September 19, 2011: Meeting CLARISSA and the divine Source of energy, which will bring eternal life for the Universe


Summary of the script today

17th September: I was anointed as “the greatest” by Tibetan monks and will be build on basis of world impressions in me

  • Yesterday evening, the light of my mother showed me missiles of the world pointed from two sides against each other with the message to start destructing these and all other weapons of the world.
  • I was anointed as “the greatest” by Tibetan monks and will be build on basis of impressions of the world in me.
  • Dreaming of the risk that I could have been killed because of my writings on the Jerusalem UFO and the Temple Mount (!), the spirit of my mother is doing her best to help people at the Horn of Africa, I am safe because no one can kill me (!), the world and I work together on the same goal of bringing normal life to the world, selfish people are still removing my energy and the world has not truly yet understood my competences, which is that my decisions as a “normal man” determines the decisions of God and the Holy Spirit inside of me, which basically is the reason why we are still alive :-).

18th September: Meeting CLARISSA and the divine Source of energy, which will bring eternal life for the Universe 🙂

  • Dreaming of meeting my mother at the theatre being rebuilt, i.e. the Universe, more people and restaurants at the harbour, which is about a growing number of people sharing the goal of bringing normal life to the world, bringing a small part of Buddha to new friends, who will help moving the energy source, the darkness is still strong trying to carry out my old nightmare and returning the saw of the Devil, which has been used to create more energy through sacrifices of the Universe.
  • During the night the final creation of the Universe was made to prepare for my arrival; hereafter “everything is me” (“fish”).
  • On my way to meet Chalotte CLARISSA and the others in the meditation circle in Helsingør, I was shown a model of Buddha and told that “we will place you right in the middle completely perfect as wished for”. I was told that Chalotte Clarissa has planted the King Source in my home town of Helsingør, and I was met very warmly by Chalotte and 14 others of the meditation circle. After passing darkness and a new riddle given to me in the beginning of the meditation, I was brought inside of the energy source itself, which simply is the lives of the spirit of my father and now also my previous self, and I understood that when all darkness has been converted to light, this energy will be brought for everything of our New Worlds. I am living as my “old self” until the end of darkness, whereafter I will open up the eyes of my new self including the energy source waiting on us! Chalotte said that CLARISSA to her means “immortality” and we both thought “of the Universe”, which is what the new energy source is about, to bring ETERNAL LIFE for the Universe. Chalotte was very kind to offer me free attendance to her own arrangements because of my lack of money, and I wonder if they will continue to be very positive to me when I will return and they will know about my website, which they will after I will become friends with some of them on Facebook.
  • After meeting the meditation circle, I went to visit my mother and John for lunch, and I told the story of CLARISSA – that my energy was drained from me five years ago and that I am now finding the energy again through CLARISSA– and I was told that because my mother decided to believe in this story, she is creating the road all the way for me reaching the inside of the energy source. This is what this was about, and yet again my mother made a FANTASTIC meal :-). I was also thinking that returning to live in Helsingør, the symbol of “my home”, will be a symbol to show that I am now returning home, inside of the energy source of our New World, and the last darkness surrounding the Source is the most dense of all.
  • I received a letter from the “counsellor” of the housing association here, who threatens to remove me by force from my apartment, and also an email from Poul-Erik asking me to respect our original contract as a “gentleman” obviously forgetting that I am keeping our NEW agreement of extension. These are examples of people behaving wrongly, which makes me very sad.
  • I did an “application” to become a National Manager for Danchurchaid telling them what to do about Dadaab to TRULY help and more and an application to become HR manager of leader/employee development at Falck (!) enclosing my Falck memo (!), and asking them to get started doing MUCH required work!

19th September: The spirit of my mother bled more than at anytime before, however she is proud of having given birth to me

  • Before I was allowed to sleep I was told that the spirit of my mother (yesterday) bled more than at anytime before (the Universe), how proud she is of having given birth to me, that we have passed the worst of the worst darkness and also that we still have the task to close down time, which may require extreme energy and suffering too.
  • Dreaming of the darkness of my old friend Lars G., about the feeling of the meditation circle yesterday that I don’t need spiritual development courses and about new attacks from the Devil on me.
  • I sent my answer to Poul-Erik saying that I am now forced to try to find another place to stay, which I can only (partly) afford by stopping my pay of rent the 1st October, and I ask him to understand that others are trying to destroy our good communication/”friendship” because of their wrong doings.


17th September: I was anointed as “the greatest” by Tibetan monks; I will be build on basis of world impressions in me

The light of my mother asking the world to destruct missiles and other weapons

Before I went to bed last night, I was shown the light of my mother coming to me from the left with less light on compared to when it is at its strongest and again I was told that this is because of the influence of the family, and when it passed me it showed me two clear white lights – and several small – which gave me a vision/feeling of a double set of rockets pointed from two sides against each other and until recently also me as I was told (!) – why don’t you start destroying all missiles and really all weapons of the world (?) – and I was show two happy, after all, UFO’s all the way to my left, which I normally combine with “over Sweden” because this is so far away they are and Sweden may be approx. 20-25 kilometres from here over the sound, and I have often been shown UFO’s over there for me to see from here.

I was anointed as “the greatest” by Tibetan monks and will be build on basis of world impressions in me

Before falling asleep yesterday I was given the feeling of Stephan from the Centre of Wisdom and Compassion – as I have received a couple of days actually – and later I felt Tibetan monks and Dalai Lama around me too and I was told “you have now been anointed as the greatest, which this essentially was about” and also “we build you on the impressions we receive on you from all over the world”, and I was thinking thus not only the MP’s of the Danish Parliament, and I was given the WORST darkness at the same time where it was almost impossible for me to resist to speak the ugly language it included, but I rejected it again.

Dreaming that the world has not truly understood that my decisions as a human being determines the decisions of God

Today was Saturday morning so after a long bath – where I was shown a coin being inserted “with love” as I was told into a piggy bank to bring energy and also the spirit of my mother coming in over me showing her self as the queen of a beehive telling me that she will be the one giving birth to people of the world – I started working as late as 11.35 and yes this is what I have decided to do once a week, and these were the dreams of the night:

  • I woke up with a very unpleasant dream where I was given a very uncomfortable feeling inside the dream, which was about a place, I have left and where my continuous updated scripts on the Jerusalem UFO still hang, and when I try to return to the place through a lady there, I see dead persons, my scripts being removed and cover up and I understand that it is completely impossible to return for me and that all traces have been erased.
    • When I woke up it was with a very clear and uncomfortable feeling telling me “don’t mess up with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem” and I was told “you have been in the company of fear when revealing secrets of this place” and also that I could have been killed writing about the Jerusalem UFO at this place, but my “dear Devils” watching over and “safe guarding” this place, are you about to discover just how WRONG you are/have been and just how INFECTED you were by the Devil (?), and by the way the lady protecting me in the dream is no one else than the spirit of my mother – or Virgin Mary as you may better know her as – and you don’t want to mess up with her because of the faith you eventually obtained in me understanding that the Jerusalem UFO was the light of my mother (?) and thank you for finally understanding, so when do you believe you will release YOUR EVIDENCE of this event to the world and to give me an apologise for all of your wrong doings (?), and just thinking here I am.
  • I am on a boat where a lady is caught, they have a huge fork for codfish and I see two garfish (“HORN fish” in Danish) of 42 kilos each escaping from the boat back to the see and at the bottom of the sea – it is only maybe 1-2 metres deep here – is a huge plaice of 95 kilos, which they will try catching instead.
    • This is the boat of the Devil where the spirit of my mother is caught by the remaining darkness of the world and the HORN fish is a reference to the HORN of Africa and when two fish are escaping the boat of darkness, it may be to say that the spirit of my mother is doing her best to help people here.
  • I am on the savannah of Kenya and I see a four-wheel drive vehicle crossing it including the band of Electric Light Orchestra and I am told that many people have tried to kill them but that nobody is able to do this, and when I later meet them, I ask if they still play live because I have not seen them in concert since 1982, which they confirm that they do and they tell me to contact a company called AB something and ask after Sasja to get concert tickets.
    • I understand this dream as an answer after feeling nervous again yesterday about termination as a at least theoretical possibility and here it confirms that “my car” is safe and that nobody can kill me – i.e. Electric Light Orchestra – and that is because of the love I include, which the band is symbolising, and we are still playing live and “AB” is Swedish for “aktiebolag” or “limited company” in English – the love of our New World – and Sasja may be Sasja from Hørsholm, a friend of Karen, or maybe even my old “incompetent” colleague from Fair by the same name or maybe both of them really.
  • I am in Jutland on holiday, but am asked to work as a substitute at Sparbank Vest because all of their employees for some reason are unable to work, and I am there with my old colleague from GEFI, Morten J., and we get along and work together fine, we meet a customer and Morten tells him about Payment Protection Insurance, which we work with, and when Morten does not give the customer the full understanding of this, I give more clear information on this and also tell him that Morten and I almost at the same day launched Income Protection insurance in Denmark. Afterwards we agree that Morten will handle customers and the telephone in the backroom of the bank, and that I will service customers at the cash desk, and a taxi driver enters and wants to take out 2,500 DKK, and I find a bundle of 500 DKK notes and I am almost about to give him 10 of these, but correct it to five just before giving it to him, and I tell him “you would have taken all if I did not discover it myself, wouldn’t you” which I understand that he confirms, and later a lady arrives with “very attractive cookies”, which were for a bank employee and now she offers them to me instead. Morten and I meet Bent J. – the marketing manager of the bank – and he tells Morten that the CEO of the bank has just resigned and that the bank really needs someone like Morten to take over, and I am amazed that Bent J. doesn’t know better, which is that I am more qualified than Morten, and I think that the reason is because Morten normally is very “pushy” and that Bent has not discovered/understood my competences himself.
    • Jutland is a nice place normally, I don’t know if this bank is a symbol of good or bad, but at least Morten and I work very good together, he is not leaving me as he did in so many dreams, which was to say that the old world was leaving me, and really that we, the world and I, now work on the same course now, which is to bring “insurance” of normal life to the world, and the taxi driver is a symbol of selfish people not understanding me, which are taking my energy – and the more people understand me and do what is right, the more energy I will have, which may be (a part of) the answer on the Universe suffering to bring me energy because of politicians on Earth still focusing on the old world, your own “power” positions without doing what is right to support me publically – and the last part of the dream may be to say that the world is still fooling itself not truly understanding the right competences of people, and that the old world has not yet discovered fully “my competences”, which is that I am a simple human being on the front apparently not different than other people, but my decisions as a human being determine the actions of God and the Holy Spirit of he world inside of me, which you may be able to understand even better when reading this and eeehhh when READING and UNDERSTANDING the front page of my website and my scripts of course.

Continuing work on my sufferings memo

Today is the birthday of my old very good friend Vivian – now living in Australia – and it still makes me VERY sad that she decided to abandon me “just like that” in 2009 I believe because of her own misunderstandings.

I decided for lunch at 13.10 after having written the script of today so far, and after lunch it was time to continue writing on my sufferings memo, and even though I receives some darkness and some dislike to continue doing this work, it is much less than what I received until yesterday, and just saying that the darkness of the Danish MP’s including Helle/Lars is STRONG because of the immense darkness I received writing the previous three days of scripts.

Finally after lunch, I continued working on my sufferings memo, and it was with a variation from “almost work silence” to “strong darkness” including impatience and feelings of giving up the work again, which I did not and it was made difficult because I received a BLURRED vision all afternoon, and it is not very easy working like this, but I kept on until dinner at 18.15 giving me a work day on almost seven hours even though it was also a day of relaxation.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told “tomorrow, it does not hurt to install a small new little energy source”.
  • I was told that there are probably still people going through difficulties in Pakistan – and I might add Japan and Haiti too – who are forgotten by the world community.
  • I was shown the light of my mother with the most bright light ever and told that this is because my mother looks forward to seeing me tomorrow, and it had a green light to the left and red light to the right – looking differently every single time.
  • I was encouraged to watch FC Barcelona play this evening – I did not know they were going to play – and it was because they won in superior style by 8 to 0 (!) over Osasuna and a few inspired comments from the commentator: When scoring to 6-0, “we have to be happy that they keep going at it” and “it looks easy, however it is not”, which is about my continuous work, which looks easy but truly is NOT – today I had a heavy head, almost no energy and feeling uncomfortable warm all over together with a blurred vision – and when Messi scored to 8-0 the commentator said “Messi in flying form, it is incredible how easy he comes through, they don’t make free kicks against him”, which is about me FLYING, i.e. continuing to work and that I am able to continue doing this all the way to the end without anyone stopping me.


18th September: Meeting CLARISSA and the divine Source of energy, which will bring eternal life for the Universe

Doing the final creation of the Universe to prepare my arrival using energy of new sacrifices of the Universe

When going to bed, I was kept awake for some time receiving an “incredible feeling”, which is simply impossible to explain but a feeling I only receive when “major work” of the Universe is going on, which I feel very “special” all over my body together with the strongest darkness at all as fuel – which makes me almost in despair at the same time because darkness is darkness meaning that it tries to bring me down at the same time with the worst negative speech etc. – and it was so strong that I again almost became in despair and I was shown a small rowing boat arriving at the big ship, so no one will sink, and I was told that “we are about installing the last transition to a new system”.

  • I am in the theatre where I notice that the first row somehow is bent and that no one can sit there, and this is also alright for the opposite neighbours, and a wall is being built at the middle of the first row as some kind of compromise and it will be 2.15 metres and not 1.80 metres high as originally planned. I wear the most handsome clothes in strong colours. I leave a message for my mother saying that I would like to dance with her, and when she reaches me on the other side of a corner inside the theatre, she says that my clothes looks very fine and that the colour of my tie matches the colour of my shirt, and she says that she believes the tie is the same as my father wears. I leave the theatre with the movie still on-going and with my jacket still there, and first afterwards I think that I have my phone in the jacket, which I use as alarm clock to wake my self up in the morning, and I think about how I now will be able to wake up tomorrow morning where I will do a new similar theatre session.
    • The theatre is the place showing our New World and here the theatre is about to being refurbished – installing the new energy source – and I had the feeling that the spiritual world would have liked to keep me awake meditating while doing this work, and because I decided not doing this, they decided to build this wall as some kind of security device instead. The tie is about my confidence, which I receive from the spirit of my father, and I am not woken up as my new self yet with my phone still in the theatre, and I will continue this work tomorrow, which may be today when I will visit CLARISSA in Helsingør.
  • I arrive at the harbour and see a new path with gravel, which does not look finished, but it leads to two new very good and modern restaurants of the type, which turns into nightclubs late in the evening. I walk through one of them to reach the road on the other side, and I ask them when they opened, and the waiter says half a year ago, and there is plenty of life there.
    • The harbour should be our “safe haven” here with two new restaurants, which looks like more people are moving in here sharing the goal to give normal life to the world.
  • Something about a picture, which is impossible to move, which might be because I decided not to stay awake tonight.
  • I was given the feeling of people of other civilizations inside a large room and told that “we feel you coming home”.
  • I see Benny Andersson from ABBA, who talks about finally coming free from a car accident many years ago.
    • I briefly saw Benny on TV the other day speaking about drinking, which was about to become an addiction of his, which he therefore stopped and here symbolising for me to get free from the darkness.

I was hereafter kept awake from approx. 02.30 to 03.05 and shown one string on a guitar vibrating as a solo would be made on a drum and I was told that “it almost takes nothing to make it break, and if it does, we would like you to know that we will solve it”, which of course made me nervous to hear, and hereafter I was told “we try to paint as perfectly as possible” and I was shown a vision that it was not easy to get a “clean surface”, and at some time I felt “someone falling” and becoming part of the layer cake, which I was shown, at the same time as I felt the “bond of strength” around me reducing and I understood that part of the Universe “sacrificed” itself to become part of me as the creation.

I was told that the worst I could do now was to lose faith – I still had STRONG darkness tempting me – and I was told that four fish have been created, and I saw that the third did not look perfect, and I said that we will take all if this is the best work you can do under the circumstances but also that if you can do even better, we will do this, and then I was shown that the fourth fish made by a young chef became perfect, and I was given the words “we will take this”, and I was told that “this is the final creation, which is carried through on basis of all events before this”.

I was also told that “everything can become easier” and that “everything hereafter is fish” – everything is me – and also that this was why Helle Thorning was put forward to work at the middle of the Danish political scene to include everyone. I was shown a bundle of sausages and saw a small part of one of them being cut off and told that this is now inside of me, which was about the sacrifice of the Universe doing this refurbish of the Universe.

Hereafter I was given more sleep with these dreams:

  • I see a goal keeper, who is truly a good keeper but he is kicking out the ball far too short, which makes the coach very angry, and finally he kicks it out long enough for me to receive, and now it is a blob of butter, which I am dribbling with and I am at a supermarket where I pay 90 DKK at the cash desk, which only enters 1 DKK on the register and from here I go to another cash desk saying that this is to regulate your difference of 90 DKK, and the assistant at this desk asks me to go back and ask a question of how to key this in, and I encourage her to do it herself because she knows the system better than I, and by doing this I get new friends on Facebook and I think that this will also make them see my postings with new scripts here.
    • This is a new football game with some difficulties but it seems to work out eventually, I don’t know what the butter is but it comes from a cow, and a cow was the symbol of Buddha originating from the Creator, so this may be what I am playing with and the supermarket is about normal life and the money is about “energy”, which we are moving from one place to another, which may be what this work of the Universe is about; to move the energy source from one place to another.
    • Later in the day after meeting “my new friends” including CLARISSA in Helsingør, I was told that these will become my new friends on Facebook seeing very little of Buddha – through my website – as the dream says, so this is what they will help me, to “move the energy source”.
  • I was told that “Clarissa” means to “switch on” or ”your arrival”, which now has been prepared.
  • I am driving home in a bus all night long, I cannot sleep and something about “sex in public is hereafter prohibited”, and we arrive at 07.30 in the morning where the lady would like to have a drink, but the man prefers to go home and this is how it becomes.
    • This may be reminiscence of my old nightmare with the lady, the spirit of my mother, still forced by darkness, i.e. the drink.
  • Something about my outbuilding in Snekkersten, which many people opens the lock to enter and leave and I also see Danske Bank removing a saw, which they wrongly had placed there – and removal of queens too from outside the house, I think.
    • The outbuilding in Snekkersten may be the toolbox of the Devil too with the saw of Danske Bank meaning that we cut off part of the tree (of the Universe) to bring energy doing the work of the night, and we know I understand what you have done and I am sad that this was needed and we know I could have decided to stay awake the whole night, which however would give me great difficulties to come through today and also to finish my work and this is about “balance” too but difficult it is when knowing that the Universe is sacrificing, but I do hope and believe that in the long run, the people of the Universe sacrificing will return and live as happy a life as everyone else.

Meeting CLARISSA and the divine Source of energy, which will bring eternal life for the Universe 🙂

When I woke up, I was TIRED – part of the game – and I knew that I would have a long day in front of me, which I could almost not foresee how I should be able to come through, but after writing the beginning of the script of today, I left for Helsingør at 10.15 arriving to the city early to be sure to be on time for the meeting with Clarissa and the others at 12.00, and on my way in the train I was first shown a slice of cheese symbolising “a piece of Buddha” and then a slice of pork being inserted in a bowl of boiling oil and I was told that it was not electoral promises that Helle and Lars would come to suffer because of my script on them.

I was shown a model of Buddha at the middle of the floor completely white with someone standing next to it drinking wine and I was told “we will place you right in the middle completely perfect as wished for” with the middle being the middle of the Universe.

I was shown one of the small boats used for sightseeing excursions in Copenhagen arriving at the quay bringing political and religious/spiritual leaders on shore meaning that the faith of world leaders in me is growing.

And I was given the song “Oh my God” by Kaiser Chiefs over and over again with the lyrics “Oh my god I can’t believe it
I’ve never been this far away from home” and is this part of the game to bring me nervousness (?) because I am as close as ever with the darkness as strong as ever however I don’t feel it as strong as when I “did not sleep” recently because of the sacrifices of the Universe helping me but I am sometimes shown just how strong it is, which truly is the strongest and absolutely worst of all. – And is this song about Helle/Lars and I get “mostly Helle”?

When I arrived in Helsingør at 11.20 – a quick ride today – I used some time walking around the city, and as I have told my mother and John MANY times, I simply don’t know how ALL OF THE RESTAURANTS of the inner city of Helsingør can make a business – there are MANY (!) – and we talk about maybe 3-4 times as many as 15-20 years ago and I am thinking that this is a symbol of bringing NORMAL LIFE to the world with this city being a very special symbol of “my home” or our New World.

At 11.30 I was told by the spirit of my mother that she had started building up energy for the meeting with Clarissa and the others of this meditation circle (with the purpose to heal Earth). At 11.45 she gave me red roses for not giving up because my feeling is that I could easily decide to sit down and cry because of how people treat me and I was told that Clarissa has planted the King Source in my home town of Helsingør, and this is how I feel of this city even though I am not born here.

A few minutes before 12.00 I entered the ”Energy Source & Gold Network” as Chalotte Clarissa calls her business and even though she is offering her premises to be used for free for these meditation meetings every other Sunday, she is not the one organising these, which is done by two very nice men, Jimmy and Niklas, but she was present too.

First I was happy to see that people here as a variation to what people normally do gives a VERY LOVING HUG instead of the hand, and a little after 12.00, the meditation started with 15 people present in a circle, and most of the time it was done in silence, which I personally likes the most, and for a little time, Jimmy gave guidance too.

I decided that I would not write down notes of my meditation experiences on my mobile phone, which would be disturbing to the meditation of the others, so I cannot remember all I was shown and told, but first I received darkness as usual to pass, and then I was given a new riddle, where I was asked if it was a condition to have others write about me before I would be able to enter the energy source, and it could have been so, but I decided that this is not how it is, and I was told that all darkness have now been emptied so I can enter the energy source and for a moment I believed in this, but eventually I understood that this was NOT true because I am NOT done with my work (!) and also because I felt the resistance of the darkness continuing while meditating, and this was really a decision of mine to choose to finish my work and take on more suffering instead of deciding to become my previous self as my new self now and to open the energy source, which would be after “deflection of darkness”, i.e. more sacrifice of the Universe than what I would have liked.

I was shown the cave of energy completely white and inside of it I met the spirit of my father who told me that “via my life I am the Source self” – I felt the presence of the first Creator – and here the Source means “pure energy” and I was shown that the Source is now not only white, but it has blue walls of me – my previous self – because of the amendment of the original creation, which we did a few weeks ago.

I understood that I am the New World and I am my previous self already today but still living as my old self as long as there is more darkness to remove, and when this is done I will wake as my new self with the spirit of my father and my own previous self bringing all energy required for everything of our New Worlds and I say Worlds because I was also given the feeling of a new set of the Trinity, which has been made for our New World II, and I was given the Bordeaux colour symbolising the spirit of Karen and I have been thinking that Karen will be the mother of our New World II as the spirit of my mother is the mother of the New World.

I was also told that someone whom I felt as Chalotte Clarissa received the feeling through the meditation of the presence of the Source, and Chalotte, if you read this, this was through my presence today.

After the meditation a lady told that she was shown dolphins in a vision, and Niklas, whom I liked very much because of his apparent genuineness and kindness and also for being the first to give me a sincere warm hug – he is handicapped sitting in a wheel chair and I sent him my healing wishes – he said, that the dolphins to him symbolise people of another galaxy and divinity, and afterwards I decided to share my story with Chalotte Clarissa and the others telling about how I received her name from Georgie in 2006 not knowing what it was about before I saw her name CLARISSA the other day on Facebook, which I could tell drew much attention from the circle with one man saying that he received gooseflesh when listening to this, and I also said that to me this was about returning to the energy source, the Source self – with a reference to the name of her business – meaning “divinity” as the lady and Niklas had just spoken of. Chalotte explained that CLARISSA was the only “soul name” she could give herself – as a middle name, which she first decided to do in 2009 (!) – and to her it also means “immortality” and when she said this, I was thinking “to the Universe” and a few seconds after she said herself that it means in relation to the Universe and I could only smile and say that these were my exact words, which I was just about to say – and the meaning of all of this is to say that our new energy source will bring ETERNAL LIFE for the Universe :-).

The meditation first ended after 13.30 and hereafter they would drink/eat/speak together and I was sad that I had to leave them but I had to make my appointment at 14.00 with my mother and John, and I told them that I would be happy to return in 14 days where we could spend more time together, and Jimmy encouraged me to become friends with Niklas on Facebook to follow the arrangements and I was thinking if they still want to see me and how they will react to me when they will know about my website and at least some of them to start with, and Chalotte was very kind to invite me for her own arrangements through the ”Energy Source & Gold Network” – the first one on Thursday, which I will see if I will attend knowing that the attendants are asked to bring food and I don’t have money (!) and also thinking that my main focus is to finish my work and we know “trying to find a balance” – and when I told her that I am on cash help with no means to pay, she was VERY kind to invite me for free to attend her arrangements, and we know I told her that I feel a special bond between us and when I said this, I was given a feeling of “red energy” by the spirit of my mother behind her neck and I told her that this “will lift her up” and also that one day maybe we could sit down and talk and to help each other mutually – not only for her to help me – and I wonder if the red energy will also make her oppose me when she will know about me and if this will become the same story as I have seen so many times, which is that people are very nice to me right until they will know about my website, and when I later came home, this was underlined when Kate, one of the ladies of the circle, had found me on Facebook and invited me as her friend with these very kind words:

”Hvor var det skønt at møde dig, jeg håber du ønsker at være en del af mit netværk her på facebook. Knus og varme tanker.”

My mother decided to believe in CLARISSA being my energy source, which is opening my way to it 🙂

Hereafter I went to my mother and John for another fine meal prepared by my mother – she is developing her skills with new knowledge, which I like much and may be a symbol of normal life to the world – and I told about my experience with the meditation circle and also about CLARISSA and I said that it will be up to them if they will decided to believe in me but 5 years ago, Georgie gave me this word, which was when my energy had started being drained from me and now five years after, I finally meet CLARISSA and understand that to me this is about regaining my energy, and later I was told that my mother do believe in this, which is creating the road for us, and it was symbolised later when she said that she and John had decided not to go to Tivoli with me on Friday to see Michael Falch in concert because it is too late (from 22.00) and too noisy for them, which I understood, but the she offered to pay the entrance for me if I would like to go alone, and because I like Michael Falch and because of the value of this as a symbol of me reaching the energy source, I decided to accept, and this is how she then used the Internet to pay for and print out an entrance ticket, so Friday at 22.00 in Tivoli it is.

My mother recommended me to move to Helsingør where she has seen 1 room apartments for rent in the housings of Hellebo Park (created by the WORLD FAMOUS Danish architect Jørn Utzon – the creator of the Sydney Opera House – and thinking of this as “being approved in Australia too”!) and she also thought about the road “KONGEDAMMEN” (“the King’s pond”, i.e. Source!), and besides from being HAPPY for her to do this, I wonder what the right answer is because as you can see from the chapter below, I have decided that I cannot responsibly now wait any longer to find a new place to stay because of the immense pressure of the Devil put on me (!) and is the answer one of these places or somewhere else in Helsingør to symbolise my “return home” (?), which would bring reason to me, and I wonder how I will be able to afford moving (?) – maybe to stop the last payment of rent to Poul-Erik and to borrow money from my mother/John once again (?) – and also if I can be accepted as a tenant when I am on cash help, and the other day I was also registered by the telephone company TDC as a slow payer to the RKI register (!) and we will see how I will be able to sort this out, and I also need to spend some time on this and we know to find a balance, but I have to spend most time on finishing my work and doing my scripts, which still is the most important to do and we know I will have to do this with discipline deciding for “normal working days” instead of starting to relax, which has been the temptation all along and “discipline” is the key word here.

John spoke about the most dense carbon, where 1 gram can be laid out to fill nothing less than 2,000 square metres, and later I was told that this is the density of the strongest darkness of all, which we (the Source) have decided to hide behind, and this is why I am given at least glimpses of just how incredible strong and nasty this darkness is and also why I am still given feelings of termination as a risk when I am closer to home than at any time before with “almost made it” as the true story and we know simply because of the incredible strength of this the last darkness.

The housing association now threatens to throw me out (!) – and Poul-Erik has now become convinced that I am not a “gentleman” keeping my word!

This morning before leaving for Helsingør, I received a letter from “BOLIG administratorerne” – the “counsellors” of the housing association here – and I almost expected what it would say before opening it, and it was as “terrible” as expected from BUREAUCRATS/DICTATORS who have forgotten to use their minds (!) and now only decides on basis of old rules, which they cannot remember why was formed as they are, but now that these are the rules, there are of course no chances to consider changing them and to use common logic instead (!), so this is what the letter said – threatening me to be thrown out if I have not moved by November 1:

A/B Lyngby Parkgård

Jeg er blevet orienteret om, at du ikke har tænkt dig at fraflytte efter udløb af den lejeaftale du har indgået med andelshaver Poul-Erik L.

Du skal være opmærksom på, at Poul-Erik L. vil blive ekskluderet af andelsboligforeningen, såfremt du gennem selvtægt tager dig en frihed, der ikke er hjemmel for i andelsboligforeningens vedtægter.

Det strider mod formålet i en andelsboligforening, når der foretages udlejning til ikke medlemmer, og det er derfor ikke i andelsboligforeningens interesse, når andelshavere udlejer/fremlejer deres lejligheder.

Såfremt du ikke er fraflyttet senest 1. november 201 kl. 12.00, vil sagen uden yderligere varsel blive overbragt fogedretten for tvangsudsættelse. Enhver udgift i denne forbindelse vil blive opkrævet af (”hos”?) Poul-Erik L., der uden tvivl vil være berettiget til at rejse kravet videre mod dig.

Allan R.”

When I read this, my natural reaction was of course to be VERY SAD and I was wondering if they are only rattling the sabre not having the guts doing this when it comes to the point, and I was even thinking that this could save me money to move my furniture (!) but first of all how people can act so WRONGLY going against a human agreement, which nobody opposed but all supported if it was not for these CRAZY rules – this is what “craziness” is also about (!) – and later I was thinking that if Kate had not been too lazy and if she and the “counsellor” had followed my encouragement to change the rules, you would probably also have decided to follow my request to stay in the apartment for an extra year, but a true Devil is what you are (!) – still with love underneath you – here showing the desire of the darkness to finish me off, but the truth is that even though this darkness is the strongest of all, it is now so limited that it can cause me no other harm than annoyance and sadness.

When I returned home from Helsingør, Poul-Erik had decided to send me this email asking me to be a “gentleman, who keeps his word and his agreements and therefore move from my apartment, when the signed agreement expires the 31st October”, and isn’t this funny that the darkness now accuses me not to be a gentleman and not to keep my agreements, when the truth – as you will know – is that it is Poul-Erik not keeping our agreement to extent the lease with one year because he is “afraid” of the dictator of Kate, and one day you will understand who were not gentlemen – or ladies – here and who were offending whom.

Hej Stig,

Tak for din mail, og for din hjælp i forbindelse med syn af lejligheden.

Det er desværre ikke muligt, at du bliver boende i lejligheden efter den den 31/10-2011, da Andelsboligforeningen ikke vil ændre eller bryde foreningens regler. Og da jeg som andelshaver er bundet til foreningensregler, må jeg bede dig om at fraflytte lejligheden som aftalt i lejeaftalen. Dvs. senest 31/10-2011.

Jeg har i går lørdag den 17/09-2011 modtaget en opgørelse på varmeregnskabet for perioden 01.06.2010 – 31.05.2011. Med opgørelsen fuldte en ekstra varmeregning på 9.570,59 kr.!!! som skal betales sammen med huslejen den 01.11.2011. Jeg har ingen ide om, hvordan du har kunne bruge så meget varme, da jeg aldrig selv har modtaget en ekstra regning på så stort et beløb.

Jeg håber, at du vil være en gentleman som holder sit ord og sine aftaler, og derfor fraflytter min lejlighed når kontakten vi begge to har underskrevet, udløber den 31.10.2011.

Venlig hilsen

Sending applications to Falck and Danchurchaid!

I was home at 17.30 knowing that I also “just” had to do two standard applications to meet the “crazy requirements” from the Commune and when I browsed through management positions at as I normally do because of the extremely poor public system of Jobnet (!), I saw that Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (Danchurchaid) applied for a National Manager and that Falck for a HR manager in charge of leader and employee management (!) and as so many times before, I thought that it would be the best to take the bull by its horns – and to bring it back home (!) – and to apply for both positions instead of being afraid of what Falck and for that matter also Danchurchaid would think of me and for what the top management of Falck would decide to do with me, to understand that I mean well and maybe even to hire me because I am the best for the job (?) or to prosecute me because of my public memo on them (?), and when I had finished the not standard application (!) for Falck, and wanted to send it through their website, I received three errors that it did not make it, and I the email address of the top HR manager was not on their website, so I decided to send it to the head quarter of Falck in general and to another employee of the HR department instead asking them to forward it to the HR-manager, and that is, this did not work when sending it from my email client Thunderbird, which I am still using, but I decided that I don’t want to give up sending this application, so therefore I sent it from my Google email account directly from the Internet and finally, I succeeded sending it and I knew that “a spiritual wag” was playing with me as so many times before and also that when sending this email INCLUDING MY FALCK MEMO (!) to Falck in general, just maybe this story of mine will continue to develop inside of Falck spread by the people receiving my email – by the 19th September when this is written, I have seen an increase in the number of readers of the memo on the Internet now with 216 reads – and when I was doing the Falck application, I was shown a GIANT stamp in space and I told “you get the BIGGEST stamp because of what you do” (stamp of approval) and you can as usual find both applications in my library, but since these application are a little bit special, I bring the wordings of them here too:

The text of my application to Falck:

Afdelingsleder for leder- og medarbejderudvikling
Jeg henviser til den ledige stilling, som jeg hermed ansøger.

I modsætning til samtlige andre ansøgere ved jeg præcis, hvor skoen trykker hos Falck og hvad der skal til, for at skoen bliver pæn igen, og for at hele Falck løftes op til nye dyder.

Det har jeg for nylig skrevet vedlagte notat på 100 sider om – ”Løft Falck til Noma kvalitet” – efter at have arbejdet som ”kuli” (!) på jeres Lyngby station i fem måneder tidligere til alles udelte tilfredshed (!), som det fremgår af referencen fra udrykningslederen på næste side, hvortil jeg bemærker, at Lars på grund af sine egne ”interesser” og manglende indsigt ikke fuldt ud forstod mine kompetencer, mens jeg arbejdede sammen med ham, som i sig selv er ét ud af MANGE områder, som I har behov for at forbedre: 100% perfekt at afdække, udvikle og anvende samtlige lederes/medarbejderes kompetencer RIGTIGT, som de færreste gør.

Nogle gange kan sandheden være ilde hørt, men jeg har skrevet mit memo med de aller bedste ønsker og varmeste følelser for Falck og alle medarbejdere ganske enkelt fordi, at jeg holder meget af de, jeg har arbejdet sammen med og af virksomheden som sådan, men sandheden er, at I er blevet til ”en by i Provinsen” – umoderne, gammeldags og doven (!) – og trænger til en gennemgribende forandring; en forandring, som man givetvis ikke har identificeret i HR-afdelingen eller hos jeres øverste ledelse, fordi I ikke kender virkeligheden, som jeg har set den. Det kræver udstrakt ÅBENHED, og spørgsmålet er, om I besidder denne?

Jeg anbefaler, at I gennemlæser mit memo, forstår de POSITIVE budskaber, som det indeholder, og at I vælger at dele det med jeres øverste ledelse, smøger skjorteærmerne op og ganske enkelt går i gang med arbejdet. I har meget at gøre, og jeg giver jer her muligheden for at gøre det på den bedste måde, som er ved at ansætte mig til at lede udviklingen for hele jeres virksomhed, så den rigtige ånd kommer ind i hver eneste afkrog rundt omkring i landet både for at GLÆDE jer alle som medarbejdere og for at LØFTE jeres virksomhed – kvalitet og effektivitet – til helt nye højder. Det er op til jer at vurdere, hvad I synes, er rigtigt at gøre.

Det turde være unødvendigt at sige, at jeg til fulde kan bestride stillingen – og mere til – og mit CV, se side 3-4, vil ved en detaljeret gennemlæsning give jer forklaringen på, at jeg er den bedste kandidat til stillingen! Tør I forandring – og ”orker” I at gøre det RIGTIGE?

Venlige hilsener fra
Stig Dragholm

And this is the text of my application to Folkekirkens Nødhjælp:

National Chef
Jeg henviser til den ledige stilling, som jeg hermed ansøger.

Som det fremgår af mit vedlagte CV, har jeg mere end 25 års erfaring primært fra den finansielle sektor indenfor ledelse, salg/marketing, forretningsudvikling og som specialist, som alle er områder, jeg har bestridt på højeste kvalitetsniveau.

Jeg bekræfter at kunne bestride den ledige stilling samt at udvikle og styrke ”virksomheden” (!), medarbejdere og samarbejdspartnere yderligere via mine 10 arbejdsregler, som kan løfte hele ”virksomheden” op på ”Noma-niveau”, som I kan se et eksempel på via mit memo her. Læs venligst mit CV detaljeret, og I vil kunne forstå sandheden om mine kompetencer, og hvorfor jeg ville være velkvalificeret til ”stillingen”.

Måske har I allerede en file på mig, da jeg blev ”ansat” via jer til en ”stilling” hos LWF, Geneve, i 2009 efter at jeg gennemgik en gennemgribende og helt og aldeles unødvendig ansættelsesproces for at blive frivillig arbejder i Dadaab (!), og dette bureaukrati medførte, at jeg i stedet valgte at arbejde frivilligt for en lille, lokal NGO i Nairobi, Kenya – Living Testimony Organization – og uden nogensinde at have besøgt Dadaab lykkedes det os at at udarbejde vedlagte nyhedsbrev om Dadaab primo 2010, som også kan læses on-line her, som fortæller sandheden om det helvede, det er, at leve i lejren, som hverken I, LWF eller andre tør stå frem og fortælle på grund af ”politiske hensyn”, som I helt fejlagtigt mener vejer tungere end menneskeliv (!), og som I måske endda ”lukker” jeres øjne for!

Jeg anbefaler jer, at læse nyhedsbrevet, gerne at opdatere det, at dele det med jeres medarbejdere, NGO’er, regeringer og også med pressen for VIRKELIG at starte med at hjælpe verden med at hjælpe ordentligt, som I desværre ikke ”rigtigt” har været i stand til at gøre!

Måske I også vil læse min hjemmeside, og om hvordan man virkelig hjælper verdens befolkning med at få det bedre – – og måske også om min virkelige holdning til NGO’er her.

Take care og ”make this world a better place” 🙂.

Venlige hilsener fra
Stig Dragholm

Finally, at 20.50 I finished a long day being VERY TIRED and knowing that I could not have worked harder than what I did – I gave everything I had and had I not slept during the night, I would not have made the day – was now behind on my script, which I will have to catch up on tomorrow because the plan is still to publish tomorrow.


19th September: The spirit of my mother bled more than ever before, but she is proud of having given birth to me

The spirit of my mother bled more than at anytime before, however she is proud of having given birth to me

When going to bed, I was nervous if I would be kept awake and have to go through more extreme suffering, i.e. if this creation would continue, and just the feeling of not knowing what will happen and fearing this the worst suffering – as I have tried so many times before – is making me suffer much (one of many examples not included in my sufferings memo) and at least I knew that I was very tired when going to bed at 22.30, and still I was kept awake for maybe one hour – and told that it would be more (!) – being told that this was to help settling the new creation and I received the absolutely strongest and most direct sexual torments of anytime at the same time as I felt that everything was now opening completely – this is how my spiritual vision and feeling is, that everything is opening around me – and I feel the darkness as a membrane, which is making this suffering and I was told that the spirit of my mother (the Universe) bled the most of all time (yesterday) (!) at the same time as she was saying how proud she is of having given birth to me, and I was shown myself in an open coffin as if it was a bed in hospital, which now is only surrounded by see through white plastic curtains, this is how little darkness remains, and I was told that “we have been inside the darkest darkness, where no one has ever been before, which is why this is the worst of the worst – the Nazi monster – but also the last, and if you should decide to give up now, you will still have done great, but it would mean that we would lose the document of how we raised our first tribe” and later I was shown a King’s crown in red/white and a whole bundle of keys, which “we just have to do too”, and I was told that my new Facebook friends have been designed to save us all the way inside of here – however I decided that the last message will have to be from the darkness because I don’t believe in the risk of anyone of the inner source now dying, it is really too late for this – and I was also told that the most important however is to do my work. Finally I was told that we also have to “close down time”, which may be another task requiring extreme energy, which will make me suffer much, which we also have to go through and I was told that “the fish continues to improve all of the time”.

Finally I was allowed to sleep and maybe because I had much work to do today, I was only given very short dreams:

  • I was together with my old friend Lars G. testing Cognac together with him and also blind tasting three different kinds of chocolate.
    • Cognac is also and old symbol of darkness as Whisky and chocolate is “selfishness”, which is about Lars today.
  • I was at a spiritual development course where I tell the others that my experiences are of a very special character and that I need no training to develop.
    • My feeling was that this is the feeling about me of the circle of Clarissa from yesterday. My spiritual training is my lessons in life and lessons of love really – my sufferings (!) – and we know I LOVE Level 42 too and I have tried all levels on my road of increasing difficulties, therefore (!), and HOT WATER is what I went through and we know this song was as groundbreaking to me in the 1980’s as RELAX was too.
  • Something about old colleagues of DanskeBank-Pension receiving new bicycles, and that I am outside smoking in Hørsholm again.
    • May be about suffering of my old collagues, and more attacks from the Devil coming on me, which may be from Poul-Erik, the Commune, Falck, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, friends and even the world community!

Telling Poul-Erik that I am forced to stop paying my rent the 1st October when trying to find a new place to stay

Today I decided to send the following answer to Poul-Erik telling him that I am now forced to try to find another place to stay, which I can only (partly) afford by stopping my pay of rent the 1st October, and I ask him to understand that others are trying to destroy our good communication/”friendship”, as I have seen many times in my life with Niels de Knald at Aon being the worst when destroying my relation with Jens M. in 1997 – we could easily have been friends if it was not for Niels (!) – because Jens wrongly decided to listen to Niels the same way as Poul-Erik wrongly also does when listening to Kate instead of me.

When I was preparing my email to Poul-Erik I was told that his loss of money will become his pain, which is how he helps to bring us energy.

Hej Poul-Erik,

Tak for dine venlige ord.

Jeg har er MEGET overrasket over så stor en ekstra varmeregning, for jeg har ikke haft hverken 30 eller 25 graders varme, men helt ”almindelig varme”, og jeg tænker, om der kan være en fejl eller læk i systemet også fordi, at fuld varme på radiatorerne i vinter næsten ikke var tilstrækkeligt til at varme lejligheden op, så dette er måske årsagen og derfor noget for ejendommen at se på, og har andre modtaget tilsvarende ekstra regninger?

Med hensyn til dine kommentarer om en ”gentleman, som holder sit ord” tror jeg, at du (en dag) vil forstå, at det ikke er mig, der bryder vores aftale (om forlængelse, som er vores aftale!), men at det er andelsboligforeningen, som opfører sig MEGET forkert ved at prioritere forkerte regler, og på grund af deres menneskelige forkerte beslutning har du så besluttet dig for, at det er mig, der opfører mig forkert – og det er forkert, Poul-Erik!

Som du sikkert ved, har boligadministratorerne i et brev til mig, som jeg modtog i går, truet mig med tvangsudsættelse – på din regning (!) – og dette gør, at jeg nu tvinges til at forsøge at finde et andet sted at bo, og da jeg ikke har råd til at flytte uden at gøre noget ”radikalt”, er jeg nødtvunget til at stoppe betalingen af husleje pr. 1.10. og det siger sig selv, at jeg heller ikke har mulighed for at betale den ekstra varmeregning, og så må du beslutte, Poul-Erik, om du synes, om du har råd til at dække dette økonomiske tab eller om du ønsker at ”forfølge” mig, når du ved, at jeg for tiden har netto 1.200 kroner at leve for om måneden.

Dette er, hvad jeg i den allerbedste mening advarede mod og spurgte om du ville hjælpe Kate med at forstå. Du vil få et økonomisk tab, som vil smerte dig, og det er ikke på grund af mig, men på grund af Kate’s manglende fleksibilitet og prioritering af, hvad der åbenlyst er menneskeligt rigtigt at gøre. I stedet for at bringe GLÆDE, så valgte hun at bringe det modsatte og du valgte at føje hende.

Jeg ønsker fortsat at bevare en god kommunikation med dig, for jeg kan vældigt godt lide dig som person, og jeg håber, at du vil gøre det samme, og ikke lide under, at andre forsøger at komme imellem os. Dette har intet med os at gøre, Poul-Erik, men med Kate og også Boligadministratorerne. De burde have forberedt en ændring af vedtægterne, som jeg har foreslået og også vist dem vejen til, som nok ville have gjort dem mere fleksible, men deres dovenskab og ”blinde bureaukrati” var desværre for ”tung en byrde”!

Take care 🙂.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 08.55 still feeling tired and during the afternoon I was very tired with a “heavy head” making it difficult to think/concentrate and work and finally by 15.00 I had completed writing the script of yesterday (including editing and doing a summary of the dreams, which I did not make before leaving yesterday morning), and by 16.20 – after sending Facebook friend requests to Chalotte, Jimmy and Niclas from yesterday and more – I had published the last three days of scripts.
  • I was told that the immense love of my mother makes it easier for me to go through this immense last darkness, and as usual she gave me a pack of left-overs yesterday and also coffee and fillings for open sandwiches and PREPARING AND SHARING FOOD is showing the love of my mother to me and to the entire world, and there is NO greater love than this :-).
  • For a VERY long time – years (!) – I have thought about just how great it would become to receive NEW additional colours at our New World (!) and today I was told that colours not visible to the human eye today will become part of this world, and LOOKING so much forward to that too – and yes VARIATION, do you remember David (?) and that is if you read this line?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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