September 2, 2011: Going through extremity to change the original creation and becoming God as original as God self


Summary of the script today

31st August: The spirit of my father changed life form when moving from the old to the New World

  • I continued working yesterday evening and the whole night until 05.30 where I reached my ultimate limit again, and I was told that “it is the inner of the absolute inner we have now started to save”, I receive so much darkness now that I feel the Nazi monster inside of me, whom I am cleaning, the origin of my father was “something different” than everyone else, the spirit of my father changed life form when moving from the old to the New World and now he is inside of me (“differently” than before where he “was” me) to reduce my sufferings and set up my new spiritual “transmission system” and I was so exhausted so when walking during night trying to stay awake for longer I had troubles balancing.
  • I received a song saying “I am what I am, I am my own special creation”, which is what I am, the spirit of my mother continues being in the old world with the spirit of my father in the new and there are no shutters between the two Universes when it comes to sharing what is GOOD including creation, which is continuing.
  • I finalised doing the summary to my Signs IV page, which made me happy because I have now done summaries for all of my web pages, which was a big mental challenge to overcome. I have kept the Devil down as a “small boy” for weeks, where he could have grown big causing much damage if I did not take on much suffering myself. And finally I started working on the description of my sufferings and I felt how my notes grew in size the same way as my potential feelings NOT to do this “mental impossible” work, which attracted much darkness to me, not nice. The spirit of my father has now returned to the Source to get all of me out from there.

1st September: Going through extremity to change the original creation and becoming God as original as God self

  • I continued working during the night to today where I was told that a new supportive structure is about to be set up for the New World, I am riding my white “wild” horse with help from the spirit of my father, my previous self will become the 9th member of the Council and again I was not allowed to sleep as desired because it would create an explosion of the Universe, so after having done all I could to sleep – receiving cry outs from the spirit of my mother – I continued working even though it was truly impossible to work, and I brought energy from videos of Benny Hinn’s miracle crusades, which the spirit of my father used to create my new skeleton as the basis of the New World with others “floating” in relation to this, I somehow managed to come through the darkest energy ever given to me, the spirit of my father brought me to the very inner of the Source to change the original creation and hereafter to become God as original as himself, which he then did allowing us to create life from out of nothing in the future, this is an add-on to the New World. I did not sleep and had to go to Kirsten at 09.00 to help her move furniture for one hour and afterwards to write this chapter to bring energy to consolidate this new creation.
  • I slept a few hours on the sofa during the day and instead of relaxing in the evening, I decided to start writing my new memo/webpage on sufferings – I succeeded to start writing it, which felt like a small victory in itself – and when doing this I was told “we have started pulling a blue blanket out all over the New World”, which is my new self, or previous self, spreading, and my new self is not only starting to wake up inside of me but also inside of Obama.


  • Finally I was allowed to sleep a full night dreaming of not needing more energy to create the New World and receiving more energy myself, the New World is modern and looking fantastic giving everyone the opportunity to create their own “small worlds” as creators and this situation became true “on my command”.
  • I felt my previous self Jesus as young and COMPLETELY CLEAN inside of me, Ole Thestrup was a symbol of wrong behaviour of mankind, which made the old world collapse, I am about to write the welcome sign to our New World after the plane of the world was bound to crash when the world cut the connection to my previous self and the Source 2,000 years ago, ENERGY is the “being”, which just “is”, which is what caused CREATION and LIFE and we are now about to connect the energy of the inner Source to our New World.
  • My mother decided not to invite the family for birthday dinner with the reason being that my sister does not want to see me because of my writings (!), which she however decided not to tell me (!), and instead she invited me to visit the Tivoli Gardens the 23rd September to watch the concert with Michael Falch, which is to say that by then I will have completed all of my work bringing “nye tider” (“new age”) to the world inside of my New World, which is what Tivoli symbolises to me. My family decided not to see me but the love of my mother to me conquered everything, which was the last part of my sword, and the old world is now a part of our New World.
  • I went to the library receiving confirmation that I have been blocked as a lender – I owe money for returning items too late – which symbolised the that the old world has not only been included in the New World; THE OLD WORLD DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE, IT IS NOW PART OF THE NEW WORLD, WHICH HAS OPENED! But you still need to show a clean heart! The Trinity has now re-united as One.
  • I met a young lady from the NGO “Red Barnet” (“Safe the children”), who wanted to inform me about the situation in the Horn of Africa, which ended up by me recommending her to read and spread the LTO memo on Dadaab, a living Hell on Earth, to all Red Barnet employees to help them understand that the situation is even worse than what they believe (!) and also to help people directly without the need of NGO’s in our New World.


31st August: The spirit of my father changed life form when moving from the old to the New World

The spirit of my father changed life form when moving from the old to the New World, before he was me, now he is inside of me

  • At 22.30 yesterday evening after publishing the update to my script – surpassing “technical” difficulties on my WordPress site not allowing me to edit the HTML code (!), but I did it through the “visual” editor instead and just darkness keeping me (!) – I was told “it is the inner of the absolute inner we have now started to save” and this is as I am told because I have decided not to give up one single time.
  • At 23.30 I felt STRONG Nazi energy – much darkness coming (!) – and heard “go over and wash your hands”, which was for darkness to become clean, and just an example of what goes on here, and some of this come into the scripts and most do not.
  • At midnight – still working with some difficulties because of how I am starting to feel – I was told “your father was not a child like everybody else, he was something different, which we are just about to find out”, which is “digging deeper” spiritually inside of the Source because of the work I do physically.
  • At 00.40 I was told “I am about to take off my shirt, it does not take long and you are not to be concerned” and I felt that this is about the Source changing into new life form and here I am told that it is based upon his discoveries so far and he will return when he is ready, And two minutes afterwards I felt him inside of me and he told me “now I have come inside of you in a new and different way”, which is also how I felt it.
  • At 01.10: “We are still the creators, but now as part of you, isn’t it smart” and I see my parents together again holding hands inside of me and yes “we have transformed and moved inside of you”. “Then we are going to screw you on, it should not be that difficult” and I am shown the spirit of my father using a spanner to switch off the water supply, i.e. my suffering. And I understood that the spirits of my mother and father have now entered the New World where I feel them as clearly as when they were in the old world and I felt the spirit of my father inside of my head and I was told “now I am the train myself”
  • At 01.30 the darkness given to me with negative voices etc. still continued and I was asked “where do this come from” (?) – now when the spirits of my mother and father are in the New World where you behave well – and I was thinking that as a human being I am still in the old Universe where there is still darkness given to me and alternatively that the spirit of my mother is still at the old world despite of what was said and I don’t know because I don’t know if darkness of the old world can be “transmitted” by itself from one physical being to another without spiritual contact and “what is the most likely” as I am told (?) and I do believe it must be the first, which the spirit of my father told me, which was that HE would now transform – he did not tell about the spirit of my mother transforming – so this is what I believe, she is still at our old world.
  • At 02.20 I was told about my sister as example “we are driving the last part of the steam train now, because it is also me standing behind this” as the spirit of my father or the Source tells me and I can only say that I do believe that when you are inside the New World it is impossible for you to do “negativity” even if it has a positive purpose so this is part of the game to find out and this is what I believe in. And I was shown a big antenna and that the Source is now here to help me setup my “transmission system” when I will speak spiritually to people.
  • At 02.40 I was beginning to finalise my summary for the Signs III page, and I was becoming very tired with these “sudden feelings” of EXTREME tiredness coming, which automatically makes me get the overwhelming feeling “SLEEP NOW” (!) but I know that I have to carry on as long as I can, and will this desperate situation reduce later in the night (?), and we know I will go for a walk and take a bath, and if I feel like doing this (?) and NO I don’t (!), but beneficial and yes “you bet” as I hear “someone” saying inside of me and that is not the spirit of my mother and I feel a presence somewhat oblique inside of me.
  • Hereafter I went for a walk for half an hour and I was so tired that I could often not keep the balance when walking and now I am waiting for the next “refresher”, which is the bath and then to reach my “sink-level” and yes that is why I have told you that you cannot sink: Reach your sink-level and there is no risk of sinking (!) and I have started receiving the spirit of the Pope again just here and also before so we are starting to get acquainted and yes presented and this can only be my previous self being inside of my self, i.e. my new self working now and yes “I” feel dizzy too, which is how we both are and yes this situation is “one of a kind” in history because I am right now my old self through the spirit of my mother on my left side and my new self with the resurrected Jesus to my right side and that is with the spirit of my father there too and yes waiting to resume contacts with my dear friends of the New World and I do hope they will remember their old lives (?), which I do believe I made some kind of rule about and I cannot remember what it was, but I will probably get to know again after some time, and something about forgetting “serious crimes both for victims and persecutors” – was that it (?) and we will see and yes TIRED is not the word, but we will “soon” become better.

Here I was INSPIRED to think about bringing a true 80’s favourite song, which of course is TAKE ON ME by A-HA – I LOVE THIS SONG 🙂 – and really because I did not have balance to walk, which is what you see at the end of this video where Morten after having been chased by police inside of a cartoon world was more DEAD than alive, but he made it through and let this be a picture of what my “dear friends, system etc.” did to me during my journey. You almost killed me with your wrong behaviour and know-all, but still I made it to save us all.

  • After more work, at 04.25 I had taken a shower too to give me that “extra edge” to continue working for maybe 1-2 or maybe 4-5 hours (?) and at bath the spirit of my mother showed herself driving inside a tank and she told me “this is the worst we have ever driven” – it takes energy moving the Source to the New World and to wake up my previous self (!) – and I could only reply “I will give everything I have and when I don’t have more, there is no more to give”, so this is what I am now again approaching and “not funny” is really the best expression.
  • At 04.55 I am fighting on my last – now on the summary for the Sign IV page – to stay awake and keep on working, and I can hardly understand what I am told but it is about building a new structure for the New World – to support the new “floating hanging” of everyone if I understood correctly – which is on-going and “important” so I will see if I can hold this a little bit more but “critical” on my edge is what I am.
  • At 05.50 I had crossed my most difficult limit and for half an hour I have not been able to work anymore. I am only doing this to save people of the Universe, and I will probably “sink” quickly from here.

The spirit of my mother is in the old world with the spirit of my father in the new, but creation continues

  • I tried to keep awake a little bit longer by sitting in the sofa, but before I knew of it – I did not sense it (!) – I was sleeping and woke up again at 11.50 and I woke up to the song “I am what I am” by Gloria Gaynor and as it says “I am what I am, I am my own special creation” directly followed or rather together with the song “so where is the love” by Black Eyed Pees and we know I have not seen it yet. I had the feeling of “big dreams” and it was like BEING in a “large room”, but I am not “allowed” to remember these dreams yet. I am TIRED today and also with throw-up feelings and try to imagine having your entire body feeling like this just underneath the skin, this is the nearest I can describe this “annoying, impatient and disgusting” feeling all over the inside of me.
  • At bath I was thinking again that it is impossible also for the spirit of my mother to be at our New World and sending negativity to me from there and also I still feel creation continuing – because I still feel my nightmare “close” to me – and I thought how can this be (?) because this also has to be impossible when being in two different worlds and then again, the only logical answer came to me, which is that there are no shutters between the two Universes when it comes to sharing what is GOOD – including creation – but there are waterproof shutters when it comes to sharing negativity, and we know piece of cake really and I am the cake if you understand.
  • I have felt “some sickness” inside of me and I am wondering what I might have misunderstood in my answer of the riddle, if anything, and later this feeling removed and because it was nothing or because it has now been given to the Universe?
  • I noticed that Debbie from Fair/Gjensidige Insurance disconnected as a “friend” of mine on Facebook after my following post about Braco yesterday, which I posted to my friends with “a good heart” to help but this was “too much heaven” – a TRUE favourite of my mother and I in the 1970’s – for you Debbie (?) and so much that you decided to belch out your negativity about me to my old colleagues at Fair maybe even including Michella (?), which also is bringing “nice darkness” to me and we know we find darkness here, there and everywhere.

David and the LTO team are TOUGHER THAN THE REST 🙂

David was kind to send me this email and yes you are TOUGHER THAN THE REST, David, which goes to all of my LTO friends:

And today I sent DKK 2,800 gross again this month to LTO together with this email to David:

Hi David,

Thanks for your kind email. “You are tougher than the rest” is a FANTASTIC song, and toughness is what you and the team brings to help me to help us all.

Approx. 44,000 KSH
No. 9374969609
TEAM/LTO as usual

Take care – and say hi to the others, and maybe ask Elijah and John if they are still alive and if they don’t think it is a good idea to communicate. They should do like you and Meshack, is that too difficult and how many times do I have to say before they will do what is right? I know you are suffering, but you are not the only ones ….

Here is his email:

Jambo Stig,

Im fine today and sincerely the week has been tough. I have not accessed skype for some time and I will do so hopefully soon.

The month has not been very eventful but by God’s grace we have come this far.

I will write more later.

God bless,

And here is the video by the “tough” BRUCE:

David and the LTO team are TOUGHER THAN THE REST, which is one of my favourites by the BOSS 🙂

“The election of Stig”: Chose between abyss or survival

My old class friend Jais wrote this on Facebook about the coming Danish election in September – he does not understand people arguing that the election is about either the abyss of survival – and Jais this is simply INSPIRATION given to you to tell people that either you show a clean heart and follow me to survival or you will fall into the abyss and we know, which is what we will make sure that no one will become after all but you know in principle:

The connection between the Jerusalem UFO and my resurrection

I continued working on my script of today so far until 16.00 and from here I continued working on the summary for my Signs IV page, which I could not continue working on this morning because of tiredness and by 18.40 I had finished this too making me happy with the outcome, however I do see the need for an edit here and there on this page when I later will do an update on it – and during the day I have been thinking about whether or not I will get any sleep tonight before I have an agreement to see Kirsten tomorrow morning at 09.00 when she will move into her new apartment just around the corner here, and we know I will try to sleep from approx. 03.00, and that is if I can make it until then of course.

And after doing this work, “somebody” wanted to connect the Jerusalem UFO with my resurrection simply by putting one of the videos documenting the authenticity of the UFO to the location at the right column where the resurrection symphony by Mahler normally is, and yes Stig, it is your own work on your website, which is making the world believe in you as the ONE so my website is resurrecting my self, i.e. my previous self.

The Jerusalem UFO resurrected me as my previous self, which the UFO video documentation replacing the resurrection symphony at the right column symbolises

My website also “decided” to bring another UFO video documentation to my right column here replacing Michael Jackson

The spirit of my father has returned to the Source to get my previous self out of there

  • At 19.00 I felt the spirit of my mother coming to me from right in red – because of darkness – but bringing me my sword through the darkness – and later I was told that it is because I can now see the end of my work, which is also the end of darkness, this is how it has been arranged, and we know Stig, maybe 1-2 weeks from now and we will see.
  • And finally after dinner at 20.00, there is no way out, I will have to get started with doing my new site about my sufferings and we know a site I have NO motivation or ambition to do, but have decided that I HAVE to do it because others may be interested to see how I have been suffering because not many noticed (?) and we know LACK OF ATTENTION of people and yes not even my mother understood just how “bad” I was and yes yes yes 17 pages of notes and using the golden work rule once again starting to get all of these notes sorted into logical chapters, which will take some time and there after to write the first draft and then to edit it and do my best and how long will this take and maybe 3-4 days (?) and we will see Wednesday evening so maybe ready on Sunday evening or the start of next week (?) and we know I have been fearing that writing about my sufferings will create the biggest sufferings of all and we will have to see, and by the way U2 on the stereo, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT :-), which also here was a message from the spirit of my mother to me :-).
  • I was told when starting this work, that the Devil was kept down as “this small” – a “small” child – and that was the “old” symbol given by my left hand weeks ago and we know he could have grown big and caused MUCH damage to the Universe and we would still have made it, but we gave you the absolute worst tests we could give you to “save” the Universe not only from termination but also for going through “most” sufferings and we know “some sufferings” were given but not the worst of what could have been and I kindly ask the future world to evaluate how I did because when sitting here working on some of my last work, I really don’t know because NOBODY COMMUNICATES WITH ME but there is a lot going on in the world and yes and no and who am I and God or not God and yes Stig, this was part of the plan but we know I HAVE WORK TO DO and I WILL DO MY BEST UNTIL THE DAY WHEN I AM DONE and yes WORK UNTIL I WILL SINK WITHOUT SINKING OF COURSE and this is what will be printed on my gravestone and we know another suffering of mine these days because it is not nice to say goodbye to your old life – to die (!) – to become somebody else and we know but probably not the worst trade you can get but just the feeling today, and here I feel the spirit of my mother much inside of me and a suppressed happiness of the one I am becoming.
  • And when doing this work I am given the feeling from the spirit of my mother through my left hand “growing” that the Devil will grow if I don’t do this work – this is how important it is because the world will focus on this because I must have gone through the worst sufferings ever and this is just what this extra “memo” will tell and we know I feel a STRONG urge not to do much out of it and I can see it growing in length with all of the notes I have and am doing now – which is requiring more time to do the work than 3-4 days and 1-2 weeks may be more accurate – and we know which I am NOT interested in doing but eventually I will probably do it anyhow and yes COME ON GIVE ME ALL THE DARKNESS YOU GOT and I WILL DECIDE HOW TO FINISH THIS but THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD ENCOURAGEMENTS YOU GIVE ME – I receive many ideas of strength to keep on writing – and we know I have tried a little bit of everything so I will also get through this even though this one is tough, but NO I will NOT allow this writing to become the worst sufferings of them all and this is how it is, I will work hard, but I cannot work harder than what I have already given you and NO MORE NOW!
  • I just took a short break on the balcony telling myself that this is all about attitude and TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE and I was HAPPY seeing several UFO’s again, and we know I am TIRED of writing and one more of these memos and yes IT IS ALL THERE IN MY SCRIPTS but of course people would like to get an overview so this is what we will do, level 1, 2 and 3 otherwise people will have difficulties understanding and that is much – and yes TIRED OF WRITING SO YOU CANNOT DREAM ABOUT IT!
  • I felt how big this work will become when working on it and also my potential resistance to it which gave me indications of the potential worst negativity, resistance, sexual nightmare and voices trying to make me negative – and my answer was to deliberately turn down the tempo and NOT to stress over this “mental impossible work” to do also thinking of the circumstances, and finally I decided that I AM DECIDING what to do to come through – not the spirit of my mother or father playing a game using darkness against me – and I will NOT break down because of work overload on this one!
  • And this gave me a vision of my previous self showing me “himself” dark in the bog and telling me “this is how I will leave the bog”, and minutes later the spirit of my father told me that “I am now you in a way, which you cannot imagine; in order for you to become yourself I first have to get back to the Source and this is how I am getting you out from there”.


1st September: Going through extremity to change the original creation and becoming God as original as God self

Going through extremity to change the original creation and becoming God as original as God

Continuing work from yesterday:

  • At 01.00: We are about to make an inner turn disc, which I understood is about part of the structure of the New Universe.
  • At 01.30 I see myself riding the white horse with the feeling of the spirit of my father leading me and it is still rearing and I see a dark horse crossing in front of me.
  • I hear my previous self saying “It is not you who are God and have come to collect me” and the spirit of my father answering “yes it is” receiving a new feeling of my new inner self and still light and here also gentle.
  • I see a heart and the spirit of my father tells me that this is the feeling of your previous self which meets me and the colour feeling is still grey.
  • At 01.50 I saw the King Christian 7th, a sceptre and a crown.
  • I was shown the light of my mother from the balcony and told “I am red but not as red as you” and in a vision I was shown the UFO as a balloon.
  • At 02.00 I was looking at pictures of Braco and I felt how the spirit of my mother became light very quickly and she told me “it is also yourself doing it, your own energy is returning”.
  • I feel my previous self as dark now sitting up inside of me and I am told “we are leading this energy to the inside of you” (the energy from Braco).
  • I felt a Viking ship inside of me, and then table no. 9 giving me the feeling that I will return to the Council as member no. 9 and this is why no. 9 is my lucky number.
  • At 02.20 I felt that I was coming to my limit of working and I decided to try if this would be “accepted” so I could get some sleep before meeting Kirsten tomorrow, but when I went to bed I was shown a large dark shadow following me and I was told that this at its inner is the least read but still completely dark on its outside and that it is like coming a parking metre inside a store where there is no money left on it which was the spirit of my mother telling me that she does not have any without I and Obama providing it for her and if we do not give this energy, it would create “not a small explosion of the Universe” – but a big ! – and we know I decided to stand up and offer to work until 04.00 where you will probably say the same again, but I truly need to get some sleep before I can continue creating energy also tomorrow, so 04.00 is what I will try to do – if I can at all – and I will NOT try to make it all through the night and meet Kirsten at 09.00 without sleep because I am NOT strong enough to do this and I wonder if explosions is what happens every time I get some sleep at the moment and it would make me sad to hear but probably a part of the “game” required to survive and we know for someone to sacrifice – and the spirit of my mother “shows” me through my right angle where the “appointed” part of the Universe was, which would have taken on this explosion and we know they know what you know Stig and yes I DON’T WANT TO TAKE PART OF THE DECISION OF KILLING PEOPLE but I cannot go through the night without sleeping, so I can only hope you can receive energy from Obama or Jacob Holdt for that matter or others and yes I am trying my best because I don’t know if I can work anymore – and yes you are giving me darkness temping me strongly to go into negative feelings and voices BUT NO I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT but truly not easy deciding what to do when I also need to come through.
  • By 03.30 I decided to stop working because it was a natural place to stop, which was after doing the first split of my notes into logical chapters, and I was sure that I would not continue from here because I would not start a new “chapter” feeling like this and I would soon break down, but I will stay awake until 04.00 and then maybe to try the sofa to see if you will allow me to sleep and crossing my fingers for the Universe but this is the decision I have taken, I will not stay up the whole night feeling as I do.

But I was wrong because when I tried to sleep, I received a dream where I was sleeping with a remote control to a large boat, and someone came and took the control out of my hands – and previously the spirit of my mother had told me several times that this is a cry for help, but I had nothing to give, therefore (!) – but with this dream I knew the symbol of letting the boat go down, termination, and therefore I stood up and the spirit of my father told me that “you can write that I came back to wake you up and the reason was that you kept on refusing the darkness” – which very STRONGLY wanted me to “curse it all away” and we know VERY STRONG but no I will not (!) and as strong sexual torments too and the spirit of my mother told me that she was willing to sacrifice this way and I was told that if I did not accept any of this I would let the spirit of my father die, but I said against an overwhelming power “I don’t believe in you”, and I was told that this outcry was because of MANY people who would be terminated to create energy for this VITAL phase of building the new structure of me.

So from 05.00 to 05.30 I did the most impossible work ever when I changed the order of the first 28 chapters of my new memo – what is not yet a memo but starts to take form – and we know Stig your worst suffering may be a symbol of your previous self coming to life (?), and after 05.30 it was SIMPLY impossible to start writing this memo on basis of my notes, I COULD NOT, I WAS DESTROYED (!) and I was told that I needed to work 4-5 hours, and when I could not do this work, I decided to start the final edit of one of my websites but after a short period of time, I found that this was also completely impossible to do because I could not concentrate and think when I was falling asleep when doing it and again to “motivate” me, I was told that “it takes billions of years to develop” (life which would be destroyed) and I did not know what to do other than SLEEP was more needed than anytime before, but then I decided to watch videos of Benny Hinn’s miracle crusades and in the beginning I was given “feelings” to both my left and right angles to say “destruction” but I quickly felt the power of Benny also coming to me and he is really transmitting the power of all the people believing in him and here I saw him from different places all over the world with more than 1 million visitors in Manilla and when I have faith to enter this energy, this is what I do, I felt just how good it worked and this was really the only energy source which could help me generate the extreme amount of energy required and we know found it balancing on the extreme edge.

I was told that “we had started removing people, but now we get the energy to lift them back, which we have now started” and at 06.10 I felt a huge dark spirit entering me with an incredible amount of negativity, and I was about falling asleep but still I was shown myself eating fish confirming that I was on the right track. I was shown my self telephoning and told that this is the next we will set up today after saving those who did not die/terminate anyway.

At 06.50 I was at my I don’t know how many numbers of extreme limit again and I really COULD not stay awake and I was “this close” to go to Kirsten and write a note for her that I would not come today because I needed sleep desperately, but I also understood the importance of this and somehow I managed to keep my self going also when I a little later was told that it was a condition that I would go and see Kirsten, help her with whatever she would like to have help for and to do it without she understanding just how exhausted and tired I was.

I was shown a man with a skeleton being built and told ”this is not just a man in the middle with a skeleton, this is you via me” and I understood that somehow I will be in the middle of the New Universe with others having a floating “setup” in relation to me.

I was given EXTREME negativity with cursing and swearing trying to win me over, but I continued saying no, and I was told ”everyone is now safe and I am about to cut the string to myself and turn back and hereafter I am not you, then you will be me and I am still the Creator because this is what you accepted”.

At 07.20 – counting almost every minute to 09.00 – I was told “yes, you are not alone at the board meeting, we are three and I felt happiness of the spirit of my mother being with us” and I was told “yes, you will also be yellow (the Holy Spirit of the New World) until the spirit of my mother arrives”.

I was shown Jeff Lynne with incredible darkness around him and told that ”this is the situation of everyone of us” and yes Jeff is another part of me too.

I felt a new kind of negativity coming and I was told “there are still people wanting to kill you”, which could be some of the people I have written about.

At 07.30 I was told that “you will never get this extreme dark soul back”, the darkness was now less, and I was told that if I had entered the extreme dark and negative voices, we would have carried out the killings. And I was told that “that child with your mother was not mine and now it is all light and it was also darkened a period by your father, and this was the darkest energy ever, which we somehow came through”.

I was told “how do we make Stig into a supplementary teacher besides me” and “it will take one hour” and I felt some darkness. I was also told that the “radio system” was part of the skeleton, but becoming the new teacher is something “I will teach you”.

I was told that my acceptance to take on this suffering means that “we will enter the very inner, which is where I am now waiting for you, and when you will arrive you will become the teacher too receiving everything including the first thought ever thought” and then I heard “excuse me, is there a gentleman out there and well, he is ready and it demands that you help Kirsten afterwards without letting her know you are tired” and I accepted and the next I heard was the “yes, hereafter we are two Gods in the sense that you become as original as I” which I accepted and “alright, we will do it then” – and all of this was done “playing” with my faith and – more than I can write here it included stories of the darkness and information I could not hear, which was meant to bring me in doubt – and all I could say is that I BELIEVE IN THE LIGHT, no doubt about it, and then I felt the spirit of my father as my father all clean and also darkness, which could only be from the spirit of my mother and I was told that we will also bring it as an implant to her, and I was told that doing this required that I was more tired than ever before.

After this I was again so tired that I almost did not understand what I heard but I was told that ”the third post office of Denmark will close in June”, which I did not understand what was about – mail is about marketing of my scripts and the third about the third of the Trinity (?) – and it was followed up by a feeling of Bill Clinton and I was told about his sexual sufferings.

Then the spirit of my father told me that “everyone has been in the bar before, but I have just discovered that you have not” and “you are now a teacher in this church when you have carried this out”, and this was also spread to the spirit of my mother and I was told that this is about “before and after old and new” the same way as if Århus is with and without a Source bringing life giving energy created from nothing, and you lacked and the spirit of your mother will get it in the old Universe too so no one will die because of this reason as you were about doing to some this evening, which could have included some of your best friends because extreme energy was required and hereafter you will get dressed gradually and I was thinking about making my new website/memo on my suffering, which will cause much suffering, which I give to remove the suffering of my new self.

I was shown Mette – John’s daughter – and her husband and told that “everyone will get a new home inside of you, don’t worry this is not what we talk about, no this is an add on, which everyone also will receive access to through you, me and the spirit of your mother”.

I was told that “no one will ever bleed inside of here anymore” and “it was inside of here that I created everything, which therefore also includes all blood, which we are now changing through you and this is why I wanted to bring you here so we will change creation together” and we spoke of the spirit of my mother and I said that all of her good values were to be included, which they were and then I was told “thank you, this was it” and “nothing else than a new creation with yours and the best of your mother’s values and this is the end of this small chapter” and I was told that all of the good of this was transferred to the spirit of my mother too, and I was shown the beach road between Hornbæk and Hellebæk – my favourite area – and told that “this is the finest house we have ever created together and individually but mainly together because this is the house of eternity we are creating, and had we not done this now, we would not get this before creating a new house/Universe again and we don’t feel sure that we could find support for this because it requires that you eliminate everything old and recreate yourself and all of that” and by the way “it is not a joke, it is important for you to write this chapter down today before sleeping”.

Hereafter it was finally a little before 09.00 and I was on my way to Kirsten thinking about how much or little she would like me to help and I was not in the mood to move much, and when I arrived it turned out to be an old closet which she would like us to move to the container and for some furniture in the basement to be moved to her apartment on the second floor, which we then did and as usual I started sweating much but eventually we got everything moved in one hour, and at the container Kirsten had said that she believed it was alright to stand the closet next to the container, which looked full, which we then started doing, but later we met Jan the caretaker and I asked him politely if it was alright doing as Kirsten said, and he told me very clearly that it was not and repeated himself several times – that it was not a good idea to give him extra work to do – and I agreed with him, which made us find place after all in the container and we know I don’t want to bother people, which is why this was fine by me, and I wonder why Jan was so firm with me and has Kate told him about my plan to stay (?) and yes I showed my flexibility here and is this what will spread to the others when they will understand that I don’t want to bother them, but the message is simply that I don’t have anywhere else to live and nobody really likes me to move, so we will have to see …. :-).

When we were moving I was told that “this is from here where all energy originates”, that “it is from here we will stop all darkness at once with the spirit of my mother because this is the easiest to do”, “the most important for you was to do this work to bring energy to fasten the new creation” and also “I now know whom I am and as expected there was nothing before me”.

After doing this work, I decided that “no matter what I will do no more work today besides from writing this chapter” and also to keep my appointment with the hair dresser later, which I made yesterday, and we know now when writing the chapter I am given information of new work coming because we have started a process, which cannot stop and I don’t want to be impolite, but I am in no shape to continue working, so I will keep my decision unless you manage to change it again.

Finalising this at 12.00 and I was not extremely tired, but now I feel that it is returning, and I fear that this “hammer” may hit me later today.

My previous self is starting to wake up not only inside of me but also inside of Obama 🙂

After lunch I managed to do the hair dresser agreement – I had VERY long hair – and again I received VERY strong sexual speech including “encouragements” to keep on working and when I came home I was told that if I decided to work the rest of the afternoon I would receive an easier evening vice versa – and also threats coming of killing Karen if I did not work – but I had nothing to give, so I decided for the sofa and I decided that the threat was the darkness because it is part of my rules to protect my “special friends”, so the sofa it was and I thought I could keep me awake but I slept for maybe half of the time or more from 15.00 to 19.00 – I was destroyed – and I had a dream of being together with Jack where we looked at CD’s and found a new, remastered and expanded with an additional CD version of “the gift” by the Jam and I told him that “this is the best album by the Jam” and the extra CD was of course to say that our New World as a gift with all of our love will receive this superstructure with the inner core of the Source on top of it to make us “happy together” :-).

After dinner I was really thinking that I would like to relax in front of the television and to start a normal working day tomorrow, but even though I now did not receive any special negativity – not much – nor threats, I thought that it is probably still the name of the game to give as much energy as possible to my inner self and also to help the spirit of my mother and when I started work again at 20.45 – after wathing the amazing Jan Gintberg on television thinking that I love your sense of humour and would love to meet you – I was given a feeling to my left food, which was to say that this is helping the sufferings of the spirit of my mother, and since there is not much to do writing on the script, I will see if I can started on writing on my sufferings now after having received some sleep, which however was not much and can I work all night long until tomorrow morning and “take it from there” (?) and we will see.

When I started work I was told by the spirit of my mother that “now it is only you and me, your father will be busy liberating you using the energy your provide” and later that “we will make sure to get you up if you go down on this” because I am somewhat concerned what will happen the next 1-2 weeks where I hopefully will finalise my new memo and all of my website.

I succeeded starting writing my memo/webpage with great troubles because I am not “motivated” to deliver yet another “20-30 page memo” or whatever it will become feeling as I do, but we know I really first need to get started and normally the work will “take over” until I finish with it, and we know I did not receive much negativity this evening, so has the “procedure” earlier today helped or will it first come to me if I stop before I have completely sunk down once again and we will see and yes I feel tired on the surface and it will probably break through as immense tiredness during the night and from there we will see for how long I can continue, and also if this is still a game we are playing, and we know I would not mind going back to a “normal” working day of 8-10 hours.

  • At 23.15 when working – using my energy – I was told “we have started pulling a blue blanket out all over the New World”, which is my new self, or previous self, spreading.
  • When working I am given feelings around my right angle again making me feel uncomfortable because already at midnight, I feel strong impatience and not much energy to continue doing this work. I will not last for long this night.
  • And I felt my very dark previous self around me when working – still coming back to life.
  • At 00.25 I had made the first draft of 3½ pages to how my life was before 2004/06 and I received the feeling inside of me that it is now becoming “almost impossible” to keep on working, and therefore I will take some Braco healing and see if I will be allowed to sleep tonight, my eyes have now started falling down by themselves and we know Stig, no more work possible but if I pressure myself with a walk and a bath I might be able to hold a few more hours and we will see what you will make/”encourage” me to do and if this is still required.
  • Before sleeping I was shown myself playing table tennis using bats of all colours at the same time – everyone is in play (!) – which was/is needed to bring energy to wake up my previous self as Jesus, and I was shown that my previous self is also entering Obama now.



Dreaming of the New World looking fantastic giving everyone the opportunity to create their own “small worlds” as creators

I was surprised that I was allowed to sleep – on my sofa – from approx. 01.00 to 09.00 so apparently I have given the extreme energy required for the last days and I had these dreams:

  • In Copenhagen at night I found 540 DKK on the ground, which was difficult to see and difficult to unreleased bank notes from the ground.
    • With difficulties I am collecting money, i.e. more energy.
  • I have started working at DanskeBank-Pension again and I see Kresten and others never going to the canteen at DanskeBank anymore to have lunch.
    • This will have to be about not needing to go to DanskeBank to bring more energy to create our New World and eventually normal life.
  • I have started work at a new very modern employer – also pensions – with some difficulties because the other people did not take my ideas seriously, and now I see that the employees talk about developing new systems with market shares etc., which I thought about year ago. I notice just how wonderful this office looks with all brand new and fancy computers, and I hear the song “midsommervisen” by Shu-bi-dua playing from one of them – and the lyrics “på dit bud” (“on your command”) – which makes me happy and I tell the others that “it is now 18 years ago, this song is history of Denmark” and I think about going to a new concert with Shu-bi-dua and that the singer Michael B. will probably recognise me again as he has done before at previous concerts.
    • Working with pensions is working with out New World, which was difficult to create because of lack of faith in me – and lack of energy as the result (!) – and the employees will now start to create their own new systems (“small worlds”) because everyone will become creators in their own right in our New World – and here thinking about how happy this will make us as the parents and yes Stig you are a little bit of everything – and the quality of our New World and the “creation systems” of all beings is what you can see from the modern office and fancy computers, I did my absolutely best, therefore and this is done with love, hence the music, and the lyrics “on my command” is because if I did not decide to do my best we would not get to this situation.

David was kind again sending his thanks

Early this morning, David was kind to send his thanking email, which he ALWAYS is very nice and disciplined to do, thank you, David 🙂 – and I am wondering why you are so disciplined showing the right behaviour and that Elijah and now sadly also John are not – they do receive money too (!) – and I am also thinking of how your families are, if your situation has caused deaths of your families, friends and your “old” children, Meshack?

Dear Stig,

I take this opportunity to say thank you for the cash support. It came in handy and shall manage to reduce suffering from us.

I shall take some time over the weekend to write more.

God bless you.

Good day.

ENERGY is the “being”, which just “is”, which is what caused CREATION and LIFE

After waking up and after breakfast, I decided to take a LONG bath until 12.00 (!) and here I was shown among other things:

  • I felt my previous self Jesus as a young and completely clean man inside of me.
  • People entering the bus on Espergærde Station, which I do not and I have a bottle of water, which I cannot open since the spout is locked.
  • I understood that I am the boat myself – or the world is, which is the same as the plane – and that it does not sink, this is what it meant.
  • I saw worcestershire sauce – or English sauce – being taken out from a store and I am about to write on the window ”welcome to my New World” and a cutting torch being removed from the street.
    • English sauce is a favourite of mine and “English” is symbolising “my home” and here we are about putting up the welcome sign to our New World and remove the last cutting torch and here the cutting torch is also for me to include the item of Aftenshowet on DR1 yesterday evening about Ole Thestrup – a favourite actor of mine – who kept on calling himself for “den Thestrupske skærebrænder” (“the cutting torch of Thestrup”) as you can see here because of the way he speaks and what this really was about was the behaviour he showed symbolising the wrong behaviour of mankind when he was so drunk in a plane in 1988 that the captain decided to stop flying and land and we know a symbol of the world ending because of wrong behaviour of mankind

Ole Thestrup was so drunk in 1988 that it forced the captain of an aeroplane to do a safety landing – a symbol of the wrong behaviour of mankind, which made the old world collapse

  • The darkness was not strong but I still felt that all of the background of me was dark and if I entered it, I could hear all of the negativity inside of it.
  • I was shown the pipe on a ship soaking up the ship and I was told that “we were about to soak up the whole world but now not one single piece of it will be soaked up”.
  • I was shown an aeroplane with a rope hanging out a small hole with the rope being cut and the plane keep on flying, which is about when the connection to the Source and my previous self Jesus was cut when Jesus was killed, which was the same as the plane of the world would crash sooner or later unless we succeeded to reconnect and to create a New World.
  • I was shown beef transforming into cream and becoming an Othello layer cake and I know that cream is “my nightmare” – in physical world but CREATION in the spiritual – and the layer cake is the result, which is “me” and that is also the New World, but here it says that beef is transforming to cream and we know going back to the previous step of creation and we know ENERGY is what created life, is the feeling/understanding I get here and we know “simply being” is “energy” – a vital part of life – and when you don’t have energy, there is no world and yes Stig, we also had to reach this point to provide energy for our future New World and this is then what we have set up – or going to set up – I am not told clearly but feel that this is connected to doing the last part of my work, so this is then what we will have to do.
  • Here I can also write what I have been thinking for some time, which is also a reason why I decided that I don’t want the darkness to take me over even for only a short while to produce energy and that is because if the darkness took me over (in recent weeks), wouldn’t this mean that I would lose contact to the Source again (?) and I was shown a high jumper jumping over the bar all the way to the left and I was given the word “flop”, which is a special technique used when jumping and also meaning “to miss” and I was given the understanding that there would have been another way leading to the goal in this situation.
  • I have also been thinking about the Source being alive as the spirit of my father and loosing connection to the original source and we know when he has transformed from his “old natural being” into his spiritual being, I don’t believe that his old natural being is still intact, but the Source may just be the “energy resource” of the world, which is what we lost contact to and it is from inside of here we also “happened” to find the natural beings of everyone else.

The old world is now a part of our New World, which very soon will open up including our new Golden Age

At 12.00 my mother called me on Skype – it is her birthday and i wrote an email this morning congratulating her (I cannot call her when their computer is closed) and saying how much I look forward to seeing them and also Sanna/Hans again thinking “when the time is right” and she told me that she has now become so old that she cannot handle both to shop and make dinner for the family and yes this is what she said (!) – but not one single word on Sanna (!) – and also that we have to see each other soon again, and then she invited me to visit the Tivoli Gardens the 23rd September to watch Michael Falch play and yes “one of my true favourites” as I told her happily when she told me – the one with the song “nye tider” or “NEW AGE” as you will remember – and yes Stig, his daughter decided to play together with her father in Tivoli, because “Tivoli is great – how can you turn that down” and yes this was the sign saying that “love overcomes all” and here the love of my mother to me and yes with the truth being that my family had decided to “never see me again” and of course led by Sanna again, but when getting to the point my mother could not live her life without contact to me, and after this call, I felt the spirit of my mother now being part of me and also that the old world is now part of the New World and I saw my sword and heard “it is exactly your mother, who is the last part of your sword, of your New World” and here the invitation for Tivoli is for us “coming home” and we know I do believe I will be ready with all of my work at the 23rd September at the same time as there will be world championships in cycling in Denmark with the road race elite men the 25th as the culmination and we know which may be here that I will cross the line finally to say that I DID IT, I COMPLETED THE JOURNEY WITHOUT BREAKING DOWN, HERE IS THE NEW WORLD AND NEW AGE AS MY GIFT FOR ALL OF YOU and we know just a little bit more work to do, and yes a LONG memo on my sufferings and not nice to do but I will do it and that is without problems because this is what I have decided that I will do – and eeeehhh Sanna anybody home (?) and not easy to understand your brother when you do “nothing” about it (?) and only listen to your own WRONG voice and yes this is how you create NAZI ENERGY almost breaking apart the family which was almost breaking apart our world to go the last distance, but we decided to do our best, which is what we will be the most happy with in the long run, therefore – PS: We had emergency plans ready if needed, but they were not, and they will not become needed before I will finalise my work.

And I may add here that Michael has done many fantastic songs, and DIN HIMMEL SÅ BLÅ (“your heaven so blue”) is one of my true favourites of yours (Lis is also fantasic on this song) and so much that I will think of this song with the blue of myself spreading all over the heaven of our New World – and why did you not do a video of this, Michael (?), but maybe not too late and I wonder if you will play this song and also “nye tider” in Tivoli the 23rd September and maybe there will be a recording of this concert too?

Later I was told that this is about my sister’s attitude “nobody is going to tell me what to do” (!) but all of what you do is to tell others what they are supposed to do (!) – the opposite golden rule – and this is why she again has decided to be WILL DEAF and then I was told again that they one day will say “the best part is (which is an old saying of my mother also physically) that we all knew about Stig inside of us, and that he was right and Sanna wrong” and I was told “without this, there would be no New World”.

And yes I wrote this chapter and yes I don’t want to harm anyone!


I decided for ”flexible working hours” today first starting to write my script at 12.30 and at 14.40 I decided to go to the library to return the Mahler CD and the other day I was surprised to see when trying to renew my loan on the Internet that I have been blocked at the library and when asking today I was told that this is because I owe too much because of sometimes returning borrowed items too late, and shortly thereafter the answer came to me, which is that we have now CLOSED THE LIBRARY OF THE OLD WORLD and made this a “branch of our New World” with the before mentioned shutters for negativity and yes my friends I will repeat it: THE OLD WORLD DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE, IT IS NOW PART OF THE NEW WORLD, WHICH HAS OPENED! – But you still need to show a clean heart to be given access to the true New World outside of the department of the old world, which is what we now will call it.

And when I decided to do some shopping at the supermarket Føtex in the shopping centre, I “accidently” met a young lady volunteering for the NGO “RED BARNET” who wanted to tell me about the conditions of the Horn of Africa and Dadaab with the goal to recruit me as a member – more money to the NGO and Africa (!) – and we know it ended up with me telling her shortly my story of having been to Kenya and that the living conditions is even WORSE than what also NGO’s believe – I was given the feeling “including” Mimi, the General Secretary – and I gave her my name and recommendation for her to find the LTO memo on Dadaab, a living Hell on Earth, on the Internet and to share this with Red Barnet to help everyone there to do an even better job, and we know I asked her not to let my website “confuse” her but to focus on the memo (!), and when she continued speaking about recruiting me, I told her the story that in my visions of a New World it is better to help directly with the heart from one person to another and that NGO’s are only a part of the old world and also that I do this myself giving more than 2/3 of my net income and I wonder how far she will come with this and if she will give up on the way because of finding out “who I am”, but maybe this short conversation will bring her enough doubt that it also will be beneficial for our course and the New World.

After this I was told that “this is also what I mean about witnessing you from the first parquet, we are now all ONE again”, which is about the Trinity uniting as One.

RELAX DON’T DO IT – WHEN YOU WANT TO COME, which is what I did

When I returned home, I could decide to run again because this is what I feel like – but also that I am still beaten up (!) – and I thought if this will become one of those new marathon nights approaching and I decided that I will not run today but believing that I also will be fresh enough to run tomorrow (!) – and to use the time working now, which is how I prioritise after using time on the bath and shopping – and we know I don’t believe I will be made to work until I will sink again, and just the belief after events the last half a day and we know right now listening to what was an OUTSTANDING SONG when it was released in 1984 I believe and so much that the world had never heard the like of it before (!) – development and use of new instruments, which I like – and we know RELAX, DON’T DO IT and Frankie is soon not going to Hollywood anymore as an actor forced by the darkness and that is because I decided NOT TO RELAX “when you want to come” and to “shoot it in the right direction” and yes I wanted to shoot a goal for us all, so just saying that WILL POWER is what brought me/us through, not relaxation, which have the world consuming us once again!

and because I did not relax, we all came through 🙂

This should be the end of darkness, thus also my suffering, but I believe it is about what is coming when ending my work

At 16.30 I had written the script so far of today, which gave me the chance to do some more updates to my front page after the disclosure of the old world now having ended (!) – which I finalised at 18.30 – and when I did amendments to this page, I could only conclude that when the old world has ceased to exist and now is part of our New World, the only conclusion is that all darkness has now ceased to exist – there can be NO negativity of our New World (!) – and what remains of our world as a “department” of our New World is simply “poor habits” and before you will be released to our New World, you will have to show a clean heart, which basically is to change your “habits” or “conduct of life” and we know this should mean that my sufferings should stop now including giving me normal sleep and no negative voices etc. and yes this is what I believe in, and we will see if this is what I will experience from here now that I have my attention on it, or if there is truly a place outside our New World, which is still full of negativity and we know which I don’t believe in so when this is the case, there should be no dogs to my right shoulder and we know what about “hallucination” and “faith” and if I believe there is a dark dog, there might be one and when I know there is not, there is none (?) and we will see, and by the way I also had the feeling of people of other civilizations telling me “welcome home” and more is to come and it may also be the darkness telling me that this is what is coming, but it has not come yet – seen that many times (!) – and we know this actually gives sense that this is what will come with the ending of all of my work, because I clearly had darkness and negativity coming to me also today, so this is what I believe it is.

After dinner I published the three last days of my scripts at 19.40 and both when updating the front page of my website and when publishing the script I felt directly that it released darkness from the spirit of my mother – this is how darkness is converted into light, through communication of my physical self.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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