September 16, 2011: Helle Thorning Schmidt and Lars Løkke Rasmussen are other parts of the spirits of my mother and father


Summary of the script today

14th September: Helle Thorning Schmidt and Lars Løkke Rasmussen are other parts of the spirits of my mother and father

  • Dreaming of the Source, who will lift up my previous self to enter my self, the risk of being thrown out of my apartment and closing down our old world and becoming the manager of winding up the portfolio, which is to help people entering our New World by showing a clean heart, and I have all the energy required doing this.
  • I have difficulties because of “everyone else” and “everyone else” has difficulties when not doing the RIGHT thing!
  • My New World II is being connected with this world when I am being connected with my previous self.
  • I was told that Helle Thorning Schmidt is “another part of my mother” and soon to be Danish Prime Minister?
  • Danske Bank answered me as one could expect, which is that they could not grant the cancellation of my debt fully or partly, which may be what banks cannot do to the world despite of the debt crisis of the world (!), and when the world cannot save itself, the only solution may be that I become my true previous self and eliminate the remaining darkness, which may wake you up and start to do what I have asked you to do already for a long time now.
  • A few symbols: A new toolbar for my Internet Browser brings my many new radio stations and music symbolising my coming spiritual communication with and love to the world when I will become my previous self, the little brother of the Danish PM revealing that the Danish PM knows about the darkness of the world forcing the spirit of my mother to become “the German monster”, which is helping with and will stop when I have become my previous self, and finally Rikke H. will receive access to my library and she and the world will laugh out loud when I will become my previous self.
  • I continued working with MUCH disgust and impatience in the beginning on my sufferings memo, and today my touch floor lamp was made to switch on the light automatically where it is normally made to switch off, which is to say that we are coming close to our CRYSTAL CLEAR energy source of the future.
  • This evening on DR1 television, Helle Thorning Schmidt and Lars Løkke Rasmussen met in the final political “duel” before the election tomorrow, and when Lars spoke, I felt the spirit of my father through him and I was told – and confirmed twice – that Lars is “another part of my father”. The true missions of Helle and Lars are NOT to play Devils of the political system of the old world, but to help mankind show a clean heart to enter our New World, but first you will have to wake up spiritually, which this information/”shock” will be part of.

15th September: Helle Thorning Schmidt became the new Danish Prime Minister: “Oh, my God”, “WE DID IT!” 🙂

  • Dreaming of extreme suffering of the Universe because of mankind, Elijah did not follow up on my request to help me with sceptical (to me) people of his church and world politicians are responsible for not providing me with energy because of their bureaucrazy not informing the world about me, and instead God provides me with energy from other people of the Universe and I am both happy and sad about the development.
  • “The Devil’s Advocate” – as a Canadian calls and shows himself as – tried to convince the Jerusalem UFO forum and me about the Jerusalem UFO being a “hoax” (!) but it seems that the forum and I are about to convince him of the opposite and for him to start believing in me after spending more than 2 hours on my website. He is the symbol of the Devil self coming to this forum because of the darkness surrounding the monk of the Jerusalem UFO – the spirit of my father – and now when there is almost no more darkness, the Devil self is starting to open up his eyes to believe in me and the truth. This man and a movement he belonged to uses the Swastika as a symbol, which the Nazi’s also did, which is simply to say that “peace” and “good luck” is coming to mankind through the darkness when it is converted to light.
  • I received symbols of the “best car” and the “best designed car” as messages of my new previous self arriving and also about getting all the way in to the kingdom to get the gold, which is my new previous self as “my” creation – this is my “old self” speaking about my “new self” :-).
  • Before Poul-Erik arrived today I sent him an email asking him to consider that I will be staying in the apartment until it is sold and to help him selling it (!), and when he arrived it was together with Kate and a surveyor to set the price of the apartment because it has to go on sale from the 1st November, where it will be free (!) as he told interested buyers coming thereafter – he has not read my email yet, so we will see – and I felt my previous self as the King around me with a conscience understanding what this is all about and soon he will be me and I will be him also helped by the “fuel” of darkness of Poul-Erik and Kate :-).
  • Finally, Helle Thorning Schmidt became the new Danish Prime Minister with a little help from my friends spiritually also because of my old friend Jack helping me :-), which made her say “OH, MY GOD” (!) and “WE DID IT” (!), which were symbols given because Jack and I saw Kaiser Chiefs in concert in 2009 playing “Oh, my God” at the very place of the celebration party of her party, where she started and ended her speech using my words “we did it”, which I have only used when I have succeeded going through the absolutely worst and most difficult tests, which this result today is an example of. Helle was elected as the new Prime Minister and the MP’s of the Danish Parliament also decided to “vote” on me with a majority – to have faith in me – which I understood was required for my previous self to open of “his” eyes inside of me. The election evening brought much inspired speech for example of Liberal Alliance being the symbol of termination last year and coming back from “nothing” (!), and “victory is not home, before we are home” and more.

16th September: Celebrating the result of the election in FINE WINE because “I DID IT”!

  • The script of today is short – because of the long script of yesterday – and about the rebirth of my previous self in pain, celebrating the result of the election in FINE WINE because “I DID IT” (!), receiving new fear of possible termination, which is VERY uncomfortable to go through, “Doctor Karen” being used as the threat of the darkness these days, changing from an old and slow Internet Browser into a new and quick symbolising my new self, looking forward to start living a “normal life” and changing an old decision from book 2, so it will not be God but mankind, who will do the work building the new Information System of the New World Order and that is because this is RIGHT to do :-).


14th September: Helle Thorning Schmidt and Lars Løkke Rasmussen are other parts of my mother and father

Dreaming of becoming the manager winding up our old world

I had a somewhat better night with these dreams – and I am really starting to be lonely being alone every single day but that’s life and yes isn’t Frank/blue eye wonderful (?) and almost better than life :-).

  • Something about “being signed, which no one can see and finally to be lifted up by the Source self” and I understood that this will be the “special task” when my previous self will enter me as my new self.
  • I have rented Fuggi’s brother’s Kjeld’s apartment and have not paid rent for almost 3 months and I wonder if he will throw me out.
    • This may be about Poul-Erik’s “difficult” considerations these days whether or not he will throw me out?
  • Fair Insurance has now stopped and the employees is gathered after work at a large parking house, where I see GIANT layer cakes inside trucks. I am together with a female colleague visiting another female colleagues apartment, which is very well kept and 90 square metres but appears to be much bigger. Afterwards I am cleaning up Fair Insurance together with Jan H. S. and another man, and I can tell that Jan is exhausted when sweeping the floor, and I take over doing the last cleaning including vacuuming. Peter A. has not dismissed me but made me the manager of winding up the company because it has not been possible to sell the portfolio to another company, and I will work together with my old colleague Charlotte on this. I am driving a VW transporter together with Charlotte and also Søren F. J., who also will assist, I have found my wallet and Dankort (debit card) and at the petrol station, Charlotte gets filled up followed by Søren F. J. with 97 litres and finally myself, and I see that it is difficult to keep all items inside the compartment box of the car.
    • Fair is still our old world, which we are cleaning up after now. The large layer cakes inside the trucks are the result of creation, our New World, the two ladies may be my mother and sister. Debit/credit cards are simply “energy cards”, which is the reason why I have always have difficulties finding these in dreams, and it seems that we will get all energy required to “wind him up” and him, her and everybody else when they enter our New World.
  • I started working at 08.55 today and yesterday evening I had the clear feeling again that I would have liked to do all of my work even better but that I have had to settle for this balance doing my absolutely best under the circumstances.

I was watching “Top of the pops” on Danish TV2 television and ENJOYING Sys Bjerre, the Brothers Olsen, Søs Fenger and others singing (new versions of) the fantastic songs of Anne Linnet and not least Sys Bjerre singing so beautifully that it made people cry – it WAS truly that beautiful, which made me feel the same and discover the talent of a new singer to me – and I would have brought her singing from this show here if it was on YouTube, which it unfortunately is not (yet?).

I have difficulties because of “everyone else” and “everyone else” has difficulties when not doing the RIGHT thing!

I was thinking – or helped to think really – that I might have difficulties because of people around me acting wrongly – family/friends, Falck, the Commune, national/world politicians not supporting me directly, Poul Erik thinking about throwing me out etc. – but then again, the truth is that everyone else is having a difficult time because of me, and the question for all of you here is “why is it so difficult for you to do the only right thing” (?) and this is really what is making me wonder.

And I am thinking that what I was told the other day that it is a condition that I will be allowed to stay at this apartment before I will be able to make it all the way through can only be the darkness – this is an old game I have seen often (!) – because I have decided A LONG TIME AGO that the most important is what I write about, and I cannot be held responsible for what other people may decide, so come on Poul Erik and Kate, if you want to throw me out, throw me out then, and I am not afraid to being made homeless, I have been there before when I was thrown out from Hollænderdybet in 1991 and Brede in 1994!

Connecting my New World II with this world – when I am connected with my previous self

I was given a vision of my father in Rødovre in the 1970’s before he met Kirsten, and his soldering iron and I was told that “we are soldering all we can” and I understood that it is connecting our New World II with this world and I was told “we are pulling all your New World towards us” and later I was shown a vision of a king in darkness, but with more details than lately and again “he” was saying “is that the man I am to enter”, and yes indeed this is what it is and I feel the spirit of my mother leading “him” the way towards me and “somewhat nervous” is what this makes me feel.

Helle Thorning Schmidt is “another part of my mother” and the new Danish Prime Minister after tomorrow?

Yesterday evening DR1 television brought a big TV show with the leaders of 9 political parties and as usual, I actually suffer when I hear them constantly attacking and deliberately wanting to misunderstand instead of understand each other, so I saw maybe 2 minutes before I had enough of it, and afterwards I saw the same 2 minutes of Mogensen & Kristiansen – the professional political commentators – on TV2 News where I heard Mogensen say something like “monster like for Helle”, and this is when I was told that Helle is yes another part of my mother (!) – you do remember the darkness being so strong that it makes my mother “monster like” (?) – and I also heard inspired speech “I believe we are doing a chain meltdown here” and I was given the feeling that this is what Helle believes of me, that I am breaking down because of the pressure I have faced, but don’t worry, Helle, I will last and please continue what you are doing, and when I now understand that you are part of our team, I look forward for you to win the election tomorrow, which then is the only thing making sense and also giving the story of B.T. on Helle the other day a deeper meaning.

Later I was told that Helle became famous for her expensive handbags, which are symbolising “the toolbox of the Devil”, and Helle, this is the one who you are, and you are working in politics doing everything you can the same as everyone else to come to power because “of course you only have noble motives to make this a better world”, but look on how you work and behave and also TALK TALK TALK and yes you have become a symbol of the Devil himself – and don’t worry, help is on the way, but first you will have to “sweat” a little to help you become your true self because spiritual openings come through pain/feelings, therefore :-).

Helle Thorning Schmidt with her bags as the tool of the Devil –
she is another part of my mother to help the world!

And now at 10.10, I look up the hill again before starting the work of the day on my sufferings memo and I am glad to have divided it into smaller chapters also inside of my head because when thinking of doing all of the work, it makes me stressed with the thought that it is impossible to do under the circumstances but when taking it chapter by chapter and day by day it becomes easier – the old truth you know – and first I will have to complete the second edit of “My life before my spiritual openings in 2004/2006” maybe before lunch and then to start the 1st and 2nd edit of “Extreme negative voices ….”, which may take both today and tomorrow (?) and we will see – and I am thinking that when working like this, doing two edits of each chapter before continuing to the next, I might also do a third edit of the whole memo before finishing it, which you know is really a better way to work than the (one to) two edits, which I have given most of my work and we know, we will see.

The world cannot solve it’s debt crisis itself without my arrival!

Today I received the email below from Danske Bank, which could not meet my request to cancel my debt fully or partly, and this may be the problem of the old world, that you are not “able” to solve your own debt crisis when it is “impossible” for banks of the world to cancel debts (?) and then there is only one solution left and that is for me to become my good old self, which may wake you up and decide to see things differently (?) and again we are wondering here all of us and I also receive many questions here from the man in my vision and we know the Devil still sending out darkness to the world, and what will you do when there is no more darkness to distress you (?), will you decide to follow your “old habits” or follow me by showing a clean heart?

Vi kan ikke imødekomme hverken fuld eller delvis eftergivelse af din gæld.  Vi ser gerne at du kontakter os og vi får en dialog
med henblik på en betalings aftale.

Med venlig hilsen
Danske Bank

And since the bank employee apparently did not read and understand my email (!) when asking me to contact them again, I decided to send him this email:

Hej K.,

Det var dét, jeg gjorde med min mail i går. Beskeden er, at jeg fortsat er på kontanthjælp og ikke kan betale min gæld, som det fremgik af min mail. Til din orientering lever jeg for netto kr. 1.200 pr. måned.

Venlige hilsener fra

And this make him as a matter of routing – old habits you know – give me additional 6 months as you can see here:

Hej Stig,

VI sætter sagen i bero i 6 måneder. Så ser vi på din situation og om du eventuelt er kommet i arbejde til den tid.

My coming spiritual communication, the PM knows about the “German monster” and the world will LAUGH when I arrive

I was inspired to find a new toolbar for my Internet Browser, which started when I had to update my browser and found out that the Google toolbar, which I like much, is no longer supported (!) – which I however found a solution to – and the message is that I found the Conduit toolbar and was inspired to add MANY radio stations (symbol of “spiritual communication”) –from the picture below you can see that I am listening to BBC from UK as a country symbolising “my home” – and music (symbol of warm feelings/love), which is what I will share with the world when becoming my previous self as my new self:

And here it is Jacob with one of his “better-knowing” political comments on Facebook because of the election tomorrow, and the interesting part here is that the comment of the little brother of the Danish Prime Minister symbolic tells me – together with feelings given to me – that the PM knows about the darkness making my mother a “German monster” threatening the world because here the German connection is in the way Knud writes “Enhedslisten” (the political party “the unity list”) which is half German here when he calls it “Einheitslisten” and when he says “stop moaning” it is to say that the world will soon stop “moaning” because of the darkness of the world forcing the monster upon my mother, do you see the connection (?) and here also saying that this is the darkness used to create energy also to build the connection to our New World II.

And since we are at it, I will also bring a couple of inspired postings of Rikke H. on Facebook:

First about Rikke visiting the library for the first time since school, and the library is to receive access to “everything which is” and just saying that Rikke will be lifted up too receiving access to my library:

And here she has received “a BLUE snail of plasticine”, which made her laugh out loud as she writes and also “I clearly have to meet its father” and yes Rikke, the BLUE is about my resurrection, which will make you and the world laugh, and you will meet my father too, which you know is my father as God/the Creator/the Source – he will sure become surprised himself when finding out 🙂 – and in your last comment, what you are actually saying is that “the dishy advertising man” was “someone who you used to know and work together with”, who made your knees the spirit of my father just like plasticine, really.

And my old school friend Jais also made it to the script of today writing about the election, but underneath the surface he was truly writing about a “sport-event” between the “red and blue team” and everybody knows that these are symbols for the game between the darkness and light with the blue being me, and there are NINE parties with number nine also being me and you are really speaking to yourself, Jais, because it is of course difficult for you to relate to me as the reality with all of these nuances …. :-).

Coming close to our CRYSTAL CLEAR energy of the future

And we know I did not plan on bringing these symbols, but I thought that it was right to do – also to prioritize my script – and I was happy to speaking to my mother through Skype – I really did not know if they had too much of me and my spiritual speech when meeting them the last time, but they had not and we know because of who I am when being out-going and because of the love among us as the foundation as I feel here – agreeing to meet them on Sunday for lunch after having met “CLARISSA” first and I told my mother that this was the word Georgie gave me 5 years ago, which she remembered, and first now I have received the answer on what this is about, which is to regain the energy, which was removed from me in this 5 year period when I hardly have been sleeping, which you know is what your mother understand and this is then where we are – so now it is lunch, and after lunch I should be ready to climb the hill to my sufferings memo and yes no more to disturb me now.

After lunch: It was let us say more than “almost impossible” to get started on this work today, I cannot describe how I feel, but let us say still tired, exhausted – the long term effects (!) – the feeling that I am almost home, but not yet just like Uffe in 1998, so I have to continue (!) – and again extreme disgust to do this work and impatience including the Devil EAGERLY trying to make me decide to send out darkness as the alternative if I should give up, which I again was very close to doing at least for the afternoon (!) – but I will NEVER accept the agenda of the Devil no matter what – and the only cure is simply “just do it”, which automatically after 1-2 hours brings me into some kind of rhythm and yes this is what happened once again today, and by the way, my behind is also hurting today, but apart from this and apart from not having a life, everything is fine here, which is more or less the feeling I brought to my mother when speaking to her and also to tell her to be “cool/calm” in relation to the apartment because Poul-Erik and I still speak well together :-).

During the afternoon I started receiving more heartburn and also pain to my spinal column which I connected with the feelings of Poul-Erik before coming here tomorrow afternoon – not easy to do what is right!

And then late in the afternoon, for the first time ever, my touch floor lamp “decided” to switch on the light by itself (!) – normally it switches off the light, which it has continued to do “hundreds of times” on a daily basis (!), but this is saying that we are now coming to a CRYSTAL CLEAR energy source and yes because of your decision to do your best on your sufferings memo.

I decided to keep working until 17.20 and I never came around to get started on the edit of the “Extreme negative voices ….” because I decided first to do some more on my life until 2004/06 – this is really only a short memo compared to what it could have been, but this is the balance I decided for (!) – and also to do a second edit and summary of the introduction and then this was the end of the working day, but there should be more than a good chance to get started on the Extreme negative voices ….” tomorrow, which is really the third chapter our of NINE chapters (!) and we know isn’t it funny how I keep running into the number NINE these days, which you know has always been my lucky number (the Council has 8 members and my previous self will become no. 9, therefore) and almost feeling my new self telling my old self this and quite funny is truly the feeling behind this game of suffering I am going through but no more today even if you could continue talking to inspire my writings!

The “old” Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen is “another part of my father“, who will also help the world 🙂

This evening I watched a little bit more from a new “TV-fight” between Helle Thorning Schmidt and Lars Løkke Rasmussen – however not much because they make me suffer just listening to them – because of the information I received about Helle and when Lars Løkke said “economy, which I will speak very much about”, I felt the spirit of my father through him, and I have almost “had enough” of these “other parts of me” showing up in people because how many can there be (?) – this is my true feeling – but I also have made an old rule for myself, which is that I will write what I am told as long as I understand it and it is important, and here I was told that Lars is another part of my father, and I was “almost sceptical” because of my attitude, and it required a couple of confirmations before I really decided to include it in my script and at my second confirmation – I don’t remember the first, but it was shortly before this – Helle and Lars were almost “falling” over each other when both at the same time replied “no it is not” on the question ““is it not in reality Germany and the world controlling our economy no matter what” – and I feel strongly that GERMANY here is about my origin and influence on you – which made them laugh as you can see from the picture below and from the broadcast here, which I LIKED to see :-), and Lars saying “fine that we agree on something”, which again was a “set-up” and inspired speech to make me understand that Lars is truly another part of my father, so it seems that Denmark also through these two will play an important role to help the world show a clean heart to enter our New World, and the first task will be for Helle and Lars to understand who you truly are, and yes to wake you up spiritually so you can get started on your TRUE mission of life (!) – and isn’t this NICE information to receive AFTER the election helping you on your way (?) and yes Lars, too much economist/bureaucrat is what you became because of the system influencing you with far too little “courage” to change the attitude of the population on behaviour and work and maybe difficult for you to do because of your own personal attitude revealed by the voucher-case in 2008 showing people just how “social” a man you are?

Helle Thorning Schmidt and Lars Løkke Rasmussen on DR1 here, where it was revealed that not only is Helle another part of the spirit of my mother, but Lars is another part of the spirit of my father – both will help mankind enter our New World 🙂

After writing this chapter, I was told “this is part of the last information you will receive” meaning that if I did not do the last part of my work, I would not have received this information.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received less suffering during parts of the evening because my mother was calmed somewhat down and because of the progress of my work and simply just because I work and I was told “good not to give up to avoid fire out there somewhere, and even though there is not much darkness remaining, it can still make a good fire”.
  • I don’t remember that I ever wrote down that I remember a déjà vue of how difficult it would be for the spiritual work to give me calm while working, which I think often about – and it makes me suffer knowing that this is the case especially when I feel that I can do even better than I do, which is a feeling I have always had – and when working I generally receive much more calm than when not working, and only sometimes when working, I receive “waves of attacks” lasting for minutes and otherwise I just feel their presence inside of me and that “they are right there” potentially all of the time.
  • I was told that “we are becoming twins, which is how a “gold network“ feels like” and we are coming closer to the visit on Sunday in Helsingør to the “Energikilden & Guldnetværket” (“The energy source & gold network”) with this CLARISSA lady, you know :-).


15th September: Helle Thorning Schmidt became the new Danish Prime Minister: “Oh, my God”, “WE DID IT!” 🙂

Dreaming of world politicians are responsible for the Universe sacrificing because they did not inform the world of me

I had a “good night” under the circumstances with these dreams:

  • I am on my way to the beach, the smell is burnt just like yesterday. I see a HUGE amount of people, something about keys, Johnny and “do they still shout”, and see friends eating dessert, which are huge 1 ¾ litres of ice cream each.
    • Beach and burning is extreme suffering, which is connected with “all people of the world”, which are those on the beach. Is this suffering of the Universe right now connected to the wrong doings of mankind?
  • A foreign employee of the company is stopping, he has given a suggestion of improvement, which I have promised to follow up on. He did not follow up on Synoptik despite of my recommendations. I tell him: “Here, Johannes, you can use a professional time schedule on this too”, and I see a lawyer, who had prepared new pension certificates, but he says that details are missing, but Kim S. says “oh, write them on bread and start sending them out”.
    • The feeling was that this employee is Elijah, I don’t know what his suggestion is about, but the dream says that he did not follow up on the sceptical pastors/members (to me) of his church (to make them understand and not misunderstand me), which I wrote about some time ago, which would have helped in this phase, and the reason is “lack of an action plan” (!), which is what I tell Johannes (Elijah) in the dream.
    • The last part of the dream says that we are “almost there” with our New Universe and if I am impatient without doing my last work, “suffering” may do the rest, but I will not give in to the strong impatient feelings I am given trying to prevent me from working at the same time as this is darkness, which are used as fuel when converted to light.
  • I am working with a lady and a male manager on an IT system, and there is doubts whether or not I will receive my salary, because my employment contract is shelved at the European Union, but my manager says that he will pay out my salary anyhow. At lunch we walk to the premises of Espergærde Youth School, and inside we see that the shutters of the canteen are still closed, I meet Allan, my old school friend, waiting for the canteen to open and I discover that I don’t have money with me, and he lends me 20 DKK. We sit down at a table where I have some difficulties getting from the right to the left side of Jais without sitting uncomfortable and “too close” on his left side.
    • Salary is “energy”, which I risk not receiving because world politicians have “decided” not to help me because they don’t inform the world about me because of their bureaucrazy (!), which is what the EU of the dream is “famous” for, and despite of this, God is providing me with energy to finalise my work taken from what I understand is a suffering Universe, and I wonder why politicians cannot get them self to do what is right to avoid this situation and SADNESS about you is my true feeling, and the dream also says that I am borrowing energy from school friends and that may be energy from people all over the Universe (or all of those attending the Benny Hinn crusades etc.?).
    • I woke up to “La det swinge, la det rock ‘n’ roll” by Bobbysocks, which is a happy song from Norway so really both happiness and sadness at the same time because of the darkness, Norway used to be a symbol of.

On Facebook today, Nønne from Selvet was INSPIRED to share beautiful music with the world, which is called “THE SACRIFICE” and this is about the sacrifice of the world because of wrong actions of mankind, which the politicians of the world could have helped to avoid.

Bureaucratic world politicians who cannot “find out” to inform
the world about me, is making the Universe SACRIFCE, which
Nønne was inspired to show through this beautiful music

And here is the music, which I understand is from a movie called “The Piano” from New Zealand, which you know is the most beautiful country of the world, which our New World II will become too, which is how I understand it; the sacrifice of parts of this world will become the most beautiful New World II in the future:

The “best new car” of an inspired Danish automobile designer symbolises the new creation of my previous self

There are more symbols out there including the Danish automobile designer Henrik Fisker, which I have known for a long time now without writing it. He used to design fantastic sport cars for BMW and Aston Martin, and now he has designed his latest creation, the “FISKER Surf” and we know his surname means “fisherman” and his new “best car” is about the best new creation of my previous self arriving and so it is, and here it is:

The Devil self is starting to believe in me and the Swastika is the symbol of peace and good luck brought through darkness

Some time ago I wrote how UFO Politics succeeded to change the attitude of a sceptical – which was about the fact that the Jerusalem UFO’s were not hoaxes but the truth – and that is at least “partly” if not fully, and I have noticed how this sceptic shows himself in the forum using the Devil as his profile picture, and yesterday evening he also “challenged” me by asking me this question:

I decided to look at the six pictures he has uploaded as “fabricated evidence” speaking against the truth, and this morning, I sent him and the forum this answer, which is what this is about (people making their minds up with “garbage”):

I was encouraged to “check” up on Jiro and when I looked at his Facebook site I found this:

Jiro calls himself the Advocatus Diaboli, the
Devil’s Advocate, which his profile picture and
attitude on the Jerusalem UFO clearly shows

People on his Facebook site speaking about mankind being
made up by other civilizations, and for your information, Jiro,
I will be “everything” including ALL civilizations 🙂

And I was told that this is to show a very clear symbol that we are fighting darkness/the Devil self, who has come to this forum because of the darkness surrounding the monk of the Jerusalem UFO – the spirit of my father inside of me – and when I found Jiri on Linkedin, I saw that he is from Toronto, Canada, and then it was easy for me to find him as a visitor on my website too as you can see from the picture below and considering that he is the Devil’s Advocate, I am glad to see that he has visited both my Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO and my decoding page a total of six times yesterday, where he spent 2 hours and 8 minutes, so Jiro, is this helping you to start believing in me too (?), which is as “impossible” as to get my mother, thus the world, to believe in me, which this is about.

Jiro decided to read about the Jerusalem UFO for more than two hours, so is the Devil starting to understand the truth about this UFO and my arrival despite of his resistance?

Jiro has much information on the Internet, for example this website here, which I have not read, because I don’t have the time, but I understand that he belonged to a movement for years believing that people of other civilizations created mankind, but now he has become “wiser” using his time to fight this movement and with this apparently also UFO’s in general (!) and it seems that the Devil truly has taken over your mind, Jiro, but you are finding out the truth simply by searching and finding me :-).

From his profile picture and his website etc. you can see the Swastika symbol used by the Raelians (the above mentioned “movement”), which was the same symbol that the Nazi’s used, which then was associated with Nazism/Fascism and banned, but the Swastika has been widely used in ancient civilizations for 5,000 years in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc. as a sacred symbol of good luck and peace, and this is what is coming to all through the darkness when converted into light of our New World, do you see (?), which this story is basically about.

The Swastika is an ancient symbol
meaning good luck and peace

Later in the day, Jiro sent me this answer still “claiming” that the Jerusalem UFO and maybe me too (?) is an “impostor” and we know difficult to “comprehend” when you apparently do not want to listen, but what about “underneath the surface” (?) and I am thinking here “exactly as my mother”, which is that he knows the truth inside of him – the evidence is too overwhelming – but he does not want to admit it to himself (yet) because of a STRONG voice of what he wants to be the truth, thus stubbornness.

“The best designed car” about my new self – and underneath all of the fighting is LOVE of man 🙂

And the message from Jiro led me to the next message of the day because “INSIGNIA” as Jiro decided (!) to write in his message to me is about OPEL INSIGNIA, which is a car design I like much and we know Stig, which I mentioned in a small note many months ago – another symbol of my new self, because a “car” is a symbol of “me” you know (!) – and this is why the “divine”, as I am told, musician Rasmus Seebach earlier today announced on Facebook that his new video of the song “I mine øjne” (“In my eyes”) could be seen first at Opel’s Facebook site, so this is what I did as you can see here:

Rasmus Seebach is a divine artist here with Opel to show the “new design” of me (!) singing about the love underneath people fighting – as with my sister and also Jiro above 🙂

I know that this song is ALSO special because when I wrote the chapter about my sister Sanna the other day in my sufferings memo, I was given the lyrics “Jeg vil elske dig for evigt og hvis du nogensinde var i tvivl, Ja, så ved du-uh-uh, så ved du det ihvertfald nu”, and the song is about the difficulties to control a temper making people fight but behind all of this is LOVE as the foundation of people, and this is what is underneath the “uncontrollable temper” of my sister, and this is what is the true message also from Jiro, which basically is what this is about.

Until the video is released to YouTube, you can watch Rasmus performing the song live here, and I also LOVED his performance on “crazy about dance”, which unfortunately is not on the Internet because of “commercial interests” of TV2, which STEALS richness of life from people! And with a little bit of goodwill you can see the new video here without being “forced” to “like” Opel’s Facebook site.

Symbols to enter the Kingdom all the way into the gold, and my colour (arrival) will make people happy 🙂

The symbols on Facebook keep coming – there has been more for months, which I have not included – but I decided to take this one too, which seems like a “pyramid-message” :-), which Michael has passed on and you may believe it is connected to the election not to vote on the red block – messages like this are “piece of cake” compared to so much else even though it is WRONG behaviour – and it is about seeing the colour red, which in my symbolic language is darkness, and to be afraid of this, which is because of just how strong the darkness really is now – which I would feel much more of if it was not for the Universe sacrificing – and we are going all the way in to not the rich as the message says but to my kingdom (“rige” in Danish can mean both!) and that is “HELT ind til guldet”, which of course is “all the way into the gold”, which you know is to suffer the most ever (combined with the Universe) to get out the gold, i.e. my previous self as the creation of the kingdom, and we know easy isn’t it (?) and THANK YOU to the Universe otherwise it would have been completely impossible because of mankind :-).

This “commercial” is again a reference to a now approx. one year old commercial of the Danish financial institute Nykredit, which I liked from the first moment I saw it understanding their inspiration but despite of this I never wrote about it before now. It is about the colour blue, i.e me (!), making the world (the horse!) happy and as the hypnotist of the commercial among other things says: “Blue is the colour you see, it makes you happy. Every time you in future see the colour blue, you will become happy” and again this is what mankind will be when I will become my new self as my previous self. Here is the commercial and another part here.

Encouraging Poul-Erik to accept me staying until the apartment is sold – and feeling my previous self as the king clearly 🙂

This morning when knowing that Poul-Erik would come this afternoon to inspect the apartment, I received the encouragement through a feeling and thought given to me write him an email suggesting a “compromise” where I would offer to help him sell the apartment by showing it to interested buyers if he would allow me implied to live in it until it would be sold and we could agree on a day for the buyer to overtake it, so this is what I sent him:

Hej Poul-Erik,

I forlængelse af nedenstående og tidligere korrespondance kan vi måske “slå to fluer” med et smæk, hvis vi kan aftale, at du sætter din lejlighed til salg, hvor jeg gerne viser en pæn, møbleret lejlighed frem positivt – eller lade dig/ejendomsmægler gøre det, som du måtte ønske – hvis du stiltiende accepterer, at jeg bliver boende i lejligheden indtil, at den bliver solgt, og at vi så sammen drøfter en mulig overtagelsesdato med en potentiel køber.

Det er min vurdering, at dette må være en fremkommelig vej for alle inklusive Kate, og jeg beder dig venligst overveje dette positivt, som jo også vil stille dig bedre i forhold til, at lejligheden stod tom den 1.11. Jeg kan ikke forestille mig, at nogen vil foretrække, at lejligheden står tom og at jeg står på gaden, når dette vil være til fordel for alle. Jeg bor blot i den indtil, at den bliver solgt og overtaget af køber.

Du er velkommen til at sende denne mail til Kate. Vi ses i eftermiddag :-).

At 15.45 he arrived early before he told me that Kate – the chairman of the housing association – and a surveyor would come, and it gave us a chance to speak nicely together as we have always done – “how are you”, “how is work” and so on – and I told him about my email, which he had not seen, and first he told me “the board did not approve our agreement, so I will have to ask you to move the 1st November“, which made me tell him “please read my email, think carefully about it and let me know”, and then Kate with another lady from the board and the surveyor came to inspect the apartment for 15 minutes in order to set the sales price (!), approx. 10.000 DKK per square metre with 54-55 square metres in total and I understood that the apartment will be set for sale the 1st November first on the “internal list” and then on the “external list” (!) and I was surprised to see these people apparently without a care for me just talking between themselves with an “interest” to sell the apartment (!) and it made me very SAD to see, and I had to be strong to keep on telling the darkness inside of me “send only light to these people” with the strong desire for the darkness to send the darkness, but NO this is not how I am, and then I was told at the end by the voice that Kate has slept poorly and we know of course it is “very uncomfortable” to come and visit such a “difficult” man like me (!) and yes the opposite golden rule and what is left of it, and of course it could not be different because we are generating darkness as fuel in order to free and that is not Willy but almost – Michael Jackson is inside of me too you know 🙂 – and that is for us to be there you know, and the “you know” part given many times recently is the conscience of my previous self standing “just around me” understanding what this is about and feeling OBAMA here too and yes “many miracles to come” and hi there Obama 🙂 – and I feel my previous self as the king all around me and with the calm feeling I know so well previously given to me by the spirit of my mother, which is a feeling I LIKE VERY MUCH and the spirit of my mother is now crying of happiness through me (!) – and to come back to the story, at 16.15 Poul-Erik also “welcomed” interested potential buyers (who had been potential buyers to the apartment below me, which was sold to others) and he told them that this apartment will be free the 1st November, and from where do you know that, Poul Erik (?) and is it because you have decided behind my back to set me out or is this not settled yet and we will see what happens from now, and these potential buyers would keep an eye open for the advertisement, when it comes and I wonder how quickly the apartment will be sold because the apartment below was sold within one month, and will this be the same (?) and maybe not that important if and when I will become my true self at least before the 15th December if this is a deadline given by the light and not the darkness for a change, which it just may be and at least I know that Jesus is soon me and I am soon him as Stig.

Later in the evening, I felt that Poul-Erik is participating in creation of the Nazi darkness at the moment.

Helle Thorning Schmidt became the new Danish Prime Minister on a beautiful day: “Oh, my God”, “WE DID IT!” 🙂

Today was the Danish election, and first of all, I decided NOT to vote and how could I when I cannot even bear to witness the speeches and fightings of the “politicians” (?), and we know I WILL NOT GIVE MY VOTE AS PART OF THE OLD WORLD, and I have voted in the past, however not always, and this was before I was opened up spiritually and before feeling as I do today about the wrong fight of politicians, which is really how I have ALWAYS felt, which was the reason why I became a member of the Liberal Party in Helsingør in the beginning of the 1980’s because I wanted to change it from within driven by “disgust of politicians” already back then! But of course I do believe that it is a (voluntarily) duty to vote in our New World, which I am sure you will understand?

And I don’t like at all (!) people of today voting only because of selfish reasons when thinking which party will help ME the most, which is the WRONG and COMMON attitude of SIMPLE PEOPLE (!) instead of thinking WHAT WILL HELP ALL OF US THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

I decided to see the cover all evening on DR1 and TV2 television, which included MUCH inspired speech, and this is only part of it:

19:22 on DR1:
“It does not get greater than this, it is political Christmas Eve times four”, which you know is about a “difficult birth” or should we rather say “rebirth”?

19.48 on DR1:
From Vega in Copenhagen, where the Social Democratic Party held their election evening, the rostrum was standing as the only thing on the stage and the speak said “the rostrum is almost light up as a cross without the top” and I felt the light of my previous self around me, who this was about.

19.55 on ?:
Socialdemokratiet går en lille MY frem” (“the Social Democratic Party goes a micrometre ahead”) and “MY” in Danish is a rare word to use and to me it did not mean “micrometre” but the old locomotive called “MY”, which here symbolic is about Helle Thorning’s “train journey” home, which is a journey going through suffering – believe me, I know (which also is about Sybil from Fawlty Towers here given to me as a symbol of Helle knowing about me!) – to reach the other side, and part of this Helle, is to read and understand this about you – and my scripts in general :-).

This is about the “train journey” of Helle to reach the other side by understanding my scripts in general and about you 🙂

20.02 on TV2:
Ida Auken from the Socialist People’s Party said “it is a huge success, which I would not have dared to hope for at all”, and when she said this, I felt Svend Auken inside of me clearly and “many tears” were given to me. This was the FANTASTIC Svend – the now late and former chairman of the Social Democratic Party speaking (also knowing that there was INDEED a story about Svend losing the very famous here election as chairman to Poul Nyrup in 1992) – who was speaking through his niece and I liked Svend exceptionally because of his TRUE PASSION to make this a better world – and just thinking that this is one of the first signs I receive from spirits of our NEW WORLD, which is almost like a landmark for me :-).

The late fiery soul Svend Auken told me through
his niece Ida about the victory of the election:
“It is a huge success, which I would not have dared to hope for at all”

And alright, I will write this too even though it is/was close to be left out because I believe this was darkness speaking to me – and then again it might be true and maybe only some of it (?) – but this may also be of interest for you to see:

I was told that “this is not only about the election in Denmark, but also the election on you and if there is enough faith on Stig in the world to revive Jesus” and “yes, we did not even tell you that it required more than half of the voters to get you elected and none without Bornholm” and something about “no one dares to say it directly” (speak about me in public) and I was told that more than half of the MP’s, which this was about (!) have decided to “vote” (believe) in me, which I was told is because of the quality of my scripts, which made them believe in me, and also that they have understood that the world did not experience Armageddon – the recent story of the World Trade Centre – because I took the pain on me, and I was also shown a giant safety net of rescuers (I was shown Falck rescuers) almost covering the whole square in front of Christiansborg (the parliament) to say that I could almost not fail and I felt myself landing safely in the net because of the faith of MP’s in me, but I was not visible but told that “they can almost see me”(the MP’s), which is about my previous self “almost home” inside of me.

Later, I was also told that ”Georg Brandes is somewhat sad because a ship did not go down, did it” (?) and “Brandes” is in Danish a word very close to “burn”, which may be one part of the story – darkness being sad for not sinking the ship (!) – and the other part may be that this old Danish writer have written some important literature.

All of this lasted maybe half an hour to an hour making me “somewhat scared” again – bringing me MANY fearful thoughts about “have we really made it – or not” etc. – which I decided is the game of the darkness – also including getting more than half of “the voters”, which was connected to the old and now no longer valid story of getting more than half of the world to enter our New World in order to this to be strong enough to survive – and therefore I said: I DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS – I needed it to be strong (!) – and believed that this is darkness given to me because of WRONG decisions of the Danish parliament also for not supporting me directly and with this, more darkness as fuel to get out my true self and we know Stig, more darkness is “good” as fuel but also making the Universe suffer, and I wonder if this is the only way to release enough energy to bring me out (?) and also if publication about me to the world would create enough faith/energy to do the same (?) and if this is really a game to show you the WRONG doings of world politicians at the same time as this was expected to create this energy, and when knowing about how most stories of the past of these scripts have been designed, this just may be the truth. The spirits of my father and mother believed this is what would happen, and this is what happened, and you know of course WRONG but predictable as so much else.

20.50 on TV2:
I like the host Jes on TV2 much because he is always good to deliver a smile and to make people “loosen up” and he spoke about Margrethe Vestager, the leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party, and after the “serious” part he said something about “drikke sig i hegnet” (“drink herself in the fence”), which may not look funny when reading it but it was so liberating and funny to hear because of how he said it – just my style, Jes 🙂 – and I felt that this was the spirit of my father smiling through the darkness because it was funny at the same time as “drinking” like this is an old symbol of darkness, and Margrethe replied through a text message to him that she was now drinking Champagne, which is also about our (coming) celebration of the release of my previous self.

21.25 on TV2:
Anders Samuelsen, the leader of Liberal Alliance, said that he/they have slaved away day and night until they were on the edge of crying and he is now looking forward to seeing his children as he said, which was also about my previous self looking forward to seeing my children of the world.

Later also on TV2 Jes asked Anders about almost being in tears earlier in the evening and Jes said “it has to be good on TV if it is tears of victory”, and Anders said that this was about Liberal Alliance being completely down at 0,0% in the poles last year and to come back from this “impossible” situation, which required hard work and big personal expenses to do, and now he will go home and SLEEP (!), and first here I understood that this party was doomed for termination to symbolise that this is what I and the world was too not that long ago before I decided to come back through hard work and big personal expenses because of all of the resistance almost everyone showed me and we know I would NOT be able to do this without sufferings of my family/friends etc., mankind and the whole Universe.

All through this evening I received VERY STRONG darkness with the strongest speech and visions about my old nightmare – as if everything has been “amplified” inside of me because the visions are so strong and clear – and a constant try for me to establish new rules telling the darkness “don’t speak negatively to me” etc., which is a great temptation to do when you keep suffering because of this, but the idea is really to do the opposite and continue saying “all darkness is welcome” because if I decided to “shut down” this fuel, there could be a risk that I would not receive enough “energy converted into light” to make it all the way to the end waking up as my new self.

21.30 on TV2:
It is now a triumphal tour up the stairs for Margrethe Vestager”, which was also about my coming arrival.

21.33 on DR1:
Margrethe Vestager saying “it is its own election because it is much different to what you should believe”, which was about this also being an election on me and she also said “the smell is ugly down at the cutoff, which is where we don’t like to be”, which is about being close to termination of the world, which was a place I did not like being at at all.

21.56 on TV2:
Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of the Danish People’s Party, said something about being moved and that they now are “free birds”, which is about the freedom from darkness coming to me and all of us.

Around 22.00 to 22.30 on DR1 television – but not on TV2 (!) – the majority to win of the red block was almost changing over to the blue block, which made the red block almost terrified with comments like “fear and nervousness is almost painted on the young people’s faces”, “it is like the whole party falling into a hole in the ground” (you do remember the story about Saint Petersburg some weeks ago?), and “a government resting on the most dead run”, which was about the suffering of the Universe to bring my revival, which “a government” here was symbolising.

The “theme” of the evening – and previous days – was almost about not believing in victory of the red block before the last vote was counted with everyone fearing to lose in the end as Uffe Ellemann, the previous leader of the Liberal Party, did in 1998 when he was “sure of victory” the night before the election, and then a few hundred votes at the Faroe Islands made him lose giving the victory to the Social Democratic Party and the leader Poul Nyrup instead, and this is a “lesson” so deep inside of the politicians that they will not risk doing the same – did you notice just how many people answering questions from the press something like this: “We will work hard all the way to the end not taking anything for granted in forehand” (?), and during this evening I was given the strong feelings myself “now I have completed my work too, I won” (!), which is really to say that we are not home until I have done all of my work and I will have to continue my work also tomorrow, and just writing this is enough to give me more suffering because what would happen if I should lose it now ….?

The lesson from 1998 for the Danish politicians and myself
when Uffe thought he would win the election, which he then
did not: We are not home, before we are home!

Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, the leader of Red-Green Alliance, said something about politics being like a handball match and that “this election is about the lives of real people”, and this handball match – symbolising the fight between darkness and light – is about lives of real people of the Universe, who sacrifices themselves to bring me energy to complete my work on my writings giving my inner selves the energy to complete the revival of my previous self. This is what this was about.

23.45 on DR1:
Lars Løkke Rasmussen was arriving in his car to the election party of the Liberal Party, which made the commentator say that “he is preparing to come in and say hi”, which was inspiration to bring you, Lars, the FANTASTIC song “
everyone says hi” by David Bowie, and you do know that Bowie is an old symbol of God (?) and let us here say the spirit of my father as the Creator of the world, and yes Lars this is another confirmation given to me to tell you that you are indeed another part of the spirit of my father, so a whole New World will soon open to you too :-).

When Lars spoke to “his people”, they were ecstatic, which made him say three times “calm down” and also “this also goes out to Norwegian Broadcasting” and we know “what a silly thing to say” (!) and yes NORWAY and TELEVISION are old symbols of the darkness, so your road or train journey, Lars, also goes through the darkness to reach the light on the other side, and the fight you gave as a politician of the old world is truly “much darkness”.

Finally at 23.57 Helle decided to leave her house together with her husband heading for the election party of the Social Democratic Party at the concert hall of Vega and when she opener the door, the first thing she saw was hundreds of people and the media besieging her house, which I could tell through lip-reading made her say “Oh, my God” (!), which is what this was about, Helle, because without God, you would not have been elected (!), and I was told “you are now ready to step in, Helle and you have now been elected” and this is about Helle as another part of my mother being the Holy Spirit of the world, so this is about the world electing her, thus me :-).

At 00.15 the DR1 commentator said “det er malurt i bægeret” (”it is a cup of bitterness”) and this was inspired speech to me because Malurt is the old band of Michael Falch symbolising “rescue” and here through a “meeting in the darkness”, because this is the song I was given and yes Helle, this will be your meeting in the darkness to get you out from there developing spiritually into the person you truly are.

Later, the commentator said that he was lip-reading Helle saying the same when she came to Vega, which you know is “Oh, my God” (!) and when he said this, I received the feeling “of course” (!) and also the information that this is why I was in concert in Vega in February 2009 with Kaiser Chiefs together with Jack because one of the best songs of this one of my favourite bands is called and yes you guessed it “Oh, my God” (!) and I was told that it was according to plan for Helle to become the new Prime Minister saying these words at this place and really because Jack was helping me to come through via his “invisible” work, and I wonder, Jack, when I will be hearing from you again, my good old friend (?) and we know there is nothing to be afraid of, so here I will say it again: “Oh, my God” it is your good old friend, who is “God” and you are part of God too, Jack, so nothing special about that, which is what I hope everyone eventually will feel. So here are the Kaiser Chiefs with this fantastic song and it was not about predicting a riot, my friends, which I love VERY MUCH too – the song you know – but about predicting this event, and everyday I will love this MORE and MORE :-):

Helle’s words today were: ”Oh, my God” (!), which is the title of this amazing song because of the plan to bring Helle to office also helped by my old friend Jack, which is why we saw this band playing, where Helle held her speech this evening

When Helle entered Vega, I smiled when she was accompanied by U2’s beautiful song “it’s a beautiful day” – and later again when she was leaving – which you know was the song I received the 10th September just to tell you that “we had figured this out” and as you will understand I am almost not told anything yet, but this was an old plan, which we succeeded to carry out because we had energy enough to do it.

In her speech as you can see here, which I only heard the beginning of, she said as her first and last words “WE DID IT”, which are the words I have said myself – “I did it” (!) – when I have gone through the worst and most difficult tests on my road, which this is then also about, and she spoke about “the road has been long, there has been really hard times and we have fought”, “I knoooow” (!), and also “dear all, I wish I could go out and give you all a hug”, and when she said this, I felt the spirit of my mother inside of me with the colour red telling me about her suffering at the same time as she also gave me smiles when giving me the inspiration of “red mother”, which is about the old humorous Danish band “Røde mor” (“red mother”) and of course the song I loved so much as a boy because it made me smile which is “ta’ på landet” and this is also to say that I am indeed looking VERY much forward to go on “recreation”, which I will not “exchange for one million” (!) and I can only say “listen to the song” and that is also about protecting the environment :-).

Helle Thorning giving the victory speech to “her people”. It’s a beautiful day: ”WE DID IT” (!), which are my words given to her after completing a very difficult test on our road 🙂

And after this beautiful day, which for me ended after midnight, I looked out on the sky from my balcony, and I was shown the light of my mother in the horizon maybe 1-2 kilometres from me blinking red once a second and almost not moving, which is you know “our suffering”, and yes Helle – and also Lars – will go through it too on your way home for you to reach this smiley :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 08.45 using most of the day to write the last part of the script of yesterday and of today – difficult to get started with the next chapter of my sufferings memo (!) – and from 14.00 to 15.15 I also decided to wash the floor and doors of the kitchen and to clean the bathroom before Poul-Erik arrived today, after I had vacuumed yesterday after “work”, and then to write the chapter afterwards until 17.25 – and then a little bit here and there until 18.20 – where I decided to call it a day, so there should be a chance to continue on the sufferings memo tomorrow, and feeling Lars Løkke here and what you are going through and will now go through and what about taking Helle in the hand, sit down and talk about this (?) and you are of course always very welcome to contact and also visit me, but you know, I will of course objectively write about it, so the question is if you will accept my help?
  • Ufo Politics (?) has now visited my website 108 times in 11 days with 106 of them, I believe, to my decoding … page, which shows an unusual determined man, but not so determined that you have started reading my other pages as thorough as this?
  • I was shown a knife and told by the spirit of my mother that my previous self is now so strong that he is able to cut the ropes binding me himself :-).


16th September: Celebrating the result of the election in FINE WINE because “I DID IT”!

This government is born in pain

I had a lot of notes of the election yesterday to write down today so I only remembered dreaming about my old friend Lars G. but not what it was about and when I woke after 08.00, I was given the words “Japan, continue reducing your sex industry”!

I started working at 09.15 feeling exhausted more than tired really – there is a difference – and on the P4 radio I heard the host saying “this government is born in pain” with the government again being a symbol of me and the pain I and the world have gone through bringing me previous self rebirth.

Celebrating the result of the election in FINE WINE because “I DID IT”!

I was truly hoping to continue writing on my sufferings memo today, but it took me until 14.45 to complete my script of yesterday and this short script of today; I had more notes on the election than what I had anticipated before the election evening and from here I decided to go for a walk – seeing the moving truck of “Ogier the Dane” as a symbol of “about to wake up for new deeds” (!) – also because I had read about the new wine store in Lyngby belonging to the chain “the wine specialist” – my old favourite – serving free tastings on four quality wines, which was truly FINE WINE indeed, which I enjoyed much and as I told the nice and SKILLED man from Rhone (!) serving me, to me the wines are important but to receive such fantastic and knowledgeable service as he gave is even more important and just by their selection process of wine, I know that they only sell quality producers (!), which I cannot be sure about most other places (!) and he told me about the ENORMOUS amounts of Bordeaux wine they have bought to teach the Danes to drink Bordeaux again, that the Barbaresco wine he served me is the BIGGEST success of all of their wines and we spoke of Burgundy – where both our hearts are beating and a special story too about the people making this wine, which is about an old tribe emigrating from the Island of Bornholm …. 🙂 – and the amazing variety of different wines for example coming from a “small” estate like Clos de Vougeot, which I find “simply amazing” to which he was inspired when he spoke about the “original monks” making wine, and we know just small examples of the success and richness of our New World waiting to open and for all of us RETURNING TO HOW MAN ORIGINALLY WAS THOUGHT TO BE 🙂 and maybe two weeks ago I was given the feeling of this wine store and a possible wine tasting and the tasting today is what this was about, and we know to share “everything” of our New World with our two new friends, Helle and Lars, which we eventually also decided to include to help the world show a clean heart and really because “I DID IT” all the way to here :-).

Of course I could not afford to buy any of these wines costing from 50 to more than 200 DKK per bottle, so instead I bought the old, traditional and cheap wine of Irma called “Nun blood” (!) on sale – 79,50 DKK for 3 litres using the rest of my money of the month except from 25 DKK – and we know this wine is a symbol of the Holy Spirit of the world bleeding (!) – have you heard about the drink “bloody Mary” (?), which this is about too – and I could see the lady in front of me in Irma buying all kind of “luxury” goods, which to her of course is “normal life” spending 999 DKK and cashing a total of 1,500 DKK on her Dankort, which is more than my entire monthly budget, and the Danes are TRULY helping the starving and dying people of the Horn of Africa aren’t they (?) and after the TV-show a few weeks ago, you had “enough” of this story since it is not in the media anymore (?) because you have now given what you believe you should give also giving you a “good conscience” (?) and SUCH A SHAME is still what it is!

Again, I was given fear of possible termination, which truly is very uncomfortable

When I was working on the chapter of the election yesterday, it was together with a new constant fear of what would happen if I should lose it to the darkness, start speaking negatively and committing sins (!) and I can still get this cold sweat just thinking about termination as a possibility, which you know is a dreadful feeling and thought, but I understood that these feelings were given to me to receive MUCH darkness, which I then also understood was good in order to convert it into light and we know just writing this is helping the final revival of my previous self “a little bit more” and yes this is DOCTOR HOOK, which could be about “Doctor Karen”, who could have hooked me, which is the main threat I have been given the last days and we know as a disguise of the spirit of my mother, which you will also be able to understand because Karen is the only one I am thinking intimately about (?) – and yes I have really had enough of all this darkness so looking forward to the day when it is all over and done.

Changing from an old and slow Internet Browser into a new and quick symbolising my new self

For a long time, I have had “problems” using my Firefox browser, which has become “extremely slow” to use after 2-3 hours making the whole computer extremely slow to use and when closing the browser, it was very often still running as a process in the background, which I then had to close down manually, and I have been thinking for weeks about changing the browser seeing is as a symbol to change from my “old self” into my “new self” – or from the “fire” “fox”, which are words symbolising darkness – and today I decided to do it choosing Google Chrome as my new browser, because I know that it is “light” and very quick when surfing the Internet, and I am also considering changing my email client by the name of “thunderbird”, which has also become VERY slow, so we will see and we know costing some time doing a new standard setup.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today I noticed on Facebook that Fuggi is yet again going to a concert, which I also would have LOVED seeing together with you including SAGA, Toto, OMD and others you have gone to, where I have been “out in the cold” and today you are going to the Specials and just thinking that I am looking so much forward to start living my life and also here to bring the song GHOST TOWN, which despite of the title of the song – as if to say all of my family/friends etc. leaving me because I was so “extremely rude” without understanding that this were merely their misunderstandings with the truth being the opposite (!) – is on my list of all time favourite songs; I simply LOVE this song, so here it is, and I do hope Fuggi, that you “enjoyed” yourself, but maybe not that nice to go alone?

  • I have not yet received an answer from Poul-Erik on my email, which he needed time to think about (?) and did he decide to send it to Kate first because he has decided to “trust” in Kate and her decisions regardless of just how wrong they are and how it makes him look to the world?
  • A long time ago – in my book 2, I believe – I wrote that I would like God to develop the new Information System of the New World Order, and I have thought about it many times, and this is a correction to the wish given back then, because this is truly for the New World self to develop, so my dear mankind, what are you waiting for?
  • No writing on the sufferings memo again today – according to plan, which I of course knew nothing of – but probably tomorrow, when I will have less work to do on the script?

Finally, by 17.15 I had uploaded the last three days of scripts – feeling dizzy with throw up feelings – and yes Lars and Helle, I do look forward to meeting you too, and what will you decide to do: The right thing, which is to visit me or will you be too afraid to let the world know about this (?) and we know it should be very simple to do the right, but maybe not that easy when you are living in “some darkness” and old habits?

When preparing the work uploading the scripts, I was told that the youth of the Social Democratic Party present with Helle in Vega yesterday and of course the Norwegian too will help Helle and others to inform and teach the world about me and my writings and that this is what the tragedy of the Norwegian youth party also was about, to bring you so much sorrow that it will help you to open up spiritually to help the world, and I should give my regards here because I am told that “the spirits of the diseased youth politicians of Norway are fine and supporting you all”.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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