August 27, 2011: Doing my most extreme work has REVIVED my previous self Jesus back to life from “out of nothing”


Summary of the script today

25th August: Doing my most extreme work has revived my previous self Jesus back to life from “out of nothing”

  • Obama’s Facebook box on my website “decided” to replace itself with the video of Benghazi celebrating to say that Libya will indeed be liberated and your suffering helped the true liberation of the “content” of the original Source, which will create our beautiful New World.
  • I decided to receive messages while working at the computer – instead of lying down – and first I was told “not much darkness left” and that this is what I am now receiving and that the darkness is removing because of the strong sun (light) and hereafter I received a LONG speech as I also did in my book no. 1 called “the book of the Devil” claiming that all work has already been done when our New World has been placed inside the Source with all beings now connected to all revived souls, and this could be the truth, but does not fit with what I have been told about first removing all darkness of voices given to me – to remove the darkness – before we can transfer the most from the Source to our New World, so after hoping that what I was told was the truth, I do believe it was as it was said, the last part of the darkness speaking.
  • As a patience/energy test for a man given extreme impatience and the worst tiredness, I had been inspired to upload the video of the CEO Christian Stadil to my website of behaviour and work, and it took a long time to do with “technical problems” on the way, but finally I did it.
  • I started receiving problems/delays when connecting to my email server, a spam email wanted me to inform whether or not my Gmail account still is active and a website “claimed” that my email account is not valid, which were symbols of Bo from Dahlberg – as I was told earlier – who does not like my memo about how to create the best insurance system in the world because he is mentioned in it in a way, which is not “suitable” for him.
  • I kept on working on my website throughout the night and I also received some information, which however did not seem important in the beginning, which looks like “communication problems” with our New World.
  • I am doing what will become “the world’s most well known climb up” – and finally I needed to sleep when I was almost fainting because of the most extreme tiredness and exhaustion I have ever gone through. I was allowed to “sleep” for a little more than one hour until 07.50 being awakened by extreme fighting between the darkness and light, I was needed to bring energy of the light, so I had so stand up again and overcome my tiredness and extreme feeling not to being able to work.
  • This morning I went through the WORST DARKNESS where work was SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to do until later when I again worked my best for hours on my website now including clearly that I am the Son of God, who will appear to the world as Maitreya Buddha, which I was inspired to do because it was in my notes (!), which we had figured out that you would do today and because this is what I am becoming when writing it!
  • I went for a walk in the afternoon to stay awake, met Klaus from the park who gave me energy with warm feelings and the spirit of my father told me that I will “very soon” become my new self with the New World inside of me because he is now collecting me from inside of the Source and he is doing it with the energy I am giving – and probably also others, but mainly me and before the end of the evening, a true king had returned to life, and “he” will now continue work on the spiritual side while I finish my website before he will enter me as my “new self”.
  • My previous self came out of nothing as expected, and the signal of my radio/tv was very weak symbolising that we have only made the first contact and that much more energy is required to get “him” all out of there. “He” was not existing in there but “standing with his hands tied on his back facing the wall”.

26th August: Changing the foundation of life itself and everyone will become CREATORS as originally intended

  • SLEEPING again (!) and dreaming of the spirit of my mother learning the New and bigger Universe, and I was given the song “Brændt” (“Burned”) by Lis Sørensen and the line “the fear never gives up” and told that a “disaster in space” has happened, which I understood was to bring energy to my previous and now “bloody” self because of EXTREME need, when I had no more energy myself to give (my nightmare was NOT carried out as expected even though I have “always” been “warned” about that it would if I “gave up”, which was also to help the Universe from damaging) – and this is what the spirit of my mother is fearing, which may be a continuous fear depending on the energy I will be able to provide myself in the time to come, and right now I am completely empty.
  • After David “mysteriously” was “terminated” as my friend on Facebook 11 days ago, David “mysteriously” returned as a friend today – one of them “small miracles” – and here David is symbolising that as my old self I was almost dying to find and revive my previous self, Jesus, who now has returned to life from out of nothing after being terminated 2,000 years ago. David shared my sufferings through his faith, thank you so much for helping the world, David :-).
  • My previous self started entering and settling inside of me giving me the feeling that “this is my home”: MY TRUE SELF IS ENTERING AND SETTLING INSIDE OF ME, I AM WAKENING UP AS MY TRUE SELF (!) – and I understood that I will continue being both my old self – the spirits of my mother and father – while my new self is awakening and growing in strength. There are waterproof shutters between my old and new selves meaning that NO DARKNESS can reach my perfect new self, and the darkness I feel is coming from the old world given to my old self to transform this to more energy of my new self and New World.
  • My “old friend” Anna Karin was inspired to think of buying a 9,000 SEK expensive bag, which was inspiration telling you about the tool of the Devil, which has now been released upon the Universe, and the bag is made of GOLD CROCODILE SKIN symbolising CREATION COMING FROM DARKNESS or in other words “life is coming from out of nothing”, which made me think again of which “power” inside of the darkness generated life in the first place – what or whom was the original creator, the origin of life, as a “being” before coming to life? The spirit of my father now knows the answer, which I do not as Stig.
  • Recreation of previous Universes/beings were possible to do because they were spread as bits and pieces inside our Universe after the Big Bang(s), but it required the “recipe of life” from the revived original creator of the first Universe to resurrect my previous self from the Source outside of the Universe – since 2010 now streaming inside the Universe again. My father is the creator, but he first received the “key of life” from the original creator (his original self) the other day, and when the Source left the Universe when Jesus was killed, my father and the world lost contact to the life giving energy and light of the Source. The only way for eternal survival was to receive the “key of life” from the original creator and to reconnect with the Source to resurrect my previous self as Jesus and as it now turns out: To change the foundation of the original creation of life itself based upon my criteria for a New World (to leave out the possibility of negativity/darkness). I don’t know if I will become my new self instantly/quickly from now and also if I will be able to be both my new and old selves, but the radiation of darkness from me to the Universe suggests that I am becoming my new self quickly. I WAS THE FIRST MAN OF ALL UNIVERSES TO CROSS EXTREME HELL TO RECONNECT WITH THE SOURCE ON THE OTHER SIDE. We are now moving back the Universe to the original Source to create life as it was intended: For everyone to be CREATORS.

27th August: Changing the setup of the New World from a skeleton to a “floating hanging” of all people

  • I kept on working all night long – without sleeping – updating the front page of my website reflecting the New World we are now creating changing from “everything is me” to “everyone will become creators/personal God’s” and it was again the hardest work I have EVER done finishing it by 07.15. My right foot/angle was now tanked up instead of radiating, energy/information was returning to me, and no new explosion. I will change the name of my book “One God, One People” because we will now all become God’s!
  • Finally at 07.30 this morning, I received some sleep dreaming about Julia from Falck also thinking that my memo is “disgusting” (!), the need for me to be both my “old self” and “new self” for a period of time with OPEN shutters between the new and old world, which I accepted and a confirmation that no Union will now persecute me, Falck has “fallen” down.
  • The setup of the New World is changing from a skeleton to a “floating hanging” of all people, which is requiring EXTREME energy, and my decision to accept everyone to become creators, which I could have rejected because of fear of changes or if being a dictator (!), is the most important decision in history.
  • During the evening my previous self inside of me was shaking uncontrollable because of the situation in Eastern Africa saying “IS THIS THE WORLD I HAVE RETURNED TO”, it is only the beginning of my previous self, who has returned, I am still more light than human being, my previous self feels “fascination of coming back to life” and understanding how life is created through binding darkness in a “formula”, it is NOT nice “living” inside of the Source without living and LIFE of the Universe is truly the gift given to man, which everyone should CHERISH and not destroy, this is among the first messages of my revived self, I am encouraged to “bind all God’s together” of the future world, which I accepted.


Doing my most extreme work has revived my previous self Jesus back to life from “out of nothing

About the liberation of Libya and the creation of our beautiful New World: IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN 🙂

Right after publishing my script the 24th when this is written too I noticed the change of the Facebook box of Obama on my website, which now was replaced by the video of Benghazi celebrating and what this is about is that Obama knows as I that OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD IS COMING and also that LIBYA IS PART OF THAT “GAME” TOO bringing me all of the fuel I need to do this creation, and yes Stig, this could be another future Universe for us to reach, but we also thought as you Obama – feeling Obama as part of me here also turning around and coming inside of me and that is right Obama, this is what the turn around of the world means; it will become easier for everyone to understand – and coming back to say that we might as well connect with all inside of the Source and establish the Universe as it was originally intended.

My script of yesterday “decided” to replace the box of Obama with the video of Benghazi celebrating because your liberation is coming and with your suffering, we will also get the most beautiful New World – ahead of time 🙂

At 22.20 I was still working now with this new script, and I started receiving a new “implant” inside of my mouth to tell me – and you – about the discomfort we are going through in order to do this work, which is also about me feeling the tiredness coming now unfortunately sooner than I hoped and I was/am planning to keep on until tomorrow evening without sleeping but the question is if I will be able to do this, and I am thinking that I could not run as long today as I was hoping and it gave me the memory back that the energy I am giving is my effort in relation to how I am feeling so it should be alright to do somewhat less now because my starting point is at a lower level.

There is not much darkness left, but here I received much of it the same way as I received it in book 1

I decided to view some more videos by Braco understanding the positive effects he has on this process I am going through via the energy he brings, and I feel my tiredness rapidly becoming stronger, so I better get started now receiving the important messages as I was told earlier this evening also to prepare myself to do, and I will try to receive them while working with my eyes shut for some seconds at a time – saving me the time to first write down notes on my mobile phone – and let us see what this is about, then:

  • There is not much darkness left, but what I see to start with is all darkness around me – and the darkness has been somewhat strong this evening trying to bring me extreme impatience when I have felt much work, little time and growing tiredness but I have decided to keep on doing my best as long as I can, and that may be shorter than until tomorrow evening, let us see.
  • I was shown yellow, the Holy Spirit of my mother, inside a church and a bundle of something inside there, which we are unwinding, and is “not much left”.
  • I was shown a big Galion removing in the sun from album covers of Tears for Fears and the feeling that the darkness around me of Falck, the Commune etc. is removing because of their fear of me.
  • I see a garden hand tool being placed in the earth – as if to say that I have done my work – and that I am eating an open sandwich with eggs, the result of creation.

And here I have removed the bullet point because I received a long speech as follows – which I afterwards believed to be more darkness than light:

I see a roulette being removed and told “there is no more roulette with Jack” (darkness) – this is why you had a casino and gambling as your theme at your 40th birthday party, Jack, symbolising darkness – and I was shown no more sugar and milk too as a symbol of my “nightmare” being removed, and yes Stig, we are starting with you as I now hear the spirit of my father telling me, to clean you up and we know difficult to lose weight and yes Fuggi and no Fuggi and “hard to believe in” and “is he really – or is he not” and this is more or less how he feels about you but he believes much more in himself when I tell you that I am also working with him, and yes I am him and we know Stig what am I doing now and alright, for you it does not matter if you are sitting here or in bed or on the sofa because I can take messages quite as good here and that is if you want to and we know we are moving more darkness when writing, and yes writing is becoming difficult again and “on the loose” is what we might be and we know “not anchored” and are we not anchored (?) and yes isn’t this smart, we have received a new technique loosening the connection to anchoring and we know Stig, it-systems etc., and that is “because it is all in the mind of these people” and their words are the law so to say, so when we have started doing a new creation, it is simply to say “will you please do this for us” and yes my friend, this is then what they have done and this is said as if in a test with MUCH SPEED and the question “don’t you believe in us” and I have decided that I will write whatever you tell me and I know that we are ending the right place, so if this is what the original creator has the power to do, it is fine by me and we know because without faith it does not help and yes yes yes we know you have faith, but what about Elijah and all of the others (?) and yes Stig you are not becoming free of the Galion because what we are saying is that inside of this world THERE IS NO GALION – IT IS ALL IN THE MIND – and if you say NO NO NO – here wait a minute, here is a bread for you – I see a dark bread and a baker – and you say ok I will take that, this is what you might expect that you will get but alright, bye bye and yes THERE WILL BE NO BAKER IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE THE BAKER IS ALL IN OUR MINDS and when we will say that thee is no such things as darkness, it will remove, and yes Stig then it will remove, or what or what or what (?) and yes YOU ARE WITH US, but what about the world, and dare we say this because we are only human aren’t we and yes and no and no and yes because inside of this the original Source we are nothing else than LIGHT and what is light and how did it get there and WE KNOW you don’t and this is what is causing us EXCITEMENT and TREMENDOUS JOY because THIS IS THE STONE WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MISSING, what created light in the first place and we know you will not believe us when we say that we’ve only just begun and that is the New World and you can go to sleep now if you want to and you can stay up forever if you want to and only saying that OUR NEW WORLD HAS BEEN CREATED IN RECORD TIME and yes BECAUSE OF THIS FORCE OF THE INNER SELF OF THE ORIGINAL CREATOR and we know AS SIMPLE AS NOTHING IS EVERYTHING and that is all or should we say everything we will say, and alright you might “test” us at the sofa to see if I can turn in now or continue working all night and bye bye love bye bye happiness hello loneliness I think I’m a-gonna cry and yes yes yes not because of me but you and you and you because this is the question: HOW DO WE TRANSFER ALL OF THESE PEOPLE FROM INSIDE OF THE SOURCE TO OUR NEW WORLD and the answer is really to transfer our world into this Source and this is what we have done, and everyone has been revived in there and all of the “beings” have become their “new beings” and everyone is happy so the song is turned around meaning that it is now hello love happiness and I’m gonna be happy and yes why am I receiving pain to my right foot and only saying that your faith in us Stig is not what is keeping us going, but the faith of the world in you is what is and when we don’t like to talk more it is to say that we and eeeehhhh end of transmission, and again feeling Elijah and now he does not believe in you making us unhappy and now he does making us VERY HAPPY and yes he was the man bringing you to the world and yes if he does not believe in you now what then and yes and no and yes and no and we know Stig, this was a new approach because you gave us the chance to do so and what do you believe in my boy, and we know this could easily be a game where the truth is simply what you are saying that our New World has been created and everyone have been connected with their original “beings” of the Source and now we are only waiting for everyone of the world to show a clean heart, and yes I have had faith all of the time and if this is what has happened, I am still with you and øv øv øv in Danish and ugh ugh ugh in English because Stig you see this long speech as more darkness turning into light and I feel light and happiness underneath and alright the sofa is calling and yes a ball thrown – we can also see without closing our eyes and that is at least when I am given visions with my eyes opens, which happens sometimes but not always – but nobody to catch the ball and when there is no one to catch the ball it is the same as saying goodbye darkness hello happiness and we know we know we know, you told me that I needed to become totally clean from voices of the darkness before we could enter the main part of the Source and that it was connected with the faith of my mother in me and this here is another story and I don’t know which is the truth but I do know that I still receive darkness and yes it may be up to my faith to say that I don’t believe in darkness and then it will disappear, and we will see how it progresses this time, and normally what I don’t understand in the beginning will eventually show out to be understood, which I am sure you will help me do once again and no no no, you are not enjoying your egg yet because others are not believing in you (?) and we know Stig the old world and darkness and how much is left and yes yes yes no darkness is what we are saying and you will understand gradually or one day and if not, we will help you and so long for now …. !

Two minutes later when starting to write the summary of this chapter: This chapter started with the message that there is not much darkness left but now I could only see darkness and also the feeling to “get the energy up”, which I did not write down and this very long speech is the same kind of speeches I received in my book no. 1, which is called “the book of the Devil”, so maybe this was to deflect more darkness also to get me even more exhausted so I can keep doing my best work when “almost not existing” and if this is the goal, you are doing a good job because I am rapidly getting there and I don’t know what is the truth now other than the Source started being recreated inside of me earlier today and I am feeling almost diarrhoea and still darkness given to me so the good old signs telling me that creation is still ongoing, and we know a quick way to bring me down to the zero point really is what this was.

So after writing this and putting on coffee, it is now 00.25 and I am ready to fight the darkness and let us see for how long I can keep it going and right now I wonder if it will be the whole night because my head is very heavy and my eyelids are becoming the same but let us go back to the list of improvements to my web side and do some work ….

Uploading the video of CEO Christian Stadil to the Internet and linking to my website requiring patience/energy I did not have

Earlier today I was inspired to write the video of the CEO Christian Stadil on my to do list of improvements to my website – to be included on my behaviour and work page – and when I started doing this work, which I thought would be easy, it became more difficult than expected because first I tried to connect this video to my Vodpod profile – import of videos – which was almost impossible to do because Vodpod would not recognise the video when automatically searching for it and I had difficulties finding the embed code (through Jacob‘s company, where it is broadcast) as an alternative, but finally I found this code and I succeeded to link it to Vodpod, and what then should be easy to do, to link it to my WordPress site, was IMPOSSIBLE to do and we know normally there is a one-line embed code for WordPress, but here the code was half a page long (!) and it did not work on WordPress, not even when I thought about how the short code should look and neither when posting to my website directly from Vodpod, and we know IT DID NOT WORK!

I had decided not to upload this to my YouTube account because of the normal restrictions YouTube, which this video doest not fit into when being 18 minutes long – YouTube has normally a limit of 15 minutes and I did not want to divide this video in two chapters – and therefore I decided to create a new account with Dailymotion having less restrictive criteria and finally – after a LONG TIME uploading – I managed to upload this video and bring it on my website including a short introduction which is what I decided was the best to do here – and we know a FINE test on patience is what it was and I decided to go all the way and I feel here gold dust falling on me almost as snow because it has to hurt to become good …. :-).

Receiving difficulties communicating through my email as a symbol of Bo from Dahlberg who does not like a memo of mine

Earlier yesterday evening when I sent my reply to Poul-Erik, I noticed that most of my sent-box on my Gmail-account was gone and did not reconnect with the server, and when I tried to enter my Gmail-account directly on the Internet – I normally use the Thunderbird client – it was “almost impossible” to do taking several minutes to open, and later I began to understand a message herein when I first received this typical spam email, which I did not bother to answer:

And when I first tried to set up a new account with Dailymotion to bring the video above not sure if I had an old account already, I decided to check, which made me receive this message saying that my email account is not valid – and “not valid” in general or only in relation to not being in your files?

So eventually I understood these symbols of “difficult communication” as another example of people who don’t like what I write and we know I was told directly earlier yesterday I believe about Bo from Dahlberg who does not like my memo on how to create a perfect insurance system – which I posted a link to via LinkedIn where he is a contact of mine – where I also revealed to the world that he and Kim S. was not able to see the HUGE business opportunities together when they had “secret” talks to merge together their companies a few years ago, and being “secretive” is an important factor for many people today, and we know please make sure that nothing will happen (!), and again we can thank Bo for providing more negativity towards me to help this process setting up a new scheme, which we can call for a new version of the New World.

Working throughout the night receiving much darkness and only few reliable messages

It is now 02.30 and the “implant” of my throat is still bothering me – not nice but necessary doing this and I still receive MUCH impatience and often MANY ideas and thoughts at the same time designed to STRESS me and lack of sleep is normally the best way to make people give up when receiving this amount of work/disturbances/things to remember and feel as I do breaking down again because of tiredness – my eyes are becoming wet because of this – but no I don’t want to hear about it, which is also to say that if I am not strong enough doing my best, I don’t want to hear about what actions you may take on the world to bring the energy I could not, and hoping that this is only theoretical of course.

At 03.00 I was watching more Benny Hinn videos – Powerful Anointing at El Rey Jesus – and now the tiredness was so strong that my eyes kept falling down, so here we are again and I wonder for how long I can keep working or to stay up without working not knowing if the last part is of importance or if it is required of me working and I believe it is because when I work as I do here I am doing MAGIC exactly now and now and now on the other side and we know I am still removing much darkness coming to me.

A 03.25 I was suddenly told about the spirit of my mother that “now she has been recreated too, she was just in- and outside” and we know Stig, I am simply writing what you are telling me so please carry on your fine work :-).

At 04.20 I decided to see if I would be given important information, which I was not really – too soon, maybe (?) – but this is what I received until I stopped:

  • I see a football banner with FC Liverpool – the reds – or is it a flag of victory/resurrection?
  • I see a violin facing the wrong way, which has not yet been learned to play on, which may be “communication troubles” with our New World and that is here in the beginning.
  • I see the top half of a knight’s armour on the floor of a church at the middle ages and a man with a black hat looking out a window with bars and having a cloth around the mouth of a lady – the spirit of my mother – so the spirit of my mother is not free yet of what she has gone through and the knight, who may be me, is not really alive.
  • I see a large church and a sword, this is where we are heading.
  • I see a long middle section of a church with a red runner, which is turning brown, which is about the Council in red –suffering – turning brown, which is their original colour, so maybe they are starting to wake up too.
  • I saw a long Falck fire hose which is red and green – against and for me – with a big part of air inside of it, “which is not good, when you are going to put out fire”.
  • Something about German officers from World War II in France and I am told that I have not yet been there, which may be about “potential suffering” of the world.
  • Something about Falck promising additional manpower if any of their employees are to be dismissed because of my memo, and I see one with a car door open in a Ford Granada – as if he holds the door open to me.
  • “You have been packed in blue cellophane – I see myself looking out though it and everything I see is blue – but the world has not discovered you yet”, which was about the reactions I have received so far from people misunderstanding me.
  • I see Amsterdam and a gun as a door sign and this is about the continuous removal of darkness.

After this I stopped writing down notes of this kind and kept on working, and I started receiving some messages, which however did not give an understanding, which made me conclude that as long as you don’t speak clearly, I will not bring it, and first here at 05.30 I was told that the spirit of my mother is going through the entrance and pushing forward much remaining darkness, which has to be the answer because when looking at what I have received so far of messages this night, it has been the worst darkness, so let us see how long this will take and when the sun after the dark will start to shine.

Still at 06.00 I was told that the spirit of my mother is in darkness and will let me know when it turns to red because I am thinking of how long I can continue – and we know doing small improvements here and there on the website.

I am doing what will become “the world’s most well known climb up” – and finally I needed to sleep ….

At 06.20 I am almost fainting moving from one side to another and when doing this, I felt only darkness inside of me, so what we have taken on here, is MUCH and just saying that I may be on my way to bed already now and really because I feel as bad as in the last hours the night before and yes when was it (?) 2 days ago now?

At 06.25 I was told that this climb of mine will be known as “the world’s most well known climb up” and I am trying to test my tiredness by taking on a little more work, but I do believe that this is as much as I can take with the most severe throw up feelings I have ever had and being close to black-outs. This is “politely” speaking, I was NOTHING worth.

When I tried to sleep I felt and was shown “fightings” all around me and after some time I heard that “blue has taken over the upper part now” and blue is me and I am thinking of my old self as Jesus, so is this my true self now returning (?), and later I was shown myself inside the railway station and outside to the right I was shown a very small person completely covered in a brown dress without being able to see the head and I was asked “do you dare letting me collect you” and I did not know if this was light or darkness, I heard “this is planet Earth” by Duran Duran and at 07.50 I woke up with my left foot hurting much and a dream about a fight in the lower part of the cupboard causing this pain of mine, I heard “look over your shoulder – back for good” (songs) and I was told that “every single hour is important” (being awake and working if possible) and therefore I am now back writing this, and we know I may be able to stay up a little bit but I cannot work, this is simply impossible feeling as completely smashed as if tank had run over a car, so I will be back later.

First it was IMPOSSIBLE to work, then I worked my best writing that I am becoming Maitreya Buddha, which is what I am NOW!

At 09.00 after relaxing I was told that the spirit of my mother now has become red – less suffering – and that my turn is now coming.

I took a shower and will now at 09.40 try to do some work, and I am totally amazed of the incredible strength of this darkness and there should be little left but apparently the strongest of it because both while “sleeping” and afterwards the sexual suffering, temptations and almost overtaking me was as nasty as it gets, and I don’t know how long I can continue, but the worst tiredness has left me temporarily but I am completely destroyed inside of me, and now I will do some work, which may help to revive my true self?

At 09.50 I was told that this is like when I bought a suit in “discount Paris” together with Camilla many years ago; there was nothing wrong with the fabric, but the suit was a little bit too small and we are now adjusting your inner self to become your “new self”, this is really all Stig and we know this is why the darkness is so strong, but the “implant” of my mouth has now disappeared.

I managed to do new improvements to my website, and now to my front page including my introduction, which I improved much making me satisfied with this too, I may have read and updated/improved this 20-40 times today until lunch at 12.00 herewith doing my absolutely best as I normally do (!) – helping the spirits of my father and mother doing the same – and this was the prime “missing link” to write clearly on my website that I am indeed the Son of God and will appear as the Maitreya Buddha and the reason why I am writing this is on my website today is because this is what I am becoming when writing it!

It is now 13.25, I have had lunch and done missing summaries of my scripts of this morning, and I am now becoming as tired again, which is so strong a feeling coming from my inside and out and I was told half an hour ago “don’t give up” and we know if I will be able to hold my self awake the rest of the day, it will be a miracle and what if Friday – which was mentioned the other day – is true and I am not “allowed “sleep tonight too and we know a nightmare is what it is , and I just received a déjà vue that I have to be this tired to do this work, it was given to me many years ago an we know the absolutely inner darkness surrounding the Source, which is how I imagine it is, and I don’t know if I am too tired to take a few messages and if I will received any “interesting” at all:

I was TOO tired, I could not concentrate to close my eyes and try to understand messages – but I felt a few minutes ago a complete LIGHT presence next to me, so the light is coming closer, and I will now go for a walk, this is the ONLY way to stay awake.

I will soon become my new self with the New World inside of me and my previous self has now been revived “from out of nothing exactly as anticipated”

And now it is 14.20 and have returned after a walk where I met Klaus again from Brede Park, and he was visibly happy to see me and talk to me – as I with him – and we can use all the help in the world, therefore, and we spoke maybe for 15 minutes, and from there I walked around the city and then I was told by the spirit of my father that “your father will very soon call you up for the first time”, which I understood that this is indeed about the revival of my old self as Jesus and I was told “then you have become the new world inside of you”, and we know the toughest days of all, but if it only takes some days, it is bearable after all and hearing “Go on, go on; leave me, Bradley” which really made me breathless – and we know thinking of the Devil leaving me here, which will make me breathless and here thinking of the Corrs and their song “joy of life”, which is the message here they cannot tell me because of much darkness.

At 14.40 the spirit of my father appearing as the monk from the Jerusalem UFO to my right said that “here it is me bringing you darkness” and I was thinking that this may have to do with the “implant” of gold in me recently – and just before this I was given the name of a very good small producer of Champagne “Bonnaire” and in Danish this became “Bo’s ære” (“Bo’s honour”) because of my memo to Dansk Handel & Service on the best insurance system in the world and I was given pain to my face and the feeling that this is Bo’s feelings given to me and really that without Bo we could not manage so extreme darkness as we do now and that is leading us all the way home and this is why I was given the Bonnaire champagne – do you see, and also you, Bo, some day?

This afternoon I decided to see more Benny Hinn videos and listen to healing sounds and at 15.30 I was told that “not that long ago the forest was about to fire, and now we are sitting here waiting to come home”.

At 15.55 I was told that “nobody comes here alone and removes this” and I was shown the red of the darkness and told that “you can write this”.

Hereafter I heard and saw very weakly when I decided to do some more improvements to my website “good Stig, we have the castle within sight, maybe within one day” and the timeframe is because I don’t know how long it will take and for how long I can continue.

At the end of the afternoon I was given strong diarrhoea – the symbol of my nightmare but without direct threats, visions or speech given to me – and I thought that the spirit of my mother is suffering much now.

Until 18.00 I decided to do my best after all when updating my page on the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, because first I only thought of including a picture of the full drawing on the page, but I decided to use time to read what several sources wrote of this drawing, and then to make “my own” description on basis of the best information I could find – you have to become “the ideal man” following my basic rules to maintain eternal life (!) – and this is how I gave a clearer explanation to the meaning of the drawing – also seeing clearer inside of the Source where I am collecting you and yes my friend this is where I am now as the spirit of my father tells me!

And I understand this as to say that we reconnected with the Source including my previous self in the summer of 2010, and have used this energy to help building our New World, but first with the recipe of the original creator, we have learned how to convert this light into individual lives and this is what the spirit of my father – including the original creator now part of him – is now doing, and we know not an easy job, but rewarding in the end, and I am told by the darkness what will happen if I should give up, for me to choose whom among my special friends to die because we need extra energy and I can only say that my same rules apply and I will NEVER allow you to kill any special friends, but you will have to do what is necessary to do to make yourself survive this bringing out the lives from inside of there and we know, the Devil can be IMMENSELY strong so I better prepare myself because it is only a question of time before I will fall asleep, but I do hope that the reason why I am feeling a little bit more fresh now is because of the many healing sounds I have listened to.

After dinner – still awake and fearing to become over-tired again soon – I was told as a “secret message” because of my work this afternoon that if I should fall asleep later today, I would receive a new timetable – this is why the Danish Traffic Minister on the TV news and the journalist inspired mentioned “timetables” – and mine would be to finalise my paper with notes on improvements to my website before Sunday, and now there is 12 pages left in this document. And I was told that the light close to me is indeed my self and also that it is impossible to move back no matter what happens :-).

I was also told that it was important to write down that I yesterday I believe was asked about receiving everyone with my answer being that everyone is still welcome but also that I don’t want to have a visit by the darkness alone and yes as you said today “please let me know if my decisions, the ones I take, could be better” but this is then how we liberate “yourself” and we know Stig being both here and there with you and not easy but alright we don’t complain, and alright please let me know if you believe it is necessary to change later.

At 20.00 I was still working – how long can I continue (?) – and since doing quite some work, the extreme negativity and sexual threats of the Devil has decreased much, and what will happen when I need sleep again (?) – and yes feel the exhaustion but somehow still without being overwhelmingly tired.

At 21.00 I felt the darkness of a spirit being led up to my head, which I could only understand as my previous self, Jesus.

At 22.00, I was still working, and now my “implant” to my throat returned and we know I cannot sink but it can become very uncomfortable and despite of all, I am still asked to stay awake, and I wonder when the extreme tiredness will set in overpowering me completely again as it did the last time early this morning, and I don’t know HOW, but I am still awake and still working, and did I mention that I have had this experience as a déjà vue as a child too (?), I knew it was NOT going to become pleasant.

At 22.10 I decided to hold a break and when I went through my document of improvements, I could see that much of the last 10 pages have already been made or are other notes, which is telling me that we don’t have that much work left to do – and we will see if I will be able to do this tonight if I am still awake and fresh enough to work, and later the spirit of my father told me “in other words we are almost all the way out” but it was one of those followed by a question mark so was it from the light or darkness?

After half an hour I decided to continue working – becoming more difficult having to pull myself together – and now among other things updating my Signs II page with the Green Horse of death in Cairo from February 2011 as a sign to the world that I was almost breaking down because of the sins of mankind given to me with a risk of the world ending, but NO ONE helped, and after doing this update, I felt my new spirit being all close up to my right cheek and I was told “thank you” and the colour of “him” is now only red and we know as if I have done this before (?) and yes you are right in a déjà vue.

At 23.30 I became CONCERNED when I saw this message from the spirit of my mother given to Medjugorje today speaking in a very direct language as I have not seen her do before to Medjugorje and here about “Satan wants to destroy my plan” and I have not heard from the spirit of my mother for some hours and I am thinking about my diarrhoea earlier and when writing now I was demonstratively given a SNEEZE and the feeling “you don’t get rid of me so easy” and yes “new life” and this was why and yes Stig NO KILLINGS and I AM THE BEST PROTECTED and I only receive a very weak feeling of her and maybe because of much darkness we are going through now and I am told “the feeling is that we have not reached the bottom” and that is of the world in relation to me and you and how will they react to us and this is more in this direction the message is about, and thank you for letting me know :-).

And we know Stig I finalised the improvements to the website already today at 23.55 – not on Sunday – and that was quicker than expected and from here the question is really of what to do because I would like to go sleeping, but I am not so tired that it is “criminal” (!) and we know of other work I still have the Signs III and IV pages, the new suffering page, and then to do summaries of all main pages and check spelling errors etc. again and all of this is really work I would like to start when feeling fresh, and I wonder if you have any messages for me and also if the light is now so strong that you can tell me how it is:

Yes and not no and ha ha ha and not me – I feel Holger Danske from Kronborg laughing and we know A BIG KING is he and YES THIS IS ME ON MY WAY INSIDE OF ME (the first words of my previous self, the revived Jesus!) but Stig you guessed we have more to do and what about finishing all your work and “I” will do the same and when the day comes, we will re-unite and “yes, this is Jesus speaking alive” as the spirit of my father here says and feel him with much darkness too and yes Stig we don’t quite get how you have come this far and still have not really given up at any time because if you had, it would not have been this “easy” to do and we know another déjà vue from earlier today was a scene of the world going under where I was still “meditating” trying to rescue the world through the liberation of my old self, and now he is here and we only need your mother too and yes full of darkness too but not a thick layer and we are all feeling well – thinking of MESCHACK TOO and how he is and yes will ask in my next email and been given him for a few days now and about his wife in relation to me and should have visited Meshack and her back then in Kenya in 2009 and have regretted that many times – but I was TIRED beyond imagination already then, Meshack – and yes could have changed the story of the world if you did not succeed keeping Meshack on your side because this is the man more than anyone who made us come this far – thank you Meshack – and more tomorrow and yes Stig we are still speaking much but not so difficult as the last time and I feel a dark horse about to become weaker and yes not easy to re-create a true SON but we did it :-).

Hereafter I felt my previous self as light being busy working all around me and yes WELCOME HOME MY OLD SELF (!) and IT’S BEEN QUITE A WHILE and I cannot communicate with you cleanly and clearly right now, but I cannot wait to get to know you and that is to be you and you me so we will become I – and so it is here. I was asked if I will communicate with my previous self knowing that he is me or rather will become me, and I accepted because this is a different situation compared to welcoming previous spirits of ourselves from previous Universes and simply because this is me, but since we are still apart, he is another person than I, and so it is.

We know it is now 00.40 and even though I could have continued working – however with a heavy head and also much “feelings” around my right foot – I will try to get some sleep if I am allowed, so I may be back shortly but I do hope that we have achieved what we should, and we will remove more darkness tomorrow – so we will see.

And here we are back at 01.00 and I was not allowed to sleep, I was shown a speaking dog inside a house feeling as if it was getting a heart attack and I was also given the feeling of a very aggressive bee stinging me in the head, so it looks as if this was a life dangerous job to do to bring my previous self out of the Source, and yes I heard you, you would like some more healing videos, so this is what I will find for you to give you some energy – and two minutes later: But now the Internet is not working, so I will have to start working and I do believe it will be on the Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO to see what lacks to be done on that, but then again when the Internet is not working, I cannot update my webpage and cannot search for more information so now I am really “lost” because I have to work and cannot work – it is the Internet box not working now, and the last time it happened was because Poul-Erik had not paid the bill so either this is the same or else there is some trouble with the connection and I am sad to say that I can only sit down watching television then.

And when I switched on the television, I noticed that it had the same very poor signal as the radio also had this evening, and I thought that this could easily be “spiritual jamming” and in this case a poor signal means that we are not done with our work, but we have received the first weak contact to my previous self.

In the sofa, I thought that I could also try to do a meditation to receive messages and this is what I was told:

“We were elephants cycling over the goal line, and you came from out of nothing exactly as anticipated”.

I was shown the front singer Brian Johnson from AC/DC in a bar and told “we could not complain about the power” and “we had not tried this before and had to search for you carefully before we found you with your hands on the back up against the wall, and it was not only a prison because quite right, you were not existing in there” and “how could we then go through this” (?) and “only through the extreme energy, which you found for us” and when closing my eyes here, I became so tired again that I decided that I would now go to sleep because I could not work anyhow.


26th August: Changing the foundation of life itself and everyone will become CREATORS as originally intended

Dreaming of the Universe burning to provide energy for my revived previous self

Even though I was given some speech and visions, I was TOO tired to let this stop me, so I fell asleep in my bed and first woke up at 09.15 with this dream:

  • I met Rikke H. at work and she tells me that she has been on an IT-course and also that she would like a bigger screen, and I have ordered this screen for her, and she tells me that she did not like the teacher flirting much with her and I tell her that it is because “you look better than good”, and I ask how many attended the course, which makes her shake her head and leave as if I should know and I tell her that showing this attitude is almost the worst she can do to me
    • This is to say that the spirit of my mother has learned how the New World is working, which is larger than before (bigger screen) and it also shows that my old nightmare is still on or let us say that as long as I can control it, creation is ongoing.
  • I woke up to the Danish version of the song Torn, which is by Lis Sørensen and called “Brændt” (“Burned”) and the lyrics “Angsten giver aldrig op” (“the fear never gives up”) and I have been given this song for a couple of days, and I started the day by reading the headlines of the news fearing that a new disaster had happened in the world, but except from hurricanes in the U.S., it had not and I was told “you don’t know what has happened in space” and that is true, and all I can say is that I gave ALL I HAD IN ME and I gave even more than I have ever given before in the most extreme situations, and if this was not enough to avoid a “disaster” in space, I can only say that then this had to be and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was working my self to death yesterday and HAD to stop

This morning I also felt MUCH darkness again – strong it is but not that much left (?) – and my previous self was still around me and I was wondering if I am now to do two more new days of work to avoid more “explosions”, which is what the song “burned” was about and the fear of this is what the spirit of my mother is having, so I can only hope for the best and give the best I have also saying that I don’t get more energy after going through these experiences and I do hope I can start sleeping normally again and if not, I will try my best giving as much energy again but I don’t foresee that I can do again what I just did, and also hoping that it is not necessary after having liberated my previous self but this was only the first part of him, which will continue with the rest of my work (?) and I can only say that I WILL and CANNOT work for the next weeks – maybe 1-2 months – as I have done this week, this is simply impossible to do and if this requires more energy than I can give, I can only ask you to provide the energy required from the Universe.

By the way, my Internet worked fine again this morning (!) and so did radio/tv and I am only saying that this was given to stop me working – a part of the game – and this morning I was told that I needed rest, otherwise I was dying – working my self to death.

When I started working at 10.30 today I decided to listen to Internet radio through and I was inspired to listen to a new band and when I thought about which, I thought about the Danish band “Sneakers”, which I then keyed in as you can see from the picture below, and they did not have Sneakers, but another band called “Bloody Sneakers”, which of course was inspiration given to me and here meaning that my previous self is still “burning” and this is the real truth and story; how much am I willing to continue sacrificing to give life to my coming new self and we know I am transferring energy from my old self to my new self, which is the ongoing process and we know Stig, I can only do my best which is to continue fighting the darkness and working my best, and this is then what is transferred as energy to my “new self” and the New World :-).

”Bloody Sneakers” symbolise the poor state of my previous self after revived to life – MUCH MORE ENERGY is required

David was “mysteriously” terminated as a friend on Facebook today returning from out of nothing – as my previous self did 🙂

The 17th August I noticed that yet another friend had left me on Facebook, when I could see that the number of “friends” had decreased from 80 to 79, and I wondered who can it be now – maybe Søren D-N as a man on work down under (?) – and when I compared my old list of Facebook friends saved on my harddisk (which I today can see that I accessed the 17th August) with the new on-line list of today, I noticed that it was David from Kenya, who apparently left me the 17th August (!) and I thought back then that this was strange and I considered to ask him why, but since I knew that he IS still my friend and we are still in contact, I decided not to ask and thought that he probably just decided to cancel his Facebook profile (because he would NEVER leave me as a friend, therefore), but today I noticed with HAPPINESS that he had returned again (!) and what this is about is really only to tell you that David symbolises my old self as Stig almost dying to bring my new self alive – this is as extreme as it gets (and it goes for my inner selves of the spirits of my father and mother too) – and when returning “mysteriously” as a friend today (of course without an “invitation” because this is one of them “small miracles” you know) it is to say that my previous self, Jesus, has now been resurrected and woken up his eyes as a spiritual self from “out of nothing”, which here is a “being” without conscience inside of the Source, and this is also why, David, you have felt poorly for some time because you have received my feelings of dying because of your faith and this is what has also helped us to make this dream come through. We are almost finishing the revival of a man, who decided to show us the way to eternal salvation when sacrificing his own life, but we had to follow him through Hell to find him and the code for eternal life to save us all, so this is “just” what we did – thank you so much, David for being with me, you did MARVELOUS :-).

A list of my Facebook friends with David today RETURNING AS A FRIEND after having been “terminated” as a friend of mine on Facebook to symbolise the revival of my previous self, Jesus, after having been terminated for 2,000 years 🙂


When I stood in the kitchen at 13.00 waiting for the coffee to finish, I felt my previous self completely dark around me starting to enter and settle inside of me giving me the feeling “this is my home”, and yes I am becoming my “new self” using the power of converted energy of the darkness reviving me or in other words I am waking up, and this means that I have now started becoming my new self while still being my old self, and we know seems like a gradual process and not “instantly changing”, so I will have to see if I need to update the front page of my website with this information – and also thinking that this is one of those processes where extremities meet because as my new self I cannot take darkness and it is darkness which is being used to generate the energy to bring “me” home and just thinking of “waterproof shutters” and that it is the old world bringing darkness and suffering to my “old self”, which does not get to the New World at all – or the “new self” of me – and we know which has to mean that my new self is “perfect” without darkness – the light I was shown yesterday evening when “he” started working – and the darkness I am feeling is not coming from “him” or should I say me because this is ME RETURNING HOME – feeling immense tears from the spirit of my mother here coming to me despite of extreme darkness, which is just saying that THIS IS MY DEEPEST FEELING EVER STIG, as she here tells me here breaking through the game and the darkness, which requires exactly the deepest feelings imaginable – and I was thinking that Falck generated extreme darkness, Bo apparently the same and I cannot see more darkness coming to me right now, so I do hope that I will start feeling better also feeling when my new self and New World is being filled up with energy and as usual we will have to wait and see what happens.

My resurrection should have taken place at the time of the world cup in cycling in Denmark in September 2011

I was given the feeling that the revival of my previous self was mean to take place during the world cup in cycling in Denmark from the 19th to 25th September – symbolising the resurrection of me and crossing the “famous goal line”, which I already years ago thought was “impossible” to reach – but because I decided to do the most important work on my website to start with (the update to my front page) and because I knew this was the most important to do, we had no choice other than to follow you and just saying that if I had done the updates to Signs III and IV pages to start with, my resurrection would probably have matched the world cup race for men the 25th September and we will have to see who will win this one when we come that far course.

Anna Karin symbolising the usage of the tool of the Devil upon the Universe and life being created from out of nothing

My old Swedish friend Anna Karin yesterday evening posted on Facebook that she did not get a new apartment and instead as “comfort” she will buy herself a new bag, which costs 9,000 SEK (!) – this is 132,000 KENYAN SHILLINGS (!) my dear LTO friends and do you see what I talk about when it comes to careless, ignorant and selfish rich people (?) and how many lives of children for how long could be saved with this amount of money (?) and here Anna Karin “simply” needs this bag as “comfort” (!!!) – and Anna Karin, would you do the same if your own child, or the child of a friend, was dying from starvation/thirst (?) and of course not and what is the difference then (?) and the answer is NONE (!) it is only the force of the darkness you see, which was terminating life itself, this is what this again tells you – but wait half a minute – it does not get better than that 🙂 because I have very warm feelings for Anna Karin too – there was also INSPIRATION in this short “dialogue” of Anna-Karin and friends because a bag is the symbol of the old weapon of the darkness forced upon my mother, which is what she released upon the Universe as I wrote earlier this morning and what is this bag made of (?) and of course as she writes GOLD CROCODILE SKIN (!) and everybody knows by now that GOLD IS CREATION and a CROCODILE IS DARKNESS so just another sign that CREATION IS MADE OF DARKNESS or in other words LIFE IS COMING FROM OUT OF NOTHING and this is what was repeated when my previous self was resurrected back to life coming and we know Stig from OUT OF NOTHING and isn’t it funny that you have thought about the original Source – when leaving the Universe – as light with darkness completely surrounding it and here it says that I was made as life originally was made with the formula by the original creator and coming from out of nothing, which makes me think of the original source is not inside light but something else than both light and darkness (!) and the Source of light (!) and we know a “being” – and as we now know ALL BEINGS – was somehow what created life and the Universe because of an abnormality – this was “the origin of life” as we know it – and this is the secret/recipe, which you have now found through the original creator and used to revive me – and here I come back to the question of how did this process get started (?) and if the spirits of my mother and father did not know themselves until recently, it is no wonder that I don’t know as a human being, which will eventually come to me but wait a minute and yes if you don’t sleep for let us see 1 day, 1½ or 2 days and yes “give us all you can”, because this is important in relation to the size of the future Universe and just so you know, Stig, and my dear ladies and gentlemen, have you heard about the word “pressure” (?) – not in Allentown but here (!) – and do you know what I am feeling right now (?) and we know I was encouraged to run again today (!) to bring energy and I was hoping that I could recover first for 1-2 days from now and afterwards do my absolutely best again, but difficult to do when you don’t get this opportunity and have to perform with this knowledge in mind already feeling tired and exhausted – this is how I am here at 14.20 – and this is about bringing as much energy to my new self and to “strike while the iron is hot” – seeing the opportunity of the sword growing in size as a vision here – and yes Stig this is the most important process ever because we are transmitting the old Universe to the new while doing this and I know what you say, and I can only say that I truthfully would wish this to be different and that I can almost scream of – I hear “joy and happiness” – but not yet because the word I am looking for is desperation, this is how I feel right now and yes the tiredness is hanging right over me pressuring me down and still the Universe is depending on me.

Here is Anna Karin with the thought of buying a fine bag of the Devil, which is from where life was originally created:

Anna Karin wants to buy an expensive handbag – the symbol of the toolbox of the Devil, which was used this night upon the Universe – made of GOLD CROCODILE SKIN symbolising that LIFE WAS MADE FROM OUT OF NOTHING!

Changing the foundation of life itself and everyone will become CREATORS as originally intended

And I am here also thinking of how my inner selves recreated previous Universes all the way back to the original creator of the first Universe without knowing the secret of “the origin of life” in the first place because it was required to receive this secret from the original creator after having transformed himself from a “being” to the Universe and life as we know it before it was possible to resurrect my previous self as the key of eternal life and the only answer I could give is that previous Universes are part of this Universe with bits and pieces of information spread after previous Big Bangs – just like a big “impossible” puzzle to collect, which you however can re-create without knowing the original “key of life” – and that when my previous self as Jesus was killed by man, it made the Source inside of him – as part of the Trinity – “runaway” (yum-yum song/performance) from this evil world, which is you know to “somewhere outside the Universe”, which was the same as saying to man “when you kill me, you will terminate yourself” because this was also the end of the Source of new light to Earth (!) and in order to one day recreate the connection to this life giving energy, the soul of my previous self decided to follow hoping that we some day would get enough strength to find and resurrect him from inside of this Source, which we can call the “origin of life”.

And it made me think, how am I to understand the spirit of my father as the Creator when the Source left us 2,000 years ago (?) and how am I to understand the original creator, whom we put together a few days ago (?) and all I could think of is that after a Big Bang, the beginning of the world is purity, which will attract the Source and after the big bang of the first Universe, the original recipe of life self (transforming from the being inside of the Source to a life inside of the Universe) was lost and we know after a new Big Bang as an “odd” coincidence it is the same people who are created over and over again – a part of the original code – so the spirit of my father is the same being as the original creator of the first Universe and now he is 7 times that or even more (?) after finding and collecting all puzzles of previous Universes and we know when Jesus was killed 2,000 years ago, the Source removed from the Universe and also from the spirit of my father as the creator and back then – this is the ONLY logic (!) – my father was the result of creation itself after transforming from a “being”, but he lost the knowledge of “key of life” on the way (with the destruction of the first Universe) hereafter only receiving the Source as a stream of energy/light to the world meaning that we knew that it would be our task to recreate all previous Universes and eventually to send you inside of the Source – outside of the Universe – to help us reconnect with the Source in order to create a New Universe as the only way of survival and eternal life and we know with the help of the original recipe from the original creator and we know the riddle is not difficult when you first have figured it out, but let me say a riddle like this can ONLY be solved when I do my absolutely best without losing a single set to the Devil and we know otherwise we would have been “something else” today maybe even the beginning of yet another New Universe after a Big Bang.

And I was thinking that our road passed through the Hell of nothing – which is NOT an invention of ours, but by the “foreign body” doing its best to terminate us again – going deeper and deeper inside of Hell where no souls/people were “allowed” to stay – could not survive – because this was the “natural” protection of the darkness from ever letting us reconnect with the Source outside of this “nothing” and outside our Universe and we know Stig, it was from the WORST HELL imaginable that we in the summer of 2010 took the impossible jump outside of nothing – to outside of the Universe – to land on “holy ground” because this is where we “heard” you, which was more a feeling of your presence – my previous self – and this is where I was almost denied access because of difficulties answering the riddle but you know we made it and from here we reconnected with the Source bringing back the pipe of energy/light to the Universe and this is what was life giving for us both to withstand the growing darkness of the old world and to use it building a New World, which we now are altering – and earlier today, when I did a little shopping – I was told that “we have changed into something completely different” (than originally thought of) and I heard “COMPLETELY CRAZY” and “euphoria” because of what is coming to us and also “I wonder if my mother will not think this is alright, because we had to find back all the way to the origin of life to change the foundation of life self – based upon my writings – making us start all over again” and this was a strong understatement/irony.

Hereafter I decided to cross my feelings of a beginning sickness (feel of flue :-)) with throat illness and do a new da do run run – I could not help it because my inner selves are in a GOOD MOOD 🙂 – and I quickly discovered that running is now almost impossible to do but what do you do then when you receive direct encouragement (?) and yes to expand the route – now Bagsværd Lake and half of Lyngby Lake – and to run as much as I could in intervals and to walk the rest of the way GIVING MUCH ENERGY to save even more of the Universe here in the first run so to say and while I was running/walking in the beautiful weather I was given the secret message that “the Source includes another will than consciousness, “simple nature” is what we will call it, completely simple/logic, but still we did not know” and while I was running/walking, I felt the same feeling to my right foot/angle again, which is radiation of darkness to the Universe (I was thinking of my experience in Brede Park “many months ago” when I felt an ever clearer radiation of darkness) and yes unfortunately because my previous self is coming inside of me and we have to remove darkness before this is possible – this was the new understanding I received here and as you will understand, the riddle is/was not easy – and it gave me a strong feeling that maybe I will “instantly” or at least “quickly” change from my old self to my new self and all I can tell the spirits of my father and mother is PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO and if I can be both my old and new self, fine, and if not, also fine and I was asked if I would like to continue working with the “permission” of the Source and I said “of course I will” – if it does not have any negative consequences – and thinking that herewith I will take on as much darkness on my self without having to radiate it to the Universe, which is NOT making us happy and I had been told that they had received approval for me to continue working until Sunday after finishing the first part of my work (my improvements to my website) and from here I will do this script, change my website again with new information (about who is the Source), publish my new script tomorrow for the last three days and try to make it before falling asleep and I was thinking that if I have power to do it, I might start doing resumes to the webpages, which don’t have this (all of my scripts have but only a few of my websites until now) and I was thinking deeper that this is more important to do than the updates to the Signs III and IV pages and also that updates to these are really “nice to have” more than “need to have” and I do understand that my attitude about my remaining work not being as important as the work I am almost complete with now (my front page including WHO I AM) is what effects the “disasters” of the Universe and we know “not much, but we don’t like it” and I was thinking today when I was encouraged to accept “loss of data, because everything is perfect inside of the Source” – NEVER IN MY LIFE (!), the goal is still 100% even if this means that you will carry the now exploded puzzle with you inside our New World to put it together inside of there (!) – and yes I wonder if the Source outside the Universe do have ALL INFORMATION from inside all previous Universes and my guess would be that it has NOT but I don’t know – and when I came home from my run run and that was again again 🙂 I was given the name Fridtjof Nansen, who was a Norwegian explorer who was the first man crossing the Greenland interior – full of ice (!) – in 1888 and this was the second time today actually I received his name so now I looked him up on the Internet and understood the reference that I am the first one who made it through HELL to reach the origin of life on the other side – outside of the Universe – and this was the JOURNEY which was required to save us all and we know also here thinking of the extremities of incredible warmth of people to me and the opposite when telling them the truth as the energy, which was required and we know they could have stopped me but eventually it was LOVE/WARM FEELINGS, which WON :-). And also here thinking that the Universe is designed to explode over and over again when the darkness is stronger than the light but NEVER to terminate completely (!) and I wonder how many times this has happened before and how many times it could continue and also yes if it was really anticipated that I would be STRONG ENOUGH – an amazing album, Cher 🙂 and what about a new number one in this decade too (?) – or how was my odds before starting and one day we will see.

Earlier in the day I was given two feelings; first that it makes us incredible sad having to harm the Universe but also that this is necessary and right to do – and I am sad as Stig for not doing my other work on my website before doing this the most important work, which could have “saved” the Universe, but I did not know (!) – and I also received an infinity of happiness of what will meet us all, and again as the human being Stig I will NOT be dragged into decisions of what to do with the darkness now radiating from my right foot, and I was told that it is now possible inside of the Source to see another chair of creation going back in time and I was told that “we have decided to move back the Universe to this plane with all people to let everyone become creators, which is how it was originally designed”.

At the end of writing this chapter, I was shown Sam the Eagle from Muppet Show for the second time today and the other day it was the Nazi Eagle and what it an eagle and we know perceptive and quick and we know not you not me not Stig but all of us because of your attitude of work, my dear Son as someone here says, but NO I will not write down your long talk here, I have other work to do :-).

Sam the Eagle was given to me as a symbol of my work: Perceptive and quick as an eagle, which makes my spiritual selves the same and the requirement for our beautiful New World

An example of the selfishness of the rich world, which is killing people in Africa and was almost terminating our Universe

And here I will also bring Nicolaj – whom I also like very much – as a symbol of the rich world continuing to think about their old selfish selves and this made my heart bleed because he has just bought a new gas cooker as he says on Facebook – and my dear LTO friends this is NOT like the very small cookers you know of, see below how they look – and what made me react especially is that Nicolai writes with a big smile that “it cannot hurt that he tried it the first time making a 400 grams steak” and I was thinking of Africa starving giving me a very poor taste in my mouth – but not in yours, Nicolai (?) – and how many children in Africa could this save from dying and still wondering I am, and this is how it is all over the world, and how much do you think Nicolaj that you may be able to “afford” to send to Africa – if anything at all – at the collection show on TELEVISION this evening (?) and maybe 100 DKK (?) and TELEVISION MEANS DARKNESS HERE (!) and a cooker like the one below is approx. 12,000 DKK or 215,000 Kenyan Shillings and just so you know my dear LTO friends.

This is what rich people decide to continue buying for themselves, while Africans scream in despair dying without the rich and selfish world TRULY doing what is needed!

Finally, by 22.10 I had finished the script so far and we know besides from running and having dinner, I have worked constantly crossing a very heavy head, and while working I decided to TANK MYSELF UP with dozens of sound healings and I believe this is what kept the tiredness away before so hoping it will do it again now.

Some small stories:

  • When running yesterday I was told about Falck and HK (the union of trade and office), which I could only understand that they have consulted that “it is not nice to lead a case against one claiming to be the Son of God and neither to speak about yourself being slow, and what if the case will be published and it will create attention giving us a bad image and then it may be better to do nothing” and yes my friends this is what I am told so this may be what Falck now has concluded “not surprisingly” when doing my best work and we know I will give you this song with all of my love including a “secret message” and see if you can figure it out?
  • A few times recently I have received a little bit of pain/feelings to my left foot too and here I was told that “not when you are doing fine work” and I know that the right foot is about the Universe and we know the left foot I am told is about the spiritual world and we know we did not really have to tell you and I am almost completely satisfied with my work but if time allowed me I would still be able to improve many small details!
  • My keyboard has started writing the wrong special characters compared to what is printed on them, which I have tried before – but this time only on the Internet, strange (!!!) – and it is a sign of people not liking my writings and I was given the name “Bo”. I will now borrow a new from my mother’s husband John.
  • I was told that after the Commune has considered sending me back to Brede Park – because of their misunderstandings – they have now come so far to thinking about sending me to A2B again (!!!) – after learning from Falck that they will not persecute me – and just writing what I am receiving, and I am also receiving scratches to my back and right foot now and yes “disturbances in the Universe” also when this is written and we know it makes me sad to think of the sufferings of people out there, but happy to know that this is the road of God as we normally call it.


27th August: Changing the setup of the New World from a skeleton to a “floating hanging” of all people

Changing my website from “everything is me” to “everyone will become creators/personal God’s”

Hereafter (after 22.10 yesterday evening) I started updating the front page of my website again, and this time, there were many updates, and it actually took all night to update both the introduction, the main page and the right column and I was pushed to my ultimate limit and thinking that I was glad I have tried this many times before in my working life, but this was the strongest pressure I have ever experienced having to do what I knew that I had to do now – no more explosions (!) – and to do much work without having the energy to do it, and I was told that I was given the beginning of a sickness because my website was not updated with the correct description of the New World, which we now have decided to build, and even though I felt tiredness and a heavy head – and work/thinking was disgusting to continue doing – my eyes did not get so heavy that I could not keep them open and this was simply because of the many healing sounds, and I was told that the colour is now white to grey after having done this work thus not red or black anymore, and I felt that my right food was now tanked up with much energy and I was told “we have not taken anything, which cannot be replaced, which is what we are replacing now”, and I received MANY feelings to my food/angle but now it was filled up instead of radiating.

While doing this work on the website, which primarily was to change our New World from being “everything is me” to “everyone will become creators/personal God’s” I wanted to make sure that I had understood correctly and I therefore asked if I will become equal with all or if I will still be made as the whole world and I was shown a giant egg and told that “we have not divided it into many yet, but this is what we are doing” and yes, we are becoming creators all of us, and how many dictators would decide to share their “power” equally with their population (?) and NONE you would say and why do you think I do it (?) and yes because it is now right to do after the discovery of the content of the Source and if I will miss being the One (?) and NO I WILL BECOME HAPPY TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE (!) and this is the simple truth, which is giving me much relief, and I will still be the One the same way for my “own kingdom” as everyone else also will!

I heard on the radio the speaker say “the nightingale is leaving the country” and while this was said, I received the song “Brændt” (“Burned”) by Lis Sørensen which told me that because I was now updating my website with the correct content of the new version of our New World, there will be no new fire to the world, and it is always easy to be wise after the event, but it would have been good to do this work yesterday instead.

Around 06.00 to 06.30 I first saw the weather being overcrowded and everything had a clear red nuance, and a few minutes after, the worst thunder and lightning as I can remember began with the loudest crashes and the darkest sky ever and the colour nuance changed from red to grey – exactly as I was told that the new colour is now grey (and not red) – and it worried me because I knew that it was about me and I was told that this was because of the difference with my website before changing it compared to the New World we are working on – and later I was also told that because of my “radiation” I have NOT been shown UFO’s on the sky the last two days, and normally I am always shown some.

At 07.15 I was finally ready with the work, and I was satisfied with what I have done even though I still need to give i 1-2 extra edits with ”new eyes” and we know after giving it maybe 20 times this night (!) keeping on changing small details, and I know that I will have to give the introduction headlines matching with the chapters of the page, but this is details compared to what should now be ready as the “concept” and we know I was thinking that I will change the name of my book “One God, One People” because we will now be “multiple Gods” and I thought about something like “entering our New World” and we will see what I will call my new book when I start this from September and we know Stig also saying that part of this immense pressure was to make you believe that you would become your new self now having to do as much work as possible before that but wisely you decided for quality instead of quantity and we know I have been glad with the priorities I have made lately and I will make sure that everything will be my best work before I will finish – and it was a BIG RELIEF to finish this work, the absolutely most important after the decision to create another New World.

Dreaming of Falck being “disgusted” but they will not persecute me through a Union

By 07.30, I was so exhausted and felt fainting signals again (when I feel blackness going through my mind), so even though I could have continued working – because my eyes were not falling down – I decided to sleep because I did not know if I would break down, so this is what I did, and I was allowed to do so until 13.00 receiving these dreams:

  • I meet Julia from Falck in the kitchen, I have unpacked some margarine and to my surprise it is rotten inside of it smelling badly, which Julia notices.
    • Just saying that Julia is one of the “affected” people of Falck too and yes “extreme” and “disgusting” is what it was to you, but what do you believe all of your feelings were to me?
  • I am a school teacher standing in one room with the shutters open to the neighbour room where I see a white lady saying one degrading word to a black man – but I don’t believe she realises it – and I noticed that while the shutters were open, nothing happened, but then the shutters started closing I ran quickly to the room and arrived exactly when the shutters were closed and now I saw that the black man was about to attack the lady and I told him “this does not help you if you continue the same way” and I told him that I will talk with him tomorrow and I was thinking that I will also speak to the lady and also a third person.
    • This is a dream saying that it is a good idea to accept being both my new self and my old self at the same time without “waterproof shutters”, so this is what I will accept and just saying that nothing is to harm my new self (!), which will not happen when all darkness of the old world has been removed.
  • I also remember a short dream about the union boss of LO Denmark dying, and this is simply to confirm that I will not get in contact with a union persecuting me because of my Falck memo.

Changing the setup of the New World from a skeleton to a “floating hanging” of all people

I was EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED when waking up – I have given everything I had and more than ever before – and I therefore decided to take a long bath, where I was told that we had to lift the shell and create a new structure in a few days, which is not finished but the foundation has been created in a few days and later I was shown the King on his way out of bed and told “we have not reached the point yet where we all can hover without hanging but we are heading there”.

I was shown a couple entering a tree and saw a giant squirrel coming out with a cone – the result of creation – and also the spirit of my mother showing that she had do dive into a very deep pool with ice on the surface and also that she is not finished.

I was given the voice trying to convince me “I will NEVER again do the kind of work I just did” and you will have to imagine being exhausted as very few have been in their lives with strong throw up feelings and this was truly my feeling today after the work of the last week but I could only reject what kept on being said to me saying that I will do my best when required, but I also knew that today there was no way out, I had to take it easy for some hours, and when I later wrote this script, I could “not see” most of the time because of receiving a very blurred vision and I continued received very strong sexual suffering, and also a dark pain starting at my right angle leading all the way up my right side to my throat feeling people of other civilizations with me saying that “this was perceptible all over the Universe” but also that my excuse was accepted, and yes I sent out my thought to the Universe regretting what I did (not changing my website before this night) asking to send my best to everyone who may have become hurt because of this and also saying that “I am sorry, but I did my best”.

My inner selves have come back some times to my decision to accept everyone becoming creators and also here that we will receive a new “floating hanging” instead of a skeleton and I could have decided to be “scared” of changes and reject this and only saying that I could have stopped the most important decision in history as I was told, but you know I have faith in the spirits of my mother and father doing what is right for us and of course in the original creation. I am no dictator!

Some small stories:

  • I was told that the reason why volcanoes belched out clouds of ashes disturbing the air traffic earlier this year and last year was not as I wrote back then, but to say that the aeroplane of the old world could not continue flying -because of the sins of man – and that we could not build a New World yet, which is to say that the only thing that separated the Universe from termination was my decision – feeling Obama here too because he was with me – to NEVER GIVE UP, to take on the sins of mankind – and this is what saved us.
  • I saw two minutes of the Danish election campaign started yesterday with the PM calling the election and I was HORRIFIED of what I saw and first of all the “strategy” of the government first to launch a smear campaign against the opposition and thereafter to call the election as their “way” to win the election, I was THROWING up because of you (!) but Helle and Villy of the opposition are not better and you disgust me because of your constant attacks on the government – UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER AND WORK TOGETHER IS MUCH BETTER (!) – and we know the Danish People’s party took the prize when suggesting to reduce the Danish development aid with 1.5 billion DKK from 15 billion DKK to help the Danish welfare, and we know you prefer to let many thousands more people of Africa dying to be able to give “heat help” for the elderly in Denmark at the same time as you still prioritise that the richest are not to pay higher taxes because they are of course the ones driving the community ahead (!) and we know HAVE YOU READ MY NEW WORLD ORDER (?) and also what GOOD BEHAVIOUR/COMMUNICATION is about (?) and I was told when watching all party leaders on television fighting each other – very shortly yesterday evening – that “not one is ignorant of me” and still you are continuing doing as you normally do, SUCH A SHAME that you continue to TALK TALK without doing what is NECESSARY TO DO and what about supporting me publicly and helping me to start our New World (?) instead of continuing to be selfish and lead the country in ruin because of your WRONG behaviour (!) – you are the WRONG “role models” – please wake up to understand that you need to LOOK IN THE MIRROR and MAKE THAT CHANGE – but it is not “nice” to hear the truth spoken by “somebody like me” because you prefer to be praised for all the good you believe you are doing not understanding that the State of Denmark is rotten and that you and your predecessors are to blame?
  • “These scripts are what is keeping the world together” (the suffering I go through doing them) just saying what I was told and therefore good for me to continue doing them.
  • Finally, at 19.10, I published the last three days of scripts and as usual I am encouraged to keep on working and we know new creation requires even more energy, which I don’t have, but le us see …
  • I was shown the spirit of my mother working as a nurse on my right foot to heal the Universe , and I was told that “if you would like to help me, I could use all of the work you are able to do to bring me energy to put out the fire where it is burning the most”.
  • I was told “we could have survived much more, but of coruse you dont know this”, which is to say that even though this feels “difficult”, it is nothing compared to what we could have gone through.
  • I was told that the Source understands that we are hit by the darkness – i.e. that I am – and that I don’t want to be the darkness.

And continuing the script of today with these updates:

  • When seeing the “collection show” about African Horn and Dadaab on television this evening, firs I received the tears of the spirit of my mother and afterwards when the reporter Lillian was on the screen saying that she has never seen anything worse than this, I felt my TRUE and NEW INNER SELF inside of me crying and shaking all over saying “IS THIS THE WORLD I HAVE RETURNED TO” and also “LET US DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” and yes Jesus/Stig, people of the rich world do as Nicolai, buy gas cookers instead of TRULY helping people to survive, this is what almost cost us the existence itself, and my tears are rolling down uncontrollable and this is also why the Tears for Fears album of the same name was brought earlier, but the SUN is on its way, namely me, and we know Stig, I have had the déjà vue feeling MANY times that THIS IS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO SHOW THE LACK OF CARE OF THE WORLD AT THE TIME OF MY REVIVAL. Please look at it, look at yourself and MAKE A CHANGE and yes Stig, Michael is PART of me too, and we know OF THE ORIGINAL JESUS, and also here with me and I also feel Jacob Holdt here giving the same message.
  • I see the colours white and light blue telling me that I have only started to come back to life, there is “much more of me waiting to return” and really saying that I am still more light than human being and “it takes more energy to bring all of my self back with me” and I am dragging an ox with me – I see him and what is in the bag and only a leg so far and we know it will take weeks/months to get all of my revived self back depending on how much energy I put into it myself and yes this is the answer and as my old self, I will do my absolutely best but I will not work as hard as last week, because this is killing me, but I will work my best.
  • I heard the inside of me saying “darkness has been given to me to resurrect me” and as if he is understanding that this is how life self was created, to “bind” darkness in a formula, which is creating life and I was shown the Brothers Olsen and heard “it is almost like winning the Eurovision Song Contest” and we know “fascination of coming back to life” after having been “nothing/nature”.
  • “It is like King Kong eating small aeroplanes” and then listening to “holiday” by Madonna and yes this was the feedback from my previous self Jesus about how it is to live as a natural being inside of the Source without living and also to say that this may be my favourite song by Madonna to express my THANK YOUS and LOVES to all for bringing me back and I receive MANY tears from my previous self still with much darkness around me and also feeling Obama with me here on the sideline because we are GATHERING ALL OF JESUS NOW INSIDE OF ME/US, which the others also feel, but the feeling is HAPPINESS and just showing you how difficult it is to create life, this is part of the exercise too, to let man understand and yes DON’T DESTROY LIFE; CHERISH it and yes my favourite song by a KOOL band, which is also a gang J and we know my previous self is getting to learn me and I him (?) and Obama, and Jacob Holdt and Michael Jackson and we know what about MARTINUS my friend – feeling warm – and is Braco also me or the spirit of my mother or father and I have not received the feeling of him, so we will see and yes “WE SHOULD CHERISH THE LIFE WE LIVE” as they sing in the song, which I now listen to; this is among the first messages of my revived previous self to people and TEARS continue coming and inside of them EXTREME HAPPINESS FOR WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED and DON’T FORGET OBAMA, he is a HERO too and we know HEROES by Bowie is my favourite song and what is yours, Obama, I don’t know and yes here is my previous self fading out, because it requires energy just to be, and if there is not enough energy I go back to my previous state waiting to receive more from “any of you” who will help me return fully to life and yes Stig, this is how it is: HOW MUCH WILL YOU GIVE TO BRING YOUR OWN SELF BACK TO LIFE BEFORE THE DEADLINE IN DECEMBER and yes these are the tough odds and I don’t know if this is serious or not, but this is what I am told and all I can say to my inner self is that WE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN and yes we will not become GOD for all of the world because everyone will be their own personal God’s and yes what about working together and is anything binding all of these God’s together (?) and yes this is the task for me/us, which we have been given, and in this respect I will be God, but only in the sense of binding all God’s together (?) and I don’t know what is included in the original books, so we will see and here I am given this as a question and I feel Dalai Lama and “the Source” self with an encouragement to take on this job and we know I will accept anything you would like me to do, so if this is it, I will do it and I see the packing of a muffin and my previous self putting this on his head and saying “no I am not one of these packings” and yes and no I am not a cake in that respect but in that and yes I have been given the question too but tilting we are and yes not enough energy and no joke Stig, this requires everything you have, otherwise …. , and we know I will do my best and I cannot do it any better than that and let us just say that I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE RISK OF FAILING, we are going to get this New Universe and my previous self come together without any risks to his/mine “health” and so it is.
  • I see an hour glass of darkness, hear “nothing to fear” – as a reflection to my comments above – and I feel trains driving out of me and I see a lot of wind – forgot that in this morning’s lightning/thunder where it was VERY windy – and brown horses but I can also see the white horse drinking not far away, and still a King’s crown but not as great maybe (?) and “this is what we are born to do and what we would like to do, isn’t it” (?) and I will here tell you clearly that I have decided that I WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS OF THIS KIND (!), I will take on the tasks I am given, but I will not do it because of my own “ambitions” because I have NO ambitions to become a King, so we will have to see what comes.
  • And what followed was an understanding that I am simply continuing to transform darkness of my previous self into light so some of these messages are the darkness coming through, and I don’t want to become frightened of you, because ALL OF YOU IS BECOMING LIGHT and here I received a feeling of a favourite song by Obama going to Jacob Holdt appreciating his work with American Pictures and it is truly a favourite of mine too, Besame Mucho and here by Diana Krall, but I am thinking of a female Brazilian artist making a fantastic version of this song, and maybe you will remember who it is, Vivi from Fair (?), and while writing this, I was given her name and yes ROSA PASSOS and listen to her fantastic version of the song here and when listening to this, do you understand why I love MUSIC and this is a symbol of life and yes the message is that it is NOT nice to be inside of the Source, which is the pre-stage of life and yes how can you even think of acting wrong not cherishing life, because this is the gift, I have given you as I hear here from someone around me and yes “translation of the feelings of the Source” is what I get here and yes the spirit of my father learning the “language” of the Source as a natural being.

A FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL SONG given from Obama to Jacob Holdt and from my previous self as a celebration of life

  • I feel, see and I am told “it is like having a mine around you”, which is about darkness given to me lately, and I see “less than half” of it still.
  • Later I am given memories of old dreams with empty shelves of warerooms, which are waiting to be filled and yes we would like you to take on this task, to consolidate all information of everyone and in this sense collect everything and do you think you will do this (?) and the questions are given to me with a “restricted facial expression” and we know I will accept, if this is what you would like me to do.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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