September 5, 2011: The creation of a New World II and all creators will create diversified masterpieces of Universes


Summary of the script today

3rd September: “You are now Bacchus (Wine of God) like me, my Son, but not without suffering”

  • I continued working all evening and night – one of those nights again (!) – and becoming Buddha is simply becoming “me” as the spirit of my father told me and that is God on Earth, the spirit of my father and my new inner self are now leaving the Source, recreating me is “the same as creating life from out of nothing”, “there is something inside of this darkness, which is what you will be told during this process”, “there is an identity code for every part of me and now you (i.e. all individual life) and what am I then made of and the truth is of nothing”, returning from this place will provide our eternal energy source, “it requires the same energy as before” to get me out of the Source.
  • The night was one long drag to get the spirit of my father and me out of the Source with the spirit of my father dragging me, it required EVERYTHING and then some more of my energy doing it, the faith of millions of people attending miracle crusades in India and around the world as I watched during the night will help curing me, the “means of destruction” was finally removed from the world, and I received the absolutely worst threats and attempts to overtake me from the darkness to send out evil, which I however avoided and don’t know quite how I did it, but I did it. Finally in the morning first the spirit of my father left the Source, afterwards I was told “we are about setting up the diamond lamp for you” feeling Elijah with me and finally at 08.40 after overcoming the worst “test” yet I was told “you are now Bacchus like me, my Son, but not without suffering” and I wonder if I will be able to go through more tests of this calibre, which is the worst ever.
  • I received inspiration that the Danish Prime Minister has asked the media not to write about me yet, and still the Danish politicians keep on doing their “best” acting and working for the old world instead of preparing the population for our New World, where the watch is ticking down.
  • This very important work we are doing now is to help make it easier to expand in the future with new life without feeling in pain when doing it, this is what the extra energy of me becoming original creator means. We have built a world on top of the other, which was not included in the original book of creation.
  • I had no more energy but decided to do my two mandatory applications, and I was told that the Danish government has asked the Danish media to wait writing about me.

4th September: The creation of a New World II and all creators will create billions of diversified Universes 🙂

  • Dreaming of suffering, no more light/energy and crossing the red light making the darkness follow me and when I had NO MORE ENERGY to work I also dreamt of saying goodbye to “lovely girl” with all of my love and saying goodbye to a man from Faroe Islands having a bear in my lap, which is a sign of destruction: I had NO energy and the darkness was led out on the Universe bringing destruction of people including their original code, which brings me MANY tears.
  • After this I started thinking that ”something is not right here” because everyone should be guaranteed survival and I had not received a permanent injury to my right foot as I should have in case of destruction, and then I understood the clues, which have been given to me LATELY, which is that this part of the Universe has now been separated from this Universe creating my New World II as a consequence of the new creation the other day where I became the original God as much as God self with the creation of my own New World II as the logical consequence. In the future everyone will become creators in their own rights meaning that we will eventually create billions of diversified Universes as masterpieces like Picasso with me/the Trinity in the middle as the anchor and through us everyone will receive access to all Universes, which is what is BEYOND OUR DREAMS.
  • I received another nice email from David informing me that “food is scarce and so are income sources” and local politics have removed focus from the famine ravaging the country, which is HARD to believe really can be the case (!). I ask the Kenyan Government to CHANGE YOUR COURSE and help preparing for our New World!
  • I visited my mother and John having another nice evening together and I told the SIMPLY LOGIC of parts of the need for a New World Order and also about the old story of the light and darkness coming to me and what it is all about, which is difficult for them to ACCEPT is the truth, but the ideas is for them to put two and two together and for my mother doing this to help bring me up the last steps towards my coronation as King.

5th September: A new part of the world “broke off” to build my New World II – after sleeping, not working

  • I decided that I will NOT continue working at an extreme level using energy I don’t have and I was therefore allowed to “sleep” dreaming of Dahlberg not wanting to show their “true face” to the world and considering what to do about my recent memo on how to build the best insurance system in the world, where Dahlberg is included, strong sexual dreams of the darkness and despite of this I am still “hired” to continue my work, spiritual communication not working, a new part of the world “broke off” because of my decision to sleep and not work but I still have faith that this part will be included in my New World II and I did a “completely crazy” kick on goal hitting the post and now need help to do the final scoring.


3rd September: “You are now Bacchus (Wine of God) like me, my Son, but not without suffering”

I am becoming Buddha, which is to become God on Earth

After the update of my website and publish of my script I continued working on my new “sufferings website” the 2nd September in the evening when I received these messages:

  • At 20.40: The spirit of my father told me that “I just have to get out of there (from inside of the darkness of the Source) to become my true self again because I will do what I have promised to do” – and I was told that becoming Buddha is simply becoming “me” as the spirit of my father told me and that is God on Earth.
  • At 21.15 I was told: “Elephants on the way, we are both leaving this “dull” place called the Source”, with one elephant now also being my previous self as Jesus, and the darkness tried to use my “disgust” of having to start writing many more pages on my memo to lead this darkness to the spirit of my father and by now it should be clear that the darkness cannot force me to do what is WRONG, so this I will not do.
  • When continuing to work I felt the spirit of my father holding my previous self in the hand almost dragging me out and I am shown from darkness and the relief is gradually coming with the progress of my writing on my sufferings, and this evening I was in the conflict of not knowing for how long it would be “right” to continue writing, but I decided to write until midnight and when I felt that there was 3-4 large chapters, I did not have energy to do today, I decided to write some of the shorter ones instead waiting to write the long ones until a time when I feel more fresh than here at 22.55 as it has become now.
  • And I was told that recreating me is “the same as creating life from out of nothing” and I know that the feeling I am given is that if I don’t do my best work here, I will not come alive and I do believe and hope that this is a feeling only and of course I will do my best, but I feel also with this work, that it requires my best to overcome the feelings of “almost giving up” and it would not be good to start giving up and I am given the smell of sawing through tree because it would mean that we would have to give up “parts of the Universe” to provide the energy provided to do this work, and again here at 23.00, I don’t know if I will be allowed to sleep or am again going to work until I will sink of exhaustion, but I will try to sleep around midnight to see if this is the level I can continue on.
  • Eventually at 23.35 I was happy with what I have done today deciding to relax for half an hour before going to bed, and we will see if I will be back before going to bed, or if it will first be tomorrow morning starting a new “normal work day” at least according to the circumstances and yes we will see. Goodnight!

And it turned out to be one of those nights coming again and we know Stig doing this with discipline and not because of happiness now to say the leas but knowing that it will come and yes when coming first to the sofa and half an hour later at bed – I was so tired that my eyes kept closing down – I received these messages:

  • “There is something inside of this darkness, which is what you will be told during this process” and I felt a wall of darkness to my right pressuring on me and making me somewhat scared requiring my best deciding not to be scared and it continued “there is an identity code for every part of me and now you (i.e. all individual life) and what am I then made of and the truth is of nothing”, “it is like an amethyst opening by itself and people asking where it originates from with the answer being, it is just there, it is nothing which became everything, we cannot say it differently”.
  • I was shown light and “extreme happiness coming” and I saw myself crawling up from a cover in Copenhagen looking over at the National Bank symbolising an “incredible amount of money” as the symbol of the energy source providing energy for us for an eternity.
  • I was shown myself following a man in front of me running on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen away from Nørreport Station in much rain towards our work and when trying to follow him, I cannot keep my balance and keep hitting the walls of the buildings, it is 23.30 in the evening and I am thinking what in the world (?), I am now going back on work knowing that I later will leave work in the other direction to Nørreport Station and have to go back all the way to Helsingør, and when I arrive at work, I am in the basement scared of what will happen and I look out of the windows into the darkness without seeing anything.
    • This is really what is coming through one more of these marathon nights and again if I don’t make it, a true nightmare will probably happen to the world – I felt the boat in bed before leaving it (!) – so therefore I will now try my best again.
  • I was shown first a bass and then a new violin and told “this is how we feel because you found into the same as I and you are now the same as I, and to get you out, it requires the same energy as before” and this is then what I accepted when leaving bed and we know sitting here once again, and yes knowing that I can do some work, which I will do – but not much energy left – and then some more Braco and Benny Hinn or what I may fall over, and when the tiredness become overhanging, maybe a walk and then a bath and try some more and then when I know that there is absolutely no more to give, I have given my everything, and what will happen then (?), will I then be able to sleep for 8 hours or maybe shorter and then having to repeat it again (?) and doing my memo in between all of this (?) and we know this might be the scenario and truly not the best way to finalise such a journey, but if this is it, it will have to be done and better that I do it than to take the energy from the Universe, so we will see how it will go.

“You are now Bacchus (Wine of God) like me, my Son, but not without suffering”

  • I decided to update the script, which needed it (previous chapter) and to keep on working on my memo as long as I could and I was told that “my working is what generates the most energy of all”.
  • When working, I saw a pyramid and I was told “you have not become a pyramid inside of there, have you” (?) with the feeling that a pyramid is the symbol of a God.
  • At 02.30: I see a diver from deep see coming up with the feeling of gold and “is it a whale he is dragging” (?) but here with the feeling that it was an octopus.
  • At 02.50, “your foot is not that red anymore, it is more orange” meaning that people of the world will now not been killed if I did not do this work – I have started writing a longer chapter on the Commune in my memo and longer than planned, which is good for this process – and “you are not going to “die”” as I am told and I write “die” because at this moment the right speaker switched off for a short while as the symbol of dying.
  • At 03.30 after starting to receive more and more positive feelings and also relief, I was to my surprise told that it was sadly not a whale that I brought up with me and asked if I am willing to go back, and I decided that I did not believe this was true, but if it was, I can only say DO YOUR ABSOLUTELY BEST and I will do mine too – and later “I am not going to shop at that store because I am not a Heinz 57” and here the understanding that I AM A TRUE RACE MYSELF now and we know I HAVE INVENTED A TOTALLY NEW WORLD INSIDE OF YOU and I AM STILL THE SAME (the feeling is another world) and we know apparently there is still more darkness and riddles coming to us, and I know that you have told me that I am everything and you are now part of me and still the Creator, and you have also told me that we are now both becoming the original creator, so my understanding is that I am the New World created by you, which is also what you are saying, and that you are part of this world yourself and we know I believe in the first I am told (we are one as the Trinity) so this is what I believe has to be the case and yes “we will work on that” – and we know Stig, you are writing MUCH on the memo and cannot understand that you can, but as long as you can, there is no way out than to continue, and OBAMA IS ALSO WORKING OVERTIME AT THE MOMENT.
  • At 04.30 I was shown one of the last jugs from the ship being unloaded and by now my arms were hurting so much from writing that it was not my tiredness but my physical strength in my arms setting the limits this night, and I thought about going to bed by now when I could not continue working but on the other hand, I was not sunk down physically completely, so I thought that I might as well continue doing something – and maybe I can continue writing later and at least after having received some sleep later to recover from.
  • Hereafter I started watching some videos and I found revival services and gemstones with INCREDIBLE power of God through His Way Church of New Zealand, which came to me at the same time as the spirit of my mother stood forward receiving this light because she needed it, which I can tell because of the feeling given to my left foot when writing this, and she told and showed me that this made her feel light instead of dark – and I was told that by watching videos of this church, they will receive a sign of me which they cannot misunderstand :-).
  • At 04.50 I was told that “this could not be done without your sister too” and I am not becoming very tired at the same time as I am given very strong and negative voices saying that much darkness is converted to light now, but not very easy to do and afterwards I will probably get the same feeling as usual “but also not difficult”.
  • At 05.00 I was given strong good feelings around my head and told “you are not an orb yet”, which was also a reference to one of the witnesses of the Jerusalem UFO who took pictures of the UFO as an “orb”, “which you also could have decided to go into, which you however did not” and also “this was also planned by us”.
  • I also watched videos of healing miracles of World Revival Church in Kansas, Reinhard Bonnke attracting millions of people to his meetings and others.
  • At 05.20 I was given a feeling to my right angle of a child coming out from there and I was told that “it is now the universe delivering you” and I felt the relation to the videos of these people I am watching and I am told that their faith will now help cure me too.
  • At 05.25 I was shown my self sitting on a wet rollercoaster and told “there are a lot of people inside of you too” and I can only conclude that these will have to be the same as the people inside of the spirit of my father based on what I have learned.
  • From 05.45 I decided to go for a walk – trying to stay wake – and during the walk I felt how my right leg on the left side from the angle and up to above my knee opened up, it was red all over and “something” was leaving from it, which I was told was the “means of destruction” (from the Universe) and “not before now”, which I understood that we stopped the Source of darkness in May but remaining darkness of the world has still been able to ignite through this invention of the Devil.
  • And when I returned home at 06.05, I was told that what you just witnessed was the rebirth of your father and thereafter it is your turn, which may take another of these marathons because I don’t believe I will hold for much longer now also thinking that I cannot work on the memo anymore – but the negative speech is still VERY powerful so I don’t know if I will be allowed to sleep.
  • At 06.30 I decided to see if it was alright for now to sleep also thinking that the sooner I can get some sleep, the sooner I can get back to work again – and I was told that my right angle needs time to heal so what about staying up for 2-3 hours (?) and I don’t know what is right, but I will see and also because I am indeed more than tired now to put it mildly.
  • At 07.15 I am back again after a long bath and we know as tired as when I have been the most tired, but still in bed when trying to sleep I was shown visions of ladies playing on their sexuality while being in public on a ship, which I knew was the keyword to stand up and when I was in bath I was told that this is now for me to continue or to accept proposals of the Devil of killing my mother as one, and I do hope this is only a threat because my mother is the world and what is this about (?), is it made as a play for me to either believe that it will bring enough energy to free me too or still to terminate the world and I am sure of the first, but I tell you this situation is simply unbearable because the truth is not just about killing my mother but something worse (termination for real or a threat?), and we know I WILL NEVER CHANGE MY RULES also protecting my mother and hoping the Devil cannot make me because this is above my limit, which I cannot bear for long and we know I will watch some more videos until I sink, but when sinking nothing will happen so this is maybe only about getting the last piece of energy from me before this happens?
  • I was told “This is to spread my pain coming alive with as many people as possible to make the damage as little as possible”? And at this time it was simply impossible to keep my eyes open and stay awake and I did not think I would be able to do it, but I was told that it was a condition doing it this way.
  • I watched Benny Hinn and many others doing miracle crusades around the world, and finally concentrated on Benny Hinn in India – Mumbai and Bangalore – with millions of people attending and I was told and shown “we are about setting up the diamond lamp for you” and I felt Elijah with me several times here and I was told that this was why I was inspired in my email with the script yesterday to ask him about how his mother and siblings are doing in this the worst crisis of the Horn of Africa.
  • At 08.10 I was told and shown ”you are red/black sitting there” and I felt the presence inside of me, and later ”we are also healing the wound of the world after the expulsion of everything evil of the world, which is what we use India for, while you are watching”, and when this happened, these hours and minutes I had the worst threats of sexual nature and worst negative voice trying to overtake me to order evil to the world and my mother and despite of being on my absolute most expanded edge, I decided that I will NEVER allow evilness to spread and I was thinking how in the world will I stay awake when the force was so powerful also to make me sleep, and I was told “all of these people will help create the energy you cannot create yourself”.
  • At 08.40 I was told “you are now Bacchus like me, my Son, but not without suffering” (Bacchus: The wine God), and I was still concerned about the tests I will have to go through now and over the coming days and that is if I am strong enough to go through these because these are the worst tests of all where I have been the closest to giving up, but somehow I have made it through until now, and my extreme tiredness now started becoming better making it easier to stay awake, and I could continue writing and editing this chapter, which I thought would be impossible to do before receiving sleep.
  • I was feeling red inside of my right under leg and told about the wound after removing the evilness of the world: “There will be nothing empty when we have filled up”, which I understand is what now is the next task.
  • At 09.45, I was still with Benny Hinn in Bangalore – the long version – and I liked seeing what he did.
  • At 09.52 I was told that “we are still inside the sauna, just to you know it” (almost burning as I understood it) and really because I was thinking “how in the world am I to do any work today” thinking of how I am doing without sleep and after what I went through, and the spirit of my mother is not only “whole” without suffering/damages but glad to have you back, which is what I am told but then I see her also in dark at the front and still given the green colour of hope “we are all waiting on you here”.
  • For days and maybe 1-2 weeks I have constantly been told “the only thing your mother thinks about is you”, which may be true and please understand that this is both a message from the light when she is thinking of how I am doing and also of the darkness in relation to my nightmare, which is NOT NICE LISTENING TO.
  • For weeks I have also felt mother Theresa with me, and thinking of the lady from Russia here, whom I met on the plane on my way home from Geneva in 2009 and her becoming the new mother Theresa.
  • At 10.10 I was told “you will lose your breath when you will see what is behind all of this” and I decided to write this down not understanding what it precisely is about because I know until now that it was energy, which created life and what was the “tricker” of all of this (?) and we will see when you will tell me and yes “from out of the darkness” made by this “foreign body” and yes yes yes HE WILL DISOVER HIMSELF SOME DAY as the big baker man says, is this how it is, another Universe on top (?) or how is energy and a trigger/”will” created from nothing and yes this is what is breathtaking me right now and I will let you know when I can and can you (?) and that is to work on my memo today, and I understand that the spirit of my mother will benefit from it, and I might give it a go to see for how long I will be able to work and will I last until lunch or in the middle or end of the afternoon (?) and when will I get more sleep (?) and we will see and the extreme negativity has now decreased but there is still much of it waiting for me which is what is holding the spirit of my mother down.
  • The spirit of my mother told me that “I have kept up the Universe without you and your father” (?) and I cannot tell because I thought I received a new skeleton the other day, and I was close not to write this, but the spirit of my mother asked me politely to include it, so one day it may be understood.
  • At 11.20 I had written some more on my sufferings memo with difficulties, and I had to take a break from doing this work, my arms are still not feeling good doing this work and tiredness of course even though my eyes are not now automatically closing – and I did this on my edge to help the spirit of my mother.
  • At 12.00 I was told that I am playing a game with the risk of being thrown out of my apartment etc. and told that this is the absolute best scenario and if I cannot finish the game at this level, there are of course reserve plans (?) and this is how it is, much information and not to tell which is true and falsh.
  • A long time ago I was told that drinking red wine has made it more difficult for me to come home the same way as becoming thick and also if I have watched violence on television, not cleaned up etc. and just saying that everything – also of actions of people in relation to me – is included in this formula to find and reinvent life and that I have accepted that one day a detailed result paper will be published and that may be any day it is ready.
  • I had NO ENERGY but decided to do a little bit of cleaning and vacuuming because it really needed it (!) – but kept nice on the surface – and also to vacuum some more darkness.
  • I have been told many times – and much these days – that keeping my old rules giving the spirits of my mother and father completely free access to me – except from the very few rules I have given them – and they will control the amount of darkness they send etc. instead of me deciding to set up rules for this and that and everything it of the biggest importance because if I had started changing my rules under this immense pressure we would never make it home through this route and the darkness has tried to set up many rules including to block access of darkness to me but NO!

Danish politicians asking the media not to write about me and working on the old world instead of the New World

And while I was at it – I decided that I could not work this afternoon – I wrote the mandatory two applications for the week with one of them for a position as office manager at a school in this Commune and I have of course given Brede Park and Falck as references where they can get “super references” on me (!) and excited about that one, but the school manager may well decide to exclude me even before making it to the second heat (!) and also as manager for business educations with Danish Industry, which was a “perfect” job to apply giving me a chance to send my memos on the worlds best labour market including a link to my New World Order with the new education system and my Falck memo and insurance memo too and yes as I wrote, DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO THIS (?) and yes to take the old slogan of the Danish “trash” newspaper Ekstra Bladet and no, you don’t have the courage (?) – to write about me – and why is that (?), oh is it because the Danish PM has asked you to wait and yes “it must be the best solution” for him and me and the world, but Lars WHAT ABOUT THE DETAILS (?), it is all about READING AND UNDERSTANDING and when did you do this the last time and we know “nice to have people working for you doing the HARD work” so you can concentrate on TALK TALK TALK and DO NOTHING (!) and yes my friends, YOU ARE THE TYPE OF POLITICIANS WE CAN DO WITHOUT and that goes to all Danish MP’s as example of the world doing the same and we know MUCH more to this story later – but of course I like Lars, Helle, Villy, Pia and Margrete to take some of the far too many Danish Party leaders, the only problem is that you are ACTING with this election coming here in September and that you are wasting your time. Why don’t you start preparing “your” population and “disarming” Denmark to use the time efficiently because you have not forgotten that you only have time until the end of 2016 to get this sorted out, and so far you have FAILED all of you and we know the world too!

Finalising work now at 13.45 and I might decide to keep the rest of the day off and to go to bed whenever I feel tired again and we know I am not tired right now, but feeling “too exhausted and “blown away” and here just my favourite music to all countries and governments to say that I love you, but STOP TALKING and GET STARTED WITH THE TRUE WORK, please and yes my dear world, it is YOU I am talking about because it is you who are going to show a clean heart and decide if you want to live forever and yes who wants that and you can take the QUEEN for example as a an old symbol of my mother, which I really don’t like since I am the king but that is another story and yes GET STARTED, please.

We have built a world on top of the other, which was not included in the original book of creation

Later in the afternoon after sitting / half sleeping on the sofa I was told “I cannot tell you how important this is” and I had a short dream where I first met Paul in the parking cellar where he left (me!) with his car but first after he saw that I had left the projector switched on for him at the ceiling of the cellar, which he criticised, which is about extra power I have to give after Paul left me, and afterwards a dream where I am going to a party outside at my mother’s husband John two days in a row, and when I arrive the second day late at 23.50 I ask them if they can party even better than the night before, and I am really interested in looking up at another planet where I earlier have seen plenty of life, and later I see a football stadium of 40,000 being expanded to 200,000 spectators and I was told that what we are doing now is to avoid doing a Heimlich manoeuvre in the future every single time we will have to expand, “this is what it means with the new setup with your bringing extra energy” and later I see a book of creation being read, which includes single records and I am told “this is about creating a world on top of the other, which is not included in the book but what we have done”.

At 19.00 I still received encouragements to both watch videos and listen to healing sounds, but I could no more. I was at my edge, completely pumped.

I was told by the spirit of my father that we are now about to be cut over because we were One when he picked me out from the Source. I was shown and felt to the right of me the first part of an ox entering me, and the ox was surrounded by darkness, which was the spirit of my mother bringing darkness, and I understood that all of the ox will enter me and the rest of the darkness being removed while doing the rest of my work.

I was told that my new self is NOT my old previous self as Jesus but made up by our memory, and I could only conclude that this is a message of the darkness because I was in no doubt that Jesus was transformed to his previous self when returning to the Source 2,000 years ago and have sent out “signals” from there for us to reconnect.


4th September: The creation of a New World II and all creators will create billions of diversified Universes 🙂

I had NO MORE ENERGY to give, which made the darkness destruct people of the Universe – bringing many tears

Finally at 21.00 I went to bed not knowing what to expect and by 22.15 I was woken up with this dream:

  • I am driving in my Opel Manta at night in Copenhagen on roads with water, the only lights are traffic lights, all other light is switched off, if is foggy, at one place I drive over red, which the police, but they first have to turn around and in the mean time I have driven from the main road down a side road where I hide from them.
    • There is much suffering, i.e. the fog and water, no light, which is no energy and I do what is not good crossing the red light making the darkness, i.e. the police, follow me. When I woke up from the dream it was with the understanding NO MORE ENERGY and I HAVE TO CONTINUE and since I knew I could not work anymore I thought about more videos, but NO, I had reached my last limit, I could no more and it made me sad because I believed that others of the Universe now would have to sacrifice to bring the energy I could not.

I soon fell asleep again and I was allowed doing this because I had NO MORE to give and until I woke up at 07.00 I had these few dreams:

  • Something about saying goodbye to a girl from Iceland looking like Björk, who is a lovely girl.
    • Is this goodbye to people of the Universe sacrificing with all of my love?
  • I sit in my living room together with people around me. I have a bear as pet, which is lying in my lap and something about “use to be dangerous but no more”. A man from the Faroe Islands is on his way home and I tell him that “the next time I would like to hear what your people really think of Denmark, and then I will try not to lose my sober-mindedness”, and he tells to my surprise that the islands are only a little bit cooler than in Spain, but if you hang up in the air, it is much colder.
    • One hour after waking up I was told that the bear symbolises destruction and as I understand the dream it is because people around me don’t tell me the truth and because I lost my “sober-mindedness” when I could not work anymore. And the islands – the home of God – is now “a little bit cooler”, and my thoughts this morning has been to revive what we may lose on our way and that is what can be revived in our New World, and we know the goal is 100% ….
    • I woke up to “father figure” by George Michaels – and extreme feelings with tears here – and the lyrics “I will be the one who loves you, Until the end of time”, which I understood was GOODBYE WITH ALL OF OUR LOVE AND TEARS.

I started working at 08.10 and even thought I have slept and on the surface feel better, I still feel exhausted and don’t know how to complete my memo, and also thinking about what the day will bring – my mother invited me yesterday to come this evening, which I am looking forward to despite of not having the energy for it, but it may also help this process with the love, my mother gives – and maybe it will be a new day being encouraged to run to bring energy, which I will do now knowing that I will probably face a new night without sleep and my dear friends, I don’t believe I can continue working at the level I also did at the last “heat”, but we will see during the night and we know I feel badly with this view of new impossible work coming and I feel that I don’t want to become happy again after what happened during the night with sacrifice of and I don’t even know what but may be “part of the Universe with an unknown amount of people” and have they become terminated (?) and if this is what they have, you should still have their original codes and “everything of the Universe is recorded” and I don’t hope that this is to eradicate all of their codes and identities forever and I hear now a different and very serious voice telling me “YES it is” and many tears given to me and I feel a being which is the combination of the spirit of my father and mother also telling me “maybe they have been transferred to our New World through you” (?) (the New World on top of the other) and I don’t know, and yes Stig you would have liked to do better but you could no more, and now you face the same situation again and we know the starting point is lower yet again – and we know also a déjà vue given to me here because I know this termination would happen, it is inside of me – and with this knowledge, I have to keep on working, which gives me the natural feeling to be sad and do nothing, but it will only make it worse, so I will try to overcome this and also the darkness working again trying to overtake me so I will give out orders of destruction directly, but I will NEVER do that and we know not nice is what it is.

Later I was thinking that if the darkness had overtaken me, I would be able to relax myself making a larger part of the Universe destruct, but when I keep on saying NEVER (!), it is the same as asking my spiritual self to do EVERYTHING they can to bring out all energy of me – which is why I am not allowed to sleep etc. (!) – and only in “emergency situations” we are allowed to bring it out on the Universe and we know Stig, I would prefer no termination and yes the rules are still “my special friends are protected”.

The creation of a New World II and all creators will create billions of diversified Universes 🙂

Later in the morning I thought about the meaning of the GUARANTEE of EVERYONE to enter our New World, which is what becoming Buddha and reaching the cradle of life means – which I did the other day before this – and hopefully that these people have not been terminated after all but truly are to be found in my New World II – the world of Stig – as I believe I will call it.

And I also wondered why my right foot/angle is not hurting and that I have not received a permanent injury to my physical body directly symbolising the Universe and is this to say that “something happened” but also that this is a play to get me working as hard as possible and that a “security net” has been set up, which may be that what we are losing of this Universe is the foundation of my New World II, which will take billions of years to develop (?) and I don’t know, but this makes sense to me based upon the information I have received LATELY and yes by Stevie Wonder and I cannot see it yet but it is incredible beautiful, hence also the reactions of the spirit of my mother this morning, and yes this might be it.

Later I was told: “There is nobody who not only brings the aeroplane safely home but also creates a New World (II), this is what is totally insane, but not more now, it will come” (when this game and all darkness is over).

Even later: And this is what I believe will happen in the future when all people as creators will start creating new life themselves and that is that we will get millions and billions of Universes and all of them connected and yes Stig through me in the middle, this is the set up with all beings floating around with me in the middle and through me there is access for everyone of all Universes to visit all Universes in the future and of course everything will be different based on standards – I provide the tools in shape of linen and brushes and then it is up to all creators to produces “masterpieces” of new worlds as Picasso and many others have produced masterpieces on linen – creating immense happiness and so much more, and yes do you see it in front of you, this is how to create the most extreme happiness while going through the most extreme suffering and sadness, which in due course will give all of us all of this and yes yes yes – and I do think we will all become happy after all, I just had to understand :-).

And later again: Of course (!), we now know how to create new life from out of nothing else than “energy”, so all New Universes will be created with many new lives and we know can you see it, two creators meeting and creating their new child/Universe.

Later: And because I have continued to say that nothing is to be destructed and because I have refused my nightmare to come through so therefore the energy had to be directed elsewhere and this is what we decided to do – and my foot is not hurting because I am everything and we know Stig the Trinity is still my mother, father as the creator of this Universe with me as the Son/this Universe and my self as the Son and the creator of the New World II and yes this is really how it is.

This means that I have decided to finish my work without going into the same extremities as lately. I will NOT work around the clock with everything I have anymore. I will work concentrated until I finish, and if I am not allowed to sleep, it will NOT make me work all night long again – this is my decision and I do believe that NOTHING will change this, and that is unless of course a new game should start making me believe in the necessity of doing this – and I still wonder how this next night will be – and if you don’t have enough energy, you can only do as you did this night too, which is NOT to terminate anyone but to help starting my New World and if people out there volunteer doing this, this is what I prefer.

And I do hope that all spirits have been transferred to this New World II ALIVE AND KICKING starting to plan the New World, which I am sure I will see myself one day not long from now.

Continuing work on my coming webpage on sufferings structuring it in greater detail to make the work easier

This morning after writing the script so far I did a few updates to my website including expanding the Council from eight to nine including my own resurrected self as the ninth and this is why number nine has ALWAYS been my lucky number, this is what it symbolises, and when I did this I had the spirit of my mother with me together with her feeling of being “proud to have reached this moment of time”.

I have been “concerned” about how to do the long chapters of my new memo/website on sufferings because they included many notes and “concerned” because of the immense pressure being put on me at the moment, but I decided to do an extra round of structuring, which was the only logical thing to do because otherwise it would be impossible to write this chapter – the longest one is “negative voices” – and after having divided all notes into new sub-categories, I have now discovered once again that the work is easy instead of impossible to do and now I will just have to do it, which I will start doing after lunch and we know to take the other chapters on “sexual suffering” and “reaction of people towards me” – or whatever they will be called when finished – when I will reach that point and we know it will still take some days to write the first draft of the memo and then some days for the first edit, which is normally also “difficult” work and when reaching the second edit maybe 7-10 days from now, it should be piece of cake and hereafter to finish it and hopefully also get the time to do the final edits/improvements to my Signs III and IV pages and to my website in general reading it one final time, and then it is CHRISTMAS and THIS WILL BECOME MY FINAL BIRTH and yes this was the game all along and yes BIRTH WHEN OPENING UP THE EYES OF MY NEW SELF and “we can hardly wait” is what I heard when writing this.

At 15.25 I had written most of the first writing on the chapter of my negative voice, and I know that from here, it is only to be disciplined to do this work, and this was the test I was given where I was made unfocussed and even though I was not as concentrated as when I work my best, I was happy with what I did because I know that this memo eventually will become of the same standard as my other writings – but still we will see what will happen during nights from hereafter.

I am taking out my GOLDEN SHOES

I ran this afternoon, but it was not very good because of how I feel and also because I decided to decrease my ambitions to what feels more appropriate, and when I ran I was told that we are about to take out my GOLDEN SHOES – wakening up as my new self – and OF COURSE this was why the THREE SWEDISH BROTHERS HERREYS decided to do the song “Diggi-loo, Diggy-ley” for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1984 about “life is goin’ my way when I’m walkin’ in my golden shoes everything I ever dreamed of has suddenly come true” in the English version below and “everybody is looking at me in my golden shoes” and “Heaven is opening, you can hardly believe what your eyes see” in the Swedish version here and if it won (?) and yes, “you bet”!

Local politics have removed focus from the famine ravaging the country – CHANGE YOUR COURSE, prepare for our New World!

David was kind once again to COMMUNICATE – I wish that Elijah and John would be ”able” to do the same since you are “fine”, but you don’t find it meaningful to write to an old friend of yours (?) – and when it comes to the email from David below, I was happy to receive this short news update about how you and your family are, about the team and also the country and I am sad to hear that as usual the media of Kenya is focusing on local politics almost leaving out the world (!) and even worse as I understand you, your present difficulties of the starvation and why is it so difficult for these WELL PAID politicians of Kenya to step forward, admit what you have done, repent your wrong actions and what about supporting me in public, Odinga & Co. (?) and how difficult can it be and that is to step down from your well paid jobs including the bribes you receive to prepare for a New World Order?

Thank you David for communicating. I am sad to say that 1-2 of your friends still have NOT learned this easy practise despite of my influence, but as usual I send my best wishes for everyone including all of your family members.

Here is his email:

Dear Stig,

I am grateful for your continued emails. I am fine this weekend but down with flu. I would like to thank you for your continued updates and encouragement.

The weekend is fine though i have some flu. My family members are fine but passing through tough times as well. Food is scarce and so are income sources.

I have been in touch with all team members and all are fine.

It is dry in most parts of Kenya with some showers here and there.

Local politics, especially the trial of post election violence victims has dominated local tv. This has removed focuc from the famine ravaging the country-a sad situation.

Life goes on and I thank the God for bringing us this far.

Have a good day.

Thank you,

Explaining the light and darkness to my mother again for her increasing understanding to help me forward to my coronation

This evening I visited my mother and John and on my way in the train I was shown a great King inside a church more blue than red and I was told “you have already become this big”.

I was also shown the outline of the world as silver – love that song and band too 🙂 – and told by the spirit of my mother “this is my colour from here”.

We had a very nice evening together as usual and I explained about how the world needs to change into a better ”order” and later about myself and the good old story of the light and darkness coming to me from the outside in 2004/06, which I could find no “help” for other than to find out myself what it was about and what to do to remove the darkness from me – which nobody else than myself can do (!) – which was to become CLEAN and to write my writings to help others become clean; for the light to be stronger than the darkness, and of course they only want to help me (!), so I do hope that this story now will be “easier” for them to accept as the truth even though it is not “easy” to comprehend and that is not because of my explanations but because of the true nature of what this is about and we know EVERYTHING I SAID THIS EVENING IS “SIMPLE LOGIC” TO UNDERSTAND as I told them.

I was given MUCH darkness especially at the beginning of the evening hard to come through – as usual.

On my way home in the train I was shown a ship rising up to the surface from underneath the water with the God of water, Neptune, leading it and I saw it sailing in over the island heading to the centre of the world.

I was shown SILVER opening doors to very fine premises “because I will bring you the last steps up for your coronation” as the spirit of my mother told me and this is about the understanding of my physical mother in me putting two and two together – and earlier I have been told that it is also a condition that I will not be thrown out of my apartment to do this “act” and again as Stig I can only say that WE HAVE TO COME THROUGH NO MATTER WHAT because this is right to do.


5th September: A new part of the world “broke off” to build my New World II – after sleeping, not working

Dreaming of a new part of the world “broke off” to build my New World II – after sleeping, not working

After midnight I decided to go to sleep – not starting to write the last piece of the script yesterday as I was encouraged to and probably I would also be encouraged to continue all night and the morning etc. using all energy I could give – and I was excited to see if I would be allowed to sleep and we know if I did not, I had already decided that I would NOT continue working all through out the night, I simply cannot take it anymore and still feel destroyed of what I have gone through and I also received threats about my old nightmare now becoming even worse and the feeling that I would not be able to resist it and I knew that this would NOT be true because I will NEVER change my mind and allow this to happen, therefore (!), and eventually I slept during the night, however not very good until I stood up at 06.50 after having had these dreams:

  • I woke up to the song “Gotta Get Away From You” by Thomas Helmig – also fantastic Thomas 🙂 – and the lyrics “But I’m gonna keep on walking, I don’t know where to”.
  • In Dahlberg, I have written a text about the agency, which has to be approved by Niels – something about approve this for teachings, which a conservative supplier of insurance does not like much – and I understand from Niels that the agency does not have to do accounts before next year.
    • I don’t know what the accounts are for – showing the TRUE picture of the company to the world maybe as I am told here – and because of this desire not to be included in my recently published memo about producing the best insurance system in the world, it is now up to Niels – the CEO – to decide what to do and of course “what about our relations to the British (conservative) insurance market”, which they “of course” will not risk to “suffer” because of me and yes this is from Bo and Bo do you have any idea of how much your uncontrolled and negative FEELINGS have hurt me (?) and we know you will get to know, and all I can say is “come on and get me, if you can”!
  • In Helsingør I meet three Iranians, who do not like the attitude of Danes towards them, and I tell them that I don’t like the attitude of the Danes too nor their attitude towards work and something about me being Master Fatman – a well known person in Denmark – as one out of three.
  • TV2 sport has the option to hire one of two pairs of young men, and I am part of one of the pairs together with a beautiful lady as the third, and eventually they decided to hire my pair even though they were in doubt because of the lady, but they believed in the ideas of the young man.
    • The beautiful lady was a disguise of the spirit of my mother doing sexual acts in the dream, which I did not like (!) and this is probably to tell that my decision not to work around the clock could “dismiss” me on the road we are driving, but I can only say that I don’t have the energy to keep on working as I have done recently, and we will have to drive the last piece of the road as I decide to do and better to come home doing all work than to give up on the way – I CANNOT AND WILL NOT WORK AS I DID RECENTLY ANYMORE!
  • I am driving a car out of prison and speak about sharing the money lying on the floor of the car, but when I meet Tom from the park he declines and says “you can share the money without me”.
    • I understand that this is Tom helping me to get out of prison giving me more energy, i.e. money, because of positive thoughts about me. Thank you Tom, I miss you too and look forward to becoming friends again.
  • I have received a heap of paper telling me about “markings” on my Skype profile and the reason is that Skype is not working, and I meet my old colleague Berit from Danske Bank who has received the same and I tell her that this is probably because she is popular.
    • A telephone system not working is not good news here – because I cannot bring enough ENERGY to make it work after my decision to cut down on extreme work (?) – but I hope you will find a work around one way or another and I really thought that you had created the new system (spiritual communication system) but WHAT DO I KNOW (?) MY FAVOURITE by Saga 🙂 – or maybe it is only temporarily not working – and we know the word “popular” from the dream gave me feelings of last years Eurovision song “popular” from Sweden, and is this what will bring me home, that people like me?
  • My old step father Ole has called asking to have his pension paid out, and the receiver of the call tells a group of employees around a table at a restaurant that Ole is sick because he believes that he is a woman, and I offer to speak to him because I know him, but finally it is my old colleague Steen from GEFI who decides to call back, and when he calls it is my old friend Jack picking up the telephone in the other end and I see him wiping a wine glass.
    • To pay out a pension is to remove a part of the world, which this is about and again because of my decision but I KEEP THE FAITH that this part is transferred to my New World II too and I have decided that THIS IS MY ROAD HOME, and Steen is in the dream because he was the only one I dismissed in my career and we know to say that people are being dismissed from this world and transferred to the New World II and before I went to bed, I said “I wish all the best on your journey” and we know Stig, this CANNOT be different, and Jack is about “monitoring” and the old world becoming clean and to start drinking from my New World of “everything”, i.e. the wine glass.
  • I was shown the Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic using his heel first hitting the post of the goal – a “completely crazy” detail – and then one of his fellow players scoring a goal , but I don’t believe I got it recorded on tape.
    • Swedes are “joy and happiness” and scoring a fantastic goal and let me say I did the kick by Zlatan and others are helping me to put in the ball, which this is about and because I did not have the extreme energy required to do this until the end at a level, which was killing me – and it is also I this context that my “lifting” up of my mother is to be seen.
  • I woke up to “guardian angel” by Masquerade and the lyrics “I lost my guardian angel”, which is because I am writing about my sufferings these days and one of the greatest of them is that I truly lost my guardian angel, Karen, because this is what she and I promised each other, ALWAYS to help and protect each other (!), but promises are easy to forget, aren’t they Karen (?), when you are possessed by the Devil taking away the “power to understand” from you and we know to perform in a MASQUERADE is what Karen’s life has developed into when it comes to sex, and I did not want to become part of that and yes Stig, this is how to understand the words of Mike Hunter, who did a clairvoyant reading on me in 2005.

Continuing work on my website and sufferings page

I started working at 09.10 today and I was told that “everyone will get first parquet” and really like a question because this is now possible – for everyone to witness my journey in the future – and “no problems, mate” go ahead and we know the CROCODILE HUNTER is also “popular” here and yes Stig MANY signs given to the world and also to you lately not revealed, but will be revealed to the world in the time to come.

I wrote the last part of the script yesterday and the script of today so far until lunch, and after lunch I continued doing few updates to my website and I received among the strongest ever sexual threats and torments, which made every second DISGUSTING to come through and this lasted until I changed the front page of my website to clearly inform that the structure of our future world will be with the Trinity as the anchor of everything and not only “me” as I had written so far, and when I had written this, the immense suffering reduced, and this came after some days where the darkness has tried to make me reflect the darkness to the spirit of my father and NO, none of you are to become hurt!

I continued hereafter work on my sufferings page until 16.00, where I felt exhaustion of what I have gone through, and I decided to start preparing the last three days of script to be published, which I finally did at 16.30 – probably calling it a day, but we will see if I will do a little bit more later in the day/evening or wait until tomorrow.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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