August 24, 2011: The original creator is creating a New World even more beautiful than in our WILDEST DREAMS


Summary of the script today

22nd August: The Creator is my father (!), the Holy Spirit is my mother (!) and I am the Son together forming the Trinity

  • Yesterday evening until after midnight I continued working with new applications, MY MOTHER CALLED ME making me VERY happy :-), I continued updating my website and I was told that if I continued working all night long until lunch tomorrow, the LAST BOMB of the world would be removed – I would then have taken on the suffering myself to bring energy for CREATION.
  • After midnight I laid down receiving MUCH information and the STRONGEST darkness and this was because this was the original existence of the first Universe arriving (!) – our original creator of life (!) – and I was told that I could not have made it this far if I had not gone through the road of my life. The spirits of my mother and father became VERY TOUCHED when the original king started communicating. The first Universe had not come as far as to include living human beings. I received different darkness and obstacles to overcome being told that I had to answer the riddle correctly to make him come all the way home. And that when we will know the original thought of life, which we do not now, it will be possible to guarantee everyone to enter our New Universe. I was told that evilness was not INTENDED but came to us from the outside, which is what I was then asked to identify what is before 12.00 (!) thinking that it is impossible for me to do other than saying “the darkness of nothing” or “something I don’t know of” with the temptation to answer that the Source is the darkness, which I have decided that I don’t believe in. Before ending this session, I was given a “small sword” and seeing the cowboy hat of the darkness hovering away releasing its power now only keeping one string attached.
  • The night continued with the aim to answer the riddle given to me and at 04.30 I started writing down the next chapter among other things telling me that the darkness of this the small first Universe would not be strong enough to tilt our present Universe, it was NOT the intention to bring any evil to the world and I had to continue doing impossible work writing down notes and fighting darkness to create more energy needed to give the answer, which came closer and closer and I was told that the possible number of ALL spiritual beings of all times/Universes terminating would decide the same proportional number of terminations of people of this Universe and I was told that EXTREME HAPPINESS EVERYWHERE IS COMING because of what was to come when I was helped by the energy to answer that extreme happiness of the first Universe became so intense that it unintentionally slid over (bend over) to the opposite giving the same extreme unhappiness, which eventually terminated the Universe – this gave me the yellow building bricks and love of this Universe. Life was originally created unintentionally because it was possible, and it was the same mechanism terminating the first Universe – and several after this, but NOT anymore! Ending this writing at 05.55.
  • I was told that after the turn around of the world, I could only do this work because of the EXTREME ENERGY given to me by the love of my mother when deciding to see me again, and then I was told that my father is descending directly from the first Source and in this respect he is the CREATOR of the Universe (!!!), thus also the New World using me as the Son as “the model” – requiring a whole KRAFTWERK 🙂 – and future King.
  • The messages continued when I was told that “there is also only one queen”, which is my mother and also that she is descending directly from the Queen of the first Universe as I am descending from the first Son, and I understood that when my father is the CREATOR and I am the Son, my mother IS the Holy Spirit of the Universe, and I decided instantly to secure the survival of all of the Trinity also in our New World, where my mother will become the new leader, I will become the EVOLUTION MANAGER and my father will continue to be the creator – with everyone being part of God.
  • Hereafter I started updating my website with the new information I was given and had the first update ready at 10.20 after doing difficult work and the second at 12.45 and under the circumstances I am very happy with what I have done believing that I am now coming close to the truth about my self and the spirits of my father and mother including CREATION.
  • I was HAPPY that my mother and John decided to pay me a surprising visit to invite me for lunch, and we were VERY happy seeing each other again, and the love of my mother was “ordered” as part of this process and while this happened, we succeeded to put back on the light of the original creator.
  • Finally from 15.00-18.30 I had some “sleep” and when I woke up I was MORE DESTROYED than ever before. The work I have done these days is the most extreme/exhausting work of all of completely crazy work I have done in my life!!!
  • I was told that I had to receive some work myself to become a “chicken” – enabling me to create as my “new self” – and now work has started to remove my own sufferings of voice upon voice of sceptical people given directly to me making my life a living nightmare (!), I received an “implant” including information about the original purpose and plans of life for the entire New Universe to feel and I was told that first now – with the arrival of the original CREATOR – the curse of mankind is being lifted giving everyone eternal redemption.

23rd August: Receiving the recipe from the original creator of how to revive my old self as Jesus – and starting the process

  • This night I was still not allowed to sleep because of more important work to do and now it was the start of the revival process of my “old self” as Jesus to become my “new self” after receiving the recipe of how to do this from the revived original creator, the being of the Source as the Creator before creating life was not only made up by the spirit of my father but also the spirit of my mother, it was NEVER planned as a part of the original creation of life to include darkness, which is a “foreign body” forced upon life from the darkness of nothing and another part of me from a coming of mine 3,500 years ago entered me.
  • At the middle of the night I continued writing down important notes and really to give more energy for creation (!) and this time about the greatest secrets of the foundation of the Universe itself received from the original creator leading to a decision to change the design of the New World herewith giving all people a MUCH BIGGER HEART and HOPE too because of this NEW BEGINNING and all people will be able to visit the Source seeing the original beginning of life self
  • Afterwards I was MORE TIRED than ever before in my life – far beyond impossible – but pressured to continue in between the periods where I could not keep my eyes open because this HAD to be done now (!) receiving information of saving life inside a new atmosphere (of the original creator), redesigning the New World and myself with the best furniture from the original creator. It was now 06.40 being told about the need to continue all day when this is it …
  • In the morning I was told that from inside the original Source the ORIGINAL spirit of my mother was now being transferred to our New World and that she and all other beings who have been made by the Creator – the spirit of my father – inside the Universe have been made in their memory and first now all of these are starting to be transferred. A MIRACLE IS WHAT IT IS.
  • This morning I continued taking down a few messages and after the transferral of the original spirit of my mother from the Source, it became my turn afterwards – and even though this is the MOST impossible fight I have ever had to stay awake, and I have had the WORST of them (!), I managed to keep awake all morning deciding to watch videos of Braco and miracle healings to bring more energy to me and this process.
  • During the afternoon I decided to take a meditation hoping that this would enable me to keep awake (!), but instead I fell asleep on my back on my sofa FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN THIS POSITION – this is how tired I was – but only for two hours, and still my new picture, my new self, had not been created but I started receiving more positive symbols of good times coming. I am still doing this work sacrificing without bringing pain to the world. The finest wine imaginable are now being labelled – all of the original lives are coming to live becoming the basis of our future life. I started working – feeling WORSE than ever before – on improving my website and still doing my best work, which is what is required for my inner selves to bring us out of the original Source into the lives of our New World. At the end of the evening, the “picture” of my new self was being drawn, I was recreating my previous self, coming back to life.

24th August: The original creator is creating a New World even more beautiful than in our WILDEST DREAMS

  • After working on my website until 22.00 yesterday evening – having less than NOTHING left – I had to take a break, which made the TIREDNESS come to me way stronger than ever before and finally at 00.30 there was NOTHING to do, I SIMPLY had to sleep, which I did until 08.00 dreaming that Robert from Falck decided to break our “strongest bond of friendship” and go against me because of his uncontrollable negative feelings also influencing the others against me, which is the negativity given to me for me to overcome and I used this power – together with ALL OF THE ENERGY given to thousands of supporters to Benny Hinn’s meeting, Braco, my mother etc. – to do the COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE, to locate and start releasing my previous self together with ORGINAL LIVES of all people from the Source using the same “technique”, which was originally used when life was created in the first place by the CREATOR.
  • I had the feeling of having received a “physical implant” of the size of a golf ball inside my mouth making it impossible for me to SINK at the same time as feeling myself as a Galion with fear going under, which is showing that the original life inside of the Source cannot SINK but still the feeling is like going under – because I decided to stop work and get some sleep yesterday.
  • I continued working this morning – not being very tired – on improvements to my website, which was originally designed with this process in mind: To fine tune my own self after having been called to life using the recipe of the revived original creator of how to transform life as “beings” from inside of the Source – as the life flame of my previous self was – to life as we know it.
  • I received new important messages in the afternoon for example that we have just started the transferral of the “beings” from inside of the Source, which we will continue doing at the same time as reducing my suffering because the negative voices I am given, is making it impossible to go deeper without these reducing and this is ALSO based upon increasing conscious faith of my mother through an increasing understanding in me of my sister. It is the extreme feelings of Robert from Falck, which are brought to me as the last darkness, which enables us to go through this last creation. I do now hold all keys for our eternal freedom, but we have to move them from “one bar” to a new, which is to do a new creation of our New World, which will require a new extreme effort of work from me, and if I cannot, there is a risk of danger to the world to bring energy. Hitler brought “gold” to Earth to enable us start building the New Universe – without Hitler, there would be no New Life and New World!
  • When running today, I was told that our NEW CREATION now will start based upon the original recipe of the original creator and within seconds all living souls of the New World had returned to the Source – to receive new coding – and before the end of my running, I felt the construction of the new Source inside of me, and when returning home I was inspired to put on the concert DVD “I am” by Beyonce where the audience go completely mad (!) when welcoming Beyonce coming out from the brightest light imaginable, which is how the spirits of my mother and father felt when first receiving the original creator understanding just how WONDERFUL the Universe originally was designed, which is now what we have decided to create. The world will become even more beautiful than even we could imagine in our WILDEST DREAMS :-).


22nd August: The Creator is my father (!), the Holy Spirit is my mother (!) and I am the Son together forming the Trinity

Yesterday evening: Updating my website, SPEAKING TO MY MOTHER 🙂 and being encouraged to work all night long

After publishing my script the 21st August in the evening, I continued working with increasing difficulties – becoming more and more tired – and I was told that it would also be fine this night to lay down to receive important messages the same as the other night and I really hope that this is the darkness playing with me – in between all of this I received flowers by the spirit of my mother, which is what she told me – but if it is not, I will do my absolutely best until I will sink under the burden and the “challenge” is really that I have not sunk under any burden yet where I should have been dead a long time ago, and we know if I will be told no messages when I will liy down, I will simply sleep and be happy with that and otherwise it will be a very long and very difficult night because of my exhaustion and “mental barrier” starting new work over and over when feeling like this, so who knows …..?

At 21.15 I had finished and sent two mandatory “applications”, one as a CEO for a company providing “technical solutions for radio/TV etc.” – a symbol of spiritual communication coming from my new self to my “special friends” – and the other as the CEO of my favourite wine store outside of Copenhagen, Philipson Wine – and really of all of them considering that they have some of my favourite brands (Bollinger and others!) and the store a good, large size – and what better way to “finish” herewith saying that I am doing it at my highest level because the wines are “the absolutely best”, which is what our New World has become – and I am sad to say that these applications are of “poor” quality too, and if I had more energy and also time, I would have done it better and focusing much more on the employers than me!

And right after this, MY MOTHER CALLED (!) and we know Stig we had the most fantastic conversation again and you can call me Mads – this is what we say in Denmark – if this means that I will have to work all night long again (!) and that is because this is removing the “extreme darkness/almost nightmare” from this morning and giving me more energy, but we will see, and I will not say what we talked about other than we agreed that it was CRAZY not to talk when we both have missed each other very much and we know JJJ. I decided that this was at least as good as what Braco could give herewith cancelling Braco for this evening.

I continued doing a few updates to the front page of my website – including Putin as “another part of me”, my future role as the King of the Universe and bringing “free will” back (people will decide even though their souls have moved to the New World) – which I finished at 22.30 becoming more and more tired, still with much darkness and more and more orange around me and still not knowing for sure if I will get any sleep, which may just be part of the game today to bring out extra energy from me.

At 22.40 I was shown a pipe with one bomb on the inner side of it being removed and I was told that if I continue working, by lunch tomorrow there will be not one single bomb of the Universe left, which you may remember I wrote about shortly before I started working full time for Falck if I remember correctly – so this may indicate that I will have to work after all through the night, which I of course will do my best if this is what is required.

I continued doing a few updates to my Signs IV page and the decoding of the mother of all crop circles pages. This was done by 23.20, and I have decided to amend my website with what I can remember of errors knowing that it improves the work, but also that I need to do a thorough reading of all sites later, but this is the “strategy” I have decided to use not knowing for how long I can keep working and under these circumstances, I can see no better way working because it also means that IF I can continue working, I will still get the same end result of 100% as the goal still is!

By 00.20 I had also done the first edit of my work yesterday on the front page of my website, and even though there are small details in the language to improve “here and there” – which you may not see, but I see it compared to my best standard – I am quite happy with how it looks, so we will continue, and from here I will start to lie down to see which messages will be send to me and we know less than 12 hours left until lunch tomorrow …. :-).

Waking up the original creator of the first Universe, which will guarantee the survival of EVERYONE – which is not easy to do

And I decided to lie on my bed without undressing, which was good because here the purpose of what we are doing was revealed to me with these messages, which I am now starting to write at 01.40 in the night and we know exhausted beyond imagination but been there before – sort of – and saying that alright a little bit of tiredness and then just to say “let there be light” to defend us from the darkness – this is the POSITIVE attitude of a completely impossible situation (!) – so here it goes:

  • “It is the whole ORIGINAL existence in the form of the spirit of my father coming in now” and he came with bigger darkness than anything else before – literally very clear to feel and visible!
  • I was shown Sorteper (directly translated. “Black Per”) from Walt Disney (what is his name in English?), which was a reference to the darkness of my father and I was told that “if black Peer did not bring you all that sorrow in your life, you would never have made it to here”.
  • “It would have been better if you were not thick, but we will take it anyhow, but we have decided that it will become more difficult to do because of this”.
  • “Here you will need your knowledge about whether our Universe has build upon previous Universes going all the way back to the first or if we started from scratch every time” and this is one of the questions of the riddle, which I have also received different answers to over time without finding the answer before receiving this question, but not than long ago I remember a thought that it has to be logic that we have build upon previous Universes – becoming stronger each time – because all matter of the Big Bang includes information in bits and pieces from previous Universes otherwise it would be impossible to re-create these, and this was then the answer I gave.
  • I was shown my mother looking into the cupboard with a cigarette in her mouth and a burning candle inside the cupboard, which she could use to light the cigarette – i.e. to decide not to see me after sending my email because of the family – but I was shown that she did not because she called me a few hours ago and I was told that it is now that we need her love.
  • I was shown garden tools and one of them being used to remove the first layer (of creation) connected to “nothing” and I was told that it (if it should not survive) corresponds to driving a red car out of a truck to a field and never to return.
  • I felt the original king (the original creator of life) starting to enter me making my legs shake all over and the muscles contracting and I heard the words “is this what I have become today”, and I felt my inner selves becoming very moved.
  • He said “we did not have any living people, we had not come as far as to be alive as human beings”
  • And when I was told this I immediately received the thought about starting to ask questions including “who is the Source”, but I decided that this is not my task now, and immediately when deciding this, I felt the original king entering my upper body, which now also started shaking all over with muscles contracting too.
  • I heard myself speaking – “welcome” etc. – and I had to decide that this is not about me, and I remembered a déjà vue I was given as a boy of this exact situation and answer, this was why I knew the right answer.
  • I saw one climbing up a tree and then a very uncomfortable being scratching me in my head and I was told that “this was not intended” (evilness).
  • My inner self told me that “when we will get to know the original thought of life, which we do not today, we will be able to guarantee that all living beings will come with us”.
  • The original king told me that he would have done the same as I, which is to create a pipeline of light to people of the old world to make sure that everyone will be saved” and also by my inner self “isn’t it funny that it was the creation of this pipeline, which also created the access to the original king self”.
  • “You have received approvals from all Sources of previous Universes, who all could have stopped us, and the deeper down we come, the more secure our survival becomes” – and I felt STRONGLY that this is about saving ALL and NEVER TO GIVE UP on the original king!
  • I was shown bowling and told “you are about to hit the last pin to the right without the ball running into the groove”.
  • “It is the tricolour ice, which is becoming the sun” (darkness converting to light) and I was told that this is what the “Sol over Gudhjem” open sandwich was symbolising and also that increasing faith in me is helping this process.
  • Before 01.00 I was asked politely by the original king if I could continue lying down and taking notes until 01.30, which I accepted.
  • The original king said “there is no chocolate and not even any cakes inside of here”, which is about “no selfishness” and also “no sexuality”.
  • I was shown ringing church bells and cowbells and the original king said “no negativity is also approved” (of our New Universe).
  • He showed me a red apple and red flower with red symbolising darkness and he said “this is not created by ourselves, but something which came to us from the outside” and I was shown an ice-dancer being pulled by a elephant from the top (from a half roof) and I was asked if the Source is not the darkness, what is it then (?), and when I could give no answer, I was shown darkness, the communication stopped and I was told that “if you cannot continue, it is because you have not answered correctly”.
  • I was shown sleeping pillows and told that if you cannot continue, you can sleep and continue tomorrow, and I thought that this could easily be the darkness trying to stop me and it was no more than approx. 01.05 and I decided that because I have promised to stay until 01.30, this is what I will do thinking that with patience I would probably receive more information instead of following the strong temptation to stand up, to start writing down and trying to think myself to a new solution, and we know better to keep what I believe in and to keep it simple also because I am simply too tired to start thinking these thoughts once again.
  • I was shown the original king holding my right arm and turning it around and told as a question “it is because you cannot hurt yourself if you cannot answer before 12.00 tomorrow” (?) – and again I said I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU and that I believe that life was created the same way as the story of the oyster and the pearl, and that the original king had to be the foreign body creating the pearl of life without evil, and then I can only guess that “the darkenss of nothing” was the evil, but I don’t know, which I said is my honest reply and “maybe we can co-operate in order to liberate you to secure the survival of our all”.
  • This made the original king starting to communicate again and I was told that “you have received the small sword, but not all of it because there is still table tennis (darkness) left”.
  • And I was shown a black cowboy hat removing with gold balls falling off the side of it and with ONE SINGLE safety pin left, which is what is connecting it to us.
  • I was told “it is because you have already discovered the original gold”, which made me think that I must have answered correctly when giving the answer of the oyster but what was the evil about then (?) and then I received a clear déjà vue – I have been told this before by my inner self in 2006 when I asked “how could you even make it possible to create darkness” with the answer being that “it was an unfortunate and not desired development” meaning that evilness was a unforeseen possibility as part of the first creation and I was told by my inner selves that we had to come all the way down to this the first layer to receive the answer on what went wrong.
  • The original king told me that “I could not have done the Danish railways in the 1970’s better”, which was referring to my Falck memo, making me happy to hear.
  • I was shown an Indian – the symbol of the Council – and told by the original king that “we have only met you and nobody else” meaning the spirits of my mother and father but not the other members of the Council.
  • I was shown a big black dog in my hall and told “we have been here all of the time without knowing it” and also that “it was part of the original plan that we would be impossible to wipe out” and “one day someone would come to liberate us” – I said “this is what I believe in” and I was told “this is then how it is” and also that “we are first now returning to consciousness through your energy”.
  • He said “it is like taking a picture of yourself” and I was shown my camera pointing at him, which is about entering our New Universe.
  • I was told that it is like the “gravballe-mand” (an old Danish mummy) driving around on a racing course” – which is about being “dead” and waiting to be liberated.
  • But he continued saying “we do have a consciousness, isn’t it funny” (a small game apparently …) and I was thinking of “bits and pieces” of the Universe apparently being dead but not quite (!) and I was told “it is like sitting constantly on the toilet waiting for the door to open” and I was shown him sitting on the toilet with “half a trumpet” and the door opening – he is not blowing in his full trumpet yet – I understood that he is sitting “inside his bell”.
  • My inner self told me that “this is why we needed extreme creation to come inside the tunnel of the original king” and I was shown a tunnel full of a train making it “impossible” to enter.
  • I was shown a relatively small light of the original king – red on the outside – shining in the darkness and told that “when it begins to shine, we will get the life, which was originally intended”.
  • By now the extremely strong darkness from the beginning, had decreased much and I heard the question being asked “did they not have a queen”?
  • I was shown a white water jug with black spots and I was told that “we did not foresee that it could destroy us” and “it is your task to find the answer to what this is before lunch” and by now it was 01.30, so this is where the first – and probably the longest session stopped making me think that I have absolutely no idea what this can be, because if you did not have sexuality or living beings as we know it, what could it be?

When I left my bed to start writing down this chapter, I was given the clear feeling of a mark around the angle of my right foot, which you know is a sign of termination and I can only say that I WILL NEVER GIVE UP and THE ORIGINAL KING/UNIVERSE MUST BE SAVED and I encourage EVERYONE to think about options, which I may not think of and to take INITIATIVES which will help the process.

As usual I had to show EXTREME PATIENCE starting to write this down without “losing it” one single time, which would make the darkness react instantly, not easy when you are STILL tempted hundreds of times constantly and the harder it is, the more temptations (!) – and my starting point of this night compared to the other was at a lower point, but we can stretch much, so this is what I have decided to do.

I was thinking that I do my best answering this riddle to make the original king come all the way home, and if I have not, it is my wish that he will come home no matter what – I will not accept to lose him and hope that this is the right choice, and we know at this stage, there is only one string of darkness attached, so I cannot see it differently of course hoping that we can do this without igniting any bomb to bring more energy to come through this one too.

And by 03.40 I had written this chapter including the edit and the summary feeling some anxiety of what will now follow, but I do hope I will find the road of God coming all the way though this too now that I have come as far and we know I’LL BE BACK :-).

The first Universe was terminated when extreme happiness unintentionally bend over to the opposite

Starting the writing of this the next chapter here at 04.30 – also with a frog in my throat, which I received as part of having to generate more energy to receive what I do believe is the answer to this riddle also liberating the first Universe and let us see if this will also be the conclusion after writing down the notes from my cell phone:

  • I was shown a rotor from a big helicopter and told that “we will now take the big tour as it is intended”.
  • I was shown my self running out of a large tunnel with a small side tunnel to the right and I was told “you could also have chosen to turn right and received a stroke to your head with a cricket club, but you have wisely decided to say that you do know from EXPERIENCE (my journey) that evilness is NOTHING and who created nothing” (?) with the logical answer that when there is nothing, nobody created it.
  • I was shown a gold bar turning into a chocolate bar and a snickers bar and I was told “no, this is not the purpose of this” (turning creation into selfishness).
  • “It is not all German white wine – (Dönhoff as I visited with Lars was given as a vision as often before, but this is the first time written) – but also darkness” with reference to my answer not being entirely correct yet.
  • “No biscuit has yet been given out, which a whale could not hold”, with the whale symbolising “everything” and the biscuit is bakery, thus the result of creation and here I do believe it is to compare the size of the first Universe (the biscuit) with the much larger whale of the present herewith saying that this resistance of darkness would not be enough to tilt us, which I now understand when writing it down.
  • I was shown a wooden bridge over a Galion and told that “there is a shole in the bridge, which will make you fall down on the Galion unless we have other means”.
  • I was shown the corner of a room bending in and out and given the thought that “everything can go both ways” and this refreshed my memory of what I have been told before, which is that “everything is nothing, and nothing is everything” – everything positive of the present world has a negative contrast – and I was given the feeling that it will become my energy, which I gave here – nothing to give, but still something when you are used to EXTREME situations and here it required DOUBLE EXTREME to continue taking one note after the other knowing the amount of extra work it would give me and of course the work is NOT the problem, but my lack of energy and to bear this mentally too without becoming just a little bit negative (!) – which will give me the answer, and I was thinking that this leads us back to the thought that it was the original Source, who created everything from out of the darkness of nothing, “an abnormality”, and with the intention NOT to bring any evil to life – and here I had to decide to be careful not to start thinking about the Source being another Universe on top of ours, which was a thought difficult to resist.
  • I was shown a Hoover – which was also a reference to the FBI in relation to me which I did not concentrate on – and I was told that “you have not yet soaked up all darkness” but also that “you have now given an answer making it possible for us to continue, but there is still darkness left just so you know”.
  • And here I started received not that relevant information, which stretched my patience to the FULLEST and I could have decided not to write this down, but I understood that the process itself of writing was the road to create more energy and with energy I would automatically reach the answer, so this is what I did and this is what I was told:
  • “It is also connected with your father and mother, but mostly yourself” (for not being able to give the full answer).
  • I was shown rice and told “Uncle Ben, if you take rice and make it into money, what will that give you” (?) with the answer being ENERGY, which was what I created here and I had to tell my self and also to write down “PATIENCE, don’t give up, it will probably come after this threading water”.
  • I was shown Sidsel and told “there is not much Sidsel left, but a little is to be found”, which was about my old nightmare from this beautiful “lady” who is another part of my mother.
  • “It is like taking a red can of gasoline and you cannot find the funnel to pour”, which is about lack of energy.
  • I was shown a blue jug with cream on its way to pour cream into paste – with the blue being me and the cream my nightmare – and I was told that “this is not to get into our paste for the cake we are baking”, which is to revive this the first Universe too and if I had not been strong enough to fight the EXTRME darkness constantly trying to carry out my nightmare, I do believe that it would NOT have been made out but instead hit the world as a disaster – the last bomb (!) – to generate the energy required to release the first Universe too.
  • “It is like trying to hit a small aircraft with a piece of lasagne”.
  • “It is like standing in the tunnel watching the train driving by and then sharply to the right, which we also do not want it to do” and again thinking that “extreme energy is required when you don’t know the answer”.
  • I was shown the original king sitting inside a small cage with only few bars with much space in between and this cage was carried by a night watchman on his way to switch on the light and I was told that “this is how it feels like” and immediately thereafter the darkness given to me increased much including visions of more creation if you understand such a small one (?) and let me say it now became EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to continue but on the other hand also still quite easy really when deciding to continue.
  • I was shown a man on his way down the forest path together with a goat and I was told that it was intended that the number of spiritual beings (of all times/universes) having to terminate would have to correspond proportionally to the number of people of the present world having to be terminated and here with the thought that “no one is going to die”!
  • I was shown one blue Lego brick (me) lying in the corner of a room and in the middle of the room a Lego figure including yellow and one brick of red (darkness) and I was told that this is the only brick having to be replaced – the red with the blue – to create EXTREME HAPPINESS EVERYWHERE.
  • I was asked to think more about the lasagne and the aircraft and I though that lasagne is Italian symbolising happiness and joy to me, which is trying to turn over the existence of this the first Universe and I thought “maybe it slid over”.
  • I was shown yellow reflectors in a box meant for music CD’s – I felt the yellow as different to ours (the Holy Spirit) – and I saw it leaving on its way up to me (the building bricks and LOVE).
  • I was told “not Silicon Valley” and I was shown a very small memory chip on my nail and I was asked “what do you remember” (?) and I gave the answer “bending the corner in and out”, which made me give the answer that happiness became so intense that it bended the other way around to unhappiness because it was possible – which is what become so strong that it in the end terminated this Universe replacing it with the next and so on – and when I was writing this note I was made to have my left eye closed, and the instant I had written down this note, the eye opened (without my physical power controlled spiritually) – EVERYTHING WILL BE SAVED – and I understood that happiness unintentionally became the opposite the same way as “nothing” unintentionally became “everything” when life was created in the first place because it was possible and I said, “yes, this is what I believe in” and I was told that it was now time to write down again and I was shown a pizza inside a stone oven, however with the tool broken but I was told “so far nothing has burned”.

When writing the beginning of this chapter, I was told repeatedly again that “you will get an Oscar for this”, which I actually have been told on a daily basis lately.

Finally at 05.55 I had written this chapter too including the edit and summary, and now I wonder what will follow, if this was it or if the riddle contains more – and also when I will be able to sleep today

The revival of the first creator – MY FATHER (!!!) – is guaranteeing EVERYONE eternal survival 🙂

Before continuing I was told that my mother – in the period where we did not see each other – only kept on thinking about me and this was the biggest energy resource required to turn around the world and now when the world has turned around, it was necessary to turn around your mother too and the love of your mother to you was basically what was determining the outcome of this “session” and here Stig it should be possible to tell you WELCOME BACK and that is TO YOUR FIRST SELF and Stig, you are directly descending from the first creator and we know thinking of what you told me that the original creator arrived in the form as the spirit of my father, who is still inside of me together with the spirit of my mother as my “old self”, but what this is saying is really that my father is descending directly from the first creator and in this sense HE IS THE CREATOR and Stig your father and I will become part our New World after creating it on basis of you where you will become the new King.

And what a surprise my father will get when he will hear and understand this, and we know becoming his true self again in this life too :-).

A few amendments and now it is 06.20 and as a matter of good sake I will now lie down again to see if there is more important to do even though I am told that it will only be “thank yous”, so we will see if I will be back “today” or if I will get some sleep now – but despite of this, it does not feel all right, because I lack to receive TRUE HAPPINESS as feedback and I was receiving “lack of energy from your mother”, so this may be what it is about.

My Mother is the Queen of the Universe (the Holy Spirit) with my father as the Creator and me as the Son forming the Trinity

When I laid down again, I kept on receiving messages, which will have to be the explanation to why I did not received true joy before, and we know the “heats” are becoming shorter now ending the end of this story and it is now 06.45 writing down this information as I as given.

  • I was shown a well known handball coach, who shows a very wrong behaviour and I was told “we are not like him” and also that your father has also “only thought about you”.
  • I was told that what I would receive now was “not without importance” and that I should expect to use 1 to 3 hours on this.
  • I was showed one of the guards in front of the Royal Castle of Copenhagen, Amalienborg, and I was told “there is also only one queen”, and I was shown one TRIANGLE after the next and next etc. and told that “your mother have gone through the same tour as you” and I knew that this was about being “the Queen” of all Universes with me being the Son of all and when I know by now that my father is the CREATOR and I am the Son, it is not difficult figuring out that my mother is the Holy Spirit of the Universe, and it instantly made me think of my previous decision to unite the Trinity in our future Universe into one and my decision to keep living myself, which would terminate my father and mother (!) and this required a new decision now to make sure that the Trinity will also exist in the future – and I was told that “we had secured ourselves if I had not reach this decision myself”.
  • I was shown dogs being brushed and told asked “is it now only a question of doing this or is their other things to do too” (?) and I was given the answer “yes, we just have to set up who will have which roles” and I thought about competences and the Universe selecting and as the King of the New Universe I decided on behalf of this that my mother will become the leader of the New Universe, which showed out to be true, and I am the EVOLUTION MANAGER and what is left (?) and we know the GOLD OF CREATION, which is the responsibility of my father and we know good that none of you died, my son as I weakly feel them say and also being asked if my father can get a new life too and NO KIDDING (!) – this is the new cake of my father including the first creator – but of course first to finish this work, which includes a new update to my website, which is what will bake the cake and I feel a smile becoming STRONGER but still suppressed and still receiving a feeling to my right foot but now only the inside of the angle – and I was shown a black motorcycle with no more gasoline and no more diving too and “we just needed to get your mother sorted out” and this is how it is.

And when thinking of it, the yellow of the New Universe has been created and I know that I am present too and this is to say that the New Universe already today consists of “Us 3” and really to say that the spirit of both my mother and I do believe my father too are present both in our New World and old world.

Updating my website with new information now making me believe that it is totally or at least very close to the truth

Hereafter I started updating my website with the new information I was given, and first I did not think that it would require much, but I found out that it required more than expected and at 10.20 I had done the first version of the updated website, which I felt was even more difficult to do than the other day when doing the same kind of exercise and really because I am feeling even weaker today, but we know with much tiredness, a heavy head, and throw up feelings, I managed to put together word after word – sometimes being “blank” just looking at the screen doing nothing, which NEVER normally happens, which required that I had to force myself to continue doing the work, and by 10.20, I felt less feelings around my right angle and I was shown the darkness now being light red to red, and I decided to try staying up the whole day, which I thought would be DOUBLE COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to do 1-2-3 hours ago when I was sinking down because of the burden, but I do believe now that I can make it and we know from here I will take some breakfast and a shower before continuing and we know with the goal to do this work the best possible according to the conditions – and by he way, I have decided NOT to start looking at my old notes of other improvements to do on my website, this would be a little bit too much to do today.

The other day I was relieved when “discovering” that I will not become God of the New World – and today after remembering what I have been told all along and also now again, I understood and finally “accepted” that the spirits of my mother and father simply have created me as the New Universe as the result of their creation – I am their child and the child in my situation just happens to be the whole world with everything part of me and we know it will “sink” in fully one day.

Meeting my mother and John for lunch with MUCH JOY, which helped putting back on the light of the original CREATOR

At 12.45 I had done some more edits to my site and under the circumstances I am very happy with what I have done believing that I am now coming close to the truth about my self and the spirits of my father and mother including CREATION and at 12.50 it rang on the door and I thought that it was commercials as usual, but it was my mother and John on their way home deciding to invite me for lunch, and how happy to you believe it made me and yes much, and I will not write of our conversations other than saying that my mother and I were both agreeing on how important it is to understand and meet and how much we have missed each other, and I was told that this was part of the plan to bring more extreme energy for this process and we know I was given a symbol during the lunch about LIGHT and this was the goal, to bring back the light of the original king and we know THE GOOD OLD MAN as I have decided calling him with a smile – and this is the TRULY GOOD OLD MAN 🙂 – will make it and we are all guaranteed to survive and this was really what this was about, but I tell you that I was tired and especially receiving extreme suffering – negative speech – at lunch (more creation), which almost made me sink down constantly – which my mother and John did NOT see, because I was outgoing (!) – but I made it and this is also to confirm that my understanding of the full story has to be totally or at least very accurate now – and on my way home I was told that the original king originally had thought about using other raw material in life – another “computer design”, with is the code of our Universe – which made my inner selves say that we cannot wait to get started and it seems that we will have enough work to do when evolving our future Universe as a team work – and I was also told just how GREAT the shock of the original king was to become alive because how do you feel it must be like to see physical people – BILLIONS OF THEM – with “inventions” and also “evilness” as you could never think about in your dreams of creating a fantastic life for first myself and then a little wife taken from my own “DNA” and we know evolving and not always to the good as I can see and we know thank you for staying alive Stig to make us stay alive too and we know this is really in some respects the absolutely worst I have ever gone through all of my life, a total nightmare if it was not because this is how you save let us just say it “millions of lives” and that is to work hard a couple of days.

And finally after lunch and some more work at 14.45, I decided that my DOUBLE EXTREME LIMIIT was passed – I could no more – and I was still fighting darkness, so it will probably take some time adjusting the New Universe with the input of the original Source.

Hereafter I HAD to sit down on my sofa and I told my spiritual friends that I could not promise them not to sleep because I had given EVERYTHING I had in me, there was no more fuel, and I fell asleep on the sofa – I don’t sleep well there but in situations like this, sometimes I can sleep on my sofa and not in my bed – and I was given a dream about a union wanting to make an accusation against me based upon misunderstandings of me not reading my ring binder and without understanding the impact of their ring binder to me, and I am waiting to show my ring binder to colleagues from Danske Bank and for them to read and truly understand what this is about, and I wonder if this is about my “dear” friend, the shop steward Henrik at Falck, who may not like me calling “his members” for LAZY even though this is the truth, and if this is what you want to do, Henrik, you are welcome and you will NOT get anything out of your efforts, because I have decided that I don’t want to be dragged into “conflicts” with human beings not understanding what is right and wrong, and just so you know of course.

When I woke up from very poor “sleep” at 18.30, I was feeling like waking up from anaesthetic “completely destroyed” as I have NEVER been before! I have NEVER fought as much as I did the last couple of days and especially during this night and today giving energy I did not have, but here at the beginning of the evening I had less suffering. The negative voice of the darkness had almost stopped – I did not have to fight it hundreds of times to keep it away from taking me over and have I told you just how exhausting and destroying this always makes me feel (?), I did not receive feelings to my private parts etc.

Gaddafi was thrown down as the symbol of the last Devil being thrown down when liberating the ORGINAL CREATOR

I was thinking of the historic moment of Libya throwing down – or almost at least – the tyranny of Gaddafi and his regime and I remember what I wrote months ago that he would not give up before the end of the Devil and we know you may remember that today was the day when I removed the last Devil locking up the original creator of our Universe and we know he was almost impossible to remove, and this was simply your task to show as a metaphor to the world, Gaddafi.

Thousands in Benghazi celebrate news that rebels have reached the Libyan capital Tripoli – the symbol of liberating the original creator

We will now “fight” the darkness of armed forces of the world – and my old friend Jack is helping me?

I was given feelings of my old friend Jack and the darkness of armed forces in general and the feeling that this is what we now will use energy on to fight, and I was told “is this what Jack is pulling in for us” (?) and Jack, I don’t know more than this, but if you are truly fighting on my side, I will just let you know that I will NEVER forget what you do, and I don’t know if you can get some “undertones” inside of this dark military around the world, but I can tell you that IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN (!) – to liberate the world from all DARK military forces and I felt OBAMA with me here too (!) – and with these words, let me share one of our BIG FAVOURITE SONGS from when we were teenagers – by the same band and the same song of course – and I still remember listening to this at your old room giving us much joy at your parent’s house and please give my best to your mother and you can tell her that everything here is still “udemærket” (!) and I still miss her FONDUE with the fantastic meat and sauces much and also your father and his ITALIAN style and is your mother by the way still “running on rye bread” (?) JJJ.

At approx. 21.00, I had done some recovery from the worst, and I was told “will you please finish your work and we also have more messages for you, which will not take that long, but maybe 1-2 hours” and when I heard this, I felt “I don’t know if I can continue working – throw up you know – but I can at least give it a go” so this is what I did first starting to update my script, which needed some more writing, a couple of summaries and also the right column to my website with the new information I included in my update of the website itself earlier today, and when I started doing this work, I received some sneezes and I was told that this is to save the world from pain too, and while I did it, I received some negativity but NOTHING compared to what I went through during the night.

Asking my landlord and the housing association again for an extension of my apartment lease

I had written on my action plan to write to Poul-Erik and Kate before the 31st August to ask them for an extension of my apartment lease after expiry the 1st November, but today I received a STRONG encouragement to do this now – the time is obviously “right” now – so this is what I decided to do this evening when I sent the following email, and again we will have to see what they will answer, and if they truly will allow “crazy rules” to overtake the mind of what should be sensible people:

Kære Poul-Erik og Kate,

Som I husker, aftalte Poul-Erik og jeg oprindeligt en forlængelse af vores lejeaftale ved udløb den 1.11.2011, som var et gensidigt ønske for os begge, som ikke gav nogen problemer i relation til Lejeloven, som jeg havde undersøgt og givet jer dokumentation for.

Imidlertid ønskede Kate på vegne af bestyrelsen ikke at ændre vedtægterne om max. 2 års udlejning, selvom Lejeloven altså ikke giver problemer og selvom, at hverken Kate eller nogen anden har noget imod, at jeg bliver boende i foreningen – men så i en anden lejlighed end Poul-Eriks!

Til orientering kan jeg oplyse, at mine midler som ”fattig forfatter” uden indkomst er meget små – jeg lever for netto 1.200 kr. om måneden – og jeg kan selv med min bedste vilje ikke få råd til at skifte bopæl pr. 1.11.2011, og da jeg fortsat ikke har fundet et andet sted at bo, vil jeg spørge jer høfligt, om I vil gøre en undtagelse, og lade mig blive boende – naturligvis mod fortsat betaling af husleje – indtil, at jeg finder noget andet – og jeg tænker også på, at dette måske vil spare Poul-Erik for et unødvendigt økonomisk tab på grund af manglende lejeindtægter og et usikkert boligmarked, hvor man ikke kan vide sig sikker på, hvor lang tid, det tager, at sælge en lejlighed og hvilken pris, man kan få.

På forhånd tak for jeres forståelse.


Let me say that I am TERRIFIED OF THE MEDIA ALMOST NOT SHOWING ANYTHING OF THE TRUE DISASTER OF AFRICA – why don’t you do as we wrote in our Dadaab memo ??? – and when I finally hear something here, I heard of a Somali woman WALKING FOR 35 DAYS TO REACH THE DADAAB CAMP LOSING ALL OF HER CHILDREN ON THE WAY (!!!) and HOW CAN YOU, my DEAR world ACCEPT THIS at the same time as you continue going on new holidays – Sidsel – your “happiness” on Facebook makes me throw up knowing that you could help people from dying (!) – and new visits to restaurants, cafes, concerts etc. and at the same time you can see the general secretary of Unicef Denmark as example on television “praising” the Danes for being the most “generous” of all populations when giving 13 DKK in average per person (!) and my dear friends I give 2,800 DKK every month leaving a net of 1,200 DKK for my self, and most Danes will have maybe 10,000 DKK – more or less – for your own “pleasure” every month and still you can only give 13 DKK and still you PRAISE yourself and we know now the DR1 and TV2 do on Saturday as they normally do, which is to make an ENTERTAINMENT SHOW to raise money – COMPLETELY WRONG compared to direct help but better than nothing of course (!!!) – and it may give 30-50 million DKK or less than 10 DKK per person and WHEN DO YOU WAKE UP AT ALL NGO’S AND MEDIA TO FOLLOW WHAT I WROTE WITH LTO IN OUR NEWSLETTER AND TO TRULY HELP THESE PEOPLE FROM DYING WHILE YOU ARE SITTING ON YOUR FAT BUTTOMS IN PRACTISE DOING NOTHING!!!

Implanting the original purpose of life inside of me as the New Universe and receiving the final and eternal redemption

A little over 23.00 I decided to lie down to receive the following messages:

  • I was shown an owl in the tree and told to be alert, and maybe because I started receiving some “unimportant” visions almost making me decide not to write down but I remembered from before that probably something more important would come after having built up some more energy.
  • I was told “you have not entirely been made a chicken yourself” meaning that this would be done now and also that I would receive some gold dust enabling me to create myself as my “new self”.
  • I was shown a number of ties and shown that we will take the white.
  • I received some uncomfortable sexual visions telling me “more creation” going on.
  • I was shown my mother as younger removing coffee from the living room at our row house in Albertslund.
  • I was shown salmon, chef caps “but where is the palette”, (?) which was the same as the vision of the pizza in the stone oven, so something is missing and that may simply be my own access.
  • I was told “we will take a Nazi eagle and bring it up on the black board without cleaning it away” and I was given the feeling that this is about removing my suffering.
  • I was shown not very visible a dark man leaving a hatch in the floor, a bundle of a yarn (a symbol of “troubles” being unsolved) and the feeling of Falck and I was told that this kind of suffering requires an implant of the spirit of my father inside myself and it does not take long to do because we now know the original purpose, plans and thoughts of life, which we put inside of you so everyone will feel it and with this, and not before now, the last curse of mankind is lifted creating complete redemption for mankind and I hear a voice asking “for everyone” (?) with the feeling of orange and yes for everyone, and I was told that for me it will mean that the voice upon voice upon voice, which so strongly has terrorised and held me down me for years also will be lifted and these voices were given to me with the same strength as people speak – Søren from Dahlberg was mentioned as one example – and yes I had to overcome who knows 10 or 50 voices on top of each other at the same time “which we will let come as a surprise for mankind” and with this information I was told, “write this down while we will continue taking up the original jugs from the water”, which I then saw and these jugs include information of all life from the original king.

And while I was receiving this information and when writing it down afterwards, I received more negative/strong voices than earlier in the evening, but MUCH less compared to before.

When I after midnight wondered if there was more to come, I closed my eyes – easier than to lie down really herewith enabling me to write directly on the computer – and I was shown yellow, the crown of a king and a library and told “we are just putting books on the shelves”, so seems that things are working out fine, and I wonder how long it will take to remove my sufferings and that is if we talk about hours, days, weeks or maybe first the 15th December and no matter what, I have decided to be patient.


23rd August: Receiving the recipe from the original creator of how to revive my old self as Jesus – and starting the process

Receiving the recipe from the original king of how to revive my old self as Jesus and beginning this process

I decided to go to bed at 01.20 not knowing what would happen – would I be allowed to sleep (?), which is really what I thought I would, but no, the information continued, and now it is 02.10 when I write this down on the computer:

  • I was shown the separation between two shelves with one of the shelves being pulled away from the wall and I was told “there is a secret entrance to life itself, which we have started reading”.
  • “You can help yourself by becoming your new self by using between 3 minutes and 3 hours now” and I thought that I am destroyed but we will have to see and also saying that I am working as a zombie on autopilot now.
  • “The more extreme work, the less suffering tomorrow, this is how it is”.
  • ”Your own revival process starts now through the last document, which we needed”.
  • I was shown the light of the original king shining and told that “the light shining inside there is also yellow, which we did not know”, which is to say that this light of the Source before turning into life itself was not only one “being”- the spirit of my father as the Source/Creator – but also the spirit of my mother because the yellow is the Holy Spirit and this is whom my mother is.
  • I see the lid of a coffin open and the underside of it being read and I was told that this is “the recipe of revival, which we also needed, and now we have it” and I was now given strong sexual suffering again but the negative voice was still lower than before and my extreme impatience too – I now feel just how strong this has been for a long time when I am now calmer – making this less difficult to go through.
  • I was shown a dog jumping after a duck (darkness of people behaving wrongly after light) and told that “it becomes unwell because it is not designed to act wrongly” and “this is what we mean with evil coming to us from the outside as a foreign body, which is not a part of life itself”.
  • I was shown blue packing paper all over and a big egg packed in and told that “when everything becomes blue, this will for always stop” (“evil”).
  • “It has never been the thought that you should not be Jesus, but if we could not get the recipe, you would become Hitler and destroy the world, which is what we will now avoid”.
  • “3,500 years ago, we lost a crown, which is not written in any history books” and “you lost yourself” and I was shown a dark figure, who now is also about to be revived and I was told “it will go quickly now”.
  • I was shown a big Falck truck with people on wheel chairs driving down from the body one after the other, “but not Henrik, who still does not only lie awake but also wants to fight you” and “these were the people threatening even world peace, if I could not handle their extreme feelings”, “this will also be revealed” (about the threat of world peace) and “you have not alone given water to the wrong but to the whole world to create energy for these days”.
  • I was shown Dustin Hofmann from the movie “Rain Man” but told “rain killers” and “I believe they play this really good”, which is about ending my sufferings, i.e. the rain.
  • The 3,500 years old person now entered me from behind and I was told that he was not only blue but also included some of us making me understand that this was another coming of mine – and how could I loose him and still become Jesus later (?), which I may receive an answer on later.
  • I was shown a wheel barrow with garden tools being left in a garden and told that this is if I don’t get started working and “all night would be fine, which will make you feel better tomorrow” and this is my first chapter of the night and I was told that one is fine and 2 and 3 are even better because “we have much to do, otherwise we will get behind schedule”.

And we know Stig, this is not very difficult to do because of the decreased darkness and impatience but still TIRED and we know constant feelings to my private parts showing that CREATION is going on – but not to “slide” over to my side more than this (!) – and this time on my “new self”.

So now it is 03.00 and I feel the exhaustion, tiredness and “creation” and I don’t know for how long I can continue before sinking under because of work, but we can try to see what will happen when continuing from here and that is unless I should (be allowed to) fall asleep.

The greatest secrets of the world from the original creator will give all people a MUCH BIGGER HEART in our New World

And we know it is now 03.35 after going back to bed – thought it would be nicer to do to write down more notes and here they are:

  • A red dictionary and a carrot does not have much in common but what about …
  • I was shown tanks in Libya and told that “yes, we had designed this day in Libya to come at the same time as reviving the original creator and when you do your work like this, it is no problem for us to do the same”.
  • I was shown operational troops jumping out from an opening of the front of a tank.
  • “It isn’t British operational troops on the way to get you, is it” (?) and “this is how far we decided to go also to provoke in order to bring the minds of these people boiling” and if this is the British intelligence service, you may not be that intelligent after all (?) since it has taken you so long to react to my Signs III page – and maybe some are with me and some against?
  • I was shown the globe with a stamp moving around and the sticker of the stamp changing and I was told “yes, we have decided to change the design for the New World”.
  • “Iceland was also a test to see that nobody truly does anything if a country should go bankrupt in order to know the borders of the Devil too”.
  • I was shown an old lawn mower being changed into a new and much more modern and I was told that this is “because we have always driven with the wrong mower”, which is about the code of our New World being changed with the description of the original creator.
  • “Yes, if you had done your work before the 1st October, it would be fine, but now you don’t need to do this because we had to know the borders of Kate and Poul-Erik”, which may be about my chance to stay at this apartment without being thrown out and to continue doing my work and creation now with more work to be done.
  • I was shown a heart and told “you don’t have 5% heart and 95% mind, do you (?)” and “if you knew just how much heart everyone will receive in the future …”
  • I was shown pictures being found on the ceiling room and I felt my mother’s mother and told that “we have secrets about everyone”, which was inside of the light of the original creator.
  • I was shown shoes being collected.
  • I was shown a saw inside a forest with darkness on the blade and I was told that “when we will get a world without darkness, it will be possible for everyone to visit the Source to see the beginning of life itself with your own eyes because this is included in the code”.
  • I was shown the floor of a hall being washed and told that “the whole globe is now washing floors because of this new invention”, which is about the code of the original creator.
  • I received yellow field flowers with LOTS of green on them by the spirit of my mother and the yellow is her colour and for some time I have received the colour green with the feeling that it is symbolising darkness – because of the hard times we had to go through – but to me green is HOPE and a new beginning, so this is what it is about :-).
  • I was shown the big market hall at Holmbladsgade on Amager – maybe a lady with a cross there still remembers me (?) – and the small extension, which was burned down and I was told that “this was how far we were willing to go to receive these the greatest secrets about the beginning of the Universe” and “with your approval given we would have done this, but it was not necessary to do” (to burn down a part of the world was not necessary because I was able to go through the last days and weeks).

And even though I still receive some darkness and sexual suffering, I receive less now, which is the greatest RELIEF imaginable – making work 10 times easier (!) – and let me tell you that the STRONG DARKNESS GIVEN TO ME HAS BEEN POISION FOR YEARS NOT MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR A MAN TO LIVE AND WORK AS I HAVE DONE.

And now it is 04.15 – still completing each chapter with edit and summary – and maybe I can do a new round?

Redesigning our New World on basis of the books of the original creator – far beyond impossible to do, but still we try

And we know Stig, it is now 06.00 and waking up from a dream of explicit sexual nature being more tired than ever and not able to work at all feeling like this, but we know Stig every minute helps, so here it goes:

  • I was shown grapes being cut and told “there was one we had overseen”.
  • I was shown an atmosphere looking very dense and different and I was told that “we are walking in a new world of elements” with the feeling to find more people to revive inside of this.
  • “It is like hitting a gold ball op a very steep course without knowing if we will get in, but this is then what we do and then we enter”.
  • I see workers from a plant being called and returning with their wheel barrows, there is no more coal to drive, which is about “no more bombs of the world”.
  • I am in Illums Bolighus – the finest modern store for furniture in Copenhagen – and I see a plate with a fish changing to a gold mackerel, which is about re-designing the New World and we know making a new self.
  • I see a wardrobe stand and a dark and light hanger wrapped together on the way to leave the stand and “yes we are about going completely empty and threatening you to continue working, therefore”.
  • Here I was simply so tired that I could no more but before closing my eyes, I was given new information:
  • I have switched on my car radio on maximum for people to hear and I see someone attacking me because they misunderstand me.
  • I am shown a light blue car turning white and I was told “if you can make the whole day, we would like that, because this should be done at the same time”.
  • I was shown a forest with all leaves withered away and lying on the ground and I was told “this is the forest which we will overtake if you don’t do this” and it is just a New World and a new self to do.
  • I saw Putin becoming so happy for his position that he very wrongly decided to continue, which was designed to be shown to the world.
  • I was so tired that I could not continue, not because I did not want to and I was shown Obama receiving three times mail and three times “this is my home” and told “if you cannot do this, we will get Obama to do it” – is the dark hanger Obama also on his edge (?) – and fine by me, I have confidence in you doing what is right for the world.
  • I was shown maybe 4-5 books on a bourdeaux cloth on a table and I was told “we have decided that the content of these books is so important for the world that we do this”
  • My tiredness is indescribable and the last thing I see is that I am on my way to the exit of the fine furniture store on Hørsholm Hovedgade but decide to stay.
  • The next thing I know is that my eyes closed – even my strongest will and visions given by you was not strong enough to keep them open – and I did not open them again before “waking” up at 06.00 remembering a dream of a short explicit sexual nature, which is the WORST you can imagine, and this is the most tired I have been in my life, there is no doubt and working like this is simply “on the other side of impossible” – I am not just tired, I am “dead” (!) – but because of the dream and the pressure I decided to stand up writing this chapter – which I don’t know how I did – and I received both stomach pain because of coffee you know and also extreme pressure to carry out the sexual nightmare and NO is the answer no matter what and I don’t know how to continue from here and what will happen not if but when I will give up and I can only tell you that I don’t want this nightmare to be carried out, but you will take the right decisions.

It is now 06.40 and I will take a shower to see if this will give me maybe 1-2 hours extra or unexpectedly even more – or will I fall asleep again?

Miraculously transferring the ORIGINAL people of all of us from the Source to our New World

One hour later I was still awake with great difficulties – my eyes keep falling down – and after the bath I started watching videos with Braco and from the Bay Holy Spirit Revival knowing that the healing energies of these are very strong – also through video – and by 07.35 I was told that the yellow of the spirit of my mother started surrounding the New World and 5 minutes later I understood why when I was told that she is now arriving directly from inside of the Source to this our New World and that every spirit of my mother who has been made in Universes since the first has been made by the Creator as the spirit of my father in their memory (!) and we know surprised but still believing so this is what we are doing and after the original spirit of my mother will follow my own self and everyone else and this is really what the pictures were about and earlier that the Source is not only the spirit of my father but also the spirit of my mother and we know Stig, I am having gold installed inside of myself so it looks like this “operation” that we are all becoming creators and this is up to you at the spiritual world to decide on because you know so much more than I so please drive this home safely.

Hereafter I decided to take some messages while sitting in front of the computer because if I went to bed again taking messages there, I would fall asleep:

  • A football stadium all see that a female elephant is now arriving at the tribune and I am told that she could also arrive as Jaws if we did not have energy to receive her – one of these threats – and I am driving on a overload gear not existing because at 08.00 I am so tired that my eyes tries to shut down every second.
  • I saw purple and was given “purple rain” by Prince and told that this is also why he played several concerts in Copenhagen recently, to bring ENERGY for this process, i.e. helping me to help all.
  • At 08.05 I had no energy to keep on writing all of these messages now just trying to stay awake watching more videos, and we agreed that I will be told when there is news and I was asked if I would be willing to change my decision from the Cæcilie Nordby concert in May deciding only to have one Source and I said that if we can get a perfect New World with all having gold dust as I have received now received myself, it is fine by me, and if this is meant to be according to the original books, so let us say: Please follow the original books because I don’t know, but it is fine by me.
  • I was told that “we are only red now”, which is the colour of this the first Universe now being healed not only by me but also all of the energies of the Holy Spirit Revival!
  • At 08.30 I was told “it is now you to be transferred” and “isn’t this your revival” and yes this is what it is with the feeling that it is my own inner self vanishing from the Universe when “I” was killed 2,000 years ago who are now transferring us to the New World.
  • I also started watching videos of Benny Hinn’s miracle crusades for the first time witnessing my self the STRONG healing power given through him, which is also helping US here.
  • At 08.40 I heard the original spirit of my mother say “from my heart thank you” and I felt her as red. “We have not only been living as “non-existing” but we have always had the faith that you would come for us one day to bring back the almighty Jesus Christ and to bring all of us with you, thank you my Son”.
  • I was shown a big sword coming and told “here was one of the big swords, it does not get any bigger” and it was laid in front of me as if I am now coming closer and closer, “it is like joining two worlds together, an old with the new”.
  • At 09.15 I was told by the original spirit of my mother ”here is no sausage wagon or ice cream but something much worse, which is no connection to the surrounding world, no consciousness or knowledge about who you are” with the sausage wagon referring to my “nightmare” and I am only writing the EXACT words I am given, nothing else.
  • “Here you come yourself” and I felt dark spirit coming to me. My turn to be transferred.
  • At 09.35 when watching Braco again I was told “we love you for doing this” and I am suppressing tiredness, which I did not believe is possible to suppress and we know NOT feeling good (!) but doing my best.
  • At 10.00 I decided to walk to the library – to keep me engaged and awake (!) – and I was told that because of what I am now going through, this is why I the last days have started writing “sinking down because of the burden” and how long can I keep on before sinking down?

I was back at 11.15 and the tiredness does not get “lighter”, but is it possible to “freeze” it and remove the “impossible I NEED to sleep now with my eyes dropping down all of the time” feeling? But I was told that the longer I can stay awake – all the way to this evening as example – the better it is, so I am doing my best here deciding to find even more energy than ever before, and this is the most EXTREME of everything I have gone through.

  • At 12.05 I was shown a dog trying to reach an empty package of cigarettes in an empty cup of beer and I was told “we are trying everything we can to remove the darkness” and also to say what will happen if I am not strong enough to take on this the strongest darkness ever (?) and we know either it will hit the world or me or both, but I am the most protected because I am not done with my work!
  • At 12.25 I saw the original spirit of my mother in a snow scooter on her way down the mountain to the road but there is still quite a long way down.

Creating a new version of our New World on basis of the original creator – and can I continue working without sleep?

After lunch a 13.00 I was inspired to either do some work to my website – my notes for improvements – or to do a meditation and I thought that maybe it was possible to do a meditation now without falling asleep and to make the meditation help me become fresher or even remove my need for sleep, so I put my self lying on my back on the sofa – this is a position which I have NEVER before been able to fall asleep in (!) – and I received this information, which was almost impossible to get because of my slow understanding and reactions because of my extreme tiredness:

  • One took up his mouth organ from the back pocket. Music and warm feelings are on their way.
  • I saw a painting placed on stairs and one asking “does anyone of you have it” with the answer being “no” and pictures on the wall is important but I have not so far figured out what it is about, and maybe a picture is simply a “living being” and here inside our New World, and in this case the dream says that we have more work to do to secure this picture.
  • “It is not impossible to stop a bus because otherwise this is an impossible nightmare to come through”, which is about reducing my sexual suffering so much before starting the transferral of the first Universe and the Source that this is not what is making the nightmare – otherwise it would – and here the mere energy required doing this is “killing” me.
  • I was shown that there will be no savings on fancy food.

And here I fell asleep (!) without wanting to and without feeling it – in a position which I have NEVER feel asleep in before (!) – and I “woke” up at 15.15 being disoriented about time and place now remembering that I had a good dream ending with me telling a man “tell your mother that I am already looking forward to having her culotte roast next year”, which I know is of unique quality and here the question is what is “meat” truly symbolising (?) and food has for years for me been about prosperity, food is good and no food is no food and sometimes I also connect it with normal life and here it was in relation with out New World.

So how do I feel now after realising that I cannot meditate now without falling asleep (?) and we know MORE SMASHED than ever before (!) and what do I do (?) and we know try to stay awake for some extra hours hopefully improving our situation and we know still some voices trying to tempt me to become negative or accept sexual temptation, which I as usual reject and even though they have been reduced compared to before, I was just told that not falling in once is also of “importance” here.

  • In a gymnastic hall I see a big blue mat being spread out and we are now still lacking all the way into the walls so nobody will fall to the side.
  • Something about ORIGINAL members of a band playing – and a small dark figure with a handbag, the original spirit of my mother, comes in front of me and I tell her that it is the same few rules for her as I have had for always and most importantly no sex and no killing, and she gives me some of the worst negativity/temptation during this transferral, which however is not the worst now compared to before.
  • Something about “weight less condition” and “we have not tried it yet” and no physical life as we know it but …
  • I was told that the reason why I also arrive here is because I am sexually clean because of only little sexual relations in my life.
  • I was given “FÅRkert” several times again and told “only you, not the world”.
  • “We are also entering the New World accepting your separation of negative from positive”.
  • My decision to give the spiritual world complete freedom is also important here except from my very few rules not to kill me etc. – I have returned several questions also these days with the answer “you know best, please take the right decision”.
  • “We are not in an American movie, but we are about to be born all of us”.
  • While listening to healing sound videos (528 Hz) I was told “We have started the development of a new DNA as advanced as we have never seen it before” and I was shown the finest wine imaginable, which are now being labelled.

Still being very tired and when listening to the healing sounds of several of these videos, I decided to open my document including 24 pages of notes on different improvements to my website because I wanted to see what they were about – several months since I wrote them down – and I thought that I might as well start doing some of these and that is because I can and thank you Obama for being with me in your thoughts – and I started writing a chapter about the Voice of Vrillon to my Signs III page and continued with other improvements.

At 18.50 I was told that “this is the most extreme ever, so we don’t mind if you can stay up the whole night” and we will see and the question may also be how much I can take without dying (?) and of course I know that I am protected so this will not be a problem, because we are only going to and expanding my extreme edge.

At 19.25 I heard inspired speech on Aftenshowet on DR1 television that ”we are about to draw a picture”, so a New version of the New World is coming and some minutes before this I was told that “we have now come so far with the creation of a New World that we will recommend you this instead of our own” and also “if you can keep on until Friday without sleep, we will be ready” and this is truly the question, but right now I am in control of the tiredness, so we will see if I can continue this.

  • At 21.10 I was still working on my notes improving my website here and there – requiring the most and my “best attitude” to do my best instead of “jumping over” and becoming “lazy” because of this the most extreme situation ever – and I understood that in order to get my old self back, which is the most difficult of all work, I have to do my best work being “not existing”, this is what it requires to get you out of there, my friend – and I have NO words to describe how extreme this situation is, and creation is becoming stronger again with more darkness and sexual suffering. And I felt a mark being cut around my right angle again potentially endangering the world if I cannot do this myself.
  • I continued working until 22.05 from where I decided to take a break feeling completely blank in my head and I was thinking how in the world will I be able to make it through the night, how will I be able to continue working without sleep – it is now IMPOSSIBLE – and I felt the increasing darkness of my original self coming to me and pressuring me to continue but what will happen if I simply fall asleep (?), will Obama take over giving me some sleep or will I and the world be given physical pain (?), I don’t know and not the easiest or most comfortable situation I have stood in – and that is at all!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Apparently the Gaddafi forces have regained strength in Libya the same way as I am fighting the darkness of the first Universe and yesterday they were celebrating as I was too because I thought it was over, but there was more “fighting to be done”, this is how it is.
  • Let me hear say that when I returned from Kenya in 2009, I had a strange feeling about the Danish comedian Jesper Klein being dead, which he was not then, but he died yesterday from a quickly spreading cancer and let us just say here that the darkness is “overwhelming” and you will know what I mean.
  • Falck is still opening the front page of my website, and one of you living in Søborg still finds my script of the 12th August interesting (?) as I could see from your visits today – also after searching on “falck til noma” on my website, but you don’t find it interesting to read about my Sign-pages as example so the focus is on your own “misunderstood hurt feelings”?


24th August: The original creator is creating a New World even more beautiful than in our WILDEST DREAMS

Transforming my previous self and all original lives from “beings” inside the Source to life as we know it

Yesterday evening after 22.05 I decided to sit down in my sofa – to follow the Danish football club OB on their way out of the Champions League qualification, which is probably the same way as FC Copenhagen will go this evening and we know “almost qualifying” with the best nearly being over being my “old self” – and it did not take many minutes before the tiredness came to me as the strongest duvet ever completely overwhelming me, and I thought “no, I cannot keep it any longer” and the darkness tried strongly to take me over and also to have me to accept sexual temptations and I was also asked what I wanted to do alternatively when “giving up” – which I did not, I only needed to sleep which was NOT the same as giving up – if I wanted Obama to take over from me or to temporarily stop the transferral and I said “my decision is for you to take this decision following what is the best solution”, and I was given a new kind of pain to my breast, which was thrown to me with big force from outside of my body – I felt it coming – also to say that I was surprised to see the immensely STRONG power at Benny Hinn’s meetings when he uses the Holy Spirit – the spirit of my mother – to save and heal people and the reason why I have not watched him before now is because I have also been negatively influenced about him because of the NEGATIVE PRESS on him just like so many else, but there is NO doubt when I see him and the effects of the power given to him and also no doubt on MANY THOUSANDS of people witnessing his meetings, and this is the power we have used – from all of these people with all of the strength given through Hinn through all of the videos you decided to see yesterday and we know because you asked us to do so (!) and FAITH is what this is about 🙂 – and I kept fighting this more than extreme tiredness and at 00.30, there was nothing to do, I had to sleep, which I then did on the sofa and at 08.00 I woke up again happy to see that I was still whole and nothing apparently had happened and I woke up with a dream where Robert from Falck and another man, who may be me, drive two cars in a TV-show where it is about finding and hitting the water first and I see Roberts car “finding” the water when crossing the road and falling down into sea, but the car hits the water so unlucky that he looses conscience and dies, and it makes me very sad in the dream, and what this is about, is that Robert was NOT able to control his negative feelings to me because of what I wrote in the memo and that is even though we had build up a very strong bond as “best friends” and we know this is the “friction”, which creates energy as it has also been with my mother, family and so many other people, and the water means “suffering”, so this is what Robert is too and dying “only” means that because of this, we have now lost connection; Robert does not want to see me again and Robert, didn’t I tell you to control any negative feelings, that I had to write as I do to wake you up and that you are so strong as a person that you could lead people for or against me, and what did you decide to do, to go against me (?), and do you know why these weeks have been TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to go trough (?) and we know because I have taken on all of your sufferings and yes HOW IS THIS HUMANLY POSSIBLE (?) and it is normally not, but when you are used to a little bit of everything, we normally find a way out and this is what we also did here.

So all of this energy of my self, Falck, MUCH Braco, Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, Benny Hinn, many healing sounds (all “divine” frequencies) and my mother was used to do the COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE, to locate and start releasing my previous self from the Source using the same “technique” of the CREATOR, which was originally used when life was created in the first place. This is simply what we are repeating to bring life as we know it to existences including my previous self.

Original life inside the Source cannot SINK but still it feels like going under – until we have finished this process of creation

I woke up to the song “Drop dead beautiful” by Six Was Nine and the lyrics “We committed no crime” and “But she’s drop dead beautiful” – the nightmare – and also the feeling to have received a “physical implant” to the palate of my mouth on the size of a golf ball making it impossible for me to SINK and “extremely uncomfortable” and when I shortly thereafter took a shower, I was given immense impatience and many stories including seeing myself as part of a Galion going under (because I stopped working yesterday to have some sleep), and this could give me much fear, but I decided to believe in the message that I CANNOT SINK – this is part of the rules of the creation of life (!) – and that is even though this is extremely uncomfortable and I am really only getting the feeling of how it is to be the original being inside of the Source before transforming to life as we know it.

I also received extreme sexual temptations because bringing my previous self back to life is the worst of all creation and I was shown by the original spirit of my mother a much smaller and now light dog because of the effects of me doing simply everything I had in me – lifting myself to a higher achievement than ever before – and this morning and also yesterday evening I also received a few strong sneezes with dark and red feelings, which is what we would like to avoid (save the world from pain).

I was given the strong feeling “I will NEVER do the same again as I have just done” and I knew this was feelings given to me and I could only say that if it is needed I will do my best.

Fine tuning my own previous self after having been transformed from a being inside of the Source to life as we know it 🙂

After writing the script so far, I decided to continue improving my website on basis of my memo starting with my New World Order and behaviour and work pages, which made me HAPPY to do and I continued doing more improvements and I felt extreme impatience and temptations inside of me to skip several of my notes of improvements without reading them carefully and coming back to the deep original thought of why I wrote them down, and I had to stop working sometimes just to take some deep breaths of air and to tell myself “be patient” and “do your best”, which is then what I did – this document with notes of improvements to do has now deceased from 24 to 18 pages – and I was told that this document was especially made with this exact process in mind, to FINE TUNE MY OWN SELF, who has now been brought to life and yes Stig what did we really do (?) and we have revived myself and we know going back, I reconnected with the Source and my previous self in 2010, I have felt myself inside of me becoming stronger and built up since – without being awake – and we received the recipe of how to transform from being this “being” inside of the Source – which was more than the creator and my previous self to our surprise, so also transforming all of the other ORIGINAL “beings” – to life as we know it and I understand that my inner selves via the spirits of my mother and father did not have the knowledge of how to bring my previous self alive – which is “the gold” to switch on our New World – without this recipe and without doing what we have now done and we know which you/we are now fine tuning where we are working with the same attitude as you and we know using remaining darkness as the building stones, which is why I am both impatient and “restless” but still we have to overcome this and we know Stig this was the strategy you decided to do, which was to do this work in pieces first doing “most of the work” with an “alright quality” and then to fine tune and improve until I cannot do any better and we know my goal is still 100% and so it is.

And after I had decided to do my best once again, I felt the sufferings given to me by the spirit of my mother decreased perceptible – and by the way I am not that tired here in the begging of today, to my surprise (update at 17.00 just before running on my extreme edge for doing this: YES I AM AND WITH HEAVY HEAD), and I might even run again this afternoon and what I don’t know yet is if I will have to go through another marathon night or two or if this is now over, and we will see what happens and take it from there really – an old saying of mine in order to survive really.

When preparing lunch, I was given much mental suffering as so often before – this has been some of the worst, when the darkness has tried to make me give up by giving up mentally – and here it was a thought about what would have happened if we did not come all the way back to the original creator to both save him and receive the recipe of how to bring my previous self and the New World alive, and again I was thinking about the completely crazy and impossible road I have followed and what would have happened you know if not finding the original creator – if I had given up or settled for less than 100% (?) – and again I was thinking about “the end of the world”, which made me feel very bad all over the inside of me, but also that it had to mean that we would have created more energy from more sufferings given to the Universe to help giving me the right answers through new openings, and I was thinking about the spirit of my mother almost dying in this process too as she showed me almost without a head, which was really what I decided to do myself, to go to my absolute extreme limit and pass it several times and I was encouraged to do this from her because we wanted to save the world from going through immense suffering, therefore.

We’ve Only Just Begun the transferral of everything inside the original Source and a new creation of our New World 🙂

As part of my plan today I decided to lie down from 13.45 to 14.15 to see if I would receive new important messages and if not, I would continue concentrating on my work, and there was indeed more to be told – and after my palate and throat had starting feeling better during the day, I am now given a very dry feeling at the back of my mouth because I now have to start doing new, very unpleasant work as you can read from the following messages still saying that we are not able to SINK:

  • I felt myself inside of a forest and saw a guitar – creation of a New World – and then I saw the saxophone player from Spandau Ballet and told that “without much gold yet because this is what we are digging out simultaneously with your work”.
  • I was told that “decreasing suffering will mean decreasing darkness and with this, we will get to the core still waiting on us; we have only received the beginning of it”.
    • When I receive messages like this, I still get concerned of “what will happen if I cannot make it” as I have been all along and I still try to tell myself that “this is simply ordinary work” and “don’t worry” and I was first shown my mother, then my sister, and told that this development is also planned to match the development of the conscious faith of my mother – through the increasing understanding of my sister – in me.
  • I was shown a feather pen writing and told “you don’t just throw this away” and “because everything works perfectly in there, which we have first discovered now, which is why we are doing a new creation” (based upon the original recipe).
  • “It corresponds to throwing cake into a glass of water and to receive a chicken sandwich out of this” and as so often before I am both told and shown at the same time and here it is to say that when you come the result of creation, i.e. the cake, into the worst suffering, i.e. the water, you don’t get a new creation as the result, i.e. the chicken because what we are doing is to put the two extreme poles of positivity and negativity up against each other, which are “impossible” to get to meet because you have to show your cleanest self while suffering inside the worst Hell but “then again, yes, you could”.
  • I am shown horses riding the traditional horse race in the Deer Haven of Lyngby and feel that this is about Thomas from Falck – he did the services provided by Falck for this annual race – and I was shown a lady on a bicycle posting mail in the mail box just outside the gate of the Deer Haven and I was told that “this is also for the future” and this is about Thomas not believing yet but about “what is about to come”.
  • I was shown myself just inside a farm house looking up from the stairs underneath a hatch, which is full open now with strong light shining down into it and then just a small crack of darkness from which I am given a drink of Pepsi Cola, which is about the last piece of darkness given to me and maybe Cola as such is symbolising darkness without Coca Cola being as “bad” as I have previously been told (?) and I don’t know, so until now I will keep from it, and if it shows out to be totally risk free and only a symbol, I will start drinking it again and we will see.
  • I was shown the number “3” – and knew that this was about Sidsel since this is the name of her employer – and a small car, which has not punctured yet, which I understood is about Sidsel living a “carefree” life not yet realising that I am indeed the One.
  • I was inspired to say that I am given almost no feelings to my private parts anymore.
  • I was shown a very fast sequence of pictures from a football stadium, which went to quick to get a story out of and I felt that this was about Robert in Falck and his lack of patience making him work poorly and I was shown a tennis game, which is to say that it was his feelings, which led the power of darkness to me enabling us to go through this “play” of the last part of creation.
  • I was shown a plastic cup from my mother to me, which now only contains lolly sticks and no ice creams, which is about the feelings of my mother to me.
  • I was shown Robert sitting inside the Hindenburg Zeppelin when flying in the air and I was told that “this is how he feels”, which is a picture of the Hindenburg flying just before exploding because Robert knows that my memo including the stories of him is on the Internet, which may “destroy” him and again this is about extremities meeting to create extreme energy because only by creating the absolutely best friendship with Robert, I am “allowed” to keep this information on the Internet the same way as happened with my family – mother/sister – as examples.
  • I was shown myself gliding down a hill and I was shown a big bundle of keys and told “you do now hold all keys for eternal freedom” but I was also shown that all of these keys – emphasizing a car key to the right – are attached to one bar, which we now will transfer to a new bar, which is “not without difficulties” and “this is what new football around your right foot is about” – I was shown darkness around my foot and remembered the mark engraved around it to show “potential danger to the world” – and I was told “this is not bigger than before, and if you can make two days again, we will do this” so this is about the new creation of our New World, which is not without danger for the world, and now I will have to do my absolutely best once again without sleeping for as long as I can and we will see if this will be today including tomorrow or if I can do it even better also considering what I just have gone through and here I am given some pain to my throat, which makes me repeat that I am still not to be hurt physically disabling me from working.
  • I was shown a TV, a public speaker, the feeling of Hitler and a white cloth polishing the speaker and then the old Danish King Christian IV, and just another sign that because of darkness, i.e. TV, mankind received Hitler as your “present” – this is whom you asked for because of your sins – but now the light is cleaning up to make you receive a new Danish King, i.e. myself, and what was Christian IV (from the 17th century) known for (?) and we know building many of the most well known buildings of Copenhagen and yes therefore, the symbol of our New World!
  • I received the new kind of pain to my chest and told that this is Robert giving it to me, and yes Robert I am sorry about your sufferings too, but if you did your best work to read my writings, you would truly understand, which would help your sufferings, so it is really about changing your ATTITUDE to do your best (!), did you not read and decide to follow my memo?
  • In relation to Hitler, I was shown a small box of gold coming out of the mouth of a crocodile and placed on the ground, and a Gondolier stepping from his gondola up on land and he is wearing his finest golden clothes, which is another way of telling that first we brought you Hitler (the darkness of the crocodile), who placed a small portion of gold on Earth (enabling us to start building a New Universe!) and now we are removing from the suffering of the water to enter our New World of a golden age.
  • I was shown a large football stadium of people and told that “the entire stadium could have been wiped out, but this is what was required when we all the time tried seeking back in creation to find the first creation of life to build our new existence on” and I was shown a white tower with stairs facing away from the audience to symbolise this journey.
  • And at the end of this transmission, my private parts started receiving feelings again. We have started the last (?) part of creation based upon the original recipe, thank you to the original creator, who now has become a part of the spirit of my father because I decided early that I will not start communicating – at present – with creation no. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of different spiritual beings, which would be far too complicated, but in the future it is of course fine to know about who, when and what.

When writing the note to the song below, I received flowers and much happiness from the spirit of my mother because if I had not decided to “do as the original books say”, we would not be able to get this New Version of our New World, and she is not able to give all of her feelings to me now – because of the game we have to play to build this new version – but I understand that this is something COMPLETELY SPECTACULAR.

“We’ve Only Just Begun” the transferral of everything inside the original Source and a new creation of our New World, which may take months – what a beautiful song and artists :-).

Ending the writing of this chapter including edit/summary at 16.00 – now knowing that nothing apparently will happen to me if I should decide not do my absolutely best work and am I willing again to go to the same completely extreme border as I just knowing that this is also important (?) and I can only say that I will do my best on basis of how I feel and when I did the new life for the spirit of my mother, I was not feeling that good, when starting the revival of the inside of the Source the other day, I was feeling worse and had to do more, which I did, and this may be the same story because my starting point is that I feel worse feeling that it would be good to do even more, and what I can promise you is “my best” but it will be totally impossible for me to do the same, which I just did so we will see what “my best” under the circumstances will lead to.

And the reason to this difference as I am told is because my mother is not sending more remaining darkness to me. I cannot be hold as a “prisoner” in this respect anymore.

Poul-Erik confirms that he would like me to stay in the apartment – will Kate now “allow” us to do what we want?

I was happy today to receive the following email from Poul-Erik confirming that he would like me to stay in the apartment for an extra year if Kate will “approve” this (!) – and he encouraged me to seek a new home through the Commune, so I sent a short reply telling him and Kate that I had tried this without result and again asking Kate for me to stay here – everybody thinks this is alright, but will Kate also reach this conclusion in the end?

Here is the email from Poul-Erik:

Kære Stig,

Allerførst vil jeg sige, at det gør mig ondt, at du står i denne nærmest håbløse boligsituation. Jeg ser gerne at vi forlænger aftalen endnu et år. Men hvis andelsboligforeningen ikke vil give tilladdelse til at vi forlænger lejeaftalen, må jeg desværre meddele, at vi holder fast i, hvad vi aftalte i lejekontrakten. Nemlig at fremlejen af lejligheden udløber den 31.10.2011.

Har du prøvet, at kontakte Lyngby-Taarbæk kommune? Måske kan de hjælpe med en lejlighed så du ikke står uden bolig fra den 31.10.2011.

Med venlig hilsen og et oprigtigt håb om, at du snart finder en løsning.

Poul-Erik L.

And this was my short reply to Poul-Erik with a copy to Kate:

Kære Poul-Erik,

Tusinde tak for din venlige mail.

Jeg undersøgte som det første muligheden for ny bolig via kommunen, men jeg fik ved personligt møde et meget klart afslag. Kommunen ønsker ikke at hjælpe, når man kommer fra en privat bolig – det er de “urokkelige” regler i denne kommune, så jeg kan kun håbe på, at Kate vil være lige så venlig som dig, og hjælpe os begge – når nu ingen har noget imod, at jeg bliver boende her i endnu et år?

The original creator is creating a New World even more beautiful than in our WILDEST DREAMS

Hereafter I did a little bit of shopping with money I received as a gift from my mother, and afterwards I crossed my running-limit and decided that this is “good” to do and this was the only reason why I ran today, and I would under no circumstances do the whole Lyngby Lake, but I did anyhow (!) because of “direct encouragement” – a combination of running/walking – and I took the long way around, and shortly after I had started running I was told that we will now start the new creation and within 1-2 seconds I was told that all living souls of our New Universe had now been called home until they will be recreated in the New World we are doing once more, and after doing what was my best running/walking – with more difficulties than the other day – at the end of this tour, where I was also told that the much exercise Fuggi is doing at the high school at the moment is helping, I felt a NEW ORANGE SPIRIT coming to me and I understood that we are starting this new creation with the recreation of the Source itself inside of me based upon the original recipe of the original creator himself and now leaving out the negative scale as a possibility at all, and I understood that I will now be cleaned myself completely from the inside out before we will complete the transfer of the content of the original Source and I was thinking, I wonder how long this will take, will it be as hard as what I did in April/May (?) not to speak of the following months also thinking that we have a deadline in December and only time will tell, of course :-).

When I came home and after a shower, I decided to put on the Beyonce concert DVD “I am”, which I borrowed from the library yesterday when I went for a walk and INSPIRATION comes in many ways – as this was too – because I noticed when looking at the audience before Beyonce entered the stage just how COMPLETELY and not CRAZY IN LOVE but ENTHUSIASTIC they looked with extreme feelings of happiness and anticipation and also in tears of joy and then Beyonce entered the stage coming out of not the shadows, Saga :-), but the brightest light imaginable and just when I saw this, I felt that this was the exact same feelings of extreme happiness of the spirits of my mother and father when they first welcomed the original creator coming out of the light and when they understood just how beautiful the Universe was designed to be and yes, Stig, when YOU decided to let us build this, this is how we felt 🙂 🙂 :-).

This is how happy – with tears of joy – the audience was when welcoming Beyonce in concert symbolising the same enthusiastic JOY of the spirits of my mother and father when they welcomed ….

The original creator coming out of the first light with the BEAUTY and MAGIC of how the Universe originally was intended to be, which is now what it will become 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Arnauld and the CEO of the Commune did not accept my invitation to link on LinkedIn, but maybe you decided to read/download my Falck memo anyway, and what did you decide to do with it, Arnauld?
  • After having said for “many months” that I don’t want my mother to develop cancer again, a couple of weeks ago I was also under extreme pressure and accepted that if necessary, my mother could be given new cancer to bring more energy (only if other energy could not be generated from people on the list before my mother!) – but without a risk to kill her – and today I can only go back and say that I want you to remove any cancer, which my mother may have (!) – knowing that this potentially can cost me energy – and I had not planned writing this, but I was encouraged to do so and does my mother have cancer (?), does my mother know (?) and is she revealing it from me (?) – or is this just another story to make me concerned because I know that my mother is following a programme designed for people who have been cured?
  • When this script is published, FC Copenhagen is about to start playing again FC Viktoria Plzen from the Czech republic to qualify for the Champions League tournament and after losing 3-1 last week on home soul, the odds are truly against FCK – as they were against me (!) – but maybe they will receive a helping hand by God if they cannot win with 3 goals this evening, because I just heard “breaking news” on Danish TV3+ running in the background that Fenerbahce from Turkey has been disqualified from the tournament, which may mean that FCK will receive their place even if losing this evening and as Peter Schmeichel said in the studio to Brian Laudrup “do you remember what happened the last time a Danish team was invited to replace a disqualified team” and yes he did, this was when Denmark won it all – with these two players on the team – at the European Cup in 1992 when replacing Yugoslavia and we know thinking that this means “no termination, we have qualified for the next round after defeating the Devil against all odds” and this is what it probably meant already in 1992 when a game was on-going without my knowledge and yes Stig this may be the same symbol here compared to the situation only a few months ago because Kate wanted to throw me out of the apartment and I have “learned” that Falck was ready to pursue me and the Commune to withdraw my cash help and we know the darkness was IMMENSELY strong but this is what we had to pass to reach the EXTREME BEAUTY inside of the original Source, so this is what we did and of course only because you decided not to give up at anytime – and “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” is what it was as Brian also said and then the TV-lady Luna on the football ground said that FCK is playing for the first time ever in GREEN, which is the colour of hope (as I could have said) and she said that she was hoping this was about RECREATION AND REVIVAL, which it truly is, Luna …. :-).
  • And it took longer than I was hoping to prepare this script to be published, which also gives me the opportunity to ask you if you noticed how many times they on TV3+ spoke about “the diamond” – a setting up in football and here the symbol of the CREATOR, and when FCK scored to 1-0 in the first half (when this is published) the commentator said “suddenly almost as out of nothing” and this is from where we are ALL coming, not only the Source, but ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE CREATORS IN THEIR OWN RIGHT, or will become so in the future 🙂 – which means that we will all get truly equal, which does not least make me VERY happy. And they said that FCK after all will not get the place from the disqualified Turkish team. – UPDATE LATER: FCK did not come through neither one or the other way, they lost by 2-1, but I will still put my money, i.e. energy, on winning the big trophy and FCK is you know my “old self” not having much left to give.

After dinner – with burned potatoes because I am focusing on work and not food – I managed to publish this script at 21.25 and yet again one of the longest 3-days script ever and maybe even the longest (?) and you know what this means (?), the worst suffering ….

I posted the script together with this comment on Facebook saying that this is my hardest and most important work ever, which will give exuberant happiness for everyone:



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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