September 25, 2011: The concert with Michael Falch symbolised that my previous self and our New World is now working


Summary of the script today

23rd September: The concert with Michael Falch in Tivoli symbolised that my previous self and our New World is now working 🙂

  • Yesterday evening I received a “UFO surveillance show” when UFO’s passed my window all evening even when I was watching TV, also “shooting” in two blinking lights into my living room – the same way as the lights of the Jerusalem UFO – and I understood that the message is that I am still under surveillance by Intelligence Services, which I AGAIN ask you to stop, and this time also with special regards to my old “school friend” Jakob Scharf, who “coincidently” became the manager of the Dansish Intelligence Service, PET, and how are you, Jakob and yes isn’t life wonderful (my new previous self speaking of course) :-).
  • Dreaming of darkness of my new Facebook friends making them believe that I am crazy (!), the spirit of Karen brought me a BEAUTIFUL song saying that “the sky is BLUE and so are you” and looking forward for my new self to “open up your eyes”, Portuguese friends are believing in me but don’t step forward, temptation from Sidsel as part of the threat of the old nightmare, I will receive a BIG fine if I should give in to the darkness and start sinning, WRONG usage of mind control devices by military units (!) and the USA is still surveilling me, which is also bringing me darkness/fuel to continue reviving my previous self – but of course: YOU MAKE ME SICK AND I ASK YOU TO STOP ALL MIND GAMES AND WRONG SURVEILLANCE – LAY DOWN ALL OF YOUR WEAPONS!
  • When I did not receive an answer to my email from a housing association in Helsingør whether or not they had a small apartment free, I had to find a way to make a free call from the Internet to landline phones, which SKYPE cannot, and I found a program called “Free Call”, which could, and then it was possible for me to call for free to physical phones too, which is also to tell OBAMA and the world: Please set up a system where you can call for free both directly on the Internet – as you can today – and also to landline and mobile phones using the Internet in order to help bring normal life to the world.
  • I continued working on my sufferings memo during all afternoon after receiving the WORST lack of motivation and impatience yet making it “totally impossible” to do with the risk of losing “the egg of the first Creator”, which however would require that I had to approve this, which I will NEVER do, so therefore I DECIDED to keep on working, which I then did – and when I am concentrated, it is not that difficult to do.
  • I was given the “reward” after doing fine work that Hellebo Park in Helsingør is indeed my favourite place of all living close to the sea, the forest, lakes – also a golf course – and maybe even with a breathtaking view over the sea to Sweden. When I saw the view, I knew that this is the place for me, this is where I will live as a symbol of our perfect New World. Will I make this?
  • On my way to the Michael Falch concert in Tivoli, I was shown that BLUE, i.e. my previous self, is changing from “not working” to “working” and when arriving in Tivoli, I received the messages that darkness will NEVER return to the world, and that the entrance to the New World is now working, i.e. because my previous self is working. My new heart is made of the purest gold, which came to me through one of Michael’s songs, an unofficial national song of Denmark. Michael was inspired to play WILD HORSES by Rolling Stones – my favourite song by the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever – which in my mind bears the title WHITE HORSES as the most precious symbol of our New World :-). Michael was also inspired when playing the character of Sméagol (or Gollum) from the film trilogy “The lord of the rings”, where he had to have the GUITAR, i.e. the symbol of creation, which was very PRECIOUS to him and here it meant to receive the New World made of darkness converted into light, which we are now handing over to the world.

24th September: Michael Falch’s Facebook wall: Stig is God and the world is landing safely after the judgment

  • This morning I posted my thank you’s to Michael Falch on his Facebook wall, where another spectator from yesterday had been inspired to write that the falcon (“falk” in Danish) will now land safely with the falcon meaning the world coming through the judgement without destruction, which is connected to Michael FALCH and my work as rescuer/saviour at Falck! It also brought the meaning to the German Eagle, which is “peace of the world”. Another spectator was inspired to write “you are simply GOD”, which however was not to Michael but to me (!) because as my old self, I was the creator (!) – the spirit of my father together with the spirit of my mother inside of me – and when opening up the eyes as my new self, I am the creation of their work, i.e. “everything”.
  • Dreaming of not holding my speech of the New World before I will open up the eyes of my new self, my road home goes through the threats of my old nightmare, I am becoming “King of the castle”, I will continue suffering while living in Lyngby, where I do believe far too many people live in too small an area and the arrival of a PARTY MAN to celebrate our New World and “the new king in town” :-).
  • Meshack and his wife had a new baby girl but due to a caesarean operation, they cannot afford to pay the hospital bill and now his wife is kept at the hospital until they can pay! Meshack and his wife goes through the worst darkness reflecting my road, and it is through this darkness that the road of God goes and will be shown to you when you don’t give up!

25th September: The Devil ate his hat when I and Liberal Alliance survived the election – this is the end of darkness!

  • I had the worst evening and night with extremely strong darkness threatening me with the killing of the first creator if I did not answer a riddle, which was unanswerable, so therefore I decided that this was much darkness, which I needed to absorb – it was TERRRIBLE – and I dreamt only of having no more energy and that I will receive much money, which can only be in connection with John lending me for the deposit of a new apartment.
  • The Devil symbolised by Henrik Qvortrup had to eat his hat as promised when Liberal Alliance survived the recent election, which they did because I survived! This is another symbol of the end of darkness – “the end of the hat” :-).
  • The reason of the extreme darkness yesterday was given to me today; we are all being moved into the energy Source.

At the road race in cycling for men today I was told that my “father is not only happy, he is thrilled”, and also that “we are ready”, “I am in control now, there is nothing to worry about” and Cavendish became the winner after getting “free” in the last second. They said that Copenhagen is the most COOL place on earth – because of my sufferings (!), and that it was “brilliantly finished by himself, he got out of the closed situation and survived all attacks – the hat off for that”, which is about my decision to finish the work myself without getting trapped and without accepting the darkness briefly to take me over to generate energy! Cavendish symbolising me delivered when “there is absolutely most pressure on him” and received the GOLD as I received the GOLD of the world. “What a moment” (!) and the spirit of my mother told me “what a relief” :-).


23rd September: The concert with Michael Falch symbolised that my previous self and our New World is now working

I received a “UFO surveillance show” to say that I am still under surveillance – how are you my old “friend” Jakob Scharf?

Yesterday evening already at 20.00 – in the twilight – it was obviously TIME for a new visit by the light of my mother on the sky and when it was slowly approaching me I was shown a vision of it as a helicopter and I was told that “the idea is to lift me up to with the sufferings memo” and it was followed by the light of Fuggi, which was not very bright and only lasted for a short time and really saying that the faith of Fuggi is not that great when you don’t have “time” to read my scripts carefully because you herewith miss the details where much “potential faith” is hidden.

All evening I noticed an increase in UFO activity, and they had obviously decided to give a “special” sound when flying next to my window and this evening was the first time they kept coming close to my window when I was NOT watching but sitting in the sofa watching TV, and sometimes when I heard them I went out to have a look to see that they were larger than ever before, and I was even surprised when I was watching TV when suddenly two bright lights from a projector instantly after each other – just as the Jerusalem UFO (!) – was “shot” into my living room lighten it up (!) and when I looked out, I saw the UFO doing it, and I understood that all of this activity was to say that I am still monitored/under surveillance by intelligence services and isn’t it funny that the manager of the Danish intelligence service PET, Jakob Scharf, is an old “school friend” of mine and that is almost because we both went to Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde and I was in a class above his as far as I remember, and do you remember, Jakob (?), and isn’t it funny to meet this way again (?) and maybe you would like to be the first sending me a friendly email and yes just confirming that you do remember me too and maybe also that you “believe” in me – and I am sad to see that you are not on neither Facebook or Linkedin so I could invite you to become my friend and is this the “codec” of people working for the Intelligence Service that they cannot have “friends” this way and just thinking why Jack also decided to DELETE his Facebook profile maybe 1½ to 2 years ago (!) – and maybe you can tell BIG BROTHER over there to stop the surveillance of me (?) because this is what I have asked you to do several times before and I STILL don’t like what you do. You are playing a game of the Devil and the Devil is on his way out, so please step forward my ladies and gentlemen and surrender your old “power fortresses”, the TIME of these has passed, your game is over and you (should) know it by now.

Dreaming of the USA using the worst mind control devices and still surveilling me – LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS!

I had a “somewhat alright” night still feeling tired and feeling completely indisposed as most days just to start work, but I better get started here at 09.25 today (!) to reach 8 hours per day which is really my goal at the moment and this is to “stretch” my energy to more than what I have, and here are a few dreams:

  • I see that my postings on Facebook has had the name of me changed to another name, at some time it was “crazy Stig” and at others a completely different name, but now it is changed back to Stig. I lift the telephone receiver and something about Snekkersten, smoking, not paying and behind all of this I understand that there are three messages for me.
    • I understood that this is the reaction of my new Facebook friends from the meditation circle in Helsingør to me after now seeing two of my postings on Facebook and isn’t it funny that I was so well received and now when a few of them have seen my postings, I have “suddenly” become crazy and do you see a pattern of the strong voice of people quickly changing without having to KNOW what you talk about (?) and I believe that one of them, Kate, has actually opened my two last postings and how much did you read, Kate (?) and not enough to open other of my websites including the front page trying to understand what all of this is about.
  • I woke up to the beautiful song “Dear Prudence” by the Beatles, which however is NOTHING compared to the MASTERPIECE cover version by Siouxsie & the Banshees and the lyrics “the sun is up, the sky is BLUE, It’s beautiful and so are you” and I can only understand that this is the spirit of Karen waiting for me to “open up your eyes”, which she also sings :-).

  • I am at a prison camp, where I see three white people, who feels like Portuguese, walking inside the “dark department”, and it is late in the afternoon and I know that the last transport of the day has passed, and I ask them to follow me to the other area because I know that they will get killed if they spend the night at the dark department, and I go to the chef of the other department and receive a nice fish for dinner, and when I sit down, I meet the three others again, who have not reported their arrival thus not received a fish and they are about to eat salad only, but I decide to share my fish with them, so we all get a small portion.
    • This looks like three Portuguese – Pedro and ? – who have decided not to be open about their faith in me and continuing their old life in darkness, and I ask them to follow me into the New World actually and of course to show a clean heart to receive me as the “fish”, and just saying that my friends and the world cannot keep hiding, and isn’t it funny – still my previous and NEW self speaking after returning to life 🙂 – that the world cannot find out to publically declare their faith in me and not even send me a short email, and Helle Thorning and Lars Løkke, you don’t have the “TIME” to visit me (?) or are you simply “afraid” too (?) and what is it really that you are afraid about (?) and just asking of course and HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT???
  • Something about a mattress and Sidsel flirting with me, and also something about cows, and just saying that my old nightmare is still a “threat” here.
  • I am driving in the train and I receive a “completely crazy“ fine of 5,400 DKK for driving without a ticket, and this may be to say that this is the consequence if I should start sinning, which is to give in to some of the still strong temptations given to me by darkness.
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension where my colleagues talk about surveillance, and my old assistant manager from Danske Bank Espergærde, Per, is there too and he decides to open a large shipment of goods at the store room, and inside of it are advanced “walkie talkies” and he decides to speak into one of them saying “Peer D.” – the name of my father – and almost instantly I see military wagons driving in front of the office and approx. 50 soldiers on the way in to the office, and before they arrive I decide to hide Per’s walkie talkie on the window landing, but when the soldiers arrive and ask me where it is, I reveal it to them and they ask for my CPR-number (social security number), which they key in to the walkie talkie, and instantly I start seeing visions with the black and yellow sign of nuclear power and also constant loud music, and I know that they use a “mind control” weapon against me, and still I tell them “I am stronger than you”.
    • This is in connection with the UFO surveillance show from last night and obviously part of the game we have to go through now, and all I can say is that I am NOT afraid of you! You can send all of the soldiers and also manmade UFO’s (!) etc. as you please, and I will write about your wrong doings, and again MIND CONTROL IS AS WRONG AS IT GETS (!) – as the nuclear sign says – so please lay down your weapons including disgusting human implants and ALL of your cover up calling it “UFO abductions” etc. – and I was given the feeling that these “mind control” devices of yours have started “failing” and do you know why (?) and let me explain it to you giving you one word only: “GOD” – and do you want to have God on your side or do you want to continue fighting me?
    • And this is really also to prepare me for my final work on my Signs III page, and we know I might write something about your “mind control” activities, but I will not go in detail, it will take far too long for me to read and write about, and my encouragement for you is really to START REVEALING YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN ACTIVITIES TO THE WORLD and STOP ALL YOU ACTIVITIES, THERE WILL SOON BE NO OLD WORLD ORDER LEFT!!!
  • I have received an Internet connection through a special plant connecting all the way from the neighbour’s ground, but it has now been stopped because it was instable and something about another neighbour and uninvited guests and to thrown them off at an inn.
    • More about surveillance and is this to say that you have experienced “troubles” surveilling me on the Internet (?), I don’t know but this is what the dream could say, and at least I am bringing you all to an inn, which to me is another sign of “normal life”, so my ladies and gentlemen, please prepare for the New World and DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO instead of what is WRONG, and it only requires that you USE YOUR SIMPLE LOGIC because you do know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG, don’t you?
  • I have started new work at Christianhavns Torv in Copenhagen, I know that the USA is surveilling me, I am trying to find a place to sit on a bench in the sun, to move from the shade, on the square, and when I sit down, I can see and I notice that Yahoo has a very large and conspicuous Danish head office, and I would like to smoke and a drunk man sits down next to me. Inside of the office we are 3-4 people speaking about spirituality and suddenly I see both of my arms blinking strongly with my signature written all over, and I show it to the others and tell them that this is how strong the spiritual world is, and if you don’t believe in it, it is time for you to start believing.
    • And here the dream says clearly that USA is indeed surveilling me and Yahoo is a reference to the Internet, so maybe you are still doing your best to “follow me”, but THIS IS NOT HOW TO DO IT and we know it brings me darkness, which is what the cigarette is saying and with darkness more fuel for the final work reviving my previous self to become my new self and isn’t this funny, how many times have I asked you to stop surveilling me (?) and still you cannot find out to do the RIGHT thing and because of this, you are still helping me and all of us and HA HA HA is almost what we say here and of course the laughter of the CHRISTMAN MAN as we like to call him and I feel myself inside of me almost ready to crawl up my sickbed and the truth is that what you are doing in the USA – and many other places too – is making me SICK. I mean business this time – STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING (!) and please understand that ALL OF YOUR DECISIONS will be revealed to the world including your decisions to this my new request, and you may not yet have discovered the true strength/power of the spiritual world, which will be revealed to you and let me say that “I am playing mind games with you too” and yes you have seen a development but don’t know the reason (?) and think again, my ladies and gentlemen!
    • This morning at 08.10 on Danish P4 radio, the male host was INSPIRED to say “it is Friday, jubiiiii”, and he repeated the “jubiiii” part several times and in Denmark Jubii is/was a leading search machine on the Internet the same way as Yahoo and others, and in this dream, YAHOO appeared, and is this simply to say that the Intelligence Service of USA – and other countries (?) – has a “co-operation” with large Internet Providers and search machines of the world through which you are doing your anonymous surveillance on the Internet (?) and shame on you and all of the Internet providers participating and we know MANY GOOD STORIES WILL BE TOLD TO THE WORLD, STIG as I am here told.

Please set up FREE telephone calls everywhere 🙂

Two days ago I sent an email to the housing association “Boliggården” in Helsingør – those with the “King Pond” (!) – asking if they had a small apartment for instant rental, but obviously it takes time for people to answer such a short question in writing, and the reason why I did not call is because it is NOT free to call from Skype to landline (or to mobile) telephones and since I have no credit on Skype, I was thinking about where is it possible for me to do the simple task of making a call today when there are no more telephone boots on the streets (?) and I did not want to go to the Commune or other places to borrow a telephone, and finally today I searched for “free calls from the internet to landline phones” – after trying another “free” service, which however required to call back on the telephone number I don’t have (!) – and yes I found a programme called “FREECALL”, which makes it possible to call directly from the Internet to landline phones for free and I am really thinking of finding a way to call people both on computers and also if you prefer a landline phone or a mobile phone for free and when you can have Internet running on a smart phone, why do you need a telephone company (?) and of course you do not, so just thinking that it is important for the world to bring FREE CALLS to the world in order to make COMMUNICATION working for all people of the world when bringing normal life to everyone (!) – and finally with this program, it took me two minutes to set up and get working (!), I called the housing association and was told immediately that they don’t have any small apartments for rent for 4 years when I don’t work in the Commune of Helsingør, so now I can start finding a private apartment and I wonder how long it will take this association to answer my email (?) – and exactly when writing this, I received an email answering my question, so “two minds, one thought” :-).

FREE CALL makes it possible to call for free from the Internet to landline telephones, which Skype does not!

Continuing work on my sufferings memo was “totally impossible” to do today putting “the egg of the first creator” at risk

I finished the script so far and the setup of the new “telephone system” at 13.00 and as usual I received strong lack of motivation and MUCH impatience, which is really the worst at the moment “almost” making it impossible to even start working again today on my sufferings memo and let me say that “metal fatigue” also has a BIG impact on me because I am as TIRED as ever writing, and doing one of these new marathon memos is not easy when feeling like I do but the work itself is piece of cake and that is you know under “normal conditions” but when I receive these feelings of the darkness – still including negative speech and gestures too just around and behind me still covering me as a coat and coming forward often – it makes it somewhat difficult to do but of course only until I get started and keep my concentration and you know “both/and” is really what it is and that is both difficult and easy to do :-).

Later, the most extreme tiredness and impatience made it “impossible” to start work on the memo, which is also because of its mere length, number of words and paragraphs which still needs editing making it mentally “completely impossible” to do and I was shown a tray of eggs and received the option to break one of these – I was told it was the first Creator (!) and also that if this should happen, I would feel it physically on my own body as “physical pain” – but NO I WILL NEVER ACCEPT DOING THAT NO MATTER WHAT (!) and should I need a break from this work, this is what I will do, and after one hour I somehow found a working rhythm again and let me say that this was EXTREME and probably the most extreme so far.

I continued working on the memo – and also washed my clothes – until 17.40 today because I decided that I wanted to try finishing the next chapter “My sleep/energy was removed making me as TIRED as a living dead, but still I had to work my best”, which I actually did when working my best despite of everything going against it, and I have now done approx. half of this edit, which is really taking out all of me, which is you know is bascially the idea and five chapters left and if they take two days to do each, this edit will take 10 days still, but maybe a couple of chapters can be done in one day (?) and we will see …. :-).

Will I realise my old dream to live at my favourite place at all with a dream view (?) – symbolising our New World

After work today – my head is REALLY “heavy” these days – I was somehow inspired to watch maps on the Internet over Hellebo Park in Helsingør – the buildings of Jørn Utzon you know – and when I found the pictures below with the view from here over the sea to Sweden on the other side, I instantly knew that this is here I “belong” and really because I lived close to here on Ndr. Strandvej 4 (the beach road) from 1986-88 and I remember from when I was running on the beach road back then, the forest on the hill with the lakes behind it and also on the beach that I told myself that Hellebæk – the next small city from Helsingør, which this is close to – is my favourite place of all to live and we know Stig I have since the beginning of the 1980’s dreamt of living on top of this hill, where Hellebo Park also is, with a view over the sea, so just maybe this is what I will be able to find, and when looking at it looks like there are four 1-room apartments of 46 square metres available, and the size is fine by me – I have “funny enough” also always thought about living in a “large hotel room” as an option 🙂 – and three of them costs 500 DKK more per month than the fourth, which I do believe is because of the view over the sea and we know I found a “fantastic sofa table” in 2009 only because I did “my best work” and this might simply be the same, that I will move to the place in the world, which I said more than 25 years ago is my favourite of all, and of course symbolising our New World of the best quality, but of course I just have to get it first :-).

And I can ONLY do this believing that I will now become my TRUE self when I will open up the eyes of my previous self and that is because there is soon no more work to do and no alternative than to become myself and of course because all signs are pointing in this direction. We are “almost” home and we know because how should I else be able to help my LTO friends when my rent will increase from a total of 4,600 DKK per month to 5,000 DKK, and I guess that warming, Internet etc. will come on top of this to maybe 6,000 DKK per month and yes DONATATIONS is the answer to help my LTO friends.

Hellebo Park in Helsingør by Jørn Utzon – maybe I can get a 1-room apartment in the tall building realising my dream with ..

…. a view to the beach road, to the sea and to the “joy and happiness” of Sweden on the other side 🙂

Jørn Utzon was the architect of the Sydney Opera House – and he lived the remaining part of his life in Hellebo Park

As far as I can see, it is a real estate broker having apartments at Hellebo Park for rent, and my “speculations” also go on possible consequences of me being registered as a slow payer with RKI, that is if they are connected and will check me at this register, and should I use the rent I will not pay the 1st October to pay my debt to the telephone company of approx. 3,000 DKK to get out of the register now, where I need the money for my move, and also to help LTO the best way I can and this is truly a “game” too, because will they check me in the register or not (?) and normally I would believe that a real estate agency does not, which is a job for the loan provider standing behind to do, but you never really know, so the question is if I should make a “cheap” repayment agreement, which I can make and of course under condition that they will remove me from the register instantly, and you do see don’t you and yes I do, but I am physically VERY tired of writing (!!!), which may also be about how my previous self is feeling now on “his” way to become better all of the time. More on this over the next days.

“Crazy about dance” on TV spoke about an “elephant” falling down from the sky, i.e. a new “God” 🙂

“Crazy about dance” started a couple of week ago a new season on TV2 and this evening, I briefly heard a couple of inspired messages, when the judge Jens Werner at 20.32 said to the other judge Brit Bendixen ”when you taught me to dance, you said your arms will stay up even if an elephant should fall down from the sky” and we know “a sudden inspiration/though” is what it was and the new elephant is my previous self as you know and you can also hear Britt at 20.57 speaking inspired about “you need the same energy with a POW”, which may be about our energy of the New World coming “suddenly”, i.e. with a “POW”, which at least is what we say in Danish etc.

The concert with Michael Falch in Tivoli symbolised that my previous self and our New World is now working 🙂

At 21.10 I left for the train to be in Tivoli at 22.00 and on my way in the train a small demonstration was given when two young ladies wanted to go out of the door inside the train, which would not open and when a man asked what was the matter, they said that “the blue button does not work”, so they went backwards instead, and the young man tested if this truly was right and he and his two friends smiled much when it worked for him without problems, but afterwards maybe 2 or 3 others tried to open the door, which now did not work again so they also had to go back, and the young man tested again, and now the door did not work for him either (!) but then a couple of stations later, the door worked fine again, and this was really to say that I am going through a transition when the BLUE changes from “not working” to “working” and the blue is of course the symbol of me as my previous self.

When I entered Tivoli’s main entrance, a small band of four were playing on the small stage to the right and one of them was inspired to shout directly into the microphone so loudly that it distorted and sounded disgusting “we will never come back” at the same time as I received the clear feeling of darkness and this was really to say that darkness will NEVER return to the world, we are now going through the absolutely last darkness forever and ever!

I went down to the big outdoor stage when there was maybe 20,000 or 30,000 spectators standing in front (?) and of course I had to found the best place which was in the middle between the speakers with the same distance from the stage as the distance between the speakers (!) – to get the best sound of course – and as usual I had much darkness to absorb – more negative speech etc. – and it turned out that the lady standing to the right just in front of me had a red bag on her back, which she constantly moved into me during the concert, which was a constant annoy and a symbol of the darkness, which remains.

When the concert started at 22.00, I was told that “the entrance to the New World is now working”, hence the episode of the train, and when Michael Falch said “it is wonderful to be here”, I felt the spirit of my mother speaking through him, which is to say that it is beautiful at our New World, which was underlined when Michael said “it is strange to see you without umbrellas; not everything is at it used to be”, which was about rain when he has played here before and of course also that no one will suffer in our New World :-).

Michael Falch playing his historic concert in Tivoli symbolising that
my New World is now opening to the world 🙂

I was happy to see Michael and his band play very well and the crowd being happy, and after a short while his daughter, Mathilde came as promised some weeks ago on live TV to play with her father for two songs, and this was “simply impossible” for her to do but when she was first here, she enjoyed it too and a symbol of my mother believing in me, which of course was impossible to achieve.

Here is Michael playing one of his fantastic songs recorded by someone standing very close to me from this very evening and here with the beautiful “almost national song” of Denmark – together with “Danmark” by Gnags and “Danmark” by Shu-bi-dua – called “I et land uden høje bjerge” (“in a country without tall mountains”), and at 02:35 in the video, you can hear Michael inspired saying “may I hear you” followed by the lyrics of the song “hjerter af GULD” (“hearts of gold”), which you know is about my new heart made entirely of the purest gold (!), and maybe Tivoli will release their “official” recording of this concert in a better quality than this?

And he really did bring fantastic guests with him this evening, which made me VERY happy to see and I was thinking why don’t music artists do this even more often and I was thinking of duets albums by Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet as examples and we know the MAGIC which occurs for example when Mick Jagger sings together with David Bowie and MANY examples could be given, and the next guest was an old favourite of mine, the lead singer from the old Danish band The Sandmen, Allan Vegenfeldt, and I have always thought that he sings FANTASTICALLY as you for example can see in the fantastic song here, and Michael said that normally he and the band never plays cover versions of other songs but for the last 6-7 years EVERY single time they have rehearsed, they have always mentioned the band Rolling Stones, so today they “coincidently” decided – for the first time ever (!) – to play WILD HORSES by Rolling Stones, and my dear ladies and gentlemen, this happens to be my favourite song by the greatest rock ’n’ roll band ever in history if you ask me, which makes this song VERY SPECIAL to me, and because I love this song so much, I have really called it “white horses” as the title in my own mind, and maybe Mick & Co. one day will sing this song just once as “white horses”, because the white horse is my most precious (!) symbol of our New World, so here it is in my favourite version by Rolling Stones , which I give 10 stars out of 10 or 100 points on my 100 point scale:

Later Michael played the fantastic rock song KING BABY (!) and he was very inspired in an intermediary of the song when he played the act of Sméagol (or Gollum) from the film trilogy “The lord of the rings” – see here – where he “simply” had to have the “precious”, which here was the guitar of his band colleague, which was now the only instrument playing, and Michael acted and spoke as Sméagol when he said “Sméagol could not hurt you master” and “precious, so beautiful, give it to us master” and in the film “precious” is the ring, which is evil, but here it is the guitar, which is my symbol of creation and it is really saying that we have used DARKNESS converted into light to create our New World, which is also what the song “King Baby” is about when Michael sings about “I am a dog after glory and honour” and more, so Michael this is what you were showing and the KING BABY is of course me and here I will first bring you the song by Michael – maybe you will publish your video clip of the song here in full, Michael (?) – followed by one of my favourite songs by Depeche Mode, which of course is “PRECIOUS”, which is exactly what our New World is and this song by the way tells about what you put me/God through, which you know was part of our “master plan”.

The next guest was the new Danish superstar in music Aura – and I really thought this evening that Denmark has some incredible musicians who would be world stars if they were from UK or USA (!) and you can take Michael Falch self as one example and also other of his guests and SEVERAL OTHERS who in my mind are truly STARS, and I do believe Michael can be compared in quality with Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams (!) – and Michael said that “Aura is a hippie lass from Bornholm” and you do know that Bornholm is another symbol of my home and they played her beautiful song here together and afterwards, Poul Krebs arrived singing fantastically together with Michael and he is truly a remarkable artist as you can see below because I decided also to bring you videos by the four guest STARS this evening:

After the concert I received the word Minerva, and when reading it now I can see that she was the goddess, who was “the inventor of music”, so happy to have you with us also this evening and maybe you are also inspiring Michael and “who knows” as I am told here :-).

I was home maybe 00.30 and went to bed at 00.45.

My old “friend” Nønne from Selvet has had some inspired messages on Facebook, I have not brought them all, but here is one more about our happy ending with a cat, and you do know that a cat symbolically is a “converted dog”, i.e. darkness becoming light.


24th September: Michael Falch’s Facebook wall: Stig is God and the world is landing safely after the judgment

Dreaming of not holding my speech of the New World before I will open up the eyes of my new self

I had a pretty good night of sleep making me feel “pretty good” today, but my “metal fatigue” after hard work for a LONG time is now so strong that working concentrated is VERY difficult to do and today will only be the script of today including the last part of the script yesterday including the concert with Michael.

Some dreams:

  • Obama is holding a New Year’s speech for Prime Ministers of the world, and the idea is that we will shift holding the speech, and I will keep speeches in German and other languages, but I am “occupied” in the next room, which is a large dining hall, where I am together with 3-4 state leaders, and the French speaks about a special wine, he normally drinks, which I would like to know about but when I ask him, he is impudent when he does not answer me twice and does not even look at me, and suddenly I discover that time has gone unnoticed and when I return to the other hall, I see that a German is now holding the speech, which I was supposed to hold, and I hear Minsters talking about “has Stig now returned” and a couple of them including the Swedish minister criticise me for breaking an appointment and are negative when saying “now again”, and it makes me reprimand this minister strongly, because this is not how I normally am and I tell her out loud so she understands also because I can tell that it takes absolutely nothing for her and the others to decide being negative, which is a behaviour I don’t like.
    • A New Year’s speech will be a speech about our New World, and the reaction of the French minister may be that you are not very thrilled about the fact that the world is changing, Sarkozy (?) and is this because you simply LOVE your dominant position of the world order of today as the President of France (?) and this dream may be to say that behaviour like this is delaying my return – and when you act as in the dream, it is fair to call you arrogant – and the speech I will hold, will be hold when I have opened up the eyes of my new self and we will see what Obama will do then, what I will do and what other of my “special friends” will do, and who they are (!), so we can help the world the best way possible.
  • Something about driving home in a bus to “Falck road” and connecting with all of my friends, which makes me somewhat nervous.
    • The bus is here a symbol of my old nightmare, which is still the road I am driving and I will connect with other “rescuers”.
  • Something about the spirit of my mother – also feeling the spirit of my father – taking it, and others misunderstanding me again. I am in a sports centre with a big show, old friends and I see a boy receiving a CD with hits from 1999 and a 3 double and a 4 double album by Prince.
    • The Prince CD’s will have to be the 3 double Emancipation from 1996, which I have earlier been told is a milestone in Prince’s career, and the 4 double CD will have to be Crystal Ball including THE TRUTH from 1998, and there is no doubt what the 1999 hits CD is about, because I did a homemade CD years ago with hits including “KING OF THE CASTLE” by Wamdue Project from 1999, which I simply loved (!), which is really saying that this is what I am becoming now some years later. 

  • I was at Lyngby Lake with a small pavilion on the water, which I have to pass by walking on the very narrow landing on its outside, which makes half of me come into water and I fear that I will see the Barsebäck nuclear plant around the pavilion, which I however do not, and I come back on shore, where I see people doing grill food of poor quality, and I think that there are too many people doing too poor quality here.
    • The lake of Lyngby is to say that I will continue suffering when living in Lyngby, and also that I look forward to coming to just north of Helsingør, if I will make it there, where I always have thought that it is nicer there compared to closer to Copenhagen – as here in Lyngby – where too many people are living together in too small an area, and this is still how I feel, and I also look forward to the lakes between Helsingør and Hellebæk not being as crowded as Lyngby Lake, which is far too crowded if you ask me – but still, I like a crowded shopping street full of life as in Helsingør or Copenhagen or a market, yousee?
    • The nuclear plant – in continuation of the dream including the nuclear sign of yesterday – is probably to say that an explosion will truly happen if I should not be able to finish my work and here thinking of the first creator and physical destruction of the Universe, which I will feel on my own body, but you know I will NEVER allow you to do that – not even in my WILDEST DREAMS!
  • I woke up to the song PARTY MAN by Prince from the Batman soundtrack and the lyrics “the funkiest man U’ve ever seen” and yes this just may have to do with a party celebrating our New World and also be about me because his lyrics also say “All hail – the new king in town”, and the “new king” is you know my new previous self now “working”.

Michael Falch’s Facebook wall: Stig is God and the world is landing safely after the judgment

This morning I decided to look at Michael’s Facebook site, as you can see below, where you saw INSPIRED speech by others first by Arne saying that “the season is now over. Let the high flying falcon aim for secure and down-to-earth landing, and let the wings rest”, and the Falcon here is both about the eagle, which I was told about weeks ago with the German Eagle of the Nazi’s, which was used in a symbol together with a Swastika, and here the Eagle simply means the world, which is about to “land” safely – without destructing (!) – and the swastika is still “peace” and “good luck”, so what this old Nazi symbol is really saying is “peace of the world” (!) and Falcon in Danish is “Falk”, which is close to both Michael “Falch” and not least “Falck” and we know I did the foundation of this landing when I was working as the RESCUER – or saviour if you will – at FALCK and isn’t it funny how these symbols turn up everywhere I come and that they so “appropriately” fits in precisely to the story (?) and I am given the feeling of my sister here and and almost like “sister feelings call” – listen to this MARVELOUS SONG, this is SIMPLE MINDS as their ORIGINAL BEST JJJ – and yes is Sanna thinking of calling me (?) after speaking to my mother about just how “good” I am and that is not evil, Sanna (!), which you know is only a “misunderstanding” of yours as the voice here tells me.

Inspired speech: Arne saying that the world will land safely without destruction after the Judgment and Henrik telling me – not Michael – that “you are simply God”!

The next message on Michael’s Facebook wall by Henrik is not difficult to understand when it says “you are simply GOD” and the only thing Henrik, is that you are not really speaking to Michael but to the man above yourself on Michael’s wall because as the creation of our New World I am also now God self (!) and of course I am still a mere human being of the old world, and we will see how life will become when I will open up my eyes as “everything” of our New World.

And finally I decided to thank Michael, his band and guests too as you can see from my posting, where I also told them that this was not just a fantastic concert, it was a HISTORIC concert :-).

The meaning of the German Eagle/Swastika is simply “peace of the world”, which was brought through the darkness as “fuel” of our New World (without any darkness!) 🙂

A little bit later, Michael decided to thank for all of the regards he received, which was not only for me, but I do believe I was the only one referring to Sméagol by saying “precious, King Baby”, which he understood and then decided to include a picture of Sméagol, and yes now what remains is simply to remove your selfish attitude, my dear people – as the song King Baby and Sméagol and herewith Michael self symbolise.

Michael saying thank you using Sméagol as the symbol to get the most PRECIOUS, which is the New World created from darkness converted into light!

Later I saw that the audio recording of this show will be officially released here :-).

Meshack and his wife had a new baby girl but due to a caesarean operation – the road of God goes through darkness!

Dear Meshack,

First I would like to congratulate you and your wife with giving life to a new baby girl, which I understand is difficult to do in your situation with your constant pain of lack of work and income often not knowing from where you will get your next meals.

I am very SAD to hear about the misfortune of your wife, and the extra misfortune not being able to pay the hospital bill, and I can only join you hoping for a miracle to happen, and that “miracle”, Meshack is often here called “the road of God”, because when you face the worst darkness, as I do too, which is STILL what you are reflecting, the road of God goes through this darkness and as usual it is about continuing to do your best without giving up, and then the road will be shown to you, as I have seen so many times myself, and the only comfort I can give you is that these sufferings of yours will not continue very long from now, so please do your best and give your wife and children a kiss from the spirit of my mother, who is speaking through me and also here through the worst darkness to give you this message. Take care, my friend, and let me know how things develop.

Here is his email:

The child is born
Hi, hope that you are okay and we too. My wife gave birth to a baby girl through ceserian operation. You can imagine how this blessing has turned out to a big disapointment after my wife was held up due to hospital bill and she is yet to be discharged due to the bill and am just praying for a mirracle to happen.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 11.00 this ”morning” after my weekly long bath, and I continued until 17.30 with a short break to do my last shopping of the month after my mother gave me 100 DKK when I saw her last.
  • The United Nations are these days “considering” to enrol Palestine as a new member, and I have NOT (had the energy or interest) to follow these “negotiations” and “speeches” at the UN – TALK, TALK and TALK (!) – and again THIS IS ABOUIT THE OLD WORLD ORDER (!) and wouldn’t it be easier for all to start supporting our New World directly, where we all will become friends, and to take your neighbour by the hand, smile, be happy and forget about your old disagreements (?) and there is one answer: GIVE TOTAL FREEDOM TO ALL PEOPLE and of course we will have ONE WORLD WITHTOUT COUNTRIES and did you not read the New World Order?


25th September: The Devil ate his hat when I and Liberal Alliance survived the election – this is the end of darkness!

The worst darkness threatened me with destruction of the first creator for hours!

I had a terrible night of sleep after yesterday evening started by giving me “important” work to “transfer” me or was it the spirits of my mother and father from some place to another and I did not understand what it was about and despite of many visions and speech, I did not become wiser of this simply because I know that as the creation I am everything and we can transfer everything positive between our different worlds but not darkness, and it continued the absolutely WORST when I went to bed where I was given the worst sexual speech and visions including threats – a pistol against my head, a shaking ship, an extremely nervous dog (our old “Cas”) and constant speculations what this was about and what started this darkness etc., which was not very nice (!) – which was to say that the first creator now would be destroyed if I could not understand this riddle and it was TERRIBLE but after approx. 2 hours in bed like this receiving many visions, speech and threats – the worst (!) – I decided that this can only be strong darkness alone, which needs to be absorbed without a message because our New World works and therefore I took the “chance” that nothing will happen, and this darkness did its absolutely best with MUCH power to make me accept destruction and sexual services, and again you have to imagine MUCH power (!) but my answer was NEVER, not with me – and then I fell “asleep” only dreaming that my credit card was about to be closed, but it is kept open – which is “no more energy” – and at work I am receiving a very large amount of meat, sausage and a joint of meet of 8 kilos, which I however don’t know if I can afford paying, and is this to say that John will help paying the deposit for a new apartment?

I woke a little before 09.00 and started work COMPLETELY DESTROYED at 10.00 today, and we will see how long I can and decide to keep working today, and at least two applications and maybe a little on my sufferings memo, we will see.

The Devil ate his hat when I and Liberal Alliance survived the election – this is the end of darkness!

The Devil had to eat his hat as promised when Liberal Alliance survived the recent election, which they did because I survived!

The political editor of TV2 News, Henrik Qvortrup, and previous responsible editor of the worst weekly magazine of the gossip press “Se og Hør” and before that the “Spin doctor” of the Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen – in other words a man doing the most filthy job of the Devil (!) – said when the political party Liberal Alliance was at its lowest (“termination”) that he would “eat his old hat”, if Liberal Alliance was elected at the next election, and since I am still living, Liberal Alliance was indeed elected also surviving (!), and therefore Henrik had to keep his promise eating his old hat, which you know is an old symbol of the Devil (!), which he then did in morning TV on TV2 the 19th September as you can see below, where he had a “delicious” course including a stewed straw hat after it had been boiled for 12 hours. Bon appétit 🙂 – no more Devil!

Two new “not ordinary” applications and the “terrible” job mediation system of the official Denmark!

By 12.30 I had done my two “mandatory” applications as you can see from my library – it feels like SLAVE work every single time, which it is (!) – and this time for a manager position at PFA Pension, where several managers know my competences (!), but despite of this, it just may become “too difficult” for the “professional head hunter” to understand (!), and also for the Insurance Company Alm. Brand and maybe they are “not quite ordinary” at this company – as they used to say in commercials – so they will neither be able to “understand” that my application is “not quite ordinary” – and I thought it would be “funny” for you to see just how terrible the Jobnet system is – the “official” job mediation system of Denmark (!!!) – and here you can see that only two employers have found my “CV” on this site since 2009 and also in which periods the “system of the Devil” disconnected me, which you know is another symbol saying that the world would have been terminated if I did not decide otherwise.

The system of the Devil showing how terrible it is and in which periods I was “disconnected”, i.e. “terminated”!


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Did you notice that it was up to 20 degrees today, which is a ”very good” temperature at the end of September, and of course connected with the World Championships in Cycling, which we reached without giving up or being stopped on our way, therefore :-).
  • When working with my job applications, I was given the answer, which I did not receive yesterday evening when trying to sleep, which is that we are all being moved into the energy source – here thinking of the dream in the forest some weeks ago, which is to remove the hindrance – and fine by me my friends, please continue doing what is right, which is what I decided as my answer to this experience of the extremely strong darkness as you gave me yesterday and actually also some of today, and I will continue doing my work and this is as you know what is making us do our work and this is still how it is related, and we know “not nice” working as I feel today, but still, I have tasks on my agenda to do, so therefore really! And I was told that this is connected to my work in the physical world for me to find my new home to stay at in Helsingør.
  • When I wanted to call the real estate broker in Helsingør regarding Hellebo Park, the FREE CALL program was suddenly NOT free anymore (!) after I have made two calls and used approx. 6 minutes in total and that is even though it says that I can make 300 minutes of free calls per week, but maybe it is not that “thrilled” about my old mobile phone number, which it required me to enter and I don’t know why you will not “allow” me to call anymore and is it as simple as when I don’t enter my mobile number, I am “completely impossible” for you to make money on and therefore I don’t “qualify” as a customer of yours (?) and just saying that THE WORLD CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!! – So I had to write an email to my mother asking her to phone the broker instead, and we will see what comes out of this.

The World Championships in cycling brought the GOLD to Cavendish symbolising me getting FREE in the last second

Today was the “right” day of the World Championships in cycling with the elite road race for men, and I could have decided to include much inspired speech, but I decided to leave out much because I am really very tired and hurting much because of much darkness given to me again today (!) – and this day may be of importance to reconnecting with the energy Source as I understand it without needing to destroy anything, and “you got it” is what I am told.

At 13.17 I saw briefly what was a chairman of a cycling organisation (?) saying: “father is not only happy, he is thrilled” meaning that the first creator was not killed, and I don’t feel my body physically hurting, so this has to be it.

Bjarne Riis was inspired when speaking of a “party” and more at 15.00 – celebration of our New World – and at 15.03 they spoke of Thor Hushovd – the Norwegian you remember from the Tour de France symbolising darkness – who “coincidently” was “trapped” in a group behind the front group and Jørgen said “it is very surprising that he gets caught in a trap” so maybe you had a suspicious mind, my friend (?) and it does NOT get any better than this J .

At 15.34 Jørgen spoke of the Norwegian rider Edvald Boasson Hagen – in the front group – that “he is dangerous, he contains an explosion in himself”, which you know is the second part of the “Norwegian Devil” here with a reference to the “risk” of darkness blowing up the first creator, which NEVER will happen (!) and just saying that I don’t believe he will win today – and it was continued when Dennis and Rolf spoke about a shocker (movie) including the movie “Jaws” and also “you would rather see father to four, who now is father to three”, which is both a reference to the old Danish family movie series “father to four”, who is now the father of three, which is the Trinity of the world you know.

Notice also how they several times spoke of ”MAGIC” and also “tired” – for example about the rider Cavendish’ chance to win “if he is not too tired” symbolising me doing my final work if I am not too tired.

Just before the finish, Jørgen said “the Germans are completely ready”, which may be that we have now completed our final preparations for the New World.

Only seconds before the end of the race, the spirit of my father came to me in dark saying “I am in control now, there is nothing to worry about”, and it was followed by the finish of the race where Cavendish was almost trapped – as I when going through this darkness, which could have trapped me (!) – and one of the commentators said “he is closed in right now, now he got free, I believe” followed by “he will be difficult to catch”, which is about the darkness, which will get difficulties catching me, because I have decided to complete my work and also to get a new place to stay, which should then be piece of cake!

And of course, today it was Cavendish who had to win this race in the spurt symbolising me and afterwards they said that Cavendish has said that ”Copenhagen is the most cool place on Earth now”, which was about the World Championships in cycling, and here the COOL place is to say that no one in the world goes through the sufferings I go through finalising “my race” – and are you still with me Jack and other “intelligence services” (?) and how intelligent are you truly (?) and do you remember my dream about the “brainless monstrosities” the other day (?) and this is what is sent to you – no offence (!) – which you know is pure darkness!

Jørgen said about Cavendish “brilliantly finished by himself, he got out of the closed situation and survived all attacks – the hat off for that”, which is about my decision to finish the work myself without getting trapped and without accepting the darkness briefly to take me over to generate energy!

There was also a story about “our computer changes all of the time”, which was about Cancellare getting or not getting the bronze, and finally he did not (!) – and when Cavendish received the gold medal around his neck, Dennis said “what a moment for the previous bank assistant (!)”, which was also a reference to me as a previous bank assistant receiving the GOLD of the world and they said “you have to give the man that he can deliver the goods when there is absolutely most pressure on him”, which you know is what I experienced again today.

Afterwards at 16.20 Dennis and Jørgen together with Rolf spoke about “the relief” of this event turning out very fine, and I received the direct feeling that it was the spirit of my mother speaking through them because of her relief for me going through this too without breaking down – and “you have most of this” was mentioned about Jørgen in relation to “castles” etc., which is to say that Jørgen is a “special friend” of mine, a movie maker with a life long fascination of cycling and we know for me to go through “a spring day in Hell” :-).

And with this, I decided to publish the last three days of scripts at 16.55.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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