August 18, 2011: If more than half do not enter our New World, it will not be strong enough and it will terminate


Summary of the script today

16th August: Is Falck planning to chase me because of “defamation”, but who did really “defame” whom?

  • Dreaming of a “special friend” making me devastated when wanting to be girlfriend with me and still she wants to continue working as a prostitute, which really is a dream about STRONG CREATION given to me by the spirit of my mother after the survival of yet another previous Universe yesterday evening, Falck planning to chase me because of “defamation” – who defamed whom, was it me telling the truth about you or you when misusing me as your slave worker (?), thinking that I am doing the most important work/creation of what is left, which might not be entirely true, we have changed to a new game and the game has become so difficult that only the absolutely best can attend but still carrying on we are.
  • Finally today I finished and updated my front page of my website with the update of how to show a clean heart including much new information, which I also bring in the script of today.

17th August: I am approaching “the final battle of one man alone facing the world”

  • Dreaming of being totally alone without energy and people, which makes me SAD, approaching “the final battle of one man alone facing the world”, Obama is doing everything he can to speak sense about the economy but it is “impossible” to get the message through to the world (!), the political “system” of the world of today is the worst bureaucrazy and in-efficiency with ministers keep on talking without achieving much, if my family had decided to understand me and declare their faith in me, creation would have finished a long time ago also removing my extreme sufferings, leading politicians of the world does not have the “time” to read and follow me (!!!), the U.S military and secret government does not understand from where I receive information because you only “skim” my writings (?), Obama is as I thinking of people worshipping the Golden Calf when living in sin without God in their lives, it is time for the “secret operations” of the Devil using manmade UFO’s, brainwash of people etc. as part of their plans to rule the world TO GIVE UP – you lost the fight, so you might as well JOIN ME and a story explaining that I am transmitting spiritual stories reflecting the world as it is today where you never really know what is the truth and what is not.

18th August: If more than half do not enter our New World before 2016, it will not be strong enough and it will terminate

I had one of those ”impossible” nights of meditation where I first dreamt about a man being killed after falling out from an aquarium turning upside down on a ship but a mouse stunningly survived, which was about my risk of – and all of the world – dying when turning the world around. I received MANY messages with some of them being:

  • Turning the world around is similar to turning around a tooth with its root without anything happening to the tooth or the jaw. No one from the physical world have seen or heard about this, but still this is “decisive for our survival”.
  • I turned around the world without harming the world – it could have killed all of us or a large part – and I was told that I could not do this without deciding the Source not to be the darkness, without continuing to reject STRONG darkness thousands of times, without the suffering of Falck, without being seen as “completely sane” by Falck and doing truly impossible work for them and without being lonely once again.
  • We have now tied a string around the world, are doing the new base and from now we will at the most do some adjustments one way or another, but there will be no explosions as we were forced to do in the process on the way.
  • How will the world react to me? Will they follow me or reject me, which will make our New World go under? I will become my “new self” no matter what and our absolutely biggest challenge of all will come, which is how we will get all of the world with us. This is also why it is VERY important that Obama will get re-elected as the U.S. President in 2012.
  • “If we don’t get enough people with us before the end of 2015 making us see an exit in 2016 – more than half of all with us – the New World will not be strong enough and we will not make it”.

During the night I also received information and dreams with these messages:

  • Please understand that when surfing the Internet in Lyngby, I have in very few situations WITHOUT wanting it seen “sexuality”, which I have not really seen anyway because I have instantly closed my eyes and removed it from my screen.
  • The job applications I have been “forced” to make by the Commune, had been made with my “left hand” very quickly to show you what NOT to do in the future. If some of these “applications” say that I have professional competences, which I do not, it is UNINTENTIONAL from my side. Please focus on my BASIC WORKING RULES and NOT these “applications” because they simply “had to be done” against my wish and motivation.
  • A spiritual communication channel with God will open for each individual human being helping everyone to enter our New World by providing advice and to give an individual and tailor-made road to show the required clean heart.


16th August: Is Falck planning to chase me because of “defamation”, but who did really “defame” whom?

Dreaming of Falck planning to chase me because of “defamation”, but who did really “defame” whom?

Sleeping and dreaming – and still sneezing – as I have for some time, today without a blurred vision and here are the dreams:

  • First I woke up hearing “feel” by Robbie Williams – a TRULY AMAZING song, Robbie, which together with “Angels” is my favourite of yours 🙂 – and the lyrics “Come on hold my hand, I wanna contact the living” and the lyrics following really speaks well of my life at the moment “Not sure I understand, This role I’ve been given. I sit and talk to God, And he just laughs at my plans, My head speaks a language, I don’t understand. I just wanna feel real love, Feel the home that I live in” and LOVE is more than anything what I miss at this life as my “old self”, but just maybe it is coming and I am receiving very BIG SMILES here :-).

  • A special lady would like to be girlfriend with me but she believes that she cannot do without sex and money from other men. I am together with her one day, and it makes me devastated knowing that she will be together with other men when I have left, which she however does not understand. At a nightclub she tries to make an agreement called “Top Gear” with the two daily leaders, which is about giving her “clients”, but the top manager says no, which makes her go down on “Strøget” where she sees street sellers of fruit, who are the subsuppliers of clients for the nightclub, whom she considers making an agreement with.
    • This is about my good old “friend”, whom I here will call “mm“ and really the spirit of my mother acting as her, and just saying how strong CREATION was yesterday evening when another previous Universe was saved for an eternity, when I was given IMMENSE DARKNESS and here temptations of a sexual kind, which was above my limit, and then a new elephant – an Old Source with his Universe – was coming to me, which made me happy thinking that “this is the result of going through unbearable suffering”, but still it is more than difficult to be on the edge not knowing for how many hours or days I can continue doing this.
    • This is also to say that people who have lived a “wrong” life in sin may find it very difficult to find back to the RIGHT way to realise that it is wrong to be a prostitute as example, and this is where the help of others are important. Please help all to understand and to re-establish their natural feelings from when they were born.
    • I was given a well known song by Michael Falch and lyrics sounding like “giv mig dit hjerte” (“give me your heart”), and I felt that it is Falck giving me so strong darkness that I am experiencing these sufferings but more importantly that we saved another previous Universe.
    • Afterwards I was given new short dreams about this “special lady” trying to sell her self again and again, and I saw myself being trapped inside Falck’s garage where it is almost impossible to get out from because of cars blocking me, and is Falck thinking of “chasing” me because of defamation (?) and is that because it is not nice for your “feelings” that I have written the truth about you being selfish and small-minded (?) and “of course I am not allowed to do that”, Jesper (?), and therefore you have decided to try “make” me move my “uncomfortable” writings on you from the Internet without understanding that you don’t stand a chance because even if you should succeed doing this at one place, I will keep uploading my information if necessary to hundreds of places on the Internet, and this information will continue to be downloaded and shared among people, which is FREEDOM you cannot stop, so you might as well give up, and would you really like to draw even more attention to you and your WRONG DOINGS (?) because if you will try to “scare” me and “run me down”, I will write about it to inform the world, and essentially if this is what you want to do, it shows in itself how small-minded you are focusing on your own small egos without understanding the “big picture”, and do you remember who “blamed” your employees from not understanding the whole and do you recognise yourself (?) and just wondering I am – and also thinking about who really defamed whom, was it me when telling the truth about you or you when misusing me as your slave worker?
    • I was also given “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” by Elton John.
  • I am in a supermarket Saturday before closing hours, I have a tray of meat with me from yesterday, and I see that there is only one tray of meat left on sale in the supermarket, which is also from yesterday, which nobody wants to buy because it does not look good, but the supermarket has lots of spices and peanuts. On my way to another supermarket, I walk outside on the cold street with many people and I am surprised to see a fox running around in the city without being scared of people and I see an old favourite radio store of mine, which I decide to visit, and when I enter I am surprised to see that they only have small and cheap all-in-one stereo systems left on sale, and in the hall I see that they have many floor-standing coffee automats on sale, they are half price and of the kinds giving you “standard coffee” of not the best quality, which you will find at canteens and cafeterias, and I see two men trying to get a cup of coffee from one of them, which seems like impossible to do and in their efforts they are pushing me and I ask them if they are working express to take out espresso coffee, which makes the smile. I continue on my road and the next store I visit is a baker, where I would like a cheap bar of Danish pastry, but the man sits down and would like to sell me both two bars and also two cream cakes, which however do not look nice, and when he tries to give me an offer of a total price, it takes him forever, and before he finish, I decide to buy one bar and I also get a cup of coffee by mistake, which is of poor quality.
    • Meat should be “money”, which is to say that I am out of money and also energy, the cold street and the fox is the darkness around me, the radio store is telling what I believe myself is the case because I have told myself that I am now finishing the most important work of the work I have left on my website herewith also thinking that the most important of the last part of creation – collecting previous Universes for example – is about to be done, which is what the lack of stereo systems of good quality shows, but still the coffee is of poor quality, which may tell me that this is not entirely true because here I am only given “standard feelings”, which again is the case at the baker where I decide for only one and not four cakes – my old nightmare connected to creation itself – and all I can say is that I will continue doing my best and to find the BEST BALANCE, which this is about and that is as long as I can do my best and if there are more previous Universes and other important information we can find and bring with us, this is what we will do because my goal is still 100% – please do your best to find everything fitting with my plans of work in physical life (!) – and nothing less and this goes to my mother and father on the spiritual side :-).
  • At a youth club I see two teenagers standing in front of a very fine and modern bench including both a game computer and a stereo and I see them changing game, I have moved around the units of my stereo bench and Jack has my DVD for repair, which I am looking forward to get back.
    • It seems that the game is changing, is this because of Falck or my own attitude of work (?) and the stereo system is only of standard quality, which may be connected with my decision not to go in “extreme detail” when I will finalise for example my signs III and IV web pages and really because I believe I have written the main messages of these pages, but I do believe I still have quite some work to do on these pages, but I will not “kill” myself doing it and I am maintaining my decision because I am looking for the right balance – and I also see this dream to give you an understanding of the extreme pressure I am given in relation to many of my decisions – trying to challenge me on everything and my confidence in my self – and just to decide on the number of working hours per day after stopping at Falck caused a LOT of resistance, and really saying that I will do what I find is the best way of working and so it is.
  • I see two professional golfers finishing the 18th hole of a tournament, one is doing an impossible stroke from the sand and the other from mud and still they do fantastic strokes and their balls fall in the hole. I see qualification matches for a big tournament next week where only the absolutely best will attend.
    • This is how difficult the game has become, but still carrying on we are.

I am still given examples of “strange phenomenons” on my website because of the feelings of Falck – this morning the video of Peter Gade from yesterday had replaced the small video of Michael Jackson at the right column of my website

Later, Michael “mysteriously” returned to his place, thank you “mother” and that is the spiritual one for doing this 🙂

Updating my website on how to show a clean heart:

Finally today I finished and updated the front page of my website with the update of how to show a clean heart including much new information given to me since writing the website originally, and I bring here the update too:

Show a clean heart to enter our New World and a New Life of ETERNAL JOY without evil :-).

Please follow me to our New World

My mission is to save the world and to bring all children “home” to God to live a New LIFE OF ETERNAL JOY AND HAPPINESS inside our New World.

I can tell you very clearly that I have absolutely no intentions to leave out one single being from following me. I will continue fighting until the end to bring each and everyone of you with me to a new and much better life for all.

I am HAPPY to say that everyone will be able to enter our New World following the sufferings of mankind and the sufferings of my own life as a consequence of the sins of mankind for centuries, which were necessary to come through to overcome the Judgment and to end the darkness in order to bring mankind its final redemption.

If I had not taken on the burden of your sins, the old world would have collapsed/broken down without the creation of a New World herewith terminating all life and bringing a new Big Bang as the consequence. This was your Judgment. You decided to live a sinful life, which would have terminated you all if I had not saved you!

Now I kindly ask everyone to do what is right, which is to correct the errors of the old world, to show a clean heart as you can read from this chapter and to help everyone to show a clean heart as the requirement to enter our New World before the end of 2016, which is the time limit I have given the world before I will end the old world, which is only kept going because of my determination, otherwise it would have ended already years ago.

All human beings consist of both a physical and a spiritual self as your “soul”

When speaking of “our world”, it is more correct to speak of the world consisting of both a physical and a spiritual world, where all living beings are made up as a combination of a physical and a spiritual self (your “soul”) with your spiritual self creating all thoughts and feelings of your physical self!

This is how life was created on “both sides” of the darkness of nothing, from where the Source inside of me originally succeeded to create life itself through an “abnormality” of the darkness the same way as a foreign body inside an oyster creates a beautiful pearl.

Since creation of life, the darkness has constantly tried to “restore” the normal condition of nothing, which ultimately would lead to a new Big Bang unless we managed to tame this destructive force and change it into “everything” of a New Universe consisting of light only without the force of darkness.

All living souls have already been reborn in our New Universe – there are NO souls remaining in the old world!

I was born with the purpose to create the New Universe of light and to bring all living beings with me, and this Universe has been under preparation all of my life culminating with the Jerusalem UFO in January 2011 creating a gateway between our physical Universe and the Source inside of me to where all living souls/energies were transferred – ending the life of each individual soul (!) – in continuation of the Easter 2011 with the goal to fight the final “showdown” between all light and darkness with the light now consisting of the two spiritual beings inside of me only (the Source and the spirit of my mother), and to close down the Source of darkness to end all evil for an eternity through the creation of the New Universe.

For a matter of days the world was yet again hanging in a thin lifeline as you can read from my daily scipts telling you the story as it happened. As mentioned, all spiritual beings of the old world returned to God with the spirit of my mother and for days these were the two only spiritual beings alive until I as a psysical being – with the use of my outmost will power – managed to overcome the force of the darkness making it possible for my inner selves to CREATE OUR NEW WORLD and a few days after to give rebirth to EVERY SINGLE SOUL now inside of our NEW WORLD.

I was stronger than the darkness also herewith succeeding to switch off the Source of darkness. All existing light of the old world including new light created from darkness of this the final showdown as “raw material” has been used to create our perfect, New Universe, which is now waiting to evolve into physical life, when first mankind – followed by the Universe – will show a clean heart as the admission criteria. This is the true story of events and the logic, which I hope will be apparent for everyone.

As per August 2011, the world is continuing to go through sufferings partly because of “poor habits” of mankind – you have become used to live wrongly based upon the old world order including “money speculation” and “crazy debts” (!), crime, war, poor behaviour and work moral, wrong sexual behaviour etc. – and partly because of some remaining darkness from this showdown leading man into temptation, which however now is becoming extinct when it is converted into light of our New World.

As my “new self”, I have been created as everything of our New Universe making me not only the Son of God, but God self alive as a human being

As creators of our New World, the Source and the spirit of my mother are the creators (“parents”) of all life; they have decided to create the New World on basis of the decisions of my writings – separating WRONG from GOOD – when working as a mere human being as my “old self”, and I have been created as my “new self” as the sum of everything consisting of:

  • My revived soul as my TRUE self, the Son of God, who used to be known as Jesus and before that Moses! I was terminated 2,000 years ago and have been located by the Source and the spirit of my mother as “bits and pieces” inside the darkness.
  • The Source self and the spirit of my mother.
  • The Holy Spirit of our New World consisting as “layer upon layer” of all life.
  • The rebirth of all individual, spiritual beings – and all matter.
  • The rebirth of all beings of previous Universes, who were terminated in previous Big Bangs, when their light was not stronger than darkness. All of these living beings are “duplicates” of all living beings of this Universe, and they have been united with your spiritual beings, whom you will reconnect with when entering our New World.

In other words, my “new self” has been created to BE everything, which means that in my new life, I am not only the Son of God, but the living God self including all individual life as part of me.

As part of our continuous evolution, we are moving towards a life where your spiritual and physical beings will be united as ONE being inside of our future physical world. After the extinction of darkness, there is no need to keep both a physical and spiritual world artificially working as one.

You have been separated from your individual soul, until you will become reconnected when showing a clean heart and entering our New World

As my “old self” – the human being of the Source and the spirit of my mother – I am the last man standing of our old Universe. All spiritual beings have been reborn inside our New Universe waiting to reconnect with their physical counterparts when you will show a clean heart and physically enter our New World.

Until then, you are still part of the old world, which means that you have been separated from your individual soul and before your change-over to our New World, you are living as I have lived my own entire life, which is a life “without an individual soul”. Your soul left you imperceptible and until you will reconnect also imperceptible inside our New World, you are being kept alive as a “hybrid human being” by the Source and the spirit of my mother – the same way as I – also meaning that everyone today IS the Source and the spirit of my mother still with a free will to do as you decide as a physical being 🙂.

Until everyone – with no exceptions (!) – have entered our New Universe, I will continue to be both my old and new selves, i.e. the old and New Universe. People, who theoretically have not showed a clean heart before the end of 2016, will cease to exist, when I will close down our old Universe.

This is in theory about separating the sheeps from the goats with the difference being that EVERYONE will “inherit the Kingdom” I have prepared for all of you – how could I not invite everyone and do my best to make sure that all of you will follow me?

The requirements to show a clean heart in order to enter our New World

You will enter our New World – or “the Kingdom of God” – when you have showed a “clean heart”, which is to change your conception of life, improve your behaviour and work, your moral and habits, by fulfilling the requirements mentioned below, and to do this before the end of 2016.

It should be a form case for everyone to enter and “only” a matter of changing your habits after the extinction of all darkness of the world, which no longer will lead you in temptation. When people enter our New Universe on basis of good habits, values and behaviour, it will strengthen the world itself to keep these values and behaviour as the foundation for continuous improvement for an eternity.

The following are the requirements for everyone – no exceptions other than “due considerations” to people disabled in different degrees because of sicknesses, handicaps and age – to follow, and when you have fulfilled these, you will automatically receive access to our New World and receive confirmation hereof through spiritual communication, which you cannot misunderstand.

  • Help people to receive a “Normal Life” – for “rich people” to help “poor people” receiving a “normal life” in material terms and for “poor people” to help “rich people” receiving a “normal life” in terms of humanity – and the world a New World Order.
  • Restore your faith in God through careful reading of my scripts/books and website, which applies for all literate people of the age of 15 years and above, and through teachings for everyone at all kinds of buildings designed for worship, public places and homes preferably as two way dialogues between groups of people herewith activating all.
  • Repent your sins: Think carefully of the wrong doings of your life including your working life, confess and repent your sins, excuse your actions towards any “victims” whenever possible, promise that you will not sin again and keep your promise, which is a process I have gone through myself (included in my book 2). If you have committed crimes violating the laws of your country, you will not need to report yourself to receive punishment. All people will be pardoned when entering our New World.
  • Stop addiction to alcohol/gambling and ALL consumption of drugs and tobacco – as I did myself as a “strong misuser” in the autumn of 2009 (see book 2) – and eventually also of medicine when you have been cured from any diseases and defects, which you may suffer from. I ask the community to do EVERYTHING needed to help people who cannot get out of addiction themselves, which may include to impose disciplinary actions and remove the freedom of people for a period time until they have become “clean“.

* The old rule “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy” is replaced by the new “golden rule of life”: “Work five days per week, work 1/3, leisure 1/3 and sleep 1/3 as a rule of guidance, which also gives you the opportunity to divide your actual number of working hours throughout the seven days of the week. The rule “you shall not kill” also includes “unborn children”. You are free to use all birth control techniques in our New World to prevent fertilization, which potentially will not harm you, which includes condoms etc. and excludes sterilization, pills/tablets etc.

The Spirit of my Mother gave this message of purification, which naturally belongs here, to Mirjana at Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina, July 2, 2011:

“Dear children; today I call you to a difficult and painful step for your unity with my Son. I call you to complete admission and confession of sins, to purification. An impure heart cannot be in my Son and with my Son. An impure heart cannot give the fruit of love and unity. An impure heart cannot do correct and just things; it is not an example of the beauty of God’s love to those who surround it and to those who have not come to know that love. You, my children, are gathering around me full of enthusiasm, desires and expectations, and I implore the Good Father to, through the Holy Spirit, put my Son – faith, into your purified hearts. My children, obey me, set out with me. As Our Lady was leaving, to her left she showed darkness and to her right a Cross in golden light.”.

At the New Universe, you will receive a New Life of FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS

When reconnecting with your soul – including your souls of previous Universes – to become your new self inside our New Universe you will instantly discover the gift of your New Life when you will feel that everything inside of you has changed when you will no longer be given any negative feelings and desires.

In the old world, everything has a contrast, which can either make you smile or frown, be happy or unhappy, which is what will change with our New World because the foundation of life itself changes with the removal of darkness leaving out all negativity and keeping and reinforcing everything positive.

In the old world you can be given feelings and desires on a scale from minus 100 to plus 100 with everything below zero being different degrees of negativity and everything above different degrees of positivity. In our New World, the new scale consists of positivity only going from just above zero all the way to 100, which can make you feel “neutral”, “positive” or “very positive” about something or someone without ever again becoming “negative”. The New World will become as wine with cheap table wine scoring low on the scale, but still positive, “average” wine scoring at the middle of the scale all the way to the finest, sublime Burgundy wine for example achieving 100 points on the scale.

In the New World you will find a New Life without these characteristics of the darkness of the old world:

  • No poor behaviour or work moral and no ugly language.
  • No unreasonable, selfish, uncaring and better-knowing people.
  • No negative and uncontrollable feelings, no hate, angriness or sadness.
  • No lies, slander, people misunderstanding and only hearing themselves.
  • No deceits, broken promises or agreements.
  • No unfaithfulness, jealousy nor sexual frustrations including homosexuality.
  • No feelings of being impatient, tired, indisposed or lazy.
  • No feelings of being superiour or inferior or under-/overvaluing others.
  • No fear, shyness nor nervousness.
  • No feelings of being content with stagnation and resisting development.
  • No distaste for people, work, food, music etc.
  • No depressions and unhappiness.

In your New Life you will feel as in a constant state of JOY and HAPPINESS because you will FEEL FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, liberated from the darkness/evil, which has kept ALL people down for an eternity up to now – giving you the urge to celebrate in Champagne 🙂.

You will feel as populations felt after the liberation from World War II, as Germany did in 1989 with the end of the Wall and Communism, as populations do when liberated from dictatorship as in Egypt or when you have won the World Cup in football or another “important” sport as when India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

This is the excitement and warmth you will feel inside of yourself with all of your new good vibrations spreading to your family, friends, all people and life/God self, whom you will feel as the purest light of your life. It will simply be impossible to be sad and unhappy, you will only be able to feel happiness and love, which is the intention of life. You will feel that you have reached the purpose of life and creation itself: A happy life without suffering and there will be no limits in the joy you will feel.

This is how happy you will become when you will be liberated from the evil of the old world when entering the FREEDOM of our New World 🙂 🙂 🙂

You will discover a whole new life with other people also on their new discovery of life, you will meet in smile and joy, you will feel a desire to be together with people, to LIVE LIFE AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN INTENDED and also to CREATE simply because of your newfound interest in and curiosity of life. You will feel as if you were given a NEW LIFE because this is what you have been given; the old world is coming to an end, we are starting all over making a NEW and MUCH BETTER life for all, where you cannot fail. You will feel vibrant of energy, receive positive thoughts and ideas, feel free, equal, a desire to raise a family, bring happiness to people and live good and “normal lives” together with people without any mental or physical poverty. ALL PEOPLE WILL BE BORN AGAIN – BORN TO BE ALIVEclip_image005[6]– and the phrase “joy of life” will receive a whole new meaning.

Celebrating people of Copenhagen after the end of World War II in 1945 – this is the vibrant energy, happiness and joy you will feel too when entering our New World

When you have entered the New World, I kindly ask you to do your best to help others to enter too, which will make it increasingly easier for everyone to enter.

A new fourth dimension will lift the sense of time and place

When we enter our New World we will also reach the fourth dimension prepared for centuries, which is the spiritual dimension, which will include the ascension of consciousness and enable you to communicate with the spiritual world. The sense of time and place will be lifted and replaced with a feeling of “being”, people will not look into the future but will “be” as part of the fourth dimension, which has to be experienced before you will be able to understand it.

With our new world, the Sun has also been “renewed” and will start shining “a new and bright light” on Earth and our new planet “Niburu”, when the time is right.

(NB: After this first publish, I did some updates to the page in the days to follow).

And finally after doing this new important chapter, which I am honestly happy about, I received confirmation about what I have done when the video of Michael Jackson now suddenly was changed into the resurrection symphony by Mahler as you can see here – and I was told at the same time that the “big creatures of darkness”, which I have been told I will meet, is about myself and my continuous “endurance” to do work, which is both physically and mentally impossible to do when feeling as I do.

My work on updating and expanding the chapters on how to show a clean heart made my spiritual mother swap Michael with the resurrection symphony – my new self is coming 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday evening I was first shown “strange weather” with an overcastted sky changing to a cloudless sky quickly and for the first time I was shown the light of my mother flying as a “star” and not an UFO – there is a big difference because normally the “star” is fixed on the sky and the UFO is shining much clearer flying towards me, but still the same craft, yousee (?) – and this “star” really looks like a star, but it is only a few hundred metres above our heads (!) and when if flew from right to left in front of me, I was shown more “stars” of the same type around it just giving me enough light to see that they are of the same type, and finally the light of my mother was switched off, and this may simply be a sign saying that I will “soon” end my life as my “old self” to become my new self and we know continuing living and working when feeling as I do, is simply “impossible” but you haven’t seen the rest of me yet because I still have work to do and it (hopefully) takes more than this to make me give in!
  • I was also HAPPY seeing 3-4 other UFO’s flying on the sky, 2-3 very visible and VERY LOW (!) in the “horizon” and one of the “normal lights” coming towards me, which had a white light to the left and a red light to the right, which was giving white blinks from it (!), and when it passed me, it turned down the light to approx. half strength for a few seconds and then showed me a vision of being a jellyfish before it turned the light back on and I was told that this is about the whole of Falck with the symbol meaning that first they have to suffer – the jellyfish or “WATERman” in Danish (“VANDmand”) – before they will see and understand the light and what they have helped me doing. And I was happy seeing these UFO’s because apart from LTO, they are the only ones supporting me and my work :-).
  • Yesterday evening I was told information about Falck of the opposite character compared to the dream of today, because I was told that with the work I am doing for my webpage, I am also removing darkness from Falck making the risk of them chasing me less and we know a part of the game because which of this information is really true?
  • I started working at 08.40 being destroyed because of tiredness and impatience and even though every minute of the day is difficult to come through, the first 1-2 hours working are still the most difficult. By 10.20 I had finished the script and continued working on the front page of my website, where I was given as strong darkness that it was almost making me stop several times to which I had to decide that “I can take this easily too” – despite of receiving these feelings of a “heavy head” and “almost fainting” with constant pressure of darkness on top – and I felt the spirit of my mother coming to me as her true self without darkness during this work and that is really because of the importance of it, thus removing much darkness – and when I am writing the chapter called “When entering our New Universe, you will receive a New Life of TRUE HAPPINESS” I am thinking of what Skovgaard said in Badminton the other day, which was that he had to go home to find even more adjectives to use, which is exactly what I am doing when writing this chapter, thank you, and therefore really :-). Finally at 16.05 I had done my best work with several edits and included it when updating my website, and from here I know that I will have to do other amendments to my frontpage, which however will not be as “difficult” as this one – because of how I feel – and this was really a major step forward.
  • In the past when running I have ALWAYS focussed on time and not distance because if I was focusing on distance, I would not have been able to run very far, but when focusing on “only 5 more minutes”, it was easier for me to run – which you know has also been “impossible” to do always (!) – and this is exactly the same attitude I am using when working now, because if I focused on all I have to do, I would not be able doing it and therefore I am focusing on doing approx. a normal working day every day, which is NOT easy either to do, but it is making me come through.
  • My big dilemma these days is that I don’t know what will happen if I have to give up to this IMMENSE POWER fighting me. Will I become evil for a period of time making the world take the rest of the suffering, which I potentially cannot take myself (?) – including sink holes swallowing cities (?), will my old nightmare come through (?) – even though I will ALWAYS fight it, which should make it impossible – or will I simply become my new self (?), I don’t know (!) and I don’t know for how long I can keep this going and still I receive no direct help from the official world, which could bring faith of the world in me and HELP me get out of this misery. The official world knows that I am suffering much but still you cannot decide to COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY and help me/all of us now? And we know UNPLEASANT is not the word, it feels like fighting for your life fearing that you will lose at any time, but I will try to keep on taking one day at a time, hoping that I will be strong enough to continue and for the world to start reacting and why do you continue to wait when you can save the world from sufferings and potentially MUCH pain by making sure that I will not “lose it”?
  • I was thinking that the world has now turned around, which also means that suffering of the world is NOT bringing energy to the other side as it used to do – sufferings are now simply some remaining darkness and POOR HABITS (!) of the old world – and what will create energy for us all is FAITH in me, so therefore my dear world, will you please GET OUT OF YOUR LAZY BED – favourite music too 🙂 – and DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO (?) – which will ONLY make me happy :-).
  • During the evening I was surprised to experience that even though the darkness at times was STRONG, it was also decreasing in strength and reinforcing the unspoken impression/feeling I have had for some time of “working together” as a dream on both sides of life with me accepting to continue taking on the darkness, which my inner self – the spirit of my mother with the Source – is finding and giving to me.
  • These days I have been told that the Commune are still thinking as an opportunity to send me back working for Brede Park, which may indicate that they believe I am crazy and will move me back to match group II – and I wonder if the Commune and Falck has spoken about me, for example Lars speaking to Jane, whom he speaks to on a regular basis?


17th August: I am approaching “the final battle of one man alone facing the world

Dreaming of approaching “the final battle of one man alone facing the world”

Another night, another day, I am still “living” and working so here are some dreams:

  • In the mornings I am so tired that my colleagues keep me sleeping until they come home later. I walk around with my racer cycle alone at night at a café in Southern France, I would like a cup of coffee but I don’t have enough money, when looking down the high rocks on the coast line, I see two people arriving from the sea, they signal with a light to other people further down the coast who signals back, and to my surprise I see both men hoisting themselves up using a wire and the young man says “oh, this is going to be good” and I see them hoisting themselves up to a sail boat hanging as if in a harbour on the side of the rock.
    • The last week I have really been so tired in the mornings that it has been more than difficult to stand up “early”, which at the moment is between 07.00 to 07.30, and this morning was no exception where I “just” needed to have half an hour more making me stand up at 07.30 – TIRED is what I am and I go to bed between 22.30 to 23.00 at the moment trying to get more than enough sleep but not easy when only sleeping light – and here I am in France, my favourite country to travel in (of the countries I know by today), I am totally alone without energy, i.e. money, and without people giving me warm feelings, i.e. coffee, and really saying that such a life is NO LIFE at all and it is making me SAD to be alone, and here I see two people still fighting, hoisting themselves up only to be met by a new boat of darkness with more sufferings to come and I wonder if these two people are me and Obama – and “GODT GÅET” (“well done”!) Obama to go for a Bus Tour these days and again I have been thinking of all the criticism he meets when people wrongly blame him for lack of results and we know ARE THEY DEAF (?) when they don’t hear him speaking of the problem being the political system of the U.S. itself?
  • Half awake I heard “a few things to be explained in the radio before the final battle of one man alone facing the world” and we know the things to be explained are symbols of dreams such as “meat” – what is the PRECISE meaning of it (?) – in continuation of other symbols explained recently, and facing the world alone is really to say that I AM ALL BY MYSELF – one of the most beautiful ballads of all time 🙂 – and THE WORLD IS OUT THERE HEARING AND SEEING ME BUT STILL YOU HAVE DECIDED TO KEEP ME IN THE DARK WITHOUT STARTING TO COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY WITH ME and what are you afraid of?
  • I have delivered a large report about economy after receiving advise from a friend, and I now see Obama doing the same and he does everything he can to get attention for example going through a TV studio on his knees with the report on his head and waiving with a U.S. flag.
    • This is really to show the world that it is impossible to get a proper message through to you when you don’t listen and understand.
  • I am at a large meeting with Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers, and I see that they are “incredible busy” but also that they achieve nothing, the U.S. Foreign Minister is holding a speech but does not have “time” to hire people and when I ask her if she has received approval of hiring the people she would like, I understand that she has neither got around doing this, and I see other ministers being “very busy” having to attend meetings, which they had not planned on attending.
    • This is the political world of today, we simply LOOOVE to talk, talk and talk and this is then what we do, and what do we achieve (?) and practically nothing (!) and is this the worst bureaucrazy and in-efficiency which is (?), and “you bet” (!) and this is what you have to give up my ladies and gentlemen of the “official world” and is this also why it is “very difficult” for you to start doing what I have encouraged you to do for how many weeks (?) – to start communicating with me – and is this in itself showing the worst system of the world (?) and yes, it is. Uffe showed that a “brave” man can take actions into his own hand (acknowledging the Baltic states), but it is “impossible” for the world of today to do what is right – simply to send me and the media an email – and that is because you have to TALK, TALK and TALK first (?) and do you see just how ROTTEN your system is and I am still waiting POSITIVELY to hearing from you – and of course you don’t mind that I speak the truth directly to you with all of my love, do ya?
  • Rikke H. has read an analysis, which I wrote about a Bulgarian red wine, she reads out loud at our office about my family being late 1-2 months, and she lets me know that she has delivered a report herself, and that she has to wait even longer than I and this is about destroying her.
    • Bulgarian red wine has the image of poor quality, which is what my “scared” family is potentially making – a poor New Universe (!) – and we know if they had decided to truly understand me and step forward with their faith, we would have saved all old previous Universes and completed creation a long time ago, but when you cannot, you are making me go through increasingly pain trying to do this “impossible” task without you, and is Rikke one of those believing in me without reading me, Rikke – but only based on my postings on Facebook?
  • I have delivered a report, which will give extra energy but people don’t have time to read.
    • Many reports this night, and this one gave me the STRONG feeling that in a “busy” world, not even leading politicians have “time” to read, understand and follow me, which would also give me more energy and what do you think is more important than my arrival leading you to our New World – and for you to help me doing the remaining part by publically showing your faith in me (?) – and just wondering I am, and imagine if what you are doing is making us lose maybe one entire previous Universe?
  • Something about a report about a man not including any medical information or hospitalisation/operations, and I explain people that I receive information from spiritual beings, which can be difficult to understand when looking at Obama, who does not reveal from the looks of him that he is doing the same. Obama and I are both reading reports and are about to do an important call home. At the office I see that Obama is handing over two plastic bags to me and another man; the bags include some of our written down questions on pieces of papers, which Obama has answered through spiritual information given to him and I notice that one of the answers is about a Golden Calf. At the same time a man from the U.S. government arrives and asks me questions of where I receive information from and I tell him that it is given to me spiritually, which the information that it only takes people 10 seconds to read a report also is.
    • The theme of the night seems to be about “reports” and here it seems to be my writings and apparently it is still “difficult” for people out there to understand how I do my writings even though this is explained VERY CLEARLY on the front page – including the right column – of my website and even though I had a dream recently explaining this to you once again and DON’T YOU READ MY SCRIPTS CAREFULLY TO UNDERSTAND (???) – do you only “skim” them as the dream says and here I am speaking to the U.S military and secret government (!) – as I encourage you to do because IT IS VITAL (!). The report, which Obama is reading, may be my “report” here, Obama, and the Golden Calf is of course the old story about people deciding to live in sin leaving God out of their lives, which is also on the mind of Obama and what we are now correcting once and for all – also saying that my first coming was as Moses.
  • I am reading the newspaper BT, I am watching an exciting film on TV and see that special “drones” are hired to fly “Alien Reproduction Vehicles” (manmade reproductions of UFO’s based upon UFO crashes), and I see a football being kicked and hitting one of these vehicles made of copper, in flight, and I hear “they have to be close now”.
    • This is really an example of “spiritual communication” because the dream says that these manmade reproductions of UFOs, which exists and flies around as you can read from my Signs III page, are flying unmanned, and the football hitting one of these is my football (the game between light and darkness), and my “dear friends” working with concealed operations, it is time for you to STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING – feeling Obama here too – and to start coming out of the closet of the Devil to TRULY reveal your operations and (old) plans to the world. How could you make it come so far and we know you must have been SPELLBOUND – music does NOT get any better than this 🙂 – because you do know inside of you that all of your nasty plans of war at space (against people of other civilizations), making mankind follow you by putting a “spell” on them and your own desire for money and power is as WRONG as it gets (?) and that this could only have been made up by one power, and that power is the DEVIL and yes my friends, it is time for you to give up the Devil and join God and we know Uffe, once again, if you cannot beat me, we might as well JOIN HANDS and start prayers for our NEW WORLD 🙂 – and have you ever heard such a FANTASTIC voice before (?) and if Whitney is the best voice of pop music, Siouxsie has to be the same in rock music (?), and this is music too, you just have to be open and receptive to understand it, which is really the same message to the “U.S. secret operations” (and others!): Be open and receptive, come out of the closet of the Devil, you LOST the fight but won a beautiful NEW LIFE at our New World :-).
  • I see insurance brokers recommending customers to take out pension schemes with Hafnia Pension, because this is the easiest for them to do, and they have received new paper forms, which they place at the office without marking them properly to make people understand. Out on the street at a nice part of Copenhagen I stand with my bicycle and I am told that I can save time by crossing the office of youth politicians, I heard “Falck” being mentioned and I see Mads Vangsøe as the leader of this group of young politicians opening the office, and I look inside the office seeing an incredible amount of papers and “all sort of things”, and I look around knowing that I lack something but I don’t know what it is.
    • The laziness of the brokers show the attitude of Falck, which this dream is really about and that is to say that the darkness of Falck in relation to me – read my memo (!) – is what forced my inner self to deflect this out on Youth Politicians in Norway but hold on, this does not match with the first explanation given some weeks ago that the rich world is to blame for not helping Dadaab and just saying that I KNOW about different explanations in my scripts of the same event and this is the essential of the world that I am transmitting, you never really know what is the truth (!) and first the day when I have become my new self, I will be able to tell the truth SPIRITUALLY 100% – and do you see?
    • Mads is about “radio” and therefore “spiritual communication”.


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 08.40 today and continued working on the script of today – and a little of yesterday – finishing this by 11.20 before I continued working on the front page of my website now updating a large part of the final part of it, and by 17.35 I decided to call it a working day with the last couple of hours being “difficult” because of how empty my head feels and of course lack of energy. As part of my work today, I decided to delete information from my front page given to me in 2010 of reconnecting with the Source, which logically cannot be true when I am the Son of God self, thus having been God all of my life!
  • When working today, at least in the beginning of the day, I felt completely destroyed inside of me – which I have done more and more for a long time – making work and concentration “impossible” and also the darkness stronger when “almost giving up” giving me all kinds of proposals of the worst kind, and we know it is not nice to be on my extreme edge of giving up, but still carrying on is what we are and we will see for how long.
  • My keyboard is also coming to an end – as I feel too – with the keys “E”, “S”, “CTRL” and “space” being pressed down all of the time however without typing before I press them, but it is only a matter of time before I will need to change this keyboard and we know Stig the question of being my old or new self in the time to come is easy to answer from a logical point of view, which is that I will be both and that is because I cannot open up the eyes of my new self before people will start entering our New World by showing a clean heart. It cannot logically be different, so my dear world, when will you be able to start (?) and please remember that time is ticking with the end of the old world coming closer day by day.
  • This evening I decided that I will continue staying at this apartment even after the 1st November – when the lease expirers – and that is if nothing else shows up and because I don’t have other options, I will not stop sending money to Kenya potentially “killing” them, thus making it financially impossible for me to find something else including the costs of moving, and if this should be necessary I will keep paying my rent to Poul-Erik, whom I have NOT heard from yet – normally you should expect a man to start selling his apartment but maybe you “fear” me Poul-Erik (?) thus deciding to take a financial loss waiting for me to move (?) and I will of course inform the housing association too and we know around the 1st September if nothing else will happen before, and we will see if they will decide to throw me out on this basis.
  • Falck and the Commune has stopped visiting my website entirely, but my CV and the memo still gets approx. 5-10 visitors per day.
  • This evening I was happy to see the light of my mother flying towards me again and over the apartment block – my mother is still “believing” in me and I am not dead as my “old self” yet – and I recorded it on the video of my mobile phone but I have decided not to upload it – as several times before – because the camera is of poor quality so you cannot see the craft, but only light, as I can in real life and this would probably just make most people believe that it was an aeroplane, therefore.
  • I have in periods still received the “FÅRkert” word to say that I am still taking on the sacrifice myself without being killed.

And by the way: Congratulations on your birthday, Ole, I am still thinking of you and what could have become in terms of family many years ago.


18th August: If more than half do not enter our New World, it will not be strong enough and it will terminate

If more than half do not enter our New World before 2016, it will not be strong enough and it will terminate

This night I had of those special nights, which I would have liked to do without because it was making me scared and because I had to do meditation most of the night without being prepared for this and certainly without having the energy to do it. It was VERY difficult and on the same level as when I have done marathon meditations before.

First I was allowed maybe one hour of “sleep” with this dream:

  • I am at a large ship where a man is on his way down to collect a man’s mobile telephone and when he comes down, he sees that the man has died. He was inside a big aquarium and when turned upside down he fell out and a long way down, but I see that inside the upside down aquarium is still a mouse, which stunningly has been able to hold on hanging upside down for months without falling out.
    • This is about turning the world upside down, where I could have “fallen out” and taken the world with me in my death, but stunningly as the mouse I am still alive.

After this dream shortly after midnight, I started receiving different messages, which I first thought would last for maybe half an hour but it lasted until 05.00 and in this period of time I was not told about the plan of the night, and I could have decided to become annoyed and send negativity to the spirit of my mother for doing this – instead of letting me sleep, which is what I longed for – which however would not be good and eventually I decided to stay awake – overcoming my tiredness and impatience given to me – and later, after sleeping poorly on the sofa from 05.00 to 08.00 and trying to continue sleeping at my bed, because I was more than totally destroyed, I was told that “we would like you to write everything down, you have done so before and you can do it again”, and I had received so much information through the night that it was making it “mentally impossible” just to write down the notes making me think that I needed to sleep 8 hours before I would have to do my best the rest of the day from here trying to write it all down, and now I found myself in one of these completely impossible situations again trying to find mental and physical strength doing this work from 08.00 to save others from going through pain – so let us see, these were the messages I received:

  • I heard “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is among the fairest of them all (?), that guy there (?), surely not, yes this is the man who saved the world from going down”.
  • I have started working at an arbitrage department, I know that it is impossible for me to get up early and I wonder if they will dismiss me when they see me arriving “late” at work in their mind, and I see myself arriving at 10.00, all of the others are at a meeting, but see me coming and something about “a lady” taking off her panties.
    • Arbitrage is clearly the working darkness of the world, I am concerned to be fired, which is to lose my life, will my new work accept my flexible working hours or will they decide to fire me, which is about how the real world will react to me. Will they accept my way of working or will they fire me, which is to make the New World go under.
  • I feel my old colleague Steen from Danske Bank and hear him saying “it has been an incredible experience to be together with you the last 4-5 months, I will never forget it”, and I wonder if this is a spirit of a man, which was invited to see me work to come through the turn around of the world unharmed, so he will be able to tell the world how it was to save us all through this operation.
    • Here in the beginning of the long meditation of the night, the darkness was so incredible strong that I really only had one option, which was to return the darkness to where it came from – from the spirit of my mother – but I decided to hang on, and managed not to do this. It was some of the strongest darkness of all that I have received and I was surprised to find that I could handle it, and gradually during the night it became less strong, but the whole night was “impossible” and horrible to come through having to stay awake doing unexpected meditation and work surpassing my physical and mental limits. I also heard my amplifier switching off as a sign.
  • I was told that the spirit of my mother surprisingly chose to do everything at once, better to get it all over with and that she received the permission doing this work from the Source, which is about the turn around of the world, and here maybe the last part of it as we are doing now.
  • I was given the song “crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and the lyrics “does that make me crazy” (?) and I was told, “I want to know” (!) and also that it was good that I found it whatever this means.
  • I was told that turning the world around is similar to turning around a tooth with its root without anything happening to the tooth or the jaw.
  • “This is done right now by Stig, not only the last part but the absolutely last part”.
  • I was told that my decision that the Source is not a part of the darkness is also part of the work turning around the world.
  • I saw a giant bathing jetty at the front of a very large ship with many people standing on it but the same man to the right jumping back into the water again and again.
    • I took on the pain doing this work.
  • I was shown two halves connecting with potentially many people and a casino full of money being soaked into the middle and all the way out during this process (termination) and I was told that my answer to the question I have been given MANY times the last months about how mainly “rich people” are going to feel, where I have said that we are all going to feel equally as good – despite of the selfishness of rich people not truly helping people of the world in distress with darkness trying to “convince” me to “let them pay” because of their wrong behaviour making me feel very SAD (!) – is the reason why no rich people were soaked out while turning the world around.
  • I was also told that my continuous rejections of the thousands of “proposals” of the darkness is a part of this work, that Falck is also an indispensable part of it, that going through as “completely sane” and doing “impossible work” at Falck (my memo etc. at Falck) is part of it and that the turn around of the world was the reason why something exploded on the way because of “inhuman suffering also here”, i.e. with the Source and the spirit of my mother. I was told that from now we will at the most do some adjustments one way or another, but no explosions.
  • I saw the Danish singer Gitte Hænning and heard her song “tag med ud å’ fisk” (“join me fishing”) and that “this will come no matter what” – I will become my new self – and now the last and absolutely biggest challenge of all will come, which is how we will get all of the world with us.
    • This is about my new self arriving no matter what and this information came as a surprise to me. I thought it would become relatively “easy” to get the world with us because there is really no alternative and because it makes sense to show a clean heart, but we know “old habits” and people not truly listening may make it difficult.
  • I was told that this is why Obama is President of the U.S. and that it is important for him to get re-elected in 2012 because of this. “There are not 15 millions chef caps depending on this result, but approximately”, which I felt was about potential servants helping our course depending on Obama being re-elected.
  • “You have decided to write everything (of my website), which is still what is driving it all until others get started”, which is about my energy driving all of us forward and still a very big responsibility for a mere human being and hoping that the world will soon start helping me.
  • I see two shores inside an egg, i.e. the Universe, with one of them being removed (when turning around the world) and I was told that when doing this, there is a risk of the egg falling apart, which was the reason why cities were in risk to fall into large sink holes.
  • I was told that “the postcard of loneliness was also part of this” and that it is now fine again to see my family, and I am thinking much these days about my mother’s birthday coming up the 2nd September and how much I miss them.
  • I was shown a face coming up above an edge and I heard “burger king” – with “king” being me – and I was given strong darkness kicking the face and I was told that the actions of darkness is going against this work, and this is how it is hundreds of times daily where my will strength often determines how much the darkness is “allowed” to show me and many times I am strong feeling for example that a kick is on its way making me able to “deflect” it so it is not carried out, and here I was not strong enough, which meant that I was showed the kick and afterwards I could only say as I have done so MANY times before that “this is not me” and “this is not how I wish to be”.
  • I was asked “has anyone from the physical world seen or heard about the turn around of the world” (?) and given the answer that “no, but is it decisive for our survival” (?) and “you bet”!
  • I was shown grapes spreading in all directions and told that “it is like losing grapes in the process, where we are going to get everything with us” and the feeling that this is why my goal of getting 100% with us was “good”.
  • I am shown driving in my car at a shore full of rocks and I enter a tunnel and told that inside of this “we are creating gold from darkness”, which is about creating the road itself, which is also part of turning around the world.
    • I was now so emotionally touched by all of these messages and so TIRED and exhausted that I was despairing, this was “more than I could bear” making it almost impossible for me to get a grip on my self – but still I was “in control” (!) – and what I did not know was that I still had a long way of the night to go, and from here I decided to continue doing my best and I found back to my “rhythm” – I was lying in my bed until approx. 04.00 and was also given sexual visions and temptations together the feeling of my stomach of a potential diarrhoea coming, which however did not come because of my decision to do this work.
  • I was shown many sailing boats at a large harbour and shown a string now tied around all of them, and I was told that the world should hold now unless anything serious will break out – for example myself losing it completely.
  • I was told “you take one child, a fantastic no. 1, make a reproduction of him again and again; this is how you create a New World, but who knows how the world will respond, if the world wants this” and also that “If we don’t get enough people with us before the end of 2015 making us see an exit in 2016 – more than half of all with us – the New World will not be strong enough and we will not make it”.
  • I was shown a pommel horse and told that this is my sister, which I am doing impossible gymnastics on in my best style – and I was shown my self lifting and swinging my legs high when doing this exercise, and I was thinking that I truly would like my sister to understand me, which would mean almost “a world in difference” and thinking that my family is going to know anyhow, but this is putting an ENOURMOUS amount of suffering and mental distress on me, the feelings and wrong decisions of my own sister, who is still dragging the family with her in the wrong direction.
  • I was also told about the church of Gacie in Kenya doing much harm on me because of their talks about me, and I was thinking how much I would like Elijah to be strong to make these dear people understand instead of misunderstand me, but at the moment I can only wait for both my sister and Elijah to become STRONG when I will become my “new self” and the world will know about me.
  • I was shown a barrel full of cement and told that “we will now start doing the last casting of the base”.
  • I was given the song “patrulje” by Kliche and the lyrics “Den stille luft i de store rum, og urene på væggene, lyden af maskiner langt langt væk udenfor”.
  • I was told that ”we have to stand with some distance between us and then we put yellow upon yellow upon yellow on at the end” (the yellow is the Holy Spirit) and also that “which is what we are doing when this note is written”.
  • I was told that “life is clear” and I was shown orange juice “almost” reaching the edge of the glass, but I also saw empty wine bottles, and here I had the opportunity to chose either “this is good enough” or to “still go for 100%” and I chose the latter – not an easy decision to take during this hour of immense stress also thinking about leaving a “small risk” open – and I was told that “we will then leave a small hole open making it possible still to drip in” and also that “nothing serious will happen, if …”
  • It was now 02.45 and I was IMMENSELY TIRED and received constant temptations trying to sleep again, but I thought back on many previous experiences of the same kind the last 5-7 years, where I have been kept awake until 05.00 thinking that this would probably be the best to do once again because this is important, so this is what I did even though I could hardly keep my eyes open.
  • I was shown the Source and told “we will also come down to you now” and we know he should already be a part of me because he is me, so this is what I consider to be part of the game.
    • And later in the day, “he” came to me and the reason why I don’t feel “him” much is because I AM THE SOURCE – I felt the monk of the Jerusalem UFO inside of me – and the spirit of my mother with the spirit of my mother directing the darkness to me for me to convert it into light inside the New World – and we know to give energy to the old world too “as required”. And in my physical life I don’t have the power of the Source with only few people believing in me today. As the Source I am man and man is the Source – therefore.
  • I was told that the media is also important to make people understand, which is why we tell media about you through politicians including Obama.
  • I was shown myself as a teenager bringing out morning papers and told that “there should not be a surplus of newspapers otherwise we will not be able to start the New World”, which was followed by a question mark and again this was about the goal of more than half of the world to enter the New World – we are still going for 100%, but if …. – and I was thinking that the idea is really for people to feel a difference when they enter our New World – to feel the JOY I write about on the front page of my website when they enter – in order to become so happy visibly that it will motivate others to follow them, which is what I would like to see done, and I was shown and told “we still have the harpoon to shoot the whale; if the world does not want to live, the world will terminate”.
  • As a respond to my decision earlier in the night to “still go for 100%” I was told that if I had not decided to do this, I would have been given the physical suffering of terminating life here and now, and again I was thinking back on an old slogan of ours “one for all and all for one”, which is what we are building our New World on, so happy about doing what was right here otherwise you would probably not read these words now.
  • On request, I decided that I will keep no information “secret” about me, which also includes the history of my surfing on the Internet while living in Lyngby, where you can see that I have opened pictures of beautiful ladies simply because I find ladies beautiful, but in everything I have done, I have followed my own rules on not watching pornography or “indecent sexual behaviour in public” and what came to mind is that when people as example have put pictures on the site “Imagevenue” on the Internet, it often opens up a new window without my request or accept with “ladies performing live” or let me say “trying to invite surfers to pay to watch ladies perform sexually” without really doing anything else than talking before people will decide to pay, and let me say that I have not for one single second watched these ladies but instantly closed my eyes without seeing anything – even though I believe it should not be a problem at this “stage”, I don’t even know if they are dressed, which I however believe they are, because I have not seen them (!) – and either closed down this pop up window straight away or have it running in the background behind another window without me watching. In total over the last year or so, I have by “mistake” seen a split-second of pictures of a sexual character on the Internet maybe 8-10 times, which I have “straight away” without watching (!) – I close my eyes VERY fast (!) – clicked away from also becoming very sad that I was “tricked” by websites showing me this without wanting to see this, and if I had really accepted to watch sexuality in public, we would never have made it to here, the world would in this case have ended. I tell you this for you to understand and not to misunderstand, and also that when I will become happily married, I don’t believe I will have the same interest watching beautiful ladies and that is “without doing anything”.
  • I see two football players at the penalty area playing with the football about to score and I am thinking of Obama and me scoring as the first and without us, the New World could not start – while this is written now at 10.05 in the morning, I feel a new spirit coming to me through the darkness, which was one of the empty wine bottles from before, this is also the meaning of doing this work now instead of sleeping/relaxing – and I was hoping that the first people of the world can enter our New World instantly because they fulfil the requirements of showing a clean heart without being selfish, and I was thinking of nuns as an example for example working with charity, or monks for that matter and maybe others too, but probably not very many in the beginning because most of the world needs to improve.
  • I see my self coming up from the underground stairs and opening the gate to the yard of the Taittinger Champagne house – a nice place, I have been there 🙂 – and I was thinking “is this the start of my new self, so the world will see for themselves who I am, which is what I hope” and I was thinking of the sign of my rebirth, which is to be given to the world with a pyramid opening and also people of other civilizations to step forward as my servants too and this because apparently there is almost no darkness left – the juice is almost going to the edge – and we know when all remaining darkness has disappeared I can open up my eyes, because I will not be able to live as my new self if darkness is given to me, which I remember from an old meditation at the Theosophical Fellowship, this is the logic and when this day will arrive – which should be when I am done with my website in 1-2 months – I do believe that I will open up the eyes of my new self for the world to see.

By now, the time was 05.00 and I fell asleep on my sofa and after some poor “sleep” I was woken up at 08.00 remembering these dreams:

  • I am starting a meeting with Ford at a very large and open outdoor canteen, each of us invite a colleague to attend, the Ford employee tells me that he has transcribed a ring binder including all of my competences, which I have acquired through courses and I see that the ring binder wrongly includes competences from courses, which I have not attended. Later I am with Morten J., it is Friday afternoon at 14.30, we have no more work to do and have to leave for the day, which makes me tell Morten that this is the culture, which I would like to avoid. Morten tells me that he has spoken to Steen, who still after all these years does not want to speak to me after I dismissed him, he has become thick and I tell Morten that I gave him fairer dismissal conditions than what he could have received from anyone else.
    • This is a dream to say that I have made many of the “applications” I have been forced to do by the Commune with “my left hand” because I was forced against my will, working on my ultimate edge and knowing that I was truly not job seeking, which is to say that I have not read job adds thoroughly and in some of my “applications” I may give the impression that I have the professional competences required to do the job, which I may not, and if this is the case, it is unintentional and these applications are to show the world of what NOT to do in the future, which I kindly ask you to understand, and what is important for you to focus on is not the details of these “applications” but my Basic Working Rules to help all get a better work culture for the future.
    • I dismissed Steen in 2000 or 2001 from GE Insurance as the only one I have ever dismissed and first I gave him a chance on several months to improve, which the team agreed with me was fair to give him, and when he decided not to improve, which is what he did, I gave him the fairest dismissal conditions possible – much fairer than what others would normally do – and this is a symbol to say that I will give you very good chances to improve, be fair and do my best not to dismiss anyone, which is the same as terminating the lives of people deciding not to show a clean heart. It is about a DECISION of yours only, “to be or not to be”, to live an eternal life in HAPPINESS and then “just do it” so it is all in your minds.
    • I am glad for have a dream for once where Morten is not about to stop when I join, but here we work good together and I see this as the old world moving to the New World :-).
  • I have sent an application to a head hunter and I see that he has decided to only forward three other applications without mine to the company searching, which he is working for, and when I meet the head hunter, he gives me a look of “bad conscience” making me believe that he has checked me on the Internet and decided not to forward my application because he believes that I have to be crazy. And I see a man in my situation telling the company in question about new loan products, which they could include in their business giving them many new business opportunities – to make the company consider hiring him anyway – but the company is old fashioned and does not know about these new products, and they clearly misunderstand each other because of the laziness and ignorance of the company.
    • This may simply be what I experience with some of the applications I have sent out in real life and here thinking that I have also “applied” for jobs, which I don’t believe will exist in the future – for example at Communes and previously banks and probably more – and just to say that this is NOT what is important because I have had no true desire to get these jobs but only played a “game” forced upon me by the Jobcentre of the Commune, which I kindly ask you to understand too.
    • And here it also says what parts of the world will think of me when they “judge” me without reading and understanding and we know “crazy” is the word, and I kindly ask all people to help me to make all people understand.
  • I woke up to the beautiful song “no ordinary love” by Sade, which is to say that my love for man is truly “no ordinary love” and we know “I gave you all the love I got, I gave you more than I could give, I gave you love, I gave you all that I have inside” and this is the love, which made me come here passing through darkness, which could have killed me/us many times.
  • I am at a small Icelandic insurance company, they have made an album much inspired by the music of Simple Minds, and they are singing outside on the balcony, which includes many misunderstandings, but it is impossible for me to get out on the balcony to communicate with them. Later I sit with the manager and employees, I am the reinsurance company providing the products, which they sell to private customers, and they let me know that they have decided to cancel our co-operation agreement because they don’t believe that our products cover their wishes, but they have decided to take this decision without communicating with me and I tell the manager that it is similar to leaving your wife without listening to what she has to say and if only they wanted to communicate, they would understand that their decision and all of their obstacles are all misunderstandings, because our products are truly as flexible that they cover the entire span of customer requirements and their company can improve much and tailor-make each product to the exact needs of the customer through direct communication with their customers.
    • I am the “supplier” of the old world – the Icelandic insurance company – and the dream tells about the risk of simple minded people deciding to cut the string to me and their own lives without understanding that I have prepared a “business case” for each individual of the world including the option of communicating spiritually with God to receive information on how they do and good advise on how they can do the final part of showing a clean heart, and this is based upon an old decision of mine, which I believe is included in my book no. 2 where I decided that a spiritual communication channel will be open for each human being to help everyone enter our New World and here you will be able to “tailor ship” your individual road to our New World simply by deciding to use this communication channel.

Finally at 12.15 I had written and edited this chapter including the summary of it, and we know which will make it possible for me to publish the last three days of scripts later, but first lunch and then a long bath before I will do the final part – and we know I don’t have plans to sleep before tonight, and that is because this is what the past has told me when going through similar “experiences”.

And it is now 14.20 and I have had lunch and a long bath and now continuing my work – feeling the extremely DEEP tiredness inside of me – first with a few short stories and then to publish:

  • For a long time I have been told that the reason why Obama is not contacting me directly is because it is the world who is going to found us.
  • The spirit of my mother came to me with much darkness and also the feeling through the darkness “thank you for this time”, which is really the end of a life and see you in our new life, which you know will take “some weeks” – or longer (?) – from now, and I cannot wait to come back to help my friends and the village in Kenya.
  • The darkness used this afternoon trying to “speculate” in how many we need to save to save us self (!) – 40% maybe (?) – and of course a repulsive thought but this is how the darkness is and 100% is still the goal we are going for – and my right heel is by the way still hurting me, but my left little finger is feeling somewhat better.
  • This afternoon Falck decided to open my website again – I guess it is the officer in charge – and he is focusing on my script of the 12th August still making me sad for focusing on yourself instead of TRULY deciding to READ and UNDERSTAND.

And finally by 15.10 I had published the last three days of scripts – it still takes me between 20-40 minutes to set up a script for the website – and who should have thought that, but I did it!


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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