October 1, 2011: My previous self “can see clearly now” after opening up “his” eyes and starting to live


Summary of the script today

29th September: REVIVING and bringing FORWARD my previous self, and becoming friends with the Devil 🙂

  • Dreaming of friends relaxing and suffering because of me while I am working hard, darkness is making it “impossible” for my mother to read my scripts, if remaining darkness was to be released all at once onto the world, it would still be “ten times stronger” than the atomic bombs over Japan in World War II, many ladies were interested in me in my life at the same time as it was impossible for me to find a girlfriend, my physical mother will enter our New World in two months from now when showing a clean heart, faith of Søren Pind in me is helping the revival of my previous self, thank you Søren :-), I had to do the “impossible” to throw out the old world before it would be possible to build the New World and people not believing in me are still bringing me sufferings of my old nightmare.
  • UFO Politics on the Jerusalem UFO forum was INSPIRED to REVIVE the old dialogue about the Israeli Channel 10 news bringing it to the FRONT of the forum again – in other words, to REVIVE my previous self bringing me forward to the FRONT 🙂 also with the help of darkness and faith of the Jerusalem UFO in order to soon be able to say: “Game over” of my entire journey.
  • I sent our postings on Facebook yesterday to Jiro including an invitation to become my friend on Facebook as a symbol that all (soon: previous) Devils of the world are as welcome as everyone else to follow me to our New World.
  • After transferral of the New World to me as my new previous self, the last part to be transferred to me as the creation is the spirit of my father, which is really from my old to my new self and after a game where the darkness tried to cheat me to lock the spirit of my father out (!), the transferral started, which will increase when I will publish my sufferings memo, which will make us “seriously start to wash off darkness”.

30th September: My previous self “can see clearly now” after opening up “his” eyes and starting to live 🙂

  • Dreaming of people without faith harassing and almost bringing me down, the spirit of my mother bringing me energy, the work we are doing now on the New World is the hardest of all, the Universe has been asked to provide more sacrifices to bring me energy, it will take a couple of weeks to set up a “facility” to provide energy from others, the spirit of my father is chasing and almost bringing down the spirit of my mother because of strong darkness forcing him, the spirit of my mother looks forward to leaving the old world, which is making us suffer and does not provide energy, selfish journalists focusing on profits don’t speak my language, which is the reason why the media find it “difficult” to write about me, the spirit of my mother will be taught how to use our future energy system of our New World and until then the Universe does it best to provide energy for me as the “sick patient”.
  • The spiritual forum Selvet was inspired to bring the WONDERFUL song “I can see clearly now” by Jimmy Cliff as the sign that this is what my previous and new self now can after opening up “his”/”my” eyes starting to live (!) making us all laugh :-).
  • I will finish all of my work before moving to Helsingør in the middle of October where I will start the process of opening up the eyes of my previous new self. I will NOT be able to continue working on my scripts and website when becoming my previous self, which is a truth I received a long time ago in a déjà vue.
  • I received the new lease agreement on the apartment in Helsingør, however the rent was lower than expected etc., which I need to receive an answer on before I can sign it and maybe receive the keys next week? I was told that this is also “how to dismantle an atomic bomb” in continuation of the recent dream of remaining darkness corresponding to ten atomic bombs of the size over Japan in World War II with a reference given through a 100 point song of U2 to the love between my father and I underneath our fightings all of our life and really that “we’re the same soul” :-).

1st October: My birth as my coming previous new self is almost impossible and still goes through darkness

  • Dreaming of my father’s wife Kirsten’s son not knowing if he is to believe in me or not, my birth as my coming previous new self is almost impossible and still goes through darkness, the New World is full of love and our New World II has been connected and is developing and I will become a “konglomerat”, i.e. the sum of everything.


29th September: REVIVING and bringing FORWARD my previous self, and becoming friends with the Devil 🙂

Dreaming that remaining darkness is still “ten times stronger” than the atomic bombs over Japan in World War II

I did not have the best night of sleep, but still carrying on today to make 8 hours of work, which has become my goal and then just to work and then one day, I will have finalised all work, this is how it is, and here are some dreams too:

  • I am slaving away while Jacob (from Acta) and others are relaxing in the living room, and when I arrive completely exhausted, I think that I did not ask them if they also wanted something from the kitchen, which I therefore ask, and they did, so I go back to the kitchen to bring ice creams – next to the ice cream called “Champagne fizzy” – for them, which they have filled the freezer up with themselves.
    • Jacob and others are following my “hard work” on Facebook, which makes them suffer – as easy as that – and through the suffering, we will eventually bring forward the Champagne to do the celebration when everything is 100% ready and done when the sufferings will end.
  • I see Mick Jagger standing on top of a VERY high platform – maybe 25 to 50 metres high – above the Nørreport train station in Copenhagen – together with golf equipment, and I sense myself flying around removing/reducing darkness.
    • Mick Jagger used to be a symbol of sexual sufferings to me in 3-4 years old dreams as I remember.
  • Something about Nadja, a beautiful lady from Fair, returning to work and she has been allowed to fill the pot with warm cocoa. I am passing through a party on my way to my car, I go to another floor where I see two people using my computer making it busy and it cannot print, and something about a lady from DanskeBank-Pension from the floor above and “would papers fall out” (?), which I don’t know, and something about these papers being poisoned and this is an old version of the 1960’s.
    • This is the work of the darkness opposing me on my last journey making it almost impossible for the spirit of my father to progress, chocolate is selfishness of a beautiful lady, which may be the cover of my mother, I am on my way finding my car, i.e. myself, the computer is our New World, printings are my scripts, which it is difficult/impossible for my mother to read at the moment and the poisoned papers may be the risk I am still facing if I should not be able to finalise all of my work.
  • While awake I was given a vision about a bomb “ten times stronger” than the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan at the end of World War II, and that instead of the remaining darkness exploding like this, it is better for it to seep out slowly – and again showing the potential consequences if I should not be able to finish my work, which is really not that easy, but on the other hand, it is piece of cake to do, so this is what I decide to do.
    • A lady, who is the combination of Marianne S./Jannie R., has invited me out for dinner, because she was “convinced” that “I’m your man” even when I was together with another lady, which I am now not anymore. When she is speaking, I am inspired to write down “portrait” on a piece of paper and it shows out to be true because she wants me to produce a picture of her in two months from now, and she knows that I am a clairvoyant. We have had dinner together with another pair and suddenly all of these three have left the table, and I am left with the bill, which I cannot afford to pay, and it matches with Tiger Woods passing us, and somehow the bill has now been paid through his credit card, which does not make him happy.
    • This story is to say that there has always been ladies very interested me – also the opposite (!) – at the same time as it was impossible for me to meet ladies making me suffer much (!) at the same time as this is also the cover of the spirit of my mother, who believes in me as a “clairvoyant” connecting to the spiritual world and I am going to bring her a picture in two months from now, which is to make my physical mother enter our New World by showing a clear heart including TRUE FAITH in me and also our New (World) Order of course. And I am still receiving energy from the Universe helping me.

  • I am standing in a bakery where the Danish MP Søren Pind enters and my old friend Paul is also there, I tell them that I cannot serve them because I don’t know the system of the bakery. Later I am eating a course with fish together with Søren, he tells me that he did not get elected missing two votes only and also that only one constituency of many had chosen him, we party the whole night together and share telephone numbers to keep in touch.
    • The bakery is “love making”, and this dream says that Søren is one of my “friends” helping the revival of my previous self simply for believing in me symbolised by the fish and the party celebrating my revival and New World – and telephone is as you know “spiritual communication”, which will come to you too, Søren.
    • I woke up to the song “Jeg i live” (“I’m alive”) by Sanne Salomonsen – even better in the original in my opinion – which is connected to the dream because of Søren, but apparently not because of Paul, who has not read my scripts since he “broke” with me is it 2-3 months ago now?
  • I am together with Jan G. (Danske Bank 3153) and am surprised when he enters Lars G.’s apartment invited by Lars himself, and I decide to follow, Lars says that he has finally cleaned up all of his old empty wine bottles and I tell them that “this is a special day to me”, and I am surprised to see just how big and very fine the apartment is, it surpasses my wildest dreams, it has marble floors all over, which still needs reparation of cracks, huge rooms, a small coffee bar at the entrance and one more on the other side of the apartment, and there is even another floor upstairs, which I don’t see, but I notice dog mess all over the floor, which is almost impossible not to step on and I am told that this is brought here every time Jesus is smeared by people.
    • I was friend with Lars from 1988 to approx. 2005 and in all of these years, he was my best friend and in all of these years, he NEVER invited me – or any other friend – inside his apartment because it was always “untidy” in his eyes – he had a neurosis all his life – and here it is a symbol to say that I am now finally given entrance to our New World which was “impossible” to enter because it meant that I had to clean up the old world first and really to “throw it out”, which is what the EMPTY wine bottles mean, before we could build a New World. Coffee is “warm feelings” and the dog mess is darkness and “my old nightmare” still attacking me because of lack of faith in me.

REVIVING and bringing FORWARD my previous self, and becoming friends with the Devil

Today on the Jerusalem UFO Forum I was happy to see the old story from Channel 10, which I linked to yesterday, where a member already t he 15th April was inspired to say “game over” as you can see here:

The ”old” dialogue on the Israeli Channel 10 news was brought to the FRONT of the Jerusalem UFO forum today …

With the reason being that we are close to the end of “the game” with the finalisation of the revival of me, which is also what UFO Politics and this forum is helping me with both because of darkness against me bringing us fuel and because of a growing faith in me, you see (?), and here UFO Politics was “inspired” to follow my suggestion from yesterday to refer to old postings when this is right to do, and here to – inspired – “revive” this dialogue of the Israeli Channel 10, which is both about FREEDOM OF SPEECH and also to send a message to ISRAEL THAT I DON’T LIKE YOU TO COVER UP – WILL YOU PLEASE THROW WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR HANDS AND PUBLISH YOUR OWN “INTERNAL” INFORMATION ON THIS UFO EVENT TRUTHFULLY TO THE WORLD (?) and please don’t take everything else into consideration because there is only one true consideration to take, which is to BRING THE TRUTH TO THE WORLD :-).

… Because UFO Politics was inspired to REVIVE it – because this forum is helping to REVIVE MY PREVIOUS SELF 🙂

I decided this morning to send the following email to Jiro and also an invitation to become friends on Facebook, which I do hope that he will accept, and this is to say clearly that all (previous) Devils of the world are as welcome as everyone else to join me inside our New World :-).

I decided to let “the Devil” know that I fought to keep him on the Jerusalem UFO forum – and to invite him as my friend

Later Jiro confirmed my invitation, but he did not tell me what he thought about my communication on the Jerusalem UFO forum.

Crossing yet again an EXREME barrier to do my work – and my sufferings memo crossing 100 pages

I started working at 09.20 today, I did the last part of the three previous days of scripts and uploaded this at 10.30, and at 12.30 I had done the script of today so far, and after lunch I somehow managed to continue working on my sufferings memo feeling worse than ever working on this and only because I decided to keep my 8 hours of work and because I have been through MANY extreme working situation in my life doing “impossible” work surpassing my physical limits, I managed to work for 8 hours – today on the second part of the chapter “My family and friends abandoned me leaving me to die because of their misunderstandings!” and by 18.00 I was happy to say that I had also – somehow again (!) – managed to complete the editing of this chapter now making 100 pages in total, and we know I was kept on the edge of receiving diarrhoea all day just saying that my “old nightmare” is ready to strike if I should decide to give up and allow this to happen, but we know NEVER IN MY LIFE and that is no matter what!

The world has now been transferred to me as my new previous self and the spirit of my father is the last to be transferred

I was told this afternoon that “now the whole world is inside of me (my new previous self) and the rest is to bring the spirit of my father “home” inside of me too” and I was brought a game, which really started earlier, which is that we are about sewing/”closing” mu new self and I was asked to decide if this was right to do knowing that the spirit of my father has not arrived (entirely) or if I should decide still to be open and let “everyone is welcome” as I have said for days still be the “agenda”, and when darkness is strong it is “almost impossible” to avoid believing in what it tells me with much strength, but eventually I decided that I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO – only you do – I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN YOU TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT and also that EVERYONE IS ALWAYS WELCOME HERE, so I decided to use my old four rules as the only rules, and later I was told that the transferral of the spirit of my father has now started.

Later I was shown a dark horse washing in the sink in the bathroom and I was told that when I will publish my sufferings memo, “we will seriously start to wash off darkness”.


30th September: My previous self “can see clearly now” after opening up “his” eyes and starting to live 🙂

Dreaming that it will take a couple of weeks to set up a “facility” to provide energy

I did not have the best night again – in several dreams I was given an “extreme nervous and physical pressure” the same way as I am these days in fact, which was related first with the transferral of the world and now beginning of the spirit of my father – and yes some dreams, we know:

  • I am at a fire station where my old friend (Pia’s husband) Peter is the manager. England does not see my work, and accuse me for doing wrong , and people harass me, which is almost bringing me down. A lady gives me money for lunch after I saved a lady falling down from a scaffold and she says that “Stig is the kindest of all”.
    • People not believing in me are the ones bringing darkness trying to set fires, and here Peter is leading them and England – is this about a country losing faith in me (?) and I would be surprised after your previous secret messages to me so we will see one day not long from now. The lady giving me money is the spirit of my mother giving me energy, which may be the same lady that I saved.
  • I am working hard together with Kim S., who tells me that this is the hardest work we have ever done, I take off my tie and something about “we will relax when we can”. I have made a written proposal of 10-11 pages for a potential customer in Århus about indexed bonds, the customer is impressed, he has never seen the like before, but he is not a customer yet because I have not followed up on the customer. And something about my old colleague Peter N. (from Aon, now PFA), who is also impressed of this work. I am in Danske Bank looking for a computer, but it seems that all of them are busy, but eventually I find one which is free. I am now working together with Willis Denmark including their manager Lars Gu. and another partner, who introduce a “business idea” for a female colleague and I, and their entire focus is how they can get margins – hidden profits – from credit payments from customers to indexed bonds, and they want the lady and I to prepare these products, and I tell them that we will need at least a couple of weeks to produce a product sheet, customer need analysis and also a marketing plan, and they tell us that they just scribbled down a couple of ideas and they accept this if this is what we feel like.
    • Kim S. is still the symbol of the spirit of my father and the work to transfer the rest of him as part of “everything” is apparently the hardest work of all, the thing about the tie is symbolic to say that my confidence is decreasing, which it is when I am on my edge, but on the other hand it is not, because I have NO intentions to give up now (!) and it is really a lead to the “live at Apollo” stand up shows of BBC Entertainment, which I often see on television and that is because I like the comedian Michael Mcintyre very much at the same time as many others of this show – and even more when it comes to Danish stand up “comedians” – speak a terrible language, focus on far too primitive subjects and are often directly tasteless in relation sex – and this thing about removing the tie was done by an American “comedian” right after the “intelligent humour” of Michael dancing ballet (!), and the American was as so many others of today vulgar/crude and primitive, so I decided to change channel.
    • A bond is a “loan contract”, and here it says that we have asked for more sacrifices of the “good Universe” to bring me energy. I wrote shortly with my old Peter N. 1½ months ago when we became connections on LinkedIn, where I encouraged him to use my Falck memo also in relation to his work at PFA, where he is a Sales Director and he said that when he got the time he would read my Falck memo, and the other day I sent an application to a head hunter representing PFA giving Peter and two others as references in PFA and highlighted my Falck memo, so who knows if Peter this way has been “confronted” with me and my memo, and what will he decide to say about me knowing that I was working on a “high level” and also higher than himself?
    • The busy computers is “difficult work” to cut through the last darkness for the spirit of my father setting up the remaining of the New World here at the end and it will take a couple of weeks to set up a “facility” (product) to provide energy from others (bonds), which is how I understand the last part of the dream – and it also says that many managers of today only think superficially not making them the most skilled employees.
  • I see the owner of a company chasing an actress inside of a play house in the garden, where he is too fat to enter, and he is almost bringing her down.
    • The owner of a company is really my self as the spirit of my father as my old self and with the spirit of my father I am the “fat” guy chasing the spirit of my mother inside of the playhouse – because of the darkness around the spirit of my father – and I was told “was this attraction the speaker also here” when I woke from the uncomfortable dream.
  • A lady is going to visit Vera – my old class teacher from Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde – and instead of driving approx. 1 hour, it took approx. 3 hours to get there because of snow on the roads. Vera wants to sell her house, she has calculated on property taxes, which are very expensive. Because of this delay, the lady returns late and first at 15.15, she and I arrive at a conference where we are told that we will not receive lunch at this later hour, but coffee. Everyone listens to the out-going lady I am together with telling about the house, and I try to change my pants without anyone noticing, which gives me some difficulties doing.
    • The lady will have to be the spirit of my mother and my best “guess” here is to say that she would like to leave the old world, i.e. the house as the world and taxes as darkness, ASAP because it is hurting her very much when it does not bring any energy, i.e. no lunch, and instead it gives us our “old nightmare”, which makes me change my pants.
  • I am a popular movie star at a much larger conference with journalists interviewing me. A Swiss journalist interviews me but it is in practise impossible for him to speak English, and somehow he wants me to comment on a subject they have decided to bring, but it does not work out. The next journalist is a young female from Australia, who shows me a hand written business card and I notice that her first name is “Lona” as my mother and also that she is going to become married in the spring. She tells me that she will soon go to work for two Q8 Petrol Stations in Jutland for one year. Afterwards I am lying in a bed at the Falck rescue station, and the plan is that I will fly around to do rescue operations around the country, but I am told by the managers, who know that I have almost no money to live on, that it is a waste of money to pay me for doing this together with all of the costs of the plane etc. when others already doing the same can take on these assignments, which gives me the understanding that this will bring me a higher income instead. The female fixed Sunday substitute decides to give me 100 DKK on her way out because she knows that I need money. I tell the others that I have a sense of music and that they should decide to use me as a turn-out manager.
    • As a movie star I am still an actor of this play or game facing the darkness and a large part of journalists of the world are symbolically coming from Switzerland, which I connect with chocolate and money, i.e. symbols of selfishness and profits (!), and when this is the agenda of the media, we don’t speak the same language, and they find it “difficult” to write about me – is it really as simple as this, and yes sadly it is as I am told (!). The Australian lady is the spirit of my mother from the New World, who will be taught up at Q8 symbolising our coming new energy system in order to distribute energy for our New World, and I am lying in bed when I don’t have energy, which is what the rescuers to what they can to provide me, and again it is the spirit of my mother bringing me more energy with the 100 DKK she gives me in the dream.

My previous self “can see clearly now” after opening up “his” /”my” eyes and starting to live 🙂

In continuation of the last days when writing “do you see” – also in my sufferings memo – the spiritual forum Selvet was inspired to bring a true favourite song by Jimmy Cliff and of course I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW because I am “starting to live” as I am told here when opening up my eyes – and for days I have been writing here and there – also in my sufferings memo – about “laughing”, which is what Selvet was also inspired to write as you can see from the picture below, when bringing an article from B.T. saying that “laughter is curing” and we know we are “laughing” because darkness here symbolised by B.T. is what it took as fuel to bring out the gold inside, which is what I will also be about in the future.

Selvet was inspired to bring the news that my previous self is now opening up “his” eyes and this makes us all laugh 🙂

So here is Jimmy Cliff:

I was also told that bringing my positive comments now and again on postings of Selvet “helps” some of my “old enemies” or let me say this is what they believe I am (!) to realise that “just maybe he is not that dangerous” and we know, which is bringing “somewhat more faith” but not much but still “everything counts” and then you will have “large amounts”, which is enough to create a New World and revive my previous self – i.e. to take some faith from him, some from her etc. and then put all of it together, this is basically how it works.

Receiving the new lease agreement on my coming apartment in Helsingør, which is ““how to dismantle an atomic bomb” 🙂

Today I was HAPPY to receive the lease contract on the new apartment and soon thereafter I was “inspired” to find my CD “How to dismantle an atomic bomb” by U2, which this is about because when I will move into this new apartment finishing my work before – see below – it means that no “atomic bomb” of the darkness will be released to the world, and from this album is a true 100 point song from U2, which of course is “Sometimes ou Can’t Make It On Your Own”, which I will bring here not only to symbolise the removal of this atomic bomb threat from the world but also to say that this is not only an important song for Bono written to his father, but I might use it too to tell you about the troubles I had all of my life with my father – and immense love under these troubles – with Bono singing “We fight all the time You and I… that’s alright, We’re the same soul” and isn’t it funny that my physical father and I are truly “the same soul” (?) – and here is the song in a fantastic live recording also with beautiful pictures:

I had three questions for the lease contract, which I needed an answer on before I will be able to sign it – the rent was 500 DKK lower than expected etc. – so I sent an email and maybe it will all fall into place next week including the payment of deposit and the receipt of the keys (?), this is what I believe in.

I will finish my work on my website and scripts before moving to Helsingør in the middle of October

And yes we know there is sure much work to be done before moving the 15th or 16th October as it looks now, and I was thinking today that I will upload my sufferings memo as close to my move as possible – maybe even the same day – and also if I truly would end all of my work before moving meaning that I will NOT work after my move, and yes after sending my email to the landlord of the new apartment, I was given the answer because I will start the process of physically opening up the eyes of my previous self inside of me after moving, so my “nightmare” of writing all of these scripts and my website will stop before moving and I will NOT work on this after I have moved – because I wrote this as my old self, which I will not be able to do as my new self, which is a truth I have known about “always” really when thinking back of a déjà vue coming to me “many months” ago, and we know Stig approx. 2 weeks left of this nightmare, and then I will be free of this starting to become my true self physically and isn’t it funny?

And we know, OCTOBER is one of my absolute favourite tracks of U2 of all time – 100 point again, and I believe you have less than 10 100 points songs but many in the 90’s and of course only in my opinion – which is telling me that it is TIME for the rise of a kingdom my dear friends at U2 :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I am often given the feeling of Lama Yönten thus also today when the feeling was that he was meditating and “thinking of me” and my liberation. I found this picture of the Lama, and I look forward to seeing you again, my dear Lama.

Lama Yönten, my Buddhist teacher from Copenhagen

  • I started working at 08.45 today finishing the last part of the script of yesterday and the script of today at 11.00 and hereafter I wrote an email to my sister inviting the family to visit me at my new apartment in Helsingør – hoping that everything will get in order also with the lease contract within the next days – and also asking if Hans and the boys will help me move, and we will see what she/they will answer hoping that this is also to say that I am becoming friends again with my sister really with the same message as becoming friends with Jiro on Facebook.
  • I wrote the following comment on the Jerusalem UFO forum today and you can watch the video of UFO Politics here.

  • I sent the usual amount of DKK 2,800 gross to LTO today, and I decided that I will not send more to help Meshack “releasing” his wife even though I don’t pay rent myself this month. The money I send will be used for food, and not to pay hospitals or others – also thinking that they cannot keep his wife and newborn child locked up forever – and the spare money I have is reserved for my move and to be able to send more money for food to LTO next month. And David was kind as usual to send his thank you’s later in the day – very good to show this attitude to the world, David :-).
  • I kept on working on the script, preparing the summary of my book of September, transferring money to LTO and sending an email to the new landlord until 15.30 and instead of starting the edit of my next chapter of my sufferings memo, which I would have liked very much to do today, I decided to call it a day and to go out doing a little bit of shopping – so I have to do this tomorrow instead, and when I was doing shopping, I was enjoying the nice SUMMER weather at the same time as the darkness was so strong and my energy so low so I really felt like breaking physically down – to bent down in my knees – MANY times, which was not very pleasant, but we know it would have looked silly, so we decided to continue “biting” the teeth together.
  • Today I received and signed the agreement from the collection firm used by the telephone company even though their intervention WRONGLY made the debt increase from 2,861 to 4,196 DKK (!) – they are “plucking” the poor people receiving RUDE payments for almost doing nothing – I don’t like that at all and this was the cost to be on the “safe side” to get the lease agreement with the new apartment, and now I have given my word, therefore!
  • For days/weeks I have MANY times been given the taste of different kind of delicious food to say that normal life is coming to EVERYONE of the ENTIRE WORLD :-).
  • I saw some of “Crazy about dance” on TV2 again this evening – every good entertainment, I like to watch beautiful dance and this evening it was mambo and rock ‘n’ roll dance for the first time – and I don’t want to prioritise writing everything down but you can listen to at least some of the inspired speech of the evening when Patrick was called “not only the boxing King, but the Mambo King”, see the judge Jens Werner followed by all contestants in the ABSOLUTELY BEST MOOD “humming” their feedback with the BIGGEST SMILES to Ole– an ex-Shu-Bi-Dua man 🙂 – and his partner and you can watch ALL what Sophie and Silas said after dancing, which also includes sexual references, which also was the case when Fie spoke earlier in the programme, and this is just to give you a couple of examples of how I am given “sexual sufferings” when people I am together with are giving a spiritual voice of darkness designed to make me suffer and yes my “old nightmare”, which this is about and you have to imagine that it is followed up by direct spiritual voices, visions and feelings given to myself at the same time to imagine how it is, and this bullet point will be an addition to my sufferings memo.
  • For days I have been given the spiritual feeling – primarily when walking outdoors but also indoors for example also when writing this – that “someone” is standing just behind me, or following me, and it is as strong as the feeling I received in 2009 after being brutally attacked in Kenya, which is that there IS indeed someone behind me – strong spiritual FEELINGS are as strong as seeing people (!) – and this is to give me more darkness to make me believe that someone from the Intelligence Service is following me with the aim to kill me, and we know I have decided to say that I don’t care, I don’t believe in this threat, and will not start to looking back over my shoulder despite of an INCREDIBLE strong feeling and I don’t care if the Intelligence Service may be after me or not, because I am PROTECTED by God so no one can kill me!
  • I had lunch outside on the balcony again today and again in more than 20 degrees temperature (in the shade) as it has been for days only becoming warmer – actually 22.7 degrees as the map below shows for Copenhagen as the closest place to me – and just thinking that we are around the 1st October and it is “still summer” here close to the warmest ever for this season – if today had been tomorrow, we would have beaten the record of October (!) – where it is normally autumn with much wind, rain and MUCH colder than what it is now, and yes YOU DO KNOW THE REASON WHY and that is “I am growing up with SUNSHINE”.

Strange but BEAUTIFUL and warm weather for the season – because I decided to bring us home to a perfect New World


1st October: My birth as my coming previous new self is almost impossible and still goes through darkness

Dreaming that my birth as my coming previous new self is almost impossible and still goes through darkness

I had an “almost alright” sleep with these dreams:

  • My father’s wife’s youngest son, Ricky, is going to take over playing badminton for me including my shoes, and something about playing with half an hours delay, and meeting a fake dog in the dressing room.
    • Will Ricky play my game as my “special friend” against darkness or is this more likely to say that the influence of Kirsten and my father on Ricky – and her other children Jeanette, Troels and Stefan – has made him play against me all of the time too (?) and what is a fake dog (?) and we know the same as a “normal” dog symbolising darkness or is it the opposite, and maybe the dream is to say that he does not know if he is to believe in me or not, which would make sense – and we know I was inspired to look him up on Facebook and he does not give any information about himself, and I received the feeling that this is what he and others have done too looking me up and all of my information including my postings should be visible for everyone to see because that’s the way I like it.
  • I am going to spend the night at an idyllic hotel – a wooden house in the forest – and just have to cross the ridge of a roof, which is not difficult, and to enter the door where a lot of “brown cookies” – traditional Danish Christmas cookies – lie all over. Something about someone who did not expect to pay, it is almost impossible to get out of the hotel and an offer to buy Danish pastry, which I decline because we will have lunch instead.
    • The hotel is still my “waiting hall”, brown cookies are saying that this is the place where I will be born – which you know is when returning home to Helsingør – and still they are also symbols of my “old nightmare”, so I am born through the darkness, and this is “almost impossible” to do.
    • Something about Jack inviting me for several arrangements, which I decline because my soul has to finalise.
  • I am inside a camping wagon in Helsingør with material badges of the best bands of the world in concert everywhere on the walls – many with the Beatles, a few with Electric Light Orchestra – and a new camping wagon so far with almost empty walls has been set up, which you can enter from the first wagon. I see people inside of the wagons smoking.
    • The first camping wagon is about LOVE EVERYWHERE OF OUR NEW WORLD and the new wagon is our New World II, which has been connected with this world and is developing. The people smoking is to say that I took on the sins of mankind and decided to bring everyone with me inside of the New World without people knowing about or understanding it and it is from in here you will all improve when all remaining darkness of the old world has been emptied.
    • I woke up to the song “Dancing in the streets” by Mick Jagger and David Bowie and the lyrics “there will be music everywhere”, which you know is to say that there will be LOVE everywhere in our New World.
  • I was given the word “konglomerat”, which is really “a cluster of heterogeneous things” telling you that as my new self I will be become the sum of everything (good).

The day: WORK!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I started working at 10.45 – after my long weekly bath – and at lunch I had finished the script so far of today, a few additions to the script of yesterday, and also uploaded my book of September to www.sribd.com and to publish it on Facebook as well and I continued working on my sufferings memo today receiving a blurred vision, which is still not nice working me, and I was happy when I at 17.30 had completed the edit of the chapter now called “The Commune treated me as a SLAVE and LUNATIC, and not even the church recognised me!”, so two large chapters remain, which may take 3-4 days to do and then approx. 2-3 days doing the second/third edit of all, and we know approx. one week to update my Signs III and IV pages and to do a final reading/editing of my website before moving, and this is approximately the plan and we know I will primarily work “normal hours” and if needed and if I decide to do it, I might work some evenings too, and we will see.
  • Yesterday my old class mate from commercial school in Helsingør, Birgitte, had 300-400 kilos of grapes (!), which she would like to share with “everyone” as the following posting on Facebook shows, and this is with SMILES/LAUGH as she wrote twice, and you may remember that grapes (used for wine) is “everything”, which is what I am soon waking up to, which is what is making us SMILE/LAUGH :-).

A LOT of grapes symbolising me as “everything” and a LOT of SMILES/LAUGH too 🙂

  • At 18.35 I had uploaded the last three days of scripts to my website, and I have still not received an answer from my sister to my email of yesterday, but my mother told me that she was speaking to my sister this morning and they will not be able to help me move because they will be in South Africa (partly work for Hans and holiday for my sister) at the time of my removal – and we know isn’t life fantastic, Sanna and Hans (?) – but what about the boys who will be at home, are you going to decide over them, Sanna (?) or are they “allowed” to help me as I asked you (?) and we know is it really so difficult to decide to see me again (?) and I can only tell you to follow the love of your heart to me as your brother as I have decided to overcome my resistance to you because of all of your wrong doings, and you should know by now that you are the one who have been “unreasonable” to me to put it mildly but of course I went to the limit when I once again asked for your help to move my “few things” using a morning to do this because there are “no limits” to everything you have done to help me (?) and yes Sanna – a strong voice and misunderstandings can really be so strong that it is almost killing people, but I was stronger than you and by the way everyone else on top of you at the same time – and you will “soon” know the play you were part of, which you were not strong enough to break because you “could” not listen to me and follow my advice telling you what to do to understand me, which simply was to use the “RIGHT ATTITUDE” to READ and UNDERSTAND me as you did with your “important management school”!



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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