August 15, 2011: Saving the world from “swallowing” cities of the size of Saint Petersburg – and the Pope knows about me!


Summary of the script today

13th August: My locomotive of suffering and “soaking up darkness” is running on FULL STEAM – can I continue driving it?

  • Dreaming of publishing a new script including stories of Falck and the Commune without these “discovering” it, my locomotive of suffering and “soaking up darkness” is running on FULL STEAM – can I continue driving it (?), the spirit of my mother has now recovered more than half of what was lost in the explosion recently, I am transmitting spiritual speech the same way as clairvoyants do but much stronger, the nuns of the Vatican State is also receiving spiritual communication, extreme nervousness in my previous life before 2004 made it impossible for me to meet beautiful ladies, who were the only ones I was interested in, which gave me much suffering when living a life without love, sending my thank you’s to the Danish MP Mogens Lykketoft for helping to spread my messages to the parliament and my “heroes” Mogens Lykketoft and Uffe Ellemann have both a “special access” to read my website undetected.
  • The darkness of people opposing me yesterday evening became so strong that I would have “lost it” – potentially ending my life as my “old self” and becoming my new self – if RESERVE ENERGY had not started being given to me, which it did. I will continue working all the way to the end as my “old self” to make the New Universe 100% perfect, which is STILL my goal.
  • The quarter final yesterday in the world cup of Badminton between Peter Gade and the Vietnamese Nguyen turned into a “shocker” where Nguyen was a “superiour force” against whom Peter did not stand a chance because he did NOT have the energy to win, but after heading directly towards a defeat, Peter did the impossible to win after all because he DECIDED to win despite of his lack of energy, and “it was obvious that he was hurting, in physical distress”, which is how I feel when I am winning over the Commune/Falck as this match of Peter symbolises.
  • Today Gade as my “old self” played “way over expectations”, however he lost the semi-final against Lin Dan. Symbols were given to say how sad Lars at Falck is because of my memo, and all I can tell you today Lars, is that my memo is written with all of my love and that you have participated in a game designed by God to help the creation of our New Universe, which you will come to understand. We are still coming closer to bear the banner of victory :-).

14th August: Saving the world from “swallowing” cities of the size of Saint Petersburg – and the Pope knows about me!

  • Dreaming of a man returning to my class, God includes all information of the Universe and “he” does not lie, increasing faith in me is bringing back more of previous universes, double as many spectators are now having faith in and follow me, I am on my way to collect my car/myself from the parking house of Falck, Lars from Falck could decide to truly read and understand me and if he had, his faith in me, which this would bring, would have helped to create even more code of the New Universe, I am sending out all of my love spiritually and people are speaking about me all over the world, I am having much less energy than others but when I keep on working I am returning information through the darkness to the Source inside of me and I was told that “that computer program works now”, which is the result of these additional efforts.
  • At my meditation at the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel I was told that the meaning of my work deciding not to give up is to save cities of the size of Saint Petersburg all over the world from falling down into sink holes of an unprecedented size killing millions of people. I was told that the Pope know sabout my arrival but he has wrongly decided not to talk about me to the world before the world will know about me and the turn around of the world is now ending.

15th August: The rich world are the TRUE KILLERS of catastrophes of the world as the Horn of Africa

  • Dreaming of Facebook being controlled by the secret government of USA, difficulties to move into my house when people speak behind my back, people of the rich world could decide to give to poor people the same as they spend on their own entertainment and when you don’t, you are the TRUE KILLERS of catastrophes of the world for example the people of the drought of the Horn of Africa, Obama and previous Universes are helping CREATION :-), Obama and the world know about my tiredness and difficulties working because of lack of faith in me and still the world has not yet decided to support me publically, I am receiving more suffering/darkness, which is leading me directly to more warm feelings/love, the Climate Conference of Copenhagen in 2009 was “this close” from leading the world directly towards termination (!) and Obama and I are, as One with different responsibilities, moving the world forward.
  • I continued working on updated/new chapters to the front page of my website on how to show a clean heart to enter our New World, which I expect to finalise and publish tomorrow.


13th August: My locomotive of suffering and “soaking up darkness” is running on FULL STEAM, can I continue driving it?

Dreaming of my locomotive of suffering and “soaking up darkness” running on FULL STEAM – can I continue driving it?

I would so much have liked to have a good night’s sleep so I could feel “fresher” and have energy to do the work today and it is truly not nice waking up – at 08.00 today – and discover that you are so weak that you would like to keep on sleeping and do absolutely nothing and this is not a good basis to continue doing more work today, so again I do it with discipline and suffering because this is what is best for the world to do, therefore, and here are some dreams:

  • Something about delivering my post in a mail box in Helsingør, two guards are guarding but don’t catch suspicion to me, and company mail is returned to me.
    • My mail may be my new script yesterday, which I “sent” to the world and so far neither the Commune nor Falck has decided to open and read it even though it continues stories of their “activities” too.
    • I woke up with “take a chance” by Saga – they are TRULY amazing (!) – and the lyrics “how can I take a chance on you?” and the darkness was so strong and pressuring – almost as air with a dark feeling pressing you down and spreads inside of you polluting and trying to take over your mind – that it was and is unbearable!
  • Something about two locomotives driving where I feel one being serviced outside and inside I see a locomotive driving on full steam and something about three people freezing, that it has been serviced for 21 years, that nothing much is left but I see new, big “freezers” coming – they are the propellant – and I truly wonder if I will be able to do these too. Later I am sailing in a row boat on a lake, I see birds flying with two turtles, which they have protected and now put back safely on the lake, and directly next to my boat, I see my mother and John sailing, my mother does not see me and John is trying to hide from me.
    • The locomotive of suffering is FULL SPEED ahead “soaking up darkness” but also “more than I can bear”, Matt (!) and I have been helped to keep my freedom as the dream of the blue turtles say – Obama and I (?) – and we know did the Commune or Falck have “thoughts” about chasing me, which they may have decided not to follow after having “fallen down” again (?) and we know this is what some energy is also used for and my mother and I are suffering much because John is hiding and “simply” cannot get him self to start reading and understanding, which may be because of my sister, who I feel here too and we know nothing much to say really – and then it is better for all of us to suffer (?) and we know uncontrollable feelings, POOR WORK and laziness makes me very sad, John!
  • I am inside a large Catholic church, I have learned more than half of a long string by “small living beings” living at corridors at the top of the walls. I now understand that I am inside St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican state, the year is 2007, I am in the church together with Camilla and when I see how Catholic nuns demonstrate spiritual contacts, which makes a strong wind blow over the churchgoers, I tell Camilla that this is how they also made spiritual contact at the spiritual school and she asks “where” and I tell her at Arthur Findlay College in London. I am now sitting on the floor with my back against the wall in the church, and I receive contact to a spirit speaking to me from the top of the wall at where I am sitting, and the spirit tells me that she likes speaking to me and when she speaks to me I speak her words out loud to the church, and she tells me that she misses attention from Earth and I see my self in the monk dress, which I had on when appearing together with the Jerusalem UFO as you can see here, and the spirit asks me if it is alright for her to cut open the dress from above my head and then she cuts it by approx. 10 centimetres for all at the church to see and I tell her that this is NOT alright, but that it is fine to speak with her, that I will go out alone to eat at a restaurant later where she may follow as well.
    • I wonder if the long string is about what was lost when Paul lost faith in me and now is about to be recovered, and also if spiritual contact is what the nuns of the Vatican state experience the same way as you for example saw it demonstrated at Arthur Findlay in 2005 and 2006 – the worlds most foremost college on spiritual development – and what this is about is also to say that IN PRINCIPAL I am doing the same as what clairvoyants do when writing my scripts when they receive spiritual experiences, which is to objectively to pass on the information I am given through the “special” feelings, visions and speech I am given and we know in this respect there is no difference to what clairvoyants do, the only difference is that I am the Source receiving MUCH STRONGER “spiritual communication” than clairvoyants do, who all receive “parts” of what is possible. And the spirit here may be the spirit of my mother wanting to cut my dress when forced by the darkness but she has to keep the few rules I have set up, because I make the rules!
  • I see my self at the discothèque Svingelport in Helsingør listening to “(Burn baby burn) disco Inferno” by the Trammps and I feel how nervous I am making it impossible for me to get in contact with ladies.
    • This is a dream preparing me with an extra note for my upcoming page on my sufferings, and what this dream is saying is really the worst suffering of my life – before 2004/06 (!) – because the nervousness was always so strong that it was destroying me and only in relation to beautiful ladies, which were the only ones I was interested in – and towards others I had no problems and also no interest and potentially I knew that I was capable of meeting all the ladies I could desire if it was not for that nervousness, which I first got rid of in 2004/05 and except from Henriette in 2004, it was now too late to meet ladies, because they were “worked on” spiritually making it impossible for me to meet them, and yes there are examples out there on ladies changing from “very hot” to “very cold” in relation to me because of the strength of spiritual powers working with their feelings and thoughts, which I saw happening right in front of me without being able to do anything about it!
  • I am meeting my old friend Lars G. in Copenhagen, and I have found out that a restaurant, which has closed one place in the city, has now opened another place, and I ask him if he would like to visit it, which he would and on our way there, we decide to take a cup of coffee outside at the yard of the Royal Castle Amalienborg in Copenhagen, which is a fine café and normally not open to people like us. We are sitting there with a handful of other people.
    • Again I believe that this may be about recovered data, which is coming through the work of the spirit of my mother – helping “normal life” too as the restaurant is about – symbolised by the Queen and the love of her really because of the coffee and we know I am driven by her because she IS part of my “old” physical self, which is the One I still am to make our New Universe as perfect as possible before opening it and we know WE ARE GOING FOR 100%!
  • Mogens Lykketoft is the chairman of approx. 200 “people of his profession” and he receives advise on his pension scheme by a female adviser, which she does fine also by giving him praise, which he deserves.
    • Is this about Mogens – one of my favourite politicians of all times when evaluating from what I have seen with the public eye – helping me behind the public eye on “the pension schemes of approx. 200 people”, which is about entering our New Universe symbolised by the pension scheme through his influence of the Danish Parliament with 179 members?
  • The dream continued with Uffe Elleman showing an old mobile telephone of his, which however has the best tool to read and write PDF files, and I see that Lykketoft can do the same through another and newer system.
    • This is about two of my “heroes” when it comes to Danish politicians and this is why I LOVE YOUR TV SHOW every week 🙂 and so much that I am here sharing my favourite song of all songs with you and you know by David Bowie, who is also the symbol of me, and yes Mogens and Uffe, you are no “nobodies” too, “you should only know” as I am told and then again, I don’t have enough power to be told who you truly are – lack of faith still – and what your “life assignments” are about, but you are doing well and we know instead of beating you, Uffe, I might as well join you and we know I loved that one too :-).
    • And by the way, this access to my PDF files is of course your “special access” to read me undetected (!) and what do you think about COMMUNICATING (?) and we know are you waiting for Australia before you will start sending me a friendly email with your support – and just so you know: I always love to receive friendly emails and that is at any time, and do you remember Uffe how quickly and BRAVE 🙂 you were to acknowledge the Baltic states in the beginning of the 1990’s?

I have to use reserve energy now to continue working, otherwise the darkness around me would be the strongest

Yesterday evening after publishing my script, the power of the negative voice trying to take me over became worse and worse for hours crossing my limit of what I could bear, but still I decided to fight it and not give in, and my amplifier simply decided to switch off by itself without switching on again and that lasted for 15 minutes until it “decided” to switch on again at the same time as I was told that we are now using reserve energy – which I decided months ago to build up – to continue working, otherwise the darkness of people resisting me would now be stronger than what I can bear and you know this is the strongest ever (!) – and the darkness forced upon the spirit of my mother makes her continue to ask if she is allowed to enter me herself without anyone else, which would start her up as the Nazi Monster inside of me – unless she was stopped or too weak – but NO YOU ARE NOT because EVERYONE IS WELCOME AND EVERYTHING IS ME including the light (!) , and this is somehow a balance between not starting to destroy the world and to continue improving our New Universe and I will continue my work all the way to the end without losing – this is my goal (!) – and if I should lose it against all odds (!), I give the spirit of my mother and the Source the right to decide what to do and we know because you know 1 billions times more and better than I do and all I ask you to do is to keep my rules, which is that I don’t want to see any of my special friends dying including me/our selves (!) and then I kindly ask you to take the best decisions for the world on the long run and this is truly how it is here.

Peter Gade DECIDED to win when defeating a superiour force in Badminton symbolising my win against the Commune/Falck

Late this evening I decided to see the world cup quarter final match between the Danish badminton star Peter Gade – here at his last active year after being at the world top of the game for almost twenty years; he was the world no. 1 in 1997 and still today he is no. 3, which is nothing less than TRULY AMAZING 🙂 – and the Vietnamese Nguyen (no. 7 in the world), and I was amazed to see how incredible strong the Vietnamese was “picking up everything” making it “impossible” for Peter to win and for a long time, Peter was facing a stronger opponent going directly towards defeat after losing the first set and being “this close” also to lose the second set and consequently the match, but eventually he FOUGHT WITH EVERYTHING HE HAD – and more than this – and this was a symbol of me fighting the superiour force these days and only because Peter DECIDED that he wanted to win, he won – this is his LAST world cup, therefore (!) – which is the same attitude I am using when fighting the Commune/Falck and we know I still have my mother/family, friends, ex-colleagues and the world on top you know – and I decided to write down a few inspired comments given by the Danish speakers on TV2 Sport.

The very EMOTIONAL but fine commentator Skovgaard – I still remember your FINE world cup win with Lene and your “break down” 🙂 – said about Nguyen that “very many truly ugly rumours circulate of him, he is not popular”, which here was a about his potential doping and really symbolising “LET US TALK ABOUT THE “very ugle word” OF STIG DESTROYING US”, and here we know the Commune is what I feel and I don’t know about Falck but probably the same (?) and these are the feelings of several people, which is making the “superiour force” stronger than me, which is what made Nguyen stronger than Peter today!

Skovgaard continued saying ”det rager mig en høst blomst, bare den bliver god” (”It has not a harvest flower to do with me as long as it is good” which is the same as “I don’t care”) and here ”høst” (”harvest”) was a reference to ”høstvej”, which is the address of Falck and just saying that I have decided that the reactions of Falck will not bring me down, but I will use it to ”make the New Universe good”, do you see?

The commentators spoke of viewers writing on TV2’s Facebook profile about this being “Gade’s kamp” (“Gade’s fight”) and not a “gadekamp” (“street fight”) with reference to the STRONG street fightings of London the last days and here I was told that these street fightings of London – “London” is an old symbol of my home – is another symbol of the darkness of the Commune/Falck fighting me, and one viewer said that he was hoping that this “gadekamp” will turn into a “gadefest” (“street party” or a party to celebrate the win of Gade), which is what this darkness is truly doing when it is converted to light to improve our New Universe where the party has been scheduled with the arrival of all “new” people of the world.

Peter Gade symbolising me completely exhausted after winning the World Cup quarter final: “It was obvious that he was hurting, in physical distress” as the English speaker in the video below said

And it was obvious that it became physically increasingly impossible for Peter to continue playing and Skovgaard spoke about “some long and important matches of his life” and “does he have the energy for this one”, and at the end of the second set he said that “he is dead, he is through”, which was to say that if I did not receive the spare energy stored for me, my old self would “die” here because of the superiour force of my “opponents”.

He spoke about Peter having to move forwards and backwards when Nguyen returned Peter’s smashes with high lifts, which is a “movement constantly soaking energy”, which is what the Commune and Falck are doing to me because of their reactions, which is making me SOAK UP DARKNESS for our creation (!) and he also said more times that “this is gold worth”, which is what it is with gold being CREATION – do you see how it works?

So all in all, this fight symbolises my fight against the Commune and partly Falck; I was on my way losing it and would have lost it unless I decided to win the same way as Peter won this totally impossible fight, which you may always remember, Peter, as one of the absolutely toughest in your career and we know he is using the same INCREDIBLE STRENGTH as Contador also did in Tour de France and where do they receive this from (?), and this is where you might want to guess twice (?) with a hint being “from a man with the same attitude” :-).

Skovgaard said afterwards ”jeg havde afskrevet ham efter andet sæt” (”I had written him off after the second set”), and when he said this, I felt my old friend Jack who had also “judged me out when reading my scripts”, but NEVER JUDGE A MAN AS A LOSER, WHEN HE TRULY IS THE WINNER :-).

And here you can see the whole match (thank you for sharing this for FREE to the world :-)):

Later this evening in the semi final, Peter will face his old “evil spirit” of Lin Dan, who has been the best or second best player in the world for years now and normally he is “too good” for Peter and I would be surprised to see Peter winning, but then again: GO FOR IT, PETER :-).

Gade lost the semi-final against Lin Dan including symbols of creation, banner of victory and the sadness of Lars at Falck

And it has now been “later” – and yes RADIOHEAD is TRULY fantastic too and we know a band, which it has been almost impossible for me to get to learn, but let me share a “secret” with you, which is that it is truly one of the greatest bands of the world of all times 🙂 – and Peter has played and even though he played much better this evening, “this is the Gade we know” – I felt better today (!) – as Skovgaard said, he lost as expected against Lin Dan but first after having done the almost impossible to win the first set, losing the second and having a very good chance to win the third and my dear friends, Gade is playing with my “old self” as the symbol facing a superior force feeling better than him (!) and still his will power was almost bringing him to the final, which was “way over expectations” as Skovgaard said and there were much inspired speech here too and let me give you a little of this too:

They said that Lin Dan is the “evil spirit” of Peter, which is what Lars of Falck was designed to be – without knowing it – in Falck in relation to me, they said that somebody wrote on Facebook that he had “stomach pain” watching, which is what Lars had because of me, at the end of the 1st set they said “a mere two points is not to much to ask for, is it” (“det er ikke for meget forlangt, er det”), which was a reference to this HAPPY song by Shu-bi-dua and really my “parents” sending me HAPPINESS, and Skovgaard said that “now I will sit down and relax a little”, which was a reference to Lars!

He said that “this can turn into a dog fight”, which was followed by “in China they eat dogs”, which is a Danish movie, and here it was first saying that Lars could decide to start a “dog fight” with me the dog is still symbolising darkness – but “we are eating dogs” because I have decided that I don’t want dog fights “threatening” my scripts on the Internet, and when Peter was playing fantastically, the other commentator said “he is playing in old and worn out silver shoes, the question is if he has brought the gold shoes in his bag, otherwise I will buy them for him”, which was THE symbol saying that Peter was playing as my “old self” – as Nadal did in Wimbledon and Contador at Tour de France – which is leading him – or really all of us – directly to the GOLD or in other words, when I continue playing, I am continuing the creation of Gold of our New Universe.

After the match, which Peter truly was close to winning, Skovgaard said that “I stand with tears in my eyes” and when he said this, I was given the feeling of Lars in relation to me, and Lars let me please tell you that I truly like you very, very much, and that I have only written my memo to show you and the world all of my love, which you will come to understand. You have participated in a game designed by God to help the creation of our New World.

Finally a viewer wrote on Facebook that he hopes that Peter will be the standard bearer of the Danish team at the Olympics next year and we know maybe he will bear the banner of victory, which this was a symbol of.

“Concerned” Falck employees searching my website

This afternoon I had the “pleasure” of what looks like a couple of Falck employees by the name of Lars – one officer on guard and one fireman 🙂 – trying to find out if I have written anything about them on my website as you can see from the searches they did on my site (“?s=lars” etc.) from the following picture and I could show you more pictures of these two people “visiting” different of my webpages being a few seconds at this page, 1-2 minutes on this etc. and we know this is what is called “surfing” trying to find out information on their selfish selves instead of doing what would be MUCH MORE USEFUL, which is to start reading and understanding me and again I have seen this pattern of “scared” people over and over again and when will you ever learn that what I do is to help you and NOT to “kill” you!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started writing today at 09.05 and had done the script at 12.30 – not easy, but still not difficult at the same time – and hereafter I had lunch and watched half an hour of badminton on TV, did some shopping using some of my last 160 DKK this month (I have food in the freezer) and continued working on the front page of my website until 18.15 today; another day where it should be “impossible” to work!
  • This morning I also received the words “my name is still spelled wrong …” and feeling the continuing words almost being laid in my mouth, which was “my name if Hell”, and this was given to me before continuing the work on my front page where I found out that I had quite some work to do to update the chapter on showing a clean heart to enter our New World, and I was feeling very poor and knew that this required my best work and MUCH PATIENCE and as usual I could have decided to choose the easy road of letting the darkness lead me, but I decided to sit down and let the auto-pilot almost guiding me and we know with some thoughts here and there, some ideas, edits and more edits, I knew that it would eventually turn out fine and we know this is really to update my website with the essential of what I have experienced and discovered since the Easter of 2011 and when I did this work – I only did the first rough version today – I felt the spirit of my mother coming to me “more real” and she told me with much less conviction that “I still mean that your name is spelled wrongly” but I felt the darkness dissolving because of this work I am doing – and when I wrote the chapter, I understood that the task of all individuals of the world will be to change your habits from bad to good habits based upon my writings, which should be “easy” because I have removed the darkness from you leading you into temptation and what I am saying is that when the world will do this, there will be no darkness opposing people and I cannot understand and see it differently and I also received a déjà vue of people entering our New World and that it will become easier and easier for people to do the more people having entered.


14th August: Saving the world from “swallowing” cities of the size of Saint Petersburg – and the Pope knows about me!

Dreaming of increasing faith in me is bringing back more of previous universes

The night was maybe a bit better making me feel somewhat better this morning, but not much because I am still feeling below or on the edge of being able to run – and here are so more dreams, they seem never to stop:

  • I have attended a class in English all year, but I have not prepared my homework so I will not be going to the exam. At one of the last classes of the year, the teacher speaks about a student, who has not been there since a few times early in the year, which the teacher is sad about, and then the student comes and tells that he has been at class more often than what he really has, which the teacher shows him when looking into the cupboard because the information is included in the cupboard, which does not lie as the student does.
    • I wonder who this is about, who is returning to class (?) and even though he is apparently lying about me, he is welcome back and the cupboard is the “toolbox of God”, which includes information of the Universe of all times and it never lies.
  • Two girls of the class have sung the same song but only one was chosen together with me to sing at the finale, which I believe is wrong because the second girl sings beautifully too and she is given a new chance and even though her voice is now “worn” because of lack of practise, she is chosen to attend the finale after all.
    • I was getting the feeling that the two girls are two versions of Virgin Mary with the second being from a previous Universe and of course we will BRING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WITH US to the New Universe :-).
  • I have a big alarm construction at the roof of my house, and I walk all around it to adjust it without knowing if it is strong enough to bear me, but I don’t fall down, I adjust the video recorder of it and after me I see a very big dog, which decides to walk around on this alarm construction too to make sure that small dogs will not fall down, and I think that it is amazing that the large dog does not fall down itself.
    • Still thinking of the alarm poster, which Robert chose for Falck and we know so far there is no cause for alarm because I am protected all the way around when deciding to go through this darkness too, and the large dog following me may simply be the darkness brought to the spirit of my mother bringing it to me to convert to more light. And this is also to save the small dogs from breaking down, which is the thoughts I have been sending out and this goes in relation to Lars and the others at Falck as well as Jane and Tine at the Commune.
  • I am at a very large shopping centre where I see a congress of a large left wing party, which have received quite a number of votes at the election, and I decide to move four large blocks of votes (papers), which now become part of the radio store Audioscan, which is located at the 5th floor of the shopping centre, and when I enter this shop, it is the first time I have been there, I see three people of the political party there and I am surprised to see the very fine audiophile products of high quality, and a man I am together with shows me a stereo which has five channels/amplifiers, which is another technical solution than the one I know of, which has five separate power outlets. Afterwards I drive around in an electrical wheel chair and I see a beauty shop with two ladies, which I drive around in without saying anything, but finally I tell them that I am going to have four times longer hair, which will make the cost of a haircut only ¼, which makes one lady say just before I leave that I can get a free hair wash next Monday.
    • The votes are of course votes on me, i.e. faith in me, and here it seems that faith in me is increasing these days which is making it possible to connect with more of our previous universes, which this the two different five channel stereo symbolise together with a previous chain of radio stores now a part of Hifi-Klubben :-). The wheelchair is to say that I don’t have much energy, the two ladies are my old nightmare, and it is saying that I could in real life decide to speak to the Devil and the Devil would start to speak to me, but I have decided that there is no conversation between us other than what the darkness through the spirit of my mother is telling me, which you know is hundreds of times each day. And maybe someday I can get a haircut 100, which may be before one certain “boy meets girl”?
  • I am at a convert in Helsingør with Thomas Helmig and Bob Dylan and after a poor start, there are now double as many spectators.
    • his is again about increasing faith in me, and I might add that Thomas Helmig by many is considered to be the greatest pop star ever of Denmark and he is truly making fantastic music – listen to Malaga for example as one of many fantastic hits – but in my personal taste, he is not the greatest, but this is only my personal taste and I do understand why so many has him as their idol. He is TRULY doing very good music :-).
  • I am outside on my way into a small parking house of Falck with some traffic to look out for, I am going to bring out my car and I know where it is parked.
    • The car is me and just saying that Falck is not going to destroy me too :-).
  • I am working at the bank in Lyngby, I will only been there a few months, I have done work, which they are very happy with. I am looking into the processes of a sales competition they are doing, which I cannot see the results of, and I am therefore going to the IT-department of the Falck house asking them if they are running lists on the sales of the branches, which an employee says that they are not, and she shows me a daily list, which she is the only one receiving, showing the total sales and an attitude that she really does not care. Back at the bank branch in Lyngby, I see that the sales responsible employee is doing a weekly written status to the manager, which is a one page long report often saying “because of lack of interest of the employees, nothing much has been happening” making the balance almost the same as last week, and I see that the deputy head is coming out of his shower, it is the actor Lars Knutzon, and he tells me that “you should have been my responsibility, but the manager took over” and I think of him as the deputy manager (“SouSchef”) and of the two s’es in here and tell him “you are a SS too”.
    • The bank is ENERGY SUPPLY, Falck is still happy about my work and a sales competition is also about doing your best work, which is fine to do in the future as long as it is part of your normal work without special prizes etc., but here you can see that the bank is not interested in doing their best and when I try to have the IT-department to help me, they don’t care even though it should be easy for them to take out this list – and is this about “wasted opportunities” to create even more IT-code of our New Universe because Lars at Falck – symbolised by the actor Lars – does not truly care about reading and understanding my website therefore not making him believe in me, and the shower is about the sufferings of Lars because of my memo, it seems that Jesper has decided to take over the responsibility of me (!) and the dream is also saying that this entire “show” is an act prepared as part of Lars’ life – which he does not know about yet – and only saying that Lars is a dear friend of mine too and he was one of my loyal soldiers in Germany during the 2nd world war, which you by now will understand was NOT about destroying but saving the world (read the right column of my website)?
  • I have a previous agreement to visit a small non-official church where I am going to sing a song, which I have not prepared for, but I go there on my bicycle knowing that I am very busy working for the bank etc. and wondering what they would like me to do and if I have the time to do it. Inside the church I see people from all over the world in a meeting where they talk, talk and talk, and finally I meet the chairman, who tells me that I am going to sing on the radio this afternoon, and he asks me to work as an interiour designer at the church, and I tell him “well, we will see how much time I will get”.
    • Singing is related to music so it will have to be “sending out all of my love” and when using the radio, I am doing it spiritually and we know examples have been given recently on Catholic nuns and North Korean receiving this transmission. And it seems that people all over the world is speaking about me, and to work as a designer is about setting up the homes of our future world, which is you know also the homes of each individual being.
  • I heard “we caused the man we loved pain”, which is what ALL PEOPLE DID to me – family, friends and you know the string – and the few exceptions are Meshack, David and John, who have been loyal to me all along, thank you my friends :-).
  • I am back at the bank in Lyngby – it is Danske Bank – they are happy having me, would like to employ me and they say that whenever something will happen in the North, they will give me a job offer. Today I am only given a gross salary of 12,000 DKK, which is way below the others. I see one customer handing over old sun glasses and I give him new glasses from the counter and I am glad to see the very fine order of the counter, and the employee responsible of this says that he will give ice cream later in the day to all. I see customers returning comic strips and I decide to investigate the agreement, which must be between the bank and the library because these belong to the library, and when I think of this, all of my colleagues at the bank suddenly stand next to me playing reggae music and saying that they want to keep me.
    • It seems that energy will continue to come to me, even though I have far less than what others have. The counter is the order of the toolbox of God, ice cream is suffering – and I do like very much employees to buy themselves and share breakfast, ice cream or after work a glass of wine or a beer instead of the company paying, this is a MUCH healthier principle – and the comic strips is information returning to the library of the Source together with the darkness and because of this, I am met by the spiritual world playing reggae music from the island of Jamaica and “island” is the record company of Bob Marley and what about sharing the fantastic song BUFFALO SOLDIER with you as another symbol of the Source.
  • I heard “can just turn on and that computer program works now”, which is the result of more work, which we have decided to do and I was happy for you to give me this feedback saying that the energy I continue to give is making good results on the other side as all people will experience “shortly”.

Saving the world from “swallowing” cities of the size of Saint Petersburg – and the Pope knows about my arrival

Finally, today I attended a new service of Den Gyldne Cirkel through the webradio of Selvet, which “cannot be overvalued” and I decided to write down this information given to me:

First I saw my grave as the grave of a king on a cemetery with a metal plate in front of it, which is almost clean and shining much. I have still not woken up as my new self!

Then I was shown the city of Saint Petersburg and my self as an unstable aeroplane swaying from one side to the other and I was told that “we could have taken cities with us, which is what the sink holes showed”, and what this is about is that if I had not been strong enough to take darkness on me, sink holes of an unprecedented size would have opened and swallowed entire cities of the size of Saint Petersburg killing millions of people. This is what I saved you from, first from termination and then from this, which would have made the world believe that the end of the world would have come even if the world had been saved. This is the meaning of continuing all the way to the end.

In 2007 a huge sink hole opened up in Guatamala City soaking down much material – this is what I saved cities of the size of Saint Petersburg all over the world from falling into

I was told that “you are not Christ yet, but you are just underneath the surface, which we show you now”, and I was first shown myself as a dark figure walking up MANY stairs underneath the ground to reach the surface and then I saw a triangle in a warm yellow colour with a blue pattern inside of it with the triangle symbolising the Trinity, the yellow our New Universe and the blue my true self.

I was shown the Source being a large boat with a rope connection to me as a worn out row boat sailing behind with the edges of my boat dangerously close to the surface of the water, but still only a tiny bit of water enters the boat, which could have been plenty more, which is another picture of what we did to save the world from as much suffering as possible.

I saw an old luxury flat with bourdeaux colour on the wall, white French doors and genuine carpets being installed and I was told that ”we are creating the finest we have ever created thanks to you and me while alive” and while I was doing this meditation I was still receiving the worst constant pressure and attempts to take me over from the darkness, which is really only showing that we are continuing creation.

I saw a Galion on the wall being painted out with white colour and later red fireworks burning at a smaller area of one of the audience stands at a football stadium and I was told that today “only a small part of mankind would go under” and that is if I was to give up.

I felt my old friend Jack and heard the words ”thank you Jack for being there” and I was given red flowers underneath the rotor of a lifting helicopter, and Jack is really helping to LIFT ME UP, which you know Jack is STILL my favourite music of all – from friend to friend – and that is from Jeff the man of Electric Light Orchestra – and I still remember Elijah’s happy and dancing children when hearing this song in Kenya in 2009 – please send my best regards, Elijah :-).

I was told that my mother’s radio ear plug it not installed properly because you have to want it before you can listen to spiritual messages and I was given a question mark and we know in my case it was not necessary but maybe a positive will would help the development of my mother?

I was shown the Pope looking out from his balcony over the Saint Peter’ Square – a lot of Saint Peter at the moment and this is the man you have to pass when entering HEAVEN you know and that is to show a clean heart 🙂 – and I was shown himself and the building as a giant Galion and I heard an imitation of him “well, has he arrived, yes Stig is his name, I will talk about him when the world will know of him” and this is what is WRONG, my dear Benedict, because you should really have decided to help me by telling the world of my arrival, but you did not have the courage after all?

I was shown two halves which have been cut over and turned around and now almost connected again, and I was told that we are now finishing this work too and that it is not quite close yet, but almost – and this is about turning around the world.

I saw a GIANT crane lifting me down to the yard of Falck in Lyngby and shown that each employee has received a pipe of scrap and I was told that the sufferings of these people have helped me immensely to save millions of lives on Earth – and this is truly what you can be proud of, my dear Falck employees.

And finally I felt an incredible amount of light around me and I felt all individual beings inside of this light and the feeling of myself and I was told “we are here, but you have not arrived yet” and that is because I have decided to stay suffering as my old self to finish my work and this was nice to experience and also somewhat hard because it takes much to chose the road of suffering instead of coming inside the warmth and happiness of the light, but you know this is “one time only” so I better do this as good as possible so afterwards I will be able to look back – not in anger, Oasis even though it is truly an AMAZING song – with the feeling “I did my absolutely best and gave all I had inside of me” and the truth is that I still have more to give, so we are not finished yet!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 09.10 and ended my script of today including the last chapters of yesterday (from the Gade/Lin Dan chapter) at 11.50, I did the meditation, update on the scripts, saw badminton for a little more than one hour, washed my clothes and continued to do the mandatory two applications of the week, which today was for a job at the Prime Minister’s office – maybe Lars would like to employ me if only he could (?) – and as director for the quality food company Meyer-Gruppen, which I like much and sending my regards to the founder, the chef Claus Meyer and thinking of NORMAL LIFE when I made the application. And again, you can find the “applications” at my library, and finally at 17.00 I decided to call it a day, and we know the darkness has both been weak and for some hours also incredible strong balancing on my edge of giving up, which is truly as disgusting as it gets, and now I am excited to see if Arnauld and the CEO of the Commune will return to work tomorrow to find my memo on Falck and see how much extra darkness and suffering this will bring.
  • During the morning, when I was still fighting tiredness and impatience, I was still constantly given Nazi feelings inside of me – dreadful (!) – which is my alternative to let the world instead of me bleed if I should decide to give up writing the last piece of my website, but when have you ever seen me give up (?) and not today either and we know still thinking that the side of me wanting to relax and give up to CONSTANT PRESSURE OF THE DARKNESS UPON ME is VERY STRONG too as it has been all of my life, but I will NOT give in knowing what this is about!
  • Today was the final of giants when Lin Dan was facing Lee Chong Wei in the world cup badminton final and one player is truly better than the other at a level, which I don’t believe the badminton world has ever seen before, and in the first set they did one of these both totally incredible and impossible duels making the commentator say “this is nothing less than fantastic” and I felt the spirit of my mother from the hall and the commentator said that “the world cup GOLD is in play”, and later in the set they did an even more incredible and impossible duel, which only these two can do, which made the commentator said “are you completely crazy” and we know not really but people believing that I am are helping to bring forward more of the remaining darkness herewith improving our creation of the new world with the goal this to become at the same level of these two players, therefore – and really to give all people the same experience as the audience did at the absolute end of this the most unique badminton play and match I have ever seen, when they stood up making the commentator say “thousands are standing up in wild celebration of what they see” and we know Lin Dan finally won – congratulations – and afterwards the commentator said “this is wild, this is insane” and we know IT IS COMPLETELY WILD – as someone said on Danish TV in the 1990’s (!) – so I will here bring what may be no. 2 song on my list of favourite songs of all time and that is THE WILD ONES by Suede and we know we will continue “running with the dogs” also today, tomorrow and the day afterwards until there are no dogs left :-).
  • An old thought: What is going to get me through with the Falck memo is that Falck knows that I like them much, I know that they like me and this is what you can read from my memo as well and we know who wants to persecute their friend telling the truth (?), who furthermore just “may” be the one he claims :-).
  • This evening the darkness was so strong again that I was thinking about for how long I can keep going, if it will be for hours or days only and still my aim is to keep on all the way till the end of my work, which may be 1-2 months from now or even longer – and I don’t know if I am kept deliberately on the edge or if I am really on the edge of breaking down and converting into my new self, but we know still carrying on is what we are.
  • I have received the word “poisonous” from “inspired” TV/radio the last couple of days and wonder if this is connected to the Commune/Falck?


15th August: The rich world are the TRUE KILLERS of catastrophes of the world as the Horn of Africa

Dreaming that the rich world are the TRUE KILLERS of catastrophes of the world as the Horn of Africa

Yet another night and another day continuing work with continuing darkness and NO LIFE worth living other than to fight for our future life and this is the only thing holding me up, so yet another new script here with some new dreams:

  • I had some dreams “impossible” to remember with one being about Facebook, which is controlled by the secret government of USA and we know HOW ARE YOU DOING over there (?) and when do you think it would be appropriate to lift your censorship (?) and what about NOW?
  • I woke up to “I’m a believer” – another TRULY FANTASTIC song by Neil – and wondering who it is having started believing in me.
  • Something about being in a holiday cottage where old people with sticks receive money back, and I ask the owner if he will consider renting the house out for me, which he accepts, however I see how Inge S. – a friend of my mother – is speaking negatively about me behind my back, which makes the owner start reconsidering the promise to rent the house to me, and I believe that people speaking behind my back is the worst discrimination, which exists.
    • Something about more energy, i.e. money, coming and it is difficult to enter my home when friends of my mother speaks behind me, and in real life it is almost impossible for people to sell holiday cottages so maybe I can rent one of these?
    • And Inge S. has from time to time been a visitor to my website – you are still living in Snekkersten (!) – but you have not been “able” to really read and understand???
  • I am walking in the center of Copenhagen and decide to walk towards Tivoli Brasserie, which my mother says is a beautiful place, and when I enter I am surprised to see that this very beautiful bar is located and sailing on water, I meet Keld – Fuggi’s brother – there together with friends, and he has decided that he will give an additional amount of money to people in need corresponding to all that he spends on drinks for him self, which he does when he leaves, which means that my drink becomes free, and later I see an email, which Charlotte (from the sales department of Fair) has sent to Keld reminding him to send one month of this money to her because she is the person the most in need – not “understanding” that I am in a worse situation than her – and she also speaks badly about me in this email.
    • The bar is the home of God, i.e. my home, and it is on water because of my suffering, in this dream Keld gives to poor people what he spends on entertainment himself – he has been to Thailand this summer probably with his Thai wife and child, which was not cheap, Keld (?), and if you had decided to spend the same amount on poor people for example in Africa, do you know how many people you could have saved from dying (?), and how much “pleasure” and “entertainment” does it give you that you are responsible for children dying while having drinks yourself on your holiday to Thailand (?) as a picture of the guilt of the whole rich world, who ARE THE TRUE KILLERS creating darkness to catastrophes as the drought in Africa and before that in Japan, Pakistan and Haiti as examples – when will you ever learn and change, and we know PLEASE MAKE THAT CHANGE!
  • Obama is visiting me in my old apartment in Hørsholm, he tells me that he likes typical American movies and not Monty Python as I do, and something about old Beatles and Rolling Stones ’45 singles, which play in a poor quality, Obama plays the guitar and sings in my apartment and afterwards he helps me drying the cups I have washed, and I am amazed about his variety of talents, which are different to mine. He is going to have political meetings with the Danish Prime Minister this morning, afterwards he will go to Portugal and he tells the Danish PM that he will return to Denmark for three days in November. I am at the same office as Obama working, and I cannot keep awake, which Obama knows. I meet a Finn in a very narrow hall, he asks me to help mending his punctured bicycle but I am disrupted when I cannot keep flying in this narrow hall because of people not believing in me and speaking badly about me.
    • I am Obama and Obama is me (!) but still we have been given different talents and interests in life; when he plays the guitar, he is also doing CREATION together with me – helping to bring the energy to our “inner self” – and singing is to CREATE WITH ALL OF OUR LOVE TO MAN, the old 45’ singles are to say that “we are not alone” because we are also helped by our old selves from previous Universes – thank you :-). And the dream speaks about the continuous communication between Obama and Lars Løkke, the debt crisis of Portugal, and also that Obama and the world know about my TIREDNESS and difficulties working, i.e. flying, because of lack of faith in me, and still you have not yet published my arrival to the world and I wonder how long it will take you doing what is right to do, and G’day mate, how are you doing in Australia (?) and we know Stig, things take time and I wonder how long it takes for a single person to take a decision simply writing me an email saying “we support you and read your scripts” and to send this to the media as well and how difficult can it be?
  • I am buying an ice cream at “Strøget” in Copenhagen, I give what I believe is a 20 DKK coin, but the assistant says that it is only a 10 DKK and I need to pay 5 DKK more, which I do. Afterwards I see an underground stream going through “Strøget”, which is bigger than what you should think, I follow it inside Café Asbæk and crawl through impossible to crawl through small metal bows to follow it and I see that it continues out on the other side of the building and Strøget, where there is only a field, but I am not able to go out there and I walk right back – almost on the wings of love, Jørgen and Noller :-).
    • More suffering is coming, which is draining my energy, which is both what the ice cream and the stream are symbolising, but it is leading my directly inside the café because of the creation this brings where coffee is warm feelings and LOVE and that is what the Brothers Olsen are also about. The darkness is not strong enough from moving me from this street of our New Universe, which will bring normal life for everyone.
    • In some of these dreams I was also given various ladies of temptation, which was not nice to experience but yet another symbol of creation.
  • I see Uffe Ellemann speaking about Obama in Denmark, who did everything he could to reach a result at a conference and I saw his car following a train almost pushing the air out of it, but he did not make the result.
    • This may be about the “result” of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009, which was not as Obama would have liked to see and we know the only reason why we survived this climate threat of the world was because I as God accepted the “small progress”, which was made at the conference and maybe you will understand in time to come of the importance of this meeting, where “politicians” could not bend away from TALK, TALK and TALK and show their frustration and negative feelings instead of being responsible and TRULY work for a result.
  • I am at a dinner speaking with Michelle Obama after having witnessed earlier in the day how young U.S. men – feels like soldiers – have been “streamlined” making them “identical”, “anonymous” and boring and when I saw them being interviewed by superiors (!), their answers had been prepared in forehand, which made me fall asleep, and I tell Michelle that I have just written an essay of this with the message of how important it is to tell the truth, which we do in Denmark, which I don’t see in the U.S. and UK, and I also tell her that my middle piece of a letter, which Obama has started is now ready, and that Obama can now finish the letter.
    • Discipline is fine, but it does NOT mean to wash out the unique identity of people but to nourish this to make the world with all people HAPPY, and my message to Obama here is really to say that I am in the process of ending my website and I do believe that the edit of the front page of it, which I will continue doing today is the most important of the work I have to do and from here the rest will only be details but the main skeleton of my work is done, so I can only encourage you to finish your job too and tell the world about our New World Order coming whenever you are ready :-).
  • I have booked a flight to France tomorrow, and I am later told that this flight is a special flight, which has been reserved only to carry one man, which makes me wonder and also think about how I can get on it anyhow, I am a black man being together with a white man and as inspiration I put a small digital display on my shirt pocket and put a badge on it too making me look “official” and I ask the white man to say that I am on his payroll – meaning that I belong to him – and that I am going on that plane. The next day at 12.00, I am at the airport, the luggage has been loaded and the plane will lift in half an hour, we will be in Paris for two days and I am told that a rental car has already been reserved and when I look in my wallet I find a hotel room key, which I forgot to return at my previous visit “the other day”.
    • The feeling is that this is an important flight, which is about the movement of the world, i.e. the luggage, and I wonder if the passengers – this is one of your TRUE PEARLS Bono & Co. 🙂 – are Obama and myself and when we are one, there is nothing about one being above the other, but we have been given different responsibilities and when we will meet and grow in strength, this will probably change but for the time being, Obama is handling the world and I am writing about the design of our future.
    • Years back I had MANY dreams of aeroplanes being impossible to control, which kept crashing, and this was the world we had to save in order to land it safely at our New Universe.

Receiving a nice email from David 🙂

Late this afternoon I was happy to receive this short email from David, and also happy to hear that you have become better. Thank you so much for continuing to fight together with me, David, abandoned by the rich world (!) – and I am glad to hear that John is alive and if you wanted to help me even more, John, you could follow the example of David and write me a short email too if you do not have energy or money to do more. Take care, David and all my best for your dear ones – when will your girlfriend return to Kenya and do you keep in contact with her?

Here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I am fine today and much delighted to write to you.

I have been passing through some challenging times and have not been near a computer for some time. I am stronger now and hope to be fine and write longer soon.

I saw John today and he is fine. I have not seen Elijah or Meshack today but I hope to see them hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you and good day.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • We have had much rain the last days again again (!) and during the night we had “almost” a new cloudburst giving MUCH water and “sufferings” of people for example when they were completely stuck in traffic and this is an example of how the darkness is also deflected as I was told this morning and also of course to say that much darkness is coming my way these days. And in fact the rain was so plentiful that the “weather lady” at the Danish P4 radio this morning was INSPIRED to say that she would much rather be in EGYPT, which made the host say “EGYYYPTEN” in the special way Preben from Linie 3 said many years ago when acting as the Queen of Denmark – for example after 02:40 minutes here – and we know which was INSPIRATION given about my ARRIVAL TOO and one day Preben it will truly be “SKØNT AT VÆRE DRONNING” (“marvellous to be the Queen”) :-).
  • Let me also say to make complete that for a couple of weeks I have received maybe 10-20 times per day what I will call for a “curl” in the stomach, which is VERY unpleasant and the feeling of “potentially more to come”, but I decided that this is just a new variant coming from the darkness, which I don’t want to make me scared.
  • I took a long bath this morning and started working at 09.35 again without patience and any motivation and as usual saying that “keeping on” is the only way to come into my rhythm, and I had a blurred vision too which made it take longer to work, so first by 12.00 I was finished with the script of today. I continued working all afternoon on much updated new chapters for the front page of my website on showing a clean heart to enter our New World – still not easy to do when having a blurred vision and darkness all around me (!) – and we know I could decide to do this quickly too as so many do, but I have decided to do my best to make it as easy to understand for people – and I was in the process of doing the first edit today becoming happy with my work again, which is really the criteria to save the world from going through more sufferings than necessary, and I will probably publish these chapters on my website tomorrow – and by 17.20 I had published the last three days of scripts and yet again with the wish for people to understand the whole of my scripts and the importance of these, Jesper (?), instead of focusing on what I write about you. Please focus on the HIGHER MEANING, which will also help easing your “suffering”.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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