August 30, 2011: The spirit of my father has now come behind creation itself and it keeps becoming increasingly beautiful


Summary of the script today

28th August: The TV show for Africa: ONE man reached the Safe Haven and everyone followed him – like me 🙂

  • I received temptation from the darkness to forget about the spirit of my mother needing my help/energy to help the Universe recovering in order to recover myself, but I decided to keep on working, however at a lower gear that the last week, which is impossible to keep on doing without killing myself!
  • I received an answer from Kate from the housing association that she truly understands my situation and would like to help me but the board cannot differ from the rules without the approval of the annual meeting, which made me answer her and Poul-Erik that I have decided to stay, because they would like me to stay (!), and this is a symbol of how I – my previous self as Jesus – was born, with the quiet acceptance of people who could have fought and eliminated me and the world! Later Kate decided to follow her “negative feelings” as so many others in the beginning too (!) asking Poul-Erik to have me removed from the apartment, and what will he decide to do (?) and if accepts me, what will the association at the end decide to do (?), they can throw me out too.
  • At the collection show to the Horn of Africa, one TV host was inspired to say that he would jump in the harbour, my symbol of “Safe Haven”, if reaching DKK 50 million, which made “all the others” decide to follow him, which was about the world following me for everyone reaching the “Safe Haven” at our New World. The show gave an “overwhelming” 110 million DKK for Africa, which made everyone gorge themselves about just how wonderful the Danes are really moving together to help people ion need with the truth being that this is the most disgusting I have seen. You gave maybe 36 DKK in average, where you could easily have given 10 or 100 billion DKK if you showed the RIGHT attitude, which it is all about when you will decide to give everyone a NORMAL LIFE!
  • Despite of all, I had yet again another night working without sleep and I improved and updated my website further for example with the information that the spirit of my father IS the CREATOR of everyone with all “children” being creators in the own right and also that the spirits of my father and mother together with me still form the Trinity and that as the Son I will still become “everything”. These are the answers I was finally given. Other original beings from inside of the Source are being located and the spirit of my father can now continue creation after receiving these answers of the night.
  • This morning I felt the tiredness as never before, but still I was only allowed to sleep if accepting damages to the Universe, which forced me up even though I could not (!) and going once again on my double extreme limit also surprised that attacks of strong “black winds” did not make me faint out. Finally at 14.30 I was as BURNED OUT as ever before, and was allow to sleep for 4½ hours, I had given even more extremity than what is given to me herewith giving me an extra day of work, which may be where I “break down” or rather that remaining darkness is released upon the Universe.
  • I received an answer from Poul-Erik deciding not to confront the unreasonable dictating housing association (!) but to attack me – the potential homeless person – thinking that I am the one “bothering” them (!!!) and HOW FAR CAN YOU GET (?) and that is the question and here also in relation to me – and I send him and Kate a reply asking them to do what is HUMAN correct instead of prioritizing WRONG and old rules, how difficult can it be? Will they throw me out or fall down (?), this is he question.

29th August: The spirit of my father has now come behind creation itself and it keeps becoming increasingly beautiful

  • I am getting more and more of my remaining work done herewith reducing the risk of harm to the world, my mother and father will receive free access to everything I have gone through because I am them (!), I am digging deeper and deeper information from the Source because of my work and for not giving up and the spirit of my father told me that he is now behind creation itself and it keeps becoming increasingly beautiful, when I (hopefully) will do the last part of my work to my website without breaking down first, the spirit of my father will receive the secret of how the “natural being” inside of the Source originally was made and all spirits have now been reborn in our revised New World 🙂. My previous self has not yet been set up in the New World, which I first will after finishing this impossible phase and I received a HAMMER with the STRONGEST darkness ever, which would have started a new fire, I somehow managed to avoid by only closing my eyes without sleeping.
  • I received a new FRIENDLY email from Meshack making me as happy as people here most of the time makes me unhappy. He is not doing physically well with blood pressure and failing eyes, but he is as strong as ever, and “it is only God who knows if we will have something for lunch”, this is how poor they are, but as human beings and friends, you have the highest richness of people.

30th August: I thought I would be woken as my new self making me work HARDER to avoid a crisis of the Universe

  • When trying to sleep this night after I simply could not continue working without sleeping, I was told to do the last part of my work because we will now change into our new selves – is this what we will do or is this just another game? Is this the end of my writings or will I be back tomorrow?
  • Afterwards I worked until 04.30 updating and uploading my book for August – before time – and checked spelling errors crossing my ultimate limit , and I was given a symbol saying that I went through this to avoid a “crisis of the Universe”, which would have happened if this “monster” was set loose. I was shown that my New World has still not woken up to life yet because the moster of darkness is still crawling on the membrane on top of me separating me from life; still more darkness to clear before I can wake up.
  • I was given 6 hours of sleep and later I started doing what may become the last 1-3 weeks of work to my website, before I am completely finished.
  • When working on Signs I page doing a summary I was given a symbol where a video of a bleeding Jesus statue had “moved” by itself to the right column of my site to symbolise the pain of my previous self coming back to life – and for Obama and I for giving the energy required for this.
  • When I was running I was first told about the extreme happiness coming but that I first will have to go through a new test – to remove more darkness – and to save a galaxy from “destruction” by taking on suffering and doing more work without sleeping for how long now (?), and I was told that the relation between my mother, sister and me is now again concerning my mother so much – she has not invited us for her birthday the 2nd September (!) – that this is what is bringing me darkness/”fuel” for the on-going resurrection of my previous self, Jesus, and of course bringing me to my knees.



28th August: The TV show for Africa: ONE man reached the Safe Haven and everyone followed him – like me 🙂

Rejecting temptation from the darkness not to help the spirit of my mother and the Universe to recover

After publishing my script yesterday I continued working all evening (with the messages from my previous self) and to continue writing this new script because I have decided that I will continue working some of this night too and we know because I understand that help is still required – or rather energy (!) – and that is NOT because I like to continue doing it but this is how it is, and a part of the game given to me by the darkness is that I received less suffering earlier, when I was bathing and broken down and after having received the voice of my previous self, I felt the darkness strongly several times encouraging me to “forget about the spirit of my mother”, and I only felt her weakly, so this could be easy done (!) – how big is the “desire” to return to suffering to help her to help the world and that is when the alternative is to relax after hard work without receiving suffering (?) – and I saw this in connection to the message I received yesterday evening that “we could have survived much more, but of course you don’t know this”, which also may be a message of the darkness because I was dying because of work and I do believe this is what the spirit of my mother was/is too while waiting on me to bring more energy and I wonder where all of this darkness is coming from (?) but apparently Falck etc. still provide much and only saying that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE and the answer is still the same, that any energy I cannot give is to be given by the Universe but of course we will do everything we can to avoid the Universe from hurting and yes this energy is to heal the Universe and just saying that I will continue working my best, but NOT as hard as I did last week because this was way above my limit.

Later at midnight when I had started to work efficiently without the television – the collection show – disturbing me, I received the feeling from the spirit of my mother that she is indeed dying because she will do ANYTHING not to let out this darkness to the world, and she tells me “I would like you to become the King of the new world”, which is part of this too and we know I feel much darkness coming to me to be transformed to light.

Asking the housing association to quietly accept that I will stay – so far exciting the negative feelings of the chairman!

Yesterday evening I received an “understanding” email from Kate from the housing association saying that she has “much understanding for my home-problem” and also that “I would also like to help you”, but despite of this, the board and she is not “allowed” to change the rules (!), which only the annual general meeting can do – which is in May 2012 – and therefore I wrote back an email to her and a copy for Poul-Erik with FULL understanding of my inner selves also supporting me to find some of the words and the message is really that I have decided to continue staying in the apartment hoping for their quiet accept, and this is really a symbol that I and the world succeeded to survive because of the quiet accept of the world, who decided not to “throw me out” and we know my family, friends, former employers, the system, church and lately also Falck, who “did not understand me or like what I did”, but quietly allowed me to do it (!) and all of these represent the world and we know “quiet acceptance” is also “quiet faith in me” by at least some of these, which is what was included as criteria when creating the New World.

Here is the email from Kate:

Hej Stig og Poul-Erik.

Jeg beklager at måtte meddele, at bestyrelsen ikke har mulighed for at tilsætte foreningens vedtægter.

Der er ikke tale om, at jeg på vegne af bestyrelsen ikke ønsker at ændre vedtægterne i relation til vedtægtsparagraffen om fremleje – bestyrelsen har ikke myndighed til at ændre vedtægterne, – det gør generalforsamlingen, som er foreningens højeste myndighed.

Vi har stor forståelse for dit boligproblem – og jeg ville derfor også gerne hjælpe dig, hvis der var en anden lejlighed ledig, men p.t. er der ingen, som evt. kan fremlejes.

Som du selv skriver, har hverken jeg eller den øvrige bestyrelse noget imod, at du bor i foreningen – men det må være under forudsætning af, at bestyrelsen ikke skal underkende vedtægterne.

Kate Lindahl

And here is my reply, where I tell them about my decision, encourage them to quietly accept this and also because “I gather that it is unthinkable that you will throw me out because of overfed rules” , so we will have to see if this is what will happen, or if they really will throw me out, and of course you will not throw out a person, whom you like, will you (?) and this is really how my previous self of Jesus was born.

Kære Kate og Poul-Erik,

Jeg hæfter mig som det væsentligste ved, at der er ingen, der har noget imod, at jeg bliver boende i yderligere en periode på op til 1 år, og at Poul-Erik også gerne ønsker, at jeg bliver boende.

Jeg har grundet min situation ikke mulighed for lige nu at finde anden bolig, og jeg har derfor besluttet at ”tage chancen” og blive boende mod fortsat betaling af husleje, indtil jeg falder over noget andet – for eksempel en anden lejlighed i foreningen – og jeg håber, at dette vil ske med jeres stiltiende accept, for det er vel utænkeligt, at I kunne finde på at smide mig ud på grund af ”forældede” regler og hermed tilsidesætte både mit og Poul-Eriks ønske.

Jeg opfordrer jer til at tage spørgsmålet op på næste års generalforsamling og tilpasse reglerne.

Venlige hilsener


I was thinking that this will probably ”disturb” both Poul-Erik and Kate and make them consider if they want to throw me out – because of CRAZY rules – and this will bring more darkness (still remaining darkness, but it has to be “activated”, that is why) and this will help us taking the next step.

And it did not take Kate more than 1½ hours to follow her “negative feelings” because I don’t follow their crazy rules (!) and we know this is screaming to heaven too because nobody wants me to move, but now Kate has had “enough of me” because of outdated and wrong rules (!) and do you see just how WRONG people of today are (?) and yes she is now asking Poul-Erik in the email below to “make sure that your tenant will move from the apartment according to the contract approved by the board” (!) and we know she is NOT nice to me anymore now deciding that she does NOT want to speak to me – after having been nice lately (!) – not understanding that she is the one representing the old and wrong way of doing things and we know “much more lovely darkness” is coming here to help us construct the New World and of course extra sufferings given to me, which is part of the game, and the question is now, what will Poul-Erik decide to do (?), will he also become “damned” because of me (!) and not because of Kate (?) and will he decide to follow me or Kate in this matter (?), and isn’t this exciting and we know will he take on costs for a lawyer and extra costs to force me out of the apartment, extra costs losing my rent and also extra loss when selling in the bad market at the moment, which may cost him up to 200,000 DKK, we will see.

Kære Poul-Erik.

Det fremgår af nedenfor anførte mail, at der tilsyneladende er tale om, at din fremlejer ikke vil acceptere bestyrelsens svar – og nu har besluttet sig for at tage sagen helt i egen hånd. 

Da jeg går ud fra, at du som andelshaver er indstillet på at følge vedtægterne, må jeg bede dig om at sørge for, at din fremlejer fraflytter din lejlighed i henhold den indgåede lejekontrakt, der er godkendt af bestyrelsen.

Jeg ser ingen grund til, at Stig Dragholm kommunikerer yderligere med bestyrelsn vedr. denne sag.


And even though Kate does not want me to communicate with any longer (very wrong!), I decided to send Poul-Erik and her including her counsellor, which she also sent her email to (!), the following email and we know either Poul-Erik or the association can now decide to go to he court to throw me out and the question again is if they will do this or if they will “give up” because their hearts beat stronger for me than for some “crazy” rules and we know Stig again a situation, which is not nice to go through but of course nothing compared to what they go through in Dadaab/Somalia/Kenya where children die on their way to Dadaab without the world interfering (!) and yes BECAUSE OF CRAZY RULES and LACK OF FLEXIBILITY to do what is right to do!

Kære Poul-Erik,

Jeg syntes blot, at jeg ville fortælle dig, at jeg IKKE ønsker at genere nogen, og at det bør være helt oplagt “stiltiende” at acceptere min fortsatte leje af din lejlighed i stedet for, at bureaukratiske regler bestemmer over det, som vi alle ønsker og har givet deres forståelse af.

Dette handler om at gøre det, som er det menneskelige rigtige, og så ændre de forkerte/forældede regler ved næste generalforsamling. Er du villig til at tage et ekstra stort økonomisk tab ved at skulle sætte mig ud, via mistede lejeindtægter og at forsøge at sælge i et vigende marked, hvor jeg til din orientering kan oplyse, at der netop er solgt 2 lejligheder på 54 og 44 kvm2 med afslag på 162.000 og 165.000 kr. i priserne. Foreningens modvilje kan således koste dig måske 200.000 kr., er du villig til at acceptere dette på grund af “forkerte regler”?

I dit sted ville jeg forsøge at tale med Kate og få hende til at forstå, at det er urimeligt at foreningens stejle holdning skal koste dig et stort beløb og sætte mig på gaden som hjemløs! Hvorfor gøre noget, som gør mennesker kede af det, når man kan gøre alle glade ved blot at udvise fleksibilitet og ægte, menneskelig forståelse?

The TV show for Africa: ONE man reached the Safe Haven and everyone followed him – like me 🙂

Yesterday evening, the big collection show of the two Danish national TV stations DR1 and TV2 was brought to collect funds for the Horn of Africa, and I was working while having the TV open only following with my left eye and there was a lot of inspiration, but mainly this, and I will keep this short, because I have other work on my website to do:

The DR host said that if they received more than 50 million DKK from the viewers, he would jump in the harbour just outside this location of Unicef in the Copenhagen Freeport, and this made the TV2 host follow saying that he would do the same when reaching 60 million DKK and the higher the figure went, the more people agreed to follow them into the harbour (!) and we know HARBOUR is the symbol of SAFE HAVEN (!) and what do I think of in relation to Dadaab, which was mentioned much in this “show”, and only that I was supposed to work with the so called “Safe Haven” at the camp in 2009 and ARE THESE POOR PEOPLE IN “SAFE HAVEN” TODAY just because they have reached this camp (?) and no they are not, and will they all come to Safe Haven (?) and yes they will together with the whole world because this is what the show showed you: First there was ONE and then all of the others decided to follow this man, and this is basically how I see the world do in relation to me: JOIN ME, FOLLOW ME TO OUR NEW WORLD and MAKE ALL OF THESE SCREAMING IN PAIN PEOPLE REACH THE SAFE HAVEN – and you might have to go through some suffering, i.e jump in the water to get there, but WE WILL GET THERE to save the entire world. This was the MAIN message of the evening.

And just a few inspired messages:

Jes, the TV2 host said to two young men “you are not chickens, are you, you are used to throwing layer cakes” and just saying that they are not part of our New World (creation) yet, because of their sexual behaviour (!) (even though this is NOT how I see the symbol, but this is what is “forced” upon me!) and later – I cannot find the clip without using time I prioritise not to use – Lillian from Africa was talking about how BEAUTIFUL it will be to see the hosts jump in the harbour, which is about SAVING PEOPLE and reaching our future New World.

There were many “fantastic” stories of the “spirit of self-sacrifice” (!) – excuse me, which (?) – of the Danish people and a few gave 100.000 DKK – many companies and not private people, WRONG (!) – and private people giving from 150 DKK to maybe 1,000 DKK and up and all of the hosts and also the PM and leader of the opposition as examples spoke about how “fantastic” this is for Denmark “moving together” and truly helping people in need – when needed – and the result of 110 million DKK was “completely overwhelming” and other “unique” superlatives followed and if you divide this amount by maybe 3 million adult people, it is 36 DKK per person in average (!!!) – THIRTYSIX KRONER (!!!) and here “forgetting” that companies gave a large part, and we know it gave me THROW UP FEELINGS to hear how the Danes “gorge” themselves with how “fantastic” they are when the truth is that the starvation of the Horn of Africa is the MOST APPALING SITUATION OF THE GLOBE EVER as I am here told and still rich people decide to do as Nicolai and Anna Karin paying 10,000 DKK without problems on their own luxury – and 36 DKK in average for Africa (!) – and they cannot do as I to give a “large” amount, which REALLY would help these people and we know WHY ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH 100 MILLION DKK WHEN YOU EASLIY COULD HAVE COLLECTED BOTH 10 AND 100 BILLION DKK (?) if you showed the same attitude as I and yes YOU CAN AFFORD IT AND I CANNOT (!) and can you see just how disgusting most Danes make me feel – PEOPLE ARE DYING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF YOU (!) – so there is NOTHING to be proud of, you have NOT passed this test too despite of your own thoughts or just how fantastic you are, which is tasteless self-satisfaction (!), you are helping some people to survive where you could have helped all if you just showed the right ATTITUDE (!) – WAKE UP AND TRULY DO WHAT IS RIGHT and we know which is to GIVE NORMAL LIFE TO THE WORLD AND SHARE WHAT WE HAVE! Would you be the lonely mother walking for 14-30 days towards Dadaab, getting raped and losing your children to starvation on the way and we know Stig EVERYTING WAS SUPERFICIAL OF THIS SHOW, WHY DID YOU NOT GIVE THE DANES THE SAME KIND OF INFORMATION AS INCLUDED IN OUR LTO MEMO ON DADAAB TO REALLY LET THE DANES KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO ROT IN HELL ABANDONED BY THE PEOPLE WATCHING THIS “AMAZING – AND TASTELESS – TV SHOW”?

The two TV hosts jumped in the harbour (“Safe Haven”) – ONE MAN started, the others followed – this is how to bring Africa and the world to our Safe Haven / NEW WORLD 🙂

But still: 110 MILLION DKK is better than zero, so thank you to all people donating showing your care of life, but could you how done more to TRULY help (?), this is my question for you and here thinking of the story of the elderly lady deciding to anonymously giving 100,000 DKK because she understood that other people needed the money more than her. THIS IS THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TO SHOW and how many did this and the answer was “almost none”, but still you are planning your next luxury holiday while watching this “entertainment show” on TELEVISION?

Working all night long with my website keeping the information of being the Trinity and “everything” as the result of creation

When I continued working throughout the night further improving/editing all of my front page now giving it my “final touch” as I normally work, I had these experiences:

  • I was shown the spirit of my mother coming out from the spirit of my father appearing as the monk of the Jerusalem UFO and I was given the feeling/information that “if I had known that I contained all people inside of me, I would not have done as I did”, which is to say that the spirit of my father has learned that he had all ORIGINAL people inside of him and he was simply the first to “break out” from the Source not realising that everyone else could have done the same, and he was given the feeling of them so strong that he created them himself without understanding that the ORIGINAL BEINGS/CREATORS were hidden inside of him, so we are now extracting all original people from the Source and need energy doing this. Later I understood that my father IS the creator, who has created all other life meant to be creators themselves but this information was lost with the loss of the first Universe.
  • I was shown the road ahead of us leading all the way home as hilly if I do not do as I do here – do my best work bringing the energy required for us to do the same making the road straight and easier to drive.
  • The reason why my mother apparently does not understand me and my scripts is because my sister feels that it is impossible to go back on all of the stories she has told my mother, family and friends about me and we know stubbornness and “wrong pride” to accept the truth, look at it and do what is right to do, as what a large part of the world does, otherwise my sister would not have taken on this role.
  • At 03.30 I was shown original people sitting inside a ruin just underneath the ground and I was told “it is like locating prisoners of war” and this work is done because of the energy I provide by deciding to keep on working, and so far no healing sounds etc., no eyelids falling down but simply focus on work but exhausted all over the inside of me and tired and yes of course, but I know the feeling so this is almost becoming my normal way of working and yes it also includes negative speech and sexual temptations going from the easy to difficult range.
  • I was shown the ladder of a Falck fire engine NOT going up and told “there was no one there, we have looked” and also that “everyone is to be found in your nearness” and I was thinking that this is around the spirit of my father inside of me.
  • At 04.30 my eyelids started to fall down, but I kept on working here concentrating on my introduction to make it a summary of my website. But it was only short because after maybe half an hour, the eyelids did not continue falling down (as much).
  • And yes Stig everyone will become their own personal God’s and you decided to believe in us for yourself to combine everything of each God and yes what about the spirits of my father and mother, will we still become the Trinity on top of all “personal Gods” and YES THIS IS THE ONLY THING WE ARE SAYING because Stig, this will become our jobs too and we know I am the Creator of everyone who will become creators in their own rights, and this is the simple logic and yes go ahead and build this because I understand what you say, and a little bit later I felt the spirit of my father as the Orange coming inside of me and I was told that with this decision “it is first now I can enter you to finish my work” (the setup of our future structure). And with this information we are back to the starting point, which is that I as the Son is the result of creation and whether I like it or not, I will still become everything consolidating all life with the difference being that everyone will become creators in their own rights and we know my feelings are so frayed after all I have gone through that anything goes, but of course we will make this 100% correct, so this is what we do and yes this is too important for you to tell lies about, so therefore also. Later I was told that receiving and writing this answer on my websites – many updates (!) – also helps on the sufferings of the spirit of my mother, which now has become red again, and we know not “lethal”. And I thought that as the Trinity, both the spirits of my mother and father and my new self will be part of both the old and new world. And with this information being “restored” as “One God” through the Trinity, I decided to go back to my previous text of the chapter “One God, One People, One Philosophy” on my front page also herewith keeping the title of my books “One God, One People”.
  • After completing the update of my website with this new information at 07.00 – no sleep – I was told that “this also means that Kate will become better” and really that her darkness is being used up and because I am still in control, I will send her light instead and this is the light, which will make me conquer as in previous situations too.

I was TIRED as never before, surprised not to faint but I would NOT accept damages to the Universe

  • At 07.35 I felt the tiredness running through me pressuring me down so much that I decided to try to get some sleep.
  • And I am up again and writing at 08.20 because I was not allowed to sleep or let me say that if I insisted, the spirit of my mother would not be able to withhold darkness from being released upon the Universe as she told me clearly (“this is what my Son forces upon me” as she said as the last warning and how can you accept that?) and we know we don’t want that and I don’t understand this after sorting out information during the night, writing this on my website and told that the colour of the spirit of my mother now is red and how much darkness can there be left (?) and then to give it all at once as it seems and I know you are wiser than I, but to say it straight out this is not very funny, but alright I will see if I can do some more work, and we will try to do the mandatory two applications first – which I then had done at 09.00, one for Topdanmark and one for Glostrup Commune as you can see from my library.
  • At 09.20 I had to go for a walk being critically tired and when coming back at 09.55 I am still as tired making this the most critical situation yet, I am falling asleep writing this and the only option left is – healing sounds, tried them now and waiting for them to wake me up – and a bath, which may help me the first 1-2 hours? I was told by people of other civilizations that “we are next” so I have heard from the ones waiting for the fire to burn them down, and how do you think it makes me feel knowing this and fighting on my thinnest edge, which is not existing anymore?
  • During my bath, I was almost falling asleep with the darkness ready to strike at the same time as I felt Orange and my previous self two centimetres from my head, and I wonder if my giving up instantly will create energy from the Universe (some “destruction”) to give my previous self what he needs in order to truly wake up inside of me. This was the feeling, but I am still fighting and here at 10.30 having 12.00 as my goal thinking that the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel will give some more energy, but I will not be able to meditate because I would fall asleep very quickly.
  • At 11.05 I received very STRONG and uncomfortable thoughts about whether or not we have really made it and we know the message of Virgin Mary the other day, the message of the planes not being able to fly and so much else (!) and I thought about why is it that the darkness keeps on increasing making my life worse week for week (?) and then suddenly I understood it, I am still taking on the sins of the old world, which are increasing all of the time, and this is what is making my hurting now overcome what I can bear at the same time as there is not much darkness left and we are very close to our New World and we know I will continue as long as I can if it is for one hour, 1 day or even a week or month – I don’t know today – to improve our situation and reduce any losses to the world, but 100% it still the goal no matter what my dear spiritual friends regardless of how I am doing, one way or another!
  • After lunch at 12.30 – when listening to the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel – I decided to finish my front web page (I can continue finding improvements, and now I have improved it much), and decided to continue to a new page to do a summary, which is the behaviour and work page and there is a total of 10 pages to do summaries for and they are quite long but alright never giving up – this is the attitude saving me again otherwise I would have given up a VERY long time ago and today was maybe the worst of them all – and let’s get started.
  • By 14.30 I had done the summary and edits of this page, and am COMPLETE BURNED OUT AS NEVER BEFORE surprised that I don’t break down because of the many “fainting attacks” I receive, which goes through me like a strong “black wind” bringing me to my knees. I have to stop now at least for a break and probably also sleep on my sofa for a couple of hours?
  • So this is what I did – no opposition this time because I was on my double extreme limit – and I woke up at 19.00 having had dreams, I could not remember and only thinking about “more work” and “for how long this time” – for 30 hours without sleep (?) and this seems completely impossible to do and we know but it gives me a chance to do some more summaries of my webpages, and we will see how many I can do – reducing any harm to the Universe – and this is not the best time of my life, no on the contrary, this is the worst I have ever experienced to put it mildly.

Poul-Erik deciding not to confront the WRONG dictator of the housing association asking me to move out!

Today I received the following “expected” email from a man not “happy” to fight an authoritarian and DEAF system so therefore he decided to accept an economical loss and to threaten sending me on the streets as homeless because of an inflexible chairman who EASILIY could have decided to accept me continue living in the apartment, so he has now asked me to move the 31st October even though he and I would like me to continue staying and can you see how completely INSANE this is (?) and of course he is “happy” that I don’t want to “bother” anyone but is it difficult for you to see, Poul-Erik, that I am not bothering anyone but the ones who are bothering are first Kate and then you (?) and we know another teaching for the world and of course not a sign to throw me out and ending the world, which is still the name of the game I am going through and do you see it – and I am shown a ship approaching the shores of an island and we know making one less pirate because of this show!

Here is his email:

Kære Stig,

Tak for dine mails. Som du kan se har jeg også sendt kopi af denne mail til Kate Lindahl og Allan Rigelsø.

Allerførst vil jeg sige, at det glæder mig, at du ikke ønsker at genere nogen.

Da vi for snart 2 år siden aftalte, at du kunne fremleje min lejlighed Vinkelvej 20, 2 tv 2800 Lyngby, blev der i kontrakten skrevet, at fremlejen vil gælde til den 31.10.2011. Da det ikke har været muligt, at få bestyrelsens tilladdelse til at få forlænget lejeaftalen yderligere. må jeg derfor som aftalt i lejekontrakten, bede dig om at fraflytte lejligheden senest den 31.10.2011.

Venlig hilsen fra

I decided to send him – and Kate and the counsellor – this reply asking them to SEE things clearly NOT to prioritise CRAZY rules but to do what is HUMAN correct and we know HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE (?) and we will see if you have the COURAGE to set me out of the apartment, Poul-Erik, “knowing” about who I am and my writings and if you don’t, what will Kate and the board do and yes will you be able to see that you are the CRAZY part here and eventually to withdraw your unpleasant and disgusting threats and just accept me to live here because I am not that un-friendly a person, am I Kate (?) and maybe you would like to look at yourself in the mirror and to MAKE THAT CHANGE and that is to WAKE UP and do what is RIGHT to do instead of this insanity!!!

Kære alle,

Lad mig blot sige dette til jer:

Jeg ønsker IKKE at genere nogen (!), INGEN har noget imod, at jeg bliver boende (!), men FORÆLDEDE og FORKERTE regler og stive menneskelige holdninger gør, at I ikke kan se tingene klart. I vil give Poul-Erik et økonomisk tab og sende mig på gaden som hjemløs, hvis I gør alvor af jeres begyndende “trusler” ved at prioritere “tossede” regler i stedet for at gøre det, der er MENNESKELIGT rigtigt og blot følge den frie aftaleret mellem mennesker.

Det burde IKKE være svært for jer at gøre det, der er rigtigt at gøre, og undervejs kan I spørge jer selv om, hvem det er, der i virkeligheden generer hvem. Jeg ønsker blot, at mennesker mødes og glæder hinanden ved at gøre det, som alle ved, er rigtigt at gøre! Jeg har INGEN muligheder for at flytte lige nu på grund af min situation – ellers havde jeg gerne gjort det, selvom det altså er FORKERT!

Take care :-).

And after I received the email from Poul-Erik I was given a strong heartburn with throw-up feelings and told ”this is how strong I feel”, which is about Poul-Erik’s feelings and we know you are “helping” creation and reducing a potential damage to the Universe but how in the world am I able also to take on this feelings of yours on top of everything else, and yes will this be my last day writing and will this script ever reach the public (?) and this is the question my ladies and gentlemen.

Finally I received this email from Kate now “politely” asking me to move in two months from now and yes there is simply “nothing” you can do, Kate, and what about OPENING and WAKING up?

Kære Stig.

Du behøver nødvendigvis ikke at sende flere mails vedr. din fremleje.

Sagen er – som du sikkert kan forstå – uddebatteret, og du skal fraflytte foreningen senest den 31. oktober 2011, hvor den fremlejekontrakt, du har underskrevet, udløber.

Det er ikke således, at du skal fraflytte lige nu – du har to måneder til at finde dig et andet sted at bo.


29th August: The spirit of my father has come behind creation itself and it keeps becoming increasingly beautiful

The spirit of my father has now come behind creation itself and it keeps becoming increasingly beautiful

After my not too long sleep, writing the script so far and after dinner, I decided to continue working on my website now having tomorrow morning as the goal where a walk and bath hopefully will keep me going all the way until tomorrow evening before I will be allowed to sleep again without damages to the Universe (?) and that is if I don’t break down before or decide to sleep because of tiredness, which may force harm to the Universe and my own final wake-up? We will see.

  • At 23.10 I was given a dark feeling with people of other civilizations trapped inside of this, and these are the next people in line, who will suffer if I don’t make it through this round too and we know in the beginning here I might be sure of my self that this is piece of cake to do, but all I know is that I am making more and more of my work reducing what is left and herewith also the potential damage to the world.
  • For days I have been told “first parquet” and here feeling that this is from here the spirit of my father is watching me break or not break, fall down or walking all the way home to celebration and yes “only minor” damage to the Universe and will you come through with this or do we have to give some more to help you all the way home, and we will see and feeling KONG HANS – the chef of the restaurant here – and yes my father.
    • Later I was told that this means that my mother and father will receive FREE access to everything I have gone through as part of their wake up and we know I am them and they are me, therefore!

This evening I saw this comment from Nigel – a former colleague from Fair – on Facebook about Manchester United winning by 8 to 2 over Arsenal, and I was not on the field, Nigel and here both the “red Devils” and “the gunners” of Arsenal are old symbols of the Devil and what is the story then (?) and maybe just INSPIRATION of Jesus and “Jesus saves” as one comment says and that is the world … :-).

  • When standing on my balcony, I felt light inside of my right leg and when looking at the half clouded sky, there were NO stars and NO UFO’s and is this symbolising the Universe fearing a new radiation from my right leg?
  • For a couple of days I have received the song “street dance” by Break Machine, which I like very much – together with similar songs – and as the lyrics go “Street dance, Street dance, Then you know you’ve got to break”, and I am fighting not to break through to my new self in order to save everything of our old selves first, and this is what is keeping me going giving EVERYTHING I have and then some more on top of this. This may be a misunderstanding of mine as so many other times because symbolism is not always easy to understand.
  • When doing these summaries, it is a TRUE joy to come back to what I wrote months ago still being happy with what I wrote and only having very few and small alterations and we know think if Falck had worked with the same quality when doing invoices and just thinking I am and we know of what I have saved myself from doing with my own scripts/websites.
  • At 00.20 I was shown a large dark dog being brought towards me, this is the dog of the night and yes it will not bite afterwards.
  • At 01.00 I had finished doing the summary for my Doomsday Scenario page when the Internet again “decided” not to work and we know it must mean “people opposing me strongly” and what about UNCONTROLLABLE FEELINGS of Poul-Erik for example – but it was only for a few minutes with the feeling of “a warning of what is coming” and we know deciding to contact a lawyer, Poul-Erik to hear what it costs to throw me out (?) and that is to “satisfy” the inflexible and unreasonable Kate (?) and yes am I bothering you much, and Kate is not the problem here?
  • At 01.35 I was told something about ”he does not know of the importance of what he is doing” and I was shown my father reading a testament – presumably from the original creator – and I was told “you are about digging yourself deeper and deeper inside your own self and you can only do that now”, so was this my father reading the testament of the original creator or me reading the testament of my previous self Jesus? – And while hearing this, I received another déjà vue, I have felt/seen this before that the more pain I can take on myself the more information we can extract from the Source as I am told here by the clean spirit of my mother, and I felt that the pain of the déjà vue is exactly what I am going through, lack of sleep and “how much more can I take on me”?
  • At 01.55 I was shown “if we may disturb you” a small fast orange plane with a parachute on its way down and told “this is where it says what we were before, when we were nothing”.
  • At 02.40 I was told “it takes extreme energy to extract this information”, which is the reason why I am going through this extreme burden of work these days.
  • At 03.10 I was told: “it is like reading a palm leaf about yourself” and I was shown a tap dripping and the spirit of my mother, who has received MUCH darkness making her very “tactless” this evening/night and I was told “it is not quite closed and this is also part of what is required” (to open and read this information) and here together with my decision to keep on working (even when the Internet went down and where I was asked about what I would do where I could also choose to watch TV but decided to work off-line, which is what made the Internet go back on as I was told!) and working my best as usual and we know I feel the tiredness but it is not disabling me right now, but I expect it may come within the next hours. If the Internet had gone down, if I had not continued working keeping it up with light (!), this story would not be read before tomorrow maybe, if at all – and just telling you that this is IMPORTANT news.
  • At 03.30 I was told that ”it was not your mother who brought a net, it was somehow myself who developed all of it, hmmm, I will have to read more”, which is about the first creation.
  • Here is an ambitious statement. Never again TV from here and so on, and yes Donald Duck and Cirkeline and no comic strips and will never stand it, my mother and I and yes not with you but with me and yes you Stig and Niels and Thomas and where do all of these thoughts come from (?) and yes you are not going to believe me but when you dig deeper, I do the same and we are now all the way behind the origin, we can see everything as if it is from behind and it is not less beautiful from here, we are not a reversed image of ourselves but maybe from another planet or origin (?) and what do you believe (?) and I (?) and yes I will tell all about this later and now only this: It is not only beautiful but glorious and the glory keeps on increasing the deeper we come.
  • At 04.00 I was done with the summary of my Jesus in 1988 page including two new pictures, and I was happy about how it came to look, and now I am feeling the extreme tiredness creeping in over me, which is good for my inner self to be able to read deeply (!) and it is from here that I have to fight the rest of the time before getting some sleep, and we will see for how long today.
  • At 04.20 I went to the balcony – I am “completely empty and dark inside”, not very nice – and I was happy to see the stars back on the sky, and “my light” was very visible on the sky, this UFO-star is hovering maybe 100-300 metres (?) above ground and I was told that “this is the same light as we showed in 1988 in Nairobi” (see the Jesus in 1988 page and the picture of the star) and I was thinking if this light is still there when it is now here and that is here at night and maybe there still during day?
  • At 04.55 the spirit of my father told me as an example of the journey we have done “we will have to go through here” and also “people will think that I am crazy, but the plan WAS to go through all this” and also that it was him, who has given me the words “keep on, keep on, keep on” which I have said hundreds or even thousands of times per day to my self to cut through the darkness and all resistance – will power was my only weapon, otherwise I would have gone down taking all of you with me.
  • At 05.05 I am given a little pain to my legs and also to a tooth, which I am regularly given a “cold feeling” to and told that because I have decided to come home 100% with my work, this is what we also will “spiritually” and it also means that I will do the same physically without “injuries” and yes Stig WITHOUT INJURIES and what about the Universe (?) because my body is reflecting the Universe and I am not told, so I hope it was not as bad after all but we will see.
  • This whole night, besides from a “tactless” but almost white spirit of my mother who showed her self to my right, I was very often given visions/feelings as “indications”, which I did not know was important or not to write down, which kept on taking away my concentration from work but I tried to find a balance both to understand and write down information when receiving this and to continue working concentrated, which is what is opening up all of this Source and yes you say “almost no work left” and we know we have the Signs III and IV pages, where you believe or rather remember “not that much work left” but there might be surprises of more work than expected, but I don’t believe so because there are details I have decided not to do, and then read all pages, correct spelling errors, a little about updating some design details and then is the question if I will use time to also do my sufferings page and we know this is what I will wait with until last because I don’t believe my self it is important but maybe the world will believe it is and this may be the reason why I will do it otherwise I would rather not do it and we know don’t like speaking about all of these sufferings, which you really also can read from my scripts but of course “nice to know” for the world what kind of sufferings I have gone through since this is also what people will “judge” me on, so part of the work too but first as the last and we know maybe a jewel inside of the Source to be found here at the end and we know THE ORIGIN SELF because how did the “natural being” of the Source create himself and that is indeed the question, so looking forward to that we all are and that is if you don’t let us down and that was for me.
  • After a walk at 08.10 I was given strong sexual temptations and a short big pain to my right foot and given the feeling that “the darkness is worse than ever” encouraging me to keep on without sleeping and we know I cannot give you even more than I have already given, it is as simple as that, but I can do my best.
  • At bath I was told that during my walk – giving extra energy – all spirits have now been reborn in our revised New World, which I was glad to hear because this is a milestone I have been waiting for, and I was told that more energy is still required because “additional equipment” is to be made – and this is also why this night was let us say “closer” than ever before with my old nightmare.
  • At 09.30 I had finished the summary of my page on New World Order and was happy with what I did and hoping to be able to do summaries for normal life and the Media too before sleeping today and that is of course if I have energy to do it (which I here at the edit 50 minutes later don’t have!), which I am not sure about. I am still tired, but the worst tiredness was removed with the walk and bath just like yesterday and now we will see if I will last all day or run out of my last energy maybe during the afternoon – and we know better get started with the edit and summary of this chapter too, which I then did and I am really also now on the other side of a limit, which would be impossible to do before.
  • “This is the layer cake we are now going through” because of the constant feelings of creations and what I have been shown for years, the birth of my previous self.
  • It is with great pride what we now have developed you into, our new child a little bit of you and a little bit of me and then the whole world as the image of you and yes I feel tears of joy and behind that THE WORST ANGER ANY MAN HAS EVER RECEIVED IN THE WORLD, this is what made me and what could have destroyed us all, but now the anger is not that strong anymore. And I see a mobile phone and I am told “it is not connected yet, first we have to remove the darkness”.
  • At 11.00 I had had a short break now on my limit to keep on working – receiving strong throw-up feelings while doing it – and I both breaking down and feeling strong (!) so maybe I will start doing the summary of the next
  • At 12.10 I was told in relation to the rebirth of the new spirits of the New World that “it is also including all of the original natural, beings of the Source”, which made me very glad to hear and I here I feel PROUD PARENTS of the result, small new creators to bring us a new future world which we can only dream about.
  • I was told that “we have not set up your self in the New World because you will come as the last and that is depending on your results in this phase and the better you do now, the better the world will do in all future life” isn’t this crazy and we know NOT TO GIVE UP IS A 100% PERFECT WORLD MORE CRAZY THAN PEOPLE WOULD EVER BELIEVE IN but this is where we are going my friend, and I thought this would mean that now less energy would be needed but I was shown toasting in milk and “isn’t it funny that integrating you requires the most energy” and I am told this while I am trying to do the summary of “normal life”, which is extra difficult to do because I am crossing a limit I did not think I could/would do and also because I need to change the structure of it somewhat before I can do the same structure as for the other pages too.
  • I did half of this summary and decided hereafter at 14.00 to “give up” and that was at least to work for now or for this woken period, and I did not feel that critically tired, but when I decided to sit down in the sofa to watch TV, I felt the tiredness coming to me with a hammer MUCH stronger than ever before and it came totally unexpected because it was like a boxer hitting you with the only possible outcome to sleep and I was told “we will see if we can avoid a fire on the Universe, this is how much darkness there is” – there was no doubt with my inner selves that I would now sleep, this is how STRONG it came to me – and what surprised me the most was that I sat with my eyes closed WITHOUT falling asleep and we talk about a situation of tiredness where everything else has been “piece of cake” compared to this and yes it is about how my future self will look like we talk about if I am able to go through this phase without these fires and again I can only say that I will do my best but we are here meeting a challenge which is the most difficult of all, and even though I started to receive half sexual visions/dreams I was told afterwards at 17.00 that “we have not yet started the fire” and then John called because he has offered me to receive his old bicycle after buying a new, so he is coming later, which will make me be up some more and maybe continue work on the normal life page as I am here asked and yes yes yes we will do that all of us.
  • John came and was nice to give me the bicycle and left again, and after dinner I am still working on the summary to and adjustments for normal life and when I am doing this I feel tears of joy and also of sadness from my inner parents, joy of Jesus/Stig coming back to life and here telling YES STIG WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL NOT HURT and I am given different messages here because the other message is that if I cannot handle this work pressure with very little sleep, it has negative consequences to my own previous/new self where we will lose information of me and I really don’t know but my wish is to keep everyting 100% and NOT to lose anything if possible (please use magic), and I still try my best, and strangely enough I don’t feel tired right now when it is 18.50 and will I be able to work all evening and maybe even all night and take more healing sounds (?) and we will see, but first I will complete this summary which is “almost killing” me.
  • Finally at 21.00 I finalised the summary and update of my normal life page, which was both very difficult and really not that difficult to do afterall – but it took longer than what it would normally do – and I don’t know why I am not more tired than I am right now, but it feels like I can keep on working without sleeping for many hours, but we will have to see, and by the way I have had strong feelings to my lower right leg the last couple of days and the feeling is first light all over and then stains of darkness, which we hope also to code into light and bring with us too and yes “you bet”, I will do my best, and this is all we can ask for – and let me tell you my dear readers that I CAN TELL YOU FOR A FACT that the spirit of my mother is giving EVERYTHING she has not to release darkness to the world if she can hold it back and it is connected with me but I see your unique WILL POWER yourself, thank you 🙂 and I only write about the spirit of my mother here because this is what I see, I have not been showed the same about the spirit of my father.
  • Again now and FOR A LONG TIME I have received these small words “tax deduction” and saving taxes has always been related to darkness in relation to my physical father, whom I have now not spoken/written to for 1½ years and we know I do believe this means that he has been capable of keeping his lack of faith in me all of the time to make sure that I would receive enough darkness to build the New World and yes from the Creator to the Creator and “two minds but one soul” and we know I also have the soul of my mother and that is it really and yes good luck with working all night and also all day tomorrow if you can make it Stig because we don’t have much sleep left for you if any, just so you know …. And just saying that I CANNOT FINISH ALL OF MY WORK WITHOUT SLEEP so I hope you will somehow be able to give me some so we will see sometime during the night or tomorrow.
  • At 23.00 I was shown new darkness around my previous self and I was told “you are not quite grown up, but almost, this is only what we are saying” . “Jeg i live” (“I’m alive”), which is from my favourite album of yours, Sanna and YES THIS IS WHY IT WAS PLAYED AT THE COLLECTION SHOW THE OTHER DAY – and I was also told that “we will free you if you cannot stand it anymore” and all I can tell is that when I will become as tired that I am on my extreme, I will decide to get more sleep and then it is up to you my dear parents or for now as long as it lasts “my dear selves”.
  • I have been told for a couple of days about media preparing articles about me and that the news of me is “spreading as lightning”.
  • At 00.45 – and for some time before it – I felt that I had “nothing more to offer work wise” and only with my greatest difficulties, I was able to do a summary to my page on Media and Politicians, and I have done what I believe is the most important, I can live with the Signs III and IV pages as they are, also do without the sufferings page (I have uploaded my notes on this to my library, so people can read) and the most important from here is really to do a final edit on all web pages, a little design and if time allows it also summaries to the Signs I-IV pages, and we know we will see what will happen from here, but right now I MUST HAVE A BREAK and maybe even sleeping not that long from now (?) because I know that it is difficult to stay awake when not working, and I simply know that I am NOT fit to work anymore, this is what my whole “system” screams to me, which also could be about my new system waiting on me.

Meshack is sick and starving, but still he and his wife shows the highest “richness” of people

Yesterday I sent Meshack this email:

Hi Meshack, as you can see from my script, I received clear feelings of you and your wife for several days now a few days ago and also the feeling that I was annoyed for not visiting you and your wife in Kenya in 2009, which would have helped your wife believing in me. Is this a question at the moment, or do you have another idea of why I was given these feelings of you? When you get time/money to write: How is life and how is your family/children? Are you coming through with difficulties or is it as tough as it gets? And how is your wife and when will the new baby arrive? Please give MY BEST WISHES for your wife. Looking SO much forward to the day when I will be seeing you again :-).

Kind regards,

And today he was truly VERY kind to send me the email below and the way Meshack writes me, makes me feel that he is my best friend in the world and as unhappy as most people makes me here because of all of their wrong doings, as happy does this man – and his friends, thank you Meshack for spreading the word on me 🙂 – make me.

I am as always sad to hear about your deteriorating physical condition and also about your eyes, but one day Meshack not long for now, the world and that includes you will be a miracle because in our New World ALL SICKNESSES WILL BE CURED and you have received your part of “bad luck” as I am told here to help me come through and also build the New World, which I am sure you will receive information about yourself spiritually and Meshack “one day soon” is now sooner than ever before.

Take care my friend and all my best for everyone 🙂 – if I should “fall” over an old laptop, I will remember your request.

The best of luck to you and your wife with the forthcoming child.

And here is his email:

It takes a great friend like you to remember people like us during these trying moments. One thing which gives me alot of pain is lack to fulfil my promise to write to you because communication should be a two way traffic but appriciate your understanding because it is lack of money. Actually right now we were reading your recent long mail with my wife which we found very much interesting . Some one lend me his laptop so when i can get a credit i browse and read the messages with her. She is actually delighted by your concerns and she joked that should she give birth to a boy she will name him after you but i told her jokingly that you cannot name a child after a God. I am not that doing well because i am yet being haunted by many debts which have incured for the last years and some times i develop blood pressure and am forced to strugle to see because as i had told you my eyes are failing with alarming rate but my belive is that when normal life comes, we shall all forget our past suffering.

My wife says she would have loved a visit from you when you were in kenya but she trully belives in you and sometimes when am very down she is the one who uplifts me. As we are right now joking, there is nothing we are going to eat and no breakfast and it is only God who knows if we will have something for lunch. We are this poor but we manage a happy family with the grace of Lord.

She is expecting any time from next month and you will be the first one to get the news and i will keep you updated on the latest development if i am able. Should you be in a position to get me an old laptop through friends i will be very happy because as you can see it is very easy to write and browse together with my wife and it costs less.

May the Almighty God bless you so much for you kindness and continued support.

And by the way, I was happy to see that the “challenge” of the faith of Meshack’s wife was a part of the game of the darkness as part of making me doubt all the way to the end, and really because this is what the darkness is doing to destroy faith, but still my faith is much stronger than my doubts.


30th August: I thought I would be woken as my new self making me work HARDER to avoid a crisis of the Universe

Is this the last chapter of my writings, is this it?

It is now 01.40 and I was not allowed to sleep as I thought but instead I felt my previous self, Jesus, coming clearly inside of me, and I started feeling “everything” and feeling Ole – my mother’s ex-husband as a spirit of the whole room being part of me and I remembered this feeling form when I was a boy when the Source was with me – and I was asked to stand up and do what may become my last work on my website/scripts and that is because I don’t have energy to do more and here to finalise and publish the script of today, to remove some more darkness to publish my book of August and right now I am shaking even though it is not cold here, and I was asked to do this work including receiving messages to write down with the explanation that “if you don’t do it, it will not be told because then none of us will be who we used to be” meaning that we will now transform into our New Selves apparently still being inside of the old world too and yes we will see and I feel “an animal” inside of me eager to get out of here and to become who I am and have been for some time without knowing it and yes I am ready for your messages:

  • Now if I was living alone I would not be as careful as I am now, but here it comes , I am not Jesus, I am not your father, you are not my Son, we are not made in Heaven, and yes we had MANY alternative scenarios for you to go through here at the end with one purpose: It was yourself generating most of the “extreme darkness” because of your fear, anticipations, which did not come through etc.
  • I was shown a “broccoli” and given the feeling “there will be no more “brok” (“grouse”) from my mother because of my writings and her misunderstandings.
  • I was show a salt box to show my mother, the traditional Danish with a bird on it to show FREEDOM because this is what is coming for all of us.
  • Here I am thinking that if we will all change to our New Life now, it means that we will control the old world and all physical life from the New World and we know smart not to have shutters, then :-).
  • And here I am so tired and I don’t see more and am not told more, so if you don’t have more to say I will finish the script here and prepare publishing it.
  • And when preparing to publish this I am given the song “street dance” all of the time – time to “break”? And published it was at 02.30

Take care – see you as my new self :-).


I HAD to cross my EXTREME LIMIT to avoid a crisis of the Universe

After this – including posting my script to Facebook and sending it to LTO in Kenya – I did the introduction to my book of August, even though this is only the 30th August and uploaded it to Scribd and to my library – I crossed my ultimate limit, therefore – and afterwards, I decided to check my prime websites, the ones I have done new summaries to , for spelling errors and I corrected maybe 10 errors on 6 pages and finally at 04.30 I called it a “day” and decided that it is “now or never” – still the best ever Elvis (!), but still having my personal favourites – because this is what I was meant to think; I HAD to do this work now because this was our ONLY chance for you to give everything and still more and more and yes to save us from destructions to the Universe.

Hereafter I slept until 10.30 and I knew I had IMPORTANT dreams and that I WAS EVERYTHING but I could not remember any and I saw myself in the crown of a tree, saw a toy train drive down a brown sack, and a big cake first with a ladder taking the next steps up, and yes not easy to become my new self – and I was given the word “kanslergadeforliget”, which is one of the most famous political settlements in Denmark from 1933 to ward off a CRISIS and this will have to be the explanation to this, I worked my hardest ever to ward of a crisis of the Universe and I was told “you will see later why this was the only thing I could do”.

I had a new “implant” in my mouth this morning; I cannot sink and I wonder if this is to say that others have during the night (?) and I am not told here.

I took a long bath until 13.30 today because I was TOTALLY SMASHED and during bath I received almost no voices, no negativity and no stress from constant suggestions/songs etc. given to me, which was a relief until starting work again and I was shown myself as a white swan of Brede Lake coming from the area with  the dark swans, and also myself under a membrane of rubber where the sky and LIFE is above this membrane and also a monster crawling on it, which is to say that there is still more darkness to clear before I as my new self can wake up, but this was not the least important of your work as the spirit of my mother here tells me “my dear child”.

Finally after putting over my clothes for wash, I started working at 14.00 today (!) and I wonder if we are still playing the game “give everything you got” and if this is the case, for how long can I hold now (?) and maybe until some time tomorrow, and that is if it is needed, which it probably is and we know I have this on my working plan: Summaries for the four Signs Pages, the new suffering page, which may take days to do and then the final review and update of my signs III and IV pages – and even a final edit of the most important websites including the right column and we know maybe 1-3 weeks of work and maybe matching with the World Cup in cycling in the end of September and we will see.

I am still sneezing, but not as much as before. I am surprised that my head does not feel that heavy and that I feel better than expected, and again I am encouraged to do a run to create more energy and we know I will probably not be able to run much and don’t feel like it, but I will probably do it later in the afternoon.

Falck still having a “headache” over me …?

I was also shown – half sleeping in bath – that I was working at Kim’s company, where there is not much work to do (I am almost finished!) that he called an old prospective client, the prison Union, to say that he had sent them an overview of pension schemes expenses and he asked if they were ready to do a pension scheme, which they were not yet because they had thought about getting such on expense overview themselves, and the only thing I can think of is what Poul-Erik and Kate is thinking of in relation to get me out of the apartment and is that for “any prize” and we know in this sense they are part of the prison of the world, which would like to keep me locked up and take away the freedom to create a New World from me – but later I received a visit by “someone in Copenhagen” visiting 30 of my webpages in 48 minutes searching and focusing on Falck, so I wonder if Falck is still trying to figure out what to do about me (?) and again how much will you be able to understand when you only skim and don’t have the patience I have recommended you to do work on Noma-quality, please do your best reading and you should be able to understand.

A Falck employee in Copenhagen opened 30 of my sites in 48 minutes today – you don’t really know what to do about me?

A sign of the sufferings of my previous self coming back to life – a and Obama’s and my sufferings bringing energy for this

At 15.45 when working on the Signs I page, the view of work from here the coming days looked “terrifying” if I am going to do it without sleep again – and the terrifying part is the strength of the darkness given to me and potentially to the world if I don’t do my best – and I was told as “comfort” that even if you had become Hitler again (weeks ago), we could had seen the way out.

I continued working on this page until I finished it at 17.30 and it was here that Obamas Facebook box in the right column of my website “decided” to change into one of the videos of the page showing the sufferings of a Jesus statue and we know simply to show the world the suffering of Jesus coming back to life and here both Obama and I.

Obamas Facebook box to the right was replaced by the suffering Jesus statue, because my previous self as Jesus is suffering coming back to life, and Obama and I are suffering much too

A new “game” starting to save the Universe from destruction and for the on-going resurrection of my previous self, Jesus

I did a run this afternoon – in the rain – because I was encouraged to do it once again and because I could, and I am still not able to run far, but it was easier running day compared to the other day, and as a secret message because of doing this, while I was running I was first told about the “extreme happiness” waiting for me – and it hurts me much that the world is not acknowledging me publically and that governments read me “secretly” (!) – and afterwards I was told “but first we have to go through this” and this was the start of a new game, where I was told that this is about saving a galaxy – either for me to do my absolutely best or for a galaxy to “suffer” because of “destruction” and I don’t know what is true or not true, but I am willing to still do my best so preparing for a long evening, night and day tomorrow working to remove this threat the best way possible, and I have for days been given the question if my sister has decided NOT to see me anymore after my “disagreement” with my mother and Falck-memo etc. on the Internet – why did I not hear from her when not speaking to my mother, because I had no outstandings with her (?) – and here my mother’s birthday coming up the 2nd September, and here at bath after my run, I received SEVERE threats of my old nightmare once again, and I was told that “this may have something to do with my mother not inviting for her birthday yet and CONCERNED because my sister does not want to see me “ (?) and this is what I am told and also that this is what is generating enough darkness for this game and yes the building bricks required to pull my previous self all the way up.

After dinner I continued working on the summary for my Signs II page.

  • At 20.45 when concentrating on my work on the Signs II page I was told “no information will be lost when you continue doing your work”, which is about our New World and my revival.
  • At 21.20 I finalised the summary for the Signs II page and decided to gaze at Braco to bring some more energy (!) and when I did this I felt the right food of mine turning from black to red within 2-3 minutes, this is the effect it ALSO has on me – and to feel some relief coming to it after also feeling the dark dog being released upon me this evening, this is exactly how the vision and feeling was when we started.
  • I keep on hearing “I will NEVER forget what you are doing here”, which was after receiving healing from Braco – and why don’t God just don’t give healing through the world through me (?) and it depends on what I decide to do as a human being with my free will, therefore (!) – so in between all of the difficulties, I am glad to receive support too J. – and here at 22.05, I am already yawning, so it may become a LONG night so I better start listening to some 528 hz and other frequencies videos helping me also on this.
  • At 22.20 I decided to update my published script of today, and the rest of this evening and night will be brought in the script of tomorrow. 








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Ÿ         Afterwards I worked until 04.30 updating and uploading my book for August – before time – and checked spelling errors crossing my ultimate limit, and I was given a symbol saying that I went through this to avoid a “crisis of the Universe”, which would have happened if the “monster” was set loose. I was shown that my New World have still not woken up to life yet because the monster of darkness is still crawling on the membrane on top of me separating me from life; still more darkness to clear before I can wake up.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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