September 9, 2011: The biggest UFO show yet: The faith of Eligael is helping to bring faith of my mother in me!


Summary of the script today

6th September: Politicians TALK without acting in relation to me, which is causing destruction of parts of the Universe

  • Dreaming of “all life will reduce life emission to bring me home”, politicians of the world keep on TALKING without acting in relation to me, which is causing the destruction of parts of the Universe at the moment, people are suffering/sacrificing because of my decision not to work around the clock, they do it to bring my previous self all the way home to me, this destruction is planned by God self, my mother and sister brought me incredible darkness yesterday for talking wrongly behind my back focusing on how wrong it is for me to send money to Africa thus not affording to find myself a new apartment – even though everyone would like me to stay at the present apartment herewith overriding crazy rules!
  • I have started receiving an increase to the number of visitors to my website decoding the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO also because of the Google map I did on witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO, and a member of the Jerusalem UFO forum posted a fine, new video he has done recreating the Jerusalem UFO event in 3D based on original architectural prints verifying the whole event. He helped bringing the truth to the world and I decided to post my comment to this with a link to my site to tell people the true messages of the UFO, which no one of the world “could find out” even though it was publically available and just needed to be put together as a puzzle, which I then did!
  • All new worlds of the future will receive access points between different worlds and also “a set of the Trinity”.
  • STRONG darkness of my mother was pressuring me much and also bringing more of my previous self towards me, and the light of my mother started flying towards my balcony again after “hiding” for some time because of wrong influence of my family on her in relation to me.
  • I have received an “inexplicable” increase in visitors from Facebook – fictitious “spiritual visitors“ (!) – symbolising an increase in “invisible friends” of mine around the world. Will you please stand forward and support me?
  • I was given information that maybe the explosions of the Universe did not happen at all but was only given to me to have me working as hard as possible to finalise the setup of the Universe – time will tell.
  • In 2006 I received the word CLARISSA from my old clairvoyant friend Georgie, who had received it spiritually for me, and today the meaning of it was FINALLY revealed. It is the middle name of a lady in Helsingør – symbolising my New World – and her place called “THE ENERGY AND GOLD NETWORK”, which is about opening up all of the Source to bring eternal energy for our New World. I will attend their meeting the 18th September; we are now “very close” to the final goal.

7th September: The Danish PM has difficulties reading my scripts and follow my recommendations

  • Dreaming of the Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen “journey to the other side” goes through reading and following my scripts (!), people want to throw me out of this coming “empty” apartment (!) unless the darkness reduces and the world focusing on “repairing” the economy of the old world and I ask them to BELIEVE in me and the New World Order.
  • I continued my work on my sufferings memo, which is making me suffer, but it is gradually progressing – and a UFO showed me that only little darkness now remains.

8th September: The biggest UFO show yet: The faith of Eligael in me and the birth star is helping to bring faith of my mother in me!

  • I was sleeping most of the night dreaming about asking for more energy from the bank, which makes the light switch off – the Universe has no more energy to give other than breaking parts off to my New World II …. ?
  • I was happy today to receive a declaration of faith from Eligael – the king’s evidence to the Jerusalem UFO – who sent me a message and promised to go into greater detail with his “investigations”, which may also include the monk (God in disguise) of video 6.
  • I did not have much to write on the script today so I could start concentrating – with difficulties – on writing my sufferings memo climbing a very steep hill again today instead of giving in and accepting the “easy way” through, which would give the Universe even more suffering. It seems that my memos of Scribd makes it “easier” for my mother’s husband and also sister to at least read and understand some of my writings, which is also where they will see my memo on sufferings because it will be too long to bring in full on my website (other than as an embedded object). The plan seems to be that at the end of all darkness, my mother will understand FULLY about me, which will be when I will open up the eyes of my new previous self.
  • Symbols on two live TV shows spoke about “the energy”, which is the energy of the Source for our New World, which I was told will be connected by the Council.
  • It is the spirit of my father sending out darkness because he is forced to do this – and the spirit of my mother bringing it to the Source to be converted to light. I was told that tight after my rebirth, I will be presented for the origin of life
  • I received the BIGGEST UFO show yet with first four UFO’s at the same time on the sky followed by five afterwards showing me how the faith of Eligael – the witness of the Jerusalem UFO – in me and the Jerusalem UFO being the birth star leading to me is helping to lift up the faith of my mother self in me :-).
  • The Danish newspaper B.T. launched a new smear campaign against the potential PM of Denmark with the purpose not to get her elected. It was DISGUSTING and is this the government standing behind or solely very WRONG behaviour of the newspaper? SHAME ON YOU, B.T.!!!

9th September: I am becoming Christ and receiving the absolutely finest wine of our New World

  • Dreaming of the need of STRONG managers to develop teams until they have changed habits to follow my Basic Working Rules, speaking of management included in my Falck memo, which is a surprise to managers and on my way to Pfaltz in Germany to become the Christmann/”Christ man” receiving the absolutely finest wine of our New World.
  • The Commune visited my website shortly again now focusing on the behaviour and work site where my Falck memo is embedded, and your only option now should be to approve me to continue doing my own work as “activation” and to give me my cash help until I receive my own income!
  • I was VERY happy for Elijah writing to me again and he is still with me and giving me his support in these difficult times. THANK YOU, Elijah :-).


6th September: Politicians TALK without acting in relation to me, which is causing destruction of parts of the Universe

Dreaming of politicians keep on TALKING without acting in relation to me, which is causing destruction of parts of the Universe

Yesterday I received so much darkness and constant pressure of the strongest sexual nightmare – much creation going on (!) – and negativity trying to overtake me, which kept me almost desperate most of the day and EXTREMELY tired again with my eyes falling down and I thought about just how tired I am of all of this suffering, no words can describe what I go through and how disgusted I feel of this torture, but then again “always look on the bright side of life” (!), and with this I went to bed at 22.30 sleeping most of the night with these dreams:

  • First I felt how extreme darkness flow through me and just before falling asleep I was told that “all life will reduce life emission to bring me home” (my previous self).
  • At the airport I see people talking about setting up doctor clinics and I see a dark horse rearing and waving its tale hitting people, but nothing happens, they only TALK, TALK and TALK.
    • When I woke up I was told that this is politicians of the world causing the destruction of pieces of the Universe at the moment bringing much PAIN and that is because you TALK, TALK and TALK without acting, and why did you not follow my encouragements for weeks/months to support and communicate directly with me to avoid this destruction? Please do what is right in stead of focusing on yourselves and being softy, it is NOT too late to start sending me emails copying in your media.
    • I woke up to the incredible BEAUTIFUL song “save a prayer” by Duran Duran and the lyrics “Don’t save a prayer for me now, save it ‘til the morning after” and I understood that new destruction of the Universe was now about to happen, but also that New Life is starting at my New World II using this as foundation. Watch the video below from an ISLAND, which is so beautiful that “we can call it paradise” and this is what I would like to think my New World II and its new inhabitants will become without anyone becoming terminated.

To the souls leaving this world and entering my New World II: “Don’t save a prayer for me now, save it ‘til the morning after”

  • I see a competition where a number of people – including the comedian Casper Christensen – jump into water through a hole in the ice, but I am not to jump myself, I am hired to do these kind of productions. I meet Sanne Salomonsen and I tell her that I am becoming more well known because of this job, which also includes music, which is my favourite, and I tell her that her performance of “Jeg i live” (“I’m alive”) on television was fantastic, and later I see how she writes new songs where she is given detailed lyrics by Mark Knopfler on one side of the paper, which she then reads and become inspired from and extracts of this become her new and simpler lyrics on the other side of the paper, and I notice how tidy she keeps her bag, which makes me happy to see.
    • People are suffering because of my decision not to work around the clock – I could not handle it any longer – but the dream also says that I do this to bring MUSIC, my love, to the world and in order to become alive as my previous self Jesus. And the dream says that Sanna is divinely inspired as an artist because Mark Knopfler to me is a symbol of the “guitar God” – love your music too, Mark – and here God self through the spirit of my father and it is with this power that the “bag” is used to explode parts of the Universe to bring this “sacrifice” as the beginning of my New World II.
  • I wake up in the morning at Sanna and Hans house and decide to stay all morning including lunch before I leave, I am wearing a dressing gown only and I meet Tobias new girlfriend, whom I have not met before and I feel that she has be told that I am crazy.
    • This may be after my visit to my mother the other day, a following conversation between my mother and sister, and then again I am on the minds of Sanna and Hans and focusing on “money” they are, which this lunch is to me and we know “he cannot afford to find another apartment because he sends money to Africa” and yes this is of course totally WRONG of me in their minds, isn’t it (?) – I understood this underlying message to me on this of my mother the other day – and that is even though everyone knows that it is WRONG that crazy rules say that I cannot stay here but should be able to stay if/when people decide to do what is HUMANE right, and we know another example of people who cannot think and understand and yesterday I was told that this was the extreme darkness given to me yesterday before I changed “me” as the future anchor to “the Trinity” on my website, which I again and again was told had “utmost importance”. I am wearing a dressing gown – not trousers – which is saying that the decision to speak WRONGLY behind my back and my sister’s influence on my mother is bringing me the closest to my worst nightmare, which at the same time are building blocks for EXTREME creation! And Tobias has been with his new girlfriend for many months now, I have not seen her yet because of the WRONG actions of my family and she only knows about me through Tobias, his mother and the family and what did they decide to tell her about me (?) and yes “you bet”!

When starting to write today I was given the feeling of people of other civilizations and the words “even though this is tough, we feel happy to offer this sacrifice” and THANK YOU MY FRIENDS and I wish that this would not make you suffer, but this is the only way I can come all the way home, so please share my POSITIVE thoughts and APPRECIATION to the whole Universe and when thinking and writing this I was told “you have already done this now” and only the positive without the “not that many negative words” I receive at the same time and we know Stig feeling better this morning than yesterday making it somewhat easier to work today and yes because of the sacrifice – I was told that the spirit of my mother informed the Universe that it was almost impossible for me to finish my work without more help/sacrifices – and maybe also because of the following chapter.

Receiving more visitors from the UFO community and a new fine video documenting the Jerusalem UFO event

Especially yesterday and today I noticed an increase in the number of visitors to my “decoding of the mother of all crop circles & Jerusalem UFO” site as you can see below from the number of visitors to my site the last week, and I understand that finally the “UFO community” of the world is starting to get to learn this page, which also may – with a big smile as I receive here – be because of the after following Google map of witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO event, which I decided to prepare some months ago leading people from here to my website and yes even though it says that I am the Son of God and people may have thought “he must be crazy”, you cannot always keep people away from what is the best information on the Internet on this event and we know when people will finally discover this, they may also decide to trust in me being the One.

For a long time the script of May 29 with the ”love symbol” was the most visited page, but now my decoding page of the Jerusalem UFO has been “discovered” by the UFO community

My Google map of witnesses to the Jerusalem UFO event also leading people to my page decoding of the Jerusalem UFO

And finally yesterday, “UFOPOLITICS” from the Jerusalem UFO forum decided to post the following video showing the event recreated in 3D on basis of architectural prints, which led to “the assurance of this event reality” and this is part of his introduction to the video:

“We recreated the entire event in 3D Animation over the Mount of the Temples. We reproduced the architechture of all the temples and buildings within the Mount, the Landscaping and the Topography of the surroundings and Horizon from the Cameras point of View from the main Three videos. All based on the original Architectural prints”.

We animated the CGI UFO following the exact path it travelled. Verifing it matched exactly with the angles where the videos were taken…

We found many issues and facts that only leads us to the assurance of this event reality…”

I decided to write this comment to his video both on YouTube and also the Jerusalem UFO forum, where he also posted it:

And after posting this message, I received a STRONG taste of fish in my mouth …. :-).

I was HAPPY to receive the reply from “Ufopolitics” above and during the night he had a LONG “conversation” with a sceptic based on others videos trying to make this event a hoax and we know I was happy to see that when your do your job “perfect” as Ufopolitics does – contrary to the hoax-videos (!) – it is still possible to convince sceptics with evidence, and he did for sure do that during the night here and we know “a new force” coming over him is what I am told here.

I was also happy with his comment below at YouTube, which confirmed that people are starting to “understand” me inside the UFO-community, and it is nice of you to call me “sir,” but I really prefer that you simply to call me Stig :-).

I am receiving NEW FRIENDS around the world – will you please stand forward and support me?

Yesterday and today I also experienced an “inexplicable” increase in the number of visitors clicking on links from Facebook to my site (“referrers”) which today at 11.40 showed 14 clicking on a link and yesterday it was 13, and normally this is ZERO (!) and some days maybe 1 or 2 after posting a new script when “friends” decide to click on my links leading to this, but here this number simply tells me that the number of “new friends” are increasing in the world – because this number is NOT reflecting the true number of clicks from Facebook (!) – and we know Stig they are “invisible” to me, but this is what the spirit of my father here tells me and also the feeling that HE SEES EVERYTHING but I am only given “almost nothing” of this, which is how I had to start my mission and yes my NEW FRIENDS – also India (?) as I am asked here – will you please stand forward and discover that there is nothing to be “afraid” of.

I have received an “inexplicable” increase in visitors from Facebook symbolising new “invisible friends” around the world. These Facebook visitors are fictitious “spiritual visitors“!

I have received a total of 38 referrers from Facebook the last 30 days including 27 “fictitious” visits today and yesterday. The difference is the “normal” number of Facebook visitors!

All new worlds of the future will receive access points between different worlds and also “a set of the Trinity”

Yesterday evening I was told that the wounds of the Universe after removing “weapons of destruction” were used to transfer parts of this Universe to my New World II and I was told that I will decide myself when to shut down these “wounds” (when I will finish my work) and then again I was “made” to think that it is a good idea to keep an open access between our two worlds – and future worlds to come – so this is what I will do, to keep it open. Everyone will receive access to other worlds through “access points” between Universes and I was told that if I did not change “me” to “the Trinity” as the anchor point of everything, there would be no access between Universes.

I felt very strongly how the BLUE colour was “pressured” towards me from my right all day yesterday, which also included extreme discomfort because I felt the darkness around the spirit of my mother, which was used as “fuel” and this fuel was delivered by my mother again standing in the situation of thinking “should I believe in Sanna or Stig” about me as I was told.

I was also shown two colours coming at the same time, which was yellow and silver and I understood that yellow was the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of this world and silver was the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of my New World II and this is to say that the Trinity has decided to divide ourselves into spirits of each New World, which eventually will create “billions of spirits of us”, which all are part of the same original Trinity.

And my yesterday evening ended just before going to sleep with the light of my mother for the first time in quite some time flying towards me on the balcony as it has done many times before, and lately I have only seen it trying to hide in the horizon behind other buildings – this is how it has literally been shown to me (!) – and this is to say that this is the strong influence of my family on my mother and it took a new speech by me the other day for my mother to “open” up again thinking that “he just may be right”.

Did the explosions of the Universe really happen or where they “designed” to make me work as hard as possible?

I wrote the script of today so far until lunch, and hereafter I did some shopping – the cheapest offers (!) – and continued working hereafter receiving the questions if there were explosions of the Universe or not AFTER having taken out the weapons first and also after always saying that I don’t want any explosions to happen and we know normally the first version of a story is what I believe in and here I am brought in doubt because if this is true, there has been no explosions and all of the suffering of the Universe has then only been given to make me work as hard as possible – as the only way to do it – to finalise the setup of the Universe – and the New World II without explosions – and on the other hand, I have felt incredible amounts of darkness around the spirit of my mother and myself so I really don’t know and as usual this is a game of what do I believe in (?) and I don’t know today so we will see when you will let me know the answer when giving me more information over the next days.

And two minutes afterwards I was asked what happened with the bomb of Nixon – the Doomsday weapon – and yes it did not explode because I did not allow it, which therefore may be the logical answer to this too, and we know to keep as much darkness “inside of me” as possible to protect the world and this was the general idea – or did it explode because I “thought” that a Devil was created (the “boy” underneath my left hand)?

Later I was told that I am receiving this information for becoming closer to the end of my work – and also for my comment to the Jerusalem UFO forum mentioned earlier today.

I kept on working with my sufferings memo in the afternoon and even though I felt the darkness breaking up with the feeling that I have given the extreme energy and work which was required, I had big difficulties concentrating on doing my work this afternoon, but I did it – but not my best focus, I REALLY had to pull myself together – and I am thinking that I have to focus more on this now also hoping and working to reduce the time it takes to do my scripts and we know to come back to the rhythm I had at Falck when I worked most of the day to produce the long memo for them and I don’t know how long this memo of my sufferings will become, but it is now 35 pages before having completed the first writing of it, so it is growing and maybe it will become 50-60 pages (?) and IMPOSSIBLE work is the feeling I still have today knowing that I have to edit all of these “rough” writings to become something readable and we know including summaries too – unless I will do the same as with the Falck memo – and maybe two weeks to finish (?) and I don’t know but +/-, and what determines it is when I will be satisfied with the work and when I am, then I am ready and so it is here.

By 16.55 I decided to stop working, hoping that tomorrow will become even better than today so I can work focused on this for maybe 6-8 hours, which I really need ….!

“CLARISSA” means to open the eternal energy source of the “gold network” of God for our New World 🙂

This afternoon on Facebook I saw that Selvet announced a “prayer and goodwill” meeting on the 18th September in Helsingør, which would not have caught all of my attention if it was not for the fact that it is held at the place called “THE ENERGY SOURCE AND GOLD NETWORK” and we know by a lady bearing the middle name CLARISSA, and I instantly knew that this was connected with the spiritual message, which my good old friend Georgie told me all the way back in 2006, which simply was the word “CLARISSA”, which I thought MUCH about back then to find out what it meant, and first now the message is given to me, which is to reconnect with the Source in such a manour that ALL OF ITS ENERGY WILL POUR THROUGH MY VEINS and that is our New World and yes Stig, this is what this meeting was designed for and to publish it on Facebook to get my attention and yes this is what we have been working on for some time as you remember – and of course I decided to accept to attend the meeting :-), and I would so much have liked to communicate this message to Georgie, but eeehhh Georgie, we don’t see each other today because of your selfishness and belief in a WRONG spiritual voice instead of me even though you know that I am “someone special”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was thinking that there is a new risk that my mother will stop seeing me again when she will read my coming page on my sufferings including stories of herself – maybe even cancelling our trip to Tivoli the 23rd September if I am finished with the page by then – and it would make me sad if this will become the case, but this is not the most important, the most important is to bring the truth, which she will eventually understand.
  • Again between 17.00 to 18.00 today it was impossible to keep my eyes open; extremely tired, so I am not sleeping “normal” yet.
  • I was asked if “explosions” (of the Universe) is allowed and I decided that I will NEVER give you this approval, but do what you have to do to get energy – and is this only obtained through “draining” of the Universe without hurting it (?) so we will come through 100% (?) and also thinking that somewhow you have transferred part of this Universe to my New World II without people suffering (?) and this is what I hope for.
  • I was led to a site telling about the rules of good conduct of people using WordPress and told that people have contacted WordPress directly complaining about my writings on my website and that these rules have been set out of force in my case, and this is also what the great number of fictitious visitors from Facebook was about. WordPress and Facebook are among “my new friends” as I was told and yes THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME and helping me :-).
  • Denmark won over Norway by 2 to 0 in football this evening and when Bendtner – playing fantastically after being “released” from his prison in Arsenal, this is what it is about (as I will too when becoming my true self) – scored his second goal, the commentator said “Hold da kæft hvor er han I hopla. Han er en helt anden mand” (“shut up, he is in fine fettle, he is a completely different man” – don’t like the language in the beginning of the sentence), which you know is about me gradually becoming a completely different man with my own previous self being resurrected inside of me and “hopla” is a reference to Lars from Falck, which I never came around to wrote, which is that he a couple of times told me that I should receive a “hopla-needle” because of my kind of humour and “hopla” is an old Danish television programme from the 1970’s, where they handed out needles, and we know, which is a reference to what I wrote in my Falck memo – their culture is as going back to a city in the province in the 1970’s – and also that this is done with a SMILE, because I loved the host of this and many other shows, OTTO LEISNER – a truly remarkable man, and almost the GODFATHER of Danish television (!) and see him here with Victor Borge and you will understand my warm feelings – and I was told that Lars and Falck tried to remove my “nasty” writings on them, but they were denied by “my new friends”, and the quote from the football match gave me the feeling that Lars is starting to understand that I am a “completely different man” to what he believed and yes FAITH comes to me from many directions.
  • After the end of the football match the commentator said “you can speak about a small rebirth of the Danish national team, it was not just about winning but the way that they won” and the “rebirth” theme was mentioned at least twice later in the evening and we know which is about my resurrection you know.
  • I felt the spirit of my father coming to me as a spirit from my right much of the evening, and once he was “disguised” as a pilot coming to me as a “large” spirit from my hall to living room – landing the aeroplane of the world – after he has now almost become clean of the darkness surrounding him when he was appearing as the monk of the Jerusalem UFO.
  • I have been told these days that the suffering I am given now is to remind me of just how disgusting my sufferings of the past were in order for me to be able to do my best writing the last memo for my website.


7th September: The Danish PM has difficulties reading my scripts and follow my recommendations

Dreaming of the difficulties of the Danish PM reading my scripts and follow my recommendations

I went to bed at 23.15 and slept almost until 08.00 and I don’t know what to believe in – if there has been explosions or simply “transferrals” of this world to the New World II, time will tell – and I am feeling better day by day which may be because most of the creation has finished and not much darkness is left or else it may mean more and more suffering of the Universe (?) and as a consequence I did not know what kind of dreams I would receive, so this is what I got:

  • I am on my way home late in the train and sit next to the Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen, he is on his way home after election meetings, and he tells me that he does not drink but when I smell his coffee, I clearly smell spirits, and I see that he has a notebook including his homework, and I think of telling him that I am running for this election as well, but I don’t because I know that he knows.
    • This is about the busy Danish PM and his “journey to the other side”, which includes reading and following my scripts, Lars (!), and to help publishing the news about me to the world (?) and how do you think you do, yourself (?) – not very well according to the dream where you tell “warm feelings” to the world, i.e. coffee with the truth being different, i.e. the spirits (?) – and yes how important are my scripts compared to being elected again (?) and we know “much homework”, which you don’t have “time for?
  • I don’t have a place to stay, I have received a copy of our old keys to our row house in Albertslund, and I go there to see if it is empty and if I can sleep there, and it looks like it is empty but there is a packing case in the window, so I decide that it is better not to go in and instead not to sleep for the next two days.
    • When I woke up from this dream, I remember just how much darkness I received in the dream and how it made me “tremble” with “fright” almost – like a nightmare – and the dream says that I have keys to an empty place where I cannot sleep, and probably the attitude of Kate of the housing association that I am NOT to be allowed to stay in this apartment after the 1st November – and we will have to see and maybe it is connected to finishing my work, which will remove darkness and make her more “mild” and we know it shouldn’t surprise me.
  • At the “investment consultant company” Acta, they cannot sell their products due to the financial crisis, and I hear salesmen talking about setting up a football match with Leeds United to invite potential customers for, and I think that this may take 6 months to do, which is time they don’t have, and therefore I ask them why they don’t consider doing a traditional telemarketing campaign and also that Søren H. of course has to approve it, and he is there too – in a large bed – and he says that the company cannot afford right now to pay for new campaigns, and I also understand that the whole European administration of the company, which now feels like GE Insurance – besides from summer time (!) – is now handled by Finland, and it makes them crazy to see that all countries have different standards of payment limits.
    • Is this about the world and politicians talking without truly acting due to the new financial crisis arriving with the stock markets going in black etc. (?) and they want to play football – keep the old world going (!) – not understanding that this is too late (!) and the answer is simply to get started with my New World Order and to build ONE SYSTEM for the future as I have described removing all crazy rules and bureaucracy.
    • I woke up to the song “believe again” by Brinck, so this is what it is to the world, to BELIEVE AGAIN – a fantastic pop song and I am HAPPY to have found out right now that Ronan also did a version of it here, however too much machine drum sounds in his version to my personal liking – and that is for the world to believe in me and the New World Order instead of focusing on the old world.

Continuing work on my sufferings memo, which is making me suffer, but it is gradually progressing

I worked from 09.15 until lunch on the script of today so far and a few updates to my Signs IV site including the new video by “UFO Politics” and I also heard the AMAZING song “one of us” by Joan Osborne and I ENJOY LISTENING TO THIS SONG EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR IT, and yes what is my name, Joan (?) – thank you for a great song :-).

After lunch I continued working on my sufferings memo and I was again “this close” to give up – more than any work before this (!) – because it is really almost impossible to handle and overview now because of just how much work I know it has to include before it will satisfy me – it is truly “mentally impossible” to do and this includes just to continue writing it itself and we know there is only one way and that is to write one chapter at a time and to keep on, keep on and keep on and then one day I will finish the first writing, where after “impossible” work doing the first edit will start, which may take more than one week and then some days for the final edit and we know Stig it is now 53 pages and growing and will I be able to finish it before the end of September (?) and we will see – and I thinking that I need to feel better and better to be able do this work, which I then do on a daily basis and I am thinking that I still receive much help from the Universe helping me to give me energy (!) in order to do this and to finally connect with all of my previous self and yes a game it is indeed and I don’t know, but this is what I believe could easily be the case, which is also pressuring me to do my “best”, which is truly very difficult to do and it is going in circles really requiring more energy to do more work and still it is difficult, which gives me poor conscience because I would like to do better, but eventually I will come over this challenge too and hereafter we know the signs III and IV pages and the last read through and edit of all main web pages and when will I finish (?) and maybe in October?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • In the twilight of the evening I was shown the light of my mother came flying towards me again, and this time it was constant whit e on the right and blinking white to the left and when it came very close the constant white light changed to a weak red light to tell me that there is almost no darkness left, which also fits with the feelings and visions I am given of the spirit of my mother “just” on the other side, which I can see almost as through a almost see through membrane.
  • At 22.30 I was shown another of these flying lights on the sky further away and I was told that it was the light of Karen and it was pretty clear, but kept on a distance and the feeling I received was that because I am thinking of Karen as a “partner” of mine, she is receiving good feelings about me, but she is keeping away – and I was happy seeing two other “normal” UFO’s flying quicker and blinking much more rapidly than the “lights” flying towards me.
  • I was thinking – or received the feeling – that the reason why most of Bjarne Riis’ professional cycling team left him last year was a symbol of my family and friends leaving me, who are symbols of the world leaving me and we know the world left God, which was killing you, the world and God.
  • I included the new video of “UFO Politics” on my site IV website on the Jerusalem UFO and I thought it was a good idea to bring this information on the Jerusalem UFO forum and I was met by complete silence both from Alan, UFO Politics and everyone else after the post below and not easy to give a comment to the man who “might” be the One or is “crazy” (?) and we know the quality of my work is what makes you in doubt (?) and this is what I am using to make the world believe in me!

I also gave Niklas greetings on his birthday on his Facebook wall saying that I hope that the wish of reconciliation will spread to everyone, i.e. my sister who also sees this and isn’t it funny that all my sister wants is to have good family relations without understanding that she is the one destroying it for us but hopefully not much longer now.


8th September: The biggest UFO show yet: The faith of Eligael is helping to bring faith of my mother in me!

Dreaming of requiring more energy which the Universe does not have, other than breaking apart …..?

Except from being woken up after a little more than one hour, I slept from 22.30 to 07.00 this morning and even though I feel less tired than many times, I am not feeling “normal” and it is with the feeling that the Universe is holding up my energy until we connect with the Source of eternal energy as I understand we are heading towards with the final liberation of my previous self.

I knew I had more dreams, which felt fine, but I will only write this and censor another with sexual content:

  • In the bank I am going to have a cheque paid out, but the light switches off when I ask the cashier.
    • I am asking for more money, i.e. energy, to do my work and when the bank does not have more energy what happens – despite of my wish for it not to happen – and yes parts of the Universe breaking off and this is what I believe is happening, therefore this dream.
  • And because of this belief, I started receiving more darkness yesterday evening and even though the darkness is becoming less, I do have a strong feeling that it is really stronger than ever, and that I am only going through this phase because of the help of the Universe.

Today is my father’s birthday and I wish we would have normal relations so it would be natural for me to contact him, but maybe and probably next year?

CONCENTRATING to write my sufferings memo, which cost much concentration to do!

I started working at 08.00, which was a decision to do this instead of being “flexible” and I hope I will be able to continue working concentrated until at least 16.00 because I need to do more of the hard work setting on the auto-pilot, almost, writing one page after the other on my sufferings memo the same way as I did the Falck memo, and this is really tough work feeling as I do despite of feeling fresher today (on the surface) – and I did not receive much input to my script as I wished so I was “happy“ at 09.00 after writing the end of the script of yesterday and the beginning of today that I could start concentrating on writing my sufferings script, but I cannot tell you just how steep this hill is to climb every day just to start writing this, but here we go …..!

Hereafter and the rest of the morning until lunch I decided to start writing the first draft of another of the big chapters of this memo, which is about how people reacted to me and my writings, and again it was almost impossible to do – to concentrate on when feeling the opposite and VERY tired of writing – and first I had to use quite some time to structure it into new logical sub-chapters and hereafter I surpassed my dislike to write and wrote six pages coming back to the rhythm when writing the Falck memo and yes thinking THANK YOU to the Universe for helping to bring me energy doing this – and there was truly darkness coming on the way distracting me with a “far too eager spirit of my mother” coming to me at one moment constantly from the right and from my back and exactly the same way as a physical person would prick you on your shoulders and stand directly behind you doing her best to remove your focus from writing, this is how it is and I am told that I receive more darkness now when realizing the darkness given to the Universe, otherwise if I did not believe in this, I would receive less suffering and the Universe even more – and during this session I was told that it is the spirit of my mother – the Holy Spirit of the Universe – who will bring me through this one way or another and I felt how my previous self came to me through her, and we know yesterday I was asked several times “do you give up” (?) and “do you want the to use the easy way through” (?) and NO I DON’T – I WANT TO COMPLETE THIS – even thought I felt the temptation to give in – which is truly not very easy to do and we know this is even worse than the Falck memo, but hopefully I will be strong enough now to focus most of my time and energy (!) on this and less on the script and we know it seems that the structure of our New World is on place, so now I can do this memo more concentrated and I did find somewhat more calm in general today when I first started focusing and concentrating on this work.

And I am thinking that I am writing this long a memo on my sufferings so I will “need” to upload it to my Scribd page because I can only bring a summary of it on my website – otherwise it will be too long – and this is to enable “some people” to read it on Scribd and we know for example my sister and my mother’s husband John, who told me that he has read some of the Falck memo and he is APPALLED of how poorly people at Falck work (!) and he is starting to understand that I only mean the best to HELP people and not to destroy them with my writings (!) and yes which may be what my sister is too but of course totally impossible to start acknowledging me but this is what comes to me now – and came to me previously as I have written about – and we know with the final memo, they may indeed realise that I have gone through Hell as the man being tortured the most in the world and we know when my mother will truly open up to the fact of who I am, this may be the day when I will open up the eyes of my new, previous self inside of me (?) as I am told here and we will see how it will turn out over the coming time, and how it will end – and just maybe the end of darkness will be the opening of my mother’s FULL conscious understanding and my new previous self.

I continued writing until 14.30, where I received pain in my hands writing and then again from 14.50 to 15.40 where I decided to take a new break because of the same now having written most of the first draft on the chapter of Karen too, and we know afterwards will follow chapters on my mother, father and sister and more to the introduction, which will end the work of phase 2 or let us say the “main work” and that may be in 2-3 days from now and then to do maybe 7-10 days of work on the first edit (?) and we will see and yes hoping to do it quicker than that, but we will see.

Kirsten would like my help to move “to save money” – but she could not dream about helping me or LTO?

Hereafter I decided to go for a walk – instead of running, which I am not really able to do, I still feel exhausted with darkness inside of me and more fresh on the surface – and I met Kirsten on my way calling me from her apartment and she would like me to help her unload when she will be moving on Saturday and of course “to save money” (!) as she said and of course it has to be expensive with all of the money it costs to have a professional moving company move for her and my help will reduce the time and her costs (!), and also after having had professional workmen to plane her wooden floors, paint all walls, a new bathroom and did you also order a new kitchen as well Kirsten (?) and yes you are not “addicted” to money are you (?) and it did not cross your mind to try to save me when I was starving/dying and had no money in 2010 (?) and to help me out now too when money’s too tight to mention (?) – FANTASTIC song also showing my warm feelings for you, Kirsten – or to help my LTO friends (?) and how much did you make from the sale of your house and how much do you have on your bank account (?) and just wondering I am.

Eligael from the Jerusalem UFO is showing faith in me

Today I was VERY happy to receive this message from Eligael, the king’s evidence of the Jerusalem UFO, who seems to have understood the message about me and the monk – and I saw this and wrote this approx. 2 hours after writing my note of Eligael in my sufferings memo and by the way I had a visitor from HaMerkaz in Israel to my signs IV site this morning, so this was where you were, Eligal (?) :-):

The Council will connect the energy of the Source to our New World

This afternoon and evening, I felt the brown colour and the Council with me – long time almost no seeing – and this evening on Aftenshowet on DR1 television, Søs Egelind was interviewed in connection with directing a symphony orchestra, which is an old symbol of the Council, and she said something about “energy” – which I cannot find now, because DR has not uploaded the broadcast to the Internet – but when she said it I received the information “we will connect you” and I understood that it is the task of the Council to connect the energy of the Source inside of me to the New World and this is what CLARISSA is about, which is a task I connected with Caroline/Jeanne d’Arc because I remember that I was clearly shown her when receiving this word from Georgie in 2006.

Later in the evening I saw a little bit of the show Comedy Galla on TV2 Zulu – I simply LOVED this sketch by Timm & Gordon (except from the last pair of comedians commenting on a lady on bicycle) – and when Lasse Rimmer arrived on stage, the first words he said was “I just have to find the energy”, which you know is our task these days (!) and later he also spoke about “CPR-number” in the car etc., which was symbolic speech about the origin of birth inside of me.

“I just have to find the energy” of the Source for our New World, which will make us all SMILE very much – and one day not long from now I will hold my “speech to the nation”

Right after my rebirth, I will be presented for the origin of life

The spirit of my father came to me from my back appearing as the monk of the Jerusalem UFO and he told me “it is me sending out darkness, not because I want to but because I am forced to doing it” and when he said this I received plenty of negative words together with the finger, and I thought that “this man” is inside of me, he is my inner self – my old inner self – and this is where the Council will come to switch on the Source after the end of all darkness.

I also heard the spirit of my mother talking about “this is the end of this life, which never will be again” meaning the life of me as the combined being of the spirits of my mother and father. And during the evening, I felt how the yellow colour came in over me to cover me all over – fine if you keep my few rules – and I was told that “immediately after your rebirth, you will be presented for the origin of life” and also “which your mother was also part of, but then this part was split up”.

“The old world department” of our New World will receive “special rules” or a “play” to imitate the old world

I was also given the understanding that we are soaking in the last part of the old world to the New World – inside of the Source – and this is when darkness is converted into light and I was given the thought about how to continue an “old world of poor habits” – including negativity (!) – when all will be in our New World and I was thinking about this department of the old world inside of the New World receiving “special rules”, where we are only “acting” in order to pretend “no change” and also that negativity should not be possible at all at our New World and then I thought about leaving all people at the remaining part of the old world before entering our New World, but I reached the conclusion that this is IMPOSSIBLE to do because we need to remove ALL darkness before we can switch on the energy of the Source and I can open up the eyes of my new previous self so therefore there is only one logical answer and that is to have “special rules” or a “play” inside the “old world department” of our New World.

The biggest UFO show yet: The faith of Eligael in me and the birth star is helping to bring faith of my mother in me!

This evening I received the BIGGEST UFO SHOW yet and it came approx. one hour after I was surprised to see that it was overcastted and raining yet again (a VERY wet summer because of MUCH suffering) and this was because shortly before the sky was almost without clouds, and now again approx. one hour after there were no clouds on the sky (!) – strange weather you know – and when I stood outside on the balcony I was given the words “Eligael” over and over again – the king’s evidence of the Jerusalem UFO you know – and I was shown two UFO’s to my right with the biggest of them having double white lights on it blinking two times quickly after each other, a very short break and then two times quickly again and again and it was brighter and clearer than all other UFO’s I have seen before – excluding the “special lights” flying towards me – and then I noticed that the light of my mother arrived below these two other UFO’s and the special about this light is that it is a CONSTANT light almost looking like the light of a distress rocket and I saw how this light was lifted up as if to say that the faith of Eligael is what is lifting up the faith of my mother in me too – this is how it is connected – and then the two UFO’s started flying across me (100 metres in front of me) with the light of my mother still to the right, and right after the two UFO’s had crossed me, the light of my mother switched off and now I saw it on the backside of the UFO symbolising Eligael and this was a symbol saying that he believes in me and this light being the light of my mother – the same as the Jerusalem UFO – as he has read on my website and seen on YouTube. And this was followed by the light of my mother flying through and also a fourth UFO on the sky – I saw all four of them at the same time – and when the fourth and largest UFO flew through I was given the thought that this is my own light – and I was thinking “I wonder how many are watching this” and “also the Danish airforce/marine” and yes if your radars are still working, that is (?) and how easy is it for you to see that something is going on here in Lyngby and then to put two and two together (?) and yes “I will be surprised” …. 🙂 – and I am given the smell of asphalt and told “new road of darkness” and yes you provided much of my road/fuel too because of your “inability”.

You can watch the video here.

After this on my way to bed I was from my bedroom window now five UFO’s at the same time on the sky, and yes they made me happy, and I also saw two of these special constant lights at the same time on the sky, which I don’t remember seeing before, so MUCH is going on, and this was because of Eligael and I feel good when people receive faith :-).

A new disgusting smear campaign from B.T. trying to bring down the Danish opposition leader – SHAME ON YOU, B.T.!!!

The newspaper B.T. – the old symbol of the Devil and termination (!) – today launched the most disgusting story about Helle Thorning Schmidt, the leader of the Danish Social Democratic Party, who has been ahead in the polls to become the new PM after the election next week, and it was a follow up to the equally as disgusting story on her in the summer of 2010 and again they are appealing to the inner beast of people because according to confidential correspondence between Helle and the Danish tax authorities, it seems that she wrongly has received a tax deduction for the last 6 years and we know just thinking that “tax deduction” is an old symbol of my physical father treating me wrongly so there might be a connection here and I do hope that this will not change the course of the election and we know SHAME ON YOU, B.T. and I am also thinking of how did you obtain this information (?) and did the government hire you to do this dirty job or were you just crazy about power and money yourself?


9th September: I am becoming Christ and receiving the absolutely finest wine of our New World

Dreaming of becoming Christ and receiving the absolutely finest wine of our New World

I had a “pretty” good sleep – however still not feeling normal and actually “somewhat tired” today, which again is almost not to bear and “killing” my work – with these dreams

  • I am a new manager of Fair and I have a meeting with the department of approx. 20 employees, and a man is playing music on guitar in between the dialogue at our meeting but at one point he plays too much stealing away time from the meeting, and I ask him to reduce the music, which makes the musician – a hired man – go against me telling me that he believes it is important for him to continue to give “what is required”, but I stand firm, and it also makes the employee who has ordered the musician to go against me, and I tell him that if he had received my approval to the budget of the musician, I would know what this was about and that I don’t want to discuss this in front in the others. Afterwards I am inside the office of the service director biting nails – I am not a the service director, but another director, maybe development – and something about the employees saying “stop smoking” to me and I believe I am smoking and since I don’t want to receive cancer, I agree to stop before the 1st, however I discover that I actually don’t smoke. I am to try my Toyota Corolla GT (my old 1980’s car, which I had from 1991-93) but it does not have light on.
    • This is about the new for an experienced manager following my Basic Working Rules when managing an inexperienced and spoiled team used to speaking too much and working too little, and first when the team and each individual have learned to follow my Basic Working Rules, you will change attitude from a “traditional manager” to a “mentor/facilitator”.
  • I am a new manager of GE Employers Reinsurance, and when I am hired I speak highly about the training opportunities and good values of the company, which is at a higher level than what I came from, I meet the employees and later I speak with another manager at his office – he is constantly touching me in my face, which is uncomfortable – and I speak to him and his employee about what management is about, which they have not thought about before.
    • I still see different levels of quality for me in the future but first of all I see that everybody does their absolutely best work. The management I speak of is what is included in my Falck memo, which I by the way read maybe 1/3 of again yesterday for the first time since doing it, and I was generally satisfied with it, but it tells me that two edits are not enough and I really should have given it at least 1-2 times more, but then again this is an old truth, which I know and it is only because of the circumstances that I have accepted this quality, which is somewhat lower than what I could have done – and much lower compared to using three times longer on it but this was the best balance I decided for.
  • I am to be stationed at a pretty large city in Pfaltz in Germany as the leader of a church. I am driving close to the city on a giant and perfect net of motorways with new solutions to put forward the traffic and even at the lowest speeds it is allowed to drive 137 km/h. I see a lake on the map in between all of the motorways and think that the nature has to be beautiful there, and when approaching a picnic area, I see myself crossing the road on top of a small lake which gives a little bit wet road, and afterwards I see a pram on the way to the picnic area and I don’t know who owns the pram, but I decide to push it and to make sure that it does not get wet.
    • Pfaltz is the home of the Weingut Christmann – the wine which Lars and I imported and an old story, but notice the name and it was of course the best wine of Germany (!) – and the Christ man is the man I am becoming, and it looks like the structure of our New World is perfect, and there is only little suffering, i.e. water, on the way there , and guess who is inside the pram?

What will the Commune decide to do about me – the only right thing is to give me cash help and approve my own work!

This morning I had a visit from the Commune to my website once again making me sad to see and we know now focusing on my behaviour and work site because this is where I have embedded my Falck memo as they know by now and then the also opened a few other sites but how much did you “need” to read and yes will you now call me to a new meeting and eeehhh what will you decide to do with me (?), do you have the courage to send me to a course “learning” how to produce a CV (?) or will you send me to the park again after moving me to match group and eeehhh you cannot do that because Falck has confirmed that I am working fine full time (?) and then it is also difficult to give me permanent disability pension and yes WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT ME (?) and what about APPROVING THAT I WILL DO MY WORK AND RECEIVE CASH HELP UNTIL I START RECEIVING MY OWN INCOME, WHICH IS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE FROM THE START AND THIS IS YOUR ONLY OPTION NOW? – And maybe you will take the easy choice, which is to “forget” inviting me for a new meeting, but then again you are “obliged” to do that according to the law, and is that giving you throw up feelings too (?) and maybe not nice to think about what I will write on you and that “just maybe” he is really the one?

I started working at 08.05 today and did the rest of the script of yesterday and the script of today so far until 11.00, and yet again I have to climb a steep hill – now even worse because of the bad feelings which the Commune STILL gives me – to continue on my sufferings memo from where I left it yesterday and we know continuing the chapter on Karen …. :-). And at 13.10 I had finished writing 4½ pages on this and also given it the first edit because I could not remember what I had written in detail yesterday, and by 15.00 I had written the first draft on my sister too and we know maybe five pages today and again I am hurting to write, so I might take a break now and continue tomorrow instead, and yes I would have liked to continue writing, but it is now the physical laws keeping me, but there is no doubt, I WILL FINISH THIS!

I was told today that only by creating my website 100% perfect according to the circumstances I would be able to keep all of the old world intact as part of our New World – or New World II probably too (?) – and good that I did not give up on my sufferings memo …!

Elijah made me HAPPY for writing again and still supporting me

Yesterday I decided to write this short email to LTO in Kenya:

Hi all,

I just wanted to LIFT YOU UP with the good old song LIFT ME UP by Jeff Lynne / Electric Light Orchestra as you may remember?

Open (save) the attached, listen and smile while you listen to the song again :-).

All my best to all of you.

AND I WAS VERY HAPPY TO RECEIVE NOT ONLY LIFE SIGNS FROM ELIJAH but also all of his support and yes thank you VERY much Elijah – you made me HAPPY and this is what life is about and that is as you say even at these difficult times, and CAN WE (?) and of course we can Elijah because without your faith I would not be able to come alive and with that we will initiate the last phase of my previous self Jesus coming alive inside of me and yes as you know “he” has been growing inside of me for a long time – felt him and all of that – and now “he”/”I” really only has to open up my eyes and really was WELCOME TO MY WORLD and with this, we will start a new phase in history with the first being to NORMALISE the world and feel here Obama with me too and yes Elijah, I will NEVER forget my promise to you, your family and your whole rural village, and I cannot wait to see you all again. All my best wishes for everyone and take care until I will suddenly see you again and maybe in a few months or even shorter from now (?) and yes Elijah WHEN I WILL WAKE UP, you will wake up too, this is what LIFT ME/YOU UP is all about, which is why I sent you the song and YES I do still remember your smiling children dancing and singing to this song :-).

And here is his email:

Dear Stig,

Lift me up! Yes ! and, probably, this is all what  i have been waiting for along time stig! To be lifted up!

I have not been able to write to you.  First things first. I do apologize for that stig. However, i had the opportunity to read all your emails today and all i have to say is , “we are closer to the goal and we need now is to score! Can we? YES WE CAN!

I am fine. My entire extended family is fine too. Thank you for keeping us all in your mind. Our mission is big and great for all. I still carry with me the desires to help my village. The desires bring normal life to the whole world. I stand with you even at this difficulty times.

Together, as a team , we will eventually make it. My very warm regards to your family and friends.


By 16.30 I had published the last four days of scripts, which is what I decided for this time.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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