September 13, 2011: I am owing the Universe because of the energy it brings to help my previous self out of the Source


Summary of the script today

10th September: A spiritually made physical sound told me that I am leaving the dark horse to climb my white horse

  • Dreaming of drinking the most incredible rare wine, i.e. the wine of ORIGIN itself and John believing that I am indeed the Son of God, but he cannot make him self put these words in his mouth when speaking to my mother.
  • I had an agreement for Kirsten to ring my door when arriving with her furniture so I could help her unload, but she totally forgot (!) as she also forgot to read my Falck memo (?) and to give me an answer if she would like me to speak to herself and her mother, which is showing you that same NEED to use an Action Plan in private as at work – TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY and not sad.
  • Instead of moving for Kirsten, I continued writing the sufferings memo, this afternoon the chapter on my father and I was given a physical sound for 15 minutes by the spirit of my father – quite amusing – telling me that I am leaving the dark horse, which is how I was created to reflect the world of today (!), to enter my white horse, the creation of the New World inside of me.
  • Meshack wrote that his faith in me gets stronger day after day and we are both looking much forward to being “lifted up” and David called me on Skype this evening, and both made me very HAPPY :-).

11th September: The development in Libya is symbolising my last fight against the darkness

  • Dreaming of episodes in Libya symbolising my last fight against the darkness, the double amount of my energy is required to free my previous self from the Source and is delivered by the Universe, Naser Khader is building a bridge between Muslims and the Western World and the darkness of Kasper and others is hurting the Universe.
  • The mayor of Lyngby-Taarbæk presented a suggestion for distance teaching of 100 pupils, which was met by people shaking their heads over him calling it “the pure nonsense and complete madness” as what people have called me without understanding. This is a GOOD suggestion on condition that people act with FREEDOM UNDER RESPONSIBILIY as the principle. The mayor felt here himself how it feels like to be ridiculed by ignorant people as I was too.
  • Today is the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon of the U.S., which was a message of the darkness to the world about what could have become the forthcoming ARMAGEDDON, but still the world did NOTHING to respond.
  • I continued working on my sufferings memo, which is making me suffer to the edge, and now it is 73 pages and almost finished with the first draft.
  • I received a DETERMINED email from Poul-Erik, who had decided – so far – to sell his apartment and as part of this process he has decided to enter the apartment no matter what (!) next week to do a “survey” – and I asked him again to do what is the human right thing to do instead of being weak and follow what a bureaucrat with wrong rules wrongly asks him to do. We will see if sense will come first to him and to Kate later – which is probably connected to the progress of my work and suffering memo.

12th September: I am owing the Universe because of the energy it brings to help my previous self out of the Source

  • I slept poorly because of Poul-Erik and dreamed about having visitors at my home in the forest, i.e. from people having faith in me, playing a game with my old school friend Stone, Christmas decoration being set up, will the union of Falck decide to fight me even though they know that I am the strongest (?), the old world is closing down, Peter A. is still a non-believer in me and Søren H. is still angry with me, my sister’s husband Hans is also opposing me, which requires energy to fight, which I don’t have and I “owe” the Universe because of all of the energy it brings to handle the extreme darkness given now in order to bring my previous self out of the Source.
  • I continued working on my sufferings memo now completing the first draft (phase 2) and starting the edit of it (phase 3), which I expect to finish before the end of next week and at least before the end of September!

13th September: Russia has cultivated BRUTAL life, which is threatening life/creation itself – please STOP!

  • Dreaming of Russia having cultivated BRUTAL life, which is threatening life/creation itself (!), my old school friend Christian/his parents and also Camilla on their way to the other side, are we missing “something” of this world, which has been transferred to the New World II (?), the remaining darkness of the world is delivered by my inner self, which however is NOT filled up with new darkness since the Source of darkness was extinguished months ago, receiving energy from the Universe to help the last part of creation bringing my previous self all the way out and I have decided to focus on quality of my sufferings memo instead of finishing it ASAP even though it makes me suffer much writing it.
  • I asked Danske Bank to cancel my debts fully or partly as a symbol of starting to cancel debts of the world when people and countries cannot repay.


10th September: A spiritually made physical sound told me that I am leaving the dark horse to climb my white horse

Dreaming of John believing in me as the Son of God, but he cannot say these words to my mother

I slept “alright” and feel somewhat better today – must have been the Commune giving me tiredness yesterday – and I had a dream about people shooting each other with machine guns with MANY people dead, which I decided NOT to write down – have had enough of negativity – but this was to say that this could VERY easily have been the case if I had failed just once, which was “impossible” not to do, i.e. losing one set to the Devil – and here is what I decided to write down:

  • I am in a wine cellar, which includes both fantastic wines, and then the “precious” and “incredible rare and old” wine, and the owner decides to let me try them because I value them, and hereafter I see a man running down Strøget with our old dog Cas running in between, it does not see me, and John is in the house where my mother and the boys (Niklas/Tobias) also will come too.
    • The incredible rare wine is ORIGIN itself, which is information we got with us and this leads to normal life – via Strøget – through the darkness of the dog and John and the family is close to really believing in me.
  • At my mother’s and John’s house, the actor Tim Robbins does not want to clean up the kitchen despite of guests coming for a meeting at 16.00. Outside in front of the house, I am given a big round cake, which somehow is only of approx. ¾ of the normal size, and it is for the meeting at 16.00, and I decide to cut ¼ of this cake for my self leaving the rest for the others, who will get a smaller piece than I. The actor Tim is “crazy” and I am waiting in vain for him to come down which we agreed that he would, but when he does not, I go back to the apartment and I am surprised to see that he now has decided to clean up the kitchen anyway, and he has also made a tooth set, which two young people are trying to wear and it is very uncomfortable and far too tight for them. Inside a room with a large table for the meeting I see that both the apartment and book shelves look fine.
    • The “crazy” actor here – who may be the best actor in the world, this is his reputation – is John, who does not want to share “the secret” of his faith in me with my mother, and I am told that the cake is how much of my previous self has been released from the Source as the the result of my energy and the work of my mother – and is the rest of the dream to say that John will somehow “try” to share his faith in me with my mother but that it is very difficult for him to speak and that is to put the “right words” of who he believe I am in his mouth and we know, he knows that I am suffering incredible and when reading the Falck memo it should be very easy for people to see that I only want to help and not to harm people, and how long did this take for John to discover (?) – but not easy to say “I believe Stig is Jesus” (?) – and just wondering we are here.

You need to use an Action Plan as much in private as at work to make people happy

The other day I agreed with Kirsten that she would ring my day this morning at “approx. 10.30” or you know when she would be here with the furniture removers, and I thought that they had to be delayed when I did not hear a ring – and I was NOT motivated to start moving heavy furniture to the second floor because the truth is that I am physically very weak (below running level) but an agreement is an agreement so therefore I had no other choice (!) – and at 11.20, after a long bath and writing the script so far, I thought that they HAD to have arrived by now, so I went over to her apartment just on the other side of the corner, and yes the big truck was there and when looking inside it I could see that it was empty and was she angry with me since I did not hear from her (?), had she read my latest script (?) and no, I checked (no one from Lyngby as visitors) and when I entered her apartment, I found her with “immense stress” and she was “very sorry” because she had forgot to ring my door (!) – her own proposal – and this is the story of people “stressing” themselves because “I have been so busy all week” (moving) and yes so busy that she did not fulfil this agreement and NEVER came back on our talk on the Falck memo and my offer to speak with her and her mother and maybe she just “forgot” about this too (?) and this is really showing you that an action plan is as important to use in private as at work and because when you don’t keep your agreements, does it make other people happy or sad and yes “you have got it by now” – feeling Jeff Lynne inside of me (from his Zoom convert) and yes I will NOT keep on writing on my website who are “other parts of me”, so Jeff is not mentioned here, this will have to come in the future because there are probably quite a few. And by the way, Kirsten looked at me and “what can he help ME with” (?) and “can you bore holes in the wall and hang up my shelves” was what she asked me and I could probably use some hours doing this and maybe even do it but NO (!) I decided that I did not want to be misused and told her the truth “I am not very good doing these kind of things” and really because I prioritised to continue my writings and in a “normal life”, Kirsten, I would have been HAPPY to help you on this too.

A spiritually made physical sound told me that I am leaving the dark horse to climb my white horse

I walked to the city to do some shopping – the money is coming to an end soon – and I was given the song “it’s a beautiful day” by U2 over and over again and yes WE FEEL GOOD here and it is truly a fantastic song too, U2, even though we are “only” at 90+ here on your 100 points scale and yes according to my personal belief only of course, but BEAUTIFUL is what I would almost call the song, and yes I am still on the edge here, the edge (!) and the news is that I will have to change my day and instead of moving furniture I will go back to the steep hill and climb it once again – I receive very STRONG feelings of impatience and disgust to write this, which I can only “laugh” at because my decision has been taken to FOCUS ON THE TIME WORKING and then just work throughout this time with the feelings of not liking it (!) and this is how I end this job, which is the same as I have ALWAYS done when running, focus on time and not distance (!) – and yes it is now after lunch and I will write some more on my sufferings memo – and yes look at the aeroplane of the following video saying that we are landing all of it (the world) safely :-):

When writing the chapter on my father to the memo, for approx. 15 minutes, I was again and again given a physical sound just behind me made by the spirit of my father and I felt that it was connected to with removing my feet from the stirrup of a horse – feeling strongly the dark horse, which was the result of the creation of me because my father and mother are reflections of the world today – and the sounds continue and quite amusing in fact because it is VERY rare that I receive physical sounds made by the spiritual world and I sensed that this is about leaving the old world/horse to the New World and I feel the whole white horse waiting on me and this white horse is ALL OF ME – I feel it all around/inside of me – and yes the creation of our New World because we had to enter the world as it is and tell what is wrong with it in order to change it according to the “recipe” I put together more or less as a normal human being – and when I ended this chapter it was with the following and FANTASTIC song by CAT STEVENS 🙂 and here in a wonderful duet with Ronan Keating also symbolising the title of the song “father and Son” and yes THIS IS WHAT WE COULD HAVE HAD, my father and I, a fantastic relation if he was not “sick” because of his selfishness, laziness and strong and WRONG voice in relation to me and that is ALL OF MY LIFE and we know tears roll down once again and yes “Tears for Fears”, he chose a new family/lady over his own Son because he was a “sissy” in relation to his wife, Kirsten, leading the dagger with her uncontrollable feelings to stab both him and me in the back!

By 15.20 I had completed this chapter – and before this also done a few changes to my front page because the “department of the old world” is no longer only maintained by the spirit of my mother, but by the Trinity, which I then had to change to have it effected and from here I decided to do the two mandatory new job applications – I wonder if the Commune will control me to see that I have fulfilled their MAD demands to the point (!) – and today it was for Customer Service Manager with Pandora and Marketing Manager through Jobindex, and as usual I have uploaded these “applications” to my library.

SPAM emails and fraud ALSO makes me sad

When I was working on the chapter of my father, I had to go back to find some of our old emails and when I opened my Gmail account on the Internet, I saw that I had received many spam emails – which I cannot see from my Thunderbird client – which I had to delete and AGAIN these spam emails made me SAD because of the fraud of people of the world trying to cheat each other and we know much of it born out of poverty, but anyhow, and here is a sample of the spam emails I receive:

Meshack’s faith increases day by day – and I had a very nice talk with David over Skype 🙂

The other day I decided to send the Jeff Lynne song “lift me up” to my LTO friends, which was our “signature song” and the song of faith in what is to come:

Hi all,

I just wanted to LIFT YOU UP with the good old song LIFT ME UP by Jeff Lynne / Electric Light Orchestra as you may remember?

Open (save) the attached, listen and smile while you listen to the song again :-).

All my best to all of you.

And again I was HAPPY to receive an email by Meshack, who simply told me what he was thinking – instead of people making up stories “fitting” to the situation as I see from my nearest family as example (!) – and thank you so much for your feedback and faith and also for lifting up your family, Meshack, and maybe Jeff will decide to play this and other of his masterpieces of songs when all of the world will be lifted up (?). THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOUR WIFE WITH THE BIRTH and we all rejoice in anticipation of the new age, which is coming to all of us “not that long from now” when we will “finish what we started”. Take care :-).

Here is his email:

Hi there,

I am just right now being uplifted up by this composing song which you had send to us. It is actually one of the wonderfull songs i have ever heard and thanks alot and it is only these small things you do to us which makes alot of difference. Sometimes it is hard for me to describe your generous contribution and i wonder what can a poor man but very rich in faith can do to you to show my appriciation but alas! i have nothing but only faith in you which gets stronger day after a day. I am lifitng the whole of my family . By the grace of the Lord,next week my wife will have that long awaited baby and as i had told you you will get the breaking news first. Lift me up and take me home forever.

Kind regards.

I was also VERY HAPPY that David decided to call me on Skype again this evening and even though the Internet connection in Kenya is poor with the line disconnecting many times, we had a very good conversation about how life is etc. and I was truly happy speaking to David again, and hoping that we could just go to the African Bar to get a beer together again – and when we will I will still both be the same man as ever and ALSO my new previous self (the old Jesus) – and WHERE IS JOHN (?) and we know David does not see him a lot, but as mentioned to David, it makes me suffer/concerned not to be hearing from you John.

A man is visiting my decoding of the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO site more than 10 times per day

I just have to include this man from the U.S. with an extraordinary perseverance. He has from the 5th to the 10th September visited my website 66 times – more than 10 times per day – and 65 of these visits had been to my decoding of the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO (!) and ONE to my behaviour and work site, and in this respect he is more strong-willed than anyone else, but I sure would hope that he also would decide to read other of my pages – and this could be “UFO politics” since the first visit is 43 minutes after my first comment to his (first) YouTube video (before he replaced with a new of better quality 40 minutes after).

This man – “UFO Politics” (?) – has visited my website 66 times in 5 days!

65 of his visits had been to the decoding of the mother of all
crop circles and Jerusalem UFO …. 🙂

The mayor of my commune was ridiculed by ignorant people as I was too – even when speaking sense!

Today the mayor of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune presented a proposal, which received attention of the total Danish media. It was about distance teaching of 100 students in four classes using an electronic board, which most people here thought was “CRAZY” (!) because of course it goes without saying that this is the most stupid suggestion you can make because a class of students can of course not be quiet and concentrated when there is no teacher present (!!!) – this is the SAD state of both students and all other people today (!) – and therefore he received these and other comments from both politicians and the man on the street:

  • “Det rene galimatias og glade vanvid” (”the pure nonsense and complete madness”) said by the Minister of Education Troels L. Poulsen (the one with the expensive watch as a gift, which he could not either see …).
  • “Shaking”, “a meltdown” etc.
  • “Hole in the head”

And the “funny” part of this is that when people will act responsibly, this is really a good suggestion and that is for people who prefer to receive education this way, and we know you can do education over the internet like this – and if you prefer a private teacher or classes of 10 or 25, you can of course do this if you are willing to pay the costs of this and it really depends on what is your need and what is the best offer to suit you, and I do believe that much education in the future (theory) can be handled like this.

And the even more “funny” here is that this mayor who may believe that I am crazy (?) receives this as a symbol of what I have received by MANY people and “of course it goes without saying that he/I am mad” but as I understand your suggestion, maybe Søren is starting to understand me too (?) and yes is the Falck memo easier for you to understand than my scripts, which are “totally impossible” for you to read and understand because of your own blockade and mental limitation?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that “Obama could not sleep at nights of worry to me” and that the storms threatening New York some time ago was a symbol of the darkness I went through, but as you know, nothing much happened.
  • I was told and shown that “the school is now being removed”, which is really all of the tests and pain I have gone through with all darkness given to me reflecting the state of the world, which is what I was born with inside of me.
    • I am still exactly the same man as when I started my school seriously with my spiritual openings, and my main learning is NOT to be selfish, to share what I have and not to be tempted by wrong sexual conduct, which you know are main parts of my teachings to the world.
  • My former colleague who searched for me and “finkenstein” on the Internet some weeks ago has to my knowledge not returned to my website after he saw himself “revealed” – I noticed that he read the script where I wrote about him – and this is an example of “afraid” people who don’t want to be revealed by me and come into the spotlight, and what are the chances that this is a coming “servant” of mine known by the world, and yes PRETTY BIG :-).
  • These days I am concerned about the stories of “Russian ice hockey team Lokomotiv devastated in crash” the other day and now “Zanzibar ferry disaster: Scores die, many more rescued” – that they may be symbols of parts of the Universe destructing (a new beginning as New World II) because this is a small “aeroplane” and small “ship” going down symbolising the “a small part of the world”, which did not make it – and I was told that the sinking of the MS Estonia in 1994 was another symbol of the world sinking, which was not long after I moved to Malmö, Sweden, to save money on taxes and we know being “selfish”, and it is not good to the world when God decides to be selfish, and this is the man inside of me, you know?
  • I saw parts of the US Open match in tennis between Federer – my old favourite – and Djokovic and did you see the “completely impossible” return stroke, Djokovich did when he was behind 5 to 3 and 40 to 30 in the fifth set, when Federer has his second match point (?) and did you notice how he lifted his arms following this strike and looked out to the ecstatic crowd (?) and when he did this I was given the feeling of a “King returning”, which will make the world this happy – and for the second year in a row Djokovic did the impossible to win over Federer after having been down with two match points in the US Open and a “coincidence” you say (?) and many of them here :-).
    • And it is NOT to be you Caroline to win a major in tennis for females, and yes this is “suffering” too when the world is “blaming” you and saying you are not good enough to win one of these when you know that you are ….!


11th September: The development in Libya is symbolising my last fight against the darkness

Dreaming of the development in Libya symbolising my last fight against the darkness

I slept “alright” feeling less tired today – but still not “normal” – with these dreams:

  • I am on holiday in Turkey I believe and am about to go home, but instead of going home I think about taking one week additional holiday in the Northern Africa – for example in Algeria – if I can find a flight and hotel for a reasonable amount of money, and the next I know is that I am in Algeria looking up at a very high and steep hill including hotels with a view over the beach and sea, and I am given an offer to stay there for 5,000 DKK per week, but I only have a budget of 2,495 DKK so I decide to turn it down.
    • The steep hill is my work on my sufferings memo where I am again this morning given very strong feelings of impatience and almost disgust to write this memo, so I have to “force” myself doing it thinking that “I am almost there” – but TOUGH to do this – and I am thinking that episodes of North Africa and that is Libya is telling you about my progress and Gaddafi is still hiding you see, conquered but he has not given up yet, which is exactly what I experience with the darkness here, yousee?
    • The energy required for this work – which is really to free my previous self from the Source – is double the amount I am giving, i.e. the money of the dream, with the Universe helping me with the rest.
    • I woke up to the words “not fade away”, which is one of MANY favourite songs of Rolling Stones and also what I hope is the case for my spiritual friends.
  • I am receiving a guest after he has returned from the U.S. – I believe it is Naser Khader – and I know that he has seen the most magnificent buildings in the U.S. and I show him the finest castle here, which however is not as grand as what he has seen over there. Later I walk with my dog in the park and I notice two very big and beautiful trees standing to the left and right, which looks almost identical, but at the tree to the left I see Kasper G. K. climbing in the crown together with others, which is creating a dangerous situation when he is almost about to fall, and it attracts many people at the foot of the tree including Torben S. (from Aon) and I walk over there with my dog, and Torben meets me with warm feelings saying “it is truly a difficult situation you face” – in the dream it seems totally impossible – and I tell him “piece of cake is what we call it” and when my dog is “impossible” to get away from Kasper after coming down from the tree, a small explosion happens right in front of it.
    • I like the Danish MP Naser Khader – originally from Syria – very much for what he is good at, which mainly is to build a bridge between Muslims and the western world and probably much more in the future than what he has showed yet.
    • Kasper is one of my “shocked” friends on Facebook, who is almost “knocked out” because of my postings and whom I “might” be, and I am walking the dog because of much darkness around him and friends – I did not like your picture on Facebook showing your finger provocative, which is what I told him so he replaced it (!) – and darkness of people is what is creating these “explosions” or whatever is happening to the Universe at the moment and we know hoping that we are only “stretching” the Universe and not exploding anything and we will see.

The terror attacks on the Twin Towers was a message about what could have become the forthcoming ARMAGEDDON

Today is the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and Pentagon and I still remember when I at work for GE Insurance at my desk received a news email giving the first information about the attack, which made me in a state of shock as so many others not knowing what to expect – would more attacks and even more serious attacks come on the US (?) – and how I told it to my colleagues.

Yesterday I watched the mayor of the time of New York, Robert Giuliano, who did an amazing job back then, speaking of what happened and when he said that he was almost breaking down when he saw a man jumping out from the 101st floor to escape the flames, I felt the monk of the Jerusalem UFO inside of me and I was told that this was the message of the darkness to the world that “the end is near” unless you do something about it – for example to receive me nicely, as I was told – and really about the ARMAGEDDON, which was approaching the world (but it did not became a fraction of how bad it could have been, my friends :-)) and still nobody decided to react on it!

And did you believe in Nostradamus – the previous self of Denis, a member of the Council (!) – predicting this event already back in the 16th century as you can see here?

Also thinking here – briefly because of other work – that this was darkness coming to the U.S. because of the darkness of the people of U.S. – love to money, selfishness etc. – the same way as tornados etc. and also that this disaster is violent and awful without description, but still that it is nothing compared to what is going on at the Horn of Africa and how much do the normal American help people to be saved here (?) and just wondering we are.

The attacks on the World Trade Centre of New York was a
message to the world about what could have become the
forthcoming ARMAGEDDON, but still the world did NOTHING

Continuing work on my sufferings memo still climbing the hill

I have decided to sleep a little longer in the weekends and to take a long bath on Saturdays, so I started working at 09.10 today finishing the rest of the script of yesterday and today before lunch, and then again to start writing the sufferings memo, which is not that difficult when first doing it, but EXTREMELY difficult before starting it because of the extreme feelings against doing it as I am receiving and yes being on the edge to give up this work too, but this would be irresponsible to do, so there is no way out other than “taking the sour with the sweet” and we know this is ALSO the sour part but without it, the sweet with not taste the same – and finally at 17.00 I had written the first draft of six pages about my mother including the email below to Poul-Erik, and this was designed to be “MUCH SUFFERING” to come through and the truth is that I am balancing on my edge, which is not as wide as it has been after everything I have gone through not least the several nights and days recently with no or only little sleep, which really was a punch in the gut, which I have been fighting to come over, and my suffering memo is now on 73 pages – almost finishing the first draft, which I do believe will happen tomorrow – and yes I don’t know how I have written that many pages feeling as I do but somehow I have done it, and it is with the same “attitude” that I will finish the memo giving it two edits, which is the best I can do under the conditions and I wonder if you can tell the difference of this work compared to when I do my best work when I feel good :-).

A determined Poul-Erik wants to sell the apartment – but take it easy, boy boy 🙂

During the morning I received a very severe heartburn making me feel VERY uncomfortable – it lasted for hours afterwards – and later I was told that it was because of the email, which my landlord Poul-Erik decided to write to me below where you can see that he “firmly” tells me that his apartment is now going to be sold and that a “survey” of the apartment is necessary to do next week in this connection and also – to my surprise – telling me that if I don’t want to be present, he will “just” lock himself in and we know I am still renting the apartment but this is the “strategy” you need to take, which is to be “cold and insensitive” Poul-Erik, and I wonder what you truly think and just how uncomfortable this is for you too – and let me say that receiving this email at 13.32 did NOT make my writing of my sufferings memo easier because of the discomfort and insecurity of becoming a homeless meant to me, but I decided with myself that the right attitude here is “come on – give me the best you got” and “I don’t care” because if this is the road, this is then the road I will use.

This is what he decided to write me:

Hej Stig,

Som du ved skal min lejlighed sælges. I den forbindelse skal der foregå et syn og gennemgang af lejligheden.

Dette syn er sat til at skulle foregå på torsdag den 15.09.2011 kl. 16.00.

Det er op til dig selv om du ønsker at være til stede i forbindelse med synet, men ellers lukker jeg mig bare selv ind.

Hav en fortsat god dag.

Venlig hilsen

And this is the answer I decided to send him:

Hej Poul-Erik,

Tak for din mail.

Lejligheden er stort set, som da jeg flyttede ind – der er stadig ikke pudset vinduer 🙂 – men der er desværre røget fire fliser ned i badeværelset, og et par træplanker i stuen er blevet slidt efter, at jeg har siddet på en stol og arbejdet meget her, men gulvene vil nok også have det bedst med en slibning, når tiden er rigtig.

Jeg ønsker gerne at fortsætte vores gode kommunikation uden at ”ydre omstændigheder” skal påvirke vores dialog negativt, så jeg har besluttet at være hjemme ved synet på torsdag kl. 16.00, og jeg kan kun opfordre dig til at fokusere på vores aftale og gode relation i øvrigt, Poul-Erik, for jeg har ikke mulighed for at flytte den 1. november blot fordi, at en bureaukrat måtte ønske at bestemme over dét, som både du og jeg har aftalt – og husk, at det må forventes at være en enkel proces at rette foreningens vedtægter ved næste generalforsamling og indtil da for foreningen stiltiende at respektere vores aftale, som svarer til det, som alle ønsker.

Dette er hvad, der er menneskeligt rigtigt at gøre, og jeg beder dig desuden venligst være opmærksom på, at hvis du – eller foreningen – skulle iværksætte initiativer til at smide mig ud, så vil det være på jeres regning, overskride dét, som alle i virkeligheden ønsker og det vil sætte mig direkte på gaden som hjemløs, for jeg har ikke råd til anden bolig, når jeg samtidig redder mennesker fra at dø i Kenya ved at sende månedlige beløb til dem ud af min beskedne indkomst.

Det er den opgave, jeg stiller dig, Poul-Erik. Vil du vælge at hjælpe mig – og dig selv – eller vil du lade en ”bureaukrat” forsøge at bestemme over os begge, fordi FORKERTE (!) regler tilfældigvis er inkluderet i vedtægterne? Og hvilket indtryk ønsker du at give af dig selv? Som én, der var stærk og hjalp den svage part, fordi det var rigtigt at gøre, eller som følte sig tvunget af ”bureaukraten”, som henviste til sine forkerte regler? Det er op til dig at vurdere – valget burde være helt enkelt.

Vi ses på torsdag :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received a déjà vue about my decisions of how much to include in my sufferings memo and how much to leave out – for example details of my sexual sufferings, which I don’t want to write about – and the feeling is that what I don’t write about, will be left out for good as part of the old world and negativity leaving us for good.
  • These days I am receiving very many detailed suggestions of what also to include in my sufferings memo – many of them of sexual details – and I have accepted maybe 15-20 of them, which may be 1/5 of all suggestions and this is also stress given to me when writing this memo, because it is not always easy to weave in new information in already written text, and where will I include this new information in more than 70 pages written (?) and we know just to find the right place and so on …. :-).
  • I decided not to meditate to the service of Den Gyldne Cirkel again today because I am focusing on ending my work – but I heard some of the service, while working and having lunch.
  • I am still receiving sneezes and of course I don’t have a cold, but you do know this?
  • I was told twice that I will receive the biggest gift when I am going all the way myself (completing my work) without receiving help, which I will probably be told more of one of the next days. Later I was told “it means that you will not wake up from a state when feeling that you are drowning” and I was also told that this was important information for me to receive and I had to meditate to receive it, but I decided that I am now focusing on work and I know that I receive help form the Universe, so if there is truly important information to bring me, I believe that it will come to me anyhow, and I connected this with much darkness coming to me from Poul-Erik being put on top of everything else, and this is one of the first times if not the first that I decide to go against a request to meditate and the reason being that I am NOT going back to (marathon) meditations/work again because it was killing me the last time when I did almost not sleep for days and I do NOT have the energy to start doing this again.
  • I decided to write this comment to what was a wise posting about “cause and effect” on the Jerusalem UFO forum – and notice how this man was INSPIRED to write “see you guys on the other side when you’re done with your games” and this is exactly what this journey was about, a “game” on life and death and when winning the game, eternal life is given to all on the other side, which you know is inside our New World :-).


12th September: I am owing the Universe because of the energy it brings to help my previous self out of the Source

Dreaming of owing the Universe because of the energy it brings to help my previous self out of the Source

I had difficulties sleeping more periods during this night, which I connect directly to the feelings of Poul-Erik and is it so difficult to do what is right to do, Poul-Erik (?) and if you knew how your feelings are making me suffer, you would of course not be in doubt (?) – and a few dreams:

  • I am having visitors to my home in the forest, which is characteristic because of the hills, and the visitors have difficulties to find anything to eat but I tell them that there are plenty of places, they just have to find them, and right next to my place, I see where we lived last year, from where we have moved because someone had put something over our place, which is still not removed.
    • The hills are my sufferings, the visitors will have to be people believing in me, and the lack of food may here be lack of energy, which however is all around me, it is just about finding it – and have we moved the inner core of the Source self?
  • I am playing a game with Stone – my old school friend – which is about kicking a stone on the ground forwards, and I am doing excellent. I see that Berit from Danske Bank in Helsingør has started setting up Christmas decoration, which is the finest I know of.
    • Stone is a friend of mine on Facebook and even though he is not reading my scripts, he receives the postings about them on Facebook, which obviously is enough to make people react as part of the game they go through. The decoration will have to be about reaching our energy Source for our future world.
  • I attended the first of a three day meeting of Falck rescuers – Friday to Sunday – and I thought it was too much TALK, so I decided to keep other agreements Saturday and Sunday, and I see that they choose one rescuer as the strongest of them all, and I give him a clear understanding that this is not true, because I am stronger than he, which he knows. When they leave the meeting, they are all given the sandwiches, which are leftovers.
    • This is a meeting in the spare time, so is this may be a meeting at the Union of Falck (?) and is this to say that they believe on the surface that they are stronger than I and want to fight me (?) but then again they know that I am the strongest (?) and the dream says that they both receive food for free and have much more energy that I, but still you cannot beat me?
  • It is the last day of work at Fair Insurance, which is closing down today. Søren H. accuses Peter A. to think about himself instead of the company because he has put up a sign that all contact hereafter is to be directed to him privately. I tell Søren H. that if I find a new job where there is also a job for him, I will let him know and I hope that he will do the same vice versa, but he tells me that he believes he needs fresh forces this time. I see Fair has some empty bags, and I wonder if I should take one of them, but I decide that this is not right to do.
    • This is the closure of the old world, i.e. Fair, and my old CEO Peter A. still seems to belong to the non-believers in me (did you read me at all, Peter?) and Søren H. and him are apparently still not speaking despite of the help I gave them a few years ago to start speaking again, and Søren H. is apparently also still “angry” with me since he does not want to work with me – and I will bring nothing of the old world, i.e. the bag.
    • There is nothing wrong to wanting to work together with old colleagues if you know they are working fine as long as it is not a “friendly service”.
  • I am together with my sister’s husband Hans out playing golf from the driving range, which is free, but we cannot find the course, which he however does, and then he decides to change our agenda of the day by starting to play the course with someone else, which I cannot afford doing, and I see him doing a stroke, but now it looks like Niklas Bendtner, and it is a hole in one, and when I try to get it on camera, it is too late.
    • This is to say that it is not only my sister and my mother’s husband John having difficulties to understand me, but also Sanna’s husband Hans, who is opposing me – playing a game with me – and when I cannot afford it, it is to say that I don’t have the energy to fight him/all at the moment, which is then what the Universe is helping me with somehow.
  • At Danske Bank Espergærde I have received information about all debts of a customer and I tell that I will come back with an answer on his credit facility after having spoken to Bent, the manager, and I tell Bent that I gather that we will have to look at the total gross expenses per month of the customer compared to the income necessary to pay for this, but I understand that he does not have as advanced tools as this and he tells me “come on, I will show you what I have been taught myself”.
    • This customer is probably myself and my debts are about “borrowing energy” from the Universe and I am going through these days with the dream/vision from some weeks ago about the football stadium and that “only a small part (of the spectators) can be killed” in my back head as my “worst case scenario”, this is not putting the existence of the Universe at risk even though the darkness at the moment is much worse than what I can handle myself and this is the energy required to bring out my previous self from the Source.

People of the Universe feels like being terminated to help bringing the energy required to help me out

I started working at 08.35 and from approx. 10.00 I continued working on my sufferings memo and after I had improved the structure of it – reducing it from 73 to 68 pages – and only needed to do the introduction before the first draft of it – before editing – was ready, I was shown many animals arriving in the forest and the colour being red and I was shown one animal being picked out and told that “it feels like being terminated” and this is the kind of energy brought to me to be able to do this work, which you know is the same is bringing out my previous self from the Source.

I completed the first draft of the introduction and was inspired to do my front page of the memo including pictures of statues of my mother and I, Virgin Mary and Jesus, bleeding because my memo describes what these statues show: “My mother and I have suffered immensely when taking on the sins of mankind to save the world from going under!” and at 16.30 I decided to stop working for the day – I have decided to have a “normal day” and more when I decide to – and I keep on receiving new ideas of what to include in this memo and if this continues, it may take longer to finish it, but let us say that before the end of next week and at least before the end of September, I will be finished with this – here including a margin hopefully to make the deadline without problems.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told about the coming election that it is also an election for or against me of MP’s and those who decide to vote on me, will help to bring my previous self all the way out.
  • I was shown my previous self surrounded by much darkness and told “you have been approved to come all the way in by your self”, which I understood was the “big news” waiting for me.
  • I received stomach pain and some pain to my spinal column after drinking coffee this evening, which normally is a sign of the Commune not liking me and Tine has “promised” me to receive permanent disability pension from the 1st November if I remember correctly if I have not found a job before this date (!) and is it difficult for you to “estimate” if I am sick or healthy (?) and how funny would it be if you will try to disable me through a “writing desk decision” not really understanding what this is about, and eeehhhh did you read the “health and fit declaration”, which Falck sent you on me?


13th September: Russia has cultivated BRUTAL life, which is threatening life/creation itself – please STOP!

Dreaming of Russia having cultivated BRUTAL life, which is threatening life/creation itself!

I had another night where I had some difficulties sleeping and at 07.00 I “had” to sleep one hour more so I was first up at 08.00 and a few dreams:

  • I am at an “old fashioned” coffee bar, where I see someone who has used an “unfavourable” cell of mine and cultivated this into the most brutal life imaginable, which he asks me to test by walking into its spin, and he tells me that I need to go into the core to have a chance to survive, and something about “last chance” and Russia switching on the shower.
    • I felt clearly when waking up that this “development of life” tests creation and life itself and I can only ask Putin or maybe Medvedev to stop this immediately if you can?
    • And the coffee bar may indicate “love is still the foundation of all”, which will help us though this too?
  • I see a new private train being set in on what used to be a public line, and sometime they also send busses, which is the first time the busses of this train company drives. Somehow I am visiting somebody, but I am using my time to test trains. I am waiting at one station on the train, which is delayed and my old school friend Christian brings me to his parents, they have two large dogs, which simply love me and they play on Roland keyboards. I meet Camilla on the station, the train arrives, which now is a public S-train, she wants to go home with me to do homework, but we meet another man, whom she decides to flirt with.
    • I am here at the train with other people on the way to the other side, and I still remember when visiting Christian in his parent’s large house when I was a boy, which I was always HAPPY to do – they still remember/”loves” me as I them, i.e. the dogs – and Camilla may here be Camilla on her way to the other side too and also the spirit of my mother in disguise to tell you that the sexual torments, visions and “indications” continue on a daily basis, which I may not have written much about lately, and I have to reject them many times a day.
  • I am in a furniture shop and I see accessories to shelves, which I believe I have at home, they are very nice looking in different colours and I am almost about to buy them, but then I remember that I don’t have the shelves and I don’t want to pay 30,000 DKK to get them in order to get the accesories.
    • The shelves are “the toolbox of God” with “everything” which is, and here it says that we are missing something (?) and I can only say that my goal is to maintain everything of all times 100% and is it so that we are missing something in this world, which has been “transferred” to my New World II (?), we will see.
  • I am thinking of buying two cars, but I decide to only buy one, which is a modern, big and red Chrysler car with a huge motor, which I show to Christian and his father, and it includes everything. When I drive the car to the petrol station, there are snow all over and many pumps, but I cannot find a free place. At the kiosk it is impossible for me to pay for a stereo magazine, the young female assistant is watching television at the same time as looking at Kim Bodnia – my old school friend and actor – sitting next to me. I discover that something for my car needs replacement because it is dangerous, and I go to a special store, where a man from a public control instance in front of me asks the assistant of how much medicine they sell here, which is not much compared to before. I am playing chess with Jack, and he has five pawns at the second last field before he can switch them to new queens, and I can tell that one of them has mad cow disease and the others have something else.
    • A red U.S. car can only be a car of the darkness, which is coming from me (!) – the inside of me – and here given to my old school friends Christian, Kim and Jack, and it also says that there is no fuel left for the darkness – the Source of darkness was stopped months ago. And the five sick “almost queens” may symbolise the “sick” military and just how close you have been to bring me even more suffering, because the queen to me is a symbol of my mother and here potentially my old nightmare.
  • I am together with a colleague, who has decided to stop working for our company, it feels like Anne-Mette K., and we are heading for her client, the unemployment benefit office of office workers and I ask her if this is the U.B. office for bank employees, which it is, and when we arrive, we meet the manager with his IT-employee, whom I believe is my old colleague Lennart F., which it however is not, and I see that all employees arrive on time to start work and also that they are making pancakes and a large table of morning bread, and something about my colleague, who shot down rockets 30 years ago, and I am presented as the new contact person, and the client asks me to check their product for possible improvements and to return in one week.
    • It seems that Anne-Mette K. and Lennart are among those not believing in me today (?), and this U.B. fund is paying out money for unemployed bank employees, which is another symbol of the Universe providing me the energy I do not have myself in order to do the last creation, the pancakes/morning bread, which is to get me all out of the Source.
    • The deadline of one week is to say that yesterday morning I was inspired to do a work plan thinking that I will finish my sufferings memo realistically Monday next week, but then I started receiving new ideas, which I decided to include, which was not included in my work plan, and this is where I decided that quality is still more important than to finish this in precisely 7 or 14 days and we know this is how it is when this work is giving me as much dislike than as any time before or vice versa really, it is the darkness giving me this much dislike to continue and to finish it, and the STEEP hill is here everyday where I am on the edge of even starting this work, but there is no way out, it HAS to be finalised, so I better get started with it, when I have just edited the script of today so far and done the summary for it – and we know I am still tired the first 1-2 hours every day before it gets better.

I started working at 09.00 today – I would still like to start at 08.00, but ”difficult” it is – and at 10.20 I had ended the last part of the script yesterday and today and pooh (!), now I will have to start/continue the 1st edit of my sufferings memo – also including new ideas, which is rare that I receive in this phase (!) – and will I be able to make more than 10 pages the rest of the day (?), and we will see.

At 14.45 I had – with much difficulties keeping my focus and overcoming strong feelings of disgust – done the first edit of the first rough draft of “my life before my spiritual openings in 2004/2006”, which was 8 pages long, where I needed to do many amendments and additions, and instead of continuing to edit the next chapter as I did with my Falck memo, I decided to use the rest of the day to start giving this chapter a second edit, because I did not want to start editing a new chapter today, which I would not be able to finalise, and even though I am not the most tired today, I still have the feeling that “it would be nice to get some sleep on the sofa”, which I had to surpass.

Asking Danske Bank to cancel my debts as a symbol of cancelling the debts of the world

Today I sent the following email to Danske Bank after they in a letter from the other day again asked me to start repaying my debt:

Kære Gitte,

Tak for dit brev af den 9. ds.

Min situation er uforandret i forhold til tidligere. Jeg er fortsat på kontanthjælp uden udsigt til en forbedring af mine økonomiske forhold, og på samme måde, som når gældsplagede lande ikke har en chance for at betale deres gæld, og de derfor forhandler med deres kreditorer om en reduktion af gælden, som det sker nu, beder jeg venligst banken om at overveje, om man kan imødekomme en fuld eller delvis eftergivelse af min gæld.

På forhånd tak.

Finally, I understood why I have always had a poor economy, which is that because I am a reflection of the world, who has always had a poor economy (!), this was given to me, and now I have asked the bank to cancel my debt fully or partly the same was as Greece these days negotiate with their creditors to do the same and when people or countries cannot pay, there is only one logical answer and that is to start cancelling the debts of the world and of course to do it responsibly so the economy will not break down – and I feel Obama all over, so this is your job, “my friend” – and how difficult can it be?

And I am thinking of my debt tormented LTO friends in Kenya to ask your creditors to do the same. Just maybe they will start listening to you when you simply tell them that your situation is unchanged and you don’t have a chance to pay what you owe.

At 16.30 I published the last four days of scripts and I was shown the spirit of my father standing on top of the mountain next to me all in dark looking down upon the world without seeing it because of clouds overcastting it, and this is the final darkness we are now removing when using it as “fuel” to liberate my previous self from the Source.



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