August 21, 2011: I am the chosen first one and when entering our New World, everyone will become God collectively


Summary of the script today

19th August: I am the chosen first one and when entering our New World, everyone will become God collectively

  • Dreaming of “manual” and poor job mediation systems to be replaced with the best labour market system of the world, only “half celebrating” together with the spirit of my mother because our New World is safe before more than half will show a clean heart and enter, receiving “warnings” of Paul but also HAPPINESS, I receive energy through loving feelings of people to me, Lars from Falck is “promoting” my writings and is he becoming a believer on the way (?) and my mother is also “promoting” my writings through darkness, which is NOT to speak nicely of them.
  • My old friend, Jacob, posted a film on Facebook with the Danish CEO Christian Stadil speaking about a creative and innovative business with quality being built on quantity of ideas of employees in a flat organization, and he used Picasso as the “picture” of God giving good ideas, which was the same as I included in my Falck memo. Two thoughts, one soul :-).
  • This evening and night until 03.20 I was made STRONGLY to think of what really happened in the summer of 2010 when I did “the jump” – did I really reconnect with the Source (?) as I have started questioning for weeks when finding the logical answer that it was the Source fertilising my mother, thus making me the Source alive all of my life. I kept on receiving this so strongly, which forced me to think again, and I found the logical answer that first the Source left the world when I was killed as Jesus, then the Source returned when coming to me through my father, Peer – herewith giving me two “fathers” (!) – and when I started living a life in sin as most here, the Source left me again. The Source is a being which simply “is” and transforming into the Universe with all life, thus still making my old and present self a combination of the spirits of my mother and father and consequently I did really reconnect with the Source in 2010. This is the only logical answer I can find, and this is therefore the road. I am the chosen first one to return home to God with the task to set up our New World, and when all eventually will return home to God, everyone will become God as the sum of everything. This gave me much relief removing a big burden from my shoulders not to be the only One in the future, but only the chosen one as the most suitable to do this task of reconnecting with and creating our New Universe. In our New World the Trinity will become One – everything of the Universe will become God – and I have decided that my own life as Stig with my new found soul of Jesus will continue. My “mistake” to this riddle has given me IMMENSE sufferings also beyond my limits, but still I have decided to do what is right deciding not to let the darkness overtake me to hurt the world, which together with the sufferings of Falck is what generated enough energy to save the world from a “disaster”, which was “impossible” to save it from, but we did it. This is part of anchoring the turned around world.

20th August: It is a miracle that I defied death creating our New World – I am about to wake up as my new self!

  • Afterwards I was still not allowed to sleep because I had to bring my ultimate energy to create the base of our New World, and I continued to receive information and encouraged to write it down, which I did until 07.30 in the morning with this as some of the most important information: My answer to the riddle was apparently accepted because I received several positive symbols confirming me, there will be no “cracks” of our New Universe now, my extreme limit was crossed also receiving almost constant gentle spiritual touch of my private parts, the role of the secret government was to “choke the world” to make the world on the extreme limit of “not existing” in order to reconnect with the choking Source inside of the darkness”, from the 15th December there will be no road back because by then we will only be light no matter what, if my old nightmare had been carried out, Buddha would not have made it making redemption for all more difficult, I have received quite some spiritual deceptions from the darkness recently including the story that China should be on my side, which they are not yet, but on their way ….
  • Hereafter I was still not allowed to sleep and I received much new information including that the spirit of my mother in firsthand – and maybe also the spirit of my father – was on her extreme edge of falling apart because of selfishness of people and I could only decide to overcome my extreme limit continuing to work to “save” them and to accept to still be both my old and new self as two sides of myself for the next five years. If I did not do this, I would not be able to receive from the old Universe what I would like to order and a “small” risk of the old world breaking down (not good!). I accepted to try giving enough energy – more than I have – to “simply give us two new lives first inside the old world if you can and then afterwards at the new”, which will make spiritual communication with everyone possible and “this will make it piece of cake to bring people home”, and if I cannot, for you to find the energy elsewhere knowing the costs of this.
  • I went to the grill party of the housing association this evening happy to see many people and to receive delicious food. I was also happy to meet my old friend Kirsten and to get back to the same kind of strong friendship as we had in the beginning of the 1990’s – gone was her “fear” about me. Much speech was on DEATH of people living around me, which was the death trying to hit me, but I survived, and a STRONG symbol came when a young man told me that he is working in his spare time with an IT company called something with “miracle”, which was to say that it is a miracle that I have survived to create a perfect New Universe! A questionnaire included the question of how to make the open sandwich “Sol over Gudhjem” (“’sun over God’s home”), which included FISH and EGG and that is me and the result of creation, and really saying that I AM COMING HOME AS THE FIRST INSIDE OF GOD’S NEW HOME: OUR NEW WORLD.

21st August: My Scribd website reveals “secret” visits from Governments etc., who read me but DO NOT help me out!

  • Dreaming of destroying houses (my inner selves!) at the harbour to “fill more of the remaining bottles” and Falck deciding not to pursue me after all.
  • Yesterday evening the counter of my documents at Scribd were “mysteriously” RESET – showing NO VISITORS (!) – and this morning, the counter of visitors were RE-ESTABLISHED showing the correct number of visitors, which was both to confirm the story of Falck deciding not to pursue me after all, and also to say that when Government etc. visit my website believing that they will not show on the counter – which is reset after their visit – it is not entirely true, because my “behaviour and work” website has officially only received 27 visits including maybe 20 of my own the whole August, but the statistical information on Scribd – from where my “behaviour and work” website includes four embedded documents from – reveals you my dear Governments, because it says that my Falck memo as example has received a total of 112 “ordinary” reads through Scribd and then 117 “embedded reads” and since this document is ONLY embedded to my website, it is the same as saying that you “forgot” to reset the counter at Scribd when developing a system “trying” to reveal your “secret activities” and HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN READING MY WEBSITE AND DOCUMENTS IN “SECRET” WITHOUT FOLLOWING MY ENCOURAGEMENT TO WRITE ME TO HELP ME OUT FROM MY DESPERATE SITUATION OF SUFFERING (?) – and such a shame is what it is.
  • My good old friend Fuggi is on high school in Jutland until October and after I figured out his new IP address, my counter has decided to show his visits as if he was using his home computer and as if this was moved to Fredensborg (!) to give him new “evidence” of both me and himself – will you believe in me ?
  • I received the closest visions yet of my old nightmare and the feeling that my mother is in doubt of whether or not seeing me because of “misunderstood hurt feelings” of my family – and together with extra energy given to me from Braco, the party yesterday and Den Gyldne Cirkel today, this is giving “extra speed” to the last piece of creation – and also making me wonder if this will become my last script before I will wake up as my new self, when I no longer can take this darkness, and I asked the spirits of my mother and father to do my change-over in case they feel “forced” to carry out my old nightmare, which I will NEVER accept because it will “kill” and not create.


19th August: I am the chosen first one and when entering our New World, everyone will become God collectively

Dreaming of Lars from Falck “promoting” my writings and starting to believe in me without telling people

Finally at 22.30 I went to bed yesterday – at 17.00 to 18.00 I was as tired as I have ever been before, but still deciding to stay awake and I had EXTREME darkness in the afternoon, but in the evening it was reduced much again – and I “slept” until 08.15 this morning now with less dreams after the strong deflection of darkness yesterday:

  • I am working at Danske Bank and somehow I have missed some meetings with the HR department – I have not prioritised them much – and when they call me, I tell them that I will come straight away, and when I come to their separate address I am surprised to see that they are working inside two very small workmen’s huts only large enough for one employee each. Inside I tell about my competences to the HR-employee but he really does not listen and he tells me that my new job will be to move furniture for a small company in Hørsholm called “Website”. It makes me very surprised and I tell him that I hope the bank will understand the competences of people when they get their systems in order and I tell him that I reject the job he gives me.
    • This is first of all an encouragement to upload the two memos I did in the autumn of 2009 – explaining the Government of Denmark how to create the best labour market in the world – to my Scribd website to make this more visible and of course to link it to my behaviour/work website as part of improving work, so this is what I did this morning as you can see here and here – and also the best insurance system in the world as example of how to create one core system of each line of business as you can see here.
    • And with such a system, you don’t need to have people not understanding your competences to work as job mediators – this is why the HR-department of the bank is so poor – but still they are not entirely “crazy” because they want me to continue working on my website, which will put the last furniture of our New World in place and “furniture” is really here to find EVERYTHING of the old world and transfer this to the New World before I will do the same myself. And the reason why I decline doing this job in the dream, is because I AM TIRED OF WRITING AND WORKING AS I DO, “LIVING” AS I DO.
  • I am speaking on the telephone with a potential girlfriend, who feels as Maggan from London, and we talk about meeting in Copenhagen or Stockholm, and something about collecting Champagne, which is “good” but not the best.
    • Still creating and still the spirit of my mother acting in disguise, but “London” is my new home, which we are creating and Champagne is “only” of “good” quality because the information yesterday about having to get more than half of the population of the world to follow me to the next world has “worried” me – we are not safe yet – but I keep telling myself that when the world will see me, understand who I am – there should be no doubt with what is coming – and the inner desire of people to live and hopefully also the motivation to reach a much better and more joyful life will mean that they will decide to do the efforts it takes to show a clean heart.
  • I am attending the same class as Paul, who is working for Søren H. and something about “I just need the last 5 or 6 stories from others”. In the sky I see a VERY visible and large UFO with all details visible and I tell Paul “look, a UFO” and also “varnemester siger dig ingenting (“boilerman does not mean anything to you”) and something about my flexible meeting schedule of 30 hours per week divided as I like throughout the week.
    • I understand the dream as Paul deciding to show his loyalty to Søren H. and despite of showing him very clearly the proof of my story through my scripts, which is what the UFO tells, he does not bring me “warmth” through faith in me – he decides to listen to better-knowing people not knowing about me (!) – but the contrary because the word of the dream was “varNemester” in Danish – and here my amplifier demonstratively switches off and on when this word is written (!) – and it is a reference to the BRILLIANT Danish comedians and film makers Wikke & Rasmussen speaking in one of their TV-series of “pas på varne, Arne” which is you know AN ALARM – remember the alarm poster of Robert (?) – at the same time as it is also Add Audiosaying GOOD MOOD and SMILES because this is what Wikke & Rasmussen means to me, and really because of what we went through, so I believe this dream is about the past and not the future :-). And in the 1980’s I was CRAZY about their TV characters “Brødrene Bisp” (the brothers Bisp) and their “violent Volvo” as Camilla for sure will remember and you can see them here: 

  • At the fitness centre I meet dogs, who simply love me and people are copying several of my Prince CD’s with one CD being better than the next.
    • The love of people in me – the same who have abandoned me – is still bringing me energy, which the fitness is about and not least because they know that I love them much, which is what the Prince CD’s are about.
  • I had a short dream with Lars from Falck saying that I cannot get access to his computer at work, but that I am allowed to access his computer at home to search for the word “brochure” on it.
    • The brochure is to “market” my writings and this is probably what Lars does and I am only hoping that he in the process of finding information about Falck and himself on my website, is also starting to believe in me, which is what I believe this is about – and he is not saying this at work, but in private he is getting this impression?
  • I am standing with my mother and a dog on the walking path next to a very busy road of Copenhagen, I have thrown a cigarette end on the ground, and my mother is stepping on it to make sure that it is put out. The dog has an electronic keyboard, which my mother uses to search for a brochure with George Michael. We go to a church where we meet three ladies, it is now 12.10 and we know that George Michael will do a live concert at another church at 13.00, and we offer the three ladies to buy a ticket for them – if there are more to get – which they would like, and they are 440 DKK each.
    • The cigarette is darkness and my mother is stepping on it and this is about my thoughts these days to send my mother and John an email before her birthday the 2nd September and I have wondered if my family will put so much pressure on my mother that she will decide not to see her beloved son again (?) and this dream says that she will, so we will have to see. The brochure is about marketing me and my scripts through darkness – my mother is not speaking well of my writings when she is “not understanding” because of my family (?) – George Michael is both about some of the best music which is and this song was one given to me – without writing it – as part of my “nightmare” the last couple of weeks and we know the song is nothing less than perfect/fantastic, but the lyrics are not in relation to my mother – and the unplugged show, which Michael did in 1996 is to this date still one of the best live concerts I have ever seen (only on TV) – as Paul will remember that I believe – showing the world a truly amazing quality and unique musical talent – here also symbolising the greatest love imaginable between a mother/son – and here is one of the fantastic songs of this show:

A Danish CEO about a creative and innovative business – the same message as my Falck memo but in other words

I watched the film mentioned below, which you can see here, which “my old friend” Jacob posted on Facebook, and I like it very much. It is about the Danish CEO Christian Stadil, whom I have thought of as a “special friend” for a long time and in the film, he speaks about how to generate the best quality from the largest amount of quantity of ideas of employees and to let (God through) your subconsciousness help you generate good ideas – and also the importance of “flat organizations” etc. and we know “two thoughts, one soul” as they say because Christian was thinking and telling the same as I wrote with other words in my Falck memo, but maybe Jacob did not understand my memo as clearly as he understood Christian?

Some short stories:

  • I started working at 09:25 today – too late for me really – and kept on with the script and uploads to Scribd until lunch and after lunch until the end of the working day at 16.30 I did more amendments to my front page and also to my right column after discovering that I had to tell more clearly about the creation of my “new self” and New World.
  • Falck continued “reading” my website – the same IP address – and today searching for “Noma” and “Falck” and they are about to discover my daily stories on them for five months (!) and still I am sad to see how they focus on themselves and their own feelings instead of the big picture, but this is how it is. Later I was thinking if they want to pursue “simple and negative feelings” trying to remove my “negative” (!) writings on them from the Internet “at any cost” without thinking about a removal of my writings on them will remove ALL of my thousands of writings making it impossible for people to enter our New World (!) and we know this is about my faith of this not to happen and about people thinking of themselves instead of seeing the “big picture”, Jesper (?) – and a lesson for you to teach man when you will become my future servants.
  • Today I received the second recall on music material I have borrowed from Lyngby Library, and we know Stig this is one of the errors I have done when not noticing this, so I will have to go to the library too, and we know just an example that I’m not perfect.
  • I was given the thought that maybe my sister will start putting two and two together when reading the memos etc. I have uploaded recently on Scribd to discover that there is truly a GOOD STORY to be told to the world of how to improve and we know she could not “bear” reading my “personal” scripts “criticising” people but this may be the turning point for you, Sanna (?) – she is a “follower” of me on Scribd – and I am wondering if this is the faith, we are using to create the last part of the New World with and we know just the voice guiding me to write this not knowing if it is true or false of course.
  • Today I was thinking that the story about having governments publishing my arrival to the world would be FINE but also that it may be part of the game designed to show our future world that this “old world” could not “agree” on who, how and when to publish my arrival and then it had “nothing” to do with yourself losing your “fat legs” including influence and power of the old world? You know that I am coming but you cannot help to do what is both decent and right (?) and such a shame is what I think it is, and by the way do you know who did this MARVELOUS song (?) and of course TALK TALK (!) and what are you still doing (?), but as I love the music, I love all of you :-).
  • I met Kate – the chairman of the housing association – for the first time ever and I was surprised to find that she knows who I am but pretty quickly I discovered who she had to be (!) and she told me that she has given my email address to a man by the name of Jesper who cannot sell his small apartment in no. 18 with the idea of renting it to me (!) and we know “impossible” to change the crazy rules of the association it was but fine for me to stay in another apartment and we know we will have to see what happens – and later I was given a déjà vue about having a small apartment as my base while travelling the world, they come VERY clearly to me these déjà vues of “I have seen and been told this earlier in my life” and is this the apartment, “which we have saved for you” and we will see.
  • And I met her by the way after deciding to start running again (!) and we know I was on the edge but better start doing this again because I know that running is good – and creates energy too, and not that long but “long enough” which may be approx. 10 minutes to start with followed by a walk and I LOVE THE LAKE OF LYNGBY :-).

I am the chosen first one and when entering our New World, everyone will become God collectively

For some days I have received stronger and stronger questions in relation to what happened in the summer of 2010 because I was told back then that I did a “jump” to reconnect with the Source and after I have started believing that it was the Source fertilising my mother and not my father Peer, I have started questioning what really happened in 2010, was it truly a “jump” back to the Source – where I had to be accepted by answering the riddle that I as Stig am made as a combination of my mother and father – (?) or was it something else because I had now started believing that I had to be the Source all of my life when knowing and believing that it was the Source fertilising my mother, and I tried to push away this question when I had no other answer to give, but it continued to come up stronger and stronger forcing me to relate more to it and I could not think of another logical answer the whole afternoon today – and now at 22.30 I feel that I “have” to write this down as part of my road – and that was before I thought “wait a minute”, I have lived a sinful life myself until May 1, 2009 as most here, and it makes sense that when living a sinful life I could not be the Son of God with the Source as part of me and that I had to “earn myself” the right to become the One by living a “good life” and when I write this, I am starting to think that the Source fertilised my mother through my father and when I started living in sin, the Source withdrew from me giving the spirit of my father and my mother the task to get me “sorted out” and one day to lead me back to the Source through a new way of life without sin and this is the only logic I can find today – still trying to find the final answer, which I feel is important in order to complete what we are doing – and in this case, after moving from one side to the other, which is what caused the plane to do the same making this journey not without danger, I will have to return to what I answered in the summer of 2010, which is that my “old self”, i.e. my present I, is made up by the spirits of my father and mother, which also makes sense because of my clear feeling of the spirit of my father inside of me both before 2010 and ever since, lately as the monk of the Jerusalem UFO, and consequently I did reconnect with the Source in the summer of 2010 when taking the jump back to “the origin of life” completely surrounded by darkness, and I think of what I really do know, which is that the Source is “something completely different”, which is a being, which simply “is” and now transforming into something completely else, which is the Universe together with all life, and I have simply returned as the first of all living beings of the Universe to bring the Source with me to create our New Universe, and this means that as my “old self” I am still the spirits of my mother and father together with the Source as “the origin of life” – the creator or “the gold” – which also makes sense because it was after the jump in 2010 that the Source started saving me several times when the darkness became too strong and we know as these two spirits inside of me, “I” am the last man standing of the old Universe and this is my understanding today after being “helped” and this really makes sense to me, so this is what I believe in, and this also gives me some explanation to the extreme darkness I have been given also for some hours today, which is given to me when not answering “the riddle” correct or only partly correct, so I do hope this is the right answer – and this also tells me that the monk of the Jerusalem UFO was the spirit of my father and in this sense “God”.

Later I went to bed where the “compulsive speech” continued and now at 01.25 I am writing down what I received because “creation”, which this also is part of :-), works the best when I am given the hardest time and this is at least how it has been and I wonder if this is still the case when the world has turned around (?) but anyhow, as part of this “game” I was asked to write down the following notes of what I received and to continue working until 03.00 this night, and again because of experience I know that this has been right so many times before, so this is what I do here again, so here we go:

I was thinking that “God is all and all are God” and I am only the first one to return home to God herewith becoming God myself and in this sense I am the chosen first one because when everyone else will follow me, we will all become God with everyone having individual souls and my soul will simply be my “lost” soul, my own old self as Jesus, whom I found on the way. This made me also think that this will make my life easier to handle because when I am only the first, I am setting up our New World based upon what is logically right and wrong and “everything will become me and I will become everything” as I have been told is true in the beginning when I am the first, which is to say that we will all become equal in the future and we know I am merely the “founder” and we will all become everything when all children will return home to God being the sum of everything. And the mere thought I have had for so long time to become God on Earth is true when I will be the first, but we will all eventually become God with our own souls and just saying that becoming God has been an incredible pain to me, which has created much energy in itself and this is what is now lifting, when I am simply the first and in this sense still the Son of God and everyone who follows me when showing a clean heart will also become Sons and Daughters of God and as a collective we will all be God – and we know this has to be the answer, which was truly not easy finding.

This was followed by a vision where I was shown the crown jewels being taken out from the pyramid, and I was told that you cannot become the One when you don’t know who you are and that is even though your have given us “free access”, which was followed by a vision where I was shown a wheel inside a room which was impossible to turn around because of darkness of the room.

And I was given the thought of the Trinity becoming One – as I have decided a long time ago – which means that the Son, the Holy Spirit of the Universe and the Source will become One and I have also decided that I will continue living my own life (!), which means that all life of the Universe will become God and I will still live as my own self as Stig and we know this also fits well together.

I was told that because of my mistake, I was given sexual torments so powerful that it gave risks of damages to the world and that it would not have felt so painful, if I had answered correctly (thus also giving less power of creation). I was shown a small plane landing on water and later flying with a motor damage with the risk of falling down and the plane was only small to say that it would only create a “smaller” damage to the world, but because I decided to come home without damaging the world, we are helping you.

And I was thinking that the Source left the world together with the termination of Jesus, returned with my conception, left me again when I started living a life in sin and first in 2010 we reconnected with the Source – and as a matter of good sake in comparison the Holy Spirit consists of all life upon life upon life etc. of the Universe.

I was told that this is part of anchoring the turned around world and also asked with a smile that “is it so that you have created the most darkness yourself”, which gives good reason to save the world from suffering.

I was also told that this was why the Source the other night showed himself as the ship dragging me as the small worn-out rowboat – the old universe – and the Source here is simply the spirit of my father as “the first”.

The last couple of weeks I have felt the spirit of my mother’s mother strongly and I know that she is a sign of “destruction” so saying that she was ready to ignite whatever I decided to ignite, but even when crossing my extreme limit making me in despair, the darkness was not strong enough to make me change my answers because I continued saying that even in this situation, I cannot start deciding to accept evil including (some) destruction of the world and my old nightmare to be carried out, this is really the connection, and I was “this close” to get it started but of course only if I allowed it to happen, to give negative answers back to the extreme negativity, which I received and which it “forced” me to do, but I decided to fight it without giving in – and I wonder from where the spirit of my mother’s mother came from (?) – because it is not from the New Universe and she is not part of the last man standing of the old world, so maybe a “projection” (?) – and just wondering I am.

I was also told that this was why the spirit of my mother so strongly for maybe a couple of weeks has tried to have me accepting for her only to access me and I have kept saying that “everyone is welcome” and earlier today she continued and I have decided not to be scared so I told her that she is both welcome alone and also that everyone is welcome, but from here I am certain that as long as I continue being my “old self”, it will be with both spirits of my mother and father with me and that is if the spirit of my father has not been with me (fully) the last weeks.

And I was told that “I have installed darkness inside of you (I felt the darkness inside of me) planned to explode, which is impossible to break unless you do the impossible and bear the pain, which Falck sent you and could/should/would have triggered off this small package, but when you don’t want to accept this, I will remove it again” and I felt how the first parts being removed, which is what I understand will continue while I continue writing this chapter during the night.

After starting to understand this the answer to the riddle, which may be the final answer, I immediately started receiving the same stomach pain as I have received previously when drinking coffee as a sign of people of the Commune “disliking” me because of my writings and here I was also thinking that for days I have been given the feeling of my old neighbour Lars from Albertslund with the feeling that he is really a symbol of Lars from Falck and I was given the song misbehaviour by Saga – a favourite 🙂 – and the lyrics “Call it misbehaviour, Call it what you like, But all this misbehaving, Is just what I need tonight” and I was told that “I wonder if they will calm down now when the spirit of my father has been approved to come home again” and “yes, we will switch of that machine and put on “give up” instead”, and what this is saying is that the extreme feelings of Lars and Falck against me has been necessary to go through this phase because their misbehaviour brought me the darkness for creation, which “is just what I needed” – and I was reminded that it was after my meditation the other night that I was told in a dream that Lars has now started believing in me, which I was told is a process, which will now continue and we know I was given the feeling that they have “not decided yet” about me but as so many other things of their work, it requires determination and to do their best in order to pursue me and do they really have the guts doing this (?), which is another question, and when this is written I am now again feeling a little stomach pain after I had thought that it had gone and really the answer has to be that they still feel some discomfort, but the worst part should be over by now.

I continued writing, editing and writing the summary until 03.20 becoming more and more tired – and my little left finger is now “useless” and hurting again saying that it is a pain given to me – and I will call it a day or night really and see if I am able to get some sleep now. Goodnight :-).


20th August: It is a miracle that I defied death to create our New World – I am about to wake up as my new self!

Creating the base of our New World required EXTREME patience and flexibility all night long

It is now 06.05 and I did NOT get any sleep, all I did was to receive this compulsory voice, which was impossible to switch off and I could decide to fight it – which would be to show darkness, which would cause the darkness to attack me and the world directly (!) or to accept it and here I write “against all odds” because this is and was beyond what I am capable of doing, but you know extreme patience build up increasingly over years is what made me go through this one and we know part of it was that I thought that finally I could sleep but no and how long would this take (?) and 05.00 was my “ultimate” limit – I was not working anymore and beyond tired (!) – but no it continued and I was so tired that I could hardly hear, see or remember what I was told rapidly so I did not catch all of this, but this is what I decided to write down and much of it really not very important in itself but the importance of it is that I am here giving my ultimate energy to bring the anchor, the base, to our New World and when doing this I am thinking of some of the limits I crossed a few years ago when I was kept awake for several days and nights without sleep and even though I am not worth much now, this is what I am trying to do again, and I was asked just before starting to write this chapter “write as much as you can, we will use what you do to anchor and you will only have to do this once” – so here is what came to me, unimportant together with important:

  • Good wine and kitchen equipment is put inside kitchen cupboards – approval of my answer to the riddle.
  • I am starting to pick the first apple from the tree together with my mother, with the tree here being “the tree of wisdom” – our future life.
  • A typewriter is put inside a very large cupboard – as large as a big wardrobe.
  • “There will come no cracks in the indoor swimming pool now”, which is about the base of our New World which will hold after this.
  • “We have come a big step forward starting your new self; bigger steps are not available”.
  • I was shown much silver in the world but only little gold, and when the blue colour is added, this is how you start the new world, and this is why it is important that you guessed this question right (I guessed earlier in the night that when I was killed as Jesus I was “terminated” from being a spiritual being and placed next to the Source surrounded by darkness as a being which simply “is”).
  • “If you had not decided to become the one you are, we would neither become it; we therefore have something to thank you for”.
  • I also continued having stomach pain until approx. 04.30 which was not nice on top of my other suffering.
  • A very small wooden house – looks like a toy house – is rowed away from a small lake inside the forest and up on shore.
  • I was told that Obama has been on the top of the Washington Monument for the second time, which is how positive Obama feels our progress.
  • Inside a castle I was shown bourdeaux coloured chairs for Obama and I, and thick carpets all over in the same colour, which is an old colour of the Source and I felt that this is bringing us in safety inside our New World.
  • However I was told “We are bringing worse news to the fire of Ireland if you do not continue and finalise your website doing your best work”, which I will do according to the “balanced” decisions I take.
  • I was told that what I am doing now is also “bringing my suitcase not for my wife bur to set my mother free not forcing her to become a sex slave of mine anymore”.
  • I was shown a new giant, white aeroplane inside a hangar and a helicopter lifting up and flying each human being to the aeroplane with this aeroplane being our New World also herewith revealing the meaning of this symbol: The world and here the New World.
  • You have decided that no one is to die – which I did again a few weeks ago and thinking of the spirit of my mother in first hand but also still my father – but you would be surprised how quickly you would forget this, and I do hope that my old rule of “locking” our progress on a running basis would mean that my mother and father would survive no matter what including this “alternative road”.
  • My extreme limit was way crossed also receiving almost constant gentle spiritual touch of my private parts, which almost feels like real touch – which I have received much of especially the last weeks without writing it – and it is almost not bearable and almost makes me desperate, which of course is the wrong reaction, and I still huddle when the darkness keeps on attacking me again and again.
  • “The three judges are unusual satisfied” here meaning the Trinity of the old world, who are the Source and the Holy Spirit represented by the spirit of my father and mother (!) and I am not there as the Son.
  • I started feeling Kissinger as the “bad guy” – were you the head of the secret government and for how long ? – and the wars of Vietnam and “many others” and I was shown a skeleton with a string being pulled and told that “these are the wars, which removed our old world because we knew that we had to find the Source being choked inside of the darkness and that we had to be “not existing” ourselves” and I was told that Turkey also has a place in the secret government, which is why I have mentioned Turkey before and I was shown a Turkish lady being hold with a scarf over her mouth – the secret government choking the world – and I was told that “many countries” have a place and the spirit of my mother told me that “the actions of the secret government made me act all crazy”, which is why we wrote to you as we did a few days ago (to help “disturb” you to bring more energy).
  • I was told that from the 15th December there will be no road back because by then we will only be light no matter what.
  • I was told that no one (of leading politicians of the world) has taken the initiative to create a New World Order – not one single.
  • I see my self riding the white horse (the New World), which is still a little bit difficult to control, and we are inside of Tivoli on our way to the exit, which is close and I am told that this is according to plan.
  • I see myself on my way to suck milk from a cow and having steel wire with me about to tighten around the teats with the milk symbolising my old nightmare, which would make me destroy the cow, which is the symbol of Buddha and I was told that inside Buddha is where the real answer to redemption lies, and also that Buddha is still intact, but only just.
  • Pia’s Peter shows me around his garden and points at a small group of trees and I am told that one of these was also about to burn down, which is the importance of Peter, thus Pia, deciding not to believe in me.
  • A white car is pulled forward by a car with a blinking siren and I am asked where we are to park it and I answer inside both of us – my mother an father – and here I would like to add that if this white car is my new self, it is to be placed with my new self to be included inside of me, but I kindly ask you to take the RIGHT decision so I don’t risk doing what may be wrong here – and here at 05.25 I was told that by now I could sleep, but this was part of the game too because I could not when the speech continued and we know extreme flexibility and patience is what this demanded.
  • “How will the child look like, he has no hand when being 14-15 months old” and I felt that this is a child of light on my right side where the previous stories of the child growing underneath my left hand weeks ago was the child of the Devil, and I was told that “NO ONE (in my position) can answer who you are, but you can, which is why the boy is growing” and the boy is my new self – and I do hope and believe this is the final truth of the riddle, and if not, I’ll be back.
  • I see Messi and a black man playing football and I was told that “we have continued growing in Ghana and also China”, which is that we may have believers both places.
  • I am inside the back of a VW transporter with a small part of it being equipped with radio equipment, and the VW is parked on a ship, which is rocking it forwards and back and I am told that this is why it is difficult to hear what is said, which is about spiritual communication of the darkness given to me without my knowledge.
  • I see a Moroccan leader of state standing on the side of a large fence on his way to get a large bucket of hot water over him – and I am thinking of Sidsel once again now going on holiday again to Morocco this time with great joy as she shares on Facebook.
  • I see leaders of China about to remove blockings inside of their heads because of the work I am doing here.
  • A Chinese delivery bicycle is throwing up a pretzel to me in my apartment on the second floor, which is to say that China has also participated in sending me darkness and the threat of the nightmare of my mother, so you may not be entirely with me yet but on your way?

And finalising the writing of this chapter, the edit and summary with my normal quality at 07.30, and we will see if I will be allowed to sleep now, which I do hope.

But now it is 07.45 and “I’m back” – as I was told (!) – and when I laid down in my bed again I was shown one egg left in a tray of 12, this egg is now taken up as the last and I was told that you asked us to correct the mistake and also that “we are happy for you doing this”. Furthermore:

  • I was walking up dark stairs and entering the apartment to the right on which was hanging a “dead doll” on a peg on the inside of the door and I was asked “but this is no problem” (?) referring to my faith and also that if I have answered the riddle incorrect, normally I receive confirmation from the darkness that I have answered correct when I have answered wrongly, but I sure hope this is the light confirming that I have answered correctly.
  • Yesterday I was asked about what I believe of a birthday layer cake and I said that I have always considered this NOT to be a symbol of sexual suffering – as cakes and bread has been – and here I was shown a bilberry layer cake with the finest marzipan on its sides and I was told that I receive this – my future love life of the best quality – because I did not touch it going through the living Hell of my life and I was shown a little bit of whipped cream on my fingers and told that this is all that I received.
  • I heard the song “voldsom Volvo” and saw FC Barcelona and was told that Cruyff started it all – symbolising me starting our New World – that he is a “special friend” too and that the player Puyol believes in me.

And we will see if I will get some sleep now, it is now 07.55 – and I have not truly had a diarrhoea symbolising my nightmare, but being on the edge – and on my way back to bed, I was asked what was all of the sexual suffering before the summer of 2010 about if I was not connected with the Source, and the best answer I have is that this was the spirits of my father and mother preparing our New World, which they however could not finalise without the “gold dust” of the Source including the “blue” of my old self.

Giving EVERYTHING I got to bring two new lives to the spirits of my mother and father to HELP the world the best way

Hereafter I tried to go back to bed and see if I could get some sleep, which I could not, and first I laid for a couple of minutes to see what would happen without writing notes of it, and after a few minutes I decided that the best was to overcome my extreme limit once again when I understood the true importance of it and I decided to take notes of what I received as follows:

  • I was shown Lisbeth and myself entering the seats of a large truck knowing that Lisbeth was a front of the spirit of my mother – not attracting me – and the truck is the world, and the darkness tried almost desperately to make me speak back negatively and to accept the “sexual temptations” and despite of being on my extreme limit, I could only repeat “no, I will NEVER do that” and again that if you cannot get energy from me, you will have to get it from somewhere else but also that “alright, I will try a little here again”.
  • I was shown a brown teddy bear without legs in the sink of the bathroom, which was about how the spirit of my mother is doing and I was not told about the spirit of my father but I guess you are also feeling poorly but maybe not as much as the spirit of my mother thinking that she has brought much darkness to me.
  • I was told that if I had not become the one I am, the spirit of my mother would neither and that this is a try to get my mother over now.
  • I was given 100 DKK and a shaver and asked to tell the story, which is that I have run out of razor blades – or they are VERY used – and have not bought new to save money – however I ordered the cheapest I could find which was on as I also did approx. 1½ years ago and ONLY to save money, but they have not send me anything and not even a rejection, which I believe is what they have decided to give me after not continuing to be a customer with them the last time – which means that I am only shaving maybe 1-2 times per week at the moment and the 100 DKK says that when I shave and look neat, I will get more energy, – vice versa – and on top of this comes my VERY LONG HAIR.
  • I see a beautiful lady with an affectionate voice struggling in the water – wearing a soft hat and I see two apartments in Spain being prepared, and here to show the suffering of the spirit of my mother and doing everything she can not to bring darkness to the world.
  • “If we had not solved this before the third time, the holiday to Dublin had been cancelled”, which I understood was about my continuous attempts to keep working and this is now the fourth time returning this night/morning and first now understanding the need to continue to create energy to “save” you, which is what the holiday to Dublin is about, and I will do my best.
  • I was shown a lady sweeper in football with a pout, completely dark and half of her head missing – and also visions of her in lingerie, which is to show her very serious situation.
  • I heard “why have you not been given a valid job” (?) and the answer “because nobody owns it” – meaning the lady – and to this I thought that I am both the new and old Universe so I will take ownership, and also here thinking that my physical mother and father are also part of this if and when required (their souls are these two as the only ones of the old Universe).
  • I was asked “should we be deeply concerned about this; this is 1968” and I was thinking of my self as a two year old where I probably still had the Source inside of me and I thought about “two sides of my self” – new and old as back then – and I encouraged you to take the right decision keeping you from dying and also that I will keep both Universes inside of me and give you more energy inside of the old if possible until you will be able to follow to the new.
  • I was told that “no dogs of Sanna’s are to powerful to grow out of this” and that “now we immediately feel better”.
  • I was shown a chicken being drawn on the very large outside wall of the central post terminal, first the head and I saw the rest of it as an outline and I was told “this is what you are also about to get with you all by yourself”.
  • “It corresponds to standing in front of a restaurant in China where you can read the menu, but you don’t get what you will have”, which is how the situation would be without “us” leading.
  • I was about to give up here receiving so much information and being so tired, and I was told that “a very small missile is connected to the tail of the aeroplane and we will see if we can continue flying it”, which was the situation if I stopped here.
  • I was shown large gold bands inside a room but also chocolate spouted all over and told that “we are about to break down because of selfishness of people”.
  • I was told that “you will simply give us two new lives first inside the old world if you can and then afterwards at the new” and I replied that “if this is the best, this is what we will do”.
  • I was asked to keep awake all day, to work and also to attend the party of the housing association this evening, which I happily have accepted a long time ago, and I thought that this would be impossible for me to bear, but I told myself that I will take one hour at a time, and I was shown a black and white spider in a spin and told that we will not be able to communicate spiritually with people if we will not become white, and I was shown the train of Falck driving much quicker and told “this will make it much quicker to bring people home” (to our New Universe) and a vision of us walking up a red runner of honour to the cinema because “this will make it piece of cake to bring people home”.
  • If I am not able to do this – give enough energy for you to create your new selves – I will still reject sexual suffering and actively to send out negativity to the world, but I accepted that in this case you can go to Obama, other sides of me, “special friends” and also the Universe to bring the energy required for you, and to choose the best solution on a long view, but I will see if I can make it.
  • I was told that an “email to your mother will help” and that is if she will send good feelings to me and also decide to see me again, and I had written this “task” to do on Sunday, but before starting to write this chapter, I decided to send my mother and John a positive email telling them how much I miss them, that I will not write about new meetings to avoid misunderstandings and hoping that they will accept to see me. I will NOT bring this email nor the answer or any future emails or conversations, and this is what I have decided to do my self, this is not removal of my freedom of speech even though I would have been the most happy for my mother to understand me, and I really don’t believe I have any more teachings to do when hopefully meeting them again, so we will have to see what they will say, and I will tell you if she accepts or turns me down and nothing else.
  • When I stood up to write this chapter, I was given diarrhoea, which is to say that this experience weakened the spirit of my mother, but later when I was starting to write, I was told “we are becoming rolled in feathers and not tar for you doing this”, which is truly what I am hoping will take place.

Finally at 10.30 I had finished this chapter too feeling let us say “tired” but still going counting down the hours, which seem far to much and also understanding that it is of importance for me to remove the “darkness” of my website on basis of the teaching I was given earlier yesterday evening and during the night.

Updating the front page of my website with my revised understanding of whom I am – TOUGH 🙂

And a bath and a shave (!), I started working on my website at 11.15 wondering both “can I really do this work being this tired” and on the other hand also that “it should not be very difficult to do” and I will tell you later how it went, if I can get started at all, but let us have a look ….

At 14.00 I had published the first version of the new front page of my website – it was bigger work than expected and called for some of my best work ever considering the conditions – and I disovered that when I will enter the New World as the first, I will have to be an “empty shell” – I remember this as a déjà vue, which is where the living souls inside of me will be replaced with my “new self”, which is really my original self as the revived soul of Jesus, and consequently I have to correct one decision from the script above, which is that I will not myself be both the old and New World because my new self will require an empty shell to move into.

Finally at 16.30 I had done the full edit of my website including one edit – which however is not enough, I have to do more to bring up the quality, but considering how I am doing and working without sleep, I am doing my best as usual 🙂 and we will see if I will also be able to do the first edit of the right column of my website, which I know from experience can take up to several hours to work on.

At 16.40 I received the first feeling of the spirit of my father being back and saying “hello” and really because I have decided to do the necessary amendments on this website today, which should normally take “much longer” to do, but I am helped by the quality work I have done before making it much easier to split, join, add (I wrote much new, corresponding to approx. 7 pages in Word) and delete sentences and paragraphs and that is without losing the overview, which easily could have been a hindrance for most, and by 17.15 I had to my surprise done this work too, which was not “demanding” and I am truly satisfied with it, it looks good and maybe 1-2 more edits to make sure, and hopefully tomorrow, so I will start getting some sleep again.

Receiving energy from videos of light crossed and Braco

This morning I had decided to look at the video of light crosses included at my Signs I page knowing that this still includes energy to help me, and before leaving for the party this evening, I decided to look at videos of Braco on the Internet knowing that the force going through him is strong – and also remembering what I have been told “a long time” ago that the force also works through electronic means (!) – and two minutes after I started, I was told by the spirit of my mother “thank you” and also that she felt it instantly even though it was only short and I had all day been given so strong feelings to my right foot that I could not walk normally on the foot, and with Braco, this feeling lifted at the same time as the spirit of my mother spoke to me . and I liked the video of pictures with him riding horses together with his girlfriend (?), so more of him in the following days :-).

It’s a miracle that I defied death to create our New World – I am about to wake up as my new self!

So after doing this work – I was kind of surprised to do all of this before the party – I was in good time to go to the party at 18.00, and I arrived on time, but apparently I had not read the invitation properly (!!!) herewith missing that I should have brought my own dinner set, so I had to go home and return, which made Kate say “are you first arriving now” and no, I told her as it was, but you know this is what I would like to avoid doing in the future, and we know it is about attitude and I did not read properly!

When I arrived at the grill party in the good weather this evening – by the way did you notice how “we moved the promised new BIG rain the other night over Zealand, so it did not rain at all even though they had “promised” 20-40 millimetres”? – and I was happy to see that even more people attended this year, approx. 50, and first when meeting “my good friend from last year, Jesper”, whom I talked to – he is now moving away from here with his family to a large house – and then he told me that the buyer of his apartment was nobody else than my good friend Kirsten (!), and I knew that Kirsten is coming back here the 1st September and I wrote her one week ago “inviting” her to come and was disappointed when she did not reply, but happy to see that she had arrived this evening (!) and we know she told me that she simply “forgot” to write back – lack of discipline (!) – but as a perfectly natural thing, we started talking, and also sat next to each other during the fine grill party/dinner, which Jan and the others had prepared, and it did not take very long before we started as good together as we did back when she lived on Korsørgade in Copenhagen and we know this was the time before I moved to Malmö with Camilla which was 1994, and when you speak this good with a feeling of “your best friend”, it is easy to “forget” what he “claims” about himself because “he” is of course the same man as he always has been and we know just saying how extremely sad it has made me that people decided to abandon me – including Kirsten (!) – not because of me but because of themselves and we know we agreed that we will now get back together to the same strong friendship as back then and really because we now will live closely on each other, and who did forget that she is living less than 3-4 minutes from me already today???

By the way – more of these coming – I offered Kirsten to work as an objective mediator between her and her mother helping them to understand each other and improve their relationship (!) and she said she was “positive” of this and I asked her to think about it, so we will see if this is what she wants to do – and we agreed that I will come and help her on her move the 1st September and we will see if I will still be my old or new self by then.

During dinner on my table of 8 – 7 ladies and me – the speech “somehow” started focusing on death and we know Winnie had died since last year and the old lady on the first floor of my staircase also died recently – with his amazing husband moving on old-age home and “amazing” he is/was because he used a walker but still he was out walking several times every single day (!) – and my neighbour said that she asked her boyfriend to move “months” ago because he was almost choking her several times and we know there is/was death all around me and just saying that I fought against death itself because this was the death trying to hit me, but I escaped it, and when all of this was happening, I felt OBAMA strongly with me giving me support and letting me know that he knows what I have gone through – and the other day I received the word “coca cola” in relation to Sunday Evening, which is “poison” and here really to say that I could be dead now if I did not go through today and yesterday (!) – and who are “the killers” (?) and of course people “loving” me but misunderstanding and mistreating me as if I was not HUMAN (!) and where do I know this from (?) and really because SOMEBODY TOLD ME spiritually you know and this is also amazing MUSIC 🙂 – which made me scared during some of the evening, but I decided to believe that this would mean that I would be woken up as my new self and here I praise myself happy for doing the changes to my website – thank you for the help, my spirit mother and father too even though you were not visible – making me believe that I will now not be “thrown out of Tivoli”.

And there was a reference to this when I spoke to a new young couple studying for engineers at DTU here in Lyngby, and it was when I was inspired to ask questions to the young man and he told me about his free time work for at IT company called something with “miracle”, and what we are telling you is Stig, that “you” have made a PERFECT NEW UNIVERSE without dying on the way – taking your mother with you was the strong feeling – and we know it was not easy but NO ONE IS GOING TO KILL ME OR MY MOTHER (!) and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE NEW WORLD IS ABOUT (!) and to have a “normal life” myself – I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!

By the way I tried to explain these young people about my view of education in relation to work (!) – not private education (!) – that it should be simple logic for everyone to agree with a business to work for before you start your mixture of theoretical and practical education, which they told me that the Copenhagen Business School now has launched a new “scheme” for – apparently INSPIRED they are – and when I told them that it should be equally as simple logic that it is a complete waste of time to go through education with 25, 50% or 75% of the syllabus being subjects, which you will NEVER use in your working life and we know IT WAS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND and again telling you about just how STRONG a wrong voice people of the community has, because it is “unthinkable” that the present “system” can be wrong (!) and all I am saying is to START THINKING OF WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO (!) and here I was happy to think that when people will receive spiritual communication to help them enter our New World, it will become easier for them to “believe” and to change their view of what is wrong from the old world, and we know without this “means”, it could become MORE THAN DIFFICULT for people to start understanding simple logic, do you see?

There was also a quiz as a questionnaire – a TOP 13 as in football :-)- and the last question was INSPIRED and about how to make the “open sandwich” called “Sol over Gudhjem” (“Sun over Gudhjem”) with the city of Gudhjem meaning “GOD HOME” and this is now where I am heading, to the NEW HOME OF GOD, which is at our New World, and by the way, this is also why my family years ago SMILED and LAUGHED so much about a picture of my mothers with a fisherman from the Island of Bornholm, which Hans – my sister’s husband – decided to call “Sol over Gudhjem” (!) and we know what does it include and of course FISH AND EGG and the fish is me and the egg is “everything of creation”, so this was really why, Hans.

The Danish open sandwich “Sol over Gudhjem” (“Sun over God’s home”),
which is where I am now heading as the first: GOD’S NEW HOME AT OUR NEW WORLD, hence the fish and egg symbolising me and the result of creation 🙂

I had thought that attending this party was important also to receive more energy from positive feelings of people towards me, which is what I did and I was under much pressure to be “social” when being this tired, but I did it and I was not difficult.

By the way, Kate told me that the apartment I spoke to her about has now been sold, so it looks like I am stuck at this one.

At 21.15 I ”decided” that I was so TIRED that I left together with other people leaving among the first, and I was sad not to offer my help to clean up afterwards as I did last year, but I thought that I did not have much energy, which I hope you will understand.

Approx. 1 day ago I wrote a note that I do hope that the criteria of getting more than half of the world to enter our New World will become “easy” to reach because it is not only half of the population of Earth, but half of the Universe and with all of the Universe represented around Earth and knowing about me, I do hope there should be a chance for all of us to survive – and if this is true, which I hope but am not sure of today, it may be part of the game to make me “sweat” more in order to create more energy.


21st August: My Scribd website reveals “secret” visits from Governments etc., who read me but DO NOT help me out!

Dreaming of destroying houses (my inner selves!) at the harbour to “fill more of the remaining bottles”

I was kind of excited to see if I would be allowed and also able to sleep when I went to bed at 22.00, and I was and that is also most of the night but still I am exhausted today after the last couple of days – and almost no dreams other than this:

  • Something about being in a small city which I believe is called “badsdomi” where I am waiting on my cash help. At the small harbour I see many destroyed houses and I have brought the best football players in the world.
    • I got the feeling of “will my cash help been taken from me” (BADsdomi is about hurting) – we will see – and the dream says that we almost killed ourselves to bring the best football players in the world – filling up more of the “empty wine bottles” – which is what you saw from the state of the spirit of my mother the last days.
  • I received a letter from Jesper at Falck, and I thought it would be a letter threatening me to remove my writings on the Internet, but instead it is a monthly letter to customers of Falck, which made me happy.
    • Apparently Falck has now decided to do no more about my writings on the Internet and that is if this is a dream of the light.

My Scribd website reveals “secret” visits from Governments etc., who read me but DO NOT help me out!

In continuation of the dream about Falck, the following “small miracle” shows that yesterday evening after the party, suddenly my uploads at was reset when the counter of number of visitors to each document “mysteriously” was put to zero (!), and when I tried to open one of the documents, I received an error message – it was NOT possible to open any document (!) and it made me a little bit nervous that maybe Falck had decided to take things into their own hands contacting Scribd to remove my writings but on the other hand, it cold only be the Falck memo and not all of them, so this could not be the answer and then I decided to open my work/behaviour webpage where the four upper documents of Scribd are embedded into, and when this page opened these four documents, there were NO PROBLEMS – it is the same as opening the page with Scribd, which did not work shortly before (!) – which really confirmed my suspicion that this was again the spirit of my mother telling me a story.

Yesterday evening the counters of my documents on Scribd were RESET and the documents not to open (!), but I still had access to the four upper documents through my website immediately there after !

This morning I was again “excited” to see if Scribd had “become good” again, which it had as you can see from the number of visitors now re-established at the picture below and now it was also possible to access the documents again including the Falck memo and this is really also to confirm the dream of Jesper “becoming good” and we know Stig, we decided to “drive” the EXTREME ROAD also in the play with Falck and that is because we believed in you as you believe in us :-).

This morning all counters were “re-established” and the documents accessible again on Scribd also to tell you that Falck has decided not to pursue me after all!

And when looking at the statistical information, which my Scribd page gives me, it is “rather” interesting to see the number of visitors to the four upper documents – also embedded on my website – and first I will show you how the embedded documents look like from my behaviour and work webpage:

From my behaviour and work webpage I am embedding the first four documents from my Scribd page, here the first two

When looking at the statistical information from my website at WordPress, I have “officially” received a total of 27 visitors to my “behaviour and work” page as you can see from the picture below, hereof four the 19th August (the last bar) and zero the 20th august, and to this number of 27, you can add maybe 20 “visits” of my own, which is not included in the counter, when I set up the four Scribd documents earlier in August.

According to my website, my “behaviour and work” page has received 27 visits in August to which you can add approx. 20 of my own “visits”, which are not included in the counter

This leads us to the “rather peculiar” number of visitors according to the Scribd statistical information, which you can see from the following picture from this morning with updated information including visits until yesterday the 20th August – but not today, they update once a day – and as you can see, my Falck memo has received 112 reads directly at Scribd and then the interesting part is the number of “embed reads”, which for the same document is 117 (!) and what is “embed reads” (?) and we know it is every single time someone opens my webpage “behaviour and work” because this is the only website in the world embedding this and the other documents – and for your information I uploaded the Falck memo to Scribd the 5th August and the other documents the 19th August with the two on labour market shortly after each other, and the one on insurance a little bit later, and these three documents have the 19th and 20th August received 11, 11 and 8 embed reads.

Scribd telling that the four documents embedded on my website receive more reads through my website than what the website has of visitors (!) – 117 for Falck!

And what this is showing is really the number of “unofficial” visits to my website, which are NOT counted by my website, but when you are visiting my website, you may have designed a “secret” system, which RESETS the number of visitors at my counters with WordPress and TIP, but did you forget also to reset the counter of EMBEDDED READS and here with Scribd my dear GOVERNMENTS – I am told “governments” here – reading with interest my documents and not least my Falck memo (?) and how do you FEEL having to read my website in “secret” without following my encouragements to send me a nice and friendly email to help me out from EXTREME SUFFERING (?) – and SUCH A SHAME is what I believe it is and WRONG BEHAVIOUR too, but the music is FANTASIC :-).

From the following, you can see that the only website embedding the Falck document as example is my website.

Fuggi is in Jutland but my counter has decided to show as if he was using his home computer (!) in Fredensborg (!)

And while we are at it, we might as well include this example too about my good old friend, Fuggi, because you left for the “life style high school” the 7th August with planned return at the end of October – by the way congratulations with your fantastic results exercising and losing weight 🙂 – and I wondered if you would get “time” to continue “reading” my website and I pretty quickly saw a new returning visitor to my website, which I believe will have to be you when “reading” from Jutland (?) – and I am still sad to see that you only read for approx. 5 minutes per script, which at least is what this shows as an example:

This is the new computer in Jutland, which Fuggi uses to “read” my scripts from his stay at a high school

And then I had a new “peculiar” visit to my website yesterday, which you can see below and who was that (?) and only the same IP address, which Fuggi has used since I don’t know when – from his computer in Bellahøj, Copenhagen – and you may remember Fuggi, that my counter “mysteriously” decided to change your home city from Copenhagen to Fredensborg a few months ago to tell you about “another part of you” – my old colleague Søren from Dahlberg (!) – and this was maybe “too much” for your to believe in (?) and if this is the case, my computer has now “decided” to show your visits to my website as if you were still sitting at your computer at home eeehhh, which has moved to Fredensborg where Søren lives (!) and this is when you really are in Gudum, Jutland, approx. 300-400 kilometres away (!) and how does this make you feel?

Now my counter has decided to show Fuggi as if he was using his home computer and as if this was moved to Fredensborg!

Receiving EXTRA darkness and EXTRA energy speeding up creation – will this be my last script before becoming my new self?

I decided to take a long bath this morning – my head is ”flying around”, which is the very clear feeling – and I still received much darkness but also the feeling of the spirit of my mother in light as her true self and I wonder if you have received your “new life” after what I went through and this was the feeling at least, and my first feeling this morning was the “clash” between my instincts of wanting to live a completely normal life, which was reinforced after the party yesterday – just wanting a life being happy together with people without loneliness from people abandoning me wrongly, darkness, negative voices and nightmares completely destroying me – but I could do nothing against the darkness and I could only think that “my dear reader, if you could only imagine the kind of HELL I am going through” and again I was told that “there has never before been and will never again be given a life to anyone as miserable as yours” – and later I received let us just say the “closest” visions of carrying out my old nightmare – which I related to my mother after sending my email yesterday (I have received “no answer”) who may “decide” not to see me after all because of the “misunderstood hurt feelings” of my family (?) – and I am thinking that this is what could “kill” me or here the spirit of my mother and I have decided that if you simply cannot keep my rule of not carrying out this nightmare, I ask you to do the change-over, to make me become my new self without killing you, and later I was told that this is what they had planned to do themselves and we know which is putting on pressure because how much more work can I manage to do before it may be “too late” also thinking of “filling up the last bottles” (?) – and I was kind of half told and half felt from the spirit of my father that I am going to work all night too – or as long as I can – to help him do the same as the spirit of my mother – receiving a new life – but I really don’t know if this is the truth of the light or darkness, so we will have to see and hoping that this is NOT true and also after receiving energy from Braco yesterday, the people of the party and also the following service today with Den Gyldne Cirkel.

At the bath I was thinking to put a “pipeline of light from the New World to the old” on my “wish list” to make sure that everyone will be helped to come through and that the old world in worst case will not collapse before 2016.

All in all the darkness is IMPOSSIBLE these days – can I continue fighting it (?) – which made me wonder if this will become my last script (?) and I know that I am not 100% ready with my website, but I am “close” and after my MARATHON work yesterday updating the front page of my website, I have done the most important, which makes me happy and we know “the glass of juice” is almost full, but if I can continue, I will of course do so to finalise all of my work and that is truly the question and we know if there are more people waiting “to be or not to be”, I will of course do my best to make them “be”.

At 12.00 I decided to attend the web-service of Den Gyldne Cirkel and in my meditation, I decided to write down notes of the following:

I was shown a large marzipan ring cake – a symbol of New Year and celebration – and myself being locked up at the back of a “blue wagon” and the last part of me being inside this “blue wagon” in the mind of people – do you use this expression in English as we do in Danish for the wagon, which will collect “crazy” people (?) – is what is leading to celebration and we know darkness given to me to be used for creation!

The first maybe 15 minutes I was given so much darkness and impatience that I had to do my best not to leave the meditation, but I decided to overcome the pain and to continue, and I felt a King coming to me – maybe another previous self – and we know I am the first and will take on becoming a King if this is my destiny, but we are still all God when inside our New Universe, and I was shown a small boy dressed in blue/white entering the utility room of a house where I see him becoming my new self – the clear feeling of Jesus – and I saw my self being dragged out practically from nothing.

I was shown a horse wagon – as they used in antic Rome – and a driver driving in darkness on their way to a new giant pipeline of clear light in the ground, which was about my “wishing list” from this morning and the feeling of “creation” and later I was given the feeling that when there will be no more darkness of the old world I can indeed be the anchor of both the new and the old world, which I accepted and that is with thanks for helping out and of course if this is without risk of becoming my new self.

And I was thinking that maybe I can continue working all the way to the end without having to do the change-over to my new self because of extreme darkness forcing me?

I was shown the red carpet of a theatre and a soup spoon being brought to the stage manager self as I was told, which was about bringing more energy to my inner selves doing this meditation drawing upon the energy of the people present through this web-service.

I was showed first a sword (my weapon to defeat darkness) in the air followed by a book (the weapon is communication through my scripts) and the Michelin man, which to me has symbolised Buddha for years and I was told that “Buddha-information” has not arrived entirely yet but if I carry on for 1-2 more days, it will and alright we will see what kind of challenges I will meet and if I will be able to face them.

I was told that my mother for years have been shown and TOLD – this is what I was told (!) – a field suddenly ending with a steep hill going down which is symbolising the end of the world and this is you know during dreams/speech coming to her at night.

I was shown my mother crashing porcelain in Tivoli – thinking about me after my email yesterday and my imaginary “wrong doings” (!) – and I was told that this is what is creating this creation now, and my reaction was “I don’t want to have anything smashed up” and we know meaning that we are using the energy for light instead of “giving up”, which would mean that the same energy would be used to “smash up”, which we really don’t like, therefore.

I was shown YELLOW ALL OVER and told that the anchoring of the New World has now completed, which made me happy to hear.

I got the feeling of my father’s mother – earlier my mother’s mother was here again and we know potentially “smashing up”- and she was completely surrounded by darkness and I was shown a swan and received the words “this is what you are becoming” and we know transforming from darkness to light as in the fairytale of H.C. Andersen :-).

At the end of the meditation – I was lying on my bed listening to the web-radio – I received the energy of Braco VERY CLEARLY and I was told “you remembered” (about receiving energy through Braco videos) and I felt inside of his light so strongly that it almost completely made the feeling of darkness leave me giving me some minutes of pleasant comfort as a change to the worst life ever (!) and beyond what you can imagine, my dear reader.

I might be able to switch between my new and old selves to complete all of my work?

And we know Stig this afternoon I was given very impatient feelings and especially the feeling of being IRRESOLUTE when I felt different alternatives of how to do my work and feelings to jump from one to the other and back again – it was only DETERMINATION keeping me right on track – and I understood that these are the feelings of my mother right now in relation to me – “should I/we accept seeing Stig again” and yes this is how terrible life of today is when people simply “cannot” understand and this is not so much about my mother but about John and Sanna influencing my mother – because of course they would LOVE to see me if only I was not that “difficult” (!) and you have not yet figured out who is the difficult and unreasonable part (?) – and just after writing the above, I saw that the blue background of my website was yet again gone and we know I AM SO UNREASONABLE IN THE WAY I TREAT PEOPLE ON MY WEBSITE and we know Stig, they are still only seeing the surface because of “poor work” instead of the TRUE content of ONLY LOVE – another old favourite of my mother’s and we know AMAZING TALENT AND SONG TOO 🙂 – and “poor attitude” of my sister deciding NOT to read!

And it is NOT easy working with a BLURRED vision and even though I wear glasses, I am looking at the screen as if I was not wearing glasses – with my eyes annoying me – and we will see for how long I can continue doing this work, and we know first the chapter on Russia confirming again, then publish the last three days of scripts, then maybe running to show a ”good heart” in relation to Buddha-information even though I am on my “running-edge” today (to bring more energy), some Braco videos and then 1-2 edits of my work of yesterday, a little bit here and there on my website, and at least to consider starting my long list of edits to my website, which I wrote down “months ago” and we know which is what I prioritise higher at the moment compared to the final work of my Signs III and IV pages, because I have decided that I am basically happy with how they are – but of course I will work on them later if I am still around as my old self, which I may be and we know switching from my new to my old self when needed to finish this work and how SMART is that (?) and we know much SMARTER than the SMART CHAIRMAN I serviced at Falck.

Later, after running (!), I was given the secret message that of course I cannot become my new self and switch back to my old self taking on the last darkness of the world, and we know sometimes difficult to think here when you have much to do.

Receiving a visit by the Russian government thanking me for saving Saint Petersburg from being swallowed

The same day as when I published my script of saving the world from swallowing cities of the size of Saint Petersburg, the 15th August, I received the following visitor from Saint Petersburg, and I don’t get many visits from this city, so I wondered if this was in relation to my script thanking me, but I decided not to write about it because I had no more to go on and also because the visitor actually arrived some hours before I published my script (!) but of course “secret equipment” of the world (“Echelon”) makes it possible for you to see what I write on my computer if you want to (!) and thinking that I had wrote the story of Saint Petersburg already the day before, the 14th August, but as mentioned, I don’t know if there is a link and I decided not to include it.

Was this visit from SAINT PETERSBURG the 15th August the Russian government thanking me for saving their city from being swallowed up as I wrote about the same day? – I am not sure

And today I received a new visit from Russia, which at least this time has to be the government of Russia and that is because how often do you “coincidently” receive two visitors from the same country with 10 seconds apart deciding to visit the same website – the 4th June containing my story of THE STIG being born again and “The Jerusalem UFO told the world about my return, a new CREATION and Era of ETERNAL NOW coming” – with the exact same operating system (Windows 7) and browser (Chrome) – to me this is NOT a co-incidence (!) – and the feelings I received was that this is Russia saying “we are still with you, don’t give up” and of course “thank you for saving us” – first the visitor of Saint Petersburg and then the government of Moscow thanking – and “SELF THANK YOU” as we say in Danish with a smile 🙂 and also “спасибо за Ваш ви»ит” thanks to Google – please give all my best to everyone in Russia and looking forward to getting to know and visiting you too and by the way, the Red Square is not “black” anymore, is it (?) and do you know anyone who is good to PUT IN the final ball on the golf course?

At least this visit today was from the Russian Government saying thank you and SELF THANK YOU, my friends over there 🙂

Today my “old friend”, Nønne on Selvet was INSPIRED to post this sketch by Monty Python on Facebook – as you can see here – and really because these days are about a SILLY (!) increase in sacrificing and we know at the same time as people continue to complain and only listen to themselves as in the sketch!

And we know RUNNING is what I did – not longer than the other day but I walked longer and the lake and weather was BEAUTIFUL again – and then publishing what may be one of my longest three days scripts ever and alright I will bring you what I am hearing right now when this is written, which is HOUSE OF FUN which is making me in GOOD MOOD and we know our NEW HOUSE will be FUN too where we will WELCOME all and that is NOT MADNESS, is it?

And when publishing this script at 19.40, I have decided to stay awake and work as long as I can with the first goal of reaching tomorrow morning again, and really because the nice voice is telling me and I have decided to believe in it, so we will see ..… :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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