to pay 100 DKK to play because he is famous. Later at the restaurant I see a table full of Danish top politicians with a man LOUDLY telling not only the others but the whole restaurant a story where they met international well know politicians, whom he speaks badly about, which makes the whole restaurant laugh. At the bowling hall I am also driving a computer racing game against my sister on two different screens, and first I have difficulties getting on the security belt and I am fumbling with this when the race starts, which makes me crash right in the beginning of the game but I manage to get started and later I see that my large pick up from the Danish mail services is now driving quicker and quicker now catching up on other cars, which I am about to overtake, but I see that the road is going uphill, which makes me decide not to overtake here, which could be dangerous, which was right to do because I see oncoming trafic coming.
    • There is not nice music in my city of joy and happiness (!), and this man is going to the train of suffering again, which costs him money, i.e. energy, so this may be about me, my friend Allan did not have the “patience” to continue reading my scripts – he has not returned since I wrote about him previous to this – the bowling is a new game against the family, which will cost me more money (energy) and it is led by my sister, which is making my car, i.e myself, crash because I am taken by surprise of the game starting before I am ready!
    • Special deals for famous people will stop in the future – did I write that “my very good friend” (forgot his name!) from the park did undeclared work on Poul Schüters house many years ago – and the politicians of this table is to show your BAD MANNERS (!) and I can only encourage Danish politicians to read my chapter on behaviour and work and also politicians and the media and we know IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO CHANGE!
    • And the mail pick may be the same as brochures and printing on paper, which is to spread my words to the world, which is going better and better every day.
  • I have been in Stockholm with Søren and a few others during the weekend and we are supposed to stay until Tuesday, I saw the most delicious and cheap Danish pastries in front of a large Department Store, but Sunday evening I remember that I NEED to be in Malmö (southern Sweden) Monday, and I leave the SAS Radisson hotel in Stockholm so quickly that I don’t get my luggage with me. In Malmö I enter the Triangeln Shopping centre, which is “protected” by a guard, it costs 5 DKK to enter, as a Dane I am liked and he tells me that some immegrants who repeatedely want to enter receive an ID-card for “security” reason instead of just a ticket, and inside the shopping centre at the basement I sit down together with many other people waiting for the cinema to open, and one of the people points on my toe, and I see that I don’t wear shoes and that I have holes in my socks and something about me telling a lady with a smile that she is only “half a lady”. When I return to the exit, the guard believes I have entered twice, but I tell him that it was only once, and I receive back my 5 DKK, and I have my bundle of money in my hand and I see that I have MUCH money. In Malmö I have troubles getting inside a hotel because what I believe is the entrance leads into a elderly ladies’ room instead of the reception, and just when she is about to leave the room, she notices that “someone” is entering through the window on the corner, which I notice and I leave quickly again, but I follow how she follows me through looking out the windows. I am thinking about how I will be able to get my luggage back from Stockholm because I realise that I will not be going back because I will first be able to be there Tuesday after lunch, which does not make sence since the event will end Tuesday afternoon, and I think if I will ask the hotel of Søren to pack and send my luggage, which also may be embarassing to me because I believe I have some sex magazines lying out in open. And this makes me nervous, which Sørens reaction to me leaving also does.
    • The pastries are about the threat of my nightmare continueing, which you by now should know is symbolsising CREATION too, I have to interupt my stay in Stockholm to go to Malmö, which will have to be darkness and in order to enter our new world – which the cinema is about – I have decided to go through more darkness, which the guard is symbolising, I don’t like ID-cards because of security, but I like “ID” when it is used for practicalities for example when everyone in the future will receive an individual personal electronic device, which you will connect to our NEW SYSTEM including payment transfers etc. too, and it is the darkness (of Falck/the Commune), which momentarily has removed my shoes – my new self (!) – and the much money is to show my “fighting spirit” and we know I DON’T LIKE THIS AT ALL to have sceptical people misunderstanding and fighting me and that is NOT A BIT (!) but if it has to be, I do it and then I do it fully!
    • I will not be able to enter a hotel of darkness (!), the luggage is symbolsing “the world”, so here strong and negative feelings of people are removing my new self and the world (!) at the same time as we are using this darkness to create our new world – this is the balance (!) – and the magazines are again about my “nightmare” and you know CREATION!
    • I was told “thank you, this is on FC Barcelona level”, which I was happy to hear because the dream did not make me happy, and again I was thinking of small-minded people misunderstanding and acting wrongly, and again I told myself, don’t focus on the small things or be scared of what people will do – I have faced much stronger “opponents” of the world than the Commune and Falck (!) – focus on this helping CREATION and I will probably find a way out of this “trouble” too, still thinking of you ORUP :-).
  • Hereafter the rest of the night was “dreams while being awake” or “visions”: I saw a Falck man and then a guitar playing, I was given “aint nobody” by Chaka Khan and “Ain’t nobody, loves me better” and I passed a big bus with the driver changing the front wheel of it, which told me that I am NOT going on that bus.
    • The negtivity of Falck is bringing CREATION, which is what the old symbol of the guitar is symbolising at the same time as I as a physcial person will NOT accept “love making”, which is what the bus symbolises because this would not be good to Earth!
  • I am inside one room at my farm standing on a ladder hanging up light on the wall, and in the room next to me I hear craftsmen making a LOT of noise and they fight and bump hard into the wall, which is making a picture on my side fall down from the wall.
    • Another way of saying that the negativity and “difficult feelings to handle” of Falck/the Commune is continuing to build our New Universe, which is given me some scractches now.
  • I received the song “tik tik” by Kim Larsen – watch this amazing artist to see that he is a WORLD STAR 🙂 – and the feeling of thank you for continuing and things will fall into place over time and here the song is also about friends/brothers promising each other eternal faith, which is what I understand “we” have done and also thinking of “who is it” here and in two senses.
  • I see evil-smelling seaweed floating in on the beach of Marienlyst in Helsingør (just opposite of where my mother and John live), and I feel my mother’s husband John, and I heard the song “vågner i natten” (“wake up in the night”!) by the FANTASTIC Dodo and her band (this is an example of the CREAM of Danish pop music!) with the lyrics “jeg ville gøre alt om igen og om og om igen”, which is to give me confirmation that I would do everything I have done over and over again – both in relation to my family/friends and also the system: None of you are going to break me down! I am just looking forward till the day when you will understand that I did everything with love to save and help you all.
  • I tell a Falck man that his birthday present is to be found in the left drawer of my cupboard, where I see MANY presents lying and also that none of them have been collected yet.
    • The present is ETERNAL LIFE IN OUR NEW GOLDEN AGE, you just have to show a clean heart first in order to receeive it.
  • I received another of my favourite songs by SAGA, which is “never alone” and the lyrics “never alone” and “it might be thunder and lightning”, which is to say that Falck and the Commune might decide to fight me (?) but if they do I am glad that I am “never alone” and I have remembered one of my old rules, which is that my writings are what is the most protected of all, so this is what I have FAITH in :-).
  • I received the song “Igen og igen” by Nephew – the new answer to Kliché and very good too and this is nothing less than a monumental song (!) – and the lyrics “Men når vi kommer igen (For), at gør det igen (Så), Så vil I høre det igen (Og), igen og igen (Og)” and just saying that this is about my family – including my nephew (!) – who will tell me the same misunderstanding about me “again and again”!
  • I received “killer queen” by Queen, which is what the darkness is doing to the spirit of my mother when giving me darkness, but please continue because we are transforming it into light :-).
  • Finally I had a short “sleep” where the dream about Søren and Stockholm continued (hours after the first): I am calling Søren Tuesday morning at 09.30 after having been away Monday without telling him and I should have called earlier because I knew that they would start at 09.00 today, and he picks up the phone, he can see it is me calling, and just answers with a sour “yes” and I tell him straight out that “I call to give you an apology, I did a mistake, which I normally do not do”, which makes him open up, and then I see that Søren is given my luggage by the hotel with the lose parts from the room collected in a supermarket basket, which includes the sex magazines – which was his and not mine – and I see a female dancer in the background laughing. It worked out anyway.
    • When you have made a mistake, it is always much better to admit and to apologise instead of giving poor excuses – this is part of being responsible (!) – and here Søren is helping me to get my luggage back and just as Kim S. has been the symbol of the Source in all of those dreams for years, I get the same feeling here that this is what Søren in dreams has too and the dancer here is the spirit of my mother and we know WE WILL ALSO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS ONE and part of the game is to have the road in front of me looking “completely impossible” to drive, but we will see how I will work it out.
  • I was given the song “Lili Marlene” again and now with the words “auf wiedersehen, Lili Marleen”, which you know is a cover of the “Nazi Monster” and so it is.

And all of these dreams – the longest yet (?) – which I DECIDED TO WRITE DOWN DURING THE NIGHT despite of my temptation to do the opposite, is to say that DARKNESS IS VERY STRONG – and I am STILL sneezing, so the “Nazi Monster” will remove but is still out there to deflect darkness, which is you know to help building our eternal future of the Golden Age.

Will the Commune decide to warn Falck and remove my cash help – or believe so much in me that they will let me be?

This morning I was expecting the Commune to “continue” reading my website and it seems as if “they” have been “caught” on my script of June 16 as they “read” yesterday and started “reading” again today or maybe it was some “catchy” headlines appealing to you and we know one being “having cold sweat not knowing what the Commune will do: To “warn” Falck and remove my cash help?”, another “I decided to go directly at the Commune because of their poor work and because it is time for me to move on!” and yet another “Would Falck have decided to misuse President Obama if he was working for them as they misused me?” and the question is really what you will do after this “short” introduction to my Universe (?), is this enough for you to switch on the “red alarm lights” – which is why Robert decided to have the new poster with the ALARM product (!) and yes just following the road I am – and to start HUNTING ME DOWN (?) and it is up to you to decide and also what you will chose to show the world because you are of course sure that I am NOT the Son of God, aren’t you (?) or do you have some “insecurity” deep inside of you telling you that “he just may be right” and we know READING and UNDERSTANDING is the name of the game in order to take the right decisions and will the Commune be able to do this and I wonder …. :-).

The Commune continued ”reading” my website today – have you decided for or against me, or is it difficult to do ”quickly”?

Later in the day I looked deeper at the statistical information, which my site at gives me – this is where my Falck memo is located – and the most interesting I found is that “someone” has searched for “Rasmus” inside of the document itself – as you can see belwo – and Rasmus is the fire manager with “an open mouth” telling the Commune directly the truth about how Falck is working through the story of my memo, so it looks like this is the story, which the Commune is also “focusing” on and is that because you find it interesting in relation to your negotiations with Falck (?) or is it because you believe I am “too much” for having spoken behind the back of Rasmus wrongly trying to make this a secret (?) and my dear friends THERE IS NEVER ANYTHING WRONG WITH SPEAKING THE TRUTH (!) and the only trouble is when you decide to speak behind my back NOT speaking the truth about me and do you see the difference: IT IS ABOUT UNDERSTANDING AND SPEAKING THE TRUTH instead of misunderstanding and speaking lies and you may feel “intimidated” by me – because of your WRONG doings and WRONG thoughts – but please look at yourself and see what you are doing to me not yet quite understanding the amount of work I have done to help you all and the DISGUSTING behaviour you have shown me during the process (?) and we know please read about the “opposite golden rule” in the memo because this is what you are doing when you do this – you treat me WRONGLY and wrongly believe that you are the ones being mistreated!

The Commune finding it interesting to search my Falck memo on themselves (!) and the story of Rasmus telling the poor work Falck did when they “tried” to put out the school fire


And I am thinking that MY THOUGHTS OUGHT TO BECOME YOUR THOUGHTS TOO, which is “we better be sure about what we do” (!) and we know DO QUALITY WORK WHEN “JUDGING” ME INSTEAD OF JUMPING FAR TOO QUICKLY INTO CONCLUSSIONS (!) – haven’t you read my memo encouraging you to do this? DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST!

Is Falck reading my website trying to understand or misunderstand me?

Falck continued reading today, and is your attitude to try to understand or misunderstand me?

During the afternoon I noticed that Falck started becoming active again “reading” my website as you can see below, and this is the same person who read my site two days ago, but now you can also see another from Falck reading at the same time – and yes do you think it is “WORK” for you to read my website (?) and my dear friends – because I care VERY MUCH for you as you know – IT IS NOT WORK READING MY WEBSITE, so I can only encourage you to read after working hours in your sparetime – and the question is if you are reading with the attitude to understand or misunderstand me and evaluating from the pages you are visiting, Jesper (?), it looks like you are trying to understand and if this is the case, I can only say that it will make me very happy :-).

Later at 07.11 PM the IP address starting with 91 visited my website again so this may be the officer on guard and not you Jesper working at this hour?

My computer system continued acting “weird” to symbolise the Commune working against me without understanding

And this morning, my computer system continued to do ”strange magic”, which today included to show measurrements in POINTS and not in centimetres as I always have as you can see from the “page setup” menu here, which shows the widht and hight, which normally is 21 and 29,7 centimetres, but now 595,35 and 841, 95 points and we know including now a choice to selecte a CHINESE paper source (!) and this is a language I don’t understand and I understand that this is about the Commune speaking in a “language” I cannot recognise and we know which is like “Chinese” to me, and we will see how long these computer problems will continue and we know they are also symbolising “we don’t like what he is writing on us” and we know when will you WAKE UP and start UNDERSTANDING what I write – EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH LOVE TO HELP YOU ALL – instead of becoming afraid and misunderstand me?

My computer started speaking in
a ”language” I dont understand
– as the Commune does now!

And of course I have NOT installed any Chinese add ins for Microsoft – and by the way the spelling check has vanished too, which is to say that QUALITY WORK is NOT what is characterising the Commune not even on its highest level and I see that the bullet sign on all of my bullet points in my Word document of this script has CHANGED too, which I will keep for you to see but change from this point forward (!) – and I controlled the meassurement setting in the Control Panel of my Windows XP and it was set to Danish and Metric, and of course it was, so it is just the Commune “forcing” the darkness againt me and we know my system is acting like CRAZY, which is what they are thinking or are you really – because when have you ever seen a crazy person being as thorouhg as I and also making sense???

My Windows was set up correct with
the metrics and not “points” system!

Later in the day, the ”mysterious power” taking over my computer continued:

Now my picture-heading had disappared also together with my YouTube channel!

Michael Falch was smiling on TV when speaking about Falck-rescuers and there is good news about our new age coming 🙂

This evening on the ”aftenshow” on DR1 TV one of my favourite Danish musicians – Michael Falck, please notice his sir name 🙂 – was live on television (from my favourite festival in Skanderborg :-)) and as you can see here he was INSPIRED to say (for new readers: THIS IS HOW INSPIRATION works when God or the spirit of my mother as examples speak directly out of the mouth of people!):

”Jeg tror ikke det er meget hårdere at være rock-sanger end det er at være sygeplejerske, folkeskolelærer, advokat eller Falck redder” (”I dont believe it is much harder to be a rock-singer than to be a nurse, school teacher, lawyer or Falck rescuer”).

And please notice how much he smiles/laughs after he was ”made” to say ”Falck rescuer”, which a man by the name of “Falck” probably don’t say everyday (!), and the meaning here is that I WROTE THE MEMO TO FALCK WITH THE GREATEST LOVE IN THE WORLD because this is what the music of Michael Falck means to me and he says that it is not hard to be a Falck-rescuer, which is what I wrote my memo, do you see?

Michael Falck on live television saying with a SMILE that it is not
hard to be a Falck-rescuer 🙂 🙂 🙂

The reason why Michael is smiling so much here is because his daughter – also a rock singer – in the TV studio has just promised to play together with him at the last rock concert in TIVOLI this season, which she earlier has decided to turn down when Michael has been asking her, and this is to say that we could not create our New Universe – this is what Tivoli is symbolising (our new “Garden in Eden”) – based on previous lack of faith in me, which has now changed and when asked live on television, his daughter said “this would be LARGE” and it is LARGE to play in Tivoli (!) and if I was to chose one song for you to play, Michael, from your very many fantastic songs, it would be “Nye tider” (“new ages”) both because it is a beautiful song – as you can listen to below – and because of the HOPE it gives to people when you sing “Nye tider, nyt liv, Du kan se det på de blanke sider, Nye tider, nyt håb, Der er godt nyt om de nye tider” and we know there is truly good news from our next world coming to all and that is with ALL OF MY LOVE to all of you.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My head SCRATCHED very much this morning, which is the symbol of HUNGER in East Africa and also with my LTO friends!
  • I started working at 08.30 and by 13.50 I had done the script of today, the chapter of the Commune yesterday and parts of the two last chapters of yesterday and we know time for lunch – no sleep, which is what I thought afterall (!) – and then to continue working on that “difficult” PDF solution (!) – which I did after lunch, and when you find the needle in the haystack, it is not very difficult to do and we know what took me MANY hours yesterday without finding a solution – a total waste of time (!!!) – was solved easily today when I downloaded and installed the programme “Jaws PDF Creator” and of course including a key generator to make it work because IT-systems will be FREE in the future (!), and I thought I had to read the manual and use some time on this, but no, this was perfectly designed, so I understood it straight away and could also change the settings to my individual preferences and FANTASTIC, we did it meaning that I finally got my CV in PDF exactly as I wanted it INCLUDING the text-hyperlinks – for now that is because I could decide to give it a major update and also to translate it into English, but for now this is what I am satisfied with – and I am just thinking that the name of it he programme “Jaws” is a symbol of darkness and what do you get from out of darkness when you do your absolutely best to get the last piece with you (?) and that is right, the PERFECT RESULT, which this is symbolising and so it is, and I also used some time to update my website with a new “download CV” link below my picture/name/address, which is leading to the CV, which I of course updated to Scribd and “straight away” it gave approx. 40 readings, so this covered a “need” among people out there wondering “who does he think he is” – and by 17.00 I was happy to have finished this work and we know making it possible to return on the continuous work on my website tomorrow :-).
  • The reason why I am speaking about lifting up Falck to “Noma-quality” using restaurant Noma as symbol of “the best quality” is ALSO that “normal life”, which this is a symbol of, is coming to all and the BETTER you work, the BETTER the life everyone will get.
  • I continued working with my new PDF programme when saving some of my previous monthly books as PDF but apparently this programme does not recognise pictures working as hyperlinks and we know but still it is the best that I got.
  • I felt the spirit of my mother being all inside of me together with the Orange of the Source surrounding her, and behind this I saw people partying and I was told that “there will be no drive with the Führer” meaning that I rejected the strongest darkness trying to overtake me as a physical person herewith SAVING EARTH FOR MUCH SUFFERING – and these days the darkness is making the Source appear to me as the spirit of my physical father (!) trying VERY STRONGLY to convince me that my physical father together with my mother combined IS God but NO I WILL NOT GO THAT WAY – the Source is the Source and that’s all (!) – and just saying that this comes to me with the strength of MANY people NOT believing in me, which is not easy to keep away.


12th August: Top politicians of U.S. do not understand who Obama is and the LOVE he brings

Dreaming of top politicians of U.S. not understanding who Obama is and the LOVE he brings

I slept to after 09.00 this morning, which was 2 hours more than what I have done for a while – I was tired – and still I am tired (!) and not really in top shape this morning as always, and the number of dreams has decreased which normally means that the darkness has decreased too – and I feel this morning just how much “mental stress” the last couple of days have brough me:

  • I am meeting my old friend Henning W. on “King’s road” in USA, he is standing together with a Governour next to the road and the road is filled up by a skeletton of a building structure, I give them coffee beans, which they however don’t get grinded even though the building structure has included a coffee grinder and most people also individually has a grinder.
    • I wonder if this is about Obama’s fight symbolised by Henning W. with the “politicians” of USA not understanding who he – and I – is. He is bringing LOVE, i.e. the coffee, which they are not able to see and we know BLINDNESS and DEAFNESS is not only a “desease” here.
    • The building skeleton of the King’s road is of couse also the skeleton of the New Universe, which has now been put on me – and Obama.
  • Karen and I are drinking Champagne around this structure or rather we are having a cheap, sweet sparkling wine until all people will get a normal life.
    • This is good if this is truly Karen, but I do believe it is the spirit of my mother in disguise – but saying that we are still on our way to celebration inside of our new world.
  • I am flying very high inside a high building making it possible for me to look inside a window placed all the way at the top – which may be 10 metres high – into a large gymnastic hall where I see people playing a ball game and when I fly away from there I find myself inside a shopping centre with people telling me “you cannot fly”, which is making it impossible for me to continue flying.
    • I did my best to make more people – participants if the designed game between the light and darkness – notice me, which is what I did with my Falck memo and those not believing in me is sending me more “remaining darkness” – suffering and tiredness – which is making it impossible for me to continue working, i.e. flying, but we know I have decided that this is NOT to stop me, so let’s work and you too, Mick (?) or are you too busy relaxing?
  • I have decided to buy a new camera and found that Olympus is the better choice – not a model ’10 but ’20 – and I look at prices at different stores, and eventually I see that the battery for the camera is half price in Sweden compared to Denmark and the camera is also cheaper there, but still it is around 2,000 DKK and I am thinking if I should wait until a supermarket – Netto or Føtex – will get a “super cheap” offer on a Sony or similar camera, however they don’t have any at the moment but I see that they have four remaining pants of 10 DKK each, which I decide to buy.
    • For days I have received the word “Greece” and here Olympus is not only the name of a Japanese camera but also a Greek mountain: “In Greek mythology Olympus was regarded as the “home” of the Twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world”, so probably more stories are to come about the magnificent past of Greece.
    • Later in the day I understood what this symbol of 12 Gods refer to when I started watching videos on “Niburu” on the Internet as part of updating my front webpage where I have written about Niburu as the new planet I will build in front of your eyes, which led me to information about the prehistoric people the Sumerians and 12 Gods, but instead of using MUCH time on doing this now (this could take days/weeks), I have decided what I believe to be “the best balance”, which is that I will include NO MORE information on Niburu, two suns etc. for now on my website. More information will be given when I get access to more information spiritually.
    • And the camera is needed as a symbol to welcome into my world people after showing a clean heart, and in the past I have often thought that big supermarkets offer lower prices than special stores for example on cameras – and also wine and other goods – because of lower profits, which should change in the future, but I still foresee some variations in prices – but much lower than today because we will get the same income/”normal life” all over the world – depending on the effeciency and quality of the businesses, which you decide to trade with.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I first started working at 10.15 today with the thought that this is too late to my likings, which is only a personal view because you will of course plan your own working hours in the future together with your team.
  • After writing my script, I continued doing new updates to my right column of my website – I had written down a few more ideas – and it was IMPOSSIBLE to break the darkness trying its best to prevent me from starting this work, I thought I was “losing it” again, this is how strong it was, and after I had done these updates, I started noticing how the line borders of the column now started to change length, which they had not done before and this “disturbed” me much and I was almost about going to “correct” these and then I opened another browser and saw that it was “acting weird” too but not in the same way and we know I will let it be for now and keep an eye on how it will look in some days because there should be NOTHING wrong with these borders but you know just another example of what’s going on here really.
  • Afterwards I continued my work now updating the front page of my website before I will get back to continue my final work on the Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO followed by the Signs III page, MANY PAGES of updates to my website, a new page on my sufferings (I have 16 pages of notes to narrow down!) and then to give all pages a new edit and not least a summary to be included on each page (a large work) and I don’t know how long this will take and maybe 1-2 months, which is what I was whispered in my ear the other day, so we will have to see how things evolve from here and we know doing my best and finding what I believe is the right balance – and when doing this work, I felt how the “Nazi Monster” started coming to me to be “dissolved” including feelings of Nazis in Russia.
  • And thinking here and told actually how BENEFICIAL it would be for people of today believing in me TO COME FORWARD and support me for example by sending me a SUPPORTIVE email, but no, you don’t “like” to step forward and let me tell you that this is the Devil in every single case preventing you. You are doing what is WRONG instead of helping me!
  • By 17.20 I managed to publish the last three days of scripts and today was not as “powerful” as the previous days – but still not easy to go through.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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